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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 5, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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idea, sarah and removes a lot of the things that the government is trying to force down your throat. watch it closely, sarah the reviv president and ceo. something for which there could be more support. certainly more support than the vaccine passport. here is "the five." ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone i'm dana perino along with greg gutfeld, juan williams, katie pavlick and lawrence jones. 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ he can. >> dana: republicans blasting president biden for pushing false statements about the new georgia voting law as democrats put more pressure on corporations to fight back. the president's words, which got four pinocchios, i would die if i ever got one, from "the washington post now having real world consequences. after the mlb decided to modify their all star game from atlanta to protest the law. georgia officials estimate that decision to move the game will cost the state $100 million in tourism re knew.
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here's georgia governor brian kemp on that. >> people are getting screwed in this, martha. it's a small, hard-working business people that are up in cobb county and in the metro atlanta area that are going to get hurt by the all-star game being pulled from here. this is outrageous. people need to stand up and join the fight and say, look, we are done with the cancel culture in this pressuring. >> dana: former new jersey governor chris christie had this strong message for biden. >> he is lying about this bill. he is lying to the american people about it. to cause the raging fire he said he was going to put out. he is lying to cause racial divisions in this country. that's what accused donald trump of doing and he is a liar and a hypocrite. >> all right. i also wanted to play some sound from a restaurant owner in atlanta. you can imagine how disappointed they are to not have this business come in. >> it's devastating. it's devastating to the city. it's devastating to many businesses, mine included.
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it seems very unnecessary, very punitive. and counter intuitive to what we are trying to do by reopening. >> dana: lawrence, last week you were talking about your thoughts about atlanta and how right before the general election last november you were telling everybody that the state is changing. what do you think now, now that mlb has decided to leave? >> well, yeah, i kind of sounded the alarms curing election time because i was on the ground and i was seeing the demographics change, the ground game change. you know, it's true that the republicans are correct on the merits of this. "the washington post" has already destroyed the democratic party on this. when you have lost "the washington post," then you know you are straight up lying. most of the businesses that are over here virtue signaling they don't care about the issue.
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they care about the people that are gonna make them suffer from a business standpoint, right? they don't care about what's happening in georgia. but, none of that really matters. winning the argument on the merits doesn't matter if you don't win the people. and republicans often fall in this trap. i have been watching the governor of georgia all at a -- all week, actually, talk about how he saw this coming from the left, that they purchased the domain weeks ago. then why weren't you prepared for it? i watched the guy say well, if they just read the bill. most of the legislators don't read the bill. do you think the people are going to read the bill? so i have seen this circling from republicans and it is an often mistake that they make. you have to win the people. now, republicans and conservatives like ben shapiro would say, listen, facts don't care about your feelings. that is true. based on the merits. but, guess what? voters based on how they feel. and until republicans win the people on the ground, they are
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going to continue to go through this circling squad when it comes to race. republicans always lose the battle when it comes to race because they don't win the battle of ideas. what do you mean by that? if republicans dominate on the ground when it comes to school choice, if they dominate when it comes down to gun issues, education, the economy, then they won't have to worry about the race. look at ron desantis and florida? he has won people on school choice. he has won black voters and latino voters because, guess what? he won the battle of ideas. when they try to attack him on race, it doesn't work. >> dana: that's really interesting perspective. let me also have you all listen to jen psaki. of course, she is the white house press secretary about whether president biden, well they wanted mlb to cancel out of atlanta. watch. >> he was not dictating what major league baseball should do that they should dictating they should move the all-star game. that was their decision.
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they made that decision, and, as he stated earlier, he certainly supports that i'm not here to call for anyone on behalf of the president or the vice president or anyone to take steps in reaction to the law in georgia. >> dana: katie, it was almost he was speaking in his personal capacity. this is not the president speaking. >> katie: yeah. it was the president speaking. and the language was very carefully selected after president joe biden went to georgia and had a meeting with stacey abrams who was the won who has been pushing the narrative this is jim crow 2.0. when it comes to all these boycotts the democrats own. this stacey abrams is the one who came up wpit with this hypec language to describe this legislation. she is the one who has been leading the charge and lying about what is in the legislation. and joe biden simply amplified it during that interview on espn and jen psaki when she was asked about it multiple times at the white house briefing, she also repeated the lies about what is in this legislation.
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now, when it comes to the argument that lawrence made about republicans needing to win the people, on the issue of voter i.d., 80% of the country, nobody agrees on anything but 08% of the country according to gallup agrees that voter identification, using it to vote is a valid requirement when it comes to casting your ballot. and so, republicans, i think, are not backing down on this. that's a good thing. they are standing up and saying we are not doing. this i love that milwaukee marco rubiocalled out the commir saying georgia is such a racist awful jim crow 2.0 state i assume you will be giving you have your membership augusta where the masters are held how could you support that that would be a personal thing he would have to give up. the bottom line as soon as the mlb announced this the atlanta braves came out against it. cobb county commissioners and tourism officials have come out against this and all the small businesses are going to suffer and the democrats own this. they drove the narrative.
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this is jim crow and then there is a reaction to their being jim crow laws back in place and now they are all surprised about there being a boycott. this is on democrats, not republicans. >> dana: charles barkley had this to say, juan if you can put it on the screen i will read to everyone: any thoughts on that? >> juan: i love charles barkley, i think is he really great. i must say i think if charles barkley was a baseball player he might be one who wouldn't go to the all-star game in georgia given the current law. you think about delta, coke, other ceos, they are not just reacting to nothing, they are not stupid people, and they care deeply about their bottom line.
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but they are indicating here that they don't want to be caught off guard again. they saw what happened januaryth in terms of the attack on the congress. they don't want to see democracy undermined and along with it the economic base of this country. they don't want to see that, dana. i think they understand that's dangerous. what republican politicians are counting on is that people will not read the law, that people will allow them to get away with what i think of as just a naked power grab that allows them to strip power from the secretary of state, to take power from local election boards, and to give all the power to count votes and to certify elections to the republican majority in the state senate. all of this is paced on a big lie. >> lawrence: lawrence "the washington post" are republicans? >> juan: "the washington post" fact checker something joe biden
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said and called him out properly on it, lawrence. they didn't say they were with the state of georgia and governor kemp. >> lawrence: delta read the bill and they were for it before. vaughnon hang on just a second, please. what you have to understand is here everybody is saying this is born of the big lie that there was some tremendous election fraud. the election in 2020 was stolen let me tell everyone listening this was a fair honest election this evident to change election laws now is an effort by people who want to make sure they win every future election. that he was why you see the response from corporate ceos. >> dana: greg, you can answer if you want. >> greg: nothing juan said is true you are saying that the corporations are responding to january 6th. >> juan: in part. can yes they are. >> greg: they are responding to everything that happened before
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that meaning the billions of dollars in looting and arson that occurred over the summer months in response. >> juan: get out of here. >> greg: in response to the, quote, mostly peaceful demonstrations. this is not a principled stand by corporations. this is their way of saving their bottom line. you even said it, juan. it's about the bottom line. this is the corporation equivalent of putting a blm sign up on the front of your place of business so you hope that your windows don't get busted or your store get torched in these mostly peaceful demonstrations that's what they are doing. we know this is happening. the media has weaponized the accusation of racism on all potential behaviors, and corporations only want to make money so they will do anything. and i will tell you this, if i were the woke right now, i would go for everything. because they have companies on the run. they should go to mlb and they
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should say look, a family of four cost 215 bucks for them to go see a baseball game. why not make it more affordable? there should be different tiers of pricing for race. right? let's have black families free tickets. do you know what? mlb, they will probably go for it as a form of corporate reparations because they are terrified. now, i do have a solution for this. but it makes too much sense. we need an operation warp speed for free ids. because i asked this before last week. and nobody had an answer. even up to today. do you know any people owho don't have ids? do you know anybody besides illegal aliens that don't have ids? and by the way. if you do know somebody who doesn't have an i.d. do you think they might have bigger concerns than actually getting an i.d. for voting? do we know this is happening? this is purely a political grasp for power and what's happening is we never thought as capitalists that it would be the corporations that did us in. well, they have. there is no -- i hope biden is
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talking about a 27% corporate income -- 70%. 08%. you lost me. i no longer defending lower corporate tax rates. i am now pure occupy wall street. if they can't stand up to the woke, then you lost the free market, we no longer care about you. you politicized -- you turned corporation was into enforcement arm of political ideas fostered by the media. once it happens, we should walk away, find our own companies to benefit, find our airlines, find our sodas because this is b.s. >> dana: and based on supposed to be america's past time. >> juan: blaming it on january 6th. that is rich. this is all about the riots. >> juan: no it's not. >> juan: no it's not. >> greg: yes it is. nobody wants their businesses destroyed. >> juan: no it's not. that's like saying dr. king good
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time protest. come on, greg. contain contain coming up. we will move on. how convenient is this in the biden administration updating the definition of infrastructure as they prep his massive $2.3 trillion spending spree? ♪ only in america ♪ dreaming in red, white, and blue ♪ only in america ♪ where we dream as big as we want to ♪ we all did you know that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? thank you! hey, hey, no, no, limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> juan: president biden's team
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offering up new definition of the word infrastructure as his team begins to sell people on his $2 trillion spending plan. according to a fox news analysis, the bill will direct well under half of its total money to things traditionally defined as infrastructure like $213 billion for housing and 400 billion for taking care of the elderly and disabled. here's what biden's director of the national economic council is saying. >> i think we really need to update what we mean by infrastructure for the 21st century. if you look at that number on housing, what we are talking about is construction, building housing all around the country, to help make sure that there are more affordable housing units for people to access jobs and access economic opportunity. >> dana: president biden says i'm going to pick up from juan definition of the word infrastructure that has changed. you have to see, this watch. >> it's kind of interesting that when the republicans put forward
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an infrastructure plan they sought everything from broadband to dealing with other things, trains infrastructure. now they are saying that there is only oa small portion that i'm talking about is infrastructure. so it's interesting how their definition of infrastructure has changed. they know we need it. >> dana: greg, do you remember, we lost juan, we are trying to get him back, everybody. >> greg: are we really trying? >> dana: yes, i'm assuming. so i think it was webster's dictionary they changed the definition of court-packing because of a twitter mob? so you can kind of imagine that the democrats think that this actually might work to change the definition of infrastructure. >> greg: this is not the first time. they love to stretch a word's definition until is meaningless. do we know what gender is anymore? i have lost touch with that hate speech is now any speech. and racism is everywhere. especially now that it's unconscious. for some reason voter i.d. is racist.
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for some reason thinking that people -- that blacks can't get an i.d. is -- that seems to be a bit more racist than expecting a voter i.d. i think that now -- what is it like 94% of the bill has nothing to do with roads or actual bridges? and i'm thinking to myself i live in new york where our roads are more holes than that highway of death from -- from kuwait to iraq it's because it doesn't go to the actual infrastructure. it goes to pet projects. it goes to other stuff. and for some politicians strippers. >> dana: some, that is true. juan is back. juan, why don't i just ask you your thoughts. i'm going to keep going here and take it around the table. this changing -- >> juan: can i pick up. >> dana: are you good with that? or ask away. >> juan: yeah. because i think -- i'm sorry, what did you say? >> dana: i said you can ask away. i'm just trying to help.
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>> juan: okay. i will tell you what, dana irwill take it back and ask you a question. i noticed today that the stock market went through the roof. that the stock market went up like 400 points, set a record. so it seems to me like wall street is having a very positive reaction to biden's plan including the tax proposals. what do you say? >> dana: i think that any time you think the government is going to throw a whole bunch of money at a problem that is completely undefined or during changing definitions that markets would say hot damn we are going to get on that bandwagon, absolutely, until there is an economic consequence. and i think that, you know, the biden team, i admire them for swinging for the fences. this is bold, it is big. i don't know how it's going to end up. i don't know the economic consequences of it at the end. the political consequences as well. i mean, it's -- it is crazy. it's a lot of money and it is very undefined. >> juan: lawrence, i was thinking about this and i was thinking to myself in terms of this definition of
2:22 pm
infrastructure, i would include things and i wonder if you would include things like railroads, clean water, electric grid, broadband, v.a. hospitals, public housing, caring for seniors. i would say that's a 21st definition of what infrastructure means. what do you think? >> lawrence: you are asking a libertarian that? no, absolutely not. >> juan: i'm going to ask you. >> lawrence: i don't agree with that i think that the biden administration is in trouble when it comes to this legislation. a lot of moderate aren't going to go for this and look other than no one than george soros. an exclusive report with axios on this right now. him and the open society foundation are pledging $20 million to get this passed. this is what the executive correct said we have seen popular reforms get demonized bipartisan and special interest and we are not going to let it happen. they also said facts without some real muscles. put behind getting those facts in front of the american people.
2:23 pm
this organization isn't targeting republicans. they are going after democrats. so that lets me know they are afraid that this legislation is not going to get passed. >> juan: well, katie, i was, again, always just trying to say heres is what the pros are saying the infrastructure plan is also called by biden's team the american jobs plan. and you have goldman sachs, moody's, s&p saying it's going to create 2 to 3 million jobs. and increase per capita income by $2,500. per person. $2,500. isn't that something that's going to attract a lot of support from the american people? >> katie: not if those jobs cost $2.5 trillion and forced unionized jobs which is what this bill does under the guise of infrastructure. i want to go back to george soros quickly with lawrence jones bringing him up. how did george core roast get rich? by destroying economies. by making people's currency
2:24 pm
worth nothing. that's exactly what he is trying to do here by pushing the democrats further to the left and i think, dana, you had the governor of tennessee on your program this morning. and he said, look, all this free money, everyone likes free money. wall street likes it, moody's likes it, everyone likes it, but it's like a meth hit and eventually if you do too much meth, all of your teeth fall out and your face starts falling off and you eventually die, that's what will happen if you continue to print money and not pay for these things that the woke left wants and this is basically just the green new deal 2.0 under the guise of infrastructure with a whole bunch of equity and racial justice, social justice causes baked in it. >> juan: all right. thanks, katie. up next, piers morgan sitting down with tucker carlson. is he speaking out on the cancel culture controversy that rocked his career next on "the five" ♪ ♪ i will love you ♪ forever and ever
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with 24/7 roadside assistance. ♪ karma-karma-karma-karma-karma chameleon... ♪ ♪ ♪ >> katie: piers morgan speaking out for the first time to tucker carlson saw him storming off the set of morning show in britain and leaving it for good all because he dared to question meghan mark and hince harry saying he didn't believe a word she said in her interview with oprah winfrey. take a look. >> i still don't believe what they were saying. and, in particular, i don't believe what meghan mark said. 17 different claims by the have now been proven to be either completely untrue or massively exaggerated or unmooivel. i don't believe meghan markle a
2:30 pm
huge fury erupted throughout the day. i was an outrage i wasn't allowed to have an opinion that i didn't believe what she was saying it was clear to me in realtime as i was watching the interview that there were a number of things that just couldn't be true. >> katie: that interview now available on fox nation's "tucker carlson today." it was over an hour long. so, you can catchall of that on fox nation and more tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on "tucker carlson tonight" on fox news channel. so, greg, cancel culture, this whole meghan markle interview sparked a whole lot of controversy and feels and now piers is talking about it. >> greg: it's a different kind of cancel culture which he canceled himself which i kind of admire rather than bend over like we are seeing with our american corporations. he just got up, left the studio ant didn't come back which is kind of impressive.
2:31 pm
but it just goes to show that wherever race and politics invades, it creates a stifling and discontent. you must believe a certain assumption or you could be ruined. and he just decided, look, i'm at a certain point in my life where i don't have to do it. also weird how cancel culture is creating strange bed fellows all you have got do is be burned and find friendship in other people. i never really cared for piers morgan's opinions because his nonsense on guns drove me crazy when i saw him going head to head with the woke i changed my mind. i found common ground, you know, we at least can debate about guns with cancel culture you can't debate. >> katie: i'm in the same boat as you are, greg. dana, in the u.k. unlike the u.s. can you file legal complaints against broadcasting networks and meghan markle did that against piers morgan that is a certain kind of cancel
2:32 pm
culture. >> dana: honestly both of them are getting a ton of attention for this. the oprah winfrey interview feels like it was two years ago and we are still talking about it every single day. i think piers morgan obviously was, as greg says, in a position in his career and at that point he can say i don't have to stand for this. he is not starting out. one of the questions i keep getting when i do some of these book events from people asking me do you have any advice what i can advise my college student who is about to enter the workforce of what they can do about cancel culture and the woke and i got say i'm searching for answers. i mean, it's a difficult problem, but if you are piers morgan you can stand up. >> katie: juan, what did you think of the interview, what you saw of it? >> juan: you know what struck me, katie, was he said he has no way to know if she was suicidal. what he doubts is her claim that she went to people in the -- you know, royal palace to complain and ask for help. he says he can't believe that
2:33 pm
they wouldn't have helped her. but this comes back to what greg was talking about how he canceled himself because the -- what provoked that whole incident is i think it was the weather man who said mental health issues are very real in all societies and you shouldn't be dismissive of people who say they are having a tough time and feeling the stress and need some help. and then he felt somehow that he was offended that his opinion wasn't being welcomed and all this. i think you have to really go back and remember that it was about mental health. >> katie: lawrence, this was about holding meghan markle accountable for some pretty egregious things that she said. she accused the royal family of questioning her son's skin color. i mean, these weren't little things she was accusing him of. pretty much bombs she was throwing and he was responding to that lawrence lawrence yes, i don't i don't know anything about that. i don't get into family drama. i don't trust the queen. let the prince get away with everything. he messed around with women.
2:34 pm
i'm not a fan of piers morgan. he is not a nice guy. i don't like how he is commenting on america's business he can take that back to the u.k. i think that is the principle about all of this. it's not about me agreeing with piers morgan. i stand by the principle of free speech. i think that's the one principle that should unite us all especially those of us on the airways we are one comment away from being canceled. >> dana: not you, lawrence. >> katie: get you come around on the second amendment soon. working on it. up ahead more shocking admissions from hunter biden what he just said about the federal investigation into his finances. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> lawrence: welcome back. stunning new admissions hunter biden campaign plagued presidency. and investigation into his finances. take a look. >> have you ever given your father money from any of your. >> no? business ventures. >> no. >> nothing? >> nothing. ever? not a nickel. >> not a nickel. >> directly or indirectly. >> directly or indirectly. not a nickel, ever, 100 percent, no, never. i'm cooperating completely. and i am absolutely certain 100 percent certain that at the end of the investigation that i will be cleared of any wrongdoing. >> you are 100 percent certain you will be cleared. >> i'm 100 percent certain. >> lawrence: hunter biden pressed more about the infamous laptop that could have been his, watch. >> did you leave a laptop with a repairman. >> not that i'm aware. >> in delaware. >> not that i'm aware of, no. whether or not somebody has my laptop, whether or not it was i
2:40 pm
was hacked, whether or not there exist as laptop at all, you truly don't know. >> are you missing a laptop. >> not that i know of but, you know -- read the book and you will realize that i wasn't keeping tabs on possessions very well for a four year period of time. >> lawrence: from a communications standpoint, why is he out there with a book, a, number two, why is he out there doing interviews? can they not control this guy? >> dana: so i think of it in two ways. one, you can imagine that you got through the election fine, your dad is president. you are getting through your scandal fine. you are newly married again and there is a young baby in the picture. and, you know, in some ways you could think well, you know, that's pretty good given the tumultuous and difficult life that he has had with his addiction. he writes about that very openly here. on the other hand, i think that there is probably you can't tell him anything if you read the
2:41 pm
book -- i haven't read the book if you read the excerpts or reviews coming out, there was no controlling him at all. so, i also imagine that he wants to be able to be next to his father and he wants to be able to be photographed. so he writes this book hoping that that that will provide some sort of a buffer between him and his father and these scandals so he can say wrote about it in the book, i'm positive i will be cleared, moving on here. and that could work. a lot of the stuff that he said like on the laptop, that's just not believable, but it also does remind all of us that the media and social media companies were really, really derelict in their duties last october. >> lawrence: well, they are, dana. greg, part of my concern about this interview is no one decided to print out the emails and say did you write this? or did you lose your laptop? or like, there is plenty of questions when did you lose your laptop? is this you in this picture?
2:42 pm
>> greg: i wonder what the ground rules behind these interviews were for and, there is a interest in his life because it's gross. but, if you have -- if you haven't -- if you have lived an interesting life, you may not know hunter, but you know five of them, right? these are basically dopamine addicted, compulsive people who put the consequences of your -- of their actions on you, right? dana, i have to take issue with you saying that difficult -- his lifestyle was difficult. it wasn't that difficult right? to the away with it. somebody who wanted to do because of biden privilege. any black kid, any poor white would be in prison for years or they might even be dead because clearly, hunter had the best of everything. let's not forget, again, that if this story had gone public, we might not have biden as
2:43 pm
president. we might not have biden. so there is nice little privilege. juan, you shake your head, but there were polls. there were polls that said that voters would have been swayed if they had known the truth. >> lawrence: do you agree with greg, juan? did his privilege, his color and his privilege all together his dad going to be the next president, help him escape? >> juan: of course. sure. i mean, if you are a rich kid coming from a prominent american family. but, here's the other side to this, i think republicans are trying to turn hunter biden into the next benghazi. the problem with that, lawrence, is i think most americans, i think all of us on this panel say this is a teachly troubled person, drugs, alcohol, mental health issues, relationship issues. but, you know, so we just know. it's like, you know, he's of son of a prominent family always be compared to his more successful brother, who is now deceased.
2:44 pm
and he is trying to seek redemption in the public spotlight while his father is president. he is having a tough time. i don't think his scandaled a up to much in terms of, you know, indictment of joe biden. >> greg: burisma, china? >> juan: dr. biden, jill biden. >> greg: talking about china and burisma and father joe getting a cut of it. more evidence of that than your russian collusion story you pumped for four years, juan. >> lawrence: to greg's point, katie, juan just set up that he is very troubled, that everyone knew that he was troubled. he is struggling. how did he get these jobs? and, i mean, did the white house not know anything about this? he set it up. you are right, juan, he was troubled. katie, how does he get the jobs? >> katie: first, i want to say that benghazi was no small four americans were killed as a result of that terrorist attack. so that's no small thing.
2:45 pm
the second thing is he got the job because his last name is biden which hunter biden has admitted in interviews prior to writing his book and the third thing is that we know this was hunter biden's laptop. when he is asked about this and gives all the excuses for it may be mine, may not be mine. we know it's his. fox has done plenty of reporting on it. there is eyewitness and tony bobulinski says all the information that came off of the laptop including all the text messages about the big guy being joe biden are true. so, the laptop is hunter biden's. >> lawrence: yeah. i wish they would imi me an interview. i have some questions. anyway. [laughter] straight ahead is aoc all talk and no action? why she is getting called out as one of the roast effective members of congress ahead on "the five" of ♪ ♪
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♪ >> greg: she talk as big game on twitter when it actually comes to getting stuff done new york democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez coming up short. aoc one of the least effective
2:50 pm
members of the last congress introducing 21 pills that went nowhere. i hate bills that go nowhere. all right. i'm going to say something, lawrence that i think this study is bogus. like they are measuring the amount of blood in a sponge. she is probably the most effective politician on the -- has nothing to do with bills anymore, does it? >> lawrence: yes. these people are dumb and this is why we continue to lose. look, aoc, congress is a representation of the current population. aoc is not after the current population. she is after your kids and your grand kids. and she is very effective at it. and the amount of people in the progressive caucus that are exists now because of her going around the country to rally them, oh, she has been quite effective. you should be afraid. deputy gut do you know who she reminds me of the effective twitter game the very political
2:51 pm
acumen a man known as donald trump. she is the democrat donald trump. and she is going to win. >> lawrence: yeah. did i lose juan? >> juan: i think you gave her a big promotion there. i don't know if she will ever be president but we will see. i mean, i think lawrence is exactly right. i think you have to think about the measure in terms of legislation, she is not as effective as some people who were in her incoming class. i'm thinking of abigail spanberger from virginia, lauren underwood from illinois. elissa slotkin of michigan. they all have higher scores. when you stop and think about it could be that we have an antiquated measure of what impact means because twitter does have impact in terms of public opinion. >> greg: yeah, i mean, dana, she got -- she didn't get any bills passed but she got amazon out of new york and that cost new york thousands of jobs. she doesn't need to pass a bill. >> dana: consequential. i do think that she is going to
2:52 pm
assign her staff do a better job of helping get things passed have some solid base those continue doing what she is doing. that's what staff is for they should help you on that front. also, this isn't her fault. this is nancy pelosi's fault. think of all the things held up so president trump wouldn't have a win including covid relief. you can't pass bills if nancy pelosi is preventing you from doing so. >> greg: katie, what do you make of her? on one hand she doesn't pass a bill but she is pushing the party in the direction she desires. right? or no? >> katie: she is about to pass -- okay. she introduced the green new deal. kamala harris and the senate co-sponsored it. it's about to get passed. joe biden's infrastructure plan in some way or form. so she may not have her name on the legislation, but she has pushed the party to the left and she is highly effective activist and she is going after democrats in their primaries to continue pushing the party to the left. don't under estimate her. she is not stupid. graduate gut going to be really
2:53 pm
crazy when i run up against her for president in 202. >> lawrence: your show company. she doesn't have her own show. >> greg: one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ i really hope that this vaccine can get me one step closer to him. to a huge wedding. to give high fives to our patients. to hug my students. with every vaccine, cvs is working to bring you one step closer to a better tomorrow.
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really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> dana: time now for one more thing. greg, what you got going on tonight? >> greg: well, i'm going to a wedding. no, actually my new show starts tonight at 11 o'clock p.m. which is why i'm wearing this suit because my wife is adamant about me upping my wardrobe. it's really really important as can you tell i have to do something about this. it's going to be very.
2:58 pm
surprise guests including somebody who might be at this table and we are going to have a live studio audience which is going to be very interesting, a much smaller, a much smaller group. i have no idea what that is going to sound like but i'm hoping that they laugh a lot. and if they don't, they will all die. no, i will -- but any way, wish me luck. tune, in it's after laura, it's going to be great. >> dana: best of luck of you it's going to be great. >> lawrence: congratulations, greg. >> katie: congratulations, awesome. >> dana: sale on 5% off at the fox store. hats, animals are great. >> greg: i wear one. deign day go shop fox spring. check these out nursing nypd department of home they gave out vaccines on easter and made it fun. these are all full-time school nurses and sacrifice their time in order to do this which is
2:59 pm
awesome. all right, juan. your turn. >> juan: very nice. hey, happy 11th birthday to my grandson eli and i have got an april birthday coming up, too, dana. so we had a cross generational birthday party this weekend. take a look. i'm 11 years old ♪ i'm 11 years old -- how old are you? >> hey. >> i think you are 67. >> my daughter made another amazing birthday cake. eli's birthday is days before mine. as a joke she made a cake with a calendar on it that reverses the date. has my birthday come first. here is eli opening one of his gifts and here he is with his twin sisters happy birthday eli, we are so proud of you, young man. taken deign yes and your birthday will be saturday. lawrence, you have something that's 20 seconds long? >> lawrence: no, i don't. have a good show, greg. i will be watching you.
3:00 pm
>> dana: what about katie, do you want to wish greg good luck? >> katie: yes, good luck, greg on your new show. i'm really excited for you. we will be tuning in. >> greg: thank you, guys. i couldn't have gotten the show without you people. >> katie: we will remember that. >> dana: that is the show for tonight. but up next is "special report." >> bret: name of that new show is gutfeld with an exclamation point. >> dana: you have to yell it. >> bret: like jeb? >> greg: no one made that joke next. >> bret: i'm going to watch. good evening from washington i'm bret baier. the escalating battle over president biden's infrastructure plan. the administration has pee gun its sales pitch for that proposal labeling it once in a generation investment opportunity. one senate democrat is already talking about problems he has with the taxes built inside. republicans are pointing out only a fraction of the plan actually has to do with infrastructure. we'll talk about that and the situation on the border with former seniordv


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