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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 5, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> thank you for joining us today. download the knocks news app. open your camera and scan the qr code under brian. >> see you tomorrow, everybody. >> bill: good morning. the influx woreens by the day. number of migrants surging to a 15, year high as the administration sends a special envoy to guatemala and el salvador. not in the trip is the vice president kamala harris who president biden tapped to lead those efforts. hope you had a great holiday weekend with your family and friends on easter. good morning. >> dana: i know you did. hemmer got to meet a little grand nephew and he is a special one. >> bill: we were just sharing pictures. good morning. >> >> dana: we expect march data to show more than 171,000 migrants crossing the border in march. the most since 2006. republicans raising the alarm
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about conditions inside overcrowded facilities. senator john barrasso said he was told to delete photos from his phone. >> they are crammed in like sardines. this is what the biden administration is trying to hide from the american public, which is why we took video and the biden administration tried to stop us. we were told to delete the pictures. no one did. you've seen the video coming out of all of these kids crammed together under the foil blankets huddling together. >> bill: there is a number out there that says about a million migrants will hit the border this year alone. there is no stopping this right now. >> dana: do you remember when they opened up the san diego convention center a weak or two ago? i read this morning it's already at capacity. >> bill: wow, that's just that place. when dana and i don't see each other for a few days we gab, gab, gab. so we have now caught up on the weekend, i think. >> dana: i haven't showed you a picture of jasper with the
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easter bunny but i will save it for the commercial break. >> bill: border patrol deputy chief raul ortiz is our guest. we begin our week today, alex, good morning there. >> good morning, bill and dana. we're inside the d.e.a.'s narcotics warehouse in mcall en texas and we are already seeing crossings. we know the administration this week will be sending a special envoy to the northern triangle to not only discuss some of the influx of migrants of why there is a historic number of migrants fleeing their country, to get to the root cause of that issue. border agencies say there is a visually clear difference between the migrants hoping to seek asylum in the u.s. and the mules bringing in drugs. agents can tell by the size of their bags, the routes they traffic and even body posture. they do argue the increase of
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people crossing the border has pulled more resources away and that's causing more contraband to get into the country, something that chad wolf spoke about on sunday morning futures. >> what we know is that the cartels and smugglers and traffickers are very sophisticated and listen to public pronouncements and know our policies and procedures. >> this is 26,000 pounds of marijuana worth 9 million that will be burned. there is also -- [inaudible] been found from the 2019/2020 fiscal year fentanyl blew up and now it's doubled than what it found in 2020 and alarming numbers what we're seeing here. there is 393 kilograms of cocaine found, 34 kilos of heroin, 2200 kilos of meth and
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13,000 kilos -- >> bill: sorry, alex. that's a shame. we lose the microphone connection there. maybe a battery issue or distance between the transmission point. what she is talking about. there is something we started talking about last week. that is these record amounts of drugs that had largely been shut down that eventually find their way into the communities like ohio, pennsylvania, new hofrm -- hampshire. >> dana: probably elsewhere, too. we'll get more from her later if we can. migrant children packed into facilities at the border. at the donna, texas facility more than 500 kids in pods made for 30 people. the united states is currently holding more than 18,000 migrant children in custody according to the latest numbers from the department of homeland security. raul ortiz took people on a ride along and expects agents to encounter at least a million migrants this year alone and he
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joins us now. thank you so much. i want to show the march numbers on the screen to set the stage here. cbp is on pace to have encountered more than 171,000 migrants in march and that's up 418% from february. mr. ortiz, tell us what the scene is like down there from your perspective now that we've been talking about this for about a month. >> i would like to pass my condolences to the capitol police and officer evans and his family. i spent the last week in south texas, rio grande valley visiting the our personnel and observing some of the operations that are ongoing. i can tell you that men and women are doing a phenomenal job but we have several facilities over capacity right now and doing everything we can to transfer these unaccompanied children primarily to hhs office of refugee resettlement. >> dana: do you have enough
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support from hhs? i wanted to ask you about that. >> what the secretary of homeland security did is designated fema and some of our officers to help hhs continue to increase their capacity so our hope this week is to have about 1,000 unaccompanied children transferred every day. currently we're sitting at 4600 children in our facilities right now. that is certainly -- they have been there way too long. four, five, six days. we really are, you know, in a position where we need to transfer them much quicker than we are now. >> bill: were you the one you expect a million migrants at the border this year alone? >> most definitely looking at the numbers. we'll publish our march official numbers in a couple of days. we still have to reconcile. 4,000 people that i haven't processed yes apprehended over the last couple of days. once we finalize the numbers we can project based upon the trends we're seeing now. >> bill: for today you are
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saying one million in 2021, right? >> easily. i think based upon -- >> bill: i want to take you back to 2019. here is joe biden talking about immigration. >> we could afford to take in a heartbeat another two million people. the idea that a country of 330 million people cannot absorb people who are in desperate need and who are justifiably fleeing oppression is absolutely bizarre. >> bill: there is one conclusion you draw from that. they're okay with this. the border is open and maybe your estimate is low. >> yeah, it could be. i will tell you, though, in this covid environment i'm awfully concerned about the welfare of the migrant population we're encountering as well as our personnel and communities facing this issue every day. those are the things that make this situation much different
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than what we experienced in 2014 and 2019. >> dana: chief ortiz, what about the number of people who i think you call them getaways. people you don't encounter. does the million you're talking about does that incorporate for an estimate that you don't catch or that's another number all together? >> that's a whole separate metric that we try and account for. we have technology and resources out there that give us an estimate of how many people are actually getting awith a from us and we continue to try and refine and have as much confidence in that statistic as we can. i can tell you that so far it's been way over 100,000 people that have gotten away from us this year. the border patrol agents as well as law enforcement partners are doing everything we can. our resources are stretched awfully thin right now. >> bill: i don't know if you heard senator barrasso a moment ago upon his tour down there. they asked him to delete the photos from his phone. what do you make of that and
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what do you make of the reporter blackout trying to get into these facilities? >> as i mentioned at the beginning, i was down there in south texas. i did eight or nine interviews with different media outlets. we're continuing the try to share as much information as we can. both with our congressional colleagues as well as the public. you have to remember the population we're dealing with are family units and unaccompanied children. these folks have privacy rights that we have to take into consideration. then once again our workforce is just awfully busy. so for us to be able to spend as much energy trying to show people exactly what's happening in these facilities and then continue to do our mission that really puts a strain on the organization and the workforce. so we're trying to balance that out as much as we can. >> bill: you will have a long year. >> yes, sir. >> bill: good luck. >> dana: thank you for joining us. appreciate it.
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>> bill: appreciate. stay in touch with you. president biden's team is fine-tuning a message about a $2.2 trillion spending spree to get everyone on board. democrats call it an historic investment. republicans call it a trojan horse for higher taxes. mark meredith from the white house begins a new week. how is the president's team pitching this bill there, mark, good morning. >> good morning. the white house is trying to sell this as a historic investment, a chance for congress to not only think big but spend big. republicans say it is not only expensive but a lot of ideas proposed don't have anything to do with infrastructure white house. 600 billion on transportation improvements but some going to senior, research and development bernie sanders is among those pushing for tax hikes to pay for the $2 trillion price tag. >> when people think isn't this an expensive proposal? it is. but the time is long overdue.
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the demand the wealthiest people and largest corporations start paying their fair share of taxes. >> bill: president biden has asked five cabinet secretaries to work with congress drafting the bill. they will be working in the next couple of weeks with congress. they hit the airwaves. energy secretary calling it the biggest investment since fdr and new deal. later on today the treasury secretary speaking in chicago. she is expected to push for the president's proposal and axios reports she will announce support for a global minimum corporate tax rate. up on capitol hill republicans say they're all for fixing roads, bridges, airports, but they are pushing back against any suggestion that this is a true infrastructure plan. >> what the president proposed this week is not an infrastructure bill. it is a huge tax increase for one thing. a tax increase on small businesses, on job creators in the united states of america. >> later on this morning president biden will be coming
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back to the white house after spending the weekend at camp david. no easter egg roll because of the pandemic but we get an easter message from the president later on this afternoon. >> bill: mark meredith from the white house today. nice to see you. >> dana: president biden's team was on the sunday shows offering a new definition of the word infrastructure. here is yesterday on "fox news sunday". >> the infrastructure of care, you really are stretching the word beyond all meaning. >> we will invest in putting people to work building and addressing deferred maintenance and addressing the lack of access to this type of care that keeps parents from being able to work. >> have you seen several times when all of a sudden something on the left that changes and then merriam-webster's definition will change the dictionary by the end of the day? we might have that on "the five". >> bill: it could evolve again. >> dana: it might begun an
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official definition. >> bill: chris said you are creating a whole new social program. i don't think that was denied. >> dana: they want that to be known. >> bill: the way you characterize the use of the money. we were talking with the chief on the border. arizona's governor ducey how he believes aspects of this administration aren't connected with reality. >> this is a crisis, it is an emergency. this is a problem that was largely solved or stable under the previous administration. the biden white house is divorced from reality. they need to fix these policies, properly communicate and provide resources to border states now so we can stem the tide of what is happening at this border. >> dana: you have to wonder if the two democratic senators from arizona, manchin and sinema, this they won't try to
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help their state by putting pressure on the administration. i find it interesting kamala harris was given this important responsibility which they've narrowed down and we still haven't heard from her. >> bill: it is said that 1,000 migrants cross the border every day. over this easter weekend i know it's a holiday weekend but the president was at camp david all weekend for about four days and kamala harris was on the west coast. draw your own conclusions, right? 14 minutes past the hour. major league basketball moving the all-star game out of atlanta. we'll talk to a local leader about that move. marc thiessen on the hypocrisy of that decision. >> dana: iran nuclear talks set to restart tomorrow. any reason to believe a new biden administration nuclear deal would be different from the obama administration? >> florida is expanding evacuation orders because of a possible dam breach. a warning from officials there today. >> if we should have a full
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>> bill: former president trump has an idea for major league baseball. he is calling for a boycott of the companies that support the move. edward lawrence fox business live in d.c. for more on this. good morning, ed. >> we have boycotts and boycotts for those criticizing the boycotts as well as those for boycotts. confused? this is what has happened in georgia. misrepresentation of the facts that has caused companies like delta, who are consulted about the changes in the law and had no issues, now saying that they have an issue with the law. the attention also prompted
6:21 am
major league baseball to move the all-star game from atlanta. the cobb county travel and tourism borough estimates it will cost local businesses more than $100 million. minority businesses also. former president obama supports the decision. former president trump says this, quote. boycott baseball and all of the woke companies that are interfering with the free and fair elections. are you listening, coke, delta and all the georgia governor calling out the cancel culture over all this. >> it is unfortunate that major league baseball caved to the cancel culture and quite honestly president biden and stacy abrams and a lot of other people are lying about the bill to pressure these organizations. it is really a sad day for major league baseball. >> the commissioner of baseball in a statement says moving the game and draft demonstrates the values of major league baseball. senator chuck schumer says in a tweet new york should host the all-star game.
6:22 am
the irony of that new york election laws offer few he early voting days than georgia and no one can pass out food or water valued of more than $1 and they require an excuse in their list -- for absentee ballot. georgia doesn't. just a valid identification like when you get the covid virus vaccine or buy alcohol you need an i.d. >> bill: edward, thank you. >> dana: for more on the fallout from the all-star game decision cobb county chairwoman joins us now. tell us your feelings about the boycott and mlb made this decision on friday? >> certainly i was disappointed as were many here in cobb as we anticipated this event of coming this year. >> dana: have you heard from local businesses and how they feel about it? >> from some of them. we all anticipated the euphoria to come with this event as we're coming out of a pandemic.
6:23 am
many more people are getting vaccinated and we look for many people to descend into cobb county for the all-star game. and with that was not only going to be an uptick in our mood but also in our economy. considering that our primary industries in cobb are in travel, tourism and retail. so yes, certainly some of our businesses have been disappointed as well. >> dana: what to you is the most egregious part of the bill as it was passed? >> hum. one part is being a leader in local government was not seeing fiscal note that was tied into this legislation. to look at not only the social impact but the fiscal impact. we have done a lot to invest in providing accessible elections for all of our citizens here in the county and a lot of those investments will become a front
6:24 am
cost when this goes through. some of the limitations, absentee ballot drop boxes. but, you know, one of the more challenging things is just the limited time frames that we have to process that. the additional stress that there is going to be on our employees with the county and also just a limited time frame that people will have to vote and limited accessibility for our citizens is also a challenge. >> dana: would you maintain a bill as it's written provides more opportunity to expand voteings. the fact check says experts say the net effect it will be easier to vote in georgia. i know you have concerns but you can see there are -- now that you have drop boxes in every county, for example, maybe answer that and then what would you like to see done next? boycotting everything is not going to work. >> i agree. there are text and context. looking at the text of this
6:25 am
bill some may not see where there are challenges but it's the context of which this bill moved forward and looking at the high participation that we had in elections and looking at the diversity in the turnout and looking at the allegations which were not substantiated. there is a lot of context that makes the text very difficult to digest. also in reading the text, there are a lot of limitations. while there may be some counties that do benefit from having additional drop boxes and additional voting places there will be some limited like the county in cobb. i absolutely agree with you and people on both sides agree that everyone boycotting each other is not going to be the answer. >> dana: i said to bill nobody will be able to buy anything. >> exactly. you know, looking at civic participation and economic vitality.
6:26 am
those two things should not have to be polarized. we can consider how to look at both things to move our area forward. >> dana: lisa, thank you so much. >> bill: thank you. it will say cola, eggs, marc thiessen. >> dana: not generic in any way. >> bill: a couple claims here we go. the claims voting ends at 5:00. it goes to 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. the claim is that it reduces voting hours. it expands voting hours in most cases, on and on. claim eliminates early voting on sundays, counties have the option to had one or two sundays. claim, no absentee ballots. voters must submit a driver's license, state i.d. number and acceptable voter i.d. the last truth on the wall. call for number three, guys, headline. mlb requires photo i.d. to pick
6:27 am
up tickets from will call but boycotts georgia for voter i.d. law. mark, your witness? >> the hypocrisy is ridiculous. if i showed up without an i.d. and give me my tickets they wouldn't give it to me. they want to make sure i am the guy who bought the tickets. if you require an i.d. for something as unimportant as a baseball game, why would you not require it for something as important as a safe and secure election? and then as dana pointed out the "washington post" fact checker stated that the law expands opportunities for early voting. it mandates precincts to hold 17 days of early voting including two saturdays and two days of sunday voting optional. biden's home state of delaware doesn't have any early voting. as was pointed out in new york they have less opportunities
6:28 am
for early voting. where mlb decides to hold this game and how their election law compare to georgia. >> dana: interesting to hear lisa her concern about the context. why the bills were introduced in the first place. we can talk about that as well. i get the sense that's actually some of the anger from the ceos leading this idea that delta should change its mind and coca-cola should change its mind is about the context. you have president biden supporting the boycott taking mlb out of atlanta. but what do you think about that, marc? on your podcast named what the hell is going on, there is hypocrisy in terms of a relationship with china. >> sure, we just had consciousman walz on the podcast boycotting the beijing olympics.
6:29 am
how can you be president biden and support the boycott of georgia which has free elections but not support boycotting china where there are no free elections, where they just suppress free elections in hong kong and are arresting democracy -- pro-democracy legislators and putting them on trial under the national security law. where they have concentration camps where they are in cattle cavs shaving the heads of uighur and pushing them to concentration camps using them as slave label. systematically sterilizing an raping uighur women. arrested doctors who tried to warn the world about how dangerous the pandemic was. georgia, which passed a law that actually expands early voting, is worthy of a boycott. where is -- the hypocrisy is en nor nous and one more thing on china. major league baseball the same week they announced pulling the all-star game signed a deal with the chinese communist
6:30 am
party-backed company to stream baseball games in asia. the same week. >> bill: they did the same deal three years ago. chris christie on sunday. >> in my state praising phil murphy this week for a voting law where new jersey early voting is nine days. half of what georgia is. yet she is on tv in new jersey, i saw it myself saying this is one of the greatest voting expansion bills we've ever seen. >> bill: there is that. thank you, marc, nice to talk to you marc thiessen with today. a chinese company, a major deal to broadcast games with mlb and make them available in china. the baseball commissioner in my view wanted to avoid the possibility some of these players would boycott the all-star game. wanted to stay clear and far away from that. >> dana: the idea was pull it all together? >> bill: to end it. get out now. i think it is also with these american ceos, they have quickly and almost overnight
6:31 am
become the most powerful american lobbyists we have this this country. >> dana: they have a say, right? >> bill: they do. eventually it's eggs, water, or cola. take your pick. >> dana: remember when we were a kid, the white bag with black lettering. flags half staff as we learn more about the suspect in last week's attack at the u.s. capitol that left one police officer dead and studied admissions by hunter biden on the infamous laptop and investigation into his finances. andy mccarthy on the fallout and joe concha on the media's happenedling. >> whether or not i was hacked, somebody has my laptop. whether exists a laptop at all i truly don't know. refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash.
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>> dana: hunter biden is speaking out ahead of the release of his memoir.
6:37 am
he admits the laptop could possibly belong to him. jackie heinrich is live in washington with this. >> good morning. still under federal investigation for potential tax-related crimes hunter biden opened up for the first time about the existence of a laptop he purportedly left at a delaware repair shop that appeared to include on its contents emails revealing his business deals the china and ukraine. long been the subject of scrutiny by republicans including president trump who was impeached to try to dig up information on joe biden to corruption in his son's business deals. after impeachment and right before the election president trump's lawyer received this laptop who believed what was on it proved trump's claim. joe biden who always denied any involvement or knowledge with his son's business dealers
6:38 am
asserted the laptop's contents were the subject of russia disinformation. hunter biden says he can't determine whether or not the laptop is his. >> did you leave a laptop with a repair man? >> not that i remember, no, no. but whether or not somebody has my laptop. whether or not it was -- i was hacked or whether or not exists a laptop at all i truly don't know. >> are you missing a laptop? >> not that i know of. read the book and you are realize i wasn't keeping tabs on possessions very well for a four-year period of time. >> sources tell fox news the same year the f.b.i. seized the laptop in connection with a money landering probe that fizzled out. the feds are still looking into his tax affairs. it is unclear, though, whether that investigation is at all connected to this laptop. dana. >> dana: pretty interesting.
6:39 am
available to talk now but not last fall. >> bill: there is more. hunter biden says he is confident nothing will come of the investigation into his finances. >> the implication all through the campaign was that your efforts somehow benefited your father financially. have you ever given your father money from any of your business ventures? >> no. nothing. >> ever? >> not a nickel. >> directly or indirectly. >> directly or indirectly not a nickel ever. no. >> bill: andy mccarthy and joe concha. fox news contributors. a lot to go through, gentlemen, don't have a ton of time. you will get one crack at the apple here. he said he is 100% certain he will be cleared, andy, of wrongdoing. what did you hear from this interview? >> yeah, i think, bill, here is the two big problems. the payments from china and every other country that obama
6:40 am
put biden in charge of where the country or people connected to it decide it's expedient to pay money to hunter biden. that's a national security corruption situation as much as it is a legal situation. and if he is right that for four years he wasn't able to keep track of what was going on because of his narcotics problem, how does he put on a federal firearms form that he is not a narcotics addict or user of drugs? and if he lied there, that's a 10-year felony. >> bill: watch that. now here we have the media in on this, joe. you think about what is happening in mid to late october with the blackout. "new york post" headline npr issues stunning mea culpa after claiming hunter biden laptop was discredited by intelligence. a lot of egg on the face looking back on that. another point with howie kurtz on sunday. >> we should be revisiting it
6:41 am
regardless. the real story was not just what that document showed about biden and china and ukraine but the abuse of power by facebook and democrats to censor a major story right before an election. it was incredible interference and manipulation of the right to vote and be heard. >> bill: "new york post" twitter feed was blocked out for two weeks, joe. you have censorship. >> if you remember members of the trump campaign like kayleigh mcenany or the trump campaign official website itself. it was all taken down. twitter said this is russian disinformation, we can't provided proof it is but they censored the story three weeks before the presidential election. but the focus of those questions on cbs was maddening to watch. all the focus seemed to be on is the laptop yours or not. no one is disputing the laptop belongs to hunter biden. there are receipts with hunter
6:42 am
biden's signature at the shop. the shop owner testified hunter biden dropped off the laptop and the emails should have been the focus. if you haven't gotten this guy to sit down and talk about it. how do you get named to the board of directors of an energy company with no energy experience whatsoever? your business partner tony bobulinski they should pay back the clips from october said that 10% of the equity dealings in china went to the big guy. who is the big guy? i'm reading "politico" talking about the infrastructure bill and hunter biden they called an expert. right now it seems the media's goal is to paint hunter biden as a sympathetic figure, a victim. and the whole f.b.i. investigation cbs had the audacity to call it a rumor, rumors of hunter biden, his
6:43 am
dealings and all the points going on that was a cover-up for a guy that clearly has some issues at this point in terms of this investigation. >> bill: to all the points he is making, andy, a lot of people including hunter biden and the media thought it would go away. based on his answers and the interview, will it go away? >> it is not going away at least as far as most of us in the commentary are concerned. i can't say the biden justice department will put the screws to the president's son. but this is not going away. nobody is dropping it. it is going to be maintained as an important issue. >> bill: thank you, gentlemen. looking at both sides of this, thank you. jonathon turley said biden's book is a target rich environment for reporters with the alleged influence pedestrian pedaling and every reporter avoided damaging
6:44 am
questions. it was no small feat. >> >> dana: when it raises more questions you have more work to do. he is available now to do interviews and sell a book but not available when the american public might have needed some answers. we'll move on. crisis at the southern border. officials exposing how drug cartels are taking advantage of the chaos. we talked to an arizona sheriff. president biden says some republican governors support his 2.25 trillion spending plan. we'll ask one of them if that's true. tennessee governor bill lee joins us next. here's exciting news for veteran homeowners who need cash. refiplus from newday usa. with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow.
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>> it looks more like the green new deal than an infrastructure plan. the biden administration is calling it infrastrak tour but a tax hike plan to me. >> bill: that was tate reeves yesterday contradicting what biden says about republican governors supporting his spending plan. bill lee, republican from tennessee. why wouldn't you want to spend all this money? >> thanks for having me. it isn't an awful lot of money.
6:50 am
besides the cost, there are a couple of things that are really concerning to me. one, it's touted as a jobs plan but you will raise taxes on small businesses and job creators across this country by 30% to pay for this. over the next 15 years. it will kill jobs. and raising taxes on businesses after the year that we've just had, that is very concerning. and then it is an infrastructure plan but i think 5% of it is spent on roads and bridges. we all want roads and bridges but this is not the plan to do it. >> dana: they are broadening the definition of what infrastructure is. you think the states should lead on infrastructure. would you be happier to say here are block grants and do with it what you need. tennessee is a growing state as people flee to a lower-tax state. you need infrastructure in your state.
6:51 am
>> we do need infrastructure but we're a state that has fiscally manageed our budget for decades. we pay for roads as we go. we have a billion half in a rainy day fund and billion in unemployment trust fund. this year we're investing $200 million in broadband expansion with state dollars. the reason we can do that is because you are economy is working. we kept our businesses open. we are actually proposing a tax cut to our citizens this year. that is the way fiscal responsibility should work. and states can do that across the country if they manage their budgets well. i ran a company for 25 years and became governor. and the most important thing you do either as a ceo or governor is manage your budget so you can invest in the things that need to be done. >> dana: i know the biden administration did not ask for governor's input on it but likely it will pass on reconciliation and it will be popular. how do you plan to deal with
6:52 am
that? >> well, we will use the money, we will be good stewards of the money that comes to our state. we know how to steward money well. we know how to make certain that we can invest in the things that need to be invested in. how to keep low taxes. we have virtually no debt in our state. if the states in this country would manage their budgets effectively, then we could provide for our citizenry without the influx of federal funding. these big waves of federal money are like economic meth. they feel good when you get it but they are killing you at the same time. >> dana: economic meth. >> i believe we ought to have a different approach. >> dana: i like the concept. understood it perfectly. governor lee, thank you so much. >> dana: economic meth. >> bill: we'll hold onto that phrase. roy blunt was on with chris wallace. he said take 30% of this, $600 billion, no small chunk of
6:53 am
money here. he believes 30% goes toward infrastructure and republicans could support that. he is being generous. we crunched the numbers and found 5.5% of the 2 trillion goes to infrastructure. >> dana: gop claimed 5 to 7% are for infrastructure. they are fact checking it. >> bill: the month-long riot in portland taking -- the fallout might be making city less safe. check out the lineup coming your way at the top of the hour when we continue moments away after this. come on back on our easter monday. you need a financial plan that can help grow and protect your money. an annuity can help cover essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how...
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6:59 am
is electric really better for the planet? jeff block has been in the solar system test in this deal in naperville, illinois. how are you doing, jeff? >> good to see you. lots of gas powered trucks behind me. they are anxiously awaiting at this gmc dealership for that new hummer electric truck. they are excited about it. the question is, though, is it really better for the environment? "wall street journal" and the university of toronto electric versus gas study. look at the numbers. it actually costs more in terms of co2 emissions to build an electric vehicle because of the batteries. it is worse for the environment. once it gets out on the road say 20,000 miles after you drove an electric vehicle for 20,000 miles it is about even in terms of co2 emissions. if you look at the average life span of a vehicle it's 200,000
7:00 am
miles. yes, of course, better for the environment to have an electric car. does america want more electric cars? for that woody wood ring, you are waiting on that truck but you have buyers out there? >> definitely the excitement on the hummer and pickup truck. initial orders have been fantastic as far as focusing on electric cars for buick gmc. it's in the future. >> you really believe gm will no longer make gas powered cars after 2035? >> that's what they have out there. the american public will say what they will want to drive in the future. >> they will vote with their pocket books. >> there you go, bill. get a nice gmc gas-powered truck which you would rather have. >> the numbers you point out are rather inconvenient truth. thank you, jeff. naperville, illinois. >> dana: fox news alert. president trump calling for a boycott of major league
7:01 am
baseball after the league decided to move this year's all-star game out of atlanta because of georgia's new voting law. welcome in a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino, >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: you are firing on all cylinders this morning. >> bill: do you like baylor or gonzalez. >> dana: i think both of them -- i don't know what i'm talking about. i have friends that went to both. that's who i decide who i'm for. you going the stay up and watch it? >> bill: no, i'll figure it out. i will go with gonzalez. the game is a toss-up. they're evenly matched and a coin flip tonight. the all-star weekend expected to bring in $100 million to atlanta and cobb county. governor kept and the braves not happy and neither is president trump calling for a boycott of baseball on all the quote woke companies opposing georgia's election reform law. the chairwoman of cobb county is where the braves play and the stadium is, stating earlier the decision to move the game
7:02 am
is a major disappointment. >> we all anticipated the euphoria to come with this event as we are coming out of a pandemic and with that was not only going to be an uptick in our mood but also in our economy. i think there are people on both sides that agree that everyone boycotting each other is not going to be the answer. >> bill: amen to that. steve harrigan picks up our coverage this hour. good morning. >> good morning, bill. on opening day the atlanta braves had an all-star patch on the right side of their uniforms. by game two they had to sew over that patch. this after the commissioner of major league baseball decided to move the game out of georgia in response to a voting rights law here in georgia that he said restricts access to the ballot box. that assertion has drawn sharp criticism from republican governor brian kemp. >> georgians and all americans should know what this decision
7:03 am
means. it means cancel culture and partisan activists are coming for your business. they are coming for your game or event in your hometown. and they are coming to cancel everything from sports to how you make a living. >> a lot of prominent georgia democrats are really caught in the middle on this issue. on the one hand they oppose the voting rights law which they say is restrictive. they also oppose any boycotts or moving events out of the state of georgia. senator chuck schumer of new york is throwing out the welcome mat tweeting we'd welcome mlb to play the all-star game in new york. there has been pushback by a number of republicans who say that georgia's voting rights even after this new law are a lot less restrictive than the states trying to get the all-star game. here is chris christie. >> new jersey early voting is nine days. half of what georgia is.
7:04 am
>> the all-star game brought in more than $90 million last year. not clear where it will be played this july. bill, back to you. >> steve harrigan at the ballpark today. thank you. >> dana: for more on this bill mcgurn, former speech writer for george w. bush and fox news contributor. "politico" headline all eyes are on georgia again and they say this. democrats now control all of washington after biden won georgia in both senate seats flipped in january. but republicans still run all the levers of state government here and rallying behind a new election saw saying there are nine statewide executive offices and high level senate races on the ballot as well. what do you think about these companies major league baseball, delta, coca-cola, "wall street journal" editorializing about it today? what is your take? >> i think it's a mistake. i'm not sure that former president trump is going to help ease the situation by calling for a boycott of major
7:05 am
league baseball but let's be fair. he didn't start this. our healer in chief did when he intervened in this on behalf of the boycott. and i think we're not yet clear of what is going to -- what the political consequences will be. i'm not sure they will help senator warnock up for reelection in 2022. i'm just not sure about all this. i think it's a terrible thing that we're politicizing our sports. look, the woke companies thought this is a cheap way to get some good publicity. they didn't think it through. they clearly did not read the law. in many ways this is a controversy that doesn't exist as governor christie pointed out what they are claiming and what the reality is very different and let's be clear finally this was done by the legislature, the state legislature. democratic exercise. that's a lot better than a lot of other election reforms that were imposed on states by
7:06 am
courts or non-legislatures. >> dana: there are democrats in the state who would say president trump very much is part of this because they're saying that -- the guest we had in the previous hour said the context matters. the reason this bill was put forward in the first place was because there were accusations that the election was stolen and there was massive fraud that wasn't proven in court and they say it's a problem of context, not necessarily specific things in the bills and the companies are following through. now there are even -- they are already saying any company that is given state leather even nothing to do with election laws over the last five years they helped put republicans in power and these companies will be under attack. >> when you can't argue facts you argue context, that's really what's going on here. we'll see if this works or if it backfires. we had another editorial today on this decision by joe biden to support this boycott.
7:07 am
how do you support a boycott of atlanta over voting rights when you are going to allow our athletes to compete in beijing in 2022? beijing, who the secretary of state mr. biden's secretary of state admits is guilty of genocide and we're not going to -- i'm actually not for withdrawing from the olympics but how do you morally square that? i think too many people jump on the band wagon and they might find some interesting consequences down the line. >> dana: if they ever have another press conference a great question would have been the one i had, will you send a delegation to the olympics in beijing? that's where you would find out how -- if you can morally square it or not. bill mcgurn, always good to see you. >> thanks, dana. >> bill: want to get to the crisis of the u.s./mexico border now. customs and border protection saying migrant crossings hit a
7:08 am
15-year high in march. more than 170,000 in one month alone. last hour we talked with border patrol deputy chief raul ortiz about what he is dealing with there. >> so far it has been way over 100,000 people that have gotten away from us this year. the border patrol agents as well as law enforcement partners are doing everything we can. our resources are stretched awfully thin right now. >> from arizona, sheriff mark dannels is back with us. good morning to you. since the last time we talked, how have things changed there? it has been a week or 10 days. >> well, again good morning to you all. these are unintended consequences in the fact we saw this coming. we saw in the past and we are seeing it now. it is truly getting worse. we're seeing the messaging continuing. the collapse of resources,
7:09 am
enforcement, cbp is out doing processing, administrative work. opening up the border when it comes to security. the impact is felt by communities, by sheriffs, law enforcement, by our states, border states. it is getting worse. the humanitarian side, which i read every day of people dying on this border trying to get across it. the journey up here by the kids and being sexually assaulted is not a good scenario. >> dana: not in the least. let's listen to chad wolf yesterday morning. >> the cartels and smugglers and traffickers are very sophisticated. when the biden administration starts to carve out groups of individuals, these are the groups of individuals we start seeing at the border. >> dana: sounds as if they're sophisticated as we are weak when it comes to figuring out what to do here? >> i said this before. when the cartels, criminal enterprises are better organized than we are.
7:10 am
they don't have to worry about politics and that's what is hurting us on the southwest border when it comes to the health pandemic, public safety and humanitarian. i have to say the fact that when you look at 1 in 6 kids in this country are going to bed hungry every night we have thousands of homeless veterans sleeping on the streets, we're bringing all these people in. like the southwest border is not part of the country anymore. you don't hear anybody talking about it besides fox news and a few other news outlets. mainstream media isn't talking about what's going on at the border. >> bill: do you think the administration welcomes this? i ask you because of the headline from the "new york post." democrats want open borders but won't say so causing today's cruel crisis. last month as we mentioned more than 170,000 would be migrants crossed the border. not coincidence president biden's irresponsible rhetoric led to the surge.
7:11 am
we played to clip in 2019 where president biden, then candidate biden is saying we could easily absorb 2 million more immigrants per year. so then is it done with intent? >> it is, bill. it is an intended consequence like i said a few minutes ago. it was intended based on a ideology for an open border plan. we're seeing that just based on the lack of infrastructure, the will to open up this border. circumstances truly tells us on the border they want it open which based on their avoidance. an insult to this country, communities and law enforcement that take the oath of office to protect americans. it is truly upsetting. >> dana: could i ask you for the legal immigrants. immigrants in your town and county who have come here and gone through the process can be a difficult process. it is laborous in some ways. what do you are hear from those
7:12 am
who have done it legally? >> i was out this weekend on a huge event here on the border. everybody i was talking to were -- are very upset about what is going on on the board. the people who live here are upset with it. we promote legal processes and legal programs. when you have the erosion of law. look what happened in portland and seattle and those that wearing the badge doing their best to protect those communities and now look where the communities are at. i'm concerned we're heading in the same direction on the southwest border. >> bill: we'll check in again in a week or 10 days. thank you. we're in the month of april. they say given the weather april and may are the months where you see the greatest number of illegals cross. right now today it's 1,000 per day. >> dana: also you have health and human services report here having to decide about cutting safety corners to move migrant kids out of overcrowded
7:13 am
facilities. tough choices all around. family of a missing mom is giving fox news disturbing information about her private life. what they say she told them just before they disappeared. >> bill: hunter breaking kind of breaking his silence about his business dealings with burisma and again that laptop. >> is that laptop yours? >> i truly don't know the answer to that. >> did leave a laptop with a repairman? read the book and you'll realize i wasn't keeping tabs on possessions very well for a four-year period of time. ♪♪♪
7:14 am
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>> dana: the family of a missing california mother of free giving fox news details on what they say was her rocky marriage and making what appears to be a chilling claim about maya millette's husband. jonathan hunt is live in los angeles. what's her family saying? >> the most damaging accusation by the family of maya that in january just before she disappeared she was on a camping trip with family members and told them if anything happened to me it would be larry. presumably meaning her husband, larry millete. that statement coming to fox news via a family member who wishes to remain anonymous. she was last seen january 7th in chula vista where the couple lives. the same day she made an appointment with a divorce attorney. her brother-in-law says that she and larry had been having troubles in their marriage for
7:20 am
some time and he says larry frequently reached out to the family for their help. the brother-in-law told fox news quote, he, meaning larry, was more of an aggressor trying to get us involved. trying to get us on his side. when we felt like it was a lot of lies that he was telling us. in september larry millete allegedly sent the family this picture appearing to show some sort of a an altar with a picture of the couple spattered with blood. police say they haven't found any evidence at this point of a crime but they say they will continue to investigate, dana. >> dana: thank you for the update. stay up to date on this and other fox news exclusive reporting. download the fox news app. scan the qr code on the screen or go to >> bill: 20 past the hour.
7:21 am
iran nuclear talks set to begin tomorrow in vienna, austria. the u.s. will not be there but work through european allies. we bring in former security advisor to vice president cheney. it would appear that this administration wants to get back in this nuclear deal come hell or high water. do you agree? >> i think that's of course the fear of everybody who has been a critic of this deal is that president biden is just too willing to grant the iranian terrorist regime billions of dollars of sanction relief in exchange for nothing more than a return to a 2015 fatally flawed nuclear deal that essentially over the course of less than 10 years, even if iran abides by the deal paves their way to becoming a nuclear
7:22 am
weapon state. >> bill: if they want it they will have to do in on i ran's terms. they are making more claims. listen carefully to this. >> 2021 is not 2015 when the deal was agreed. nor 2016 when it was implemented. the facts on the ground have changed. the geo politics of the region have changed and the way forward must similarly change. the decisions that need to be taken have to be decided on the merits of where we are today, not nostalgia for what might have been. >> bill: the reason why the comment is important is because trump and pompeo changed the game. we tried to isolate iran to a degree they had success. they signed peace deals with sunni arab countries with israel. so it is significantly different today. how does that change?
7:23 am
>> yeah, you are absolutely right, bill. what wendy sherman and everybody in the administration from the president on down has been saying it's not 2015 anymore. we are going to go for a new nuclear deal that is longer and stronger. the problem is these are all the same people who negotiated the deal in 2015 and told the world there is no chance that the iranians will agree to a longer deal. it's the best we can do. it's either this deal or war. great fear just as a distraction telling republicans and other critics of the deal once they want to hear. once they're back in the old deal they'll put the iranian nuclear file on the back burner and no pressure on iran to strengthen and lengthen this deal in a way that better suits the interests of the united
7:24 am
states and our allies across the region unanimously. >> bill: are you saying that you believe this administration will get back in the deal somehow. >> oh, yeah, i think they're hell bent whether it's before the iranian elections in may or in june or immediately afterwards that they want back into this deal. they are prepared to grant billions and billions of dollars in sanctions relief. the question is what -- how willing are they going to be to really be able -- willing to crack the whip and demand that the iranians strengthen this deal as well as address some of their really malign activities that weren't part of this deal at all? the ballistic missile program, the largest in the middle east and regional aggression and terrorism. >> bill: come flex question 30 seconds. how does that change things in the raoej an based on the
7:25 am
direction where they were going? >> i think there is a great deal of danger if the administration isn't able to strengthen this deal in cooperation with our local allies in the region, that the iranian imperial project throughout the middle east will be supercharged. that the iranians will then be on a clear, patient pathway to becoming a nuclear weapons state and then i think you begin to see all of our allies in the middle east understanding that america is completely unreliable beginning to distance themselves from us and beginning to cozy up to what they see are going to be the clear new powers in the region. not just iran but the russians and the chinese behind them. >> bill: wow. john hannah, thank you, sir. if that's the direction we're headed we've got issues. thank you for coming in today. here is dana. >> dana: some teachers in
7:26 am
california aren't happy with the latest demands their union is making about returning to classrooms. watch. >> i think it's shameful the fact that sole of these demands the teachers unions are making have nothing to do with why we left the classroom in the first place. >> dana: what the unions want coming up. president biden is pushing his next massive spending bill. some say it's not what the president and his party say it is. >> if you think this is an infrastructure bill you better stay away from sharp objects. this is a green new deal, welfare, and reparations bill. important news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. refiplus lets you refinance at
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7:32 am
girls and if he violated sex trafficking laws. mike emmanuel has more. >> 90 minutes we expect a former staffer of congressman matt gaetz to speak with reporters in florida about a recent encounter with the f.b.i. gaetz has told contacts he doesn't plan to resign from the house despite pressure building around him over reports the f.b.i. has been investigating him looking at whether an underage girl received anything of value such as travel from gaetz. he hasn't heard from the department of justice and hasn't spoken with gaetz yet and called the implications serious but mccarthy cautioned against a rush to judgment saying it's important to get all the information. a house judiciary democrat blasted gates *r gaetz. >> shocked, and deeply disturbed and horrified by the allegations. we need to investigate not just the justice department but the
7:33 am
sharing of pictures on capitol grounds would constitute workplace harassment. >> jim jordan saying i believe matt gaetz. he should not be removed from the judiciary committee. we'll see where it goes. dana. >> dana: appreciate the update. >> roads and bridges and tunnels are infrastructure. but i think many of us see a crisis in human infrastructure. when a working class family can't find good quality affordable childcare. that's human infrastructure. i think now is the time to begin addressing our physical infrastructure and our human infrastructure. i want to see that happen as soon as possible. >> bill: senator bernie sanders over the weekend on the 2.2 trillion spending bill. sanders says it is not enough to invest in roads and bridges. other progressives calling for money to go to medicare,
7:34 am
student debt and a lot more. there is a lot in $2 trillion. charlie hurt knows that as well as harold ford. thank you for being here on this easter monday. let's address the human infrastructure first, charlie. define it. >> human infrastructure. that's a complete misunderstanding of the concept of infrastructure. the whole point is that it's concrete things that immediately have value as soon as you build them and that value lasts over a long period of time. obviously bernie sanders raises a lot of good points about the costs that are draining american families. but the problem is bernie sanders is a guy who has been around for a half century and hasn't done anything to fix any of it. the worst thing you can do to people who are struggling with things like student debt is to print more money and borrow more money because that devalues that money they have
7:35 am
and diminishes their purchasing power. he may have a lot of good ideas about what the problems are but not about what the solutions are. >> bill: "fox news sunday" the national economic council at the white house was talking about infrastructure of care. the definition is broadening and changing. harold, what does it mean? >> good morning, thanks for having me on and happy easter. i think when you think about human infrastructure you have to think about it from the standpoint are we putting people in positions to be able to benefit and grow during an economy that is growing? there has been some concern that the markets may not respond favorably to tax increases or the massive investment this president is proposing. the market is at an all-time high this morning. of the 600 or so billionaires in the country they gained another $2 trialian added to
7:36 am
bottom lines. i don't begrudge. the polling suggests the country is in favor of a human and physical infrastructure bill. to put a face on it. if you don't have broadband or access to wifi it is difficult to benefit and leverage the assets in this economy. one of the things covid revealed was a lot of communities particularly rural communities lack that. i look forward to the debate between democrats and republicans, those on television where and how much we should be investing going forward. >> bill: i'm looking at the dow now at 33,500. nasdaq is 13,600. s&p over 4,000. there is so many millions and millions of people taking advantage of that because they are invested through their 401k. that's real money. pre-covid the economy was at 3
7:37 am
1/2% unemployment. that's extraordinary. historical lows across the board and now you see the jobs report on friday more than 900 million jobs created in the month of march. this is great stuff. but roy blunt is making a point that democrats should be careful about hanging their hat on back-to-back $2 trillion bills. here is what he told wallace just yesterday. >> remember, after the pandemic did occur, we did five, not one, two, three, not four but five bipartisan bills trying to be sure we stabilized this economy so we would have a stable economy that would pay that debt off as we came out of covid. now we've seen one incredibly partisan bill from the new administration followed by what appears to be another incredibly partisan bill. you can't spread that blame around if you decide you are going to do it all by yourself. >> bill: charlie, a crack at
7:38 am
that. a minute left, guys. >> without a doubt republicans have sort of horned themselves out for the long time on spending but democrats are certainly in no position to lecture them. but this level of spending right now is truly, truly dangerous. again, printing money and borrowing money hurts lower income people more than wealthy people. it is the most damaging thing you can do to regular middle class americans. >> bill: my feeling is the blue dog democrats, the guys and gals in the middle, the moderates can save this bill by making it better and give more attention to 50% of the country not involved. go ahead, harold. >> i was a blue dog. one thing to your point. you had more people lose their home, more small businesses go out of business and more people stand in line for food. there is no doubt that those invested in the market are doing well, perhaps the three
7:39 am
of us are. i hope we are. if the richest people in the economy benefited the most and those who argue if we make this investment in people over the next 6 to 12 months will cause the markets to go down there is no evidence in current -- the country wants it and market evidently want it. those aren't the only two things you look at. we can't argue the market will suffer and go down when the market is where it is. let's let everyone benefit and let's invest for the future. to me the infrastructure bill is nothing but a way to insure that we can compete against china over the next 21 years. >> bill: we have five or six months to debate this. dana had the governor of tennessee on last hour saying his state is investing $200 million in broadband within tennessee alone. >> that's true infrastructure. but paying off student debts and punishing people who saved up and paid for student debts is not infrastructure.
7:40 am
>> bill: where the debate continues. charlie and harold. thank you for coming on today. dana. >> dana: inmates in a major american city smashing windows and starting fires in a downtown jail. where this happened and what started the riot. plus president biden's border crisis a major humanitarian challenge. any end in sight to the migrant surge? >> it's the worst i've ever seen. i think there is more to come. this isn't the high point by any stretch of the imagination. . the journey is why they ride. when the road is all you need, there is no destination. uh, i-i'm actually just going to get an iced coffee. well, she may have a destination this one time, but usually -- no, i-i usually have a destination. yeah, but most of the time, her destination is freedom. nope, just the coffee shop. announcer: no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year.
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>> bill: top stories we're watching. the latest deadly attack on friday pushing capitol police close tore a crisis. shorthanded with many close to retirement. the union is warning hundreds more officers will be needed to carry out their mission. >> dana: california teachers are making a new demand before they go back to school. free childcare for their own kids. this as so many working parents continue to struggle with children stuck at home. >> bill: asian woman fatally stabbed walking her dogs in california. a random attack. the suspect has a history of drug abuse and mental health problems. for more on these stories download the fox news app or scan the qr code on your screen
7:46 am
or go to >> commodity to them. they don't care. they will throw a 6-month-old baby into the water. they don't care. they will stash, they will starve, beat, rape and abandon these children. >> dana: the director of the texas department of public safety at the humanitarian crisis at the southern border. smugglers are leaving more unaccompanied minor children there and facilities to housing are getting increasingly crowded. pastor and ceo for lutheran mission human care. carl, thank you for being here. what do you see that is different this time than in the past? you've been doing this many years. >> there is a lot of things that are different this time. when i helped the refugees come across from cuba, i had about
7:47 am
1,000, 200 actually. they kind of really came pretty fast. all our community people who were normally bringing help across our border weren't able to cover it so they asked us and we were very happy to oblige. we worked with the roman catholic church and we worked with the local communities and everything. but they were legitimately coming across and we were able to help them and do well. this time to look at it from the point of view when i came from cuba, i had to actually -- i was a refugee from cuba itself. i had to go back to mexico city to get the visa so that i could stay here. along with that i remember that i had to have x-rays and had to be tested and have referrals because they didn't want us to
7:48 am
come into the united states and become a burden to the united states. and there was a lot of process that went on. >> dana: this time the other thing you are dealing with trying to help people we're in the middle of a pandemic and covid is a real problem i understand. is that right? >> yes, yes, yes. that's another thing that was happening at this time. not only is it -- the word is, i think surge because it is unbelievable. el paso has been able to do a lot of things throughout the years that are here but this is really unbelievable in terms of the amount of people, the youth of it, and the inability for us to determine whether they are good or bad people and the real difficulty is the risk factors. we have had covid -- i just got out of having it. my first sermon was this sunday on easter sunday because i spent three weeks with covid.
7:49 am
>> dana: i'm glad you recovered. how traumatized are the children that you see? >> well, actually under the condition they are all just -- they don't know whether they are coming from or where they are going. teenagers and things like that, i think that they probably think they are superman and they'll take anything but the younger ones in those conditions i think that's -- you can imagine how difficult it would be to be without any parent or without anybody accompanying them. >> dana: i'm glad you have recovered from covid. i know you have a servant's heart and thank you for doing that and for being on the show. thank you. >> well, thank you. bye. >> bill: good man there. inmates going wild drawing a crowd. check this out on video.
7:50 am
[shouting] >> bill: the revolt behind bars in downtown st. louis. dozens of inmates breaking windows and setting fire and shouting to people below. it took several hours before guards and police got the situation under control. tense for a time. third riot at the same jail since the month of december. five months. they could use more people like carl at that jail in st. louis. >> dana: he is trying to do the right thing. it is different and hard. he himself was a refugee years ago. the process is very different unlike this one. >> bill: sweet man with a good heart. >> dana: we'll move on to this one. ♪♪♪ schools are planning for the possibility of not fully reopening in person in the fall after a year of remote and hybrid learning. the "washington post" reports that school officials across the country are considering all options as they get ready for the next school year.
7:51 am
education secretary non-committal about reopening saying we don't know what we don't know. the national education association president says the union wants more data before a decision is made. >> bill: data or cash, what is it? $130 billion, wasn't it, dana? >> dana: now the demand from the teachers union is that for some in california you have to pay for our children if i'm a teacher, pay for my childcare in addition for me to be able to go back. if you're a teacher. >> bill: if you are a teacher and want to go to class you have to pay to babysit your kid. >> dana: don't think that's in the $130 billion. >> bill: add that to the list. i was home in ohio. great to see so many schools, public and private, that have been in school this entire year. and they've done it well and smart. >> dana: you said church was busy. >> bill: church was packed. >> dana: i love to hear that
7:52 am
>> bill: every other pew. >> dana: don't anybody call the police. following the rules. >> in the rules. police getting burned out including the force. what the portland riots are doing for moral to remaining officers and the readiness to respond in the future. ♪♪♪ here's huge news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. with interest rates near record lows refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa.
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>> dana: a major rush for the exit in portland oregon. police officers say they've had enough of riots and lack of support. handing in their badges in record numbers. dan springer is live in seattle. hi. >> according to the newspaper 115 officers have left. 74 of the officers retired. the rest resigned. the reasons are pretty clear. portland has seen the most
7:58 am
violence and vitriol aimed at police since the killing of george floyd and a protest saturday night outside the police union building. riots were a nightly occurrence last summer and fall. that's only half the story. many, if not most of the portland officers feel city leaders don't support what they do. last june the council defunded the department by $14 million. that's a lot for a department with fewer than 900 officers and also a hiring freeze. the department's gun violence unit was disbanded because protestors said blacks were too often being stopped. since then shootings and murders are skyrocketed. the city has had a 26 year high for murders and on pace to double that this year. the newspaper was read through several dozen interviews and a common theme. lack of support and dana, most of the officers are going to neighboring police departments and even departments up here in washington state. >> dana: portland's loss. >> bill: before we close out for the day hunter biden is
7:59 am
promoting his upcoming memoir. saying he doesn't know if the laptop left at a repair shop is his or whether or not being on the burisma board was a mistake. a clip from that. just roll this. >> looking back, did you make a mistake taking a spot on that board? >> no, i don't think i made a mistake in taking a spot on the board. i think i made a mistake in terms of underestimating the way in which it would be used against me. >> bill: in the he vefnt his father ran for president and won. >> dana: his father was vice president. not a mistake, was it unethical or was that a bad sense of judgment from you and your dad to allow this to happen? >> there was another question that came up in an npr interview. how much money did you make as burisma? he skirted the question saying i don't want to get it wrong. apparently he also said that he has never said how much money
8:00 am
he was made. i was paid handsomely. i don't want to say text act number. i was paid very well. a bad thing if he sat there and said i made millions. >> dana: if he doesn't want to say it it probably means it was a lot. martha maccallum >> the white house is growing chaos. this is "the faulkner focus" i'm in today for harris. stunning numbers as the feds say they have encountered more than 171,000 migrants in the month of march alone. take a good look at that number. look at the year-over-year number. 34,000 in march of 2020. anybody that tells you there is not a huge escalation here is simply not looking at the numbers. and the latest sign that the border crisis is


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