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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  April 4, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> hello everyone welcome to the big sunday shop, he was on talk tonight, leo. >> president biden border crisis continues to worsen and critic's are wondering why vice president harris hasn't spoken about the issue she is supposed to be handling. >> hunter biden giving his first interview since his father took office and he is putting everything on the table. >> transportation secretary pete
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buttigieg trying to sell the presidents to trig and other infrastructure spending spree but here's a question, how men has to do with infrastructure. katie: first mlb and democrats are being called out for their hypocrisy after it was announced the all-star game will not be taking place in atlanta anymore because of george's controversial new voting laws. despite railing against george's voting id laws mlb requires fans to show photo id to pick up the tickets from the will call booth, democrats are suggesting the all-star game take place in new york but the empire state actually has fewer early voting days then georgia does senator rand paul is also calling out the mlb for their hypocrisy abroad senior sports league might be to woke if it were freely to visit china and cuba boycott the u.s. state that wants people to show id to vote. and despite of the hit to the local economy, democrats view themselves as heroes in georgia because of their boycott.
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>> we know boycotts have allowed for justice to be delivered in many states since the civil rights movement whose rooted in boycotts. we know apartheid ended in south africa because a boy enter boycotts. our hope this boycott will result in changes. katie: leo leavitt to congress woman l on omar who doesn't live in georgia who makes outrageous statements comparing south african apartheid to georgia election law which requires that people showboat or id to cast their ballot. leo: thank you for giving me this question. this is insulting congresswoman omar should take a world history class to take an analogy of the
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boycott in the 50s and 60s when blacks were denied all rights to analogize it to the current situation which is a fraud and insulting to the intelligence of the american public to make the analogy of the apartheid that you stated is insulting and yet jake tapper call on this, let's be very clear this is a political some of the democrats, they lied about the georgia election law, i think mlb if they had a chance to do it over they would because they're in quicksand and all of this is hurting, people of all color to insult the black cannot get an id is an advertisement for the democratic party. katie: this is ballooning into bigger issues outside of the culture were inside of the united states. china has a big role and we know the mlb just signed onto a big contract with the chinese communist party back tech company that dropped the nba because the houston rockets
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manager came out in favor of the hong kong protesters being cracked down by beijing. you live in hong kong, talk about the broader issue outside of the culture war of democrats attacking the georgia law but at the same time they are perfectly fine with backing china privately and from a government perspective. guy: the hypocrisy is breathtaking, but they are totally incoherent for reasons you just laid out. senator rand paul, you're exactly right when he said. i was wondering when my discuss as a baseball fan have subsided from yesterday show today show on this issue, the answer, no, it is not subsided. i saw this tweet from senator schumer from the majority leader in the senate and as a new yorker to refer the georgia law as a racist voter suppression
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law, there it is. here's what bothers me you mentioned this at the top of the show new york has half the number of early voting days compared to georgia under the new law, half, absentee balloting much harder in the state of new york then it is in georgia right now, both states have extremely similar regulation on handing out food and beverages at polling places which is been one of the deceptive targeted elements of the georgia law that is all currently in your clock, believe it or not today literally today new york added 20000 votes to their vote total final from november, five months ago they are shambolic election system in that state yet this guy schumer has the cojones to say what georgia did is racist and voter suppression if that is true what makes new york jim crow 3.0 how
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can make major-league best ball keep the hall of fame in headquarters there, et cetera. katie: you mentioned the worth of the money to give out at polling places in new york. you can't give out anything worth more than a dollar. in new york you can get a bottle of a water less than $4. nobody's getting water in the line at the polls at new york. definitely gotta follow up with the rules there and seems pretty racist to me. what about hypocrisy coming directly from the mlb for a enter freshman congressman tweeting is this you guys mlb because your own policy show that you have to show voter id to pick up tickets for your game from will call, if we hold the left to their own standards and democrats to their own standards that the recent policy. >> showing your id make sense because you're saying this is me, this is me, it is a very string experience to go into on
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your polling place and just say your name in line and they go over there and vote, just a few months ago that happened to me and i was like wait you don't want me too prove i'm this person, how is that possible, it obviously makes sense and i'm so glad were still talking about this. i truly cannot get over what is actually in this law and how democrats and what democrats are saying about it. i saw the tweet the chuck schumer posted and he went so far to scold republicans and say how dare they do this. i think the reason this is happening and why democrats feel so emboldened to paint this law in a way that it truly is not has a lot to do with 2020 because democrats now have the moral high ground when it comes to elections so they can easily say george's republican legislature just changed
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election law because president biden won the state so obviously they're trying to suppress the vote and they might get fact checked by some of the organizations and some of the organizations might call them out but others will not. that is a win for them, they're just tried to continue the narrative even though it is wrong. katie: that's a follow-up question two that will there be accountability for the straight up lies that the president of the united states d.c. abram has still not conceded she locked le election to governor kemp, will there be any accountability to that, as we laid out today and yesterday a number of states that mlb is trying to move to or lawmakers like senator chuck schumer are asking them to move to have stricter voting rolls in the state of georgia .
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leo: the end game the democrats have hijacked the race card issue we've been on the show together, jim crow totally inappropriate but they hijack the race card issue and no corporation and no individual wants to be accused of being a racist it's one of the reason why i left the democrat party because they played all the time the republicans don't play it, they don't play because they don't believe in lying as a democrat but the intimidation factor is what made the mlb buckle and move the all-star game to new york or wherever out of atlanta. the key here is this there has to be information the cataract allies if that's all that's happening in the democrats will continue to play the race card just like congress woman omar without being checked. we have to keep them in check. katie: is gone beyond democrats versus republican in them will
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be having no ground to stand on committing genocide against the uighurs while they lecture georgians about showing voter id when they cast their ballots. the ongoing migrant surge of the southern border reaching record numbers as lawmakers call for tougher action by the administration. critics asked when vice president kamala harris will see it with their own eyes. that story and much more up next. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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get self protection for $10 a month. >> welcome back to "the big sunday show" president biden border crisis continues to escalate as the number of migrants at the southern border have surpassed the 15 year high in march, this is migrant
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children will now be housed as a defense department base. questions amount as why the vice president hasn't commented or traveled to the border. take a listen to fox news contributor lara trump. >> where is vice president kamala harris, she needs to get down to the southern border, it is been two weeks to your point since she was taxed for this role. what we see is happening is so egregious and so outrageous and it's bad for america and bad for the people that are trying to come over our southern border. leo: arizona governor doug ducey says the dhs secretary does not understand the gravity of the situation. >> secretary mayorkas and i had a conversation, i felt at the end of our conversation he was divorced by reality, he tried to sign off by saying the border is secure and i pushed back and
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said mr. secretary that type of communication will ring with complete authenticity in the state of her zona. the board is not secure. leo: there's a crisis at the board about to go to my partner in crime, katie i'll ask you where is kamala harris and why won't she go to the border? katie: i should get a hat this is leo's partner in crime. i'm not sure where the vice president is the white house has argued there's some confusion about her role that she was never supposed to be going to the border to manage the border issue, she civilly been put in charge of the diplomatic effort which really means taking a couple of phone calls and not getting anything done in terms of government but in terms of me were the issue the administration is turning a blind eye to the public of crisis that we could be seen as a result of this for a year
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americans have been locked down, they have been told they can't see the grand prince and the grandkids because of the virus in the pandemic and they lost their livelihood and their businesses and now you have doctor anthony fauci saying he has nothing to do with the border he does not want to comment on what's going on and they don't want to get involved in politics, the guy who's been able to comment on everything else that we do in our lives and we've heard forever this virus knows no borders and yet they're not willing to address this crisis as thousands of people coming into the country and potentially being a super spreader event to a fourth wave that they're ignoring at this point. there's lots of different aspects to this the arizona issue is a big one because that's where cartels are running the show with really bad people and bringing drugs into the country what texas continues to be overwhelmed and while they continue to open up the border facilities it's almost like you have a leak in your ceiling and instead of fixing the leaky put
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buckets on if you don't stop the leak and stop the flow will never fix the problem for the administration has no plans to change the policy. leo: carly let me tell you whatever big concern about i see the department of defense being open for the migrant workers and icy national guard troops sweeping and in basements and parking garage and i see a massive homeless problem, is there a disconnect as to priorities as far as americans last migrants first? carley: a few things on the subject the situation right now the southern border is totally unsustainable. border patrol is maxed out and like you said there opening up military bases, migrant children are sleeping and convention centers, because of that and there be in london and sent away to the interior of the country, more people will come. i do think at some point in the
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biden administration is going to have to address this and they may see a window of opportunity when this leaves the news cycle and they might try to secure the border and maybe add more judges of the southern border and process claims that way, the children are getting a lot of attention but the issue that concerns me the most is those that don't want to get caught in there called getaways, tom homan says that about a thousand a day are not getting caught because border patrol is so maxed out and that is a big concern there and i spoke to a farmer who lives on the southern border and he says the majority of the people that are passing by his house in his backyard every single day are young migrant men seeking opportunity. leo: the biggest concern the
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first invited the administration he undid a lot of orders that were implement by trump do you think he regrets our situation where he won't give trump credit but he undid those executive orders and that's why we have the current problem at the border? guy: is a policy crisis they got rid of everything that had trump's name on even the stuff that is working which is foolish and were seeing the repercussions of the bad decisions right now. here's another thing were asking where is vice president harris, i remember senator harris when she was trying to run for president, she got right down to the border she had her binoculars and put her hand on her heart and she waved at the children and this is a human rights abuse committed by the government of the united states this cannot happen on our watch, now it's literally her watch, vice president of the administration in charge and she apparently can't find time to go to the border when she was asked about it and she started laughing as she often does when
2:21 pm
asked tough questions. that's completely reasonable to point out the schedule and priorities when she is running for president in the failed campaign for actually doing the job and presiding over a much worse crisis than what she went down there to panic about in 2019. leo: that laugh is a nervous laugh, i guarantee you. hunter biden sitting down for his first interview since his dad became president. you will not believe what he had to say about the deal on the investigation targeting his finances, his relationship with his dad and much, much more, next. ♪ we made usaa insurance for busy veterans like kate. so when her car got hit, she didn't waste any time. she filed a claim on her usaa app and said, “that was easy.” usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa. bike shop please hold.
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carley: welcome back to "the big sunday show" hunter biden back into the spotlight following a revealing interview with cbs news his first since his father became president where he finally address the ongoing department of justice investigation into his finances. take a listen. >> i'm cooperating completely and i'm absolutely certain, 100% investigation that i will be cleared of any wrongdoing. carley: in addition to acknowledging his struggles with drug addition he also dished on how often he talked to his dad. >> you and your dad talk every night? >> every night, yeah. carley: i want to talk about the federal investigation into hunter biden's finances, he said he is cooperating and he'll be cleared of the charges against him, what do you say. katie: with all due respect his father is the president of the
2:27 pm
united states and is in charge of the department of justice's attorney general. that is always a conflict of interest although joe biden has kept on the prosecutor -- the u.s. attorney excuse me who has been looking into this case. as i get really interesting that he's admitting that he talked to his dad everything will day but when we found out about his laptop and the text messages showing joe biden was involved with his overseas business dealing specifically with the chinese communist party backed companies they said they never talked about any of that. so they change their habits of how they speak to each other since joe biden has gotten and elected input into the oval office according to hunter biden. i'm not sure i buy that, this is about standards hunter biden was doing business overseas, he got paid $80000 by ukrainian gas committee as a foreign agent, there's a lot of people who went
2:28 pm
to prison who were trump associates that got nailed for not registering a foreign agent, comes down to having the same standard of justice for everybody. we'll see what the investigation finds but i think if people have questions at the compact of interest whether it will be a fair investigation. >> i'm glad you brought up a reason about that, hunter biden was asked if it was a mistake for him to join the board of a reason and when his father was in charge of the u.s. ukrainian policy, here's what he had to say. take a listen. >> i don't the guy made a mistake, i think i made a mistake in terms of underestimating the way in which it would be used against me. carley: hunter biden is the victim in the situation. guy: i'm sure he doesn't think
2:29 pm
it was a mistake, he made a lot of money in a job that he was a most completely unqualified i'm not sure i would be too unhappy a special situation if i was to have a lasting like biden have a come across my desk, we were talking about a laptop issue yesterday on my show and during the commercial break on social media and cranky liberals, why are you talking about hunter biden. none of us forced the guy to write a book and give a promotional tour. we've been talking a hunter biden since he's out there trying to sell a book to us, we now know there's a fair amount of evidence pointing out, i don't care what he has to say in evidence at his father straight up did not tell the truth about his involvement or awareness of the foreign businesses handle liens and i wonder for colleagues in the news media might have any journalistic to circle back on that particular issue because as i said there is no evidence and maybe we'll get a question perhaps from peter doocy if and when president
2:30 pm
biden takes questions again. katie: that's why i don't want twitter anymore unless it's occasional it's like a gift. i like to stay away, it's a good strategy. so leo, you have extensive legal experience, it's really hard to predict the future especially when were talking about an investigation where we don't know exactly what's going on. where do you see this going? guy: katie ernie pointed out there is an inherent conflict of interest, you heard what hunter biden said he completely is certain that he will be found innocent of any charges, he honestly believes he's going to be indicted under his father's administration, it's not going to happen and this is going to be a typical whitewash in the biggest giver hunter biden is that his father when the selection and the fact if there was another administration the
2:31 pm
trump administration, hunter biden would be in deep trouble but the biden administration will exonerate him. carley: hopefully the truth is what ends at prevailing and we will have to wait and see if that is the case. biden's team out full force touting the 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure spending bill but are they actually trying to change the meaning of the word infrastructure, we have that take coming up next. ♪
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president biden announcing a 2 trillion-dollar jobs in public works plan supposedly aimed at repairing amicus infrastructure typically when 70s is infrastructure you might think of bridges and roads and tunnels in airports and that sort of thing but the administration seems to have a different definition. >> infrastructure is the foundation that makes it possible for americans to drive, what we know is that foundation has been crumbling whether we talk about care infrastructure or roads and bridges and the things that i work on a secretary of transportation. speaker even though this proposal had little to do with roads and bridges some progressives like aoc still saying it does not spend enough money. it kind of feels like a liberal wish list is involved yet again like we saw with covid relief. let me start with you katie based on the expert analyses that we seen so far estimates are 5 - 10%, a fraction of this
2:37 pm
bill, 2 trillion plus dollars goes to traditional and for structure projects, can they get away with this because they did the same thing on the last bill. katie: first of all i don't know about the rest of you and how you got to your studios but i like pete buttigieg, got my suv parked it and then got on my bike to make sure everybody saw me riding my bike on social media. so i can make sure that everybody felt bad about not being as green as i am as being in charge of the new and for structure bill which is basically the green new deal packaged in a different form, to answer your question, to make them feel very guilty about their own habit of transportation, they could sell it this way they ran through the $1.9 trillion covid relief package with no republican support with vice president joe biden campaign repeatedly bipartisanship and unity and
2:38 pm
that was by democratic states and cities and a whole list of projects with liberal interest groups in this infrastructure plan basically does the same thing and if you look at the white house fact sheet that they point out the word equity a half a dozen times this is more than just a infrastructure bill, it's a social justice plan that biden is pushing and willing to take from the far left and based on history and what they're saying from the podium i don't think they have any interest of getting any republican support because they do not have to. guy: leo katie mentioned the photo up a pete buttigieg, what interest me more about pete buttigieg over the last week he wondered off script and he mentioned a mileage tax at some point to pay for some of this which would be hugely regressive of course and then he walked it back and said no that's not on the table this time or at this point but it almost felt like
2:39 pm
ace concession that that they talk about raising taxes on the corporation or the rich, at some point the mass doesn't add up in the government big spending liberals in particular start looking under rocks with other places to get revenue and that includes taxes against ordinary people. katie: you are absolutely correct, first of all they cannot tax the rich to pay for this, if you go with aoc $10 trillion, guess who's going to be hurt the same people the claimant trying to help middle america, it's a low economic individuals who are not making a lot of money. if the people that make claims that there trying to help with their going to hurt, i really hope and i really mean joe manchin, if he is an independent streak in him he can be the
2:40 pm
block to block this massive social justice bill. i'll tell you right now he does not walk in this country is in trouble, not today but the grand children of tomorrow, one final point, social justice equity that is a code for preparation which is unlawful, unconstitutional and discriminatory. i honestly feel that's on the horizon they tried a couple of trial balloons like that with the reparation for only people of color, not white farmers hurting, just people of color it is illegal and unconstitutional and if there is equity after this bill should be challenged in a federal court of law. guy: carly on the issue bipartisanship this is a president said we have to work together, heal and come together again after board very disruptive years of animosity. the first bill was wasteful partyline vote from his party infrastructure is an area where a lot of republicans would like to play ball but not on this type of scale and it looks like were headed to another pure
2:41 pm
partisan bill under president bipartisan. at what point do people start to recos a shattered promise. carley: this would pass in a heartbeat because everybody can get behind that, this is not an infrastructure bill this is the biden bill and what president biden wants his legacy to be, $155 billion earmarked for infrastructure for roads and bridges and $174 billion more money to win the electrical vehicle market and 10 billion to create a climate core, these are his priorities, this is not infrastructure, i don't even think it's joe manchin that could be the stumbling block to getting this past, it can also be aoc because she wanted to be bigger. i don't think the biden administration in chuck schumer really worry about republican because again it passes the reconciliation.
2:42 pm
the big issue is keeping the democrats on board because some people think it does not push things far enough. guy: katie all i can say i hope you were in entering a helmet, if not shame on you. katie: safety first. guy: crime rates surging and major cities question our efforts to defend the police to blame or might there be other factors involved, will break it down with what you need to know straight ahead. ♪ ♪ [♪♪] when you have diabetes, managing your blood sugar is crucial. try boost glucose control. the patented blend is clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. boost glucose control products contain high quality protein and key nutrients to support immune health. try boost.
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♪ ♪. katie: welcome back to "the big sunday show" they've seen an uptick in certain crime including portland, minneapolis, new york and minneapolis which has shifted funds to social service program. one portland crime victim relatives said the police initiative is to blame the increased violence. >> will follow the violence in portland for more than a year,
2:47 pm
why cut this program? >> it was politically expedient at the time, i believe the gun violence in portland that was cut have a detrimental impact on where were going now in the city of portland. >> do you think tyrell would be here today if they did not cut that program? >> somebody's child would be here i believe if not my nephew somebody's child . katie: are defined the police efforts backfiring, will they change course or will they just get worse. leo used that your career fighting for people's rights and civil liberty, what i think of the consequences of the violence as a result of defend the police movement around the country i think of the victims in a number of them have been victims of color which is what i thought we
2:48 pm
were fighting against. leo: the situation in this issue makes me very upset as a civil rights attorney. let me be very clear the left-wing media antifa black lives matter hijacked the george floyd case and use it to attack law enforcement. 97% of law enforcement are great and protect us at two in the morning there might be one or 2% that are bad and need to be moved out of the force, here is the problem people of color are being hurt in the democratic cities. black on black crime exist and what you have is a proliferation of all the crime going on a democratic cities, president trump offered help it if was rejected. with the liberal left-wing district attorneys, i am in l.a. county and we have a district attorney who is completely
2:49 pm
dismantled a middle justice system and giving criminals get out of jail card as a result victim are being terrorized a community of color. there is a total disaster as far as defunding the police, major reason why i left the democratic party and other republican side. the democrats right now do not believe in law and order. katie: i think a minneapolis' city council that defunded the police and use taxpayer-funded dollars to hire their own security because they were starting to feel unsafe and now you see a number of city councils pulling that money to put the money back and because crime has increased in a violent way. by exponential numbers. >> minneapolis is a very good example. the city council said they would abolish the police force and reimagine public safety whatever the hell that means. and then we sell violent crimes like a lot of officers left the force altogether they were demoralized, they took off and
2:50 pm
then they had to go to the city council that tried to get rid of the police department completely and dismantled they had to use taxpayer money to find outside officers from other precincts in other jurisdictions to come and try to help get a handle on the spiraling out of control crime that was harming precisely the types of neighborhoods that they claimed to help. it was an outcry among the citizens whose lives and livelihood were at risk, their safety with increased risk and it looks like minneapolis is in a full-blown retreat getting way out over their skis effort to defend the police. katie: we see this everywhere about combination of defunded the police and they don't want to keep bad guys in prison. last week we saw a man who stopped his mother to death was denied parole twice and has been let out of jail and he ended up beating a woman is 65 euros asian woman on her way to
2:51 pm
church. carley: i just want to say police were viewed as heroes after the capitol hill ryan that took place. those acts of heroism happen everything okay and a lot of democratic lawmakers who praise the capital police officers did a lot to damage policing over the summer during the riots and protests that took place after the death of george floyd. if you handcuff police and remove a billion dollars from the new york city police budget, crime is going to skyrocket and is not just about defunding police, it also has to do a lot with policy, qualified immunity was removed in new york city which means if a police officer, somebody gets arrested and they don't like the way the police officer treats them they can soothe the officer, how many people want to be a cop with that. obvious a few rest somebody they will be angry and that will come
2:52 pm
back to bite them. and like what leo was talking about in los angeles would george gascón removing the hard-core gang unit the one unit if all other units the hard-core gang unit is the one that you want to stay. this directly affects minority communities the most. which is why poll after poll shows that minority communities do not support the defend the police movement, they want police on their streets. katie: absolutely there's real people and real victims behind those decisions. thank you for talking about it, more hopeful topic next we celebrate second easter during the pin number some people and businesses have adapted to the way they celebrate, we have that and some of our favorite holiday traditions up next. ♪
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when you earning a degree with university of phoenix, we support you with career coaching for life. including personal branding, resume building and more. that's our promise to you. that's career services for life. learn more at ♪ ♪. carley: welcome back to "the big sunday show" in happy easter this holiday is a little different than others before we still have to wear masks and practice social distancing the people aren't the only ones any protection from the virus that's
2:57 pm
the message from david child away who's been making tasty treats in his virginia shop and the candy cavity for 15 years, this easter he's getting creative with some of his orders. >> they have ordered 240 of the driving bunnies and the masks have been a lot of fun in the masks have drawn a little attention to us. >> leo what do you think about the masked easter bunny. >> it'll be a forgotten story in a year. but i like chocolate and when i think of easter i think of chocolate, chocolate, chocolate nothing but chocolate. carley: and jesus we cannot forget him. leo: and jesus, that is right. carley: when i saw the last easter bunny i thought it's a little more chocolate for the same price and i think that is a
2:58 pm
win is. katie: i also think a win i was at the national mall in d.c. and there was hundreds if not thousands of people worshiping in another's very controversial and the government has not allowed people to exercise their first amendment to freedom of expression, religion for quite some time it was nice to see those people out there exercising their right and engaging on a holiday that they think is sacred to them. carley: that is so amazing i remember there was a bunch of nutcrackers and santa clauses, it is no surprise there is also masked talk what easter rabbits around easter time. guy: it's a no-brainer, happy easter he is risen it's a beatable day in washington, d.c. and i have to tell you you said that you like chocolate, i realized a few minutes ago i have been scandalously deprived on this easter sunday but not
2:59 pm
anymore. it. guy: that is for you guys. carley: he eats the ears first, that's always for debate. i think more controversial than a masked easter bunny is peeps you're either pro people or you hate them, leo what camp are you in. leo: anti. carley: leo do you like peeps. i think a shot is frozen. katie: i like black licorice jellybeans, they are the best ones if you tell me they are no. carley: awful, i definitely do not. and guy you said you are pro people how do you feel about cad berry cream eggs. guy: i am anti-peeps, cad berry eggs, a meeting chocolate here, stop asking me questions. this is a conversation between
3:00 pm
me and katie i do not like peeps but i like a cad berry cream egg but that doesn't for us, thank you so much for watching "the big sunday show" guy is going after finishes easter candy now in the "fox report with jon scott" starts right now. >> republicans pressing the biden administration to send more resources the southern border states struggling with a surge of asylum-seekers in the white house preparing to send officials to central america this week. good evening i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". ♪. jon: the state department says the special envoy and a national security official will visit guatemala and el salvador as part of an effort to slow the unprecedented surge of migrants heading to the u.s. meanwhile arizona governor doug ducey is slamming the administration for saying the


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