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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  April 4, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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so much for being with us early this morning. enjoy the rest of your day. we, as i said we're awaiting the the urbi et erbi blessing. now "fox & friends." stick with us. >> start the easter sunday edition of "fox & friends weekend" awaiting pope francis. i'm rachel campos duffy. pete: pope presiding over easter sunday mass. >> translator: deer bratz and sisters, happy easter, happy holy, serene easter. today throughout the world the church's proclamation resounds. jesus who was risen, jesus
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crucified has risen as he said. hallelujah. the easter proclamation does not offer a mirage or reveal a magic formula. it does not point to an escape from the difficult situation we're facing. the pandemic is still at its height. while the social and economic crisis remains severe, especially for the poor. nonetheless. this is scandalous, armed conflict has not ended and military arsenals are being strengthened. and this is today's scandal. in the face of or better in the
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midst of this complex reality the easter proclamation speaks, speaks concisely of the event that gives us hope that does not disappoint. jesus crucified has risen. it speaks to us not about angels or ghosts but about a man, a man of flesh and bone with a face and a name, squeeze sus jesus. the gospel testified jesus crucified under pontius pilate, claiming he was christ, the son of god. on the third day he rose in accordance with the scriptures just as he himself had foretold. he his disciples. the crucified jesus, not another person rose from the dead. god the father, raise jesus his
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son because he fully accomplished his saving -- jesus took upon himself our weakness, our infirmityies even our death. he endured our suffering and bore the weight of our ini.q. uity. he lives forever. he is the lord. the witnesses report an important detail. the risen jesus, the risen jesus bears the mark consist of the wounds in his hands, feet and side. these wounds are the everlasting seal of his love for us. all those who experience a painful trial in body or spirit can find rescue in these wounds
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and through them receive the grace of the hope that does not disappoint. the risen christ is hope from those who continue to suffer from the pandemic, those who are sick, and those who have lost a loved one. may the lord give them comfort and sustain the valiant efforts of doctors and nurses. everyone, especially the most vulnerable among us require assistance and has, everyone requires assistance and has the right to have access to necessary care. this is even more evident in these times when all of us are called to come back from the pandemic and these are essential
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tool in this fight. in a spirit of the fact that the vaccine should be international, we bear a global responsibility to commit to overcoming delays and distribution of vaccines and to facilitate their distribution, he specially in the poorest countries. the crucified and risen lord is comfort for those who lost their jobs or experienced serious economic difficulties and lack adequate social protection. may the lord inspire public authorities to act so that everyone especially families in greatest need will be offered the assistance needed for decent sustenance.
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the pandemic has increased the number of the poor. all of the poor need to be age able to hope again as jon paul the second said during his apostolic visit to haiti and the dear haitian people go my thoughts and my encouragement. so that you might not be overcome by difficulties but might look to the future with trust and with hope. and i would say that my thought especially goes to you, my dear brothers and sisters in haiti that i am near you, i am near to
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you. and i hope that the problems might be resolved definitely for you. i pray for this. my dear brothers and sisters in haiti. the risen jesus is hope for all those young people first to go long periods without attending school or university or spending time with their friends. we all need to experience real human relationships, not just virtual relationships especially at an age when a character and personality is being formed. we have heard on friday, this last friday during the, we heard children express my closeness to
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the young people throughout the world and especially in these days to the young people of myanmar committing themselves to the support of democracy and making their voices heard peacefully. and knowledge that hatred can be dispel only by love. may the light of the risen jesus be a source for migrants fleeing from war, extreme poverty or misery. may their faith, may we recognize in their faith the martyr and suffering faith of the lord as he walked to calvary. may they never lack concrete signs of solidarity and human fraternity. the plan of victory of life over death we celebrate on this day. i thank the nations that general
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russly receive people who are suffering and seeking refuge. especially lebanon and jordan, who are taking in many refugees, into fleeing from the conflict in syria. may the people of lebanon who are under going times of difficulty and uncertainty may they experience the consolation of the risen lord and find support from the international community in their specific vocation to be a land of encounter, coexistence and pluralism. may christ our peace finally bring an end to the clash of arms in beloved and war-torn syria where millions of people are presently living in inhumane
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conditions. and also in yemen. the situation is met with a deafening and scandalous silence. and in libya, where at last there is hope that a decade of bloody strife and clashes may come to an end. may all parties involved commit themselves effectively to ending conflicts and allowing war-weary people to live in peace. and to begin the reconstruction of their respective countries. the resurrection naturally takes us to jerusalem. in jerusalem we ask the lord to grant peace and security so it can embrace its calling to be a place of encounter where
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everyone can experience as brothers and sisters. where israelis and palestinians might recover the power of dialogue for reaching a stable solution that will enable the two states to dwell side by side in peace and prosperity. on this festive day, my thoughts also go to iraq. which i had the joy of visiting last month. i pray that iraq may continue along the path of peace and thus fulfill god's dream for a human families who pittable and welcoming to all its children.
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may the power of the risen lord sustain the peoples of africa who see their future compromised by internal violence and international terrorism, especially in the sahal and nigeria as well as in the tigre and the delgado region. may the efforts to resolve conflicts peacefully continue and respect for human rights and the sacredness of life through fraternal and constructive dialogue and a spirit of brevard county sill ages and true solidarity. there are still too many wars and too much violence in the world. may the lord who is our peace help us to overcome the mind set
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of war. may he grant those who are prisoners of conflicts especially in eastern ukraine and the norgno to return safe and sound to their families. may he inspire world leaders to curb the race for new weaponry. today the marks international awareness day against anti-personnel land means. insidious, horrible devices that kill or maim many innocent people each year and prevent humanity from walking together on the paths of life without fearing the spread of destruction and death. how much better our world would
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be without these instruments of death. dear brothers and sisters, once again this year in various places many christians have celebrated easter and there is severe restrictions and at times without even being able to attend the church celebrations. we pray that those restrictions as well as all restrictions on freedom of worship and religion throughout the world may be lifted and that everyone may be allowed to pray and praise god freely. that the many hardships we are
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enduring. let us never forget we have been healed by the wounds of christ and the light of the risen lord. our sufferings are now transfigured. where there was death now there is life. where there was mourning now there is consolation and embracing the cross, jesus bestowed meaning on our suffering and now we pray that the benefits of that healing will spread throughout the world happy, holy, and serene easter. our holy father concluding his your by "urbi et orbi" message. we now move into the actual
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blessing, a plenary indulgence granted under usual conditions, and sacrament and union of prayer from the pope. his holiness pope francis grants a plenary indulgence in the form laid down by the church to all the faithful present and to those who receive his present by radio, television and the new communications even those who unite themselves only spiritually to this right. and with that almighty god to grant the pope many years as leader of the church. and that he might grant peace and unity to the church throughout the world.
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may the holy apostles peter, and paul, whose authority we trust to intercede for us before the lord. to the prayers and merits of blessed mary ever virgin, st. michael the archangel, st. john the baptist, the holy apostles peter and paul, all the saints. may almighty god have mercy on you and forgive all your sins and may jesus christ bring you to life everlasting, amen. may the almighty and merciful lord grant you indulgence, abs solution, and remission of your sins. a season of fruitful penance, a well-disposed heart, the grace and comfort of the holy spirit and final perseverance in good
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work. [speaking native tongue] >> translator: we have just received the orb by the "urbi et orbi" blessing. and it is also applicable to those who have died. in order to achieve that blessing we ask for communion and blessing from our holy father and this now brings to an end the live broadcast of our
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holy father, pope francis's "urbi et orbi" message and blessing to the city and the world, as is customary on easter and christmas. this year which took place at the altar of the chair in st. peter's basilica. thank you to all of you for joining us. especially where this will be repeated through the worldwide telecast made possible by the european broadcasting union. our facebook, instagram and twitter accounts. you will find a summary of this morning a's. -- pete: you have been watching pope francis easter mass at st. peter's basilica. we are clad you're here on "fox & friends." obviously amidst curve cove. he talked about the suffering people faced around the globe.
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brought message back to jesus, he is risen indeed, the promise of easter lives every single year some 2000 years after jesus christ walked on this earth and gave his life for humanity. welcome to "fox & friends" in the 6:00 hour. will cain, and rachel campos duffy. rachel as our resident catholic on set, your reaction to the pope's message this morning. jedediah: this is the blessed address, meaning to the city, the world, everybody a blessing of easter. you bring up a great point pete. this is coming on the heels of a pandemic. many of the faithful are not happy how the church handled all of it. the pope was trying to address some of that. talk about suggest gels people put through. he mentioned the pandemic increasing the number of poor indeed. the number of people mo are hungry, globally increased
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because of lockdowns. not just because the keefe individual hit them so hard but many of them died in nursing homes with lack of contact with people many dying in nursing homes will. will: the reference of the message not just of the building. for everyone with the blessing to visit the vatican it weighs heavily not just on catholic or protestant but on religion. his message focused on economic health and social crisis and insecurity. at least here in the united states we suffer with a poverty of meaning. we find virtue destroying others and lack of existence and christianity helps provide depth
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of existence and meaning and virtue. easter is a great day to remember that purpose. rachel: absolutely. above i forget, happy easter to both of you. he is risen. as the world celebrates this easter sunday, a new gap lop poll less than half of you as adults belong to a church, down from 70% 20 years ago. we have jonathan morris, pastor of his church, brian gibson, senior pastor at goodville church. tim sutler. jonathan morris, what do you make take from the pope's message and address the idea how of our faith has declined, church membership declined in america and throughout the world? >> well the good news, rachel, besides that today is easter, it is also that church membership does not save us.
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so there is not going to be any church membership in heaven. maybe i'm trying to find the bright side of it but it is the grace and the blessing and the love of god when it is accepted by us in faith that we are saved according to christian theology. that's the good news. of course when we don't practice, our muscles get weak and even the muscle of faith has to be practiced. we hear so much from people saying i'm spiritual but i'm not religious. that means we're not practicing our faith. i think we have to get back to those core values as country. rachel: pastor gibson, i will ask you this question. i was concerned just as a layperson when we said you know, faith wasn't essential. i'm hearing from a lot of pastors and priests who now reyet that. did they send the wrong message about shutting down their churches? do they wish they had not shut down for so long? >> 100% we sent the wrong
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message. i believe the polls also show that only 58% of people polled said they have not attended their church in the last month. we stunted the growth of american christianity. a lot of guys with the platform and the power and ladies with the platform and power to speak out against unconstitutional mandates that would hurt the church remain silent. because of that i think we have seen a falling away and a certain death of spirituality in a sense in america, christianity. but the good news on easter is this hey, someone that dice has a chance to be resurrected. we're praying for revival coming to america but what pastors need to do across the nation, open up their churches now. they need to preach the word of god. stop being afraid of cancel culture what the government might say or do to you. we need to preach the gospel. it is easter. tell the world about the resurrection.
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rachel: it is a season of hope for sure. pastor, response to that as well? >> i think one of the things that has been a challenge for the church. i think we have gotten off track and looked at wrong messiahs. we look for political messiahs. only in this life we have hope in christ we're above all people the most pitied. we don't have just hope in this life, because christ is resurrected. paul says he is the first fruits of those who rise. if we put our faith and trust in him we have everlasting life. that is the central message of the church. jesus is the only one worthy of that kind of attention. where we get off track forget to look at him, point to him. people need everlasting life. we just don't need life on this earth. he is the only one who can provide it. i would encourage all of your watchers and viewers to turn to him, to trust in him. he has risen. he has risen indeed.
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rachel: i want to thank you all for joining us today. we hope this easter message inspires many who have fallen away over covid or whatever reason from the church to take this opportunity on easter to return to the faith. thank you both. thank you all, happy easter. more "fox & friends" on this easter sunday up next. if you have obstructive sleep apnea and you're often tired during the day, you could be missing out on amazing things.
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♪. pete: good sunday morning. welcome to "fox & friends." it is easter sunday. year of our lord, 2021. we're glad your hear, will, rachel. will: glad you're with us this morning. we have rachel in for jedediah bila again. we're happy to have rachel with us. rachel: good morning i'm joining you from phoenix. we started with the "urbi et orbi" from the pope. there is a lot of hope here. we talked about vaccines. talked about churches beginning to open. the need to return to the notion of religious freedom.
3:31 am
pete: it's a day of hope. as we turn that page. mentioned covid-19. italy in a strict lock down, some parts of globe moving with different directions. hopefully with the vaccine we're moving into the right one. we continue to cover all angles of easter this sunday morning. we with this, from woke to broke. major league baseball decision to pull the all-star game out of georgia could cost the city up to $190 million in revenue, a huge blow to businesses struggling to stay afloat after a year of lockdowns and restrictions. will: businesses pete, like manuel's pattern in atlanta, a staple since 1956, almost closed its doors due to covid knit. thankfully he survived to the generosity of his customers who raised more than 1 $187,000 for the restaurant last year. rachel: here is the owner brian
3:32 am
maloof. >> thanks for having me. happy easter everyone. rachel: what do you make about the potential loss of $190 million? >> it is devastating. it is devastating to the city. it is devastating to the many businesses, mine included. it seems very unnecessary. very punitive and and counterintuitive and to what we're trying to do by reopening. it is, it is incredibly painful. a lot of, a lot of opportunity is lost in this. it seems to be misguided. it is my interpretation of it. pete: misguided, missed opportunities, brian. you sit back, wonder why did major league baseball do this, what conclusion do you draw? is it about presenting i.d. when
3:33 am
you vote? is it about republicans or democrats? why is it ultimately major league baseball says, atlanta, you're not fit to have the all-star game? >> that is a difficult question. there is many parts to it but major league baseball, the atlanta braves and others have a great deal of influence with the state legislature and, of the state of georgia and i'm sure, i'm absolutely sure they were a part of the process during this legislative session and to have the bill passed and then have people speak up about it is very odd to me. i know for a fact that it has been reported heavily here that delta was very much involved in the legislative process and discussion of this bill. they gave it their thumbs up during the process and then only after it was signed did, did
3:34 am
they speak out against it. i think in doing so it sent a signal to other corporations, major league baseball included hey, we need to, we need to get on the, you know, side of this, speak out against it. will: accurate diagnosis i believe. as recently aweek ago delta spoke approvingly of the bill. fear somehow set in the past week. what is the cost of that fear? we have numbers from a cobb county spokesperson, potential loss to reach $191 million for the region. the figures were included as part of a package our public safety officials put together concerning items they needed for event scart. those figures came after meeting with braves officials. we would have no method for computing those estimates. brian, talk about the loss, first to yours. what specifically will happen to your business? i have to ask out of curiosity, what are you hearing from your customers? what is their reaction?
3:35 am
how do they feel baseball fan dom, we know with the braves who are not happy with this decision? >> braves, you are correct. the braves are not happy about this decision and the city has been waiting on this event. it was a huge event for the city of atlanta. it was a big indication that things are getting back to normal. so to have it go away is just, it is very painful. it just reminds us all we're still in this pandemic. we're still in this weird state of business. what it does to me, it is a significant loss of sales and revenue, something that we've been missing for a year. it hurts my employees. it hurts my vendors. there is a lot of pain that will be spread because of this event. it is not just a one day event. it is, for us it is a week of prep and a tremendous loss. a tremendous loss to the city. will: i can't imagine what is
3:36 am
has been like to be a small business owner over the past year, to have your business shut down in certain cities to survive riots and now once again on the backs of a political message have your business yanked out from underneath you. brian, we wish you best of luck and we hope you find some prosperous times ahead. >> thank you very much. have a very happy easter. thank you for inviting me. will: you as well. turning now to additional headlines, florida governor ron desantis contain a state of emergency as walls containing 600 million gallons of radioactive wastewater are on the brink of collapsing. the area around the facility, 40 miles south of tampa is under evacuation. desantis is set to visit the site along with the epa later today. massimo gee gianulli will be released from prison.
3:37 am
he and his wifery you loughlin paid half a million dollars to insure their admission to usc. gonzaga in the championship game. >> tied at 90, suggs long three for the win. oh. banks it home! will: truly in march madness. jalen suggs sinks a 3-pointer from 30 feet to beat ucla. baylor beat houston, 78-59, the big game tomorrow night. those are the headlines. rachel? pete: we got to talk about that. will: you want to talk? let's do it. pete: couldn't get to stay up and watch it because i'm a morning show host. you have to watch the highlights. suggs was so good, the form strange, you see it banks, you feel it was luck but it wasn't. will: synonymous of christian
3:38 am
laettner march madness played in every shining moment recap, montage. that is a new one there. added to the all-time moment of the march tournament. pete: rachel, urla was a 11 seed. they had to play a play-in game to. here here in the final four. took gonzaga to the mat. will: that is march madness. you can recognize that, rachel, right? you love it. rachel: you're talking china into in front of me. i have no idea what you're talking about. what i do know, i know that rick is standing by to give us an easter weather. rick, happy easter. >> happy easter to you. pete, if you pulled that shot off. pete is an incredible three-point shooter. pete: thank you. very much, rick. every once in a while. over two players almost from half court, final four, mine is not going in. will: you have a nice three-point stroke? pete: only part of my game.
3:39 am
rest of it struggles. >> that will be in the the in repertoire once we get back in the studio. we have a really amazing weekend. no severe rain or severe with. look at the radar. nothing will build today. a few showers across parts of texas. later on storms will come in the pacific northwest. that will be our only rain. really dry across areas of florida. beautiful day overall. temperaturewise, same story. we'll watch temps up to 30 degrees above average across parts of the plains. 68 degrees in minot, north dakota for easter sunday. 735 in chicago. that is absolutely spectacular. we have a little bit of fire conditions we'll worry. look at this. this week we start to see a little bit of a cool-down across parts of rockies. might see a little snow. for the most part the rest of the country will be looking
3:40 am
great. pete: thank you, rick. help out the easter bunny for us the rest of the hour. coming up, she was tapped to get the border crisis under control but vice president biden is mia, vice president harris, could be right, has not spoken to the press on the situation in more than a week and the conditions only getting worse. quo concha reacts to the silence from the white house coming up next. cal: our confident forever plan is possible with a cfp® professional. a cfp® professional can help you build a complete financial plan. visit to find your cfp® professional. ♪♪
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3:44 am
conditions are worsening by the day. pete: joining us fox news contributor, media opinion columnist for "the hill," our friend joe concha. she was tapped for immigration. not really immigration. just diplomacy. not answering questions about it. laughing them off almost, as far as the media is concerned coverage of the vice president, reality on the border, what are you seeing? >> pete, i'm seeing no one appears to be in charge of this, right? the president of the united states said okay, my vice president is charged with fixing the problem. then they moved the deck chairs around, really diplomacy. so who is overlooking this crisis exactly? and to your point, things are getting only worse there. 19,000 lone children were apprehended at the border just in march alone, all right? that is double the number we saw in february. 170,000 total apprehensions. that blows away any number we've
3:45 am
ever seen from march to february in any administration for that matter. here you have basically kamala harris in charge of this problem, who compared i.c.e. to the kkk, who said that illegal migrant crossings should be legal as a presidential candidate. yes, she is just a person that you want in charge of this. and also, she is not had one press conference, forget, since she has been charged with solving this crisis but since she was chosen as joe biden's vice presidential ticket, to be on that ticket since august. so here you have again the powerful not being held accountable, in any way, shape or form. you have a situation at that time the border where you have 17 times the capacity in some facilities? one facility has, what, 4,000 people in it, it is only supposed to hold 250. this is happening during a pandemic. no one is steering this boat at this point. it is a rudderless ship and it is only getting worse, pete.
3:46 am
rachel: this is true. senator kennedy putting kamala harris in charge of the border like making "el chapo" the drug czar. you bring up good points. she seems to be washing her hands of this because it is going so bad. here is what jen psaki says she is doing on the border. >> the vice president of the united states will be helping lead that effort, specifically, the root causes not the border. there is some confusion over that. rachel: so she is supposed to be i guess, dealing with the triangle countries in central america but nobody knows what she's doing. >> i would love to be in that room with peter doocy and kristin fisher, only two people that seem to be asking tough questions, i would say to the white house press secretary, okay, if she is in charge, kamala harris of diplomacy, when is that trip happening exactly? when will she go to central america, talk to all the countries, figure out the
3:47 am
problem, i don't know, visit the border, talk to border officials, talk to people running facilities, migrants themselves to figure out the problem, when you're sitting in washington, when you're asked hey will you go to the border, that doesn't solve the problem. this is a crisis of the biden administration's own doing yet they don't seem to have any interest in solving it. i think they are hoping it will almost go away. what we're seeing, very easy to campaign and complain about an administration, talk about kids in cages, you're charged with solving the crisis, as you say, rachel, mia. will: joe, i think it is increasingly obvious, somewhat undeniable, quote, unquote, mainstream media, isn't in fact an honest, objective teller of the truth. in fact, they are propogandists. listen to them. look at them in their own words, what i just said. this is a cbs news headline from yesterday. headline, three ways companies can help fight georgia's
3:48 am
restrictive new voting law. that headline after some earned outrage was scrubbed. it now says the following, activists are calling on big companies to challenge new voting laws. here is what they're asking for. the first headline tells the story truthfully, joe, who cbs is, and who all the media institutions are at this point. for casual viewers it is becoming undeniable. >> here is how you fight the restrictive new voter law. that is cbs news. to your point. that is not an opinion piece. that is a news story. that is supposed to be objective part of it. i have another one from nbc news, georgia's jim crow voter suppression bill is now law. here is how democrats can fight back. talk about taking a side? it is ridiculous. here is all i know, i'm going to a yankee became in may. taking my kids there not only my kids vaccinated, not only have to be tested beforehand to go into the stadium, yes you can go into a restaurant in new york without a problem showing you're
3:49 am
a negative test, you have to show i.d. when you pick up the tickets. yet major league baseball says, nope, we object to this law because you have to show i.d. yet, when i want to get my tickets for major league baseball game i have to show i.d. somebody explain that part to me. i don't quite get it. will: nothing to get. that is the problem with some of these stories. even to go back to the first story, root causes? that is generational thing. you can yell about root causes you want. what are you doing right now? anything worse than bad leadership is no leadership at all. but you are a, i'm sure, if you're a leader joe concha, especially on your kids soccer team. >> i'm leading my kids easter celebration, guys. my daughter says when halloween, christmas have a baby, they get candy and gifts. the missus inches siss on it. here we are. waking up right now. pete: don't know where the exists come from. when did easter turn into
3:50 am
christmas. i agree. i don't know what happened. rachel: happy easter, joe. >> happy easter, rachel. take care, guys. pete: still ahead, alexandria ocasio-cortez is one of most outspoken congress people? a new report ranks her as one of the least effective law makers in washington. that is coming up next. ♪ my plaque psoriasis... ...the itching ...the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant™ with tremfya®,
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♪. >> there is a lot of people more concerned about being precisely fact allly, semantically correct than about being morally right.
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the world will end in 12 years if we don't address climate change. we should not be haunted by the specter of being automated out of work. until you do it, i'm the boss. ♪. pete: that was a lot. progressive firebrand, comrade cortez may be all talk and no action. will: new study ranks the new york democrat as one of the least effective congress. she introduced 21 bills, failed to get a single one signed into law. rachel: here to react, former wisconsin congressman, fox news contributor and my very handsome husband who looks a little tired this morning [laughter]. >> very tired. rachel: so, shaun, you worked in congress with aoc.
3:55 am
you served on the financial services committee with her. what was she like? what was she effective? >> she is a great communicator and has a lot of bold ideas which i strongly disagree with you. that study is important, that she is really effective legislator. if you want to pass legislation you have to have a relationship with the speaker of the house, which is nancy pelosi, the chair of your committee, which is is mack even waters, you have to have relationships with fellow members of congress. you have to build momentum to get bills passed and she has none of that. that is testament, she might be social in social media and the american left, she is not popular with house members to get her legislation across the floor. will: sean let me offer a little different perspective. that is clear looking through the lens of policy she is ineffective. i suggest she is powerful and
3:56 am
effective getting ideas accomplished. people like her aoc, got major league baseball to yank the all-star game out of georgia. they didn't do it through policies. she did it through language, and lies. she is incredibly effective at those tools. >> i agree. crazy new green deal, with all the democratic candidates that the green new deal was the path forward. she has a lot of power. people follow her but, she is also a legislator, right? you want to have two tracks, one, i'm a thought leader but also i can get things done in the institution that i work which is the house. she can't do that. so, again maybe she wants to be a pundit. maybe she wants to be a social media influencer. a member of congress, failure. pete: sean duffy in last full term, ranked 11th, out of 535 congressmen.
3:57 am
a very effective legislator. you didn't even know that. that is pretty cool. >> i doesn't know that. rachel: you got sean's email this morning, pete? pete: exactly right. we have to go, sean. i apologize. more "fox & friends." >> happy easter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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4:00 am
♪. >> today throughout the world the church's proclamation resounds. jesus who was risen, jesus who was crucified has risen as he said. hallelujah. the easter proclamation does not offer a mirage or reveal a magic formula, it does not point to an escape from the difficult situation we're experiencing, in the midst of this complex reality the easter proclamation speaks, speaks concisely of the event that gives us hope that
4:01 am
does not disappoint. jesus who was crucified has risen. rachel: hello and good morning on this easter sunday. i'm rachel campos duffy in for jedediah bilah. will: good morning. sorry. happy easter. happy easter, rachel, happy easter to everyone watching at home, welcome to "fox & friends" on this easter sunday. pete: jill was right. i jumped the gun. it was easter. will: rachel was here. we can go and talk freely and honestly. now we have to talk with discipline. pete: the tomb is empty, the stone rolled away. he is risen. we're happy to be with you this morning. we have three more hours of "fox & friends." we'll talk about easter all morning long. we hope all the viewers enjoy the program with us as we cover a ton of news this morning. seems like it keeps coming every weekend. this weekend is no different including down at the border.
4:02 am
you cannot, these days, crisis there, unfortunately the more you cover it, the more you realize the crisis is only growing unless according to "politico" you're in the white house where you're taking a different strategy. this is part of a report from "politico," talking about the te biden administration, what they're happening on the border, just not messaging it correctly. from "politico" biden administrations repeatedly stressed they inherited a disaster from the trump administration, that solutions would not be painless or quick. in a separate call with communication aides on the hill, white house rye it rated the real crisis in central america according to several people on the call. biden and his team are emphasizing the root causes of migration surges and their renewed diplomatic efforts with central american countries which lapsed under the trump administration. rachel, will it look for them to attempt to say, don't look what
4:03 am
you see at border, you would have condemned universally under donald trump, we'll get to root causes, central american countries, it is root causes will people buy that or is this an excuse that will only temporarily put a bandaid on it? rachel: that might be why kamala doesn't want to come tote bored other are joe biden will not talk to border communities or the border patrol. i'm in arizona, if you come to the border, the border patrol, people live along the border, that the border was never control and tighter than more secure under president donald trump. the first thing that joe biden did when he got into office was put up, put in these executive orders that basically reversed these policies. by the way, they were international agreements with mexico. pete: that's right. rachel: to keep people on the other side of the border. mexico agreed to deal with things on their southern border. what kamala harris, sure, i guess what they want to do is
4:04 am
throw more money into central america. i don't know if that will solve the problem. i do think they have a security problem. we should help them with security and managing their gang problems and helping them figure that out but make no mistake. what you're seeing there, that tragic situation of the little girl that you see thrown over a fence and only saved because of our hero border patrol, at that is happening. putting our borders in control of the cartels and in control of our border, that is a direct result of joe biden's policies. will: this is a biden administration not searching for a win but running as quickly as they can away from a loss. if you can reposition this, not at the border, but in central america you can at least avoid the l. pete, you pointed out earlier, solving root causes generational problem, focus on that, there is no accountability in the short term. so what happens you're trying to avoid a political loss. how does that manifest? don't visit the border even if
4:05 am
you're in charge of the crisis. i'm talking about vice president kamala harris. here is couple of tweets from the gop on friday. the first, border crisis manager is next to the border in los angeles but refusing to take the short trip down to address the biden border crisis. looks like biden's crisis manager is not managing the crisis at all. another, day two of crisis manager kamala harris being a short drive away from the border but refusing to go. #biden border crisis. don't go to the border. that would be confronting the loss. reposition from the border to central america that will distract from the l. reporter: i wonder how long they can distrack, ultimately, all of this is the noise media pays attention to. we'll talk about this later in the program as well. they go for the infrastructure bill that is not a infrastructure bill at all. hope people don't pay attention as they ram the green new deal down our throat and do the domestic transformation they want in this country. by the way the crisis at the border is not really a crisis.
4:06 am
they believe these are future democrat voters will never be deported, dreamer 3.0, 4.0, ultimately insures the political fortunes in the future. looks like something they ultimately don't care about. if they did, you would put someone in charge willing to own up being in charge. right now that is not the case. representative troy nehls, a republican from texas talked about the denial at the border on "fox news live." listen. >> she is in denial. president biden, he is in denial as well as a matter of fact, she kind of laughed at it the other day when a reporter asked her are you going down to the border? that sarcastic laugh of her. she doesn't plan to go down to visit the border because i think she would certainly get an earful from border patrol, many communities that lynch around the border that are around that border because they see the humanitarian crisis. they see what is happening. pete: not even to mention, go
4:07 am
ahead, rachel, please. rachel: i was just going to say the irony of this. you say the problem is in central america. the policies you created are driving up the most ambitious people in central america, the same people they need to rebuild those countries. when you have, when you need political change. there is a lot of corruption and problem in these countries, you need the political pressure. sending people north to america is actually a valve that relieves the pressure. you won't get critical change you need in the countries. political reform you need so people can thrive and prosper in those countries. she is actually exacerbating the problems in central america, sending most ambitious, hardest working. entrepreneurial people up to our country. pete: if you believe this is crisis they want to fix, listen to their words by default a denial and distraction as you point out running away from a loss. not to mention this is all happening during covid-19, what is supposed to be a global
4:08 am
pandemic. countries should be protecting their citizens from a virus and different strains and variants. let's get the aspect to another story. in california, sometimes there are tweets, twitter can be a toxic place where you don't want to be. sometimes there is good nuggets that pop up there are worth sharing because they show the glaring contradiction to what we should be focused on and what we're actually focused on. look at this tweet from california. her name is noble, associate professor of emergency medicine, director of covid response for university of california san francisco emergency department. look at this. there are no hidden complexities that could possibly explain thises misalignment of social priorities. open the schools, gavin newsom. on the left what teenagers can do in oakland and san francisco. restaurants, movies, bowling alleys, shopping, offices, amusement parks, house of worship. on the right what teenagers can't do, any single class you
4:09 am
can go to, math class, english class, science class. you see what kids can do to socialize, don't want to be in a classroom. will: look how many occurs indoors. go bowling, shop in stores, work in offices, watch movies. that is all indoors. distinguish that from going to math, english, science, history, language class. i presume the problem is, those students are indoors, rachel? rachel: i mean. if you ever wondered if the teachers unions were a problem or not, that tweet is really all you need to look at. there is no excuse for it. and then the icing on the cake, or actually the kick in the pants to all of us, many of those teachers are going down to the border to teach in-person, to people coming across our border illegally. and who have higher rates of covid than american students but they're not willing to go into the schools we built with our tax dollars and they're still
4:10 am
receiving the salaries that we pay them with our tax dollars. it is really outrageous. i just wonder, and i don't know, will, pete, if you think this will happen. i mean i do think the teachers unions have been exposed. is this actually going to backfire on the teachers unions? are people now going to go, you know what? we need educational freedom. we need freedom of choice. we cannot allow ourselves to be beholden by the teachs unions anymore? will: you would think so at some point, rachel. would you think reality would set in. lightest research almost half of american students are still in remote learning. that is disproportionally affecting black and brown students. they're the ones suffering the most. they're losing, in one study i saw in new jersey, 30% of their language skills and 40% english skills, 40% of their mathematical schools. you would assume, rachel, at some point accountability, some sanity. rachel: don't even get me started on special needs kids.
4:11 am
children with special needs have seen a regression that is beyond belief. nobody thought we could see this in america. and that is happening. so you're right, minorities, those who are economically disadvantaged and also special needs children are hurt the most. pete: you would hope and pray for school choice but unions are so powerful, they give to a powerful political party which has interest to protect them. i would -- will: they're protecting those that are suffering the most. pete: of course, they're not. turning now to a few additional headlines for you. an illinois police officer is killed in the line of duty after being hit by a car while investigating a dui crash. the incident happening saturday earn inning while the officer was standing on the side of the road. a suspect was taken into custody after fleeing the scene. the hometown police department is not releasing the officer's name. they say he is 34 year veteran off the force. live look from atlanta hartsfield jackson international airport as a record number of people take to the skies since
4:12 am
the start of pandemic. tsa screening 1.5 million people friday. the surge comes as the cdc relaxes guidance for people fully vaccinated. tsa is now hiring 6,000 people in anticipation for a busy summer. just not atlanta, airport for the all-star game. the world's oldest general, a world war ii general receives a special sell sell breaks for s 104th. lieutenant-general harry gold worthy. honored by his fellow airmen. he says he has no secret to longevity. >> i think it is god's will. sometimes i wonder whether he is rewarding me or punishing me. those are your headlines.
4:13 am
supercool. pete: he has been collecting a pension for 70 years. good on him. will: there is some secret. he is not only here but he is sharp. he is here. pete: good on you general. congratulations. love it. remembering the life of officer billy evans who was killed friday in an attack outside the capitol building. a friend and classmate reflect on the fallen hero next. sensodyne sensitivity and gum gives us a dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. guy fieri! ya know, if you wanna make that sandwich the real deal, ya gotta focus on the bread layers. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better! ♪ (angelic choir) ♪ and here's mine! ♪ ♪ learning is hard work. hard work requires character.
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learning begins in faith. it must move upwards toward the highest thing, unseen at the beginning - god. and freedom is essential to learning. its principles must be studied and defended. learning, character, faith, and freedom: these are the inseparable purposes of hillsdale college.
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4:16 am
♪. rachel: this morning we're reflecting on the life and legacy of officer billy evans. 18-year veteran of the capitol police force killed friday during an attack outside of the u.s. capitol building. as a makeshift memorial appears outside of the capitol for the
4:17 am
fallen officer our next guest remembers him as his friend who wanted nothing more than to protect his country. friend and former classmate at western new england college richard renoir joins me know. richard, first of all, condolences to you and this officer's family. tell us about billy. >> absolutely, thank you, rachel. billy was one of the most nicest people in the entire world that is the most cliche thing to say. billy had a heart of gold. i met billy at western new england college during my freshman year. we were both part of the bowling team. he really took me under his wing to begin with. the fact someone would say give the shirt off your back, he really did that. we had a tournament once, there wasn't enough jerseys to go around, he offered his shirt and spot to go in. i was able to go in. that was a small reflection who
4:18 am
billy was. billy was this amazing individual who had this glow about him. he saw the good in everybody, no matter what it was, no matter where it was. man, could he make you laugh. i tell you. rachel: richard, he was really living his dream. he didn't just fall into this job. he wanted to be a capitol police officer? >> rachel, you're absolutely correct. billy, from the day that i met him, being also a criminal justice student with him, he really wanted to get into law enforcement and he was smart enough to go wherever he wanted to go. and he chose his path to go to the capitol and he wanted to protect those that did so much for us. he wanted to make sure those who legislated have the protection they needed to make this country go forward. ultimately he paid that price that no one should have to pay but he knew going into the job
4:19 am
he was going into, it wasn't the safest but the impact that he made was, and it shows. obviously he paid the ultimate price but the people that he saved on that day, who knows what could have happened if that individual jumped barricade and went in. rachel: absolutely. >> if i had to guess, billy was still on his feet would have chased down to get him. he was athletic guy especially in college. i said bowling. he played baseball. he was and all around good guy. rachel: richard, he was a very dedicated father. tell us how his family is doing? >> no, absolutely. he was a dedicated father and you know, this is going to be tough on anybody. i appreciate the small snippet into his life i'm able to provide and you know. it is just a lot of sadness right now is going on. a lot of disbelief. i got the text messaged i also
4:20 am
messaged back, how is everyone doing? it takes the breath right out of you and i think over time, family and friends of billy's will heal. right now i think they need love, support, prayers from everybody going forward. because he was a true hero. and his kids should know that when he, when they grow up that his dad, the most amazing thing for this country and be proud of him for that. rachel: we're so proud of him too. we really thank you, richard, for joining us this morning. giving us more insight into who he was. he is a hero. again, our deepest thoughts, condolences to you, richard? >> thank you so much, rachel. rachel: of course. happy easter. officer evans made the ultimate sacrifice. he leaves behind two children. so sad. we'll be right back i always dreamed of having kids of my own. ♪ ♪
4:21 am
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get your cards graded. my kids are into cards now. like it coming back big time. old school. white house chief medical advisor, dr. anthony fauci sounding off on criticisms over his claims of reaching herd immunity. >> dr. makary, when i'm talk about herd immunity i'm only considering people vaccinated. when you talk about herd immunity is a bit of elusive concept, we don't know exactly what that percentage is, it's a combination of people already been infected and very likely are protected plus the people who get vaccinated. rachel: our next guest is someone who has been a vocal consider critic much fauci. pete: johns hopkins health professor, and dr. marty makary.
4:26 am
you were described as completely incorrect. we'll allow you to correct the record. what is your take on herd immunity and how dr. fauci is talking about it? >> i'm not picking a fight with dr. fauci. i'm glad he is finally talking about natural immunity from prior infection because it is real. it is about a third to half the country. when you set expectations, you do calculations when we get back to normal that makes a big difference if you're discounting half the country. he said he was misunderstood or the claim was incorrect. let me read you exactly what he says. you tell me if he talking about only natural vaccinated immunity or natural immunity. he told npr, i would say 75, to 85% would have to get vaccinated if you want to have that blanket of herd immunity. told the same thing to cnbc, "the new york times." he has been saying it repeatedly, i misspeak when i say things. this is a basic position that gives him a calculation further
4:27 am
out. why you're hearing biden limited in july and the fall, that kind of stuff. will: dr. makary did doctor fauci misspeak or is he wrong when he said following regarding children playing together on march 28th? listen to this. >> the children can clearly wind up getting infected. when the children go out into the community you want them to continue to wear masks, when interring with groups from multiple households. will: children wearing masks, misspeaking, too cautious, wrong, what do you think there? >> absence of guidance from public health officials everybody has a different individual risk and people have to assess their personal risk. if a kid is healthy, the kid has no chronic condition, remember the case fatality rate is less than that of seasonal flu. i would say don't be careless, take precautions but take the same precautions with seasonal
4:28 am
flu. we know tasks help with this particular virus. with all of this stuff, with travel, with work, school, kids have to assess their own individual risks and so do adults. >> yeah, doctor, here is another question for you about vaccines. the british seem to be putting us to shame. they focused on a one-shot dose. we focused on two. i think that was a fewchy decision. what do you think about that, that difference and should fauci have done what the british have chosen to do with focusing on the one shot? >> rachel, this was kind of an academic debate we've had in december and january and throughout when the vaccines became available and it is no longer a philosophical or theoretical debate. the results are in. the uk won. they are getting the herd immunity a lot faster than we are. they have got 70 million people. guess how many deaths they had yesterday? 10. they are basically close to that finish line. they're doing very well because they have got 60% of their population vaccinated with one dose.
4:29 am
the data shows it is 92% effective at four weeks. dr. fauci and others dismiss that data, despite many experts, many, including dr. osterholm on the biden covid task force and dr. gandi and myself, so many have called for this. if you have two life preservers and a bunch people swimming in the ocean, why give both to one person while we're supply constrained? i think the medical establishment has been dismissive of the fact we're rationing a life-saving resource. pete: good message. keep talking, please, dr. makary, we need voices. >> we need more voices on this. we need more voices and debate. i think that is the problem. will: absolutely right, rachel. seems very little for debate or varying opinions other than dr. anthony fauci. we had one this morning. dr. marty makary. we'll have you back in the future. >> thanks, guys. will: businesses are facing backlash after demanding
4:30 am
boycotts in georgia while working hand in hand with china. mike huckabee calls out the hypocrisy. [sfx: psst psst]
4:31 am
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♪. >> it is incredibly painful. a lot of, a lot of opportunity is lost in this and it seems to be misguided. it was a huge event for the city of atlanta. it was a big indication that things were getting back to normal. so to have it go away is just, it is very painful. it just reminds us all we're still in this pandemic. we're still in this weird state of business. what it does to me, it is a significant loss of sales and revenues, something that we've been missing for a year. there is a lot of pain that is going to be spread because of this event. will: brian maloof, the owner of
4:35 am
manuel's tavern in atlanta, georgia, talking about the loss, both economic loss, opportunity loss, businesses in atlanta, major league baseball pulled the all-star game due to the voter integrity bill of that state. mike huckabee, former fox news contributor. governor you heard the real cost there, human cost, business cost, people are hurt by major league baseball and delta, coke, other major corporations voice their opinions on georgia's bill as you point out maintain business ties to china. >> that is the hypocrisy of all of this the big businesses will do fine. they do business globally. they will make more money in china than they do in atlanta. they don't care. the new branding it will be called woke-acola. that is where they decided to be. woke hacola, nike, big companies, they're fine with letting atlanta take it in the
4:36 am
teeth, what you saw, that guy that owns the tavern, are people taking tickets, work in the parking lot, service ushers at the ballgame, they are the ones who will really be hurt by this decision. i want to say how proud i am of brian kemp, the governor of georgia standing up, fighting back. these companies didn't have a big problem with this bill working its way through the legislature. in fact many of them supported it. only when there was an outcry from the left, it is a phony outcry, most of the outcries from the left tend to be, suddenly they decide they find their wokeness, their inner self, they start just capitulating but they don't ever call out china and its totally slaughtering uyghur muslims and abusing their own citizens. i want to know, how many elections are they having in china and what kind of voter i.d. is required there? we know the answer. pete: yes we do.
4:37 am
no days of early voting in china for sure. when will the corporations stand up, governor? we keep seeing instance after instance of woke corporations giving it. is that because all of corporate culture is in that direction? i feel like it mostly is. is there financial incentive just once for one of these corporations do not do what the blue checkmarks demand we do? >> when half of america is as vocal as the left of america tends to be, which they're not really half of america. i'm just not convinced that truly half of this country has lost their mind. i don't believe that. and the phony outrage and the vocal outpouring that they give. these companies just surrender. they quickly just fold. it is really time that we see people, i don't say conservatives, i'm talking about common sense americans, who just say, come on. let's stop this nutty shut down everybody that doesn't agree with you, stuff. be america again.
4:38 am
and until that happens, until these companies face some economic pressure and frankly until some of their corporate boards show some fortitude and push back to the ceo's and the 20 and 30-year-old somethings giving them this stupid advice, we're probably not going to see a change, but we need to. people if they will be in business, sell me a soft drink, sell me a cup of coffee. don't sell me your politics. just do your job. do your business and leave the rest out of it. rachel: governor, the georgia legislature missed an opportunity to you know, teach them a lesson. the corporations a lesson, remove some of the tax breaks. i was a little disappointed. i thought that would be a good way to fight back but you talked a little bit china. china, the persecution is also for christians. today is our you know, most important day, our most important day, easter sunday, you're a governor, you're a grandpa, a favorite title of
4:39 am
yours. >> you bet. rachel: also a pastor. tell us what your message is to christians across america, frankly across the world? what is your message? >> what a great day, yeah, there is great reminder in easter, no matter what our earthly problem is it is not the final chapter. there is a great sermon, maybe one of the greatest ever preached by sm loughridge, shadrach, pastor of one of calvary baptist church of san diego, one of the greatest african-american churches, he said it is friday but sunday is coming. he talked about how we're discouraged, finances are collapsed, relationships are broken, and it looks as hopeless and dark as it did that friday when jesus was crews side, don't worry, it may be friday but sunday is coming. even the worst thing that
4:40 am
happens to us, death, that too already has been overcome by the power of jesus christ and the resurrection. that is the greatest message. it is the day we celebrate that message on easter. pete: amen. i had not heard of shadrach, meshach. >> amazing message and amazing pastor. rachel: happy easter governor. >> thank you. pete: turning now to a few additional headlines a new york volunteer firefighter who died rescuing residents at a staten island nursing home is laid to rest. thousand of firefighters saluting jared lloyd, remembering him as father who would do everything for his family and his community. he leaves behind his two kids. iowa governor kim reynolds sign as carry bill into law. it eliminates a permit to buy or carry a gun in the state. reynolds i signed legislation
4:41 am
protecting the second amendment right of iowa's law-abiding citizens still preventing of sales of firearms to criminals and other dangerous individuals. it goes into effect july 1st. good for her. this is not your typical mic drop. a live weather report in rush that gets interrupted when a dog literally steals the show. watch. [speaking in native tongue] pete: but the show must go on of the reporter coming back on air, minutes later with the dog and her microphone. no one was hurt. the mic did take a bite or two. if fairness to the dog, the mic looks a lot like a toy. will: that is ridiculous mic. that cover. the dog cannot be blamed. i love the anchor of the show took it seriously. like her reporter just got
4:42 am
attacked. someone maying a russian on tv. she was not laughing. rachel: great point, pet. you always, say what we're thinking. all right. we'll move over to rick who has got some weather for us on this beautiful easter day. rick: not like the "fox & friends" version on russian tv where they would just laugh. will: serious moment. pete: do the weather, rick. do the weather. rick: i love her instinct to run after the dog. somebody else doing it. pete: didn't stay for her shot. rick: that was amazing. look at the temperatures this morning. 44 in mobile, alabama. 50 degrees in minneapolis. incredible warmth. almost no precipitation today. it will come back this week. maybe a little bit of rain moves across parts of the pacific northwest. i like on sundays give a week
4:43 am
ahead to look at precipitation. we'll see rain across the far northern plains. we need that. a little more across parts of the southeast where we don't need much more, snow across parts of the rockies. east coast, getting a little bit of moisture, not in towards south florida though. that is the look at your week ahead. back to you. will: rick, thanks. former wwe star moving from the wrestling ring to the political ring. congressional candidate dan rodimer wants to go one-on-one with political candidates next. ♪ how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry...
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♪. >> nancy pelosi, the beast. i'm big dan road dim we need a big person to solve problems. will: he will run for the 6th congressional district in texas. dan, thanks for being with us. i want to get to the ad in a moment. why are you running for congress. why are you running in texas. what makes you want to run in washington, d.c.? >> thank you for having me. happy easter, america. that ad was, it was great. it brought awareness. it brought awareness to a number of issues and right now the number one issue we have is a failure of biden administration. we talked in that video about building, building walls around the capitol building but not
4:48 am
protecting our borders. that is the number one issue right now that we have here in texas. so, there is a number of issues that we need to fight for in that commercial. we're going to fight for them. will: you have some experience fighting. did you have any experience bull riding? did you get on that bull? did you ride it and last eight seconds, dan? >> i lasted 11 seconds. will: no, you did not, come on? >> honest to goodness. i was on for 11 seconds because my hand got stuck on the rope. will: doesn't count if you're on the side of the bull. you have to be on top of the bull. >> i was on it and hanging on for dear life. will, i will give you the exclusive, if i'm back on, give you the video footage of me on that bull for 11 seconds. will: i'm proud of you. i never got to do that. 11 seconds. that is something. you are an athlete came from the world of wwe. how do you think, honestly, will your past career, past
4:49 am
experience, entertainer, an athlete do anything to help you fight for the values and issues you began to lay out in washington, d.c.? >> all the experience of my life, being successful small business owner, being law school graduate, being able to even write a bill, being a wwe pro wrestler, being a fighter, that is what folks want when we get to washington, d.c. a fighter that will stand tall and be the voice. that is what this commercial did. folks want a messenger. they want someone to put the message out there, we have 15 million people view that message. our message, over the next week or so. you have will see another viral video on the border. you have will see another one in two weeks about guns. you know we talk about the border this week. i give you a quick little piece of it. you know, we're going to be talking about the project veritas, how kids are sleeping underneath bridges and you know, laying on the ground on dirt next to red ants and
4:50 am
rattlesnakes. children being tossed over the wall, 14-foot wall. 3-year-old and 5-year-old. i have a 5-year-old. 100,000 kids are sexually abused. this is the major issues the biden administration has failed. we don't know what the immigration policy is. will: right. >> maybe you can tell me what it is because a lot of folks are having a hard time. will: no, i think that is obviously true. a lot of folks are having a hard time economically, when it comes to border security. when it comes to the future of our freedoms in this country. whether or not law school, wwe star, apparently a bull rider that can last 11 seconds on all about, that might be enough to get you elected if the values you will vote on, we appreciate you giving those values. dan, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. god bless texas and god bless america. will: new york parents are sick of the slow new york reopening process. now they're suing to get everybody back in class.
4:51 am
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♪. rachel: back with some quick headlines. rapper dmx is on life-support after suffering a drug overdose and a heart attack. the rapper whose real name is earl simmons collapsed at his home. a family member tells "tmz," paramedics tried sustaining him for 30 minutes but say it is not looking good. piers morgan could soon be back on britain's got talent. producer simon cowell hinting to friends that morgan may return as a judge. morgan stepped down as host of good morning britain after storming off the set during an argument about meghan markle. he spoke to tucker carlson in an exclusive interview tomorrow available on "fox nation." pete?
4:55 am
pete: thank you, rachel. that will be very interesting interview. something else catch on "fox nation" all times my battle in the holy land series. thankfully tonight on the fox news channel it is airing at 10:00 p.m. battle in the holy land. the holiest place on earth, jerusalem, think about it in historical context, the lan of the bible, eastern still today the way which faiths are battling over that territory its meaning, consequence, political and spiritual is timeless. it is ferocious today as it has ever been. you don't want to miss 10:00 tonight. here is a small clip of "battle in the holy land." judea, is a is samaria, west ba, biblical holy land for christians, jews, muslims. the walls, checkpoints, borders. occupation, settlement, liberation, or land grab? what the truth is depends on
4:56 am
where you sit, who you listen to and the facts on the ground. battle in the holy land, third in a series. battle in the holy city, battle in bethlehem as well. every word you use producing that, you have to be precise. each side has its own vernacular how they describe it. is it the west bank? judea and is samaria depends on your view of the holy land. will: battle of the holy land. we've been covering it all morning, democrats double standard. the left calls out georgia for the restricting voting laws, but many blue states are restricting their voters. we'll compare them side by side next hour of "fox & friends" .
4:57 am
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♪ time to make a choice. ♪ pete: good morning on this easter sunday. welcome to "fox & friends first." will cain, pete hegseth and rachel campos duffy in for jedediah. happy easter. rachel: happy easter to both of you. will: to you as well, rachel. happy easter, rachel, to you. out in phoenix this morning. that's a live shot of saint patrick's cathedral. you have to tell me if easter mass would have happened yet. they probably had multiple services. it's not as packed as it should be this year. hopefully pews will be full across america on this easter morning. i believe you were at mass in new york city last weekend.
5:01 am
rachel: i'm sorry, my ear piece -- i couldn't hear you for a second. what did you say. pete: you were in new york last weekend. i believe you were at mass, i don't think at saint patrick's but somewhere in new york. rachel: i went to holy innocence in new york city. i'm in phoenix now. as soon as the show is over i'm running to mass to meet my family. pete: we're grateful that you're here with us this morning. we've been on for two hours. we covered live pope francis' easter mass at the vatican and a portion of his message, he talked about many different things on this holy day. this is a portion of what he said about the significance of easter. >> once again, this year in various places, many christians have celebrated easter under s severe restrictions and at times without even being able to attend liturgical celebrations. we pray that those restrictions
5:02 am
as well as all restrictions on freedom of worship and religion throughout the world may be lifted and that everyone may be a allowed to pray and praise god freely. rachel: that's a conversation that's being had now across churches. you recall when the pandemic started, we were coming into holy week and everything was locked down and we were all so scared, we thought it was you just going to be two weeks. those of us who have faith and go to church saw our religious freedom restricted, in some places in america and across the world even still. that's a conversation the religious are having all over. i have a priest friend who actually asked forgiveness of his parishoners. he said i ask your forgiveness. we abandoned you when you needed us most. we left you without the eucharist, the only food that can sustain hope. i will never again be a part of
5:03 am
something similar. not all pastors feel the same but that -- this priest did. i spoke earlier with a panel of pastors. this is what they had to say about the importance of practicing faith and also about some of these restrictions on religious freedom due to the pandemic. >> the grace and the blessing and the love of god, when it's accepted by us in faith, that we are saved according to christian theology, that's the good news. when we don't practice, our muscles get weak and even the muscle of faith has to be practiced. >> what pastors need to do across the nation, they need to open up their churches now and they need to preach the word of god and they need to stop being afraid of cancel culture, what the government might do or say to you and we need to preach the gospel. come on, it's easter. let's tell the world. >> people need ever-lasting life. we don't just need life on this earth. he's the only one that can provide it. i would encourage your watchers
5:04 am
and viewers to turn to him, to trust in him. he has rise areen. he has -- risen. he has risen indeed. pete: what people need as the title of a best selling book suggests, a purpose driven life, we have talked about whether or not happiness should be your primary goal in life when purpose should be your primary goal in life and in the time when so many are starved, there's a poverty of purpose, meaning and depth, relidge. religion isthe grounding force. pete: very well said. you don't fully appreciate easter without the remembrance of good friday and we've been through dark days and the promise that the tomb is empty and the stonies rolled away and he is risen, it uplifts us all this morning in the hope that 2021 and '22 are new horizons for the country and faith to play a central role in that and it's an aspect of who we are as hugh you man beings, individuals. will: not mass groups,
5:05 am
individuals in need of redemption. one of the purposes of this show is to correct the record and tell the truth. one of the issues is the smear on the bill in georgia attempting to accomplish some semblance, even somewhat benign semblance of voter integrity. it's been smeared as a voter suppression law, such as by senator chuck schumer who tweeted the following, racist voter suppression laws are hurting georgia's voters and its economy. georgia republicans should be ashamed to welcome mlb to play the all star game in new york but we're working to make it ease why, not harder to vote. it's not going to work, is it rachel? you can move the major league baseball game out of georgia to new york because georgia's laws are onerous and jim crow 2.0, what does that make new york. rachel: new york could stand to learn from georgia. you know, there's no excuse voting by mail in georgia, by
5:06 am
the way. the real difference, the only difference i can see in these two states and their voting laws, the primary one is new york doesn't require an id and georgia does. that's just common sense. if people don't have common sense in new york, people in georgia do. >> break it down here, georgia versus new york. you've got eight additional days of early voting in georgia, so eight more days to vote. you've got no excuse of voting by mail in georgia so it's more restrictive. you have to give an excuse if you're going to vote by mail in new york. the real difference is identification as you pointed out, rachel. that's the one big difference. otherwise, the whole -- >> 75% of americans believe you should have to have an id to vote in person and 65% of african-americans believe it's appropriate to require id to vote. >> look at the last bullet point. there was a lot of noise made of that they're knocking water
5:07 am
bottles out of the hands of people waiting in line to vote in georgia. it's nonsense, about harassment of voters and how close you can be to them on election day so people can vote in peace. >> look at the graphic, major league baseball is considering whether or not you should move it to -- >> where will you move it to? >> water and food is something that's made a big deal of. it's not illegal to hand out water in georgia. it's illegal for anyone but a poll worker to do so. poll workers can walk the line and provide water. you can bring water as well. what's wrong to do, what they're trying to discourage is campaign electioneering, campaigns coming out and handing out gifts, food and water with the underlying message, vote for our guy. rachel: we have governor huckabee on earlier, talking about the things we're talking about right here, about the law and how they're lying about what's in the bill or what was in the bill. but he's also talking about the people that are going to be hurt. these big corporations who have
5:08 am
all these deep ties with china, who can sell their stuff all over the world but it's the local little guy that gets hurt by this. take a look. >> the big businesses are going to be fine. they do business globally. so they're going to make more money in china than they will in atlanta so they don't care. woke-acola, delta and nike, they're fine with letting atlanta take it in the teeth. the people who take the tickets, are working the parking lot, service ushers at the ballgame, they're the ones that will be hurt by the decision and it's really time that we see people -- i don't want to say conservatives. i'm talking about common sense americans who just say come on, let's stop this nutty shutdown everybody that doesn't agree with you stuff and be america again. >> i took a couple minutes to think what is this actually about. it's not about ids and certainly not racist motives
5:09 am
ultimately, not about 2018 and stacy abrams' election denial. it's all about trump, actually. the georgia gop had the audacity to think seriously about voter integrity after he challenged the results there. ultimately, it's still trump that triggers people so much they have to cancel things, they have to cancel the all-star game, all of it comes back to the idea of someone who fought for something and wrap it all up, i think it -- >> really quickly, the measures georgia is putting into place are relatively benign and less restrictive than states like new york. good luck, baseball. >> so really quickly, rachel, here's why it worked. here's why it worked on baseball, coca-cola and delta because they called it a racist voter suppression bill. that says that labeling is everything. if you can label something positive or negative. then the public debate is largely over and that's the case when it comes to the biden
5:10 am
administration's infrastructure bill. here's a quote from a biden senior advisor on the quote, unquote, infrastructure bill. in the face of massive support from the public it's no surprise republicans struggled to articulate a reason to on of pose the president's plan and in trying to attack the president's proposal republicans have had to run away from their own record of supporting critical investments in our infrastructure. call it an infrastructure bill, rachel, and you can put anything in it you want. rachel: that's exactly right. that's what they did did with the covid bill. we all wanted to have a recovery from covid. only 9% of the massive bill was actually about covid. the rest of its was all the things that the democrats were wishing for that they stuffed into the bill. the same with the infrastructure bill. you know, if you look at it, there's probably only about 10% as well. it's full of basically green new deal stuff this is a down payment on the green new deal. they know it's not popular. if they put green new deal and trillions of dollars in spending on a piece of paper, the american people won't vote for
5:11 am
it. what they've done is they've taken something that americans want and need, like infrastructure, and they made it the green new deal and so you're not going to see your commute get better. you're not going to have a better airport experience. you're not going to see your gas go down. -- prices go down. you'll get bike paths and green new deal stuff that you never wanted. >> the scary part is anita dunn might be right, the way the media ebbing koas infrastructure bill, when you -- media echos infrastructure bill, when it is environmental justice, retrofitting homes. >> human infrastructure. >> social infrastructure. union infrastructure. care-giving infrastructure. everything is infrastructure because infrastructure is the word that sells with voters. if they're successful in doing that, they will ram this through through reconciliation and suddenly have you the green new deal. >> call something a racist voter suppression bill and you
5:12 am
scare companies away. rachel: by the way, what a mistake for the trump administration when they were in office to not have taken up infrastructure first. i would much rather have had donald trump a builder who liked to build and take out the waste and do things the cheapest way possible but get it done, that was donald trump. now we have mayor pete buttigieg in charge of infrastructure. it will be all the elite global environmental stuff that he wants. nancy mace, south carolina republican, she slammed this bill because she knows it's going to increase all of our taxes. >> well, the $2 trillion infrastructure package they're talking about, they're proposing to the american people, has very little to do with transportation and infrastructure and to do it, this will be the large ofest tax hike in american history. in the middle of a pandemic. i can't think of a worse idea than that right now. they're going to be taking money from the jobs creators, will
5:13 am
mean fewer jobs for fewer people at lower pay a. this is not what we need to do for the american people. >> watch this bill start at 2 trillion and rise as everything else gets packed on top. turning to a couple quick headlines. police in kansas arrest a woman over an april fools prank. she allegedly told her daughter she had been shot. not knowing it was a joke, her daughter called the police. officers were not laughing when they surrounded her home and blocked off the street. willis is now being charged with unlawful request for emergency assistance. not a funny joke. mark zuckerberg's cell phone number was leaked online following a massive hack of the social media site. the information of more than 550 million people surfaced on a website for hackers. facebook says there was an issue with the feature to impact contact which allows users to find friends by connecting the phone's address book to the app. information is believed to have been stolen in 2019.
5:14 am
and on this easter sunday, a pennsylvania police department goes the extra mile, gifting residents easter baskets. the chief along with an officer going door-to-door, spreading cheer. the baskets were full of candy and toys including play-doh. the officers' actions received a lot of praise as it should on social media. and those are your headlines. very cool. rachel: very cool. ms-13 is still committing crimes across the country. some officials are choosing to scale back efforts to tackle gang violence. will the border surge only make that situation worse? one sheriff fighting on the front lines against ms-13 thinks so and he's going to join us next. stay with us. you need a financial plan that can help grow and protect your money. an annuity can help cover essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how...
5:15 am
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>> the brutal ms-13 gabbing13 l active across the yates. united states. a progressive da is scaling back gang enforcement. our next guest says what's going on at the border is making things worse. chuck jenkins has been on the forefront of the fight against ms-13 and he joins us now. tell us about ms-13, who the gang is, for those unfamiliar, what distinguishes them from other drug cartels or gangs. >> good morning and happy easter. ms-13 is a brutal, violent, trans national criminal gang, a criminal organization, they started in central america in years past, actually started in california. they infiltrated every county, every city in the country and they're becoming more brutal and
5:19 am
basically run with impunity. >> what distinguishes them in terms of violence. i know you said they're brutal, they're violent. what makes them more violent than other gangs? >> they have no regard for human life, no respect for the law, no respect for anybody. their we upon of choice is a machete in many cases. they terrorize and intimidate communities, they're a brutal, vicious gang. they're not only gang. >> i read the reports throughout the years, how they employ violence is a means of terrorizing communities to get their way. so let's talk about what's happening in los angeles with the da has chosen not to in this one case where a ms-13 gang member attacked a member of the trans community, he chose not to enhance charges against the gang member with enhanced gang charges. if you're a member of a gang you can ramp up charges, he chose not to. >> what he did is
5:20 am
irresponsible, it's almost criminal. he's not protecting his community. every state local prosecutor should go after the gang members as aggressively as possible. i think they should treat the gang as an international terrorist organization, which they are. >> really quickly, sheriff, let's tie this back to what's going on at the border. you said this is coming to a town near you, the ms-13 is proliferating. are we to assume, are we to know that the surge in the border included among the migrants are more gang members like those from ms-13. >> absolutely correct. you'll have a huge increase in gang members, drug cartel members, human trafficking, they infiltrate the entire united states. we're looking at a national tragedy. >> all right sheriff chuck jenkins, not good news but news we need to know about. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> frustrated new york parents are sick of the slow going
5:21 am
reopening process, now they're suing to get everybody back in class. one of those parents joins us live, next. ♪ among my patients i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity and gum gives us a dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. my name is austin james. as a musician living with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre 14 day system. with a painless, onesecond scan i can check my glucose without fingersticks. now i'm managing my diabetes better and i've lowered my a1c from 8.2 to 6.7. you can do it without fingersticks, too. ask your doctor for a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system.
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5:25 am
opted in to hybrid or in-person learning, many of them are in classrooms sitting behind laptops or other devices and zooming in with their teacher because their teachers are either on remote accommodation or unable to teach them in the classroom due to union technicalities. rachel: one of the reasons that they said they couldn't come to the classroom or they were waiting to come in to teach in-person was vaccinations. but the city of new york has
5:26 am
made vaccinations -- they put teachers at the front of the line so the teachers are vaccinated. what's their excuse for not getting in the class and teaching the kids. >> we've heard all sorts of e excuses. i heard they don't feel safe but scientist after scientist has come out an even said that vaccination was not a prerequisite to being back in the classroom and actually the harm of keeping children in remote or behind screens greatly outweigh any of the dangers of being inside the classroom, where there's a really multifactorial way of keeping teachers safe. the doe really went to great lengths to keep classrooms and school buildings safe. we have open windows, air purifiers, masks, exceptional social distancing that exceeds what the cdc recommends. so honestly, i don't understand and none of us really do.
5:27 am
we don't know what the end game is and we want the teachers back in the classroom. rachel: yeah. teachers unions extorted millions and millions of dollars out of the taxpayers, saying they would go back to the classroom if they would get that stuff in the covid bill. the american people did it because they want kids back in school. how big is the group that's suing the city? are you getting a lot of support from parents? are parents willing to join you and they're not afraid of the teachers unions anymore? >> they're not afraid. honestly, in the past parents weren't really even aware of the teachers unions and i've spoken to local cdc representatives and they said we never heard such a backlash and so much anger and awareness of teachers unions because schools just ran kind of smoothly and it was part of the infrastructure and we all kind of implicitly agreed that teachers needed an organization to represent their interests. but what we've seen is that
5:28 am
actually these organizations, these unions are representing a small minority of teachers, many of these teachers actually want to go back to the classroom but who they're not representing are the children and the children are suffering irreparable harm. we need the to bring them back to the classroom. there's been more suicides in new york city amongst young people than any year prior. we need to get the kids back into the classrooms. rachel: our heart goes out to you and all the kids that want to get back to school an learn and you're right, this situation is definitely exposing teachers unions and the activeists in there. thank you so much for joining us, natalia. appreciate it. >> thank you. rachel: and happy easter. >> happy easter. rachel: we reached out to mayor de blasio's office for comment but we have not heard back yet. up next, gavin newsom wants the mlb all-star game to come to california but there doesn't seem to be much of a difference between california and georgia's voting laws.
5:29 am
we'll compare with erik erikson, next. i always dreamed of having kids of my own. ♪ ♪ now i'm ready for someone to call me mom. at northwestern mutual, our version of financial
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[sizzling] i may not be able to tell time, but i know what time it is. [whispering] it's grilled cheese o'clock. >> we're back with a live look at the ballpark. major league baseball pulled the all-star game from atlanta. rachel: you can see a patch here during a spring training game last month. the league announced it would locate the game in protest over georgia's new voting laws. >> the game is slated for july 13th and will feature a tribute to braves legend hank
5:34 am
aaron who died earlier this year. a new city has not been announced. it might have been nice to do that in atlanta, could have been a good defense for major league baseball to keep it in atlanta and the braves maybe patching over it was a bit of a snub to say you did this, not us. joining us live from georgia right now, radio host erik erikson. thank you for being here this morning. what's the vibe on the ground there in georgia? folks reacting to the move major league baseball made here. >> a lot of people are angry, regardless of politics. the mayor of atlanta came out and said the vote had consequences and this is it. most people are upset about it. brian kemp had a hard time after the he'll e, back and -- election, back and forth with president trump, looks like he rallied republicans back to him. >> i want to read a tweet by gavin newsom who said the following, major league baseball, feel free to give us a
5:35 am
call, in california we work to expand voter access, not prevent it. we pointed out the hypocrisy of many states employing more onerous voter restrictions than the ones that georgia passed, whatever blue state you want to picks. why do you think georgia became th the bill. it's got to be about something else. >> it really is. this is about the filibuster in washington. the democrats decided they have to build a moral case against the filibuster. anything they can seize on to say we have to get rid out of the filibuster to get their agenda items. they're lying about georgia to try to build a dice the public that it's okay to break the rules in washington because look at the changes in georgia. raphael warnock would not even ask companies not to boycott georgia and said that because georgia's done this we have to get rid of the filibuster.
5:36 am
rachel: california, governor newsom is trying to encourage the mlb to come over there. they have a lot of restrictions, they're kind of an authoritarian stey state. you talked about what they're doing to churches and businesses. is this a good playstation for the baseball -- good place for the baseball league to put their game in. >> major league baseball doesn't want to go into georgia but they're happy doing business in places like china which regularly persecutes people. california is shutting churches down because of the virus. looks like major league baseball likes authoritarian regimes. >> you raise a fascinating point. i think it makes a lot of sense. if you want to push hr-1, if you want federal control of elections to open them up as wide as possible, you need pesky racist states to point to, to say they're advancing laws, we have to come in and stop the racism.
5:37 am
so the details don't matter at all. you feel like nancy pelosi knows that, this is coordinated in d.c. >> i think this entire argument is coordinated in d.c. anything the democrats can lie about to whip people into a frenzy and build a moral case, we're on easter sunday, the democrats would rather gather a bunch of lies together and try to claim the lies are truths when georgia has pretty easy voting laws, they made them more expansive. >> beyond the politics, there is the corporate culture side of this as well. you tweeted yesterday that conservatives may be in a position where there's nothing left to do, no other choice but them to begin boycotts against the companies. what do you do? how you do you fight back against the lies? >> you know, the left is more unified. they collaborate much better together as groups, conservatives are like herding cats. at some point the conservative groups will have to get together and say we have to stand up against this and the best way to do it is we'll probably have to
5:38 am
start saying don't do business with this or cancel your mlb streaming service, do something to make your voice heard. right now corporate america seems hijacked by the wokes. conservatives need to make their money felt in corporate america. >> rachel mentioned that on several occasions, mentioned boycotts. my fear is you would have to boycott almost everything. the first step would be taking away privileges, stop fighting for the tax breaks, stop fighting against minimum wage. rachel: you're trying to do everything but not watch baseball because you want to watch baseball. will: maybe -- by the way, of all the sports i'm ready to boycott, baseball would be first. it's the most boring. i'm willing to go one step. i'm afraid there's so many steps to make a boycott effective. erik erikson, thank you so much. great insights. turning to your headlines. police release video taken of that deadly hostage situation in an oklahoma jail. the inmate assaulting a
5:39 am
detention officer with his own pepper spray before taking him hostage at knife point. he was stabbed multiple times. he was finally freed, shooting and killing the inmate. new york's finest will be prohibited from smoking pot, despite it being legal across the state. they said it's still strictly prohibited for officers. the memo going on to say, quote, drug screening procedures remain in effect. officers may be suspended or fired if they're caught. houston, we have touchdown. nasa's ingentlemen new at this helicopter -- ingenuity helicopter landing on the surface of mars aft was dropped by rover. the first set of test flights will be next sunday. nasa said first it needs to, quote, survive the night when temperatures on the red planet can hit as low as 130 below year
5:40 am
in he row. and those are your headlines. >> can robots not survive negative 130? >> i don't know. if you freeze something, anything to a certain temperature, it might seize up. >> tell me more. >> says the science guy. [laughter] >> will cain the science guy. >> rick's the space guy. he ought to know. >> you're from minnesota, pete. pete: i know, inanimate objects that freeze and unfreeze are just fine. it's not like it's meat in the fever. freezer. it's gears and wires. >> now mechanic pete. >> stuff cracks. >> pipes crack. >> doesn't repair itself. >> i'm from texas. all valid points. >> pete, by the way, 50 degrees this morning in minneapolis. so how about that for easter morning, you don't see that he very often that far north. towards parts of florida, you're
5:41 am
at 56 in tampa and 50 in minneapolis, that's amazing. not much precipitation. we had that friday, yesterday, today, nothing really going on. we start to see a little bit of rain later today moving into the pacific northwest. by tomorrow into tuesday, we start to see a little more rain building across parts of the southern plains, overall we're in this dry stretch which is just fine to enjoy easter sunday for sun rise services, easter egg hunt, barbecue, picnic, whatever you're doing out here. almost no precipitation and beautiful temps. not bad. >> thank you, rick. the easter bunny still hasn't found its way into the lower 48. help him out, ric. >> [laughter] >> he resists change. [laughter] >> thank you, rick. climate czar john kerry says he's hopeful the u.s. can work
5:42 am
with china, communist china on climate change. does the white house actually think we can trust them? morgan ortega on deck for that. allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good guy fieri! ya know, if you wanna make that sandwich the real deal, ya gotta focus on the bread layers. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better! ♪ (angelic choir) ♪ and here's mine!
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5:45 am
>> climate czar john kerry says he's hopeful the u.s. can work with the communist chinese on the issue of climate change telling reporters this, quote, our hope is that we're going to be able to deal with, yes, china, none of the other issues we have with china and there are issues is held hostage or is engaged in the trade for what we need to do on climate. but can the communist nation actually be trusted. here to react is former state department spokeswoman, morgan ortega. thank you for being with us. when john kerry arrives with all of his desires and demands on climate, do you really believe the communist chinese are shakeing in their boots or do
5:46 am
they go back to beijing and laugh about the climate warriors. >> first of all, happy easter of to you. pete: happy easter. >> thanks. in the beginning of your statement you said that john kerry said that he was hopeful, blah, blah, blah, someone once told me very smartly, i think this is a famous saying, that hope is not a strategy and that's certainly true when dealing with the chinese communist party. and so the problem is not -- i don't have a problem with john kerry trying to negotiate with them. you'll remember, pete, that for the past several years in the trump administration, we had some of the best negligence negn the planet, negotiating with the chinese on various trade deals with mixed success of actually getting the chinese to follow up. we actually had a pattern of things we looked at, at the state department when i was there with mike pompeo. we called it china's pattern of broken promises. if you look at hong kong, china promised to the hong kong people at the people of the world at the united nations that they would remain a democracy for a number of years. they broke that promise.
5:47 am
they break their promises in the south china sea, break promises on trade, they break their promise as relates to any sort of international commitments that they have, especially things like cyber war fare, et cetera. you would have to suspend reality. john kerry would have to suspend reality to believe that the chinese communist party are going to negotiate in good faith and intend to keep that promise when they haven't kept any promises they've made to the world. >> suspend reality, it's not a great place to start negotiations, when as you laid out there are very, very serious things the chinese are doing, ambitious chinese are doing around the globe. let's move to another issue. we've got a couple things to talk about this morning. iran and the iranian new clear deal that -- nuclear deal that the biden administration wants to enter back into. other world powers are holding talks in vienna on tuesday with iran. what's happening here? >> this is the deal that john kerry, who we were talking
5:48 am
about, is now negotiating with the chinese, famously negotiated with the iranians in the second term of the obama administration. why is this important? it's important for several reasons. one, the biden administration needs to accept reality and understand that the middle east has changed fundamentally in the past four years. as you and i talked about on the show several times, we have had four peace deals the abraham accord. we saw for the first time in 26 years israel and arab neighbors, sudan and others make peace and recognize each other and so the middle east that president biden and secretary blinken inherited is different than the one during the iran deal. you ask yourself, all right, maybe iran has taken a series of steps, a series of measures to warrant the united states going back on the deal. actually, it's been the reverse. they're throughouting all -- flouting all of the rules and standards. they continue terrorism in the region. we have one dead american in iraq on president biden's watch
5:49 am
through the shiite militias. the continue to try to extort the world through this nuclear deal by threatening and harassing and so one has to ask themselves, have they done anything, any measures of goodwill to warrant us getting back in the deal and so far the answer is a resounding no. pete: resounding no. yet the europeans fall for it. we only have 30 seconds left. you're seeing a shift in israel. there's renewed talks and i believe there's additional aid going to the palestinians. is the biden administration attempting to reject everything the trump administration which stood behind our allies in is israel. >> senator lindsey graham is looking to -- they were paying people to be suicide bombers, calling pay to slay. this will be watched very
5:50 am
closely by congress because you cannot give aid to the palestinians while they're paying suicide bombers and terrorists. pete: back in a bad iran deal and naive negotiations with the chinese. >> happy sunday. pete: happy sunday and happy easter properly. thank you so much. straight ahead, after a successful pro soccer career, our next guest left sports to answer a higher calling. he'll share his unique path to priesthood and his message this easter sunday. well, well, well. look at you. you mastered the master bath. you created your own style. and you - yes, you! turned a sourdough starter. into a sourdough finisher. so when you learn your chronic dry eye is actually caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation take it on by talking to your eyecare professional about restasis®... ...which may help you make more of your own tears with continued use twice a day, every day.
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>> on top of his game, a professional athlete shocked fans by announcing his
5:54 am
retirement from major league soccer in 2008. >> he announced he would be joining the priesthood instead. rachel: and now after an unprecedented year for faith leaders and their flocks, he joins me with the importance of this year's easter message. father, welcome. your story is amazing. happy easter, first of all. going from a professional athlete to the priesthood, i know you got your calling as you said you were praying in front of the tabernacle. i think a lot of young people hear your story and wonder how might god be speaking to me. >> that is the easter message. we have a god who speaks to us. we have a god to came to us. he came into the world because he has a message. i recognize that i wasn't condemned to my subjective happiness. i didn't have to create a life for myself which is what i spent most of my life doing. i was so blessed to be a professional athlete and do the
5:55 am
thing i loved the most and be what the world considers important. at the end of the day, i realized that subjective happiness was shallow and there was something my heart longed for so i opened myself up and recognized and heard the voice of god to an objective fulfillment which is what we're all made for. so yes, we have to be silent, have to enter into the reality that god is going to speak to us, he desires to speak to us and he does come into our world so we would know him. and so certainly we have to take the ear buds out, we have to turn off -- i'm sorry to say sometimes the tv, our computers, we have to spend time with the lord. >> you say something that has certainly resonated with me in the past couple years and that is despite having seemingly everything as professional athlete, you lacked some meaning, some purpose. it proved to be somewhat shallow. what was missing? when you look at that life and the one you walked into, what did you acquire that was missing before? >> what was missing was what i
5:56 am
was made more. i realized the material life that was around me and surrounded me and offered to me at all time, it was fun. it did bring a certain sense of happiness. i'm not made just for happiness. i'm made to have peace in my heart. what was lacking in my heart specifically was the sensation of peace. i experienced anxiety of having to go out and win every day, an anxiety of looking for the next contract, the next way i would become happy. the reality is, the human heart is not at a peace a until it knows what it was made for. peace comes when we come to know the reason we were created and that peace is the prince of peace, jesus christ himself who is risen today. that's where we experience the only peace that will come into our hearts. >> i'm going to guess you still go out for a sunday kick-around every once in a while after season. >> some of my students invited me into a men's league this summer so i'll be getting back at it. >> that was you amazing.
5:57 am
go ahead, rachel. rachel: great message. thank you so much for joining us today. >> happy easter. >> good to be with you all. god bless. >> great guy, great message. more "fox & friends," pull out the ear buds but don't turn off the tv until "fox & friends" is over.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
♪ >> good morning and welcome to "fox & friends" on this beautiful sunday morning. it is easter. he is risen, he is risen indeed. the tomb is empty, the stonies rolled away and hopefully where you are the choir will be singing just like this, amen and hallelujah. it is easter. the pain of the tomb is overtaken forever and we are really glad you're here with us this morning. we are joined by will cain and rachel campos duffy.
6:01 am
rachel, good morning. rachel: good morning. happy easter. thanks for that beautiful shot of saint patrick. my son is patrick. my brother's patrick. i'm married to a sean patrick. so that church has a really special place in my heart that was a beautiful skyline shot of it. so happy easter to you guys. >> happy easter to you as well. rachel: i'm in, by the way, for jedediah this morning so i want to thank you guys for letting me join you. >> always happy to have you with us. if you started at the beginning of the show, the 6:00 hour, you saw a little bit of the service from saint peter's basilica in the vatican as the hope delivered his easter mess -- pope delivered his easter message. this morning, there is according to politico and effort within the white house to reframe the crisis along the border. it has everything to do with political issues, whether you're framing an infrastructure bill that's packed through of other items or framing a georgia law
6:02 am
as rateist and voter suppressive. there's an attempt to control the framing of the border crisis. they say, quote, the real crisis is in central america. politico had to say biden administration officials stressed they inherited the disaster from the trump administration and said solutions would not be painless or quick. in a separate call with democratic communications aides on the hill, officials reiterated the real crisis is in central america. >> they go on to point out root causes of migrant surges and all these things we should talk about and you can debate all you want. tell that to border patrol agents, tell that to citizens who live at or near the border, talk to people affected by gang violence or drugs. talk about all the american citizens who are ayou expected by this -- affected by this crisis. it's statements like that that gave rise to america first, to donald trump, who looked around and said we can't do everything
6:03 am
for everybody in the world. we can't fix afghanistan and turn it into a utopia. we can't immediately fix central america and turn it -- let's look at our problems at home. what republicans are rightly pointing out and need to point out is this is a crisis in america that deserves leadership and so the republican party is pushing back. here's a couple tweets pointing out that the so-called border crisis manager, kamala harris, the vice president, is nowhere near the border. here's one tweet, says the border crisis manager is next to the border in la but refusioning to take the trip to address the biden crisis. looks like the manager isn't managing the crisis at all. a second one, saturday, talking about the fact that yet again just a few miles away from the border, unwilling to address it. jed shall when you are the -- sorry. that's a slip of phrase. rachel. i'm sorry. when you don't want to acknowledge the problem because it's not in your priority list because you have other of domestic priorities in
6:04 am
washington you want to get done, like a covid bill that wasn't about covid or an infrastructure bill that's about the green new deal, you do your best to say we're doing a little here or there but maybe they don't want to solve the crisis. .rachel: that's true. i do believe they wanted new voters to come up. that's how they're going to grow their party. i think that's a very deliberate planned strategy. i do think, pete, that they didn't expect it to get this bad this quickly. even though the border patrol and the mayors and the citizens who live along the border warned them all, don't do this. this is actually working, what trump had put in place. the remain in mexico policy that didn't just stop people from coming into the country because their cases were being add jude calletted at the border -- adjudicated at the border. it was a deterrent. people from central america didn't want to get held up at the border because the vast majority know they don't have a case for coming across the
6:05 am
border that way. they needed to get in line in their own country. that's something that donald trump arranged. they said the problems in central america, we can't deal with what's going on. that's not true. they created this problem, at the worst time possible. because our country is still reeling from this pandemic. our people are still out of work. we're just starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel in terms of covid. and recovering from it in terms of the healthcare aspect of it. and they're possibly introducing a new and more dangerous strain coming up from brazil and south and central america. >> i think you're right. i think in the short term they didn't anticipate that it would unfold like this. it exposes too much hypocrisy. i saw a tweet from aoc, a few years ago they were calling them concentration camps, today she calls them influx facilities. [laughter] >> you're just not ready. you're not quite ready to polish this hypocrisy up to the nearest
6:06 am
shine. so i don't think they were ready for this disaster in the short term, thus there's no leadership, nobody in charge of this problem. joe concha was on the show earlier, a media opinion columnist, saying who is in charge. watch. >> no one appears to be in charge of this, right? the president of the united states said okay, my vice president is charged with fixing the problem. then they moved the deck chairs around and said it's really diplomacy. so who is overlooking the crisis exactly? and here you have basically kamala harris in charge of this problem who compared i.c.e. to the kkk. who said that illegal migrant crossings should be legal as a presidential candidate. she's just the person that you want in charge of this, so here you have, again, the powerful not being held accountable in any way, shape or form. no one is steering the boat at this point. it's getting worse at the border. >> stick with framing and
6:07 am
hypocrisy for a moment, with the georgia voter integrity law and the decision to move the all-star game. i love how mike huckabee said it, let it not call is coke cay coca-cola. let's call it woke-acola. they said we can't support georgia or atlanta. when you strip down what the grievance is with the law, maybe if you're being fair in just a small way you say it's because they're requesting identification for a absentee ballots. you need an id to get a ballot and somehow that's racist. that's part of the argument some are making. the hypocrisy is that coca-cola has an annual meeting. last year -- they do. apparently. and at the annual meeting you can't just walk in the front door. i don't know how that would work. >> what do you mean? have you to do something? >> here's one of the rules of what you are supposed to potentially do. at the entrance to the meeting, this is what coca-cola is
6:08 am
saying, we will verify your registration and request to see your admission ticket and valid form of identification such as a driver's license. >> that seems awfully racist. >> really rateist. >> so racist. everything is racist. >> look, voter id, we have throughout the morning, the program this morning laid out details of this law in georgia and compared it to other states, new york, delaware, whatever it may be, numerous blue states. the rules enacted in the state of georgia are less onerous than the rules in those blue states. what is this really about? what's going on with corporate america? what's behind the effort to paint the bill as racist and voter suppression. we talked to erik erikson earlier in the program. >> the left is much more unified. they collaborate much better together as groups, conservatives are herding cats, at some point the conservative groups will have to get together
6:09 am
and say we've got stand up against this and the best way to do it is we're probably going to have to start saying don't do business with this or cancel your mlb streaming service, do something to make your voice heard. right now corporate america seems hijacked by the wokes, seem only want to cater in one direction. conservatives need to make their money felt in new york america. >> the law, speaking of the georgia law, voting provisions are unlikely to significantly affect turnout or of democratic chances, it could increase turnout in the final account, it will be hard to say whether it has an effect on turnout at all so the voter suppression effort, i don't want to call it -- even on the left -- [laughter] >> the honest left. i don't know what side that represents. understands that this was a complete smear job. maybe to a eric's point and your point, maybe it's massive boycotts, taking away tax
6:10 am
breaks, no longer fighting against raising corporate tax rates. corporate america is going to have to start -- or stop caving to the lies of this culture war. rachel: president trump recently -- former president trump recently tweeted about that he said we've got to do something and i agree. we have to start boycotting, have to get our voice out there. they do this to conservatives because they can. and the thing is, i'm sick of being lectured to by a bunch of corporations the mlb, coca-cola, delta, who are in bed with the communist chinese government, the most racist, country, china, who has concentration camps, who are suppressing their people, don't have fair elections. i'm just tired of this hypocrisy. >> i love that point and i love what erik erikson pointed out. if you could save -- they've got a federal law red i do go that would try to overturn what states are doing, ultimately
6:11 am
it's about that kind of power grab and control and georgia because it was contested by donald trump, that's the fervor too that people grab onto. but so much has happened over the last -- you would be forgiven if you have whip lash with the amount of things happening from the border to the bills being rammed through on capitol hill, you might have forgotten that the keystone xl pipeline was killed early on in the administration as well. just we'll tell you why we're bringing this up in a moment. here's reminder of what president biden and john kerry said about the pipeline and climate change. listen. >> jobs, good paying union jobs, it's about workers building our economy back better than before. it's a whole government approach to put climate change at the center of our domestic, national security and foreign policy. >> what president biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices, that they have alternatives, that they could be the people who go to work to make the solar panels. >> better choices.
6:12 am
guys like brian kilmeade are on the case to find out if the promises are being fulfilled. tomorrow on "fox & friends" you'll hear the longer part of the interview. but he interviewed laid off pipeline workers and the agriculture commissioner in texas. here's a portion of what you'll see tomorrow. listen. >> the middle of '20 when everything started with covid and all that, the bottom fell out. we were hoping things would pick up as covid eased off. we got slammed in the gut again. >> how? >> when mr. biden come in and knocked out 11,000 jobs the first days in office. the ramifications of that are still being felt in the industry. i know people that lost their houses, kids that used to be able to go play sports, now they're struggling to put food on the table. it's easy to say find another job. but when you're the head of the household and that other job you're going to do is going to pay half as much as what you're used to, that's not quite as easy as it sounds. >> that's a conversation with real people.
6:13 am
that's americans affected by these policies. not unlike the conversation we had earlier with a tavern owner in atlanta, georgia who saw his business dry up when the all-star game was yanked out of georgia for political purposes. there you see the human cost of oil and gas workers losing jobs, losing the ability to feed their families based upon the policies done from thousands of miles away in washington, d.c. rachel: you know who else lost their job? all the people who were building the border wall, people forget about that as soon as joe biden did that executive order to stop building that wall, everything was left behind and i got calls from people that i knew in arizona who said all of my friends lost their jobs. they were building that wall. so they came in to office, the democrats, and instead of building america back, helping us get back on our feet after this covid pandemic, tons of people lost jobs for really dumb reasons because now look at what's happened at the border. we've got to take a little bit of a hard turn here but i just had to get that in because i'm so mad about that.
6:14 am
>> absolutely. amen. rachel: all right. well, christian voters were strong supporters of president trump during his presidency. a new op-ed argues they want more politician toss be like him. the author joins us to make the case, next. stay with us. when you earning a degree with university of phoenix, we support you with career coaching for life. including personal branding, resume building and more. that's our promise to you. that's career services for life. learn more at cell phone repair. did you knows career liberty mutual for life. customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote.
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6:18 am
absolutely. it's one of the arch types of the trump coalition that a lot of people struggled with understanding. trump was looked at from the outside as this three time married, howard stern regular and christian voters were always looked at as people who voted for people who were just like them. that shared their values. and with trump they received -- they took a bet on the promise that he would live up to his appointment of conservative supreme court justices but also that he would be a defender of religious liberty. he did that and more. and so he earned their trust. he may have not -- they may have not always liked his comportment but they liked that he went to the mattresses for them, right, that he stood up for their values and i think the genie is
6:19 am
out of the bottle. they're not going to look for candidates that are just like them. they felt they've been disappointed by candidates after decades of sort of this cultural revolution going against them and against their values and these candidates often not having the backbone or the wherewithal or the skills to stand up for their values and going forward that is very important to them as they vote in local elections, mid-terms and for president. >> you mentioned backbone, salina. i think that is absolutely a big part of it. especially when you talk -- you used the phrase regain cultural capital. so supporters of the former president look around now, they see the 1619 project, critical race theory, wokeism, all the cultural high ground is surrounding them. do you think they're looking back and saying maybe we didn't appreciate the way we should have what donald trump was willing to fight for?
6:20 am
>> i think there's a little bit of that. but again, having covered these voters really since 2012 and seeing what they were looking for after they were disappointed once again in 2012, these voters did appreciate him. they were very robust in their support for him and i think this thing with faith voters cuts across the board with people that faith doesn't always go into the voting bills with them. they look at our cultural curators, corporations, major league sports, news media, academia and sports entities and they don't share the values with them, we see playing out in georgia. i truly believe what's happening in georgia, the way the corporations are trying to
6:21 am
impact legislation is going to have a deeper impact in 2022 than any other issue including the border. i followed this for years and saw it coming and it's only growing in magnitude. >> great point. politics downstream of culture, culture is the biggest driver of influence and the left certainly understands that. salina, thank you so much for your time. >> thanks for having me. >> you got it. all right, well, for the first time a majority of americans are not going to church. and our next guest says this has opened the door for radical secularism. raymond oroio breaks down the cultural shift. ♪ guy fieri! ya know, if you wanna make that sandwich the real deal, ya gotta focus on the bread layers. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better!
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>> our next guest says the decline in religious identity has given rise to secularism and with it cancel culture. rachel: here with his take, fox news contributor and author of the new celebrity book, the thief who stole heaven, raymond arroyo. what is the connection between the decline in faith and belief in america and cancel culture? >> well, look, when faith leaves and, look, this is the first time as you all mentioned we've seen identity, identity with a religious group slip as far as it has, doesn't mean people still don't believe in god but a secularity has entered into the country. with it comes unintended consequences. the moment faith leaves a vacuum is created. what's come into the vacuum is
6:27 am
the secularity that has a punishing edge. they have their own rituals and liturgy. that's what cancel culture has become. individuals, ideas, great works of art are stricken from the public memory. that's what benedict the 16th called the dictatorship of relativeism where the dogma keeps changing and you can't keep up with it but you will be punished from you don't comply. comply or die is the new dogma of the moment but you don't know where the goal posts are. it's a very dangerous, scary moment. >> raymond, i think you've absolutely nailed it here. it's as though your vote becomes your virtue, if you can find someone else you are better than, that you can cancel, you projected yourself, elevated yourself more virtuously. it's not found in the gospel, it's found somewhere else. and in the process, raymond,
6:28 am
we've lost forgiveness, have we not? we cancel people. we lost redemption, second chances. >> it's the inversion of the gospel. look, this day is all about mercy, forgiveness, the triumph over death and punishment. my friend richard newhouse used to say the way of the cross is the way of victory. okay. today, he jesus came to forgive your sins and heal your wounds. what we're dealing with today is about crucifying people for their perceived sins and exacting wounds from them. so it's the exact opposite. and you know, my book the thief who stole heaven is about this thief who finds redemption, god sees the good in him and pulls it out of him at the last moment and sees his heaven. this is the first one to break through you the gates of paradise with jesus, it isn't saints or apostles, it's a hard
6:29 am
hardened thief. that is a reassuring and hopeful message, not only easter but all year through. rachel: your friend, richard newhouse, said jesus wasn't picky about who he decided to bring for the first one up to paradise. it's such a -- he was such an amazing man, richard newhouse. your book is excellent, raymond. it's so good. my children love it, the illustrations, all of it. thank you for putting it out there. >> thank you for your tour around new orleans you gave me before the diner last week. i've got gumbo in the refrigerator waiting for you. >> he means it. >> any time. >> happy easter. thank you so much. >> bye, guys. >> still ahead, comrade cortes is one of the most outspoken voices in congress. is she all talk and no action? a new report ranking her as one of the least effective lawmakers
6:30 am
in washington, that's coming up next. ♪ when i found out yesterday. ♪ don't you know that i heard it through the grapevine. ♪ not much longer would you be mine. ♪
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♪♪ it's velveeta shells & cheese versus the other guys. ♪♪ clearly, velveeta melts creamier. >> anyone who is using the term surge around you, consciously, is trying to invoke a militarictic frame. this is not a surge. these are children. they are not insurgents. >> the world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change. we shouldn't be haunted by the spector of being automated out of work. i introduced the green new deal two weeks ago and people were like it's inrealistic and vague. i'm like you try.
6:35 am
so until you do it, i'm the boss. ♪ >> until you try, i'm the boss. however, a new study highlights the fact, one that we already knew, that alexandria ocasio-cortez is one of the least effective members of congress. here to react are the hosts of tonight's big sunday show, fox newsradio host and town hall dot-com political editor, guy benton, leo turell and reporter carley shimkus. good morning, happy easter to you all. >> happy ease the tear. >> hey, will. will: i believe -- i think it's a little tempting to mock aoc, i'm the boss, while being one of the least effective members of congress. i think that under-sells how effective she actually is in moving the needle for the democratic party and the united states of america, moments like what happened in georgia where lies compelled major league baseball to pull their baseball
6:36 am
game are in no small part due to aoc. >> i made the exact same point in yesterday's he show. it's clear she's not effective in passing legislation. there are a lot of members of congress who see their job differently than just putting the nose to the grindstone and cranking out bills, right. she is trying to shift not just the culture broadly, because she has a huge following on social media, especially among younger people, she is trying to tug her party to the left, over and over again, in each little incremental fight, she's trying to make sure her leadership isn't getting too moderate. i think it's hard to argue that at least on some significant level, a lot of that pressure isn't working. >> absolutely. carley, do you agree, would you find aoc's tenure lacking in effectiveness or actually as guy pointed out one of the most influential people in america right now? >> i completely adegree with guy. she may be one of the least effective lawmakers in terms of passing legislation.
6:37 am
her positions are so radical. she is one of the most powerful lawmakers in congress, similar to how everything president trump said made news, she also drives the news cycle and i really think she is playing the long game. she wants her socialist ideas that may seem shocking and radical now to become such a part of the american conversation that one day she will be able to pass her legislative agenda and that is really the direction the country's going in. one of the bills she introduced that failed was one to give full federal benefits to illegal immigrants. she said she wants reparations for folks who come here illegally. she is consistent. she knows who she is as a lawmaker and has a huge microphone and that is very the powerful. will: one point it was said all politics are local. at some point does she have to deliver for the people of new york? >> i agree, she has to eventually but these not going
6:38 am
to. i disagree with my colleagues on the show. she's annoys maker. -- she's a noise maker. i'll give you that. in the 2020 election, will, the house majority shrank. the democrats lost seats. and other than the unfortunate loss of president trump, it was a very good election year for 2020 for republicans. and i will submit that in 2022, the gop is going to take back the house. aoc makes a lot of noise, as far as productivity, zero. if she's such a popular effective democrat, run for governor. run for u.s. senator. she makes a lot of noise from her congressional seat and that's all she does. will: that brings up an interesting point about how much influence a shrinking minority, a loud shrinking minority, can actually wield. but i want to move on. i want to give you more points. i find charles barkley one of the most authentic, interesting,
6:39 am
insightful people in america. he said i think most white people and black people are great people. i really believe that in my heart. i think our system is set up where politicians whether or not republican or democrat are he designed to make us not like each other so they can keep their grass grasp of money and power. they divide and conquer. your thoughts, leo? >> oh, 100% correct. look, as a civil rights attorney, i want to be upfront and honest. i think the democrats play the race card, this racial divide where democrats throw everything, make it a race issue. i don't think the republicans play that game. i was a former democrat. i'm sick and tired of the race card and that is the biggest dividing point in this country. a race card play. and i think it's being played by the democrats. will: guy, what did you think about what charles barkley had to say? >> two things. on what was said about aoc, i think she can be very effective
6:40 am
and moving the party left ward and also a liability for her party nationally speaking on that point. on carl barkley, i can't get -- charles barkley, i can't get enough of the guy. i'm not a big nba fan. when they bring him over for the tournament, i'm like what a treasure this man is. he has the standing to come out and say something like that and i hope there are people listening to him who don't just nod along privately in their living room say, okay, i think he's probably right. i think we collectively act on that and do something about it and push back against some of the cynicism that he talked about and leo just talked about. will: so the three of you are on the big sunday show, carley, is tonight at 5:00. we can expect more of what we just heard from you right here? >> yes, that and whole lot more. we'll continue to follow the outrage in georgia. senator chuck schumer wants the all-star game to be in new york. we'll break down the voting laws in each state and we're going to talk about which state really
6:41 am
has more restrictive voting laws. i think we all know the answer. plus the hilariously titled infrastructure bill, what's really in the bill. we'll also have a whole lot of easter fun. will: thank you for joining me this morning. >> thank you. will: over to you, rachel. rachel: great panel, will. turning now to your headlines. the police officer killed during the attack at the capitol is being remembered as a man with a heart of gold, a friend and former teammate says officer billy evans was lit l rally -- would literally give you the shirt off his back. he joined me earlier. >> we had a tournament once. and he -- there wasn't enough eh jerseys to go around. he offered his shirt, offered his spot to go in and i was able to go in. that's a small reflection into who billy was. rachel: a memorial is being set
6:42 am
up outside the capitol. he was an 18-year veteran on the force and he leaves behind two kids. the moment an a arsonist sets his own foot on fire is caught on camera. watch this. a doorbell camera catching two men spreading gas around three cars in england. one lights the fire and runs. but not before his shoes catch on fire. the flames spreading to all three cars. a witness saying it could have destroyed two houses if the wind blew differently. people are searching for the suspects. take a look at this cuteness overload. newborns in texas all dressed up for easter in knitted bunny ears, caps and matching bottoms. the herman woods medical center sharing the he photos, crediting the nicu nurses with the excellent ensemble. a set of trip lets and three -- triplets and three pairs of
6:43 am
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6:46 am
rachel: hollywood's hypocrisy makes it to georgia. media giants and a-list celebrities are quick to condemn the state's voting laws but have no plans to stop doing business there. it's currently home to more than 60 productions. joining me now is comedian michael lofftis happy easter. do you make of the hypocrisy. >> it's my favorite. happy easter to you. a lot of people are going to get chocolate eggs. i've got a fresh batch of hollywood hypocrisy all over my house this morning. i love making fun of hypocrites
6:47 am
and this one is strong. if hypocrisy was vodka we would be asking for more orange juice by now. this is -- hollywood is run by fakes, phonies and people who act like they're still in high school. and that's what this is. it's like the hollywood celebrities, they want to run around and tease georgia like oh, you've got a blemish. meanwhile, they've got a pimple the size of china on their head. that's why hollywood's not going to boycott georgia, because then they would have to talk about the 900-pound panda in the room. they're doing business with china. are they going to boycott china for not having elections at all and rounding up people and putting them on trains to work in shoe stores and factories? it's insane. rachel: yeah. they won't just not censor china. they're also censoring their own movies to fit china's narrative. we saw that with the top gun movie and other movies where they asked for -- sometimes they
6:48 am
even ask for less black people in the movie. that's come out as well. so, yeah, china is a big deal. >> yeah. and it never stops. so they don't want to put their money where their mouth is. they don't really want to practice what they preach. all they want to really do, and this is what hollywood's good at, they want to brand the right, the conservative movement and republican as evil and racist and self-centered horrible people. that's what we're part of right now. the one thing i'll give hollywood credit for, they're great story tellers. when you look at what they did to trump -- ben shapiro likes to say facts don't care about your feelings. hollywood said feelings don't care about your facts. they don't care that it's a good piece of legislation. they want america to have an emotional reaction to the right and republicans, that the president was a russian spy and we're evil, racist people. it's time for common sense,
6:49 am
folks. we've got to get loud. rachel: get loud and maybe do canceling right back at hollywood. so good to talk to you. happy easter. >> happy easter. and shout-out to joe biden what has no idea where the eggs are. [laughter] right. rachel: no easter is complete without a sunday feast. jeff george surran -- chef george surran joins us live. stay with us. ♪
6:50 am
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6:52 am
rachel: after church and hunting for eggs, everyone wants to spend time together with family meal. >> here with simple and delicious last minute ideas is chef george duran.
6:53 am
chef, tell us what we should be having this morning. >> good morning, guys. happy easter. boy oh, boy do i have a treat for you guys. we're going to start off with one of my favorites which is air fryer donuts. it's such a simple thing to make. if you have butter milk biscuits, you're going to take a bottle, cut out a hole from it and once you get the hole in there, you pop it in your air fryer and i'm working with instapots because they have a dual crisp air fryer. you can cut them in the shape of eggs. get your favorite pastel frosting and take a look at these beautiful donuts that i've made, coconut shreds, chocolate eggs, have fun with a peep on top of that. these are air fryer donuts. you never thought you could eat healthier donuts. here it is. now for something more savory. we're going to make bunnys in a blanket. take a hot dog, snip two corners
6:54 am
at the edge. you wrap it on any kind of dough you have. once you air fry it, again in the instapot duo crisp air fryer, take a look at the bunnies in a basket. it's two minutes to air fry in the instapot. it's a thing of beauty. not only can you air fry in this instapot, you can do 11 other functions as well. we're going to continue by making some lamb. and the thing that people are scared about lamb is how long to cook it for. well, something like the instapot which pressure cooks as well can make this in record time. you take your lamb chops, cut it up, salt and pepper. you add it and sear it. we're going to sear it in the instapot and get this golden brown to it. we're not done. we're going to add red wine. oh, yeah. a little bit of beef stock. you add herbs and potatoes in there. once the pressure cooks in the instapot, look at this beauty. it's called instapot lamb chop
6:55 am
and it's so easy to make, in three minutes. three minutes, cook it even less if you want it medium rare. a medium rare kind of guy. it's such a simple recipe to make. between the lamb chop and then you have these beautiful, beautiful bunnies in a basket that are simple to make and of course you have these lovely donuts. i mean, come on, you can air fry donuts. rachel: that's an amazing way to do the donuts and save calories. what are you making the little eyes and the nose on the bunnies with? >> [laughter] >> that's a great question. so sesame seed and white pepper flakes or white pepper occurrence work great with that but sesame seeds make it perfect, adds bunny eyes to it. what happens to the ears, they pop up once you air fry. rachel: i saw that. >> they kind of pop up and my kids go nuts over this. i make it once a year to tease them so they get excited's for easter. this is our thing we do every year, bunnies in a blanket. >> i love canned biscuits.
6:56 am
i loved the grand canned biscuits and i love dough us in. i noser thought of them as one -- i never thought of them as one in the same. we have an air fryer so i'll have to do it. it's so easy to make. get pastel colors and cut them in the shape of eggs. rachel: that's a fun thing to do with the kids. thanks for the last minute easter cooking ideas. >> thank you, chef. >> happy easter. rachel: happy easter. >> more "fox & friends" moments away. ♪ [sfx: psst psst] allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good
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will: i'm excited to announce that tomorrow is the first ever episode of the will cain podcast
7:00 am
on i would sincerely if you headed to apple or spotify and start joining me in longer conversations. rachel, i've enjoyed you hanging out with us the last several days. >> it was awesome. happy easter. go to church. i'm heading there myself. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. happy easter to all. welcome to sunday morning futures. i'm maria bartiromo. today from the front lines, the attorney general leading the charge against joe biden's radical agenda. texas ag ken paxton is here on big-tech dominance, the xl pipeline shutdown and election reform and the border surge. all a result of joe biden's sweeping executive orders why a string of states are following and suing the administration and then you saw it here first, senator ted cruz's rejecting biden's media blackout at the border. watch what happens w


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