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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 2, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> laura, sean, i hope you and your family get visited by the easter bunny tenfold this weekend. it's a pleasure to have you on. happy easter. have a wonderful weekend. now "america reports." >> happy easter! >> happy easter! >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. happy easter to you as well. stunning prediction at the border to give you humanitarian crisis happening there. a whole new perspective. hello. i'm sandra smith. hi, john. >> john: hi. i'm john roberts. by the start of fall as many as 184,000 unaccompanied children could cross to the u.s., that is the equivalent of the city of fort lawyerederdale entering illegally in the next six months. swamped border agents are doing the best they can.
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a live look where they busted three stash houses filled with the migrants by the blood thirsty cartel. many children are among victims. update to the two young girls in this video that were dumped over the fence in the united states from mexico. then abandoned. >> sandra: we have pictures of the girls you will only see here on the fox news channel. that is the video we brought you yesterday. now the new image says the chief border patrol agent of the el paso sector giving a snack to the girls ages 3 and 5 that were dropped over the fence there. senator tom cotton has been outspoken about the crisis. there is the image by the way. what he says has to happen in order to bring this under control. bring them in a moment as we await a live report from allen, texas. and tom cotton of arkansas is
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joining us now. senator, welcome. thank you for being here. i was waiting for the image to pop up because it's powerful, senator. when you see first the video we brought the viewers yesterday. know with are told border patrol says they are fine and in the safety of the walls of the protection of the border patrol now and getting a snack there. the horrific image stays with you, senator. i mean, when we look at what is happening at the border and we report hour by hour. it's getting worse. your thoughts as we kick off the new hour here? >> senator: shocking imagery to see little girls drop from offense. the girls don't belong on the border. they belong with the families in the home country. the reason why we see the biden border crisis is because joe biden said if you are a kid or a teenager or purport to be a teenager or show up with a kid, we will let you in the country. what did he expect would happen? well, what has happened is we have seen five-fold increase
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in the month of march this year from where we were last year and the migrants that are showing up at the border. i was there last week. not a single one with whom i spoke. claiming asylum on persecution of the basin of religion, race, ethnicity or the political views. they were coming for a better job. it's not basis for asylum in the laws. >> sandra: your colleague ted cruz joined us yesterday. what he said struck out. we look to see what the administration does next. kamala harris has plans to visit the country to address the root of the problem and why the people want to come here in the first place. there is a crisis at the border today. we asked ted cruz what he will do about it. he said this. i don't have the sound at this point but ted cruz said they cannot fix it. he said because of their ideologies, they won't be able to fix it. they cause the problem.
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knowing that it exists the ideology prevents them from doing anything about it. what is your response to that? >> senator: democrats are beholden to left wing ideology that says borders are not illegitimate. but there is nothing virtous to induce migrants making a journey that is dangerous to the country even when they don't a legal right to be here. and biden could stop this tomorrow. he could say we exclude all person including minors. he said if you get to the border and a claim of asylum you have to stay in mexico to raise the claim. third, if you cross in to another country say guatemala you have to raise asylum in that country before our country. that would solve it. but there are too many democrats that don't believe in borders and think we should be open to the entire world. >> sandra: here is ted cruz.
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listen. >> senator: they can't fix it. consistent with the problems they have made, the radical left wing base -- today a.o.c. is tweeting the answer is abolish i.c.e. shut down i.c.e. altogether and have open borders. that is the answer of the crazy left. it's why biden and kamala harris are trapped. there is no solution that stops this wave of the humanity, this suffering as long as they take the marching orders from the radical left. >> i want to make sure we got him in his own words. let's move on what is happening in the wake of the new georgia law. the reaction we have seen specifically from the privately held companies. you talk about china a lot. you have corporations like delta speaking out, coca-cola speaking out about this, backing the woke culture as a racist law enacted in the state of georgia. look, the list is growing.
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you are talking about many businesses that continue to do business with china. they don't talk out or denounce what is happening in the country, senator cotton. what is happening here? what is happening with the corporations? >> senator: a lot of the ill-inform and politically correct c.e.o.s dancing to the tune of those that scare them. the chinese communist party scares them. they are afraid they'll cut off business so they will do whatever they say like changing the name of taiwan on the drop-down menu on the website. they are scared of the biden administration. scared of the far left to boycott businesses. they have a lot of republicans that fly planes and work for them. they are condemning the republican lawmakers and voters in georgia for passing a law by the way expands the voting access in many regards than greater extent than delaware, biden's home state, new york or california.
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democratic states. maybe the republicans should send the same message to see if the sail-ill informed c.e.o.s will vote with the shareholder pocketbook in that case. >> sandra: it seems to me and you took it a step further, senator. you said in a tweet the c.e.o. folded under pressure and smeared georgia about lies of the election bill. i think you were speaking of the delta c.e.o. if that is the case, should there be accountability with the chief executives knowing that the washington post pinocchios for way that biden spread misinformation on the election laws? should corporate c.e.o.s be held accountable for spreading misinformation? >> senator: when the "washington post" gives joe biden four pinocchios it's bad. georgia law has been the target of lies and smears in
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many ways expands voting access. in many ways it's better than democratic states. bastien the delta c.e.o. smeared georgia and the lawmakers without inducing a single fact or making a single argument about the law. a lot of them are running to the republicans to plead with us to stop the tax increase or stop the biden administration regulating them out of the existence. i bet they don't find welcome audiences attacking our voters and attacking our lawmakers at the state level. >> sandra: important stuff. it's good to have you on. thank you. >> senator: thank you. >> sandra: john? >> john: the white house is doubling down on president biden's false claim that the new georgia voting law ends voting hours early so that working people can't cast their vote. now we hear for companies calling for the boycott for their view on the controversial new law. lydia hu of fox business has
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more. what have is going on now? >> hi, john. we know there are calls from boy counts for people not to shop with -- boycotts for people to not shop with the companies so they did not void the georgia voting law fast enough. like delta, coca-cola and apple even. in response they have seen the companies coming out. apple denouncing the law. we saw the lawmakers like rubio taking to twitter to possibility out the hypocrisy saying that the companies continue to do business as we are hearing. they continue to do business in china. yet they are not calling attention the human rights violation and the oppression of the muslim minority in the country while they reap financial benefits. delta expanded the number of flights they had to china in the pandemic and called
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tremendous the most chinese friendly u.s. air line on the website. apple c.e.o. tim cook blasted the georgia voting law but its business exploded in china. clearing 57% increase in sales in the last quarter. apple and coca-cola lobbied to water down legislation that prevented american companies for goods manufactured through force labor in china. what we hear now from senator rubio and cotton, they are calling out the hypocrisy. the companies jump on the bandwagon to denounce the voting law, they are not doing the same thing as they continue to work in china and reap the financial benefits there. john? >> sandra: all right. lydia, thank you so much. sandra? the c.d.c. has new travel guidelines. the agency says you can travel safely within the u.s. if you have received the shot.
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but should still wear a mask and practice social distancing. you won't need to get a covid test before or after your trip unless your destination requires it specifically. you won't need to self-quarantine. the same for international travel. the only difference is you need to take a covid test a few days before boarding a flight to the u.s. 3-5 days after you return. >> john: fox news alert. we are getting word from chad pergram that the capitol building has been locked down because of external security threat. people are allowed to move around inside the building. we don't know the nature of the threat. but suspicious packages abound in washington, d.c. at the white house we had times that we were not allowed to go out on the north lawn
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because of the suspicious packages. chad is working sources. get us information when he can. security lockdown and people told to stay away from windows and still move around inside the building. >> sandra: we are hearing due to threat at the capitol there is no entry or exit permitted at the time. move throughout the building but stay away from the exterior doors. we will get additional reporting as it continues. we are also hearing from a reporter there hillary vaughn and she says they are tending to someone on the ground after the security threat notified. we don't even know if this is related. two stretchers have been rolled out. one beyond my point of view and the other on the person on
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the ground. don't know if it's reported but that is report from the capitol. >> john: we know since the january 6 event, the capitol building itself has been surrounded by the security perimeter. national guard in place and lightened security against potential threats. that is thought to be on the kind. a smaller scale on january 6. in washington, d.c., there is a threat like any other big city. threats abound every day. we don't know the nature here but this is not unusual for there to be a lockdown. it happens often. there is a helicopter in the area. i think it's probably a park police helicopter. but look at this.
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the helicopter looks like it is coming in for a landing there. that would raise a question if it's a medevac procedure underway. >> john: appears to be some situation. >> sandra: and jen psaki giving a press briefing as we speak. we are monitoring that if there is a question or clarity on the situation at the capitol. we'll have it for you. we'll take a quick break. hunter biden speaking out about a controversial laptop he left at a delaware repair shop saying this. >> was that your laptop? >> for real, i don't know. i really don't know what the answer is. >> sandra: coming up, we have more on what he had to say about that d.o.j. investigation in a new interview. >> john: plus, parents are suing los angeles schools as the battle over reopening will continue. why the parents say remote learning causing personal injury to the children. we'll have that when we come back. how great is it that we get to tell everybody
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>> john: fox news alert continues. we are getting a better idea of the threat at the capitol. looks like a car crashed in one of the barricades that comes up of the of the ground at the entrance off of constitution in front of the russell senate building. this would be on the senate side. some congressional aides are texting me saying that there may have been shots fired as well. there may be something suspicious in the vehicle. the threat seems to be more than the typical threat on a daily basis on washington, d.c. we have a picture to get for you soon as the car crashed in the barricade. >> sandra: for more, bring in chad pergram live on capitol hill. what do we know? >> what is remarkable about this, they came on the
10:20 am
intercom on the u.s. capitol. you don't hear it often. last time i heard this was the 6th of january in the riot where they had there had been incursion in capitol and they were trying to get members of congress out of the house chamber. they came on the intercom and said they were locking down the capitol in an external security threat. you could move around inside the capitol. they did not lock down the capitol yourself. you don't have to stay in your offices. we are inside the capitol now. i should note the significance of the location. to orient you, this is constitution avenue on the senate side. just across from the russell senate office building. this is the very gate i walk through every day to get in the capitol. what is interesting is two weeks ago they reduced the larger perimeter they put around the capitol after 1/6. it went out several blocks until to union station to the north. they completely closed down
10:21 am
constitution avenue and independence avenue. those are the long avenues that run parallel to the capitol on the senate and the house side. what you are referring to there are the permanent barriers they raise and lower from the ground. that is where i always see a large contingent of the national guard troops each day. the number has been reduced in the past couple of weeks. they sent a lot of members home. there is a sizable contingent here through may. they renewed the operation. some members of congress said they didn't need to. the fact you get that close to the capitol is the problem. the roadway would not be open two weeks ago thank you. removed the consterntino wire. some members say take down all the fencing. that is probably one of the best guarded gates at the capitol. the senators come in, aides drive them in or senators drive them in when they come in to vote. there are two sets of barriers. you come in off constitution avenue. they know who you are or
10:22 am
recognize the capitol police or some instances now the national guard. they lower the first barricade. a second barricade closer to the building. they have the poles after 9/11 that it would be hard off the roadway to get that close to the capitol. before the threat is, it appeared that the security work. they have the double redundancy with the two set of barricades. we don't know the nature of the threat. this is the serious thing at the capitol since january 6. the access was not open. a few weeks ago you went doesn't a street and they check your i.d. and check your trunk. go through a set of barricades and they park your car. constitution was closed off. you could get in by foot but
10:23 am
you couldn't drive. the debate should constitution avenue, major american roadway. 's important in the united states between the capitol and the russell office building. i should note after the oklahoma city bombing in april of 1995 they closed off the side streets that run between the office building between of a concern of a truck bomb. >> i want to bring to your attention jen psaki inside the briefing room. she said at first she was not aware of the situation. she was asked about the lockdown at the capitol complex, which is ongoing right now. she was told there were report and hearing of the gunfire. she was asked how the important will be informed of things and she responded that the president travels with the national security rep and acting chief of staff and went on to regular protocol. it appears there is not a formal briefing matter from the white house at this moment. that is a live shot at the
10:24 am
capitol now. we'll monitor information. i am getting this from hillary vaughn and our capitol hill correspondent. she is saying she can report a cash smashed in the barrier as you -- car smashed in the barrier, as you are detailing. one person on the ground that capitol police were tending to. two stretchers were rolled out. one to the person on the ground. the other stretcher went beyond her point of view to someone else. two people were pushed on stretchers and loaded to two separate ambulances and the ambulances have since left. the car is still smashed in the barrier, chad, is what she is reporting. final thought? >> that is the issue here. prior to 1/6, it was ought that the capitol itself was secure due to redundancies and it was always concern what would happen outside. that is where you have house members, senators, aides, journalists walking back and forth. that is where i come in each
10:25 am
day. we are in the first bona fide congressional recess that there is not a lot of people here today. the house is out, the senate is out. i have not seen a single house or senate member here all day. when congress is in session the major way they get in the capitol, leave and do it on foot. some of them have the offices in the russell senate office building a and they just walk across the street. it's a heavily trafficked area. sometimes they have the suspicious cars. this is pre1/6. but it's not usually that close to the capitol. long time since they have an issue someone running a barricade at the capitol. >> sandra: all right. chad. stand by with us. we'll check back in with you. john, it appears this is all in the hands of the capitol police. when d.c. police received the calls they say the capitol hill police are the lead on everything ongoing. >> john: i have aides
10:26 am
texting me and one tentioned me to say even though there were ambulances on the ground we had seen the helicopter land. somebody was air lifted from the area. another congressional aide texted me to say that their understanding was again this is unconfirmed but what we are hearing from sources on the ground that the vehicle, the driver of the vehicle was shot by the u.s. capitol police trying to breach barricade off of constitution avenue. this looks like a serious threat. we have seen this before at the white house in recent years. a woman in a car tried to breach security at the white house off of "e" street driving through a barricade. someone -- it may have been that person but a shooting was there. a police involved shooting trying to breach the
10:27 am
barricade. that looks that it's happened here. we don't know where the car is from. we can't get that close with the images we have. we are hoping to soon have images that the correspondent hillary vaughn took of the area. she has a little video and still pictures we hope to get on the air soon. all we know there is a serious situation that is involving a car crashing in to a raised barricades. potential shooting and air lifting but we don't know why. >> sandra: as far as a change of 'chure at the white house, psaki was asked about that as a result of the situation at the capitol and said in response to events i don't have an update but you'll get one to you should there be an impact. it appears she was learning about the lockdown at the capitol when a reporter asked her about it in the briefing room. she was asked if she would
10:28 am
come back out after the briefing was over. she said i certainly can. so perhaps we will get update from the briefing room should she get information on the information. >> john: having been in the briefing room for 12 years it's difficult for them to get information unless they hand them a note. there is constitution avenue. that leads to the east front of the capitol. that is the first vehicle barricade that chad stalked about. blue is a -- blue sedan crashed in the barricade that says "stop" on it. the vehicle approached the barricade and judging by the damage to front of the vehicle it did so at a high rate of
10:29 am
speed. there may have been an officer that opened fire on the vehicle. the fact that the driver of the vehicle looks like according to again congressional aides airlifted from there. that would be indication of a severe injury, whether it came from the car crash or the shooting. >> sandra: reading from the wires here, reuters reporting that the street surrounding the u.s. capitol and the congressional office buildings are in lockdown as we have been describing the complex in lockdown with heavy police presence on the scene. because of the security threat the u.s. capitol police are not commenting on what happened here. as we have been reporting they are the lead on this. but anybody tuning in this is a live picture of capitol hill on the left side of the screen. you are also looking on the right side at a scene that just played out there on constitution avenue. the lookdown is happening or the result of the report of
10:30 am
gunfire nearby. they have locked down the complex there and there is an investigation ongoing. we await more information. that is what we have at the moment. >> john: as chad pergram will tell us, there have been several threats involving gunfire at the capitol in the past. capitol police officers shot. shooting on january 6. now this. i'm getting multiple reports that there was gunfire. it's logical to assume if a vehicle approached a barricade at a high rate of speed that officers tending to that checkpoint probably would have drawn their weapons and opened fire on the driver to get them to stop. you can't see it clearly in that picture. if we can get video that
10:31 am
hirl -- that hillary vaughn sent, you can see in the video there is damage to the front end of the vehicle hitting the barricade. so the vehicle probably came off of constitution avenue at a good clip. there we go. watch this for a second. this is after the incident took place. the police vehicle is in place there. that is probably a u.s. capitol police vehicle there. constitution avenue. the ambulance rolling in. we saw the helicopter come down and congressional aide told me that they believe that the driver of the vehicle was loaded in the helicopter and taken away. probably to medstar hospital center. that is the closest hospital, i believe, that would have a helicopter pad on it. we will try to get more
10:32 am
information from the hospital and from capitol police as it becomes available. >> sandra: i have an update from capitol police here now. a sweet just went out a couple of moments ago. the u.s. capitol police responding to the north barricade vehicle access point along independence avenue. for reports that someone rammed a vehicle in the two u.s. capitol police officers. a suspect in custody and both officers are injured and all three have been transported to the hospital. that's latest update and the only update from the u.s. capitol police. >> john: so maybe the police officers themselves were medevaced out of there. if they were hit by a vehicle that came in at a high rate of speed, they could have suspended substantial >> sandra: we are getting
10:33 am
images about what people saw play out. this is important to pay out we look at the entry to the capitol. chad pergram pointed out that the entry point is where the senator and the aides come to the capitol each day in session. constitution avenue closed off. was closed off until two weeks ago when they reduced the size of the outer perimeter. now we have live images coming in at the scene of the capitol as we come to learn more about what played out. >> john: hillary vaughn on the scene. this is from her camera. are you with us? can you tell us what happened? >> yes, i'm with you. really, this happened as i was walking down the hallway in the russell building. there was a few loud beeps. then overhead announcement announced there was an existential threat and telling everyone in the capitol office buildings to not leave the
10:34 am
building or go outside. there are windows looking to the dome out the window that you can see the live pictures coming in from. you can see this had a bird's-eye view what was going on. i looked at the scene. it crashed in the barrier. the barrier comes out of the ground and it stays up year-round. it wasn't an extra measure in place. that is always there. the car crashed into that. then i saw a person on the ground that the capitol police were tending to. after that, two ambulances rolled out two stretchers. one of the stretchers went to the person on the ground. they loaded the person on the stretcher and in the ambulance. the second stretcher went beyond theview point beyond the trees so i couldn't see where they were led to. but as the stretcher came back we could see another
10:35 am
individual that had been loaded on the stretcher and loaded in the second ambulance. the ambulances have left. it's important to point out that because it was take down the general public has access and they are able to get closer than they have been for the past several months. an area that uber and the taxi drivers drop people off. many people going to work head to the entrance. that barrier is blocking off the public. and the vehicles getting to the very front of the capitol steps. that is the capitol dome and that is where the senate and the house floor reside. the fact that the vehicle was able to crash in the barrier is notable because a few weeks ago it wouldn't have been possible by having offense up. we did get an update from the
10:36 am
capitol police on the circumstances. we are waiting to find out what happened before that car was physically able to crash in the barrier. >> sandra: we are now hearing that the suspect has been taken to the hospital. along with two capitol police officers. update to the capitol police posting here in that tweet, they incorrectly stated independence avenue. we know we are talking about constitution avenue. constitution avenue updated by the capitol police as the location of the incident. hillary, go ahead. we continue to watch the live pictures play out as we see guardsmen on hand and streets closed off. >> i think it's important to note out that while people like me and my colleagues work every day on capitol hill we know that the senate and the house is out of session. so a lot of senators and congressmen and women are in the home districts on spring recess. the general public may not be
10:37 am
as well versed with the senate and the house calendar. so we don't know if that person was aware or acting on the assumption that there could be senators and congress people conducting business on the house and the senate floor inside the capitol dome. but because we're in the spring recession, a lot of the senators and the congress people are home and the staff as well are not here. so a good coincidence we are in the spring recess and a lot of the buildings and the offices are empty now. >> i appreciate the update. stand by and bring us information as you get it. live from capitol hill as we see a strong presence. the capitol police, the dogs working the area outside the tents and the barricades there. we learn more and now knowing that the suspect is in custody in the hospital treated.
10:38 am
with the capitol police officers after the crash and the lockdown at the capitol. >> john: to give you idea where the vantage point of where pictures from hillary come from, the russell rotunda where we do a lot of the interviews with the members of congress. mostly on the senate side. there is a wall cony off of that as well. cameras are on the inside of the rotunda. you just open up the doors to go on the balcony. you can get a bird's-eye view. they have closed off the area around it. this is not necessarily what they have been concerned about since january 6 in the incident but the incidents like this were things they suspected that may happen so they kept a police presence. why they kept the national
10:39 am
guard there. matter of controversy. jacqui heinrich has more information on this. apparently we had her but now we don't have her anymore. to the nature of the threat it was thought a group of people might do something in the capitol. whether around march 4, the original inauguration date or address to joint session of congress by the president that hasn't yet happened. now something happened today which i think people will say justified the continuation of the use of force, show of force at least. the perimeter around the capitol to stop somebody from gaining entrance. chad mentioned the steel ballards around the building so even if you could have gotten past the barricade you probably could haven't got close enough to building to do damage had you had explosive device inside the vehicle. >> sandra: this is good friday and we are heading to
10:40 am
easter weekend. many u.s. cities are calm and quiet. many people are gathering with the families at home for the easter holiday weekend. moments ago we got update that the president joe biden just landed at camp david. we were getting an update from the white house briefing room as it was ongoing and it's now ended. see if we get a further update from the white house. the president landed a short time ago from camp david. all we know is what we can report that the capitol police responded from the north barricade vehicle access along constitution avenue, john. there were reports that someone ran the vehicle to the two u.s. capitol police officers. the suspect is in custody. both officers are injured and all three are at the hospital at this time. that is the update from the capitol police and the investigation is ongoing. although the capitol police are not commenting specifically on anything they know about the suspect at this
10:41 am
time. >> john: surprising that the capitol police officers were hit by the vehicle. maybe they jumped out in front of it. to tell the person to stop. then they didn't stop. you typically stay away from the barricade so the barricade will do its job. i remember there was an incident at the white house a couple of years back where someone mentally ill -- there you see a good picture of the car smashed in the barricade. a person deemed to be mentally ill or at least mentally unstable drove along "e" street and tried to go to the entrance of the white house. that is behind the white house and behind the office building and hit the barricade there. but didn't injure anybody from the secret service because they were not standing in front of the barricade.
10:42 am
maybe the officers were standing in front of the barricade or jumped in front of the car to tell the operator of the vehicle to stop. there were reports gunfire. maybe an officer tried to take a shot at the driver to try to get them to stop. clearly the barricade did its job to prevent that person get in the parking lot in front of the capitol. >> sandra: as far as the president landing at camp david at 12:53 p.m. the latest update from the white house on his whereabouts. looking live at the left of the screen and the right. the scene is ongoing. and the officers we pray for them. there are many member of congressmen and women, the senators tweeting out the thought an prayers at this time. after this just happened on good friday heading in the holiday weekend. horrific incident. we see the car still rammed in
10:43 am
to the, in to the barricade there. hopefully we know more soon but all we know is what capitol police have told us at this hour. >> john: typically washington, d.c. this time of the year is a time of celebration. cherry blossom festival underway. thousands people looking cherry blossom. it's cool day but the sun is out and you don't expect good friday leading to easter that someone would perpetrate an act like this. it shouldn't be much longer before we get information to who this individual was. i don't know if the person who is operating the camera can hear or not but if we could get a closeup on the license plate it would tell where you say the person came from or could have been a rental car. >> sandra: obviously, you can see the urgency top right of the screen. the guardsmen running toward the scene. bring in the former boston
10:44 am
police superintendent and chief. daniel, i'm not sure if you can see the screen. there is a lot of activity on the live shot of capitol hill with the guardsmen running out with shields. your thoughts on what we know so far about the situation? >> this is evolving situation and we don't know much. we know we have to deal with the situation in front of us. to find what it is and who it is quickly as possible. be prepared for other possibilities. is this a divergence? are there several people looking to do things at several points? law enforcement get a perimeter around the crime scene and they have to investigate what happened here. increase this around the capitol and where other potential targets are and that's just until we understand what is going on here. >> sandra: daniel, would this be any routine operation
10:45 am
by the guard or would they know more to move in the capacity they are. if there are a couple of dozen guardsmen in full protection, jogging down the street. >> that looks to be a rapid response team, a quick response team not sure what the mission is but they are prepared to deal with whether the crowds, attack or they are deploying to be out there to be perimeter and they will have if multiple perimeter around the capitol. they are trained to respond quickly with equipment and prepared for whatever comes their way. >> john: daniel, this is john roberts in washington. the plan was with the guard that they would be a contingent kept on and they would be kept as rapid
10:46 am
deployment at nearby barracks. they can deploy rapidly. there is a controversy whether they should remaun and the questions remain about what is the threat against the capitol? this is peaceful day in washington, d.c., good friday preceding easter and somebody perpetrating an act here to seem on the surface to give some justification to keep the major rapid reaction force on ground near the capitol. >> there is much debate. we were clear in the security world and the police intelligence world we were clear there were still threats to the capitol in the region. i have spoken before that you need resources there ready to deploy quickly. that is what they are doing. keep them out of sight. you don't make people feel
10:47 am
uncomfortable but you have an ability to put folks on notice to get a perimeter and respond to arrest team and put a line up and put on the tactical gear and they can deploy the weapon systems if they have to. you want them ready for any emergency. predeployed to get there as quickly as possible. there is a squad here. i get the video footage now. squad walking down. they appear to put the personnel in places they need them. no response there. running to the event and hustling out to get resources out. maun more perimeter line shutting down the streets for this. often times in these cases there are many reports coming in and many are not truthful but you have to deal with them and run them to ground. what we see now on the right side of the screen, sandra, that is a public order team. they are there for moving that crowd should it become
10:48 am
necessary. they are predeployed. >> sandra: daniel, your experttize is greatly appreciated considering what we know about what is ongoing at this time. we report on the one incident with the police officers hospitalized. the one suspect hospitalized. we don't know if there are other reported incidents to your point. the capitol police sent out another tweet. the first is update on anything. this is the second they have sent out due to the external security threat and the north barricade, daniel, they write of the u.s. capitol, the following road closures in effect. constitution avenue between 2nd northeast and the 1st street northwest. road closures are happening around the city. talk about why that is necessary considering the guards men are heading out to secure as much area as possible. knowing that other calls could be coming in.
10:49 am
there is a suspect trying to breach the capitol. there are injuries. sometimes if they had a utilize lethal force. they will go to the hospital for stress of using the weapon. so we hope and pray they are not injured. you don't know if this is an organized group that they will hit the gate and then come in through the back door. so you need multiple teams to deploy to predetermined locations to take more real estate if you have the protests coming in or your have to secure other roads or facilities. if you need to put checkpoints in and make sure vehicles. we have seen initial attacks and then a secondary vehicle in overseas that a secondary vehicle comes in with an i.e.d. in it so we want to control access. >> sandra: if you don't mind, could you stand by with us?
10:50 am
we have breaking news we want to head back to the capitol. stand by, daniel. john? >> john: yeah. you can see there on the screen, suspect drove to capitol, and had knife. so not just a vehicle threat to officers but as well a threat using a weapon. chad pergram has the latest on that. he sent out a bulletin. what do you know, chad? we watch the activity that appears to be somebody tended to on the ground. >> i'm told that the car came in and after the car, the blue sedan rammed the capitol police officers there. the suspect got out of a vehicle with a knife and shot by the capitol police officers. they have the national guard troops there. there are small contingent of the national guard troops around the capitol. this is the quick reaction forces to make something permanent at the capitol. something i want to emphasize this roadway was not open from january 7 until two weeks ago.
10:51 am
constitution avenue because they reduced the footprint of the perimeter. there was a cry saying we don't need a larger footprint. you keeping people away from the capitol. so they took out the outer perimeter that went out several blocks from the house and the senate office buildings and they moved it back in. they took out the razor wire. so that is a barricade around the capitol. the whole idea is maybe when the national guard leaves in the muddle of may, they were renewed they would take it down. these are the redundancies they have. every car, you can't get past the point now. you can't get to the capitol complex unless you have a hard pass. you can't get past that point. that is checked every day. a few choke point to get in the capitol.
10:52 am
they have double barricades there. one closer to the street and another further back. you are probably 75 to 80 yards, maybe even 100 yards from constitution avenue to the capitol itself. this is the problem on january 6. i am told for years i talk to the sergeant at arms and they said our goal is keep the fight outside. so in this instance the security seems to have worked. they kept the fight outside. whatever the threat. that is the problem on january 6, people got too close to the capitol. i was on the phone yesterday with a former senior capitol security official who told me, we were talking about 1/6. they indicated to me they knew that at some point 1/6 would happen. they didn't know how but something like that would happen. this is a push and a shove back and forth between the lawmakers and the security forces. all the security officials up here wanted to push security perimeter further. terry gaynor used to be the capitol police chief and
10:53 am
senate sergeant of arms and he said if you have people clear the security, be it cars or pedestrian or tourists further away from the building you have a more open campus. so people can get around. now what they have done with this interim fence that is up after the 6th of january, you can get close to the capitol but not all the way in. this is the edge of constitution avenue. this will probably spark the debate again that barely died down. whether or not the roadway should be open. after the oklahoma city bombing in april of 1995, they closed off pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house and the side streets that run between the house and the senate office buildings where the house and the senate committees meet and members are have the offices. saying we are concerned about a truck bomb. again, they could have had an explosive device in this vehicle. you are close to the capitol having constitution avenue open. this is why bill clinton in 2000 not long before he left
10:54 am
office said he talked about trying to reopen pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house. president bush, george w. bush happened 9/11 happened. the other thing to note is the foot of capitol hill and constitution avenue and the other side. the same with the independence avenue, parallel street, but on the other side, the house side of the cap tom there are similar -- capitol, there are similar barricades there. all the barriers were installed after 9/11. they can raise and lower them. so if they have a big security threat they can raise though. constitution avenue is open and the barricades were down. then they have the double barricades to get in the capitol. to figure out what the threat was. chris van hollen and roy
10:55 am
blunt. and they introduced legislation and they held a press conference outside the capitol saying that we want to introduce a bill to bar the election of a permanent fence around the capitol. nancy pelosi has talked about an additional supplemental aprop ration bill. this would be a 13th bill. and just for the capitol security. they discussed offense to raise or lower that is build in the ground all the way around the capitol. this is where you have the lawmakers and the shoving match between the security forces and the lawmakers that are concerned about turning the capitol to a citadel. and then therefore americans don't have access to the democracy. this is the first real recess on capitol hill with the house and the senate out at the same time. there is only one hearing this week.
10:56 am
remote hearing yesterday. since march of last year. you don't have people here at all. you don't have lawmakers here at all. i have not seen a single house member or the senate member all week long. >> sandra: to give you context of the video. it was a raw video coming in. a capitol police officer on the ground treated. we saw graphic pictures. >> john: we apologize for those and someone on a gurney receiving chest compressions and we don't know who the individual was or what the status of the individual is. we will keep checking of the status of the two officers and the person in the vehicle. >> and the type of the people, too, you might also according to my reporting here that the two officers were hit there. there are other people coming and going. there is only two places that you can get in the capitol.
10:57 am
check point on the senate side and similar on the house side. that is it. there are the barricades and the officers. that is where the people who work here, food service workers and the construction workers. that is how they get in capitol, too. >> john: used to be more entrances but they are closed down after january 6. sandra? >> sandra: all right, john. this scene the nationalguardsmen called to duty as a result of what we saw. daniel, the former boston superintendent and chief detailing how they are going to spread throughout the city knowing there could be more threats out there. that is a live picture we see after the two capitol hill police officers were rammed with a car after the suspect stepped out with a knife. we are told by the capitol police that the suspect is now in custody in the hospital. along with the capitol police officers. john, jacqui heinrich sending
10:58 am
us unbelievable video and the pictures from the area. so many reporters are able to capture this ongoing. what can you tell us that you saw and heard? >> i'm in the russell rotunda. this is the capitol building across the race. way.east start of the capitol. you can see the car that ran in the barricade. before the intercom announcement there was an external security threat and we need to get away from the window and stay indoors and don't enter or exit. i did hear a bang but i didn't think anything of it. in the rotunda, you have the camera men opening gear cases, it makes a lot of noise and echoes and i didn't think anything about it until we came out and we saw a large police presence. i was here, you could see a man treated on the ground. a second stretcher came out and that appeared to be an
10:59 am
officer brought away from the stretcher. after that, you heard the choppers overhead and the police who saw us gathering on the balcony yelled at us to get back inside. we had a view outdoors directly of this and we have pushed back in and shut the doors to follow instruction. we saw a few moments ago the national guardsmen around the corner with the shield and weapons. it's unclear where they were headed. an interesting thing that i take as significant. i usually enter the building on a door below where we are standing. i turn the door every day i come to work since starting working on the hill. this morning, it was blocked by the national guardsmen who told me i needed to walk to a different building to enter the capitol. it might not be related at all. but the fact it happened here at the door that faces the intersection stands out to me
11:00 am
now as watching this unfold. there is a significant security presence and you can still see the vehicle rammed in the barrier. the trunk is open and the door is open. we are awaiting the status of the people taken away. i haven't heard another helicopter for at least 15 minutes or so. this is still a very active scene. >> sandra: jacqui heinrich reporting on capitol hill for us. at this hour we expected to have tim scott join us. he just sweeted out that he and his staffers are safe in the building where they continue to be on lockdown. the entire capitol complex on lockdown. see if we can get to him. this is the about the time he was going to join us for the regular programming. glad to hear he is okay as many members of congress are tweeting out their whereabouts that they are okay. we just reported that the president since landed at camp
11:01 am
david. we know his whereabouts. white house trying to get us response from there. jen psaki was holding a press briefing when this was unfolding and she learned from a reporter that the capitol complex was locked down. so this is all fresh and we continue to relay what we know when we know it. we just saw an update, "associated press" reporting that the suspect is in critical condition in the hospital. we have not heard specifics from the hospital or any doctors or the capitol plicit on that but that -- capitol police on that but that is what the a.p. is reporting. hopefully we have more information soon. >> john: numerous reports we are receiving is the driver of the vehicle was shot by a u.s. capitol police officer on the station there. after the driver exited the vehicle with a knife. there you see a ways from the capitol where the national guard set up a perimeter. i saw a group walking down a
11:02 am
pathway close to the dirksen building the first senate building that you come upon when you come up the road to constitution avenue and capitol hill. they extended the perimeter quite a way. people living in washington, d.c. use to roads closed. but not used to this. but what happened on january 6 changed the tone of the whole thing. to some degree washington, d.c. has -- i don't want to say an armed camp but it has had a different tone about it since what happened in january. >> sandra: absolutely. >> john: with the no scale fencing, ringing the capitol. still ringing the white house complex. and lafayette park. people are not allowed to go where they normally would have
11:03 am
been and left in case the security measures. to some degree of controversy because of what intelligence was saying was a lingering threat. whether this person is connected to a lingering threat that intelligence indicated or not, we don't know. in this town there are plenty of lone wolfs who come in the city with a beef about something. in many cases they are not exactly mentally stable. they try to perpetrate an entry to the white house or capitol grounds or what have you. they are trying to make a statement. they have a grievance they are trying to air. we don't know if it happened in this case. this is what goes on in the town. there are people on capitol hill who said we told you we needed to keep the security premer the there and that the national guard needed to stay in place. they may find justification for desire to do that.
11:04 am
>> sandra: we don't know yet. you heard from daniel linsky that said they can't close the door on it yet. on the bottom of the screen, the f.b.i. d.c. office is now assisting with the response. this is an ongoing investigation and the response like this as daniel linsky laid out clearly. you can't assume it's a lone wolf. you can't assume it's one off incident. they have to secure the perimeter and log down the streets. we are awaiting further direction. senator is joining us now and his staff is safe and accounted for. what is happening and what can you tell us? >> senator: i spoke to the staff who is in the senate office building. they are safe inside. thank god for law enforcement around the country and specifically on capitol hill. they may have saved many lives
11:05 am
and put the lives in jeopardy. we should take a step back on good friday and be thankful there are americans who are willing to put themselves in harm's way to defend others. my staff is safer because we have capitol hill doing their job and risking their jobs. so far this appears to be isolated incident that they have their arms around but more information will come out as the situation becomes more and more known. >> sandra: you used to have your office in the russell building which is there where the entrance is. you have moved to the hart building. which is just down the street. did you talk to any staffers who might have seen what happened or the aftermath of it? >> senator: i did not speak to any staffers that saw what happened. i spoke to folks who have been impacted by the aftermath. very alarmed.
11:06 am
folks on the hill tell me there was a seamless transition. they were maintaining the strong hold in the offices and the officers were communicating through the alarm systems that we have around the capitol. things seem to have gone well thankfully. but you can imagine that your kids or your staff or your friends in a place where the lives are put in jeopardy. >> sandra: senator, leader mcconnell just put out a state. on twitter saying we are praying for the u.s. capitol police officer attacked at the capitol. we know they are still in the hospital at this moment and we are still learning what has taken place, says leader mcconnell. grateful to all the u.s. capitol police and the first responders who are on the scene. are you learning more about your colleague's whereabouts? who are you hearing from? a lot of your colleagues sent out the similar messages and similar messages to yours to
11:07 am
let people know they are safe. >> senator: yes, ma'am. i have spoken to my staff who is on the campus now. i am coordinating conversation with other members. the good news members were out of town because of easter. we have limited staff on the hill. that is excellent news. every life is valuable as the other life. having a few of my staff in the office. i'm thankful for that. but ten days ago we were removing the fences that created the border around the capitol. up'm sure there will be a new conversation about what it looks like going forward. i'm thankful law enforcement. the short answer 90 to 95% of all members of the congress and senators are off campus today. the vast majority of the staff not on campus as well. just a small group working today. >> sandra: thank goodness. >> john: senator scott to the subject of the perimeter
11:08 am
that you talked about, you know, there was great discussion about continuing capitol perimeters. it didn't come to pass at march 4, the traditional inauguration day mention and some thought it might happen when president biden gave the inaugural "state of the union" address. and so the debate now about maintaining the security perimeter, to maintain the national guard rapid reaction force, what character does the debate take on now as a result of this? i say this in the context of this is not the first time that we have seen something like this happen. at the white house, similar incidents before. somebody maybe acting alone tries to get in because they have a grievance to air. >> senator: no doubt. to your point before the
11:09 am
covid-19 pandemic hit, there was an understand doesn't outside of the perimeter of the capitol -- incident outside of the perimeter, capitol and the office building where an individual and a single car was stopped. that situation was dangerous as well. this is what i think. if you think where we are at a nation i'm happy we have very capable law enforcement officers who are able to secure the capitol. the presence of the national guard thankful as i am for people who are putting their lives on the line. it's important. we have existential threat on the outside that we need to keep an eye. we have inward focus on each other and there are threats outside of the border to get through the border. we should look at what it
11:10 am
looks like for the national border and the international threats as well and i think that we benefit from a longer, deeper conversation about putting america first from a global perspective and national perspective and capitol perspective. there are very capable law enforcement officers doing their job and look to them for wisdom on what level of security and assistance they need around the capitol. i feel very safe when i'm there. we could have fewer national guard and less fencing. >> sandra: and that coordination is key and it's what makes the country so great. you see what is happening on the ground. the coordinated effort that we are learning about. there is a lead on this for the capitol police. investigation is ongoing and we don't know the specifics of motive or who the suspect is. the f.b.i. is involved. they are supporting the capitol police in the moment. they are still responding. i will take this a step
11:11 am
further on the conversation that john and i had a few moments ago. d.c. looks and feels different. for any of us who spent time there in the career and our lives this feels different these days. i'm curious from a senator what your level of the safety is as you know the city so well. >> senator: i will say that the public service has changed drastically in ten years they have been in the office. person rained trying to plot to kill me and had the arraignment on the past monday. so threat goes beyond the border of the capitol and it goes wherever we live. one thing i love about our country is that we should have consistently servant leaders who want to serve the nation. it comes at a price that wasn't there a decade ago and that is unfortunate but we still live on the greatest country on girl. earth. we have to take in to
11:12 am
consideration the job they have and secure the members and the country at the same time. the debate that is happening on the capitol now is a wonderful one. synergistic approach from the federal law enforcement apparatus charged with the responsibility of protecting, defending and coordinating behalf of the capitol. the same blanket available for the nation as a whole. that is important in the times in which we live. each and every person should have the right to express their opinion but we should be responsible how to express opinions and that will be part of the conversation. i hope we don't jump off the deep end and make it more important that my life as a senator is secured but your life is not. i think we should take seriously the panoramic view of the nation and it starts with the integrity and the truth in conversations we are having. learn to agree to disagree.
11:13 am
if we do a better job with that the nation would benefit from if positive leadership. especially on good friday. >> john: on the right-hand side of the screen we see the security measures in place. the barricades that say "stop" are well down constitution avenue. >> senator: yes. >> john: from the capitol. down there at the same area reflecting pool is. that is the first time we have seen those deployed. long way from the entrance where the car went in. there is always threats to capitol building. chad pergram provides context. 2006, customer crashed a car in the barricade when they visited the visitor center and that suspect got in the capitol building.
11:14 am
in 2009, the capitol police shot and killed two suspects in russell park nearby after they drew guns on the officers outside the capitol. that was after a high-speed chase. in 2013 in the government shutdown, the capitol police shot and killed miriam carey after a high-speed chase that originated at the white house and finished on capitol hill. they try shot a man trying to bring a fake beretta. so whether there is enhanced threat following january 6, there have been over the past few years and decades, you know, the ongoing threats against the capitol. because there is always somebody out there lightly one with a mental problem who wants to make noise at the capitol. >> senator: you make a good point. the importance of intelligence gathering cannot be
11:15 am
overstated. the importance of having the layers of the federal government from a law enforcement response perspective should not be over -- it's necessary for us to allow to allow officers and law enforcement to do homework to decide what is the proper response. i feel comfortable in the capitol there. i think we have the finest officers patrolling the area. that is an area we could see fewer national guards men in there. i'm sure i'm in the minority. as i think this through. but we have capable people protecting the capitol. we need to make sure that we follow the information. follow the facts. follow the threat warnings that we receive. and coordinate that is something to serve our capitol
11:16 am
well. if we take that begin with the end in mind perspective and work your way to where we are, from a law enforcement, security perspective and the national issues we face. we will be a healthier and safer country. >> sandra: to continue to update viewers as john mentioned that the update from chad pergram. the security officials say they believe it may have been a lone wolf and not connected to the larger threat. we work off that information, we believe we could be hearing from president biden. he is at camp david and he landed pretty much in the middle of this at camp david. the white house briefing room is ongoing. jen psaki didn't appear to know the situation at that time. we expect a statement or an update soon from the white house. senator as the leader of the country, president biden if you were to say something in the moment as you continue to talk about the debate over the securing the capitol, what do you expect to hear from the
11:17 am
president or what would you want to hear from president biden in this moment? >> senator: the first thing is reassure the country. there is a scripture that says cast our cares on the lord because he cares for us. that is important on good friday. when we reflect on the moment that jesus died for all of our sins. sunday is coming. that good news. the second thing i would love to hear from the president is how to continue to work together and we should be responsible for ratcheting down hyperbolic language that we use when discussioning the issues. people don't agree with you aren't your enemies. sometimes they are just your opponents on a specific issue. the third thing is a conversation about his responsibility to lead on lowering the volume and lead to bring the nation together. not by policies that polarize the nation but a conversation we goes to the republican and the conservative red areas and
11:18 am
has a conversation with us about his vision forward. not just talk to the echo chamber but talk to the nation, not a president for blue or red states as he said running for the united states. it hasn't felt that way. if he would address the points "a," number one, we believe this nation still has a purpose. hence, peter 5:7, reflecting on that today. second, be thankful for a nation that we have superior individuals who are sacrificial in the way they respond to the emergencies like the one we saw and end by thanking the first responders, the law enforcement officers and e.r. med techs. >> sandra: amen. >> senator: who run in to danger and not away from it. >> john: the fact that two capitol police officers were hit by the vehicle as the driver careened in the driveway is an indication that they were at the ready.
11:19 am
again we don't know if they jump in to stop the vehicle or if they just happen to be in the way. we understand that they were hurt. they have been taken to the hospital. that is our understanding as well that the suspect who is driving the vehicle after being shot is in serious condition in the hospital. we do not have specific update on that. we now believe this is a lone wolf attack. we have seen time and time again. at the capitol building or whether it be at the white house. on pennsylvania avenue holding a gun and started shooting. do we need to have the robust perimeter and force around the capitol? or are there measures in place to stop a lone wolf as we saw
11:20 am
today? >> senator: i think in the last few minutes you articulated three or four incidents that were the lone wolfs acting by themselves with a desire to do harm and stopped in the tracks because of a trained professionals. i am very comfortable and i feel safe in eliminating some of the barriering on the exterior of the capitol. it's time to move forward and i have confidence in law enforcement to take care of us as they do their job as a mission. i think we should continue progress that we have been making to eliminate the fencing, more of the fencing and the national guardmen. we have way to use the personnel in a defensive posture of the nation. >> sandra: we realry appreciate you joining us -- really appreciate you joining us. >> senator: yes, ma'am.
11:21 am
>> sandra: great to have you here. i want to mention welcome to the fox affiliates joining us across the country at this hour on the breaking news that a car rammed a barricade outside the u.s. capitol. this happened in the last two hours and injured two capitol police officers that did lead to the driver being shot by the capitol police after he stepped out with a knife. we know there will be an update for the press shortly. a staging area is being set up, we are told near upper senate park near the fountain. 2:45 p.m. eastern time expected. i'm sandra smith from new york. and -- >> john: i'm john roberts in washington. mark meredith made his way to the scene. live on the straight with the latest for us. i expect you talked to the folks around the area and what do we know happened at this point? >> sure. good afternoon. i just raced here from the white house. we were coming up the
11:22 am
constitution avenue northwest from the white house to the capitol, you cowell tell how big of a security presence this was. national guard troops surrounding the capitol complex in the line formation. as we made our way closer to what is known as the senate office buildings, i'm close to the senate office building now. this is over my shoulder that this happened this afternoon. you can see the paramedicses and the police cars still on the scene. i'm still a couple hundred feet away. you are not seeing anyone running to the scene. it's calming down. but there is a lot of focus on what is happening where it was outside the senate entrance to the capitol. this is where we expect update. hearing 2:45 now as well. we see media staging and it's rushing to the same spot. seeing the vantage point. i can tell you what it's like at the capitol for the last couple of weeks since january 2. we saw increase in the security posture after the
11:23 am
riots. since then we have seen a tear down of the fencing. i have seen that things will start to feel like they were getting back to normal at the capitol. a much as normal can be in a pandemic and not to mention what happened on january 6. we are seeing the increase of the security after what happened. that is understandable. the members of congress, majority of them are not here this week so this is an understoodcation that it could have been a worse situation than what it was. orbs -- indication that it should have been a worse situation. we know that the f.b.i. and the washington field office is joining in as well. a lot of questions. people want to know who the suspect was and what the motives were. >> sandra: obviously we are awaiting an update from the capitol hill police officers. there is a report one is listed in serious condition. as far as the suspect is concerned upon entrance to the hospital it was reported that
11:24 am
the suspect was listed in critical condition. there are various reports he has since died. or she. we don't know the gender or anything about the suspect at this moment in time. we have not independently confirmed that yet. we are waiting to hear more. what can you tell us about the condition of the capitol hill police officers and what we are learning about the suspect at this time. we continue to note the investigation where very little has been revealed to the press so far. we expect the press briefing to happen 20 minutes from now. >> you talk about the media, there are cameras as far as the eye can see. there will be plenty of cameras on the officials. there is a crew now calling to get update on what is going on. reaching out to speaker's office as well as those in house and senate leadership. so we can get an idea before the rest of the media briefed. another thing we have seen, there are a number of officers
11:25 am
here. they likely know that the people injured in this attack. waiting to get an update on the names. there are rumors floating around and that is common with something like this. but you want to make sure you have the right information. for those who are curious about this and those who work here is a family atmosphere. company town. so people work to pay attention to find out who is involved or not. i left the white house and i did not notice the increased security there. we had not seen anything different leaving the white house. there is heavy traffic. the tourists are coming back. because of the spring break and the cherry blossoms. i was amazed today how many people were out. but the capitol complex the only thing i can see is the media and the police. no tourists getting anywhere close to there. >> sandra: thank you. reporting live from capitol hill. the a.p. is also reporting
11:26 am
that the suspect is dead. that is the update from capitol hill on a situation that is ongoing. as we await a press briefing a few moments from now. >> john: yeah. it happens. when you try to attack police officers sometimes you end up getting shot and killed. it happened at the white house. someone went by, a secret service officer that managed a checkpoint at 17 and pennsylvania avenue. turned around and got in a shooter's position and looked like they pulled a gun from the back pocket. pointed it at the officer. the officer pulled out a weapon and fired it and hit the suspect. kevin mccarthy saying join me in prayer for the capitol police officers and the families. they reacted quickly and bravely as did first responders a in the scene. the whole country is pulling for them now. the national guard tweeting
11:27 am
they deployed response force that composed of the national guard soldiers and the airmen to complex. no national guard members were injured in the incident at the capitol and 2300 national guard members remain in that immediate response force around the capitol. bring in fox news sunday anchor chris wallace. you were supposed to join us and talk about your show and here we are talking about another incident in nation's capitol where somebody tries to -- you don't know what the fellow was thinking of doing. trying to make a point or had a grievance. he injured police officers and here we go again. >> yeah. >> interestingly enough i interviewed karen gibson for the new senate sergeant at arms, the person in charge of the security for the senate.
11:28 am
several things that she said to me for a piece we are running in a couple of weeks have the resonance for what we see here. she was called on, lieutenant general in the army. in the army for 30 years. working on the world leading operations in afghanistan and iraq and a number of the other places. south korea. put on the capitol review board to review what happened on january 6. they came out with the several recommendations, some of which started to be implemented. they asked for more officers to beef up security. and mobile fencing easier to erect and put up for the capitol grounds. they said it is easier to summon the d.c. national guard
11:29 am
to protect the capitol in the case of a riot or the insurrection. this is different from that. she also said they have -- mark meredith reported this. they have begun to take down fencing around the capitol. a week or so ago you wouldn't have been able to get as close to the capitol as the assailant was able to get to the car. they have reduced the national guard around the capitol. they are reporting this is a heavier number than before january 6. one thing that general gibson said to me is there is a constant balance. job one to secure the capitol. to secure the safety of representatives. if that is job 1, then job 1a is provide public access so members to the general public, voters who have elected the
11:30 am
leaders can come at least see and in some cases interact with the leaders. so that balance is one they have to negotiate. i said will it get back where they were before january 6? general gibson said no, they won't. it will be less conspicuous than now but we want to make -- we provide access to leaders to the members of the american public but we can't go back -- it's like after 9/11. once you start to impose security, you know, contingencies you never go back entirely on them. the single most interesting thing she said is that she was in the army for three decades. she said after 9/11, my primary responsibility was foreign terrorism.
11:31 am
i said she fought at leading operations in afghanistan, iraq. the top intelligence officer for central command in the middle east. she said right now at the sergeant of arms in the capitol she views the to threat -- we don't know who the assailant was but she says the top threat is domestic terror, not foreign terror. we ale have to see what happened here in this incident but that is an interesting thing for the sergeant of arms to say that the threat from fellow americans is greater threat than people overseas wanting to do us harm. >> sandra: update from chad pergram. the suspect had a large knife and he is hearing something between a kitchen knife and machete. the suspect charged at officers and was shot. we are reported that they were brought to the hospital in the critical condition. we can confirm that the suspect is now dead.
11:32 am
the d.c. national guard provided an update for briefing for the reporters in 14 minutes from now. the guard reported immediate response form of national guard soldiers and airmen to the capitol complex this afternoon to support the capitol police. due to the operational security they can't discuss further details than that. this gives an idea of the coordinated effort after the one incident there on capitol hill. >> chris: that is interesting because one of the great failures around january 6 and the insurrection that day is the fact there was a tremendous breakdown of the communication of the capitol police and the national guard and the washington metropolitan area to the grounds of the capitol to protect the capitol and the people inside. clearly as this turns out since it was a lone wolf you didn't need the extra guard. but it's assuring they were
11:33 am
there and ready if they were needed to defend the capitol and defend the representatives. >> sandra: all right, chris wallace. really appreciate you joining us ahead of your show on "fox news sunday" this weekend. a lot to talk about. we appreciate you coming on with breaking news this afternoon. thank you, chris. >> chris: now we have more to talk about. thank you very much. >> sandra: yes. thank you. >> john: thank you, chris. good to talk to you. charles moreno former adviser for the department of homeland security and the secret service supervisory agent. thank you for being with us. i know this incident is unfolding and we don't know a lot about the suspect killed by the police officers after he rammed his car in the barricade there. got out and was menacing them with a knife. it does appear to be one of the lone wolf incidents we see in washington, d.c. from time to time. what are your thoughts about it? >> john, i was listening to you earlier and as you
11:34 am
indicated and are correct that these have happened before around the capitol and the white house. so while it might be a one off, we don't know yet. it hasn't been confirmed. the f.b.i. joining the investigation. the joint terrorism task force will be looking in to this as well. i think around the national capitol region everybody will stay at a heightened alert as they should. until we get information to confirm if this was a lone wolf attack or if this is part of a larger plan. just because the secondary attack hasn't happened yet, john, as we know doesn't mean that it may not be forthcoming. i think everybody needs to be ready for that and stay poised along the lines. >> are you suggesting perhaps it was early to subject it was a lone wolf attack? or just suggest part of the investigation you are looking
11:35 am
for any incident at the capitol? >> you have to look to see if this is one of one or one of many. even if you are located at the white house, you are certainly paying a lot of attention to what just happened at the capitol. in the event that you pick up suspicious activity in and around the white house complex. >> john: we cannot see the license plate of the blue sedan that has rammed in the barricade. you are looking around the incidents that have happened around the capitol or the white house complex. i don't want to say it happens all the time. but many times out of state someone drives a distance to come to the capitol with no plan and just tries to get in somehow or attack somebody. i know we don't have the indication of the motivation
11:36 am
is here. can we put together piece of this? or is every incident different that we can't make assumptions here? >> you are right. looking at the percentages there is a likelihood of somebody traveling from outside of the washington, d.c. area to go to the capitol. there could be a range of issues. if you look at this vehicle, this is the type of the threat did the vehicle pose. a vehicle born improvised explosive device where we saw it hit the barriers? the barriers could have saved more lives to prevent further damage to the complex. so you don't know what the vehicle was in terms to the
11:37 am
threat. so where the perimeter is set up is where it needed to be for the threat. luckily the car did not contain explosive devices but it did instead contain an individual that wanted to get out and inflict harm on the capitol police officers. so use of force by the officers used was absolutely justified all day long. >> sandra: we know that the president joe biden landed at camp david when it was unfolding. we don't know if he knew of the incident or not. but in briefing room jen psaki was not aware of the incident at that time. assuming we get a statement from the white house soon, can you give us an idea of the level of the communication that the president would have had and how he is involved with the update? we did learn he traveled with a national security staff that would have been expected to
11:38 am
brief him on the incident as we learn about it. >> absolutely. >> as far as what is happening is direct communication from the secret service and the capitol police here. to find out what happened and what is going on with the investigation. what with we saw on january 6 is the threat to continuity of government and what happens to the pieces? we saw response that is a lockdown. keep all the staff away from the area and contain this to the area they are better protected. the same will happen throughout the government. as you alluded to, biden is up to camp david now at the secure location. vice president where she is, the secret service will make
11:39 am
sure she is protected. but they will keep the awareness of developments in the case in the event it's larger than a lone wolf. >> john: charles, we have unfortunately really bad news to report here. law enforcement source is telling fox news according to jacqui heinrich that one of the officers injured at the capitol died from the injuries. we know that the suspect is dead shot by the police. now one of the police officers on good friday preceding easter trying to protect the nation's capitol died from the injuries after being hit by the vehicle. >> my thoughts and the prayers go out to the officer's family. to the second officer. i hope they make a recovery. talk about an agency tested in the last few months. they are still undergoing
11:40 am
evolution how to increase the capacity of the capitol police. make them stronger. in today's situation, the way it develop and the way it unfolded, these officers both performed exceptionarily bravely and they performed exactly the way they were trained. like i said, no question about the use of force. they eliminated the threat quickly. and they saved a lot of lives. >> sandra: yeah. we continue to wait for an update on the other capitol police officer involved. we do know one of them was delivered in critical condition to begin with. our thoughts and the prayers with this officer's family as that is horrific news that we will likely get an update on a few moments from now. we are expected to get an update from police about four and a half minutes now is expected the briefing there in washington. we are likely to learn more, charles. a couple of hours in to the investigation, how much more do you think they will be able
11:41 am
to tell us about what happened? >> well, we are going to learn a lot more, right? obviously as john alluded to, they will track down the information on the vehicle. who does it belong to? was it reported stolen? how long ago? they will be tracking down the identifying information of the suspect and they will be scouring this subject's background extraordinarily thoroughly to get to the bottom of this. >> sandra: all right. we appreciate you joining us on the breaking news, charles. thank you. >> john: thank you, charles. pittmann is expected to talk to the microphone. the news from the police that the officer may delay things may delay things a little bit. chad pergram, what are you picking up? >> the news that the officer
11:42 am
that jacqui heinrich confirmed is going to strike them hard. prior to sickman being killed no u.s. capitol police officer had been killed in the line of duty until there was a shootout in july of 1998. that is the last time. i understand that pittman and the capitol police officers are walking up to speak now. >> john: we are going to hear the update from the police. listen together. >> you are going to hear from chief pittman with the capitol police, as well as chief contee with m.p.d. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm acting chief yogananda pitman for the united states capitol police. it's with a heavy heart that i
11:43 am
come here this afternoon to shed some light on the incident that occurred at the united states capitol. at approximately 102 hours this afternoon, suspect entered what we refer to as the north barricade of the capitol. the suspect rammed his car in to two of our officers and then hit the north barricade barrier. at such time, the suspect exited the vehicle with a knife in hand. our officers then engaged that suspect. he did not respond to verbal commands. the suspect did start lunging toward u.s. capitol police officers, at which time u.s. capitol police officers fired upon the suspect. at this time, the suspect has
11:44 am
been pronounced deceased. two u.s. capitol police officers were transported to two different hospitals. it's with a very, very heavy heart that i announce one of our officers has succumb to his injuries. we are not able to release any information, names, age, date of birth or anything of that nature at this time. because we still have to notify the next of kin. i ask that the public continue to keep the u.s. capitol police and their families in your prayers. this has been a difficult time for u.s. capitol police. avenue the event of january 6 and now the events that have
11:45 am
occurred today. i ask that you keep the family in your thoughts and prayers. at this time i'm turning it over to the metropolitan police chief robert contee for the metropolitan police department portion of the investigation. thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm robert contee, acting chief of the metropolitan police department. our members responded to the capitol today after 1:00 p.m. to investigate an officer-involved shooting. at this time, the melt police department homicide division as well as our internal affairs division will take over the investigation with respect to the shooting death that occurred and the officer's death. there is not a lot of information that we can release to public at this time. but we will work closely with the partners at the
11:46 am
u.s. capitol police. i want to extend my deepest condolences on behalf of the metropolitan police department, to all of the officers at the united states capitol police for their service. and the loss of life that occurred here today at the united states capitol police. >> is there an ongoing threat? residents that live here and the folks that work in the area? >> at this time it does not appear to be an ongoing threat. we are in the early stages of the investigation and we need to understand the motivation behind this senseless act. so the metropolitan police department will do that. >> was the suspect known to the capitol police or m.p.d. beforehand? any indication he has been around the capitol before? spotted or anything like that? >> it does not appear that he is known to the capitol or the metropolitan police department at this time.
11:47 am
sir? >> is this terrorism related? >> it does not appear to be terrorism related but we will continue to investigate to see if there nexus along the lines. [inaudible question] i'll refer that to the united states capitol police. >> did the suspect say anything or yell anything at the time? >> i would say at this time the investigation is still in the preliminary stages. so we don't have the information. the police as far as the security posture is in a steady state at this time. we are thankful for the national guard partnership. we do have national guard on the campus. but the security posture at this time remains the same. >> you said you are still looking at the motive. i understand that. any reason to believe there was a target or specific congressman that they may have been trying to go after? any indication who it may have
11:48 am
been? >> we do not have the suspect on file with the u.s. capitol police so there is no indication at this time that there is any nexus to a member of congress. >> was there drug or alcohol involved? did you find it in the car? >> we cannot confirm that but the investigation is ongoing. [inaudible question] >> the suspect did exit the vehicle with a knife in hand. at that time he started to lunge toward and run aggressive toward the u.s. capitol police officers. >> that part of the investigation is ongoing. the scene is still being processed by the metropolitan police department. >> was the suspect transported to a hospital? >> did the suspect come in contact and wrest with the police officer? >> the investigation is ongoing. from what we can see from the video at this time, i do not
11:49 am
see the suspect wrestling with the u.s. capitol police officer. when he exited the vehicle the knife was in his hand and he did start to run toward the officers. >> do you know the kind of knife? >> at this time, these are the l the questions i'm going to take and i will turn it over to the metropolitan police department tweet. police keep the united states family police family in your thought and prayers at this time. this has been extremely difficult and challenging year for us. we will get through this. we appreciate the community support. >> hey folks. we understand that you have a lot of questions. this is a complex investigation. we are going to put out more information as we can on social media. if we decide to do more
11:50 am
briefings later on we will let you know right away. thank you. >> one question i have, looking at this grand fabric of all of this, they have changed the intelligence the way they are sharing it. they have been doing what they can to beef up the security here. they are still under attack. what is the answer? >> i think this is part of the responsibilities and the duties as the law enforcement officers. here to protect and support the community. this is someone actively trying to get at whoever or whatever. we don't know right now. there is a responsibility to get to that. we have a responsibility to get to bottom of it. we will do that. thank you. >> sandra: that was the update from the capitol police on capitol hill. it does not appear to be ongoing threat. that is the headline from the
11:51 am
presser. along with the news we brought to you before it happened. the suspect is dead and capitol hill police officer has passed from the injuries. we did hear in detail what went down from chief contee that the suspect exited the vehicle with the knife in hand and engaged with the capitol hill police officers and that suspect did not respond to the verbal communication at which time the capitol police fired upon that suspect. the suspect is dead. the police officers were transferred to the hospital with the injuries. we know that one succumbed to the injuries. no info on the name until the next of kin is notified. the public is asked to keep the police in their prayers after going through so much. we heard church bells ring in the background. we await more information there, that is the update from capitol hill, john. sad day indeed for the police
11:52 am
officer who has now lost his life. we await update on the other police officer at this time. >> john: chief pittman said this is a difficult year for the capitol police. death of officer sicknick and now this. the police have had difficult years. as far back as i remember. a fellow ran in the capitol building. it was a couple of decades ago. shot capitol police officers. they are constantly under threat because they are the first line of defense from crazy people who want to do something bad and those who are up there on capitol hill. whether they are the lawmakers or member of the staff or the tourists walking around the complex having a look. now we have another incident where a person for some reason
11:53 am
unknown according to chief contee at the metropolitan police department want to get in there and do the harm to something or somebody. this is probably clear from the posture of the police officers now that there is not a lingering threat with the vehicle. earlier there was the suggestion charles moreno brought out could there be vehicle-borne improviced explosive device in vehicle? i think the relaxed posture around the vehicle suggests there is no threat left over from the vehicle. thankfully it happens infrequently. but if you look at the years it has happened a lot in the capitol. similar incidents to this. >> sandra: as far as the threats are concerned and as far as whether or not any specific member of congress was targeted. that was a question from the reporters on the ground. you heard from yoganda pittman the acting chief of police they did not have the suspect on file so they do not believe
11:54 am
any member of congress was targeted by the suspect. i want to bring in the fact that the peter doocy called a lid and joe biden is at camp david. but we are expecting a statement. we have not heard anything from if white house on this. even during the lockdown. and now after learn something much in the past couple of hours. still no normal statement -- no formal statement from the white house. to the history of the capitol hill police officers losing their lives in the line of duty, chad pergram, i know you have a look back at history and how infrequently this happens. >> you had brian sicknick who died a day or so of after the riot on 1/6. now the officer who died today. prior to this year, you only had two capitol police officers ever die defending the u.s. capitol. there was a big shootout at the capitol july 24 of 1998.
11:55 am
you had a crazed gentleman russell weston jr. with serious mental issues and never stood trial. came in what we call memorial door and shot officer chestnut at the door. in those days, tom delay in leadership, his office, now where steny hoyer's office is around the corner from that. a member of his security detail detective john gibson shot weston and both of those officers died. so prior to this year you had only had two persons ever die defending the u.s. capitol with the exception of the energies on board the plane that crashed in shanksville. there is a memorial in the capitol to them because the plane was headed to this building but in terms of the capitol police officers those are the only ones who ever died defending the building. to look back at how frequently or infrequently according to your perspective this happens there was a wild car chase that originated at the white
11:56 am
house in 2013. it was during the government shutdown. there was a suspect there miriam carey who hit the uniform secret service agents and drove wildly to the capitol and chased all over capitol hill. they shot her. you had suspects who were involved in a short high-speed chase down louisiana avenue, which is close by here. they drew their weapons on capitol police officers. they shot and killed them. in 2016 you had somebody who had been arrested earlier in the year. or the year before protesting congress. they made a ruckus in the house chamber and tried to bring a fake beretta in the capitol and he was shot by u.s. capitol police. >> sandra: chad pergram, thank you for standing by with us throughout breaking news on capitol hill. we have live pictures up on the scene there. chad, jump back in with any news as you get it. thank you. >> john: speaker pelosi, by the way, ordered the flags at the capitol to be flown at half-staff due to the death of the capitol police officer who chief pittman said tragically
11:57 am
passed away after being hit by the vehicle as it came in driveway. pat brosnan, retired nypd detective will help us out here on the last few minutes of the program "america reports." this looks on the surface, we don't know if this is another lone wolf attack. again, while these are infrequent, there seems to be too many of those here in the nation's capitol. >> i couldn't agree more. my heart is broken here. we have another officer murdered in cold blood by an animal with a machete. what you have here is straight out of the isis play book. straight out of the inspire magazine. smash a vehicle, exit with a knife or machete and stab as many folks as you can to inflict maximum casualties. we saw this on the west side number of years back on halloween. we couldn't get to bag of knives but this is straight out of their play book.
11:58 am
>> john: but so far nothing to indicate nexus of terrorism according to the capitol police who briefed us. >> sandra: obviously that is an important distinction to make. we don't know the motive of the suspect. police were asked if there was ties to specific members of congress and they didn't have the particular person on file. this is a situation and i believe more will come out as we follow the investigation. the investigation they have told very little up until this point. this will take hours and possibly days. we know one capitol hill police officer still in the hospital suffering from husband or her injuries. we have -- suffering from his or her injuries and we haven't got an update yet. but this is a reminder heading to the holiday weekend that the capitol police officers we heard from pittman, the officers did not know they would wake up and go to work and lose their lives today.
11:59 am
our hearts and the prayers with the police officers and the families. pat? >> i got to say, this is good friday but this is any day. this is just another example. i salute them and the officers. i got to say this feels, it absolutely feels like a lone wolf terrorist attack to me. straight out if you look historically, this is what the act is. aggressively attack an officer, stabbing violently at them. smashing the car. this is what we have seen time and time again >> we'll wait to get more detail. thank you for joining us. >> john: yeah. the investigation will bear out exactly what this fellow issue was. we don't know if he is from in town or virginia or maryland or further away from that. but the investigation as it progresses will give us answers to the questions. with the suspect dead we may
12:00 pm
never know what is motivated. >> sandra: tough way to end the week. good to be with you. thank you for joining us across the country as the f affiliates with us as well. thank you for joining us. >> san -- i'm sandraith. smith. >> john: i'm john roberts as we wrap up this edition of "america reports," we turn it over to martha with the >> martha: thanks very much. good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. here's "the story." here's what we know about the situation unfolding on capitol hill. some of this investigation is just beginning at this hour. what we know is that an individual rammed the car that you see on the left-hand side of your screen, the blue car, against the barricade there. that suspect charged two officers with a knife and was shot dead by one of those officers. one of the officers has died of it's injuries. he was involved in that.


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