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tv   Watters World  FOX News  April 3, 2021 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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when it comes to the supreme court. what's the hushy? why is he going big? think about it. i'll see you next time on "life, liberty & levin"dan: welcome to' world." i'm dan bongino in more jesse watters. there are 20,000 unaccompanied minors in u.s. custody. this week the biden administration finally aloud some journalists inside one of the detention centers in donna, texas. migrant children in the pack
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border facilities are not being tests for covid and can't socially distance. they are packed on top of one another covered with what like emergency blankets. a facility that normally cost $6 million a month to run is costing a staggering $16 million. americans were stunned by this. cameras captured heart stopping troubling footage of smugglers tossing two small children over a 14-foot wall near el paso. thankfully agents rested the 3 and d the agents rescued the two girls, 3 and 5 years old. the biden administration has yet
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to outline a plan to fix it. they are accommodating the crisis instead of fixing it. adding beds and housing wherever they can. guess who is downplaying the whole thing? the left and the mainstream. >> the right sets the agenda. they decide there is a border crisis and they don't want to look into the reasons for it. >> this idea that trump policies canceling them affected the numbers are not true. this whole idea about the border crisis. calling something a crisis doesn't have an objective definition in politics, nor is it something only republicans get to do. we the media decide whether something is a crisis. >> i was at the forefront of calling out the trump administration for these scriewl policies and family separation. there is a difference western
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the bide and the trump administration. >> anybody using the term surge is trying to invoke a militaristic frame which is a white supremacist idea, philosophy. dan: this is a totally different story from the kids in cages created by the left a few more years after he go. >> we are not going to separate families and put kids in cages. >> putting kids in cages at the border, separating familiar lives? that's not who we are. >> heartbreaking. guts wrenching. this image of powerful symbols of the border crisis. >> it demands immediate action. a facilitying manager likens
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conditions there to a ticking time bomb. dan: last february 36,000 crossed under trump. it's 100,000 under biden. joining me now is fox news contributor and former i.c.e. director tom who man who just -n who just returned from the border. the numbers tell a horrible tale right now. we have seen a 6-digit number of people crossing the border in contrast to the highest year trump had in february was 66,000. now you have 100,000 up biden.
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where is the outcry from the media? >> you are going to have 150,000 in march. the numbers speak for themselves. the trump administration. unaccompanied migrant children was down 70%. president trump gave us the most secure border i have seen in my career spanning 32 years. in two weeks joe biden killed those policies. joe biden knew when he was making those promises during the campaign it would cause a surge. he has been in a surge before. he knows what causes them and he knows how to stop them. president biden sold out our national security and border security to win an election. i worked for six
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administrations. that's exactly what happened. dan: i read a disturbing story in the "washington examiner." they said people crossing the border illegally are being given release notifications. this is a de facto amnesty paperwork that authorizes them to be in the united states. am i reading this wrong? >> you are not reading this wrong. >> no, you are not reading it wrong and they are being released without a covid case. i was down at the border ws texas congressmen. there was 7 family groups who had plane tickets paid by the taxpayers to get to their destination. this administration and tax pair money will get them foe chicago
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and denver. the family i sat next to was going to denver. dan: where is vice president kamala harris? she is not at the border. the vice president spent her weekend in a meeting getting briefed on covid and speaking with the president. she met with the special envoy of the northern triangle. but she has yet to hold a press conference almost two weeks after being tapped to take on the border disaster *. so what is her border assignment? i have no idea. apparently neither does the white house. press secretary jen psaki had to clarify her role because everyone is confused. >> tonight the president of
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the -- the vice president of the united states will help lead that effort. the root causes. engage themes countries and their leaders. how to work in partnership. how to prevent corruption from taking over. putting in steps that will make the journey less desirable. dan: vp harris has no plans to visit the border a week after laughing at the sheer thought of it. >> do you plan to visit the border? >> not today. [laughter] dan: why is she laughing? the positions you think are important given what's happening down there right now. two months after the border surge started we have no idea who is in charge or what the
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administration's plan is. joining me, lara trump. it's so nice to talk to you. thanks for coming on. >> you got it. thanks for having me. dan: what was taft -- what was fascinating about the trump administration. he was a gift to the media. her in hid from any issue. he would be on three or four times a day on the fox news channel. but we can't get an't view with kamala harris. >> i think it's insulting to the american people. i think back to the trump administration. this is a crisis. there is no doubt, what's happening on our southern border is an absolute crisis. we also had a bit of a crisis situation at the beginning of covid.
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you saw president trump task vice president mike pence with operation warp speed. they were holding press conferences to keep the american people informed. the biden administration is the least transparent we have ever seen. and the media gives them a pass. they have been on their side since day won. they coddled joe biden the he tire campaign. where is vice president kamala harris. she need to get down to the southern border. it has been two weeks since she was tasked for this role. what we see down there is outrageous. it's bad for america. it's bad for the people trying to come over our southern border.
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you know how you prevent people from coming? make it less desirable. tell them their kid will not get into america. we don't want kids making this treacherous journey north. they pretty much do whatever they want. they don't have to answer to anybody. >> they boxed themselves in a corner because they know what works. what happened under the trump administration? if they have to revert back to those policies, it will be a nasty face plant for them, don't you think? >> they won't give donald trump credit for anything. i think they found themselves in a bit of a sticky spot here. the way to fix this is what donald trump actually did. you just heard from tom homan,
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all the people who work at the border say under president trump our border was the most secure it had been in decades. we have the exclusion. -- we havethe solution. but we know they are not going to give him credit for it and they don't want to go that route. because then donald trump would be right and that would be a disaster. this is bad for america and bad for the world by and large. dan: thanks for joining us. we really appreciate it. your kids still aren't allowed in school. but kids coming across illegally are getting in-person instruction. first a big congrats to jesse. jesse and his wife emma are the
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dan: migrant children moving to the head of the class in san diego. teachers are given the option to teach kids crossing the border in person while hundreds of kid are stuck at home in front of a computer. the move sparked outrage across the country. >> they are being held up by the district and the union which strong armed us the entire time. >> i hold our district leadership accountable. for not stepping up and having that same sense of urgency for getting our kids into the classroom. >> it's obviously safe to teach in person if you have thousands of teachers who applied to teach migrant children in person.
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dan: oh the hypocrisy. congressman darrell issa. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for covering this. literally in the same county and city you can't get your kids in front of a teacher. but people who come here illegally are getting personal attention. and over a hundred of these individuals have tested positive for the covid virus. dan: this is such a stain on our country. in minority districts they have been kept out of the education system for a year. it will undoubtedly have an impact on their earning potential for the rest of their lives. they constantly move the goalpost from 60 to 70 to 80.
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a satirical piece said american kids should disguise them selves as an immigrant to get in front of a teacher. >> it would probably work. if you look at san diego and surrounding counties, the charter schools and private schools went back to work as early as october and have had little or no infection. it's not even that there is some doubt about the infection rate. we have hundreds of mew this palts and private schools -- municipalities and private schools that show you can teach children safely. dan: congressman, one of the things i found particularly offensive, the logic behind this was this. they said the kids coming across
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the border at the facilities, they have nothing to do all day so they are being taught. i thought to myself, neither do our kids. if you are not making 6 and 7 figures, and you have to go to work, your kids have nothing to do at home by themselves while you are working. parents are really getting screwed over by this policy. >> if your kids aren't in class, it may be harder for you to get back into the workforce. this is disproportionately hurting ask californians. it's a stain on the union leaders and democrat leaders that dominate california that are tolerating this. our governor who is being recalled as we speak seems to be
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oblivious that parents no matter their party affiliation are fed up with their kids not getting an education. dan: i appreciate your time, thanks a lot for coming on. [♪♪♪] how the left is making the jobbed harder for police officers as a crime wave sweeps across cities.
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it was a life changing moment for me. i had no idea that my grandfather was a federal judge in guatemala. he was an advocate for the people... a voice for the voiceless. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at
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jon: welcome to welcome to fox news live. i'm jon scott. with millions of shots available each day, the nation is getting closer to herd immunity. the cdc reports that one-third of americans have received one dose and nearly half of those have been fully vaccinated. but they urge them to continue wearing a mask and observe social distancing. pope francis is appealing to his flock not to lose hope. due to social distancing only 200 masked pilgrims were allowed to attend the service. tomorrow is easter sunday,
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considered the holiest day on the christian calendar. i'm jon scott. now back to "watters' world." >> it's load and unfired. ak762. >> there you go. >> you are on the reel. >> you shouldn't not let somebody have to pee. >> he asked you what moisture was. you said [inaudible] >> that's not a month. dan: that footage is from live p.d. showing arrests from across the country. it gave us a real look into the
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lives of police officers on the street before it was canceled. new york city is the first in the country to end qualified immunity for police officers. it will be easier to sue cops. it essentially handcuffs the cops. here to discuss it, joe imperatrice. if you run into a police officer and you are the victim of police misconduct. you have the civilian complaints review board and god forbid a police officer files a complaint. how will this do anything but make officers hesitant to
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engage. >> we have days where officers were assaulted. they have the diaphragm belt. now they are letting people who commit crimes to sue our police officers. lieutenant mac was struck in the face and bones were broken while people were protesting. one of two things will happen. in that's incident. the individual who gets arrested, if he wants to sue, you will have liberal lawyers who can sue and hand over the money. those officers weren't right in using unjustified force. but what mayor de -- mayor
5:29 pm
deblasio said is totally off the wall. dan: i worked in one of the toughest areas in the city in brooklyn. some nights on a 4 to 12, which is the busiest on a friday and saturday. you could be engaged in 50 to 60 police actions. three or four of them get physical. not on your part, but people resist arrests. can you imagine being subjected to 10 to 20 lawsuits a month? >> they will have to look at setting up [inaudible] the lawyers aren't good enough and catch what they are doing. or you hope the unions will put more money in place to cover these officers. 3% of officers last year were not indemnified by the city and
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it came out of pocket. you are a former police officer. you know. people do this for a living. i have seen individuals get locked up with illegal firearms. they do it six months later. $20,000. this is outrageous. we need that somehow common sense back into the cities. dan: politicians have a form of qualified immunity, too. i would like to see them get rid of that's one first. americans may soon need a vaccine task force. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin. and 24-hour relief from symptoms caused by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens.
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dan: americans may soon need vaccine passports to do almost anything. travel, see a concert, watch a ballgame, eat in restaurants, even go to work. republicans from ohio and florida are vowing to ban it. the people on the left are for it. and they are opposing voter i.d. laws in gallon mischaracterizing the new measures, you guessed it, it's racist. joining me, jessica tarlov and fox news contributor and form congressman sean duffy. thanks for joining me. jess, i will start with you. i don't get it. no voter i.d. to engage in the most important activity we can, but you have to have a vaccine passport to travel. what do you have think about
5:36 pm
showing a vaccine passport as a voter i.d. i got you on the spot. what do you think? >> we'll talk about it after the show. i do think that it's going to be difficult to roll out this vaccine passport program. i'm in new york city and it just started here. what we have to consider is fundamentally we know companies, private and public sector want to keep americans as safe as possible. we know what the vaccine does for preventing covid. the cdc lifted travel restrictions for people who are vaccinated. i imagine that you both have children. i don't yet. hopefully one day. but you didn't throw your arms up in the air and say no when they required your kids be vaccinate boulevard they came in the classroom.
5:37 pm
with private understand -- with privateinstitutions, ir prerogative. dan: the people on the left throw out the free market. but jack phillip had to bake a cake. >> what jessica says, this is about your safety and security and keeping you covid free. but look to the southern border. if they cared about keeping us safe and covid free, they would shut down the southern border where you have people coming in with covid. and they have the brazilian variant that can infect younger people and people who have had covid in the past. the vaccine passport is all about control. this is a platform that they can
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use to track you. they say if you comply with these rules, you can have freedom. but if you don't comply you can't fly on planes or go to sporting events. this is just the start to track what americans do like they do in china. dan: what happened to the aclu branch of the liberal movement? you can go to another school in you don't have to carry around a passport. that doesn't seem to be a relevant example of this scenario. i think it's relevant. private and public schools make demands for vaccinations. to organizations even demand you will the flu vaccine. we know how quakily it -- how quickly it can spread. it's different the way you carry your vaccine passport versus
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your vaccination card. but the parents have that evidence to present to the schools private or public schools. i don't think you are getting away from the fact that you have to be vaccinated for the measles or the mumps. it is about health and safety. migrants are coming across the border and staying in migrant cams at the border. they are not being released to spread covid all over the place. dan: no, no, no, no, no. time out. that's not true. they are being released into the u.s. sean, respond quick. no, that's not true. >> they are coming in, they are being processed and being shipped out. you had greyhound say we can't do this any longer because we are concerned about infecting people on our buses. they do have covid, they are not being vaccinated and they are
5:40 pm
being released into the country. you bring up measles and mumps. i don't have a digital platform that can track measles and mumps vaccinations. dan: i gotta run, guys. thanks for the spirited debate. one of biden's dogs back in the dog house. major bit a second person in a month. the white house says he's still adjusting to his surroundings. joining us, master dog expert. peter caine. this is the interview i'm looking forward to. i have got a dog, lucy. but she is a terror. i'm getting worried because i heard in relationship to this major biden story, there are no bad dogs, just bad owners.
5:41 pm
is that true? >> that's true. people around the dog are failing the dog. when a dog bites once, that's your wake-up call. you can't let it happen a second time. they have idiots around the white house walking the dog. the reason why i know this, you can go online and see the handlers. he's got a blue shark skin suit on. he has his hand through the thumb hold. you never hold a leash like this. that's an indication they let anybody walk the dog. they need to train the people handling the dog. if somebody called me with a dog that this happened to, i would say a mandatory 60-day board and train. and i would be suggesting an e-collar is used. many people say don't shock the
5:42 pm
dog. we have a dog that bit two people. in many areas there is a three bite law. if it bites three times they can put the president's dog down. what's he going to do, say no, i'm above the law? something like this, low-level stimulation, lower than a human could feel it would be hugely helpful to teach the dog no. but what's more important, there needs to be control and consistency with this dog. everybody raise their hand who has dog experience. oh, i will take you and you and have some intern walking the president's dog is a huge mistake. everybody that is working with that dog needs training, too. it's not just about training the dog. it's about having realistic expectations. that's what we have in this country is a lot of people who
5:43 pm
are up realistic. remember this -- dan: i gotta run. i'm returning out of time. but i can't even get my dog lucy to stop eating socks. i will hit your website. >> give me a call. dan: thanks, buddy, i appreciate it.
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dan: canceling cancel culture. jimmy fallon and tiktok ray
5:48 pm
under fire. the mostly -- they didn't credit the mostly black creators of the dance. [♪♪♪] fallon was blasted on twitter. asking why he didn't bring on the people who created the dances instead of ray. is this for real? unfortunately its is. two companies dell today and coca-cola and delta are under pressure for not being forceful
5:49 pm
enough with georgia. now illinois latinos say it would be painful for the community to name the school after the deporter-in-chief, barack obama. >> he denied us and he didn't stop the deportations the way he promised. if you are removing the name of thomas jefferson, one oppressor, the name of barack obama is another oppressor and our families don't want to see that name. dan: while democrats are chasing themselves down a rabbit hole, others are starting to deny the whole movement. i always anticipate these interviews with you because i have no idea. unlike you. greg: you know what i did today? i culturally appropriated you.
5:50 pm
look what i'm wearing. i'm doing the dan bongino look. dan: i gave up on college a long time ago. the excuse i use is i have bad arthritis in my shoulders and arms. it works every time. i heard you on the 5 a couple weeks ago. you were talking about cancel culture. you got me thinking about this idea i have had for a while. cancel culture has to be inherently cannibalistic. because historians are starting to ignore these buffoon s. they eat each other alive. >> if order to run out of victims, libertarians and
5:51 pm
corporations and companies have to share the risk. all they can do is harm the people that still care about them. the point in the latinx protest where it was written in the cnn piece, several, several activists. so we know if a disproportionate weight is being placed on small groups, but the small groups are removable, that scares the giant companies. coca-cola is more frightened of twitter than the chinese government. it is amazing. to them the worst thing that could happen is 10 voices on twitter do a hashtag boycott. even though in 8 hours it will be gone. they do not understand the threat at all. they would prefer to keep their critics quite. that means virtue signaling
5:52 pm
constantly. but here is the thing that bugs me most. you are a conservative, i'm a conservative libertarian, i don't know what i am anymore. but we spend a lot of time defending the free market, capitalism and the corporations that operate within that. why bother? why bother defending corporations. if you guys don't have any you know what, then why don't we argue for lower taxes when you are willing to throw everybody under the bus? dan: i know' it rhymes with small. it's caho nerks s. why are we helping these people. but let me get to an important topic. this is critical. your new show.
5:53 pm
i have seen billboards everywhere. it starts monday at 11:00 p.m. time on fox. is it going to be like your awesome weekend show? greg: it's like the weekend show but it's five times better because it's on every night. with frequency it causes the show to naturally evolve. you can't take as many risks on a weekly show. but on a daily show, you can fail. it will have nothing to do with any of the competition. dan: you know how tv works. the only time i have ever been on fox news and had a pit in my stomach was on my show. because you don't know what's coming. you have no idea what's next on the gg show. greg: i can't see you being
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nervous about anything. dan: no, it was great, i had a blast. up next. last call. when jesse hit the streets find out how much people know about easter. >> what are your feeling on the bunny? >> i have no feeling on the bunny. ahoyy! (excited squeal, giggling/panting) gotcha! nooooo... noooooo... nooooo... quick, the quicker picker upper!
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dan: tomorrow is easter. how much do you think people know about the holiday? let's final out with this blast from the past with jesse. >> who's next. >> mother's day? >> jesus. >> the representation of christ,
5:59 pm
i guess. >> what do you think about him? >> the beard is back, man. jesse: this is jesus. who is this? >> the easter bunny. jesse: do you like the bunny? what are your feeling on the bunny. >> i have no feeling on the bunny. >> the easter bunny is scary. jesse: what happened on easter? >> i'm not sure. jesse: where did jesus die? >> 9:00 in the morning. >> jerusalem. jesse: you are running the table. >> our bible teacher is watching us right now. >> he was crucified as the story goes. jesse: usual not buying that? >> no. jesse: what does the easter bunny have to do with jesus?
6:00 pm
>> he brings all the eggs, jesus played them. jesse: i'm watters and this is my world. dan: that's all for tonight. just * is next. jean rsh i'm judge jeanine pirro. i take you to the southern border for an exclusive look at the border crisis. but first my open. since i visited the border a couple weeks ago a lot has happened. tens of thousands more illegals and unaccompanied minors entered the country. border patrol is even more inundated than they were two
6:01 pm
weeks ago.


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