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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 2, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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from school starting in fourth grade and they were bused into our neighborhood and it was just hard on everybody and at that point i really did have to lean on my faith. >> bill: thanks for sharing that. have a good friday. >> dana: happy easter to you. i will see you easter monday. all right. ♪ ♪ >> harris: the white house is being pressed over shocking video of two toddlers being thrown over a border fence as the migrant crisis reaches a whole new level. this is "the faulkner focus," i meant for harris faulkner today and thank you so much for joining us. there's new information on the disturbing video we showed you yesterday. smugglers dropping the little girls over a 14-foot barrier in new mexico and leaving them there with no homes nearby. fox now has a photo of those two little girls with a border agent who rescued them. she says the sisters are doing
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fine. gloria chavez also told this to "fox & friends" first. >> they kneeled down and wondered as they were talking to me what kind of experiences or nightmares they went through from ecuador all the way to our border that we don't even know about because they were the ones that were being carried by these ruthless smugglers with inhumane treatment of the most vulnerable population in the world, children. >> meanwhile, there is no end in sight to the chaos as border officials project as many as 184,000 unaccompanied children could cross into the country this year. that is more than doubled the number in 2019. white house correspondent peter doocy is live. peter, things got a little heated between you and the press secretary yesterday. tell us about that. >> julie, i had some questions about children being tossed over the border wall and how it is being addressed by an administration that says they
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are on it. >> i've seen the video and i think anyone who have seen the video were incredibly alarmed by the sets of smugglers, and these kids i believe were rescued by individuals who were working at the border. >> yes, but they still got close enough -- >> are you concerned more about the kids safety or are you concerned about kids getting in? >> president biden said, successful president, timed things right. he thinks now is the time to do infrastructure in congress and sort things out with immigration diplomatically. the critical swing vote, the white house should rethink that, his party says. >> it is beyond time, past time to do immigration reform. if that means a moratorium for 90 days to stop everything to say, let's make sure that we put this on the highest priority that we have for the human element we should all be concerned about.
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>> there are no plans that we know of her president biden to publicly address the immigration issue today. we do expect him to hear him talk about jobs numbers this morning and that should have been any second, julie. >> julie: when those comments, and we will bring them to you live. thank you very much, peter doocy from the white house. former acting homeland security secretary to talk more about this. let's just talk about the immigration crisis as a whole. jen psaki actually won't even address it as an actual crisis. nancy pelosi calls it a humanitarian crisis. it seems they can't get their vocab to match, but never mind what you call it, it doesn't matter. the point is it is indeed a crisis. kamala harris, where is she? she is supposed to be looking at the root cause of it, that is the job she was given. where is kamala harris and all of this? >> you are absolutely right. whether you call it a crisis or a challenge, the reality is we are seeing historic numbers on the southwest border.
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the legal apprehensions of minors and families, most of them being released into the u.s. the border patrol is overwhelming dhs and local communities so anyway you cut it there is a crisis of the board of the doesn't seem to be moving. there are no policies that will stem the flow of migrants coming into the country. you show the video of the two young girls being thrown over a border fence. that is the direct result of this administration advertising that it is okay that they will continue to allow minors to stay in the country if they arrive at the border. it's an inhumane policy and we are seeing the results of that. >> julie: the video is just horrifying. the two little girl toddlers are plopped down onto our side of the border, there is the agent who rescued these two little girls. now they have no family, now
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they join the 5,767 children in customs and border patrol, on track to record, what is the plan to make it stop? forget the focus on the root of the cause, how about just the solution? >> that is just it. again, i have said that the administration, trying to bring in more facilities and bring in more individuals into the country and that is the wrong approach. you've got to address the illegal behavior that is happening at the border to stop the flow, to stop the tide that is coming in and the surge that is coming in, that is not their focus today. i urge them to change course in doing that. talk about the minors, there are
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over 5,000, about 5,000 in custody. another 7,000 or 8,000 in hhs custody and for dhs that is almost double what we saw in the height of the crisis in 2019 when so many on the far left and others were so outraged at what was going on in the border, they have doubled the amount of minors in facilities today. and again, the direct result of these policies that they have been pursuing since inauguration day. there are ways to fix this and border patrol and dhs can stem the tide very, very quickly. >> julie: i want to talk to you about another growing crisis. it's a new fox news analysis which shows that crimes surging democrat led cities that/funding last year. this is an issue, murders up 46% in minneapolis, 270% in portland, oregon, 12% here in new york city, 28% in los angeles and in los angeles county, more controversy around new district attorney george gascon who critics call pro-criminal.
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they say he is planning to rename the city's hard-core gang unit. the sister of a man killed by a gang member is speaking this, watch. >> i can't believe he is actually making this action. it was actually the work of the gang unit and the hard-core gang unit in the d.a.'s office that kind of pulled this case together. it is really unfortunate because these gangs are very, very real and they are very, very dangerous. in the case of my brother, innocent people are causing cross fire, the gang activity. >> julie: this is no surprise, an uptick in crime where different democratic led counties are reducing their budgets for police. what did they expect was going to happen? that all criminals were going to go into hiding? >> this is exactly what we talked about last summer, to really look closely at
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procedures. what we did in the trump a administration as we set up some reform principles we believe the law enforcement community could back about what we saw from the left is going very much beyond that and going deep on the police, take down gang units other measures. we see the dramatic and detrimental effect that that is having and we see places like minneapolis and portland that are now trying to retract some of the measures that they took over the summer, but it is certainly not working and some of these big cities that have this approach whether it is seattle, minneapolis, portland, there's three or four others, they are going in the wrong direction, they are going in the wrong direction and they need to take a playbook out of some of those other large cities that have made police reform not only prosperous, in the sense of making sure you are bringing in more leadership and training to police in a very productive way. >> julie: here's what i want
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to know, i want to know where the biden administration stands on all of this because he remembered there was a back-and-forth whether joe biden supported the police almanac defund the police movements or didn't, and he did come forwardd said that he did not support defund the police but he thought that each city or each county needed to deal with it on its own. at what point does the by administration stand up and tell these counties, this is not the time to be flashing budgets. if there has ever been a time to get behind the men and women in blue, protecting innocent civilians, the time is now. >> you are exactly right. the president has the largest microphone out there. when he speaks or members of his administration speak, some folks do listen. they need to come out and support the men and women in blue, they need to back law enforcement because at the end of the day, these are the individuals who put their lives on the line to protect our communities big and small and they need to have the backing of their commander in chief. they need to have the backing of
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the president and every week that he is silent and he doesn't talk about this, we see the news in portland, they are still targeting federal facilities and agents in portland today. the administration is silent on that. it seems the only want to talk about the events of january 6 here in d.c. but if there is violence towards other federal officers or facilities, they don't want to talk about. >> julie: silence speaks volumes. thank you so much for talking to us. brutal twitter war between alexandria ocasio-cortez and ted cruz. what is all about this time? plus this. >> this is nothing about infrastructure because if it really was, republicans would be right there to work with them to put an infrastructure bill that would build america. this is about raising taxes. >> julie: the sticker shock and backlash over president biden's massive spending bill and it's not coming from just republicans. david has meant on deck on who
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>> only 5% of the spending and the package goes towards roads and bridges and i'm curious why that number is so low in something that is being sold as an infrastructure package. >> we are actually selling it as a once in a century or once in a generation investment in partly our infrastructure but partly industries of the future. american workers and the workforce. >> julie: the white house defending president biden's massive infrastructure proposal of the $2 trillion measure, facing opposition from both sides of the aisle. republicans warning it goes too far. progressive's furious it doesn't
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go far enough. "the new york post" summing it up this way, biden finally unites both sides of the aisle in anger over his $2 trillion spending spree. this stinging opinion piece, even if they pony up, there aren't enough ultra rich people and megacorporations out there to fund the massive new economic investments and social services democrats say they want. in the meantime, tucker carlson with his take. >> before we tell you what's in the bill, one word about who's going to pay for it. we only need one word in the word is you. taxes are going up dramatically and they didn't have to, actually. tax revenues no longer fund of the ambitions of our political class, have you noticed? the federal reserve funds them. when politicians want something they just print the money. >> julie: david as men and, let's talk jobs first, a ms
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again just last month and he is of course probably going to be taking credit for that, but that is the job reporters are left to do with the president and more to do with the result of the pandemic getting under control, the demand for more labor as more people are getting back to the workplace since they have been vaccinated. >> it does but let's just talk about the number because it was a blowout number. 916,000 new jobs, that was almost 300,000 more than what was expected. we were expecting about 647,000, we've got 916. it's an extraordinary number. to put it in context, we are still short of a million jobs that we had more before the pandemic. that was in february 2020 jobs numbers. so we've still got to make up 8 million jobs that were lost and the labor participation rate is also historically low. that means a lot of people have given up looking for a job.
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particularly now with all the new covid bills, many people find that they can actually get more money by being unemployed then by going into work and getting a substandard salary. so there are still a lot of people that are totally off of the books entirely and god knows what's going to bring them back now as small businesses, particularly businesses like restaurants are trying to hire people at a lower income scale. they are having a lot of trouble finding people willing to do that because a lot of people realize that they can make more money staying home and collecting money from the government. there are problems but i don't want to bury the lede, which is that this is an extraordinary job growth spurt we are in the middle of. we are in the middle of a party, it is that simple. coming out of a locked down, it comes out of a good time, seasonally because everybody wants to get outside in the spring, so we should celebrate
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the good times, but the way they are celebrating in washington, of course, is just by spending more money than we will ever have and we are going to have to pay for that party in the future. we are going to have to pay for it eventually. >> julie: who is going to pay for it? the mega rich and the corporations can't even afford it. guess who that will trickle down to bare the middle class. at the middle class supposed to be protected under joe biden so called taxing the rich plan. >> no one is protected from inflation. when the federal reserve just prints money to buy up the debt we are building up, that leads to more inflation and that is something that everybody pays for peer particularly it hits the poor people. middle-class and lower middle class and the poor because they are the ones that can ill afford to pay an extra $0.10 or a dollar for a loaf of bread, whereas the rich people don't worry about it as much. they can hedge their bets in the cayman islands and places like that, buying gold and hedging
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their bets. that is something average people can't do and if that's what this ends up as, as tucker was suggesting earlier, that we just print money to pay off the debt we are building up, we had a long downturn in the economy from 1966 until reagan came in in 1981 and '82, that 17 years of a down market and down economy coincided with lbj's great society program which is frankly what joe biden sees himself as doing with this new spending program, all these new spending program. the only way you're going to create that, that could lead to inflation and an era, perhaps a generation of slow growth. >> julie: always great to see you. happy friday. >> yes indeed. happy good friday. >> julie: absolutely. the white house doubling down on
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the debunked claims on the georgia election law. the power panel will react. hunter biden speaking out about the last controversy that roiled the 2020 campaign. his comments and whether or not it conflicts what his father, then candidate joe biden told reporters. a head. >> was that your laptop? >> for real, i really don't know. >> you don't know, yes or no or no. >> i don't have any idea.
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>> julie: president biden speaking now, addressing unemployment numbers for march and again in jobs. let's listen. >> president biden: -- jobs created in the first two months in any administration in history and we still have a long way to go to get our economy back on track after the worst economic and job crisis in nearly a century. but my message to the american people is this. help is here. opportunity is coming and at long last, hopes for so many families. credit for this progress belongs not to me but to the american people. hardworking men and women who have struggled during this pandemic, never given up and are determined to get the country back on track, as well as their families. and i think it's also a reflection of two things we are doing here. first, the new economic strategy we have launched, one focused on
8:27 am
building from the bottom up in the middle out, and one that puts the government on the side of working people. and that rewards work, not wealth. when we invest in the american people, it's not just those at the top that make our economy grow, they are the ones, ordinary americans. we saw the economy gain traction in march as the american rescue plan moved and got past, bringing new hope to our country. we are going to continue to implement that law in the weeks ahead. by april 7th, next week, over 130 million households will have gotten their $1,400 per person rescue check. funds are on their way to local communities to put educators, health care workers, home health care aides, police, firefighters, sanitary workers back on the job. getting more aid for small businesses, we are also going to
8:28 am
hang an open sign again on the door to rehire folks that had to be let go. in the months ahead, a new child care tax credit will cut taxes and provide help to millions of families with young children. there is nothing, nothing -- i know you are tired of hearing me say this, but i mean it -- there is nothing the american people cannot do if we give them a chance. the american rescue plan does precisely that. for hardworking middle-class folks at long last. secondly, it also reflects the progress we have made on my other key priority, getting the american people vaccinated. we have turned around the vaccination program into being the envy of the world. yesterday we set an all time record for vaccinations, and in a seven-day period, the first day ever we administered 20 million shots in seven days.
8:29 am
that is 20 million shots in a week. no other country has come close to doing that, so we made significant progress on that front but the fight is far from over. we knew that vaccines are safe and effective, we are vaccinating more people than any country on earth and we have progress on jobs and vaccinations. in the face of this news, i want to make this statement to the american people. the progress we have worked so hard to achieve can be reversed. on the economic front, the benefits and the impact of the american rescue plan are temporary by design. it is a rescue plan. but as we get the economy back on its feet, we need to do the hard work of building back better, not just for a while but for good. not just a short term, but for good. that's why i proposed to the
8:30 am
american jobs plan on wednesday in pittsburgh. it's an eight year program that invites ants -- let me put it another way. i've heard from everybody all across the country about the need for infrastructure. how many times have we heard this is infrastructure week of the last for two years. about every single week was infrastructure week but no infrastructure was built. this is an eight year program that invests in our roads and our bridges, broadband, airports, ports, fixing our water systems. it's going to repair our va hospitals around the country. many of them, more than 50 years old and in real need of help. we will invest in research and development to outcompete china and the rest of the world. independent analysis shows if we pass this plan, the economy will create 19 million jobs. good jobs, blue-collar jobs. jobs that pay well.
8:31 am
that's a long term jobs for health care workers, those who work in the steel factories and in the cutting edge labs as well. the new report out this week shows that nearly 90% of the infrastructure jobs created in the american jobs plan can be filled by people who don't have a college degree. 75% of those good paying jobs don't need an associates degree. it's a blue-collar blueprint for increasing the opportunity for people. it's an economic opportunity for those who helped build the country and have been ignored and neglected for much too long by our government. it's a once in a generation investment and our economic future, chance to win the future paid for by asking big corporations, many of which do not pay any taxes at all, just to begin to pay their fair share. it won't raise a penny tax on a family making less than $400,000 a year. no federal tax.
8:32 am
no addition. when congress comes back after this easter break, i'm going to begin meeting with the democrats, republicans about this plan. i have spoken to republicans on the phone. they all have their ideas about what it will take, what they like and what they don't like. that is a good thing, that is the american way. debate is welcome, compromise is ineligible. changes in my plan are certain, but inaction is not an option. the american people have been promised action and infrastructure for decades. we've been promised that after our leaders would take our country and make it more competitive for decades. i've made my plan to address this long-overdue need, and it's clear. polls already show strong support for infrastructure investment by the american people, whether they are democrats, republicans are independents. congress should debate my plan, change it and offer alternatives if they think that's what they
8:33 am
have to do, but congress should act. likewise, on the virus, our program they are too can be undone. as fast as we are moving, more adults remain to be vaccinated in april, may and june van have already been vaccinated in february and march. we are not even halfway done yet. too many americans are acting as if this fight is over. it is not. i told people that if my administration did the hard work of getting shots to all americans in the next few months and if the american people continue to do their part, mask up, practice social distancing, we could have a more normal jul. but this is still april, not july. we aren't there yet. and so cases are going up again. the virus is spreading more rapidly in many places. deaths are going up in some places. that's why i ask, i plead with you, don't give back the
8:34 am
progress we have all fought so hard to achieve. we need to finish this job. we need every american to buckle down and keep their guard up in this homestretch. where your mass, keep distanced from one anotherr hands, get vaccinated when it's your turn. that's how we are going to beat the virus. cast off the weight of the pandemic that is bringing our economy back. the early signs from this job report announced today are promising, and the american rescue plan is starting to make a real difference. today's report also reminds us how deep a hole we started in. after a year of devastation, there are still 8.4 million fewer jobs today then there were last march. 8.4 million. we created 900,000 again, but
8:35 am
8.4 million. jobs fewer today than last march. too many americans have been unemployed for longer than six months. too many women have been forced out of the workforce. unemployment among people of color remains far too high. yes, we've made progress by starting to build an economy from the bottom up to him and yes, the american rescue plan is laying the foundation, but we still need the american jobs plan to build on that foundation and build this country back better, so the bottom line is this, today's report is a good news. today's report shows what the country can do when we work together to fight a virus, when we give working people the help they need. there's still a long way to go but i know we are going to get there, and we are going to get there together. may god bless you all in may you have a happy easter and a holy easter.
8:36 am
thank you. [reporter questions] >> reporter: will raising taxes low the economy? >> reporter: how much credit are you taking? >> president biden: i'm giving credit to the american people. >> reporter: will raising taxes slow the economy? >> president biden: raising taxes will not slow the economy. by asking big corporations to pay more, it will make the economy function more efficiently. [reporter question] >> president biden: if the republicans argue that we don't need infrastructure, they've been talking about the need for it for years now. if the republicans decide that we need it but they are not going to pay for it it is just going to increase the debts. if the republicans say the next phase of my plan, we don't need
8:37 am
to invest in va hospitals and keep the sacred obligation we made to so many americans, if the republicans say per 400,000 homes and schools and day care centers that have lead pipes delivering water to their doors, if they say we shouldn't be doing that, what do you think would happen if they found out all the lead pipes were up in the capital and every time they turned on the water fountain? look, i think we are going to -- i think the republicans voters are going to have a lot to say about whether or not we get this. [reporter questions] >> julie: there you have, joe biden speaking jobs, speaking infrastructure, trying to dodge questions from reporters after he wrapped up his news conference there if you want to call at that. now we are going to bring back david esmond because i want to ask you about infrastructure
8:38 am
because we know that the jobs are credited to the better weather, the outpouring of the vaccine finally, more people getting back to work but the biden administration and he just touched on it again so i want to ask you about it, touting his spending bill as a remedy to our nation's crumbling infrastructure. but isn't it true that only 5% of the bill will actually go to the traditional and much-needed projects like roads and bridges? >> with roads and bridges and highways, yes, only 5% of this bill is dealing with that. but he would include things that he just mentioned for example, changing dangerous lead pipes, et cetera. you know, i think a lot of republicans would agree with him that there is a need for an expansive infrastructure plan but nowhere near as expensive as $2.25 trillion. then his claims of creating 18 million jobs as a result of this infrastructure building. i hate to say but i hearken back, i have deja vu all over again because it was only 11
8:39 am
years ago when he was touting the recovery summer in 2010 coming out of our financial recession. very deep recession that we had. he claimed we were going to have during that recovery summer 500,000 jobs each month. we ended up with the job deficit that summer. i'm not saying the same thing will happen here because we are coming out of the pandemic, we are going to have more job growth but again, these so-called shovel-ready jobs he was talking about 11 years ago, one has to -- one can't help but remember those promises that went unfulfilled. >> julie: i got to go but i want to say one thing, wouldn't it be nice if there were pressure on companies who have furloughed all the employees rather than going out and filling jobs that are reopening with new people. ringback the people who worked at those jobs for 20 years and have families that are suffering, right? i would love to hear the president put some pressure on some companies to say, bring those people back.
8:40 am
>> the last covid bill did that, they expended the ppe bill so that it would bring back the workers who lost their jobs, so some of that is happening. >> julie: okay, great to see your. >> great to see you too appear to >> reporter: is the tone going to change out of the white house? >> the tone for a bill that limits voting access and makes it more difficult for people to engage in voting in georgia? >> reporter: that section out what the governor of georgia has said. >> i think that is not based in fact, what the governor of georgia said. now, our town is not changing. >> julie: let's talk fast, white house press secretary jen psaki furthering president biden's debunked claims about georgia's new voting law even after "the washington post" fact-checked them and called them false. meanwhile, "the wall street journal" editorial board ripping "woke and weak ceos denouncing the law, writing the public debate on george's new voting law has become a stew of falsehood,
8:41 am
propaganda and panic. part of the blame lies with ceos of major companies who are uninformed at best or cowardly at worst." ouch. multiple companies including apple, delta air lines and coca-cola who are attacking george's new laws have been hesitant to speak out against china's human rights violations as they continue to do business there. radio talk show host and desiree timms, former ohio democratic congressional candidate, joining me now. president biden has claimed that georgia's law blocked people from providing voters with food and water while they stood in line when in fact that is not true in the white house press secretary jen psaki further backing that line of attack. desiree? >> we know that it is so important to protect our democracy and what we are seeing coming out of georgia is frankly unacceptable. the american vote is just as american as apple pie and it is our duty and our right to ensure
8:42 am
that every american has access to the ballot. what we are seeing coming out of georgia does the opposite. too many lives have been lost over decades. civil rights legends fought for this right and we are not just going to sit by and allow people to walk it back because they lost. it happens. >> julie: okay, but the president and now jen psaki backing this is basically stating some falsehoods. saying that the polls were open from 9:00 to 5:00 and those are business working hours, not allowing voters to vote. that is not true, the hours are actually 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. why the falsehoods and why the backlash from georgia because that is just not true. >> to be very technical, they can choose to be 9:00 to 5:00 or they can choose to be 7:00 to 7:00. they can choose the business hours according to the district in the situation. it must be a lot of fun to live in the woke imaginations of the ceos and the white house and
8:43 am
the press office because they are just allowed to say anything regardless of fact and pretend that it's true. to desiree's point, none of these reforms prevent one single person of any race from casting a single vote. there is no restriction on citizens who have the right to vote to be allowed to vote in this reform actually opened up some new opportunities they hadn't had previously. they are just going to keep saying this, they're just going to keep hoping that it will be considered to be true if they say it long enough but it's a lot of fun to live in an imaginary world where nothing is based on truth. >> julie: okay, we're going to move onto another topic here. hunter biden now claiming that he is not sure if the laptop turned into authorities by computer repair man in delaware is actually his. watch. >> was that your laptop? >> for real, i don't know. i really don't know what the answer is. >> you don't know, yes or no.
8:44 am
>> i have no idea. >> it could have been numerous. >> of course, certainly. there could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. it could be i was hacked, it could be it was a russian intelligence. it could be it was stolen from me. >> julie: back in december, then president biden insisted the laptop controversy was most definitely a russia smear campaign. desiree, now that the laptop potential he didn't even belong to hunter biden, this is a new one, how do you explain that? >> i can't believe we are still talking about a laptop that might have been his when we have so many families going without food, we are still trying to fight voter suppression and in 2021. we just have to talk about what we are going to do to get our country back on track so we can get our economy back, putting people back to work. i am excited about the american rescue plan we just heard from president biden about, how many jobs that are going to be
8:45 am
created. and about today's good news, the economy bouncing back. it's good news on this easter sunday and i'm happy about that and i'm not going to worry about some myth that might be one of the biden's laptop or might be not his laptop. i think it's a -- >> julie: cabin, the reason we are talking about it is because we are talking but the president of the united states and his son. >> not only that, we're talking about a laptop and his son who are under federal investigation at present. there are copies of that hard drive in the fbi's control. there is copies of the hard drive and a few private citizens' control and it's very easy to determine if the material on the laptop belongs to hunter biden. it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. again, let's not talk about facts and what actually matters, not to mention that there may be crimes demonstrated on that laptop. let's not talk about that, let's
8:46 am
just have rainbows and peas and kumbaya. >> julie: let's wait for the facts to come out and when they do, we will report on them. happy easter to you both. and mark your calendars for this one. our own tucker carlson sat down for an hour long interview with british media personality piers morgan after his explosive comments about meghan markle and prince harry's interviews with opera. it will be morgan's very first extensive on camera appearance since the controversy. that will be posted on tucker's new fox nation podcast "tucker carlson today" monday at 4:00 p.m. eastern. mark it in your calendars. the gloves are coming off again, senator ted cruz, plus, a new twist in the free britney saga. her attorneys wage a legal battle next.
8:47 am
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>> julie: a california county is helping fund a controversial new program that sends guaranteed payments every month to certain residents based on their sex and their race. claudia has the details. hi, claudia. >> most of these guaranteed income programs designed to help minorities, the money comes from charity groups or nonprofits but here, tax dollars are being used for a program that is restricting participation based on gender and race. the county is kicking in $400,000 to help support an experiment that will give 125 low income others $1,000 a month for two years. but only mothers of color are eligible. >> low income moms have to deal with challenges, no question
8:53 am
about that. but the added burden of racism and discrimination, those two things are unique to mom's of color. so that is what we are testing. >> the community foundation has partnered with the county on the $3 million demonstration which is called momentum. the $400 grant want to go to the mothers directly but will be used to help with job training and other support services. even so, legal experts and government using any public funds for a program based on race is illegal. >> even if they are going around and trying to design it in a way that is tricky or hides what they're doing, what they're doing is simple. it is government money going to discriminate and that is unlawful. >> he also called out the mayor for a similar program run by oakland families. the nonprofit initially said it
8:54 am
program was solely for bipoc families, black indigenous people of color, but now it will give it to families with the greatest wealth disparities, no mention of race. momentum basic income program here will set to kick off appropriately on mother's day and conservative groups will be watching. they say that the mother could have a lawsuit in federal court. >> julie: all right, thank you so much. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and senator ted cruz reigniting their twitter feud this time over the border crisis. it all started with a string of tweets over the new york democrat one reading in part, the fact of a lot of ted cruz types going down to meet refugee children outfitted with machine guns are the ones who helped create this problem in the first place. the texas republican firing back with this, alexandria
8:55 am
ocasio-cortez explains the dems' real decision, abolish i.c.e. and open borders, which would make the price is even worst. then this, maybe mexico shouldn't let you in the next time you want to go -- a reminder that your resignation is 84 days past due at least for the senator had this to say yesterday. >> aoc is tweeting the answer to this is abolish i.c.e. pier shut down i.c.e. altogether and have open borders. that is the answer of the crazy left and it's why biden and kamala harris are trapped, because there is no solution that stops this wave of humanity that is suffering as long as they take their marching orders from the radical left. >> julie: fox nation host and now cohost of "gutfeld!," we cannot wait for that day. i'm so excited. but first, let's talk about the
8:56 am
twitter war between these two because i personally enjoy it. >> writes, yeah, you would enjoy it. it is enjoyable, you get a lot of attention and people talk about it like us and i think that is why a lot of people in congress love the twitter war. they don't get upset when someone goes after them. they are like, yes, now i get to say something back, but congress, it's actually their job to solve immigration. it's not the executive branch that can make real lasting change. they can try to do little band-aids on things but real, lasting change has to come from congress and i would really like to see congress -- i use to say do that. now i'm going to lower the bar a little bit and say at least try. at least try something. yeah. >> julie: i mean, alexandria ocasio-cortez, when has she tweeted about her solutions? because i have missed those. >> i have missed those too and the things that should be very
8:57 am
easy and simple, daca, that can be taken away. we have that debate appeared last administration. but still, i have put something in place, protect these people who have come to the united states who came as children and lived here and are basically americans. they haven't done it. >> julie: and the makeup room you and i came up with a solution. have you seen the movie "harry truman" that is it. >> exactly. making legal immigration easier for many people who are deserving to come here and people, unless you really know somebody personally might not realize just how hard it is to come here even if you are the most deserving person in the world. fix that system. there are things to do but they haven't done anything because i think the twitter is fun. >> julie: i have a very pressing topic. $2 million, that is how much
8:58 am
britney spears' father wants to cover his legal fees. this in addition to the compensation he is seeking to cover some of the time he spent as his daughter's conservator. the claim comes as the pop star's attorney is seeking to strip her father of being in charge of her affairs. i don't believe britney spears ever wanted her father as her conservator. i believe she was forced into this back in 2007 peer but with all that aside, now her father wants the $2 million to pay for the services she never asked for. >> she doesn't even wanted! he is like, i'm doing all this work for you so you've got to pay me and she is like, then stop doing it! i want to give you my money. you've had enough of my money, dad! it drives me crazy and she can't even control her own money. >> julie: people are speculating she didn't write her response. she posted this two days ago saying, i didn't watch the documentary. from what i did see a bit i was embarrassed by the light they put me in. i cried for two weeks. i read that.
8:59 am
i fell for all of this stuff but some on twitter are much savvier than i and they don't think it was her. one user wrote "there was not a single chance that britney wrote this. even her former makeup artist told page six that he spoke to britney and she said she had no control but her social media manager denies that. what is the truth? >> i don't think she wrote it. >> julie: i don't think she right half of that stuff. >> if you reach a certain level of fame, you don't have to do much in terms of things like that. i got caught up with my own instagram captions, which is really tough for me. but i really don't think she wrote it. you've got two free britney. give it up! >> julie: i want to know who is framing her to pose those ridiculous videos of dancing and twirling on instagram. i just want to wipe under her eye with some makeup remover. that is all that comes to mind. >> that is how i look, when i wake up. the under eye makeup, i love it.
9:00 am
i appreciate that. >> julie: she also makes me feel like a much better dancer. >> you've got to get on tiktok, julie. >> julie: you keep saying that. i love you so much. watch her on monday, 11:00 p.m. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus," i am >> emily: fox news alert. the push to defund the police appears to be backfiring, with new safety concerns for america. the fox news analysis shows a spike in crime in cities that cut their police budgets after summer of violent police overhauls. now, crime in portland is up 271% and up 40% in minneapolis. shootings are up 40% in new york city. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno. here today, gillian turner. from fox news


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