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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 2, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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sixth avenue come over on sixth avenue and today is good friday. >> dana: happy easter to all of you. brian stayed, love you both, god bless you all and thank you for watching. >> right back at you, have a great weekend. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning we have breaking news at the border, the numbers are staggering. it is now said that more than 18,000 unaccompanied migrant children in u.s. custody and hundreds more higher than just a few days earlier. as we say good morning on this good friday, i am bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino, good morning to you. this is "america's newsroom." a number of unaccompanied minors crossing the border and continues to climb. the facilities are there and overwhelmed. >> bill: a group of lawmakers pushing the administration to make a plan does stop that surge. >> dana: 5,000 of 18,000 kids in custody in the border patrol facilities. and at least one of those
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facilities 500 kids crammed into pods that are meant for 30 people. >> bill: so that as video shows smugglers dropping two toddlers from a 14-foot section of the wall. one of them just three years old, the other age five. peter doocy asking the white house about that yesterday. >> these kids, i believe, were rescued by individuals who were working at the border. >> yes, but they still got close enough and talk about addressing the root causes in the region over the wall into a desert. i'm just curious what the white house is doing to stop that pathogen. >> are you concerned about the kids safety or kids getting in or tell me more about your concern here? >> kids safety come as you just mentioned. >> of course it is, i'm surprised some of the questioning here. >> dana: she was horrified by what she saw.
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>> human beings are a commodity. we know their tactics and i've been doing this 25 years now. we know exactly the tactics of these people. for them, it is just a process. >> bill: you were watching that interview yesterday. >> dana: it was right before "the five." she's been with them 27 years and has a ton of compassion. i would love to have her on the program. she's had so much knowledge and worry, but also, she was able to show what the border patrol agents are doing, trying to protect the border but also administering humanitarian aid to. >> bill: what we found, the care about the issue. with regard to the toddlers, there is reporting that the mother of these two girls is in new york. so we are trying to track that down. if we get him on that, we will get it to you. to the border alex okun, the broadcast today, good morning. >> good morning, bill and tina already here in mcallen, texas, come across the border and they came just down the
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stretch passing the border patrol car. they were walking about 12 people about an hour ago just after the sun rose. they were holding their kids tired. i talked with them and they said they traveled from honduras, many carrying the little belongings that they brought with him. one of them actually dropped this coin to show the few things they were able to hold while they made the trip. from there, they were walked across the street with border patrol. we do have some video that we can show you. to of earlier this morning, taken across the street, given blankets, and asked questions where they were from. of course, but they have been through. yesterday, here we also have video that we can show you of what this scene has looked like they after day. hundreds and to u.s. custody yesterday and traveled from honduras. border officials say they expected 1 million people to cross the u.s.-mexico border this year. in a large proportion of these
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people are coming from guatemala, el salvador and hounr a spirit of they claim natural disaster. hundreds of kids are crossing the border along every single day with overloaded capacity, kids with gym mats, and 18,000 unaccompanied children in the u.s. facilities. more centers are going up to meet that demand. thursday the national associated christian church is hoping a new center in houston, texas governor greg abbott touted his plan to secure the border. >> a month ago, i launched what is operational in store. operation lone star was launched for the purpose of filling the gaps that are left open as border patrol officers are busy occupied with obtaining the large number of people coming across the border. and when border patrol officers are occupied with those retentions, it leads whites
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slots of sectors open for the drug cartels, human smugglers to be able to have people and drugs and contraband across the border. >> now back here live rio grande valley, we have video to show you. 62 people crossing the border and again, showing the magnitude how many people are coming by minutes and we see many of these people are exhausted and have been traveling nonstop. a lot of these people sleep deprived, food deprived. we know april and june are the busiest months. so we will likely see more and more people crossing the borders throughout the morning. >> bill: alex, thanks, alex hogan on the border, thank you, dana. >> dana: a texas ranger rest viewed 6-year-old baby from the rio grande last month is speaking out about what happene. >> >> climbed into a tree to see
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this woman is hanging onto a tree tree branch with a baby in her arms. the baby in her arms with a water going over the baby. so i got above her, kind of felt in him, grabbed the baby, and i started rubbing the chest of the baby because the baby was not moving at that point. i only saw that the baby was moving, crying and handed off the baby to a ranger. >> dana: he say that baby's life. this photo taken after the rescue. someone and smugglers assaulted the mother and broke her leg. >> bill: tom homan from active immigration and customs enforcement director and fox news contributor, tom welcome to the show and good morning to you. first, i want to get your impressions of being at the border this week. what did you see and what do we need to understand? >> first of all, let me talk about jen psaki's comments to peter doocy that individuals working the borders saved those
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two toddlers. it was border patrol agents. the united states border patrol agents save those two toddlers. they saved over 4,000 lives this year. and they are present at the commander-in-chief last week said that they would watch children starve to death and to on the rio grande thinks of the rio grande river and do nothing about it. the secretary of homeland security said that border patrol would release toddlers back to the deserts in the hands of criminal cartels. actually, it is outright lies and disrespectful to the men and women at the border who saved 4,000 lives. what i saw last week, the only compassion i saw last week on the border was how they treat these children's families. within 20 minutes of my trip down on the river, i watched 180, 200 groups get to get handed to the border to two separate large groups. i watched a 7-year-old little girl crying, scared to death. i watched big, burly man get down on his knees and talk to her like a father in spanish and a soft tone. i wasn't close enough to hear
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what he was saying but in a couple of minutes, the little girl cracked a smile and it lit me up for the rest of the time, he was walking to the groups, holding up this little girl's hand so she felt safe. i saw borders give candy to a few kids. i saw them hug children. in the middle of the pandemic, they were hugging children but no face mask pier they are putting themselves in harm's way. i tell you, these border patrol agent they have lost total respect to the president of the united states about the comments he made about them here they lost respect to the homeland security because he goes on national tv and said the border is secure and closed. the men and women of the border deserve better. i started my career as one of them so god bless them. and i wish them all safety every day and hope they go home and in and make their shift. >> bill: noted, thank you for saying that, tom, tom. >> dana: tom, i wanted to ask about this because it's not just the people coming over but the drugs, mexican cartel smuggled 1100 pounds of meth to texas to miami according to the documents
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on k-9 sniffing out fentanyl pills inside of breakfast burritos. tell me about the drug trade and all of this as well. >> wealth the criminal cartels, you know, they are taking advantage of this humanitarian crisis. when joe biden made all these promises which everybody knew it would cause a surge, the criminal cartels geared up because they knew they were back in business. when they send these 200 family groups in one area, they do that on purpose. the criminal cartels control the drug cartels. they say go here and this time and this place so why the border patrol are tied up, they will run drugs and they were bad folks ms-13 to unguarded portions. when i talk to the border patrol agent, i asked him, where is the nearest border patrol right now? he said 3 miles down the line which means 3 miles of border is wide open. he said and what is so frustrating mr. homan, we know that we will have foot traffic, camera traffic of drug smugglers that we cannot respond to well
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taken care of the children. that is what the criminal cartels. a humanitarian crisis in two a national crisis. >> bill: tom, thank you back to have your back on the program. thank you for sharing your stories. >> dana: to travel down to bring it to us. >> bill: thank you, tom. >> dana: republicans and democrats to come up with a plan, any plan for the border. a bipartisan group with $1 billion bill to authorize emergency funding for the crisis. meanwhile, democratic senator joe manchin to suggest a 90 day moratorium on immigration to determine how to deal with the surge. watch. >> we have a human crisis that i'm seeing here that i have come here and seen. so that remain shutting everything down for 90 days while we have people coming into the country, sending that message that we are not going to be taking people into this country until we get our ability to make sure we are able to do it and do it right. is that going to put some pressure question what something
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has to be done and it has to be extradited. >> dana: a 90 day moratorium, but people are already on their way. and the biden administration doesn't seem like they are in the mood. >> bill: i want to come back to the drug issue because we talked about tom homan and you and i talked about this the entire week. they had 5 gallons buckets of house paint dissolved in the house paint was the fentanyl and they were crystal meth paint at a warehouse. that is how they disguised this and they were able to take the drugs into miami, florida. think about that, that process. and we were talking about a governor from ohio, it is not just a border issue. eventually the drugs make it into towns in ohio, pennsylvania. you think about the past several years, new hampshire, about how much we talked about this issue and trying to find a way to route it out and stop the unnecessary dying of americans today. >> dana: we will keep following that issue. we've got some guests coming up next week that will tell you
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about that. >> bill: more on that. >> dana: the white house and criticism of george's voting law despite major fact-check from ed lawrence, watch this. >> standardized so my question is will it change at the white house? >> the tone for a bill that limits voting access makes it more difficult for people to engage in voting in georgia? >> no, that is not actually what the governor of georgia has said. >> welcome i think that is not based on fact. >> dana: lawrence said more from washington and i watched that exchange and have you on the program this morning to understand like did you feel like you were living in a parallel universe in terms of facts? >> you know whom it is interesting the administration have said over and over that words matter. so president biden said georgia left with close polling place is 5:00 p.m. before people got off work i felt there needed to be clarification because that is not true. the law expands early voting to
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include saturdays and sundays. sunday was never used as a voting day in georgia. it also requires at least two saturdays are mandatory for early voting and a minimum 9:00 until 5:00 p.m. and expand the hours they can go 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. for early voting. it will require each county have at least one drop box for absentee ballots. you know, here is how the white house press secretary characterizes it. here is a little bit more, listen. >> it standardizes the ending of voting at 5:00, right? it gives options? it gives options to expand it, right, so standardizes it at 5:00 and outside groups cannot provide water or food to people in line. >> so they can still give out water but 150 feet away from the site or set up a table without a political propaganda within that distant spirits of the facts matter here in part because what president biden said grassroots calling for boycotts of large
6:14 am
company based in georgia. delta, for example has come out against the bill after the governor said they actually worked with delta to help write the bill appear the georgia house passed a bill this week stripping delta of gas tax, gas tax breaks. the senate adjourned in georgia before taking it up so it was symbolic by lawmakers. again, the facts and words matter here. i wanted to clarify that. >> dana: lawrence, thank you. >> bill: thank you, ed. republican voting bill in texas is also attracting corporate criticism. american airlines, the company speaking out against the proposal affecting voting hours and greater control over local elections. lieutenant governor dan patrick calling out american airlines specifically this way. "i am stunned. minutes after government relations rep called my office and admitted that neither he nor the american airline ceo actually read the legislation, texans are fed up with corporations that do not share
6:15 am
our values trying to dictate public policy." a lot of this going on georgia, texas. >> dana: and actually one of the activists in georgia, one of the pastors down there said oh, he said you will have to do these four things. and even then i might fly united. [laughter] >> bill: i'm a delta diva, but apparently the ceo signed off on it wednesday this past week. then came the rush of corporate letters. that was six days after the fact. so what happened between last thursday in atlanta, georgia, and this past wednesday? we will talk about that in a moment with former speaker of the house newt gingrich who knows a lot about the state. newt gingrich is coming up shortly right here. in the meantime, 15 past the hour a spending plan getting resistance from both sides of the aisle. >> joe biden made the strange choice to pick it hard left i think he is captive to aoc and elizabeth warren and bernie sanders.
6:16 am
>> bill: so what is the path forward for passing a bill? "the new york times" calls a blueprint for sweeping social change. we have our money team, coming ahead shortly. >> dana: one of the largest school districts targeted by hackers but the criminals and what they are threatening to do. >> bill: as church membership declines tucker carlson and what it means for the future of america as faith is on the decline on this good friday. ♪ ♪ refiplus from newday usa. with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow.
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>> bill: hackers hitting the
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country at the six largest school district in south florida where demanding $40 million. in exchange for the students and employees personal information. steve harrigan's live in atlanta, steve, what happened? >> bill, come to fort lauderdale this came to light last month but the school system hacked by a criminal gang. that gang operating out of russia, eastern europe no extradition. they froze the servers and stole personal information. initially they demanded $40 million in bitcoin. that demand has gone down to $10 million as the two sides have come back and forth. the district at one point offering $500,000. this copy has targeted towns and hospitals in florida. but lately they have been focusing on school district. school districts have lack of cybersecurity and it's gotten weaker due to remote learning. right now, broward officials stressed no money has been paid,
6:23 am
no personal information has been released, and they engaged a cybersecurity firm to try to fight this hat, bill. >> bill: well met, steve harrigan what a story there. thank you from atlanta today. >> fox news alert job reports for march came out about 15 minutes ago and checked this number out, 916,000 jobs added last month alone, the highest number since august, recovering economy and unemployment rate drops down to 6%. 6%. 280,000 jobs and hospitality one of the hardest hit areas of the pandemic. a really good number a revision for the previous number hiked up even more so that is good to. >> dana: and especially for that because so many people lost their jobs. now, if you are thinking about getting out to eat, maybe go for a little we can get away but do it safely. >> bill: the prediction, in a month this number is revised as well and higher and higher. you might be 1 million jobs in the month of march.
6:24 am
>> dana: that would be something. in the meantime, biden infrastructure bill. >> it's not infrastructure is what i'm saying. does that blur the lines that you are losing support that you might otherwise get if you kept it just focused? >> neal, it says american jobs plan, the american jobs plan. this is all about jobs. >> dana: some democrats changing their tone on president biden's neck spending plan with $2.2 trillion plan. so less than 6% of it goes for rebuilding the country's infrastructure. can the package get through congress without republican support? economic advisor to trump and professor at the university of chicago school of business. joining a now is "the new york times" this morning describing this infrastructure plan, steve, as a blueprint for sweeping social and economic change. only 6% for roads.
6:25 am
they are swinging for the fences here. >> you better believe it. by the way, this was a blockbuster jobs number. one of the best job numbers ever in the history of the country. by the way, if you include february revisions, we were at 1 million additional jobs, which is incredible. what that is telling us is the back scene is the stimulus for the economy. and i have to give credit to trump operational warp speed and biden in terms of doing a good job to get the vaccine out there. my point is this, dana, we don't need to point to trillion dollar bill. i don't care if they caught green energy bill, infrastructure bill we don't need spending or massive new tax bill and we don't need all this additional debt. the best thing congress can do for the economy right now is when they go on easter resource, recess, don't come back for three months. the economy will be just fine. >> dana: well, no republicans would love that, washington to
6:26 am
stand down. i also wanted to ask you this. what has changed in the last few years when there weren't any ready jobs during the obama administration? they were not there. are they that they are now? they are calling this a jobs plan. you tell me. >> well, i guess i would say two things. number one, i'm not surprised steve moore wants to go on vacation. he constantly wants to go on vacation. [laughter] but the thing is this big jobs number, steve said on this very program several months ago and they extended the unemployment benefits, said it was impossible that people would not go back to work because they thought they would make more money by stating home. and it was totally wrong. people want to go back to work. now on infrastructure, broadly defined, it doesn't just have to be roads and bridges, of course, to be infrastructure. that is a tight decade program. that is not just supposed to be dealing with the business cycle
6:27 am
for the next six months. i think there is some jobs that are shovel ready but you raise a good point that we shouldn't be thinking that all of this money is going to go out the door in 12 months. we certainly learned in 2009 that is not possible. >> dana: some democrats wanted to go much higher, listen to alexandria ocasio-cortez. she had thoughts. >> that $2.2 trillion, $2.5 trillion over eight years i have serious concerns that it's not enough to realize that biden had advanced. we know that there is so much more opportunity here. in order for us to realize this vision, we need to go way higher. >> dana: what is the vision, steve? >> normally i would laugh at something like that when aoc says these crazy things, but she has overtaken the party, right? i take this seriously. this is lunatic.
6:28 am
they talk about spending 5 trillion to $10 trillion on the massive amount and that will bankrupt the country. but it want to be clear about this. i wasn't say i should take a vacation that patrick should take a vacation. look, by the way the other quick point, the one negative thing in that report today was a reduction in the labor force participation rate. we are not getting enough workers in the workforce. we have the jobs. the problem is the unemployment benefits are so high. and they are saying they can't get the workers back. >> dana: also, i'm giving you a final word on that point. >> it is not true, 347,000 people coming back to the workforce and the biggest job gain was in leisure and hospitality come exactly the sector where the people were supposedly not going to be willing to come back to work. >> dana: all right, guys president bush said it's a good thing economist doesn't have
6:29 am
three hands, one hand, the other hand. thank you. >> bill: thank you, guys. my guests don't get a republican to vote for this because they voted to reduce everything three and half years ago. >> dana: especially on reconciliation. >> bill: correct on that. even the far left raising the opposition to this would come around to get it. >> dana: they will not say -- >> bill: here is what i want to say to you if you don't vote on this thing until august, perhaps, who knows what happens with the job numbers. if you had 1 million per month every month april, may, june, perhaps she would get a whole different look at $2.2 trillion. >> dana: bill, you are speaking as a law of economics still applies. [laughter] i don't know if that happens. >> bill: troubling new day in the cities with slashing police funding. take a look at the hard number of crimes in those towns coming up. some corporation speaking out against george's new election law.
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♪ ♪ >> they are not going to get back on board because they have been pressured by the board of directors who has been pressured by lead activists here there's nothing i can do about that. i will not be bullied by these people, but i am also not running a corporation. they will have to answer to the shareholders. there is a lot of people that work for them and have done business with them that are very upset. i will let them deal with that. >> bill: that is the georgia governor brian kemp telling us he will not give into the corporate pressure over the states new voting law. newt gingrich knows georgia is as well as anybody, sir, how are you and good morning to you? >> i'm doing well. >> bill: i want to read you something from the ceo of coca-cola. he was born in england. he put out the following statements in a letter.
6:36 am
it is pretty extensive. i will read it for you here, okay? standby. voting is a foundational right in america and we have long championed efforts to make it easier to vote. we want to be crystal clear insight unambiguously we are disappointed in the outcome of the georgia the georgia legislation for the focus is on supporting federal legislation t protects voting access and addresses voter suppression across the country. so some think that may be in reference to h.r. 1 now headed to the senate in some form or another. how do you see this going down? >> well, first of all, h.r. 1 is the corrupt politicians act. it eliminates all the barriers that protect us and allow honest citizens to count honest votes. second, most everything about the georgia law is a lie, a plane old live. when president biden reading all to staff notes says you couldn't get water standing in line, that is a flat plain untrue.
6:37 am
specifically authorizes voting officials to provide water for people standing in line at the time. when they say it reduces the number of hours you can vote, that is a plain lie. it actually increases the number of hours you can vote. but here is the deal. coca-cola is not going to say a word about all the things that chinese totalitarian government will do for they will not have courage about standing up to china because it cost them too much. but living in a local world with higher woke staff that come out of elite universities and tell them this is the right thing to do, boss, you have to be tough. then they hand them the stuff it is plain lie is, it is disgraceful how many large american corporations will beat up on conservatives and stand silently by while the chinese kill uighurs, run concentration camps and totalitarian control over society. it tells you how corrupted so many of these large corporations
6:38 am
have become. and what they are doing, frankly, i think is eroding any authority they have with the public because the public will , i got it. you are in the tank to the left and willing to put out whatever your staff rights. >> bill: let me give you a few things here, the claims versus what is in the law. number one voting ends at 5:00. election day polls actually open from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. another claim reducing early voting hours, the truth is in the bill it expands early voting hours in most cases. monday through friday 9:00 until 5:00 and asked to saturdays of early voting. another claim, early voting on sunday but the truth is an option to add one or even two coats on days of voting, claim no absentee ballots, actually boaters have to submit a driver's license number, state i.d. number, number, acceptable voter i.d. a lot of that apparently got lost in the shuffle between last thursday when the bill was signed and this past wednesday
6:39 am
when all of the statements came out from the companies, many of which are based in atlanta, georgia. you mentioned the woke ceos. "wall street journal." they are denouncing george's legislation law but have they read it? that is from the editorial. >> look, it is very interesting if you look at it carefully. the left is desperate to have elections that they can rig. and they are going all out. they put out a surge of things like you pointed out. these are plain lies. this isn't complicated. you go to the bill, you look at the bill and you can vote on sunday and light and said you couldn't. you can vote early and they lied and said you couldn't. you can't get water in line, they lied and said you couldn't this tells you h.r. 1 corrupt politicians act nationally and it all out effort to set up this as erickson wrote, designed to ultimately and make the filibuster because they will never pass never pass h.r. 1 while the filibuster is there. i think if people learn what is
6:40 am
in h.r. 1, they will be so angry and being totally misled. and i think president biden credibility is in tatters. you read what is staff rates, and he has no idea if it is true. in the case of the georgia build the things that biden said there are flatly false and he owes the people of georgia an apology for having lied about what is going on in georgia. >> bill: newt gingrich, thank you for your time and enjoy easter weekend. >> thank you. >> dana: in the meantime stacey abrams, who was a candidate that will probably rus reelection, she bought the domain, her group bought the domain game jim crow 2.0 final weeks before the bill is passed. so they had a plan. >> bill: they had a plan. >> dana: following the announcement of president biden spending plan, "new york times" and another double standard and how biden's infrastructure plan to trump. joe concha joins us next. the southern border ahead of the air air national guard,
6:41 am
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>> bill: the u.s. on track for 1 million people to get the vaccination. that is 30% of population. steve doocy is expecting to release new air travel guidance
6:46 am
for fully vaccinated americans as soon as today. johnson & johnson will start trails with kids 12-17. and chief officer say it is for everyone. for more these stories download the fox news app and the qr code and head to today. >> dana: reacting to the biden spending plan a plan to reshape the economy and the plan for former president trump to characterize as a burden on state and private money. fox news contributor joe concha joins me now. i am assuming you are not surprised by that appear let's get your thoughts on that. >> the trump plan was one-tenth of the biden plan and it is interesting iran will be called the infrastructure plan yet as you mention on the show before, 5% from a percent towards actual infrastructure and covid bill, covert relief accept less than 10% towards health care and covert relief. the trump plan with scrutiny and
6:47 am
doubt and the biden plan futuristic utopia. a straight news piece but read like an opinion piece or press release from the democratic national committee. we have seen this over and over again, dana, not once, not twice but going up the stairs he fell going up to air force one. compare that to trump a wet ramp at west point committee doesn't fall and that got wall-to-wall coverage questioning the president's cognitive abilities while biden was barely mentione. here on national television i'm going to write a book. three months and i have enough to fill 15 chapters. >> dana: i hope you will come here and tell us what your title is pure and i want to ask you about this, atlanta constitution we have been talking about the georgia voting law. there was this correction that it runs in the paper yesterday and i will put up on the screen basically saying, sorry we got that one part wrong about on
6:48 am
election day in georgia polling places are open 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. if in line 7:00 p.m. you are allowed to cast your ballot. nothing in the new law changes those rules however, early voting, the bill adds a second mandatory saturday. so adding more for early voting. and then basically, it also says this: the net effects from experts is that it expands voting. that is a correction. in the meantime, you have holes from president biden for the m.o. beat to boycott the all-star game in atlanta. >> isn't that amazing, delta jumping on board, coca-cola jumping on board. "the washington post" determined a four pinocchio's, remember, dana, like cancer at no stage five cancer and no fifth pinocchio, fourth is the absolute worst, the complete and absolute lie at the white house keeps repeating it over and over again to the point a bottomless pinocchio for which "the washington post" repeating a lie 20 times or more publicly. but yet they keep pushing it and i hope that reporter continues
6:49 am
to press jen psaki in the press room around that fact-check because there's no dancing around it. it. speak to that fact-checked, the question, where did you get that information? president biden said we have no idea. [laughter] >> honestly. we don't know where it's coming from but it's actually causing a lot of issues. i want to ask you you gave up twitter for lent, which i think is great. how did it go? >> well, you know probably back to my high school days when we used to have a designated driver once every fifth saturday you were the designated driver. now looking at twitter from the inside and come i'm the sober guy looking at all the drunk teenagers doing stupid and incoherent things so i don't kn? probably but i think may be one-tenth as active as i was because it is horrifying. there are some great accounts, i shouldn't say everybody, there are great accounts. >> dana: whose account did you miss the most, joe?
6:50 am
>> read steve. >> dana: come on, it's not mine? am i not giving you enough pictures on twitter? >> i was about to do gold, silver and bronze as far as olympics and you get silver, dana. >> dana: joe concha, thank you. i love the idea of giving up twitter. >> bill: i was like forget that. >> dana: during covid? no. >> bill: went let's dive in more and tucker carlson with questions about the latest spen. check it out. >> if you print money like it's not worth anything, doesn't the value of the money decline? normal people may have had questions like those. >> bill: tucker will join us next hour why he believes the big spending bill will not make life easier but will change america for future generations, plus american hero getting the gift of a lifetime a veteran and his family about to have a terrific easter weekend and in well when we continued the next
6:51 am
hour, here is our lineup. more on the wall. ♪ ♪
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6:57 am
and his wife, sarah, and the two kids got to see their new, fully customize smart home. specialist jonathan mullen and the chairman, ceo frank fill her with me. gentlemen, great to see you both. lake elmo minnesota, how does it feel, jonathan? what does it look like? >> it feels great. the home is beautiful and it's just as practical as it is beautiful. it is such a wonderful gift. >> bill: how is it going to change your life and how is it going to help your family? >> ultimately it will help me to be able to live my life independently without pain and strain, like living in nonhandicap home. a home that is not equipped like this one is that causes a lot of difficulty, especially when i'm at home in a wheelchair and a
6:58 am
nonhandicap home, i often have two transfer from my chair to the ground and somehow scoop myself or walk on my knees if i couldn't reach the bathroom or something. and it will allow me to live with less irritability and less pain to be able to serve my family, wife and kids much better. >> bill: that is so awesome. and though a good man and you, jonathan. jonathan, you found the right man in frank. frank, how did you do this? >> we did it through the goodness of americans who donate to tunnel two towers. $11,000 a month. jonathan since 2011, think about that, ten years we should have had him in this house a lot sooner. great americans that built this house but i want you to know that jonathan is studying to be a minister and heading off to seminary.
6:59 am
we want him to be in his new home for easter and what a better way to do with it. by the way, we are just so happy to do this, but like i said to them as so many other americans that gave so much to their country we want to help them. >> bill: frank, the west side center screen right now, i know you say it every time $11 a month, right, that is what you need? >> $11 a month to these great heroes. thank you, god bless you. >> bill: to you as well but hang on here. jonathan, i did not know you were going to be a minister and so many prayers have been answered here. >> yeah, i'm just so grateful. and we never actually planned for the home to be done this weekend. i just feel like it started and
7:00 am
ended in such a timely way and a great way to celebrate easter with my family and to worship and just praise god for this wonderful gift from tunnel to towers. i just couldn't be more grateful. >> bill: that is awesome, johnathon, to you and your family. you picked another gold star, you. thank you, gentlemen, happy easter. >> dana: fox news alert custom and borders giving information about release of migrants to the u.s. without a notice to appear at a court hearing and welcome to brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: how are you feeling? it is perfect for easter. so exciting. >> bill: and a baby on the way, cool. >> dana: some troubling news a surge of migrants across the border with detention facilities to the limit forcing agents to let them go because neither u.s.
7:01 am
or mexico can process them. ice director tom homan reacting last hour here on on "america's newsroom." the border agents have lost total respect and the president of the united states because of comments he made about them and lost respect to the homeland security because he goes on national tv and said the border is secure and the board should do better. >> bill: beginning a new hour, live in washington. >> good morning, bill we have quite a a lot of news on this front, the border crisis and remember the video we have been watching of the girls being dropped and continuing to shock people, the one encapsulates just how brutal the situation here at fox news learning more about the chief gloria chavez who spent time from ecuador. they are doing well. i've seen pictures of her with him. it comes as fox news is confirming with cdp they protect
7:02 am
as many as 184,000 unaccompanied children in fiscal year 2021 for context and the projection but if you see by comparison and the estimate is correct it would be the highest on record and more than twice 76,000 in 2019. currently hhs and about 18,170 children in custody. earlier this morning i spoke to the chief who talked about the surging numbers. watch. >> in general for us and the operators on the border, we have an overwhelming situation. they are trying to keep up with the flow. if we continue in the same track that we are going today, we will surpass that and we will surpass back the numbers in 2019. >> and the news on this notice to appear as we first reported last month in the hard-hit rio grande valley sector, agents forced to stop issuing due to
7:03 am
increased migrant flow and overcapacity issues. now the cdc says that applies to the southwest border telling fox news that due to the capacity issues on march 24th, they begin issuing a different notice and this one to an ice office to start sound proceedings with the court date, bill. >> bill: griff jenkins in d.c., dana. >> dana: on the part of craig, crisis, i want to bring in the international guard, michael. thank you for being here. i'm curious about your expertise with the cartel. one more sound bite from tom homan on with us last hour and i want to get your thoughts on this. take a look. speak with the criminal cartels, you know they are taking advantage of humanitarian crisis. when joe biden made all these promises, which everybody knew would cause a surge, the criminal cartel geared up because they know they are back in business. when they sent 200 families to a new area, they do that on purpose. the criminal cartels, drug
7:04 am
cartels, go here and this time, this place and so all the border patrol are tied up but they will run their drugs. >> dana: general, it seems to me to address the root cause of all of these migrants searching the border, the cartels would be something that we should do. >> good morning, dana, you are right back in 2014 when this huge boom in this industry, human smuggling began competing with drug trafficking, we saw in 2014, the number was about $8,000 per child. the cartels are excellent at marketing and they clearly have proven that this is a lucrative business to both flood the zone and make our communities less safe, even in arizona and around the nation. >> dana: what links do the cartels go to to get people, kids, drugs across the border? >> well, we know it is
7:05 am
interesting perspective this time in 21 versus what we saw in '19 come '14 and the sector in arizona see a lot of folks crossing illegally and apprehended. they make a claim for asylum as they are crossing. they are not from mexico, central or south america but actually africa, asia, and europe. so we assume they are flown in or by vote and traffic to cross the border which create a huge situation where most of them are claiming asylum. >> dana: but that indicate to you that the cartels are quite sophisticated and basically a worldwide operation to get people to the border to get them across? >> that is right. that is our assessment that this is a worldwide marketing campaign. >> dana: what do you think we should do to try to disrupt that? >> i think the first thing that we have been working on here, we
7:06 am
have been in a situation and i've heard a lot of discussion about this and have seen this in the past. this is my eighth cycle here. never before in a statewide pandemic and i really don't want to create emergency on top of emergency. but a family unit so some children being dropped off by the customs and border protection agents because they are getting overwhelmed. and that puts a strain on the rule communities and forces them to access resources they don't have. clearly we need to stop the flow at the border and get this situate gnomic situation figured out quickly. >> dana: indeed, the rule communities and what it takes to deal with the huge strain on them. and so, general mcguire, thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much, dana, we appreciated. >> dana: thank you.
7:07 am
>> i am announcing that i'm asking five cabinet members to take special responsibility to explain the plan to the american public. these cabinet members will represent me dealing with congress, engage the public in selling the plan, and work out the details as we move forward to. >> bill: so there was president biden yesterday to sell his new spending plan and it is a whopper. republicans worn it goes too far. progressive's complainant doesn't go far enough. fox news sunday anchor chris wallace with us, good morning to you, $2.3 trillion in the where do you begin? >> well, they have to talk tough. at this point, the biden administration is getting no republican support. first of all, the size of the plan and the fact that it would be paid for by raising taxes, true trillion dollars over six years.
7:08 am
the bigger problem because they can pass this with reconciliation as they did with covid relief straight party line votes but they can only lose three points in the house and zero in the senate. at this point, you have aoc on the left sink $2 trillion and it should be $10 trillion and meanwhile a lot of white democrats in the senate saint $1.9 trillion and now $2.25 trillion and another trillion dollar package coming along the way. a lot of this is pretty hard with infrastructure. you have $400 billion here for care of seniors and the disabled. and certainly a worthy cause. i'm not sure its infrastructure by anybody's definition. >> dana: actually, that is what i was going to ask you. do you think it hurts 5.6% of this bill goes towards what most americans think of in infrastructure, roads and bridges, airports and things like that but as they go through the summer, easier or harder to try to pass it?
7:09 am
>> i think it is going to beat -- i don't know if it gets harder but i think it is hard. matt, dana. some people say 15%. but it depends on your definition of infrastructure. there are some things for instance, let's repair the electrical grid after you sell in texas and let's expand broadband. a lot of people would consider that in the 21st century to be part of the infrastructure. but there are other parts that caring for the seniors and that will be tough. the one hand, a lot of social programs are popular and you can argue that and corporations and people like taxes as long as they are on somebody else. this will be a tough one and you just have to thread the needle and can only lose them as i said three and by house and zero in the senate. >> bill: the comment about the money spent. and represent $300 billion.
7:10 am
that blows your mind and during a pandemic almost as if they are used to throwing around trillion dollars here and they trillion dollars there. so ultimately we come back to the question, when does the spending stop? >> it will not stop here because as i said, before the end of the month, the president, this is the americans jobs plan which is mostly infrastructure and next is the american family plan, which health care, child care and that will have another price tag of probably $2 trillion. a lot of that will be paid for by raising taxes on people making more than $400,000 a year, the capital gains taxes, and you are right, bill, even in washington when you talk about $1.9 trillion for public relief, $2 trillion for this, 2 trillion, in washington that is real money. the two you can certainly say that the biden administration
7:11 am
are ambitious, disciplined, and focused. we will see how it goes. coming up this week on fox news sunday. >> quickly to that point, dana, i agree with you. the one big surprise about biden in the first 100 by his he's not a caretaker president or transitional president but he wants to be a transformational president like fdr but the question is whether the country will sustain that. sunday we will talk to brian for chief white house economic advisor. some are calling him the author of this plan. we will be talking to republican senator who i suspect is not a big fan of this plan. i think you can count them as a no vote. and remember this week cdc director michelle wolinsky impending doom we talk to dr. top epidemiologist about early heading to a fourth wave of the pandemic? >> bill: a great show, thank you, chris and we will see you sunday. >> bye-bye, guys.
7:12 am
>> dana: the infamous laptop that twitter blocked and why his comments can make big tech rethink their policy. >> bill: and the consequences when you defund the police. fox news is learning when we crunch the crime numbers and some of these democrat run cities coming up shortly next. it's a new day for veteran homeowners. with home values high and mortgage rates at near record lows. great news for veterans who need money for their family. that's me. refiplus from newday usa lets you refinance at near record lows plus get an average of $50,000. that's me. that's money for security today or retirement tomorrow. that's me. refiplus. hey, i just got a text from my sister.
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speed to announcing in person. >> here to talk about it commit jason rantz.
7:18 am
>> numbers. >> and we saw the result. >> so portland homicide, 270. >> as a result, we have seen this increase in the police deps
7:19 am
in this way and proactive policing is nearly impossible and only types of staff that you have been for cities is to respond to priority one calls which are emergencies and processes that need immediate assistance. this is what is going to happen. at the same time commit is taking officers longer to get to these emergencies, which of course decreases the likelihood of a death or serious injury. >> dana: i saw this morning full tomorrow is going to be pulling back but it seems there is more to come there. so what is the effect? you live in seattle and you talk to your neighbors. you see people leaving?
7:20 am
>> absolutely. we have definitely seen the police officers and a number of people leaving the big city. some of that is covid related, no doubt about that and some of that will hit in one's business starts to reopen. amazon, for example, opening their offices in seattle, you will start to see some people show back up. but it is just going to hide the bigger issue, problems here. >> dana: you mentioned covid and people are starting to get back out. maybe go for a little weekend getaway. this is a scene in san francisco. two cotourists were there and hurt trying to stop carjackers from stealing their rental car. >> yeah, welcome to san francisco. welcome to a lot of the cities. this was the city a month ago, too, talked about cutting police budget live in percent which means less police officers out there. that guy, yes it degenerates preying on innocent people but they pay attention to the news.
7:21 am
when you have this culture of lawlessness, ideological position from the left that says we will dismantle the police department in the criminal justice system. they feel like right now, in all across the country emboldened and we see the results of that. >> in these big cities if you are a moderate democrat, you are going to get attacked. it is not easy running for office. believe me i understand that and i hear from these people who tried to run and get attacked but these are the people who need to step up, the ones who are able to deal with that, the ones with the thick skin and frankly if more of us start speaking up, if the public starts fighting back, it will get some cover. speak to jason, happy easter weekend and thank you for getting up in seattle. we appreciate that. >> thank you, dana. >> bill: an important story
7:22 am
and speaking of tourists i sought to cotourists young ladies taking pictures. >> dana: you know that love sculpture on seventh avenue? >> bill: yes. >> dana: people were there taking pictures. >> bill: you haven't seen them in a year. >> dana: many places are closed on broadway is not open but we are getting there. we went to at a time. democratic senator joe manchin a swing vote and the most powerful lawmaker in d.c. just went to the border. he's got a suggestion for the administration about a major change there. his mom and an idea. tucker calling out biden's latest spending plan and what it means for the future of the country and your family. >> $2 trillion sounds like a lot for anything. won't that kind of spending because hyperinflation questioned mike if you print money like it's not worth anything, doesn't the value of the money decline?
7:23 am
♪ you come and go ♪ ♪ karma-karma-karma- karma-karma chameleon ♪ ♪ you come and go ♪ ♪ you come and go-o-o ♪ ♪ loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams ♪ ♪ red, gold -- ♪ [ tires screech ] [ crickets chirping ] for those who were born to ride there's progressive. with 24/7 roadside assistance. ♪ karma-karma-karma-karma-karma chameleon... ♪
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refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. >> only 5% of $2 trillion will only go to roads and bridges. 5% on infrastructure, 95% on social engineering. that is what joe biden calls a once-in-a-lifetime infrastructure bill. he is right about part of it. it is once-in-a-lifetime if this passes, the generation will live in a different country. >> bill: hitting back at president biden's $2.5 trillion,
7:29 am
$2.2 trillion commits around that number calling a vehicle for social policies rather than fixing roads and bridges. "the washington post" said 5% of the public works. crunching the numbers as well and we added 5.6%. the same number, tucker is with us, good morning to you, sir. you get up early. >> good morning. >> bill: we appreciate that. let me frame at the following way. a portion of the spending plan, 400 billions to expand access to the elderly, people with disabilities $213 billion for housing, $12 billion for community college, community violence, you get the idea. a democrat from michigan you would call her a moderate, right? she does the program a lot. she is calling for $10 trillion in spending over the next ten years. and this is debbie dingell talking. where does this go? >> i guess, there are couple of
7:30 am
levels, call me liberal. i'm infuriated up by outlying. our roads and bridges and train stations are a disgrace. we should rebuild them. this is not an infrastructure bill. it is a green energy renewed deal and reparations bill. it calls for tearing down a highway. transphobic too. if you want a reparations bill, he green renewed deal and let's have the debate. don't call it a infrastructure bill. at what point do we actually destroy the economy for good by spending money that we have in the federal reserve? hyperinflation, we have a pure look at commodities and cryptocurrency, building materials, oil. look at the real estate prices. asset price has come hard, tangible asset prices are skyrocketing. it's called inflation and makes order to live in this country come afford to eat, or live somewhere. that is a huge deal.
7:31 am
it's not captured in the official numbers out of washington which are a lie by design and that is the result of modern monetary theory, which by the way, the last administration too, it's been going on a long time. we cannot sustain this much longer before it melts down. any person involved in finance where the economy or does numbers can tell you that. nobody says it on tv and i don't know why. >> dana: it is helpful to have somebody like you explaining that because i saw that last night just bring that whole idea if you basically say something and it doesn't have any value, then it won't have any value. >> i was also going to ask about this and it's very logical and i appreciate that. yesterday we spoke with jonathan morrison out of this gallop u.s. polls shows u.s. domestic church membership has gone down under 50%. and that has not happened in many, many decades. does this tell anything where you think the country is,
7:32 am
tucker? >> as far as i know, this is a result of long term trend of liberation movement that sought to liberate americans from the constraints of traditional religion. all liberation movements in this country come at a certain point it becomes the opposite of what it reports to be. or people more liberated than they were when they believed in god or less anxious? look, everyone dies in the end and if you don't acknowledge that and provide explanation what happens after you die, people are filled with existential dread in anxiety and drug abuse skyrockets and suicide, hopelessness. and the ones we are seeing now. and so actually people aren't liberated by flowing from meaning, god, religion, they are enslaved. look at the country. i would say that is true for feminism and liberation movement paradox or to put people in bondage. but this one in particular. >> bill: i was looking at that
7:33 am
poll this week and not just christians they were talking about, and muslims too. the synagogues, mosques, even back to 1999 when it well over 70% of the same poll. tucker, a new show on fox nation and a lot of intriguing interviews. you had douglas murray on pubertal what he was trying to explain to us is how americans g in a way where we politicize everything. have a listen to this. >> what is important enough for society is changed radically in an ugly direction. it makes everything political. it wants to politicize everything. it wants to politicize art. it wants to politicize poetry. all of the things that were meaningful in our lives have been picked up and spun through the cycle of politics. it's been when i tell you, flipped the channel around and look at the newspaper, go to your favorite internet sites, he
7:34 am
is right. it's everywhere. >> he is right. you can't have a society without meaning. we've never had a mass secular society in history and obviously it doesn't work. we are replacing that call where meaning should be with politics, and is driving everyone crazy. he said one thing which is the antidote to this fear of where is terrified is to calmly and confidently tell the truth and not an embellished way but tell the truth with the confidence that is allowed. it is, after all, america and if everyone does that on all sides, the fog lifts and we can live freely again. i just thought that was a wonderful and inspiring thing to say. >> dana: i love it that you have these longer interviews now on fox nation. but you have a big guest. piers morgan? >> piers morgan is on monday. and i'm really excited.
7:35 am
piers morgan is one of these people, not even sure what piers morgan thinks about a lot of things. i know i disagree on that view but piers morgan is one of the rare public figures who refuses to shut up when told to. i just think that is a blessing. i'm willing to entertain a conversation with anybody who is brave enough to tell the truth as he sees it, regardless if i agree with them because it is just so important to tell the truth in public. the most important thing. spent with the dates for fox nation for the new show are again, monday? >> wednesday and friday. >> bill: got it, and piers morgan on monday. we will see you tonight at 8:00, tucker. thank you for coming on. >> dana: thanks, tucker. happy easter to you. >> bill: you are welcome to come back. >> happy easter, thank you. >> bill: fox news alert, hunter biden has an interview. the president's on talking about his problems with addiction. his dealings with ukraine and china and that laptop. we will have it on the record and all on camera. a new book out right now, jacqui heinrich has more on what he had to say from the hill,
7:36 am
good morning. >> good morning, bill. hunter biden still under federal investigation for potential tax related crimes opened up for the first time about a laptop reportedly left at a delaware repair shop which contained emails revealing his form business dealings. he's never spoken about this before. now that laptop surfaced before the presidential election after rudy giuliani as former president trump's attorney decided content to various news outlets connected then candidate joe biden to his son overseas deals. something the elderly biden divide appeared in page 2019 over efforts to discuss such information connecting joe biden to his son's alleged corruption. joe biden asserted the contents of the laptop the product of russian disinformation but in this interview hunter indicates about his laptop. >> was that your laptop? for real, i don't know. i really don't know. >> okay, you don't know yes or no if that was your laptop.
7:37 am
>> i have no idea. >> so it could have been years. >> of course, certainly, there could have been a laptop stolen from me. it could be that it was russian intelligence. it could be that it was stolen from me. >> in october i interviewed the owner of their repair shop who turned the contents to federal authorities and rudy giuliani, frustrated over the fact that the president impeached over efforts to find such information he believed existed on the laptop. the laptop was subpoenaed 2019 by the fbi. unclear if current tax investigation in hunter and what is facing. >> bill: there was a lot there, jacqui, jacqui heinrich from "the hill." >> the biden administration open border policies have created an open season for human traffickers, for drug smugglers, for cartels and gangs. these criminals are praying upon
7:38 am
women and children. >> dana: texas governor greg abbott holding the biden administration responsible for criminal activity along the southern border and alki democratic senator calling for a 90 day moratorium on immigration amidst the crisis and all this after shocking video shows smugglers dropping two young girls over the border wall and leaving them to fend for themselves. mark meredith life at the white house, mark, how is the administration responding to this? >> hey, dana good morning to you the next hour president biden will be speaking, but he will be talking about the jobs report not about immigration and the white house facing plenty of questions about the border policy including that video you have been talking about that show someone being thrown over the border wall peer of the white house that they have seen that video has the smugglers right there caught on camera. >> i have seen the video, and i think any of us who saw the video were incredibly alarmed by the smugglers, the ones we have been quite familiar with that we
7:39 am
spoke out about are concerned about. >> in the meantime more lawmakers to make congress do a whole lot more to ease the surge of migrants coming to the u.s. leaders from both parties have been making trips down to the border. thursday was virginia joe manchin with a three month pause on immigration to address the crisis. >> 90 days to stop everything. as we take a breath to make sure that we put this on the highest priority that we have for the human element that we should all be concerned about. and so i look at how you should do this and can do this. you can't do it unless both sides are talking. >> no where it went president biden might go to the border or the president. they will go to camp david for easter and the vice president in california, dana. >> dana: mark meredith at the white house thank you. legal saga of nike and little nausea's every turn has governor
7:40 am
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♪ ♪ >> dana: a quick look at the top stories is howard. please say a shooting in a southern california office building that killed four people including a 9-year-old boy was not a random act of violence. they say the suspect knew all the victims. >> bill: associated press reporting the fda violations by the company of a quality problem that forced johnson & johnson got 15 million doses of the vaccine just this week. >> dana: new york state lawmakers opening a line as they investigate scandals with andrew cuomo. for more of these and other stories download the fox news
7:46 am
app and scan the qr code on the screen or go to >> living in they woke world with a higher woke staff and the league universities and tell them, yeah, this is the right thing to do boss. you have to be tough. then they hand them the stuff that is plain lies. it is disgraceful how many large american corporations will beat up on conservatives and then stand silently by by the chinese communist people kill people. >> bill: newt gingrich last hour on the program. companies criticizing george's new voting law. at the same time doing business with beijing and staying silent on china's human rights violations. the fox business network, a closer look at this today, lydia, hello. >> hi, there built after calls for boycott delta, apple, coca-cola each company condemned george's new voting law saying restrict access to the pulling of minorities.
7:47 am
some lawmakers are calling on those companies for what hypocrisy and the criticism and each company has been silent about china's human rights violations. depression of the uighurs, the muslim minority group and continue to do business in china and delta, for example called itself "th most chinese friendly airlines" on its website and train it is leading the way on international growth. an added that during the pandemic but meanwhile apple ceo tim cook blasted the torch of voting law while business has exploded in growth in china clearing 57% increase in sales last quarter. now apple and coca-cola also lobbied to water down legislation that prevents an american company from importing goods and manufacturers through forced labor in china. coca-cola greater china ferguson said last year the company is in china "for the long term."
7:48 am
while investing billions in china over the past year. senator marco rubio called out the companies yesterday on twitter using woke corporate hypocrites. >> spending billions of dollars in a country that doesn't even have elections. billions of dollars working with a country that has no respect for anyone or anything. and never say a word about it. but in america, that's compared to boycott and condemn them publicly to show that they are hypocrites. complete and total hypocrites. >> apple and coca-cola did not respond. delta declined to comment. >> bill: lydia, nice to see you, from fox business, thank you. >> dana: i love her as having part of the channel net. david perdue on special report last night, he lost by a hair that runoff election. take a listen. >> this bill makes it easier to vote and harder to cheat.
7:49 am
it builds integrity in the system who were concerned in november last year and makes it easy for people to vote by 159 counties. so this literally that you hear from the democrats is all about power and raising money for political operations. >> dana: one of the things that happen here this week is that there was some, original, drafting of the bill had some things in there that would have been objectionable to many people. they were not in the final bill. when the final bill came out, it was as if they hadn't stretched out all those things objectionable. now i'm a people making big decisions and talking about boycotting a state like georgia harmful see premises repeated by the president. >> bill: based on the reporting, i think there were two dozen drafts, may be as many as 24 or 25 drafts before they got to the final piece of legislation. "new york post" sean davis, have you seen this today? delta receives millions in state tax goodies from georgia.
7:50 am
$35 million jet fuel giveaway. that is pretty good. coca-cola received almost $1 million with newfound to machines and atlanta braves forced taxpayers $400 million for a brand-new stadium. when they move from the city up north to marietta, georgia. >> dana: you can bet they will be calling on republicans to deal with the biden corporate tax increases. >> bill: last thing, ryan is the governor with us yesterday and adamant they will not give in to what he calls the mob here. this will be an interesting back-and-forth as i would bet would go on for some time with all of these companies. >> dana: you are right. snow nike battling with rapper lil nas x in court and why he has to stop selling a shoe called "satan" what one governor has to say about all of this coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪
7:51 am
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♪ ♪ >> nike getting a restraining order blocking sales of satan shoes. they modified a nike pair of 666 shoes saying he added one drop of blood to each shoe. they fired -- tweeting, our kids are being told that this product is not only okay, it's exclusive, but you know what is more exclusive? their god given eternal soul. i have to admit, i ignored this story all week until this morning when i had to talk about it. i didn't know what was going on. what do you make of it? >> i couldn't agree with you more. i have to correct you, it's customization because my kids, whenever they buy toys they customize them which ruins all the value but that is neither here nor there.
7:57 am
in this country we have freedom of speech and if he wants to make satan shoes, that is his american right and as our american right not to buy them if we don't want to. i don't know about complaining about it. as far as a pair of costing you your eternal soul, i'm pretty sure they already -- so that is good. i don't think you should push your religious views no matter what they are. i think you should be more concerned than attacking a wrapper over some weird artistic choices. i wouldn't buy them for my kids but i don't have a problem with it. >> it seems to be publicity all around. >> dana: what happens when your kids ask you for something that is customized? i imagine you saying no but in a way that is like a gentle giant sort of way. >> i -- this is my role with all my children. i am the punisher. i'm the guy who brings the bad
7:58 am
news. i don't get the joy. they don't ask me for anything. they go around me. >> dana: oh, i see. >> i just hear about it and have to pay for it. in the one who gets away with it as georgie because she pushes my buttons but the older kids don't even try anymore. they don't get gentle giant. >> i'm thinking you know how to handle this, for a guy who walks around with the teacher is saying "andre the giant" on it. >> it's not for everybody, but if someone told me i was going to lose my soul for wearing an andre the giant assured i would say, you obviously don't know my story. i think we need to relax a little bit. let's not be so quick to tell people whose soul is going up in flames over a pair of tennis shoes. i think we need to relax. but nike is right, it's their brand and taking their brand and altering it, they have every right to stop it. it has nothing to do whether it is a devil, an angel, or fancy robot on your shoe. it's nike's right in that
7:59 am
situation. >> dana: we will see you next week. thank you. >> always a pleasure. what itt is, bill! all we do is win! >> bill: again. >> dana: he is the best. >> bill: we've got about a minute here and you have ing -- >> dana: my book. "everything will be okay." i finished it and it went to the printer but i felt like i still had something to say so i wrote this chapter about the role that faith has played in my life and i didn't know what to do with it, here we are, i gave it to fox news is an exclusive. it's free to everyone, it's not too long a chapter but it does give you a little bit of insight into how i dealt with some things growing up. >> bill: but this is about you going to school on the bus in the morning. are you worried about how kids were going to -- >> dana: a little bit of background on that is that denver was the first city to try bussing to integrate the schools.
8:00 am
when i was busted 20 miles away from school starting in fourth grade and they were bused into our neighborhood and it was just hard on everybody and at that point i really did have to lean on my faith. >> bill: thanks for sharing that. have a good friday. >> dana: happy easter to you. i will see you easter monday. all right. ♪ ♪ >> harris: the white house is being pressed over shocking video of two toddlers being thrown over a border fence as the migrant crisis reaches a whole new level. this is "the faulkner focus," i meant for harris faulkner today and thank you so much for joining us. there's new information on the disturbing video we showed you yesterday. smugglers dropping the little girls over a 14-foot barrier in new mexico and leaving them there with no homes nearby. fox now has a photo of those two little girls with a border agent who rescued them. she says the


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