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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  April 2, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> of the first game in over a year. >> say it with me. >> do we have hope that there i a possibility to see donald trump run again in 2024. >> you do hope. that i can tell you. >> that's it for us. that is for this special report fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> it is i'm going to have to help with that. good evening and welcome to prime time news on fox nation. i'm riccio, and we are followin the breaking news in washington where to people are dead. including a police officer afte an attack on the capital. first week turn our attention t the southern border where the growing migrant crisis continue
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to spiral out of control. we have brand-new numbers from border patrol tonight. 171,000 migrants were apprehended at the border in th month of march. that's up 60 percent from february and it's the highest monthly total in 15 years. even more disturbing, the net record number of unaccompanied borders minors, 18,500 children. that is 7,000 more than the previous record from may in 2019 . we saw how two of those unaccompanied minors across-the-board or last night. two little girls, sisters, age three and five years old tossed over a wall, left to fend for themselves in the middle of the desert miles from civilization. thankfully the girls are okay. here they are, pictured with their hero border agents that rescued them. she was horrified by what the
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coyotes did and she is looking to hold them accountable. to get a kneeled down wondered as they were talking to me what kind of experiences or nightmares they went through from ecuador all the way to our border that we don't even know about because they were the one that we're being. by these ruthie's with the most vulnerable population in the world pretty get those girls ar lucky to be alive and in this country and one piece. others are not so lucky. far too many children are abused , sexually assaulted, or trafficked on their treacherous journey through central america to our border. a doctors without bird or surve found that 31 percent of women and girls and 17 percent of boy were sexually assaulted on thei trips to america. so familiar are my grandparents with the assaults on children, that girls are loaded up with birth control before they embar
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on their trip to the cartels, these kids are a commodity. no different than the illegal guns or the drugs they bring into our country. for human smugglers, business thanks to joe biden is booming. every day there making upwards of $14 million trafficking people across the border. the children who are stolen int trafficking rings face a horrifying future in which they will never recover. other children don't make it to this country at all. like the nine -year-old girl wh drowned in the real ground, despite these daily horrors, vice president harris, the person who said we need to get these babies out of gauges and the person tasked to fix our border crisis has no plans to hold a formal news conference. more importantly, the biden administration has shown no indication that they plan to change their policies to protec
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children who are being used and abused by human and traffickers. until they do, the tragedy on the border will continue. here now, lira logan with exclusively reporting from her fox nation series she has no agenda, we turn to the border. i'm so happy to have you here tonight because this is such a serious topic and you are somebody who actually knows mor about it than just about anybod in the country. before we get to the trafficking , first tell me about these exclusive documents that you have received. >> this is an intelligence report that has been shared wit law enforcement that really drills down into the wrist that people suffer smothered across the border has been wearing. it shows multiple different colors and everything on the wristband ties to something significant there is a symbol there which shows which stash house you are held in, there's
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number that corresponds to a database with all of your personal information it tells the cartel whether you paid you fees are not, and what the wristbands really symbolize is they are a guide to who exactly owns you. when you're a person who put your life into the hands of the cartel in order to get to the u.s., you are owned by one fashion or another, one cartel or another. it also shows how organized the cartels are. this has become such a lucrativ business for them that they hav figured out how to streamline it , how to reduce conflict between different factions of the cartel, but most importantl how to make sure that they are in control of every single aspect of it including every single person, every child, and every baby. when the border is wide open th way it is right now, when the legal immigration system in thi country is obliterated by the policy is, the ministration, an
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the people in power, what that does is empower the most violen and powerful and dangerous criminal organizations on the face of the earth. >> at this sophistication level is just remarkable. they're in control of the borde and in control of so many of these children coming from lati america, central america. tell us what you know about wha these children go through and what happens when you get lost along the way. there was a nicaraguan boy foun all by himself, when they're no rescued by border patrol who ar the good guys, what happens to them? >> rachel, i'm a mom. and i can tell you that i have spent many hard days and hard nights on the border and seeing a small child of four or five years old, a little boy he's go just a phone number written on the inside of a shirt it's hard to sleep at night. and breaks your heart.
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you know what else broke my heart? i went to a town in mexico that is built on generations of trafficking. i was able to organize in interview with a, someone his from that town were generations of families have trafficked girls who are very very young and he brought two of the girls in his care. there is a direct pipeline from this town to new york city, so think about that when you're ou having dinner in new york where you're walking past those massage parlors and other places , think about the girls who are there because many of them come. so many of them that homeland security had their own unit jus to investigate this town. this brought with him to these girls, and i can tell you, this is one of the worst interviews one of the hardest interviews i've ever done in my entire lif because i had to look at these two girls, and i had to know that everything they told me
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they were going through, how they were every night over and over again, one of the girls wa 12 years old when she was old b her family to this family and the other one was around the same age for the win was now 17 in the other 122. think of many years, how many times these girls have been, over and over and over again. night after night after night. they said it seven days of work a week. it doesn't matter if you're sick , there is no holidays, there's no education they takin you from everything that you know, and i asked both of them, would you like to go to u.s., what would happen if you were taken to the u.s. and i could see the horror on their faces because they looked at me and they said why would i do that because they know that crossing that border is leaving behind the last of what they know. it's the last tied to the
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villages in the family they cam from ted now and go mbs slave forever the united states. >> it's just undescribable. but really quickly, how has what's happened at the border impacted the level of business that you're seeing in the trade. the policies of the biden administration? >> as the numbers of people crossing the border go up, so d the numbers of children being trafficked in the number of women being trafficked in the number of boys being trafficked because what you've done is given the cartels everything that they need to escalate thei business. they are making so much money right now that one former smuggler for the cartels told m he would be a millionaire in si months. that all it would take. that is the legacy of this administration and the policies they put in place right now. >> thank you so much for your reporting i know it's difficult.
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but i think it's very important. >> stephen miller, former senio adviser and director of speechwriting to president trumpet joins us next. stephen, what do you make of what larry just told us? >> it's absolutely heartbreaking . unfortunately, this was the predictable consequence of specifically policy choices tha were made by the biden administration that are boarded agents urgently warned them not to make. one of the biggest and most disastrous of the policy change was the decision to suspend the reunification of unaccompanied minors to their families in their homes countries. so last year under president trumpet, using the authority known as title 42 unaccompanied minors we're rescued by border agents, we contacted their home countries we contacted social services where they came from working with the state department, we got them back
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home safely with their families. canceling this policy to adopt the pro- trafficking policy to send them to their destination in the united states has single-handedly created this child trafficking crisis. that decision is reprehensible. >> and there is no dna testing. i can't believe we would reunit children with adults that we don't even know are really related to the child. it's really remarkable. i want to play another piece of footage for you're hear here about fauci. take a look. >> when we have a need him at the border, that's not really i did what i do. i developed vaccines, i develop countermeasures. i don't know why they say i should be at the border anymore than someone who has experience in those types of things. >> this is so disingenuous
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nobody said he/she he she could to the border the problem is wh isn't he weighing in on the virus coming from brazil throug the border that we know is more dangerous and more berland. >> the bottom line is that you have a perfect storm on the southern border for a massive outbreak, one super spreader event after another. if were still living under restrictions if you come here illegally, no restrictions commit no vaccines, no masks, n nothing, it's a public health nightmare. i want to drill down on the moral dimensions because you talked about this, children are being sent with no sense of whether or not that child will be safe in that setting. and that guarantees that guarantees the largest global trade in child trafficking anywhere on planet earth and it happened because of the policy
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choices joe biden with made. i would say to joe biden, i wouldn't even debated infrastructure built until we address the border crisis. >> it's a very good idea and it's a very serious problem. this is probably the most evil thing that it's ever happened and it's hard to believe are complacent in this. >> major league baseball strike out again. pulling the all-star game from atlanta and retaliation to the states new election laws. is there a chance this could backfire?
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>> another police officer dead at the hands of a psychopath.
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he rammed his car into a barricade outside capitol hill. chief breaking news karis fondant has a closer look at th suspect and the officer lost hi life. >> at the capitol police office killed now identified as will billy evans an 18 year member o the first responders unit. more information is being slowl released, but we know that evan was taken to a nearby hospital for his injuries and died a short time later. investigators say there are no indications the attack was connected to terrorism but the alleged killer now identified i noah ricardo greene who in a series of recent social media post talked about being unemployed, facing trying times in leaning on his faith is a devoted follower of the nation of islam. he reported himself is brother noah expert he went to say his but faith is centered on the belief of the honorable louis
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farrakhan. he said he's never met farrakhan , but believes he is the man who can carry him through his dark hour. the minister is here to save me and the rest of humanity even i it means facing death. he talked about experiencing array of concerning symptoms, but blames them on drugs that h unknowingly took. the second capitol police officer injured in today's attack is not life-threatening. a bit of good news in that horrific story. >> more breaking news tonight a major-league baseball cave to pressure from the left. the to move both the draft and all-star games out of atlanta
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over georgia's new voting law. they shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, president biden endorsed the idea of the boycot earlier this week. >> i thinks today's professiona athletes are acting incredibly responsibly. i would strongly support them doing that. people look to them, they are leaders. >> praise from the left already pouring in an actor thinks it's the right called call periods d abrams seemed disappointed claiming the georgia gop is trading economic opportunity fo voter suppression. joining now the person that i always go to when i have a sports story, what do you say? >> there are plenty of people t blame and you named a couple of them them there. stacy abrams, the democratic partner and the partners in the mainstream media major-league baseball bought it all, who com
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along, and sinker and there played the full because of it. i would like these critics to point out to me what they are s upset about. what distinguishes georgia from other states. let's for a moment take this state, the one where sitting in right now. also home to major-league baseball corporate offices for this state has more owners earl boarding laws than georgia. this date does not allow for no excuse absentee balloting. georgia does you have to have a excuse in the state of new york so i would expect the minutes couple of minutes probably should offer them a half-hour major-league baseball will pull their corporate offices right out of the state of new york, i'm sure that will be coming. >> delta is another company. i have to use my idea of the airport, is that racist? that whole thing doesn't make m make sense. >> you have to use your id to get the all-encompassing and heavily praised vaccine passport . how will you get a vaccine
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passport without proving who yo are. if i follow the logic, the logi of wilton all-star baseball gam out of. >> i'm never going to have seen don't have to worry about that with me. i'm going to ask you a tough question because we have sports on the left and all these corporate ceo canceling the whole state of georgia in essentially the gop and every conservative who believes in voter integrity. is it time for american conservatives to cancel sports and maybe then they start to respect us a little bit? >> first of all, i think the word cancel is being a little bit distorted. consumers making choices. >> i know you don't agree with this. >> what i was saying rachel. i do not want to give up sports but if i did give up sports because sports was making me make a choice between the value in the products, that wouldn't be canceling it, that would be me making any consumer choice
4:24 pm
preyed canceling is forcing places out of the marketplace because you think they are disingenuous and nobody can patronize them. i wouldn't be canceling them if i chose not to watch i don't know if i'm making that choice yet, but baseball is making tha choice for me. the nba is making that choice for me. there are all telling me there not interested in my fandom. >> you know i'm not a sporty girl so easy for me to cancel the baseball season, but i understand what you're point of view is. thank you. coming up coming in the latest in the hunter biden saga. now and tr just after falsely claiming the laptop story was discredited by intelligence. plus how hunter biden is weighing in and blaming russia for the laptop debacle. [sfx: ps] allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops
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what do we want for dinner? we're made for. burger... i want a sugar cookie... wait... i want a bucket of chicken... i want... ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. >> six months after npr published a review of hunter
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biden memoir, they are issuing bombshell correction to the story. after falsely claiming that the story about hunter's laptop was discredited by intelligence agents. the review initially read lapto story was in credit discredited by u.s. intelligence in these organizations. now, numerous news organization cast doubts on the credibility of the laptop story. no mention of intelligence, nor independent investigations just news organizations. let's bring in our panel. alicia, i'm going to start with you. why after five months are they coming out with this and this really could have made a big difference in the election back in october. >> not only could this change have made a difference another change that could have made a difference was the washington post remember after the electio
4:31 pm
when they were talking about th transcript from georgia and their source actually completel made stuff up. i'm not completely surprised that the american people are continually distrustful of not just our institutions, but like with the cdc has been doing bit of our media as a whole. why should they trust when thes are pretty big details that the major news media is completely ignoring. >> charlie hunter just did an interview. i will show a clip of this and see your reaction on the other side. >> there could be a laptop out there for that was stolen from me. it could be that i was hacked great it could be that it was russian intelligence. >> so it says it could be the russians, it could be him, but we don't have any idea of how x-rated videos ended up on chinese internet. >> the whole interview was so bizarre. why is he doing an interview right now? no pressure outside of us
4:32 pm
conservatives and people who want to find the truth. so why is he doing this freight it's an interesting question an i don't think we quite know the answer except to write up in something he wanted to say to try to clear the record or try to gaslight is in a direction when it comes to the story because there might be more developments coming and that's just pure speculation. which you mention, this was the most interfered with story we have ever seen. there should've been the octobe surprise on top of any october surprise instead, they colluded with the media companies together to not allow the distribution over the reporting of this incredible story and hunter biden have a lot to answer for, so does his father and that's the more important thing. all of that puts the president of the united states right in the middle of lead hunter biden said with this laptop could be legitimate this should be the
4:33 pm
weakest in the country. >> i don't care about hunter biden's artwork, i don't care about his baby mama's, i don't care about his drug affairs, i don't care about any of that stuff. the president of the united states is compromised. he can't be trusted to do anything that has to do with th chinese government because they clearly have something on him. >> i think hunter biden and the biden ministration should be taking this very seriously. i think the older i get the mor i become i show another type of political person if it's my sid a farm okay with it maybe it's little hypocritical because we easily recognize that if this were a trump kid or a bush kid, or a romney kid, they would be having huge issues with
4:34 pm
collusion and everything that's been happening here and it's right to investigate and it's ridiculous that he doesn't have to answer, but he is a slippery lawyer, so maybe that's why. quickly, charlie, i think another bad actor in this whole saga are the intelligence officers huge light in the grou letter saying that this is russia disinformation the way they smeared ron johnson and senator grassley, they are really undermining people's faith in government. >> exactly. someone needs to answer for this . i want to thank senator johnson for the great work he did on this. they should be the beginning of what many months and hopefully many year investigation into this. all of this points back to joe biden. it's not just the fact that hunter biden has all that morally questionable behavior. the president of the united states may be compromised by ou greatest adversary. that's the story they tried to
4:35 pm
write in the previous provident and they found no evidence despite the fact that they looked into it there is actual evidence to look into it now. let's see if there's interest and i think we have to stay on top of the story. >> it is not going away. thank you for joining us. >> next, more breaking news on the fallout over major-league baseball decision to put the all-star game out of georgia. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. the john deere z365r ztrak mower, cuts the hassle out of yardwork.
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>> today's decision by major-league baseball to move its all-star game in protest of the states new voting law is th latest in a long line of corporate virtual signaling ove who can be the. forgotten in all of this are th small business, restaurants, an hotel owners and the employees impacted by the move georgia governor reinking is issuing a stark warning following today's decision. georgians and all-american should fully understand what th mlb knee-jerk decision means, cancel culture and woke political activist are coming for every aspect of your life, sports included. if the left doesn't agree with
4:41 pm
you, facts and the truth does not matter this attack on our state is the direct result of joe biden and stacy abrams. the biggest impact is how cultural curators corporate america, hollywood commit major-league sports, academia began to withhold commerce to georgia by echoing democratic talking points and behaving lik bullies. i am going to start with you, selena. is say these corporate ceos these woke guys and gals are ou of touch with america. >> esp rate absolutely. our culture occur eight or as, our the sports organizations, our high-tech silicon valley, the large news organizations, are all located in these super zip codes, centers of wealth. think about major-league baseball as headquarters is in
4:42 pm
new york city, but they are surrounded by wealth and they'd know people like themselves, an that's you they associate with. they don't have a lot of in common with the people that consume their news or sit in their seats or watch their movies or download their music, so when they make these decisions, they make them based on the people that they associate with, but not the people that use their products. >> good points. it absolutely is. vernon, let me ask you because delta is also one of the people are one of the corporations trying to cancel georgia if you will and they have very deep ties with the chinese communist government, in fact they alice actually bragged and said we ar the most chinese friendly airline. here is what he said. he said dear delta, you are
4:43 pm
business partners with the communist chinese party, when can we expect your letter sayin that their ongoing genocide is unacceptable and does not match deltas values. #woke corporate hypocrites. >> i would say deltas should just disconnect altogether from china what they're doing, the practices, how they were once responsible for leading covid destroy the economy around the world, but more importantly loo it also coca-cola. coca-cola hold the ranks within their company where they are telling white people to be less white. where is this coming from? it's coming from stacy abrams i the left very stacy abrams is not concerned about all those people including african-americans who are vendors, who are looking forwar to this.
4:44 pm
this economy, why, because they want to tell us how to fake wha to do, when to do it and how to do it. they talk to him about it and get them on board to say listen there's nothing in this legislation in any way that doe anything to harm voters. as a matter fact let's arming voters is president joe crowe and the real jim crow's who are dressed in democratic robes and are literally putting people in here is where the division is coming from here is where the bigotry is coming from it's coming from the left and it's destroying this country. >> so many great points, the people on the other side of thi issue say this law is racist. where are they getting that from
4:45 pm
, i just find this so demeaning. >> it has become just what you say. no matter what the issue is, an when you say something that's racist, it immediately stops th conversation because the person being called a racist or the la that's being called a racist or whatever is being called a racist, no matter how many time you tried to say, but, it's not and here's why, it is a conversation ends because they pulled that out. there vernon's point, this moment, this has been for a lot of small business people, a lot of working people this is their christmas. there is a cave or something ou there selling hats. they couldn't make that bank fo the entire year. it hurts the middle-class and the the working class boater or
4:46 pm
person more than anybody else i this whole scenario. what should conservatives or an of the people that selena is talking about what should they do in response. >> keep her from trying to run for any office. i would like to see conservatives stand up. why can't they stand up. we're not going to participate in sports if you're going to do this type of cancel culture. we have to use our power, and w don't have to say that all of those that are held the ring about laws they've never been part of jim crow, it's just a crying shame. >> selena, great, great conversation take you for joining me. >> gender and women's studies professor pushing back on her employer university of rhode island for writing an article taking aim at the gender identity movement.
4:47 pm
professor donna hughes saying i is canceling people's free speech and academic freedom for anyone who doesn't fall in line. she speaks out an opposition or even calls for the right to debate. she is also write an increasing number of teens are signing up for treatment with not even parents being allowed to intervene. in response to uri writing in part that it does not support state and publications by a spouse anti- transgender perspective the university honors and respects the right t freedom of speech, exercise responsibly. here now neuroscientist and author of the end of gender. so, let's start with what is happening to this professor right now. what is the latest? >> i have to say power to her because she is not backing down. this is another instance of a long line of things that we've been seeing of trans activists and their so called allies
4:48 pm
trying to intimidate and silenc legitimate academics. in my book the end of gender this is a constant theme in foo terms of what we're seeing. we can't talk about scientific facts and as for academic freedom, you're allowed to have free speech, academia. as long as you don't upset transact of host in which event it becomes. >> even warning about the end o gender. tell our viewers what are the social consequences of cancelin the female gender. >> the title of my book refers to the end of our ability to properly understand gender. there is a idea that gender is not tied to self identification if we pretend there is no actua basis to biology or and i don't think this invalidates trans people by any means, it does have real consequences for wome because there are some differences between women and
4:49 pm
transgender women in terms of faces, sports, in terms of youn women that are buying into this ideology and are undergoing in some cases irreversible surgeries and medical interventions that will affect them for life. by pretending that this means nothing, differences or legal protections become. >> professor hughes comes out o the women's studies department and it will be interesting to see whether prominent women within these women's studies departments stand together. what is your view of these type of figures in academia. our women banding together against this or are they afraid to do it, or do they just agree with this transgender movement? >> there's a different there's definitely a lot of infighting. it's really unfortunate to see that there are some women that are essentially throwing women and girls under the bus insane transgender women are women and i think it's important we talk
4:50 pm
about these issues because ther are serious implications if we don't. >> you're right, very serious implications not just a trend. >> thank you, we expect appreciate your perspective. >> health officials don't want you to go to church, and why they definitely don't want you to sing. this is my favorite part of the show. my husband joins us when we com back. so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please! wait, this isn't a hot-dog stand? no, can't you see the sign? wet. teddy. bears. get ya' wet teddy bears! one-hundred percent wet, guaranteed! or the next one is on me! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> rachel: this week the white house releasing its first official photo of the biden cabinet with the caption this is the first time in american history that the cabinet looks like america. okay. interesting. president biden is sitting off to the side and kamala harris is front and center. here now is my husband, former congressman sean duffy, a fox news contributor. so, sean, welcome, i feel like
4:56 pm
we are still so far away. >> i know. thank you for having me on by the way. >> rachel: we tried to make this happen. i have so much to ask. i wanted you on the show but i also wanted those people to analyze people's body language. >> that's not me. >> rachel: but she is really kind of out front and center. >> that would be appropriate you out and front if that was our marriage. he is the president, right? she looks like she is a few inches ahead of biden and which is what we all think about this presidency which is she is actually leading it and he is in the background. but. >> rachel: or susan rice. >> one or the other. i this are think this looks like america, right? this picture with you it looks like biden's america because everyone is muzzled. everyone has a mask. no one can say what they think. that's what he wants america to look like. >> rachel: i agree. there has been a lot of censorship around all things ever since the pandemic whether with it's the treatment or the science behind the mask or vaccines. i agree.
4:57 pm
but it's also weird because every single person in that room is vaccinated, sean. >> exactly. 6 feet apart all wearing masks and vaccinated if you listen to fauci and the cdc if you are vaccinated you can't get the are virus and spread. what kind of message. >> rachel: it's not science message. >> if you are the chinese or the russians, how weak that picture actually looks. >> rachel: i agree. >> 9/11 a mask. >> rachel: rach. >> i haven't seen a picture of putin without a shirt on but not in a mask. president xi not in a mask. this projects the wrong image. rach trach projects weakness and not coming out of this pandemic which we are all starting to see the light at the end he of the tunnel hopefully and i agree, when china -- when biden won, china won. so we will move on to another topic for you. so here we go. this one is -- do you guys have it up for me? easter. >> easter. >> rachel: okay.
4:58 pm
>> it's on sunday. >> rachel: bringing up the footage here. okay. jill president biden. she decided thee likes to play pranks. so thee put on a black wig and she pretepidded to be the flight attendant put on an outfit pretended to be flight attendant and passed out dove bars on a flight. i think it's funny. i think there is hypocrisy. i don't think it's a funny moment. look at the first segment we had there is a lot of chaos at the border. she is one of the policies were humanitarian. what do you think. >> i think it's funny she put a wig on and dressed up as a flight attendant and no one recognized her. that's pretty funny. however, there is a crisis at the southern border. and you do have, as you mentioned in the show tonight, little girls are being sold into sex slavery and they are being raped and we have this variant of covid coming up potentially over the border. so there is a serious time.
4:59 pm
remember this in the last crisis on the border. you and i took the kids to come to the white house picnic and because of the crisis on the border, we -- >> rachel: canceled the picnic. >> here she can joke and have fun with everyone on the plane. >> rachel: move on because we have an easter topic that is now that the cdc now says that you can't sing at easter services this sunday. the they said that, you know, it causes covid. >> well, i just think when he has risen, i think you are going to see christians all over america still singing at least the faithful ones. they shut down our churches but not shut down our voices. i think we are all going to celebrate easter sunday because it's a big part of our life this easter season. >> rachel: you are absolutely right. fauci, you can't stop from us celebrating easter this time. we are going to sing. the lord is risen, i want to wish all of you a blessed good friday, a happy easter, thank you for watching "fox news
5:00 pm
primetime" this week. i'm rachel campos-duffy and tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy good friday. you can say that. today was no different. a radical black nationalist drove a car into two police officers near the capitol in washington this afternoon. one of the officers was killed along with a suspect. now, it's interesting there is still much we don't know about this. we know very little. but this is one high profile murder that didn't somehow set off an avalanche of hysterical media attacks on an entire racial group you didn't hear a story about how all black people


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