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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 5, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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he told me, hey, i don't know. i don't know. >> sandra: we don't know what we don't know. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: thanks. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum live in new york. here's the story. the firestorm in georgia that has the whole country watching is heating up this afternoon. texas governor greg abbott says, you know what? i'm not going to throw out that first pitch tonight at the mlb game that gets started. texas rangers game at their home opener. so in moments, we'll talk to the man at the center of what's going on in georgia. that's brian kemp. he's standing by. we'll be with him in just a minute. his state stands to lose $100 million now that the mlb yanked the all-star game out of
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atlanta. rand paul joins us as well. he wants to know how coke and delta and microsoft can get around uighur concentration camps in china. they do big business there every year but want to cancel a voter law in passed in georgia by the house and the senate but duly elected representatives in the state of georgia. later today, an arizona school is proposing an equity plan as an essential part of the elementary school curriculum for all the little kids in their school system. that's facing a wrath of some parents and they're standing up to classroom craziness. >> i'm hispanic. never once have they come home and said that they felt victimized or discriminated against because of their race or ethnicity. >> martha: that's the voice of a mom of five children in that district. she joins us exclusively this hour. we begin in georgia with
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governor brian kemp. great to have you here. first all, i want to ask you about the new development that the texas governor says that he won't throw out the first pitch. you think it's an appropriate protest based on what happened in your state? governor kemp, you hearing me okay? i think it's clear to say that we have an audio problem with governor kemp. we'll work on that and get back to him. first, charlie kirk founder of turning point us and juan williams of the "the five." can you hear me? >> i can hear you. >> we'll work or governor kemp. hop to you. i want to start with this bit of sound, this is from president biden, from charles schumer, all saying what they believe is georgia bill does. watch this. >> deciding that you're going to
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end voting at 5:00 when working people are just getting off work. >> the most reprehensible effort of all might be found in georgia. republicans recently passed a bill to eliminate early voting on sunday. on sunday. a day when many church-going african americans participate in voter drives known as souls to the polls. >> martha: statements like that have lead to the escalation of this narrative. former president obama said good for you for standing up. companies saying they're going to pull out, looks like we live in a red and blue world, right? drink a certain soda or go on a certain airline based on what these companies insist on weighing in on across the board. those things that joe biden and chuck schumer have said they're not true. you have a problem with that? >> yeah, i don't like pinocchios
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and he should tell the truth. i think the truth in this case is much larger than arguing about exactly what the limitations are on souls to the polls or absentee voting. the big problem is the big lie that president trump perpetrated claiming the last election was stolen. now you have legislatures around the country saying we want to encourage confidence in future elections so we're changing the law. in the case in georgia, we're willing to strip power from the secretary of state and local election boards and invested in the republican majority in the state legislature. looks like they're trying to control future elections. that's why you're seeing the outrage. >> martha: charlie, you want to weigh-in? >> the bill doesn't do that. the law, i should say, doesn't do that. i anticipated where you were going it, juan, which is not address the merits of the bill. a lot of the outrage from delta and coke is based on
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disinformation. whether you can hand out water in line, which you can still do. and i'll push back on one thing that juan said. georgia saw one of the greatest increases in absentee ballots in any state in the country from 240,000 in 2016 to over 1.2 million in 2020. yet they had a lower standard and lower threshold to ensure who was actually sending that ballot in. this fixes that. so we want fair and free elections in our country. i'm stunned how the democrats have handled this. i should have known better. they make everything seem as if it's the end of the world. it's a good bill a moderate bill. i think it should go further. this does not thwart the
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outreach from the people in charge. the only way to get the outrage is based on disinformation about this law. >> martha: gentlemen, thanks very much. i'm going to bring in governor kemp. can you hear me okay? >> good afternoon, martha. >> good to have you with us, sir. you may have heard our conversations we got started there. this is a quote from the ceo of delta airlines, ed bastion. he said there was widespread voter fraud in 2020 that is not true. that excuse is being used in states across the nation that are being used to pass similar legislation to restrict voting rights. your reaction to what he said and the actions taken against the law in georgia that caused the mlb to make the decision that they made. >> he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. you know, they're referencing no specific points in the legislation, martha. i'm glad to talk through any of
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those, by the way. you know, it's the biggest lie that has been out there. thankfully now the truth is coming out because people are taking the time to read the bill or talk to their legislative affairs time that we worked on as we drafted the bill. that's the case for coca-cola and delta. obviously major league baseball didn't care what was said because they folded to the pressure. president biden's only handlers couldn't get him a note card that told him what this bill did. somebody is lying to you. it's not me. you can read the bill and prove that out. >> martha: you know, it works though, right? here's the scary thing about this. so many people jump to conclusions, had knee jerk reactions, ceos and major corporations. so whose pressure are they buckling to, governor? >> well, it works because you have these people like stacey abrams that are profiting millions off of this. people need to follow the money and see why they're doing this
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and so effective and why they're working so hard at this. it has nothing to do with the merits of the bill. it's political pressure from a minority group of people, the cancel culture. they're shaking people down for a long time. obviously have not gotten to corporations and major league baseball, they've got ten to the white house, too. for me with the white house, it's either they're trying to distract from the flood of people that we're having come across the border or trying to push an unconstitutional power grab through hr-1 and sr-1 at the federal level. >> martha: talk about the millions that stacey abrams is getting. who is that coming from? >> the billionaire donors and just rying to pressure the corporations to pass sr-1 or whatever their plan is. i don't know what the plan is. but i know they have one. they reserve the domain name jim
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crow 2.0 several weeks before the final bill was even voted on or signed by me. i think they must have thought the bill was going to be a lot worse in their eyes than it was. it turns out, as the truth is coming out, this expands opportunities for georgians to vote in our state. it deals with issues like charlie was saying. when you have a 351% increase in absentee ballots by mail, you have an old signature match operation -- they realized the voter i.d. requirement, having the ability for voters to use verifying numbers from that, social security number and so on will speed that process up, make it more efficient, get the votes counted quicker and it's more secure. so why not do that? we've had a voter i.d. requirement here since 2006.
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>> martha: in fact, sorry to interrupt you, sir, but 75% in a new a.p. pole of americans, republicans and democrats, nearly 75%, are in favor of voter i.d. laws across the country. it's not as controversial an idea as people think it is. i'm wondering if this is backfiring in stacey abrams in her own state. listen to what she had to say about back-pedalling when she sees economic impact of these boycotts. watch this. >> black, latino, api and native american voters that are the most suppressed over sb 202 are the most likely to be hurt by potential boycotts of georgia. to our friends, please do not boycott us. to my fellow georgians, stay and fight, stay and vote. >> martha: governor, before i let you go, is there anything that will change in this law now that it is on the books? has any of this pressure made anybody in that legislature want to alter any of this at this
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point? >> i think just the contrary. i think people are ready to double down and get the truth out there. you know, that is the biggest flip-flop since john kerry i have ever seen. for someone that has been pressuring these corporations, pressuring major league baseball to now come out after the fact and say don't boycott? people are getting screwed in this, martha. it's a small hard working business people in cobb county and metro atlanta area that will get hurt by the all-star game being pulled from here. it's baseball fans. it's kids that now for the rest of their life as they transition into adults will see the politicization of baseball and sports. people should be scared to death that it's going to come to their neighborhood, to their state, to their ball game, to their college, to their business. i mean, this is outrageous. people need to stand up and join
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the fight against saw look, we're done with the cancel culture and this pressuring. let's play sports and leave the politics out of it. >> martha: i hear you, sir. on the way out, what do you think about governor abbott? should he be throwing the baseball out and saying i know you're here to play baseball and i'm not going to do what the other side is doing or should he do what he did and saying he's going to boycott it? >> i'll let governor abbott speak to his position. i appreciate his willingness weigh-in on how outrageous this is, like senator rubio, mcconnell and other people coming to our defense and to a defense of a good voting law here in georgia that expands access especially on the weekends. what is bad, the braves, the atlanta braves that don't support this decision, they thought it was a terrible idea, they like me realize what the fallout will be. it's going to hurt them
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financially, going to hurt their organization all because of guilt by association because of major league baseball folding to the cancel culture. >> martha: governor kemp, thanks very much. great to have you here today. sorry about the audio problems. see you next time. >> no worries. thank you. >> martha: senator rand paul calls out those woke in georgia but sound asleep or uighur concentration camps in china. he's next. e same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please! wait, this isn't a hot-dog stand? no, can't you see the sign? wet. teddy. bears. get ya' wet teddy bears! one-hundred percent wet, guaranteed! or the next one is on me! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> my advice to the corporate ceos of america is to stay out of politics. don't pick sides in these big fights. >> martha: mitch mcconnell calling out what he calls the outrage industrial complex.
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as others say maybe they should boycott delta and coke for bowing to woke online mobs over georgia's online law and ignoring regimes around the world that commit the most brutal atrocities. my next guest, senator rand paul from kentucky. make it's time for republicans to start with the boycott operation and start with the mlb. good to see you today. you think that's the way to come bad this, an eye for an eye? >> you know, they started it. major league baseball wants to boycott the whole state of georgia, including atlanta. they're doing it because they don't like a republican law, a law that expands voting, doesn't contract voting. georgia has more early voting than new york has. it's ridiculous. even the facts don't meet what they're trying to do. my point is, yeah, if they want to boycott us, let's boycott
12:19 pm
them. if coca-cola wants to only operate in democrat states and wants only democrats to drink coca-cola, god love them. see how they do when half the country quits drinking coca-cola and half the country quits using delta. they're all woke but they're doing something against the financial interest of every business. publicly traded businesses don't get involved in politics because it hurts their bottom line. >> martha: exactly. you know, i think we can find ourselves -- i think we're already divided. as i said before, wait until there's red soda and blue soda and red airlines and blue airlines. it's amazing. these publicly-traded companies have a responsibility to shareholders to make most money they can. now they're weighing in on everything. it's interesting that charles barkley has spoken up about what he sees going on in the world. as he sometimes does.
12:20 pm
he put his finger on this. let's put it on the screen. he said -- >> martha: what do you think, senator? >> there's truth to that. it's isn't the right or republicans using race. it's the left using race and saying everything is about racism. so any kind of grievance they have, they say the filibuster is racist now. most minorities always supported the filibuster because it defended specifically minority rights. but the whole thing about this, i can't imagine they're boycotting their georgia state law and they do business with china. china has never seen a free election. china is putting people in jail for over a year at a time for speech violations.
12:21 pm
yet they do business with china, but georgia expanded their voting, they added early voting, they have more early voter than delaware and new york and yet they're punishing georgia because it is some sort of jim crow? these people holding up joy crow signs, it was the democrats that instituteded jim crow. it's the legacy of the democrat party. what the republicans have done is expand voting access if you'll read the bill. >> martha: it's such a shame. really people need to read what is in the bill. i read what is in the bill. it's a society where it doesn't matter. they're hoping you don't read it, senator. they're hoping all you latch on to is that they have called it jim crow 2.0. president biden said it was despicable or whatever word he used about this law. as you point out, delaware has more restrictive voting laws in terms of the times that you can vote, the days that you can vote than georgia does.
12:22 pm
they count on people not actually paying attention. >> facts do matter. this is why there needs to be a broad range of news out lets so there's not one set that are shaping the news to one opinion. we still do have a broad range. so there's outlets like yours that are broadcasting both sides of this. people can figure this out. there's no way that they sweep this under the rug. so i do think that there's all of these people that are woke, but now even the woke like stacey abrams are starting to see what i have unleashed? i lost my state $150 million in revenues. they complained about something that they didn't read and they said something that wasn't true. >> martha: governor kemp said it was the biggest flip-flop since john kerry. thanks, senator. good to see you tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> martha: coming up, what the police chief in minneapolis said
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12:27 pm
other three officers. here with me right now, ted williams following this. he will join me in just a moment. but first, matt finn covering this every day. what did arradondo say that was getting so much attention this afternoon, matt? >> martha, moments ago, the city's top cop, the police chief, heavily criticized derek chauvin's policing. he said that he didn't participate in depolicing and saying the knee on the neck was against policy. he said because derek chauvin did not administer aid, not help him, that was a violation of policy here. the police chief on the stand emphasized that must must show compassion and respect for life. people like george floyd would not have been arrested for passing a fake bill although the video shows floyd physically and
12:28 pm
verbally resist arrest. here's the police chief testifying about how critical use of force must be considered on the job. >> close to midnight a community member had contacted me and said, chief, almost verbatim but said chief have you seen the video of your officer choking and killing that man at 38th and chicago? so once i heard that statement, i just new it wasn't the same camera video that i saw. within minutes after that, i saw for the first time what is now known as the bystander video. >> the police just described the
12:29 pm
moments that he saw the viral video. right now the defense is cross examining the police chief. we'll keep you updated, martha. >> martha: thanks, matt. with me, ted williams. good to have you back here with us. i'd like to begin by playing another piece of sound from the chief's testimony just a short time ago. watch this. >> that action is not deescalation. when we talk about the frame work of our sanctity of life and the principles and values that we have, that action goes contrary to what we're talking about. >> martha: that action goes contrary to what we're talking about. he's saying that's not policy.
12:30 pm
ted williams, is that -- is it too much to say that he's she guesting it's not protocol, it's not the way that he was trained as an officer? >> yeah, martha, this is devastating testimony and certainly clearly does not help the defense. remember, the defense's argument in this case is that george floyd did not die as a result of the knee that was on his neck that he possibly died from a heart attack with a combination of drug usage. the chief of police here has gotten on the stand. he said something that is delve stating to them, to the defense. that is number 1, when it comes to george floyd and when it comes to derek chauvin, the first question is should there have actually been an arrest. the chief of police has said no,
12:31 pm
for the crime of passing a potentially counterfeit bill, there should not have been an arrest. that is devastating. >> martha: there's two main parts as we talked about in minneapolis. whether or not this is part of the training, resistance to arrest, regardless of the earlier point. you know, whether -- do you think that has been taken off the i believe that by this testimony? >> it has to some degree. what the chief of police said is that in effectuating an arrest, as a police officer, you have to use objectively reasonable tactics. what the police chief has done here is to show and to say that derek chauvin did not use objective or reasonable police tactics and making just the arrest. >> martha: ted williams, we'll
12:32 pm
continue to follow it. thanks for being back with us today. arizona's attorney general now offering a personal tour of the southwest boarder. he wants the vice president, kamala harris, to come. he says things are things that she cares deeply about. he said so in the past. today she's in northern california at a small business event. the a.j. joins me next. homeowners. ws for vn introducing refiplus from newday usa. refiplus lets you refinance at near record lows plus get cash. with home values climbing, now is the smartest time ever to turn your home's increased value into an average of $50,000 cash. refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa.
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i'd call my grandfather as a result of the research that i've started to do on ancestry. having ancestry to fill in the gaps with documents,
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with photographs, connecting in real time means that we're having conversations that are richer. i have now a closer relationship with my grandfather. i can't think of a better gift to give to my daughter and the generations that come after her. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at >> martha: there's 170,000 migrants in custody at the border. that's the highest total since 2006. my next guest is offering in a letter the vice president a tour of the border that he would join her on, the arizona a.g., writing to the vice president, dangerous criminals are crossing the southern border, some of whom we catch, others slip into american communities. now the a.g. joins me now.
12:37 pm
you talk about the fact that the vice president, kamala harris, has talked about human trafficking. she talked about the rule of law. she's talked about her concern over what happens to the children. why do you think she has not gone down, even some democrats have advised that it would be a good idea for her or the president to go there physically and be there? >> i'm not sure. that's why i wanted to let her know although we sued the biden administration, she does need to come down here. a former state a.g., she needs to see what is happening and recognize that the cartels are making american off of everyone that comes across the border. they're exploiting it to send more drugs and trafficking in human beings. these issues in the past that she said she's concerned about, that she was passionate about, human trafficking and enforcing the rule of law, there's a first-hand opportunity to see what's going on and for the biden administration to do something before it's too late. >> martha: it's all well and good to say please come if
12:38 pm
you're oppressed, which is what president biden said in the debate, come now were his words in the debate. that sent a signal to the cartels. they understood that they could make a lot of money all of these people that want to get up there. if they can't pay the money up front, they find a way to make them pay sooner or later, right? >> make no mistake, martha, every person that comes across the border puts money into the cartel's pacts directly. if they can't pay them up front, they will have to work that off by the being exploited and endebted to the cartels, this is a humanitarian issue, a law enforcement issue and something that is a crisis right now, but it's going to be an unmitigated disaster if we don't do something right now. >> martha: thanks very much. for more on the flood of cartel
12:39 pm
drugs likes methamphetamine and fentanyl crossing the border right now, we go to the border. hi, alex. >> with the growing humanitarian problem at the border, the d.e.a. says it's creating a splay issue. that is the at of drugs that are smuggled across. look at this dea warehouse. more than enough marijuana in this room today to make more than 23 million joints. one of the more troubling trends is the increase not only of cocaine, heroin and meth but specifically fentanyl. border agents say there's a clear difference between migrants hoping to seek asylum in the u.s. and the mules bringing in drugs. agents can see security footage watching them approach the border. >> based on movements, body language, how fast they move, slow they move, it's easy to
12:40 pm
determine they're carrying narcotics. >> a live look at the border with the fox flight team. the number of migrants surging to a 15-year high. now agents are pulled awhy from regular duty. the number of families seeking amnesty continues to grow. more than 18,000 children are in federal facilities. 80% of the cases the child has a family member in the u.s. and 40% of the cases the family member is a parent or a guardian. vice president kamala harris leads the administration's response and there will be a special envoy to the northern triangle this week. something that vice president vice president biden did when he was vice president. now we're seeing more shipments some of the dea say can increase if there's not more federal agents sent here to this bordering cities, martha. >> martha: thanks, alex.
12:41 pm
so geraldo joins me now. obviously the high there. this is boom business for these cartels. was that in president biden's mind when he said if you're being oppressed, you should come now? they have since said you shouldn't come but that's what he said initially. >> if it wasn't in his mind, it was in his actions. there's no doubt. but his naivety or his innocence on this issue has led to this catastrophe on the border. he gave the green light. no doubt about it. you're right in the way you express the problem. alex is right about drugs. a lot of these migrants that are not criminals, hard working people, just looking for a job, they're carrying for drugs to pay the exorbitant payment that
12:42 pm
they give to the coyotes. they carry drugs to pay the debt off. but the one thing -- the one rub i have with the attorney general of arizona, do we need another photo op at the border? i would rather the vice president of the united states went to mexico city, had a sit-down there, a hard negotiation with obrador, the next can president. where is the mexican army? they don't stop these people? >> martha: you're right. president trump had a deal with mexico. >> and they're not helping now. >> martha: they're not helping now. yeah. a meeting would be great. whatever it is. something has to happen. i have to go back to the issue with your earlier comment about the president being naive on this issue. he was the envoy that he's now made kamala harris back in the
12:43 pm
obama administration. he's not naive about the role the cartels play in helping these people across the border. do you really believe that? >> but there is an essential truth that we totally avoid year after year after year during the height of the pandemic. hundreds of thousands of undocumented workers in this country were deemed essential. they were feeding us with the meat packing and be poultry processing and the picking of our crops. there's this traffic that has gone back and forth for generations. we need to regularize it, give people temporary worker visas so they can come, harvest the chief of police and go back home, plant the crop, go back home. there needs to be a regular system. you say biden knew. we all know. we all know that all of these people, hundreds of thousands cross every year, both ways. this is a situation that i think the --
12:44 pm
>> martha: he wanted them to cold. he told them to come. he said don't worry. most of them are being sent back. why would you encourage them to come up when you know what the trip is like and when you get here, we're going to turn you back around? except for the unaccompanied. i don't know. some people say he wants them to come. he wants them to be voters eventually. >> he certainly wants to send a message to his constituencies that he's their guy. >> martha: thank you, geraldo. thanks a lot. it can be very lonely on the school board these days if you don't fall in line with the call to decensure whitement and teach systemic racism. one mom says these curriculums are doing the opposite. they're driving students apart. >> i'm hispanic. never once have they come home and said that they felt
12:45 pm
victimized or discriminated against because of their race or ethnicity. >> martha: that's the school board meeting. we'll talk to that mother of five and a school board member that is very alone in his battle against classroom craziness next. incomparable design makes it beautiful. state of the art technology, makes it brilliant. the visionary lexus nx. lease the 2021 nx 300 for $349 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. ♪♪ [music and sound effects played in reverse]
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>> martha: an arizona mom of five sounding off in a school board meeting. she said if not being a racist is a mask for being racist. watch, this. >> my kids are a minority group. i am hispanic. never once have they come home and said that they felt victimized or discriminated
12:50 pm
against because of their race or ethnicity. never once. you want to know why? my children are taught at home the value of people, that you treat people the way that their character and integrity defines them in your view. >> martha: one board member agrees. the pushed narratives are robbing kids of what they should be focusing on. >> this seems to me that we need a really -- put our curriculum back to what is important. reading, math, logical thinking, true history, not opinionated. these are the things that our precious kids need to succeed in the world. >> martha: these topics are being talked about across the country. you can find them in any school system. these individuals are speaking
12:51 pm
out. here's renee card, mom of five and the school board member opposing this plan. jeremy, we reached out to the superintendent, jody gunning. she says she wants to express that we're not adopting critical race theory. she says we have no diversity, equity curriculum that is mandatory in their schools. so what's going on? >> hi, martha. thanks for having me on. i'm speaking for myself, not the board to jump down to that, they claim there's no change to the curriculum. this transformational equity workman you'll that they've been hiding clearly says that teachers have the powered to adapt, modify or enhance any curriculum and push so therefore they can push critical race theory or even worse. they claim there's no discipline quotas, but state schools will
12:52 pm
reduce the number of suspensions for black students to 15%. you know? they send out letters saying don't believe your lying eyes, believe us. they still today are hiding this transformational equity manual even though it's posted on websites. >> martha: i want to get renee in here for a second. renee, what bothered you? what made you start speaking out? what were you upset about? >> i was upset about multiple things. primarily the emphasis on disciplining by race and having measurable goals. i'm using their words, measurable goals to decrease discipline for specifically black students. that's bothers me. also, another thing that really sticks out is that they want to measure goals for academic success of black and hispanic students. there's no talk about all students, all races, all
12:53 pm
genders. it's very specific. those are two of the things that stood out. the last thing that was really critical to me is they're going to attempt to not only change the curriculum because in their own language it speaks to utilizing resources and reanalyzing the current curriculum and utilizing resources to purchase a new curriculum to fit their narrative. hiring by race, hiring by gender identification, sexual orientation. those are all things to me that should not be -- >> martha: you'd think the goal of the school is to educate all of the children to the greatest of their abilities, jeremy. and not to choose, not to pick and choose children who should be treated differently whether it comes to discipline. everyone should be treated the same. if you break the rules, you should be suspected, correct? regardless of your color. >> absolutely.
12:54 pm
>> correct. >> this was adopted before i was seated. as a minority of one, i attempted to explain why teacher contracts need to prevent teaching critical race theory. they said it was not on the agenda when it clearly was. almost half of the kids can't read or do math well in this district. but they keep calling it an a-plus rated school district. >> martha: that's a travesty. i have to leave it there. thanks very much. a lot of people are beginning to speak out and we appreciate you doing see here. still ahead, the story we've been waiting for. the exclusive first look at tucker carlson's interview that piers morgan has done since he stormed off the set. what piers says about the royal interview that led to an abrupt exit for piers morgan. he talks to tucker. we'll show you next.
12:55 pm
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>> martha: you didn't believe her story now and didn't believe it now. piers morgan talked to tucker carlson. she said she was oppressed in her first television interview. >> i still don't believe what they were saying. in particular, i don't believe what meghan markle said. 17 different claims by the pair of them have now been proven to be either completely untrue or massively exaggerated or unprovable. i didn't believe meghan markle. a huge fury erupted. i was in outrage. i wasn't allowed to have an opinion that i didn't believe what she was saying even though it was clear to me in real-time as i was watching the interview that there were a number of things that couldn't be true. >> martha: a lot more there. the full interview on "tucker carlson" today on fox nation at 4:00 p.m. eastern. i'm going to check it out.
1:00 pm
that is "the story" of monday, april 5. thanks for being with us. look forward to seeing you tuesday. "your world" with neil cavuto gets rolling right about now. see how the markets close. >> neil: you are looking live right now at globe life field. the toronto blue jays are taking on the texas rangers. in this particular stadium, they can fill it to capacity. 40,000 plus strong and apparently they already have the game but minutes away. what is at stake at a time when the economy is coming back and soaring back that has a lot of people at the corner of wall and broad saying, you know what? it's a good time to go post pandemic. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." first to the developments in texas. because they are going to be


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