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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  April 3, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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think? >> no, carly -- >> opened door for the door and driver did his job. >> that does it for us i feel so bad about that morbid note but we will see you tomorrow at 5 p.m. "fox report" with jon scott starts right now. former president trump calls on fans to boycott major league baseball after league pulled all star game from atlanta in protest of georgia new voting law i'm jon scott and this is the fox report. >> georgia republican governor brian kemp signed the voting bill into law last week. after the gop led state legislature passed it. the law which strengthens voter id requirements among other things is prompting wave of criticism from the left. democratsdemocrats are pressuria based corporations to pick sides but the governor says he will not cave. >> major league baseball cave to
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fear and lies from liberal activist. they ignored the facts of our new election integrity law. and they ignored the consequences of their decision on our local community. i want to be clear, i will not be backing down from this fight. and neither are the people who are here with me today. we will not be intimidated. steve harrigan is live in atlanta. steve. >> jon summer classic supposed to be behind me on july 13th that is not going to happen now. the commissioner of major league baseball said he made his decision after talking to ball clubs as well as players after georgia passed its new voting law. the commissioner said that law restringts access to ballot box. georgia republican governor brian kemp was angry at that assertion he says another example of cancel culture. here's georgia's governor. georgia and all americans should
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know what this decision means it. means activist are coming if for your business and for your game or event in your hometown. and they're coming to cancel everything from sports to how you make living. >> reaction to the move has come in from across the political spectrum for president obama tweeted congratulations to mlb for taking a stand on behalf of voting rights for all citizens. there's no better way for america past time to honor great hank aaron who always led by example. now for georgia democrats, the case is not so clear cut. many prom innocent democrats here saying it is a mistake in strategy for any boycott of business to take place inside georgia. here's the new democratic senator jon ossoff. >> we absolutely don't want to see any boycott of our state. we want business and investment, and events. and indeed, if the rapid
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economic growth and development of our state that's driven political progress here we want to see that continue. reporter: it is not clear which city will get the game last year game brought in about 90 million dollars. jon. jon: steve harrigan from atlanta. steve, thank you. >> as washington and the nation mourn officer william evans who was killed in yesterday's attack at the u.s. capitol we're learning more about the suspect shot and killed by police and team coverage mark meredith live at the white house with how the nation is honoring officer evans first ho to lucas tomlinson with the latest on the investigation into the attack, and the possible motive. ♪ ♪ reporter: jon attack took place on constitution avenue at this gate right behind me so far we've seeny crews making ahead of the capitol police say expect no major changes. >> capitol police as far as
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security posture remains in a steady state at this time. we are very thankful for our national guard, partnership we have major guard on the campus, but the security posture at this time remains the same. reporter: suspect 25-year-old noah greene ram his car into two officer slammed into a barricade next to the capitol he got out of the car and slashed one of the officers before shot and killed by responding police. greene was not law enforcement radar appears he was a lone wolf with no ties to terrorist on extremist groups and deleted his page but not fox could grab his page he recently lost his job. a few years ago the republican jewish coalition called for the resignation of several democrats because of allege ties to controversial group leader louie a none anti-semite called hitler a, quote, very great man. officials here noting time of
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the grizzly murder good friday. construction crews have been busy fortifying fence around capitol. in recent days the outer fencing have come down. 2300 national guard members continue to stay on the watch after being extended two months. many lawmakers october to this guard deployment. security here to be a big top whik congress returns. recent security port recommended that capitol police hire 850 more officers. come good friday, two of their officers stood their ground shot the suspect, not before tragically losing one of their own jon. >> lucas tomlinson on capitol hill. lucas, thank you. flags across washington, d.c. at half-staff right now to honor fallen capitol police officer william evans. the 18-year veteran of the force died yesterday after suspect rammed his car into him and another officer at the capitol buildings north barricade. mark meredith live at the white house with more. mark. >> good evening president biden is spending easter weekend at
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camp david but he was briefed yesterday ab the attack up on capitol hill. the president left washington before that situation unfolded both the president and vice president have offered their statements of support for the capitol police department, and more specifically for the family of fallen officer william evans. president writing we sending heart felt cool condolences we know what a grieving time that has been for capitol everyone who works there and those who protect it. tributes pouring in across the country for the fallen officer he would been there for the past 18 years with the department he was a member of the first responder unit. flags at the white house are now flying half-staff and honor same up on the hill. so far the capitol police department not releasing any new details about the condition of the second injured officers condition. we'll continue to watch that through the night. the attack also once again bringing debate about d.c. security front and center, since the capitol hill riots in january we seen a number of new security measures put in place.
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senate majority leader chuck schumer said those discussions they keep going after friday efnghts he is writes committees will already conducting extensionive reviews to ensure capitol is as secure and accessible to public and fully committed to ensuring it is safe for visitors all who work here this discussion goes beyond capitol here at the white house there's already a lot of fencing still in place. barricades set up id checks, public does not get access to lafayette park and unclear if that's going change any time soon. jon. jon: mark meredith at the white house. thank you. now to the crisis at the southern border, customs and border patrol projecting more than 180,000 unaccompanied children could cross into the united states this year. and all time record, meanwhile fox news has obtained this exclusive photo of two sisters ages three and five seen on video being dropped over the border wall by smugglers. little girls from ecuador among
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nearly 19,000 unaccompany migrant kids in the u.s. former health and human services secretary doctor tom price will join us shortly with reaction but first, alex hogan reporting from the border city of mission texas. alex. >> hi jon i'm standing just south of the border wall that has yet to be finished but this is the real border separating the u.s. from neighboring country mexico. the rio grand river also the final stop for many of the my fleeing in hopes of making it here to the u.s. now, we know that over the weekend we saw already migrant families that did arrive. we have drone video of that a large increase of migrants rifing here apprehensions expected to have exceeded 1 70,000 in march that would be a 15-year high. many say that they're fleeing home countries devastated by poverty and lack of opportunity. the white house attributes
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influx of migrants to a crisis in central america. critics, however, say the administration needs to do more. this week republicans and democrats did come together to draft a bill that would create a $1 billion fund for the department of homeland security and other agencies. well of the technology that is available to agencies here in the rio grand valley, there's a tethered radio system that is a blimp that can go up to 10,000 feet. that scans the border for aircraft, boats and, of course, people who might be traveling and of that technology, something that is remarkable is that that's the kind of technology that was able to capture the video of the two girls a three and a five-year-old girl who were dropped 14 feet over the border wall there with -- smugglers leaving them alone. well fox news did obtain a photo of the girls who were safe in u.s. custody their mother lives in new york. estimates that as many as 184,000 kids will cross the
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border alone this year, that would be the highest number on record. 8 % of them have a relative in the u.s. 40% of cases have a parent in the country. now our crew here in texas has seen hundreds of people within the last day who have crossed alone and many of them frustrated, exhausted when they finally arrived here now to help some of those families, especially the ones carrying children, there are more facilities that are being open just the latest is in southern california. these pentagon just approving that request from hhs today. jon. jon: alex hogan from texas. alex, thanks. so number of unaccompany migrant children from federal custody soaring to nearly 19,000 with no signs that the surge headed for our border is slowing down at all. here to talk about it dr. tom price former hhs secretary -- as well as former congressman from the state of georgia.
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i want to put up numbers on screen doctor price. customs and border protection is holding 5,381 children. health and human services your former agency holding 13,359 that's as of yesterday. what is the white house doing? >> well, clearly this is a very sad situation and it is all preventible and that's the important take home message for the american people this is a direct result of the policies or actually the lack of policies under this administration. as your report said 170,000, 170,000 crossing border illegally just in the month of march that's a 15-year high you have all of these kids 18,000 kids -- currently in position of the united states right now. 13,000 plus have been shelter in over 5,000 of them with cdp. this is a crisis of incredible proportions and again very sad
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because it is all preventible and all you have to do is go back to the policies of the previous administration, and that would solve this problem right now. >> is it also about economic advancement is it their parents wanting them to have a better life? why are so many of them coming? >> well they're coming because of the president has said that he isn't going to do anything about them. they -- and you don't have to take that from me if you just ask the individuals coming across border why are you coming now and they will say that president biden has told them that they can stay. so this is a clearly -- again a direct result of the policies of this administration. and the statements out of this president and vice president. and haven't talked about health consequences of this. it is at least 10% of the children that are covid positive that are coming across border illegally right now. and likely is meant as much more than that. in addition to that, many of these individuals are being released into the united states without getting tested at all.
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and there's no transparency, huge lack of transparency from the administration so it is hard to get that information. again, very sad, and a direct result of the policies of this administration. >> kim was the former acting director of health and human services during trump administration he saw a surge of migrants during that time period. but this one he says is different. listen. >> the last time there was a month this high it was almost completely adult males. and overwhelmingly mexican, so the logistics of that situation were much easier than what they're contending with now where they've set up a system intentionally that makes it -- incentivizes people pushing their children across border unaccompanied -- >> you have to wonder the thinking that goes through the minds of the parents who are
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allowing or sending their children into this country with absolutely no support. why are they doing that? >> well they know, that, that report was absolutely spot on. they know that america is a compassionate country. they know when these kids come across that they'll ultimately be freed within the -- within the country. and so they know that that is an opportunity that their kids will have to come into the united states. this is -- again, this is a direct result of the policies of this administration. it didn't happen before because the previous administration said don't come across we're going sending you right back home so the parents did the responsible thing then. and didn't allow their kids to come across. jon: we are still arguing about so-called dreamers many of whom were adults now. most of them probably. they came across the border or came into the country illegally with their parents generally. years ago -- and now there are some 11 million of them, and you know they're kind of living in the
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shadows and kind of not nobody knows exactly what is gong to happen to them. we're creating an entirely new generation of future dreamers here, aren't we? >> you're absolutely right. so the consequence of this aren't just the short-term they aren't what you do with kids in next two to three weeks next two to three month what is do you do in next 15 to 20 years with these individuals these children who are going to be in the united states? and they'll pull at our heart strings like current dreamers do. that's not -- that's not to say these are bad folks but what is happening is that this administration hasn't put in place appropriate policies to prevent this from happen, and that's their responsibility. that's one of their core responsibilities and they're failing terribly on it. jon: former congressman from georgia what do you think of the major league baseball boycott of your state and, you know, coca-cola other company delta airlines talking about, you know, pulling out, pulling
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businesses out of georgia? >> yeah i can't think of anything much more irresponsible than this, and not because there aren't appropriate differences on policy. but the fact of the matter is, that this -- this action has been taken based upon distortion and lies. things that just aren't true. the bell that was passed is similar to bills in multiple other states. there are 35 other states that have exactly the basically xeangt exactly the seam kind of legislation that has gone through -- gone through their state and many states that have the same kind of treatment of absentee ballots for id. as i mention 35 states georgia has expanded. the length of time for early voting, and so -- the problem is that it is just not based upon fact. so people are reading the headline it is they're getting little briefs of they thinks that aren't accurate and they're championing something that is actually gong to hurt other individuals. and you have to ask yourself
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which state is good enough? which state -- has all of the policies in place that the people on the left want and desire? and if that only place we can now play an all star game and if all star game isn't any good why is major league baseball team good and should atlanta braves omgoew somewhere else this is exactly what mob rule looks like and it is less than democratic small d. >> dr. tom price good to have you on. >> thank you. jon: just into fox news florida governor ron desantis declaring state of emergency in manatee county after a leak at a wastewater pond there state officials say leak was detected yesterday at a facility in piney point about 30 miles south of tampa. about a dozen homes in the area have been e vangted over concerns that a reservoir could collapse and unleash a flood of toxic water. officials are working to safely
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displon the president's son hungtser bide speaking out about his struggles with addiction and that controversial laptop in two new interviews with cbs news. aishah hasnie has the latest. he's asked if he's the own or of the enpa mouse laptop from hell at first he tries to dodge the question eventually he acknowledges that that laptop could be his. watch. >> could have been yours? >> there could be a laptop that was stolen from me that could be that i was hacked it could be that it was -- that it was russian intelligence. it could be that it was stolen from me. reporter: that exchange is part of a rare sit down interview with hunter biden about new
3:23 pm
memoir and answer could now cast doubt on president biden priest claims that the laptop was parts of russian disinformation or a smear campaign. last fall the new york post published e mates from a laptop dropped off at a delaware repair shop among those e-mails a thank you note from an executive at the ukrainian company burisma for allege meeting set up with hunter's father then, of course, vice president biden. shop owner cannot say for sure that it was hunter bide whon dropped off that laptop but the oner says he did turn it over to the fbi and some believe hunter biden not denying in this interview that it is his laptop, says everything. 50 intelligence official who is falsely accuse post of pedaling russian disinformation and many others in the media who echoed things like that without actually looking into what we have found and doing any reporting of their own they all need to eat, i'm sorry --
3:24 pm
>> now jon hunter biden says that he would not take that burisma job again but insists that it was not unethical. jon. jon: aishah hasnie, more on that story to come. i'm sure, thanks aishah. controversy in northern california, over a county helping fund a basic income program it restricts its participants based on the color of their skin. senior correspondent claudia live in california with more on that. claudia. >> and jon krit accident say government has no business supporting with tax dollars programs, based on race, but county is contradicting 400,000 dollars to support a demonstration that will give 125 poor mothers living a thousand dollars month for two years but only mothers of color are eligible. >> all low income moms have to
3:25 pm
deal with i challenge no question about that. but the added burden of race and racism and discrimination, those two things are unique to moms of color. so that's what we're -- what we're testing. reporter: the 400,000 coming from the county won't go to mothers directly but will be used to help with job training and other support services. even so critics say this use of public funds is illegal and demoralizing. >> if you or someone who is not favor race it is discouraging your government pirlgs are saying you don't matter as much to us you don't count. and we're not going to consider you for this program. and it is i think it really is discouraging. it is discriminatory. >> county program comes on heels of another race based move in even son, illinois the chicago suburb voting to pay reparations to black residents in the form of housing grants first program of its kiengsd in the u.s. and a similar idea is being
3:26 pm
debated in rochester, new york. mayor lovely warren has suggested leveraging revenues from legalized pot to pay reparations there. back here in county conservative groups say they're going keep an eye on this upcoming program that will benefit only mothers of color and say if a poor white mother feelings harmed by being excluded she could have legal standing to file a lawsuit in federal court. in south toledo, california, thanks. more mixed messaging from the cdc the agency says americanings fully vaccinated can travel but still need to take precaution so exactly what does it mean for those who have and have not been immunized against covid-19 one of our political contributors weighs in next. is hal. this is hal's heart. it's been broken.
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jon: i'm jon scott and this this the "fox report" the bottom of
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the hour here's a look at our top stories. three people were killed last night after gun fire broke out of the house party in north carolina. four other people hurt in that shooting, no arrests have been made. is released after serving more than four months behind bars. the fashion designer and his wife actress lauri pleaded guilty to charges in the college admission scandal last year lough linn finished two year sentence back in december. and hackers have leaked the personal data of more than 500 million facebook users. business insider reports the league concludes data from more than 100 countries including 32 million users here in the united states. the data reportedly involves full names phone numbers, locations, and birth dates. for more on these and other stories download the fox news app, you can scan the qr code or go to fox
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well good news on the vaccine front as millions of americans are getting a shot each day. the nation is getting that much closer to herd immunity. the cdc said friday nearly one-third of americans have received at least one dose. and more than half of those people have been fully vaccinated infectious disease expert anthony to fauci says ths has good news for those traveling again. >> there are certain things that you don't have to do for example you don't have to get tested before and after you travel except if the destination requires it. and you don't have to quarantine yourself when you return from travel for example, internationally. jon: despite new travel guidance, public health officials are still urging those who have been fully vaccinated to keep taking precautions like wearing a mask and social distancing. let's bring in dr. janet medical officer and fox news medical contradict tore you have treated
3:33 pm
an awful lot of covid patients yourself. doctor, what about that if you've been fully vaccinated, this is an argument that dr. fauci got into with ranked paul senator ranked paul on floor of the senate. why do you need to wear a mask after you've been vaccinated? >> well good evening jon. the reason why we want to wear a mask even after you've been vaccinated been at least two weeks sense last vaccine is because we've got to remember, for example, johnson & johnson is only 72% effective. moderna, pfizer 90% effective it can significantly protect you against symptomatic disease, and it can drastically reduce your risk of transmission to others. but it is not a hundred percent with johnson & johnson a 28% chance that you can pick up the veers and spread it to others so it is temporary and that's why they say when you're out in public if you're traveling, if you can't physical distance, then just wear your mask because we only have about 20% of americans that are fully vaccinated. though until we can get that
3:34 pm
number higher, just continue to practice with this safety guidelines of physical distancing and wearing your mask until we can get more americans vaccinated especially with the variants that we see emerging the u.k. variant bra disel i can variant that are creating these spikes in some of the states like michigan, rhode island, new jersey, here in new york, as well we're seeing up nick number of cases most likely because of the variant. >> the moving average of, you know, 7-day covid cases back on march first was about 4.3% of the population. now it is about 4.9%. why is that if we're vaccinating so many people we've got a third of the country vaccinated, why is the number of cases on the rise? >> it is creeping up a little bit and this for several reasons. number one travel, we've got the spring break we've got easter, we've got memorial day coming up. the travel then the concern for the variant remember the u.k., variant the b117, 50% more
3:35 pm
contagious and 60% more lethal so seeing increase of number of cases in certain parts of the countries and in younger population as well. and on top of that we're seeing almost a 30% increase in hospitalizations and those in the ages between 20 and 29. because of the variants that are emerging, so that's why it is important to continue to vaccinate as quickly as possible as many american as possible and that the same time wear your mask when you cannot physical distance until we can get numbers up. jon: i want to put ow you mention that u.k. variant i want to put on screen if we can get it up there. the numbers from the states that are most affected seeing the most of the u.k. variant. florida shows a little over 2300 cases, michigan at 1200, colorado at almost 900, california at 800 and massachusetts at 712. you said that that is -- very contagious and also very
3:36 pm
much more impactful very often very much often fatal. >> that's why i think it is a great idea to expand vaccine eligibility to the younger population. i see in some states they're opening it up to age 16. if you're 16 years old pfizer is a vaccine that you can receive as early as 16 with moderna as early as 18 that's why support that we're expanding eligibility of the vaccine to the younger population because they are the ones who we're seeing it now, and they're ones who are spreading it. but if we can continue at the pace that we're going now with about 3 million vaccines daily and everyone try to get that number up, then we're going to be headed in the right direction hopefully reverse the upward trajectory that we're seeing in in over half of the country right now. >> we vaccinated or at least -- at least a third of the country roughly 31% has at least one dose of the vaccine. how much more how many more people do we need to vaccinate
3:37 pm
before you reach that herd immunity that basically causes the virus to die out because no it can't find any hosts. >> well historically we want about 70 to 90% of the population to have antibody protection. and you get that either with vaccine or have having naturallily acquired disease. but i think it is important to not just focus on vaccinating americans i think it is also important to have a protocol in place where we can potentially thoroughly identify and detect disease in community so that we can prevent any outbreaks like we see for example in michigan or rhode island, or in new york, we want to prevent outbreak we want good surveillance we want good viral genome sequencing and we want to continue vaccinating as many as we can. i think collects this will help us get to concept of herd immunity a lot faster. jon: i want to put up a slide of trials underway young people many this country. pfizer has been shown to be 100%
3:38 pm
effective for children ages 12 to 15. under -- 12 pfizer vaccine is still in trials. moderna -- is also in trials for under 12 and 12 to 17 years old but you're saying that it is -- the vaccines are proving to be effective among younger people and that's going to be a necessary part of the program. >> yeah. i think so jon. you know kids, children they do contribute to the pandemic and they play a role in herd immunity as well we have 4 million children we know that have tested positive for covid although they not get sick they can become sick and they can transmit virus as well they can transmit it to their parents, to their siblings. so they do contribute i think it is a good idea to get the children vaccinated. especially teenagers, they tonged transmit the virus more so like adults do. now under age of ten not as much but between ages of 12 and 15 pfizer found that every one of the clirn that received actual
3:39 pm
vaccine did not pick up covid. so those were really encouraging findings i'm hoping within the next few weeks -- we'll get fda approval and maybe even start vaccinating young folks in the summer time so they'll be ready for school back in the fall. glonl that will be a welcome relief for million of parent in this country. doctor, thank you. >> thank you, jon. jon: fema funding is being used to house the homeless in major american cities. it started under trump administration when the pandemic began, but now the biden administration is expanding the plan. and springer explains. >> in the year before covid hit homeless in seattle jumped more than 6% in nearly 12,000 people. according to the latest report from housing urban development, most are intense on sidewalks and city parks. some are just a few feet from a middle school. the problem is only gotten worse during the pandemic, despite
3:40 pm
billions of dollars being spent by big cities to move thousands of homeless people from group shelters to their own hotel rooms. it is a program started by president trump run by fema, and now being expanded by president biden. >> moving people who were experiencing homelessness who are high risk of contracting and becoming very ill or dieing from the disease -- it is -- it is the right thing to do for the community, for the country and for the individual. >> biden invoke staff to increase reimburse from the 75% to 100% and extend it through the end of september. officials in san francisco which is spending nearly 20348 million dollars on hotel call it game changer to save city tens of billions of dollars but critics say reresponding to national disasters, trying to solve long problems. >> the problem existed long before covid ravaged the country.
3:41 pm
federal government shouldn't be addressing problems that they have had for many, many years. >> we're not straightforward with the american taxpayer when we -- when we say we're responding to pandemic and many other things that have nothing to do with covid-19. >> in addition to the fema reimbursement program, the 1.9 trillion dollar american rescue plan gives cities $5 billion too spend on homelessness, and many are advocates that money be used to buy hotels to turn them into permanent homeless shelters. in seattle dan springer, fox news. >> prosecutors issue an arrest warrant for the owner of a truck involved in yesterday train crash in taiwan. new details on the investigation, next when we look at the stories from around the globe. ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪
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jon: time for a look at some headlines from around the globe in burma security forces opening fire on prodemocracy protesters killing at least five people. roughly 550 people have died since february first there. when the military overthrew the country's democracily lengted government. in france, the country's top diplomat urging iran to be constructive during next week indirect talks with the u.s. in vienna. negotiations are the first step for getting both countries to rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal. in britain, thousands of people rallying against the proposal that would give police more power to break up mass protest. in cairo witness ation multimillion dollar parade as crews relocate nearly two dozen mummies to a new national museum. and in paris, the noter come to
3:47 pm
saying it may take another 15 or 20 years to fully restore the burned out cathedral. it caught fire two years ago you'll recall before that, it attracted some 20 million tourists a year. in taiwan authorities charges construction site with a train crash and victim include one american and officials say another american passenger is reported missing. ryan chilcote has more from london. reporter: jon it is tragedies like this one that remind us of the transyengt nature of human life. this was an absolutely who are horrific crash that train packed nearly 500 onboard more than 100 people standing up because all of the seats were taken. it is a long weekend in taiwan, and a lot of people on that train were on their way to visit extended family most taiwan
3:48 pm
families actually gather friday for an annual gathering for a ritual where they might say head to the cemetery to look after their relatives tombstones pay their respects. this train was moving very quickly when it collided with a construction truck that has been parked on slope above the track. somehow, that truck's brakes hadn't been secured. i should add that manager of the construction site has been charged with negligence. the train then slammed into a tunnel xowngding not the just the crash but the ability for those rescuers to extricate survivors and even bodies. relatives of the more than 50 people killed gathered at the site today even as cleanup inside the tunnel continued keep in mind a number of those relatives are actually survivors who lost loved ones in the crash but survive themselves and some of those will be going through heroing task of even preparing to bury their own children. this was the worst crash in taiwan in more than 70 years.
3:49 pm
taiwan's president showed up he was there -- to comfort some of the survivors, even china's president xi normally takes very tough line on taiwan which he considers to be chinese territory, sent condolences. jon. >> ryan chilcote, ryan, thank you that's our look at some stories from around the globe still ahead live entertainment returns to city what never sleeps. now jerry seinfeld takes part in a historic night in new york city. this month alone. because we believe everybody deserves a chance. see what scholarships you may qualify for at if you have... ...moderate to severe psoriasis, ... ...little things... ...can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla.
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>> comedian jerry seinfeld among those taking the stage in new york city as clubs and entertainment venues reopened for the first tile in more than
3:54 pm
a year. all be it with capacity limits, it is a glimmer of hope for comedians actors and musicians not to mention club owners who need the city's vibrant nightlife to return. breel la from fox five new york has more. >> it felt like getting electrocuted in a good way. the audience was great, and i was actually -- feeling like can i still do this? you know i don't know if you wonder you remember not playing tennis for a years, and so as soon as i got up audience exploded and just felt so at home. and i mean i love this club and i love performing in new york. so i didn't want to get emotional but i'm really excited to be helping to bring it back. >> yes believe it or not even jerry seinfeld still gets preperformance jitters new york born and bred sitcom legend headlined sold out show in
3:55 pm
chelsea on friday first night gotham comedy club opened its door in over a year. >> he called said i wanted to come down i said absolutely let's do it. and then he tweeted out and here we are been a great friend to the club. so show will finally go on at gotham 7 nights week except at 33% capacity, with about 100 audience members, at most. >> on a scale of one to ten i would say i'm ordering ten round of drink for everyone. excited for everyone. other two-thirds of the comedy club tables and chairs remain empty for time being it is a formula that doesn't work for everyone. >> we can't make it work financially at 33%. nevertheless live venue and performers are still powering their way through the pandemic and adjusting to the changes brought on by covid-19. as for what the future holds well perhaps seinfeld said it best. new york is going to come back. i've been -- in l.a. i've been in florida,
3:56 pm
and you know there's a lot of great places in this country but no place feels leak this place. >> reporting from our new york fox station wnyw, next in "fox report." charmin ultra soft is twice as absorbent so you can use less. enjoy the go with charmin.
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4:00 pm
donatings gifts to children at christmas time. good for you. and that's how fox reports this saturday, april 3rd, 2021 i'm jon scott, thank you for watching. we'll see you again tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> hello america i'm mack levin this is "life, liberty & levin." i have some books here, not for show. but doing enormous amount of research and reading, because i prepare for my own writing. and i need to tell you about what's going on with your country rather than some superficial way i want to dive deeper tonight because it is very, very serious. first thing i want to do is


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