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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 2, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy good friday. if we can say that. today was no different. a radical black nationalist drove the car into two police officers in the capitol in washington this afternoon. one of the officers was killed along with the suspect. what's interesting, they're still much we don't know about this, we know very little. this is one high-profile mode to murder that didn't set off an avalanche of hysterical media attacks on an entire racial groups. he didn't see stories about how
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all black people are bad, or blackness is a virus. thank god, that stuff is garbage. that has poisoned all decent people. attacking people of races, it's evil. the people in power should stop doing. thank god for small blessings. if that doesn't mean our leaders turned down the opportunity to leverage the tragedy. ilhan omar called for gun control, even though the assailant apparently didn't have a gun, just a knife. she is not a genius, as we've noted before. at the usual experts told us, the lesson was, we need even more barbed wire around the capital comments to open to the public. to keep our democracy states, we must wall off voters from the leaders who supposedly represent them. that's already happening across the country, both physically, in the barrier cc around government buildings, and on a far deeper level, on a level that can't be undone as quickly as offense.
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in a democracy, the people rule. about the response went on, over time, it happens. that's what self-government is. what you call a system in which all of the major, all of the really important decisions are made by big companies, without any reference at all to what voters want? that's not democracy, its corporate toxicity, and it's starting to look a lot like what we have now. here's the latest example. a major league baseball announced its pulling two of the biggest events in sports, the all-star game ends the mlb draft out of the state of georgia. why does major league baseball weigh in on this question requires it doing it? because voters in the state of georgia made a decision that divided the administration doesn't like. that's what so many corporations, major league baseball believes it has veto power over the democratic process. by the way, it may have veto power, we will find out. in the case in georgia, the state passed about to reduce voter product. if that law requires voters to provide some sort of
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identification before they cast a mail in ballots. at that identification be it driver's license or state i.d., they make it pretty easy to prove who you are. if there's nothing crazy about this law, it's hard to believe it wasn't already on the books. when it was proposed, it sailed through the state house. at the house of representatives approved this bill by a 25 vote margin, the state senate by a vote of 34-24. unlike obamacare, it wasn't a squeaker. you can see why, nationally, the overwhelming majority of americans agree with it. they support mandatory photo i.d. for voting. according to recent polls by the ap, 72% of people in this country believe that required ids are a good idea. why wouldn't they think that? you already have two show an i.d. when you buy on a plane or drive a car, hold a job, live in an apartment, or get a vaccine. you don't need one to vote? come on, it's ridiculous. in fact, it's worse than
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ridiculous, it's sinister. anyone who opposes voter i.d. laws is encouraging voter fraud, which is to say, encouraging the destruction of democracy. it's that simple. you can now put major league baseball in that category. baseball was supposed to be america's pastime, happy, unifying, fundamentally nonpolitical, it's strange to see this happen. how do we get here? it's not at all complicate it. we have a new president to now, that president is willing to destroy even as something as wholesome as the countries traditional game purely to increase the power of his political party. just the other day, joe biden went on espn she demands the professional sports franchises boycott any state who supported step out of line. >> president biden: i think today's professional athletes are acting responsibly. people look to them, they are leaders. a look at what has happened with the nba as well.
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look at what has happened across the board agreed at the very people who are victimized most of the people who are the leaders in this very sport. it's just not right. this is jim crow on steroids, what they are doing in georgia and 40 other states. >> tucker: that's be considered judgment, expressed out loud to come out by the president of the united states created georgia's voter i.d. law is jim crow on steroids. asking people to show their identity before they vote is worse than segregation and lynching. it's startling german shepherds on steroids. it got to wonder how long our leaders can keep saying things like this, reckless things like this, before they really cause society to fall apart. it joe biden seems to be determined to find out. one thing biden doesn't seem interested in is his own home state, delaware. unlike georgia, delaware has never permitted mass early
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voting, apparently, delaware is a white's premises state. about 80% of georgia voters cast their ballots early last fall. in delaware, that number was 29%. why is it that voter suppression? is because celebrates a one-party state working for the democrats. not going to change appear to georgia, by contrast, is a swing state. in the estimated shannon of joe biden, is worth using racially divisive lies. according to joe biden's real problem with the new election law is that it could cause dangerous dehydration. the one i'm worried about how un-american this whole initiative is. it is sick. it is sick. deciding in some states that you cannot bring water to people standing in line, waiting to vote. it deciding that you are going to end voting at 5:00 when working people are just getting off work.
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we won every word of that was false. maybe "the washington post" will start a joe biden lie-meter. it just. it georgia law bans political organizations from bringing gifts of standing in line to vote. it is banned in an awful lot of places, but there is no prohibition in georgia or anywhere else against people getting water and food in line if it comes from someone other than a political operative, if it comes from a friend or family member. by the way, they can also bring their own water. hydrating is still legal in georgia. they will claim this will end voting at 5:00, that's a lie, too. wait a second, joe biden just about on tv, where did he get the idea that voting ends at 5:00? it turns out the big paper in atlanta reported that the law would ban voting after 5:00. the papers reporters haven't read the law, they had to attend this correction to their piece,
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which effectively was the same as admitting they were repeating talking points without doing research, which is what they were doing. a previous version of the story said the new limited voting hours on election day in georgia, polling places are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. if you're in line by 7:00 p.m., you are allowed to cast your ballot. nothing in the new law changes those rules. that's the truth. he finally appended to a lie. it joe biden got his research on that bill from reporters who did no research. you see how that works? the white house press briefing, one reporter asked an interesting question. why is joe biden on television to mending a boycott of an american state will not demanding a boycott of china? after all, the biden administration declared china was committing against ethnic minorities. his grumpy little slack wasn't happy about that question. because the president voiced his support for ammo be making that
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decision about the all-star gamn can we expect a final termination from the president about the united states participating in the beijing olympics giving, given saying he stomach the chinese president doesn't have a democratic bone in his body question mike >> i think the democratics olympic committee would play a big role. i don't know if you heard -- the answer that happened a few minutes ago, we address this. i answered the question. i gave a little more context, but maybe weren't paying attention to that part. >> tucker: [laughs] i'm not going to answer the question, i'm going to pretend that i already did and you didn't hear, you are dumb, it's your fault. there's no answer, no one at the white house explains why a law against voter fraud in georgia that justifies a but he in china does not. if the domestic grows anyway, huge parts of corporate america have joined it.
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they decided georgia is reinstating jim crow. coca-cola, which is based in atlanta now tells us that georgia's anti-voter fraud law is double. >> we are crystal clear and unequivocal, this legislation is unacceptable. it does not promote principles we have stood for in georgia around fraud axis to voting come around voter convenience, about ensuring election integrity. it is just a step backwards. >> tucker: not clear how long the ceo of coca-cola has been in this country, but just to restate, just because you run a soft drink country doesn't mean you get to control our democracy. it's a step backward, he told us. it's pretty funny if you think about it. coca-cola's very concerned about black people, which makes you wonder if since were on the subject, how many people don't like black people have died from diabetes caused by coca-cola products?
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we don't have those numbers, someone ought to find out. i bet it's more than the minneapolis police department has killed ever. here's the even funnier part, china's one of coca-cola's biggest markets. that's why last year, kurt ferguson, the president of coca-cola greater china and korea went out of his way to praise the communist party of china for unleashing the unleashing the coronavirus on the road. thank you very much to the government with your quick decisive action come once again, thank you. you really controlled a worldwide epidemic and to should be very much congratulated for all your hard work. may i kiss your feet? may i slobber on you? have a coke and a smile. coca-cola wants you to believe that whatever is happening in china is really caring much about its type 2 diabetes victims in the united states. coca-cola hates discrimination. okay. why isn't coca-cola saying anything about phil scott? he's the governor of vermont, a republican, by the way. governor scott declared that
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vermont would be passing out vaccines on the basis of skin color. vermont wants to check your racial purity before they give you life-saving medicine. that doesn't seem like a good idea, or legal, or ethical, or something that could ever happen in america. is coca-cola okay with that question mike they are. coke hasn't said a word about it. neither has delta, which despite being an airline and not a super pac, has also decided to condemn georgia's elections bill. according to the ceo of delta, people in the black community are upset about the loss, so delta's upset, too. to speak it's about protecting the voices of our people. when i speak to our people, particularly within the black community, we've got a very large black employee base, almost universally they are hurt by the law and the legislation that was enacted, and we need to make certain their voices are heard. we spent a lot of time in the last year reaching out to those
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most vulnerable and telling them that we hear them, that we see them, that their voices matter. if we can't stand with them now, when will we? >> tucker: so he's just reading something the hr department wrote for them, it doesn't seem he's pause to think of the implications. delta airlines operates because of u.s. taxpayers allow delta two. you can just start and run it, you need the cooperation of the public. if you delta airlines or some other big company benefiting from all the good things that america offers, you are not allowed to override the democracy just because you're rich. you're not allowed to do that. if you do, maybe we should punish you. delta says it's very large black employee base is almost universally hurts. remarkably, and this is amazing, that's not what delta was saying about the very same law a few days ago before the biden administration leaned on them. at the time, delta issued a
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statement declaring, the legislation improves considerably during legislative process and expands weekend voting, codified sunday voting, and protects the voter's ability cast an absentee ballot without offering a reason. felt at the time praise the law's protection for the drop boxes. for the first time, drop boxes have been authorized for all county statewide, and full workers will be allowed to work across county lines. before we get into this, this is an airline. why are they weighing in? who do you think you are, delta air lines? we should shut you down. now, delta has decided it's the standards requiring voter identification is jim crow -- wait a minute, you might be wondering, doesn't delta air lines require photo i.d. in order to board its planes? that sounds like jim crow. why isn't that racist? it's not, shut up. one of the democratic party's top election lines is a man called mark elias, he tried to answer the question on twitter,
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the georgia law will require voters to submit i.d. to vote by mail, he wrote. if they use their driver's license, they need to provide a number. one of the two numbers below is correct, if they put to the other down, it will be rejected. are you sure you would pick the right one? he posted a photograph of the sampled driver's license before to below the tweet. according to mike dominic mark elias, black people can't find the license plate number. mark elias, like delta, just doesn't think they can read it. who is the racist in the story, seriously? they are treating adults like children, what does that say about how you feel about them question mike cnn is here to call me write down, we'd like to assure you, the racist is not the one who believes black people can't navigate a driver's license, no, the racist is the one who's trying to reduce voter fraud. of those people, cnn just told us, this is a real take, are
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essentially recruiting for the kkk. ♪ ♪ >> jim crow was making a comeback. to be blackface character from minstrel shows who came to symbolize second-class citizenship for millions of americans. ♪ ♪ >> jim crow is also the name used to describe unequal racial segregation rules that banned black people from eating white owned restaurants, staying in white owned hotels, and fully participating in the election process. now, as hundreds of new proposals to scale back but her and election to make their way through state legislatures, the parallels with the pastor inescapable. >> tucker: cnn went to its archives to find footage of minstrels. how did they have that tape? we should find out. just in case the point wasn't clear enough, they put it on the screen. as dominic has propaganda ever
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been this heavy-handed question mike have you ever seen the official north korean new site,a lighter touch than that. next they will be announcing republicans in georgia, that's got to be coming up this pace. one of the people they will call names, for sure, they haven't already come as the governor of the state of georgia, brian kemp. he's the one who signed the new election law. thank you so much for coming on, super simple question to start, should corporations have veto power over the democratic process? >> tucker, this is unbelievable. i mean, really, unfortunate today, obviously, that major league baseball has folded up and caved to the cancel culture, and a bunch of liberal lies. it's even more sad that the president of the united states like joe biden and stacey abrams enabling the election integrity acts, jim crow. if this is what happens. you have a lot of small business owners, baseball fans, including
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myself are getting deprived of having an all-star game in atlanta because of the cancel culture. i think it's a message to all of us all across this country that are home tonight, they're coming after you, next. if they're going to come after your ball game, they're going to boycott your business. if you don't agree with their way of life, they will come after you on that. >> tucker: it's shocking, why are delta air lines and coca-cola getting involved in the details of a voter fraud bill? why doesn't someone say, make your diabetes causing soft drinks, fighter airplanes, stay out of democracy? why do they think they have a right to dictate a bill in georgia legislation or that nothing to do with their business? >> it so hypocritical. it's just like major league baseball headquartered in new york, delta's flying in new york, i'm sure coca-cola sells a lot of product in new york. when you look at new york's
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voting laws, you have to have an excuse to vote absentee by mail in new york. you don't in georgia. if you want to vote absentee, you can do it. we have 17 days of in-person early voting before the election for people to participate. we now have two more optional days, if counties opt into that on sundays, it was a bill that was expanding access for voting opportunities early. new york has ten, so we have either seven or nine days more then new york where major league baseball's headquarter. i guess we should be boycotting them for having their headquarters in new york, because that laws more restricting than ours. this is all ridiculous. this bill changes a signature requirement for absentee ballots and uses voter i.d. we've been using voter i.d. since the mid-2000s, 97 people, 97% of the people voted in person before the pandemic, they're used to using the voter
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i.d., it's no big deal. fixing a lot of other things that will make sure we have secure, accessible, fair elections. the one really quick, we saw this happen in south dakota recently where huge left-wing companies got to dictate the law, will georgia caved to their demands in any way? >> can you say that one more time tucker? you're breaking up a little. >> tucker: will this outcry and boycott have any effect on the law in georgia? >> no, i think it's the reverse. i can tell you, we are not backing down. the members of the legislature that voted on this bill that were duly elected in november are not backing down. people are rising up, because they are worried. they are worried, what sport is going to be next? what event is going to be next?
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what business is going to be next? >> tucker: they should be worried. i appreciate you coming on tonight, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> tucker: next time you're flying delta air lines, it might be fun to refuse to show photo i.d., and point out it's racist to ask you for it. good luck, if you want to video tape that experience and send it to us, we'll put it on the air. it was a horrible tragedy today at the capital, a police officer has died. we don't have a ton of information on this, but new developments are coming in, including ones that describe the person who apparently was responsible for it. we will tell you what we know, and what it means, after the break.
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♪ ♪ >> awful scene at the capitol in washington, trace gallagher on the latest in what we know now. >> the killer is 24-year-old, 11 of ten children from a family in -- so farco we've found no criminal record or motive, but in this series of recent social media posts, green talked about being unemployed, facing trying times and saying he was leaning on his
9:27 pm
faith is a devoted follower of the nation of islam. he referred to himself as brother noah x, went on to write his faith is "centered on the belief of the honorable minister as jesus christ of the messiah, the final divine reminder in our midst." he's never met him, but the man who can carry him through the dark hours and quoting here, the ministers here to save me and the rest of humanity even if it means facing death. he talks about experiencing an array of concerning symptoms but blames them on drugs that he unknowingly took. he ended the recent post by encouraging everyone to study who's been criticized for the anti-semitic views and what critics call fundamentally antiwhite theology. tucker. >> tucker: trace gallagher>> for us tonight, thanks. victor davis hansen, he's a fellow of the hoover institution joins us now. thank you for coming on.
9:28 pm
one of the worst happens that this country is falling into, and the aftermath of tragedy go on television or stand and senate and -- you're not seeing it happen for obvious reasons. but what does the reaction to this tell you about the deep corruption of the people who are supposed to be making sense of the moment for us? >> i think the left in general and the democratic party do not have the concept of the new, there are opportunities to advance agendas and right now, that agenda seems to be radicalism and socialism. sometimes they have to inflate the story, just a small act, the kid, they created out of a whole cloth. sometimes they have to change the language, tucker. george zimmerman becomes a "white hispanic" and face photoshop to hide the injuries.
9:29 pm
they seem to be fixated on generate six, generally six is the end emblem of white insurrection and hate crimes. even though there's no data about the anti-asian hate crimes, we agree that we know about it and it's mostly inordinately in the percentage sins committed by african-americans. they take a deviant who shot eight people, six of whom are massage parlor workers who were asian and he becomes the new whitet bogeyman who proves that white hits asians. carry out this story of the white man who s shoots ten in colorado, the story is we don't know anything but it's white terrorism didhi this. now, this thought experiment when i heard the story i said to myself, if i do not hear -- am i going to hear about the description of the shooter if he is not white? am i going to hear january 6th?
9:30 pm
the first six stories i looked at, no description of a shooter at all from the suspect, but the january 6th saturated all the stories. this was some trump reporter who was wanderingwa around washingtn and broke through the fence and the necessary barb wire and shut the capital. later that i seee he was a unhinged, probably racialist supporter. this is their words, jim remember, jorge ramos, lester holt, they said to us that they are not empirical, deductive, e the news cannot be reported as it used to be with the pretense of deductibility. to finish, they believe that because the hard left in the racially obsessed who hijack their own party means that they can hijack america. that is what the $64,000 question is, are they right or not? i do not think they are but because they did this to the democratic party they will do this to the entire country and
9:31 pm
they want to be on the winning side. >> tucker: you can't let them come of their destroyers. i write that when you speak, i write down and i just love your line, they're not interested in the news, they see on the opportunities that's exactlyha right. they are thinking in a different way than the rest of us. i appreciate you coming on tonight, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: the latest episode of "tucker carlson today" funded at.c he spoke to a immunologist about the vaccine and one of the most interesting conversations. you'll c come out reassured abot the vaccine and the signs is solid. you'll be very concerned about the people administering the vaccine and the way they're doing it. the preview of that straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: well, the latest episode is out in the show
9:37 pm
premiered on monday, watch all three of the episodes this weekend on an amazing conversation, we spoke to in immunologist who taught at harvard. a huge fan of the vaccine, says well, it's one of the great marvels of science in america and should be deeply part of it, but the way we are administering it, he suggests, is crazy. it may be dangerous, you should watch this you're part off it. >> it's not a very complex virus, not like hiv, like, it doesn't permanently integrate itself into our genome. into our dna, so it's a transient virus, you know that many naturally infected people recover. when public health arena people talk about the efficacy, it's a bad so that our science, this is american science, signs we generated in the country.
9:38 pm
that neutralizing antibodies requires t cells to clear it out of your body. the question is, have we done enough to make sure it is safe for everyone? are there categories in subsets of people whom the vaccine may pose some sort of a risk? the answer is yes. i think there will be a logical and rational approach to using both natural immunity and a vaccine immunity. there is g no reason to go in ad be vaccinated. in person and be an unnecessary medical procedure because it's an unnecessary thing. naturally infected, naturally immune, deploying a vaccine that thentially reactivates immune response. the question is, number one, is it a necessary medical treatment?er is it a dangerous medical approach?y deliver the infected vaccine and now, the safety part of it is what they are making the mistake with. it is a mistake to get vaccinated from a vaccine in
9:39 pm
people who had recent recurrent infections and that's where the public comes in. the public in america -- everyday americans are far smarter than experts are giving them credit. conduct of a physician in america is bound by the code of medical ethics. the code of medical ethics has benefit since, benefices and tents in nonmaleficence, no sort of maleficentha intent, justnes, you're doing justice to your patients. and the concept of autonomy, patient autonomy, you can't do anything to people by force. you can't mandate someone to get a medical treatment that's unnecessary or against their will. neither of these could override any other one so you cannot say we are going to benefit the majority so we are going to override autonomy. we are going to override justice because we want to ensure that
9:40 pm
you can't do that either, goes both ways. there will be people for whom the vaccinepr is not appropriat. i'm telling you your audience, the fda that the 20, 30% of americans who are naturally infected should not be getting vaccinated because not only is an unnecessary practice for this person, but it's also potentially dangerous. >> tucker: this is a responsible scientist, and a fervent supporter of the vaccine with work that everyone should listen to. full interview on "tucker carlson today," once again new episodes every monday, wednesday friday. piers morgan, the first interview since he was forced out of his job, speaking exclusively to us and we're happy about that. bret larson shows you how to get the new show.
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♪ ♪ musical >> tucker: the liberties union was liberal but in no way that most americans could recognize as american. for more than 100 years they
9:47 pm
defended civil liberties, freedom of speech, equality under the law, nice that somebody defended the bill of rights. they do not defend that thing anymore, different that you may have noticed that. if michael tracy is a independent journalist and so he looked at the aclu's last 100 tweets and found that three posts about economic inequality, one post about free speech and didn't find any about due process. what did he find? 63 tweets about trans issues. michael tracy is on sub stack and joins us now to unpack the story. thank you so much for coming on. i thought the aclu played a central role in defending the bill of rights but now that it's gone, you notice the absence. what you think it's about? >> i think it's about the aclu underwent a bonanza over the course of the trump presidency raking in huge fund-raising
9:48 pm
dollars. just arraign themselves on the part partisan fashion. of reflecting the donor base and whath they wanted and trump undr the picture and reflecting the priorities that left after the space. the bases pretty pretty clearlye most animated by trans issues. at the moment. so,, issues that are pretty accord to the fundamental presets of civil liberty like free speech, due process and what have you. they seem a tad quaint per the current version of the aclu which is a little odd on somebody who myself was very much invested in preserving the fourth amendment, the first amendment. yet, it doesn't seem like enlivens much of the aclu's current leadership structure. you know, there is a point that the aclu who is basically in charge of the p.r. around their
9:49 pm
transition focus. he argues that it is inherently harmfuln to even posit the existence of binary categories. because our conception of the binary categories is rooted in racial supremacy and colonialism. if you don't follow the logic, i don't blame you. i guess it is conceivable that you could argue that that theory is connected to civil liberty. i'm not sure most normal people would really grasp that logic. yet, that's what the aclu when they fixated on it at the moment. i'm perfectly in favor of treating trams people demand demand trans people with respect, but their advancing ideological process around the issues thatha stray from any notion of simply preserving or protecting the legal rights of american citizens. >> tucker: 30 seconds, since
9:50 pm
the aclu is not defending civil liberties, the core ones, due process, a quality of the law, who is? >> good question. there might have to be other trans partisans organizations because i think you and i basically bring on the necessity of protecting civil liberties. in order to do that you have to transcend party divides. they are waiting this culture war that alienates potential allies across the political spectrum that might be interested in curtailing mass surveillance, ensuring that people on the subject to spurious police searches et cetera. somebody else will have to do the job because the aclu is down a different road. >> tucker: and matters and we have people on the show that disagree with everything except freedo of speech. that's the most important thing because without that you've got nothing. if michael tracy sub stack and
9:51 pm
very much worth reading. thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> what if you discover that's already here? in a bigig way? maybe that's what happens when the government spends money like money has no value. how bad is it and what effects will inflation have on your life in this country? one cast or thought about this and has the numbers. he joins us right ahead.fe ♪ ♪ d your cfp® professional. ♪♪
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>> tucker: the biden administration is preparing to drop another $2 trillion into the economy but however you feel about the green new deal reparations you have to wonder what does it do to the economy? you throw that much money around, doesn't the value of money declined? one of the few people who studies inflation to understand the risks of the executive director and americanoe and jois us tonight. and thank you for coming on. leaving aside the merits or demerits of the actual bill, when you dump this money into
9:57 pm
the system, what are the risks of it? >> there is a lot of one is you mentioned is you get inflation in the prices of everything goes up. we saw her recently and probably the a biggest risk is that the money all just ends up on wall street and you can see it's going into private equity, hedge funds, rising stock prices and thend sort of just inflation of assets that benefits the wealthy segment of americans. >> tucker: so, the income inequality which conservatives ignored and clearly it's real and driving a lot of the social pathologies we are distressed about. this is the primary driver of it it seems like the fed policy dumping all the money most of which is captured by wall street. >> that's exactly right. we published research that looks at how much money is flowing out of the real economy and onto
9:58 pm
wall street. that's coming from companies distributing by ends. it's coming from the government that just keeps pumping more money into the economy. you see that and things like the stock markets being a completely disconnected from the real economy. during the pandemic here, it practically doubled. if you see in cryptocurrency, you seek on all these places and at the end of the day you will look at where is the wealth in the country and you find the past 30l years that the top 10% of wealthiest households we found gain $28 trillion of wealth and the bottom 50% gain nothing. that's what you get when all the money goes into assets and only some people hold the assets. >> tucker: you can kind of feel it's people are behaving as if money isn't real. that's not a good sign like in a functioning economy, people understand the connection
9:59 pm
between money and value, am i just imagining it? >> that's exactly right and in my mind it's especially important when you talk about investment which is one of the words that gets thrown around a lot. we call everything investment in everybody's an investor now. but real investment means actually putting resources to work, having people build things, creating new capacity. most of what's going on and you think aboutin wall street and al the training, thee speculation that's not investment. that is speculating. he doesn't actually build anything and so i think we have a real problem in the country where people have found it's more profitable to just trade things around in a circle in a lot of cases than it is to go and build something. we see the results and how things played out in the economy where we have seen wages not rising, productivity doesn't rise. we see ourselves losing competitively against china. you turn around and wall street, look at wall street and things
10:00 pm
have never been better. >> tucker: such a good point, and thank you so much. thank you for watching piers morgan on monday have a happy easter weekend and we hope you can hug the ones you love. will be back. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity," i'm jason chaffetz in tonight for sean. moments we will have full coverage of the crisis at the rdsouthern border and the very latest on hunter biden but first we start with an update from today's horrific attack at the united states capitol. fox is now learning that an individual who is identified as a nation of islam follower on facebook named noah green intentionally rammed his car into two capitol police officera before crashing into a barrier. moments later green was shot and


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