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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  April 3, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

7:00 pm thank you for watching. i advocate for truth, justice and the american way. happy easter and i'll see you next saturday night. ♪♪ hello, leo terrel, carly and benson. welcome to the big saturday show. here's what's on tap tonight. we'll. ♪♪ >> closer look at the controversy surrounding vaccine passports and what it means your privacy. florida's governor is outright banning them will understate follow suit? >> present biden, hunter has a new book coming up, opening up
7:01 pm
about his past drug use and changing tune on the infamous laptop that reportedly contains details of his foreign business dealings? could cause new headaches for his dad? ♪♪ >> aoc talks a big game but turns out she's one of the least effective members of congress according to a new study. we'll break out the details. >> major league baseball making a major file on this year's all-star game but mlb pulling atlanta's protest over georgia's new election mob. in addition that could cost the city as much as $190 million in lost to her revenue and projections. within 24 hours, milwaukee stepped up making it pitch to host the game democrats coming out in full support of the move including president biden, also claiming to new law does this. >> professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly.
7:02 pm
i would strongly support them doing that. this is jim crow on steroids what they are doing in georgia and other states. imagine passing a law saying you cannot provide food for someone standing in a line to vote? can't do that? come on. close the polling place at 5:00 while working people are just getting off? >> claims earning from the washington post and georgia's governor firing back this morning on fox and friends swimming the claims accusing mlb of caving to the cancer culture model. >> it's unfortunate major league baseball has caved to the cancer culture and honestly, president biden and stacey abrams and others are simply lying about this deal, somebody who grew up playing baseball as a kid in a fan in high school, big braves
7:03 pm
fan, it's terrible for the organization and the fans and small business owners and metro atlanta community and our state. >> all right, everybody. guy benson had a short career as a sports broadcaster so i have to go to him first for his analysis. >> you know i'm a huge baseball fan, if not attended games together in the past, i am disgusted by this ignorant and disastrous decision by major league baseball and i know for a fact i'm not alone. not by a longshot. we have a society right now so polarized over so many things and feels like the few remaining vestiges common ground are under attack from activists and the woke angry mob into the areas of our life collectively are
7:04 pm
receding so i deeply resent it, really strongly resent it when people launch attacks and try to inject toxic politics into everything we do as a society and i am especially resentful when the injection involves outright lying and misinformation. in this case, as we played, some of the crucial high-profile flying start to the top with the president of the united states. >> you're disappointed you're not alone, braves were supposed to be hosting the game, also disappointed, released a statement shortly after mlb released sank there not the recommendation to uphold the game and they are disappointed in the decision but what about this idea that joe biden is lying about what the bill actually does? you are a civil rights attorney, is it unfair for suppression to require photo id at the ballot box?
7:05 pm
>> no. what's hurtful about this is you have the man in the white house lying. if he made the same statements, he be guilty of perjury. outright from the white house and he's playing the race card. jim crow on steroids. i want people to understand this. talk about civil rights more than joe biden. this has no discrimination, the georgia law is fair and applies to everyone. i want to make sure the person whose voting is the person voting. what is wrong with this id? the democrats have decided to play the race card and court racing will cave in, why? the race card. the allegation, something that has a stigma the democrat play
7:06 pm
the race card, i'm glad i'm on this program telling america the democrats are lying to you and georgia election law is for voter integrity and i support it 100%. >> the language, leo, of jim crow on steroids, we have to remember joe biden had a meeting with stacey abrams last week and georgia and she's the one pushing the narrative that this is jim crow 2.0, that language is coming directly from her and ironically, she didn't want a boycott and now she's reaping what she says in her home state. carly, i want to get to you on the business side because as guide pointed out, it seems like toxicologist blood into every aspect of our lives. his list of companies the left and activists push to follow through with boycotts against this bill. home depot, delta, ups, aflac
7:07 pm
and i'm sure there will be more companies with the cancer culture mob to do not this will which was passed by people elected by georgia voters. >> things get canceled, cancel all the time because it was once acceptable no longer is. president obama is facing the cancer culture treatment because he was a supporter in cheap but this is to echo my esteemed panelist, this is the first time something miss magnitude has been canceled based on a proven life. president trump was accused of lying all the time, absolutely bananas and look what's happening now, he said that on social media, it should have been flagged as a lie. the post he wrote on espn should have been given information like. he said polling places close at
7:08 pm
five, that's not true. they close at 7:00 o'clock. saturday floating, no excuse absentee ballots and allows drop boxes which were not allowed in 2019, they were illegal but i feel like we are screaming into a vacuum because we all know the truth, people at home watching fox news know the truth, everybody else it doesn't because they blindly believe what president biden says they are too afraid to stand up. katie, you pulled the list of companies facing pressure to move out of georgia, all companies need to do is they make soda, we are not going to get involved in politics. that's it but they are either too afraid to do that because of social media pressure, i also think they like the praise they get similar to hollywood and award shows when they come out with a really progressive condition.
7:09 pm
>> they like the attention from the locust elite, as we like to say. regardless of what the facts are, the problem is it hurts the workers, the people out of work because of the pandemic, they haven't been able to go to baseball and all the people in the stadiums, the businesses were people eat when the all-star game comes to town, that gone that republicans are not taking, they're not backing down. let's listen to lawmakers including instagram and his response to this whole thing. >> ceos are full of crab. they are running scared. georgia is trying to make sure everybody can vote legally. >> delta airlines or business partners. the same communist china communist party that's committed genocide against muslims inside of china. they are hypocrites. they make billions of dollars in don't even have elections.
7:10 pm
>> were not going to back down when we have a bill expand opportunity for people to vote on the weekends and georgia. the people are standing up and realizing the games being played here because they are going to fight back with us. >> guy the hypocrisy. >> republicans have to fight, not just in georgia but other broken governors around the country think we are not going to be cowed by this group of people. the other thing is, the democrats like stacey abrams, she's out there trying to say no, please don't boycott the state. can't have it both ways. she's been out there screaming jim crow as loudly as possible and of course they hear that and say oh my gosh, jim crow. they trust her even though a grotesque misrepresentation of the actual content of the law and what they include so boycotts role in whether it's
7:11 pm
major league all-star game or other companies under pressure she says we said jim crow but don't go that far because it can hurt the people in my state and city and i want to run for governor here next year so i don't want to harm the people in this state. sorry, when you go nuclear and talk about worse than jim crow which is what the president said, people are going to respond and will harm and inflict economic consequences on the state and the people directly responsible for those consequences and harms are democrats who have lied excessively and extensively about this law. >> that's absolutely true and everybody including the people pushing for it. coming up next, show me your papers. governor desantis said the passport. ♪♪ >> is something that has huge privacy implication. we're not going to have you provide proof of this just to be
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able to live your life normally. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show. freedom in florida. governor ron desantis citing executive order banning vaccine passport so those immunized for covered don't have to prove it to anyone. critics last the left for pushing the passport, call it an invasion of privacy and government over reach. not to mention the hypocrisy liberals who object the voter id laws. >> it's completely unacceptable for either the government or private sector impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine and simply be able to participate in normal society. >> besides desantis, other governors spoke out opposed the vaccine passport including christine of south dakota, pete of nebraska and mike person of
7:17 pm
misery. let me go to my partner in crime, katie. it seems to me the democrats want sort of a passport id it's more of an overreach and for purposes of keeping the covid-19 government being dependent or people being dependent on covid, what do you say? >> there are different layers. there's the private sector coming up with a system to prove you've been vaccinated which allows you to go freely, into businesses or restaurant or whatever. then you have local government which are partnering with these tech companies and federal government and white house which is president biden and hhs trying to figure out a way they can use these companies to implement some kind of vaccine passport. on the civil liberties side, i think there are serious questions about privacy here, data and china wanting something like this, it's ironic to me china brought this pandemic to the rest of the world and now
7:18 pm
western countries are starting to act like china in terms of surveillance and forcing people to do things to have control of all aspects of their lives so they may be sued over this caught in the court system for short in terms of health privacy but i think you're going to see this argument the private sector doing it but government is simply taking it on as a tool and that's where it's getting tricky because it's a private entity doing it but i think they should be outlawed and people should not be forced to put into data system to just live everyday life. >> carley, let me ask you this, the idea of a passport requires identification. yet, the same democrat are against voter id and georgia. can you reconcile those two? >> i simply cannot. [laughter] i finally got an appointment to get my vaccine and i was reading the e-mail to get the vaccine
7:19 pm
and one of the things i had to bring was identification and i don't hear anybody calling that racist so there was one week of we are all in this together and then the pandemic became one of the most politically polarizing things of all times. what katie is saying is so accurate and there's a lot of concern about big tech getting medical information and what it means for privacy but i also think a lot of conservatives see it as just another thing. first it was masks and then it was you can't go into restaurants or sit outside to even though we are supposed to be outside, you can't go to school even the schools are safe, you have more than three people over at your house and you can't see or chant and it's a vaccine passport now and i don't think they are necessary as people are allowed to fly and go to businesses now that a lot of people aren't vaccinated the why would you require a vaccine
7:20 pm
passport when most people are vaccinated and we reached herd immunity. >> i agree. god, it seems there are republican governors who want freedom they are opposed to the passport but yet in new york, those passport being contemplated by the governor, what you say to that? >> hard for me to defend anything andrew cuomo does ever. [laughter] the broader question, it is a tricky one and i see both sides because parents who want to put their kids in public school, private school, they have to provide documentation for proof their kids have been inoculated against any number of diseases and that's a boom to public health for a long time so we've seen those types of barriers in the past. it may not turn into a huge abuse, i understand the conservation and skepticism and incentive schism from a lot of
7:21 pm
people. my question, let's say we keep the government out of it which is my preference is just businesses making decisions for themselves and people abiding by them if they want and engage in that commerce, fine. how long does it last? i feel like sometimes temporary measures that are sensible or defensible can come permanent. in this case, it's not something i'd like to see at any time down the line becoming a permanent fixture in american society and that's one thing has me a little concerned about this. >> is a civil rights attorney, i few more government involvement in private decision making by private companies but great discussion all the way around. democrats in the media said the bombshell hunter biden scandal was russian disinformation and now i study emission from hunter himself about the laptop. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show. hunter biden out of hiding and promoting his new book. guess what he's talking about. the intimate laptop sees brother media. normally the media has over the biden family but tracy smith pressed hunter for answers no surprise tried long and hard to avoid the topic but in the end finally an admission. listen. >> was that your laptop? >> for real, i don't know. i really don't know. >> okay, you don't know, yes or no. >> i have no idea. >> so it could have been yours? >> certainly, there could be a laptop stolen from me, it could
7:27 pm
be that i was hacked or there was russian intelligence, it could be that it was stolen from me. >> did you hear that it could be his. this is the same laptop president biden said russia is information and december when peter doocy asked him about it. [inaudible] yes, yes and yes. >> guy, you need to have a lot of laptops, like an unreasonable amount of laptops to not know if you lost one or one was stolen from you. what you make of this remark from hunter biden? >> he allegedly lost a gun, too so i guess he loses a lot of things, allegedly. [laughter] here is the issue. it answers, like broke. it could have been my laptop, it could have been russia.
7:28 pm
the thing, i expect politicians to cross the spectrum to live, is what a lot of politicians do so when there's a problem on this front and the biden campaign in the home stretch of the election says yes, that's russian disinformation, they present no evidence whatsoever to implicate russia, still no evidence to implicate russia on this front but that was there spin. fine. politicians like. this is a media scandal because the media swallowed the spin and said okay, let's report back, regurgitate the spin as if it's reality and it was that totally unproven spin off the original post story on the front centered by big tech so again i expect politicians, the fact that the media and silicon valley went along with it and that's what really concerns me about this entire thing. >> katie, this is important because president biden said he
7:29 pm
never spoke to his son about his business dealings because that's seen as a conflict of interest and the laptop has information on it that shows he did in fact have meetings with a burisma guy china sonata biden's president, how big of a deal is this? it rises to another level. >> it is a huge deal, it proves president joe biden has maybe been compromised by the chinese communist party and results of what's on hunter biden's laptop and the fact that text and the information on the laptop and the business relationships, joe biden was involved in these business deals so it's a matter of what it means and the media buried it for the election, it probably would be important for voters to know whether the president of the united states had business dealings in china he was never involved in so guy is right when he says it's a media scandal but hunter biden
7:30 pm
will sit down with a lot of people in the next couple weeks and do a lot of interviews, i'm wondering when the fbi will sit down with him to do an interview, what he lied to get the gun. for normal people line means ten years in federal prison and $250,000 in fines and yet we are not hearing anything about that so there's a serious crime we all know about now with the gun issue and of course now we know confirmed by hunter biden's laptop men walk up the sheet of his signature from the laptop shop in october so we've known this but the media buried. >> leo, katie just said hunter will sit down and do a lot of media, i know everybody needs to make a living, that's what hunter is trying to do but if i were president biden, i'd say i will pay you to write a book because every time hunter biden is in front of the camera, it's not good for the president.
7:31 pm
what is your take on this? >> first of all, the comments he made earlier, it couldn't be mine, it could be mine, he was coached by a lawyer and gave lawyers a bad name because that was a lawyers answer. go back to the other comments, biden got the greatest christmas gift ever, the election of joe biden. the fbi and department of justice will slowly drag this. it's no longer a big story in the laws under biden to make millions on top of other millions and millions of dollars. it's a significant impact on the 2020 election and more important, what guy was talking about, this was a conspiracy among social media, democratic machinery to kill the story. that's a viable story involving hunter biden, the laptop and it got the complacency of a democrat social media.
7:32 pm
>> yes. >> it was. >> katie talked about belinsky and he was one of hunter biden's former business partner, he spoke with tucker carlson and said when he was in business, he even said joe biden is involved in this, what if he runs for office again? president biden's brother said plausible deniability so if he's to be believed, they were just going to deny, deny, deny meaning that they knew was wrong. >> what we know and discover this a number of weeks ago that biden, hunter that is, has been under federal investigation since 2018 so i'd imagine that's still ongoing, i'd like to know what they are looking into and perhaps we will find out, go back to the media file, is there any appetite to look into that now that we have completely
7:33 pm
dispensed with this garbage but it's russian disinformation, will any enterprising journalist decide we should follow up on this story they told us was russia but it doesn't seem to be russia what's the fire that if there's smoke? there is a story you might remember, dozens of former intelligence officials cannot said yes, we think it's russian intelligence, someone coming up and saying hey, you made the allegation in the closing days of the election, do you have any regrets about doing so given the complete evidence? >> that's so true. we made a big mistake when we hid the story, hopefully now that he's called out, it doesn't happen again. we'll see about that one. in the meantime, alexandria cortez arguably one of the most outspoken members of congress, especially on twitter but as she all talk and no action? a closer look at what she's
7:34 pm
actually accomplishing and washington. coming up next. coming up next. ♪♪ michael: more than 100 years ago. simi: two branches of our family split apart. david: but now, ancestry helped connect us to our ancestors and each other. michael: find their stories. gigi: at ancestry.
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welcome back to the big saturday show. new york representative alexandria cortez is certainly one of the most high-profile members of house but a new nonpartisan study by vanderbilt university and university of virginia shows she was among the least effective members of the last congress. introducing 21 bills that went nowhere. she sure does talk a big game
7:39 pm
though. >> this is not a search. these are children they are not convergent. we are not being invaded. which by the way is a white supremacist idea, philosophy. families are owed reparation. >> all right. so much nonsense to unpack. leo, are you surprised by the results of this study that contrasts maybe her profile versus her effectiveness and getting things done? >> no. this woman, someone in new york run against her? please. she's very ineffective she blind? she plays the race card again. she makes a lot of noise and flies but she went there pretending to go down to the
7:40 pm
border claiming kids were drinking from toilet water and now she's trying to justify the chaos on the southern border by playing the race card. she's an effective makes a lot of noise, she should never went any statewide seat but she serves a purpose for the left wing extreme left media and social media in fact her calling card. not as a legislature noise piece. she's destructive to the american value and way of life. >> to say that search, using that word, white supremacy, that's wild. wait until she heard about search pricing in uber. [laughter] it's easy for us here at fox and conservative outlets elsewhere dump on aoc and i admit, that's relish on numerous occasions but is there a method to what she does here? maybe she doesn't view her role
7:41 pm
at the moment as passing a bunch of landmark legislation but rather getting a lot of attention, messaging, convincing people of things and telling her party to the left, might have to admit she's making progress on the. >> i'm not going to jump on her, i think she's a highly effective person for the far left. look at president biden infrastructure built, infrastructure built, it's the green new deal which is repackaged under a different name guess who introduced the green new deal on the house? that was aoc and she got cosponsor and senate at the time, senator kamala harris and now it's being sent to capitol hill and to be passed a 3 trillion-dollar price tag with more family infrastructure or human infrastructure. she may not be effective in terms of passing legislation but
7:42 pm
she's effective on social media extending the flock to the number of people they have in the house, she's causing headaches for democrats which is why has tough times with nancy pelosi because she's been working with social democrats to primary, a number of democrats who they think are moderate to conservative so she's pulled the party to the left, nancy pelosi has had to say a lot of things because the squad demanding and mostly she has the media's attention, she drives the narrative. kids in cages thing, the concentration camps on the border when president trump was in office, that picked up by the media and they ran with it. of course they don't have interest now because she's not saying much about that but i do think she's highly effective generally as an activist, just happens to be bad at her job as congresswoman.
7:43 pm
>> dismissing her outright or underestimating her in some way would be a mistake strategically for concern carley, isn't there something here that is a bipartisan phenomenon with our, at least there seems like an increasing number of people who run for office and then take office not really to govern but to become famous and stir the pot? >> really the best at that and i think that's where she has her power because she gets into twitter wars and makes the full instagram videos with words on the bottom and that's why she is who she is. there's another reason as well, it's because she says wild things. we cannot help but cover, she wants infrastructure package to be $10 trillion she wants reparation for people who came here illegally so she's constantly in the news cycle and the fact that she's ineffective in terms of passing legislation really isn't her fault, it's
7:44 pm
because she's so far left that thankfully not a lot of people in congress agree with her so she can propose all the bills she wants and they are just not going to go anywhere but if you pull this with young people about who's in congress, i'm sure most of them would know shoot who she is and wouldn't know who the speaker of the house is. >> we leave the conversation right there. >> five seconds, go. >> the house majority for the democrat, the house republicans will take over the house in 2022. thank you. >> now we'll leave it there. in the meantime, coming up, listening to cdc guidance on what vaccinated people can and cannot do might give you a bad case of whiplash. you can travel but you should avoid it. what? sort out mixed messaging coming up. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show. covid confusion, president biden cdc can't seem to get it covered guidance straight. the cdc director says this about vaccinated people. >> data from the cdc today suggests that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don't get sick and it's not just the clinical trials but also
7:50 pm
real-world data. >> but now the cdc says the evidence is clear and adds to the confusion, cdc sank yesterday americans fully vaccinated can travel at low risk to themselves but then they walked it back. >> we haven't changed guidance at all, we are not doing travel at this time. >> first of all, cdc five times fast, we are all going to be in big trouble. leo, is this confusing for people? >> the most important question -- yes. cdc, i can't do it. the most important question i've learned in law school, why? why the mixed message? democrats roll into power based on covid. they want to continue for the next four years. that's why the cdc director
7:51 pm
can't give an honest answer, she has to walk back. not the first time, it's the second time. she said it over and over, they want dependency in the country to be dependent on them. it's a political strategy and as a result she can't give us true honest medical advice. he get the vaccine, you're okay but that's not what the biden administration wants america to know. >> people have been taking the pandemic seriously and they are very frustrated with the cdc and messaging to the government because they feel they can't trust in that they can't trust the experts, as they call themselves, do they turn for guidance to keep themselves healthy? >> part of the tobacco past week from the cdc director involved famously that weird impending doom, almost teary video she made about how worried she was and then came good news about how people who are vaccinated don't carry the virus and therefore are safe. but we're not totally sure about
7:52 pm
that. you can travel, it's great but maybe you shouldn't, it is head spinning and to me it's so frustrating but also counterproductive. i'm not a doctor but many of our fox doctors on my radio show, the message should be straightforward. when you get a vaccine in your fully vaccinated, you can get back to normal life because the vaccines work. anything beyond that in this type of mess is undermining that core message. >> i don't think people like you on the government says what you can and cannot do especially when it comes to travel because people have been flying on planes since past june. >> is one of the most frustrating things about the pandemic, almost everything out of the mouths of the people in charge either are in total contradiction or don't make sense. what the cdc director said bp get vaccinated, you can't spread the virus is a huge deal and i
7:53 pm
have never lived through a time in my life where people are so afraid and angry about good news, we should be celebrating that and you're right, the messaging out of the cdc and government should be if you get the vaccine, you don't have to wear a mask anymore and you can travel and go about daily business like when you get a vaccine or anything else. that incentivizes getting the vaccine as well. >> that is good news. wild ride, this is good news maybe, wild ride for students on a school bus in virginia idea crashes right through the windshield and plans on sleeping student. ♪♪
7:54 pm
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to the big saturday show, a sleeping child got a rude a wakening on a virginia school bus camera caught jarring a moment deer flew through the front windshield and you can see animal trying to figure out where to go until driver opens the door and it escapes. so leo apparently the deer is okay everybody is okay.
7:58 pm
the situation, if you watch this video with audio, though, everybody is ridiculously calm no screams like what was that? [laughter] so leah what would your reaction have been? >> first of all po the bus driver he was calm, cool, collected, bravo. i hope i could have done the same thing. i probably would have panicked but that driver did great. >> i would have. katy has anything leak this similarly happened to you? >> actually yes i was hunting once with my dad dark and early in the morning we called it a suicidal deer that come through the car but eyeball was in the wednesday shield staring at me but all ended up okay like this if this would have happened to me i would have said oh, dear. >> i can't kawngt on you for a new good pun. friends in high school told me he hit a bear once and hit a
7:59 pm
bear once and he hit the bear in the stomach and hit the side of his car had, you know, what -- on the side of it so how do you feel about this story? >> i'm request with you blown away by the chillness of the driver and everyone involved i don't understand how that's possible. but my spirit animal in all of this is the sleeping child. because i'm not a morning person so sleeping on the bus was something that i can very much relate to. i'm not sure how i would have reacted if i was woken up by an animal that had come on to the bus a big animal it probably would have felt like i was still dreaming. that is crazy. [laughter] >> i know. and leo -- >> would have got hurt. >> i wonder about this deer's safety they say that drear is okay but you're not tracking that thing into the woods i think people said that is running down the street it should be fine. this is such a morbid note to end the show on but a.m. pretty sure the deer died. [laughter] pretty sure it died what do you
8:00 pm
think? >> no, carly -- >> opened door for the door and driver did his job. >> that does it for us i feel so bad about that morbid note but we will see you tomorrow at 5 p.m. "fox report" levin"dan: welcome' world." i'm dan bongino in more jesse watters. there are 20,000 unaccompanied minors in u.s. custody. this week the biden administration finally aloud some journalists inside one of the detention centers in donna, texas. migrant children in the


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