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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 2, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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waste. i wrote it. i recorded the audio and i would be honored if you would read it or listen to it. it's available now. thanks for watching. have a wonderful weekend. happy easter. ♪ ♪ >> laura: this is a special edition of the "ingraham angle" this friday night. wehi tackle the legal strategy that we can use to defeat what are the coming vaccine passports. come on, it's friday follies with raymond arroyo. but first, oops. it turns out that bowing down to the social justice warriors really is a dangerous and self-defeating strategy. case in point. democrats lie about georgiat voter integrity law equating it to jim crow.
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it sent all sorts of far left activists down the boycott georgia warpath. including that fringe figure, that guy, president joe biden, who eagerly jumped on the punish georgia train in an interview on espn. >> what do you think about the possibility that they decide to move the baseball game out of atlanta because of this political issue? >> i think today's professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly. i would strongly support them doing that. >> laura: well, well, well! aside from the fact that joe seemed to be sleeping in that interview, as the angle told you last night these left wing boycotts of the all-star game, frankly, would cause huge economic damage and send jobs to other low tax states. hurt georgia. so the blow back against this is growing which forced even liberal georgia senator john -- to put out a statement last night saying i absolutely oppose
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and reject any notion of boycotting georgia but then he said, look, corporations thatt are disgusted like we are with this voter suppression bill should stop any financial support for the georgia republican party, and then stacey abrams, the mastermind behind the fraudulent attack on georgia's voter i.d. law, alsoar has been caught in a trap of her own making. >> to our friends across the country please do not boycott us. i understand the passion of those calling for a boycotts following the passage, but here's the thing. blacks, latinos, api and native american voters, those are the most suppressed are also the most likely to be hurt by potential boycotts of georgia. >> laura: none of this makes any sense. it's a question for ms. abrams. if georgia is really trying to resurrect the eagles of jim crow and segregation then how could businesses remain there in good conscience?
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shouldn't the low income voters, citizens, have to sacrifice to as far as voters to get in line and force the legislature to do what they should do? what happens is abrams sees where all of this leading. it would destroy georgia's businesses and actually could destroy her own political future. thus it was no surprise to see the white house on a clean up mission after biden's boycott blunder. maybe they got a called from stacey abrams as well. one unnamed senior adviser insisted that biden's endorsement of a boycott, well, it wasn't really an endorsement of a boycott.isen he was speaking from the heart. that was him. the adviser said. for him, it's not dictating what major league baseball should be doing but he supports the decision of the players. but we all know what this is really about. this is about bullying corporations into supporting
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nancy pelosi's massive election rigging scheme called hr-1. the measures would override all state voting prerogatives and ensure a democratic majority from coast-to-coast. this would invalidate the votes of tens of millions of americans through nationalized ballot harvesting, the elimination of voter i.d. requirements and a lot more. but the good news is, texas is now following in georgia's footsteps. yesterday, the state senate passed voter integrity measures of its own. well, and what happened? predictably dallas-based american airlines and dell computer, they have already announced their opposition to the common sense bill. a really dumb move on their part. and going forward, i'm going to say this, i'm trying to say this every night going forward, every republican lawmaker, not just in georgia or texas, but beyond, should put these companies on t notice, a lot of them by the way do plenty of business in china as we've pointed out, have no problem with that, but you side with the vote riggers who are
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lying about these reforms, and you will lose every tax break, every incentive, every credit going forward. and if these big corporations think they are going to get better results with democrats in charge of all 50 states, good that.ith all right. joining me now is kentucky senator rand paul. senator, you see what's happening. these corporations are just petrified. it reminds me ofof what they did during the blm riots of last summer. they all just fell in line but how dangerous is this given what we've already seen in georgia and now in texas for them? >> what's amazing to me, the head of delta, the head of coca-cola, they don't even bother to read the bills in. texas they admitted they didn't read the bills at all. all of that's proposals are to try to make it easy to vote but hard to cheat. i've been involved with this.
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i've communicated with people in all 50 state legislatures, i've called them on the phone. i've talked to the conservative alec group about this and we've now passed it in kentucky and we actually had more early voting days added so it's easier to vote but you vote in person, and there is a difference between in person and by mail. by mail should be the exception to the rule and only for those who can't show up in a person because it's much easier to verify who someone is if they show up in person. there is nothing jim crow about this. in fact, what is very insulting and really just gets to me is they are implying that people of certain races are not able to comply with rules, show up, or have a driver's license or figure this out.t and i think that's very racist in their thinking that there are vcertain groups of our people o are incapable of following basic rules. i don't think it's true. i think the trend lines for all the different races voting have been good in our country for 20 or 30 years and all these election bills do is try to make it easier to vote but harder to cheat. >> laura: let me just put up on
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the screen for a moment what texas is proposing, senator. and again, this is very common sense. so major provisions in this bill include allowing poll watchers to record in some circumstances, establishing a system to track mail-in ballots and codifying prohibition on drive through voting. so we want to make sure that we're able to see what's going on when they are counting the ballots, and if there are irregularities record them. why would that be a problem? so none of this is jim crow, but the ceos know that, senator. soso what's really going on? are they just weak kneed? they want to mollified the woke left? >> it's an extortion racket that's been going on for a long time. jesse jackson would do it years ago. he would protest in front of a big corporation that wasn't doing anything wrong until he
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gave money and then the protest would leave the organization. that's what they are doing, they think they can bully. i remember people stay away from coca-cola. now they are telling people to apologize for being white. apologize for being arrogant. apologize for all ofof these things supposedly that white people are doing, and that's a very racist sort of philosophy. it's woke, sort of critical race theory but it's now infected publicly traded company and when they start saying things like that they are actually going against what their mandate is. their mandate is to maximize profit but now they are turning off 40% of the country who don't really want to be woke up and told that we're horrible people and don't believe that there is horrible racism in our country. it's been getting better generation after generation and yet coca-cola wants to make us all feel like racism is a predominant thing and if you're white you're somehow guilty or evil and that's a crazy philosophy that wants to sell products to all of us. do they not want any republicans to buy coca-cola products? they are heading in that
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direction. >> laura: watch out. they are poking the bear. senator, wonderful to see you. happy easter to you. the attacks on the georgia integrity law is just the latest sign that biden's plea for unity was all a sham but my next guest says political battles like this point to something truly troubling. the eventual breakup of the united states. historian craig -- writes our country is in a vicious toxic relationship with itself. unlike any toxic relationshipun the only inevitable eventuality is that it will mercifully end up with breakup. i don't see any sort of viable path forward at the rate we're going, author and craig shirley joins me now. is there really no path in your mind to reconciliation? >> no, i don't think so, laura. look, we had national glue in the past to hold us together as a nation. we had manifest destiny, great depression, we had wars and
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other activities. we -- covid should have been the national glue holding us together but it wasn't. in fact, it drove us further apart. you saw states arguing with states and states arguing with the national government about nhow to proceed. how to distribute vaccines. no, i don't see any choice going forward. stit may be a natural thing. like a brexit only in the united states, where states, blue states and red states separate and have some type of friendly trading relationship or friendly transportation relationship, but they are all self-governed which is really what the founders intended in the first place. t >> laura: craig, when you see the difference between the way things are going now in florida, or tennessee, or texas, or south
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dakota, and then you see the way things are going, and even virginia, where i know you live in virginia, it really does seem like in many ways two americas. everybody that travels to florida from other states they breathe a sigh of relief and they remember what it was like to live in a free state. i keep hearing that it's a free state. that's jarring to my ear when i hear that. >> yes. you're absolutely right. people are voting with their feet. people are leaving california. they are leaving new york. because of their insane. a policies. what they think are insane liberal policies, and they are migrating to texas and to florida and louisiana and other states, and this is happening all over the country. states like michigan are becoming bluer and states like florida are becoming redder and they don't get along with each other.e they don't talk to each other, and obviously, they are separate governments, but they have very strained relationships with each other right now.
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culturally and politically. >> laura: craig, as i just said "the angle," to have a sitting president like biden endorse to the extent that he even knows what's going on but endorse a boycott of georgia, over a voter i.d. law, i have never witnessed anything like that before. that was also a very disturbing moment. they tried to walk it back but we know what's going on. >> we know what's going on. what he said was very unpresidential. him sticking his nose into affairs that he has no cause to. like whether or not the texas rangers should open up the stadium to allow people to attend games and watch games. you know, let the t marketplace decide. let local governments decide. what is he doing talking about that or talking about georgia or talking about any other state instead of national issues. it seems confused -- he seems
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confused most of the time anyway's which is why he's sticking his nose into affairs that are none of his concern. >> laura: yes. alienating states left and right. >> yes. >> laura: mostly left -- mostly right. exactly. thanks, craig, so much, and have a nice family easter. good ole biden has finally come out, he's come out to do an interview with cbs about his new tell-all book but he's not ready to tell all about that laptop controversy. >> was that your laptop? >> for real, i don't know. i really don't know what the answer is. >> you don't know yes or no? >> i don't have any idea. no idea. >> it could have been yours? >> of course, certainly, there could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. it could be i was hacked. it could there that it was russian intelligence. it could be that it was stolen from me. >> laura: it could be that
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you're a total crook. joining me now is wisconsin senator ron johnson. senator, that was like, it depends on what the meaning of the word laptop is, right? which the fbi is in possession of. is this really some russian plot to undermine a member of the biden family? come on. >> it was surreal to listen to that interview. he knows it was his computer or he was so drugged up when he dropped it off maybe he forgot but it's been verified that's his computer and the emails that have been extracted from that show our reports, they were spot on accurate. there are so many foreignw.he entanglements that represent counter intelligence, an extortion threat to the biden presidency. that was completely dismissed because of the bias of the media. they picked. their mandate and did everything they could to get elected and now we're starting to see the sorry and sad results of that. >> laura: senator, from the minute that donald trump walked
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into that white house in 2017 to the minute he left, and even afterwards, they targeted the s him unfairly, maligned him. they are still looking at every nook and cranny of his taxes up in new york and meanwhile we have a chinese complication at the very least with the bind family and it's like, oh, no, we're done with that story. this is so obvious in its manner of media bias, and it's aa complete scandal. compare and contrast to donald trump and what they did to him. >> there is no doubt about it. remember, they justified their investigative reporting albeit false allegationsid on the russn collusion trump campaign on the basis if this is true there could be all kinds of blackmail, we know that these connections with the hunter biden are true, and we don't know what effect it will have on american foreign policy. but again, the bias in the media is taking us down k into a very dark chapter. i was listening to your previous guest. this should concern every
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american. we don't have a free and unbiased press anymore. we have, the judge declared a democratic broad sheet is what the media is and you have to go to the source and this is literally, and well before i entered the political realm, i realized it was the master stroke of the left as they took over the vietnam protests. they have been in control of college education, journalism, law, our culture for 50 years and we're starting to see the results of that their efforts are bearing fruition right now and it should concern every american. >> laura: a new story that at least a thousand people are getting across our border every day. t we don't know who they are. they are going into the country. not tested for covid. i mean, we're on track for more than a million people this
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years, senator. i don't know anyone who voted for that, do you? >> no, this is as close to open borders as you're ever going to get and the biden administration knows what they are doing. they understand that their policies are facilitating a multibillion dollar business model with some of the most evil people on the planet.he we saw the video of them dropping three and 5-year-old girls from 14 feet. we heard down at the border they will throw a baby overboard the raft when they are -- to divert cpb to try and rescue that child. these are evil people and the biden administration policies are facilitating their efforts. it's sick. >> laura: senator, we'll continue to track that and also the hr-1 push. thank you for speak being out. and vaccine passports, another control tactic of the lowest, they are becoming reality. but constitutional -- and how do we fight back? next. lives of six million jews
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♪ ♪ >> laura: an unholy alliance is formed between the biden administration and the cartel to -- medical cartel to force you to take medical passports. thankfully stepping up and fighting back. >> the idea of a government requiring a passport to move freely within a free country certainly strikes me as the wrong approach.a
11:23 pm
>> i think it's unamerican to have this kind of policy going forward and pushed by the federal government, it's unacceptable. m >> completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply be able to participate n normal society. you want the fox to guard the hen house? i mean, give me a break. >> laura: joining me now, a civil rights attorney and founder of the center for auamerican liberty. i'm still trying to figure out how the democrats are going to convince the court that any of this is constitutional even if it's coming from big corporation, airlines, and so forth? your thoughts on this. >> thanks for having me, laura. you're absolutely right. h this is unconstitutional on a number of different levels, and the only way that they seem to be getting to the point of
11:24 pm
proposing this is by ignoring the legal precedence out there.h just as recently as 2003 there was a case in d.c., where the department of defense was barred from forcing an anthrax vaccine on the troops because it was experimental, which is exact circumstance that we have here and yet they seem to be ignoring all of this law. laura, these vaccine passport proposals violate the right to travel under the constitution. they violate our right of privacy. they violate equal protection. very violate due process and they may even violate the firstv amendment to the extent that the decision to get vaccinated is an expressive activity so ith don't see how these survive even if it is in the private sector and the private sector itself, there are civil rights statues in the states as well as statue that is bar private parties from conspiring with the government to violate your civil rights that can be used to prevent companies from discriminating against people on the basis of a suspect classification like
11:25 pm
this. >> laura: to justify, though, issuing these passports, certain msnbc hostsis cite an interestig country. >> china has opened up and is using a similar program, so there is a lot of evidence that this can be a technological answer to help improve public safety and allow vaccinated people to congregate. it also allows people to choose to opt in. you don't want to get the passport, you don't want to go to that place, you don't have to and yet now we're seeing a major backlash. >> laura: china, china, yes! i mean, where do you start? china also harvesting organs of prisoners. china also uses facial recognition technology and social scores. our country was founded on the principle that we deprive our rights from god. we don't derive them from the government. we don't need the government's permission to do basic things. the constitution protects that's rights.
11:26 pm
this is going to be fought at every level by my organization, the center for american liberty as well as i'm sure many other patriots out there. we'll not tolerate this becauseo it is a slippery slope and we're not even getting into the fact that big tech and you remember during the beginning parts of this crisis we had big tech pushing these tracking apps so you could figure out contact tracer, you could figure out if you were near somebody that was covid positive, that was all about getting our data and that's why they want to collaborate with state governments. >> laura: everyone has to understand who is watching this tonight, that it's not about covid. it never was to some extent. it's that they are going to require you to show a code to get on a plane or to get on a train or to go to school, then you don't have freedom anymore. your freedom is basically gone. they are telling you to do something against your will perhaps, maybe not, maybe you're fine with it but not everybody. and the next thing is, they are
11:27 pm
going the require to do what else? what else will they require you to do? in order to be free again. >> absolutely. and what other vaccines and what other experimental procedures and maybe you'll be barred from establishments because you were in a room with somebody who is on that list of undesirable people. laura, the civil rights establishment in this country, the formally active american civil liberties union fought for our right to make sure the police couldn't stop black people walking in white neighborhoods and asked them to show theirowt papers and what we they doing there. this is really a form of that. this is the government tracing you, tracking you and barring your entry and participation and forcing this vaccine. this vaccine may have elements that people object to such as being derived from aborted fetuses.
11:28 pm
there are so many other reasons why people of faith or people of conscience decide that it's not for them. even for health reasons. maybe you already had covid and you recovered. you have the antibodies, it's appalling and unconstitutional to force this on people and we'll be fighting it. >> laura: thank you so much tonight. >> and all eyes are on minnesota because of the trial of, of course, minneapolis policere officer derek chauvin and the death of george floyd but that's not the only controversy that's been ripping the state apart. the absurd covid rules of democratic governor tim walls have left thousands of school children angry, isolated and parents infuriated aboututnonl burdensome protocols that have ruined life for a lot of kids and that leads us to this case. carson, he says he was pulled from his state qualifying swim competition just moments before it started because of a close contact claim by someone in his class who, i guess, tested positivete for covid. despite him testing negative twice and showing no symptoms the school district ordered him to quarantine for 14 days, forcing him to, guess what, miss
11:29 pm
the state championship meet. carson joins me now along with his dad. mark. good tota see you tonight. you're a senior. people watching might say, big deal, carson, it's just a swim meet or two. affect your really life? what do you say? >> well, you know, laura, first of all, thank you very much for this opportunity, but i feel like i was denied the opportunity to swim at this state competition my senior year of high school. my very last chance, i was very devastated that i was not able to make the appearance at the state meet. >> carson, do you feel cheated? again, you're a senior, you've had a lot of restrictions in place your senior year. really since last spring. you are in school, which is good. but, as somebody who played a
11:30 pm
lot of high school sports, it was so -- it was engrained in what i did on a daily basis, it really helped me with everything else i did. i would feel cheated. i imagine you do, too. >> i do very much feel cheated, and, laura, for a lot of kids, these high school sports are a chance for them to escape and this is what they enjoyy doing and unfortunately it's getting stripped away from some of thesa kids. >> mark, on marchom 17, just das after the quarantine began, your governor released a video. watch. >> one of my hard working staffers tested positive for covid, which the protocols mean all of us will go into quarantine now for 10 days. this is how you beat covid. >> laura: mark, okay, wait. let me follow this. so the governor quarantines forr 10 days, that's cool. but not your son, who, look, neither of you have been on television before, right? so this is not something you wanted to do. but it really hurt him, and i can see by watching him tonight,
11:31 pm
he's really upset. the rules for you don't apply to the governor. how in the heck is that fair? >> well, you know, those are the same questions we have, and all i can say we thought we had a case when we went to the school board meeting and they said it would be a definite 14 days. the governor said otherwise so we thought when the governor two days later when he had his own close contact, we thought sure that, you know, if it was safe for him to quarantine for 10 days, it most likely would be safe for a high school athlete for 10 days so we thought he would have a real good chance before the saturday -- the state championship, we were waiting without any answers, and the powers that be never came in and so he was unable to attend. >> laura: we hope this gets resolved and carson, best of luck to you going forward. i know you'll end up doing great but this is a huge
11:32 pm
disappointment. thank you. coming up, remember when joe biden told us it was supposed to be a hundred days of mask wearing. how does a hundred years look? raymond arroyo has the details on "friday follies" next.
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>> welcome to fox news live. i'm ashley -- a capitol police officer is dead and another hurt after a car rammed into a u.s. capitol barricade. police identify the officers killed, 18 year veteran. authorities say the attack does not appear to be related to terrorism. people are dead and more than 100-hertzer a train crash in taiwan. at the train derailed after barreling into a truck, the
11:38 pm
trucks emergency brake was not properly engaged and caused it to fly onto the tracks. many passengers were crushed while others managed to climb out the windows. if i'm ashley strohmier, now back to "the ingraham angle," for all the headlines log onto watching the most powerful name and news. the fox news channel. ♪ ♪ >> laura: it's friday and that means it's time for, you guessed it, friday follies. and on this good friday we turn to the author of the new book the thief who stole heaven" and fox news victor around arroyo. this new administrationto apparently launching a new exciting contest which may tell us a little bit about our future. >> laura if you thought those vaccinations were going to end the mask wearing, think again. he's offering a $500,000 contest to design a better mask free of glass fogging and skin irritation. what they should have done is
11:39 pm
launch a contest to teach people how to properly wear a mask. >> to protect the stability of ourk democracy. >> and then just today, laura, the president -- and then today the president showed off his new covid ear wear line. there are all kinds of innovative masks out there already, laura, masks for eating, nose masks, and like the vaccination rollout the biden administration is trying to create or take credit for something that already exists. why are they hosting a contest for a new mask design when back in december, a team at john hopkins won an international contest for their soft silicon-free mask. this seems like a big redo to me. >> laura: they are always picking the masks off their face when they are talking. a hail press conference? it's like the mask is a magnetic
11:40 pm
pole to their fingertips and it defeats the whole purpose of the mask. we've got to move beyond the masks. >> this contest goes on for six months, laura. and then they may open a third phase of it. we're in this mask world for a long time here. >> laura: team biden held its first cabinet meeting yesterday. first. biden tweeted out this picture, and he added, a cabinet that looks like america, by golly. yes. >> masks and silence and separated. >> government service should not be about externals but about substance. diversity is great. but what's needed is true diversity, a thought. experience. producing a taxpayer funded ad is not necessarily reflective of diversity or america, laura. >> laura: i'm just going to say it because i know everyone is thinking it.prrs this sitting six feet apart, it just is goofy.
11:41 pm
they have all been vaccinated, right? they have all been vaccinated and they are sitting there like, okay, don't touch me, and you know they are going i in the bak room hanging other, sharing skittles, does biden even do jellybeans or m and m's? >> ice cream. only ice cream. i think that's his only sweet vice. the externals overshadowed by the comments at the first cabinet meeting. watch this. >> most of the cabinet -- [inaudible] i think i want to thank them in advance for the role they will play and we'll be discussing that today and among other things. and one of those other things our administration -- is a commitment to buy -- [inaudible] >> laura, this was like the reading of a will. i mean, he's reading this thing the whole time.
11:42 pm
the most lackluster, passive first cabinet meeting perhaps ever in the history of america. >> laura: he never looks like he's enjoying the job. okay?veer i mean, trump liked the give and take of the press, and they punched him, he opinion. ed back. there wasn't a lot of hugging, but punch, punch, but trump was enjoying the moment. not the hassle but he was enjoying it.f biden doesn't look like he's having any fun and neither are >> no, because it's a sales job. he's not fully engaged and you can kind of tell that. this being good friday, laura, at western carolina university i have to share this with you a housing coordinator was recorded offering this holiday advice. >> we can't assume that all of our residents celebrate easter so when you're actually talking about easter eggs like , what, marvel heads, easter eggs in a movie, even during the holidays, we can't, you know, say christmas or specific to one religious holiday. we just, we always say holidays.
11:43 pm
just because we have to be inclusive here at western. >> have to be inclusive. western carolina university says this is not a formal -- christmas is a federal holiday and just because a holiday is religious doesn't mean you can't mention it. i say mention it and celebrate all of them. those who want to take part will and the others can stay at home and watch marvel movies. >> laura: what it was julie garland movie? >> easter parade. >> laura: i knew you knew it. easter parade. i'm not just dating myself, i'm dating my grandmother. that's -- >> i'll be looking for the
11:44 pm
pictures of your easter bonnet, laura. >> laura: no problem. i'm picking among several, raymond. thank you. as always, have a great easter with the family. and the kids. all right. fighting for religious freedom on good friday. back in the crosshairs but once again he's not backing down. janet breaks it all down the latest attack on religious liberty coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we know it's going to take many forms of energy to meet the world's needs while creating a cleaner future for all. at chevron, we're lowering the carbon emissions intensity of our operations, investing in lower-carbon technologies, and exploring renewable fuels of the future. we work hard to care for the homes we love. but it's only human... to protect the one we share.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: three years after scoring a big win for religious liberty in the supreme court, jack phillips, remember, he was the owner of that masterpiece cake shop is back in court. this time he's fighting off a aedatory lawsuit from transgendered lawyer who back in 2017 requested a cake to celebratein a gender transition. phillips, of course, refused and says it was all part of a setup meant to financially destroy his 30-year-old business. apparently there is no other bakers in the entire united states. joining us now, shannon bream, anchor of fox news and author of the best-selling book, i love saying that, "women of the bible," shannon, first of all,on congratulations on the book. i'm so happy for you. one of the nicest people, one of the smartest people on television.
11:50 pm
shannon, i thought of you when this case came back. it seems like this is just a redox of what we saw before, case that he won. >> yes, the thing is, you know, having clerked at the supreme court, you know how this works and how this case came down. the fact is he did have a win there but it didn't settle this underlying legal question that keeps coming up about where the intersection of religious freedom and,ein you know, religs beliefs collide with lgbtq beliefs and those lives and those rights so listen, the day his case was announced it would be heard by the u.s. supremefr court which didn't resolve the underlying question this individual called the shop and said i want to have a cake that's pink inside, blue outside and it will be a transition gender revealed cake and he said we don't celebrate those kinds of things, they don't line up with our believers. then the individual said i would like to order a cake with satan on it smoking a cake -- theyd ae back in court again and he said, listen, i'm just trying to do my job. i want to use my skills and my talents to make custom
11:51 pm
creations, but obviously, this person was calling for a very specific reason and that is, to take him back to court and that's where he is. again. >> laura: my goodness. speaking of the court, shannon, many on the left are now calling for justice steve breyer to step down. >> there has been a lot of pressure, lawrence, on justice stephen breyer, who is 82, to step down, not today, yesterday, last week, in january, to give up his seat, i think there are -- we've all learned a lesson of ruth bader ginsburg. i >> laura: shannon, as someone who knows the courts so well what is the chance of that happening? >> we hear nothing that he's not continuing to plan and work and keep moving forward.
11:52 pm
you remember this bill, justicek ginsberg, calls from the left, pieces, op ed saying you're doing a disservice to the country, everything you stand for, you've gotin to stem down. her take on it was you're not going to get somebody qualified and confirmed and vote the way d do and i'll stay here as long as i can. the left is very mad about the way that she left the bench and president trump was able to get his third confirmation to the bench. justice breyer doesn't seem like he's very worried about the chatter. i don't think he's going anywhere. he doesn't seem like he is. >> laura: i love this thinking, this guy has been around for decades, push him off the court because they are unhappy about e s something. shannon, i want to get to your new book, "women of the bible speak." in the book, you write that oves and over throughout scripture we see god, father first, and then god in the form of his son jesus.
11:53 pm
use people who are not among the top echelons of society or aristocratic elites. why, shannon, was that significant to you? that point? >> you know, i love highlighting all these different will in the book and i want them to be what they are in the bible, which is relatable, and flawed. some of them were very humble. didn't come from a prominent family or anywhere else. we also included people who were a little bit naughty and got off track. we've got a prostitute in here. a we've got somebody who double crosses her father-in-law by acting like a prostitute and getting pregnant by him. it's hard for people to believe these stories are in the bible but they all had a point and there is a reason why they are all included and i just think it's beautiful to see how god works through everyone, whether they are faithful, whether they make a mess and get off track becausee we all have those experiences so i thought it was important to include them. >> laura: shannon, i'm so happy you wrote this book, congratulations and everybody
11:54 pm
get out and get this book. this season, of course, but all year long. shannon,ng women of the bible speak, thank you so much. >> thanks, have a blessed easter. >> laura: all right. you, too,, happy easter. final thoughts this good friday when we return. to doctos to treat acute, non-low back muscle and joint pain with topical nsaids first. a formulation they recommend can be found in salonpas. a formulation they recommend can be found in salonpas. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu.
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it's up to you. >> laura: that's all the time we have tonight. first, i want to remind all of you, this easter, a lot of people have tim tell mike been demoralized for the last year, but you can't be. we don't have time for that. passover ends as well, i hope you are all able to spend time with your family and your friends and continue to remember what matters most, faith, family, friendship, and this country. we are going to do everything we can in coming days and weeks to remind you what really matters and how to hold the powers that be accountable across the board.
12:00 am
don't be afraid, there's no reason to be. that's all the time how tonight, for this special edition of the ingraham angle, shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it all from here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. up breaking tonight, republican governor brian kemp says he is not backing down. a major league baseball moving shannon: welcome to fox news it might. i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, brian kemp says he is not backing down. major league baseball moving the all-star game out of atlanta over a new georgia law intended to ensure the integrity of elections after the unprecedented circumstances around last year's pandemic election. major-league baseball supports voting rights for all americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box.


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