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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  April 4, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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♪. mike: live look at the southern border of the united states where customs and border protection officials say they're becoming increasingly overwhelmed bit growing surge of migrants. our drone giving you a look around la jolla, texas, with border personnel on the southern border. the rio grande river off to the left. a familiar visual with those familiar with south texas. the border wall visual on the worner of the screen. at a time their skills are being tested by an overflow of migrants headed to the united
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states. happy easter to all, i'm mike emanuel. border crossings are on track to hit a 15-year high forcing the biden administration to open several new shelters. several are already to max capacity. alex hogan at the cpb center in donna, with a closer look on the ground. good afternoon. reporter: good afternoon, mike. we're not allowed in the center. construction is on the way. a frame of up with of these tents no doubt to make space for thousands of children who are currently inside of this center. journalists were allowed inside once last week. video shows about 4,000 kids in a space meant for 250 people. more than 18,000 kids are currently in u.s. custody. more migrants crossed the border today outside of mcallen, texas. in one spot, 200 people, most of them are families. one group of just boys traveling
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unaccompanied. kids between the ages of six and 16. among the kids who made this dangerous trek alone, little girls dropped 14 feet over the border wall are now safe in u.s. custody. here is a live look at the border in one of group from our fox flight team in la joya. dozen people crossed the border and reports of a larger group approaching. with the larger numbers criticism grows against the administration, some speaking up on "sunday morning futures" today. >> both a humanitarian crisis, and a national security crisis. i saw both at the border. you may have seen the numbers today, are the highest in history of unaccompanied minors currently in captivity. they are crammed in like sardines. this is what the biden administration is trying to hide from the american public which is why we took video and the
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biden administration tried to stop us. reporter: the administration says it is trying to find new ways to fix this problem. we have seen more and more centers go up in addition the construction here to make more space here in donna, texas. we know that the administration's special envoy will travel to guatemala to deal with the northern try triangle, talk to leaders there about the root of the issue, why people are fleeing arriving here in the u.s. mike? mike: alex hogan starting us off from donna texas. donna, many thanks. president biden trying to get bipartisan support for the 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill and many in the bop are fighting it and many democrats express concern how to pay for it. mark meredith at the white house. reporter: good afternoon to you,
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mike. president biden is spending his easter weekend up at camp david. back in d.c. his advisors are hitting the airwaves and the congress this is the time to spend $2 trillion. the proposal covers a lot of ground and 600 billion to infrastructure improvements, and money going to housing schools, government, research and development. the administration wanting to spend $100 million improving the infrastructure power grid. >> what our plan says is, let's keep the economy going. let's see more job creation. that is a really good thing for the economy. let also think to the longer term where are the invests we can make that will really drive not just more job growth but better job growth. reporter: the president is asking five of his cabinet secretaries to push the spending bill through congress. democrats will hear from these folks days and weeks ahead. democrats want to move it up by mid-summer. republicans already heard enough. they are against any efforts to
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raise taxes on corporate america. we heard from senior senator roy blunt on "fox news sunday." >> obviously democrats figured out that infrastructure is something we need, something that is popular and so they're trying to take 70% of this bill and call it infrastructure in a new way than we ever talked about infrastructure before. reporter: republicans have said they're open to the idea of improving infrastructure. that not the problem. the question how to pay for it. also what is included in this bill. senator blount who you heard from there are other ways considering funding it, taxes on self-driving cars or electric vehicles as they look to see what is done with the gas tax. back to you, mike. happy easter, buddy. mike: mark meredith on the north lawn, thanks a lot. we have house chair head of the house commerce committee and appropriation committee, congressman. welcome. >> nice to be back with you,
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mike. mike: thank you so much. missouri senator roy blount the problem with the package is not really focused on infrastructure. >> there is an easy win for the white house if they would take that win, make this a infrastructure package which is 30%, even if you stretch the definition of infrastructure some it is about 30% of the 2.2, $5 trillion they're talking about spending. mike: how do you respond, congressman? >> well, first off i want to offer you a happy easter, mike. mike: thank you. >> it is in so many ways the holiest time of the christian religion but it is also, you know, the easter story is one of rebirth, of renewal, of revival and you don't have to be christian to be feeling that right now in the united states. we're getting past this pandemic. we're getting the shots in 9 arms. we're getting the checks in the pockets and people in jobs, kids
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back in schools. it's a good time and we need to keep this going. we're moving in the right direction. when you talk about infrastructure and look, all due respect to senator blount but here's the thing, when you talk about a win, you talk about investing in american roads and brimmings and water systems and sewer systems and broadband, internet for rural places, when you talk about those things in terms of a political win i don't buy that. we were handed this portfolio of assets by the greatest generation. handed down to us and we have been disinvesting in that. we have not about keeping it up. we've been letting it go to the pot. the poisoning in flint, michigan, happened, when you don't keep up the infrastructure bad things happen. calling it a win is wrong because it is like, you know every 25, 30 years you put a new
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roof on the house. you spend the money, put roof on the house and stand there with your house, hey we got a win, we got a victory. you don't do that. it is just being grown-up, being adult is investing in american infrastructure and that is what is going on here. mike: so the situation at our border, sir i want to play for you a clip from a south texas rancher who says vice president kamala harris should come see him. >> come down and spend one evening other one day on my ranch so she could open her eyes to see what is really going on down here. mike: how alarmed are you by what we're seeing at our southern border, sir. >> it is always a tragedy to see all those destitute, desperate people to show up at the border this is not new. it is not distinct to the biden administration. we remember the caravans in the last administration. we have that. it is the northern triangle. tell you one source of comfort for me though is that we have
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some really top people in charge of the border. you talk about roberta jacobsen, who is the, the top administration official dealing with the border down there. look her up. one of the most capable people that we ever had in our foreign service is in charge of that. it is a complex problem and you toughed on it, earlier mike, dealing with the northern triangle. dealing with the source of why people want to leave there, to me that's key. now the other thing is roberta jacobsen said it in english, she said it in spanish, don't come. our borders are closed because of the pandemic. you can't come across our border. that is not, that is not happening right now. so as a result the message is very clear, don't come now. this is not the time for that. mike: we're showing viewers live pictures of from la joya, texas. the drone over the scene there. what more does the president need to do, congressman, get the
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handle on the situation of the border? >> we have to do the decent thing. that is what they're doing, investing in the local infrastructure enough beds. you see these horrendous pictures of people being overcrowded. we want to avoid that. one thing that i'm very happy about though is to know that we have no intention of trying to separate kids from their parents with no means of reuniting this them which happened in the last administration. one of these days we'll find out who was responsible for that. anybody who came up with that plan, should not be in charge of anything let alone the lives of other human beings. mike: to be fair, a lot of folks are frustrated what they're seeing at the border. congressman matt cartwright. thank you for your time. have a wonderful day. >> you too, mike. mike: florida republican member of house infrastructure transportation committee and carlos gimenez. welcome. >> thank you, happy easter. mike: you heard your colleague,
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congressman cartwright about the crisis on the southern border, in your view, what must president biden and his team do? >> they need to restore policies of the trump administration. the trump administration had agreements with northern triangle and countries disincentivized what we're seeing on the border. no coincidence as president biden became the president we're seeing a newed of immigrants coming across the border. because the rhetoric is inviting for them to come over. the policies also are inviting them to come over. it is actually inhumane. you talk about separating families and children from their families we have a record number of unaccompanied minors coming across the border right now. all of them being trafficked by multinag cartels that are making hundreds of millions of dollars trafficking human trafficking trying to get them across our border. it's a crisis made entirely by the biden administration, entirely by the rhetoric and
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policies of the biden administration. they need to go back what was proven. the trump administration had this situation under control. look, there is always going to be migrants that want to cross to get into america, the greatest country in the world. i understand the plight of the people in the northern triangle countries and reasons why they want to come but they need to do so in an orderly and do so in a legal many fashion. we need legal immigration, not illegal immigration. mike: does vice president harris need to go to the border and would that send a powerful message to people watching around the world? >> they're saying don't come now. even my colleague you had on, democratic party, member of house, don't come now. it is don't come in illegal way. we need to have legal immigration. we need comprehensive immigration reform in this country but it has to be legal. we're a country of laws. look, the customs and border protection folks told us what needed to be done, a, they needed more officers.
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b, they needed the border wall that was under construction, that to be completed. they need greater and better technology to help them out. they need the policies, better policies and policies that were in place before to be restored. mike: right. >> i also think they need one more thing. we need to hire hundreds of additional judges so we can ajudicate a lot of these cases asking for political asylum much faster. that would disincentivize this wave that we're seeing. mike: okay. to infrastructure, another critical for part of your portfo on capitol hill, here is brian deece from the biden administration. >> we'll have a conversation how to pay for these investments and other investments. the president laid out his plan. one thing he was very clear he would like to hear other people's ideas. if people think this is too aggressive we would like to hear what their plans are. mike: does that sound to you like president biden and his team are serious about negotiation, sir?
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>> no. they haven't been serious about negotiations since january 3rd. it has been our way or the highway. unfortunate that every bill that we've seen so far basically is jammed down our throats. it is completely partisan. no debate. i don't believe it until i hear it, i see it. i heard it through the inauguration speech he was going to try to unify the country but so far everything has been one way and it really been our way. there is really been no bipartisanship. there is no input from the republicans on this. if you want my ideas, keep it simple. make it a true infrastructure bill. this is not a true infrastructure bill. they spend more incentivizing electric vehicles than they do on highways and bridges. they spend 300, $400 billion on medicaid expansion. that to me is not infrastructure. sorry. how to pay for it. you will not have a corporate tax rate that goes higher than
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communist china's corporate tax rate. by the way, communist china for those industries and companies that are competing overseas, their corporate tax rate is somewhere around 15%. so we're going to put american companies at a disadvantage on the world stage. it will be a two trillion dollar investment -- mike: got to run. >> right. for our children and our grandchildren. so i'm sorry, yeah. i would love to talk to you. come on and talk to us. we have some ideas. we can lower this price and really have a true infrastructure bill. mike: all right. congressman carl list jimenez from the great state of florida. >> my pleasure. mike: more with chris wallace's interview with brian deece 2:00 p.m. on "fox news sunday" on the fox news channel. tomorrow at 4:00 p.m., catch tucker carlson's interview with piers morgan on "fox nation". gutfeld appears tomorrow night,
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11:00 a.m. eastern. you don't want to miss night. >> the capitol is open friday again after the deadly attack on the capitol. more details emerge about the suspect that killed officer evans. lauren, hello. reporter: mike, it is a quiet sunday afternoon after friday's attack. a small memorial has been growing. take a look, flowers left for william billy evans a 18 year veteran of the capitol police after a man rammed car into him and another officer who was injured. a friend of officer evans said he was a dedicated father who wanted to serve his country. >> i think over time, family and friends of billy's will heal but right now i think they need the love, support and prayers from everybody going because he was a true hero and his kids should know that when, when they grow up his dad is the most amazing
10:17 am
thing for this country and be proud of him for that. reporter: the suspect, 25-year-old noah green, was shot and killed by police when he jumped out of the car with a knife avraming officers are into a capitol security gate. he was not on law enforcement radar. appears to act as lone wolf. green indicated he was follower of nation of islam and long time leader louis farrakhan. according to the associated press, green's family said he was suffering delusions and suicidal threats and thoughts. there are calls on congress by the union represents capitol police officers to believe up security. there are on going congressional reviews. lawmakers have not been on board with increasing force size and fencing. >> i think it would be mistake for fencing to be the permanent man part of the capitol. the message we send is the wrong message. reporter: as you can see flags remain at half-staff for officer evans.
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this is just the second time this year that a capitol police officer has died while on duty. as you can see, folks have been coming out here this morning. this afternoon as they pay their respects to the late officer evans. mike. mike: been a heartbreaking year already for the u.s. capitol police. our thoughts and prayers are with them. lauren blanchard, thanks very much. unrest in one of america's closest foreign allies. authorities in jordan arresting 20 people as they investigate a former crown prince and his role in an alleged plot to unseat the king. tray yanks follow -- trey yingst following this from our national bureau. reporter: they broke the story about an alleged plot to out of the king of jordan. allegedly involved his half-brother and the former crown prince. officials in jordan described the plan to overthrow king abdullah ii as far-reaching and complex.
10:19 am
overnight nearly 20 jordanians were arrested in what is being called a coup attempt. some were linked to security officials, at least one person detained is a member of the royal family. prince hussein, the son of jordan's former king was reportedly put on house arrest as an investigation got underway. jordan's deputy prime minister said today the former crown prince and others involved in the plot will be referred to the state security court in a video released by his lawyer hussein said he was not involved into the criticism of the kingdom looked into, though he used the tape statement to voice his own disapproval. >> i am not the person responsible for the break down in of the governments, for the corruption and the incompetence that has been prevalent in our governing structure for the last 15 to 20 years. reporter: prince hussein's mother, american born queen noir, told to remain at her residence following the events
10:20 am
of this weekend. she said praying truth an justice for all the innocent victims of this wicked slander. god bless and keep them safe. the u.s. state department released a statement saying the biden administration is monitoring what is unfolding in jordan and fully supports king abdullah the 2nd. similar remarks made by leadership in saudi arabia, bahrain and lebanon. jordan is a key ally of the united states. often seen as the last sign line of defense of u.s. ally israel against threats further east. mike? mike: trey yingst in jerusalem. thanks a lot. hunter biden with a tell-all with cbs following release of his memoir. what he is telling in first television interview since his father took office next.
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>> what we're looking at now, trying to prevent and respond to a real catastrophic flood situation. mike: florida governor ron desantis investigating a leak at a wastewater reservoir near tampa bay. the collapse of the piney point reservoir would collapse number of gallons of water causing flooding, threatening nearby structures. florida officials evacuating
10:25 am
more than 300 homes. the governor is deploying more pumps and crains to the area in an attempt to prevent this potential disaster. president biden's son hunter doing a flury of tell-all interviews selling his memoir including one that aired this morninging on cbs. aishah hasnie is here with what can expect to see in the book. reporter: mike, you're right n this interview hunter biden delve deeper into the relationship with the ukrainian energy company burisma. in october the "new york post" published some emails from a laptop that was dropped off at a delaware repair shop. now those emails reveal alleged meetings set up between then vice president biden and an executive at burisma. now in the cbs interview hunter acknowledges that laptop could be his but also could have been stolen or hacked. in his book he said his last name is a coveted credential.
10:26 am
in today's interview he was asked if he made a mistake taking a spot on burisma's board? listen. >> no. i don't think i made a mistake taking a spot on the board. i think i made a mistake in terms of underestimating the, the way in which it would be used against me. >> but you must have seen the optics, even back then, you must have -- how could you not have foreseen that this was going to look bad? >> because i really didn't. i'm being as honest with you as i possibly can. all i know, not one investigative body, not one serious journalist has ever accused, ever come to the conclusion that i did anything wrong or my father did anything wrong. reporter: mike, hunter biden also addressed this of course as very serious drug addiction issues in the past years. also that controversial relationship with his brother's widow and in that interview he said it began as grief that
10:27 am
turned into hope for love, that would perhaps replace a loss that they both suffered but that eventually it did not work. mike. mike: aishah hasnie, live in new york city. thanks a lot. baseball fans in georgia hoping for the summer classic in their backyard have struck out as the mlb faces heat over the decision to move this year's all-star game out of the peach state. more on the growing backlash next. ♪. to handle whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy. she can even pick her payment plan so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa. at visionworks, we want you to feel safe usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. and we want you to see yourself in your new glasses and think, "ooh!"
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♪. mike: major league baseball facing major league backlash over its decision to move the all-star game from atlanta. they're calling out the business's business ties to china despite the country's documented human rights abuses. christina coleman is following it all. reporter: rob manfred says this is the best way to demonstrate their values as a sport pulling the game out of atlanta.
10:32 am
they signed a deal last week, tencent a communist party backed company this is it one of china's largest tech firms. this company briefly dropped nba games in 2019 after former houston rockets general manager showed his support for democratic activists protesting against beijing backed crackdown in hong kong. here is radio show host eric ericksen on "fox & friends." >> major league baseball they don't want to go in georgia which has a pretty expansive early voting rules, now mandatory weekends thanks to the law but perfectly happy doing business in places like china which regularly persecutes people. reporter: georgia new election laws adds i.d. requirement to absentee ballots, expands early voting and prohibits anyone from election workers providing food and water to anyone waiting in voting lines. republicans say the rules are fair around will improve voter confidence. some democrats slammed the
10:33 am
legislation. senate majority leader chuck schumer tweeted quote, racist voter suppression laws hurting vote georgia voters and the economy. georgia should be ashamed. we welcome the mlb to play the all-star game in new york where we're working to make it easier, not harder to vote. as it turns out the state of new york has stricter voting laws than georgia. >> if you look at major league baseball, headquartered in new york, new york has, they don't have no excuse voting. we have i think seven more days of early voting than new york does. so why didn't major league baseball announce the next day they would up and leave new york? it just doesn't make sense. the hypocrisy out there is unbelievable. reporter: despite all the controversy people on both sides of the aisle agree pulling the all-star game out of atlanta will take a huge financial toll on local businesses who were
10:34 am
hoping to bank on this big sporting event. major league baseball is now in the process of finalizing a new host city for the all-star game. mike. mike: christina, thanks, happy birthday. reporter: thank you. mike: our panel joins you now to react to this other top sorries. gopac chairman david avella, democratic strategist dave amore. welcome. david is also the author of creating business magic. all right, so david morey, is moving the baseball game out of georgia a huge overreaction? >> i think it is, the georgia law is a solution in search of a problem. it is predicated on you know, the mistruth that the election was stolen. as you know majority, virtually every federal court and judge found no evidence that. it is in some ways a long-term problem i think for the republican party, the legislature, corporations have the right, private entities to react as did coke, delta, major
10:35 am
league baseball. listen, mike, the key issue is there, there is a point that the optics are worse than the policy. when you dig into this, it isn't that different than new york t was really badly-written law. so you're going, but when it is predicated on a mistruth that the election was stolen, so-called big lie, you will have this reaction from the corporate and private sector worlds. mike: david avella, doesn't this turn off probably a large segment of audience, especially those watching sports to get away from politics? >> let's keep the blame on this where it needs to be which is this is joe biden's fault because it wasn't until he made his false claim that then other democrats also tried to mischaracterize this legislation. i will say this, joe biden has an interesting way of saying thank you. all of the electoral votes in georgia went to joe biden. what does he do? he cost them $100 million in economic growth because now there will be hotel workers won't work during all-star weekend.
10:36 am
there will be restaurant employees who don't get to work. therethere will be folks who wot the stadium who now will be not working that day. all a big thank you from joe biden, talking about legislation that he didn't know anything about. mike: all right. david morey, to our next topic, hunter biden, first son of the president of the united states is out with a book doing some tv interviews. does this make folks at the white house wince in pain? >> probably does to some extent. it's a sensitive topic. i thought the president, i don't agree with the previous point. joe biden is not the governor of georgia nor in the state legislature, back to hunter biden, the truth is, that it's sad. anyone who has been around an addict, i thought the president, president biden in the debate against trump was really good when he talked about in very truthful way the pain and difficulty of being around an addict. the trying is there is no evidence there was misbehavior by the president and then the vice president, by hunter biden.
10:37 am
he is being investigated for tax issues that continues. the biden administration did not change out prosecutors. that investigation should go on without politics. mike: david avella, hunter biden, didn't seem to know or was kind of wishy-washy whether or not that was his laptop. wouldn't you know if you lost a laptop? >> you would think. and there is much more to this story that hopefully the department of justice is going to look at and uncover. but let's stay on this, is this joe biden's fault or not. joe biden isn't the governor of georgia but he is the president of the united states. had he not weighed in on the georgia law or actually had he learned the facts before he made his comments we wouldn't be here. major league baseball may still be having the game in atlanta. coca-cola could maybe not have come out with the comment they did. this all started because of joe biden making a comment about a law he knew nothing about. mike: david morey, you want to
10:38 am
respond? >> disagree. this started when the georgia legislator wrote a law that is really bad with horrendous optics. joe biden is not person opposing this the way the law written now. >> legislation is better than the state of new york as we just heard in the reporter segment. >> i don't know if it is better. >> better than illinois. better than new jersey. there is more of a open period to cast an absentee ballot in georgia than there is in new jersey. democrats typically want to do what they do, have it both ways. if voter turn out is down, if voter turn out is down in georgia it was because voter suppression. if voter turn out is up next year, they were it will be because this law caused more people to go out and vote. typical of democrats. they want to have it both ways. reality this georgia law is better than most democratic states. mike: gentlemen, we got to wrong. mark down the davids disagree on
10:39 am
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♪. mike: small businesses in minneapolis are cautiously opening their doors as the city braces for a verdict in the derek chauvin trial as business owners around the country they will be the ones shouldering the burden of president biden's proposed 2 trillion-dollar spending bill. we have owner of o'donovan's irish pub in minneapolis, and the owner of cr construction in baltimore, maryland. welcome to both of you. >> thanks, mike. mike: dermot, you're reopening after a brutal year plus being closed. can you describe to what you're feeling looking ahead to reopening? >> we're very cautiously
10:44 am
optimistic i would say. there is definitely a new sense of renewal here in minneapolis. the city is quiet. there is a lot of law enforcement, very strong police presence and you know, with the twins baseball season starting next week we felt this was the time to try. mike: good. karina, how is your construction company fared during this covid lockdown? >> listen it, was really tough initially. we have been able to pivot. we turned around. we made the best year we could out of it last year. now with this new infrastructure plan, you know, it brings on another level of hesitation now because, there is just a lot of ambiguity around the legislation. we don't know how it is going to affect small businesses, particularly when you look at some of the details here, it is heavily pushing for like a unionized labor workforce when the, a lot of american jobs are not unionized. so who really who is this legislation supporting?
10:45 am
is it american jobs? is it american small business? or is it special interests you know the union workforce? organizations. mike: dermot, i understand during this period when you've been closed up, you've been robbed twice. tell us about that experience. >> so the first time happened right after the governor ordered bars and restaurants to shut down. nobody knew how long we were going to be closed. whether it was a week or two or a month, whatever. so we closed up. we did follow the orders and within a few days we were broken into. it was a smash-and-grab quick in and out. more damage was done to patio doors and windows than the product they got. the second time happened in june and we tried to reopen for two weekends and it wasn't worth it. there was, downtown was like a ghost town. we restocked the bar. we got everything ready. we pulled the plug on the second saturday night by 9:00 p.m. it
10:46 am
was not worth being open. thankfully we did. there was a young man shot and killed just a block away. three hours later that night. so, we had planned then to come in monday, tuesday and take all of the stock off the bar. while on that, i think it was sunday night. we were broken into again and this time six people came in and out of the doors, over a period of an hour 1/2 and took almost everything off the bar. mike: karina, even though you're in the construction business, you're thinking that this proposed infrastructure package with lots of other stuff in there, may not work out so well for you if you're not part of union supporters of president biden, is that correct? >> that is 100% correct. the cost in the construction industry right now, just look at the price of wood. it has doubled in the last year you know? so not only are our costs already going up because of the pandemic. now you will institute some sort of legislation that kind of doesn't really support you know,
10:47 am
the actual workforce of our nation. i think, you know, i have some serious reservations about it. i have drastic concerns that you know, we're all, small businesses really are ultimately going to be the ones that suffer from these packages, from insane astronomical tax hike packages. mike: dermot, what do you want to say to loyal supporters, customers, staff, for sticking with you? >> thank you so much. , everybody, we're looking forward to seeing our guests and our regulars all again. and, you know, come on down. the weather beautiful here in minneapolis. the city is safe. it feels safe. the weather fantastic. patio is huge. come downtown. mike: do you feel like the economy is getting better? >> well i think the economy is turning around. i think the numbers show that but i think it varies per industry. like i said, this legislation is going to really have some
10:48 am
serious effects specifically on mine. so i have some concerns for sure i'm so sorry, but i, thank you so much. mike: well, corina, dermot, thank you so much. our best to you, your employees, all the best. >> thank you. >> thanks, mike. good luck to you both. mike: on easter sunday here is a look at pope francis celebrating easter mass at st. pete ear es basilica at the vatican. we'll right back. ♪♪ yeah, actually i'm taking one last look at my dashboard before we board. excellent. and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. have a great flight. thanks. we'll see ya. ah, they're getting so smart. choose the app that fits your investing style. ♪♪
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when it's hot outside your car is like a sauna steaming up lingering odors. febreze car vent clips stop hot car stench with up to 30 days of freshness. get relief with febreze.
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♪. mike: u.s. navy sailors able to celebrate easter aboard the uss dwight d. eisenhower in the red sea. the easter service was held in the ship's hangar bay. it was fasted through the suez canal which was clogged for days after a cargo ship was stuck which caused major shipping delays. ♪. in the spirit of easter communities across the nation are giving back. this includes inspired hearts and hands a pennsylvania-based charity delivering easter baskets and food to veterans and schools. with us to discuss how she is helping bring america together, inspired hearts and hands founder. mindy, welcome. >> hi, mike, thanks for having me. mike: what are you doing for
10:53 am
others this easter? >> oh, we're doing a ton. we're a grassroots organization of inspired hearts that are really trying to serve with their hands and we put together a number of initiatives towards the spring. we're handing out easter meal boxes to families all across our area that really could use a spark of love this year. we call it the necessary extra. we're so excited to be able to do it. as folks come through the line to pick up therapy box of easter meals items which include all of the fixings for a great easter meal as well as some other essentials for dinners and lunches for the week. we're also handing out fresh box lunches, from tabella's. they are a fantastic sponsor of ours. they're a family-run business. they matched one for one every meal we handed out. folks are going home with a armful of subs, meals, all kinds of treats.
10:54 am
mike: where did you come up with the idea about this wonderful charity, giving back, serving others? >> it was really, i had done it when i was a young mom and obviously as a mother you always want to find ways for your kids to be involved, to learn how important it is to love on our neighbors. and so, we reached out to the local community, rather, excuse me, what started 65 baskets that first year is turning into almost 2,000 this coming year, when you take all of our programs in total. in addition, we'll be covering about 1000 angel tree tags come from wish-lists and kids, veterans involved with our communities. mike: describe for me the feeling you get from helping these folks? >> oh, i don't know that i can really put words on it to be honest with but it just totally fills me to just capacity. to see my kids interacting with
10:55 am
other children and seeing the looks on their faces of smiling. yesterday we delivered meals to an elementary school in a local community here. as these kiddos pulled up, we handed them a little treat bag, pulled away smiling, there are really no words for what just a little outreach and a little sharing and a little bit of love can do for a person that is maybe struggling, just a little bit. so, it is amazing. mike: mindy, we're nearly out of time, what can our audience do to help if they're interested in your cause? >> we would love, love, have more folks come alongside us and help us. we absolutely could use financial support. if you're interested, please visit our website. you will find all of our initiatives there, as well as opportunities to donate and to volunteer. >> we've got your website across the bottom of the screen. minder did i, you are an inspiration. god bless you and your team for
10:56 am
spreading sunshine this easter season. well-done. >> thank you so much. mike: that's all for -- >> happy easter. mike: happy easter. that is all for this hour of "fox news live." "fox news sunday" with chris wallace is up next. i'm mike emanuel. before we go we want to wish you a joyous easter from our fox family to yours. have a blessed day, like my orthodox people we have a few weeks to go. we'll celebrate joyously when it is our turn. happy easter to those celebrating today. have an awesome day. ♪.
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chris: i'm chris wallace. president biden's push for massive infrastructure spending plan runs up against questions in congress and a recovering economy. >> the largest american jobs investment since world war ii. chris: the president's proposal not just investing in roads and bridges but green energy and care for the elderly and facing opposition from the right, left and center. we will talk with brian, white house top economic adviser and architect of the bill, only on fox news sunday. and we will discuss republican opposition with senator roy blunt of missouri.


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