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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  April 3, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> juan: indeed. so, greg, you got any revelations? who is going to be your first guest? >> greg: there is going to be a lot of surprises but you are going to recognize a few. rachel: we begin it saturday morning edition of "fox & friends" with a fox news alert. i'm rachel campos-duffy in for will jedediah billa. will: the all star game is being moved out of georgia over backlash new voting law. former president trump and governor brian kemp blasting the move and blaming cancel culture. pete: are searching for a deadly attack on capitol hill. police have identified the suspect as 25-year-old know a green who was shot dead after ramming his car into two capitol hill police officers. one was killed while another is in stable condition.
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rachel: we go to lucas tomlinson as we learn more about the suspect and the fallen officer. lucas? >> good morning, guys. this is not how people wanted to observe good friday. one of the most sacred days on the christian calendar. billie evans, an 8-year veteran of the force was killed. one of his colleagues seriously wounded right behind me. >> this has been an extremely difficult time for u.s. capitol police. i just ask that the public continue to keep u.s. capitol police and their families in your prayers. the accused 25-year-old noah green who rammed his car into two officers and slammed into this barricade next to the capitol. law enforcement sources tell fox green then got out of his car and slashed one of the officers before shot and killed by responding officers. green was not on law enforcement's radar. he appears to be a lone wolf with no known ties to terrorists
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or extremist group. deleted a facebook page and indicated he was a follower of islam and recently lost his job. noting the time of this grizzly murder good friday. in a statement president biden saying quote jill and i were heart broken to learn of the violent attack of the security check point on the u.s. capitol ground which killed officer william evans of the u.s. capitol police and left a fellow officer fighting for his life. we send our heart felt condolences to officer evans' family and everyone grieving his loss. the president has ordered all flags at the white house be flown at half-staff. a terrible start to the weekend, guys. pete: lucas tomlinson. thank you so much. is he exactly right. a terrible loss to lose a capitol hill police officer that way in an act of violence that, thankfully, the fallen officer acted quickly as he got out with a knife. not surprised to see many on capitol hill and washington making some interesting statement followings that well. rachel: one of those interesting statements is ilhan omar, representative from minnesota from, your state, pete.
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she says she is heart broken to learn another capitol hill was killed while protecting the capitol. my thoughts and prayers go out to the officer's family and the expire capitol police force. the death toll would have been worse if the assailant had an ar-15 instead of a knife. that's ilhan omar making a gun control statement after this assault, kind of interesting because it was very clear that there was appear ideological antiwhite racial motivation based on his facebook page, will. will: you know, you want to be focus on the fallen officer, you want to be talk about billy evans and his family. you want to focus on the details of the actual crime committed and not have this turn into once again a political football. but, it took absolutely no time for, for example, cnn to begin talking about january 6th. and that's what this story is really about. what happened on january 6th. or for ilhan omar to make a point about gun control, oddly, rachel, in a crime where a gun
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was not even involved. pete: the one thing that wasn't there. rachel: right. absolutely. really quick before i move on. a lot of talk about extremism as we know with the capitol 6th riots and just odd that that wasn't part of her statement. really beret of her to come out and say something about louie farrakhan. pete: the obvious reality in these situations is it feels like the left is always looking to see what is the rachel ideology of the attack. we will not talk about it a lot. it shouldn't matter that way. we should remember the officer and we do this morning for sure. rachel: absolutely. pete: we turn also to the state of georgia because things just get crazier there. so they pass a law for -- depending on how you see it, it's either a law for voter integrity or jim crow 2.0, which we will talk about. ultimately the law passed the legislature there to protect the ballot box. a lot of details 'that that have been characterized and mischaracterized. major league baseball whether it's the mob on twitter or
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elites elsewhere going after them saying how dare you host the all-star game in atlanta because of that law that was passed. will, yesterday, major league baseball caved. will: major league baseball pulled its all-star game from the city of atlanta, obviously in the state of georgia, over the calls from, i would suggest, nonsports fans, radical, political, agenda-driven people on the internet that want to see politics injected into every aspect of our society and baseball did. they caved. they pulled that all-star game from atlanta, georgia. former president trump, by the way, he weighed. in he said the following baseball is already losing a tremendous number of fans now they leave atlanta and all-star game because they are afraid of the radical left democrats who do not want voter i.d. which is desperately needed. to have anything to too your elects. boycott baseball and all of the woke companies that are
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interfear with free and fair elections, are you listening coke, delta and all? >> it is not a voter suppression bill. it does not place onerous restrictions on borders any more so than the state of new york or anywhere else. none of those truths mattered to baseball. rachel: i'm just really glad that i'm married to a white man who can help me figure out how to go to the dmv and get my i.d. card because, i guess, i wouldn't know what to do, i would be lost. i wouldn't be able to vote in georgia, i guess. it's so ridiculous, you are right, will there were a lot of lies. and i actually really agree with former president trump on this. and we talked about this last night on the show. i know it's easy for me to say i'm going to boycott baseball because i don't watch sports, but i think there is something about they do this to the right, they do this to conservatives because they can. because we keep watching the games. because we keep flying delta. because we keep buying coke. you know. it goes on and on and on.
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pete: the whole stick a massive miss characterization it's insult to the sin that jim crow laws. rachel: 100 percent. pete: take 10% to investigate what jim crow was which i did by the way. in georgia there was a jim crow law that said it was unlaughable for white baseball teams to play on a baseball team within two blocks of a black playground. that's what real jim crow looks like. not you would be required to have a form of identification so you can prove your mail-in ballot is legitimate. as we extend voting hours and voting days. when delta airlines would never allow, rachel campos, duffy, to check into a plane with your maiden name and not your corrected name on your identification. and you couldn't, will, pick up your ticket at will call. will: that's right. pete: if your name is incorrect. will: can't have i.d. or pick up tickets at will call. will call disproportion
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nativitily diseffects mishts who don't have ids. or by the way to order a beer at a ballgame disproportionately effects minority drinkers. you will have to do away with i.d. at the concession stand baseball. if you don't do that rob man ford, baseball is racist. pete: help me out, will, you are amateur expert on the power of twitter. it's true. why is it so effective. why does major league baseball give in to the blue checkmark screaming how care you host the all-star game. will: you and i were talking about this before the show. we believe all of us belief that twitter and social media is not representative of america but dictates so much of the culture of america. why is baseball responding to a radical, small minority of voices and not their true fans, by the way. their fans don't want them to become a democratic political action committee. that's not what their fans want. why are they doing it? i have no idea. rachel: i think it's because the ceos and their spouses all circle around in these very elite circles and they want to
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be loved in their little, you know, social circle. pete: probably truth to that. rachel: they are re removed from people in wisconsin and ohio and anywhere else. they are very much asconced in their little communities and it's a bubble. brian kemp actually commented on this. actually, we have a clip. so let's play it. >> this is unbelievable, i mean, unfortunate today, obviously that major league baseball has folded up and caved to the cancel culture and a bunch of liberal lies quite honestly and what's even more sad is the president of the united states, joe biden, and people like stacey abrams labeling the election integrity act, jim crow. this is what happens. you know, now you have a lot of small business owners, a lot of great baseball fans, including myself or getting deprived of having the all-star game in atlanta because of the cancel culture. i think it's a message to all of us all across this country that
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at home tonight, they are coming after you next. they are going to come after your ballgame. they are going to boycott your business. will: by the way brian kemp the governor of georgia will be on "fox & friends" 8:00 a.m. eastern time. rachel, i think you are probably right to some extent that it has to do with corporate elite bubble that many of them find themselves in. i also think what is happening is a complete lack of bravery and spinelessness at the top of leadership totem pole. they are terrified of somebody calling them a racist. pete: cannot the power of stacey abrams. she has still not acknowledged she lost the election in 2018. be honest where she stands blocialt elections should be seen as valid or not. i was already this close to not watching baseball this way. i don't really watch it. my dad was big into it. i enjoyed the sounds in the background. why go watch it? good on the atlanta braves. they slammed, this actually, because they want the all-star game there it's not every team.
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rachel: i had representative vernon jones who used to be a representative in georgia he says this lays at the feet of stacey abrams. is he blaming stacey abrams of course the president also bears some blame. will: absolutely. rachel: he encouraged it. will: he repeated the lies that stacey abrams began and picked up so readily. pete: somebody put ton a card and he read it. rachel: susan rice did. will: we turn now to a few additional headlines starting with this fox news alert. overnight three people are killed and four others are injured in a shooting in north carolina at a house party. police say the shooting happened inside a wilmington home, an investigation is underway to identify the suspects. no arrests have been made and the motive remains unclear. we will keep you updated on this developing story throughout the morning. and a fox news exclusive the pictures show the moments after cbp rescued these two migrant girls dropped over the border wall by a smuggler. cbp says the 3 and 5-year-olds are okay and are being processed in el paso.
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border patrol is projecting 184,000 unaccompanied children could reach the border this year. texas attorney general ken paxton says taxpayers in his state are paying the price. >> we're required to educate people who come here. we are required to take care of their healthcare cost. we put money in to help pause we have to about 855 million a year, that's probably low. will: 117,000 migrants were encountered at the border in march alone. a quarantine-free travel will soon return on certain flights. american airlines announcing passengers thogd milan and rome from new york citiens jfk airport will not have to quarantine once they arrive in italy. passengers will have to test negative before we par temperature and test negative after landing in italy. the airline did not start date for the quarantine travel. they said it could happen within weeks or days. and those are your headlines.
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pete: testing before or after the flight? will: you might get covid on one of the few places least likely to get covid. pete: doesn't it not show up on a test right away when you get it? rachel: i don't know. i had to take an emergency trip to spain last month for a medical reason with my family, and i had to take a test before i left and i had to pay an exorbitant amount of money to take a test on the way back. i don't know, for the test, it could be to fund the spanish government. pete: coming up, a number of cities see a dramatic spike in murders after a dramatic push to defund the police. one city seeing 270% increase ♪ thunder ♪ feel the thunder ♪ lightning and the thunder ♪ thunder, ♪ feel the thunder ♪ lightning and the thunder ♪ thunder ♪ thunder ♪ credit laughing
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pete: massive uptick in violent crime in cities that slashed police funds. take a look at numbers up 270% in portland and more than 11% here in new york. for city leaders just open up cops to civil lawsuits by eliminating qualified immunity. here to discuss former nfl player jack brewer who also sits on the board of director for the federal enforcement homeland security foundation. jack, thanks for being here. these numbers, when you talk about defunding the police and you create a climate in which they are made to be the bad guy, and then you strip away qualified immunity which other cities would like to do. is this the most predictable thing we could see coming? it really is, i mean, it's just a reflection of these policies, it's really an idea that's going across sweeping our nation right now and the doctrine that the left has put out to america is that taking resources away from police officers is somehow going to resort in more justice for
3:18 am
people and more social justice for people. but to have justice, you have to get rid of law roseness. you have to have law and order in order to have justice because the poorest of the poor and the people that are the victims are going to be those that have less money and resources and education, and so that's really what this is about, pete. it gets to the core of the issue that we are facing right now that the decisions that we have to make when you talk about issues like this and you are seeing it to have spikes like this and murders, i mean, you see these things happen in third world countries. we shouldn't have american cities with 270% increases in murder rates. i mean, that's just unheard of. pete: what would the tee fund the police, black lives matter, radical activists what would they say for this spike in crime who is to blame for it? if you are defunding police why is the situation getting worse. >> they could care less they don't protest and riot because a little kid gets shot in the community or because you have a spike in violence. those aren't the reasons that
3:19 am
trigger, you know, their movements. their movements are politically based. they don't really care about the real issues that are affecting people. they don't care about the welfare of children. they care about pushing their agenda and pushing this victim narrative onto the american people. it's clear you never hear of blm rally around, you know, a young kid that get shot in his neighborhood or any of the real inequalities that are happening to african-americans across this nation. pete: absolutely, jack, i have got to ask you on another topic related to new york. the nypd has now been given new orders to let people openly smoke marijuana, smoke weed in person. here is the guidance for nypd officers in the city. individuals who are 21 or over may lawfully smoke marijuana almost anywhere that cigarette-smoking is allowed. the person cannot be charged with the sale of marijuana unless they receive compensation. the smell of marijuana alone no longer establishes probable cause to search a vehicle.
3:20 am
jack, people have a lot of thoughts on the legalization of marijuana. whether a impact will this policy have in new york? >> it's going to have a lot of impact. pete, i'm a person who used to smoke marijuana every single day that i woke up. but i had to learn what that was doing to my production. but, more importantly, what that does to children, because when you make this normal, normalize a behavior like this and allow folks to smoke everywhere, you will have kids coming from all over new york, coming into the city. that's what they are going to come there to do is to smoke. you are going to have marijuana tourism is going to rise for sure. if that was the goal of the city of new york, they are going to see that in new york city. but, this is definitely not good. it's not good for a city where you have kids that have been locked out of schools. you you have teenagers across new york city that have lost, you know, their junior and senior years in high school right now and they're looking for things to do.
3:21 am
this is going to have long lasting effects whether it comes to education and the youths of new york city. pete: you are right. it's hard to see how it leads to good things ultimately at the end of the day. but here is a good thing, you have a new show coming it's the jack brewer show starting tonight at 9:00 eastern on sirius xm. tell us about it? >> this show is about solutions. we will talk to ways to get back to morality. interview people doing amazing things around this nation, standing up for the right for children. stand against human trafficking and we're just going to try find solutions with real people just like you, pete, you know i'm going to invite you on my show one day i hope you will join me. pete: any time you got it. jack brewer. happy easest, jack, thank you so much. >> glory to god. pete: amen. a go fund me site shut down as parents keep critical race theory out of school so they shut it down.
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♪ rachel: a parent run fundraiser to keep critical race theory out of schools in lou drop county, virginia get shut down after raising nearly $4,000. in an email to the organizer go fund me says the account was removed for violating termination terms of service afternoon refunded all the donations but now the group is gaining momentum. started the fundraiser and join by advocate paul chen. welcome to both of you tell me when you found out that go fund me was going to remove your fundraiser? >> the day it was removed which
3:26 am
was thursday, the 25th. rachel: okay. and did they explain how you violated the terms of service? >> >> no. they used one of their coasted and biggous and subjective prohibitive conduct sections which really means nothing. rachel: so, clearly then, they received information from your opponents on this issue and they basically lobbied go fund me to remove you; is that correct? >> correct. it was four radical and irrelevant school board members, committee members and a pta president that petitioned or sent an email to the current school board asking their assistants to help remove this go fund me campaign. rachel: paul you, you have been gathering parents together to fight against critical race theory, they have raised $4,000. apparently more people want to donate; is that correct? and how can they, by the way? >> well, scott knows the new website that's actually taking the donations but, yeah, you are
3:27 am
absolutely right, rachel, it's appal when you think about organizations trying to raise money to provide a different perspective to things that go fund me can go shut you down but, yet, it's okay to stay open and up while they are taking money for bailing out people that have been rioting throughout the country for the last couple years. just didn't make any sense. rachel: we actually did reach out to go fund me. they did not respond. i want to talk about the facebook page as well because because there was a group that was trying to take you guys down on critical race theory, they were threatening; is that right? and explain what happened and why they are now being investigated. >> rachel. >> go ahead, scott. >> so, what it was, this was an initiated by a current school board member. and what she did was put a call-to-action out to what we refer to as the chardonnay antifa, and they immediately jumped into action, began creating a pretty well organized list, i have to say, to gather
3:28 am
fundraising volunteers, looking to finance hackers, looking to add me and my organization to the southern poverty law center hate list. rachel: right. >> and a few other things. they want to go on a misinformation campaign. and after my employer. so it's the whole litany of things that these people tend to do. >> yeah. rachel, just to add on to that when you think about the people that should be most open to thought and dialogue should be our educational system. when you hear about the school board will elected officials going out and working in collusion with other parents to identify parents that have or even teachers that have opposing thought process and then to blacklist them or to, you know, to cancel them out and you can see it. this is the nurturing ground for future kids of america. and they're watching this example. it's okay to cancel people out and it absolutely is not. and so it has to be addressed. rachel: paul, we don't have a
3:29 am
lot of time. i just want to know what percentage of the parents are behind you and what percentage of the parents do you think are backing this up critical race theory in our schools? >> that's a great question, rachel. it's hard to determine right now because all we know is that there's a con centric group of parents that are involved but we don't know how far it spreads because they are using social media and we don't have access to it. i don't know if scott has a different perspective. i would welcome his thoughts on that. it's hard to tell. there is quite a few focus people that are doing that'. rachel: go ahead, paul. >> i would suggest that we are going to prevail and are prevailing. as you said our donations have doubled. the school board attendees, people coming to express their concerns of the school board have increased infinitely. and these people are dead silent to what's going on in all the news articles and everything. rachel: wow, i thank you both for joining us. i have to read a statement here from the loudoun county public schools they said individuals,
3:30 am
including some identifying themselves as lcpf employees have made statements across social media about parents and their thoughts about the school's divisions, equity work. lcps recognizes the rights of its employees to free speech but does not condone targeting any members of the community for their viewpoint. it takes a lot to stand up, especially in loudoun county, which is pretty woke. so i appreciate you guys standing up for kids and also standing up against, i think, this very divisive ideology. so thanks for joining us today. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you very much. rachel: all right. turning now to a fox news alert. a knife-wielding attacker drives into a barricade in our nation's capitol, killing a police officer and injuring others. congressman michael waltz joins us live as the national guard moves in. ♪
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will: we're pack with a fox news
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alert. investigators searching for a motive on deadly attack on capitol hill. a man charged with two officers with a knife after hitting them with his car. rachel: the suspect is identified as noah green was shot and killed by an officer. facebook posts reveal he supported the nation of islam and its controversial leader louis farrakhan. pete: officer billie evans unfortunately was killed in the ambush. the 18 year veteran served on the first responders unit. he leaves behind a wife and two children. the other officer is in stable condition. well, let's bring in representative michael waltz representative from florida house armed services committee. former colonel and green beret commander. thank you so much for being here this morning. >> thanks for having me. pete: your thoughts on the tragedy that unfolded yesterday on capitol hill. >> well, once again, i couldn't be more grateful to the capitol police who stopped this lone wolf attacker. you know, i just want it make sure everybody realizes, we are
3:36 am
100 percent reliant on the capitol police for our security when we are there on the capitol. i can't carry a personal firearm. that's not permitted within house rules and there has been a long history of these types of attacks in 2013 there was a car chase around the capitol and a shooting. heck, there are still bullet holes, guys, in turn temperature in the house floor from when puerto rican sprittists back in the 1970s broke in and started shooting into the gallery. we all know what happened to steve scalise and that shooting that gabby giffords, we do not have security details when we are up there or even down here in our district except for leadership. so, we are 100 percent reliant on them. i just can't thank them enough. you know, one has to wonder though, i'm going to be very curious to sees a the left and as pelosi called for defunding the police, called for taking their qualified immunity so they can be sued are they going to apply that to the capitol police
3:37 am
as well? i bet not. rachel: representative waltz, given all the things that have happened, you are right as the spouse of a former member of congress, i understand how important the capitol police is keeping everyone safe, i know that everyone's heart are broken, but, given all that has happened and the history that you say going all the way back to even with the giffords incident. do you think that members of congress should be able to carry a weapon? >> oh, absolutely. 100 percent. i think we should be able to carry. i have my concealed carry down in florida. i should be able to carry it up in washington, d.c. look, this is just like the white house this is the capitol. this is a high profile target we are doing with very emotional polarizing issues at times. members have to take opinions on those issues. you know, i have received death
3:38 am
threats called in to my phone line. so we should bably to carry 100 percent. i would love to be able to when i'm up there. will: congressman you point out fascinating disconnect follow up on whether or not common citizens have their police defunded while capitol police are rebolsterred. common citizens have their police departments decreased defunded. >> what if this gentleman noah had it was a car accident he had accidently lost control, hit that barrier and he was reaching for his cell phone rather than a knife and the police engaged him without qualified immunity, my understanding is, they would be sued, their entire family's assets would be on the line, you know, right now the capitol police are down about 10%. you start taking their qualified immunity or police around the country, they are not going to be able to recruit. they are not going to be able to keep communities safe. it's an awful, awful policy. will: really quickly, congressman, your home state it's governor ron desantis has
3:39 am
delivered on his promise to sign an executive order banning covid-19 passports. give me your thoughts on that. is that the way to handle the growing call for everyone to carry a covid-19 passport? >> you know, governor desantis has been right in every single tough decision that he has had to take when it has been dealing with this pandemic. he has been pilloried in the media and by the left. even with the handing out of vaccines, right? he decided to make seniors first, not follow cdc guidelines and turns out they finally admitted he was right and followed his guidance. i think he is right here again. i just was talking to a family down in orlando that flew in from california, disneyland is right down the street in california. they flew across the country to come to orlando because disneyland is closed in california. it's open in florida. we don't need these vaccines blocking people from coming to try to live their lives. thousands a day are coming here,
3:40 am
folks. we don't need the federal government restricting what people can do. will: just one more hypocrisy and disconnect. push to have an i.d. to vote, push to have vaccine passport 9/11's pockets. tough have an "today" get a vaccine. will: that's right left pushing the left to be able to vote without appear i.d. rachel: i think you have to have a passport i mean an i.d. to get into disneyland as well. you can't just buy your ticket. they want to know who you are and. pete: we won't be fully woke until. >> i'm talking to people down here they think this whole thing about georgia is absurd. "the atlanta journal constitution," 63% of african-americans think you should have an i.d. this is about gaslighting and fear among entering for hr 1. i'm tell you guys, this is about getting rid of the filibuster and passing hr-1 and that power grab.
3:41 am
pete: political power, you are absolutely right. congressman and colonel michael waltz, thank you so much for being here. >> happy easter to all of you god bless. rachel: you too, take care. pete on this easter eve turn now to a few additional headlines. bowling green has fraternity with six conduct violations related to student hazing deaths. sophomore died days days after being hazed fraternity event last month. the fraternity is under interim suspension as officials continue to investigate. and dr. fauci pushes back after he was challenged on his claim that we may need to wear masks in 2021. >> come on, let's get serious about this. that was taken totally out of context. >> you don't think that's right. you don't think should have masks in 2022. >> we don't know and i'm not saying they will. pete: fauci initially made the claim in february about 2022. other medical experts have criticized him for being too
3:42 am
cautious. do you think? fauci called herd immunity an allusive concept because we don't know the percentage of people who have been infected. and barstool sport founder dave portnoy shocks one of his fans after revealing his cancer is in remission. >> i got good news for you your cancer is in remission so all your surgeries canceled, chemo canceled. you are on the other side. '. pete: the unnamed fan beating bone cancer. he said portnoy's pizza reviews and unboxing videos helped him a lot through the past year and those are your headlines. d.a. portnoy has a knack for connecting with people put it that way. rachel: he does. will: el presidente. pete: there were a nomination forever tell would get my vote
3:43 am
rick reichmuth. rick: ran so long they gave it to me by default. here you go. here are your temps this morning. really cool across parts of the east. take a look at current temperatures right now. we have some temps here below freezing. 28 degrees in raleigh. when it's cold some place, it's warm some place else. all that warm is out across parts of the west. i will show you that in a second. freeze warnings in effect again. another cool day today and cold night tonight and then tomorrow things start to improve. overall our pattern will be a much warmer across the east. right now heat is bolted up across the west. record breaking high temperatures. phoenix, when you are flirting with 100 degrees this early in the season, that's not a good sign. it just means you are going to potentially be in for a really hot summer. temperatures all the way into the upper 80's as far as north as areas of nebraska. that heath is going to be on there tomorrow obviously easter with all that heat. and we have almost no precipitation going on anywhere in the country this weekend. yesterday, today, into tomorrow. so for the most part. if you are going out for a sunday service tomorrow morning, outside. it's going to be spectacular. look at those temperatures.
3:44 am
easter egg hunt as well. things looking really nice. guys? will: thanks, rick. pete: thank you, rick. appreciate it. rachel: companies attack georgia's new election laws causing consumers consider boycotts. where is the outrage as companies team up with china and they violate basic human rights? that's next. ♪
3:45 am
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3:47 am
will: fallout continues over georgia's election laws. companies are cashing in in china. lydia ho joins us live to explain. lydia. >> we are talking about companies like apple and delta and coca cola. you know, these companies are coming out criticizing this new georgia voting law but lawmakers are pushing back calling out the companies condemning the law pointing out it's hypocritical
3:48 am
because some of these same companies continue to do work in china, a country with a history of human rights abuses like its treatment of a muslim minority there let's take delta, for example, the ceo ed bastion called the new voting law unacceptable while the company also calls itself the, quote, most chinese friendly airline on its website. delta added flights to china during the pandemic and here you can see senator marco rubio tweet to delta about this. he says you are business partners with the communist party of china. when can we expect your letter saying that their ongoing genocide zin jiang is unacceptable. the company invested will produces forced labor from
3:49 am
china. apple ceo tim cook joined the chorus of critics when he denounce the georgia law all while sales for apple products boomed last year the company declared 57% of increase in sales in china the last quarter. also removed h and m apple maps in china after mh and m announced it would not buy cotton from the zin zhang region forced labor. delta declined to comment. apple and coca cola did not get back to us. but, will, you can see that lawmakers are frustrated here because, you know, while these companies continue to profit off of work in china without calling out the human rights abuses there, they are quick to criticize this georgia law for what they think it represents and not what it actually represents it which is expanding voting access in the state. will: really hard to make sense of that lid i can't. thank you for that report this morning. it's okay to do business in
3:50 am
china but not in georgia. it's to come do business in new york who has more onerous voting restrictions than in georgia. really hard to wrap your brand exactly around what's guiding choices until you realize it's just bowing to the woke mob. coming up, billions of collars in covid airline vouchers are now set to expire. kurt the cyberguy joins us live with what you can do to keep those credits from becoming worthless. ♪ in the sky keeps on churning ♪ i don't know where i will be tomorrow ♪ wheel in the sky keeps on turning ♪ know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again!
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pete: welcome back. travelers are cashing in to make credit. rachel: $10.4 billion woted of vouchers in 2020 because of the pandemic. but just as vaccinated americans get the green light to travel they could be worthless. will: how can you take advantage of those credits before they expire? let's ask kurt the cyberguy. good morning, kurt. >> hey, will, rachel, pete, happy easter weekend to both of -- i mean the three of you. rachel: happy easter. >> happy easter. i have got to tell you my biggest when it comes to canceled airline tickets in woo expire in the typical 12 months that you are given to use them before they go into worthless junk. well, as it comes to pass for the last year in 2020, when so many flights were canceled and so much of this revenue is sitting, likely in a drawer at your house or electronically on your computer or your device, you have got to use it before
3:55 am
you lose it. a lot of good things have happened just recently this week. delta airlines extending many tickets that were issued in 2020 as well as 2021 to expire in to december 31st, 2022. >> but you have got to check the fine print. american, united extending many of their vouchers to march 31st, 2022, and then airlines are going to start not making it so easy to cancel flights than use all that revenue without a penalty. i think we are going to see that graceful fee go bye-bye and you will have to start paying it again. traitor, it's an extraordinary about to go and use these. what you want to do, number one, is you want to take these vouchers, whether they're in person, paper vouchers that you got in the mail, or you have them online and snapshot those, set a calendar for the new date they are going to expire after you take a good look at them. go to the airlines website and look at it. are try to get through at call
3:56 am
center at airline right now, good luck, alaska airlines already posting how their call center are overwhelmed with people calling in to try to cash these in. and then put that expiration date on your calendar and then maybe back date a little reminder about a month so make sure they don't go bye-bye on you. extraordinary good travel tips coming up there are some tools i just posted online at my most recent post. three of the most incredible tools when you are ready to travel. pete: kurt, great information. where were you a month ago? i'm looking at two expired tickets right here in my wallet and you didn't tell me about it. rachel: your fault. >> snap them to me and i will look at the fine print, steve. pete: great information. sitting there use it have a chance to cancel it. it happy easter to you, kurt. the media insisting the growing hunter biden laptop scandal was just russian disinformation. guess what? hunter biden just made a big
3:57 am
admission, more on that next hour every minute of every hour ♪ i miss you ♪ i miss you ♪ i miss you more ♪ every summer ♪ i miss you aq♪ i miss you with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™. janssen can help you explore cost support options.
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rachel: we begin with a fox news alert. i'm rachel campos-duffy in for jedediah bila. we are following three major stories this morning. will: the first major league baseball and their all-star game have been moved out of georgia. yanked after backlash over the state's new voting law. former president trump and georgia governor brian kemp blasted cancel culture with trump even calling to boycott the league. pete: we will bring that to you next. president biden's border crisis getting even more out of control as illegal crossings reach a 15-year high. cbp says it encountered 171,000 migrants in march alone. rachel: but we begin on capitol
4:01 am
hill where investigators are searching for the motive behind a deadly attack on officers. police have identified the suspect who was shot dead after ramming his car into two capitol police officers. one officer was killed and the other is in stable condition. we go to lucas tomlinson as we learn more about the suspect and the fallen officer. lucas, good morning. >> good morning, guys. this is the second time since early january a member of the capitol police force has been killed in the line of duty. officer billy evans was an 18-year veteran of the force. his partner was severely wounded. officer evans'' friend remembered him. >> he was an amazing dad. he was hysterical. he had an amazing sense of humor. he and one of his best friends wanted to be capitol police officers in college and they were able to live that dream and tragically that dream was cut short. >> the suspect 25-year-old noah
4:02 am
green rammed his car into two officers and slammed his car into a barricade next to the capitol. green got out of i had car and slashed one of the officers before being shot and killed by responding officers. green was not on law enforcement's radar. it appears he was a lone wolf with no ties to terrorists or extremist groups. green since deleted his facebook post indicating he was a follower of nation of islam. he recently lost his job. officers are noting at the at the time of his grizzly murder good friday. house speaker nancy pelosi saying quote america's hearts have been broken by the tragic death of one of our capitol police heroes officer william evans. is he a martyr for our democracy. people say this is not just an attack on our democracy but the christian faith as well. guys? pete: lucas tomlinson. thank you so much. pete: we followed the news yesterday of these heroic action of the officers that have responded to this particular incident. yet, you are not hearing calls to defund the capitol hill
4:03 am
police who make tough calls in tough moments because they are very important. they protect american citizens who are no more important than anybody else ultimately. just you would wish the same courtesy would be given to police officers in this town who protect american citizens as well but are being told they should be defunded. we asked representative michael waltz about the idea of the capitol police and how they are treated. this is what he said. >> what if that gentleman, this gentleman noah had, it was a car accident, he had accidentally lost control, hit that barrier and he was reaching for his cell phone rather than a knife and the police engaged him? without qualified immunity, my understanding is, they would be sued, their entire family's assets would be on the line, you know, right now the capitol police are down about 10%. you start taking their qualified immunity or police around the country, they are not going to be able to recute. they are not going to be able to keep communities safe. it's an awful, awful policy. >> bill: is should come as no
4:04 am
surprise movement to make sure our lawmakers safe. deploy the national guard to washington, d.c. to protect the capitol. there is a movement to defund the police as pete pointed out to defund the police across this city and across the nation. ilhan omar made a call for gun control immediately in the wake of this incident saying well, if the shooter or rather if the perpetrator had had a gun if he had an ar-5 it would have been much worse. the call defund police but protect lawmakers in washington, d.c. rachel: they are moving from topic to topic on this because last week in the weeks prior there was so much talk about how much, you know, racist ideologies play into these kinds of attacks, and ilhan omar had a real opportunity that i think she missed to be brave and talk about louis farrakhan's very racist and very dangerous ideology, which clearly from the facebook accounts of this attacker he was following and said was part of his reason for
4:05 am
doing this. pete: that's right. she could have, instead she talked about guns which is not courtroom just at all. all right. let's move on to another topic, rachel, which have you done a great job highlighting at the 7 p.m. hour. whether the white house wants to acknowledge it or not they explain it away as seasonal influxes. it's not the topic they would rather be talking about the numbers are not lying. the number of encounters at the border in the month of march over the last four years. you see uptick in 2019 no doubt. everyone acknowledges that ultimately, look at the estimated number for 2021 for this year. 171,000. those are just the encounters at the border, rachel. the people who customs and border protection actually interact with. the actual number, who knows, but to deny it at this point is just to not believe your lyin' eyes. rachel: this is the low season we will see a high season come up in the spring it's easier to cross. the numbers will creep up.
4:06 am
some people are estimating we may get a million by the end of the summer. it's very troubling and clearly it's this policy has had a lot to do with it, will. will: those numbers, pete, you flashed up were for one month, total encounters 171,000. let me share with you this number now. this is the projection of migrant children, children crossing the border for 2021. you said potentially millions in the total number, rachel, look, almost 20% of that could be in the form of migrant children projected 184,000. pete: unbelievable. the human cost on your screen right there, the actual financial cost ken paxton who is the attorney general of texas said it could cost close to a billion dollars per year potentially. i mean, just the images. rachel: that's the problem that i have, pete, what we are seeing right here. it is the children, that children are being used and abused by cartels. these are ruthless cartels. last night we had lara logan on and she talked about just how children are treated in this
4:07 am
whole, you know, they are just like bringing they are a product. they are just like gups or just like drugs they're the new dope. will: dropping over a 3 and 5-year-old. rachel: this was 5 -- 3 and 5, you are right. 3 and 5. outrageous. the border patrol who saw this video they were just mortified but, again, this is-these kids are lucky because the food guys found them. how many are left in the dessert. those girls could not fend for themselves. they are far from civilization right there. they are only alive and safe because of our hero border patrol. pete: because of the policy they have been separated from their parents. the incentive is to send your kids ablown oa phone number strapped to your wrist in the hopes that they make it with evil coyotes trafficking them across the border. those numbers by the way i hadn't thought about it high numbers of border encounters under the trump administration because there was a remain in mexico policy most of those people were going back to wherever they were from or waiting to mexico to come in.
4:08 am
that ultimately that number of 117,000 are people coming into the country by and large, flooding into systems that are already maxed and unprepared to take care of it. that's why when ken paxton talks about potentially a billion dollars somebody pays for it it's taxpayers and citizens. rachel: what was go so great about the trump policies disincentivize people. if you n el salvador and think you will be hung up in mexico you don't want that maybe i won't go. that was what was so good about the policy. and it seems like jen psaki says we are not naive about the -- i will play this and you guys come out on the other side and see what she says. >> and we don't feel that simply tell people with more psas not to come that that is going to be the only way to reduce the number of people who are taking the journey. our envoy and our officials will be working within -- with government and officials in the northern triangle to talk about addressing conditions and talk about reducing the temptation to
4:09 am
travel. these numbers are certainly, you know, -- we are not naive about the challenge but what our focus is on is solutions and actions to help address the uncompanied minors coming across the border and making it less of an incentive to come including, also, continuing to implement the central american minors program so kids can apply and people under 18 can apply from in country. pete: jen psaki talking about illegal immigration is me trying to sound interesting talking about soccer. i just don't know anything about it. i don't care that much about it. it's pesky. i want to talk about other sports like we are going to in a moment. she doesn't want to be talking about this. they don't have a policy on this. they were hoping the warm blow of humanity would envelope them. rachel: i love senator kennedy from louisiana he has a way of distilling things down. they asked him what the answer is he says the answer is easy peasy just go back to what we were doing in december. that's how you fix the problem. it's so easy. and they know that they caused this and they don't want to
4:10 am
change it. will: i have way more faith new talking about soccer than have you in yourself. pete: i don't have it, that's right. will: we started the hour with major league baseball yanking its all-star game out of the state of georgia because of a new voter integrity bill opposed by the left in the state of georgia. those lies what the state of georgia was doing to push voters away -- would push voters away has forced major league baseball, i guess, to respond so some of the most radical voices within sports media, within the democratic left. stacey abrams joe biden as well. it's not good for business. clay travis on fox sports recess this will ultimately hurt major league baseball. >> this is a fundamentally ridiculous decision by major league baseball that i believe will end up costing them tons of money, get woke, go broke. they are following the lead of the woke disastrous broken nba
4:11 am
business model. when the nba pulled out of charlotte over a transgender bathroom bill, this is everything that's wrong with the intersection of sports and politics. will: that's clay on his outkick show. clay is going to be on this show a little bit later 9:30 eastern time as will georgia governor brian kemp as well. you know, really quickly, i just said this is responding to calls from the radical left. let me tell you who it is hurting hurting average baseball fans who don't want it infused in sports. do you know who else it hurts? citizens of atlanta. this was projected to bring $190 million to the all star game to the city of atlanta. ushers, concessioners, surrounding businesses they are all sacrificed at the altar of woke politics. pete: all lies with the bill. none of what the bill actually does. stacey abrams runs around saying jim crow 2.0. if you knew what jim crow was you would never make the comparison. it is racist as you pointed out, rachel to insinuate that black
4:12 am
people, brown people, white people, anybody can't get an identification when it's free when you need an i.d., delta, to get on your planes or you need an i.d. atlanta braves to pick up your tickets at will call there is nothing racist about it this is a power play and when corporations give, in they are just -- i mean, it's just like a domino effect. they just keep going. rachel: yeah, time for us to maybe boycott the woke corporations. pete: i think so. i mean, a lot of people would have to take a lot of big actions. we were talking about this. i wonder whether that will happen. job. rachel: it's the only way it's going to end. i really believe that. pete: where do you fly? because delta does the same thing, united. will: i saw southwest. rachel: you drive. you make a sacrifice. will: wait until ford and chevy and all of them give into the same exact power plays from the left. rachel: if you make an example out of delta and make an example of out of the national baseball league maybe it will happen. pete: major league baseball.
4:13 am
rachel: i told you don't talk to me about sports. pete: boycotting baseball and always has. turning to additional headlines. minneapolis police department most senior lieutenant taking the stand in the murder trial of former officer derek chauvin. force saying kneeling on george floyd's neck was totally unnecessary. >> putting your knee on the neck for that amount of -- that amount of time is just uncalled for. i saw no reason why the officers felt they were in danger. pete: that was yesterday. chauvin's trial set to resume on monday. an 8-year-old is accidentally request given coast dose. the child was inoculated after the boy's father registered him online through a county website and got an appointment. the dad says he didn't realize his son wasn't allowed to get a dose. officials are tracking down the
4:14 am
paramedic who administered the shot. said they likely didn't realize the 8-year-old was under 18. maybe if he had had identification. interest there is a mad dash for marriage today in las vegas. city officials are preparing for a rush of marriage licenses dated 4/3/21. over 500 licenses were already issued between thursday and friday because if that's your rationale to get married you are off to a good start. kind of neat but maybe not the reason to lock it in. will: yeah, i don't know. will: hot take. will: this will be a hot take. hunter biden's shocking admission discrediting his own dad's claims about his son's infamous laptop. more on that after the break. ♪ ♪
4:15 am
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the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s. ♪♪ ♪ will: back in tease, president biden insisted reports over a controversial laptop tied to his son, hunter biden, were a smear campaign. >> do you still think this is a story from the fall about your son hunter were running disinformation and smear campaign like you said? >> yes, yes, yes. will: but during a new cbs interview are hunter biden revealed the laptop seized by the fbi in 2013 could certainly
4:19 am
be his. >> so could have been yours. >> of course, certainly there could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. it could be that i was hacked. will: joining me now "new york post" opinion editor and author of the unbroken threat sohrab ahmari. your story was called russian disinformation for, i don't know, months. now it looks like the truth is revealed. >> yeah, well, thanks for having me, will. the point i made on this program and many other programs over and over i said ever since this story came out and we were banned, i made one point that the easiest way that the bidens, hunter or joe, could disprove this story is by saying the laptop does not belong to hunter. those emails are not authentic. they haven't ton that and now we have the clearest admission that this could be his laptop.
4:20 am
indeed we are sure that it's his laptop. a lot of people i'm thinking for example of those 50 intelligence officials who falsely accused the post of peddling russian disinformation and many others in the media who echoed things like that without actually looking into what we had found and doing any reporting of their own, they all need to eat crow, i'm sorry. will: i feel like there is more than crow being eaten that must be required for accountability. look, throughout this process, it was called russian disinformation as you pointed out, it was banned from twitter. every step of the way it was painted as an absurd lie. people talk a lot about misinformation and disinformation, this was that -- contending this story was fake is misinformation and disinformation of the highest order that to this day most people still believe is a fake story. >> well, i mean, if the media were honest and all of our colleagues who instead of rushing to defend free speech and values of journalism instead
4:21 am
raced to attack us and cheer our censorship, they can do penance, and the way they can do penance is to ask the follow-up questions that we have been pressing about. for example, ask hunter is the big guy referred to in one of the emails involving his dealings with the state-backed chinese communist company, is that his father? was he -- was joe understood to be making money under this arrangement? so all of those follow-up questions the best way that the media is could penance is not apologize to the "new york post" but actually do their job and join us in trying to investigate. this because corruption gasp is bad no matter who does it. whether it's a republican or a democrat, and the press is supposed to be alert to the misdoings of both sides. not creating a dual class system. will: pursuing the truth now would be one step forward but it wouldn't correct the lies told immediately before an election.
4:22 am
nice work as always so sohrab ad 'best of luck to you at the "new york post." thank you. >> thank you. will: movie that led to the landmark roe v. wade ruling. the director and star of the film join us live next. bike shop please hold. bike sales are booming. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your $75 credit when you post your first job at
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pete: time for news by the numbers. 8.3 million going on at the residence of the vice president. one reportedly getting work done on the kitchen, chimney and more. are a a two month delay vp kamala harris and her husband are expected to move in next month after much complaining and a few visits as reported. next, $145 million, that's how much this house will set you back. it's the most expensive home on the east coast.
4:26 am
it sits on 42 acres of land in the hamptons. and finally, actually i believe it was first purchased for 20 million or. so and finally half a million dollars. that's the value of this art piece that was vandalized by accident. police in south korea say the couple seen there thought the painting was participatory as there were paint cans and brushes in front of it. those were actually part of the art piece. the two were not charged. when your art doesn't actually look like art, maybe it's not art. there you go, rachel. rachel: all right, pete the art critic. thank you, pete. the brand new film "roe v. wade" gives inside rook at the events that led up to the landmark supreme court case. >> do you really want to know how abortion became legal in our country, i will tell you the true story. >> dr. would you like to have a right-to-life group that i'm starting. >> dr. bernard the clinics are performing a thousand abortions per week. that's why i'm taking up the
4:27 am
fight. >> this film was just released. it was directed and starred in by nic lobe and he joins me now. thank you for joining us. really interesting film. i can't wait to see it myself tell me why you think it was important to revisit this landmark supreme court case. >> you know, no one has actually made a real narrative movie on roe v. wade the most famous court case in american history. well maybe it was because it was going to be a boring courtroom drama or something. and when i ended up researching it, all the lies and the manipulation and the fake news, it was almost like an oliver stone conspiracy movie. i thought it would be fun and exciting. roe v. wade is the court case everyone in america has heard of but nobody knows really anything about. rachel: that is so true. we have all know the name of it, but so many of us don't know all the twists and turns and as you mentioned some of the lies. you play, in addition to directing it. you play dr. bernard nathanson who was the abortionist involved
4:28 am
in this case. he also became pro-life and i found it interesting, you know, you also were pro-choice yourself and had this evolution on this topic. tell us about that and also about what it was like playing dr. bernard nathanson. >> yeah, i mean, dr. bernard nathanson was the founder of naral and he worked with plood to get roe passed. he was extremely implents he came up with the statistics that later he refuted and said he completely made up to the media in order to help him get roe passed. and, yeah, there were a lot of parallels in my life with roe. i grew up, i'm 45 years old. and when i grew up, i was taught that when a woman gets pregnant it's a clump of cells and no real baby there until it kicks. and so, as i got older in my 30's, and technology got more available and i could, you know, hear a sonogram and hear a baby's heart beat in the first couple weeks, i could see babies sucking their thumb in the first
4:29 am
trimester i ended up converting and becoming pro-life when i realized there was a human being there. bernard went through a similar conversion himself where in 1974 when new sonogram technology got better and he realized he was killing babies. he converted and became pro-life. and the reason i utilized bernard as a protagonist to tell the story was because i really wanted to show both sides from the pro-choice and the pro-life side and he was the one character involved in the movement who could tell both sides of the story. rachel: yeah, absolutely. with 4 d ultrasound now hard to believe anyone can be pro-choice it's obvious the ultrasounds don't lie they are just so detailed. nick, this is such an important movie, thank you for doing it. roe v. wade is out now on itunes, amazon, and other platforms. again, thanks for joining us. >> i got some big news about amazon. so amazon is suppressing us. the only way to find it on amazon is click through imbd.
4:30 am
they made it unsearchable. so, really right now, it's just itunes and google play and voodoo. and comcast. and even some of the cable and satellite providers you have to actually either type in the number or find a special link because all the media out there right now is trying to suppress the movie. rachel: it's just so outrageous. what the heck is happening to this country? thank you so much, nick, and for filling us in on that and how people can find it on that platform. appreciate it. >> great. thank you so much for having me. rachel: coming up, hollywood elite push a new so-called safety seal. what does their effort mean for small businesses who are just trying to recover? charles payne calls it a modern day shakedown and he joins us live next. ♪ ♪
4:31 am
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>> the well health safety seal means we will feel better going into restaurants. >> theaters, stores, hotels. >> stadiums and all the places that we love. everything may look the same but the well health safety seal means that your health and safety are top of mind. pete: that video making the rounds on social media and ad breaks of celebrities pushing the well health safety seal. but what in the world is it? and can companies earn it or is it purchased and why are all these celebrities involved? will: mystifying here to react is the host of making money on fox business charles payne. charles? what is going on? what is this well-health safety seal? >> this is extension of the effort to -- this is the green new deal. this is the green new deal mixed with the one world government and it's the ultimate shakedown,
4:36 am
small businesses are going to suffer. you know, a couple years ago when aoc suggested that all buildings may have to be retrofitted, you know, the bottom line that they have to become green compliant. there is a step towards that direction with a focus on going after businesses and, listen, it's extraordinarily expensive. it's anywhere from 2500 to $12,000, depending on the size of the building. and some things they say they cover, that there is 22 criteria. tough hit 15 of them. air and water quality, health service resources. whatever the hell that means. emergency preparedness programs. i mean, you know, imagine you open up a bagel shop and this is what you have got to deal with. it's absolutely phenomenal. and let me tell you, guys, this is dangerous stuff. apparently they already have this program in place in 67 countries, over 8.5 million businesses. they must have spent gobs and gobs and gobs of money on this
4:37 am
advertising plan. and since we are talking about -- in its current atmosphere i also thought it was interesting. if you go to the website and look at the leadership and the staff it's over 70 people and not one black woman, not one black man and here they are in the commercials selling this because it's going to shake down the smallest of business and won't be in compliance and go out of business. it is so absurd and ridiculous and this is the world we live in where these mighty powerful elite organizations get to ram this sort of green new world utopia on us. and who suffers the most will be the poorest, plaquest, darkest people out there. rachel: you know, charles, when i saw the ad i instantly thought it was kind of creepy. my question to you is are american businesses falling for it you? talk about how it's expanded internationally. but are american small businesses feeling pressured to do this? are they getting pressure from customers or going heck no? we want nothing to do with this.
4:38 am
>> i don't think they have penetrated america like they have other places it. feels like they may have a strong presence in asia. i also feel a china vibe to it. still digging trying to get to the real, real roots of all of this. that's why you get the commercial. you get the hippest people in the country and then all of their fans become your advocate. and then when they go a place they say i'm not going to come to your pizza shop because you don't have the well seal. this is how it works. you turn the fans into advocates and ironically these fans, these advocates don't even realize this is an entity that won't have anyone that looks like you in their organization. not making a penny unless they are paying you to make the commercial. pete: when i first saw it i thought it was about covid. really, that's how ambiguous the whole thing is you are telling me it's all about -- of course it's a climate change thing. >> it is, pete. but you are right. they are segueing from covid. when they have done is kind of said hey, you did the right thing to be compliant with the
4:39 am
pandemic, now let's take it a step further. again, just imagine some small business struggling those who have survived all of this and then being told by the way it's going to cost you 5 or 6 i can't understand, maybe $12,000. pete: shakedown. >> on top of that these are the things you have to do emergency preparedness program. do you know what it's called? running out the front door or exit if something goes wrong. that's the program. will: it's not hard to imagine it's a trojan horse had for any type of policy agenda. for example, are you against voter suppression? well, you better stand up against georgia or you lose your well health safety seal. there is not a single aspect of our culture and our economy which is not and will not be politicized. that's the end result of this. rachel: you are so right. such a good point they said it was racist last summer remember when people went out to protest they said well, that was also a health issue because racism is -- they were tying racism to the riot last summer. good point. >> the left uses the pain and suffering of black americans for
4:40 am
all of their agendas and more off than not, friendships, are you know, forgiving college loans. that's overwhelmingly going to benefit wealthy white folks. you think about all of these things they say they put black people in front of. but ultimately it's to really -- something else, it's a greater, you know, this sort of utopia that was imagined by progressives and liberals in the late 1800s. that's what the ultimate follow is. i'm offended every time that they will take the pain and suffering of black people and use it as their sales tool. president biden is doing this every single thing and it's making me sick and it's disgusting and frustrating and i wish more black people would speak out. tonight use my pain and suffering to pass your agenda. if you really give a damn, give my children a better education. this way we can truly compete, this way we can truly, truly, when those opportunities are there, seize them and take advantage of it. don't think you are going to pay me off with higher minimum wage. don't think you are going to pay me off with free public housing.
4:41 am
don't think you are going to pay me off by these sort of things because it's not going to work anymore. stop using my pain. stop using my suffering. stop using any racist incident i might have gone through to get through your agenda. it's idiotic to let them keep doing. this. will: more stuff like that from charles on making money on fox business weekdays at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. charles, thanks so much. pete: thank you, charles. >> thanks a lot. will: turning now to your headlines the man accused of shooting four people in a california office building earlier this week gets his arraignment delayed. he was scheduled to appear in court yesterday remained unconscious at the hospital while being shot during the office building am bushes. his court date is now scheduled for monday. police say he shot and killed four people, including a 9-year-old boy at a real estate business in a targeted attack. this just in, the back lop of ships stranded in the suez canal are set to be cleared today. 422 ships were trapped over the week after a giant taiwanese
4:42 am
container ship got stuck in the sand. the canal is one of the busiest trade routes in the world. container ship finally freed after extensive drudging and tugging operations. the husband pranks his wife with multiple fake proposals at disney world. watch this. [laughter] will: i love how irritated she is. husband says he pranked her because he knows she hates making a scene and those are your headlines. so he wasn't pranking her because he was false proposing to her. he was pranking her because she doesn't want everybody looking at her. don't do the public proposal. rachel: all turns in disney world. pete: you have to find the right kind of woman that would find that funny every time. will: maybe he has. go rick for the latest on the weather. rick: i think ultimately he
4:43 am
found her. all right, guys, here you go. every month noah comes out with the outlook for the month. this is april's prescription prn outlook. notice out across the south and four corners. getting precipitation into the far northern plains which we need and temperature-wise take a look at this. really warm again especially the eastern part of the country and west: that isn't the case this morning. today and into tomorrow where we have temperatures that are well below average across part of the east. in fact, we are going to be breaking record low records and freeze advisories in affect again things do improve by tomorrow afternoon. will: thanks, rick. pete: took me the whole break to realize they're already married and making her it feel. rachel: pete needs more coffee. pete: early, more coffee. coming up, parents have been fighting for their kids during unprecedented school year. but our next guest says the parent-teacher association that's supposed to support them is actually doing the opposite.
4:44 am
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pete: the problems with our schools have not been more apparent than the last year radical ideology creeps into classrooms. what about the voice of parents? our next guest three-part investigation takes an in-depth look at the pta an alliance he said sold out parents for politics during school's biggest crisis. investigative reporter for the daily wire luke joins me now. thanks so much for being here. fascinating series. when parents are saying we need our schools to be open, you might think they could turn to the pta. everybody uses that phrase go be a part of the pta. could they really have an ally there right now. >> they don't. in one respect it's right in the name parent-teacher association. what does that mean? they say well we are natural allies. and what they basically mean is if you are a parent and you want
4:48 am
to be involved in your child's education, well, you can go bake us a cupcake. you can give us some money. that's not the role of parents. education is too important, it's got too many problems. and as we have seen with the coronavirus shutdown, there is no real reason why the tea parties and the parents necessarily have the same interest. here in washington there is a lobbying group for everything. there is an association for american reptile owners. you know, everyone has got their piece of the pie, their group that advocates for them. really, for the last 100 years or however long, parents, one of the biggest and most obvious constituencies in america, we really haven't had a voice. the pta has all kinds of positions that literally go against what parents want. three quarters of parents want vouchers that would let your kids go to charter or private school if they wanted. pta opposes it. two thirds of parents didn't want transgender kids in lomber rooms, pta is for it. you basically look at what they
4:49 am
want, it's money for tea parties and you know, what my latest investigation found is a lot of the teacher unions officials on the boards of teacher's unions and pta. pete: got it teachers unions have co-opted the. tas we don't have enough time. i wish we did. i refer our viewers to the series on the daily wire for the series. it's fantastic. what options do they have? >> they can join a couple of new groups that popped up. one is parents defending education. another one is no left turn in education. i have a website called what are they learning, what are they where you can say what's going on in your schools. basically, we spend $16,000 a year in schools and test scores are going down every year. we need to be able to show up somewhere and not be told well, you know, sell wrapping paper and give us money that's not what school oversight is. pete: schools looking for for
4:50 am
cupcakes critical race theory taught in classrooms and wonder who will stand up for. they we asked the national pta for a statement here is a portion. bs our association has repeatedly indicated opening schools for in person learning is violation to ensure that continue into the of education for every child. at pta we believe in parents and teachers are natural allies: we it to read that it's a lot of what you have already reiterated, luke, check out the series at the daily wire, we appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. pete: you got it. still ahead, listen up, weekend warriors, and i'm not talking about the national guard. dyi expert chip weighed has the.
4:51 am
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4:57 am
choreographed perfectly. pete: amazing segment. wade works dual sided tape measure. this time major league baseball pulling all star game over atlanta safety laws governor kemp joins us top of the hour ♪
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pete: we begin this new hour of "fox & friends" on a saturday with a fox news alert. we are following three major stories this morning. rachel: i'm rachel campos-duffy in for jedediah bila. first the mlb all-star game is being moved out of georgia after backlash over its new voting laws. former president trump and georgia governor brian kemp blasting cancel culture with trump even calling to boycott the league. governor kemp will join us live in just a few minutes. will: next, president biden's border crisis getting out of control as illegal crossings reach a 5-year high. cbp says it encountered 171,000 migrants in march alone. can. pete: but we begin on capitol hill where investigators are
5:01 am
searching for a motive behind the deadly attack on officers. police have identified the suspect who was shot dead after ramming his car into two capitol police officers and jumping out with a knife. one officer was killed. the other is in stable condition. we go to lucas tomlinson as we learn more about the suspect and the fallen officer. lucas, good morning. >> good morning, guys. it's not how people in the nation's capitol wanted to observe good friday. the attack taking place right behind me yesterday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. as you mentioned, officer billy evans an 18-year veteran of the force was killed. his partner severely wounded but is expected to live. >> this has been an extremely difficult time for u.s. capitol police. i just ask that the public continue to keep u.s. capitol police and their families in your prayers. >> the suspect 25-year-old noah green who rammed his car into
5:02 am
two officers and slammed car into a barricade. he got out of car and slashed one of the officers before being shot and killed by backup units. green was not on law enforcement's radar it. appears was a lone wolf terrorists or extremist groups. facebook page indicated he was a follower of the nation of islam, a black nationalist movement. he recently lost his job. officials are noting the time of this grizly murder, good friday. house speaker nancy pelosi saying, quote: america's heart has been prone by the tragic and heroic death of one of our capitol police heroes, officer william evans. is he a martyr for our democracy. president biden has ordered all flags at the white house be flown at half-staff. certainly a tough way to start the easter weekend, guys. will: all right, lucas, thank you so much for this report this morning. let's bring in georgia governor brian kemp who is at the center of a firestorm right now. governor, so happy to have you this morning. as everyone who is watcherring knows by now, major league baseball has elected to yank its all-star game out of the city of
5:03 am
atlanta in response to your new voter integrity bill. that bill has been painted. it has been smeared as a voter suppression bill. and that has caused many corporations, not just major league baseball from delta and coca cola. to major league baseball to say that georgia has embarked on a process of voter suppression and they will not be in business with the state of georgia. what is your reaction to that? >> well, it's unfortunate that major league baseball has caved to the cancel culture and quite honestly, president biden and stacey abrams and a lot of other people are simply lying about this bill. to pressure these organizations, it's really a sad day for major league baseball as somebody that grew up playing baseball as a kid and a fan, played in high school, you know, big braves fan. i mean, this is terrible for the organization. it's terrible for the fans. it's terrible for the small business owners in the metro atlanta community in our state that was looking forward to
5:04 am
hosting this game. it put a lot of resources into it. all because of a big lie. i mean, this bills to not suppress anything. in fact, new york, where major league baseball is headquartered, their voting laws are more restrictive when it comes torlly voting than georgia's are. we have 17 days of in person early voting. new york has 10. this bill adds the opportunity for people potentially to vote on two optional sundays, which would give potentially some counties 19 days. are we boycotting them because they are in new york? no. this is just the cancel culture and i will tell you, the people at home should be scared because their ballgame is next. their business will be next. their way of life will be next. it is time to stand up and fight this. and just say, look, we are not going to take this anymore. it's ridiculous. pete: governor, how does the lie get so big so fast? take the ceo of delta, for example, who initially said hey,
5:05 am
this has some reasonable things in it and then the mob dessends and he has changed his position. how does the lie echo and grow so insidiously? >> well, it surely doesn't help when you have the president of the united states saying that and nobody in the national media, at least in the mainstream media will even ask for a correction when he simply lies, gets four pinocchios of all people, of all places from "the washington post, i mean, that should tell you right there he is not being truthful. he continues to lie and mislead about what the bill does. it actually adds opportunities for people to vote, it secures ballot drop boxes that were never in the law before we passed this legislation required continuous counting. simply uses a voter i.d. which is free in georgia. we have been using for in person voting since the mid 2,000s for absentees since we had 350% increase in mail ballots this election to help the county
5:06 am
elections officials be more efficient. be more secure and taking arbitrary process out. i mean, how is that suppression? it is not. it's just a buzz word that they use, then they go to the ce os and the corporate board rooms to browbeat these feel fall under pressure. that's what's happening. none of them are citing specifics in the bill if you will notice. they are just saying it's a step backwards or, you know, this is wrong or whatever. like none of them are pointing to specifics in the bill because they know damn well their people were in the capitol working with us on the bill. they knew what was in it. and now their position has changed. rachel: right. they just say jim crow and they don't explain. >> that's right. rachel: former president trump has weighed in, he said baseball is already lose losing tremendous members of fans and now they leave atlanta with their all-star game because they are afraid of the radical left democrats who do not want voter i.d. which is desperately needed
5:07 am
to have anything to do with our elections. boycott baseball and all of the woke companies that are interfering with free and fair elections. are you listening coke? delta and all? do you agree with what the president is saying that we -- that you know, conservatives, those who care about free and fair elections should boycott delta and coke and any other companies that weigh in on this or interfere in georgia's elections? >> i think the president, like me, is very frustrated at this cancel culture. not only with this but many other things that are gone on. the thing that's unfortunate about this the atlanta braves organization doesn't support this change. they are very upset about this. they are upset for their fans and their small business owners that are at the battery at truest park that we are looking forward to having big crowds at the game patronizing their small businesses. that's who this is going to hurt. and i have had people telling me, look, we are canceling our tickets to the braves. i said look, don't be mad at the
5:08 am
braves. they do not support this decision. and they are like forget it. guilt by association. we can't do it because of major league baseball. you know, that's what is so sad about this. and even democrats are coming out saying how wrong it is to move the game. this helps nothing to further discussion, you know, what major league baseball should do if they have an issue with a provision in the bill, they should simply talk to me about it because i would be glad to do it. they have yet to do that. they have yet to bring up one thing that is actually in the bill that they are mad about. it's just that -- it's not worth the pressure is too great. you know, stacey abrams and the white house they are just done with it. that's what's wrong with the country right now. we have to stand up and fight. i can tell you that i'm going to continue to do it. will: to be clear, governor, there have been no specific demands of you on how to change this bill. there has been no specific problems as you pointed out earlier that have been illustrated or laid out for you,
5:09 am
simply the characterization of it being jim crow 2.0, voter suppression has been used as a cudgel to browbeat corporations. that's the end of the story. the beginning and the end of the story? >> well, if you look at jim crow 2.0, the domain name was registered you know weeks ago before anybody even knew what was going to be in the final version of the bill. i think the playbook for this was written over a month ago because the left and the radicals stacey abrams including president biden obviously his team didn't even know what was in the bill. i think they thought it was going to be -- it was going to be suppressive and was going to be bad. the end result was not. it went through the process. we worked with the house, with the senate, with reasonable people, got things in there to provide even more access but also just make sure that in georgia it's easy to vote and hard to cheat. and i questions they don't agree with that but, none of the statements from delta, coca cola or major league baseball will that i have seen cite one single
5:10 am
thing in this legislation that we need to fix. and if there is something, you know, bring it on. let's talk about it. but this thing has been worked on for four or five months now and none of these people have said anything. the issues that they did say something about, you know, at the end of the day, didn't end up in the bill which is how the process is supposed to work. it's just so sad for baseball fans that the league has made baseball and the united states of america so political. pete: putting fans in impossible place having to turn their back on a game they love because, as we pointed out and you pointed out, governor, it's become all political. maybe atlanta should change their name to beijing because ultimately major league baseball has no problem with working with china which is a point that tom cotton recently pointed out. so major league baseball expanded their partnership with china in 2017. tom cotton tweeted this hey mlb how many days of early voting are allowed in china? so why is the left so willing to give a pass to authoritarians or
5:11 am
even states that have more restrictive voting laws than yours? but they come down on georgia. >> well, i think it's a bigger agenda. i certainly appreciate senator cotton and senator rubio and others weighing in and calling these companies and league out. that's what they have gotten themselves into. they are in a no-win situation now because they are subjecting themselves to be nitpicked everywhere they do business and the same can be said for delta and coca cola. you know, new york, new jersey, wherever it is they are flying or selling or whatever, compare that to georgia. look, i have said for over a decade that i believe in the constitution that the state should decide how elections are run. and this is what this is all about. this is a political play by the president and stacey abrams and a lot of other people that want hr 1 to pass. it's an unconstitutional power grab to federalize elections and
5:12 am
not allow the states like ours to let their elected general assembly decide how you vote. you know, in california, if they want to do all mail voting, that's fine. if they don't want to have a photo i.d. requirement, that is certainly their right. if they want to have same day registration, they can do that i personally think that's bad for secure elections. even though ours are very accessible. but it's to the states to decide that not the federal government. and this is what this is about. it's the power play for hr 1. will: governor brian kemp thank you so much for getting up with us this morning tell us exactly the specifics behind the bill and not only that the process of how the bill came together. thank you for your time this morning. pete: thank you, governor. >> thank you. rachel: thank you, governor. will: starting with a fox news alert. overnight five people shot outside a bar in tuscaloosa, alabama. a witness says there were multiple gunmen and that one of them fired a semi-automatic weapon. police say several suspects have been detained for questioning. the victims are hospitalized. their conditions are unclear at this time.
5:13 am
we will keep you updated on this developing story throughout the morning. layoffs could be coming to the u.s. postal service. reportedly warning a postal service union a potential reduction of force as it tries to restructure. the cuts will depend on how many workers accept, quote, early retirement offers which are only available to nonunion administrative staff. the deadline for those offers is at the end of the month. you can now stumble to the kitchen for some dolly parton ice cream after a long day at your 9 to 5. artisan ice cream company jenny's splendid releasing a strawberry pretzel by flavored street inspired by the country legend sweet and tangy ice cream with layers of pretzel view sell. even wheater is the proceeds will benefit parton's book program. sales are set to begin next week. those are your headlines. pete: that actually does sound
5:14 am
good. we should get some here. rachel: yeah, we should. up next, biden's border crisis becoming harder and harder to hide by the biden administration. as encounters at the southern border hit a 15-year high. but the president still insisting nothing out of the ordinary. the alarming numbers are next. ♪ can't we be friends ♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700. saving is easy when you're in good hands.
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new projects means new project managers. allstate you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at >> it happens every single solitary year. there is a significant increase in the number of people coming
5:18 am
to the border in the winter months of january, february, march. it happens every year. rachel: president biden refusing to take blame for the crisis at the border insisting this surge is normal. but the data says otherwise. border patrol encountered 171,000 migrants in march. the highest number in at least 15 years. here to react is former acting deputy secretary of homeland security ken cuccinelli. ken, welcome to the show. >> good morning. rachel: so is this surge normal? >> no. not at all. i mean, after christmas and new year's more people come than before it, but, this -- the levels we're dealing with, including in february but march has blown away records. and also the last time there was a month this high it was almost completely adult males. and overwhelmingly mexican. so, the logistics of that situation were much easier than
5:19 am
what they are contending with now where they have set up a system intentionally that makes it that incentivizes people pushing their children across the border unaccompanied. so you have a massive number, record breaking number of unaccompanied children. you have huge numbers of families. and all of this because they have just, well, announced that they wouldn't send anybody home but also shredded every program that we had put in place to deal with these kinds of flows. including major international partnerships with mexico, guatemala, honduras, and el salvador that were very successful. rachel: ken, they knew that this would happen. they were warned by the border patrol if they reversed these policies. >> yes. rachel: why do you think that they did this? what is the real reason behind it? that's what our viewers really want to understand. >> yeah. so we look at this and we say oh, what a mess. what a disaster. and it is in many respects, especially during a pandemic for goodness sake. but, the reality is if you look
5:20 am
at their overall strategy, this looks quite intentional. they view these folks as future voters. heck, they are showing up in biden t-shirts with biden flags. you know, we have never seen that before. and at the same time, the congressional democrats have put through not one with you two amnesty bills through the house and election bill hrs, s-1 that would effectively register many of these people to vote when they encourted state agencies of any kind. they mandate that so this is part of a bigger plan. rachel: yeah, you are connecting the dots right there. it's just really pretty clear. ken, we really appreciate your thoughts on this. and i want to wish you a happy easter. >> thank you. you too. rachel: all right. coming up, as hollywood celebrities join the georgia boycott and refuse to film on location over the state's new voting laws, new jersey is now rolling out the red carpet. joey jones calls georgia home
5:21 am
and he's going to join us live next. ♪ ♪ i always dreamed of having kids of my own. ♪ ♪ now i'm ready for someone to call me mom. at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today.
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get started today. ♪ pete: hollywood or holy woke. actor mark hamill fame miss for role in luke sky backer saying they will boycott filming in georgia over the state's new election integrity law. meanwhile, new jersey is rolling out the red carpet and offering
5:25 am
tax credit to entice film studios to the garden state. here to react is fox news contributor, retired marine palm tech and georgia native joey jones. thanks for being here. you are a georgia boy. when i see these things going down i think of you and interested in your take. you have been involved in the entertainment industry and you know about movies in georgia. what do you make of this? both the bill, the reaction to it and how these actors and celebrities are leveraging it? >> yeah, pete, when is the last time that you saw someone clamoring for mark ma'am hill in their movie last i saw luke is no longer alive in "star wars" and i don't think his ghost is going to lead a role in the next "star wars" film. i'm sorry mr. hamill i could care less if you came back to georgia or not. what i care is tyler perry who vote democrat. not leaving. a billion dollars industry that georgians, not people outside the state, but georgians have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on, that's not leaving georgia and the film industry
5:26 am
unfortunately for those woke liberals is not leaving georgia. christian conservative, who owns a very important fast food chain in this country, spent hundreds of millions of his own dollars to bring the industry to small towns in georgia because he believed in diversity and he believed that our ideas and our way of life is important. our culture should be seen and appreciated. >> but unfortunately the liberals who came with the industry, i guess, aren't that inclusive. and so, you know, i'm not going to name anyone but can you kind of connect the dots and figure it out for yourself the georgia film industry is alive and well. if not just the tax breaks. that's where it started. our tax breaks don't sun set, so that's one thing we have over any statement trying to compete. film academy and hundreds of thousands of people in the state of georgia who have the skill sets to operate rig lighting and skill set and do the things that actors can't do. i don't know if you have noticed but the competition to act in a story is really, really high. there is always talent behind someone. that competition doesn't exist when it comes to making a moe.
5:27 am
when it documents operating cameras and doing the technical things, there is a deficit of those people and in georgia we are creating them and it's not going to go away any time soon. pete: joe, what is it about the effort of stacey abrams in georgia that amplify -- that make it something that becomes such a bigger deal than others sort of woke olympic examples? >> i think with the miation of people from california to new york to georgia with a lot of money, they felt like they needed to play this part in the state's i guess politics and stacey abrams was a good place to put their money and good effort to put their money on. this is what i will tell you about what is happening in georgia. 70,000 people stayed home in northwest georgia alone which is not a densely populated area from november until january. 70,000 republican voter stayed home because they believe the november election was fraudulent. now, i have no proof that it was and i personally don't think
5:28 am
that president trump won the state of georgia but i think that what did happen is democrats took advantage of lax and gray area laws and things like drop boxes that weren't overseen by any type of election officials and they used every opportunity they could to essentially harvest votes. georgiaens in the state of georgia believe they cheated 70,000 of them in northwest georgia and it swayed both of our senatorial elections. so republican lawmakers have a responsibility to make positive changes that don't suppress votes but continue to secure our elections because the voters spoke. they said if you don't, we won't show up. so they didn't have a choice in this. pete: last time i checked, most of the industries in which a lot of these liberals operate, there is a form of identification used to make sure that only one person gets one ticket. >> you can't get on a set without an i.d., i will tell you that. pete: joey jones, thank you for your time. >> thank you. pete: up next we take you inside crisis. drug paraphernalia taking over
5:29 am
parks, playgrounds and even little league fields. lawrence jones was on the ground talking to residents who say they have reached their breaking point. but, first. ♪ never run dry of... killer attitude. or hydration. neutrogena® hydro boost. the #1 hyaluronic acid moisturizer delivers 2x the hydration for supple, bouncy skin. neutrogena®.
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will: a recent congressional report homelessness across the u.s. grew by 2% nearly 13,000 people last year alone. rachel: in washington state though that number was more than 6% and in seattle the crisis is pushing parents past their limits as encampments take over parks, play grounds and little league fields. pete: on this fox news analyst lawrence jones joins us now. lawrence, thanks for being here. you have been all over this. >> yeah, good morning, family. this is a tough story because as i told you guys i have been to philly, portland and now it's hitting seattle and the parent are reaching a breaking point because it's affecting their children. watch what i saw.
5:34 am
>> >> right here is where little leaguers normally would play baseball, play at the park, play basketball, but, as you can see, there is homeless encampments everywhere. just in the past three weeks, there has already been four incidents with homeless individuals and children and residents are reaching a breaking point. >> there was a fellow that was taken out on a stretcher earlier this week with all the softball kids around. there is parents come in the morning before kids would come to the park and do a sweep of the park to see if there was any needles to pick up before any kids. >> how is that okay? where do we get to a place where we think that's normal or part of life in seattle? >> and you see all these encampments, how does that make you feel? >> it makes me feel sad and depressed. it's a shame that people can't enjoy the park. >> when you see these needles that are on the streets and drugs that you have to cross over, do you think it's a safety
5:35 am
issue? >> yes. definitely. i have a little dog and i have to be careful that she doesn't step on something. >> do you think the city leadership is doing enough to rectify the problem? >> no. >> i would like to see more leadership on the part of the city and i do have a teenager and he is just really distressed about the situation. >> are you hopeful that this will change some time soon? >> i am not hopeful. >> you are not. >> i am not hopeful. i am not hopeful. but i would like to be hopeful. i mean, i think the community needs to be brought into the -- more. >> you see the needles, the caps of the needles, you see the tin cans, well, they use this to cook food but they also use this to cook drugs as well. methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, all of this is right in front of a school right there. that's supposed to return back here in april, and this is what they are going to sees a they're dropping their kids off to school. when they come out here to play
5:36 am
for recess, there is what they are going to see. >> another cap right here. they are everywhere. surrounding this field. this is where kids are supposed to be able to play. >> this is miller play field that's used for multiuse field, used for soccer, baseball, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, all ages. right now the field is not being scheduled for use because of the conditions of the field and the proximity. >> they can't even use this field. >> it's not being scheduled anymore. >> why not? >> because it's unsafe and this dugout here has got a tent in it. those dugouts have tents in them. i see people in need. i see people that need help. and that's what we are trying to do help them but to help ourselves return the fields for its intended use. >> are you hearing back from the city leadership. >> i have talked to a number of city officials. >> what do they say? >> it's a tough problem to solve and we are doing the best we can. >> with you what is the commitment? i mean we all agree -- >> -- we haven't gotten a plan but we would like to see miller
5:37 am
prioritized because its proximity to the school and because of its high use. and our kids are in danger right now, too. you know, who is advocating for our children? >> a sad story guys and a complete failure of leadership. we reached out to the mayor's office for a statement. they forwarded our request to the parks and recreation board which said. this encampment removes have been limited over the last year due to covid-19 but as the city opens new shelter places like pacific hotel and kings inn we hope we can address the encampments on the sidewalks, play fields and parks. guys, just a tragic story and the fact that the leaders are still not giving us answers tells us everything we need to know. that same lady that you alleluia saw in the interview said she wasn't hopeful. she got her car stolen. she had to track down her own car her own self. when she saw her car and opened it up, it was full of drugs and the fumes of the drugs.
5:38 am
these residents now having to police their own communities. will: will what a story, lawrence, while seattle example of it it's happening all across this nation. pete was pointing out he was in los angeles saw something similar. happening in austin, texas. for some reason it seems to be growing and for some reason as well unsolvable problem, it seems like. rachel: in a lot of blue cities, too. pete: lawrence, what is the one idea people posit as to how you address this? >> you know, it's hard, pete. because a lot of these people, these are liberal towns, and they are very compassionate. they want to help get these folks the assistance that they need. but they say why aren't they being put in snerlts why aren't they being assigned to hospitals where they can get the treatment that they need? instead, putting them on fields and dugouts where the kids are supposed to be. so these people aren't lacking compassion. they want them to get assistance. but, when you take over -- some of these people have attacked
5:39 am
kids. let's just be clear, there have been four incidents on baseball field. the little league has been canceled for the time being because they have no place to play. rachel: sounds like the people of seattle need to, you know, demand some changes. they keep voting in these liberal mayors and officials and then this is the result. so, you are right. it is a substance abuse problem. and a mental health issue. and it needs to be solved. pete: there is love and compassion and then there is tough love sometimes you need a little bit of that. >> pete, to your point it's not a money issue. many of these cities have large budgets to get people to the assistance they need. it's a management problem. so maybe we need more people in there that can manage these -- the moneys to get these folks the help that they need and protect their community. pete: lawrence, starts with telling the story though. you have done it very well for us. he appreciate your time and happy easter. thank you, lawrence. happy easter. >> ha happy easter. pete: a georgia teen is shot and killed during target practice with her friends. so sad.
5:40 am
police say 17-year-old candace was shooting plastic postals with her friends in her backyard when the gun jammed while a friend attempted to clear it the gun fired. hitting her in the head. the friend who is also 17 is charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct. and debris from a spacex rocket lands on a homeowner property in washington state. police say it put a four inch dent in the ground after falling to orbit. pressure vessel from spacex rocket 9. one of the pieces that fell from after it exploded over the pacific northwest last week. no one, thankfully, was hurt. and take a look at this very different easter egg hunt. captain spencer slate also known as cotton tail, staging this under water adventure in the florida keys for hollywood hunters to dive and find. the hunt also raised money for children in need in the area.
5:41 am
and those your headlines. do you know who was a big scuba diver. will: no. pete: you. rachel: no. pete: but i believe rick reichmuth is, correct? rick: i'm not a big scuba diver but yes i have my license and yes, i dive. but not all that often or, yeah. it's a lot of work. the process to get there is -- takes a lot. all right. here you go, guys. rarely do you get these really amazing weekends. we have one of these i shouldn't say rarely. sometimes you get into these patterns where you get bad weather kind of in these cycles. all of the bad weather we have had for the last say month or so have been happening during the week and on the weekend things have been looking pretty good. take a look at the entire u.s. right now. a little bit of rain right now across parts of texas. that's really light rain that's falling there. for the most part overall we are really dry. it's also really cold starting off across parts of the east coast starting off the weekend. temperatures just above freezing a for a lot of places below freezing in a few spots.
5:42 am
raleigh 30 right now. freeze voters in effect and freeze warnings. again, we are going to see another cold night tonight and then tomorrow we start to really see that warm-up which is going to be great. out across the weather service, it's really hot. take a look at these temperatures going to be pushing 100 degrees in the phoenix area. that is very early. you don't like to get that rachel can attest to that from her child there and out across central plains pushing you were 80's across nebraska and south dakota really warm there as well. rachel, am i right? that temperature in phoenix this early on you don't want to see it. rachel: i'm heading there right after the show. rick: oh, there you go. enjoy it. you give us a report. rachel: yeah. will: thanks, rick. coming up, talk about mixed messaging, the cdc guidance on whether it's safe to fly. now, it's all over the map. dr. mark seale joins us live to set the record straight, next. ♪ ♪
5:43 am
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♪ will: the cdc now says fully vaccinated americans can finally travel safely after a week though of mixed messaging. >> i'm going to lose the script and i'm going to reflect on the current feeling i have of impending doom. >> we are vaccinating so very fast our data from the cdc today suggests, you know, that vaccinated people do not carry the virus. >> while we believe a fully vaccinated people can travel at low risk to themselves, cdc is not recommending travel at this time. >> wait, impending doom, safe to travel. not recommended at this time. why is the message so inconsistent? fox news medical contributor and author of "covid, the politics of fear and the power of
5:47 am
science." dr. marc siegel is here to discuss. dr. siegel, help me here. >> well, i think you already figured it out. it's because the public health science messaging gets laced with politics. and when that happens, you get a mixed message. and when you get a mixed message, you breed distrust, fear, and uncertainty in the public. the last thing we need right now. here is a clean message for you. we never knew these vaccines would be this powerful, this effective and this safe and now a new study came out which cdc saw and was involved with, which shows the rate of transition is extremely low. that's why they are opening things up. but they are taking baby steps and then they are going back and forth. they are worried about the variants but the vaccines cover the variants. so if they should say if you are vaccinated. you can travel. not if you are vaccinated you can travel but small print we still don't recommend it. it sends the wrong message. we need people to know that the vaccines work so more people will take them. we're now vaccinating over 3 million people a day.
5:48 am
hooray, it's a nonpartisan issue, isn't it? it goes across both lines. edward jenner from the small pox vaccine would approve. benjamin franklin would approve. this in order to successfully message this it needs to be direct and true. will: dr. siegel you are right. we are taking baby steps and take the big steps backwards. the science leaves the cdc and any rational american to say we can start integrating back into society and enjoying our freedoms and the cdc says so. and then, yet, there is the backtrack a couple of days later, no, no, no. and you are pointing out well the reason for that backtrack is politics, not science. so help me complete the logic here, help me complete the circumstantial. what are the politics they are having trouble letting go. >> well, we already talked about it with the teachers unions, right, and the schools. where schools should have been open a long time ago. now they're afraid of getting criticized. the same comment, you know, from dr. wolenski who is actually a very good scientist, you know, doom and gloom one day and the
5:49 am
then the next day she is going the other way. she doesn't want to look like she is inconsistent so she walks it back. that kind of messaging is really a problem. i'm sure that the biden administration is involved in that. that's the missing piece that you are looking for, will. and i don't want politicians involved in this. they don't know the science. they didn't study this virus. they didn't study this vaccine. we need public confidence. i got the vaccine, i'm free. i got freedom now because the vaccine works. if you don't send that message, you are not going to get people to take it. we need to get to the noncompliant groups now as we get more and more vaccine. worry about the variants the vaccine overcomes the variants. i predict a month or two of this kind of vaccination pace we are going to actually stamp down this virus. will: yeah, you take away the crisis, you take away the power. if you take away the crisis, if the crisis subsides, you can't pass further, for example, spending bills in congress over the coming months. dr. siegel, thank you so much. >> that's a great point, will, and we are coming out of.
5:50 am
we have got to avoid the politics and we will be able to get rid of our masks and return back to real life. absolutely. avoid these political traps, will, you are right. will: always good to talk to you, dr. siegel, thank you. >> thank you. will: coming up faith leaders unite and call for houses of worship to open ahead of easter. cardinal dolan's message on the holliday next. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ with the new freestyle libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks.
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pete: live shot of saint threeldz. i happened to go to church with the family yesterday for good friday. united states gallup did a poll cover numbers a lot on this program. this poll is actually very troubling, a recent poll that came out about church manipulate membership in theunited states. 70% of american ayults a member of a church. and it has dropped quickly now for the first time under 50% in 2020 to 47%. and before we get you guys to react to that brian kilmeade it, our own sat down with cardinal dolan ahead of easter and talked about churches and reopening. here is a quick clip from that. >> we know morally we have to obey the prudent guidelines. we just don't want them to be so restrictive. if i can go bowling, if i can go to the beauty parlor and go to
5:55 am
shop and go to church. that's all they are saying. so just don't be saying the church has got to close and thank god that's -- we are at half capacity and i would like to see it go higher because each sunday we have more and mover people coming back and holly week and easter could be a real big, i hope. pete: rachel, when churches we open full liberation what if the pews. >> cathedral is giant. can you socially distance easy. no reason to be at 50% capacity or whatever. listen, i discussed this with governor mike huckabee a pastor himself he was on my show this week on prime. i love cardinal dolan very, very much. i believe the bishops made a huge mistake church made a huge mistake accepting the government cat tore rising them as nonessential. your spiritual life, your faith is essential as a catholic
5:56 am
youkist is essential. i think this was a huge mistake. ron desantis i regret walking down one day. we regret accepting we were nonessential for even one day. will: absolutely. i saw a night shot of the new york city skyline 1956 and it showed easter weekend with several high rises lit up with the cross and lights on across this city can you imagine that happening? rachel: they lit it up in honor of late term abortion made by the state of new york as a, i guess, a constitutional right. so that's what they light up the sky for in new york now. pete: that number of 70% was also 70% in the 30's which shows you how quickly it has dropped ever since god -- ill will with consistent from the 30's to 1999. pete: then you see a huge drop.
5:57 am
what happens when you take god out of everything? out of our schools, out of our classroom that's what you get. will: kicking off the last hour of "fox & friends" with congressman byron donalds shannon bream and clay travis. stay with us. ♪ among my patients i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity and gum gives us a dual action effect that really takes care of both ... you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base claim your seventy-five-dollar credit when you post your first job at
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6:00 am
will: we begin this final hour of fox & friends weekend with a fox news alert. we're following two major stories. rachel: i'm rachel campos-duffy in for jedediah bila. the mlb all-star game is being moved out of georgia after backlash over its new voting laws. former president trump and georgia governor brian kemp blasting cancel culture with trump even calling to boycott the league. pete: more on that coming up but we begin on capitol hill where investigators are searching for the motive behind a deadly attack on officers. police have identified the suspect who was shot dead after ramming his car into two capitol hill police officers then jumping out with a knife. one officer was killed.
6:01 am
the other in stable condition. will: we go to lucas tomlinson as we learn more about the suspect and the fallen officer. lucas? reporter: good morning, guys. this is the second time since january a member of the capitol police force has been killed in the line of beauty. officer billy evans was an 18 year veteran of the capitol police. here is how one of his friends described him. the accused suspect, 25-year-old noah green, who rammed his car into two officers and slammed into a barricade here, behind me next to the capitol. the law enforcement sources tell fox, green then got out of his car and slashed one of the officers before being shot and killed by the responding units. green was not on the law enforcement's radar and it appear appears he was a lone wolf. green since deleted facebook page indicated he was a follower of the nation of islam, a black
6:02 am
nationalist movement and he recently lost his job and officials are noting the time of his murder, good friday. house speaker nancy pelosi saying, "america's heart has been broken by the tragic death of be one of our capitol police heros officer william evans." president biden ordered all flags to half staff and just in the last few minutes behind me workers are working to reinforce parts of the fencing to help secure the capitol even further. guys? will: thanks so much, lucas. meanwhile, this morning major league baseball has yanked its all-star game out of the city of atlanta, in response to a voter integrity bill passed in that state. it has been smeared as a voter suppression bill. lies have been told about what that bill includes and we had governor brian kemp of georgia on the program a little bit earlier and he told us the real reason that major league baseball caved. listen. >> well it's unfortunate that major league baseball is caved to the cancel culture and quite
6:03 am
honestly, president biden and stacey abrams and a lot of other people are simply lying about this bill, to pressure these organizations. it's really, a sad day for major league baseball. the people at home should be scared because their ballgame is next, their business will be next, their way of life will be next. it is time to stand up and fight this , and just say look, we're not going to take this anymore. it's ridiculous. will: you know, pete, rachel it's important to put some flesh on the bones of the lie. what is governor kemp talking about specifically there? this bill in georgia expanded early voting in that state. it gave more access to early voting than states like new york and delaware. it asked for identification when you vote, something that of course major league baseball does when you want to pickup tickets at will call or order a beer. rachel: that's racist. will: exactly, rachel. by that definition, buying a beer at concessions would have a disproportion at impact on minorities and thus it is racist
6:04 am
the horse manure is piled so high in this entire story and i want to give you two examples. two months ago the nba conducted its all-star game in the state of georgia and this bill was under negotiation at that point and nothing real had changed. two months later this bill in that state are entirely too racist for baseball to hold its all-star game in the very same place. rachel: well you know, president biden called for this boycott. he put his blessing, he said good job, you should do this , and it's interesting, because he hasn't said anything about boycotting the beijing olympics. i mean, there is where we really see voter suppression. there is no vote. there is no early voting as tom cotton tweeted, and you know, there's just so much hypocrisy around it, i saw a tweet earlier from lebron who said proud to call, lebron jamie spears, proud to call myself a part of the ml b family this is a guy suppressing americans who were defending the freedom fighters in hong kong against the chinese , he was saying shut
6:05 am
up so there's just so much craziness going on, pete. pete: yeah, you want to say shame on major league baseball and you should. they did cave and you put millions of baseball fans who love america's game in this impossible position where somehow you made this beautiful game political now. do i want to invest in a league that won't host its all-star game in atlanta but by the way home of a lot of civil rights activism that brought this country where we are today thank god through jim crow but you really need to say the real shame is on president biden, is stacey abrams a group tied to stacey abrams bought the domain name jim crow to use, to leverage against this bill, and shame on the idea that because governor kemp and other republicans want to guard the ballot box they somehow want jim crow. ten seconds of research shows you. in alabama white people and black people couldn't sit in the same room under jim crow. in california blacks couldn't testify against whites under jim crow. in north dakota blacks and white
6:06 am
s couldn't live together and get this , in georgia, an old jim crow law it was unlawful for white baseball teams to play on a baseball diamond within two blocks of a black playground, and vice versa and they had the audacity to stand up and say, you are racist because you demand a voter identification to prove that a black, brown, or white person is that person, when they vote, when as you say, if you get on an airplane, delta or you go to the will call as you pointed out , will, you're showing your identification. it's absurd the real racists are the ones making it about racism and diluting the word of racism in the first place. rachel: he brought up delta. delta brags about its ties, its deep ties with the chinese government, so does coca cola. again, these are the real human rights abusers. the worst in the world and by the way, no country is more racist than china. will: shame on those corporate ceo's that bow and cave to this kind of lies, to these kind of lies. good luck major league baseball in moving your all-star game
6:07 am
somewhere else. thirty-five states require voter id. it'll be interesting where you choose to place that all-star game. meanwhile if the lies weren't obvious enough on that story they can be illustrated in another story. the hunter biden story remember we were told it was russian disinformation it was an absolute falsehood that the new york post and other media institutions that told you about hunter's laptop were engaging in hackery, so guess what? now that story turns out to be true. first a look back at exactly what you were told about the hunter biden story. >> the goal of these incidents appears to be the same, to cast the cloud over the front runner in the closing weeks of the campaign even though republican-led congressional investigations have never uncovered any evidence of wrongdoing by vice president biden. >> well we know that this whole smear on joe biden comes from the kremlin. that's been clear for well over a year now that they've been pushing this false narrative about the vice president and his
6:08 am
son. >> when you put the combination of russia, guiliani, the president together, it's just what it is. it's a smear campaign. will: so meanwhile this is the cover of the new york post. the long con. what you just heard on your screen was the con. why do we know that? well let's listen to hunter biden and cbs sunday morning in his own words. >> was that your last hop? >> for realize don't know. >> i know but you know. >> i really don't know what the answer is. >> you don't know yes or no if the laptop? >> i don't have any idea, no idea. >> it could have been yours. >> of course certainly there could be a laptop out there stolen from me, there could be that i was hacked it could be that there was the , that it was russian intelligence. it could be that it was stolen from me. pete: so good for cbs. rachel: [laughter] pete: for at least asking the question because most media totally ignored this. rachel: but they didn't have a follow-up question like where's your laptop? [laughter] will: were those e-mails real? were those your e-mails? pete: the only word he didn't
6:09 am
say was no. of course it's his and he knows it and adam schiff knew it too and that's the scary part of this whole thing. rachel: so did joe biden. pete: so did everybody. so did the oligarchs who blocked the story from the new york post for weeks before the election. adam schiff goes we knew it came from the kremlin. the scary part about that, he's not a normal congressman. he's in the middle of the most tightly-held intelligence conversation and he walks to microphones and tells lies and repeated by the media. april it's absolutely crazy! [laughter] all right, so, you interviewed s orab amari from the new york post and here is what he had to say. >> the easiest way that the bidens, hunter or joe, could disprove this story is by saying the laptop does not belong t hunter. those e-mails are not authentic. they haven't done that and now we have the clear submission that this could be his laptop, indeed we're sure that it's his laptop, and a lot of people, i'm
6:10 am
thinking of for example, of those 50 intelligence officials who falsely accused the post of ped eling russian disinformation and many others in the media who echoed things like that without actually looking into what we had found and doing any reporting of their own, they all meet the e-crow i'm sorry. will: they need to ask the follow-up questions but it doesn't change the fact they told lies weeks before an election. it doesn't change the fact that they manipulated an election. it doesn't correct the wrongs that they made already, and just goes to illustrate they're not media institutions but political operations. they are wings of the democratic party that's clearly what's going on. rachel: it's not just about the election but it's about moving forward because if the laptop is hunt hadders which it appears it is and the e-mails are true and there's a big guy who took 10% of the kickback from hunter biden's dirty deals that means we have a u.s. president sitting in the white house whose compromis ed by the chinese government. pete: that be a problem. the whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. everyone deserves to know what they deserve to know when they
6:11 am
deserve to know it and instead it was all erased and covered up that's the scary part is the information that you get goes through filters of democrats at every single layer. they decide what you see. it's crazy. will: turning now to your headlines. just moments ago, our foxconn capturing video of immigrants being apprehends near the border wall in rio grande valley. this as fox news exclusively obtains a picture showing the moments after cbp rescued these two migrant girls who were dropped over the border wall, by a smuggler. cbp says the three and 5-year-olds are okay and are being processed in el paso. there's a picture of them on your screen. border patrol is projecting 184,000 unaccompanied children could reach the border this year texas kim paxon is saying taxpayers in his state are paying the price. >> we're required to educate people that come here and required to take care of their healthcare posts and we put money into help them because we have to about 855 million a year and that's probably low.
6:12 am
will: 171,000 migrants were encountered at the border in march alone. >> california is one step closer to normalcy the states reopening indoor concerts, theaters and sports venues later this month. officials loosening restrictions as covid cases across the state dropped to near record lows. more than 18 million californian s also reporting to have at least one dose of the vaccine. >> and how about this? paid in pennys, a georgia man is finally getting his real payment after getting his final payment, his final paycheck in pennys. the man was sent 91,000 coins by his ex-boss and they were left outside his house and it's unclear why the two had bat blood but coin star stepped in after finding out about the month-long ordeal, cashing the coins for $915. and those are your headlines. rachel: wow. will: yeah, obviously there was
6:13 am
bad blood. rachel: [laughter] all right, well, straight ahead, more than a year after covid-19 lockdowns shuttered the country a new book sheds light on the mismanagement and hypocrisy of some politicians, and the dangerous ripple effects they cause. the author joins us live, next. guy fieri! ya know, if you wanna make that sandwich the real deal, ya gotta focus on the bread layers. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better! ♪ (angelic choir) ♪ and here's mine! it's lawn season. and i need a lawn. quick. the fast way to bring it up to speed. is scotts turf builder rapid grass.
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increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts.... ...or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. pete: last month was the one year anniversary of covid-19's outbreak, as well as the strict lockdowns and financial turmoil that came with it. now, in a brand new book, economic expert john tamney argues that alarmist politicians mindlessly crushed a growing economy, and then doubled down on their mistakes by continuing to throw taxpayer dollars into their errors. john tamney, author of "when politicians panic" the new coronavirus expert opinion and
6:17 am
the tragic lapse of opinion and vice president at freedom works joins me now, john thanks so much for being here, congratulations on the book. you really layout state by state , instance by instance, ways in which politicians double down on their folly. let me read one expert real quick from california, and gavin newsom and this one jumps out at me. says in malibu, california, a paddle boater was arrested for exercising a stay-at-home decree in the golden state, and this one, on october 3, 2020, california governor gavin newsom 's office sent out a tweet telling golden staters, don't forget to keep your mask on inbetween bites. to me, john that's the perfect example of a rule that was never followed but they were proud to send out anyway. >> oh, of course anytime you substitute political force for freedom, you get chaos, and you get absurdity. coronavirus supposedly took a break at lunch. there was supposedly all about health yet they kept on shutting down gyms and kept limiting the
6:18 am
rights of people to exercise think about this. it was okay to go into target to buy clothes, furniture and flowers but if you went to a flower shop or to a clothing store, or you went to another store, you couldn't go in. they were shutdown. the idea was to limit crowds yet they shut down all sorts of businesses to concentrate crowds , and the idea there was let's bend the curve downward. i want to know a viewer or anyone who would purposely engage in behavior associated with going to the hospital. the whole idea of political force was always all it did was wreck lives and businesses and jobs pete: you know, you meant in your title when politicians panic. was it their panic that caused them to double down, john? why did they double down even when they saw the dull standard of policies or when livelihoods were getting crushed or were they drunk on power why did they double down? >> well as you know, from a long time, politicians exist to spend and they also exist to be
6:19 am
seen doing something, so in this case, they fell for the idea that okay the view raws was spreading like wildfire so we need to act but explicit there is that if something is spreading who needs a law? its been documented and i point out in the book that the states that lockdown late, you know, those red states that allegedly don't believe in science, documented fact in those states, the people adjusted quickest. they changed their lifestyle, they stopped going into restaurants and they bought mask s. they did not need to be forced to avoid getting sick. they did not need to be forced to avoid in the rarest instance of dying but politicians substituted their decisions for them and needlessly created an economic contraction. pete: in new york i'm sure you saw an example of this or at least heard anecdotally when you closed down all these wide open well-ventilated restaurants and forced people into plywood shacks outside to eat together because that's outdoor dining, will governors admit they didn't follow the science, that they
6:20 am
didn't get it right, that they panicked ever? >> no of course they aren't going tok admit hugh wrong they were, could be to acknowledge that they needlessly destroyed all sorts of jobs, impaired all sorts of businesses so they will continue with the fiction that we, the people on earth who have evolved trying to perpetuate our existence somehow needed them to hold our hands, and let's point out that economic growth has always been the biggest enemy of death and disease, whereas poverty is the biggest killer mankind has ever known yet when we needed economic growth the most to come up with a cure, politicians needlessly shutdown the economy. historians will marvel at the stupidity of a political class that errorred every step of the way. pete: good way to put it the book is "when politicians panicked" people should check it out sounds like the first writing of a history to be learned and unlearned john thank you so much. appreciate it.
6:21 am
coming up, the women who defeated isis, shannon bream introduces utility to the female fighters who played a major role in that victory, after the break. did you know that febreze air effects uses 100% natural propellant? cheaper aerosols use artificial propellants. that's why febreze works differently. plus, it eliminates odors with a water-based formula and no dyes. for freshness you'll enjoy.
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rachel: its been just over two year since we saw the territorial defeat of isis in syria, and this morning, we're highlighting the women who played a major part in that victory. fox news at night anchor and author of the brand new book " the women of the bible speak", shannon bream joins me now with more. so first, shannon, i really want to just get it out there and congratulate you. your book just hit number one on amazon this morning. >> wow! that is our viewers, that is a huge thank you to them. it is a beautiful message of
6:25 am
hope and it's all about easter as well, so, thank you, everybody. i hope it is super encouraging and i'm glad to see it's hopefully blessing a lot of folks. rachel: we'll talk a little bit about the book later but first i want to get to this package that you have, because you have covered for women's history month and for fox nation a really interesting story that a lot of people don't know anything about. >> yeah, i mean, these women are heros. this is a story about risk, about rebellion but also about respect. these young women who are fighting for their future and we'll show you, they're winning. >> for more than a decade, syria has been the scene of misery and violence. a civil war played out on multiple fronts. civilians fleeing the regime and isis, the ultra-radical islamic group spreading terror, amid the chaos, and probable heros stepped up. >> it was a story i really felt like i had to tell. how in the world did it happen
6:26 am
that one of the most far- reaching experiments in women's equality, anywhere in the world, was launched on the ashes of the fight against the islamic state, by women who thought isis, room by room, and house by house, and town by town >> gail lamon is the author of the daughters of kobani, profile s of an unstoppable sisterhood, the women of the yp g, a syrian malitia who defied their own culture to lead in combat with their male counterparts and alongside american special operations forces. >> they were fighting not for themselves or even for their corner in the world. they were fighting for a world that was safer, for girls, for women, everywhere around the world. >> lemmon risked her own life traveling to the region for years to interview these women on the frontline, women like a combat leader whose calm, confidence and determination inspired the women in her command. >> she gets on the radio to
6:27 am
them and says the men you are fighting against think you have no value. show them what you are made of, so that even if this is your last breath, we will have done something. >> wounded in battle, and en dearing extroverted combination of grit and heart. at her childhood friend rajda, more introspective, masking an iron will. >> when i asked okay, but why did you start the women's protection forces, she said to me two things. one is we could not let the ideas of isis stand, and secondly, we just didn't want men taking credit for our work which is maybe the most universal theme anybody, who is a woman, knows. >> the kurdish women took up arms initially to protect their families and their communities, but realized in a struggle they could, and did, accomplish so much more. military victory against isis and leadership in the uncertain present. >> hope is actually abundant in
6:28 am
northeastern syria. the political experiment they built was women right at the heart, every town they took from isis has a male head and a female head of the town, run by a man and a woman. >> forging a future through action and sacrifice in a society that often under values women is a universal message, as lemmon explains in her own words from the book. >> the world has a way of telling girls and young women what they should want from their lives, and of telling them not to ask for too much. in northeastern syria, these young women tell you exactly what they want for themselves. i've heard it over and over again, when the world stops speaking for them, you can actually hear what they have to say. >> the daughters of kobani, real courage and bravery they stepped up not only to fight for themselves, for their families and their towns, but they said rachel, they really want to make air difference to make sure that the little girls coming up behind them will have a totally different future, amazing women. rachel: it is an incredible
6:29 am
story. i didn't know anything about it until i saw, you know, your special and read about this to prepare for the interview. truly we hear so much about feminism in our country but the battle is in the countries where we know isis certainly is a terrorist group that was so anti-woman and did so many committed so many at ross its so thank you foretelling that story shannon's new book, women of the bible speak, the wisdom of 16 women and their lessons for today, is available now. shannon, your book came out at such an amazing time. you know right near easter. >> yeah and the easter story is in the book along with a lot of other stories but we see that mary magdeline, which goes to the tomb after the crucifixion is devastated about the death of jesus is so overcome when she finds the tomb empty she's asking the man who she thinks is the guarder and it's him, when he says her name mary, she
6:30 am
realizes he's alive so she's essentially the first christian with a great news of easter morning running to tell his story so the book is all about women who are central characters to the most important stories. they are all included in there for a reason and i hope they will be inspiring. they were to me in studying them and that's what i hope for other s to pick-up the book as well. rachel: shannon thanks for bringing this book book to all of us especially as women. happy easter shannon is bringing the women of the bible to life in a fox nation special sign up for fox nation now to see this , plus get exclusive access to other original content, events, and your favorite personalities on any device. coming up, major league baseball caving to cancel culture, clay travis from fox sports radio joins us live on the outrage, and on the atlanta residents and businesses who are really suffer ing. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:31 am
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>> this is terrible for the organization. it's terrible for the fans. it's terrible for the small business owners and the metro atlanta community and our state that was looking forward to hosting this game, and it put a lot of resources into it all because of a big lie. i mean, this bill does not suppress anything. the people at home should be scared because their ballgame is next, their business will be next, their way of life will be next. it is time to stand up and fight this. will: the lie has won the day, and the lie has forced major league baseball to pull its all-star game out of atlanta. it has prompted companies like delta and coca cola to as well condemn the georgia voter integrity bill. here to break it down is clay travis fox sports radio founder
6:36 am
of clay, good morning. you and i have talked about this on your radio show. this is completely out of touch with the vast majority of baseball's fan base. most people aren't ready to sign up for woke politics, integrated into every aspect of their lives so what will this mean for baseball in the long run? >> amen, will. thank you all for having me i appreciate it. we did talk about this just earlier this week, and i thought maybe major league baseball, because as you mentioned, fans, players, managers, executives, teams, credit to the atlanta braves for firing back, but this woke virus just keeps spreading in the world of sports and i know you and other people like me out there who talk about sports, we get asked, how did this happen? how did everything become so political? how did we go from michael jordan's era of republicans by sneakers to an era where it feels like everything is intensely partisan and political , and ultimately, the people of atlanta end up being the victims here, right?
6:37 am
because they are going to lose $100 million event from their city as they are recovering from covid. it's a majority black city that would have had a lot of money coming in. they were going to be celebrat ing hank aarons, one of the all-time grates in the history of baseball. this was all setup, will, i was going to be there. my 10-year-old has become a huge atlanta braves fan and i'd already told him we'll make the trip down there and it's a celebration of baseball and fans being able to return to the stadium as well and now instead all of baseball is in an uproar, i think rob manford messed up and i think the overall voting bill as we talked about is actually much less stringent than many states where baseball plays, including where baseball itself, will, is located in new york state. they are more restrictive than in georgia. it's just a flawed media blew it and so did major league baseball pete: clay, what are sports fans to do then? let's say you are politically
6:38 am
minded and patriotic but you love baseball and you love the nba and nfl. what do you do if you want to love the sport but you don't want to be a part of the politic s? >> it's such a fantastic question. i know a lot of people out there are canceling their major league baseball extra innings subscriptions. that's where you can watch games out of market and i know i've seen a lot of people sending the e-mails, sending me screen shots of them, canceling tickets and deciding know the to go to games. i mean, this is what's really wild about this is it forces people to take a stand against something that they love. you know, sports used to be such a place that you nighted us when your team hits a game winning home run you turnaround to friday-five somebody you don't think about their race, religion or politics. it brings tribes together that might otherwise have differences that's one of the great things about sports in this country, and you know the idea that somehow having an id, which you need by the way, to go to will call and pickup tickets or to get a beer inside the stadium is
6:39 am
somehow a bridge too far in order to try to placate these blue check mark brigade idiots as i call them who are so active on social media. i think baseball failed. i think they failed their fans and they leave a lot of people having to ask themselves that question. what do i do to spread my displeasure and have to register it for something that i love it puts everybody in an awkward spot. rachel: but is that what people should do in order to see this as you call it this woke virus if we want to stop the spread of it? we kind of have to take a stand right now and just, you know, put our stake in the ground and go this is it. >> look, it is a great question and you've seen that, honestly the phrase that i've been breaking out quite a bit is "get woke, go broke" and the nba set all-time playoff record failures after they became the wokest league of all-time during their bubble season last year. remember this is the precedent that the nba set because they pulled their all-star game out of charlotte over a transgender
6:40 am
bathroom bill, and now major league baseball is doing this over the voting bill, and what it does is it puts pressure on all these other leagues to have to act as well because the precedent is set, so to answer your question, yes, i think a lot of people have to make the decision not to watch as much baseball as they did before to send a message they're not going to stand for it i think that's the only thing they can do. will: nba ratings have declined dram at dramatically. rachel: lebron james is pushing this. will: clay good to talk to you. >> thanks a lot. will: clay travis. take a look at this flash back. we mentioned a little bit earlier in the show this is the new york city skyline, all lit up for easter. this is back in 1956. you can see some windows illuminated in the shape of a cross. the ox nard press curriculum your which published that photo wrote huge crosses formed by lighted windows blaze above new york skyline, as part of an easter display in manhattan's financial district and this scene favorite breakfasted
6:41 am
from the roof of the municipal building features 150-foot high crosses and can you imagine see ing that in 2021? rachel: no that america is gone, sadly. pete: that photo makes me very sad. rachel: me too. will: happy easter by the way. pete: directions tomorrow. rachel: tomorrow, we will and you can still put up crosses in your own house and do it. will: hey, rick. rick: very true, we've got a great easter day weather-wise also so that's my contribution to the conversation. here is your temps as you wake up now its been cool across parts of the eiten fact we had freezing conditions across parts of the deep south again last night, warming up today, warming up even more tomorrow, precipitation-wise, the entire lower 48 almost no precipitation at all, you see a little bit of rain on the radar across parts of texas but that rain is nothing that's significant not going to cause any problems at all. it is hot, however, out across parts of the desert, southwest
6:42 am
phoenix almost at 100 degrees your average first 100-degree reading each year is on may 2 so we're almost a month early if we do hit that tomorrow. it's going to be really warm but one of the benefits of that warm th there is it's also warm across parts of the plains take a look at this the next few days we're into the upper 80s as far north as nebraska and into south dakota, moo the 80s across areas of kansas and easter sunday, take a look at this. great for sunrise services, great for your easter egg hunt, pick ic intos, barbecues whatever it is pretty much the entire country has temperatures and almost no precipitation anywhere. happy easter, guys. rachel: that is great easter news. pete: i comment on that graphic every year but rick, he's trying to cross the border. for tomorrow bring the bunny into the united states. rick: are you kidding me? you have lost your mind. will: what are you talking about look where he's located. rick: you have lost your mind. rachel: the border is open!
6:43 am
pete: i know. rick: do not block the very important information that people want to see of their weather information, pete. in order to do that i put it in a place where people aren't as concerned because they aren't watching us as much in mexico and canada that's why those graphics go there, but hopping across the border is pretty funny. rachel: [laughter] will: rick now watch what pete is about to tease. rachel: [laughter] pete: this is morning television you're up, down, in, out, laugh ing and then not laughing, but coming up, with migrant facilities overrun and border patrol overworked we're seeing real price of halting border wall construction, but how much is it costing taxpayers? the number will shock you, congressman byron donalds on that, and no further comment, next.
6:44 am
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6:47 am
in the last hour fox news camera s capturing the moment border patrol apprehends migrants coming across the southern border and into the rio grande valley and this incident and many more like it are highlighted and it just show the need for a stronger border but a wall. not just a stronger border but a wall to protect it. here to react is florida congressman byron donalds. congressman thanks for being with us this morning at the same time we see these images at the same time we know we have a surge in growing crisis at the border, the house under nancy pelosi is passing bills to reinstate or put into place a pathway to citizenship. is this the priority in congress right now? >> unfortunately, it is the priority in congress, because the only thing that nancy pelosi and the left care about are open borders. they have no problem with these facilities being overrun. they have no issues with, we have thousands of children being packed into these container areas only meant for a couple hundred people and so they've completely turned a blind eye to
6:48 am
this because what their agenda is very simple it is to overwhelm the system since they can't really get rid of i.c.e. they are just going to overwhelm it and it's unfortunate we're seeing this happen in the united states. will: congressman governor ron desantis of florida has delivered on his promise to ban covid-19 passports. he signed an executive order banning those passports, meanwhile we're trying to rationalize the criticism he's getting from the left where passports are encouraged, vaccine passports are encouraged while voter id laws are obviously very strongly fought against. how do you rationalize someone pushing for vaccine passports but no id when you have to vote? >> i don't try to rationalize it because the left never make sense anyway. listen, we don't need vaccine passports. governor desantis is absolutely correct. most of the elderly population, the people who are truly at-risk when it comes to covid-19, the vast majority of them are going to be vaccinated by the end of this month. most americans are going to be
6:49 am
fully vaccinated by the end of may into early june, so what is the point of having this passport that is government sanctioned? look a private business wants to know if you've been vaccinated to go in there that's a private business decision to figure out for themselves and they have to manage their own customer base but for the government to get involved makes no sense at all. and the governor is completely right in trying to understand the logic of the left you'll drive yourself crazy trying to do that. will: right because you'd need an id to get a passport anyway, thanks so much for your time this morning. >> thank you. will: straight ahead a salute to remember a marine master sergeant going viral after giving his son his first salute as a new second lieutenant. the father and son that share that inspiring moment will join us live, next. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪
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>> you, your person. congratulations. rachel: wow. a heart-felt moment between a father and a son goes viral as marine master sergeant honors his son becoming a second lieutenant by giving him his first salute. pete: that father and son duo, michael fisher and michael tris tan fisher join us now, second lieutenant and master sergeant both of you, thank you so much for being with us this morning. the power in that salute, master sergeant i'll start with you. your son may technically outrank you but we know whose top in seniority at this point.
6:54 am
you've given 35 salutes, first salutes. this is the only time to your son. talk to me about it. >> yes, sir. being an rotc instruct or marine and working at virginia tech college i had the opportunity to do a number of first salutes. one of the things i've always tried to do is to make them personal to the individual i was saluting based on our re-election. as an instructor it's one thing to do it but as a father, it's a ton of emotions that are with that salute and it all resonated when i was rendering him the salute. will: secretary lieutenant i want to get to you in a moment but to follow-up master sergeant tell us about those emotions what were those emotions running through your head and heart at that moment? >> well leading into it, i knew it was going to be very personal and everything, but as i was walking towards him, i started to, you know, go back and think about the things on our journey, and watching him ride his bike to school the first time,
6:55 am
teaching him to run pass routes in the front yard, throwing the ball on the roof, watching him play football for the state championship and then after the game, he's looking for me in the stands and wants to run and give me a hug, watching him play collegiate d-1 football, watching him graduate college, and watching him go through the marine corps. rachel: second lieutenant what was going through your mind at that moment? >> oh, a ton of emotion. its been a long journey, a long process. we have a long history and its been a long time coming from being a young kid while he was on paris island going to boot camp as a five or six-year-old, just living that lifestyle as a marine's son, growing up and just having that culminating experience and kind of that real
6:56 am
genuine moment of being able to have my father who has over 20- plus years in the marine corps kind of be able to pass the torch and salute me and render those customs and courtesies it was all very overwhelming, the whole moment is still surreal trying to really understand the gravity of the situation. pete: i can not imagine. second lieutenant michael tris tan fisher, master sergeant michael fisher, lieutenant listen to your nco's don't forget that advice. rachel: thanks for sharing that moment it's beautiful and happy easter to you both. >> thank you. semper fi. will: get any better than that? >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:57 am
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will: have you ever wanted to, as pete just said, crawl inside will cain's brain? now you can the will cain podcast first episode monday at and go subscribe right now. rachel: happy easter. pete: we're on it. neil: this holy weekend seeing promising signs of life for the economy, for the country indeed, for the world. right now, you're looking at the new york city skyline, as well as the airport in atlanta, georgia, where its busy and getting busier, and stands to get really busy in the week ahead. speaking of atlanta, we're live at truets stadium there as you've heard by now, they're making it official. they do not want the all-star game held in georgia. the fall out from that, also taking a look at what progress we're making on the vaccine front. when i had a


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