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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 3, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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they never let a crisis go to waste. i wrote it. i recorded the audio and i would be honored if you would read it or listen to it. it's available now. thanks for watching. have a wonderful wee five." ♪ ♪ >> juan: hello, everyone, i'm juan williams along with shannon bream, katie path listen greg gutfeld and trey gowdy. welcome and this is the "the five." ♪ >> juan: fox news alert. a capitol hill police officer dead, another injured after a knife-wielding driver rammed his car into them. chad pergram has the latest. chad? >> here at the capitol is know a greene, he is dead. he came up to capitol hill around 1:00 and rammed his car over two capitol police officers
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and then into a security barrier. he jumped out of the car wielding a large knife, that's when he was shot at and killed by u.s. capitol police officers. the dead officer is billy evans. is he a 17 year veteran of the u.s. capitol police house speaker nancy pelosi says evans was a for. he says on this good friday i would ask that all americans pray for healing for the surviving injured officer. remember, there were two who were attacked here for comfort of officer evans family and for all officers and families of our u.s. capitol police. now, in just the past couple of mommy's we have gotten a statement from president biden about this. he says, quote. we send our heart felt condolences to officer evans family and everyone grieving at this loss. we know what a difficult time this has been for the capitol and everyone who works there and those protected. biden has ordered flags to be flown at half-staff in honor of officer evans and house speaker
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nancy pelosi has ordered the same at the u.s. capitol. the acting u.s. -- excuse me, the acting washington, d.c. police chief robert contee says there appears to be no nexus to terrorism with this attack at the capitol. note that constitution avenue, the access point to the u.s. capitol, this was blocked off, juan, until two weeks ago until they brought this outer perimeter of fencing when they installed after the 1/6 riot in closer to the capitol. had that fencing still been up two to three blocks out from the capitol this incident wouldn't have happened or not at that location. juan? >> juan: chad, thanks so much. we are going to be monitoring the capitol attack for any new developments. now, to another big story. major league baseball announcing it is moving this year's all-star game outs of georgia. it's in response to the state's new election law. the baseball commissioner saying it, quote: opposes restrictions at the ballot box. and georgia governor brian kemp,
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he is responding saying major league baseball, quote: caved to fear, political opportunism and liberal lies. major league baseball making the move after president biden signaled his support. take a look. >> i think today's professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly. i would strongly support them doing that. >> this is jim crow on steroids what they are doing in georgia and 40 other states. >> juan: other companies have been critical of the new law including coca cola and delta airlines. accusing those companies of hypocrisy especially when it comes to doing business with china dispute that country's human abuses. watch. this these ceos of full of crap. they're running scared. georgia is trying to make sure that everybody can vote legally. >> delta airlines are business
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partners with the chinese communist party. the same chinese communist party. >> juan: with baseball values that they he want people to have the right to vote. meanwhile you hear all this talk about china, is that dodge. >> he is an idiot. plain and simple no one is being discriminated against. is a awesome watching major league baseball pray pretentious
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virtue league signaling when all major league platforms for the all-star game fans can vote five times over a 24-hour period. so you want to talk about corruption? look in the mirror, major league baseball. look how you do your voting for all-stars. okay. let's -- the only reason why mlb is doing this it's connected to the china problem. if you can buy off the woke with this type of virtue signaling, it makes them feel good. it makes the woke feel so good that they really don't care about the slave labor, right? it doesn't really bother them. so they're actually buying off these kind of attention-seeking, short attention span activists so they don't chase them after the bigger issues. now, about the idea of how this is restriction to voting and that somehow this is a sign of opposing restrictions. this is not. you can't just vote by any way that you think fits.
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there are guidelines there to vote. you can't vote by shouting out the preferred candidate from your moving car, right? you have to have restrictions, restrictions enable the freedoms, right, from corruption by being transparent. do you know who should be really for this? stacey abrams. she still thinks shah she won that election fair and square. this would have helped her. but the problem is the media has orchestrated this lie, calling it like the jim crow era legislation, when, in fact, all it's doing is talking about an i.d. and here's my final point and my final question. do any of you people know anybody who doesn't have an i.d.? because i have been around. i have been around on this world for over half a century. i have never met somebody who doesn't have an i.d. i'm not sheltered. if you could just name one person, one person who doesn't an i.d. and maybe we could have them on the show and talk to them how they get through their lives without an i.d. how are they going to get a passport for their vaccine if they can't prove that's really
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them? so this is where old democrat arguments go to die. you just push them a little bit. like tell me who these people are. don't just say a group of people. >> juan: all right. >> greg: give me a name. >> juan: all right. so, katie, what we are hearing from coca cola and delta and these other companies is that they view it, the new law, as restrict tia. they say the bill strips the secretary of state of power, gives the state ledges law temperature dominated by republicans the power to take over local election offices and control future elections to the benefit of republicans. how do you respond? >> katie: i don't really care what coca cola and delta have to say. i care about what the atlanta braves had to say about this today and the atlanta braves, who are hosting the all-star game said this was not the recommendation to cancel the all-star game and to move it out of town that they're disappointed with the decision, which means that these wokest
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corporate people at the major league baseball league decided to make this decision which the atlanta braves and i said this yesterday, it hurts local businesses, it hurts the employees of the franchise, it hurts the people who have been wanting to work at these baseball games for a year who have been shut out as a result of restrictions from the pandemic, and it's all based on lies. lies from democrats in georgia and lies from joe biden and lies from the white house press secretary jen psaki. this bill extends early voting to 17 days. okay? this bill requires voter i.d. for mail-in ballots, which replaces signature matching. 08% of the country supports voter i.d. so while they are placating and coddling the wokest left and the twitter feeds that they're afraid of, they are actually against what the majority of the country wants while sowing this racial division that doesn't exist as a result of this law. it's based on a lie and it hurts
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the people that democrats claim to be standing up for the most, which are the workers who will no longer be working in atlanta at this all-star gameon shannon, a lot of the companies seem to fear getting caught unaware given what happened january 6th, and they say they are standing up for democracy and democratic practices, fear elections. do you think that's what's going on in their corporate leaders' minds? >> shannon: i think delta has opened itself up to scrutiny and to appearing like this is a political or partisan move because a few days ago what they had to say about it, listen, we had input on this. we proved the bill along the way and it got better. so that was their statement and then as soon as all the boycotts and the threats came out they said whoa, we hate this thing and it's terrible and we want nothing to do with it. so you shouldn't have at one point said we made it better, it has extended hours it. has new protections. it has drop boxes. tell that said it's got drop boxes now. keep in mind those were illegal
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before covid-19, so they are actually adding things. delta has to completely walk back from that statement and act like they hated the whole thing the whole time? i'm not sure. for major league baseball, good luck when they start looking around because there are dozens of states that have voter integrity measures, if that's what you want to call them. and many of them are more restrictive than georgia. so you are going to have to find a state without. in fact, i went back and was looking in 2016 vioxx ran this report from the group called are perceptions in electoral integrity they ranked the whole which were the worst and best safeguarded they ranked texas and georgia near the bottom meaning they needed to beef up election security. here we are four years later i wonder what that group would say good moves or bad idea. you ranked them terrible four years ago. >> greg: yeah. >> juan: so, trey, as you know, "the washington post" gave president biden four pinocchios for some of his statements about the new law. jen psaki, the press secretary said today well, wait a second,
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this law does limit absentee voting, fewer drop boxes. no standard hours for polls you can't hand out water to someone standing in line and no outreach. no local grants to help people -- to help local activist reach out to voters. do they have a point or not? >> trey: well, juan, the only reason "the washington post" gave joe biden four pinocchios is because that's the maximum you can get. that's what the flat earth people and hell bot people get. i feel sorry for joe biden is he trying to criticize a bill he clearly hasn't read. and if coke and delta don't like georgia's new law, tell them not read hr 1 pause that is a massive centralization of power when it comes to our elections. i just wish people would read the bill before they criticize it. that's all i'm asking for. >> juan: sounds good. tucker carlson, by the way, he
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is going to have georgia governor brian kemp on for an exclusive interview tonight. coming up next, hunter biden breaking his silence on the infamous laptop that rocked his dad's campaign next for you on the knife. on "the five." ♪ whoa, whoa ♪ you got the best of my love ♪ whoa, whoa ♪ you got the best of not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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with disney plus now on xfinity! a way better way to watch. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hunter biden breaking silence on the infamous laptop story that big tech tried to censor the president's son admitting the computer could
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very well be his but also possibly it's russia's fault. >> was that your laptop. >> for real i don't know? you know this is. >> i really don't know is what the answer is. >> you don't know yes or no if the laptop was yours. >> i don't have any idea. i have no idea. >> so it could have been yours. >> of course, certainly. there could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me it. do be that i was hacked. it could be that it was russian intelligence. it could be that it was stolen from me. >> shannon: hunter biden is about to release a new memoir he opens up about his drug addiction and would not repeat working with the are oil company burisma one thing i have not flared are hunter biden or the biden administration to say that the emails that came forward, the ones that tony bobulinski talked about. independently verified them. i haven't heard him say the emails aren't legit. >> shannon, the reason you
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haven't heard that no one is asking. if you can't nail down whether that computer is yours or vladimir putin's, you are not making a ton of progress. i mean, that is not a tough question. are you missing a computer? that might have been a great follow-up question. did you drop one off for repair. that might have ban decent follow-up question. you know, shannon, he lost his mother, a sister, and a brother. and is he a recovering addict and all of that is tragic. but when you write a book, and when you traffic in your father's name, you are going to be scrutinized. and all be i'm asking is that the media and social media scrutinize him the same way they did the trump children and the bush children. just be fair about it. don't let somebody get away with saying do you know what? it's a jump ball it could have been putin's. it could have been mine. >> shannon: katie, do you think he is going to have any tough interviews? will there be a tough question. put out a book and rounds show up for everything including the opening of an interview. i don't know how much press he
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is going to do and do it with if those are going to be some of the questions. >> katie: let's see how many interviews hunter biden continues to do if he is going to respond in ways like that. you know he made a lot of money in ukraine when it's like i don't know where my laptop is. it may have gotten stolen. i don't know if i lost. most people. we. in october. mike emanuel got his hands on the sheet where hunter biden signed it and dropped it off at the computer repair shop. there is a witness that said that hunter biden dropped it off at the repair shop and then the campaign never denied that it was his laptop. this is a story that we knew about. it was buried by the big tech companies. twitter banned anybody who dared to share it. they banned the "new york post" for weeks on end for plusing legitimate stories with emails and text messages to back up their claims. and, yet, here we are now with him saying oh, yeah, it may have
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been my laptop and then using a talking point from the left in the media that it was a russian disinformation campaign. so the choices are may have been my laptop or maybe it was stolen by the russians and then used against me somehow. the pot line is the evidence shows this is hunter biden's laptop. >> shannon: juan, you know, we all remember as katie has outlined and that we talked about that the story when it came out initially was tossed aside as russian disinformation. twitter locked down the "new york post" who did the reporting on this. now npr which had a back review out of the new book yesterday had to issue a correction. they had said that u.s. intel discredited the laptop story. they have now had to since come back and say well, actually, that's not true. juan, what does the mainstream media do with this story because it's uncomfortable for them the role they played in the days leading up to the election. >> juan: i think the correction, shannon, simply indicated that it's not u.s. intelligence but there is no credible evidence as
2:21 am
to the -- origins of that laptop. and so they don't know. that's all they are saying. i will say this. i think it's easy to go after hunter biden. the guy looks pretty weak. i thought that answer was totally limp. you know, nothing to it. either he says he owns it or he doesn't. it's hard for me to believe he doesn't remember but that's what he says and as trey points out he has got a troubled past especially with drugs and the like and guns and women. everybody knows. he has had a boat load of trouble. but, look, you know, i see this as going after joe biden. i saw a poll this week said joe biden is at 60% approval among voters. and yet i hear his credits say his wife calls herself dr. jill. well the life earned a doctorate or people say kamala harris, she laughs too much. she snickers. and i think yes, so what? it looks to me that people are just looking, they are digging for something on this guy. >> shannon: we are talking about a book though that hunter is out there selling. he wants you to buy it. greg, are you going to buy it?
2:22 am
>> greg: i don't have to buy it. i probably will just get it sent to me after i personally invite hunter to be on my new show gutfeld which i'm inviting him right now and i will give him the floor. here's the thing. okay. if you are a junky, i understand that everything could have happened because you live in a world of lies, right? so, the best way to remember stuff is to the stuff you said that was honest. because you did that once or twice. but, here's the problem, his memory is good enough to write a massive memoir. so, if he can remember hundreds and hundreds of pages of his life, he probably remembers this laptop because he gets into pretty graphic detail from what i understand about how his life unfolded with the drugs and the sex and all the other fun stuff so, i don't know, the big question is, that election, our election was compromised because
2:23 am
that story was are made invisible through the collusion of social network titans and the press. if people had known how compromised the biden family was that would have had an impact, maybe, who knows, marginally, i don't know, on the election and we will never know. >> shannon: i'm going to put greg down as a skeptic on the book. although when you get it let us know how it is. >> greg: highlight the good part. >> shannon: just give us the good stuff. more covid confusion, the cdc flip-flopping on if vaccinated people can spread the virus. more to that story next. ♪ living on the inside ♪ roaring like a loin ♪ god's not dead ♪ he is living on the inside ♪ roaring like a
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♪ ♪
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>> trey: the federal government can't seem to get it covid guidance straight like when president biden's cdc director said this. >> our data from the cdc today suggests, you know, that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don't get sick, and that it's not just in the clinical trials but it's also in real world data. >> trey: now the cdc says evidence isn't clear and it's kind of hard to follow the science when the science seems to keep changing with each news cycle. and adding to the confusion, the cdc also said today that americans who are fully vaccinated can travel, quote: at low risk to themselves but then they said this. >> we haven't changed our guide dance for nonessential travel at all. we are not recommending travel at this time. >> trey: let's see if we can reconcile these completely
2:29 am
opposing pieces of advice. katie, let me start with you. i am convinced you did better in science than i did. they tell us to follow the science. that's all we heard. but when the science changes in the course of 12 hours, which are we supposed to follow? are you good if you are fully vaccinated? can you travel? you cannot? what should would he be doing? >> katie: i did love science class, trey. so thank you for reminding me of the good old days with all those projects. i won at the science fair just for the record. but, look, i think that people are tired of this. i think they are constantly being lectured by people in washington, d.c. by government bureaucrats about following the science and then they are -- they constantly change their mind and actually go against a lot of the settled science on what vaccines do to protect people from viruses in general. so i would say that people should make the best decisions for themselves based on their
2:30 am
individual health situation and what they are comfortable with. if you are comfortable with getting the vaccine, get the vaccine. if you are comfortable being around your family, be around your family. if you are comfortable traveling, do that. i also think there is a lot of skepticism because there have been different standards for different industries. for example, the airlines have been packing people into cans for months end while they kept restaurants closed. why is that? if flying and travel something really so dangerous we need the cdc to tell us it's okay to travel then why hasn't the government not shut down the airlines? the standards have been different for everybody and it makes a lot of distrust in the system, the very experts who are supposed to be leading us on this have been wrong and they keep changing their mind. >> trey: shannon, let me ask you this, speaking of changing minds i grew up in a house with a physician. i have always held doctors and scientists in very high regard. i thought of it as being infallible, but it's not. they call it the practice of medicine. why is it so hard for physicians
2:31 am
or people in government to just say i don't know? we don't know the answer to that, why say this and then have to retract it 24 hours later? >> shannon: yeah. you would think at least within one agency they would have a singular message when we have the cdc director coming out and saying things and then the spokesperson for the cdc comes out and says well not exactly. very confusing to people. everybody wants vaccination they want good information about getting vaccinated and not vac sib nateed. health background, doctors. within one agency if you don't even have the same message that's super confusing to people. and when you talk about things like vaccine passports and forcing people to do certain things, they don't have confidence in following your leadership if you sound like you don't know what you are talking about or you are not sure. >> trey: juan, shannon brings up a good point. vaccine passports. we just had a conversation about whether or not we should show i.d. to prove that we are who we purport to be when we vote, which is the exercise of a
2:32 am
constitutional right. you have the constitutional right to travel, too. what is your perspective on having to show a vaccine passport before you are able to exercise that constitutional right to travel? >> juan: wait a second, trey, you can travel. nobody is stopping you from traveling. >> shannon: yes. >> juan: what they are saying. i haven't heard that one. what they're saying is as you get on a plane, they think it's low risk. it's not low risk to go through the airport, get in the bus, you know, go to the hotel, some of those things have higher risks. i think that's all they are saying. my point is some of this confusion does not equal corruption or conspiracy. i don't think it has any bad intent. look, we have had, what have we had 60 days of vaccinations. we have had a little over of a year of this pandemic. and what you have are scientists at the cdc and elsewhere who are struggling, struggling everyday to try to understand the virus
2:33 am
and how we can fight it and i think they are honorable people. i think they are essentially, you know, flies the plane while trying to fix the plane. so, that's, to me, you know, evidence that they are trying to make progress and i think they deserve to be treated as heroes. that's the way i feel about it. >> trey: greg, let me point up on juan's point. misinformation is the enemy of all of us regardless of the motive of the speaker. whether they're intentionally lying or just mistaken. if you don't get the right information, you are in bad shape. so what do you think about the conflicting information and, in particular, having to show a passport, a vaccination passport to use public carriers? >> greg: obviously a vaccination passport is going to require i.d. and we know that i.d. is racist. so if you are going to support the passport i.d. you are supporting a jim crow health law. how about that? here is the reason why i think there is a contradiction in what
2:34 am
these expert are saying. they're experts. they are not leaders. they are experts. some experts are just very, very fearful of ending up on the wrong side of the media, if they report something that all of a sudden is a contradiction or just -- they just are scared of blow back. so they're constantly. they are weighing the risks and benefits of what they're going to say before they say it. but, i have to say that we did learn -- we did get a huge lesson out of this thing for future pandemics. it's bureaucracy that is the barrier. it's the people like this who slow stuff down. we are beating this pandemic through the accelerated biomedical platforms, the productions, the diagnosis. that's what did this. it happened in spite of this kind of bureaucratic confusion and chaos, trump up sent advised drug companies to work faster. and that's the solution for the
2:35 am
future. lastly, to this joe biden just said that too many americans, i will read the quote: too many americans are acting as if this fight is over. it is not. who is he talking about? i'm tired of the democrats and joe biden generalizing about how americans are abusing science or how america doesn't understand what's going on. right leaning people focus on individuals. but for some reason joe is always about the group. it's always about americans. too many americans. be specific. tell us who they are. again. >> katie: neanderthals. >> trey: coming up, it's time for gutfeld. greg will preview his new late night show next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> katie: all right. get ready for more gutfeld in your life. greg's brand new week night show debuts this monday at 11:00 p.m. eastern and he is set to rattle the late night landscape. check out his face plastered on a billboard deep in the heart of hollywood overlooking hollywood boulevard. greg, you have been crushing it on the weekends. you will crush it during the weekdays, i'm so excited for your show. >> greg: thank you, katie. there will be five times more crushing saturday with one night. you have got five thits. by the way if i had known about that billboard that's across from jimmy kimmel's studio. i would have loved to have defaced my own face, to draw a mustache on there would have been really fun. i love where it is and by the way, katie, do you remember the first show you were on? red eye, are right?
2:41 am
>> katie: red eye, yes. gut gut yes. key to the gutfeld show is like we always look for new people. we always look for people that, you were fresh out of college, i think. and because we will have more guests and be able to take more risks. so you will see a lot of unusual and interesting people you don't normally see on tv. >> katie: well, i'm looking forward to it. trey, one of the problems and challenges i have when i do "the five" with greg i have to reserve my laughter because he is so funny and i don't want to be obnoxious. i'm looking forward to late night comedy five days a week from greg rather than other late night hosts. >> trey: i am too, katie. i do want to ask greg two questions. one is serious and i used to be a prosecutor and i think i owe it to the american people to ask this tough question. greg, your critics and you have some but your critics have alleged that the only way you got this show was based on your good looks, your charisma and
2:42 am
your sex appeal. so how do you respond to your critics that that's the only way you got this show? >> greg: you know, i'm so tired of hearing from them. in this case, you know, they are right. i mean, how else could this loud, obnoxious creature ever get on tv if it wasn't for just being gorgeous? i mean, on a scale of 1 to 10, i'm at least 13. >> trey: let me ask you one serious question. >> katie: something you agree with. okay, go ahead. >> greg: go, trey. >> trey: greg, one serious question. the funniest people i know were ultimate intro investigators and much harder to be funny than people think. is that true in your own life? it's hard to be funny all the time. gut gut all i do is i just speak what's running through my brain. so, oftentimes it's not funny but the whole point of comedy is taking risks. so every time you open your mouth you are basically jumping off a cliff and you never know where it's going to go.
2:43 am
that's why cancel culture is so damaging to people who are comedians people who go out on stage. i'm not one of those people. i have never done stand up. i have always been in plusing, packaging magazines and books. but, it's a scary time to be a free thinker. >> katie: that is true. juan, you don't agree with greg on much i think you can agree he has a beautiful face which is why it's on a billboard in hollywood. >> greg: so true. >> juan: i agree with the 1. i will tell you that. you know what i was thinking, greg, you say you are going to have new people on there. and i was thinking well, this week we had new people. we have jesse watters jr. >> greg: i know. >> juan: born april 1st. he is going to be a fun guy, greg, you have got to get him on the show. >> greg: here's the deal. how sad is it that jesse watters had to undermine my new show by having a child? like, this was supposed to be my moment, juan, this was supposed to be my moment. this whole week was about me and then he goes and has a kid or
2:44 am
wife has a kid on april fool's day and then he names it after himself. it's crazy. >> juan: that's "the five," i'm telling you, very competitive. [laughter] >> shannon: listen, i'm excited president monday launch. i could not possibly have a better opening act than greg gutfeld. i mean, is he going to jam up those snubs and have people laughing across the country. fox news at night is moving to midnight, 9:00 pacific. i can't wait to see what you do, greg. i feel so much of what you do comedy out there is just not funny these days. i don't care how go after just at least make it funny. >> greg: they are all drinking the same juice. but i'm looking forward to coming up with great transsises when i hand the show off to you. there is a lot of things. >> shannon: not going to be awkward at all ever. >> greg: not at all. there is a lot of rimes with bream. to identify tell you i have been looking them up. >> katie: okay.
2:45 am
we will record them and play them back. very excited to you and the whole team. looking forward to monday at 11:00. all right. fan mail friday, that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ rocket man ♪ and i think it's going to be a long, long time deputy gut all right, fan mail friday we are answering your questions, real quick. my staff had reached out to hunter biden's publicist and they said he won't be doing any more interviews. so, there you go. all right. first question. >> katie: i called it. >> greg: yes, you did. all right. we will have to find somebody else. matt gaetz, is he available? facebook question at a party where can someone find you shannon you are a party animal. >> shannon: i will go to whoever the oldest person is in the room that is my tribe. they're chill not trying to make something happen at the party. sometimes he need a friend.
2:50 am
>> greg: that's nice. what about you, juan, when you are at a party where do you find yourself darting towards the dance floor and i'm not a great dancer. shannon keeps following me because i'm the oldest person in the room i say back off, back off. >> greg: going to wonder, trey, if people come talk to me because i'm old. that's now all i'm going to think about. what do you do? >> trey: i stand right next to my wife who has the best verbal skills in the world and is incredibly charismatic and i ask her can we leave yet? since i'm an introvert and i don't do well at a party. >> greg: katie, you are considered young. [laughter] >> katie: i'm like shannon, i'm an old soul and at a party i'm the one next to the door trying to leave. i'm like shannon and trey.
2:51 am
get may out of there. >> greg: i'm never at the party every decade i have moved further and further away from the keg. outside in the 20's you were outside in the back and every decade you moved closer and closer to the door and now i don't leave the home and just stay home i read poetry. >> katie: getting there. >> greg: one more thing only time for one more thing up next. ♪ i want to fly like an eagle to the sea ♪ fly like an eagle, let my spirit carry me ♪ i want ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪♪ it's velveeta shells & cheese versus the other guys. ♪♪ clearly, velveeta melts creamier.
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. .
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♪ ♪on it's time now for one more thing on this friday. greg? >> greg: all right. we haven't done this in a while. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great >> greg: sometimes i'm watching the news and like i can't handle reporters who just keep repeating things over and over and over again and sometimes i wish the dog would run up and
2:56 am
take the microphone like this happened in moscow. look at that that is what is called -- look at the woman -- look at her. [laughter] >> she has the greatest face. absolutely amazing. do you know what's funny about this? look at that. she is the weather girl, that is a -- that's a golden retriever or jesse likes to refer to them asacollys. but, apparently no one was hurt and there are just dogs all over the place in moscow, apparently. that's all i have got. watch my show. >> katie: very cute. >> juan: is he a friendly one. all right. we are going to watch that show. all right. take me out to the ballgame, even in the snow, folk he is. take a look at the snow storm that greeted the detroit tigers and the cleveland baseball team as they played yesterday in detroit. home runs had to travel through falling flakes and take a look at a center fielder finding a fly ball in the snow. usually opening day at comerica park draws 42,000 fans, yesterday, due to the pandemic,
2:57 am
the stadium was limited to 8200. in new york, fans had to have proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. in d.c. the entire weekend series between the mets and nationals had to be canceled because of a code outbreak among the nats. i'm tell you let's play ball in 2021. it's a little different. trey? >> trey: juan, today is good friday so it's the perfect time for us to remind ourselves that the lame will walk and blind will see. there is a gentleman in the philippines who is seeing for the first time in two decades. he has been given back the gift of sight, which is a real estate minored of the power of medicine, miracles and also for us not to take things for granted like the ability to see. first time in 20 years he can see. >> juan: wow, that's a gift beyond words. shannon? >> shannon: that's going to make me cry. that's such a beautiful thing. i love that moment.
2:58 am
we all do need that encouragement. okay, this week finally my book is out. "women of the bible speak." and i cannot thank folks enough for how overwhelms the response has been to this. some retailers are out. we are getting it restocked. i wanted it to be a message of hope and inspiration and encouragement. i hope it's exactly how it's rest signatureating with folks out there. there is also a fox nation series and wonderful guests like kathie lee gifford and sara evans talking about own faith beth series and inspired by faithful women the bible there is a women of the bible podcast where you will hear more about these stories. i hope in easter weekend which we cover in the book that you will be encouraged by the joy of the resurrection and the hope for all things moving forward. thanks for support of the book. i pray it will bless everybody who picks it up. >> juan: well, happy easter to you. katie? >> katie: well, first, shannon, my mother already purchased your book and is looking forward to reading it. thank you for writing it for people like her to read it and be inspired.
2:59 am
strong women of the bible. >> greg: i think it's sexist. >> katie: greg is waiting for the calendar. >> greg: where is the men of the bible? >> shannon: greg can write men of the bible. >> katie: this is about manly men fire department in the palm coast. there was a house that was on fire as the family went out to go grocery shopping on the weekend and it caught on fire. and the palm beach fire department showed up and the flagler county sheriff's deputy noticed there was a dog inside the burning home and he thought very quickly, broke the front door. we heard the dog scratching. and he was able to escape. so thank you to deputy jekovich and broke the front door and let the dog out. thank you for sharing this scary but hopeful moment with all of us and thank you to our heros who work hard every day to save
3:00 am
our pet, our homes and our families. >> juan: indeed. so, greg, you got any revelations? who is going to be your first guest? >> greg: there is going to be a lot of surprises but you are going to recognize a few. rachel: we begin it saturday morning edition of "fox & friends" with a fox news alert. i'm rachel campos-duffy in for will jedediah billa. will: the all star game is being moved out of georgia over backlash new voting law. former president trump and governor brian kemp blasting the move and blaming cancel culture. pete: are searching for a deadly attack on capitol hill. police have identified the suspect as 25-year-old know a green who was shot dead after ramming his car into two capitol hill police officers. one was killed while another is in stable


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