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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 5, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> all right, thank you for watching. don't forget to put years dvr. see you next sunday when "the next revolution" will be televised. >> they are crammed in like sardines and this is what the biden administration is trying to hide from the american public. >> it is monday, april 5th. hiding a humanitarian crisis, a republican senator says the biden administration asked him to delete photos of a packed migrant facility as unyou accompanied migrants flood across the border. we're live in d.c. >> georgia preparing to a hit after the all-star game is yanked. they are taking serious hit from those calling out the hypocrisy.
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jillian: and mariah carey ends her vaccine appointment on a high note. >> i'm a little nervous. [screaming] jillian: at least she can reach those notes. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ this is gonna be the best day of my life. ♪ my life. >> look at the skyline. good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" this monday morning. i'm lawrence jones in for todd piro. jillian: and i'm jillian mele. is this the best day of your life, even though you're starting your day probably the earliest ever. >> we'll have a double shot of espresso. jillian: you're here for todd who is on paternity leave. let's start at the border ahead of a visit from members of the biden administration who plan to
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travel to guatemala and el salvador today. >> doug luzader joins us live from washington as the influx of migrants worsens by the day. doug. >> reporter: good morning. the biden administration tried to shift the focus from the crisis at the border to the countries where many of the immigrants are coming from. administration officials will be traveling to guatemala and el salvador in an attempt to address the root causes of the border surge. in the near term, there is no solution in sight. we expect data for customs and border patrol will show that in the month of march alone, 171,000 immigrants were caught along the southern border. if that is the case, it is the highest monthly total in decades a. a number of shelters including one in san diego are reaching capacity. republican lawmakers have been raising the alarm by visiting some of the detention facilities. one senator said he was told to delete images from his phone.
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>> they are crammed in like sardines and this what is the biden administration is trying to hide from the american public which is why we took video and the biden administration tried to stop us. >> they needed the border wall that was under construction, that to be completed. they need the policies, better policies and policies that were in place before to be restored. >> reporter: despite the images and these shocking numbers, the biden administration has consistently maintained that the border is closed and secure. >> these numbers are certainly -- we are not naive about the challenge but what our focus is on is solutions and actions to help address the unaccompanied minors who are coming a across the border. >> and according to the washington post, the preliminary numbers from last month include some 19,000 unaccompanied
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children. jillian and lawrence, back to you guys. jillian: those numbers are mind boggling. doug luzader, thank you. >> former acting dhs secretary chad wolf says there are no more consequences for those who enter the country illegally and cartels and smugglers are taking advantage. >> what we know is that the cartels and smugglers and traffickers are very sophisticated and they listen to public pronouncements and know our policies and procedures. when the biden administration starts to carve out individuals, those are the groups of individuals we start seeing at the border because that's who they go and recruit. but at the end of the day, the administration right now is not enforcing or not -- there is no immigration consequence to illegal behavior. they're trying to process more individuals through. they're not holding individuals accountable for that illegal behavior. there will be a number of policies that will need to be changed and enforced if we want to see an end to this. >> we'll be talking to texas
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homeowner who caught this video of migrants on her porch camera. she has a message for the biden administration coming up in the next hour. jillian: overnight, dozens of inmates shatter windows and light fires during a prison riot in st. louis, some demanding court hearings for their cases. >> we want court cases! jillian: court proceedings have been delayed in the city due the pandemic. some inmates were believed to be hurt but no guards. it is the second disturbance in two months. >> the head of the capitol police union warning the latest deadly attack could lead to an officer exodus. the chairman noted the force is struggling with staffing, adding, quote, i've had many young officers confide in me they're actively looking to other agencies and departments right now. officer billy evans died after
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he was rammed by a car. he was the second officer to be killed this year. the suspect was shot dead. the family told the washington post he believed he was mentally ill due to head trauma from playing football. jillian: crews outside of tampa are trying to plug a leak in a reservoir containing millions of gallons of toxic waste water. ron de santis declared a state of emergency and is preparing for the worst case scenario. >> what we're looking at now is trying to prevent and respond to, if need be, a real catastrophic flood situation. jillian: more than 300 homes are now in the evacuation zone. >> mississippi governor tate reeves blasts the biden's administration's infrastructure plan for looking more like the green new deal. >> the problem with this particular plan, though, although the biden administration is calling it an infrastructure plan, it looks more like a $2 trillion tax hike
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plan to me. it's going to lead to americans losing significant numbers of jobs. >> transportation secretary pete buttigieg is pushing back against the critics on both sides of the aisle. watch. >> independent analysis by economists last week said this will lead to 19 million jobs. so, yes, i think this is something that everybody can get behind. >> congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and senator bernie sanders want more to be done. georgia businesses under pressure after major league baseball pulls the all-star game from atlanta in protest of the state's new t voting laws, activists calling on other companies to follow their lead. jillian: ashley strohmier is here with the latest. >> good morning. president biden's economic advisor admitted georgia workers will feel the pain from the mlb's decision but said the league has the right to do it.
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>> there is undoubtedly going to be a cost. i think that was the point that the major league baseball was trying to make. these companies have the opportunity to vote with their feet and they're using their economic power to express their dissatisfaction. >> the mlb announced friday it would pull the game, blasting the state's restrictions on voting. govern for brian kemp refused to back down, accusing the league and other companies of saving. stacy abrams says she doesn't think it's necessary yet. ilhan omar disagrees. >> boycotts allowed for justice to be delivered in many spaces, the civil rights movement was rooted in boycotts. so our hope is that this boycott will result in changes in the law. >> president biden said he would strongly support the mlb
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of moving the game. chris christie says he's breaking his promise to unite the nation. >> i sat here and listened to the president's inaugural address. a couple real quick points. politics need not be a raging fire that destroys everything in its path and we must reject culture where facts are manipulated or made up and joe biden broke his own rule. he's lying about this bill, lying to cause the raging fire that he said he would put out. >> the league has not announced a new venue for the game but former mlb player dan vinezio will give us his thoughts on the move later this hour. back to you guys. >> thanks, ashley. jillian: how about this, stanford university's women's basketball team winning their first national title in 29 years. >> two seconds, mcdonald
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traps, that is it! stanford survives again! jillian: oh, man. can you imagine? the team edging out arizona, 54-53 for the third title in school history. the season has been anything but easy with covid restrictions forcing them to spend 53 days on the road. the men's championship is tonight with gonzaga facing baylor. some for them. >> i have to -- awesome for them. >> i have to root for the texas team. jillian: still to come, deportations and arrests of illegal immigrants have fallen by two-thirds in the month of march, a far cry from the crackdown on cartels and gang members we saw during the trump administration. is the u.s. on the brink of a national security crisis? former border patrol chief ron vitello answers that question, next. >> everything is bigger in texas. that's my home state. especially when there's a home coming celebration for an officer who beitko individual
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when it's available to you. barack obama: that's the first step to ending the pandemic and moving our country forward. it's up to you. >> this is both a humanitarian crisis and a national security crisis. easiest way to get into the united states today is to do it illegally. you don't have to show proof of anything and they'll allow you into the country. that is the biden policy many you talk to border patrol agents, they will tell you their job got a lot harder when joe biden became president. lawrence: republicans sounding the alarms as deportations plunge under president biden. .his policies limited border agents' ability to make arrest as they're occupied. jillian: what message does it send to criminals trying to get
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into the country. let's ask retired i.c.e. director, ron vitello. thank you for being here. border apprehensions have reached the highest number in at least 15 years. that is self-explanatory. when you have the numbers we've seen, when you have border patrol and everybody at the border is preoccupied with what's going on, makes you wonder what else could happen as a result of this. >> this chaos is not good for anybody. it's the worst for the workforce and their families. imagine coming to work every day and there are thousands of people waiting for your attention. you work an entire shift, you work 10 hours to meet that need and then you go home and you come back and there's thousands of more people that have entered the country illegally, unaccompanied minors, families with children, and so it's not a good situation. it's not even good for the migrants themselves, right.
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in that pipeline, they face many dangers. they're exploited by corrupt governments, exploited by cartels and they're in a dangerous situation. we're coming into the summer months where it's going to be much more difficult to cross the border because of the arduous terrain and weather situations they're going to face and so it's not good for anybody, when we have this chaotic scenario and with many border patrol agents are distracted by caring for families and children, that means the cartels have another advantage in the fact that there's nobody out there guarding the line for us. the only people that are benefiting from this are criminal cartels. lawrence: i've got to ask, because when i talk to my sources in the past administration had they say, look, we warned the biden administration that this was the potential if they were to get rid of the policies. i think a lot of americans that are watching, they want to know what needs to happen right now. is it too late to reimplement
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those trump administration policies to get this situation under control? >> every surge that we've had at the border, from 2006 forward to 2014, 2018 and 2019, they were started because there's a lack of consequence. people were crossing the border. they were being released in the united states. that's what's happening now. every surge has been abated by stopping that scenario. by showing that crush of humanity, if you are going to come into custody, we're going to give you due process and we're going to remove you while you're in custody. that ended under the last surge, it was stopped because of cooperation with mexico and the northern triangle. those policies have been reversed. they can be reinstituted and you could lessen this surge as well but it doesn't seem like that's where we want to go. we're adding shelter space and the hhs side but it's not
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sufficient enough to stop what's going on at border patrol stations at the immediate border because border patrol doesn't have a choice here. they have to take the people into custody, put them into the system and transfer them to hhs. if there's no space for them at hhs, then they're stuck with it until that shelter space is advanced and so i urge congress to act to give them resources to increase the shelter capacity and also congress could work to effectively end this catch and release policy by changing the way the law is operational aized. jillian: you talk about the lack of shelter space and want congress to act, the pentagon okayed the third military base to house migrant children amid this surge. if we pull up, you can see where those military bases have been approved. that is camp roberts in california, fort bliss and san santonio in texas. let's take a listen to what chad wolf has to say, the former
1:19 am
acting dhs secretary on sunday morning futures. the take a listen. >> we will see historic numbers of minors coming into the country over the next several months because of the biden administration's specific measure not to employ that public health order for minors. they're even turning around minors back to mexico. they will not turn around minors to the northern triangle, put them on planes and reunite them with families which is what we did during the trump add menstruation. jillian: what -- administration. jillian: what do you think of that. we now have three military bases approved for some of these minors. >> i'm glad they're adding shelter space. it's insufficient. but the main point, we had policies in place before the 21st of january that allowed us to repatriate unaccompanied minors in cooperation with their home governments back home. once that ended you're effectively telling anybody that brings a child or sends their
1:20 am
child to the border unayou companied that we're going to let them in. and the surge in 2014 which was called a humanitarian crisis, we're seeing five times that number of unaccompanied children coming into the u.s. right now and most of those kids that came in in 2014 are still in the united states and so you're effectively enticing or encouraging people to send their child to the border because we're welcoming them. we're bringing them in and reuniting them with family here in the states versus sending them back home. jillian: ron, thank you. at the beginning of our segment i called you the border patrol chief. you are the former border patrol chief. so unless anything has changed, i want to-- >> thank you. jillian: thank you. coming up, california teens can go to an amusement park but can't go back to the classroom. lawrence: parents are more fed up than ever, including our next guest who says she can't believe
1:21 am
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jillian: welcome back. students have spent more than a year without in-person learning in california. but the los angeles teachers union says unless educators get child care, they'll insist on working from home. what about the parents who have had to step in to essentially home school their kids? jay any black phillips is a kindergarten teacher and mother of two from california and joins me now. jamie, thanks for being here. good to see you this morning. >> thank you for having me. jillian: here's the quote from the los angeles teacher's union. it reads we call on lusc to stand by a commitment to get through the crisis together. accommodations for working parents and caregivers are essential to ensuring that we
1:25 am
retain employees. what do you think about this? is this a new demand? and you as a teacher, have you ever been fortunate enough to receive something like this child care? >> well, you know, thank you for me on and i'd like to say the discussion about child care for educator is not a new one, something that was discussed prior to covid-19. i believe this is a layered demand being kind of slathered on by teachers unions, taking advantage of the moment, in my opinion. and i am a working mom. i have had to pay for child care myself and i'd like to mention that i currently have students are that in child care, parents are paying for while they are logging into my class for distance learning. so while they're paying taxes for schools that are currently shuttered, they are also being asked to pay for a child care situation in order for their children to be able to attend
1:26 am
school and parents to be able to work. jillian: i'm sure that parents and -- both working moms and dads across the country would love to have child care as part of the deal but unfortunately a lot of people don't get that. as you talk about n have to pay for it out-of-pocket themselves. let's pull up the demands for teachers to return to class, this includes defunding the police, housing security for students, requiring businesses to expand paid sick leave, restricting publicly funded charter schools and financial support for undocumented students. would any of these demands make returning to the classroom safer for students or teachers right now. >> absolutely not. i think it's absolutely shameful. i'm an educator myself, i'm pro-educator. however, i am able to recognize the fact that some of these demands that teachers unions are making including the teachers union here in fremont have nothing to do with why we left the classroom in the first place last march. it shouldn't be part of a negotiation for us to return to
1:27 am
the classroom right now. that's my take on it. jillian: as someone who has two boys, tenth grade and seventh grade, what's been the biggest struggle for you as someone who on one hand is a parent of two boys trying to make sure that they're okay, trying to make sure they're okay when it comes to their education, when it comes to socialization and also still deal with the demands of what you have to as a kindergarten teacher. >> right. well, we have a relatively small home and we have all been working and learning from home for the past year. and it's been quite a challenge. my sons spend a majority of their time each day in their rooms. they they are socially isolated. the opportunities for socialization just aren't there. so it's been hard. we've noticed a change in their moods, we noticed a change in their motivation and learning loss of course and our primary concern, which is their mental health overall. so just like i worry about my students, i worry about my own children, of course, and i think
1:28 am
it's absolutely essential we get them back in the classroom this school year. jillian: jamie, thank you very much for joining us, shining some light. we appreciate it. have a good day. >> absolutely. thank you so much. jillian: lawrence. lawrence: big story, after the break it's the story the media worked hard to bury and now hunter biden is a addressing his laptop scandal in his own words. what he's admitting in a brand-new interview. plus, former president trump's appeal with latino voters may have been more widespread than we originally thought. our next guest breaks down what the democrats missed about a key voting block.
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that's really amazing. ♪♪ jillian: good morning. welcome back. a member of president biden's covid-19 transition advisory board is warning about a fourth wave of infections due to new variants. the take a listen. >> i believe we are. and i believe that in some ways we're almost in a new pandemic.
1:32 am
the only good news is that the current vaccines are effective against this particular variant. jillian: one of dr. michael osterhomes concerns is the variant appears to be spreading among children. he says right now the focus needs to be getting through the next two to three months. and now to this. hunter biden's laptop is once again making headlines after the president's son addressed the story in a new interview. >> was that your laptop. >> for real, i don't know. >> i know. >> i really don't know is the answer. jillian: hunter saying the laptop could be his, months after the new york post bombshell was dismissed as russian disinformation by the media and big tech and journalist glenn greenwald is sounding off on the media's coverage, after the laptop and questions about foreign business deals were downplayed once again. >> so if they want to focus on his addiction problems, i support hunter biden and anyone
1:33 am
else struggling with addiction. the real story was corruption and influence peddling in countries in which joe biden, then the vice president, had a lot of influence and power and we shouldn't let anyone distract from what the real story was. jillian: hunter biden says he's confident he will be cleared from any wrong doing in the department of justice probe into his finances. lawrence. lawrence: i can't wait to see what comes of that. it's no secret, former president trump and the republican party won big with latino voters in 2020. new research revealed the extent of the momentum and what could it mean for 2022 and beyond. here to discuss the host of the latino conservative podcast, andrew alvarez. andrew, what did the republican party and president trump do right? >> really and truly, my opinion, and i talked about this quite extensively, is even though president trump might have been a little abray sieve at some point in time, he was real.
1:34 am
you're a texas guy like me. you know there's that whole real aspect. you've got to be real and honest and genuine and that's the vibe, that's the feeling that we got from him. texas also relies heavily on the oil industry and donald trump was backing that 100%. jillian: what about that strategy, though -- lawrence: what about that strategy for latino voters. what are the issues that matter most to your community and why was there such a significant change? i mean, i'm looking at miami-dade, it was plus 120 with the cuban population and the latino population. tell me a little about this. >> there's a few things that we want when it comes to who we're choosing, just in life in general, latinos really -- we're hard workers. we want to make sure we have a job to go to and when donald trump -- as soon as he took office, the unemployment rate went straight down for the latino population. other things we want, we want
1:35 am
safety and security. i can't tell you the stories that i heard and i saw physically whenever i was in mission, texas and mcallen, texas. people move their entire houses because of some of the policies that happened during the obama era that drew the cartels over and were harassing homeowners there so they moved their entire house. we want leaders. we definitely want real leaders. leaders only tell what you to do but leaders protect you. on one hand, you've got donald trump over here, a president that just -- he's making great accomplishments with china, with russia, with north korea. then you've got china over here calling us out on our own land now. then you've got kim jong un doing his old stuff again and vladimir putin out there basically calling us out, calling joe biden out and that's not what we're looking for in a
1:36 am
leader. all these other countries, they respected donald trump because you had some power. lawrence: you focus a lot on donald trump but going forward is there another republican that can capture that same momentum? because i see the same thing when you look at black voters as well, donald trump was able to get a larger portion, not quite as much as the latino vote. he was definitely more effective with that strategy. i saw it on the ground while in florida, the shift in the population. when i talk with people, they always say the man trump not the republican party, so what is the future of the republican party? >> i really truly -- i would like to see this. i would love to see ted cruz make a run for it again. some of the stuff that he's done lately, just being an advocate for the people, putting his voice out there, making sure that we are taken care of as well and he's not only just doing that for texas, but he's doing that for the nation as well and a his recent trip down
1:37 am
to the border to expose what some of joe biden's policies are doing, it's real eye-opening. i think people on both sides can see that. i mean, if you fail to see that, you have the kentucky horse planters, what i call it. lawrence: andrew, thank you so much. and tell my folks in texas i said hello. i appreciate you coming on the program. >> oh, i will. you have a good one. lawrence: you too. jillian. jillian: in a fox news exclusive, we are learning what a missing california mother allegedly said to family before vanishing. maya milietay was last seen january 7th, the same day she made an appointment with a divorce attorney. a family member said she said, quote, if anything happened to me it would be larry. the family member referring to her husband. the suspect has been identified and detectives are falling all leads. at least six people are killed in chicago after another weekend of gun violence. police say at least 34 people
1:38 am
were injured across the city including one man shot 14 times in the chest during an argument. he did not survive. according to the chicago tribune there, were 706 shooting victims through march. a 43% increase from last year. a mob of vandals light a fire outside the police association building in portland, oregon. police say 40 people gathered outside headquarters, leaving behind burning debris and anti-cop graffiti saturday night. police sharing this photo of the words, quote, nazis work here sprayed on the wall. no arrests were made. meanwhile, a portland school is weighing whether having a tree as a mascot is racist. the high school was on track to change their mascot to the evergreens but the vote was postponed over concerns about potential connotations of lynching. a vote is set for next tuesday. the high school was just renamed to honor a famous black journalist. it was originally named after
1:39 am
president woodrow wilson. today, the u.k. will roll out new guidelines for vaccine passports. but here in the u.s., critics say a vaccine should never been your ticket to a normal life. the latest on the heated debate. ♪ and i'm looking for the sky to save me. ♪ looking for a sign of --
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lawrence: welcome back. the pentagon is on alert amid russia's increased display of military force. moscow is building a massive amount of military resources in the arctic, including submarine exercises and jet missions. they're amassing supplies in eastern ukraine. jillian: jordan armed forces arrested 20 people in a plot to overthrow the king. among those under investigation including the former crown prince of jordan. the government is accusing him of destabilizing jordan's security and being part of a failed palace coup. he denied all involvement. he has been placed on house arrest. lawrence: today the united kingdom will release guidelines for a temporary covid-19 vaccine passport program to attend mass audience events. jillian: this as skepticism rises here in the u.s.
1:44 am
amy kellogg joins us with the details. amy, good morning. >> hi, jillian. hi, lawrence. yes, the whole issue really is a political hot potato and it's likely to get more heated with democrats praising president biden's vaccine rollout and republicans pushing back against a big brother state if vaccine passports become a tool in the fight to contain the pandemic here in the united states. the u.k. looks set to roll out some sort of vaccine passporting system. they prefer to call it, quote, covid status certification. that will likely be used for things like comedy clubs and sporting events. they stressed proof of vaccination is not likely to be required to enter a pub or store. critics call the whole idea ill-liberal. proponent are stressing it's temporary. in israel a pass system for the immunized has been rolled out and there have been a few court cases already. you are asked whether you have the pass downloaded from an app
1:45 am
when you book a table in a restaurant. the governors of certain states spoke out againsts vaccine passports, florida, missouri, mississippi. new york's player bill de blasio said he's open to some sort of passport system for new yorkers. however, the debate really just does continue to rage internationally as people figure out the best way to get everyone back to a normal life and businesses back on their feet safely and respecting civil liberties. back to you. jillian: it's such an interesting conversation. amy kellogg live for us. thank you. lawrence: complicated matter right there. the libertarian can't do. dr. wolf says vaccine passports could give private industries the power to discriminate against americans who aren't vaccinated. >> the biden administration seems to be back peddling a bit in a waffly way and saying now it's not the government that's
1:46 am
going to impose these vaccine passports, even though they rolled it out before the outrage and distress that followed the announcement. at least from our quarters. and also they said we're going to leave it to the private industry, to the private sector to do that which is completely ill legal. it's against as i sail last time the americans with disabilities act, against the first amendment, the fourth amendment. it's like saying we'll just let private industry discriminate against americans based on biological characteristics which was exactly what nazi germany did. jillian: meanwhile, pop star mariah carey hitting a very high note for her vaccine. [screaming] jillian: [laughter] the singer documenting it on instagram, revealing she was excited and nervous and dolly parton receiving her second shot. she donated $1 million to vanderbilt university for
1:47 am
coronavirus research and development. her donation reportedly helped researchers conduct trial phases that led to the development of the moderna vaccine which she received. leave it up to mariah carey to do that. lawrence: she still has the pipes. jillian: that's true. lawrence: up next, georgia businesses prepare to take a hit after the mlb yanks the all-star game. now the league is taking serious heat for those calling out the hypocrisy. jillian: a former baseball player joins us live to weigh in, next. ♪ blame it on the night. ♪ don't blame it on me. ♪ don't blame it on me.
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. cob county in georgia predicts they will lose $100 million in revenue now that major league baseball moved the all-star game
1:51 am
out of atlanta. the league's boycotting new voting laws requiring voter id. the organization itself requires guests to bring id to pick up tickets at will call. dan venezia is a former pro baseball player and joins me now. it's good to have you here this morning. thanks for waking up early for us. >> thank you, jillian, lawrence, it's my pleasure. jillian: let's go ahead and pull up this quote as the mlb moves the all-star game out of georgia. it reads they support voting rights for all americans. fair access to voting continues to have our game's unwavering support. the move is praised and criticized, depending on what side of this you're on. tell me your opinion. >> well, we need voter -- we need to show our id for everything in this world, to get on airplane and certainly to even pick up tickets at a major league baseball game. so why is this a bipartisan -- it should be bipartisan. why is this an issue? showing your id is important to
1:52 am
make sure that these elections are secure, they're accessible and they're fair and i think this new bill expands voter accessibility, actually, and it's unfortunate but we should be coming together on this. people need to get out and get to baseball games after the long, tough year that we've had and baseball should just stick to baseball and let the politicians do their thing and we get to vote at the ballots and that's how we make our voices heard. jillian: speaking of politicians doing their thing, let's pull up this tweet from chuck schumer, inviting the game to new york. it reads, quote, racist voter suppression laws are hurting georgia's voters and economy. georgia runs should be ashamed. we would welcome mlb to play the game in new york we work to make it easier, not harder to vote. if we pull up the differences between georgia and new york voting rules, you'll see they're quite similar. obviously there are differences. in georgia they have 17 days of early voting, in new york there
1:53 am
are nine. both have sort of similar rules when it comes to passing out food and water. in georgia, they require a valid id to vote by mail. in new york, obviously they don't require that id to vote. but they require id to register the to vote in federal elections. georgia allows no excuse to vote by mail. mlb's headquarters are in manhattan, the hall of fame is in cooperstown. there's a lot in new york and new york still has restrictions when it comes to voting as all states do. what do you think about that? >> well, again, i think that these businesses in georgia are being hurt. small businesses across the country have suffered this year greatly because of this pandemic. i know firsthand my business was hurt. i actually got the disease a year ago. and i think we need to make sure that we come together on this and this is just driving a further divide between us. baseball should stick to what
1:54 am
they do best and the they are not taking a moral high ground here. during that epidemic, the steroid epidemic years ago, home runs were being hit, people were waiting in long lines to get into the stadiums and the bottom line wasn't hurt. all of a sudden we're going to pull a game out. i think we need to come together as a country and baseball, we should be arguing what team is the best and work together for sure. jillian: yeah, i agree. a lot of people want to be able to go -- watch the sports and get back to life as normal, hitting the stands and enjoy the time but it's become so political. >> especially the kids. jillian: especially the kids. you're right. you mentioned how you were hit with covid-19. it was one year ago, you were admitted to the hospital. i know you had a tough bout with it and i know you're trying to help other people. tell me how you're feeling now and what the last year's been like for you. >> it's been a rough year for
1:55 am
everyone. i got hit with covid a year ago on palm sunday. i entered the hospital. i got out in four days. i tell you, i needed to rely on the physical armor and strength that i had, physically from my experience, not only as a professional athlete but as a personal trainer and as a life coach i needed to rely on focus and get my mind right. it knocks you on your back. it doesn't discriminate. i needed to rely on my faith and not only rely on my own but the prayers of over i learned over 5,000 people preyed for me at micah thee -- at my cathedral. the prayers were answered. i'm spending the last years it's been a blessing because i've been able to help others not only with this disease but also to build up your faith. you can never have enough faith and that we should put god first in everything we do. so surviving covid is my effort to provide hope to others.
1:56 am
jillian: i know that you still wake up really fatigued. you go to bed very tired. you have some of the long hauler symptoms. we appreciate you waking up with us. you have a book out called surviving covid-19. everyone be sure to check it out. it's been a pleasure speaking to you and hopefully you can go back to bed now. >> thank you. all right. bye-bye now. lawrence: coming up in the next hour of "fox & friends first," dr. marc siegel, brian kilmeade and joe concha all on deck. don't go anywhere. look at that wall. ♪ panama. ♪ panama. ♪ new from crest i've been telling everyone, the secret to great teeth... is having healthy gums.
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♪ lawrence: it's monday, april 5th. dozens of st. louis inmates breaking windows and setting fires inside the jail overnight, the shocking video. they are crammed in like sardines and this is what the biden administration is trying to hide from the american public. jillian: fighting a humanitarian crisis, a republican senator says the biden administration asked him to delete photos of a packed migrant facility as unaccompanied minors flood across the border. we are live in d.c. lawrence: georgia businesses prepare to take a hit after the mlb yanks the all-star game and now the league itself is


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