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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 5, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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lawrence: it's monday, april 5th. dozens of st. louis inmates breaking windows and setting fires inside the jail overnight, the shocking video. they are crammed in like sardines and this is what the biden administration is trying to hide from the american public. jillian: fighting a humanitarian crisis, a republican senator says the biden administration asked him to delete photos of a packed migrant facility as unaccompanied minors flood across the border. we are live in d.c. lawrence: georgia businesses prepare to take a hit after the mlb yanks the all-star game and now the league itself is taking
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serious heat from those calling out the hypocrisy. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ good, good, good, good to be you alive right about now. jillian: good morning, everyone. i am here with lawrence jones and i'm wondering who your team is for baseball, who do you root for? lawrence: i'm always texas. texas rangers. jillian: there are two teams in texas. lawrence: there's two teams. as troughs -- astros. jillian: good morning, i'm jillian mele. lawrence: i'm lawrence jones in for todd piro. we start at the border, members of the biden administration plan to travel to guatemala and el salvador today. jillian: doug luzader joins us live from washington as the
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surge of immigrants increases by the day. >> reporter: we have republicans talking about the crisis along the border, what's happening there and then you have the biden administration talking about trying to go after the root causes of this crisis, with administration officials traveling this week to guatemala and el salvador. what's happening at the border is really alarming. some of the new numbers bear this out. this is the biggest surge we have seen in decades with preliminary figures showing some 171,000 immigrants were caught along the southern border just last month. >> we're going to continue to see the surges and the great numbers of children, especially children here at our border and the traffickers they use this to their advantage and so it doesn't matter who is in office. >> reporter: detention centers including one in san diego have been filling up. republican lawmakers have been visiting some of these facilities and one senator says he was told to actually delete
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images from his phone. >> they are crammed in like sardines and this is what the biden administration is trying to hide from the american public which is why we took video and the biden administration tried to stop us. >> they needed the border wall that was under construction, that to be completed. they need the policies, better policies and the policies that were in place before to be restored. >> reporter: now, the biden administration has consistently maintained that the border is closed and secured, despite these images that we have seen. >> these numbers are certainly -- we are not naive about the challenge but what our focus is on is on solutions and actions to help address the unyou accompany -- unaccompanied minors. >> reporter: when we look at the new preliminary numbers, 171,000
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immigrants detained just last month. the alarming part of that, 19,000 of them were unaccompanied minors. jillian and lawrence, back to you guys. jillian: doug, thank you. and former acting dhs secretary chad wolf says there are no more consequences for those who enter the country illegally and the cartels and smugglers are taking advantage. >> what we know is that the cartels and smugglers and traffickers are very sophisticated. they listen to public pronouncements and they know our policies and procedures. when the biden administration starts to carve out different populations and groups of individuals, those are exactly as you indicated, those are the groups of individuals we start seeing at the border because that's who they go and recruit. but at the end of the day, the administration right now is not enforcing or not -- there is no immigration consequence to illegal behavior. they're trying to process more individuals through and they're not holding individuals
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accountable for the illegal behavior. there will be a number of policies that need to be changed and enforced if we want to see an end to this. jillian: we'll be talking to a texas homeowner who caught this video of migrants on her porch camera and she has a message for the biden administration, that's coming up in the next two minutes. lawrence: they have to do something about this. the head of the capitol police union warning the latest deadly attack could lead to an officer exodus. the chairman noted the force is struggling with staffing, adding, quote, i've had many younger officers confide in me that they're actively looking at other agencies and departments right now. officer billy evans died after he was rammed by a car. he was the second officer to be killed this year. the suspect was shot dead. his family told the washington post that they believed he was mentally ill due to head trauma from playing football. jillian: overnight, dozens of inmates shatter windows and light fires during a prison riot
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in st. louis. some of them demanding court hearings for their cases. >> we want court cases! jillian: court proceedings have been delayed in the city due to the pandemic. some inmates were believed to be hurt but no guards. it's the second disturbance in two months. lawrence: testimony is expected to he resume this morning in the murder trial of derek chauvin. if convicted, the former minneapolis police officer faces 40 years in prison in the killing of george floyd. minneapolis, minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar says the city is on edge. >> it's been re-traumatizing. it's been really hard. the community's on edge. we have seen justice not delivered. lawrence: on sunday, demonstrators rallied to he demand equitable public safety. jillian: crews outside of tampa are trying to plug a leak in a a
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reservoir containing millions of gallons of toxic waste water. the governor declared a state of emergency and is preparing for the worst case scenario. >> what we're looking at now is trying to prevent and he respond to if need be a real catastrophic flood situation. jillian: more than 300 homes are now in the evacuation zone. lawrence: what a crazy story. delta air lines cancels over 100 flights because of staff shortages. some employees were having side effects from their covid-19 vaccination. delta saw over 1 million passengers during the past few days, the highest number since before the pandemic. to accommodate more travelers, the airline opened middle seats. the seats will permanently reopen in may. .jillian: and how about this?
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>> and in the state of texas, jordan breaks the winless drought. jillian: he said he never doubted his ability to get back on top. he won by just 2 shots. that can be a lot. lawrence: a texas police officer gets a welcome home parade after spending more than 100 days in the hospital battling covid. >> it's amazing. i'm thankful. >> ready to go home and excited that our journey of this nightmare is almost over. [laughter] lawrence: you all know we do it big in texas. the officer will need to recover more at home before he can return to the force. jillian: love seeing that. love seeing the community come out. lawrence: this is how we do it. coming up, biden border crisis spilling into backyards. a resident one mile from the border shared this shocking porch camera video of migrants
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hopping her fence. she'll join us live. jillian: vp harris is taking a page out of president biden's playbook because the border point person still hasn't held a press conference on the growing crisis. joe concha reacts later this hour. ♪ need a financial plan that can help grow and protect your money. an annuity can help cover essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how... this is what an annuity can do.
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lawrence: welcome back. as the my grant influx floods into texas border towns, homeowners are seeing the extent of the crisis in their backyards. jillian: our next guest shared this porch camera video as groups of illegal crossers hopped her fence. the homeowner joins us now. bonnie, thanks for being here. good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me. jillian: of course. when you wake up in the morning and you review your porch camera video, are you surprised at what you're seeing? >> i'm surprised but i'm -- yeah, i'm surprised.
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every morning there's traffic coming through and now it's not every morning, it's morning, noon and night. jillian: wow. lawrence: bonnie, tell me about this. when did this start? have you always experienced this sort of traffic? or is this something new? >> well, we did have a lot of traffic two years ago and things were starting to get under control. border patrol had a handle on it. we have five different walls being built, just within five miles of us. things were starting to happen. then we had a change in administration and it was like the dam broke and it's been nonstop since then. and it's increasing now every day. jillian: you talk about two years ago, you saw an influx of it as well. let's pull up the border encounters. you can see march of 2018 there were over 50,000. i think this is what you're referencing. in 2019, that was the spike there, were 103,000. then it went down to just over
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34,000 last year, march 2020. and it's an estimated 171,000 plus from march of 2021 which would put us at the highest level in at least 15 years. have you tried to get help on this matter? have you tried to raise the red flag? and if so, what is the response you're getting? >> you know, you're our best source because most of america doesn't understand the influx of migrants that are coming through. i mean, it's hard for us as community members to believe and it's not stopping. it's not changing. lawrence: so bonnie, i've got to ask you. if you had the biden administration -- they're controlling this. if you could talk to them, what would you say? >> that's going to be a hard one. because there's so much involved in it. but we need the wall. we need some policies that are
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going to control it. i mean, right now it's rampant. and there's no stopping it. and the numbers that we're seeing are such that we don't know what to do as local community members. our neighborhood is just shocked. jillian: real quick, before we let you go. have you or any of your neighbors talked about relocating if this doesn't get any better? >> no. i mean, this area -- yeah, we're a border town and we know this will happen but we like it here. we like the people. we like the community and we like the local people that live here. it's a good place to live. jillian: that's goods to hear. bonnie, thank you. lawrence: good to talk to a texan, bonnie. jillian: keep us updated on everything you see. thank you. >> you're welcome. bye now. lawrence: we'll continue to follow this story. after the break, the energy sector is in the crosshairs of the biden administration's climate policy and brian kilmeade is getting a firsthand look at the impact.
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lawrence: welcome back to the show. devastated by the biden administration's policy on climate change, laid off pipeline workers are finding their voice with brian kilmeade. jillian: brian flew down to texas for a look at the energy sector, alongside texas land commissioner george p bush and brian joins us with more. what did you learn? >> i learned they're flat-out devastated by what's happening and they're scared about what's happening next. they feel the best offense is to
2:20 am
bring the biden administration to court. a judge said texas doesn't do that, you get deported right away should you not qualify. when it comes to oil and gas, when they said hey, you can't drill on federal land for a while, that includes fracking and when they said wait a second, the pipeline, that's got to stop even though it ends in texas and people are working on it, that's got to stop. when they're worried about the next one and the next one, and when you're the land commissioner of texas that's a lot of pressure whether it's the infrastructure after a deep freeze, whether it's what's happening at the border and now this. i caught up with george p bush, he's the son of jeb bush, he's got an extremely bright future. he knows the oil business, his grandfather and uncle were in it. he says i want to find out what you need and what you can do and what's going wrong. i met with him first. we went to the round table and we went to the oilfield.
2:21 am
here's a look at my day in midland. ♪ >> with president biden hours into taking office signed an executive order killing the xl pipeline, in texas they knew they were going to be in trouble but this is texas and texas fights back and that's exactly what they did with the texas defense task force led by land commissioner george p bush. >> we're in the courthouse, in different parts of the country, fighting some of the reckless policies we've seen from the left. we're excited to bring the fight back. >> he comes out and says good-bye xl pipeline and he says when it comes to drilling on federal land, we're going to pause that. how does that resonate in techs snags. >> it sends a dangerous message to the state. the industry directly employs 400,000 texans and indirectly employs over 1 million. we will lose many jobs if it stays in place this year. >> what about next year and the year after? are the jobs going to multiply
2:22 am
and they're going to disappear. >> they will unless we do something about it. that's what we're doing in texas. we'll visit with small business owners who feel the pain of what it means to let go of workers. >> we lost 40 to 50,000 jobs locally. >> who what were -- what were you thinking when you saw president biden open of up those books and sign the executive orders. >> what it meant was the fact of thinking about all a of the assets that i had operating in new mexico and having the conversation of you guys are going to have to move to west texas or you're going to have to go find something else to do. >> so immediately that book opens, he signs his signature and they're out of a job. >> yeah, like that. >> do you think they understand these are people with jobs? >> they don't. >> i got laid off first of august, was without work for four and-a-half months. i was slated to go to the keystone. >> you were set to go to the xl pipeline. >> yes, sir. we were hoping everything would
2:23 am
pick up as covid eased off and we got slammed in the gut again. >> how? >> when mr. biden come in and knocked out 11,000 jobs the first days in office. it's easy to say go find another job. when you're the head of a household and that other job you're going to do will pay half as much as what you're used to, that's not quite as easy as it sounds. >> george, now i'm going to get a chance to see what it's like working on a rig? >> absolutely. this is going to be the best training facility you'll find. >> should we go in. safety first. >> all right. >> what are we looking for? oil? gas. >> oh, yeah. you'll have oil and gas mixed together, coming out of this segment. natural gas coming out of this one. they co-mingle into a flow line and go into production. this is just a tiny fraction of what all goes into your typical oilfield. >> you need workers. >> absolutely we do.
2:24 am
>> what happened? >> when it slows down, people get fractures trait -- frustrated, leave the idea and they come back. >> this job pays over $125,000 per year. >> and you do make money? >> absolutely. >> you've had this job for a while. when you got hit with the freeze, did you sense there were people on the left who were almost happy about it? >> absolutely. they laughed at the misfortune of a red state. the reality is that what it messaged to people in our state is we need to produce more energy. >> you have a border issue on top of that. >> communities on the border are dealing with an incredible influx of not only unaccompanied children but illegal immigrants coming across. we're tired of the federal government not stepping up to the plate and accepting their responsibility. >> matthew mcconaughey wants to run for governor, he's thinking about getting into politics. what advice do you give him? >> maybe he needs to continue to think about it.
2:25 am
>> what do you say when people say the republican party is fractured. .>> i think americans will say this is enough. >> does that make you want to seek another position. >> we need leadership in the executive role. >> you're hoping to run for -- >> i'm taking a serious look at attorney general. >> and when would you make that decision? >> wright now we're focused on fixing the winter grid, pushing back the overreach, working on it during the legislative session but expect an announcement fairly soon. >> so a couple things. for george p bush, he's tight with donald trump junior, he's never had a problem with donald trump even though his dad did and his uncle has been quiet. i think he has a bright future. having said that, just so you keep in mind, texas is oil and gas for the country, for the world. what they do in oil and gas is stunning. but what they also do in green
2:26 am
is unbelievable. in wind, they lead. in fact, they do more in wind energy, which provides 20% of the energy for texas than the next three states combined. they are second to california when it comes to solar. they'll pass california next year. so they're not running from green. they're environmentally conscious but they know right now america needs fossil fuel and they see political posturing and in turn, and i know lawrence and jillian you just did this story, jillian, you were doing restaurants and gyms. lawrence, you're meeting people every day. whether it's the middle of a riot or at the bore of deer. these families -- border. these families are finding out they're out of a job and worried what's next so they leave midland, texas. lawrence: and biden promised jobs, energy jobs and we haven't seen those yet. >> none they don't want to wait for another job to come up. they leave and are not coming back.
2:27 am
jillian: what's coming up on "fox& friends." >> we have a huge roster. everyone looks forward to you doing the news. besides that, we've got will cain, i hope he shourd and changed from the weekend, dan bongino, always has opinions. senator john kennedy, a great turn of phrase. lawrence jones we're trying to book him. his agent will not get in touch with us. congressman darrell issa on the chaos in california. that's what we're hoping to deal with, starting in 33 minutes. jillian: new i've seen the video of you with your shirt untucked, brian, which was a first, i'm wondering if that's what we'll see on "fox & friends." >> i want a sponsorship. he tucked in, wore the belt, i went untucked. i want the american people to respond. what's better? what is the look of the next generation? jillian: america, you decide. we've got to go, brian. lawrence: thanks, brian. hope you got barbecue. >> absolutely. i didn't eat anything. jillian: after the break, president trump joins those pushing back against major
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lawrence: welcome back. georgia businesses under pressure after major league baseball pulls the all-star game from atlanta in protest of the state's new voting laws. they are calling on other companies to follow their lead. jillian: ashley strohmier joins us live with the latest on this. >> president biden's economic advisor admitted georgia workers will be the ones feeling the pain from the mlb decision but said the league has the right to do it. >> there is undoubtedly going to be cost. i think that was the point that major league baseball was trying to make. the companies have the opportunity to vote with their feet and they're using their economic power to express their dissatisfaction. >> the mlb announced friday it would pull the game, blasting
2:32 am
the state's restrictions on voting. governor brian kemp refused to back down, accusing the league and other companies of, quote, caving to liberal activists like stacy abrams. abrams is opposing the boycotts writing in usa today she doesn't think they're necessary yet. congresswoman ilhan omar disagreed, noting the civil rights movement started with boycotts. president biden said he would of strongly support the mlb moving the game. chris christie said he's breaking the promise to unite the nation. listen. >> i sat here and listened to the president's inaugural address and a couple real quick points from it. politics need not be a raging fire that destroys everything in its path and we must reject a culture in which facts are manipulated or made up and joe biden's broken his own rule. he's lying about the bill, lying to the american people to cause the raging fire he said he was going to put out. >> former mlb player dan
2:33 am
venezia agrees, saying we should keep politics aside and help struggling businesses. >> small businesses across the country have suffered this year greatly because of this pandemic. i know firsthand my business was hurt. i actually got the disease a year ago. and i think we need to make sure that we come together on this. >> also the league has not announced a new venue for the game which is set for july 13th. back to you guys. jillian: it will be interesting to keep following this. ashley, thank you. lawrence: former president trump is stepping up to the plate, answering companies boycotts during a call of his own, don't give woke companies your money. here to react is fox news contributor, joe concha. joe, i just got to get straight into this. atlanta is known as the modern day black wall street. i don't understand how you're going to help black folks when you bankrupt their companies by not giving them more business while they're already struggling
2:34 am
during the middle of a pandemic and now you're saying leave, mlb. >> and you're talking about millions upon millions of dollars that the major league baseball all-star game brings into any city that hosts it, lawrence. have you the media that is echoing this lie and chris christie is exactly right. it is a lie what's being said about this georgia voting law. the washington post actually did a fact check of joe biden on this. he got four pinocchios for it. it's the worst possible rating you can get in terms of a claim and the president is lying about this. you have a media that's echoing it. cbs news over the weekend, here's the headline. three ways companies with help fight georgia's restrictive new voting law. so it's activeism, here's how you fight back and it says it's restrictive when it actually expands the law. major league baseball, i would
2:35 am
have a question if they held a press conference, it would be i'm going to the yankee game on may 2nd against the tigers. when i go to will call, i have to show my id to get my tickets. so how could you possibly actually boycott the major league baseball all-star game in terms of pulling it out of atlanta when i have to show an id to get my tickets. you say it's restrictive to show an id when you vote or when give to florida on a vacation in november and i fly delta, i have to show an id in order to get on the plane or when i'm on the plane and i want to have an alcoholic beverage, maybe it's made by coca-cola, i would imagine that an id is needed as well. all these companies like major league baseball or delta or coca-cola that boycott this whole georgia voting law are way off base in terms of their own rules, lawrence. lawrence: all right, joe.
2:36 am
kamala harris, she was tasked to be in charge of the border crisis two weeks ago. still no press conferences, still no strategy. still no opening for the press. what say you? >> it's amazing. the words of the biden administration, the biden/harris administration, we're supposed to call it that now, are much different than its deeds. you have kamala harris, the vice president, she's not making any visit to the border any time soon apparently. there's nothing on the schedule. jen psaki has to circle back in terms of when that may happen or if it's diplomatic, i don't hear about trips to guatemala, nicaragua or mexico. the words of the biden administration, yes, we're going to fix the problem. but in terms of deeds, nothing seems to be done. i would think if you want to solve this problem, you have to go to the border and see the facilities at 17 times the capacity during a pandemic or maybe talk to border patrol officials or the people running these facilities where you have
2:37 am
one that it's supposed to only hold 250 people, it has 4,000 in it right now, 19,000 minors overall just last month crossed into the country, an all-time record. so the biden administration created a crisis of its own doing by its rhetoric but now by its deeds isn't doing anything to stop it. the vice president needs to hold a press conference on this which he has not held. he will not do that, because that means being held accountable. lawrence: they're not letting the press in. they promised transparency. it's not happening. joe, thank you for coming on the show. >> thanks, lawrence. i'm tucked in. brian, not tucked in. i tuck in. jillian: good to know. let's go to adam klotz right now for a check of the forecast. i'm pretty sure your shirt is tucked in. i do know i'm wearing yellow because i'm ready for sunshine today. adam, tell me we'll get it. >> yeah, we're going to get
2:38 am
sunshine. beautiful out there across the entire country as we look at calm conditions and a lot of heat especially in the middle of the country, people are seeing warm temperatures. this is this morning 60s, 50s as far north, getting up into minneapolis so a lot of warm air, 62 degrees currently in chicago, early this morning. and you look across the country, no big systems that we're tracking so a whole lot of sunshine across the country and that heat is only going to continue to pile up. these are your forecasted highs. it will feel like summer in some cases. highs running up into the 80s the mid-70s in the plains. that lingers into your tuesday. we have clear, beautiful conditions. with this, there's high winds on the backside of this system. the only warnings we have across the country in terms of severe weather warnings, we have elevated fire risks. wildfire danger because the air is so dry, because there's so much wind, areas across new mexico, stretching into western texas, maybe watch for fire weather.
2:39 am
otherwise, absolutely beautiful weather and i don't know if we can show-i don't know how high this will get. sorry. i'm sorry. jillian: i was about to say, notice that adam ignored my comment about being tucked in. but he was not. lawrence: thanks, adam. jillian: thanks, adam. lawrence: still to come, the u.k. will roll out new vaccines -- i'm sorry, guidelines for the vaccine passport today. jillian: in the u.s., critics say a vaccine should not be your ticket to a normal life. the latest on a heated debate. ♪
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lawrence: today, the united kingdom will release guidelines for a the temporary covid-19 vaccine passport program to attend mass audience events. jillian: this as skepticism rises in the u.s. amy kellogg joins us live with the details. amy, this is very interesting and very heated. >> yeah, it is a hot potato issue here in the united states, certainly, as the democrats are saying that they're pleased with president biden's vaccine rollout but republicans are likely to say if this continues, they are very against turning into a big brother state, if covid vaccine passports do become a tool in the war against the pandemic. now, the u.k. looks set to roll out some sort of vaccine
2:44 am
passporting system. they prefer to call it, quote, covid status certification, that will likely be used for things like comedy clubs and sporting events. they have stressed that proof of vaccination is not likely to be required to enter a pub or stores. critics call the whole idea ill-liberal, proponents are stressing it is temporary. in israel, a green pass system for the immunized have been rolled out and there are a few court cases already. you're asked if you have the pass downloaded when you book a restaurant. the governors of certain states spoke out against passports, florida, nebraska, missouri and mississippi. new york's mayor said he's open to the idea in theory, needs to be looked at but this as this whole debate about how to get people back to work and businesses back on their feet as quickly as possible, safely and while respecting civil liberties continues. jillian and lawrence, back to you. jillian: all right, a amy
2:45 am
kellogg live for us, having an issue with her shot but we heard her report and obviously a big topic of discussion, that's for sure. the biden administration playing defense after proposing tax hikes that could cost more than 150,000 americans their jobs. lawrence: why they're claiming it's the right thing to do, next. are you one of the millions of americans who experience occasional bloating, gas or abdominal discomfort? taking align can help. align contains a quality probiotic to naturally help soothe digestive upsets 24/7. try align, the pros in digestive health. and join the align healthy gut team up and learn what millions of align users already know. how great a healthy gut can feel. sign up at also try align dualbiotics gummies
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. president biden looking to rally support behind had his historic corporate tax hike. lawrence: cheryl casone from our sister network fox business joins us live as his economic advisor says, quote, it's the right thing to do. cheryl, more spending. so they got to get the money somewhere. cheryl: a lot of spending. there you go. good morning to both of you. yes, council of economic advisor
2:49 am
chair defending president biden's push to raise taxes on corporations. watch. >> this is 15 years of higher taxes to pay for eight years of spending. can you really say it's not a cost. >> i would say that the reason why the president is proposing these corporate tax increases is because that's just the right thing to do. he believes we should be -- we should be encouraging corporations to pay their fair share. cheryl: or forcing them you could say that. the proposal would raise the corporate tax rate to 28% from 21%, would add a 15% tax on corporate income, eliminates tax breaks for fossil fuel companies so a direct target there. you were talking to brian about that a few moments ago. i want to add that analysis from a tax foundation found the corporate tax increases would reduce gdp and eliminate 159,000 jobs if they go through as planned. jillian: wow. what's going on with j&j after
2:50 am
that big mishap at the baltimore plant? cheryl: johnson & johnson is going to take over control of the covid vaccine production. 15 million doses were spoiled at emergent bioof solutions. the mistake was caught luckily so nothing is out there. officials want to move production not just -- they want to have j&j run the covid vaccine, now they want to take astrazeneca vaccine production away from that same plant. they've been scouting out some other locations. they're still confident they say, the administration, that every u.s. adult is going to be vaccinated by the end of may. lawrence: teachers unions at it again, it's not about the kids, now free child care. cheryl: they keep asking for more and more. the union that represents los angeles teachers say they don't want their teachers back in the classroom until they get child care. parents like jamie black
2:51 am
phillips, herself a teacher and a parent, saying this is just too much. >> i am a working mom. i've had to pay for child care myself. i currently have students that are in child care, parents are paying for while had they are logging in to my class for distance learning. so while they're paying taxes for schools that are shuttered, they're also being asked to pay for a child care situation in order for their children to be able to attend school and parents to be able to work. cheryl: critics say essential workers who never stopped working in person didn't have subsidized child care. so just pointing that out. lawrence: it's clear they don't care about the kids at this point. they want all the goodies for themselves. jillian: thank you. lawrence: still ahead masks off by memorial day? jillian: dr. marc siegel says
2:52 am
not so fast. he joins us live, next. the lexus es, now available with all-wheel drive. this rain is bananas. lease the 2021 es 250 all-wheel drive for $339 a month for 39 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. tired of clean clothes that just don't smell clean? all-wheel drive for $339 a month for 39 months. what if your clothes could stay fresh for weeks? . .
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♪ jillian: progress towards ending the pandemic. 100 million measures have been vaccinated the rate of the coves death is down 90%. what do we think for masks? here with his take dr. marc siegel. it's great to see you this morning as always. >> hi, jillian, good morning to you.
2:56 am
jillian: good morning. let's take a look at the graph of the number of new infections in the u.s. now, keeping in mind there are different variants we are seeing, different mutations of the virus. when you look at that imrawf and the fact that we are seeing that dyspnea, through april, what does that tell you and where are we right now, in your opinion? >> well, i think we're starting to see what i'm calling immune slowdown, which is that the combination of people who have had covid-19 probably, you know, about 100 million on top of that and there is some overlap here, about 40% of americans have had at least one shot. we're starting to see some slowdown. but you have to understand that herd immunity is not based on the number of deaths or hospitalizations. it's based purely on the number of cases. how do we get the whole herd protected so that almost no one gets a case? and 60,000 new case as day in the united states is nowhere close to herd immunity. i think what we are looking more -- we are overusing that word. i think what we are looking more at is a time when we are
2:57 am
changing to a much milder virus provided that we can control the variants with vaccination. that's the battle. vaccine vs. variants. and with 4 million doses a day, like over the weekend, vaccines are going to win. jillian: yeah, it begs the question, you know, once we start to get closer to that herd immunity and once we see these cases continue to come down, when can people do things like stop wearing masks? take a listen to what epidemiccologist had to say on this fourth wave on sunday. >> are we in a fourth wave right now. >> i believe we are right now. i believe in some ways we are almost in a new pandemic. the only good news about this is that the current vaccines are effective against in new variant b 117. jillian: a little grim by him saying we are almost in a new pandemic. what do you say about the precautions we are taking at this point like mask-wearing, social distancing? when do you think -- i know i'm
2:58 am
asking you to look into a crystal ball here when do you see an appropriate time to loosen some of those? >> well, first of all, i have a lot of respect for dr. asster whom i have known him a number of years and interviewed him recently. i don't agree we are going into another cycle of a pandemic. we need to remember, jillian, masks with covid, with coronavirus is different than masks that we used to use for flu. because this covid, controversies, the sars cov 2 virus hangs in the air. it's a lot easier to spread and lot more asymptomatic spread. the mask are a value as long as it's around so long as we have a lot of cases. if you are vaccinated you probably don't need the mask. the problem is if you go into a store, how is a store keeper going to tell who is vaccinate and who isn't? we need to message that people out there once you are vaccinated you are in pretty good shape. until we get the whole herd vaccinated or a lot of it we still use the mask as a helpful thing. i think it's been overly
2:59 am
politicized. it's hart part of this whole idea of roping around people and overregulating everything. and i don't agree with dr. osterholm. i think we are heading in the right direction here. jillian: speaking of those vaccinated the centers for disease control announced on friday those who have been fully vaccinated can travel can. the tsa screened more than a million people a kay 17 days in a row since march 11th. real quick, about 30 seconds, what do these numbers say to you. >> i think spring break was a lot of kids going around traveling not taking precautions. i think we may see a bump of cases in florida. i'm a little concerned about the b 117 variant down there. overall, the same thing applies. things should be open. we should still take public health precautions and herb should get vaccinated. that worked big time in israel and it's going to work here. jillian: okay, dr. marc siegel, great up sight as always. thank you as always. have a good day. >> thanks, jill, for having me. lawrence lawrence always solid advice from the doctor.
3:00 am
make sure you download the fox news app. and open the cameras and it scan the qr code on your screen. jillian: never miss a minute of "fox & friends first." good to see you, see you back here tomorrow morning. >> lawrence: we will do it again. jillian: meantime "fox & friends" starts right now have. a good day. >> lawrence: see you guys. ♪ jillian: hiding a humanitarian crisis. >> we were told to delete the pictures. no one did. you've seen the video coming out of all of these kids crammed together. >> take a hit after the mlb caving yanks the all-star game. >> woke cancel culture it not only private citizens but now our corporations. >> senators like joe manchin have taken this 28% is too high. >> time is of the essence. we will look at these ideas how to pay for it. >> biden administration is calling it an infrastructure plan. it looks more like a $2 trillion tax hike plan to me. >> was that


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