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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 2, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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don't be afraid, there's no reason to be. that's all the time how tonight, for this special edition of the ingraham angle, shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it all from here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. up breaking tonight, republican governor brian kemp says he is not backing down. a major league baseball moving the all-star game, and 21 draft out of atlanta over a new georgia law intended to ensure the integrity of elections after the unprecedented circumstances surrounding last year's pandemic collection. major league baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all americans, and imposes restrictions to the ballot box, robert manford says,
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adding, their access to voting continues to have our game unwavering's support. if "wall street journal" tonight coming out with another scathing review, the league has cleared george's elective majority as racist and antidemocratic. it has done economic to stomach harm to this state, although we may have a new friend in the white house. welcome to the democratic baseball league, so much for healing and uniting the country. like this evening, president donald trump saying, what got baseball and all of the local companies that are interfering with free and fair elections. are you listening? coke, delta, and all. we got more on that straight ahead were investigating what happened today when driver rammed a security gate at the u.s. capitol sparking a lockdown just weeks after officials started taking down that controversial primitive fencing, and heroic officer and suspect are dead. chad pergram starts us out
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tonight. >> shannon cummins the second major security incursion of capital in less than three months, and the second officer to die this year defending the capitol dome. u.s. capitol police officer william billy evans is dead, a suspect who fox identified as 25-year-old noah green, plowed over evans and another officer guarding the senate entrance to the capital with a blue nissan. the car crashing into a security barricade, the police say greene jumped out and lunged at the officers with a massive night stomach knife with a machete. they fired, killing him. at the capitol police and those who work on capitol hill, reeling a gun. >> i asked that the public continue to keep u.s. capitol police and their families in your prayers. this has been an extremely difficult time for u.s. capitol police after the events
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of january 6th. >> prior to this year, only to capitol police officers ever died defending the capital. officer jacob chestnut and john gibson during a 1990 chewed out. officer brian technik died just after the riots. his remains laden honored in the capitol rotunda. >> today was another blow for the capitol hill family, and especially the capital to police family. >> he graduated from christopher newport university, played football, police say greene lacks known ties to terrorism or extremist groups. facebook took ten creams page. he recently posted about nation of islam, and the speech titled, the divine destruction of america. plus, there were apocalyptic postings about the end times and the book of revelation. just two weeks ago, security officials removed an outer barrier erected around the capital following the riots. otherwise, he couldn't of gotten
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this close. this rekindles the debate about erecting the permanent security perimeter to protect the capital. president biden honored athens by putting flags at half mast. he is a martyr for democracy. >> shannon: chad pergram on the hill in this developing story, thank you. if we do not to be appeared to any closer why a model's cd shot and killed ten people at a crowded boulder, colorado, grocery store last month. local officials told the new site that it still too early to determine motive, just that the investigation is active and ongoing. extraordinary new projections to my on the number of children flooding into the u.s. illegally across our southern border. white house correspondent kevin corke is taking a look tonight at the very latest. >> you may have read "the washington post" editorial board, which, as you probably
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know, endorsed to joe biden's candidacy. in the senate, they said americans have every right to expect the president will submit himself to substantial questioning. as you know, that hasn't been the case since mr. biden took office, and certainly not containing the crisis at the border. he hasn't had a lot to say about that, has not been questioned at length about that, which is intentional, say critics. another day, another busload of migrant children. housed temporarily in the lone star state, which for many of them is the northstar of freedom and opportunity despite its surge in crisis, the biden administration's members predict things will continue to get worse along the southern border, much worse, in fact, in the days ahead. according to two sources familiar with internal data, customs and border protection projects that as many as 184,000 unaccompanied children could cross the southwest border in
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fiscal year 2021. texas governor greg abbott says the item white house is to blame for creating an open season for smugglers and gangs. white house press secretary says the problem, while alarming, is well known and the administration has been battling. eco-or focuses on solutions and actions to help address the unaccompanied minors who are coming across the border and making it less of an incentive to come here >> solutions from the white house have been so far, indisputably ineffective, and as the strain on the system becomes more apparently daily, some migrants are being released into the interior of the country without court dates, even as border officials struggled to cope with the massive influx of family units. after seeing the order crisis for himself, west virginia senator joe manchin says he has an idea for president biden, a 90 day moratorium on immigration. >> we got a human crisis. this problem is not going away.
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at this will not cure itself. i can assure you, they are coming in droves. >> back near the border, more bodies, more beds, and increasingly for some, he will torment. the unfolding tragedy takes a toll on those trying to find a better way of life, and on those whose job it is to preserve and protect our sovereignty. we should point out that the cdp's estimate that as many as a hundred 84 unaccompanied children could cross the southwest border in fiscal 2021 is a conservative estimate, or sources tell us the final number could be much, much greater. for just a bit of perspective, that 184,000 number is equivalent to the size of the entire city of fort lauderdale, florida, that's just unaccompanied children encountered at the border, not the thousands more that will ultimately slip past. a real devastating tragedy there. the one you can't ignore those numbers or those lies. thank you, have a wonderful easter. >> you, god bless.
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>> shannon: seven stomach fighting punching his book tour, asked about a laptop. but it was a case of, i can neither confirm nor deny. it breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is on the case looking back at the facts as we know them so far. >> good evening, and that we have the major players on the record, here's a timeline on who said what. in the early follow, it was a "new york post" that broke the story of the incriminating documents and emails found on what was said to be hunter biden's laptop. the story was unblocked on facebook and twitter because it "violated twitters policy." twitter never provided any evidence that emails were hacked or was russian disinformation. in october, then candidate joe biden told "60 minutes," it was both russian disinformation and a smear campaign. the same month, director of national intelligence john ratcliffe knocked down joe biden
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statement same the laptop is not part of a russian disinformation campaign, and to be fbi and the department of justice agreed appeared to the media largely ignored the story, and so in late december, president-elect of joe biden had this back-and-forth with fox news correspondent peter doocy. >> do you still think that the story from the fall about your son hunter was russian disinformation or a smear campaign like you said? >> yes, yes, yes. god love you, man. you are a one horse pony. >> joe biden css yes answers extreme competence. now we know hunter biden doesn't share that confidence. >> was that your laptop? >> for real, i don't know. i really don't know. >> you don't know yes or no? >> i have no idea. no idea. >> it could've been yours. >> certainly. there could be a laptop out there that was stolen for me, it could be that i was hacked, it could be that it was russian
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intelligence, it could be that it was stolen from me -- >> or it could be as the man who turned the computer over said, that someone who looks very much like hunter biden dropped off the laptop to be fixed and never picked it up. finally, npr had reported the biden laptop story was discredited by intelligence, now the taxpayer-funded network has issued a correction saying, they were wrong. >> shannon: trace gallagher out west, thinking. if you're getting brand-new information tonight about the suspect in today's deadly attack that killed one capitol police officer, leaves another in the hospital tonight. let's bring in the author of "how to spot a terrorist" john iannarelli. >> thanks for having me. you and i want to play something of the acting d.c. police chief robert conti. here's what he said today. >> does not appear to be
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terrorism related, but we will continue to investigate to see if there's some type of stomach instance along those lines bear to see when we are very early on, this is just hours old. what would you be looking for knowing that terrorism has been a special subject for you? >> i would be concerned in making pronouncements so quickly that it's not terrorism related to, it's not implying that there's others afoot in financing or encouraging, but may be the motivations were to commit an act of terrorism. when we look at what happened today, tragically, the use of the vehicle when you don't have access to a gun, running people down, then emerging from a vehicle with a knife -- where have we seen this before? terrorist attacks in the u.k., likewise, running people down in new york city on the bicycle path us, this is terrorism 101, and we need to take a close look at that. >> shannon: for now, they
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don't have a motive. as we reported oh stomach earlier, there is no motive there. if things do take time. obviously, you know better than we do that investigators go through all kinds of things but we seem social media, some of that being pointed out with the attacker today who is now dead. we are talking about end times, other things. is it possible in these cases we are dealing with people who are mentally ill? in the technical sense of the word, they are driven by something that doesn't make sense? to anyone but them. >> a lot of people in these types of attacks and other shootings have mental health problems, but that doesn't mean they don't know what they are doing, and if they have an able and tense. the fbi will step in and assist as law enforcement agency look at the computers, phones, they are going to know everything about this person, including interviews of family and friends. tell mike to find out what makes them tick. >> shannon: speaking of investigating computers, you've
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seen the interview with hunter biden, he's got a book coming out, he's talking a bit about what's going on, this mysterious laptop that he says could've been stolen, could have been hacked, there could be russians involved -- all kinds of things. the law professor says this today, there is not a serious pushback on the incomprehensible answer like, you can remember details from your period of addiction going back 20 years, but you can't remember this laptop. how about this, even if you can't remember your own laptop, you've seen the pictures and emails, of those authentic pictures and emails question my guy was pointing out earlier today, mike emanuel was able to contact people who were on the emails alleged to be attributed to hunter biden. they confirmed those email trails and said they were true. i'm still waiting to hear from the biden campaign, regardless the status of the laptop, but those messages themselves -- they were not accurate or legitimate messages. >> the statement he made about, it could be my laptop, it might be something else -- that
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reminds me of interviewing a subject who is guilty because you know where your laptop is. i bet tonight, you know where your laptop is, i know where my laptop is, and hunter doesn't know if it's his laptop -- hunter, are you missing a laptop? those would've been the logical questions. more importantly, this is signature to every laptop, wherever you bought it, inside that computer will have a number that ties back to that purchase. likewise, documents that are downloaded on that laptop, there will be a signature to the ip address of his residence. it would be pretty difficult to disprove if given the chance to take a look at that laptop. >> shannon: there are some investigations ongoing, independent, of that laptop we are waiting to see how they actually fall out for hunter biden. in the meantime, i think he's done with interviews, the book will be out soon, we will read what he has to say they. to see you. >> good to see you.
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>> shannon: the center for food control struggling to keep coronavirus messaging consistent. walking that claims about the benefits of being vaccinated, and delivering confusing guidance on travel. fox news medical contributor marc siegel has the story for us tonight, good evening, doctor. >> hi chinen, public health must be consistent in order to be effective. our knowledge changes as we learn more, but the politics of fear breeds distrust and uncertainty at a time when, because of the variance, we need vaccine compliance more than ever. >> we are vaccinating so very fast, our data from the cdc today suggests that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don't get sick, and it's not just in the clinical trials, but also in real-world data. because that was monday, the public understood that vaccination was a way to defeat the variance, but also that it was a way to restore freedoms. then the cdc walked it back.
8:16 pm
"dr. belinsky spoke broadly in this interview. it is possible that people who are fully vaccinated could get covid-19. it's not clear whether they can spread the virus to others. we are continuing to evaluate the evidence. today, it appears there was a moment of clarity when the cdc announced that americans were fully vaccinated can travel at a low risk to themselves. and dr. belinsky this -- >> we have exchange our guidance, we are not recommending travel at this time, especially for unvaccinated individuals. >> let me get this straight, you can travel if you must, but we are not recommending it. if you are immunized, you are safe, but -- shannon? >> shannon: dr. siegel, thank you very much. corporations headquartered in georgia and texas battling to public pressure and backlash of
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will this outcry have any effect in georgia, do you believe? >> just the reverse. we are not backing down, the members of the legislature that voted on the bill that were dude stomach duly elected or not backing down. the on georgia governor, major league baseball's decision to move this summer's all-star game out of atlanta in the wake of the peach state's new election reform law. a good reaction tonight, and republican congressman from
8:22 pm
texas, back from the border himself, great to have you back. let's start with georgia. no what's going on here. cbs news tweeted this, three ways companies can help fight restrictive new voting law. it's from the news organization, it's now counseling companies on how they can fight back against the way they are characterizing what's been passed in georgia. >> happy easter, our prayers go out to the family at capitol hill, we stand with our men and women in blue. god bless them and their families. you are absolutely right, mrs. classic running amok. delta airline, american airline, a lot of corporations are getting to pound home to the mob. they improve the life of one americans can agree with.
8:23 pm
major league baseball requires when you pick it up, whether it was atlanta or in fenway park, they have no problem with voter i.d. neither does delta or american airlines. they are trying to go after it and target us, and i'm glad to hear the governor of georgia not back down. i'm going to be joining forces in south carolina, are going to be going through, how about the $80 billion the airline forgot for a bailout. to know these airlines into major league baseball want to play politics. the american people are tired of it. they want a system for politics determining whether or not -- >> shannon: one of george's new senators, jon ossoff sent out a statement tonight.
8:24 pm
senator ossoff blasts georgia g.o.p. for losing major league baseball all-star games, voter suppression laws. there's been all kinds of calls for pushback, potential boy park, and now we see there angry that it's actually happening, and they are blaming republicans for major league baseball. just because the reason they are leaving is because of pure race politics. we are far away from martin luther king's point about judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, or john roberts, with your legal background, he said famously in the voting rights, it is, a sordid business. this is designed to divide our country, not unites. joe biden gave up on a lot of words about uniting the country, and now joe biden has "the wall street journal"
8:25 pm
pushing major league baseball to do his bidding. they are having no problem doing the bidding of the democratic administrations divisions. they are critically important for all americans, we know that, and democrats are playing politics with us when in fact, the law passed in georgia is common sense. >> we always encourage people to read it for themselves. this information doesn't help anyone. it often helps to divide. people should see for themselves, it's a comfortable which stomach with what is filled in. , read for yourself. i want to ask, what did you see, what is the situation on the ground? >> we learned today that the numbers in march are 171,000 apprehensive we. we are on target. these are glowing numbers from two years ago in 2014. when i was done at the river,
8:26 pm
just last monday with my colleagues from texas, i spent my time sitting down right here, right about one in the morning, visiting about 50 of them while i was there, they're trying to find their way to get to border control. one person that, it was his 7-year-old little boy. he has no family, no brothers, sisters, and they met her in the middle of mexico, seem to have her best interest at heart, you never know. was alarming, those little girls and boys are abused on this, were empowering cartels -- they say it's pro-immigrant, and it's not. actually is going on, making millions of dollars leaving human beings for profit.
8:27 pm
i talked to a district attorney a few ago, they stopped a car load being driven by an american citizen employed by the cartel to take those five to put them into servitude. one of the kids paid $4,000 to pick grapes in california. he was surprised to find out he was actually getting sent to houston to be, essentially, in modern day labor in america. that's what's happening our country. for people who are going through their backyards, breaking in, american citizens are getting hurt. immigrants are getting hurt. democrats are going on same, it's good for our country. they are getting abused on the journey, 171,000 -- this is on comprehensible. >> shannon: as he said -- >> joe biden policies breaking
8:28 pm
down. just be one as he said, these are human beings, we have to remember that. no sane person once a 7-year-old walking across mexico without help her without an adult. thank you for giving us a look at that. >> my browser, the easter. god bless. >> shannon: professor's job in jeopardy over his use of tone scores a win and court. you are eligible for the covid vaccine will be based on race and how they identified. we will explain, next. you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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8:33 pm
davies tonight. the film depicts dr. bernard nathan sis to pro-life opponent of abortion. he met plenty of resistance, and simply wants people to know the back story of that landmark supreme court decision. i didn't to nickelodeon, the white house covid advisor will be featured in nick news breaks. beginning tomorrow, he will answer questions from kids about the pandemic. >> when will i be able to play again? >> i would hope that by the time we get to the late spring and early summer, you can start having my dates. hang on a little bit longer, were going in the right direction. the code the universe highlighting to trans nonbinary characters, the film revealing a an exclusive comic book cover in honor of transgender day of visibility. if the twins hailing from the planet -- appear as part of the
8:34 pm
high republic comic book series. the "los angeles times" making a case for what about it some. it should be given for vaccine shots. decrying california's lack of focus on gender identity as removing transgender californians up vaccine line. because the ohio professors refuse to use preferred pronouns. according to the federal appeals court, first amendment protections, let's leave off tonight panel. filed the lawsuit, highlighting its free speech and free exercise of religion. also senior counsel tyson lang hopper and discovery institute director christopher russo. welcome to all of you. because thank you for having us. >> shannon: i want to start with you, an opinion piece by andrew kopelman, who is not a
8:35 pm
fan of your actions, says this. because this prevails, teachers and public colleges will have a constitutional right to subject their students to bigoted slayers. much of antidiscrimination law will be deemed unconstitutional. >> i actually wrote a response to professor kopelman, but i think he's missing a fundamental point, which is that universities are not to be places where an ideology is coerced, and forced upon professors, and that was the case with me. tolerance is a two-way street. in my particular case, i was going to be required to endorse an ideology for being terminated. i think talking about pronouns misses the point. this is about academic freedom, it's about religious freedom. >> what are the bigger implications of this ruling, and
8:36 pm
where do you go from here? because the implication is, all professors will have the right to speak messages that they agree with, and not being forced to speak messages that they disagree with. think that protection, it's for all viewpoints. i think it's a great thing. were not going to win this battle unless we stand together. if we stand together, we can push back against cancel culture, and to not be afraid to speak our opinions. >> i want to bring you in here because there's a lot of conversation about finding this balance between issues like this for the lgbtq community, and people of religious faith and their genuine convictions. is there a place in current society to find a balance, or are there just going to be two sides, and no meeting in the middle? >> i think there is a place for balance. when i engage with people who are transgender, i try to
8:37 pm
respect them as i would any other individual. the fact is, many times these racial and ideologies, we use these hot button topics in order to enforce their ideology and preferred to vocabulary on americans who disagree with them. i think we have to be sophisticated enough to recognize and respect every individual, but also not be manipulated ideologically into thinking you don't believe in. then quickly come i want to make sure we get to our other topic, you said your faith calls you to compassion to treat everyone fairly and equally. >> right. i want the students, and classroom to be a place of respect and dignity for everyone. i believe i provided. a student did externally while the class, participated in discussion almost every single day, got a very good grade, and so i tried to create a
8:38 pm
respectful environment, i think i'm very successful in doing that. >> shannon: let's get to our next topic. but this is governor of vermont, announcing that they are going to be opening up the next round of vaccines. he says, if you or anyone in your household identifies as black, indigenous, or a person of color, including anyone within the nike or other first generation -- first nation heritage, all of your household can sign up to get a vaccine and it explains where to get his. what you make of this policy in vermont? >> this policy is blatantly unconstitutional. they are denying medical service to a group of people based on skin color alone, that's a violation of the 14th amendment. it's also absurd on its face. if you look at the death numbers in the state of vermont white people are disproportionately dying from covid compared to minority groups. if you wanted to save as many lives as possible, he wouldn't
8:39 pm
be taking this policy. of the symbolism is more important than actual human lives, and that's what we are seeing more and more in our politics. >> shannon: quickly, would it stand up to legal challenges, this policy? >> i don't know enough about it to really give it -- and informed opinion. the government should be promoting diverse viewpoints, not just focusing on her outer diversity, which is what many of these policies are doing. >> shannon: a lot of folks are worried. we hope people would show up in good faith for their pope atomic appointments, it might be ripe for exploitation. professor, tyson, christopher, thank you very much. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you. as to be >> shannon: company owner of a piece of art modify it without the original artists permission? there is a nasty battle going on about that, and night court is
8:40 pm
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: time now for "night court," who owns art? that is tonight's case. wally mason says kirkwood community college in cedarrapids i would turn to her masterpiece into her words, an oversized planter. she screwing the school, arguing the college broke the law by altering her work. at the school is arguing the law doesn't apply to this piece. into the details of the case with our legal eagles, civil rights attorney robert pattillo and washington times legal affairs reporter and attorney alex sawyer, welcome back. good to see you. >> hey, shannon. it's the one people know this was a sculptor that the bed of it was water, initially. there were fountains and lights and things in there. if that is not what it is anymore. it's been filled in, there's a planter of browns the bottom of the plans. molly mason, the sculptor sent an email to the college thing, that's my beautiful sculptures exhibit, and water features that
8:45 pm
cook would have been turned into an overgrown plan stomach planter, this is prejudicial to my honor and reputation. >> it's a little bit ridiculous because, this is more so in architectural work than artistic work for the argument by the school. this is a collaborative work. there's more than one artist at work. you also have the issue that the water feature adduced an older that was not intended, but often part of it was defective, and was still a budget in place that has to take care of these things. what you sell your art work late, you can't continue to have autonomy over it. you keep it at home, if you want to get paid for it -- the person who buys it has to be in control of it what happens thereafter. >> shannon: it's "the des moines register" under the headline, artist college over changes to her work. it says, this is about the attorney for the school now responding to her attorney thing, he argued the college had to drain and shut off the water
8:46 pm
elements because they never worked properly, a point that the attorney for the sculptor, disputes. probable says the features sprayed water on the ground, were too loud, smelled malodorous, and because parts of the display to rust. >> in her lawsuit, they actually explained there was a number of pictures that are taken next to this sculpture by come i think, the governor of iowa saying that there couldn't have been water being sprayed because no one would've been surrounding the feature and having their photograph taken. she's offered to come and fix any issues with the sculptor, but the school did not allow her to. the lawsuit, really detailed that she is known for water features, this is in the first one she's made, in fact, the complaint has a number of exhibits of email correspondence with her and school officials. they reached out to her initially because they respected her water feature work and were excited to have one of their
8:47 pm
own, they went back and forth about what materials to use, bronze, sterling stealer, because of the water itself. because she is known for features, and this is now in a planter, she's entitled to damages and the future should be restored to its original purpose. >> shannon: i want to refer back to a portion of what she set about this, apparently, she was not contacted before there were any changes made to this work. she found out because someone else enter the picture. if that is not how she would've wanted to find out. who knows if she would've gone with these changes. exhibit c rivers where she says, this intentional distortion and mutilation of my work is prejudicial to my honor and reputation. she sang that this is hurting her as an artist because she doesn't want her name potentially associated with something that doesn't line up with your creative vision. >> okay, then buy it. you should not have sold it if you didn't want to give up control of it. if you want control, bias, pay
8:48 pm
for it to be removed, then display it however you deem fit. at the idea that you can go to someone else's property, take something that you already sold to them, and then try to control how they use it is ridiculous at best, and frivolous at worst. spoon a final word to you, alex. >> she does have precedents on her size. there is an 2018 case where the purchaser museum where the graffiti was feature. they painted over the graffiti, he ruled for the artist thing the developer had to pay them nearly $7 million for destroying their work. just because you own something, doesn't mean you get to change it. >> shannon: robert and alex have made their arguments, we would love to hear what you think at home, does this artist still control what happens to the work after she sells it, whereas robert says, should she just buy it back? we will see, and let you know how this turns out. you can tweet us with the
8:49 pm
hashtag #nightcourt. think about, have a wonderful weekend. a second passover and easter in the midst of the pandemic has many worshipers say, this time, this year, they are going back to worshiping in person. we will investigate, next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: following more than a year of closures due to the coronavirus pandemic, houses of worship are celebrating this easter and passover season with a gradual return to in person services. chief religion correspondent lauren green chose estimates. >> good evening shannon, as you know, easter is the cornerstone of christianity. its meaning is made all the more important in a world ravaged by a pandemic. a ray of hope on palm sunday after year of covid chuck townsend's empty pews. because there are reconciliation with you be at hand. >> is the vaccine becomes more available, easter brings a renewed understanding of resurrection for many houses of worship. >> i couldn't be more excited, baptisms -- we haven't been inside our sanctuary in over a year. >> and easter sunday, methodist
8:54 pm
church in florida will hold its first in person services since the start of the pandemic. as houses of worship or reopen, a new survey shows 76% of churchgoers say they feel somewhat or very safe to return to in person services. that's up from 64% last year. still, it will be another atypical holiday season for most, as many houses of worship keep their online presence, like this virtual passover seder. but for the brooklyn diocese, they waged a legal battle against the state to hold a socially distant past, this easter will be especially meaningful. >> i think this easter, we will see more people coming back to church, it's going to give the pastors and peace of boost, they haven't seen people. >> michael beck says last year has been like a prolonged holy saturday, the space and time between dying on the cross and easter morning.
8:55 pm
think of when the pandemic started, we've had an extensive time. >> theologian thomas broome agrees. >> i think the pandemic has brought a lot of us proverbially to our knees. we had to stop, and ask deep questions, like, what is my life all about? because the meaning of easter is that death does not have the final word. the message of this easter is that covid doesn't either. shannon. >> shannon: good message, lauren, thank you so much. the good news before we say good night, my and oklahoma restaurants putting up a receipt while bearded diners pay for meals in advance and post a receipt on the wall, anyone can come in and redeem it for a meal. the idea started a few months ago as a way to help people and need to during the pandemic. jennifer white, the owner of the dog house, she enter customers have provided more than 600 receipts. former manager says they're such
8:56 pm
a neat they are having a hard time keeping receipts on the wall, but donors have been incredibly generous. what a great idea. we wish a blessed passover to all celebrating. for christians around the world, it's friday, sunday is coming. good night from washington, i am shannon bream. bottom line is, mom's love that land o' frost premium sliced meats have no by-products. (his voice) “baloney!” (automated voice) has joined the call. (voice from phone) hey, baloney here. i thought this was a no by-products call? land o' frost premium. fresh look. same great taste. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy good friday. if we can say that. today was no different. a radical black nationalist drove the car into two police officers in the capitol in washington this afternoon. one of the officers was killed along with the suspect. what's interesting, they're still much we don't know about this, we know very little. this is one high-profile mode to murder that didn't set off an avalanche of hysterical media attacks on an entire racial groups. he didn't see stories


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