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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 2, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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wall street and things have never been better. >> tucker: it's such a good point. so nice to hear someone say that out loud. thank you. and thank you for watching. pierce morgan on monday, have a happy easter weekend. we hope you can hug the ones you love. we'll be back monday. ♪ >> sean: welcome to this special edition of hannity "law and order" in america. i'm jason in tonight for sean. in just moments we'll have full coverage of the crisis at the southern border, and the very latest on hunter biden. but first we start with an update from today's horrific attack at the united states capitol. fox is now learning that an individual who is identified as a nation of islam follower on facebook named noah green intentionally rammed his car
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into two capitol police officers before crashing into a barrier. moments later green was shot and killed after he exited his vehicle and lunged at police with a large knife. one capitol police officer, an 18-year veteran named billy evans, later died from his injuries. our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to his family. the entire capitol police force and the officer who is still in the hospital tonight, sadly this year, through just four months, countless police officers have faced life-threatening attacks. so far, more than a dozen have been ambushed and murdered in the line of duty. but instead of flatly condemning violence against police, and the attack that took place earlier today, congresswoman omar is trying to score political points tweeting in part, "the death toll would have been worse if the assailant had an ar-15
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instead of a knife." joining us now is illinois congressman rodney davis who is a ranking member of the house administration committee. had the honor and privilege of serving with the congressman back when i was in congress. thanks for joining us tonight. this is a hard night. i want to remind people that you are -- you were actually on the ball field, you were actually up to bat when scalise was injured and now we have this incident once again where the capitol police, one of them was killed. >> you know, jason, it's great to see you. i just wish it wasn't on such a tragic day. you're right. i have seen the bravery of our capitol police officers. david bailey, crystal griner, they went toward gunfire so the rest of it could run away. the heroes that protect the capitol, you knew when you were there, you still know them, they are the bravest of the brave and to see them, to see them hit
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today was just -- it was heartwrenching. jason: based on the briefings that you got as a ranking member which has jurisdiction over the capitol complex and capitol police what else can you tell viewers who are listening and hearing about this for the i first time? >> you know, the good news is, most of the information is out there. i just feel so bad for officer who perished. he leaves behind a family and these are the types of days we have to take a step back and realize that we can't keep separating ourselves. we've got to come together as americans. we've got to fight for our law enforcement officers to see them painted with a broad brush of corruption, only leads to more attacks like we saw today. >> jason: one of the lessons of today wasn't just what was happening at the capitol but it
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happens all across the country every day, those men and women that go out to serve our nation. one last parting thought. what do you want to say to america about law enforcement in this country right now? >> i want to say thank you. when you see a police officer, thank them. let's not play politics like one of my colleagues did today who ironically, because of threats to her, has a security detail that travels with her 24-7. let's make sure we say thank you to every single person who protects each one of our communities because daily they go to work and we want them to come home safely. >> jason: congressman you represent 800,000 people there in the great state of illinois but i hope you get a chance to go to that service and thank all of america and represent all of us in thanking that officer and his family for his service to this country. >> i'll certainly do my best to make sure that happens.
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>> jason: thank you, appreciate it. we'll continue to update you throughout the night if more information about noah green and his motives becomes available but first letters turn to the crisis on our southern border where top democrats are doing anything they can to shift the blame and pretend like this crisis is not really a crisis. on twitter, congresswoman ocasio-cortez played cruz. you'll notice she's not at the border weeping in front of photographers while clinging to a chain link fence for a photo opportunity like she was in 2018. instead she's telling her followers that people are just pretending this is a new emergency. of course, the crisis at the border is now worse than ever before. migrant kids are literally stacked on top of each other in
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facilities operating at over 1,600% capacity. covid-19 and other diseases are spreading rapidly. we have video of babies getting hurled over the board wall by human smugglers thrown into the rio grand. this year 184,000 migrant children are expected to cross the border. many of them separated from their parents. make no mistake. it's joe biden's policies and statements that caused this massive crisis, but he has no regrets. watch this. president biden: look, the idea that i'm going to say, which i would never do, an unaccompanied child ends up at the border we're just going to let them starve to death and stay on the other side, no previous
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administration did that either except trump. i'm not going to do it. >> jason: joining us now to respond is fox news contributor and former acting ice director tom homman along with fox news contributor charlie hurt. first of all, thank you for your service. you know, serving our country. you just returned from the rio grande valley there and what were the people on the border patrol and those that are dealing with the crisis in real-time right now, what's going on and what are they telling you? >> first of all, the comments by president biden were disgusting. i have never seen a president make such claims against the men and women who serve in this country on the front line, who put their lives on the line every day for his country, for his information, border patrol save lives. they saved over 4,000 lives last year and i was down at the re-grand valley for the last four days i started my career in
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the border patrol, they are great patriots. i can say right now they have lost respect in their president because of the comment he made that they didn't care about dying children. how disgusting. when the men and women jump into rivers to save drowning children and women, it's just incredible the commander-in-chief would say sufficient things. they also lost respect with the secretary of homeland security. every one i've talked to have lost respect. when he goes on national tv, there is no crisis, these men and women know different. in the 20 minutes i was standing with them nearly 200 family units were apprehended and while they are dealing with 200 border patrol told me now the drugcartels can freely run drugs though unguarded sections of the border. so men and women, they will continue to serve this nation and be brave while our leaders are sleeping in their bed at
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night, they are doing the best they can, god bless them. my heart goes out to them because what i saw down there, jason, the only compassion i saw when i saw border patrol agent, a big border patrol agent kneel down to 57-year-old little girl who was crying and scared, he talked to her like a father, within two minutes he got her to crack a smile. he held her, he hugged her, even during covid these border patrols are treating these families with dignity and respect so shame on president biden for his comments. >> yes, that was my experience, too, the time that i've been down to the border. it's amazing the compassion and the toughness that they put into this. >> now, charlie, this is one of the great super spreader events, you look at the video, you've got percentages of covid down there, and the biden administration refuses to even call it a crisis. >> it's truly astonishing. you've got those great heroes that are working at the border trying -- not only trying to protect the border but literally saving lives every single day at the border.
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and then you have, you look around washington and you have these fundamentally unserious ridiculous people like congresswoman ortez, who if you remember a couple of years ago when she was down at the border trying to jin controversy for her own political benefit she was talking about how the migrants were drinking out of toilets. we later learned that the only reason she made that claim because she's happy to make up ridiculous stuff like this in order to score political points. but the other problem was, that her spanish is so bad that she misinterpreted what people apparently were telling her about what they were doing. so, you know, these people, she can get into these twitter fights with ted cruz and do her little comedy routine and try to be all funny and witty and harsh and all of this kind of stuff but at the end of the day, congress has a responsibility to
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protect our borders and to end crises like this, and people like ocasio-cortez and people like joe biden who has been part of the problem for 50 years failed to do anything -- fix any of the problems and it falls to our border patrol agents to clean up their messes. >> jason: they can't even admit it's a crisis. tom, i think one of the untold stories here, if border patrol is taking these people in by the thousands and then they are released into the united states of america what are these people supposed to do for jobs, medical care, housing, school, i mean, they never even talk or address these things. these people are here to stay forever, aren't they? >> yes. they release them on reconnaissance, which means when they get to their final destination, at taxpayer expense, i had seven migrant families that were just released from border patrol with
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government paid plane tickets to get to their final destination. when they get to their final destination because of the way they were processed out, not really being processed with no court date they automatically qualify for work authorization, with the unemployment rate where it is in the united states, these people are competing for some of the same jobs that unemployed americans are. and they are here to stay. if you look at the data, less than 3% of the people ordered removed have left. hundreds of thousands have been ordered removed by an immigration judge and they ignore the order. what happens to those hundreds of thousands? they are going to get amnesty under biden's plan. these people are here to state. they gutted ice and they took the authority from ice away to remove illegal aliens. they have to commit a serious aggravated felony before ice can remove them. these people are here to stay. >> jason: i remember when i was in congress we conducted a hearing and found there were 60,000 instances of where there were people that were here illegally committed a crime, got
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quitted of a crime, and instead of deporting them the obama-biden administration released them back out into the homeland and a good percentage of those went on to commit more crimes. it is a crisis and it's about time that this administration admits out loud that it is a crisis of their own doing and they figure out how to solve it because donald trump had actually solved this. thank you so much, appreciate you joining us. >> jason: tonight, while the crisis at the southern board has no end in sight we do have good news to report on the ongoing pandemic. according to the centers for disease control vaccinated people can travel safely within the united states, and remember, there are now three approved vaccines, which will soon be available for everyone across the country. regardless of age or preexisting conditions. well, except in vermont. if you're under 50, you can only get the vaccine in vermont if
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you "identify as a person of color." meanwhile, a few weeks ago, on cnn, the former president of planned parenthood turned cnn medical analyst bashed states for relaxing their lockdown measures. see, according to this medical analyst, if people get their freedoms back how would the biden administration force them to get a vaccine? watch this. >> we need to make it clear to them that the vaccine is the ticket back to pre-pandemic life and the window to do that is narrowing. you were mentioning about how all of these states are reopening. they are reopening at a hundred percent and we have a very narrow window to tie reopening policy to that status because otherwise if everything is reopened then what's the carrot going to be? how are we going to identify these people to actually get the vaccine so that's why i think the cdc and the biden administration needs to come out a lot bolder asay -- and say, if
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you're vaccinated you can do all of these things. otherwise, people are going to go out and enjoy these vaccines anyway. >> jason: yes, i got the vaccine, my wife got the vaccine but someone might want to remind cnn in the united states of america, freedom is bequeathed from god, not from the government, chose to do it but if my neighbor decides not to do it, that's their business, not cnn's business, not joe biden's business, not kamala harris's businesses. joining us is one of our favorites, dr. ben carson. i think i'm going to call you doctor, i think that's a higher calling than secretary. thank you for joining us. >> gets to be with you. >> when you see this medical analyst react and say, hey, we better coerce these people into taking this vaccine or we're
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just not going to give them their freedoms back. how do you react to that? >> well, it's distressing because america is a place that people came to from all over the world because they wanted to be free. and what we should be doing as far as vaccinations are concerned, is convincing people, let's use the data and sit down and explain things to people so they have a full understanding, and then let them make a decision. that's always been the strong point of who we are as a nation. and we seem to be moving very rapidly toward, you know, putting our foot on people's necks and demanding how they must act and if they don't act the way we want them to, we cancel them or we do some other thing. this is totally antithetical to the principles of the founding of this nation. and people need to get alarmed about it and people need to start talking about it and doing something about it because, as
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ronald reagan says, you know, freedom is never more than a generation away from being lost. >> jason: it's so true. i think when you're analyzing whether or not you want to elect somebody in the public office you need to get to the root of their principle about what they belief the proper role of government is because if they don't get that right then they get the answer to these things totally wrong. now in vermont they are saying that you need to be a person of color or you -- you don't get to get into that line. how do you react to that? >> well, you know, this whole identity politics stuff is poisonous. if martin luther king, dr. martin luther king were here today, he would be absolutely offended. he wanted people to be judged by their character and not by the color of their skin and here we are doing everything we possibly can to separate people on the basis of race, religion, gender,
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whatever things that we can find, instead of the united states, we're working the divided states. and a house divided against itself cannot stand. it is the most ridiculous policy, and i hope that the state of vermont will very seriously reconsider, and we need to start looking at our population in terms of who needs what. and working on the basis of need rather than on the basis of superficial identifying qualities. >> jason: well, doctor, i thank you for your service in the trump administration, and probably even more importantly, your service saving countless lives in your time as being a doctor. so thank you for joining us tonight on hannity. we do appreciate it. >> thank you for what you're doing and i hope everybody will recognize that we have to do this together. >> amen. appreciate it. thanks, doctor. coming up on this special
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edition of "hannity," the left is once again disguising their radical agenda. this time they are using biden's multitrillion dollar infrastructure plan. we'll explain and get a reaction from larry elder and lisa booth after the break.
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>> jason: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity," law and order in america. democrats are eager to go on another reckless spending spree. this time under the guise of infrastructure with a price tag north of $2 trillion. but less than 10% of the spending actually goes to roads,
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bridges and highways. despite biden touting this package as prioritizing upgrades to our nation's infrastructure, of course, this is nothing new for democrats. remember in 2009 the biden-obama stimulus package, it promised repairs for roads and bridges, remember in st. paul the bridge had collapsed and killed people, hey, we've got to fix those, guess what, only a fraction of the $787 billion ever went to those repairs. it was less than 10% and in the recent covid relief bill, $1.9 trillion less than 10% went directly towards attacking the virus. see the pattern here? billions and billions were allocated to far left partisan pet projects and democrats are saying the quiet part out loud that they want to pay for this spending bonanza with more tax
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increases. that's right, americans. you get to pay more. just listen to congressman cleaver pushing for a gas tax hike because he says most americans don't even know what it is anyway. have a look. >> i and probably many others would like to see the gasoline tax raised. as you know, that has been talked about for decades, and unfortunately, americans have become so accustomed to high gasoline prices, i would challenge anybody, looking at your show, to go out and ask 10 people how much they pay in federal gasoline taxes they can't tell you. >> jason: yes. so you can't tell anyway's so it couldn't be clearer. democrats are on a quest for power. at all costs. they want trillions in more additional spending. not to improve the quality of your life but to turn their far left fantasies into a reality.
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it isn't about roads and bridges and highways. it's about implementing economy-killing climate measures. it's the green new deal with lipstick on it. that's what they did. they put lipstick on that pig and they wanted to change the way it goes. reorganizing society in their vision and centralizing government power in washington, d.c. joining me now for reaction is radio talk-show host larry elder, along with fox news contributor lisa booth. both have things to say on this. larry, i think you get a sense of my opinion about this. what's yours? >> you know, jason, if the democrats really want to improve things, really want to improve things they would be doing something about education k through 12. in virtually every major city in america, in the inner-city k through 12 education is absolutely lousy. there is a program in washington, d.c. called the scholarship hope program. i'm sure you're familiar with it and barack obama tried to shut
6:27 pm
it down. the democrats always try to shut it down. black parents are oversubscribing on it. you have zero percent of kids that can do math at grade level. in california 75% of black kids can't read at proficiency. and the math scores are even worse. we're not having any discussion about decades long basically encouraging women to marry the government to the point now where 70% of black kids are born outside of wedlock and when you're born outside of wedlock you have a much greater chance of dropping out of school, being poor, going to jail, and we're not even having a discussion on whether the war on poverty has encouraged the destruction of the nuclear american family. >> jason: well said. amen. i totally agree with that lisa, to larry's point, we're not talking about school choice. things that will actually change
6:28 pm
the trajectory of people's future. senator scott's -- this is really the green new deal that they are trying to resell because they couldn't sell it the other way. we figured out how to rebrand it. let's call it infrastructure. >> it's a clever game, isn't it? and it works. you're right. this isn't about infrastructure. this is about the green new deal when less than 6% goes to highways, bridges and roads. the covid bill wasn't about covid when less than 10% goes to covid. hr-1 is a partisan take over of an election system but it's a clever game because it disguises these policies and they are able to lie about it but they have to lie about it, jason, because look at the last time democrats tried to pass a big climate change policy. it died in the senate in 2009 when democrats had 59 seats in the senate and they couldn't get it done. so they have to lie about it because what would actually happen if americans really knew what was in some of these pieces
6:29 pm
of legislation? do you think americans would support the largest tax increase in a generation to pay for hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies for electric cars or retro fitting houses? do you think they would pay for these policies that move us away from affordable energy here in the united states? of course not, jason, but they are allowed to lie about it because the media are active participants in a disinformation campaign and that's the trouble. that's the rub. that's the issue we're facing as americans right now, is the truth isn't allowed to prevail when democrats have the monopoly on the flow of information to us and the american people. >> jason: you're absolutely right. i've got to tell you, it's only going to continue to get worse and worse. i think what they do is they make these packages so big and so ominous, that you can only talk about the top line issue and they do have a compliant media and they do have social media that suppresses a free flow of discussion on this, and that's the heart of the problem.
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thanks for joining us on "hannity." really appreciate your perspective. coming up on this special edition of "hannity," the woke mob has a new targets. common sense election legislation. we'll explain that after the break as we're joined by some of our favorites. it's lawn season. and i need a lawn. quick. the fast way to bring it up to speed. is scotts turf builder rapid grass. rapid grass is a revolutionary mix of seed and fertilizer that will change the way you grow grass. it grows two times faster than seed alone for full, green grass in just weeks. after growing grass this fast, everything else just seems... slow. it's lawn season. let's get to the yard. download the scotts my lawn app today for your personalized lawn plan.
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>> jason: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." the woke mob is at it again. spewing lies about new voting legislation designed to protect the integrity of our elections. for example, several leading corporations in texas are condemning efforts to preserve the sanctity of the ballot.
6:35 pm
and fueling reckless rhetoric about voter suppression. of course, it's all being amplified by the partisan media. just listen to the outrageous comment from one far left pundit on msnbc. >> but they are trying to say they are coming after you, white people, what you love, your way of life. it's immorally and economically bankrupt agenda and it's an attack on the vote. if the politicians can't win the fair way they have got to rig the rules to make it harder for eligible citizens to vote. that's their only play left, trying to scare white voters and trying to make it harder for black, white an brown people to vote. this is a target toing of black voters who rose up in georgia to give the democrats a majority. >> jason: now we're learning tonight that the major league baseball will be caving to the mob and essentially paying the ransom. moving the all-star game out of atlanta. a move supported by president biden. joining me now for reaction
6:36 pm
along with fox news legal analyst jarrett is outnumber co-host and attorney emily -- thank you for joining us. emily, i'll start with you. you're a sports fan, and i see these companies succumbing to this rhetoric that's false information and then making corporate decisions that are, in the case of atlanta, going to harm the people of georgia by pulling out major league baseball and the all-star game out of atlanta. >> that's exactly right, jason. the people who end up paying for this are those that were employed by the event that they are pulling out. it's those communities that depended on the retail, on the support by crowds, et cetera. it's exactly what we saw when hollywood decided to boycott georgia and the irony is that there are states with far more drag -- drag conous election
6:37 pm
laws. they are laying out their social justice line. what about the 1.5 million corporations and entities that are headquartered in delaware that enjoy the law that is protect their corporate interests there and yet in delaware they don't have the 17 days of early voting that this preserves in atlanta, right? or the accommodation laws. it's totally asinine, and let's back up for those ceos for a second of these corporations. apple, for example, enjoyed a 57% sales increase in china. there is no mention of the human rights abuses there. delta, which claims that they are the most china-friendly-u.s. airline, and, in fact, both apple and coca-cola, those ceos, they lobbied against legislation that would prevent chinese manufacturers from importing goods to america that relied on forced labor. where was their human rights and social justice platforms then?
6:38 pm
they are absolute hypocrites. >> jason: yes, greg, i guess part of the rub on this, this whole discussion is that when you have the president -- multiple times, i mean, at least more than once, i should say, that suddenly, you know, they are dealing with information that even the "washington post" is giving four pinocchios to, greg, how do we can combat that when you have the ceos and the traditional media just regurgitating it as if it's total fact? >> you've got to be smart about it. major league baseball didn't read the new georgia law. i read it. i re-read it today. it doesn't say what they claim it says. they are just mimicking democrats and the liberal media and especially joe biden and what he's saying, and his lies have been egregious. for example, he said voters will -- the voting polls will
6:39 pm
close at 5:00 p.m. in georgia under the new law. no it won't. in fact, just the opposite. they actually -- spanned the number of hours. i don't know where joe biden gets his information. he's either seriously misinformed, deliberately lying or his brain is so scrambled he has no idea what he's saying. the "washington post" fact checker gave him four pinocchios. so what did biden did? he went out and repeated the exact same thing. now he's up to eight pinocchios. msnbc and other liberal organizations they keep reairing the lies. the truth is, the vast majority of americans, 72%, are in favor of things like voter i.d., which is prevalent in so many blue states, even joe biden's home state of delaware. i never heard him complain about that. and in georgia, a majority of african-americans are in favor
6:40 pm
of voting i.d. they have no problem with it. and by the way, you don't have to have a driver's license. you can get for free, just asking for it, a voter i.d. in fact, you can even just use the last four digits of your social security number. so this is cancel culture run amok. >> jason: we want to bring in fox news contributor and civil rights attorney leo torell. leo, we're thrilled to have you. leo, 2.0 is impressive. i've got to tell you, it's impressive. it would be interesting if georgia had simply copied the delaware law and made it their law, because delaware is far more "suppressive" so when you hear these stories and you see these things about what governor kemp is doing and what georgia is doing, is that racist? >> let me think about that. no, but see, here's the game. the democrats play the race
6:41 pm
card. i want america to hear this. there is no jim crow law in georgia or texas. it's a lie. it's a big lie, and you know what we need to do? republicans and i need to challenge it. call them on it because it's a big lie. but here's the problem, jason. no corporation wants to be accused of being a racist so that's why delta, coca-cola, that's why all of these companies they cave in because they don't want the accusation. we have to call these democrats on the lie because you're right. they are repeating the lie over and over again but i want this message to be heard, to all those left wing networks. cnn, msnbc, you're lying to the american people, systemic discrimination does not exist but it's accomplishing what they want because the lie needs to be challenged, and you know what? i have no problems challenging them and calling them on it. there are no jim crow laws in america. period. >> jason: well said, leo.
6:42 pm
i've got to tell you, my personal opinion, i don't think major league baseball is moving out of atlanta without the tacit approval and behind the scenes maneuvering by the white house. that's my personal opinion. we'll see how it plays out and i'm fascinated to see where they go and lets compare their state laws to georgia's new state laws and we'll see who is actually more about giving voters the right to express themselves. legal, lawful, and verified voters. that's what should be happening. thank you all for joining us tonight. leo, greg, and emily, we appreciate it. coming up, overwhelming evidence, despite it, hunter biden still refuses to claim ownership of his infamous laptop. watch. this it's amazing. the biden administration is now planning to reenter nuclear negotiations with iran. rick grenell, reaction coming up next. hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado.
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>> jason: more developments tonight in a capitol attack where a driver ran into a security barrier killing one officer before being shot dead. here with the latest is our own chad. chad? >> good evening, jason. for the second time this year a u.s. capitol police officer is dead after defending the united states capitol. police say william billy evans, an 18-year veteran of the force died after a suspect plowed a blue nissan over him and another officer guarding the capitol. fox identifies the suspect as 25-year-old noah green. green then rammed the car into a security barricade and lunged at officers with a knife. police then shot and killed green. police say this is not part of a larger terrorism threat.
6:48 pm
facebook has deleted green's page. green posted speeches from nation of islam leader lewis farrakhan and elijah muhammad. he also posted about the end times and the book of revelation. just two weeks ago capitol security officials eliminated an extra security barricade added after the january 6 riot that enabled green to get closer to the capitol. president biden ordered flags lowered to half staff in honor of officer evans. democratic ohio representative tim ryan says today's attack rips off the scab formed after the riot. house speaker nancy pelosi calls evans "a martyr for democracy." jason? >> jason: chad, thank you. tough story. now, as hunter biden begins the book tour to promote his memoir, he was actually asked about his now infamous laptop that exposed the biden family's efforts to cash in on their last name. but get this. hunter is still playing coy on
6:49 pm
whether the laptop is his. take a look. >> was that your laptop? >> for real, i don't know. i really don't know. >> you don't know, yes, or no? >> i have no idea. >> it could have been yours? >> certainly there, could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. it could be i was hacked. it could be that it was russian intelligence. it could be that it was stolen from me. >> jason: really? hunter, you don't know? because the laptop repair shop owner has evidence and documentation that you yourself dropped off the laptop along with the fbi paperwork and the materials on the computer have been verified and corroborated. now, "the new york post" which first broke the story back in october fired back in an editorial writing, "the post interviewed the owner of the computer repair shop. we checked the dates and content
6:50 pm
of some of the emails against real-life events. we looked at literally thousands of pictures of hunter biden on the hard drive. we did the reporting. it's his laptop." but the traditional media mob doesn't want you to know that. they are still fueling lies about russia disinformation. npr falsely reported that the laptop was "discredited by u.s. intelligence and independent investigations by news organizations." before later issuing a correction. they got the story totally wrong. here with reaction, former acting director of national intelligence officer rick grenell along with an update on the ongoing situation with iran. russian disinformation, that's what hunter biden is still out there spewing? >> look, nobody outside of
6:51 pm
washington, d.c. believes that. we've seen the pictures which we can't show here but you could google. we've seen the text messages. we've seen all the information. we have witnesses "new york post" was kicked off of twitter and social media accounts for reporting the truth. we have a crisis going on in washington, d.c. because a whole bunch of people don't want to pay attention to the truth and they think that we don't notice. but the reality is, jason, that there wasn't a single piece of intelligence that said the russians were responsible for this laptop. that's a made up lie, and also, it was made up three weeks before the election. we had 50 former u.s. officials and intelligence officials who signed a letter three weeks before the election and said, don't pay any attention to the laptop because it's russian disinformation. that's a lie.
6:52 pm
that's the classic example of manipulating and politicizing intelligence for partisan gain. they did it. the biden administration did it. i don't understand why people in washington, d.c. who say they are journalists aren't asking these questions. we're not going to be able to have the same powerful country if we have a media in washington, d.c. that continues to pedal lies and is disinterested in the truth. >> jason: when you have social media companies, you know, also suppressing that information, even having the discussion, you're right, every one of those 50 former intelligence officers, count them as political pundits spinning things for purely political gain. appreciate it, ric grenell. i want to turn to morgan, wrote an important piece in the federalist how the biden administration is totally changing what the trump
6:53 pm
administration did to make sure iran never gets a nuclear bomb. >> ric, ambassador grenell, is also part of that effort. we had a maximum economic pressure campaign for over three years in the trump administration, and what's being reported this week, what the state department has said today is that they are going to be attending a meeting next week in europe with people with the signatories of the jcpoa. so why is that important? that's important because iran has done nothing in the past few months since this new administration took power to deserve sanctions relief or to deserve the united states entering some sort of deal. and i think what's fundamentally happening here is you're seeing that this administration does not appear to understand how much the middle east has changed in the past four years. we had four peace deals between arab states and the state of israel. of course, ric grenell, negotiated the deal between kosovo and israel as well and so the region has fundamentally
6:54 pm
changed, but this new administration, because all of their political appointees worked in the obama administration, they seem hell bent on repeating what they did four years ago without realizing how much the middle east has changed, and importantly, what is iran doing? we have a dead american in iraq on president biden's watch which happened because of the proxies, the shia proxies, and they have them attacking the u.s. embassy and other u.s. installations in iraq. we see civilian airports, civilian airports in saudi arabia, that are attacked by houthis, and there is absolutely no reason to give them any sort of sanctions relief. >> jason: iran listens to strength. peace through strength. unfortunately that's not what's happening in this biden administration.
6:55 pm
thank you both for your service to this country. we appreciate you joining us. more of this special edition of "hannity" after the break. stay with us.
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