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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 2, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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dismount their horses before going inside the store. the post reading in part, quote we will be glad to welcome you back, sir, but next time no horsing around, please. speaking of horsing around, carley, it's been great hanging out with you. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> has the white house considered beefing up border security now that there is video of a 3-year-old being thrown over? >> are you concerned more about the kids' safety or kids getting in. >> i'm appalled that the democrats are allowing there to happen. >> some of georgia's most prominent corporate leaders are criticizing the state's new election law. >> this legislation is unacceptable. >> these ce os are full of crap. georgia is trying to make sure everybody can vote legally. >> republican pushing back against joe biden's massive spending plan. >> this provide more subsidies for electric cars than it does for roads and bridges combined.
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>> defunding the police movement has led to many changes crime statistics. >> in portland murders have gone up 270% in the minneapolis 46%. and in new york city 12%. >> happening today, christians around the world marking good friday. a message of hope as we send our second eastern in a pandemic. ♪ he calls me redeemed ♪ i will never be enough ♪ and greater is the one living inside of me. ainsley: one of my favorite soppings we are all redeemed because jesus christ went to the cross for us today is good friday. you are looking at an image at saint patrick's cathedral. one of the prettiest churches i have ever been. in steve, i know you have been in there and brian have you as well. we are all friend with cardinal dolan. it's going to be a wonderful weekend. we celebrate easter, the rest
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resurrection this weekend. brian: what about credit to our cameraman to get that high and shoot down on saint patrick's cathedral, that's awesome. steve: it's a beautiful spot. if you are ever able to come back to new york city, have you got to go in because it is just absolutely gorgeous. ainsley: all the construction is wrapped up. remember we had all of the scaffolding around it for years? steve: a friend of mine was involved with raising the money to do that, and it costs a lot of money. but it is so beautiful. it is just a gem in the heart of midtown manhattan. anyway, thank you very much for getting up early on this good friday morning. it is friday, april 2nd. and we start with a crisis at the border. i know the white house says it's not a crisis but it is. look at this. and the white house is dodging the questions from fox news on peeving up security in wake of that right there. ainsley: peter doocy is doing a great job asking those questions. this follows the release of the
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shocking video showing these smugglers dropping these toddlers, these sisters over the wall. brian: yeah. why this isn't a bigger deal i don't get it. this is unbelievable. also, there is a 4-year-old found just wandering by himself in the middle of nowhere yesterday from honduras. griff jenkins is live with us from washington. doing a great job for two hours this morning. griff, move this story forward. griff griff good morning, brian, ainsley and steve. brian, i think you will see this video become a bigger deal because it truly incap slates, it captures the brutality of the border that video of the smugglers dropping the two ecuadorian sisters ages 3 and 5 over 14-foot wall. as you mentioned, ainsley, peter doocy has done a great job pressing the white house asking jen psaki why they refuse to commit to increasing security. watch. >> for a smuggler to throw them over a wall into the dessert i'm just curious what the white house is doing.
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are you concerned more about the kid's safety, i'm concerned about kids getting in. >> kids safety. >> of course it is why i'm often surprised by the line of questioning here. griff: back to those two ecuadorian sisters being dropped and you see the first one take a hard hit there. it's just unbelievable and hard to watch in that area i have been to santa teresa, any mexico west of el paso is rough terrain. border authorities have been in contact with the sisters mother in new york. and border patrol el paso sector chief gloria chavez who released that video joined us on "fox & friends first" earlier to weigh in. >> we all know that these smugglers are very ruthless. they do huge exploitation of children and families on this border. they take advantage of a situation that's vulnerable when it comes to these human beings.
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griff griff will president biden is in favor of vaccinating immigrants. >> whether they're vaccinated or not the safer we are as a country. that's certainly the president's point of view. >> still no word on planned border visits from president joe biden or vice president kamala harris who, as you remember, a few weeks ago, tapped to lead the response to this crisis. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: all right, griff, thank you very much for that thorough report. you know, the white house response with jen psaki was troubling because she didn't really say much because it's very clear had there been better security at our southern border, that never would have happened. now, for people who are wondering about the 3 and 5-year-old sisters, they are doing fine. they are from ecuador. border patrol chief who saw that video and immediately sent the dhs over to rescue them saw the
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first kid dropped, didn't see her move and thought probably hit their head and is unconscious. they responded immediately, the kids were fine. they -- the border patrol gave them food, juice boxes, and the border patrol just so happy there were no broken bones, but ainsley and brian, one of the border patrol people said in 25 years they have never seen anything this ruthless. why are these smugglers that ruthless because they know this administration has a hands off policy on the border. so you want to just walk across the border? fine. you want to just throw a couple of kids across a wall? fine. you want to have kids sleeping on the floor? fine. you want to have kid exposed to covid and turn that place into a super spreader event? fine. they are doing it, ainsley. ainsley: now president biden is in favor of vaccinating the immigrants because he has faced so much criticism for the lack of screening. steve: wait, we can't even get the shot. ainsley: hard for americans to get it, you are right. i was pleased to know that kids
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were okay. they have been on all of our minds. and it's disturbing to see that video and wonder where their mom is, where their dad is the border patrol chief said if you watch that video, there is the first girl that drops, the second girl, and then he tosses something else over. and she says if you look at that video, that third item was a bag. inside was a phone, phone numbers, passports. they made contact with the mother, guess where the mother is. she is here in new york. and she said they are going to go after these smugglers and try to find out who these two men are to make sure they don't do this again, brian. brian: how about this? what about the mom? did the mom write the check say i will put my two kids, 3 and 5 years old with a stranger who had the audacity to drop them off the fence? by the way, does anyone think these are the only two kids being dropped over a wall? we just found a 4-year-old from honduras reportedly found wandering alone right near the border during the mcallen, texas area that is known for violence. this is part of the reason that governor greg abbott formed
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operation lone star to try to get some of the texas rangers and others to aid at the border the way they can but this is really a federal deal. they have had about 600 arrests, many more turned over to border patrol. overwhelmed. joined sean hannity late last night. watch. >> they are flooding all of these facilities with far more people than -- what is allowed under federal law, and so the biden administration, i believe, is clearly in violation of what the federal standards are in the midland location, for example, not only did we find that more than 10% of the unaccompanied minors of the midland facility have tested positive for covid but also we found a lack of safety in the region, such as not having adequate fencing in addition to that. there was no adequate running water at that particular facility. and there are still indeterminate matters about whether or not it is a safe location for them at that location as well as the other locations, and the reason for
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that is because the biden administration is allowing so many people in. brian: i know a lot of people watching at home saying i'm not in texas, i'm not in new mexico, i'm not in california. i don't have to worry about it because i'm not in arizona. but, the kid and the families and the mostly single men are going to be in your town. they are going to be affecting the workforce. we hope there are not as many criminals that we hear are coming through. and for the kids going to go into overcrowded schools, many in working class sections. they will be taking the resources from your kids who, for the most part, have been denied a quality education over the last year. and this is going to be gradual cataclysmic event. it's a man made president biden and his staff disaster. and they have an interesting tact, guys. ignore it. let's pretend it's not a big deal dropping kids over the wall. let's pretend it's not that big of deal putting thousands of kids in pens and just building more facilities. let's make believe it's not a
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big deal telling the press you are not going to get in here. it's unbelievable what they're getting away with. steve: brian, since you mentioned, after the families and the kids leave those rubber rooms, those biden bubbles as i have referred to it, where do they wind up going? a lot of them are going to come here to new york city. we just know that historically. yesterday, there was a story in the "new york post" that said that the new york state legislature is working on negotiating a 2 billion-dollar fund for people who are in the country illegally and also for convicted criminals, as well, who have gone through the system. it's supposed to mirror the unemployment insurance that people get. it's called the excluded worker fund. so, if you are in this country illegally here in new york, you can apply for unemployment insurance even though you apparently just got here. it apparently applies, ainsley, to probably about 200,000
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illegal migrants in new york state alone. the illegal migrants will be able to get up to $28,000 courtesy of the state of new york. ainsley: wow, that's a lot of money. people in america would love to have that money. steve: another good reason to come to new york, come here. ainsley: 8 immigrants found in a tractor-trailer in the rio grande valley. check point they stopped a tractor-trailer the canines alerted the agents to something suspicious. they searched inside and discovered 52 illegal immigrants hiding inside a tractor-trailer. 2 the illegals found hiding in two stash houses. governor abbott said there were 600 criminals arrested in the last four weeks. 16,000 illegal immigrants apprehended. 14-year-old girl sexually assaulted by a smuggler, 6-year-old tossed into the water. he said the overcrowding facilities a clear violation of federal law. steve: no kidding. brian: let's change gears if we can and talk about something else that we think you care about. that's what's happening with
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voting. we know during the pandemic we had to do all types of crazy things in order to make it easy for people to vote because they were concerned about this covid-19. putting drop boxes everywhere, being very loose with unrequested ballots, absentee ballots, ids were not a big deal. that's why so many people had a problem with this election. so, in 34 states, they looked to tighten up those laws while taking in some of the things that were effective, like, in many cases, drop boxes, georgia put together a law which had drop boxes in every county. but not enough for some. georgia put together a law to expand early voting but they did this horrible thing called hold on to something or somebody close, asking for i.d. and if you didn't have it, they are asking for utility bill. and if you don't have it a social security number. and if you still don't have that what about a bank statement or a work stub, just something to prove if you have an absentee ballot you are requesting that you are that person. they put it out i believe it has everything to do with h.r. 1 which is going to nationalize elections put together by
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democrats has no republican support. they are trying to vilify what georgia is doing and now what texas is doing. guys, what they are doing is pressuring corporations to condemn. this pressuring major league baseball to condemning this. pressuring the pga to condemn these laws. but, if you look at the laws, it seems as though these ceos haven't. they are being pressured about a law that is knot controversial. steve: well, i think, you know, brian, i think are you very accurately laid out what has been going on since the pandemic, but, the trouble with georgia voting started in 2018. we're going to have a soundbite here in about an hour where somebody says, you know, it all start when stacey abrams ran for governor and then lost but said all sort of things went haywire with the election then. but, fast forward to now, the georgia legislature has passed a law and the governor has signed it, that makes it very clear. they have actually made it easier for people to vote. that is a good thing.
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but, it is being politicized and demonized by democrats. the problem is there is so much misinformation out there, political prop began da put out there by the democrats to make it seem like the republicans are taking away your right to vote. and that is why you had two of the ceos for a couple of the biggest companies on the planet say we don't like this georgia thing. here's the guy who runs delta, his name is ed, and the coca cola ceo, both based in atlanta. >> we realized that this was restricting their access, our people's access, particularly in the black community. this is something that's more than money. this is about protecting the voices of our people. >> crystal clear and unequivocal, this legislation is unacceptable. it is a step backwards and it does not promote principles we have stood for in georgia.
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steve: okay. so there you have got a couple of the ceos and brian and ainsley, it's not just delta and it's not just coke, it's a whole bunch of them being pressured by activists. you have got to get out there and you have got to say unless they get rid of that law, ainsley, we're going to move out of georgia. we're going to go some place elsewhere they're much more friendly to business. ainsley: governor kemp, he made a good point. he said they will have to answer to their shareholders. he said a lot of people that work for them that have done business with them. many of you drink coke product or fly on delta. he says many people are upset about this. steve: i drink coke on delta. ainsley: they are getting praise from these activists. there is the head of the new georgia project fund who says delta's statement finally tells the truth even if it's late. if you look at what the new law says, there are going to be drop boxes in every county. yes, you have to show some sort of an i.d. to vote if you are voting sending in your ballot but requires an extra saturday
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of voting. so you will have that a extra weekend day, -- weekday early will he voting. the hours will be longer, actually. anyone -- anyone who is in line by 7:00 p.m., you do get a ballot. steve: and, ainsley, no excuse voting for the most part. no excuse absentee ballot unlike delaware, which, of course, which is where joe biden lives and has spent, brian, every weekend. brian: hey, come on, corporations, show some backbone, please. the "wall street journal" called you out today. we can't read the whole thing out loud but we should. here is some excerpts we want to share woke and ceos denouncing georgia's election law have they actually read it? more from this the public debate on georgia's new voting law has become a stew of falsehoods, propaganda and panic. part of the blame lies with partisans distortions of democrats part with the media echos and par what ceos of major companies uninformed at best cowardly at worse. ceos may think there is no downside on hopping on a
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bandwagon that insinuates that aren't investing in political races but dodging political warfare. they are taking a side and promoting more division. steve: here now, lindsey graham. watch this.>> these ceos are fue that everybody can vote legally. georgia has a 17 day early voting period. including weekends. so you can vote robustly in georgia but now you have got to prove you are who you are, and that's driving the left crazy because it's harder to cheat. to delta, to microsoft, to coca cola, are you okay with h.r. 1 where redistricting will be done at the federal level, not the state level? where ballot harvesting will be the law of the land, that we will obliterate voter i.d. laws? if hr 1 passes corporate america you are screwed beyond belief. if you really care about the future of your business and your
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shareholders, you will speak up against hr 1, the biggest power grab in the history of the united states. steve: and so given what's going on in georgia, it sound like the governor of the state where i live, governor murphy in new jersey has sent a letter out to big film studios hey, look at what is going on in georgia. you should come and start filming your movies and tv shows in new jersey. but when you look at the voting restrictions in new jersey versus georgia. ainsley: georgia has better. steve: they do. in person voting 10 days before the election. but, georgia allows three weeks of early voting in person. monday through friday and two saturdays and two optional sundays as well. but, i will tell you what, there is a benefit for any movie studios watching right now, brian and ainsley. that is if you relocate to new jersey, you will pay the third highest state income tax in america. you have got california, which
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is beautiful weather. you have hawaii, which has got beautiful weather. and then you have got new jersey. i think close to 11%. so my taxes are actually 2% higher than both of yours. ainsley: really? brian: each with g.p.s. you will get lost in the streets. number two is the most irresponsible, answersly through this whole thing has been the president of the united states saying it's sick, it's jim crow on steroids and then recommending the all-star game leave atlanta. are you kidding? a president pushing for boycott in america? ainsley: saying you can't get water in line and saying polls close at 5 which is not true. steve: that's why he got four pinocchios, the president. ainsley: police budget cuts are back firing. major cities are feeling the impact after slashing funding for the member and women in blue as murders and other crimes are soaring in these cities. we will show you the shocking numbers. ♪
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>> have that you will controversy about defunding the police, et cetera, et cetera. so on one hand have you people saying let's cut the school budget by 3 billion. >> right. >> you have other people saying let's cut the police budget by 1 billion. guess which one is more controversial. the police budget is more controversial. brian brain right. of course we don't know exactly what she is referring. to say we neff quite do. welcome back, everybody. we want to talk about crime in america because it's something sadly by the numbers. everyone can relate. to say we know there has been a few things that are happening really since george floyd's ugly -- when he lost his life, murder. that's what derek chauvin is actually up for. since that movement across the country, there has been this pro-crime movement where zero bail allows -- el emptying the
3:25 am
prisons is now in vogue. talking about defundings the police that's not something that just happened in minneapolis. getting rid of the anticrime unit that's what actually happened in new york. talking about getting rid of the gang unit that happened two days ago in los angeles. if you wonder why gun deaths are all-time high in u.s. history. that's just one of the stats. it's pause we have gone out of our way to say criminals, it's your turn. your turn. and the numbers don't lie. ainsley. ainsley: exactly. the numbers don't lie. let's put them up on the screen because, in portland, oregon, these are all cities that are cut funding for police. murder are up 270.6%. minneapolis murder up 46%. violent crime is up 22%. new york city murders up 11.8%. shootings up 40.1%. los angeles murders are up 28.3%. austin, aggravated assault up
3:26 am
26%. it's crazy. i don't understand. this i don't understand why people wanted to defund the police here in, no. they defunded $1 billion and you see an effect. i mean, a lot of us here in new york have this app. called citizen and it constantly goes off on my phone telling me where the last crime was. and many of them are in our neighborhoods where we live, where we send our kids to schools. steve: absolutely, ainsley. so, you know, in the last year or so, we have just seen so many activists saying, look, so many of the problems in this country are being caused by the police. we have got to stop funding the police. and we have got to take all that money and, remember, minneapolis, essentially said we want to completely defund the police, get rid of the police department. we're going to take all that money and put it into social services and treatment in the community and things like that. ultimately, though, when you look at the statistics, they are jaw-dropping. and i think the message is, if your town votes to defund the
3:27 am
police, move out of that town because what is not known, exactly, is how many people realize that the police are in some cases afraid to make an arrest for a variety of reasons. and so, it's like should i even call the police? in some places the police never come for one reason or another. and then the crime statistics, how many things have happened where they simply don't call the police because it's just such a headache now. brian: it's not the sexiest term in the world but keep your eye on it. it effects everyone. qualified immunity it. is gone in new york. you are a police officer start at 50,000 a year. working some of the toughest beat around. if a criminal feels they weren't treated justly they can be sued. the city will go ahead and represent you, but there goes your record. you are pulled off the street. ainsley: all your money in your savings. brian: all your money and your savings is gone. why would you put yourself through it?
3:28 am
because would be cops who aspire to do that they feel like they are on a mission. if their mission is not only not appreciated but they could lose everything, they are not going to be police officers. ainsley: i know. some kid are out of school right now. they are running the street because they are zooming and leaving their houses. their parents are not supervising them because they need to go to work. we need the police right now. people are angrier than ever because of politics. we need these men and women and we support them. steve: it is one of the hardest jobs in the whole world to be in law enforcement. but just think about it, when something goes haywire, in your life, what do you do? you pick up the phone and who do you call? you call the police. you just want somebody to be there when you dial 911. ainsley: now you will have to take matters into your own hands. you will have to learn to, i don't know, mixed martial arts or something or protect yourself and your family. there is no one else there. brian: out of my backyard and start practicing. ainsley: a lot of people can't move though, steve. even if i wanted to leave new york i can't i have to have a paycheck.
3:29 am
i don't have a job anywhere else. steve: but you could move out of new york city. ainsley: do you want me to leave the show? steve: no, no, no. i live in new jersey. i live in an area that doesn't have the defund the police chant, which is, you know, it's troubling. anyway, what do you think? email us at fight to reopen schools is a sign of white supremacy. now saying kids are being used as political pawns and they [inaudible] it ♪'
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3:34 am
that argument was used in an attempt at a retrial in 2018. but a judge said the alleged confession was never used against him in trial, so the ruling should stand. the new york state assembly is seeking information for the impeachment investigation into governor andrew cuomo. there follows sexual misconduct allegations as well as fallout over reportedly hiding the number of people to die from covid-19 at nursing homes. assemblyman ron kim slamming cuomo's top aide melissa der rosa over her involvement in henning the governor write his memoir about the pandemic. >> when you are telling the public that you are spending every minute of your time and you are going to bed crying, making phone calls who lost loved ones, that was clearly not the case if she had all this time to edit and write a book. carley: cuomo apparently sought
3:35 am
$4 million for the book deal a snowy start to baseball season in detroit. the winter-like weather not stopping cabrera from getting 350th home run as the tigers take down the indians on opening day. meanwhile the rockies defeating the defending champion dodgers at coors field. and the phillys getting the walkoff in the tenth inning against the braves. >> two out. and another foul ball over reilly's glove into left field and the phillies have won it. carley: the rbi single sealing the 3-2 win. not every team made it out to the ballgame on opening day. the mets and the nationals waiting until at least saturday to start the season after three nats players came up positive for covid-19. the lingering threat, brian. brian: absolutely. we can't forget about that and we don't. carley, thank you. meanwhile, let's talk about
3:36 am
this. harrison, sacramento, california waiting on a mea culpa from one latin teacher for a controversial remarks on their push to open up schools. the guy's name is day monday harmony of jfk john f. kennedy high school writing i'm as disappointed as well as surprised last week we had to hear about all the cynical, pearl-clutching faux emergency albeit structural white supremacist hysteria. this is not a country club our teachers are not wait staff. talking about their have to stay at home mother of two are involved in that school district. also here ryan and jen who have five children enrolled in that same district. welcome to all of you, ryan. >> good morning. britain brian start with you. good morning. what's your reaction to be called a white supremacist because you want your kids to go to school like the kids in private school who live near you? >> it's shocking and it's
3:37 am
disappointing. and i wish that mr. harmony recognized what his district looked like. here in sacramento we have about 7500 kids. 71.2% of our students are students of color. on the north side of our town about 8% of our students qualify for free and reduced meals. and according to the own district survey, 60% of parents want to be back, i think i'm not great at math, but something tells me that that equates to a lot of people being surprised that they are white supremacists. brian: maybe you can listen to your kids zoom home school and get better at mouth. how hard has this been for your kids? how frustrated are you having your complaints go to deaf ears and now being march jingle bellizeed by calling you basically a white supremacist? >> it's been really hard on all of the kids. and, you know, we talk about all the time. both of us work from home. we are fully available for our kids as much as we can be, what
3:38 am
about the kids whose parents are not home. our kids call on us a million times during the day to help with math or make them lunch or whatever they need. they are 11 to 17. what happens to the 6-year-olds that are home alone because mom and dad have to go to work? we have been fighting this for a while now, and to no avail unfortunately. >> doctor, you are getting this two sides pediatrician. >> absolutely. brian: something wrong physically but also emotionally. you also report too these kids a lot of times don't go to school they're playing video games. they have had it. they want to go back. the whole hybrid model is not a hybrid mold. did you go a couple of weeks for two hours. dr. lisa, that is not hybrid. >> definitely rough on kids and definitely rough on working families, especially my own which i'm an essential worker. so i unfortunately can't stay at home and sit alongside my kids while they do their virtual learning. a lot of other working parents can't either. so by advocating full reopening
3:39 am
of schools, it's going to help our families and our students who are struggling. brian: yeah, real quick, sacramento came back, their unified school district and said this, mr. harmony's statement was not made in the capacity as district employee, sacramento, but in his personal capacity. the tone and sentiment of his personal statements does not reflect the policies of the sacramento city unified school district. we have heard some of these comments and real quick, ryan, what is it like to be -- have your -- not only not be listened to, but to be vilified? is everything in this country going to be race now? >> it's really disheartening, our own family has received threats from union leadership. and i think what's important today what we know is reopening our schools is not a race issue. it's an equity issue. virtual learning is hurting our kids and unfortunately it's disproportionately hurting our children of color. our teacher and administration have done a great job trying to
3:40 am
prevent learning loss but it's the same as the inclassroom experience. our kids need to be back to stop the achievement gap now before it gets any worse. brian: just keep in mind for the most part talking in the break the teachers want to, would. almost 9 the% of them want to, would. they are being held hostage by this union and it's got to stop. and i'm so glad you didn't hide in a corner when people say call you a racist or a white supremacist. it's not true. people have to stand up and speak out and stop knuckling under. thanks, guys, i appreciate you telling your story. hopefully we will talk about your kids back in school and have you back. >> thanks, brian. >> thank you. >> thank you. brian: coming up straight ahead, 13 attorneys general are now suing the biden administration after states prosecute were blocked from using stimulus money because they wanted to lower taxes. one of the a.g.s saying this is a complete takeover of state finances. he joins us next and dare i add unconstitutional? and from our friends at fox bet, download the fox bet super 6
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raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include indigestion, fatigue, belly pain, decreased appetite, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting which can lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. steve: 13 straight suing the biden administration overruling the federal stimulus that bars states to relief money to offset tax cuts. attorney generals calling it quote one of the most egregious power grabs of the federal government in the history of the united states. one of those guys suing is west virginia attorney patrick morrisey. he co-led the lawsuit. he joins us live from west virginia. patrick, good morning to you. >> hey, good morning, it's good to be with you to talk about this very important issue. steve: it is important. and, for the most part, you know, you have got this 500 page
3:46 am
bill or whatever it was there on one page was a little gem. just a little ied essentially that said that state like yours, you can't cut taxes if we give you a bunch of dough. this is one of the amazing provisions you will ever see come out of congress. it's not only that they are seeing that you can't directly use covid money for tax cuts. they are going much further. they are saying that to the extent that your state revenue is lowered or that there is indirect effect that you could be subject to a claw back from the federal government and when you are talking about a state like west virginia that last about 1.25 billion-dollar at stake, that has a very significant chilling effect. we think this is clearly are we are here and going to make our arguments. this is so critical for us to win because it's the first issue
3:47 am
where the biden administration is trying to run rough shot over the state there will be many more, i think the precedent we establish here is going to be revealing for the next four years. so mr. attorney general part of the bill that funds $1.9 trillion worth of rescue money the american rescue plan it says this a state or territory shall not use the funds provided under this section to either directly or indirectly offset a reduction in net tax revenue of such state or territory. what it comes down to is and we have been talking about this and you know it, i'm sitting in new york city. and new york city has had a gigantic budget short fall in taxes for a variety of reasons during the coves. so you have got all the state expenditures and stuff like that. pensions and stuff like that. what this bill does is it offers new york state and other blue states a lifeline. there are other states that have
3:48 am
run themselves efficiently, like west virginia, and some states were planning tax cuts but now you can't do it or you lose the dough. >> it's truly unbelievable because there is a disprit effect from state to state. states managing their budgets effectively really get penalize. show how obscene this provision is imagine that you wanted to make a small little tweak in your tax covid-19 code. maybe you want to expand the fount forepeople to do charitable deductions or you want to drop the sales tax down. maybe compete with one of your neighbor states. there is a reading of this new law that you are not going to be able to do it. and i know the treasury secretary said well, we are not going to force it. but the language is so vague and so open-ended that states are deeply concerned about this. and west virginia and they are trying to make sure that there is a major tax change right now to lure more citizens into this
3:49 am
space they will pay a huge price thunder law. i'm not going to let that happen. i represent the pandemic of our state. we are going to stand up and fight. steve: i think somebody in the administration need to read about federalism and realize there are limits what the federal government can do and what the states government can do. it is contained in one of those thousand books contained behind you right now mr. attorney general. >> one quick point, that the bottom line on this case is that you cannot coerce a state to drop one of its core constitutional functions in exchange for a large pot of money from the federal government. not permitted under the case law and the constitution. steve: all right. sir, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: all right. still ahead on this friday, a message of faith on this good friday f 16 fighter pilot and fold of honor fighter dan rooney shares his patriotic good friday message coming up next ♪ high on loving you ♪ your holy, holy, holy holy
3:50 am
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ainsley: on this good friday a message of living faith forward from f 16 fighter pilot and folds of honor dan rooney. details spiritual journey new book fly into the wind. lieutenant colonel dan rooney joins us now. good morning, colonel. >> it is a blessed day ainsley to be with a fellow christian and believer on good friday. thank you for having me. ainsley: you are amazing person and changed so many lives. you turn to your faith to do it. tell us your story. >> you know, i think specifically good friday for all of us represents a new beginning. an opportunity to kind of reset and reflect jesus gave his life today so that we could all live forever. and it's just a wonderful moment, especially when you look back at what was happening last year with covid-19 as we move into this new beginning as human beings. it's really a special time of year. ainsley: we have had covid. a lot of deaths this time of
3:55 am
year. people are out of work. children are out of schools. divorces are through the roof. we are wearing masks every day. there are a lot of pressures in our lives. what is the easter message this year for people who have just lost hope and are really stressed? >> that god is still in control. right? he has a plan for all of us. and, you know, you talked about my book "fly into the wind. "there is two lines of effort in there that i think truly fit into the easter message. the first one i call parasitic drag which actually goes back to chuck yeager breaking the sound barrier that they had to eliminate this parasitic drag from the x 1 to break through and our lives are no different. as we head into easter, inventorring the stuff that's holding us back, it could be food, it could be alcohol, it could be toxic relationships. but i think at its core the worst one for all of us is not forgiving and jesus reminds us as he dies on the cross today, he provided us this gift of forgiving our sins.
3:56 am
and letting go of this stuff that is holding us back is truly important as we head into easter. ainsley: you always reference two bible verses luke 9:23 if anyone desires to come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross kailey and follow me. you have done that as you are demonstrating the ultimate sacrifice by serving our country and jesus did the same by going to the cross for all of us to give us a second chance. you also use matthew 18:20 a lot it says when two or three are gathered together in my name i am there in the midst of them. go pick up his book "fly into the wind" it's a motivational book. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: still ahead montana's governor, geraldo and lawrence jones.
3:57 am
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or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine, or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. i just look and feel better. i got real relief with cosentyx. watch me! feel real relief. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> has the white house considered beefing up border security now that there is video of a 3-year-old being thrown over. >> are you concerned more about the kids' safety or kids getting in? we all know these smugglers are very ruthless they take advantage of a situation. >> says this is not a border crisis and says we need to make up for the actions of the previous administrations. >> the families are owed separation. >> push back against spending plan. >> if this passes middle class blue collar wages will fall. >> fight to reopen schools is a
4:01 am
white of white supremacy. >> opening schools is not a race issue. it's disproportionately hurting our children of color. >> he believes in me though he dies yet shall he live again. that's the hope that we have this easter weekend. ♪ come on, baby, let me take you on a night ride ♪ with the sound sitting on my side ♪ tiktok now we are knocking on midnight ♪ me and you girl running out of midnight. steve: good morning, this is your 7:00 wake-up call, wear something warm. right now it is clear and hang on, because on easter, it's going to be 70. ainsley: that is so nice. happy friday. happy good friday, easter is this sunday. and when i look at that shot of cincinnati, it is gorgeous there. steve: very pretty along the
4:02 am
river. ainsley: isn't it pretty? look at that shot. brian, do you remember the show when we were growing up wkrp in cincinnati? brian: absolutely. ainsley: can you sing the song for us? steve: wkrp in cincinnati. brian: that's why we have bill hemmer he grew up in cincinnati. steve: and patterned his life les. brian: most have compared him to that in industry magazines. build on that in new york, cops are being told don't crack down on people who are openly smoking pot. that means getting high. number two you mentioned cincinnati. i like to mention midland, texas, that's where i'm going to be a little bit later today. i'm going to be with george p. bush, he is the land commissioner of texas. and thanks to joe biden's brilliant policies, as president of the united states, texas stands to lose about 120,000 jobs because of oil and gas and restrictions on drilling and i want to talk to real people as well as the land commissioner about where it's heading and
4:03 am
also where the party is heading. that's why i have somewhat of a different back drop and i can't be within six feet of you. steve: you are about 1,000 miles away interest in texas. brian: yes. steve: speaking of the border, brian, you are in a border state. brian: absolutely. we gyp with the crisis at the border. and it is a crisis. circle it at home. the white house dodges questions from fox news on beefing up border security. you would think footage like that would do it. steve: it follows the release of this horrifying video showing smugglerrers dropping a 3-year-old girl and a 5-year-old girl throwing them over that wall. they are lucky they're still alive. ainsley: oh my gosh and didn't break any bones. mark meredith joins us live outside the white house with more, mark, this image is burned in our minds, just is heart breaking to watch. >> ainsley when we first saw this video yesterday it was hard to watch. it's been getting a lot of attention around the country and includes at the white house. show you that video released by border agents in new mexico where can you see smugglers
4:04 am
essentially throwing kid into the united states. the security camera spotted them in the act. in the footage you see two young girls being dropped from the border wall. the good news they are said to be okay. border agents say these kind of cases are really becoming all too common. >> we all know that these smugglers are very ruthless. they do huge exploitation of children and families on this border. they take advantage of a situation that's vulnerable when it comes to these human beings. >> fox news tried to ask president biden about the border during thursday's cabinet meeting. but the president did not take questions. but our colleague peter doocy asked the press secretary about the video now going viral. >> for a smuggler to throw them over a wall into the dessert and i'm just curious what the white house is doing. >> are you concerned more about the kids' safety or are you concerned about kids getting in? >> kids safety. >> well, of course it is. which is why i'm often surprised by some of the line of questioning here. >> white house was also asked
4:05 am
about what's going on in florida where there are reports some illegal immigrants are having trouble getting access to the vaccine because they do not have a driver's license. it's for everywhere getting the vaccine regardless of legal status. we are expected to hear from president biden later today not about immigration but the march jobs report. we will see if the president takes any question. steve, ainsley and brian, back to you on a friday morning. brian: thank you very much, mark. let's talk about what's happening at the border. when you watch the footage that surveillance video of the 3 and 5-year-old being dropped over a wall. when you hear about honduran child 4 years old walking the most dangerous area of the border being picked up by conscientious border patrol person. when you hear about 18,000 unaccompanied minors in facilities that are clearly overcrowded we can't open them up quick enough. now we have got 10. you would think it's a bipartisan outrage people like congressman henry cuellar and joe manchin who said let's just do an overall pause on this. this is terrible. we have got to stop this because it wouldn't see democrat or
4:06 am
republican. they see humanity. remember when congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez came out all emotional saying that kids are drinking out of toilet bowls in donald trump's america? well, here she is weighing in on what she is seeing at the border now. watch. >> what is happening here is not the same as what happened during the trump administration where they took babies out of the arms of their mothers and deported their families and permanently traumatized these children which is a level of human rights violation that is just simply not the same. those families are owed reparation. steve: she is calling for reparations for the families that were separated at our southern border during donald trump's administration, completely different than what is going on there now, she says,
4:07 am
during the biden administration this is barbaric but completely different because those families separated during donald trump years may never be unified. but what about the parents who are sending their kids to the united states in the hands of smugglers are being dropped over walls now? they may never be unified. how much money does she want? these are a lot of questions. you know, how much do you pay somebody who comes into the country illegally? these are all very troubling questions, she, you know, was one of her virtual town halls. she didn't have a lot of answers. but she is one of a triumph enter rant of democrats who tedz says the president is listening to nonstop, watch much. >> the border is one example of the exprart of the failure of this administration. there are many. joe biden made the strange choice to pivot hard left. i think he is captive to aoc and
4:08 am
elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. the reason the border is unfolding, aoc is tweeting the answer to this is abolish ice. just shut down ice all together and have open borders. that's the answer of the crazy lefting in that stops suffering as long as take marching orders from the radical left. aoc bernie sanders and he mentioned kamala harris and as we played that homestead in florida during the trump administration she was talking about as soon as i am elected president, i'm going to shut places like this down. she is now in charge of it and they are actually opening up more of those places. ainsley: she definitely wants open borders. that's why she is okay-she is
4:09 am
not 100 percent okay with the way it's happening down there. she wants open borders so anyone can come across. she was upset with trump for separating the moms and kids. that's why she was saying there is a difference. steve: write them a check now. ainsley: governor of texas does she think this is humane, 600 criminals have been arrested. 16,000 illegals have been apprehended. 14-year-old girl sexually assaulted by one of the smugglers, a 6 month old tossed in the water to try to get over. overcrowding of these facilities. he says it's a clear violation of federal law. and do you know what? when you watch that video, thank the good lord that our agents were watching that video. hats off to them. steve: absolutely. ainsley: think about all the kid doing this. the guy chose this area because he has probably done it before. word is in their community this guy will take your kids, your kids will be safe and that's why the parents are probably paying him to do it and other smuggling partner two guys that are now being hunted down in mexico, hopefully. but, how many of these were not caught on video? how many kids do we know might not have survived this trek or
4:10 am
might be come from ecuador and are getting molested and all kinds of other crazy things? that's not humane. steve: and you know, something interesting is so many of the migrants right now, ainsley, are coming through the big holes in the wall because they know that the border patrol is right there and then you are immediately apprehended. but, for them to drop these kids off in the middle of the new mexican dessert right there is so puzzling why they would do that because apparently they were headed to new york city. their mother is in new york city. ainsley: at least they will be reunited with their mom. brian, you mentioned earlier there was that 4-year-old found in the woods. how many other kids are out there by themselves right now as we are doing this newscast? brian: i assume that jen psaki knows when she says that if a kid comes here they get to stay. she mobilized thousands of kids. steve: 100 percent. brian: thousands of kid to come here. that's not showing humanitarianism when donald trump doesn't say go back, they flew them back. we are in a pandemic. kids don't block here without parents. we got to send them back.
4:11 am
we can't put that burden on the american people. we have 500,000 homeless in this country there are kids -- american kids with needs. we cannot raise the children of five separate countries while trying to deal with ours. i don't make any apologies for that and they are pretending as if they don't understand how these issues are related. meanwhile, it's hard to keep up. we are going to try. the big story yesterday yeah, it was wednesday in pittsburgh was the unveiling of an infrastructure plan from president joe biden. remember there was a time when donald trump proposed a $200 billion infrastructure package. and everyone said this is too expensive. how are we ever going to afford this? now we come out with a $2.3 trillion package, only 10% has anything to do with infrastructure. and "the washington post" and "new york times" laud it. but the craziest thing is going from 21% as a corporate tax rate to 28%, putting us above china instead of trying to compete with china, larry kudlow, we are
4:12 am
so lucky to have him here. he knows what it's like to try to get our economy going through a pandemic and prior. he knows what trouble this will bring. listen. >> if this stuff passes, sean, you are going to lose probably a trillion dollars of investment in the next couple years. you will lose about a trillion dollars in wages the next couple years. you are probably going to see g.d.p. which is booming right now because of the vaccines and the reopening of the economy, absolutely booming. that will stop, unfortunately. and get ready for one more thing. they are going to slash the defense budget. mark my words, sean hannity. they will take 10%. $80 billion or more out of the defense budget, which is another nail in the coffin of our competition with china. china will have cheaper tax rates. less national defense and security. ainsley: steve? steve: so, you know, when you look at exactly what larry is talking about, right now in
4:13 am
europe, the average corporate tax is about 20%. around the world, it's about 23%. so, for us to be 5% above that. ainsley: who is going to stay here? what corporation is going to want to be -- steve: exactly, companies are looking to make money. they are going to, as we have learned in the pandemic, you don't have to be here in new york city to run a company that impacts people around the world, ainsley. ainsley: yeah. just because you don't own a corporation doesn't mean it's not going to affect you, because it will. it will trickle down it. will effect all of us. the tax increases are going to raise the cost of production in the united states. erode american competitiveness and slow american recovery experts are saying. steve: let's see whether or not this thing passes. it's all part of the very latest rescue plan for america. ainsley: carley shimkus is with us with headlines. carley: we begin headlines with this george floyd's girlfriend testifies in derek chauvin's
4:14 am
murder trial telling jurors about the relationship and their struggles with opioid addiction. >> suffered from chronic pain, we got addicted and tried really hard to break that addiction. carley: prosecutors releasing a picture of floyd taken inside the ambulance after the encounter last may. the minneapolis police sergeant who was on duty that night also taking the stand. >> position or fighting with someone it could happen with your knee ends up on their neck. >> for about how long? >> i guess whatever is reasonable. carley: chauvin's trial resumes this morning with only half a day of testimony. americans will soon have more access to over-the-counter rapid covid tests. the fda approving two at home tests by healthcare tech companies abbott and -- buyers can take their own nasal swab
4:15 am
and have result back in 10 to 20 minutes. the tests are supposed to hit pharmacy and retail shelves in coming weeks. this as the idea is set to release new air travel guidance for vaccinated americans it. could come out as soon as today. the white house is investigating president biden's authority to cancel student loan debt. the education secretary is reportedly spearheading the probe to see if the president can legally cancel part of the $1.7 trillion student loan debt. the white house maintains any debt relief above $10,000 would have to be targeted based on the borrower's income and the type of debt that it is. okay, listen to this. owe keel o'neil teaming one tony the tiger for new frosted flakes cereal and a good cause. >> when you buy my new kellogg's frosted flakes tony's mission to help save school sports. >> mission tyinger. >> maybe we should call mission
4:16 am
shaq. >> keep dreaming. carley: giving 25 plucky fans to get a box before they release later this month. those boxes signed by shaq himself that when they do hit shelves, can you upload your receipt to spark a 2ed donation to project tiger. feel good story all around, guys. ainsley: thank you so much. brian: i did not know tony the tiger is that tall. is he about 61'1 because shaq is 7-foot. i have no idea. that is breaking news. ainsley: do you remember that time when he came on set with us and surprised you and came up behind you on the curvey couch and he just put his hand on your shoulder his hand was huge. steve: it was great that tony the tiger would say. brian: i'm surprised i don't hang out with shaq more. ainsley: i have a picture with him i'm pretty tall. i have a picture with him and he is like two people above me. brian: he should play center in basketball oops, he did. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, the biden administration quietly sending millions to the palestinians reversing president
4:17 am
trump's middle east deals. general jack keane will be here along with breaking news about iran and us going back in that peace deal. not kidding. just happened. ♪ ♪ we don't have to go out ♪ welcome to my house ♪ play that music too loud ♪ show me what you do now ♪ we don't have to go out ♪
4:18 am
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4:21 am
♪ brian: we are back with a fox news alert. iran participant will meet in vienna. that's us germany, france, u.k., russia, china and a top u.s. official or officials will father in vienna next week and talk about how we get back into the terrible nuclear deal that
4:22 am
even chuck schumer and ben cardin, senator cardin didn't want to be part of. most of the senate are rejected. president obama presented secretary of state kerry engineered. general jack keane, four star general and fox news contributor. the story changed within a matter of minutes since we did the segment. what is your take on first blush as we try to beg our way back in? >> well, from the united states perspective. i mean, we have an opportunity here because of the criminal sanctions that have been imposed on iran and also the abraham accords which is the normalization of relationships among the arabs and israel. that gives us significant wind at our back that we didn't have four years ago, to be frank about it. and use that leverage not just to renegotiate the original deal, but to improve the original deal, get conditions in there. people in this administration admit should have been in there
4:23 am
like the prohibition on ballistic missile development. curbing malign behavior in the region. certainly we can get some of this here. if all we get out of this is iran is making a decision to come into full compliance with the original deal and therefore we give them sanction relief, that will be a strategic failure on the part of the administration. that is a loss squandering opportunity if we don't use the leverage we have to get a better deal. brian: general, i know you are looking at the glass half full there is no indication that this administration want to make it a better deal. they like the old deal. they gave us the old deal. these are the same people. what changed? what makes you think they possibly are going to cut a better deal when the europe and russia and china have no interest in putting the screws to iran. >> i don't have a lot of optimism about it.
4:24 am
but they have admitted themselves that this deal lacked a number of important ingredients which i just outlined. i'm hoping that they have the tough mindedness to deal with this. and the other thing here is when we are dealing with one of our adversaries like this. and we are willing to sort of go white knuckle with them and really contest the issues that are out there, russia and china are paying close attention to this. everything we do here impacts our relationships with our other adversaries. so, this will be under the microscope for them to see. does the biden administration have the toughness to deal with iran who is very, very tough negotiator and they have had their way with us in the past. this is a time to learn from the previous administration not to repeat the mistakes of the previous administration. i'm talking about the obama administration, step up here and let's get us a better deal. brian: part of the thing we saw is the abraham accords came off of a series of arab nations
4:25 am
recognize the existence of israel and setting up trade and travel relationships is because they realized iran is the greatest threat and israel isn't. they were frustrated with the palestinians. and for the most part, their behavior, the trump administration had basically cut them off from their -- the checks they were getting and for the most part not deserving. something changed. now the administration, we understand, is going to be paying nearly $100 million to the plo, all in an effort to undo trump's mideast peace deal. i guess money is not going to hamas. hamas runs most of the palestinian what there is of a palestinian state. how do you feel about this? >> well, you know, what the arabs were telling us when they made the normalization agreement with israel is not that the palestinian israelis dispute was not important to them, it is. however, and you mentioned it, this threat of iran and also the confrontation with the radical islamists in the region both of those things destabilizing the
4:26 am
region are more important. here's the second thing, they are fed up with the pla leadership. and despite the fact that many concessions that the israelis have made, that leadership rejects every single one of these deals. and so what the donor aid is doing in many respects, i'm not disputing the fact that the palestinian people are suffering and they can use economic assistance and humanitarian aid, certainly that is a given, but the strategy is the important thing here. and what the arabs were telling us is when we are just providing all of that donor aid by the hundred of millions of dollars, not just the united states, but the arabs themselves, they are under writing that pla leadership to do no, to stick with the status quo, because the coffers, the flash is flowing every single year. there is no incentive for them to make a deal. and which would result in some change of leadership in the future for them as well. i think what the arabs are
4:27 am
really saying is, not saying it publicly, is the pla need new leadership. and they are trying to a different approach by putting pressure on the current leadership either to change or have the palestinians change them out. brian: yeah. it just hard to see. it seems like we are reversing everything in the middle east that was actually going well and seems to be -- because trump did it it's got to be wrong. general, thank you for instant analysis on the breaking news and more always. have a great weekend. >> yeah, you too, brian. brian: coming up straight ahead, from giving covid-19 vaccines to illegal immigrants to free shots in hotels in seattle, why is the united states giving out so many free handouts do. we have that type of money? lawrence jones sounds off. ♪
4:28 am
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♪ carley: good morning, back with quick headlines, the two brooklyn lawyers arrested for throwing a molotov cocktail at nypd car last summer could face decades behind bars. both are charged with arson, conspiracy and attempting to destroy a police vehicle. the judge giving them 90 days to accept a plea deal or proceed with trial. now, if convicted as charged, the pair could face a minimum of 45 years in federal prison. talk about a rude awakening, a deer is caught on camera crashing through a virginia school bus window and landing on a sleeping student. the deer stumbled out of the seat before the stunned driver opens the door letting it dart off into a nearby field, thankfully, no one was hurt. and how about this for bizarre? that's what some are calling michigan governor gretchen
4:33 am
whitmer's pillow of dr. anthony fauci. quick to spot the cnn interview as she criticized proposed election reform from g.o.p. lawmakers and her state how about that, steve? steve: i have got one of those. carley: sure you do. steve: thanks, carley. it's a democratic free for all while many americans wait for their covid vaccine patiently. white house is ready to give away shots to illegal migrants. listen. >> well, certainly the more people who are vaccinated, whether they are undocumented or not, the safer we are as a country. that's certainly the president's point of view. steve: it's not just the border as homeless residents in seattle are being put in fema funded hotels and being given covid shots as well while you wait. our next guest just returned from seattle on monday where he saw the city's problems firsthand. here with reaction fox news analyst lawrence jones. lawrence, good morning to you. >> happy good friday, steve.
4:34 am
steve: thank you, you as well. lawrence, it makes perfect sense, if the white house is going to let migrants come on in because there is an open door, why not give them a shot before americans? >> yeah, it's kind of disgusting when you look at it. look, we want to be charitable. we want to be a giving nation. we want to help those that are less fortunate. but when you have people in your own country that have not gotten the shot, when there is such a surge, when there are so many lines to get the shot, i think it's a slap in the face of those american citizens that have been patiently waiting for the vaccine. you know, i think we got to get to the root causes of this. yesterday, when i was co-hosting "the five," i think i said that we have to have two weeks to slow the surge. there's a problem at the border, a problem of biden's own making because he had incentives there and that's only going to cause us to have to continue to pass out this free stuff because, as you know, even if you let these people in, they can't work, unless they steal somebody's
4:35 am
social security number. steve: well, earlier i was telling folks that new york state lawmakers are going to -- in a $2 billion fund give unemployment insurance to illegal aliens. so, you know, you just come on in to the country and new york state will pay you up $28,000. >> they wonder why their debt is out of control right here in new york and why the taxes continue to raise. steve, i think the thing that americans feel is you are doing this in the middle of a pandemic. i mean, businesses are shutting down in new york and now you are handing out goodies to illegal -- i mean it's absurd to me. steve: also, lawrence, that's another reason why if you are, you know, you are in a place and you are looking to look, i live in this terrible country, there is grinding poverty it's going to go to the united states, i will get a shot and i'm going to get $28,000 from new york state plus whatever else i can get
4:36 am
are. it would not surprise me, lawrence, given the fact that we know that the convention centers are super spreader events, it wouldn't surprise me if there is a plan in the white house or the administration to once they let the migrants in, before they say okay, go wherever you want to go, call your aunt or whoever phone number you have got, we will give you the j and j shot before you go just so you don't have to worry about it. but, once again, aside from -- this is speculation, but, they would once again jump the line ahead of so many americans who have been waiting patiently, legally hear in the country. >> i think the biden administration is going to have to get their messaging right. moderate joe is requesting to have to pick what side is he on? look, again, the one -- as charitable as americans are. when you start putting other people before them, then they get a little upset about that and rightfully so like i said at the beginning of the segment,
4:37 am
there are americans waiting for a shot. apparently there is a line and different groups that can go. when you start putting other groups before. it becomes a problem. same problem in san francisco. people are not opposed to the migrants getting in person education because they didn't do anything wrong. it was the parents that sent them on this treacherous journey. the fact that their kids can't get in person learning is why people are furious. steve: and, of course, we want as many people in the country to get the shot as possible. it's just a question of priorities. lawrence, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks, brother. steve: you bet. ceos from major companies like coke and delta are now being called out for jumping on the bandwagon because they slammed georgia's new voting law. pete hegseth and will are coming up next. and from our friends at fox bet, download the fox bet fox bet super 6 app. you can win 10,000 bucks. you just predict outcomes of six different things. we will play it at the end of the show with the exact question so download the app. right now.
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ask your doctor about chemo-free opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all involved in our clinical trials. >> it's been really hard on all of the kids. and, you know, we talk about all the time, both of us work from home. we are fully available for our kids as much as we can be, what about the kids whose parents are not home. we have been fighting this for a while nowenned-to-no avail. >> really disheartening, our own family has received threats from union leadership. what we know is real estate opening our schools is not a race issue. it's an equity issue. >> i'm an essential worker. i unfortunately can't stay at home and sit alongside my kids. by advocating full reopening of schools, it's going to help our families and our students. who are struggling. ainsley: so those are parents in sacramento. they want the schools to reopen and they are upset with this high school teacher a lot continue teacher named damon
4:43 am
harmony he is saying those parents are white supremacists and parent are treating teachers like wait staff. this is what he put on facebook. i'm disappointed as i am up surprised that last week we all had to hear all the cynical pearl clutching faux urgency ableist, structurally white supremacist hysteria, this is not a country club, our teachers are not wait staff. so let's bring in will and pete, our weekend co-hosts to react to this. will, i will start with you this time. >> the debate is over, ainsley, i guess lay down the trump card, has he invoked the phrase, the magic phrase white supremacy. he went, game over that clearly is the way debate in america with today. white pressroom cyst. last week the data came out, ainsley, half of american kid are still learning from home that number is
4:44 am
disproportionately white black, brown and poor kids across this country. new jersey lost 30% of english learning and 40% of their math. get this straight so i understand the that magic phrase. if you want black and brown kids to learn greater wait and keep up back to learning you are a white supremacist. got it. that's how the magic works. brian: yeah, great point, will, what i'm so encouraged about, pete, these parent came on with us. and they talked about it and they said this is ridiculous. and that my kids are suffering and the whole hybrid model is two days a week for two hours. that's not a hybrid model. that's a recipe for disaster. pete: actually worse. brian: stand up to the lunacy instead of cowering in the corner hoping you are not going to get fired or canceled. pete: yeah. the last thing those people are that were on that screen were
4:45 am
white supremacists. you have a latin teacher. i don't know they still taught latin good for them, shocking. that statement was the biggest bunch of gobblably gook you could imagine. do you know what it is? it is marxist thinking. critical race theory emanates from marxist. turn around and say i don't want communists teaching my kid. that's what they they really are at the end of this day. that's a battle of really big ideas. they try to marginalize you with your traditional values by calling you a racist or a white supremacist which is the last thing that you are. so, point them out, call them out. send your kids to school and let them-it will implode on itself eventually because it doesn't make any sense. right now they are winning because we are cowering to the name-calling. ainsley: those parents told brian when he interviewing them 71.2% color. 61% of the parents want to be back. they said it's not an race issue it's an equity issue. steve: and the school district out in sacramento said
4:46 am
mr. harrmond's statement was not made in his capacity as a district employee of sacramento city unified school district but in his personal capacity. the tone and sentiment of his personal statement does not are reflect the official opinions of sacramento. okay. he said it. all right. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. we have been talking for the last week or so how georgia passed new voter reform to actually expand voting. there have been big companies. in particular, coca cola came out the ceo said i'm disappointed. the guy who runs delta said the new law is unacceptable, does not match delta's values. and this morning, guys the "wall street journal" has a great op-ed, it's woke and weak ceos, they are denouncing georgia's election law but have they read it. because, will, when you look at what georgia has done, they have expanded the opportunities for
4:47 am
early voting even though the president the other day got caught four pinocchios about lying about election day. >> right. he said if you worked past 5:00 p.m. you wouldn't be able to vote. pushing working people out of the voting booth. steve: it's actually open until 7:00. will: that's right open until 7:00, steve. you have an extra day of early voting. now drop boxes in every county voting has essentially been expanded. it doesn't matter the magic phrase once again has been issued. this georgia voting law has been described as racist. voter suppression. another example of white supremacy. if that's the case then corporate ceos must bend to the magic phrase coke, delta, scaring the bejesus out of them that they are not racist. they are not white supremacists no need to read the bill, it's always been deemed. the magic phrase has been uttered. we have to distance ourself from this all because georgia is going to expand voting, while
4:48 am
trying to ensure voter integrity by asking for an i.d. at the polling booth and a signature match on mailing it in we are as pete pointed out complete lunacy and everyone is caving to this lunacy. ainsley: guys we will be watching you this weekend what's coming up. pete: representative byron donalds, mike tenney, cardinal dolan with the easter message. you have good friday today and we are going to roll into the holy weekend with easter and do it right. look forward to joining everybody 8 hours saturday and sunday morning. happy easter to all of you. steve: indeed. thanks, guys. still ahead on this good friday morning, we are sharing the perfect fox nation specials for you and your family to enjoy this easter weekend. a look at what to watch, coming up next. ♪ ♪ driving 35 with a rocket inside ♪ i didn't know what i had
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♪ ainsley: this easter weekend fox nation has the perfect shows for the whole family to enjoy including two great specials, women of the bible speak with shannon bream and my bible study a concert for christ with performances by top christian artists like mercy me.
4:53 am
♪ i'm going to run ♪ i'm going to fly ♪ i'm going to know what it means to live and not just be alive ainsley: here to tell us more about these specials, fox nation host kacie mcdonnell, hey, kacie. >> good to see you. happy food friday happy easter. mercy me was awesome. i know you and your daughter probably do so many fun things heading into easter weekend. we always make the egg crackers for your head and the bunny cake and i was bumping that getting ready yesterday for the weekend festivity. you have so many top performances from christian artist and such a fun take on your at this point tall and not ever typical always fantastic ainsley bible study. love that concert for christ available right now. also available so many more fox nation special presentations. we have a series that maybe people haven't heard of yet.
4:54 am
if you vice president been up on the app. i know you are at home. may not have heard of this called the chosen. a drama based on jesus' life created, directed co-written by an american filmmaker dallas jenkins really portrays jesus through the eyes of all of those that he came in contact with. all of those people he helped and assisted and loved throughout his life. there are eight episodes season one available right now on the app. also you may have heard of this one. the passion of the christ came out in 2004, mel gibson directed it. absolutely moving movie. film i should say. this is the last 12 hours of jesus' life. you know, it starts in the garden, the betrayal with judas and all the way through to the crucifixion. and you have jim can a beazel an amazing actor. he portrayed jesus. i went to catholic dismool pennsylvania all saints. i remember most of us were moved to tears watching this when it first came out. and it still has that impact for
4:55 am
people. ainsley: hard to watch knowing everything he went through so we could have a second chance and be redeemed and go to heaven. it is necessary. i think everyone should watch it especially this weekend and you can watch it on fox nation. we also have a special our friend shannon bream here at fox she wrote a book called women of the bible speak. she interviewed different christians and one interview was with kathie lee gifford and here's a clip. >> it is not a sin to pray for the desires of your heart. and i have lost many of a bitter tear. some of them public. i love hanna's faithfulness can you imagine the joy she felt feeling a child move in her womb i love god's stories of god's faithfulness to her and her faithfulness to god. >> she wears her heart on her sleeve, i love that lady. >> same can be said for shannon. beautiful soul and beautiful spirit. five episodes available now three new ones just dropped yesterday.
4:56 am
ainsley: that's great. thank you so much, kacie, happy easter to you. >> happy east herb to you as my cat center are. ainsley: little girl or a little boy. >> a boy. ainsley: hold him up. >> come here, baby. he has a lion. ainsley: is he beautiful. yea. thanks, kacie. sign up to fox nation to see this, all those clips plus exclusive access to other original content and events on any device. we have governor greg gianforte, geraldo and joe buck. ♪ king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better! ♪ (angelic choir) ♪ and here's mine! keeping your oysters business growing has you swamped. ..
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tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection-site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala. a question from fox news on border security. >> follows the release of this horrifying video. >> how do we stop that from happening? >> are you concerned about the kids safety orchids getting in? >> it is a crisis on the border, it is chaos on the border. >> corporate leaders criticizing the new election law. >> all because this led to expand voting while trying to insure voter integrity by asking id. >> president biden revealing his plan to spend $2 trillion.
5:01 am
>> my concern is this who$.5 trillion is not enough. >> this led to many changes of crime statistics. >> minneapolis murders up, >> in the eastern pandemic. >> a special time of year. >> according to reports that is a wide shot of dallas, texas. that is where i am. it is my interim stop. you will see the story monday
5:02 am
on "fox and friends" unless someone wants to pay for the rights to put on a different show. the land commissioner in texas, george p bush, people think he's the future of the party, the son of jeb bush who is doing a great job as commissioner, executive orders were signed by joe biden, oil and gas were frozen, in federal land opening a drill, that affect 120,000 jobs. we will meet with the land commissioner, the defense task force, and talk to him about what texas is looking at in this anti-fossil fuel environment. steve: live from dallas the highs in the 60s in 70s. a beautiful day in new york city.
5:03 am
>> >> the white house dodging questions from fox news on beefing up border security. >> follows the release of the shocking video showing smugglers dropping two young girls, sisters, 3 and 5, over the wall. steve: mark meredith joins us outside the white house with more, we heard from the white house about it. >> reporter: the white house will face more questions about border policies, they are capturing chaos in the states. something to talk about all morning long. they are appearing to drop two girls over a border wall and leaving them in the desert. border patrol said had they not captured this on camera those two girls could have been left alone for hours in terrible conditions and asking they -- everyone paying attention to what is going on.
5:04 am
>> we all know the smugglers are ruthless. they to huge exploitation of children and families on this border. >> reporter: fox news tried to ask president biden during his cabinet meeting, keeping comments focused on his $2 trillion spending bill. also the white house was asked if more could be done to ensure and documented workers get access to the vaccine, some people getting signed up if they don't have id. >> the more people who are vaccinated whether it is undocumented or not, the president's point of view. >> we expect to hear from president biden later this morning because of the march jobs, for easter weekend.
5:05 am
>> let's bring in geraldo rivera. happy friday. happy passover to you. what do you make of that video? i'm sure your heart is broken. >> absolutely outrageous. it is heartbreaking. devastating. brutal to watch. the ruthlessness of these coyotes, these people smugglers. you know the old saying, what would jesus do, very important this weekend of all, jesus would say joe biden is right to allow unaccompanied minors into the country. that is the question compassionate thing to do. on the other hand the sardonic or cynical saying, no good deed goes unpunished. the coyotes know that biden has this policy of accepting unaccompanied minors and they are ruthlessly exploiting.
5:06 am
i would submit and i'm shocked i'm the only person talking about this, talked about it, where is the mexican army? why are these people allowed to go through mexico, get to the other side of the border, find the vulnerability and dump these children over the fence? where is the mexican army? under donald trump those opened the door, the mexican president even though he is a socialist played ball with trump whether trump threatened him, threatened to put tariffs or whatever it was, the mexican army stopped the immigrants at the river in guatemala, the border between guatemala and mexico. they had a deal but biden in his innocence, i can't say in experience, he did not negotiate with the mexican president. it is like trying to stop a leak. will: they told him.
5:07 am
>> he's trying to stop the leak. you can't stop a leak from this side. you have to stop the leak from the side. we have to urgently make a deal with the mexican president to stop the human tied flowing from central america and these kids get from ecuador in south america, make a deal with the mexican president, 1500 miles of buffer, that is where the problem should be solved. brian: we elect a migrant president who set of kids come they can stay and mexico says really? you are causing this stream of people to come in and you want me to bail you out, after i put 20,000 marines on my southern border you mocked me, you wouldn't call and i told you this was going to happen and you ignored it. don't put pressure on mexico,
5:08 am
they cut a deal and biden blue it up and he should know better but clearly he doesn't. let me bring up the border security, jen psaki was asked about border security. are you going to be fed up, she punted on the question. how long can they ignore the chaos at the border? how long can they leave border patrol alone to deal with the mess they created, the humanity that is suffering because they gave him the go sign. >> good question. this is a health and human services issue. these children should be taken from the immediate border area. i submit there are millions of foster families in america fairly compensated would take these children, a system that already exists, you can't leave them in these warehouses, to bring institutions, you can't
5:09 am
mass-produce the care, these are not livestock to be herded, they are children, each of them has a personality, a name, they like this, some have illnesses, they have to be cared for in a human way. we have to get them from these crowded, intolerable settings. brian: we had a flash of alexandria ocasio cortez. she says that the children who are ripped from the arms of their parents during the trump administration deserve reparations. and also transition to joe biden, something like $4 trillion for infrastructure even though only 10% is infrastructure, she says he needs to go a lot bigger. here is aoc.
5:10 am
>> looking at ideals and what we think is the actual investment that can create tens of millions of good human traffickers in this country that can shore up our healthcare, infrastructure, housing. we are talking about $10 trillion over ten years. i know that made the an eye-popping figure but we need to understand we are in a devastating economic moment. millions of people in the united states are unemployed. we have a truly crippled healthcare system and planetary crisis on our hands and the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. we can do $10 trillion. >> she can do 10 trillion. suddenly - anything you want, if you think of it $10 trillion is not that much because her green new deal, wasn't that supposed to be $90 trillion. this seems like an absolute bargain. >> what is $80 trillion between
5:11 am
friends. $90 trillion. didn't make any. i have a soft spot for alexandria ocasio cortez, she is a great role model for young latinas. she grew up to be a voice you may not like but a voice that resonates. socialism is very attractive to some. if you don't have anything and want something for free. ainsley: you can like the person but not like their policy. >> thank you, the humanistic approach that brian doesn't get. brian: guilty as charged. >> you can't be anti-infrastructure and - brian: it is not about infrastructure. >> i understand that.
5:12 am
brian: why call it infrastructure? >> we need truth in legislation, and have someone like the better government association, private group look through these bills and say this is a lobbyist proposed piece of junk for this district, a special favor for this one, this is something else and truth in legislation approach to passing these new bills. we need infrastructure. everyone who has ever been in an airport knows, i heard you yesterday extolling the virtue of laguardia airport's makeover from the third world nation quality airport. infrastructure is necessary, and infrastructure helps trucks run and airplanes land and factories produced and so
5:13 am
forth. we need to be positive about that, we need to stop this disgusting slimy traditional backhanded approach, you say it is one thing and it is really another thing. we have a new phrase, human infrastructure. i want bridges and tunnels, he wants human infrastructure. >> wait a second. human infrastructure could mean good wi-fi for every kid in the country. i believe in that was every kid should have a laptop that works. those are two things the covid disaster makes very clear the inequality in terms of the digital world. brian: for community college. ainsley: concerns from a lot of republicans i talked to, so much money and they are saying this is my money for taxing us to death and they are worried about retirement and what happens to them and they can't
5:14 am
afford to pay for a nursing home but that will be on their kids trying to save their money. just a lot of money for infrastructure. we have seen them change election laws. they are changing the election laws in georgia, you have a lot of good memories there. the governor of new jersey is trying to will hollywood film studios like disney, warner bros. and netflix, offering tax credits up to 30% of production costs off of 30% of production costs which georgia is offering, don't make your movies in georgia. come on up here. what is your reaction. >> the same thing i said about truth in legislation. we should report truthfully what the georgia law really is. if joe biden could get four pinocchios in the washington post which loves him for saying the new law cuts opportunity to
5:15 am
vote and curtails voting hours, he was not telling the truth. if he were donald trump heaven for bid he would be called a liar but no one uses expressions like that because he is beloved joe biden as opposed to donald trump who was reviled by people who write the washington post, joe biden did not tell the truth about the georgia law. everybody should know what the georgia law entails. of for example mail in voting, an indication you are really the person mailing in the ballot, i don't see that as jim crow. how do people see that as jim crow? if you can voting hours to 5:00 i don't like that but voting hours are 7:00, that has traditionally been in new york and so forth. it is more the sleazy partisan everything in new jersey's governor murphy very opportunistically jumping in saying the film business,
5:16 am
states are in competition with big-money industry, seizing an impression that may or may not have to do with the reality. >> 10 days before the election where georgia actually beats new jersey. and -- we begin with this. but in signing them. to permit official after she reportedly planned a 50 person indoor party. she planted indoor -- the white house canceled the event before the invitation, fear that it could be a super spreader event.
5:17 am
being moved to a senior counsel job at the age of 8. onto a fox news alert 48 people are dead, 100 injured after train crashes in taiwan. the train derailed, the truck was stuck on the track. more than 400 passengers on board including tourists, 66 people are being treated at several local hospitals. the virginia supreme court ruling two confederate statues in charlottesville can be removed. the statues are of civil war general robert e lee and thomas jackson. they were the site of protests of police brutality and racism this summer, this comes after years of legal battles involving attempts on the memorials. a state trooper strikes up a friendship, watch. >> that hurts.
5:18 am
>> that is behind the panel as bono wilmington basketball court after the city is spreading on social media. morris wanted to do something nice for the boy. the trooper giving him his new friend $50, the little boy made some money off of it. >> that guy can play in a uniform. >> that part of the story deserves attention too. >> goodbye, carly. thanks for participating. have a good weekend. >> straight ahead in the last 40 minutes of the show it turns out new york governor andrew cuomo was negotiating a multimillion dollar book deal while his office tried to cover
5:19 am
up the number of dying people of nursing home policy. our next guest lost her mom and is fighting to be a voice for her mom and thousands of others, don't miss a coming up next. [sfx: psst psst] allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good when it's hot outside your car is like a sauna steaming up lingering odors. febreze car vent clips stop hot car stench with up to 30 days of freshness. get relief with febreze. important news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. refiplus lets you refinance at
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5:23 am
ainsley: andrew cuomo reportedly offered $4 million to write a book on leadership during the pandemic and happening as his aides recovering up the nursing home death. our next guest lost her mom to covid 19 in a long-term care facility and formed an advocacy group to give seniors a voice. vivian joins us, her group is called voices for seniors if you're interested.
5:24 am
good morning. it is heartbreaking. were you able to say goodbye to your mom? >> yesterday was the anniversary of her death. it was a somber day. my whole weekend come my whole world upside down. ainsley: how does that change how you will celebrate easter? >> to continue to reflect on her life. >> what went through your mind when you heard that andrew cuomo got $4 million in a book deal? >> he used covid 19 as an opportunity to enrich himself and protect himself and his inner circle while families were shattered and businesses were destroyed.
5:25 am
ainsley: lawmakers opened up a confidential hotline where anyone can call if they want to report inappropriate conduct. >> i think i am eligible to report his terrible conduct in reference to the nursing home crisis. if this is just another means to slow walk a smokescreen of an actual probe then we are not really hopeful but we hope this is going to be a true investigation to get to the bottom of all the misdeeds including and most importantly the nursing home crisis. ainsley: the panel will recommend whether they should impeach him. what do you think will happen? >> i believe the votes are there, just not sure they are going to do it. remains to be seen. ainsley: thank you for giving seniors a voice, i wish you the best, it is hard. thank you.
5:26 am
coming up the state of montana banning sanctuary cities. immigration laws, he is here to explain the promise. fox sports lead announcer on the return of baseball to america. ♪♪ among my patients i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity and gum gives us a dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something
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that i would recommend.
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>> overnight activists break windows at a manhattan restaurant. the nyt be posting this video of demonstrators purposely causing property damage. the activists purposely damaged a police vehicle during the protests. no word who is responsible for the vandalism.
5:31 am
starting today theaters, comedy clubs and other art venues can host audiences at 33% capacity in new york city. attendance are limited to 100 people indoors and 200 outdoors, but they allow those limits to be increased to 150 people indoors, 500 outdoors if guests test negative for covid-19 before entering. a somber salute, police in new jersey honoring fallen veterans with an impromptu flag holding service. one officer who is also a veteran had heard a veteran military burial was cut short because of rain. he decided to show fellow officers how to perform the flag holding ceremony to honor the veterans in his widow. the widow said she was grateful to the officers who are honoring her husband. onto a fox news alert, the
5:32 am
march jobs report just released, the us adding 916,000 jobs, the unemployment rate at 6%, big numbers there. those are headlines. >> different numbers in the world of sports, major league baseball season teed off yesterday, the action continues tomorrow on fox sports one. the atlanta philadelphia phillies and la dodgers back in action playing the colorado rockies. fox sports play-by-play, joe has gotten used to seeing that office so often over the last year. is it good to be back in the game? he is pumped up. >> i have 3-year-old twin boys, i am about to turn 52. glad to be getting out of the house again. i am excited, the dodgers
5:33 am
winning the world series and getting over the hump and winning the first one since 1988. in philadelphia and atlanta, it is really tough and that is good. the marlins met the playoffs. people in general are ready to get something going too. steve: the mets and nationals get postponed. never had this much flexibility. your schedule is going to change with very little notice. someone turns positive, they will shutdown james. do you worry about the 162 getting in? >> i think it could happen. the fact that we are talking
5:34 am
about that is pretty remarkable, 162, that would be fine but we all learned to be flexible through the entire nfl season, my last taste of work and positive tests come up and games postponed. there is some leeway for what you have been hit with out of the gate but sports of done a great job with testing, vaccination this and for the most part we will get through this season pretty well. everyone is more educated how to deal with positive test results. steve: so many states open to all ages. to get all these players
5:35 am
vaccinated, it would blow back a little different with the testing so a couple changes in the league. a couple ways to end games in extra innings, that -- i am so disappointed, they haven't agreed on dh in both leagues. in that shortened season last year. >> in the national league, talking to different guys, i thought there was no chance, now we ramp up during spring training and even during spring training, the next shoe to drop and put back in, and then bargaining agreement around the corner. and and >> the salary-cap in baseball.
5:36 am
after last year, in ticket sales, do you worry about the haves and have nots. the big players were keeping it for a while. >> that is a good question and good point but i don't know about the economic ramifications of what 2020 was all about. doesn't matter if it is baseball or nba or whatever you want to pick. and to get that daily revenue-generating and make the books look a little better. i don't think we know the answer to it, that will be felt over the next few years. not just for their payroll but
5:37 am
the organization in general. brian: he has to shave and shower every day and cover football and baseball and everything else, he has to go back to work and couldn't be happier, the best in the business. coverage begins tomorrow at 3:00 eastern time on fox sports one. he does his best work on cable and we will see for ourselves. meanwhile, super6 has you covered with the new late inning contests. enter any time before the start of the seventh-inning of braves, phillies and dodgers, questions about the 7, 8, and ninth innings for a chance to win $5,000, download the super 6 apps now and enter for free. i am a little disappointed. montana is one of 13 states
5:38 am
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ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. >> the crisis at the southern border is so out of control the white house is considering sending migrants from the southern border to the northern border. good morning to you. so the administration considers flying migrants to states near the canadian border, montana on the canadian border means you could see people real soon. >> we sent a strong letter to the biden administration saying not on my watch.
5:43 am
that is why this week we are clear, i signed into law, sanctuary cities. you can't give harbor to criminals and human traffickers in communities in montana. >> a number of localities said we will open our doors and protect you and we will be a sanctuary city in the case of california. what do they get wrong? >> coordination of laws and we can't ignore immigration law. the big problem, we are northern border state, we are severely impacted by back of policy at the southern border. we have mexican myth coming into the communities, the second highest rate of kids in
5:44 am
foster care because of a meth epidemic. giving sanctuary to these cartels that are bringing this into our communities doesn't make sense. brian: what you make of the fact that jen psaki said the president and the white house supports giving people who are in this country illegally the coronavirus vaccine which cases could be law-abiding american citizens get their shot. >> it is misguided. here in montana we have been moving quickly to get the most vulnerable vaccinated. we reopened the vaccine to all adults in the state and with 800,000 people at the state eligible for the vaccine yesterday we administered our 500,000 thousand thousandth dose so we are making great
5:45 am
progress and we listed business restrictions, lawsuit protection for small businesses and we've seen infections go down, hospitalizations go down. montana is open for business. steve: people because it is a brand-new vaccine and people are so terrified of the virus, there were a lot of people who said no way am i going to get the shot but now what we've noticed is that number is getting smaller because now we know that if you had the shot and you have the immunity you can't get it again for the most part and can't give it to anybody so there's great advantage particularly if you're going to be around other people who have gotten the shot, then you don't have to wear the mask. >> that is right. i got my first shot yesterday. i was qualified under our policy. these vaccines are safe and effective and it is how we get
5:46 am
out of this crazy pandemic we have been in. is the light at the end of the total. i encourage folks as their name comes up on the list, don't get your shot, let's get back to normal. steve: montana has joined a dozen other states. the attorney general of west virginia a little while ago, he is suing the administration because hidden in that $2 trillion bill that we just passed, the rescue america plan, hard to keep the trillion dollar bill straight, with some language that made sure states would never be able to lower their taxes if you get the money which financially and responsibly run state like montana if you wanted to cut taxes because you have extra revenue you want to be able to do that but joe biden and his administration says can't do that or you don't get the money. >> we should not be penalized because we managed our budget
5:47 am
well. i campaigned on letting montanans keep more of their hard-earned money and we are going to do that. that is why we are challenging this, it is total overreach on the part of the biden administration. montanans deserve to keep hard-earned money. we are doing it because we manage our budget well and strengthening economy allowing us to let montanans keep hard-earned money. steve: it is beautiful territory, thank you very much. >> thanks so much and happy easter. steve: coming up, you know what? you could win 10,$000 as part of the super 6 show, what you need to know to win this weekend and he will have the questions, dana perino joins us
5:48 am
with another studio with coming attractions. >> reporter: good friday as well. tucker carlson will join us, democrats up in arms about georgia voting but democratic state past similar reform, newt gingrich will dig into double standards and tom homan is back to tell us what he saw and what he thinks the biden administration needs to do to stop the surge of migrants. we will see you in 12 minutes. voltaren. the joy of movement. did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ well, well, well. look at you. you mastered the master bath.
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>> looking for a chance to win big? the -- super 6 apps is giving you another opportunity to win 10,$000 in a quiz show game, all you have to do is enter 6 questions correctly and we are about to give you the topic. >> this week features bill hammer, trace gallagher and aishah hasnie, you can sign up for fox nation now to see this and get exclusive access to original content and favored personalities on any device. hey, tom, good morning. >> look how easy this is for
5:53 am
people who are afraid to try new things, super 6, there it is, the quiz show is in front. i am playing already. >> these are the actual questions someone could win 10,$000 on. >> that is right. question number one. how many folks will between between thursday and saturday? is it under 2, 3 to 5, 7 to 9, 10 to 12 or more than 12? i got a hint? these are not even tweeting, look at the twitter feed, already tweeted four times but want to change your answer go ahead. four times today. >> when do we start the weekend? today or saturday? >> you have saturday because this is between thursday and saturday.
5:54 am
>> 12 plus. >> factoring in the outgoing folks. >> question number 2, which of the following teams will score the most on saturday, yankees, astros, cubs, dodgers? >> what are you going with? >> dodgers. >> yankees. >> i will copy brian on that one, box office, what is going to be the domestic top 10 gross of films for saturday? is a 3.9 million, 5 to 6, 6 to 7, what do you think? >> according to that. line that is the one most
5:55 am
people think? >> since we are going back to the movies they are still not full. 4.9. >> i am optimistic. brian: all the contestants answered. >> which city will have the highest temperature on eastern sunday, jackson, columbia, charleston south carolina or tied? >> i'm going with shreveport. >> i'm going with charleston. >> brian? >> now i can go to charleston. >> everyone has a different answer.s a lot of fun. we had a guy on last week did not know some answers and took some guesses and won 10,$000.
5:56 am
go to the super 6 apps and play for a chance to win 10,$000, all you have to do is predict the outcomes of different topics as we just saw. download it for free. we will be watching you on fox nation. ainsley: more "fox and friends" moments away. gelic choir) ♪ and here's mine! here's huge news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. with interest rates near record lows refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa.
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♪ ♪
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>> one long block on sixth avenue come over on sixth avenue and today is good friday. >> dana: happy easter to all of you. brian stayed, love you both, god bless you all and thank you for watching. >> right back at you, have a great weekend. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning we have breaking news at the border, the numbers are staggering. it is now said that more than 18,000 unaccompanied migrant children in u.s. custody and hundreds more higher than just a few days earlier. as we say good morning on this good friday, i am bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino, good morning to you. this is "america's newsroom." a number of unaccompanied minors crossing the border and continues to climb. the facilities are there and overwhelmed. >> bill: a group of lawmakers pushing the administration to make a plan does stop that surge. >> dana: 5,000 of 18,000 kids in custody in the border patrol facilities. and at


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