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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  April 3, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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christmas time. good for you. and that's how fox reports this saturday, april 3rd, 2021 i'm jon scott, thank you for watching. we'll see you again tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> hello america i'm mack levin this is "life, liberty & levin." i have some books here, not for show. but doing enormous amount of research and reading, because i prepare for my own writing. and i need to tell you about what's going on with your country rather than some superficial way i want to dive deeper tonight because it is very, very serious. first thing i want to do is
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remind you thomas paine december 23, 1776 he wrote a pamphlet called the cites sis. it was so powerful that george washington read it to the troops. because the morale was very low and we were losing the the revolutionary war that opens with these are times the summer patriot will in this crisis strength from service of their country but he who stands by it now deserves love and thanks of man and woman tyranny like hell, is not easily concurred yet we have this consolation with us that the heart of the conflict the more glorious the triumph, what we obtain too cheap we esteem too lightly and dearns that gives us everything its value. heaven knows how to put a proper price and strange so indeed and article is freedom should not be
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highly rated we don't talk much about freedom let alone individual freedom and property rights anymore. we don't really hear much reference by these politicians in the white house and it in congress. about the declaration of independence our founding document. because many of them reject it. many of them abhor it. we're told there was a meeting in the white house earlier in the week with some so-called historians and joe biden. put together by john meacham writing biden speeches without telling the american people as he was critiquing them on msnbc and pulled a number of them together and biden wanted to know and they wanted him to know that he couldn't should go big real big. that he's the potential to be bigger than fdr and lbj and barack obama. to be the biggest spending most
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expansive government presidents we've had in american history. i want you to keep something in mind our constitution is intended to prevent this sort of thing. go big go fast they're telling them. the constitution says go slow and be deliberative you have three branches of government we have separation of powers, we have a bill of rights. we have what we call states. federalism, and ninth amendment tenth amendment, we have a first amendment. all of these rights under bill of rights intended to protect individual against the government. massive government spending in all thing reaching every corner of our society affecting all aspects of our culture. that's not what the constitution created. constitution didn't create some kind of knee owe marxist or a regime of the sort they have in europe and other places in the world. and so i've been taking a very close look at these things. and joe biden's executive orders
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and you might recall the biden sanders manifesto that was 150 pages that i discussed over and over again on this program on radio, and on levin tv as well. they're instituting this line by line page by page. this is a manifesto. and i'm going to say it. it is a neomarxist manifesto if we don't have the strength and courage to use the accurate language to describe what's going on, then we will not be able to confront it let alone defeat it. i want you to know joe biden is not well read he's not particularly bright. he never has been even in his days but he's surrounded by idiologs but other idiologs and i want you to know something about them they read books like counterrevolution and review. by herbert markus stick with me. the breaking of the american
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social comeback france's fox and richard a. clowward these are marxist frontiers in social moving theory, two other professors. we have is everyone really equal second edition, two more professors including robyn deangelo may be known to some of you reason and revolution again herbert marcus marxist of the marxism stwek me. marks and how to use marxism in the classroom. critical race theory richard and gene, right there -- again, radical possibilities that is marxism in the classroom. the progressive education movement by william hayes do you know all of this is going on,
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again, one dimensional man which was a very important book to the new left, herbert marcus again and liberalism in social action. john dewey one of the original progressives 100 years ago. angel and in paradise -- we have more. radicals you familiar with this rules for radicals? saul we have navigating borders critical race theory is not anymore about blacks but about immigration. we have critical immigration thy theory never heard it it then yu have the new york times in 1916 project the purpose of which is to inculcate indoctorate those who hate -- and in defense of degrowth by hollis we have political theory
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and global climate change. doesn't matter who it is by. but these are professors and scholars in the field so-called. what is critical environmental justice? we have farewell to growth. i want you to know all of these books are relevant to the people who surround joe biden to bernie sanders, to aoc. these are professors these are so-called scholars both america and overseas. that are affecting your lives -- what about our media? pointed out this book the other day, propaganda -- what are journalists for by jay rosen one of the leading professors in the social activism journalism movement that's right social movement they call themselves public journalists doing public journalism. public journalism and public life. another book, the idea of public journal sm. and then this -- manipulating the masses woodrow wilson birth of american
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propaganda i recommend it it is long exactly what yoib is doing today. now, when you listen to joe biden executive overed answer listen to historian what is is not discussed? what is not discussed? this -- the united states constitution. which supposed to place limits on a man like joe biden. under executive branch like biden administration all of the talk about donald trump, violating the constitution wanting to be dictator members of the jurily unstable let me suggest those are descriptions of biden and administration right now go big go fast what is this some kind of dictatorship no go slow and go deliberative we the american people want to know what's going on he signed a bill that 700 pages long 1.9 trillion and never read it. now they want to go for so-called infrastructure bill that is nothing to do with infrastructure some small percentage -- the other day it was 3, 2
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trillion now talking about 5 trillion dollars. biden has no idea what is in it. he has platitudeness explanations but that's it. why? because joe biden ran to be president and in any opinion not because he cares about america he cared about america he never would have run given his medical condition in my view but legacy. why was he meeting with the historians? legacy. how will he get written up as one of the greatest presidents if he goes big and goes fast if he embraces not democratic socialism. not progressivism, this is knee owe marxism and out right marxism kick not be afraid to use this term let me suggest something you i regret to say this -- the karl marx is probably the most influential idiolog and only call him a philosopher
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idiolog of modern era. more than locke more than the greats. karl marx, karl marx and ideology responsible for death of around 100 million people. they're responsible for the imprisonments of over 1 and a half billion people. that's a lot of influence. so why in the freest country in the face of the earth that is based on judeo-christian principle that embraces western enlightenment that has a bill of right for individuals that has a constitution that is intended to limit the powers of the likes of joe biden. and chuck schumer, and nancy pelosi -- and bernie sanders, why are we going in the wrong direction? i'll tell you why. because of your fight for liberty. it is a quiet fight in the ole oval office you don't get written up if you expand liberty if you limit your own power if you limit the ubiquitous nature
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of the federal government you have to create programs you have to create entitlement. you have to turn one person against another. you need to be self-righteous pep and not show that you're actually a narcissist and egomaniac and then you're said that you are humane. the more you move to the hard left the more you embrace marxism and embrace class warfare critical race theory and critical gender theory and immigration theory. the more you attack the states the more you attack the state legislatures and the more ewe use propaganda to make your case. well the greaterrier legacy will be and ladies and gentlemen this country isn't about joe biden's legacy. and it is not about the democrat party that wants to devour our government, all government -- state local and federal level with the proposals that they're making. it is not about the federal government devouring the private sector. this is america. we are a constitutional republic we believe in private property right the we have unalienable
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rights we do believe in a color blind society. not critical this theory and critical that theory. this is america. where we're not ruled by one man, half whited signing executive order after executive order because he wants to be the greatest leftist in american history. this is america we're not ruled by 50/50 senate that ran through whatever it can to change our electoral system. and to change our boartd system or house of representatives with a ten votes margin smallest majority in a hundred years. they have no mandate to do what they're doing i've been saying this on radio since february 8th. joe biden is president because joe biden wants a historic legacy. and we are faced with two kinds of tyranny. the executive branch, we're faced with a man who believes in hypocrisy go big go fast whatever it takes. second amendment, i oppose it, i will sign executive orders to do what? to change the second amendment of the united states
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constitution. and then we're faced with a mob oxyand house and senate that does not believe in deliberation they believe in iron fist with brass knuckles. with a ten vote margin. in the house of representatives to push radical changes throughout our country. massive transforms and senate 250/50 that uses our constitution the vice presidents of the united states who can break tide 51/50 to fundamentally alter how this nation functions that's why it is important to get it straight. this isn't just another cycle in our political system in american history. this is deadly theorist if you're going trash the constitution, if you're going to reach the firewalls in the constitution, if you're going to go big and fast, not for liberty -- not for the principles of the constitution and the declaration but for the opposite. in a neomarkist direction, well
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if that's not what the hell? i'll be right back -- [laugh] dad i got a job! i'm moving out. [laugh] dream sequence ending no! in three, no! two, keep packing! one.
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mark: welcome back america we have two great guestings tonight
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candace owens, and i want to thank you for everything you do. you're a fantastic patriot your book blackout was and is exceptional. let me ask you this candace owens the democrats are all over the place saying we need to pass election reform. if you don't pass what we want you to pass it is like jim crow. you want to oppress black people if you don't vote for 1.9 trillion dollars and massive spending that our children and grandchildren have to deal with in some impoverish way threaten you must oppose equality and economic justice. they steal the language and elf they particularly use minorities in most law african-americans as cover for the radical agenda what do you think? >> i think you are absolutely right. and i cannot have said this enough over the last four years. it really has been my mission and my purpose to make sure black americans and all minorities in this country recognize that.
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iflg that the democrat party represents black america, like plantation owners represented slaves. and the irony here being is that the democrats wore the slave owners. they are using language referring to jim crow who was the party that implemented jim crow in this country it was the democrats and that's the deep sinister evil of the democrat party. is that they're really just rewriting what they authored in the beginning these were the slave masters and they understand this system better than anybody else because they wrote it. it is the fabric of the democrat party. if you want to look at and you spoke about important things in your monologue if you want to look at why they're doing these things to education system why they're implementings critical waste theory. the answer is very simple because they seek to turn black americans into toddlers. they want to make sure that we have no knowledge it is same reasons mark, that they didn't in part of their slave codes in the south it was make sure that black americans were not allowed to learn how to read. they understand that an educated
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mind cannot be enslave that i had need to make sure there are no educated minds. what better way to ensure that and pretend that you're educating black americans when instead you're filling our miepgdz with absolute filth making us see the world in black and white. white tellings us that all we should care about is color of our skin. don't teach us hard academics don't teach us math, science, chemistry don't just how to love this country. had to be hateful had to be vengeful and see nothing but our race and say all you deserve in america is to be outside rioting looting taking because you know we'll never, ever get ahead that way. right that does system we've had so many immigrant groups come to this country and being successful and yet black america has not been able to do that you think that's because of slavery because of slavery absolutely not. it is about a new slave is built by the democrats that is written to dna of the welfare system, attack on family which now implementing all around america not just exclusive to black
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americans, it is because of the education system which has been absolute garbage and it is making me so angry that they are still doing this and that they're now broadening their reaches saying you know whatnot just black america not just black america because one part of the thing is that black americans the growth rate population wise is not significant enough. now they're bringing in a new class of voters they're bringing in hispanic americans from over the border calling this border crisis this isn't a border crisis this is a border plan. they are trying to import a new class of voters, they're trying to say, to the mexican americans, to the south americans they're coming over border we will help you and give you free stuff black americans free stuff, and after jim crow ended we're going welfarize you and handout and marry you to government like we married americans to government it is pure evil. mark: you know candace owens you look at this horrific shooting in atlanta eight murdered in
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cold blood six were asians. the director of the fbi said few days back that they really don't have any evidence that it was racially motivated you have an individual that was mentally unhinged some kind of sexual addiction some kind of -- issues going on there. and joe biden kamala harris were in atlanta for different event, but then they change events they got behind a microphone and racialize the entire thing talked about america systemically racist. they talked about america zine phobic and surrogates in media started to trash president trump for his language. and then we have a mass murder in boulder, colorado. first they thought it was a white man that got them very excited particularly kamala harris's niece go on social media say here we go white men they like to slaughter people goes on and on they don't know about the name of the people who were killed they're not even thinking about their families.
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they're racializing these issues, of course, they're only racializing in one direction. these people in the media, these people in the democrat party are tearing this country apart don't you think? >> with intention. with pure evil intention they are tearing this country apart. because they realize that race gives them power. because people get emotional about race they don't know facts of the story be if you say this is a white supremacist attack they know that black americans will instantly get angry that's how they need them and rely on that emotion because it is suspends rationality. right they don't want people thinking rationally they doangts want them thinking clearly and actually pursuing facts they don't want them looking at the data you hear black lives matter you hear asian live matters at the root is to take on white supremacy white nationalism yet statistics tell you that's not actually true if you believe that black lives matter, then you would address that number one people that attack black americans right -- number one perpetuators against
4:24 pm
black americans are other black people if you believe that asian lives matter and you look at the statistics you would realize that number one group of individuals that attack asian americans number one group of people that are attacking them violently are black americans. right and that's speaks to allture a culture in black america that needs to be fibsed and broken and it was not created by black american bus democrats and created by democrats by lyndon johnson held as a hero and he was anything but he was a racist fought to make sure black americans were pramged that their families were destroyed and that they turned to government for every single answer that is why we have a white in culture in black america today orchestrated by people that always were the racist and that today continues to be the racist and that is the democrat party. mark: we'll be right back. ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪
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4:29 pm
election law is heating up after major league baseball decides to pull this season's all star game out of atlanta. democrats want other georgia based businesses to take a stand as well while former president trump is calling on fans to boycott the game. georgia's republican govan brian kemp who signed the voting bill into law last week says he will not cave. i'm jon scott, now back to "life, liberty & levin." ♪ ♪ mark: welcome back america, and candace owens great book blackout one of the first things joe biden did when he came into office was he eliminated this report on 1776, and eliminated the commission on 1776. because they're into this 1619 project and everything that flows from that. but i want to share a few things with you, here's book called ideas have consequence by richard weaver brilliant, brilliant man.
4:30 pm
eric sure you've heard of him true believer. we have the language police diane ravage i have the study all of these books origin of totarianism by hannah. we have the treason of the intellectuals by julianne inda and we have raymond of the intellectuals. so much of this is coming out of our university and colleges isn't it and university and colleges come up with ideas they have these tenure markist professors, where they -- they long for the old soviet union or mouse china they indoctorate our children and people sending kids off to college and come back as left wing zombies. they are people who fill membership list of black lives matter and antifa so my theory is and you may disagree with me is rather than continue to funding our own demise maybe we ought to do a bts movement against colleges and universities. that is clawback the funding.
4:31 pm
claw back tenure, hold these people accountable because i'm afraid we're going to destroy ourselves. >> you're absolutely correct, and i will also say this, if there's nothing that frustrates me more then what i meet with people who are patriots who are conservatives and they understand the problem of exist manager this krpght right now we're about to lose this country and i piengtd out that they write big checks to universities right. you're quite literally funding the problem. you are funding these propaganda taking yir children and they are turning them into social justice warrior who is will go out and they will do the bidding for the democrat party in people who seek to act ofly destroy this country bidding for people who want to expand government to turn this country into a dictatorship what it feels like and i say this and it is very sad that i have to say this, but at this moment in time make no mistake mark, america is not the land of the free. they are masking children, we are forced -- masking our entire society
4:32 pm
talking about forced vaccination programs in this country. right kids are being told they can't go to school if they can only learn people have to stays at home you can't see your relatives that is not land of the free yk what is going on in this country you should never have that much government power government should never power they have taken from citizens today we're talking about removing the second amendment. right joe biden talking about going into the homes and actively taking away guns from citizens. america is no longer the land of the free but i will say this, it is still the land of the brave. it is time for every single person that is watching this program and every other program to realize you must speak out. be encouraged stop saying to yourself, if i say something, i might lose my job. because the bigger threat is that you might lose your country. you might lose your entire country if you don't speak out. and let me tell you see i god in everything right now when you find courage to speak out to use your platform saying i'm going
4:33 pm
fight back against universities and pull my kids out of school and sue some of the universities being discrime tore to white people right now you will see that world and university will conspire to assist you and it is what i have done and i'm telling you this works to unite and we have to be bold and we have to come up with solutions and we cannot be scared anymore of the left. we cannot be scared of the mainstream media agenda we cannot be scared of being called racist or white supremacist i'm called white supremacist we have to be active right now every single day in all of our actions and in all of our choices. mark: brilliantlly talk to your social circle going to church going to synagogue going to mosque talk ideas have consequences and talking is important i started off with thomas paine this program. he's a pan pamphlet revere this
4:34 pm
country revere declaration of the constitution. who do not hate people because of their race or other physical characteristics or anything for that matter. we have an intellectual elite that is stirring the pot that has power in our universities has power in hollywood has power in washington, d.c. they don't live the lives of average people who work with people of another race whether you're working at restaurant or grocery store or you're a trucker, electrician or plumber union, nonunion teacher, police officer we're working people of different races backgrounds all of the time with most diverse, magnificent, tolerant country on the face of the earth. but the problem is -- candace that gives an opportunity for those who are not -- to abuse us. final words from you. >> my final words could be to inspire every single person watching this program to get involved these time are critical and no reason to be discouraged i'm proof of that i can't tell you how fearful i was when i made decision to speak out as a
4:35 pm
black conservative the odds were incredibly stacked against me but then i realized that more they spoke out more freedom that i got it is going to take corporation, it is going to take individuals and take people that have their children in school to be inspired enough to say, this is enough, enough is enough. they are wanting to ruin this country they want to ruin your children. they do not want america to be free. and that can only happen when good people sit by and allow it to happen shough we should not and i cannot say jan -- i cannot tell you mark just how much i was inspired by your monologue really from your mouth to god's ears. mark: you're inspiring a lot of people we're thankful you're out there candace owens we appreciate you so much. >> thank you so much for having me. mark: we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back america my
4:40 pm
nest guest you're familiar with great larry kudlow ?angt to president trump for economic policy among other things. and you guys did a hell of a job you know larry kudlow the trump era showed massive economic growth across the board particularly for individual who is normally don't see it. you also were advisor to ronald reagan we saw same thing massive economic growth job creation, across the board -- and job creation and economic growth that actually bled into the next presidency. you see that happening in biden presidency but retiring back to all of the policies on steroids that will undermine the private sector undermine growth and really is an attack on the middle class do you agree with me? >> i do it is that last point that is so point because contrary to democratic krit sip of trump, the reality is trump's
4:41 pm
corporate tax cuts is small business tax cuts is individual tax cuts. the biggest benefits from those tax cuts and his deregulations and his energy independents major benefits went to middle class to the blue collar class, and lower on the income scale. they had the biggest growth rate of wages, of income, of household wealth. much greater increases than the top 1% or the top 5%. so when we see these tax hikes coming from president biden and his team they're going to try to make a case that only people will make in over 400,000 dollars will get hit which -- i think is a silly argument to begin with but if they reverse trump tax cuts it is the middle class, the blue collar and lower income it is minorities, black
4:42 pm
americans asian americans, hick hispanic americans and women hurt the most by reversing the trump tax cuts because they benefited the most again, income wages wealth, and 50 years lows in unploim so this is a very bad story. and this so-called infrastructure package, it is a trojan horse for high per taxes that are going really damage the economy next year. and it is a trojan horse for the green new deal which is going to really damage the energy sector. >> let's talk about that it is also a massive expansion of the central government. from constitutional perspective never would have supported that and from a economic perspective, a swallow up and devour the private sector, they're embracing redistribution of wealth, they're embracing the usual class warfare bromides they've used every cycle the
4:43 pm
democrats but there's something very different here larry kudlow this meeting that biden had i can tell it was his legacy he was thinking about. he wants to be the biggest statued in american history. he wants to be bigger than fdr he wants to be bigger than lyndon johnson and bigger than barack obama. is that good for the economy? >> well, no it is not going to be good for the economy at all. listen -- that meeting with the liberal historian does kind of give it away. but -- right now i say mr. biden wants to develop kind of the great society on steroids you know the great society to the 50th power something. one of the most disturbing aspects of this stimulus bill that just passed so-called stimulus bill and what he's beginning to try to get passed on the infrastructure stuff which they think will go for two packages, it is a massive expansion of child care tax
4:44 pm
credits dependent care tax credits, food stamps, and number of welfare programs, which will not be temporary. they want to make the expansions permanent which will run in trillions of dollars over the next ten years and more. further more, they are completely unraveling the welfare reform of the mid-90s with bill clinton and newt gink retch it was bipartisan which instituted crucial work requirements able-bodied people must seek work and get work to be eligible for any of these benefits. those work requirements have been stripped from the biden welfare increases. and that is a sad tale because that leads to depend and economy and folks will not be working or participating in the economy. many of them and that's probably the biggest issue right there.
4:45 pm
they're geng going to hand out money they want a universal basic income for all americans you see some of this popping up in some of the blue states already. this will really damage. it will damage families. it will damage fiber of the country. it will damage work ethic and damage the economy. and some respects mark, i fear that almost as as i fear the gigantic tax cuts that are coming. mark: we'll be right back. cell phone repair. did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ welcome to this family meeting.
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mark: welcome back larry kudlow we were talking about what this massive spending and redistribution of wealth and entitlements will do to our society and our culture. already, i have people i know who own restaurants and so forth they're not rich at all telling me, we can't get help. we can't get people to work. we're competing with the federal government. isn't this going to be a growing problem? >> well it could be. if all of this stuff gets through -- and by the way, it is going to be a vicious partisan effort using, you know, 51 vote reconciliation there's no bipartisanship at all i don't
4:50 pm
know if it will get through mark but if it does it will damage the entire work ethic. because what you're doing here is you're paying people more not to work than to work. i think most americans want to work. i think that best welfare program is always a good paying job with opportunities to cliel the ladder. but that's not what we're seeing. from the biden administration, and you mentioned earlier about antibusiness views and central planning socialist views, you know, one of the great benefits of donald trump was he wanted to reward success. and he used the private sector for example, operation warp speed in vaccines that was a public private partnership. he recognized that genius of the free enterprise system that government would be there to support them an free enterprise run it and saw this under obama and now mr. biden he wants to
4:51 pm
punish success okay. and it does go it has nothing to do with, quote, paying for an infrastructure package although that's what they're fronting. really is, they want income redistribution. not growth. there's a lot of intellectuals on progressive left left who talk about this openly they're not interested in growth. they're interested in redistribution which they think will improve or lower inequality and poverty. just the reverse will happen. because they will stunt the economy, because they will block incentives, because they will cut off the supply side of investment production and work. they will create more poverty. they will create greater inequality trup was first president since reagan to that are roar inequality and lower poverty substantially and that's because he lowered tax rates on large and small businesses and
4:52 pm
the rest went through the free enterprise system. so there's a not so hidden agenda and you're right about this central planners i just lay that in they want to control central planners with all of their pedigree to run health care and energy system. they want to run as much as half or more of the economy that's what you're going to see, and free enterprise is going to get the back of their hand and we tried this before, mark. it doesn't work and it has been tried overseas and it didn't work then and it is not beginning to work now here. >> you know larry that's amazing thing world didn't start today with a biden administration this is not exactly a new idea that concentrate power in washington and have a ubiquitous reach into nook and cranny control businesses large, small, to create the false incentives, the consequence of which are predictable some of which aren't negative and always to the
4:53 pm
negative we know how to grow economies create wealth an get people to work and yet over and over again, this is done by the democrat party and i would argue this time it's even far, far worse about that any president in certainly -- that i can think of even more than franklin roosevelt we don't have a depression. we're not in world war ii. >> well listen, the fdr central planning welfare state did not work, mark. before world war ii late as 1939, you had a 19% unemployment rate. you know what? sometimes history is more important than economic models. we know down through history, we know when the government burden was lightened when regulations were minimal about when tax rates were low. we know it from the 20s. we know it from the 60s. we know it from the reagan 80s. we know it from the trump period. we know what works, mark and we know what doesn't work. it is almost traj that i can
4:54 pm
we're going try to replicate a model that we know won't work. mark: brilliantly put and absolutely correct. thank you larry kudlow. >> thank you mark levin, appreciate it. mark: we'll be right back. forme, made of the flexibility to handle whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. .. kate needs it - easy. she can even pick her payment plan so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa.
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what do we want for dinner? usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. burger... i want a sugar cookie... wait... i want a bucket of chicken... i want... ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. mark: welcome back. it is not i, and it is not you who embrace our history and declaration and constitution who seek to dissolve this government. it's those governing over us who seek to go big and go fast. i want to remind you of what is said in part of the declaration of independence. we hold these truths to be self-effort, that all men are created equal. they are endowed by their create for with certain unalienable rights. among these life, liberty and
4:59 pm
pursuit of happiness. government derives just powers from the consent of the governed. is that what's happening right now? we go big, we go fast the historians tell biden. is that what he ran on going big and going fast. come on, i'm a platd. i'm no socialist. really? you have us followed. what. jon: is doing is step by -- what joe biden is doing is undermining this country. open borders? why are they doing that? massive taxation, redistribution of wealth in secret legislation hundreds of pages long. changing the electoral system
5:00 pm
when it comes to the supreme court. what's the hushy? why is he going big? think about it. i'll see you next time on "life, liberty & levin"dan: welcome to' world." i'm dan bongino in more jesse watters. there are 20,000 unaccompanied minors in u.s. custody. this week the biden administration finally aloud some journalists inside one of the detention centers in donna, texas. migrant children in the


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