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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  April 4, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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on i would sincerely if you headed to apple or spotify and start joining me in longer conversations. rachel, i've enjoyed you hanging out with us the last several days. >> it was awesome. happy easter. go to church. i'm heading there myself. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. happy easter to all. welcome to sunday morning futures. i'm maria bartiromo. today from the front lines, the attorney general leading the charge against joe biden's radical agenda. texas ag ken paxton is here on big-tech dominance, the xl pipeline shutdown and election reform and the border surge. all a result of joe biden's sweeping executive orders why a string of states are following and suing the administration and then you saw it here first, senator ted cruz's rejecting biden's media blackout at the border. watch what happens when one of
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biden handler's try to stop ted cruz and 11 other senators from taking pictures at a facility in donna, texas. >> you're right and this is a dangerous place and your policies are trying to hide them. >> respect the people. give them dignity and respect. >> i want to fix the situation. the administration is responsible for these conditions. maria: what is the biden administration hiding from the public? heartbreaking scenes like this one. 4,000 migrants crammed into unsanitary holding pens in bridge in u.s. and mexico in a facility meant to hold 250 people. texas governor greg abbott pointed the finger at biden when he joined us last month. >> the border patrol officers themselves told me they informed the biden administration that because of the policy changes, it was going to lead to this
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massive surge that we are just now beginning to see knowing there's going to be getting far worse in the coming months. they also said that the reason for the change, the reason for the increase in influx is because of the policy change by the biden administration. maria: coming up wyoming senator john berrasso, medical doctor himself on the public health crisis biden has created. migrants testing positive for covid at rate of 10%. what the administration needs to do right now to stop the bleeding? plus prerogative politics creeping into school curriculums, my interview with candice owens. all that and more as we look ahead right now on sunday morning futures. ♪ ♪ maria: but first this morning,
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the story of the year, human heartbreak at our southern border. scenes like this one playing out every day throughout the rio grande valley, families with young children crammed in holding pens for days without sunlight. customs and border patrol agents too overwhelmed to keep up with the surge say that it is a direct result of president biden's border policies. 2 years ago this month, sunday morning futures travel today el paso, texas to witness the immigration crisis firsthand. take a look. where were you going to go, what was your plan? where were you going to go? [speaking in spanish] >> she was going to oklahoma. maria: did something tell you in honduras that you would be able to stay and get to oklahoma if you crossed? >> a lot of people told her. maria: they knew exactly where to go.
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>> she knew where to cross. maybe her mother is under our care right now, under our custody. maria: i see. >> i don't know, i don't know. maria: will you be able to find out accurate names or do they have any papers? >> they are yet to be presented to me. maria: there's somebody running there. >> once the group crosses, an adult male just run back. maria: how old is the baby? >> 16 months. maria: how long have you been traveling with the baby? >> several times were robbed. the cartels attempt today kidnap his sisters. maria: how did you know where to go. you are 10 year's old, you are 8 year's old, how did you know where to walk? >> she can't remember how she got to this location. maria: through a series of actions and agreements with
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mexico and northern triangle, countries, trump administration was able to get the border in control. in two months in office, president biden signed 11 executive orders on immigration returning u.s. to square 1 if not worse. right now attorney general ken paxton. he's on the front lines to have crisis and witnessed firsthand the destructiveness of the biden agenda. ag paxton, it's good to have you this morning. thanks for being here. ken: good morning, happy easter. maria: i want to ask you about the broader agenda and what's taking place at this point. what do you think needs to be done to stop the bleeding, to ensure that this is not a humanitarian crisis, that children, young girl are not making this incredibly dangerous journey where we understand there's also sexual assault involved in their journeys?
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ken: i think we have a model for this because under president obama we had the same situation and at the beginning of the trump administration, we also had the same -- people coming across the border in massive numbers and president trump put in place a model that i think works. first of all, he said, don't come. two, he started building a wall. 3, he told people stay in mexico before they went through their hearing and he also let border patrol do their job. and so i think that model, we know it worked because the surge stopped and the numbers came down and with the old policies of obama, biden has implemented we are back to square one, maybe even worse. maria: i just want to know really why they overturn some of the policies. you mentioned the policies that were most impactful. number 1, stopping the construction of the border wall. number 2, overturning remain in mexico and then there's catch and release. can you give us a sense of the
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practical impact of changing those laws? you sued the administration because joe biden came into office and just started blowing off laws that were signed into law by the president, but agreed upon in congress. ken: yeah, that's what's amazing. the president doesn't have the authority to change immigration law. he announced for the first hundred days of his administration that you can come across the border and you would not be deported. that's not his job to change the law and i think his policies, his announced policies send the signal to the world, come across the border and you'll be welcome, you'll be taken care of and i think it's clear that he wants that to happen because he knows from past experience under the obama administration that if you do that, people will come and it totally worked. maria: well, you are also appealing to the supreme court in terms of what the public is
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forced to pay for here and carry the bill. walk us through what you're doing there, ken. ken: so we have a history of the country, we had the thing called the public, if you were coming to this country, you shouldn't expect us to put you on public assistance immediately. and so it was unofficial. the clinton administration actually put a rule in place that made it more official and enforced it and then, i think, trump came in and added to that. the biden administration -- well, the trump administration was then sued by many democratic members and now the biden administration decided they don't want to standby that and we asked the court if we can step in and defend it. this cost our state billions of dollars and cost the country billions of dollars. if we are going to invite people in, we have to make sure they are taking care of themselves and not end up on food stamps and medicaid and healthcare insurance from our country. maria: well, you make a really
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good point because we've heard from a number of mayors and the mayors of border towns are completely overwhelmed. talk to that a bit because you are seeing the border towns and even towns in the interior of our country change completely because of this surge of new people. ken: well, it's very unfair to border towns. a lot of times they are smaller. even if they are not, so many people coming across and so much demand on the services especially if the children, having to take care of these children and then you throw in the mix of covid and other potential diseases and they are overwhelmed and they're at risk of getting these diseases including covid and they're also at risk of higher crime rates which is actually happening with drug-related crimes and the cartel pushing human trafficking and the young women being trafficked and young boys being trafficked. it is a humanitarian disaster and the border towns are suffering more than any others. maria: it's absolutely extraordinary.
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look, i want to talk a bit about the broader agenda and we had senator ted cruz on last week who had just come back from his border trip and really exposed a lot while on the ground there. but he also connected what's going on in terms of immigration at the border. he connected that to the election bill that the democrats are putting forth. i know that you are also pushing back on the radical agenda when it comes to big tech, when it comes to the election as well as when it comes to the xl pipeline. listen to ted cruz as he connects the dots between voting and the hr1 bill and the migrants. here he is. senator: i think hr1 is actually directed connected to this border crisis. many are calling hr1 the corrupt politicians act because it is their number one priority to keep democrats in power for the next 100 years and one of the most dangerous things that the corrupt politicians act does is
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it automatically registers everyone to vote, if you get welfare payment, if you go to a public college or university. they know that would register millions of illegal aliens. that's the purpose of the bill to have millions of illegal aliens and criminals, felons automatically register. maria: wow, that was stunning. ag paxton, what do you make of that and tell us about hr1, is it a threat to democracy and what what's can you do on the state level to stop it? ken: calling it the corrupt politicians act is proposed. it certainly would democrats. if you notice, a lot of people are being placed in red states, they are being placed in places
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like texas, montana. there's no doubt that the bill would allow current practices in other states, for fraud to occur in my state and many states that are trying to protect against fraud and certainly what ted cruz said is accurate. maria: it's extraordinary, you just mentioned a moment ago that you're leading a group of 14gop state ag's in this push to allow the supreme court to allow you to take over the defense of trump's policy which, of course, barred immigrants that were going to be requiring government benefits. i just want you to go back to that for a minute and explain the cost because i don't -- i don't know that people understand how much this is costing and there's a new ap report that's estimating each child in custody is costing the government $775 a day. ken: well, that's just the beginning because we have the burdens in our state, we will have to educate them and take
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care of their health care, we have to figure out their family situation and deal with law enforcement issues. it costs the state of texas billions of dollars and every time the administration like obama administration, the biden administration opens up the bored, it increases our cost and we also have the social cost, the crime, increase crime. i wish president biden would talk to the families that have been affected by the crime who have lost loved ones because of immigration. i think it might affect him and give him a different perspective on the downside of the policies that are devastating some of the families in my state. maria: yeah, real quick on the rest to have agenda. georgia now with the new voting law requiring voters to present valid id, i don't understand why the democrats are pushing hr1 which does away with having an id. i mean, you need an id to buyalp
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boxes and changes the rules and process for requesting an absentee ballot. tell me about your reaction to the georgia law and -- and what you think about president biden calling hr1 jim crow in the 21st century un-american? ken: well, labeling this the corrupt politicians act is absolutely true because it would eliminate voter id which we do in our state to verify that you are the right person voting. it would -- push mail-in ballots which are the highest incidents of voter fraud and allow for felons to votes and would allow for illegals and do everything possible to open up elections so they are not credible anymore. i'm more concerned of hr1, the corrupt politicians act like ted cruz called it than i am any legislation than i have ever seen. i think it will ruin the democracy and make our election totally unreliable in every single state instead of just a few. maria: yeah, but you're also pushing back on the closing of
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the xl pipeline. you have been pushing back on big-tech dominance as well and this is -- you're taking the lead here and a lot of ag's across the country have followed your lead. ken: well, we are extremely concerned about what this administration is doing even with things like the keystone pipeline. we think that they are in a war against fossil fuel and there's no good stated purpose for shutting down the keystone pipeline. we think the president is filing federal law but we are losing jobs and we have to ship that through railcar which is not environmentally friendly like pipeline. i have not heard one good reason for shutting down the pipeline. it's virtual signaling. no benefit for the american people. maria: unbelievable. ag ken paxton, thank you very much for your leadership. this is all very troubling and, of course, we will keep spotlighting it.
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good to see you today. ken: thanks for having me on. maria: thank you so much. coming up senator john borrasso on humanitarian crisis he witnessed on the border when he went last week. we will talk about it. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ it's velveeta shells & cheese versus the other guys. ♪♪ clearly, velveeta melts creamier.
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wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. >> they came here because i want a better job. they didn't say here because they were facing persecution, because of their race or ethnicity, religion. that's not grounds for asylum. maria: arkansas senator tom cotton revealing what border crossers told him about the real reason they are coming to america. he and 18 other senators visited the rio grande valley last week to see the impact of biden's himgration policy for themselves, what they experienced was devastating. this picture taken by north carolina senator tom tillus shows babies smuggled across the
7:20 am
border by human traffickers, just one of the perils facing the children each day. wyoming senator john barrasso among senators on the border trip last weekend. he joins me now. senator, thank you so much for being here and you're not only a lawmaker, you're also a medical doctor. so i'm very interested in hearing your take. these migrant reportedly testing positive for covid at a rate of 10%. assess the public health threat for us, senator. senator: well, thank you, maria, happy easter to you and your viewers. you're right, this is both humanitarian crisis and a national security crisis. i saw at the border, you may have seen today, the highest in history of unaccompanied minors currently in captivity. they have crammed in like sardines and this is what the biden administration is trying to hide from the american public which is why we took video and the biden administration tried
7:21 am
to stop up. you put so many people in captivity in this sort of way and 10% are testing positive for coronavirus, joe biden is turning into this super spreader of coronavirus in our country. maria: this is unbelievable, senator. so i was told that some of you have -- had taken pictures and then the border officials there or biden handlers forced you to delete the pictures from your cameras. were you part of that? senator: well, we were told to delete the pictures. no one did. you've seen the video coming out of all of the kids crammed together under the foil blankets, huddling together and when you have 10% of them who are positive already -- i watched them be tested for coronavirus. they had them in a courtyard. all of the young people. this is after they had been there. they're only allowed to be there for three days by law. you wouldn't want your kids there to be for 3 minutes. many are staying for ten days. they are being tested the day
7:22 am
they leave. they put them on the courtyard and do instant test and those tested positive are just moved to one side of the courtroom and those negative to the courtyard but i will tell you, maria, they've all been exposed and then they are sent across the country. you know, that is the real tragedy of this and we are not sure what variant of the coronavirus they're carrying. they are carrying all around america. they are not being quarantined. every one of them ought to be quarantine. maria: that's unbelievable. how does that help by testing -- they've been there a few days and at that point they've given it to others. senator, i want to get your take especially hr1, you're in the leadership in the senate, democrats are setting sights on eliminating the filibuster as well. lots to talk about with you including the trillion dollar spending package, multitrillion dollar spending package. stay with us. quick break and more with senator john barrasso.
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maria: welcome back, we are talking with morning with wyoming senator john barrasso republican conference chairman and member of the senate committee on foreign relations. senator, we were just talking about the border crisis and the disaster. there are reports that migrants are, many migrants are being released into the interior of our country without a court date. i want to get your take on that. also senator ron johnson told me that in one sector, there was 40,000, quote, unquote, got aways, they got away since biden took office. the irony here is that we are hearing a lot about joe biden wanting vaccine passports to
7:27 am
prove that people have vaccines. meanwhile, the border crossers, they don't even require id. we don't know who they are and where they're coming from and what their background is. senator: the easiest way to get into the united states today is to do illegally, you don't have to show proof of anything and they will allow you into the country. that's the biden policy. you talk to the border patrol agents. we did a midnight patrol. they will tell you their job got a lot harder when joe biden became president. only one in three of them is on the ground trying to enforce the laws because two-thirds of them are involved in either providing day care or escorts to the migrants who are being shown by signs on the ground where to go to turn themselves in. the border patrol talked to the transition team from the biden administration before they came into office. they said, if you eliminate this program that worked that president trump put in place, the remain in mexico program, we are going to have a massive
7:28 am
humanitarian crisis at the border. the biden administration ignored them and that's what we have now. highest numbers of all times coming into the country illegally. no identification, carrying who knows how many diseases, but certainly high percentage with coronavirus that they are then taking all across the country. maria: yeah, and you mentioned, we don't know what variant it is. we will talk to peter navarro because there's a veryient from -- variant from brazil. immigration is one of the policies that has become a radical agenda. the democrats are pushing hr1, this election bill, they are also trying to overturn the filibuster. you're there on the front lines, tell us how likely these things are? senator: well, it is the democrats number 1 priority.
7:29 am
that's why they named bill number 1. people know what they want with elections. you want fair elections. you want it to be free from voter fraud. i mean, that's the cornerstone of american democracy. you want to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. the democrats in their bill are making it very easy to cheat. and let me give you a couple of quick examples. number 1 is they ban voter id so when people go to vote, they're not allowed to be asked to we have who they really are. the other is they allow the ballot harvesting, paid political operatives who can go out and collect hundreds, thousands of ballots going door to door, housing projects and nursing homes and they get to decide. these are not observed. they can then decide which ones they want to turn in and which ballots they choose to destroy. that's wrong. and then they are going to have the public, taxpayers, pay for elections. so taxpayers are going to be forced to pay for campaign ads
7:30 am
and websites, campaign signs for candidates that they may oppose and, maria, this is 880-page bill. what i just described is the tip of the iceberg. this is what nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are trying to force on the american people. the only way they can do this is to eliminate the 60-vote threshold. the filibuster in the united states senate and cram this through on party-line voting. maria: can they do that? would they eliminate the filibuster? by the way, once they get the filibuster out of the way, they can pack supreme court, pack 4 liberals in there and then there's no debate at all. senator: well, two democrat senators joe manchin and krysten sinema have said they will stay with republicans in protecting the filibuster. the democrats were for the filibuster before they were against it. the reason they flip-flopped is
7:31 am
they can cram things along party lines and the two senators will come under immense pressure. this filibuster, this 60-vote threshold will be in place over 150 years because one party is not supposed to be able to steam-role the other. we are supposed to find bipartisan solutions to move the country forward. we have a 50-50 senate that ought to be a mandate to move to the middle. joe biden was for the filibuster when he was in the senate. he gave speeches to that effect. 33 senators signed a letter when president trump was in office and the republicans were in the majority that said, oh, no, no, do not eliminate the filibuster, it's important that we work together to find solutions. the democrats are trying to throw that all out so they can go forward with a radical, extreme, dangerous and scary agenda for our country. maria: it's unbelievable. i want to say, wow, what dirty tricks but it's so much bigger than dirty tricks. this will impact every american
7:32 am
and these are really dangerous ideas. senator, thanks very much, really well said. you explained it to our audience so well and we so appreciate it. come back soon, thank you. >> sure will. thank you, maria. maria: all right, john barrasso joining us there in wyoming. coming up former acting dhs secretary chad wolf is here on the 3 mistakes biden made during first week in office. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> i guess i should be flattered people are coming because i'm the nice guy. that's the reason why it's happening, that i'm a decent man, how i was raised. that's why they are coming because biden is a good guy. truth of the matter is nothing has changed. as many people came -- maria: that was president joe biden telling america that the situation at the border has not changed but the numbers tell a completely different story and we have those numbers here. this chart shows the spike from just one year ago. and as you can see, it is spiking. senator ted cruz told us on this program last week he believes this is a direct consequence of 3 critical decisions that joe biden made during his first week as president. watch. senator: number 1, he
7:37 am
immediately halted construction of the border wall and we saw sections to have border wall where literally they are half done and there's rusted rebar everywhere. they just left it. they just left it with holes in it and, of course, illegal traffic is streaming through those holes. number 2, joe biden reinstated the failed catch and release policy. in other words, when someone is caught, they end up being given a court date some time in the future, released and everyone knows a very small percentage of them ever show up again. and number 3, this is probably the most inexplicable, biden ended the remain in mexico agreement. maria: and joining me now is former acting dhs secretary chad wolf who one instrumental in implementing president trump's border policies and he's with us now. secretary, pleasure to see you. thanks for being here. good morning to you. do you agree with what you just heard from ted cruz as the 3 most important things that biden did to overturn trump policies
7:38 am
and, in fact, in doing so caused this surge at the border? chad: well, the senator is certainly right. the three measures impacted the surge that we see and i would add onto that, the fact that the administration is not enforcing a title 42 cdc public health order on minors is contributing directly to the surge that we see in minors today. over 5, 6,000 in cbp cost dye --custody because of specific measure not to employ the public health order for minors. remember this, maria, they are using this public health authority to turn around single adults and some families who have minors and they are turning minors back to mexico but they will not turn minorses to northern triangle and put them
7:39 am
on families which is what we did during the trump administration. this is having a significant effect on the surge that we see with minors and certainly the remain in mexico program or mpp is contributing to the surge with family units and the catch and release that the senator talked about. maria: yeah, it's so important to go through this -- and, you know, we know that joe biden carved out an exception for families that are minors. family with a 6-year-old or younger. just like that, we suddenly see families with 6-year-olds or younger, but they are renting the kids, right, it's not even their kids, they are trying to have the cookie-cutter that joe biden said will let in. chad: what we know the smugglers are sophisticated and they know our policies and procedures, so when the biden administration start to carve out different populations and groups of
7:40 am
individuals, those are exactly as you indicated, those are the groups of individuals we start seeing at the border because that's who they go and recruit. but at the end of the day, the administration right now is not enforcing or not -- there is no immigration consequence to illegal behavior. they are simply treating this as a capacity issue. so they are building more facilities, they are trying to process more individuals through and they are not holding individuals accountable for that illegal behavior and that's what you have to do at the end of the day to stop the crisis and the surge that we see on the border. so there's going to be a number of policies that are going to be need to be changed and enforced if we want to see an end to this. maria: what are the border agents telling you on the ground? one of my sources on the border told me that they'll be 5,000 agents retiring and the biden administration is not going to replace them. it seems like our officials on the ground, those people on the front lines, border customs patrol are dealing with this
7:41 am
with their hands tied behind their back. also customs and border patrol chief hastings tweeted this that rio grande valley agents counted 860 criminal aliens, 92 sex offenders, 64 members of violent gangs, so they are dealing with this on the ground. representative henry cuellar from texas said thousands are being released into texas on the honor system without court information or notices to appear. so you've got some -- some really tough, you know, dealings that our border agents have to face off meanwhile, you have 5,000 of them about to retire. chad: yeah, it's absolutely frustrating for border patrol agents today and i talked to several of them. those in the rio grande valley, rgv, ground zero where a lot of the surge is occurring, almost half, half of them are no longer
7:42 am
on the border doing the national security mission. they are back at border patrol stations carrying and feeding for these thousands of individuals in their facilities. that's not what they signed up for. that's not their training. their training is to enforce the law, making sure that drugs and contraband and other illegal migrants are not coming into the country. over half of them in rgv are not doing that today. that's why you see perhaps increase in number of criminals and others because cartels will take advantage of that. at the end to have day, also our border patrol agents will listen to tv and listen to television and some announcements that are coming from dhs leadership as well as the white house and so when they hear that leadership saying the border is closed, the border is secure, they know that's a lie. they know that's a lie and i believe there's a loss of confidence in both departmental leadership as well as in the white house with your agents a@border patrol. maria: yeah, that has massive unintended consequences.
7:43 am
real quick, who do you think is in charge? joe biden said kamala harris is in charge. she said, no, no, i'm not taking that on. i'm just doing diplomacy. chad: well, it's very confusing. you have dhs secretary. you have a southern border coordinator out of the white house. you have a vice president and you have envoy, envoy from the state department. it's all very confusing and what this tells you is that there's a lot of high-level individuals from the administration focused on this because of the crisis, because of the historic nature of the border. maria: we will see if this will change and take a mia culpa and reinstate president trump and your guidelines policies that fixed the situation for a time. chad wolf, great to have you. thank you so much. >> thank you. maria: coming up candice owens
7:44 am
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kisqali is not approved for use with tamoxifen. it's our time. for more time. we asked for kisqali. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. >> it's the vaccine development which will move in a trump time. we are going to be able to get -- possibly get a vaccine in half of the time it usually takes. bottom line, maria, is that this administration is moving rapidly as possible and my part of the portfolio is to make sure our supply chains are secure and we have what we need. maria: that was former white house trade adviser peter navarro on this program more than a year ago, february of last year. two full weeks before covid-19 was declared a pandemic promising a vaccine in record time. he called it right thanks to the trump administration and its operation warp speed, we now not only have one but three vaccines
7:48 am
with more than 40 million doses administered so far. president biden meanwhile has yet to acknowledge any of this which i discussed with candace owens host of candace in the daily wire. >> this is a privilege of the biden administration. imagine being a president who never has to answer questions from the press. you can make stuff up as you go along. this has been one of the more remarkable things about the administration, they are not taking questions, joe biden has not taking questions. they seem to be protecting him or insulating him from any critiques. we are correct to call this out, this is a major win of the trump administration but people are wondering how is it possible that joe biden gets out there, gives an entire speech, 50 plus days and he still has not taken any questions from journalists. you know, we were lucky to have president trump leading us during this country, during the time of the coronavirus pandemic. i think joe biden knows that. i don't think that he believes the things that are cog out of his mouth. i certainly don't believe he wrote the things that are coming
7:49 am
out of his mouth and i don't think he remembers the things that he said that came out of his said when it was going to be a long dark winter. this is a man that does not seem to have mental faculties about him and not fooling the american people and he's not fooling anybody abroad and right now america as a country looks tremendously weakened. maria: one of the reasons that you had such a big showing from the black community for president trump in election 2020. let me get your take on where you think the community is today under biden policies and whether or not you see support there from the minorities and the black american community. >> if you ever want to check the temperature of how the minorities are doing and what party they are trending towards to, you need to read the mainstream media narrative which is castigating hispanic men and black men and coming up with reasons why they are starting to vote more conservatively. i they did this right after the
7:50 am
election. i read a piece in yahoo news and whey they are breaking from the democratic party and making it seem because a lot of them aren't good people. we saw this recently in "the new york times" piece talking about hispanic men, they fell for qanon conspiracy theories and they are realizing they are losing minority vehicle coders and because of policies and because they don't feel that they have a leader, they are looking at joe biden, he's in the a leader. we are looking at democrat policies, they are not helping them. when you say let's just make the borders porous, is that going to help black americans when they have to compete for illegals for jobs, absolutely not. it makes sense for us and doesn't make sense for people on the left. calling everybody a racist and white supremacist is getting pretty old. we have to deliver and have to make communities better which democrats are not doing. maria: well, it's getting old but there's a resurgence of it in schools. i want to take a break and come back and talk about your take on the critical race theory being
7:51 am
added to so many school curriculums and why learning through the lens of race contradicts everything america stands for. we are with candace owens this morning and we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, i'm back with author candace owens. i want to talk to you about what's going on in our curriculums these days. a friend of mine sent me a piece from her son's seventh grade class where they are saying if you identify as white, come to a meeting because we want to make sure you with thrive and strive not to be a racist. they are assuming every kid is a racist, candace. >> absolutely, i know that megan kelly pulled out children from school for similar reasons and this is a big topic that i cover
7:55 am
extensively. i truly believe it's time to pull our kids out of school. people say, not all of us can afford to do that. the country wasn't built when they were home schooling it. we are starting to see more. they are trying to fuel racists in the country and try to teach marxist ideology and the bad thing here, maria, they are replacing hard economics. the kids are not learning science or mathematics, they are learning how to hate the country and this is problematic for the future. they want ignorant group that vote based on emotion. it's a democrat long-term strategy and finally coming to fruition. maria: this has got to stop and they are dividing us with this hr1. >> i'm tired of black americans, hispanic americans to further the democrat power and everything that the democrats want to do and we have seen this time and time again and it's always a game of linguistics.
7:56 am
they tell you it's going to help you. it's to combat voter suppression. votes are not being suppressed. this is what the left always says. they make it sound good when they are after the exact opposite. when i hear them trying to say combat voter suppression, i almost know what they are suppressing votes themselves and making sure they stay in power. hr1 is extremely, extremely dangerous and we need to make sure we are trying to combat it in every single manner that we can. maria: how do we stop this, candace, you say take the kids out of school. how do you ensure that the curriculum is not bias the way it is right now? >> it is bias. it's 100% bias, quite frankly, i think the parents need to start suing schools. they will win will they start suing schools with this sort of stuff because it's discrimination. maria: candace, great to see you this morning, candace owens, that does it for sunday morning futures. thank you so much for being with us. i'm maria bartiromo wishing you all a happy easter. for more you can catch us once
7:57 am
again at 3:00 p.m. eastern at fox news and the conversation continues this week on mornings with maria on fox business, 6:0. have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ . . .
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howie: less than three months after the capitol riot, critics were saying the barbed wire fencing had to come down. i understood that, working two blocks from the building. it was a big mistake. on friday as you know, a man rammed his car into two capitol police officers, killing an 18-year veteran, billy evans and wounding the other officer. pete williams reported the attacker was a white male. that was a serious blunder. he was a black man, an avat follower of the -- a you follower of islam. what matters is another capit


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