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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  April 3, 2021 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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advanced gum restore from crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america. >> new details emerging about the attack on capitol hill that left one capitol police officer dead and another seriously injured. the suspected attacker identifying on social media as a follower of louis farrakhan. welcome to fox news, i'm griff jenkens. >> we're looking at lucas tomlinson on capitol hill with everything we know so far about the attack. lucas, let's begin with you. >> good afternoon, alicia. the attack took place behind me on constitution avenue at that
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gate. so far we've seen construction crews making minor tweaks to the fencing and capitol police say don't forget many changes. >> and as far as the police and the security posture remains at a steady state at this time. we're very thankful for our national guard partnership. we do have national guard on the campus, but the security postures at this time remains the same. >> the suspect, 25-year-old noah green, he rammed his car into two officers and slammed into the barricade at the capitol. green got out of the car and slashed one. officers before being shot and killed by responding police. he was not on the police radar, appears he was a lone wolf with no connection to extremist groups. he indicated he followed the nation of islam. he recently lost his job. a few years ago, jewish coalition called for the
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resignation of some democrats, with connection to louis farrakhan who once called hitler a good man. this morning, construction crews were seen fortifying the fencing around the capitol. in recent days some had come down. and the watch had extended two months. many lawmakers objected to that and it's expected to be a topic when they return. on good friday two officers stood their ground and killed the suspect, but not before tragedy losing one of their own, alicia. kristin: lucas tomlinson, thanks, lucas. griff flags are at half staff in honor of the sacrifice made by william "billy" evans. mark has more on what the
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congress and president are satisfying more about officer evans. >> president biden says he's heartbroken over the death of officer evans. the president said, we send our heartfelt condolences to officer evans' family and everyone grieving his loss. we know what a difficult time this has been for the capitol and everyone who works there and protect it. and the president ordered flags at half staff here at the white house. the white house saying that the president was briefed what was going on through his homeland security advisors. tributes are pouring in from law enforcement to members of congress and staffers that he was working to protect on a daily basis. we've heard from house speaker pelosi who said at a time of such suffering no words are adequate. however, i hope it's a comfort to officer evans' family and other officer harmed in the line of duty of brave
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protection. capitol. other lawmakers are weighing in. >> i've seen the bravery of our capitol police officer. david bailey, crystal greiner went toward gunfire so the rest of us could run away from it. the heroes of the capitol, you knew when you were there and you still know them, they're the bravest of the brave and to see them hit today was just, that was really heart wrenching. >> lucas was talking about some of the security at the capitol. at the white house i haven't seen any noticeable changes to the security sings the attack yesterday, but there's fencing up around the white house and it's been in place for months and the public does not have quick, easy access to the white house and even up to the gates here and unclear whether that's going to change after what happened yesterday, griff. >> mark meredith at the white house. thank you. >> for more expert analysis on this incident, let's bring in former fbi special agent. thank you for being here today.
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my first question has to do with the intended meaning behind this attack on two fronts. first, it happened on good friday and second, the police chief, the acting d.c. metro police chief says this doesn't appear to be terrorist related. is it too early to say that right now? or do you find that accurate? >> i think it's certainly too early to be saying definitively what it was. it may not be terrorism as in organized terrorism being inspired, but clearly, this person had some sort of motivation, even if there was a mental health illness. i think as we dig into his background, we look at his affiliation with the nation of islam and including having sent money to the organization, recently unemployed, we're going to see triggers and we've had the rhetoric of law enforcement of a toward the black community as if there's
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an enemy and a factor. >> we've seen it in the u.k. and in new york, other parts of the world as well. i'm curious how it cannot be considered terrorism. i'm curious, it was a car used as a weapon. there was a knife involved. i mean, this is so similar to some of the things we've seen. >> isis, al-qaeda, they had actual play books for what you should do, get a gun. if you don't have a gun, use your car, then use a knife, but under the legal definitions of how the law is written, it may not fit into a criminal prosecution of terrorism if the subject was still alive. hence, i think is why you see the chief of police say it's not going to be terrorism, but it doesn't mean that people doing these things are not taking advantage of terrorist tactics. >> we're about 24 hours out from the attack. where is the fbi now in their investigation? where are they trying to drill down, what specifics?
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>> so the fbi is going to be there supporting local law enforcement in various roles, giving resources that may not be available to others. for example, fbi has great forensics persons in the computer world. they're going to look at every computer this fellow ever touched. his cell phone and they're going to dig back into it, even things that he's deleted. they're going to know the websites they've been to and who he's been communicating with. if this has been planned for some time. all of that is going to be known in short order. >> and quickly because i don't have much time. you mentioned the mental health issue, how many of that is in play here in terms of the investigation? >> they're going to be concerned with what his mental state is. in all of these events we see, the bottom line. if you're trying to do something like this, there's something wrong with you. it doesn't mean you don't know what you're doing and that you're not responsible for your actions.
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>> special agent, thank you for your time here today. we appreciate your perspective. >> thanks for having me. >> alex hogan is on the ground in la jolla, texas with the latest. good afternoon, alex. what are you seeing there? >> hi, griff. already today we've seen people crossing the border, not as many as we did yesterday, but still showing just how many people are willing going through this dangerous journey here on the border. this morning, we did see one crossing of a family member. there were separate groups there. many of them holding children. there's this massive up-tick that we're seeing here along the border. fox news exclusively obtaining a photo of two little girls, three and five years old, safe and cared for after a horrifying video of them dropped 14 feet by smugglers over the border wall and left
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alone. their mother is in new york. back here live. we have the fox flight team showing an aerial view of the valley. and cvp estimates as many as 184,000 kids will cross alone this year, which would be the highest number on record. critics of the administration say their stance on taking a more humanitarian approach has caused this. >> it incentivizes people pushing their children across the border unaccompanied. you have a massive number, record breaking number of children, you have huge numbers of families and all of this, because they've announced they wouldn't send anybody home. >> now, single adults who are travelling by themselves are sent back across the border, according to title 42. now families and children who are travelling alone, they're
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taken to separate centers and the white house noted it's trying to come up with new solutions what to do about this growing problem, but the number of children that we are seeing crossing alone really just shows the desperation of some families willing to send their children on this journey unaccompanied. griff. >> a harrowing journey inseed. alex hogan in la joya. and if we can show you where alex is this shot in texas, both locations in the rio grande valley sector, the ground zero, the hardest hit area of the border crossing. on april several, up 313% from this time last year, and the single adults crossing that alex was talking about is significant. while we are still expelling most of them under title 42,
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the ones that were, quote, got away, that's what the border patrol calls them, are in family units. and you can see the rio grande river south of that wall structure, but if you look above the wall to the right of your screen, that's the farm to market road. that road runs the entire, pretty much, stretch along parallel to the border wall and the river and many single adults who do not want to get apprehended want to get in the neighborhoods and along the road into perhaps a vehicle that will pick them up and take them far away and that's one of the greatest challenges to these border patrol officials as we look at that shot. you can see it's just 200 yards from the river and if you get past the wall, you're on that road and into the u.s. wherever you want to go. joining us let's go to republican texas congressman
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and member of the house transportation infrastructure committee. thank you for taking time and we should point out your previous job was sheriff of fort bend county, texas where you and i met during hurricane harvey some years ago. i raise that because, congressman, you are obviously as a law enforcement officer by trade familiar with this border crisis and you were at the border. what did you see and what is your reaction? >> we saw a crisis. well, firstoff, griff, it's good to see you today and thank you for having me. i was there monday and tuesday and what i saw, and what you saw, we saw a crisis. we saw individuals entering our country and scattered everywhere, i mean, there are thousands of them. there was quite a large delegation from texas and we had an opportunity to visit with the border patrol, fly around with dea, visit with the department of public safety on
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their boats. immigration and customs had an opportunity, many of us, to go down and look at the donna facility and look at the travesties there with overcrowding because the border patrol can't handle the children. there are thousands of them entering the country and now sprinkled throughout texas and pretty soon they're going to come to a neighborhood, in a small town, a small community near you. >> and the capacity issues have led to, in the area you were, to some being released, some of the minors being released without so much as a court date for an asylum hearing. let me ask you, congressman. 11 days ago president biden tapped his vice-president kamala harris to oversee the border crisis and then they sort of narrowed the definition to work with those northern triangle countries on why they're coming from guatemala, honduras and el salvador. are you satisfied with what vice-president has done to respond so far? >> absolutely not. because she's in denial.
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president biden he's in denial as well. as a matter of fact, she kind of laughed at it the other day when a reporter asked her are you going to get down to the border and that sarcastic laugh of hers. she doesn't plan on going down to visit the border because i think she would certainly get an earful from border patrol and many of those communities that live around that border that are around that border because they see the humanitarian crisis. they see what's happening. so, i don't think they-- they look at this as a crisis because i think they both look at it as an opportunity, this is about one party rule. this is about getting as many people into our country and a pathway to citizenship and they ought to be ashamed of themselves, but there is a crisis at our southern border and the american people, i think, are going to continue to see the true atrocities taking place. i was on an airplane flying from laredo to houston, half of the people on the plane were
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migrants flying into houston. who knows if that's their final destination. i felt for some of them the children. but that young lady is going to be a victim to the human traffickers and suffer in our countries because she is beholden to the traffickers. >> before we let you go. i want you to get to the capitol attack and you saw tragically took the life of capitol police officer billy evans. your thoughts on this? >> well, it's sad. we saw it, you know, enormous unrest on january 6th and now what we see yesterday. when we were starting to heal. but what we've seen, griff, we've seen it for months now and throughout the summer, it's an all-out attack on law enforcement. police throughout our country. at the federal, state and local level. it was billy evans yesterday. last week, it was a dps trooper, chad walker from texas that was assassinated in his car when he pulled over for a
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motorist assist and you don't see people talking about this too much because this doesn't fit the left's narrative. i bet you the individuals, the two suspects, griff, i bet you we're not going to talk much about those guys they're not trump supporters, not from rural america. >> 20 seconds here, some are talking about the background, the guy that attacked the capitol has a history with the nation of islam and minister louis farrakhan and i'm wondering if you think that creates a problem from some of your colleagues on the democratic side of the aisle that have embraced louis farrakhan from whether it's the house minority whip, james clyburn, or danny davis or others like that? >> it should, it should concern the left, but what the left is going to do is say shhh, let's not talk about this. we can't talk about this, this is going to cause problem.
9:17 am
let's move on move to the baseball game, the silly baseball game moved out of atlanta. ne daent-- they don't want to talk about those killing the officers on the street. they talked about it last summer, demonstrated and rioted, but we are pea not going to talk about the two individuals who lost their lives. they have small children, it doesn't fit their narrative, shhh, let's not talk about it. >> and congressman, thank you for joining us. and we will be talking about that baseball game later. thank you, congressman. >> good to see us. >> chris wallace breaks down what is in president biden's $2 trillion economic plan. and check your local listing for time and channel and howie kurtz talks to former white house press secretary on media
9:18 am
buzz tomorrow at 11 a.m. eastern. monday at 4 p.m. eastern catch the much anticipated tucker carlson interviewed with piers morgan on fox nation. >> as griff just mentioned, georgia governor brian kemp talked moments ago about the major league baseball moving the all-star game out of atlanta. >> that means cancel culture are coming for your business, or your game, or your event in your hometown and they're coming to cancel everything from sports to how you make a living and they will stop at nothing to silence all of us. >> now, let's bring in steve harrigan live in atlanta with the latest on the fallout. hi, steve. >> alicia, the game was supposed to be right behind me here in july, the summer classic. that's not going to happen. the commissioner of major league baseball, rob manfred, saying that he has decided to
9:19 am
move the game because of georgia's election law which he says restricts access to the ballot box. now, that assertion has drawn a lot of criticism back from republican governor kemp, who said people are trying to misrepresent georgia's new law. here is kemp. >> it's unfortunate that major league baseball has caved to the cancel culture and quite honestly, president biden and stacey abrams and a lot of people are lying about this bill to pressure these organizations. it's really a sad day for major league baseball. >> the move has drawn comments from both sides of the aisle, former president obama writing on twitter congratulations to mlb for taking on behalf of citizens. honoring the great hank aaron who led by example. it's no simple cut and dried story. the braves are against the move
9:20 am
and a number of democrats say boycotts or moving events out of georgia is a failed strategy. here is senator ossoff. >> we absolutely don't want to see boycotts of our state, we want business and investments and events and indeed the rapid growth and economic development of our state, we want to see that continue. >> no word which city will get the all-star game, alicia. >> steve harrigan, thank you. we'll have much more on on this in our next hour. republican georgia senator will react to the mlb moving the all-star game and growing calls to boycott businesses in the peach state. >> up 1600 percent from last year, after there were responses to defund the police. they're not the only city dealing with this, where the
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>> many major cities that cut their budgets after calls to defund the police are now experiencing large spikes in crime, this coming from data analyzed by fox news.
9:25 am
here is a look at top five increases in year to date homicides. portland with a 1600% increase, atlanta at 63%. minneapolis 60%, chicago with 33% and los angeles with a 28% increase. so for more on this, we'll bring in attorney and northwestern university adjunct law professor andrew stoltman. thank you for being here today. my first question is, when we consider that these increases occurred during a pandemic, when there was so much frustration in the nation, in addition to a rising unemployment rate, can we still make a direct line between the defunding that happened in these departments and the increase in crime? >> yeah, absolutely. look, there are many reasons for the increase in crime, but a major, major reason is the defunding of police. it's an absolutely horrific idea. and you don't need to be a brain surgeon to figure this stuff out, right in the cities that have defunded police, we've seen a huge, huge surge
9:26 am
in crime. are there some other reasons? of course, but this is a primary reason, this there's a direct correlation, when you cut the police force, it leads to increase in crime and it's a horrible overreaction to a really serious issue. alicia: what are the other issues at play here, do you think, that are also adding to this entire pro em -- problem that we're seeing in the huge cities? >> there are a lot of different reasons for it, but, look, a big part of the reason is the lack of respect for police now. the issues of police brutality are extraordinary, and in the same sense when you ostracize the police, you tend to decrease their morale and they're not willing to go in and help the society they're sworn to protect. that's a major issue. alicia: you bring up former officer chauvin's case accused of murdering george floyd, in the wake of that, that's when
9:27 am
we saw so much of this defunding, the changing in budgets occur all over the country and i want to bring up portland because 2020 was portland's deadliest year in more than 25 years and shortly after george floyd, not long after, the city commissioners decided to cut the police budget by 16 million. but now the mayor has come forward and requested a-- has requested $2 million at one time for the police. this is a city at war with itself. >> yeah, absolutely. and look, there is going to be political hell for the politicians like garcetti in los angeles and wheeler in portland who have taken these actions. the number one role of government is to keep their people safe. when you can't do it because you're cutting police, there's a serious price to pay at the ballot box, not just the local level, but the 2022 mid term elections, right?
9:28 am
the party in power are blamed when our streets aren't safe and these criminals in an effect have a tuning fork that can tell you when there's less police on the street or not motivated to protect them because their morale is gutted and that's the problem we're seeing right now in the cities that defund the police. alicia: if we can acknowledge two things are happening. a majority of police officers are good people, they just want to do their job. are there bad apples? yes. so if we consider that, what needs to be done here? because there are people who still want change to occur. >> absolutely. look, if i see a cockroach or a mouse in my house, i don't burn the entire house down, right? i take a surgical approach, call an exterminator to get rid of the problem, but what you don't do is that you don't cut the police because who does that hurt? that hurts the minorities where the majority of the crimes take place in the communities. if you talk to those communities they want the police on the street.
9:29 am
when you have the surge in crime rate is disproportionately impacts those individuals. i don't care if you're a lawyer, a doctor, a clergy, whatever position you're in, there are bad actors so you take surgical approaches to try to cure this and not defund the police. alicia: andrew stoltmann we'll have you back on. >> anytime. griff: alicia, the economy added 900,000 jobs and what's fueling the growth and what the tax hike means for you. first, we bring you an image of the cherry blossoms putting on a show. stay with us. [♪♪] when you have diabetes, managing your blood sugar is crucial. try boost glucose control. the patented blend is clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. boost glucose control products contain high quality protein and key nutrients to support immune health. try boost.
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>> it's nearly a week after peak bloom of the cherry blossoms at the tidal basin in
9:34 am
d.c. putting on quite the show, you can see along the tidal basin and they're glad to see them and hopefully socialing distancing wearing masks and that's what the national park service says was the deal and it's fantastic, a perfect day here in washington. it's just about 50 degrees, as the sun is shining brightly. alicia, are you jealous you're not here? >> yeah, you took the words out of my mouth. and every year it's happening and our producer kelly burke loves the beautiful flowers he sees them on tv, and he's like pavlov's dog, and sneezing because of allergies. griff: i took ale gra today and the i tell you, the cherry bloss tomorrow 10-mile races,
9:35 am
not in person and i look forward to once again when they can run under the trees. alicia: absolutely. >> raising taxes will not throw the economy at all. corporate america to pay their fair share will not slow the economy, it will make the economy function better and will create more energy. alicia: president biden vowing his proposed corporate tax hikes won't stifle the country's economic recovery. so let's discuss this with microtrend's founding party at university of san diego's school of business and the co-host of the podcast. mitch, good to see you. first off, what the president said there about corporations and the wealthy paying more taxes and not affecting the economy. your thoughts? i said on the business network last week that it was a colossal lie that when you
9:36 am
raise taxes, you also the stimulate the economy. it doesn't work that way and vilifying big business, the thing lost in this conversation, alicia, is the fact that small business really is the jobs engine in this country and small businesses are businesses and many of them are corporations so we raise income taxes on businesses large and small, what we're going to do is stifle job growth. we had a great jobs report on friday and we want to continue that momentum. more taxes is not the solution. alicia: small businesses, big employers, no doubt. let's talk some good news, job growth here, you've got the economy saw 916,000 jobs. march, unemployment at 6%. we do have five million americans still out of work now than we did last year. i'd like you to also take a listen to what the president had to say about this. >> the first two months of our administration i've seen more
9:37 am
new jobs created in the first two months in any administration in history. but we still have a long way to go to get our economy back on track after the worst economic and job crisis in nearly a century, but my message to the american people is this, help is here. alicia: what stands out to you in this jobs report? >> what stands out we're seeing the benefit not per se of stimulus, whether it's $1.9 trillion or the packages before that, but really the reopening of the economy. if you look at leisure and hospitality the last two months, they created 635,000 jobs. that's because we've reopened what i'll refer to as the supply side of the economy, the ability to go to a restaurant, the ability to go to a movie, go to a ball game and that's creating the job growth. we also saw construction create jobs and manufacturing create jobs, all of which is because we're reopening and that is the key. reopening is more the key than the stimulus.
9:38 am
>> one thing that we do know from small businesses and we had a member of congress with neil cavuto earlier talking about this, that there are still these businesses, especially in the hospitality industry, which is growing in terms of its employment. they're having problems getting people to come in to go to work because these aren't high paying jobs, but they're getting paid right now to stay home. this is a continued problem. >> yeah, 100% and you know, i remember, it seems like yesterday, but it was about a year ago when the first stimulus package was being put forward, that the concern was the unintended consequence of additional unemployment, someone could make more money staying at home than going to work. i think that's a tough balancing act, but the fact of the matter is the where jobs there are out there, the more job openings there are out there, the more people are going to gravitate to them and if they realize there's a sunset on unemployment benefits i think they'll gravitate
9:39 am
towards work. what we need to do is continuing the reopening phase to allow people the opportunity to seek work if they want to. alicia: and now we have congress taking up this 2.25 trillion dollar, what the biden-harris administration a calling is infrastructure package, a spending package. how is the economy going to absorb something like this? >> i think it's very difficult because what we're doing, now on the one hand we're talking about raising taxes for this, you know, 1.5 trillion dollar tax hike on corporations, but the fact of the matter is part of it is still printing money and the thing that concerns me most from an economic perspective, when we continue to print money what we're going to do is walk into an inflationary period. if what we want is the economy to grow, inflation is a massive head wind on economic growth so i'm worried about the spending part of your question, and i'm
9:40 am
also worried, as i said, the beginning of the segment on the tax hike part. that. that's the challenge whatever round this is of so-called stimulus. alicia: a lot of heavy lifting by businesses and the wealthy. thanks. >> always good to see you. griff: projecting to reach record highs this year, what does it mean for the people who live on the border, as you see here in our live drone camera shot. well, we'll talk to a rancher and a local veteran who will join us next with his story.
9:41 am
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>> welcome back. officials tell me off camera and privately they've never seen anything like that, that the crossing numbers may be the highest they've been in 15 years and that's having an impact on those living near and along our border. joining us now to share what he's dealing with during this migrant surge is the owner of las palmas veterinary hospitals and one of the founders of the texas border volunteers. dr. vickers, thank you for taking time in that volunteer civilian patrol. you started that the last time we had these kinds of numbers back in like 2006 and now are' seeing it again. what are you seeing?
9:46 am
>> well, what we're seeing is a significant increase to numbers comparable to what we had in 2006, people coming along the texas border. and it's a huge problem, it's a huge threat to people that live out on these ranches. and the property damage is staggering. griff: and dr. vickers, we've been showing our drone shot from the bottom report of the rgv sector, rio grande river, there's the wall and that's 75 miles south of you in the border, but where you are north, up that highway 281 is one of the busiest corridors in the nation or not just human smuggling, but also narcotics. have you seen evidence of that with your patrol? >> yes, we have.
9:47 am
during our last border operation and other border operations and we march the smuggling trail and report the criminal activity to the border patrol and the texas rangers, we've had backpackers and drug smugglers and some mixed in with groups of people coming through. so, it's become a big problem for us. and it's been a big problem in the past, so, it's something that we're seeing an increase in, also. >> and dr. vickers, in terms of the actual damage as a cattle ranchers you've had to endure. how bad has it gotten for you? >> yesterday, my south fence coming out of the big ranch, a big group came through and cut the fence and you know, it's a daily event and a nightly event. it's a big problem for us. it's a huge expense for a lot of us to keep those fences mended, but also, our water
9:48 am
sources are being compromised where they'll break the pipe off at the bottom of a float on the water source for cattle and then the water runs on the ground and cattle have to take to pasture and they're broking into homes and setting ranches on fire, it's a huge, huge issue right now. griff: . doctor vickers, 11 days ago, president biden tapped vice-president harris for the border response. what do you say to vice-president harris? >> i would say come down and spend an evening on my research and she can open her eyes and see what's going on down here. the problem is we depend on the border patrol for just about all of our protection and a significant sectors down there with the asylum seekers and they're compromising our ability to have the border
9:49 am
patrol respond to traffic coming up to our houses and traffic has been severely compromised. in this county alone-- in other counties, this is a very, very small rural county population-wise and we depend on the border patrol for 911 calls. the adjacent counties around us do the same and we're afraid that that is going to be compromised when we have severe-- a serious threat, the border patrol being able to respond? dr. michael vickers, we have to leave it there, thank you for taking the time. >> thanks for having us. alicia: a largest school district is the latest victim of ransomware attacks across the country. what the hackers demanded next.
9:50 am
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>> officials in marin county, california are moving ahead with a universal basic income program. some observers calling the plan outright discrimination and what's more, public funds are being used to support the program. senior correspondent claudia cowan has a closer look. hi, claudia. >> hi, alicia. that's right, when most of these guaranteed income program the money comes from charity groups or nonprofits. but here in marin county, tax dollars are used for a program
9:54 am
that's basing participation based on gender and race. marin county kicking in $400,000 to support a experiment to give 125 low income mothers $1,000 a month for two years, but only mothers of color are eligible. >> all low income moms have to deal with challenges, no question about that, but the added burden of racism and discrimination, those two things are unique to moms of color so that's what we're testing. >> the marin community foundation has partnered with the county on the $3 million demonstration. the grant coming won't go to the moms directly, but to support services, but even though legal says giving money to any program based on race is illegal. >> even if they're going around
9:55 am
and trying to design it in a way to hide it what they're doing, it's the government money going to discriminate and that's unlawful. >> he also called out oakland mayor for is similar program by oakland resilient families. the nonprofit initially said it was for poor bipoc families, black and indigenous people of color, now it says families with the greatest wealth disparities, no mention of race. here this kicks off on mother's day and groups will be watching. if a poor white mother had feels harmed by this she could file a lawsuit in federal court. >> claudia cowan, thanks, claudia. griff: now for a look at two headlines. florida school districts are
9:56 am
saying they're fixing school districts after being hacked for not releasing the information. broward county saying that no information was stolen and that they did not pay the hackers. and police in wilmington, north carolina say three people are dead and at least four others shot at a house parties. the police chief telling local news stations it happened early this morning. investigators say they do not have a suspect at this time. finally, at least five people are injured in a shooting outside of a bar in tuscaloosa, alabama. officers were called to the area early this morning for shots fired. several suspects have been detained and are being questioned. we'll be right back after this break. moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna. why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number?
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alicia: the nation's capitol on high alert after deadly attack on capitol hill. the suspected attacker who identifies as a followers of lewis berakon killing police officer and injuring another. i'm alicia acuña in denver. griff: griff jenkins, good to be with you. let's begin, with lucas, who has the latest on the ongoing investigation, lucas. lucas: griff, good afternoon. this attack on the capitol
10:01 am
brings to the forefront mental illness, south carolina congressman nancy maze discussed the issue. >> right now and i think we are seeing it in many places and this appears to be, we are learning information every single hour right now that appears someone who is -- who had mental health issues, mentally ill, family and friends worried about him. lucas: the suspect 25-year-old noah green. rammed his car in two officers and slammed into a barricade next to capitol. green got out of car and slashed one of the officers before being killed by police. appears to be lone wolf to tied to terrorist and extreme groups. facebook is deleting green's page. he followed islam and black nationalist and recently lost his job. a few years ago the republican coalition called resignation for democrats for alleged ties with
10:02 am
controversial leader lewis ferakan who once called hitler a great man. constructions busy fortifying the fence around the capitol and making minor tweaks and 2300 national guardsmen remain standing the watch extending for two months. many lawmakers object to the guard deployment here in washington, d.c. expect security to be here a big topic when congress gets back in session. recommended capitol police hire 850 more officers but on good friday two of the officers stood the watch, shot the suspect not before tragically losing one of their own, griff. griff: lucas tomlinson on capitol hill, thank you, alicia. alicia: you may have noticed that just behind him, lucas, the flag at the capitol is flying half staff in honor of the fallen officer who died from
10:03 am
yesterday's attack. president biden ordering -- also ordering flags at the white house and other buildings to do the same mark meredith live at the white house. mark: president biden is spending easter weekend at camp david. he left washington an hour before the attack happened but we did receive a statement through the white house through the president last night. he writes, quote, i want to express the nation's gratitude to the capitol hill, the national guard, the midda response force and others who quickly responded to this attack as we mourn the loss of yet another courageous capitol police officer. i have ordered that the white house flags be ordered flag staff. he had been member of first responder unit. house speaker nancy pelosi says she's spoken with officer's evans family and continues to pray for the officer injured in
10:04 am
the attack. as you mentioned flags in the capitol flying at half staff. florida senator marco rubio among those weighing in, he said, we are horrified cowardly attack in the capitol. we are heartbroken for family and entire force and may god bless them in this grief and protect them in days ahead. no doubt that it will spark debate on security on capitol hill. most remains off limits to public and this is unclear if this is going to change any plans to bring the fencing down, alicia. alicia: we will continue to watch, mark meredith, thanks. griff. griff: alicia, for more insight retired fbi agent m o'connell, has been an agent for more than 25 years. maureen, you worked on some of
10:05 am
the biggest cases in history, if you were on this one today, what would you be looking at first and foremost? >> first and foremost we would be looking at the security posture of the capitol and, you know, a really robust security system is awkward texas chunky but has to be put in place. we have to do more for law enforcement officers that stand between calm and chaos. we can't just lower the half mast and say this is okay. we understand that law enforcement officers are the warriors on the frontlines but we are not doing enough for them. we are not doing enough for their safety and we are not doing enough to stop this anti-vilification or vilification of law enforcement officer that is we have seen over the last year. the number of deaths within the law enforcement community has more than doubled, more than doubled in 2020 as opposed to 2019. these are numbers that we cannot -- we cannot say or act like
10:06 am
this is okay. we have to do a much better job for the officers an for the families who will be waking up on yet another holiday without their loved one there. griff give you raise a great point, maureen, congress will come back and have this on their minds to do something. hopefully they will listen to you, maybe even call you to testify. let me ask you, though, as an agent also, what would you be looking at in terms of digging into the social media background. we know that he had affiliation with the nation of islam. >> i know lewis farakan and i grew up in a neighborhood next to his and i went to the university with his daughter. to call him the messiah or jesus, that's a new one. he's anti-semite and racist as far as i'm sorry concerned. i have never found him anything by divisive. with regard to looking at the social media, that's something else that i think is really important part of any robust security plan.
10:07 am
you have to have open-source intelligence, people working around the clock doing monitoring and making sure that this type of rhetoric is being at least flagged. now this person wasn't on anyone's radar and when you call him a lion wolf, that's pretty much the definition of a lone wolf. it's difficult to try to understand what's going on in the mind of someone when they are just a keyboard warrior. we really can't -- we really can't measure that right now. griff give yeah. >> but it is part of a larger overall program which, which deals with essentially circles, open source intelligence and the scrubbing of all the open-source databases that are out there. griff: we have to leave it there maureen o'connell, thank you for your insight. have a good weekend. >> have a great day. alicia: more more reaction let's
10:08 am
bring democratic woman dina titus and member of foreign affairs committee. i would like to get your take on the capitol officers yesterday and what you believe needs to happen in terms of barriers? >> it's heartbreaking to lose one of our police officers, such heros and we are praying for the other one who was left in the hospital. these people are so brave and they have so much to do with so little, they protect the members, they protect the building, they protect the staff and the press and they have to protect themselves. so when we come back, we've got to take a hard look at what kind of resources we need, what kind of training we need. do we need to hire additional members as has been recommended. the worst thing that can happen for this to become a political
10:09 am
or partisan issue as opposed to a public safety concern. alicia: congresswoman, i would like to move onto this infrastructure bill. the biden-harris manage has put forward this $2.25 trillion spending package and why don't we take a look at some of what is listed in the details here. we have 400 billion for affordable home, community-based care for elderly and people with disabilities. 50 billion for national science foundation, 41 billion in federal buying power for green energy initiatives. 35 billion to develop climate solutions and 30 billion to spur innovation in rural areas. how does this fall under the definition of infrastructure in your mind? >> well, infrastructure is no longer just roads and bridges. that's certainly a big part of it and we need to improve on those areas and expand access in order to be competitive. you've got china moving forward into the 21st century very robustly and we need to catch
10:10 am
up. infrastructure also includes housing, our water pipes filled with lead and dangerous to population, all of the programs that create jobs will build additional infrastructure. you didn't mention the expansion of the internet, the internet is as essential today as electricity was when it first was invented. so for us to be competitive internationally, we've got to define infrastructure in broad bold terms. alicia: but if you include things also like we have for community college, you have 12 billion for community colleges, you have 25 billion to upgrade child care facilities. if it's no longer roads and bridges, then why call it an infrastructure package at all when some of this could clearly pit into education package, it could fit into anything else. it sounds like anything can be considered infrastructure. >> well, some people think this bill is not broad enough and some of the economists say if
10:11 am
you don't go big, you might as well go home and that includes economist that is work for donald trump. i think you have to be bold or it won't make a difference. remember, this shouldn't be partisan. the committee that i served on has been one of the least partisan in congress. abraham lincoln did the transcontinental railroad, eisenhower did the highways, president trump wanted to do infrastructure, now joe biden is going to get it done and if it includes things that involve research and development, that's an investment in the future. it's creating jobs and it will help us to build better infrastructure and be more competitive. alicia: lucas tomlinson reporting that hhs approved camp migrants, north of santa barbara california. if infrastructure is meant to go big and this isn't big enough, should this also include what's happening at the border? should it go to beef up some of the facilities where these
10:12 am
children don't fit, they can't stay more than 72 hours at a time and help with the resources at the border is screaming that they need? >> well, this government can do more than one thing at a time. so infrastructure is one issue. we did the recovery package and immigration is a challenge. the real crisis is in central america, the root causes of immigration are. we need to help deal with that kind of violence and those kind of economic problems. we need to redo our immigration system from stem to stern because it is broken, everybody agrees. but we do have a policy under this administration to treat children as humanely as possible, find better facilities for them, be sure that they aren't cramped in cages and can eventually be relocated with their parents and yes, it's a challenge and open to suggestions. don't just go own there and
10:13 am
drive in armored boat and come with help with something that might solve the problem. alicia: congresswoman dina titus, appreciate it. >> thank you. griff: you're looking live at our drone team flying over the rgb sector ground zero for president biden's border crisis. that's the rio grande river, 21e seeing unprecedented number of crossings on april 2nd, in just 24 hours, there were 2751 crossings. now that just out over tad west where we are flying where alex hogan on the ground in la joya, texas. >> estimate is 184,000 kids will make this journey and cross the border alone this year. this would be a record high. now, again, we do have our live fox drone team, flight team
10:14 am
showing us a look at the area, again, the rio grande valley, it is a very popular crossing spot. most of the migrants are leaving the places are the northern triangle, el salvador, honduras and guatemala fleeing prosecution, natural disasters and poverty regions especially hard hit by the pandemic. it's been a little more than a week since vice president kamala harris' appointment to tackle the growing problem. it's a growing responsibility that president biden was tasked himself back when he was vice president to former president barack obama 2014. biden traveled to guatemala to visit leaders and the administration at the time allocated $750 million investing in the region to prevent people from fleeing. this week democrats and republicans came together to draft a bill that would create a 1 billion-dollar fund for the department of homeland security and other agencies here. many of whom say they just can't keep up with the influx of
10:15 am
people. >> border patrol needs more manpower out here. we need to make sure that we have the technology to be able to address these areas that are wide open. alex: meanwhile today it's been a less busy day. there's no answer as to why it's a weekend or, of course, the holiday that we are seeing, easter being tomorrow but definitely a relief for some of these border agents who have been very busy going from group to group just like what we saw yesterday and we do have some news in the pentagon approved hhs request to house migrants at camp david which is a national guard base in california. it's about 2 hours northwest of santa barbara. so some new opportunities there, griff, to house more of these migrant children that we are now seeing crossing the border. griff: alex, that would make it 11th shelter to open and officials tell me it won't be the last. alex hogan on the ground in la
10:16 am
joya, thank you very much. joining us from del rio, deputy chief of u.s. border patrol raúl ortiz. i know in del rio, they are seeing exploding number of encounters with single adults, up 39%. tell us what you're seeing there on the ground. >> yeah, thank you, griff, thank you for having me. del rios is as busy as one of the busiest and rgv are seeing increase in traffic especially in this sector, they get awful lot of smuggling cases, they quite often are either second or third in the country for apprehensions so i wanted to come down firsthand and see and meet with the men and women out here that are doing this tremendous work each and every day. griff: chief, how is their
10:17 am
spirits, how is their moral because the numbers we are seeing are just really hitting some unprecedented levels, we have been reporting as some of the organizations in the afternoon that the march numbers in excess of 170,000 oppressions or encounters at the border, what can you tell us about those numbers? >> so a couple of things. one certainly the morale is concern both to leadership team within cbp and also the department and one of the things that i wanted to do was come and meet with the troops and let them know we are doing everything that we can to get them the resources that they need to address traffic increases that we are experiencing across is southwest border but i will tell you each and every the men and women are going out there and doing a phenomenal job. we have our crews working not just with state and local partners but our state partners, the department of defense and we have tremendous partnerships out there. but as we look at the problem
10:18 am
across the entire southwest border, i was doing in rgv in 2014 and 2019. i know that -- we want to continue to encourage the workforce, stay focused on the mission and know that even though we are getting inundated with unaccompanied children family units a big portion of the population we are still encountering are single adults and essential able to repatriate back to mexico or their home country as quick as we possibly can. you're right, those numbers continue to increase and i really expect them to increase over the next couple of months. griff: so can you tell us anything about the 170,000 plus we may see in march and whether you think it could be even more come april? >> so, april, may, june tend to be higher traffic numbers for us. what we experienced this last year -- i mean, the last month was really staggering for us and put strain on detention capacity. this morning when i looked at the number we had over 9,000 people in custody and 5,000 were
10:19 am
unaccompanied children. we need to do a better job coordinating with health and human services. the secretary has assigned fema to build capacity and as we continue to able to transfer the kids, it's going to allow our men and women to get out there on the front lines but so far over 500,000 people have been apprehended by the border patrol this year but on top of that, agents are doing a phenomenal job of rescuing people. over 4600 rescues. over 48 criminal aliens have been taken out of the operational environment and either prosecuted or sent back to home country. so it isn't just unaccompanied family units that we are facing but it's an entire problem. griff: chief, 30 seconds left, a number that no one talks about and i have talked with you in the past and other agents, that's the numbers of those that got away and what that means. we are seeing upwards as many as
10:20 am
a thousand got away. >> yeah, you're right. the got-away number is something very concerning both to leadership within cbp and border patrol. we continue to make sure that we have the technology to address those folks that are making out of the area because these cartels are using the family units and kids as a diversion for our officers out there. and so as we continue to do a better job of understanding where those high threats are, we will continue to deplore our resources but upwards of 100,000 people have gotten away from us and we are certainly focused on that. i will say, griff, i want to extend condolences to the capitol police department as well as officer evans and the officer that was injured. we work closely with them in washington, d.c. and our hearts and prayers go out to them and the rest and men and women who are doing the law enforcement mission every day. griff: deputy border patrol chief raúl ortiz thank you for those words and thank you for taking time for joining us, keep us posted, thank you, sir.
10:21 am
alicia. alicia: president biden's son hunter is speaking out ahead of the release of his new book next week. what he's saying about the infamous laptop next
10:22 am
10:23 am
welcome to this family meeting. i'm here because you guys need some serious together time... the good kind. mom's alone at the office... dad's hiding out in the van... and the kids are virtually teaching each other.
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y'all need to let yourselves woah... at universallllll. good job, jonesesess... jones'. jones'? anyway, that's how you let yourself woah! save 40% on hotel and ticket packages right now. not later, like right now. griff: fox news alert. fashion designer mossimo in
10:25 am
rehabilitation facility after being released from prison in college admission scandal. both pleaded guilty for paying half a million dollars to get their daughters in the university of southern california. he spent 5 months behind bars. alicia: hunter biden making headlines while promoting tell-all memoir especially for what he's telling about the infamous laptop and aishah. aishah: it has caused headaches for the biden campaign and hunter biden admitting on camera that the laptop could be his, watch. >> was that your laptop? >> for real. i don't know. i really don't know the answer is. >> you don't know if the laptop was yours. >> i have no idea. >> could have been years? >> of course, certainly.
10:26 am
there could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me and could be that i was hacked and could be that it was russian intelligence. it could be that it was stolen from me. aishah: bizarre exchange with tracee smith as interview sit-down, airs tomorrow and his answer now could cast some doubt on president biden's previous claims that this laptop was part of russian disinformation or perhaps a smear campaign. now last fall the new york post published emails from a laptop that was dropped off at a delaware repair shop. among those emails a thank you note from an executive at the ukrainian company barisma for alleged meeting vice president biden and the shop owner of that repair shop can't say for sure that it was hunter biden that dropped off the laptop but the owner says he did turn over that laptop to the fbi. now according to sources there is a federal investigation into
10:27 am
hunter biden's tax affairs, that's active and ongoing and as far as the laptop is under some sort of federal probe, we just don't know that yet. alicia. griff: pulling all-star game from atlanta's park. you see that right there. it had been set for this july, no more on the growing backlash over georgia new voting law. what the governor is saying about that move next. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:28 am
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10:31 am
alicia: major league baseball, steve harrigan live with more in atlanta. steve: the summer classics scheduled to be right here on july 13th, it's not clear where it's going to be. the commissioner of major league
10:32 am
baseball rob manford said they decided to move after voting laws. bribe kemp of georgia, republican, took sharp issue with that assertion. >> in the middle of a pandemic, major league baseball put the wishes of stacey abrams and joe biden ahead of the economic well-being of hard-working georgians who were counting on all-star game for a paycheck. >> reaction on the move has been coming in from all sides, former president obama writing on twitter, congratulations to mlb for taking a stand on behalf of voting rights for all citizens. there's no better way for america's past time to honor the great hank aaron who always led by example. the situation here in georgia is more complicated. some democrats prominent georgians say they are opposed to boycotts in any shape or form. here is stacey abrams who ran
10:33 am
against kemp and lost for governor. she tweeted mlb will move all-staff game. a number of republican senators including ted cruz of texas are now pushing back saying they may try to remove baseball's anti-trust exemption. alicia, back to you. alicia: steve harrigan in atlanta. griff. griff give joining us to react is a georgia state senator who supported the voting rights law and who was just at the press conference with governor kemp senator matt brass, thank you for joining us. tell us what was your takeaway and tell us what you think about what has happened? >> well, griff, thanks. i i think the governor did a great job. it's time for a fight. one of the interesting parts of all this and this is all
10:34 am
president biden's fault. the white house and president biden stacey abrams, they continue to spread lies to paint their narrative and they use these catchy phrases like jim crow 2.0 but what's interesting if you actually go back to jim crow 1.0, back then it was democrats, it was corporate america and it was our major league sports that told a group of people that their values didn't matter, that they're not going to have a voice and anybody that supports them is going to get punished and so they may be right in jim crow 2.0 because we are seeing all over again when major league baseball pulled out of atlanta, what they said y'all's values don't matter. you will not have a voice and you will be punished for it and a lot of people just got punished that probably voted for joe biden and it's sad.
10:35 am
griff: senator, the takeaway from the move both political and economic damage to the georgia community there and i want to know what you think about the major corporations from delta to coke to others getting involved. you know, i listened to the ceo of delta talking about listening to his employees and how they felt about this new law and that's why they are responding but you disagree with his decision? >> yes, sir, it's interesting because again i represent 3800 delta employees more than any district in the state and i've started getting emails from them saying thank you for standing up to make sure my vote counts and thank you for making sure that more access to the ballots, thank you for expanding our ability to vote and keeping it transparent and making sure that no one is allowed to cheat and
10:36 am
they don't -- those employees, they don't have a voice because they can't speak up at work. so, you know, i'm having to be that voice for them and it's -- it's just frustrating that the ceo of delta and coca-cola, they didn't engage two years ago when the democrats were out saying that this was election fraud, when the democrats were saying that the machines could be hacked and then we had this bill, you know, going through the process since the second monday of january of this year and they haven't engaged in the process until after the governor signed it into law and it's just not right. come to the table and use your skill set as the ceo of bringing two, opposing sides together to fix a problem with a solution. griff: senator, i want to get in with you, former president trump is now weighing in to this taking on those ceo's.
10:37 am
what do you think that -- what impact do you think that will have? >> well, i think what we are seeing is we are seeing all republicans are standing up and fighting for the truth and we -- you know, there's no measure that the other side will not go to. it's never good enough and the ceo's are going to learn that and we heard the governor talk about that at the press conferences. it's never good enough for them and they're never going to stop and so one thing i think the people saw and believed in donald trump was he was a fighter and so to have him out fighting for us, it just really rallies the troops and it's time for us to stand up. >> in just the last moments we have, i do want to show the ceo's and the corporations and how they handled china in their involvement. you see delta added more than tons of flights to china during the pandemic, investing 4 billion in china for future
10:38 am
growth. do you see a bit of hypocrisy that the ceo's will bend to online mobs but yet won't take on a country, authoritarian country like china? >> oh, no doubt about it. i will take it a step further. you look at major league baseball headquartered in new york. new york has -- they don't have no -- we have, i think, 7 more days of early voting than new york does. so why didn't -- why didn't major league baseball announce the next day that they were going to up and leave new york? it just doesn't make sense and these -- the hypocrisy out there is unbelievable and like i said earlier, it's just -- it's never going to be good enough for them. griff: senator matt brass, state senator matt brass, keep us posted on what is happening on the peach state. it's one to watch. >> sure will, griff, thank you. alicia: griff, there's growing
10:39 am
opposition to biden's 2 trillion-dollar spending plan as democrats balk of how much it cost and our panel will weigh in coming up.
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i've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. with skyrizi, 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months, after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fevers, sweats, chills, muscle aches, or coughs or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything ♪ now is the time to ask your dermatologist about skyrizi. alicia: the biden administration releasing 2 trillion-dollar plan for jobs this week in addition
10:44 am
to growing concerns of migrant surge at the border. our political panel to weigh in on both key issues, gop strategist cofounder and partner john hardt and fox news contributor and radio show host richard fowler. gentlemen, thank you so much for being here on this saturday. richard, i'm going to begin with you because earlier in this hour i spoke with congresswoman dina titus, democrat out of nevada and said that infrastructure is no longer roads and bridges and to make that point even further, we will put up some details here from the spending plan. you have 400 billion for affordable home and community-base care, national science foundation, 46 billion federal buying power for green energy initiatives 35 billion to develop climate solutions, 30 billion to spur innovation in rural areas. richard, my question is, does the biden-harris administration get itself into trouble at this
10:45 am
early stage in their administration by redefining something like infrastructure. >> thanks for having me and happy easter to you and everybody watching. this is a proposal. they go to capitol hill and work out what gets done here and the reason why joe biden and kamala harris are re-writing what infrastructure means because after covid-19, as we make our way after the global pandemic, the global pandemic laid bare the health care system that can't take care of 1% of for population, we need to fix that. we have roads that need to be fixed for decades. many schools were built in 190's and 60's and don't have adequate ventilation and don't have the best technology for students and community to
10:46 am
get the best things they need so what the president tried to do here is hopefully create a plan and proposal that would spur action in congress to figure out how we bring america into the modern age. alicia: john, what's your response here because it feels like there's an ever-growing list of items that fall under the term infrastructure? john: well, alicia, great to be on and to that point joe biden is taking a big risk and a big gamble with this plan and i think what you saw with the stimulus before that and also this plan is that democrats are as interested in infrastructure as physical infrastructure like roads and bridges. they have unrelated items like tax increases and health care, and there are ways to have debates. the republicans are more than ready to support infrastructure, roads and bridges. marsha blackburn has a bill that's an at earnive that would prevent tax increases but includes investments in green
10:47 am
technology and i think there's a lot of conservatives who would support that but we have to pay for it. we should recycle government waste and not create more and all the new spending creates a drag effect in the economy and that's an incredible risk that the biden administration is completely downplaying. there's a risk of tax increases. there's a risk of adding debt and there's a risk of inflation and, again, it's a big gamble but the existential crisis that democrats are really worried about is not -- is not the natural climate, it's the political climate. they are worried if they don't ram through as much socialism in the next 2 years they will lose the midterm elections and the opportunity to reshape the nation's infrastructure in ways that go way beyond roads and bridges. alicia: i see you're disagreeing there just from watching you but i'm also wondering with so much that falls under this bill, this spending plan, what doesn't fall under it is the crisis at the border, they are moving children
10:48 am
around the country right now, should we be doing that in this bill? >> so a couple of things, first, i think the idea that repairing the 20,000 miles of american roads and bridges that are collapsing is socialist is a little bit crazy. i think most americans can agree that america really has to spend some time investing in america, building roads and bridges here instead of in afghanistan and iraq where the price tag was ridiculous and republicans supported that, right, so when we are having a conversation about the deficit and about inflation, i think it's worth remembering that under the 4 years of donald trump and under the 8 years of george w. bush republicans had no problem running up the national credit card but when it comes to investing in the american people, rebuilding our schools, rebuilding our hospitals, getting more nurses out there and investing in historical black colleges and universities, they have a problem with deficit spending. but to your point on how we deal with the border -- we had a problem in the border for decades and now more than ever beyond the president acting it's time for congress to also act
10:49 am
while our roads and bridges need to be modernized so does immigration policy. america's immigration policy has been put together by duck tape and super glue from 1980's laws and we need 2021 laws to fix the current immigration crisis. alicia: john, i hate to do this. i'm giving a hard wrap right now. i know that you have many thoughts on this one but i have to lever it there and thank you both. >> thanks. alicia: thank you. griff. griff: one american is dead and another missing after a deadly crash in taiwan which shows dozens of people what the prosecutors say caused that crash coming up.
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alicia: one u.s. citizen dead with another reported missing after a train crashed in taiwan. this as probation reporters in taiwan are trying to get an arrest warrant for the owner of the truck that caused the crash. ryan following the details from london. hi, ryan. ryan: hi, alicia, tragedies like this that remind us of the transient nature of human life. that was a horrific accident. the train was absolutely packed, nearly 500 people on the train. 100 of them, more than 100 of them standing. it's a long weekend in taiwan and a lot of people on the train were on the way to visit extended family, most taiwanese
10:54 am
families this weekend yesterday friday actually gathered for a ritual where they ironically might say head to the cemetery to spruce up loved one's tomb stones, it is an annual holiday. this train was moving very quickly when it collided with the construction truck. it had been parked on a slope above the tracks. somehow that truck's brakes hadn't been secured. you mentioned there the manager of the construction site. he's been charged with negligence. the train then slammed into a tunnel compounding not just the crash but the ability of those recue workers to extricate survivors and even now bodies. relatives of the more than 50 people gathered at the site today even as the cleanup inside the tunnel continues, keep in mind, a number of these relatives are, in fact, themselves survivors of the crash and they lost some of them, family members and in some cases are now going through the
10:55 am
heroine task of preparing to bury their own children. no word on the circumstances of that american citizen who was reported -- reportedly killed in the crash but naturally, alicia, when we do have those details, we will bring them to you. alicia: just awful. ryan, thank you so much. griff: before we go, the final four are fazing off today. the nca men's tournament going to head to head in front of cardboard cutouts in a limited number of fans and the cougars to battle it out at bailor at 5:15 while ucla meets gonzaga, later a great game, alicia, you is a one seed going with ucla. alicia: very exciting and ones to watch. griff: we will leave you with a shot of the cherry blossoms.
10:56 am
that's where we began and i'm going the head out and make alicia and everyone else jealous being out there. it's a gorgeous day out here, alicia. i know that you wish you were here with us. alicia: i absolutely do but enjoy. great to see everybody. ♪ so you want to make the best burger ever? then make it! that means cooking day and night until... [ ding ] success! that means... best burger ever. intuit quickbooks helps small businesses be more successful with payments, payroll, and banking.
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eric: heavy hearts for the capitol plus and for all those who care about our law enforcement officers across the country as we mourn an officer killed in the line of duty. officer william evans was killed yesterday after that man crashed his car into a barrier on the north side of the capitol complex. a second officer was injured in this incident. he remains in the hospital in stable condition. that attack sparking a lockdown and setting the nation's capital on edge. hello, everyone, and welcome to "fox news live." i'm eric shawn. arthel: hi, eric. hello, everyone, i'm arkansas shell neville. -- arthel


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