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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  April 4, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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howie: less than three months after the capitol riot, critics were saying the barbed wire fencing had to come down. i understood that, working two blocks from the building. it was a big mistake. on friday as you know, a man rammed his car into two capitol police officers, killing an 18-year veteran, billy evans and wounding the other officer. pete williams reported the attacker was a white male. that was a serious blunder. he was a black man, an avat follower of the -- a you follower of islam. what matters is another capitol
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police officer is dead and our condolences to billy evans' family. what matters is our republic remains under threat from attackers of all stripes. what matters is we must protect our people and institutions from politically motivated violence. i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz. ♪ howie: ahead we'll talk to former white house spokesman hogan gidley and glenn greenwald. president biden was on espn when he took a swing at a political pitch, whether major league baseball should retaliate against georgia for a new voting law that critics call highly restrictive. >> what do you think about the possibility that baseball decides to move the all-star game out of atlanta because of this political issue? >> i think today's professional athletes are acting incredibly
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responsibly. i would strongly support them doing that. howie: the next day the league prodded by the player's union did just that, yanking the game out of atlanta. joining us now to analyze the coverage, kat timpf. and liz claman, who hosts the claman countdown on fox business. kat, should espn have asked president biden about the all-star game? the network has drawn flak in the past for being too political and too liberal and do you think biden weighing in emboldened major league baseball to make the move? >> it may have. i'm not surprised. espn as you've said has more politically leaning that perhaps a channel that was more about just sports in the past has been. but obviously this is going to be a huge controversy. you saw even that some of the things that biden said about the bill were quite simply wrong. right? even the washington post gave his comments on this four by
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pinocchios. they said maybe he didn't know and he only looked at earlier versions of the bill, not the final results. but he blatantly lied about these things. a lot of people are upset about that. this is obviously going to be a controversial issue. you have people wanting to boycott. howie: let me jump in. >> seems nobody can stay out of it. howie: among those wanting to boycott are donald trump, he rushed out a statement saying the league is afraid of radical left democrats, urging followers to boycott baseball. if this was a year ago, this would be the top of every show. how much play should the media give the pronouncement by a former president? >> well, regarding both presidents, biden and trump, yeah, it is a big story. no of wonder the media is covering its. it's not just a sports story, it's a business story. you have 193 corporations who banded together to say you know what, it's got to move out of georgia. that's everybody from estee
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lauder to coke, under armor. anybody that's surprised that either of the presidents are weighing in is not paying attention. this is not some far left outraged bernie sanders group that's doing it. it's major league baseball. it's the league and it's most of the owners, albeit not the atlanta braves who are really happy that it's being moved out and advocated for that. howie: right, barack obama also joining the debate, saying he supports moving the game out of atlanta. kat, cbs news deleted a tweet promoting a story with this head leave, three ways companies can help fight georgia's restrictive new voting law. are much of the media giving a standing ovation to this move by major league baseball? >> look, i think that they are and then a lot of detractors, i'd say most detractors are taking the stand of saying what about china. but i think that there's a business aspect to it even other than the one that liz mentioned as well which is of course the economic boom that having an
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all-star game in a specific city really brings that city, right. i saw this in an editorial in national review and in fox business, pointing out last year in 2020 in los angeles that brought the city almost $90 million in economic activity. so i think these are all complicated issues and people can get lost in them and i really think that i'm not surprised as liz said that people are talking about them but there's always a lot of different externalities to anything when you talk about something that isn't just political but is a business thing on many different levels. howie: it transcends news, culture, sports. brian kemp said this was cancel culture, based on liberal lies about the voting law. donald trump routinely weighed in on sports controversies, specifically the anthem protest. you have biden weighing in on the players's side in this controversy. is this the new normal? are sports and politics melded together forever?
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>> absolutely, howie. when you look at the meaning of it, if you look at sort of the pinnacle of baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, chevrolet, it's baseball that is that american past time and by association you're looking at the all-star game. i'm not surprised. if you look at what position that some of the georgia politicians are in, stacy abrams is unhappy that this is being moved out of georgia. she says it will financially hurt the state. you've got keisha bottoms, the mayor of atlanta, who is also saying she's disappointed about it. and it is a lot of money. but again, past the money, you've got to figure this is looking through the political prizm, whether it's for business or politicians but they've got to get the story right, as kat mentioned. it's not us, it's the washington post that pointed out that people are looking at old versions of the bill and not looking at the final version and some of the details which in some cases, not all, but some cases expand voter rights. howie: yeah, media have to be careful jumping on the bandwagon
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to get the facts right. let me move to the pandemic. the media rhetoric heated up after the cdc chief said she was scared. >> i'm going to lose the script. i'm going to reflect on the recurring feeling i have of impending doom. howie: donald trump's former medical advisors appeared in a documentary and deborah birx described a tense call from the president. >> were you threatened? >> i would say it was a very uncomfortable conversation. he felt very strongly that i misrepresented the pandemic in the united states, that i made it out to be much worse than it is. >> the thing that hit me like a punch to the chest was all of a sudden he got up and says liberate virginia, liberate michigan and i said to myself, oh, my goodness, what is going on here? it shocked me. howie: trump said in a
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blistering statement that birx is a proven liar with very little credibility, dismissing her as a peddler of pseudo science, calling fauci the king of flip-flops who tried to make himself good. this sniping back and forth between trump, birx and fauci is an irresistable story for the media. >> this sounds like the same headline we saw over and over and over again last year with them going back and forth and covid becoming such a political issue. and look, i think that a lot of people, what is missing from a lot of coverage is that you can believe multiple things at once. you can believe this is a real illness, that it's serious, potentially deadly to many people but you can also believe that, look, it's been a year and we're all being asked to live in a way that's counter to our basic biology as human beings. we're social creatures. that's important not just to mental health but physical health as well. i wish we could see more nuance. when you've got the sniping back
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and forth, that's always a juicy story. howie: speaking of sniping, before i get to my question, let's play a little about how the pundits are weighing in on this. >> this isn't about science. it's about casting trump as the villain and birx, fauci et al as heroes. >> right on cue, trump put out this screaming statement, going after birx and fauci. why? because he wanted to make it perfectly clear to you that the type of environment they feared was real. howie: liz, isn't everybody involved trying to some degree to either salvage or burnish reputations how they dealt with covid. fauci had been fighting with trump all year. it was last october that the former president called him a bunch of idiots. deborah birx remained silent. she has drawn criticism for that. >> well, it's the
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rehabilitation. yes, you're absolutely right, howie. both sides trying to rehabilitate their positions and certainly their profile on how this all developed. but we're now into year two of this situation and facts change and scientific information changes, so you've got to change with that. yes, nobody is exempt from criticism here, whether it's president trump or fauci or birx but both sides are trying to fight back here. nobody should be surprised that president trump is punching back. that's what he does. that's what he always said he would do. birx and fauci are -- certainly both doctors working hard to say i got certain things wrong but we want to make sure we get the story right. then you've got the flak from the right. the point being, we're in year two of this and we still have major problems with this virus. howie: on that point, kat, even as vaccinations are ramping up, which is a great thing, there's been a 17% increase in new
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cases, much higher in certain states, and so what's your take this critique that president biden and the democrats and the cdc are sort of hyping this and they want lockdowns to go on forever because it increases their political power. >> look, i really think obviously i agree with liz, this is a novel virus. so we're learning new things and things will change as we get more information. i think what a lot of people are frustrated with is what they see as hypocrisy from some of the people who placed lockdowns into effect and maybe not following including dr. birx. she was telling everyone to stay home. then she was on a plane to visither daughter, saying her daughter's depressed. everybody's depressed right now. it's the us from trait station some -- frustration some see with the words versus needs. gavin newsom, she's far from the only person that that applies to. howie: when rochell walenski is
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worried about impending doom, is she going to become the new media target, oh, she's trying to scare everybody, even when president biden said we're not there yet. >> a doctor is on chris wallace's show today saying we have a major tipping point, phase four i think he invoked that. so it's not just dr. birx, not just dr. walinski. people are still dying, sometimes up to 1,000 a day. again, operation warp speed deserves so much credit because we are you now coming out with so many vaccinations, millions and millions, and by the same token, biden is getting amazing -- he's getting amazing polling due the fact that he is handling covid the way he is. so while he's under water on things like immigration, he is right on top bipartisan voters on both sides looking at a positive aspect. howie: we'll see if that
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remains the case. ahead, former spokesman hogan gidley. when we come back, covering the sex trafficking investigation of congressman matt gaetz and his counter claim of extortion. ♪ i wish that i knew what i know now ♪ ♪ when i was younger ♪ you need a financial plan that fits the way you want to live in retirement. a plan that can help grow and protect your money. now or in the future. with an annuity in your plan to help cover essential expenses, you can live the retirement you want. the right financial professional can show you how. this is what an annuity can do. ♪ ♪
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howie: in a story that can only be called bizarre, the new york times disclosed that congressman matt gaetz is under justice department investigation under allegations he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and paid for her to travel across state lines which would violate sex trafficking laws, the probe was said to have begun toward the end of the trump administration. he told tucker carlson he was being shaken down for $25 million in exchange for getting the probe halted. >> it is a horrible allegation
8:17 am
and it is a lie. what is happening is an extortion of me and my family involving a former department of justice official. we went to the he local fbi and the fbi and the department of justice were so concerned about this attempted extortion of a member of congress that they asked my dad to wear a wire, which he did, with the former department of justice official. >> you just saw a matt gaetz interview, one of the weirdest interviews i've ever conducted. howie: on friday the new york times had a follow-up, saying gaetz is now being investigated for having -- for paying various women for sex, along with a florida pal who has been indicted for sex trafficking and taking ecstasy with him. my sense is the media world doesn't know what to make of this story. >> it's salacious, okay, but at this very moment we don't have enough evidence to see whether there is actual criminality here. on friday you started to see there may be receipts involving apple pay and, look, as it
8:18 am
becomes more detailed and we don't have those details yet, just as tucker mentioned, but even tucker looked confused by the interview because matt gaetz came out proactively to defend himself. there becomes a point where if there's more credence to it then matt gaetz's shelf life as a representative of the u.s. congress is going to be very attenuated. that said, paying for women when you're not a married man expensive gifts is not illegal. we need to bear this out and see more details as they become available, howie. howie: and kat, there was initially press skepticism when gaetz started talking about an extortion plot. the washington examiner obtained documents showing that his father, former state senator don gaetz, was told his son's future legal and political problems would go away if they put up $25 million to help free an american hostage in iran. not clear how they have the influence to stop a doj probe.
8:19 am
and so this adds to the aura of ambiguity around the whole mess. >> absolutely. a lot of that had to do with gaetz himself. we remember the tweet where he said his father had been wearing a wire. it means the guy is continuing to wear a wire. many people's thoughts were if i wear a wire for anybody and you tweet about it, i'll be very upset. but look, right, liz is right. this story does have everything. it's got sex, it's got drugs. it hazmat gaetz who is a -- has matt gaetz who is a polarizing figure. he's a staunch supporter of trump so people either really love him or hate him. if it's buying expensive gifts for women and sleeping with them, that's not illegal. there are receipts coming in. we need to figure out more about what's happening. it's been interesting to see some on the left who normally wouldn't be so puritanic al are
8:20 am
being puritanical. howie: there were a couple leaked stories saying gaetz might resign to join news max. the media consensus is the congressman hasn't helped himself with the round of media interviews, especially going on tucker carlson's show. >> he's a lawyer. he went to law school and when he came out and specifically said it's verifyabley false that i have traveled with a 17-year-old woman, of course the media's going to try to tease out legalese in here, number one, is he just denying that he traveled with her and why do you call a 17-year-old who is a minor a woman. putting that aside, he went out there to defend himself. again, we have to wait for the details. i would simply say that you've got a very -- as kat said, a polarizing figure rights now who has gone out there and is now exposed in certain cases of --
8:21 am
there are two things that make this legitimate, as a news story. number one, it came not from biden's attorney general but from donald trump's attorney general. if donald trump is batman, matt gaetz has been his robin. so there is that, that relation. number two, kevin mccarthy the lead ranking republican in the house is saying if there is more to come, and there's an indictment, he will be removed from his house seat. howie: if there's an indictment. there may not be. we don't know anything about the timing of these leaks to the new york times. but they ended up blowing up the fbi probe of the extortion part of this story, the extortion allegations made by gaetz. quickly. >> look, absolutely. that's why this story not just because it's weird but also because it's moving so quickly, it feels like it's impossible to know, wait, this happened, what happened, we'll have to keep watching it. i know i am. i'm not alone there either. howie: you may have company on that. great to see you. ahead glenn greenwald joins us
8:22 am
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howie: the killing of george floyd which shocked the world burst back into the news with the trial of minneapolis police officer derek chauvin which has been streamed and cared live on two cable networks. the most powerful testimony has been those of the witnesses including darnell fraser who said she stays awake nights wondering if she could have done more to save his life. >> when i look at george floyd, i look at -- i look at my dad. i look at my brothers. i look at my cousins, my uncles, because they are all black. via black father, i have a black brother, i have black friends. and i look at that and i look at
8:26 am
how that could have been one of them. howie: floyd's defense lawyers tried to depict bystanders as a distraction to police. joining us now is griff jenkins. i'd say the most powerful moment was watching the unedited 9 9minutes and 29 swekdz the officer's knee on george floyd's death. >> very emotional, very powerful testimony and we should point out never before has a judge allowed a full trial to be filmed in the state of minnesota like this. but it is that 9 minutes and 29 seconds that really moved everybody when they relived that and that is really why it is such an uphill battle if you will for defense attorney eric nelson who is going to make the case, has made the case in opening statements this week that it's about more than just the videos of floyd's slow death. but that parade of witnesses
8:27 am
ranging from age 9 to age 61, many of them breaking down on the stand, very powerful. one of them that stood out to me, the convenience store clerk that expressed guilt for suspecting in the first place that the 20 of dollar bill that floyd passed was fake or the firefighter who begged the officers who let her check floyd's pulse and having the two paramedics back it up and saying they found no signs of life. howie: do you think the judge's decision to stream the trial online, cnn and msnbc have carried most or all of, is changing the way the case is perceived by the public? >> certainly. it's important to remember that the general public watching this emotional trial and it continues this coming week do not have the same challenges that the actual jurors do or responsibilities to look at the letter of the law. i remember in covering the trials of all six officers in the freddy gray trials in bat michigan court rules it was very
8:28 am
different in what you may perceive is what happened to what the jurors had to look at and that is simply why he defense attorney nelson is going to argue that a chauvin did indeed follow his training and his actions were legal when obviously that video leaves one thinking anything but. howie: right. i've got a half a minute. george floyd was not an angel. he was a drug addict who initially resisted arrest. i'm not seeing commentators saying derek chauvin is getting a bad deal. it doesn't seem to move the needle. >> it doesn't. the testimony from floyd's girlfriend, courtney ross, was powerful, talking about their additions, shared addictions to drugs and one of the arguments the defense is making is that the death is due to pre-existing conditions and drugs. that's in full display now. howie: the world will be
8:29 am
watching for the verdict in this case. griff, thanks very much for stopping by. next on media buzz we'll look at coverage often filled with praise of president biden's infrastructure plan. hogan gidley is on deck.
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howie: with the former president increasingly taking shots at his successor on a number of high profile issues, joining us now from palm beach,
8:33 am
hogan gidley, former deputy press secretary and top spokesman for the trump campaign. let me start with this, president biden just unveiled a $2 trillion infrastructure plan, there's plenty of criticize including the massive size. donald trump said in various statements that this is a globalist betrayal, that it is a cruel and heartless attack on the american dream, that our economy will be destroyed. why such incendiary language. most former presidents give their successors a few months before pounding on them. >> listen, you just fell for the oldest trick in the book, outlined by the democrats, calling it an infrastructure bill. it isn't, only 5% of the bill is dead kateed to roads and -- dedicated to roads and bridges, that means 95% of the spending in here is a liberal, communist, socialist wish list dream. most of it has to do with green new deal projects and reparations. if you want to put those bills up and talk about them and debate them in the american
8:34 am
public, let's do that. let's have that conversation. howie: let me jump in here. >> democrats know that it's unpopular. howie: there's a lot of stuff in here like the covid relief bill, but communist, is that really a charge you want to make. >> when you ask for a government takeover of our oil industry, you want green new deals to be pushed down on top of the american people, which would absolutely hurt the poorest among us, it would be problematic for our economy. when the government takes over anything, you better believe that mirrors communism and what the communist countries of the past have tried to do to the people that they represent. the same applies here. this is what democrats have been doing for a long time, naming bills something that the american people think it will accomplish when in fact it has nothing to do with it. you touched on covid. it's the same thing. the package was a covid relief package, but yet nothing really went to covid, vast majority of the bill went other places. howie: just to be clear, it's not a government nationalization of oil companies. i want to put a up a headline on
8:35 am
this subject. with an eye on history biden moves on big, bold and progressive infrastructure package, it's a news story, starts out with joe biden staring every day at the portrait of fdr that he hung in the oval. is this typical of the tone of the coverage in your view? >> absolutely. it always has been. listen, under donald trump this -- under donald trump, his policies were america first. joebiden, his policies are amera last. the media want these types of policies implemented in this country. they don't care that the infrastructure package doesn't address roads and bridges and in fact, most of the roads and bridges are up to the states to fix and maintain and build. that's why they have taxes at the local level to do that. this is a federalization of that project. joe biden has been talking about this now for a long time. so have democrats. we know under barack obama there were all these shovel ready jobs that weren't actually shovel ready. they didn't do anything to prop up the american economy.
8:36 am
this won't either. think of it this way. all president trump's border policies were reversed under joe biden. so we have a different result. people gooding into the country, you now have incentives for people to expand the drug trade, human traffic, child smuggle. that's what happens under joe biden versus donald trump. the same applies here. if you cut taxes, you grow the economy. joe biden is doing the opposite. those policies will impact the american people negatively and i don't think they're going to be happy about it. howie: i do think that coverage of biden and the border has been more aggressive than other areas. let's play baseball. president biden strongly supporting the move by major league baseball to move the all-star game out of atlanta to protest the georgia voting law. i'm sure you disa agree with that. but donald trump again is calling for a boycott, not just of baseball but of coke, delta, citigroup and other of big corporations that are supporting either the georgia law or similar state proposals. he says in a statement with a
8:37 am
rigged and stole our 2020 presidential election which we won by a landslide, why go there, weigh in on baseball, but why go there? >> because corporations like coca-cola which are now in the alcoholic beverage space, i'm sure that requires an id to buy that, delta air lines, for example, you have to have an id to fly on a plane. this woke ideology is very problematic for this country, for so many reasons. and this is kind of the culmination of that have you a vocal minority out there crying racism. every single time republicans put forth a policy. in this particular instance in georgia, what part of this bill do democrats dislike? the expansion of voting on the weekend? more days to vote absentee? voting on sunday, for example? or the drop boxes that other states controlled by democrats like joe biden's delaware do not have. the fact is, georgia opened up its voting and the atlanta
8:38 am
journal constitution put forth an incredible correction this week in which it basically said none of the things in this bill curtail voting. in fact, it kind of expands voting. my question is -- howie: that's pretty much in dispute. i want to get one more thing. >> hold on. lastly had, they're -- they're literally talking about this piece of legislation. what were they reading on the frontend that made them write the lie in the first place. talking points from a democrat party. these leftists in the mainstream media lap up whatever democrats say and post it and a week later they're coming out with corrections. that's a problem. now it's already engrained into the american people's mind. they did that on purpose. this bill is not racist. the people at coke, delta, the people on the left know it but they continue to push it forward because what they want is to make everything in the legislature racist that republicans want so eventually they can get rid of the filibuster which they also say is racist even though democrats
8:39 am
used it more than 300 times in the last year. howie: details remain in dispute. you make some points. i have half a minute for you. before we came on the air donald trump's statement, happy easter to all including the radical left crazies who rigged our presidential election and want to destroy our country. a lot of criticism of the tone that he almost sounds a bit angry about what happened. >> what are you talking about? he's wishing happy easter to everybody, even the ones that attack him and don't like him. howie: want to destroy our country? >> the president was very clear. happy easter to all of you too. we know you don't like america, we know you think this country is the cause of the world's problems, and we're racist and we're sexist and we're bigoted and homophobic as a nation, even though millions want to come here. we understand. the president's being very nice. happy easter to you too. howie: hogan, happy easter to you as well. >> thanks so much. howie: hogan gidley. after the break, what happens when those who dare criticize journalists become the target of
8:40 am
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howie: when usa today ran a piece naming trump supporters who were charged in the capitol riot of using crowd funding sites to raise money for their defense, that sparked criticism in the paper which triggered a backlash online. joining us now, glenn greenwald, a journalist who writes on
8:44 am
substack. glenn, what's your main objection to this usa today story, the people who are charged here raising money, they're not charged with violent acts but breaching security at the capitol and tells a little about the blowback you got for the criticism. >> sure. so it's really based on my idea of journalism and not just my idiosyncratic idea but one commonly accepted in the profession for decades. there's a saying in journalism, cited by the pulitzer committee, which is that the role of the journalist is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable meaning that our job is to turn a light not on powerless people, those who we're supposed to be defending but the corruption of power centers, governments, security states, large corporations. what the usa story did was exactly the opposite, target r&d private citizens, people who are indigent and are charged with
8:45 am
serious issues, who are entitled to a vigorous defense and they were trying to raise money online so they could defend themselves against the full weight of the justice department crashing down on them and the point of the usa article was to prevent them from doing that. they went to a lot of the companies that were being used to fund raise like pay pal and stripe and other platforms and got them kicked off and celebrated it so what kind of journalism is that. howie: let me put up on the screen something you wrote about, the primary target of the trump era media is private citizens and who wield no power but media outlets believe must have their lives ruined because they adopted the wrong political ideology. so you see this as ideologically based. >> absolutely. one of the examples i cited was a couple of years ago cnn went
8:46 am
to the front yard of an elderly woman in florida to confront her because she had posted a pro-trump rally on her facebook page that cnn claimed was actually engineered by the russians and tried to basically confront her whether she was some kind of kremlin operative, this 75-year-old woman. they dock people all the time if you make a pro-trump mean or anti-media meme. they dock you all the time. what they did, this is what they always do, that's more disturbing, is if you criticize them, i'm talking about major journalists from the second largest newspaper in the country which is usa today, criticized them, others did n turn around and make themselves the victim. they say by criticizing us as journalists you're inciting hatred against us, inciting harassment. they reversed the dynamic. they attack marginalized powerless people but depend the marginalized, powerless vulnerable ones are themselves so it's ill legitimate to
8:47 am
criticize. howie: the lead by line belonged to a woman named brenna taylor. ben collins called you a member of the extreme right. other people said were you bullying brenna taylor, this fragile young woman. your response? >> it's so ironic. because the whole point of feminism, the feminist movement which i always supported and still support is to say that women are as strong as men and as capable as men of doing professional jobs. there's obviously a lot of strong women in jurchly. journalism. they're saying women are too fragile, we need to treat them like china dolls who cannot be criticized, who cannot be critiqued in any way because if you do you're somehow harming them. it's a really regressive kind of sexist trope they're using to place themselves off limits from criticism even though they wield
8:48 am
a lot of power. howie: let me get this one question in, i want some room to talk about hunter biden. you tweeted people in the liberal sector of the media haven't come to terms with how widely an and intensely hated they are. hated by who? hated by the right? >> not only by the right, if you look at not just the trends in digital media where these digital media outlets are completely failing, huge layoffs or closure but polling data from axios showing trust and faith is at an all-time low, it's a crisis in journalism and they refuse to take responsibility or even ask whether anything that they're doing is responsible. howie: that's why we ask those questions. let me get a break. still to come, hunter biden admits that the laptop leaked to the foreign influence peddling, well, may have been his. ♪♪ it's velveeta shells & cheese
8:49 am
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howie: hunter biden's out with a book detailing his struggles as a crack addict and alcoholic in a cbs interview, the president's son was asked about the laptop found a delaware repair shop that included e-mails about his foreign business dealings. >> was that your laptop? >> for real, i don't know. >> yes or no? >> i have no idea. >> so it could have been yours. >> of course, certainly. there could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. it could be i was hacked. it could be that it was russian intelligence. howie: cbs' tracee smith asked the question several more times in there. glenn greenwald, should the press accept hunter biden's response that he doesn't know if a laptop filled with his e-mails is his, maybe it is, maybe it isn't? >> it's totally irrelevant, how eye because there's no -- howie,
8:53 am
because there's no doubt that those documents are authentic. nobody from the biden family ever claimed that a word of the e-mails or documents are anything but authentic. witnesses said i have these e-mails and they're all real. if you're somebody like hunter biden and the press organization publishes e-mails in your name that are fake, the first thing you do is say they're fake. he won't say it because those documents were authentic and always were. howie: on that point, npr ran a belated correction, it says a previous version of the story said u.s. intelligence discredited the laptop story. u.s. intelligence officials have not made a statement to that effect. what about that? >> you know, i really think we haven't sufficiently appreciated how serious and grave this attack was on our right to have the dissemination of information. what happened before the election when facebook and twitter that wield enormous influence censored these stories, refused to allow the stories, the reporting from the oldest newspaper in the country
8:54 am
to be circulated because they accepted a lie from ex-cia officials that this information was russian disinformation. there's been no evidence that russia had any role. we know it wasn't disinformation, the documents are real. it was not just widespread censorship weeks before an election but based on lies from the intelligence community that prevented millions of american citizens from hearing about relevant information about the leading presidential frontrunner. i think it's an incredible scandal that we ought to revisit in light of the interview. howie: i was highly critical of it at the time. jack dorsey admits it's a big mistake. hunter biden writes about smoking crack every 15 hints, the drinking problems, visiting his father and his father saying i don't know what to do about your addiction coverage. is the coverage starting to generate sympathy for him as a person since obviously add
8:55 am
decision is an awful thing -- addiction is an awful thing to deal with. >> i never regarded addiction struggles as news worthy, nor his sexual adult relationships which were part of the documents. talking about that is a noble thing to do. what i considered news worthy and what was censors were parts of the documents showing he was peddling influence with joe biden's brother in china and ukraine that raised questions about the extent to which joe biden knew about it and was participating in it. so if they want to focus on his addiction problems, i support hunter biden and anyone else struggling with addiction. the real story was corruption and influence peddling in countries in which joe biden, then the vice president, had a lot of influence and power and we shouldn't let anyone distract from what the real story was. howie: obviously, hunter biden's motivation in writing the book aside from the $2 million advance, to show a sympathetic portion of of himself. you think he opened the door for us to revisit questions about
8:56 am
ukraine and burisma, some of which got a lot of attention during the first impeachment. i've got about half a minute. >> yeah, i mean, we should be revisiting it regardless because the real story was not just what the documents showed about biden and china and ukraine but also the abuse of power by facebook and the democrats to censor a major story right before an election, it was incredible interference and manipulation from the right to vote and the right to be heard. howie: the question you would ask is could this happen again, in other words it's not just old news. a few seconds left. >> yeah. i mean, it was a template that's very dangerous and very disturbing which is why we need to denounce it now. howie: glenn greenwald, thanks very much for being here. good to see you. that's it for this edition of media buzz. i'm howard kurtz. i'd like to wish you a happy easter and you can like our facebook page, we post my daily columns there. continue the conversation on twitter, check out my podcast, media buzz meter. you can subscribe at apple
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>> fox news alert. the humanitarian crisis at the southern border just keeps growing this easter sunday. sus toms and border patrol now projecting more than 180,000 unaccompanied children could cross into the u.s. this year. an all-time record. the border patrol also saying preliminary data shows it was on pace to encounter more than 171,000 migrants last month alone. a sharp rise from the same time last year. hello, everyone, happy easter and welcome to fox news live, i'm arthel neville. hi, eric. eric: hi, arthel, happy easter and happy easter to you atom