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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  April 4, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪. eric: calls in washington for president biden to send additional resources to the border state. they are struggling with a surge of unaccompanied children still entering our country this is the white house preparing to send officials to guatemala and el salvador this week part of an effort to address the root causes of migration to try to finally stop the influx. happy easter sunday, welcome to fox news live, i am eric shawn. arthel: happy easter everyone into you eric as well. i arthel neville. the number of migrant children
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in the u.s. country is approaching 19000 putting enormous strain on state and local resources. we will take a listen to arizona governor doug ducey says happened when he asked the administration to deploy the national guard. >> secretary and i had a conversation, i really felt that the end of the conversation that he was divorced by reality. he tried to sign off by saying the border is secure and i pushed back and said mr. secretary, that type of communication will ring with complete inauthenticity in the state of arizona, the border is not secure. arthel: however, the administration has consistently insisted it does have a plan and working on sending additional shelter space for those apprehended at the border. let's go to alex hogan reporting live from the custom and border protection center and donna texas. >> on easter sunday this facility is no quiet place, it
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is full steam ahead with construction to expand the center which is supposed to house 250 people but right now holds about 4000 children who cross the board alone. we seen trucks, go throughout the day and workers setting up new tents all of this is to help house the more than 18000 children who are currently in u.s. custody. it's no quiet day among the border on the rio grande valley are drone crews spotting 200 people crossing into the united states today medics on scene were needed to help one woman who collapsed after arriving in the u.s. she had given birth 40 days ago, her baby did make it but it shows the dangers of the trip and the desperation of many of the families willing to risk the journey just to make it to america. among the kids who have made the track alone, the little girl who
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cross 14 feet over the border wall, the three and 5-year-old girls are safe, here's a live look at the rio grande valley with the fox by team, they are sounding off calling for more security along the border and more resources and citing a failure to realize the told the taking on the border cities. one arizona city declaring a state of emergency because the number of migrants and their inability to care for all of them. here is former secretary of homeland security chad wolf speaking on "sunday morning features" about the border patrol. >> when they hear that leadership saying the border is closed, the border is secure, they know that is a lie and i believe there is a loss of confidence in both departmental leadership as well as in the white house with your line agents at the border patrol. >> vice president kamala harris was to lead the administration response the white house as its working to accommodate the response of migrants and address
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the reasons why many are leaving their home countries. the administration special envoy for the northern triangle will travel to water mollo on monday through thursday. we did reach out to hhs about the construction taking place of how many tents are being built and how many children will safely be able to be housed especially with the covid-19 protocols and we have yet to receive a response. arthel: alex hogan live and donna, texas. thank you alex. >> we get we will have a conversation how we need to pay for this investment and other investments. if people think this is too aggressive then we would like to hear what their plans are. it's something we want to have a conversation about but it's a responsible way to pay for a significant capital investment. eric: that's president biden's top economic advisor brian deese saying attack hike on corporations is necessary to pay
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for the president's massive 2.2 trillion dollars spending proposal. whether promising a buyback saying tax will kill the economic recovery from the pandemic, the president says he wants to meet with gop lawmakers to find common ground. mark meredith live in the north lawn of the white house for potential negotiations. >> president biden wants congress to think big and spend big when it comes to investing trillions of dollars in infrastructure, housing and other government projects with a plan put forth by the white house covers a lot of ground, $600 billion spent on different transportation improvement, money for housing, schools and government facilities to be upgraded, money for research and development and money to invest and rebuild the nation's power infrastructure, the president has tasks five secretary to lead on the hill. this weakens the same officials hit the airwaves to sell the plant to the country and congress. >> the biggest investment in
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america sends fdr, the new deal. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment i don't think in the next 50 years we will see another time when we have this combination of a demonstrated bipartisan interest widespread inpatient in a very supportive president. arthel: republicans say their all for repairing broken roads, bridges and airports but they argue the plan is being presented with a lot more money on projects completely unrelated to infrastructure. >> what the president proposed this week is not a infrastructure bill. it is a huge tax increase for one thing, and it is a tax increase on small businesses, on job creators in the united states of america. republicans as you heard from the senator the president push to raise taxes on corporate america could hurt which is the job growth, this is the report that came out friday showing 916,000 jobs added last month and the unemployment rate taking
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down a little bit to 6%. the president says he will invite republicans to the white house to talk about his vision in the coming days and weeks although we'd not been told which republican will get that invite and as for the president he remains at camp david where he spending easter weekend and expected to be back at the white house tomorrow. eric: in a few moments we will take a deep dive and look at the proposal and what the chances are for it to pass or not. arthel: tributes are flooding in for the capital police officer killed in an attack days before easter william billy evans is being remembered as a dedicated father who is living the dream his friends say. social media poster helping us learn about the suspect. lauren blanchard has more. >> it is a quiet afternoon outside of the capital on sunday after friday's attack now a small memorial is growing, take a look at this flowers have been
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left for william billy evans he died after a man rammed a car into him and another officer who was also injured. officer evans was an 18 year veteran of the u.s. capitol police. a friend said evans wanted to protect the u.s. capital. >> he chose his path to go to the capital and he wanted to protect those that did so much for us, his kids should know when they grow up that their dad was the most amazing thing for this country be proud of him. >> the suspect know what green was shot after he jumped out of the car with the knife after he rammed the gate. he was on law enforcement radar and appeared to act as a lone wolf. social media post green indicated he was a follower of the islam and longtime leader according to the associated press greens family said he was suffering delusions and suicidal thoughts. there are calls on congress that represent capital police
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officer's want to beef up security, ongoing congressional reviews but so far lawmakers have not all been on board with increasing size and sensing. >> it would be a mistake for fencing to be a permanent part of the capital, the message we send is the wrong message. >> the flags remain at half staff for officer evans, this is the second line of duty death for a capital police officer this year. arthel: thank you very much. eric: there is new fallout over major-league baseball position to pull the all-star game out of georgia over the state's controversial new voting law. senate majority leader chuck schumer suggested the game be played in new york despite his state having you early voting days in georgia has. gina coleman has moore from los angeles. >> georgia state senator says the league's actions are hypocritical considering mlb is
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based in new york estate that has been stricter election laws than georgia. >> if you look at major-league baseball headquartered in new york, new york has -- they don't have no excuse voting and we have seven more days of early voting the new york does, why didn't major-league baseball announced the next day that they will openly new york, it does not make sense and the hypocrisy out there is unbelievable. >> mlb commissioner rob manfred says their values of a sport by relocating the all-star game but just this week that would league signed a bill that the communist party backed company in chinese dropped nba games back in 2019 after the houston rockets general manager showed his support for democratic activist protesting against beijing crackdown in hong kong. marco rubio tweeted in part
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mlb's pressure and move draft and all-star game out of georgia on the same week they announced a deal with the company backed by the suicidal commonest party of china. republicans say the election rules are fair and help improve voter, confidence will democrats call them voter suppression laws, major comedies had courted in georgia including coca-cola and delta condemn a new law would laws a boarding pass, the election rules unacceptable and don't match with the comedy values. this by the controversy people on both sides of the aisle agree that pulling the all-star game out of will cost the tourism industry millions. >> it is devastating, is devastating to businesses might included in this seems very unnecessary, very punitive and counterintuitive to what were trying to do by reopening.
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>> as of now major-league baseball is finalizing a new host city for the all-star game. details will be announced shortly. eric: thank you so much. arthel: florida governor ron desantis has declared a state of emergency south of tampa, it is happening over a leak in a large reservoir holding nearly 400 million gallons of wastewater from a former phosphate mind attempt at plugging the leak failed, people who live around the reservoir got an early alert to leave the area because the collapse may be imminent. here is the governor earlier today. >> i want to be clear our foremost concern is ensuring the safety of the community, our administration is dedicated to pull enforcement of any damages to estates resources and holding
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the company accountable for this event. arthel: officials say the pond states mayorkas and radioactive waste from unit fracturing fertilizer but official stress there are no threats to drinking water in the area. eric: president biden to trillion dollar infrastructure plan is getting backlash from both sides of the auto republicans are ripping the corporate tax increases, they want more in the bill and say should be bigger. what congress is likely to agree on if it can straight ahead. on if it can straight ahead. ♪ an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right.
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biden is getting pushback from both sides of the aisle over his proposed 2.2 trillion-dollar spending bill, that is now being considered in congress. you know republicans say it is corporate tax hikes they say will kill economic river progressive a democrats say it does not go far enough. whoa can we expect, reporter from realclearpolitics with us great to see you now thanks for having me. >> so, onceh one side says its too much you want do it will her at economy the other side
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says there is not enoughu got to help people more of put a lot more in it you've got two contrasting crews on complooil. >> president biden said wants two trillion dollar infrastructure package president biden wants bipartisan support for two trillion-dollar infrastructure package that rolls back, significant portions of the gop tax cut, i don't think you can you can have both given republicans are already complaining that only about 5 or 6% of this proposal would actually go to roads and bridges just this morning on fox news we heard from senator roy blunt who side yeah sure -- fine with infrastructure but needs to be paired down significantly his starting point, is 30%, of the two trillion-dollar figure and i think i think what with a we are seeing from white house is pretty wed into that number
1:19 pm
coming focus with political 'rithmetic arrival not bipartisan. >> is administrationing though a lot out for negotiating purposes, do you think the president is willing to take a cut on this or majority in congress democrats can push this through without really any republican support. >> i think backup plan is, obviously, the latter they are looking at senate right now they know that mcconnell is very good keeping republicans together, in the minority, you know mitch mcconnell he set top line argument said this was a trojan horse was actually, taxes not infrastructure spending. and unless biden is willing to come down from that two trillion-dollar mark, and doesn't seem like he is, it is more than likely, that the white house is going to have to play ball just with democrats and a beautiful that breaks down to three subcategories of democrats,
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democrats wary of deficit spending after he american rescue plan want this paid for. then democrats on coast a lot of folks in new england say that unless the salt caps are repealed a benefit that goes -- exclusively to wealthy that they are not getting involved and on top of all of that you have democrats, democratic progressives who say look, this isn't enough we want not just more we want much more. what does that mean? it means some jokes about infrastructure week, probably were premature this is going to be more likely, a messy infrastructure year. >> that people as you say blue northeastern states can duct local taxes high from federal income tax statements, let's take a listen. >> corporate tax system is
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broken remains broken, 2017 tax law, made things worse there is a lot of the sensible reform we could do generate rv across time if people have different approaches to that he is open to doing it the one thing very clear about, is he does not believe that we should raise taxes on people making less than 400,000 dollars a year. >> corporate tax issue want to raise from 21% to 28%, look according to one study 55, 55 companies huge massive corporations pay no taxes no federal taxes last year. nike fedex archer midland daniels democrats say it is not fair we are getting socked giant corporations legal can get off scot-free. >> that is the advantage that biden has going into this thing, look. it is clear right now that the new president sees himself as fudr type believes in big government that he can manage big government well. what the advantage he has is
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he is talking about infrastructure and as you pointing out polling shows not only does public support big infrastructure spending, the public also seems to support raising taxes on were corporations and wealthy, to support that, and when i was talking to jim castler longtime khamenei aide lays out pretty well said ace in hole biden has where obama during a moment of economic recovery had to bail out big banks unpopular biden isn't trying to push anything to make the public stomach turn the public i can fine with roads, bridges i think why we see respects zeroing in on roads and bridges money to make that amount of. >> hit a pothole you think of that bridges 46,000 bridges they say structurally deficient pooh-pooh poor condition 50% more than 50 years old.
1:23 pm
back on the state level mississippi governor talking about that. >> well there is no doubt mississippi could use fair share of 100 billion dollars, the problem with this particular plan, though, although biden administration is calling it an infrastructure plan it looks more like two trillion-dollar tax hike plan to me going to lead to significant challenges in our economy going to lead to o slowing gdp lead to americans losing significant numbers of jobs. eric: that is development huge tax hike what do you think is going to happen as i said there will be compromise will stuff be thrown out stuff thrown in or full speedy aheaded no matter what republicans say. >> i am not sure going to see compromise on this republicans seem dug in their task force to try to get the public to work beyond just title of this bill, asking questions about
1:24 pm
why, only 5 or 6% goes to roads and bridges to ask is it really an infrastructure bill? if we have hundreds of billions of dollars going to things traditional we wouldn't consider infrastructure, like, care for the elderly and others, that is why, you are going to see republicans, and accesses try and do in coming weeks i know that you have grassroots conservative leaders, right now, looking at this two trillion-dollar infrastructure package and thinking to themselves maybe we can use this to sort of trigger a tea party sequel rich lowry "national review" made an interesting case first 1.9 trillion-dollar american rescue package, now you have the proposed two trillion-dollar infrastructure package, you add those numbers up getting very close to the total spending of u.s. federal government last year, i think that at some point, the zeros start to scare people.
1:25 pm
>> finally quite a while ago there is a word that have a the we haven't heard a lot about in washington that is deficit. remember phil gramm others warning about deficit under president trump it exploded a deal with coronavirus, of course. the blue dogs over in house they are raising that, as major issue do you think that will finally get traction? do you think that can be something that will potentially blunt some of the biden proposals. >> the biden administration is very clear, in their argument, that this is going to be paid for, over the course of next 14 or 15 years, obviously, that begs the question, well, joe biden is not going to be president for that time are these tax hikes actually going to happen, or is this going to result in more devastate spending the problem that republicans have, is that when they are in minority they love to talk about debt devastates, but in majority all of those considerations go out the window, so, in many ways, president trump might have greased the skids for a lot of
1:26 pm
spending obvious money towards different things deficit exploded under his watch even before pandemic i think republicans are sheepish about making fiscal conservative arguments right now i forget politicians you are right, politics in washington, thank you so much. >> thank you, sir. eric: all right. >> getting good news to pfizer coronavirus vaccine, this as sprts say a variant of the viruss is causing kids to get infected same rate as adults former cdc director weighs in on latest involving the covid pandemic, that is next.
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headlines management rapper dmx says he remains hospitalized critical couple after collapsing at home friday night tmz reportsa heart attack after drewing over dose taiwan owner of construction talks apologize taking responsibility for the worst rail accident in decades collided with a truck friday killing at least 48 people u.s. stopping astrazeneca from
1:32 pm
using a baltimore facility that renewed 15 million doses of the johnson & johnson vaccine, british drugmaker says it will work with biden administration to find another site to produce the scene eric. eric: nowu new calls to let cruise ships say will after pandemic did a number on industry cdc issuing new guidance for cruise lines once they resume operations right now, well there is no time line for when passengers might actually be able to board, so don't pack bags yet florida has america's top three cruise line ports one is the port of miami, live in miami with the very latest when we can get sunscreen, everything go onboard safely. reporter: get on top of the deck being have a good time one thing in cdc is requiring, cruise ships to resume
1:33 pm
stalling with passengers is that every ship must have an onboard laboratory to crew and crew can test for pgr, as well as rapid testing past year cruise lines have done that at grease expense without that cannot sail with passengers multibillion-dollar cruise industry looking at likely not sailing again with passengers from u.s. ports until november. friday's new cdc conditional order suddenly july cruises could happen not from u.s. the trips will go from nassau bahamas saint martin mexico, st. lucia aruba cure salle in barbados, creates tool cruises begin seven night all about a homagea cruises in july krugd resumed in south pacific out of singapore mediterranean off
1:34 pm
italy top cruiseline executives met with florida's governor all agreed florida's economy is being drastically hurt by shutdown florida' governor threatened to sue cdc if it did not modify rules cdc did that friday new conditions increasing from weekly to daily the reporting of freakquency covid cases to the cdc, routine testing of all crew, creating a color-coded system for each ship decreasing time for red ship seen covid cases to a green ship to just two weeks, instead of four, accomplishing a plan and timeline to get crew port workers vaccinated the council reported emphasizeing the cruise industry economic impact to florida past year enormous financial affects of the pandemic shut down estimated
1:35 pm
with combining cruise ships and cargo ships, at about 100 billion dollars statewide. the industry has lost tense of billions of dollars, over the past year, the only time you see cruise ships in port as they come in refuel restock, then return to the atlantic , that with skeleton crew and starting in cruises in caribbean in june and july all crew and all passengers are going to have to show proof of vaccination. eric. eric: wow hopefully, folks are will will eventually get back out good to see you. thank you. arthel. arthel: for lido deck, pfizer announcing covid-19 vaccine is i one hundred percent effective in children, ages 12 to 15, that is good news coming amid concern that variants could prolong the pandemic while putting kids at
1:36 pm
risk. >> kids, particularly 8th grade younger not really much -- part of the pandemic that we saw in the past 10 months, that is completely turned on head with this, they are as kids getting infected same rate, very effective in transmitting virus right here in minnesota last two weeks we've had 749 schools with cases. arthel: let's bring in dr. tom frieden former cdc director president ceo of resolve to save lives. >> although children are less likely to die of covid-19, we now know it is possible for them to get sick and spread the coronavirus. so what can be done, to stops infections in children, until vaccines are available for them? >> well, arthel first off the variants are problematic they are not only easier to spread from one person to another but
1:37 pm
we've learned the past week that they are also more deadly. so the variant of the virus, spreads faster, and unfortunately kills more. and that is why it is so important we do three things, first vaccinate as soon as you can, get the vaccination as soon as it is your turn, second, masks particularly indoors near people not your household third reduce, indoor contact with people not in your family what we're seeing in schools not spread in the classroom, we are seeing spread in after school activities, break rooms people get we can see a light at end of the tunnel by summer, fall getting to a new normal not there yet, the minute we let our guard down this virus can come rolling back. arthel: 18% adults are fully
1:38 pm
vaccinated, will more variants crop up before the majority of the country i can is vathdz. >> unfortunately not only convenience increasing which is great the variants are increasing also, we are heading into the fourth surge in this country we are already seeing, an uptick in cases, that decline in death isn't as rapid or fast as we had hoped, hospitalizations are trending upward also, how severe this surge is, how many people get sick, hospitalized and die depends on us how well we vaccinate especially 50e6r7b and over we need to greatly increase, vaccines, deliver in communities low uptake rate vaccines tr way to end this pandemic but communities groups countries around the world not getting vaccinated new more deadly variants he
1:39 pm
emergency what do you say do people reluctant to get vaccines can we get past this covid-19 pandemic if the varpts keep popping up, and we can't get enough shots in arms what is going to happen. >> there are a lot of misconceptions but really important to address people have understandable concerns about getting vaccinated, it is so important to understand that this technology, has been under development for more than a decade. yes, it got approved quite a while ago but that is because, they cut red tape didn't cut he corners, nearly all doctors, who are offered this vaccine get it as soon as they can. the risks getting infected with virus far higher than any possible theoretical risks of getting the vaccine in fact if you get the virus going to spread all over your body a week or more may give long term problems if you get vaccine will teach your immunosystem how to fight the infection. and then it is gone.
1:40 pm
arthel: cut red tape but not the process okay. i think that is what you said is that what you said. >> yes basically get approved quickly government cut red tape but didn't cut corners, no corners were court this has been tested now in trials, in more than 100,000 people, it has been given to more than 100 million people, we have not seen serious long-term adverse effects, in contrast there are tens of thois suffering from long-term complications of getting the nefks itself we know this is effective at preventing the virus more effective than we could have even hoped jay we leave on that high note for sure doctor a pleasure to speak with you former cdc director thank you very much. >> encouraging news pope
1:41 pm
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>> easter services in red sea photographs from aircraft carrier ussdwight is hour, pope francis offered a message of hope on holiest of christian holidays. >> eric the easter message of renewal perhaps more universally fitting than ever second easter of this pandemic, pope francis said first easter people were in shock now they are wary he
1:46 pm
said in his "urbi et orbi" in latin to the city and world address that convenience are quote essentially tool in this fut i urge international community in spirit of global responsibility to commit to over coming delays in distribution of vaccines facilitate their distribution. >> to scale down congregation due to covid-19, didn't go to balcony out of concern crowds might gather pontiff noticeably said despite pandemic spreading it is scandalous that armed conflicts have not ended military arsenals are strengthened in florence loved tradition, televised usually huge crowds come to watch the cart get lit up with
1:47 pm
fireworks, whether be aishl dub on wire launched from cathedral if it comes back it did this year good tidings meant to be in store italy is in lockdown again this year, and church however is allowed one of the few things people have been allowed to do, last year churches were closed. italy vaccine rollout eric has been slower than the united states, but at least some people here in italy have been able to take some comfort in the fact that their parents at least have been vaccinated and so, that for sure would have taken some of the pressure and stress out of some italians's easter lunches today. eric: thanks so much, do the on wires is amazing. arthel: really is let's bring in father murray now pastor holy family church new york
1:48 pm
city happy easter to you as mish pope francis remind world don't forget about less fortunate include poorest in the swift vaccine rollout can we get access to this if humans athselfishly do you believe division can get in the country's able to do to conquer this pandemic. >> happy easter yes, indeed, we have to overcome political divisions, national divisions doing what i think we are doing produce as much vaccine as possible let's not forget to thank god for scientists, pharmaceutical corporations able to do this amazing production, and distribution, so quickly, sometimes the political parties unfortunately in different countries got in the way, so we have to have more of -- idea that getting people vaccinated should be the first priority in squabbling whoever
1:49 pm
gets credit or pays for it we figure that out secondaryly. arthel: what lessons has this past year taught you about yourself. >> well this has been sort of a retreat, let's say walking with christ carrying the cross a year ago when thigh parish was closed the priest we had east mass. >> i had no one there splirlt surrournlded spiritually sursurroundeded by angels, thank god able to recommence mass in june this year a attend at easter masses, i guess lesson i learned most if you pray to god focus on the purpose of human exist eps you are able to handle dlz he wants us happy in heaven times
1:50 pm
that means bearing difficulties with spirit of christ carrying the cross to calvary. arthel: amen father, thank you happy easter to you to your church family, and good to have you here today, father murray holy family church in new york. >> thank you good bless you. arthel: god bless you. thank you we'll be right back. are you managing your diabetes... ...using fingersticks? with the new freestyle libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor,
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eric: intrigue in jordan authorities said they busted a plot to try unseat the nation's king abdullah. >> eric good morning, everyone. "washington post" broke this saturday night, about the plot to oust the king of jordan allegedly involved his half brother the crown prince former crown prince, excuse me. >> officials in jordan describe the plan to overthrow king abdullah ii far-reaching, complex nearly 20 jordanians rsted in what is called a coup attempt some is linked to security officials at least one detained is member of the royal family prince hussein son of jordan's former king reportedly on house arrest as
1:55 pm
investigation got underway jordan deputy prime minister said former crown prince others involved will be referred to state security, in a video released by lawyer prince said he wasn't involved in criticism against the kingdom that was being looked into. though he used staple statement to voice his own disapproval his mother american born queen nor told to remain at residence following events tweeted saying quote can the praying truth and justice also prevail for all innocent victims of this wicked slander god bless, keep them safe u.s. state department released a statement saying is it biden administration is monitoring what is in folding in jordan fully sports king ab dug abdullah ii similar regards in saudi arabia bahrain lebanon. >> jordan key ally of united states last line of defense for u.s. ally israel dens
1:56 pm
threats. >> that is large, friend to our country and israel, thank you. >> marks big day coming every weeknight greg gutfeld will premier tomorrow night 11:00 pm eastern from weekends to we can tonight on the fox news channel given other funny guys a run for money on tomorrow 11:00 pm eastern. arthel: happy after he thank you for joining us eric and i will be back next weekend until then enjoy the rest of your evening and your day.
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>> hello everyone welcome to the big sunday shop, he was on talk tonight, leo. >> president biden border crisis continues to worsen and critic's are wondering why vice president harris hasn't spoken about the issue she is supposed to be handling. >> hunter biden giving his first interview since his father took office and he is putting everything on the table. >> transportation secretary pete


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