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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 5, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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thank you, everyone, for such a great conversation today. kennedy, mollie tomi, guy. thank you. here is "america reports." >> john: fox news alert, a brand-new week. stunning numbers from customs and border protection as america reports on the growing crisis along the southern border. i am john roberts. welcome to the monday edition of "america reports." >> sandra: hello, joan. i'm sandra smith. 100,000 immigrants caught entering the country last month. it's a sharp increase from february when more than 100,000 migrants were arrested, john. >> john: it comes as the buy demonstration plans to send officials to guatemala and el salvador this week in attempt to address the source of the problem. but with more than 18,000 migrant children and facilities now along the southern border and a rise in drug smuggling,
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the situation could get farmers before it gets any better. >> sandra: the mayor of eagle pass, texas, will join us with what's happening on the ground of his border community. we begin with alex hogan live at a dea facility in mcallen, texas. what are smugglers bringing into the country? what are you seeing? >> hi, sandra and john. cocaine, meth and heroin are stored here for about 72 hours from what we're finding along the border but marijuana stays here for about two months. this is 26,000 pounds of marijuana. the dea says the humanitarian problem of more migrants entering the country really creates an opportunity for drug smugglers. he was a live look at the border with our drone crew. so far in 2021 the dea has seized nearly double the amount of fentanyl as it did in 2020. multiple agencies call for more resources. >> we can't do it alone. we need the public's help.
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to know that this much narcotics is coming into the u.s. is disheartening. it's sad. >> meanwhile the growing number of migrants has led to more than 18,000 kids in u.s. custody. the biden administration says the real issue stems from a crisis in central america. an envoy will travel to guatemala and el salvador this week to speak with local leaders. there is a very clear distinction between the families that are arriving carrying their children, of course, and then they smugglers bringing in many of these drugs that we are now seeing entering the u.s. sandra, john. >> john: a lot of the border patrol talks about people who made it across the border and disappeared into the night. the border patrol agents are so tied up dealing with unaccompanied minors and family units. the "god aways," are they
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bringing in drugs? >> some of the issue, there is a distinction between the roots that the groups are taking. migrants are traveling as groups. some of the "got aways," are using tunnels and boats. we are told shipments arriving in 18-wheelers. giving an example of the two very different groups. as you mention, resources are allotted to these thousands of people who are arriving on the border. it's taking away from some of the search teams that would otherwise be out there looking for those people. >> sandra: as you are talking, the team continues to bring the drone images from the border. fascinating look that our viewers get each day as we continue to watch the crisis unfold. alex, what sense do you get reporting on the ground from the communities as your reporting on this drug smuggling in this crisis at our border. the locals and their level of safety and how they feel in
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their own communities as this worsens? >> it's a lot of mixed emotion from people that i have talked with. one community we were in, they said they are seen about three groups per week in their community alone that border agents are coming to because they are seeing groups of migrants. these people say they are frustrated. it's confusing. of course they also have empathy for the families who clearly are risking everything to get to the u.s. many of these families have children. of course, it's a very different story when we are talking about the smugglers. they are very frustrated by that. there's also a sense of helplessness, not knowing what to do but also feeling terribly sad for the children who are involved in this of course again more than 18,000 children are in many of the centers. we have seen more and more facilities go up just in the recent days and weeks to accommodate many of them. >> sandra: alex hogan reporting from the border for us. alex, thank you. >> john: thank you. more on this with the mayor of
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eagle pass, texas, located there along the border. northwest of laredo. mayor, casey stegall spent most of last week down there in eagle pass and we got his perspective with things happening on the cross-border traffic. what's it like from your perspective. what's it like? what kind of problems is that creating for you. >> our agents, we have two stations. they are catching about 300 illegal immigrants every day. they are being processed, vetted, and what affects our community is that there's residential areas within a few hundred feet of the river. so many of these individuals crossing illegally will tend to try to hide in residential neighborhoods and homes and backyards and patios. that's a big concern to our community and our residents. we do have all kinds of law enforcement agencies working
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on it. our local police department, sheriff's department. we have got -- governor abbott sent, there's over 50 state highway patrol officers in our community assisting border patrol and trying to identify and protect our community from these illegal immigrants. >> john: we should point out that eagle pass is in the del rio sector. there has been a 141% increase in illegal cross-border migration year after year. you're calling on president biden to end catch and release. why do you think he needs to go back to the trump policy of ending catch and release. >> they are not even letting mexican nationals crossing illegally. we depend on one another as communities. we are two cities divided by river but we are united because we have family members they are
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in here. when you're catching and releasing, that's the message that these individuals are sending to their countrymen back home, so they are being caught and released. it's going to bring in more people coming to our border and you're right, we have seen an increase. it's nothing new to us. we see it on a yearly basis. it's a seasonal thing but the numbers, the way they are going, it's going to far exceed what it was in 2019. this catch and release policy is not the answer. we are all for legal immigration. they follow a process. title 42 when they had to wait in mexico once they came in and sought asylum. it's the right thing to do because that's where they were seeking asylum firms. at the same time, it affects both of our communities. my counterpart has to deal with the illegal immigrants that are
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there in their community. while they are being processed. title 42 is key right now. we have asked president biden's office. again and again. we cannot allow catch and release. it sends the wrong message to other countries. that's why we are continuing to see a bigger surge right now. >> the buy demonstration keeps blaming the trump administration for the situation we are in but in 2019 this is what president, then candidate biden was saying. >> we could afford to take in a heartbeat another 2 million people. the idea that a country of 330 million people cannot absorb people who are in desperate need and who are justifiably fleeing oppression is absolutely bizarre. >> john: he says we can easily afford to take in another 2 million people. quickly, just a few seconds left. what do you think of what he
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said? is that part of the pull of what screen people across the border? >> it's true. it's a difficult situation in their countries. i don't know that we can afford 2 million more people every year. that's the thing. you see how the economy has struggled. to take that stance right now and closing the border for our commerce, for people who cross legally. it doesn't make sense. if you're not going to let the people who cross legally come over, not allow -- allowing those that cannot cross legally. i feel for them. don't get me wrong. i have a heart for them but right now is not the time to be doing that. >> john: mayor luis sifuentes of eagle pass, texas. thank you. in the next hour we will have a rare opportunity to talk with henry cuellar along with congressman john katko. they have coauthored a bill they
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say would go some distance to addressing the current situation we are having on the borders. >> sandra: important to bring in that bipartisan approach. considering there is no cbp commissioner, no ice director. there's questions over the lack of urgency coming from the administration on this. jen psaki at the latest briefing saying they don't feel like this is the most pressing issue facing the country right now. we will see and i look forward to that conversation with lawmakers. >> john: coming soon. >> mr. manfred is part of what i call the managerial elite. as best as i can tell, mr. manfred just wet his pants in the light at the chance to virtue signal and all he did was make major league baseball --
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>> sandra: john kennedy slamming major league baseball's decision to move the all-star game out of atlanta. it happened after the state passed a voting bill that democrats say would make it harder to vote. republicans say it makes it harder to cheat. steve harrigan is live from atlanta. hi, steve. >> the pushback against major league baseball's decision to move the all-star game set for july out of the state of georgia is really spiraling. more and more senators jumping on board. as hunter marco rubio from florida an open letter asking how can major league baseball sign a streaming deal with communist china which persecutes the uighur minority in china and yet they can't do business here in the state of georgia. rubio got personal with the mlb commissioner, rob manfred, in his open letter writing "i am under no illusion you intend to resign as a member from augusta national golf club. to do so would require a personal sacrifice as opposed to woke corporate virtue signaling of moving the all-star game from
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atlanta." agusta here in georgia. not just the mlb coming under fire, its major corporations whose ceos have spoken out against the law, like delta and coke. here's senator mitch mcconnell. >> with regard to what's been done in georgia, there's a big lie underway that somehow voter restrictions that were enacted by the georgia legislature, that didn't happen. my advice to the corporate ceos of america is to stay out of politics. don't pick sides in these big fights. >> last year's all-star game brought in more than $90 million. it's not clear which city will host it. sandra. >> sandra: it's remarkable. steve harrigan on that story for us. seems to grow by the minute. john, some big publicly traded corporations, their single obligation, their priority should be the answer to their shareholders. bringing politics into it, it's fascinating to watch.
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as far as marco rubio putting pressure on the mlb commissioner to give up his augusta golf membership. >> john: you can't move the masters because they own the masters. you can set up a tournament somewhere else and try to convince pga players to show up but you can't move the masters. >> sandra: you can transplant the azaleas. [laughter] >> john: i can't make azaleas grow for some reason. unfortunately he never has anything to say about it. but we are bringing brian kilmeade on coming up a little bit later on. >> sandra: can't imagine he has anything to say about it, especially rubio saying that it reeks of hypocrisy. >> john: i have never seen a guy more at a loss for words and brian kilmeade. i can figure it out. >> sandra: he'll be joining us shortly. >> john: the family of a missing mother revealing disturbing information about her
10:14 am
marriage in the chilling warning she gave just before she disappeared. that's ahead only here on fox. >> sandra: president biden is pitching trillions of dollars to spend on the economy. meanwhile the economy showing signs of bouncing back. do we really need to spend all this money and have taxpayers fund that? >> if you're going to raise taxes on small businesses and job creators across the country, raising taxes on businesses after the year that we have just had, it's very concerning. fami real piece of mind. refiplus from newday usa can make it happen. refiplus lets you refinance at near record lows plus get an average of $50,000 cash for the financial security you and your family deserve. refiplus, only from newday usa.
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move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. >> sandra: hunter biden says he can't remember whether the laptop found at repair shop and seized by the fbi is his but he admits it could be.
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>> did you leave a laptop with a repair man? >> not that i remember, no. whether or not somebody has my laptop, whether it was hacked, whether there exists a laptop at all, i truly don't know. >> are you missing a laptop? >> not that i know of. he read the book and you'll realize i was not keeping tabs on possessions very well for about a 4-year period of time. >> sandra: president biden son address the ongoing justice department investigation into his finances saying he is certain he will be fully cleared of any wrongdoing. >> john: florida congressman matt gaetz continuing to deny allegations that he paid women for favors while claiming that he's the victim of a smear campaign. gaetz is under investigation has been for some time for possibly breaking federal sex trafficking laws. here's what a former staffer questioned by the fbi said in the last hour.
10:20 am
>> this baseless claim against me leaves me further convinced that the allegations against congressman gaetz are likewise fabricated. merely an attempt to discredit a very vocal conservative. stephen mike emanuel is live in washington for us. catch us up on this. >> good afternoon, the former gaetz staffer says he's offering himself as a character witness, for what it's worth. >> neither i nor any other member of congressman gaetz's dad had any knowledge of illegal activities. he spent the last four years drying a tremendous amount of spotlight on himself and his activities. i don't think he would likewise be conducting anything illegal. >> john: house republican leader kevin mccarthy told fox he hasn't heard from the justice department hasn't spoken with gz yet. he called the implications series but mccarthy cautioned against a rush to judgment
10:21 am
saying it's important to get all the information. on the other side, a key house judiciary democrats as gaetz should step down from the committee. >> i think that he should have the honor and dignity to step down. that's what he should do. he should take a leave of absence. >> top republican on the judiciary committee, jim jordan has had i believe matt gaetz. he should not be removed from the judiciary committee. others are being more cautious, waiting to see how it all plays out. john. >> john: including mccarthy who said last week that gaetz would be removed if the allegations turn out to be true. we will follow the investigation. thanks. good to see you. >> sandra: president biden spending a tax plan facing criticism from all sides. conservatives complaining it's too big. progressive say that it's not big enough. now a strong jobs report is raising the question, does the economy really need another multitrillion dollar boost? let's bring the economic panel. robert wolf, former economic
10:22 am
advisor to president obama. steve moore, former economic advisor to president trumpcare we have a bipartisan economic debate that's about to happen. to you. can we all agree to the premise, republicans and democrats believe we need to invest in and for structuring this country. is it true, robert, steve? >> we absolutely need an infrastructure plan. over 2 trillion -- >> sandra: a "yes" or "no" question. to someone who worked in republican administration, do we need to invest, spend on infrastructure in this country, yes or no? >> yes but it should be done by local governments and the private sector. that's where most infrastructure comes from. >> sandra: the disagreement is over the dollar amount, or is it more targeting the infrastructure in this plan? to robert first. >> i actually testified in front
10:23 am
of richard shelby in the senate about a decade ago. things have only gotten worse. if you look at things like a national electric grid or next-generation gps or water treatment centers in the northeast or broadband where 40% can't get to rural areas. these are not local things. you cannot cross state lines and get this done. you need a big plan and it has to be bold and we have been saying for years including the trump administration that we need north of $1 trillion plan. the debate is going to be whether it's to treanor 2.5 but it's north of a trillion. the g.o.p. has been disingenuous, that only 5% of the planets infrastructure. i can go through it in detail. >> sandra: okay, "the new york post" editorial board headlines as vines and for structure plan spends more building unions than roads and bridges. explain why the single biggest line item has nothing to do with roads or bridges are even green
10:24 am
energy plans. it's too enlarge and unionize the ranks of home health care aides. why are we spending money on this other stuff and we are talking about the need for spending on roads and bridges? >> first of all people should know that there's two bills, there's two to trillion dollar bills coming. the first is the green energy program. spending money on green energy is not infrastructure. baths should all be done by the private sector. we built the railroads in this country with private money. we built the entire internet and all the cables and all that was done with private money. we don't need to have the government spending money that it doesn't have to do this. if you have the federal government spending money on this infrastructure, why should people in alabama i have to pay for the new york subway system? it just doesn't make any sense. there was another trillion dollar bill here that is what they call human
10:25 am
infrastructure. it's what the council of economic advisors said yesterday, we are going to expand infrastructure, including medicaid and entitlements, child care, education. we give the school's $150 billion now they want another $150 billion. it's too much. >> this is not an infrastructure bill. if you think this is an infrastructure bill, you're probably better stay away from sharp objects. less than 10% of the bill is devoted to infrastructure and we don't even know what the projects are. pretty noble picks the projects? speaker pelosi, senator schumer and president biden. >> sandra: you remind us that euro moderate -- yuri moderate democrat. do you worry that joe biden is going to use this as a backdoor for many of these progressive
10:26 am
policies that he is promised to so many. >> this is not the green new deal. if you look at the structure, a lot of it doesn't go to clean energy. it's not accurate what steve is saying. 620 billion of it is for transportation which is roads and bridges. of that, 150 is electric vehicle charging stations. 650 of the other billion is for broadband. it's not accurate, the numbers. senator kennedy is flat out wrong. >> sandra: based on everything you just said, aoc is not going to be happy. she wants this to be $10 trillion. >> she is wrong too. >> sandra: we haven't started about talking about how you pay for another $2 trillion. i don't know how we pay for it. senator manchin has weighed in. you can't raise the corporate tax rate to 28% to not hurt all these companies that we originally set out to help. >> i was looking at the numbers today. if we were to pass the biden tax
10:27 am
increase to pay for this, the united states would have the highest corporate tax rate in the entire world of the 40 largest companies -- countries that we are competing with. how are we going to compete with china that has a 25% corporative we are at 35%? for the european union? we are hurting the american workers. hurting american corporations. this is a bill that puts america last. our whole strategy when i helped write the trump plan was to get our taxes below it -- the lowest. why don't we stay with that policy? >> no one is talking 35%. >> sandra: i've got to leave it there. >> it's about 32. >> sandra: joe manchin seems to be settling on 25% being the right number. i have heard that from you too, robert. we'll have to have you back. we are out of time to thank you very much to both of you. senator manchin gave a radio interview where he cities
10:28 am
rejecting the 20% corporate tax. he says it risks america's competitiveness. it's an important voice in this equation. >> john: he told the radio interviewer, fox news radio affiliate that he thought in 2017 that a reduction to 25% would've been good. it looks like that is senator manchin's opening position. >> sandra: at that level. >> john: not 28, interesting. sandra, disturbing new information in the case of a missing mother of three as her family reviews a troubling warning they received just days before she disappeared. it's a story you'll see only here on fox. speedo lawmakers on both sides of the oil demanding a federal plan to address the crisis at the southern border. deportations and arrests are down dramatically. >> seeing the messaging continuing. the resources, the impact felt by communities, sheriffs, law enforcement, our state,
10:29 am
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>> john: california mother of three missing since early january reportedly warned her family that if anything happened to her, her husband would be to blame. a witness telling fox news exclusively that maya millete's husband larry discussed paying someone $20,000 to kill his wife's alleged boyfriend. fox news legal analyst joins us, we don't know a lot about this. we know some. bring us up to speed. >> great to be on with you, john. moving parts here, we know it's being reported that there was an overture to a hit man allegedly to kill the lover. there was also a warning by the missing mom. and there's also very strange,
10:34 am
calculated, described as odd behavior by the husband following the disappearance. he has not shown up for the vigils, has not participated in searches. it is starting to circle around and say it's very suspicious. there are three children that are without a mother. months since this mom has been missing. all of those things combined. interestingly enough, the police department has not said anything with respect to saying that there was foul play. it just continues to be an ongoing investigation. a lot of it is circled around the husband to possibly be somehow involved. we will have to see because the investigation is just beginning. >> john: she disappeared on january 7. apparently, coincidently were not, it happened to be the day she reached out to an attorney to book an appointment with that attorney for the following week to discuss divorce proceedings. the last time she was seen by her brother and sister-in-law
10:35 am
was the first week of january. they went camping, during which she apparently told the brother-in-law "if anything happens to me, it would be larry," her husband. she was -- obviously the marriage was in trouble. family members say he had been communicating with them for the previous year, sometimes very, very bizarre texts saying it was all her fault that the marriage was falling apart. we do know that there was a real marital strife here, at least at the beginning of the year. >> that's a great point, john. she had already filled out, it's being reported she filled out the intake sheet to bring it to the attorney that she was consulting regarding the divorce, the intake sheet is missing. there is no reason why that intake sheet is missing, the lawyers don't have it. there is a suspicion that the husband knew that this relationship was dissolving, that's one of the reasons why he may have had a motive. if, in fact, charges are brought
10:36 am
against him, to have something to do with her disappearance. >> john: the chula vista police department, the one looking into this, not far from san diego, as he pointed out, they say they don't have any indication of a crime being committed alone any kind of foul play. do they really have nothing to go on? >> it's so interesting. i'm sure you know this about my life, john. my sister died in a violent relationship ten years ago so this is very dear and close to my heart. 55% of the women that are killed by their partner, more than 80% of them are in a troubled relationship. this is a very interesting thing to see that the police department has made this overture to say there isn't foul play at this point but it might just be that the investigation is continuing and they don't want to tip their hand in any way. it is something that i have dealt with personally when dealing with my sisters death many years ago. it something that could be
10:37 am
happening underneath us all. you've got the family is very incentivized. the family is very much out there trying to find her, making a lot of overtures trying to find a locate her. frankly as a mom with three children, the fact that no one has heard of her. she hasn't checked in on the well-being of her children, this is so many parts here that from our perspective, not being these investigators, it looks like there's foul play at hand. it might just be that the law enforcement don't want to at any point tip their hand and somehow it compromises the investigation. >> john: let's hope they do have some information about it. so sorry for your family's situation. i know this story hits home very closely for you. good to get your perspective on it, mercedes. thanks so much. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me, john. >> to see more on this exclusive story and other stories download the fox news app available in the apple app store and on google play.
10:38 am
such a mystery here, sandra. maybe mercedes is correct, the chula vista police do have some ideas. they are just not tipping their hand at the moment. let's hope that's the case. >> sandra: the chilling warning she left for her family members, should anything happen to her. it's a case we will continue to follow. meanwhile, new reaction to the mlb decision to move its all-star game. how the governor of texas is responding. businesses called out for their hypocrisy over supporting the move. brian kilmeade has a lot to say and he will join us next. >> people on both sides the degree that every that every one boycotting each other is not going to be the answer. looking at civic participation economic vitality. they shouldn't have to be polarized. i have friends. [ chuckles ]
10:39 am
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>> is so unfortunate that
10:43 am
major league baseball has caved to the cancel culture. quite honestly president biden and stacey abrams and a lot of other people are simply lying about this bill to pressure these organizations. it's a sad day for major league baseball. >> sandra: that was georgia governor brian kemp reacting to mlb's decision to move its all-star game out of atlanta after the state passed a controversial voting law. texas governor greg abbott refusing to throw out the first pitch at a texas rangers game. that was announced over what he is calling a false narrative about the election law in georgia. "fox & friends" host brian kilmeade joins us. he's also the host of "what made america great" on fox nation. welcome. why is the narrative continuing? >> a lot of times you look at the issue and decide what side you're on. when this first came up i said my goodness. this is going to be terrible. everyone is talking about the georgia law that's going to change everything.
10:44 am
if you read about the law, in the text, there is no. what they are trying to do do is say those drop boxes, we are going to make them permanent. we need to track them. the early voting, we are going to have early voting, 17 days. we just want to make sure you have a no excuse ballot, we want to make sure you are who you say you are so we are going to offer free ids. if you have a driver's license, if you have a social security number, phone bill or utility bill, included. want to make sure you are who you say you are. saying why would they write something about water? the details are such a joke. they don't want people handing subway sandwiches and beers and water to people in line. it's a nonissue. you know what they do in new york? they require -- they ban the passing out of food and water over $1 in value. what's the difference? >> sandra: chris christie weighed in on the hypocrisy over what he is staying in
10:45 am
new jersey. watch. >> stacey abrams was in new jersey, in my state praising phil murphy for of voting law were new jersey early voting is nine days. half of what georgia is. yet she is on tv in new jersey. i saw it myself, saying this is one of the greatest voting expansion bills we've ever seen. >> sandra: i know you have a reaction. then senator marco rubio takes this a step further. says, you want to move the mel b all-star game out of georgia, all right to the mlb commissioner, what are you going to do about your membership in augustine georgia. under no allusion you intend to resign from augusta national. it would require a personal sacrifice as opposed to the woke corporate virtue signaling of moving the all-star game from atlanta. >> they wouldn't allow black players come out women, condoleezza rice was one of the
10:46 am
first. do they stand for the ted poe values rob manfred says they stand for? people evolve and turn a mess of evolving courses involve and thankfully the masters will be played at augusta. over 200 businesses condemned the rule. delta folded after initially going forward. what's unbelievable. >> sandra: united spoke out against it. >> coke condemns it. so you're coming out for h.r. 1. you want to go against the constitution and federalize the elections and you have to take our marching orders from corporations who are taking it from activist groups rather than taking a stand. you're going to say someone like jack welch would've caved like this when he was running g.e.? what about, what about the ceos that stood for something and understood you can get involved in this play-by-play of every single political issue. next is texas. texas is tightening up laws not
10:47 am
excluding people. so they pulled the astros out of texas? why don't you just ask the braves to leave since georgia is not worthy of the all-star game? it's going to cost the local economy $100 million. think about the people. the hotels and restaurants. >> sandra: predominantly african-american communities around the ballpark many of which are employed at the stadium. >> i believe the president. when he stood up there and said it's sick and it is jim crow on steroids or whatever he used, jim crow from 1880, the democratic party deciding to put a poll tax in the literally tax -- literacy tax. >> sandra: it's why "the wall street journal" editorial board had the headline "biden, georgia and the beijing olympics. the bind over athletic boycotts." what you do? >> john: a lot of these companies, they are talking tough about the georgia law continuing to do business in
10:48 am
china. the united states continue to be involved in the beijing olympics. it really looks like selective application of your corporate power to support or withdraw. >> sandra: you know what i loved what ari fleischer had to say, big sports guy. he said you know what mlb should have done with the controversial law, they should have said there are people who believe this is wrong. people who believe that is right. it's our job in baseball to unite america and bring people together. it's a missed opportunity. i thought that was really good. brian, good to have you. >> is that my goodbye? i can tell by the cadence in your voice. find the door. >> john: sneaking up behind you with the golden hook. >> baseball can't lose fans. they have to hold on to fans. they are aging out. you told the republicans to go jump in a lake. >> sandra: we pushed his button and he reacted. good to have you.
10:49 am
>> john: police in portland, oregon, headed for the exits in record numbers. >> sandra: a high school is debating whether or not to change the name of its mascot. will the name evergreen fall to cancel culture as well? ...but that demands the return of small moments illness attempts to steal. ♪ dignity demands a rapid covid test, ♪ because we all need an answer to move forward. ♪ dignity demands your heart stays connected to your doctor, so you know it's beating as it should. ♪ it demands a better understanding of your glucose levels, so you can enjoy movie night. ♪ and knowing your baby is getting the nutrition he needs, no matter how you choose to feed him.
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>> [chanting] >> john: police in portland, oregon, rushing for the exits and handing their badges in record numbers thing they have had enough of riots and a lack of support. dan springer live in seattle. this is a troubling trend, dan. >> not a surprise and not unique to portland. we are seeing a lot of departments having this but according to the oregonian, 115 officers have left the portland police bureau since last july. making it the biggest exit as anyone can remember they are. 74 of the officers retired the rest resigned. the reasons are pretty clear. portland has seen by far the most violence and vitriol aimed at police since the killing of george floyd ten months ago. there was a protest saturday night outside the police union building which has seen dozens of demonstrations. there was a fire right outside the building. riots were a nightly occurrence last summer and fall.
10:54 am
that's only half the story. many if not most of the portland police officers feel that city leaders don't support what they do. last year and the council defined in the department by $14 million. that's a lot for a department with fewer than 900 officers. there's also a hiring freeze and the departments gun violence unit was disbanded because protesters said blacks were too often being stopped. since then shootings and murders have skyrocketed. the city set at 26 year high for murders last year and is on pace to double that this year. the oregonian was able to read through several dozen eggs and interview statements and there was definitely a common theme, lack of political support. one officer wrote "the mayor and council are raging idiots. the mayor and council ignore actual facts on crime and policing in favor of radical leftist anarchist fantasy. ppb command is arrogantly incompetent and cowardly. another said budget cuts, unit cuts that put the community at risk made working feel like a
10:55 am
waste of effort. most of the officers who left went to other departments in the state and the region. john. >> john: dan springer for us in seattle. thanks so much. sandra, i've spent a lot of time in oregon over the last decade. it is such a beautiful place. deceit is continuing to go on is just such a shame. >> sandra: we want the best for our police force and we want morale to be up. tough times for many of them. we move on to this fox news alert. shocking new number showing the extent of the crisis at our southern border. at the same time, arrests and deportations are dropping. republican commerce meant john katko and democrat henry cuellar will join us. we headed into a brand-new hour when we return. ance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please!
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11:00 am
hypocrisy over georgia's election laws. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts in washington, d.c. a picture postcard day, beautiful day for a ball game. there will not be one until tomorrow when the atlanta braves are in town. major league baseball along with a number of big corporations getting called out over their so-called woke stances while completely ignoring what's actually in the georgia law. >> sandra: companies like coca-cola and delta raking in the cash from their dealings with communist china. while ignoring the country's history of human rights abuses. including its murdering of religious minorities. >> john: senate majority leader chuck schumer suggesting moving the all-star game from atlanta to the big apple despite new york having similar restrictions on food and water being handed out when people are in line to vote as well as fewer early voting days than the state of georgia. schumer is just one example of the "do as i say" mentality that appears to be coming from
11:01 am
democrats. >> sandra: all of that admitted the backlash, real americans are getting crushed. experts say the decision to move that game will cost georgia $100 million in much-needed tourism revenue that took a hard hit during the pandemic. >> john: no baseball here in washington until tomorrow but let's head to the ballpark. steve harrigan's live in atlanta. what are you hearing today for those business owners? >> we have been hearing from politicians on both sides all morning. we talked to some business owners, people who live around the stadium and here's what they have when they speak for themselves? >> i thought it was terrible. i didn't understand it. no reason for it. people here love the game. you have to have an idea for everything. so what is the point. not having an i.d.? it's crazy. >> i have friends and they said they were starting to stack up
11:02 am
on alcohol. they were getting excited, probably going to make rent for the rest of the year during that week. a big hit on everybody. speak i think it's very unfortunate that the businesses in the braves are punished for something that ultimately didn't really have anything to do with them. >> there is some real sadness here. for business owners, concerns about a real financial hit, traditionally a very big week, all-star week. john and sandra, back to you. >> john: always a big week. steve harrigan, thanks so much. >> sandra: let's bring in our panel. matt bennett and david of lr here. welcome to both of you. i want to start with something brand-new just out of the white house briefing room. jen psaki is still conducting the white house briefing at the moment. peter doocy is in the room. and he was able to ask her about the hypocrisy. if you can move the all-star game out of georgia what about the masters golf tournament.
11:03 am
listen. >> does he think that the pga should move the masters tournament the begins this week out of georgia? >> i'm not here to call for anyone on behalf of the president or vice president or anyone to take steps in reaction to the law in georgia. the president was asked to direct question and the context was around the league meeting to discuss this issue. >> should we believe that if the pga tour players were arriving in augusta this week or today to register for the tournament, if they got together and decided or talked about not participating, that is something that he would strongly support? >> i'm sure you'll ask me that question or him this question. our focus is on doing what we can to advocate for making voting easier and more accessible around the country. that's where our efforts are going to be from the white house. >> sandra: david, let me get your response. >> it goes to what is the next
11:04 am
community that's going to face economic damage because of the joe biden lie. the best thing joe biden can do is go on television and help people understand why he lied about the georgia election law or that he incompetently didn't know what it said or that he was misinformed. here's the reality, sandra. now there's going to be saturday mandatory voting, more polling places have to be open. you have drop boxes that are mandatory. at 69 counties didn't have drop boxes. this in many ways opens up access to elections and allows the state to come in and where there are incompetent county election officials who can't have enough polling places to make sure there are enough polling places. all of this right now is because of joe biden's big lie. >> sandra: matt, to that point, when you look at the economic consequences of the decision and the president support of moving the all-star
11:05 am
game out of georgia, his own economic advisor, the chairwoman of the council of economic advisors, she was asked about this over the weekend, the mlb boycott. she was posed a question about a popcorn stand worker in atlanta who just learned he's not going to be hired in july. that comes at a cost, right? she answered undoubtedly this will be a cost to those people in those communities. >> of course it will be. there's no question the president regrets that it has an impact on the popcorn cellar but it has nothing to do with -- >> sandra: i haven't heard that. >> by the way, there will be popcorn sellers in another city to benefit from that. >> sandra: tell that to the guy who's out of a job in atlanta. >> let's be clear about what the big lie is. there are more than 300 bills being considered by legislatures around the country in texas and arizona. all of them premised on one
11:06 am
fundamental, gigantic light which is that there was voter fraud that impacted the presidential election. that's the big lie. that big lie has metastasized in so many -- >> sandra: hold on. i want to get david back in here. matt commented that point, has any of what you've heard from president biden on this issue been misinformation or a patent lie about what is in the law? >> the president has not lied about what's in the law. there was some debate about exactly how it would affect the hours of voting in the week before the election. >> sandra: "the washington post" give it four pinocchios. chris christie does as well. listen. >> he's lying about this bill. he's lying to the american people about it. causing the raging fire he said he was going to put out. stacey abrams was in new jersey praising phil murphy for voting law were new jersey early voting
11:07 am
is nine days, half, half of what georgia is. yet she's on tv in new jersey. i saw it myself. saying this is one of the greatest voting expansion bills we've ever seen but this is jim crow? >> sandra: now those companies that are piled on, coca-cola and others. united airlines a couple hours ago. our mission is to connect people and unite the world. we believe one of the most effective ways to do that is to engage in the democratic process. legislation that infringes on the right to vote of fellow americans is wrong, says united airlines in a brand-new statement. >> it all started with joe biden's big lie. i listed a few earlier, how republicans are seeking to make elections more open. let me give you a few more. secretary of state of west virginia this year experimented with people overseas being able to use their phone to vote. the ohio secretary of state and the nevada secretary of state but with republicans now allow you to track your ballot the
11:08 am
hallway. many democrats and they have never been for voter i.d. despite the fact the overwhelming majority of americans are for it. why not use some of the dollars that typically go into the tv ads and instead have -- help people understand what they need and is valid for a voter i.d. how about more money for helping people get an i.d. so that we can know our elections are secure. who could be against that? >> sandra: will give you a final thought. is the president in a bind? having to move the masters out of georgia? what is he going to do about the olympics in china knowing they are human rights abuses they are? what is he doing now that he set this precedent? >> i think the olympics is a complete different question. it's a huge question for the entire global community about what to do about china and it's really serious problem that the president is going to have to deal with. i don't think the rest of this is going to be an issue.
11:09 am
he was asked about the game and he answered it. i don't think he's going to continue with the masters or anything else? >> sandra: appreciate you joining us. matt, david, thanks. >> john: no moving the masters out of augusta national. they own it. you can have a golf tournament somewhere else but you can't call it the masters. >> sandra: he drew his -- support. he's going to answer for this. >> john: hunter biden speaking about his laptop controversy and much more. say he is convinced he will be cleared of any wrongdoing as the justice department investigates his finances. >> i'm cooperating completely and i'm absolutely certain. 100% certain that at the end of the investigation that i will be cleared of any wrongdoing. 100% certain. all i can do is cooperate.
11:10 am
trust in the process. >> john: jacqui heinrich is live with the latest. might have been a laptop, might not of been a laptop. straighten it out for us. >> hey, john. sources told fox the fbi seized a laptop two years ago reportedly belonging to hunter biden in connection with a money-laundering probe that later fizzled out. hunter biden says he's not sure if that laptop belonged to him, adding he had a tough time keeping track of his belongings as he battled addiction. it's unclear whether the current federal probe into hundreds texas is that all connected to the laptop. hunter expressed confidence he will be cleared of any wrongdoing. republicans have criticized hunter's work for the ukrainian gas company burisma where he served on the board and his father as vice president steered u.s. policy towards ukraine. hunters that he didn't make a mistake taking the job. >> you must have seen the optics even back then, how could you not have foreseen that this was
11:11 am
going to look bad? >> i really didn't -- i'm being honest with you as i possibly can. all i know is that not one investigative body, not one serious journalist has ever come to the conclusion that i did anything wrong or that my father did anything wrong. >> president trump was impeached over his efforts to connect then candidate joe biden to "corruption," but the elder biden has always denied any knowledge or involvement in the sun's. president biden vowed to stay out of the investigation into his son and he kept the trump appointed prosecutor on the case. >> john: jacqui heinrich, thanks so much. >> sandra: stunning new numbers out showing the strain at the southern border but as this urge hits new heights, immigration officials are making fewer arrests. we will talk to a couple lawmakers demanding the biden administration get its act together. >> john: and the tree at the center of the debate over a
11:12 am
high school mascot and racism. leo terrell will help us figure that one out as "america reports" rolls on. refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and nutrients to support immune health.
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♪ ♪ >> sandra: staggering new number showing the extent of the crisis at the southern border according to customs and border protection. 171,000 immigrants were caught entering the country illegally just last month. numbers not seen in decades. at the same time i time i see a sharp decrease in deportations and arrests of immigrants who are entering the u.s. illegally. two lawmakers working across the aisle on a bill to address the problem, congressman john katko and henry cuellar will be joining us live in moments but we begin with william la jeunesse live in
11:17 am
los angeles. hi, william. >> three things at play here. what and how much taxpayers are paying to house the immigrants, at convention centers and hotels. $800 a day. versus $75 a day for thousands of empty beds. hhs has 13,000 migrant children in shelters. it releases 60% of families yet i.c.e. has 15,000 empty beds under contract at $75 a day, about a million dollars a day. beds go empty and i.c.e. taxpayers spent 8 million tent 10 million for children it could depart but won't. reducing ice arrests by 65% and the agency cut detentions because of the risk of covid. judges order the release of 3700 inmates. 1800 charged with or convicted of homicide, assault, child abuse, domestic violence, rape,
11:18 am
dui and sexual abuse of a child. >> when you're telling them to release them, it's not some hapless individual who got arrested by i.c.e. for a broken tail light. those are not the case is in custody. the most egregious cases that i.c.e. is being forced to release. >> i asked about the bed surplus. i ceases it contracts in advance to get the price. hhs refusing to say how much they are paying for the contracts in san diego, houston and dallas and maybe long beach. >> sandra: william la jeunesse, thank you. >> john: two lawmakers have introduced a bill demanding a plan to deal with the border crisis. let's bring in republican congressman john katko of new york's 24th congressional district and democratic congressman henry cuellar of texas. 171,000 illegal border crossings in march, that's a 500% increase over march of last year, almost
11:19 am
double 2019 which really was a high watermark in terms of migration. congressman cuellar, does the biden administration need to do something now to stem the flow? if so, what? >> certainly. let's look at output and input. the output is what health and human services needs to do to make sure that we find enough space for those kids. what those kids, we need to take care of them like they are our own kids. that's the output. what about the input? a lot of times people talk about helping the central american countries, which i agree. we worked on putting the first $750 million. it's a long term. the question is what we do short-term and we got to make sure that those countries work with us to make sure that they hold the folks from coming on, otherwise they're going to continue. it's a pipeline that will continue unless we work with those countries. central america and mexico, stem
11:20 am
the tide of people coming into the united states. >> john: congressman tapco come you ended congressman cuellar have introduced the border surgeon >> we recognize that it's a american crisis. part of it was because a reasonable plan in place in dealing with the anticipated surges. we can argue that it's the biden administration's executive orders on january 20th. there is not a plan in place. went down to the border a few weeks ago and they told us that they were using customs and border patrol pay salary firms to deal with the surge of the border. what are bill does is create measurable standards and preparation so that we don't get -- so we are ready going part of the plan.
11:21 am
that we have access to funding that doesn't take away from border patrol. what's important about that is talking about a political football funding the crisis. they don't have that reynoso going to have to have a supplemental to deal with it. it takes away the political football and it makes everybody ready for the game before it starts. >> john: wouldn't it be nice to take the politics out of it. you mentioned it, the word surge. here's what congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez set about the word surge. >> anyone using the term surge, they are consciously trying to invoke a militaristic frame. these are children and they are not insurgents. we are not being invaded which by the way is a white supremacist idea.
11:22 am
>> john: congressman cuellar, i'm not trying to get you to criticize a fellow democrat. but to interpret the word surge like that, is that realistic? >> again, she does have her position and i respect her position. there's other members that i agree with the members that i disagree with. today i agree with my good friend john because we've got to be ready for this humanitarian crisis. we've got to be ready because we are acting like if this is the first rodeo if i can use a texas term. it's not our first rodeo. we have seen this before. we sought under president obama and president trump and like john said, we have to be ready. we can't act like it's the first time. we've got to make sure that the agencies are ready to go. make sure that they have the resources, just like when fema is ready for hurricane, they are ready and we got to make sure we are ready for this surge we are
11:23 am
seeing here at the border. >> john: congress congressman katko, what would you say? can you still hear me? unfortunately we -- it looks like we've lost him but we have a few seconds left. congressman cuellar, the white house has right behind me. what would you say to the president right now if you could talk to him? >> first of all this has happened in the past and it's probably going to continue in the future if we don't look at the input and the output, what john and i are talking about is the output, what do we need to do to be ready for this? without going into what causes all of it, we need to look at the input. what happens in those countries. right now what john and i are talking about in a bipartisan way, getting to it, if it
11:24 am
happens, how do we prepare and what is the strategy and what is the plan and what are the resources? how does health and human services work along with homeland and other agencies so we can be ready for this in the future? >> john: congressman, it's unfortunately lost your colleague from new york. it's great to get a bipartisan perspective on this because it's so rife with politics. good to hear people agree for a change on certain aspects. thank you so much and took congressman katko as well. >> sandra: we will try to get him back. we had them on last week, good to have them with us here. all right, john, democrats set to ram through a massive spending bill without any republican support. >> john: as the white house gets ready to raise your taxes, one state is well ahead of them. we will tell you where lawmakers are looking.
11:25 am
wait until you hear about it. charlie gasparino ready to react coming up next.
11:26 am
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11:29 am
>> john: democrats getting ready to ram through president biden's multitrillion dollar spending plan even if it means zero support from republicans. transportation secretary pete buttigieg says the president wants congress to act fast. >> you will find the president has got a very open mind but time is of the essence. we will look at these ideas on how to pay for it and we will look at ideas on where the investments how to be. the president is hoping for major progress from congress before memorial day. >> john: sandra, having to look for different ways to pay for because as we pointed out last hour, senator joe manchin of west virginia is saying no to a 20% corporate tax. he said they might take 25, not 28. >> sandra: i don't know how you can do 28% corporate tax rate and say we are being competitive with china.
11:30 am
that changes the game. we are going to continue covering that on the show. meanwhile, lawmakers close to a budget deal that would raise corporate and income taxes by billions of dollars a year. it's a move that experts say would make wealthy new yorkers pay the highest taxes in the country. let's bring in charlie gasparino. charlie, this is a huge story. considering you look around new york city and a lot of people, a lot of businesses have left the city. they have left the state. how can they do this and expect to get people back here, charlie? >> well, you've got the left wing of the democratic party controlling both the legislature, the new york city mayor office, governor cuomo is embattled. his problems have forced him to essentially cede control or face being thrown out of office.
11:31 am
he is basically giving in to the left wing of the party that controls government in albany. i will say it's going to be fascinating to see how it plays out. everyone knows people are leaving wall street. not just people. businesses, wall street firms, hedge funds, anybody that makes money is a leading york. it's the quality of life issues. think about it. you work in manhattan. you can get mugged and you have to pay more taxes. it's not a conducive environment. keeping people who are fleeing from stopping to flee. i've seen this play out. saying it's going to increase revenues, it's good for the municipal bond holders but long term, talking to investors, they are saying it's horrible. long-term we are quickly eroding our tax base. let's be real clear. you don't have to work in new york to transact business anymore. you don't have to be on wall street to be a traitor.
11:32 am
-- be a trader. >> sandra: charlie, the highest earnings, 5% of tax filers account for 60% of what the state raises from income taxes. it's important to note because it's easier to say it's the top tier, the richest of the rich. they can go somewhere else. vote with their feet, as it's worded here in this letter. 250 of nero's largest employers in small business leaders wrote this letter challenging the need for the state to raise taxes. they said this. "many members of our workforce have reset all their families and other locations generally are far lower taxes than new york. they proposed tax increases will make it harder to get them to return." this is not about companies threatening to leave the state. it's about our people voting with their feet. guess what happens, charlie? if you have got individuals, the
11:33 am
top earners who want to live and work in florida for example, those companies need to attract and retain top talent so the companies have to be listening to where those people want to be. is new york city, what happens, your hard-core new yorker. >> it's scary because i remember during the '70s, i am old enough. i know you probably weren't born yet. i remember my family left the city in 1972 moved to westchester. my father worked three jobs to do that. high crime, bad schools. and you had a fiscal crisis. on top of all that you had the city imploding. the positive about the 70s was that you had rational leadership waiting in the wings. you had ed koch waiting in the wings, rudy giuliani waiting in the wings. it's not what you have now.
11:34 am
you have the same recipe of leadership that led to detroit and even puerto rico if you look at these big blowups of bankruptcy where you have essentially left-wing progressives ignoring what the business community is telling you. we are going to move out. because we can't be here anymore. but ignoring them and saying screw you, move out and then they did move out, look at detroit, look at puerto rico. guess what happened? the economies fell apart and they sunk into bankruptcy. new york is setting the stage for that. obviously new york is much bigger. it's international. it's got the international qualities that people do want to live here. but they are playing with fire. i'm telling you they are playing with fire. other cities are becoming much more international. go to houston, dallas. places in the south. it's a different country. >> sandra: i'm sure this is not the last time we will have this conversation.
11:35 am
a lot is changing with the city and a lot of people are changing their lives because of what's happening. you raise taxes, you're not going to be attracting those people back anytime soon. thank you. got to leave it there. one of the things that stood out to me, "the wall street journal" piece in "the new york times" had a piece last weekend. one of the hard parts for so many of these businesses on top earners relocating to other states was schools. a lot of the best schools were here in new york. that has changed during the pandemic. pandemic. they have been able to move. attract better teachers, investing in the schools and some of these areas where they were legging. there can be some permanent change as a result. >> john: you move to florida, texas, where there is no state income tax and you spend the money that you would have been a private school in iraq and it goes a long way. a portland high school has delayed a vote on changing the schools mascot to the evergreen tree because critics say it's a
11:36 am
racist symbol. there is one person that we want standing by on this and that is leo terrel. stay with us. here's exciting news for veteran homeowners who need cash. refiplus from newday usa. with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa.
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11:41 am
the deal ensures they will not face prison time and will not be held past the age of 21. video of the incident shows on more clinging to the driver side of his car with the door open as the girls sped away. it crashed seconds later, killing him. >> john: a high school in portland, oregon, is reconsidering changing its mascot to the evergreen tree over concerns it symbolizes racism. it has to do with ida b wells barnett high school named after the prominent black activist and journalist who documented lynching at the turn of the 20th century. the school was set to vote on a new mascot last week until officials questions whether there was a blind spot in using that meme. let's bring in civil rights attorney and fox news contributor the hauteur terrel. we should point out first that the school used to be called the woodrow wilson school but because he instituted segregation in the federal government work for was an ally
11:42 am
of the ku klux klan they changed the name of the school to ida b wells but this idea that an evergreen tree is associated with lynching, your take on it? >> thanks for having me on. the subject bothers me a lot. i've been a civil rights attorney for 30 years. i taught u.s. history for seven years. i've never had a client complained that a tree is racist. i've never had a case that deals with the tree being racist. it devalues true racism in this country. when i taught u.s. history, this was never a sticking point. i never heard of a state or local municipality complaining about her tree having a historical negative, racist view because of lynching. this is the viewpoint of some person who uses social platforms for 15 minutes of fame. i want to see the victims were actually complaining about a tree being associated with lynching. it does not exist. it has to be brought out and
11:43 am
challenged. i am challenging whoever raised the issue, show us the facts of the data. >> john: 420 names suggested. evergreen was the front runner. ed teacher and mascot committee member said "they are characterized by the life-giving force of their foliage, the strength of their massive trunk and the depth of their roots in an interval tree and forest of trees they provide shelter and substance. they have histories that preclude us. they will continue in perpetuity after we are no more. not to mention the fact that there are probably millions of evergreen trees in the state of oregon. >> think about it, john. the idea of a tree having some participation in racist activity, there is no data, no analogy, no historical analyze analytical approach. it's insulting as a civil rights attorney i've never been
11:44 am
approached by this. it diminishes and devalues what actually happened in the 30s and 40s and 50s. talking about a tree, a tree having some type of causation affect with lynching. it does not exist. i wish she would have the person who raise this issue on the show with me so we can tell the american public this is nothing more than somebody's 15 minutes of fame. it's embarrassing. >> john: we will try to make that happen. i don't know if we can we will try. not to mention when it comes to oregon and the evergreen tree, put this on the screen. i don't know if you can see this. it is on the state flag. there you see on the right. it's also on the state symbol. there is, the seal of the state they are again. and it's on the license plate of the state! leo, when is this going to end? >> let me tell you right now it's never going to end because
11:45 am
unfortunately, john, it's a winning playbook from the extreme left, those who want to play the race card. when you accuse someone of being a racist or having racial activities, you freeze them. you scare them. you intimidate them. i'm not intimidated. the fact that i'm a civil rights attorney, i know this argument of racism, systemic discrimination, joe biden talking about jim crow, it does not exist. but it intimidates people and that's why it will continue. >> john: leo, we will try to find the person concerned about it and see if we can get them on television with you to debate this. i assume they probably don't want the publicity. leo terrel, you are just the fella to have on talking about this. >> thank you. >> sandra: always let you know exactly what he's thinking. and how he's feeling. >> john: i love leo. >> sandra: next up, chilling details about the mother of three. she has been missing for months. wait until you hear what she
11:46 am
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>> john: the trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin resuming today with testimony from witnesses. right now the minneapolis police chief is on the stand. he fired the four officers he
11:50 am
said were complicit in the death of george floyd last year, earlier he testified on training for officers in the department. let's hear. >> training is vitally essential to us as a department. >> john: months ago the chief said george floyd's death was not due to a lack of training and that what happened to george floyd was murder. >> sandra: the mother of three that's been missing since early january reportedly delivered an ominous warning about her husband days before she disappeared. jonathan hunt is live in los angeles with exclusive new details. >> damaging accusation by the family of maya millete saying that in january just before she disappeared, 39-year-old maia told them if anything happened to me, it would be larry, presumably meaning her husband larry millete. that statement obtained by
11:51 am from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. maya millete was last seen on january 7th in chula vista where the couple lives. that was the same day she made an appointment with the divorce attorney. her brother-in-law says she and larry have been having trouble in their marriage for some time. and he says larry frequently reached out to the family for their help. the brother-in-law told fox news "he was more of an aggressor, trying to get us involved. he was trying to get us on his side when we felt like it was a lot of lies that he was telling us." in september, larry millete allegedly sent the family this picture appearing to show some sort of altar with picture of the couple spattered with blood. police in chula vista say they have not found any evidence of a crime but will continue to investigate. >> we still have a missing persons case. we don't actually have a crime which is thankful, that leaves
11:52 am
hope that maya is found safely. i don't have any information that tells us otherwise we will unravel everything that we can to try to find her. >> maya millete's husband, larry, has not responded to fox news questions about the whereabouts and the welfare of his wife. sandra. >> john: jonathan hunt, thank y. stay up-to-date on the story and all fox news exclusive reporting, download the fox news app and scan the qr code on your screen or go to joan. >> john: sandra, we are keeping in florida where crews are racing to prevent a catastrophic flood as a reservoir leaking contaminated and radioactive waste water is threatening to collapse. phil keating has more. this is a byproduct of fertilizer manufacturing, phil? >> absolutely it is.
11:53 am
an old phosphate mine. now it's for wastewater and saltwater and full of nitrogen which is a big environmental threat. hundreds of people remain evacuated and that includes prisoners at a local area jail. a state of emergency remains in effect in the county between tampa bay and sarasota. the big threat, a massive polluting and catastrophic environmental disaster. overnight the county's drones spotted what could be, could be a second leak. the state national guard brought in 20 more pumps over the weekend to help alleviate the pressure on the retention ponds. they are from an old decommission phosphate mine which was used to make fertilizer. the main worry is the catastrophic flood as well as massive fish kills and all g bloom in tampa bay where the water will flow. county officials show that the latest model show a breach in the reservoir, lead to pond walls collapsing in three and
11:54 am
40 million gallons gushing in a matter of minutes. the current, the original leak is in one of those three pollens and officials are afraid that if one of the retaining walls around the pond firsts, it will take the water pressure that holds the other walls on the other two ponds in place. then you're going to have a massive, massive flood. >> john: a lot of water. phil keating watching the situation. thanks. >> sandra: carmakers, as we have seen, going big on electric vehicles. it's the trend. is that what americans really want and is it really better for the environment? we will head to a dealership in naperville, illinois, next. obsession has many names. this is ours. the lexus is. all in on the sports sedan. lease the 2021 is 300 for $369 a month for 36 months.
11:55 am
experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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11:58 am
>> sandra: car makers pushing electric vehicles. are they better for the planet?
11:59 am
jeff flock is in chicago. hi, jeff. >> the answer is complicated. we're at a gmc buick dealership outside chicago. all gas-powered. electric is the future for g.m. and other automakers. take a look at the numbers from the "wall street journal." building an electric car generates more co2 than a gas car. where the savings comes in, over the course of a car's lifetime, 200,000 miles or so, the electric car is better for the environment. question is real quick, i want to put it to woody of woody buick gmc, do people want electric cars? are they going to buy them? >> i'm sure they'll buy them. i guarantee it. >> you believe that? >> absolutely. it's down the road. we've had great success with the hummer ev. good things are ahead.
12:00 pm
>> woody is being optimistic. he told me, hey, i don't know. i don't know. >> sandra: we don't know what we don't know. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: thanks. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum live in new york. here's the story. the firestorm in georgia that has the whole country watching is heating up this afternoon. texas governor greg abbott says, you know what? i'm not going to throw out that first pitch tonight at the mlb game that gets started. texas rangers game at their home opener. so in moments, we'll talk to the man at the center of what's going on in georgia. that's brian kemp. he's standing by. we'll be with him in just a minute. his state stands to lose $100 million now that the mlb yanked the all-star game


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