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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 5, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> fox news alert. if slamming major league baseball and other companies cag to the far left demands. after they said it would move its all-star game from atlanta to protest george's new voting law. the ceo of coca-cola and delta are also condemning the law after liberal activist pressure of the companies georgia officials estimate the mlb's decision to move the game will cost the state $100 million in tourism and revenue. brian kemp warning this is far from just a georgia problem. watch. >> georgia and all americans know what this decision means. if that means cancel culture and partisan activists are coming
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for your business. they're coming for your game or event in your hometown and they're coming to cancel everything from sports to how you make a living. >> emily: you are watching out numbered. i'm emily compagno. host kennedy on fox nation, tomi lahren, senior editor of "the federalist" and fox news contributor mollie hemingway and joining us today at town hall political editor and host of the guy benson show on fox news radio, guy benson. a welcome i'd like to start with you on this, you heard in the intro that taking with a all-star game out of georgia is estimated to cost $100 million in local revenue for those businesses. it's estimated that almost 50% of black and brown owned businesses in have closed for good and we know the population of atlanta is about 55% of black america, and in a customer the
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upcoming masters are being held, that the population is also 55% so my question is how is this a boycott over purported black and brown disenfranchisement that disproportionately affects black and brown on businesses, how is that a good idea? >> guy: of course, it's a terrible idea and frankly it's a bunch of lies about disenfranchisement and how this is going to restrict voting and the whole parade of horrible as we have heard about from the usual suspects, the overwhelming majority of it is baseless and completely untrue and pretty easily refutable if people are remotely interested in the facts. apparently, major league baseball not terribly interested in the facts and neither of some of these ceos who are preening for a certain audience but i do find it interesting to your point about boycotts, a bunch of georgia democrats and they influence the president who's been lying very aggressively repeatedly about this law have been shouting as loudly as they
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can, bellowing the term jim crow over and over again. it is a grotesque misappropriation of history, it has no resemblance to what's actually in this law but they are saying it at the top of their lungs for about a month and now some people, ignorant people, scared people are reacting accordingly and the same georgia democrats who have been demagogy in distillate are turning around and saying hang on, we didn't really mean it quite that way, please don't boycott our state, our city, our constituents, you can't have it both ways, this economic harm directly can be laid at the feet of the democrats who have been lying about this from their senators to stacey abrams who wants to be governor, they can claim they don't like the boycott, they cause the boycotts by their lying. >> emily: the hypocrisy by these ceos is pretty sickening especially with regard to china. we know these ceos of apple and coca-cola lobbied against
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legislation that would prevent manufacturing from china being imported to the u.s. that uses forced labor so where was their social justice barometer then? >> kennedy: there's a real disparity when it comes to caring about human beings because that's what it should boil down to, people being treated well and fairly and that's not what this is. we have some breaking news, texas governor greg abbott has sent a letter to the texas rangers, the baseball franchise there that he is not going to throw out the first pitch at their home game and is sort of boycotting the boycott and sending a message that this organization mlb is going to become a political arm of the dmc so the question is is it
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time for them to pick up the boycott mantle the way liberals have been for quite some time. i think it's exhausting, have to keep a pretty long list, hard to keep track of who you're supposed to hate, the whole thing becomes incredibly ridiculous and the people the most vociferous against these georgia election changes can point out specifically what parts of the law are the most harmful. and these are such broad allegations that it just goes to show you that people can act like lemmings and get on board the local train without doing any actual research, which in the end as you and guy have both pointed out is incredibly harmful. >> emily: the guys point bringing up the president, we have the president calling to punish citizens for economic punishment for passing lawful legislation. your thoughts on that?
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>> mollie: i think is the first time they have called for economic warfare to pass legislation to do anything but in this case to secure elections. if republicans and other americans are going to be called racist for trying to have free and fair elections, they should pass legislation that has some meat to it. this georgia legislation if there's any scandal to it is that it's week, it does not do enough to secure elections. in this country if you want to have a republic, you need to have confidence in elections. ideally everyone should be voting on the same day in the same manner and have those votes tabulated on that same day. we are spreading election day out into a lengthy season where people aren't having appropriate oversight of their ballots, don't really know who's counting them and how they are being counted and that is no way to run a country so that's a big enough problem as it is because of joe biden calling for this against estate, you now have a corporation doing the bidding of
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the president and other democrats in a way that is really damaging and divisive to the country. major league baseball which i would've counted myself as a big-time fan of until a few days ago doesn't really have the luxury of being able to turn off half the country. if this is a game where they are having trouble retaining fans, gaining new fans because of how expensive it is and how long the games are and to say half the country or more who want to have free and fair elections are racist is a despicable smear. if major league baseball should renounce the commissioner who did this, should immediately change what they're doing if they want to have a future and other corporation should be warned that by behaving this way, you've given people no option but the boycott. >> emily: to kennedy's point about the political arm and molly's point about it being used as an instrument, how is it that the ceos of these corporations that the left used to love to hate are now not only auditors for some reason of legislation, but also the
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largest social lobbyist going on that apparently are effective? >> kennedy: there's a couple of things they are, the delta ceo coming up against voting rights bill because it requires an i.d. to vote which is something that is commonplace, but i'm pretty sure the last time i boarded a delta airline flight, i had to show identification, so that's interesting. same thing with mlb, if you go to will call coming after show i.d. so the hypocrisy is amazing. i want to go back to mlb for a moment as well. they're expanding our presence in china. this voting bill in georgia, expanding the presence in china which is a communist regime which doesn't give their people any rights if you want to boil it down, so mlb has lots of answers. baseball is a great american sports, so many baseball players that are conservative, holding their tongue right now and encourage those conservatives whether they be in major league
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sport, whether they be in hollywood or entertainment, now is the time to speak out, the reason this is happening is because you were being so quiet, going along to get along, want to play nice in the locker room, letting the dash sitting back as part of a players association and saying this sounds good, same thing last year with the blm walk off and canceling games in the boycotts, this is going on long enough. if your rational human being in sports, and entertainment, in music come in hollywood, now is a time to stand up and say enough is enough. more people will follow your lead but somebody has to be brave and bold enough to start it. >> emily: and it remains to be seen whether the masters coming up being held in augustine georgia for golf, whether that would be warmly received or yanked as well. coming up, cbs news is accused of deceptively editing florida governor desantis' interaction with a reporter to fuel a narrative.
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>> emily: welcome back. critics are blasting cbs news 6y call a false narrative about the states vaccine roll off. questioning governor ron desantis about why he gave them an exclusive vaccine deal. >> publix donated $100,000 to your campaign and then you rewarded them with the exclusive rights to distribute the vaccination. >> what you're saying is wrong. that's a fake narrative. i met with the county mayor, i
9:15 am
met with the administrator, all the folks at palm beach county and said here are some of the options. if we can do more drive-through sites, give more to hospitals and they said we think that would be the easiest thing for our residents. >> emily: but "60 minutes" is being accused of deceptive editing for cutting out this key portion of the governor's response. >> that's a fake narrative. in the middle of december, going to the care facilities, that was their mission, that was very important and we trusted them to do that. we wanted to get into community is more so we reached out to
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other retail pharmacies, publix, walmart, obviously cvs and walgreens had to finish that mission and we said we are going to use that since we are done with that. publix for the first one to raise their hands and say they were ready to go. >> emily: indeed it seems clear of what's deceptive editing and these allegations were addressed and refuted publicly a month ago. here's a tweet from the democrat emergency division who said this idea why publix was has been other nonsense. they were the only ones with a time to execute on the mission. they had again stepped up for us to serve more seniors. your thoughts, molly. >> mollie: they have a history of coming up with conspiracy theories and dan rather put forth documents weeks before the 2004 election that were hugely embarrassing.
9:17 am
so this is i have coached conspiracy theory they are putting forward that the reason why publix was picked is becausy routine contribution to governor desantis. in order to do that, a reporter had to ignore everybody such as the person who just tweeted that it explains the contrary actually was offered to interview the people, steadfastly refused to interview anyone who would have the notion and hid facts like anyone is anywhere over florida. if choosing to be prioritized for vaccinations seniors are the people who are most likely to be vulnerable to covid, either getting sick from it, hospitalized, or die from it,
9:18 am
they should be prioritized. ron desantis did go again cdc recommendations and that was using the silence and not politics to make the decision. they have a track record of propaganda. they need to stop doing this and they need to be called out. the biggest ever with their report, ignoring gavin newsom. democrat governors who have done a horrifically bad job. >> emily: to her point about cbs's posturing, not only are they the ones airing the masters coming up, but they also tweeted about how companies can find a fight against george's new voting law. >> tomi: made an excellent point here. if they are going to be an arm of the dnc, they should say they are an arm of the dnc and be transparent about it. it's so frustrating but also going after governor desantis,
9:19 am
this is very calculated. they know he's going to be a front runner in 2024 if he decides to run, they know he's got donald trump's full support if donald trump himself doesn't run so they're trying to take him out early. they're trying to hurt his name and reputation, make him look bad and do anything they can so we should be looking at this and looking at ron desantis us and when the media wants to take out and that should make us pull him up even stronger and shine him even brighter because they are very scared, very telling. >> emily: is this the long-term strategy we are seeing play out, and eventual slow death by a thousand cuts for republican front runners? >> guy: there's no question about that. it's not like this is an isolated incident with cbs news and 60 minutes, every week it seems like there is some hit piece against ron desantis that is extremely thin on any facts and when they don't have a new hit piece is to write, they bring out their hatchets and go
9:20 am
back to previously debunked, pretty wild to watch and i think timing is right but i would build on it. ron desantis has committed three sins in the eyes of the media who were ultimately democrats. number one, committed the initial sin of winning. he was trailing in the polls, they were all pulling for andrew gillum the democrat down there in 2018, so from the very get-go, a lot of people wanted to take him out and he has done a very good job on covid and has proven them over and over again wrong in a lot of very big things and that frustrates them and then finally, he is in my view one of the people who is pretty well situated at the moment to unite the republican party from very pro-trump people to trump skeptical people like myself, a lot of us really appreciate what ron desantis is doing in florida pair that's a dangerous combination for the
9:21 am
left in their grip on florida. many of them are soldiers for the left. that's what we are seeing, those three factors conspiring in those explain why ron desantis is constantly in the crosshairs. >> emily: kennedy, your thoughts? to make this manufactured outrage is trained at the wrong thing. if you are cbs and mad that more people were going to be vaccinated for companies like publix that has so many different outlets, there is something wrong with the reporting that's already steeped in confirmation bias. one of the biggest problems people have especially seniors and especially seniors and communities of color is they have not had access to the vaccine. this is something that doctors, scientists and researchers have been saying for months, that you have to get it out in order to get it into the arms of people who need it the most and i can't imagine a place better suited to serve people than publix for
9:22 am
older people will go and get their vaccine all at the same time, who cares? if that is going to be the effective delivery system, then step aside and find something else of value to be mad at. >> emily: just ahead, hunter biden just admitted that controversial laptop may actually be his so where's all the media coverage? our panel has some ideas next. so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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here's huge news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. with interest rates near record lows refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. >> kennedy: hunter biden's admission that the laptop that was seized might be his is now raising questions about press coverage of the story. here's what the president's son just told cbs. >> was that your laptop? >> for real, i don't know. i really don't know. >> you don't know, yes or no. >> i have no idea.
9:27 am
>> could have been yours. >> certainly, there could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me, could be i was hacked, could be it was russian intelligence, could be that it was stolen from me. >> kennedy: that laptop which was left in a delaware repair shop contained emails that appear to detail hunter's business dealings in china and ukraine. back when the post broke that story, chalked it up to disinformation and twitter banned the story for two weeks while other news outlets didn't even cover it but journalist glenn greenwald says that she change now. >> we should be revisiting it regardless because the real story is not just what that document showed about biden and china and ukraine but also the abuse of power by facebook and the democrats to censor a major story right before an election. it was incredible interference and manipulation for the right to vote in the right to be
9:28 am
heard. >> kennedy: now that we have confirmation about one of the most critical aspects of the story, you remember then candidate joe biden said it was all fresh and chicanery but now you have hunter biden admitting it was his. is it time for the media especially those from the white house to bring up some very serious questions? >> guy: yes. is it going to happen? probably not. and it's not full confirmation. can we talk about how ridiculous that answer was? it certainly might be my laptop, and might be russia, and might of been stolen, who's to say? they've never actually denied the authenticity of the material. so i expect someone like that to dissemble or potentially live. i expect political campaigns to live into spin. it's what political campaigns do to the biden campaign said this could be a problem for us, we are in the home stretch of an election, let's say it's russia
9:29 am
and see how that plays. i think that's wrong, they shouldn't have done it, they had no evidence for it. the real scandal here is the media because they uncritically almost across the board in the mainstream press said russian disinformation, you say? let's regurgitate that. far and wide. let's take them at their word, had a bunch of former intelligence people put their names on the letter saying yes, this does seem like russian disinformation, no evidence of any of it. if the big tech censorship, one thing after another to kill what was a bona fide story with some actual evidence in the excuse was to amplify a conspiracy theory without any evidence. so i would like to see this revisited, president biden seemingly has not told the truth about his awareness of his sons business entanglements overseas, but i'm not holding my breath because why would the media expose their own collusion and frankly on the story when it's
9:30 am
so shameful and embarrassing to the media? i think they're happy to let this thing fly away again. >> kennedy: what are some of the most important outstanding questions here? >> mollie: first off, i think we all know it's hunter biden's laptop and why the media suppress that information, that's why big tech suppress that, they knew it was real and they knew what that laptop has with information about the hunter biden family business. it doesn't involve hunter, and involves president biden's by brother and involves president biden. they were all sorts of things that came out of that original story shouting the dealings with china where the biden family was getting some really sweet loans, that kind of financial entanglement which happen with the trump family which actually was involved in international business would have been apocalyptic for them. the media suppress that because they wanted to help their favorite candidate when because they are not media, they are propaganda outlets. i don't think hunter biden is in
9:31 am
any danger of anything happening that just because of the propaganda press covering up for him whether it's this issue with the corrupt business dealings with china or other shady foreign governments about his drug use, potentially lying on an application form to get a gun, barring hunter biden suddenly becoming republican, he will continue to skate free because it's not just the media. it's also the justice department that has completely different standards of justice on whether they are looking at a political ally or political enemy. >> kennedy: is interesting because one of the people here who has been so instrumental in corroborating the evidence that "the new york post" highlighted was and he was meeting face-to-face with joe biden and talked about the secret cut that he would get and it's interesting because considering the various arms that could have been used to strangle his
9:32 am
reputation, they really didn't go after him. why is that? >> mollie: it's obvious who they are protecting which continues to be the biden family, their contacts on the preservation of that entire machine they represent. it was never about who actually owns the laptop and they never actually debated the authenticity of the emails, the issues were always the contacts, the relationships, the benefits of that family was having but it's far too close to the fire for the media to cover it which is why the larger issue is the refusal of the media to acknowledge an iota of it to follow that track even one step further and of course if it had been any of the donald j. trump kids, would be such a different story, we are all less because of it. >> kennedy: i guess now it's okay to enrich anyone's family who has any association with the oval office.
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>> emily: she may be a star on twitter but no nonpartisan study finds alexandria ocasio-cortez is one of the least effective lawmakers in congress. it ranks the democrat 230th out of 240 democrats and dead last among 19 and her state. "the new york post" quotes one democratic insider saying tweeting is easy but governing his heart and you need to have friends. another says legislation was never her focus, it was media and narrative. so considering that we elect lawmakers to legislate and our tax dollars to pay salaries, is she earning her salary?
9:38 am
>> tomi: we know she is not the brightest crayon in the box but i will say this in her defense somewhat great just because she is not effective as a lawmaker in terms of she's been able to introduce and support she's been able to gain, i will say she is incredibly effective. why? how many times on the show have we talked about aoc? how many news headlines does she get? she does a great job of poking the bear on the right and she does a great job of having let's talk about her. she does instagram lives and it's a topic of many shows so she has been effective and i think we have to look at her and understand that she is very dangerous in shaping the narrative, pulling the party further to the left. if you recall back when the green new deal was introduced, nancy pelosi looked at something and almost scoffed at it and scoffed at aoc on the squad and then she had to do a real about-face because she understood the squad are a large part of the party, a large part of that base and it's been pulling everybody further and further and further to the left.
9:39 am
so she has been effective, i have to give it to her and one to watch. we certainly talk about her a lot for someone who hasn't been that effective. we still have to pay attention. >> emily: so talk to us about that democratic leadership and the role that they see aoc playing in that nuisance in the beginning and now seeing her as a compass. >> i think at the very least there a little bit scared of her and i tend to agree. there are lawmakers on both sides of the aisle right and left who seem to show up in washington with no real intention of doing the work and producing copper mines and meaningful legislation, they kind of want to be famous, celebrities, not sure that's a great way to go about the job but it's not a partisan phenomenon. it aoc is certainly within that group and i think if you asked her, she wouldn't back away from it. she would say my role here is the whole of my own party accountable and make sure they are really representing what she
9:40 am
says of the progressive values of the hard-core democratic base, so i again agree, she has not been an effective legislator in the traditional sense, but in terms of tugging her party in her direction, she's been pretty savvy about that and i think it's a longer-term project from her and other members of the squad to move the window if you will of what is acceptable, what's debatable on the what's considered a mainstream conversation in america and move that significantly to the left. i think there's almost no question that she has had some success on that front. >> emily: molly, your thoughts? >> mollie: i have to agree. the problem with congress is not a lot of legislation happens. back in the incentives are not there for members on the left or the right in the senate were in the house to really show leadership in legislation. so aoc might not be particularly effective at legislation, but legislation itself hasn't been a very big part of the role of
9:41 am
congress for decades and that's because we have redefined our government for unaccountable bureaucrats in the executive branch responsible for executing, dreaming up, enforcing most of the laws in this country. congress abdicated its responsibility for volunteering to give that rota states an end bureaucracy and now they have not much else to do but preen on twitter or podcast and it is not good for the country at all but is not her problem. when it comes to effectiveness, i don't think there's a much more effective person for moving the party to the left even as it looks kind of stalinist now and going to cause a huge problem in a year and a half for them or retaining the house. >> emily: speaking about the upcoming election. if the shining stars are the outliers on the ones pulling the fabric even lighter, then where are the shining stars in the middle that would actually hold it tensile for the democrat party to move forward? >> kennedy: apparently, they shrugged because congress is
9:42 am
useless. at least aoc having a good time, i like when she sticks to her own party on things like the border. i like that she protests outside of nancy pelosi's office. i hate the modern -- i hate the socialism, the big price tags, does have a basic understanding of economics but her constituents like her. i never vote for her. >> emily: moving on. officers in portland seem to be leaving the force in record numbers but that's hardly the only far out from the defund the police movement there and wait until you hear what the chairman of the democratic national committee is saying about it. that's next i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic )
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>> the mayor of one of the hardest hit cities on the border is urging president biden to any catch and release of illegal migrants but is anyone listening? we will talk to the mayor of eagle pass is one of those congressman with the economy moving into high gear, do we really need another massive stimulus plan? sander puts that question to our economic panel and what adopting evergreens as a school mascot really evoke a dark history in
9:47 am
america's past? leo terrel joins us with a few thoughts about that. i'm john roberts, join me in sandra smith at the top of the hour for america reports. >> kennedy: let's go to oregon. the portland police department says it has seen an unprecedented wave of officers leaving the force with some taking lower paying jobs because of massive burnout after all the protest violence and defund the police budget cuts. portland's biggest newspaper. the defund the police movement for damaging the democrats brand. jamie harrison says his unsuccessful senate run against lindsey graham was a victim of the parties for messaging. watch. >> lindsay and his crew of dark money effectively labeled me as someone who believed in
9:48 am
defunding the police. i don't believe in that, but they were able to do it because the democratic brand in south carolina, people would believe anything. >> kennedy: so here you have police officers leaving the force because you know this. the mayor of portland has been so bad about supporting his own department and now would rather go to burma than portland because it's become so dangerous. what do you see here? >> mollie: it just kills me because it's something we've seen over the past year now. one of them told me we are all going to go to communities that want us to someone else is speaking for me here and speaking for those residents in portland and giving them the message that they are not wanted
9:49 am
and a block away, there are stickers up that say cops are not welcome and they are referred to as uniformed gang members. if that doesn't speak for me, that doesn't speak for my family outside of portland. they get visitors from the far left over once a week with threats online as well as physically on their property and what's happening? where is the accountability? there is none. even the far more left than that. so the voters, i think a lot of the country has been discounting them and saying you get what you vote for but the options are all horrible. the buffet of socialism and radicalism is all they have to offer and the rest of the country is turning a blind eye because to our conversation earlier, we are watching them play out a tug-of-war within the democrat party and i hope to god it shapes up and they come back to the middle before the next
9:50 am
election because the price to pay is our fellow american safety. >> kennedy: a lot of police department's are having conversations about how can they improve, what can they do from the inside out in order to better serve their communities? but you are not hearing about those conversations. >> tomi: police officers all go to work every day wanting to do one thing and that's protect the community and come home safely. that's what they want to do but there's been this message of demonizing the police for the last five or six or seven years and it's become far worse over the summer but that really was the tipping point as we saw the right season occur when you saw so many police officers effectively having to stand down because the orders from their leaders in their town was letting people do whatever they want and cause mayhem and ruckus in the name of social justice and now it only got worse. it never ended in the pacific northwest that we've seen this all across the country. look at minneapolis in l.a. who was having to refund their
9:51 am
police department and they are seeing crime spike. obviously, we know we've got a problem in this country of demonizing a law enforcement, the war on cops and we need to change that but we need to look at the democrats as well. joe biden famously said antique that was just an idea, not a real thing. i think everyone will tell you here in the pacific northwest, and teeth it is real thing and not just an idea. if >> kennedy: it's a real thing and a bad idea. >> tomi: and stands for defying the police to pick which narrative you want and stick with it but don't look at what's happening in the country and say no, that's not our message. it was your message all summer long. >> kennedy: so ted wheeler took one of the specialized antigun task force with the portland police department and disbanded it and now homicides are at 26%. >> guy: is harming the city, harming communities in need of good policing and i'm not
9:52 am
surprised. why would you want to be a police officer in portland, oregon, right now? i do want to comment on jamie harrison statement that we played from the dnc chairman zhang lindsey graham's false attacks against me complaining about spending which is which is hilarious because he spent lindsey graham under the table and still lost. this goes back to her previous segment about aoc. if she is useful on the left for a number of reasons but she also says radical things that get a lot of attention, played far and wide, and that the liability for her party because a lot of people here defund the police from aoc and apply it more broadly to her propped on my party and that's going to cause them to lose in some places where the voters aren't deep blue new yorkers. >> kennedy: great job, last week, by the way. >> guy: thank you. to make you be first next. >> mollie: thank you. >> kennedy: transportation secretary pete buttigieg appearing to go green, what a
9:53 am
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9:58 am
>> mollie: i love this story. so many negative stories last week but this is utterly hilarious. he rides a gas guzzling suv to the white house, unpacks his bike and rides a few blocks to his meeting. the media's moons. i don't care who you are, that's hilarious even if it does seem like it's straight out of a third world country. >> emily: kennedy, you are a triathlete. isn't it harder to do it halfway in holland in an suv than to just ride the bike the 3 miles the hallway? >> kennedy: it is just dumber. he lives 3 miles away. just ride your bike the 3 miles. what is he, a child? toddlers would do a better job. he is an embarrassment to the community, every community. not just the cycling community. >> i'm glad we can have a laugh
9:59 am
at this. it's utterly embarrassing. i think summer greta thunberg is very upset and i think pete buttigieg should be expecting a phone call from her any day because i'm sure she is in tears and enraged over that stunt. what you expect from this administration. it's a april fools' joke that keeps on giving. unfortunately for the american people. >> emily: guy, what are your thoughts? >> i am less interested in this stunt of the leg reads kind of funny. that i am with pete buttigieg trying to defend the $2 trillion infrastructure bill. only a tiny portion goes to infrastructure projects. the fact that he floated a mileage tax is intriguing. they walked it back but it's indication they can't actually pay for the stuff just by taxing the rich or corporations. they are going to have to think outside of the box which means taxing everyone at some point. >> emily: way to take it home
10:00 am
for us. thank you, everyone, for such a great conversation today. kennedy, mollie tomi, guy. thank you. here is "america reports." >> john: fox news alert, a brand-new week. stunning numbers from customs and border protection as america reports on the growing crisis along the southern border. i am john roberts. welcome to the monday edition of "america reports." >> sandra: hello, joan. i'm sandra smith. 100,000 immigrants caught entering the country last month. it's a sharp increase from february when more than 100,000 migrants were arrested, john. >> john: it comes as the buy demonstration plans to send officials to guatemala and el salvador this week in attempt to address the source of the problem. but with more than 18,000 migrant children and facilities now along the southern border and a rise in drug


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