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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 2, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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griff: fox news alert, 30 people killed and dozens hurt after a train derailed in taiwan, the worst rail disaster in decades. we have breaking details. >> are you concerned more about kids safety your kids getting in? carley: horrifying video two toddlers being dropped over a barrier with serious concerns about border security. a live report. griff: his cupid shuffle made him a viral sensation when he ran for president. could this help and relaying strike the right chord as he runs for new york city mayor? ♪♪
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griff: yang gang unites. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪♪ ♪♪ you are on a mission and you are wishing ♪♪ carley: i always say politicians shouldn't do two things in public, one of the many each because they always get in trouble when they eat the wrong way. i feel like andrew yang can get away with the dance thing, he could do the cupid shuffle. griff: this song came out when i was in high school. carley: bringing nostalgic memories back. you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning.
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griff: we begin with top story, the growing crisis at the border. following the release of this shocking video showing smugglers dropping dollars over the wall. carley: the biden administration's response. >> reporter: that video is disturbing, smugglers dropping two kids age 3 and 5 over the border wall, peter doocy asking why they refuse to admit to increased security. >> over the wall into the desert, curious what the white house is doing. >> are you concerned more about kids safety or kids getting in? >> kids safety. >> of course it is. that is why i'm surprised by the questioning here. >> they are sisters from ecuador. border authorities made contact with her mom in new york. set for chief gloria chavez who
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release this footage gave us an update. >> they are doing fine. releasing an image like that raises my alert. to do this further out in the desert. >> there are 18,000 unaccompanied minors in custody according to dhs, 13,000 under hhs karen 5000 in cvp custody, this as a 4-year-old honduran boy is found wandering alone near the border. greg abbott is pointing a finger at the president for failing to keep the area secure. >> the biden administration policies created an open season for human traffickers, drug smugglers, cartels and gangs. >> the part of public safety trooper who saved a baby and mother thrown off the rack in
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rio grande speaks to this dramatic rescue. it is incredible. >> i heard splashing from a distressed woman, grabbed the baby, helped the woman onto a tree branch, the baby wasn't moving. >> senator joe manchin touring the border, no word on plan border visits for president joe biden or vice president kamala harris. more from border patrol el paso sector chief gloria chev as a little later on the show. very hard images to look at. griff: thank you for covering that. carley: at least 36 people are killed and dozens more injured after a train crash is in taiwan. officials say the train derailed after smashing into a truck that was stuck on the track.
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an estimated 350 people were on the train, rescue efforts underway for people trapped inside that train. 70 tension officers fired after a man dies in custody. and eighth officer has resigned. the calling county sheriff says it shows the officer violated policy and procedures in the death of marvin scott iii. he died after being pepper sprayed on a misdemeanor marijuana charge. an independent autopsy found his death was caused by restraints and asphyxiation. >> president biden holding his first cabinet meeting after holding a structural plan. pete buttigieg defending the proposal's push to green jobs as call minors fear the plan puts them out of work.
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>> millions of jobs, this bill looks to the future. the jobs being created as we speak. >> reporter: senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says the gop will fight the plan every step of the way. >> this is a left-wing demonstration. >> 25% goes to basic infrastructure. executive editor of is the biden administration using infrastructure to push the green agenda. >> healthcare and equity and all sorts of green buildings and changing climate aspects, the green new deal, being implemented throughout this whole infrastructure bill, redefining the word
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infrastructure to mean climate activity. biden is making every cabinet a climate agency, state department to interior, defense department, financial institutions so this is the latest in a round of what they are doing. >> house democrats hope to pass the infrastructure bill. >> x officer derek chauvin's murder trial telling jurors about their relationship and struggle with opioid addiction. >> people suffer chronic pain, and try really hard. >> prosecutors release a picture of floyd after the encounter, the minneapolis police sergeant who was on duty that night also taking the stand.
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>> fighting with someone, it could happen. >> for about how long? >> reasonable. >> chauvin's trial, only half a day of testimony. a fox news analysis revealing the shocking increase in murders in cities where the police budget has been cut. in portland murders have gone up 270%. city commissioners voted last year to take $16 million from the department's budget, the murder rate jumped 46% and in new york city almost 12%. griff: new york state assembly looking for an impeachment investigation into governor cuomo following misconduct allegations as well as followed over hiding the number of people who died from covid 19 in nursing homes. a similar been are on kim's
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slamming melissa derosa, helping the governor right his memoir about the pandemic. >> when you are spending every minute of your time and going to bed crying making phone calls to loved ones that was not the case in all this time to edit and write a book. >> cuomo soft $4 million for the deal. andrew yang releases a new music video to drum up support for his mayoral bid in new york city. ♪♪ campaign for new york ♪♪ griff: hip-hop artist wrapping the tune as yang, with people around the city, remember yang became a dancing sensation during his 2020 presidential
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campaign after video surfaced of the cupid shuffle. carley: that rap music video is a first for a politician. the time is 9 minutes after the hour. children thrown like rag dolls over the border in new mexico, a state lawmakers is action must be taken joins us next. griff: a run in with the devil in shoes but nike is not. the major victory in court. make! ♪ (angelic choir) ♪ and here's mine! when heartburn takes you by surprise. fight back fast, with new tums naturals. free from artificial flavors and dyes.
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's has the white house considered leaving the border security after video the 3-year-old alejandro mayorkas-year-old of being thrown over the wall? >> i saw the video and i don't think anyone who saw the video were incredibly alarmed. are you concerned more about the kids safety or kids getting in?
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carley: fox news pressing the white house after this shocking video showed us how dangerous conditions are right now. >> two dollars being stranded by smugglers. state senator mark mores joins us now. thank you for taking time. that area just west of el paso which is rough terrain. you saw is video. what is your reaction? >> we all just gasped when we saw those little girls dropped, i have seen the fence. it is a steep drop to rough terrain, rocky, desert, it made us gas and for these people to do something like that, these are the same people running drugs into our communities and crime through the roof in mexico
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and it makes us sick that the federal government hasn't taken care of this issue for years and years and years and on top of that defund the police movement that is scaring so many folks so someone would drop of 3 and 5-year-old girl over a wall like that onto rocky terrain and everything else these people do sends shivers through my constituents to the people in mexico. carley: congressman henry cuellar had this to say about the number of immigrants being released into the interior of the country without a court date. take a listen. >> a couple days ago they told me they had released over 5000 people who have no status at all, too many people coming in and not enough going out. carley: what is your reaction to that? 5000 people. >> in new mexico we are under
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lockdowns. schools aren't open, businesses are closed. my wife and i are in the covid business. we have been on the front lines all year long. folks have been left back into our community without testing and shut down and we are concerned about what the future impact will be on our state. it is concerning. they are endangering new mexicans and looks like washington is turning a blind eye. todd: we can see a campaign set up. you were picked to run for that vacated seat by now interior secretary holland so my question is how is the campaign going? what will you bring to washington when it comes to issues like immigration? >> we are excited the campaign
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is going well, just two month. it is a world fast campaign, we had the ground running. it is a real life experience we mentioned earlier in the medical industry, the front line experience how to fight covid and was we will do to recover from this pandemic and open schools and businesses safely. the defund the police in new mexico and across the country, talking about the border issue and that movement really had an impact in albuquerque, homicides in the last number of years. people are scared and we can make new mexico a safer state. jillian: a special election is set for june 1st and you may be heading to washington. thank you so much, new mexico state senator mark morris. griff: it is 17 after the hour,
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climate crusaders spray black guy all over the bank of england, live report from london. carley: britney spears, the pop star's bank account, multimillion dollar expense he wants compensated for. ♪♪ spec
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neil: griff: 36 people killed and doesn't is injured after a train crash in taiwan, the train derailed after smashing into a truck that was stuck on the tracks. griff: search and recovery efforts are underway. >> reporter: this is the beginning of the long weekend,
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people were heading home to see their families, the start of a four day to sweeping festival when the train they run hit a truck, at high-speed, 350 people were on board and because much of the train was in the tunnel and made rescue effort a lot harder. 36 people were killed, 72 injured, but significantly over the coming hours and days. jillian: we have an update, 48 people according to ap have been killed in that accident. that is the situation. griff: the other story you have been covering, the climate protesters tarring the bank of england. >> reporter: in the uk we had
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extinction rebellion groups targeting the uk. this time they aimed at the bank of england blaming the bank for the climate problems. >> we are here to demand the bank use its regulatory powers like hsbc, investing in coal, fossil fuels, the dirtiest means of producing energy. >> reporter: they cover the front of the bank with a substance made of black thickening agent that is supposed to replicate oil. it took a fair amount of time to rub off. extinction rebellion calls this an april fools process which many people call it vandalism but they are not going to stop these protests until the climate
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improves. carley: april fools is supposed to be funny. that doesn't look funny to me. there's an update on the iran nuclear deal. griff: >> reporter: from day one, the biden administration said wanted to rejoin iran nuclear deal, they tried from the beginning to reach out to iran but had no luck affecting iran which is not answer their phone calls. what we are seeing, other countries, britain, china, france, germany, russia meeting with iran in the coming days to find a way back into the deal. the trump administration withdrew from the deal in 2018, donald trump set all the deal did was give big money to iran. to stop them from getting a nuclear bomb down the line, remains to be seen how many concessions the biden administration might make, iran says they want to weaken the deal. who knows where they meet in the middle? carley: appreciate it.
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an update on one of the strangest stories of the week, the infamous satan shoes are off the market. a federal judge temporarily blocking sneakers from being sold after nike sued the company behind the limited-edition shoes for trademark infringement but the company says all but one pair of already been sold and shipped so they are in customers hands, modified nike air max 97s are said to have one drop of human blood. griff: making 600,$000 on that. it worked out for him. carley: i question is which human? remember the cdc director at latest emotional take on the pandemic. >> i am going to cause and
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reflect on the recurring feeling i have. carley: doctor fauci says he wouldn't put it that way. the difference of opinion from the top health officials. griff: eggs filled with bible verses targeted by the left. download the fox bed super 6 apps and play for a chance to win 10,$000. we need to predict 6 outcomes in the fox bed super 6 quiz show. it is free to play, just download the super 6 apps right now.
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griff: you have probably seen
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this video showing smugglers dropping young children just 3 and 5 years old 14 feet over a border wall and abandoning them in the new mexico desert. the border chief joined me now, thank you for taking time, when you saw this video what was your initial reaction and why have you released it? >> thank you for covering this story. for us these are the tactics we see from smugglers on the southwest border. when i saw the images provided by my staff i could not believe what i was watching. i was horrified. i was appalled to see that young child dropped like that from a 14 foot barrier to the ground in an area where it is so rocky and mountains and remote, the child for a few seconds didn't move so i was very worried until i started seeing her movement, then i saw a second child dropped off that barrier and the third item thrown over the fence
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and they abandoned these children and ran up the hill and run away without caring for the welfare of those children or on the other side of that barrier. griff: the cartels behind this, you want to pursue these two smugglers but in terms of the bigger picture is this indicative? >> it is and i don't think -- i heard the comments of the secretary the other day so the department of homeland security all the way to the front line border patrol agents we all know these smugglers are very ruthless. they do huge exploitation of children and families to take advantage of a situation when it comes to human beings and it is inhumane treatment of a human being. you have been along the border
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in el paso stretching from fort hancock, texas all the way to new mexico. there are areas where children are walking up to the border crossing where there is no barrier so why take these innocent little girls 3 years and 5 years old to an area in new mexico where there is a 14 foot barrier and drop them from the top of it when clearly there was another area where they were going to push these girls to the us side they could have walked through an open area where there was no need. >> in your 264 miles it is rough terrain and this is very telling. it captures the brutality of this crisis. let me ask you, there is the push factor in the northern triangle of poverty and violence, parents would consider allowing their children to make
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this dangerous journey. what do you say to them? >> my intent with this video was to get this out there so that the parents with this arrangement of criminal organizations or other people that are encouraging this to understand when they turn over their children to people like this these people don't care about their well-being. they treat these children as a commodity in the moment they turn a child in, whether it is ecuador or guatemala or the triangle countries, the exploitation starts from that moment on throughout the journey. i wonder when i visited with these little girls, so concerned about them. i want to the central processing center where we are holding children and i wanted to see them. they were so talkative but i was
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standing there and wondered if they were talking to me what kind of experiences they went through from ecuador that we don't know about. they were the ones being carried by these ruthless smugglers with inhumane treatment of the most vulnerable population. griff: a question on an unprecedented number of children coming across the border, one report, 180,000. are you hearing anything on what we might see this year? >> operators on the border, an overwhelming situation, and border regions are doing a phenomenal job. they are trying to keep up with the flow. we are going to surpass for the
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el paso sector the numbers from 2019 and we had a surge situation of people coming across the border 182,000 people we ended up apprehending that year. griff: thank you for taking time. carley: headlines now mixed messaging, doctor anthony fauci undercutting rochelle rubin ski over rising covid 19 cases. >> i don't know if i would avoid the pending doom. carley: air travel guidance for vaccinated americans which could be issues as early as today. $2 million is how much britney spears may have to pay to cover
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her dad's legal fees. jamie spears's attorney file the requesting court, an additional demand for compensation for conservator between 2019 and february of this year. he reportedly wants 16,$000 a month in compensation. the payout is being reviewed by the court. thanksgiving must be interesting at their house. griff: able talk about that on social media. fighting back against the teachers union, the lawsuit, the union is holding children hostage. >> looking like a rodeo, while video of a man who did not want to leave his horse outside. oh my. ♪♪ we want to know ♪♪
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no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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>> you saw the graphic failing our children, one of the biggest stories of the day is a fight to get kids back in the classroom. a year into the pandemic that fight is still going on and heating up in los angeles where a group of teachers have filed a lawsuit against the teachers union and the school district over keeping kids out of classrooms. they say their kids are being held hostage over a political agenda. here's a portion of that lawsuit just filed, united teachers los angeles use the tragedy of covid 19 as an excuse to extract conception based on its preferred personal and ideological policies by holding the education and future of children hostage. the teachers union was willing for teachers to remain out of the classroom and children including plaintiffs that supplemental, social and
2:41 am
economic consequences so these four parents are saying their children have greatly suffered by being forced to stay home for the whole year and one of the things the lawsuit says is whether teachers union is demanding has nothing to do with the pandemic. griff: every parent across the country when teachers unions have such a grip on the situation, not caring first and foremost about students mental and physical and academic health but in july here's a look at the demands teachers were demanding, defunding the police, housing for security for students, requiring business to expand paid sick leave, publicly funded charter schools and financial support for undocumented students. we spoke with several parents in los angeles over the past
2:42 am
several months hearing their frustrations. here's a clip of what they had to say. >> blame goes to governor newsom for empowering the teachers unions are instructing, the blame goes to governor newsom for not providing instructions and directions according to what he promised the state to reopen school safely. >> love of learning going down the tubes i knew that this was not going to work for our families. >> my kindergartner is in front of the screen. carley: the teachers union would say we are going to be back in classrooms by mid april, just a few weeks but that hybrid plan has younger kids going to school for 3 hours and all the kids going to school for a week and still on zoom with their teachers. they do not have a statement at this time, the teachers union did not respond. you know who is going to respond?
2:43 am
>> i'm always responding. griff and carly, good morning to you on "fox and friends" on this good friday. the attorney general launching a lawsuit against the joe biden administration over using relief money to offset tax hikes. the attorney general -- patrick morrisy of west virginia, complete takeover of state finances, will join us live from west virginia. also on deck, montana governor because it is friday, we have geraldo, general jack keane and lawrence jones and pete and will will be here on this friday plus
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f-16 fighter pilots, lieutenant colonel dan bruni shares his patriotic good friday message. we have a busy 3 hours kicking off on the channel you trust for your morning news. you are watching the fox news channel. an annuity can help cover essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how... this is what an annuity can do. professional show you how... guy fieri! ya know, if you wanna make that sandwich the real deal, ya gotta focus on the bread layers. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better! ♪ (angelic choir) ♪ and here's mine!
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the 5 a conservative student group in texas became the target of online outrage for placing 250 easter eggs filled with bible verses around campus. the president of young conservatives of texas joins me. you have a great idea to place
2:48 am
plastic easter eggs with bible verses around different places around campus and then what happened? >> we went out, put our eggs out, had a lot of fun doing that but we posted about the event on a facebook group first as well as social media apps and all these students knew we were going to be doing it and they decided to start a game where they were saying whoever could throw the most eggs away would win the game or whoever did that -- even had college democrats vice president partaking in this saying he would stomp eggs. it was chaotic. the outrage was pretty horrific.
2:49 am
carley: somebody says time to stomp some eggs. another person writes time to do a capture the egg challenge. another student says whoever finds and throws the most away wins a prize. do you know why some of these students are so angry over this? >> i honestly don't know. this has been pretty common theme in my group does any activity on campus, trying to disrupt it. we had an abortion memorial last semester, i really think a lot of it has to do with it is a public university, very liberal here and the students don't know how to interact with differences of opinion, they are going to obstruct events calling us names and threatening us and wants us to be silent because they don't know how to deal with people -- carley: easter egg hunt was inclusive because you don't have to be a christian to read a bible verse or any religion to
2:50 am
respect somebody's religious celebration which is what you were trying to do. sorry that happened to you. appreciate you coming on this morning. griff:'s morgan taking a dig at his former employer on april fools' day tweeting update, the archbishop of canterbury's confirmation, talking a load of old flannel in her oprah interview, itv joins up me in britain, and i decided to accept. the nation's prayers have been answered, see you monday. morgan left the show after sparking outrage saying he did not believe megan markel in her interview with oprah. morgan will discuss the controversy in an interview with tucker carlson on monday all the on fox nation. carley: that is one to watch.
2:51 am
i will tune into fox nation. still ahead montana banning sanctuary cities with our next guest says the move on illegal immigration is causing monumental problems. congressman matt rosen dale after the break.
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. .
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>> a border free zone where thousands of criminal aliens roam free a very, very dangerous situation. my message to communities under
2:55 am
siege from drugs and gangs and violence is, you can stop this and you can stop it cold. griff: that's from april of 2018 and it's been a long time since we have heard a president talk about securing our border and our country. but now montana has taken a page from the trump playbook with a new bill to ban sanctuary cities. carley: joining us live congressman matt rosendale. tell us about this new sanctuary city ban that's happening in montana all the way up north? >> yeah. well, we may be a northern border state, but we are experiencing problems from the southern border as well. i'm really proud of my former colleagues there in the legislature. i used to be the senate majority leader that worked together with governor jim forte and able to house bill 200 recently to ban sanctuary cities. i have been having discussions with our team, if you will, months ago, recognizing that we were going to have this problem
2:56 am
on the border and that's why one of the first pieces of legislation that i proposed in congress was to pay us a bill or bring forward a bill, no tax breaks for sanctuary cities. so to address the investment money that that these sanctuary cities were basically receiving from investors and the federal government was giving them tax breaks on that funding. so we're trying to attack this all fronts if we possibly can. griff: congressman, this bill, h.b. 200 targets tax exempt status on municipal bond. why would that curtail the crisis? >> so h.b. 200 they pay us at the state legislature, that's to prohibit all sanctuary cities. the bill that i brought forward in cock is no tax breaks for sanctuary cities. if the sanctuary cities cannot get investors to buy their municipal bonds, then they are not going to be able to fund their sidewalks, their streets, their water systems, their sewer systems. i found out while i was in the
2:57 am
bond title legislation that's critically important fund to have access to. and if we can cut those funds off, we can curve that are activity if you will from these sanctuary cities. there is 11 sanctuary states across the country, and 180 sanctuary cities. these folks are incentivizing the cartels to continue these trafficking issues that we're doing right now as we are saw on the border. i saw chavez the border patrol chief this morning that spoke with you about the young children that are being dropped across the border and as she explained, that's probably the bear minimal that the struggle and hardship children are going through as they travel north through the triangle countries. that's what gets lost in this whole conversation. that's just how bad people are being treated as they are on their way to our country. carley: congressman, your colleague, senator joe marchen was just at the southern border yesterday. now he is calling for widespread
2:58 am
immigration reform with a passive to citizenship. but he is also saying that maybe there should be a 90 day moratorium on immigration so that we can start processing these people correctly. how do you think that idea is going to play on capitol hill? >> i don't think it will play on capitol hill. i'm came out and recognized that. the fact are that the border was in good shape when the biden administration took over. it has declined dramatically since that time, and it is clear that it's going to get much be, much worse if he continues on those policies. we have got to put the policies back in place that kept the border safe and secure. we have to have the remain in mexico policy back in place. we have to continue the construction on the wall. then we can start having conversations about what to do with immigration. but, amnesty is not the answer. the democratic party already brought through two amnesty bills and rammed them through the house. that is not the answer.
2:59 am
right now we have hundred of thousand of people each month that are coming into our country. and we don't even know where they are going to be located. they are not processing them in a fashion that allows to go to a court hearing to find out if they are actually jingle bell for asylum. and so they are being released into the country with no court date and let's get straight, this is not immigration. immigration -- migration leads to you believe that those folks are going to rush to their country of origin. this is immigration. once they get here, those are folks are going to stay whether they say here legally or illegally they are going to stay. griff: yep. congressman matt rosendale, thank you for taking time this morning. have gadd weekend. carley: thank you, sir. >> thank you so much. carley: all right. we have got to leave with you this story also out of montana. take a look at this, a man on his horse giddy up through a convenience store. griff: the store though not finding it as funny as the rest of us, posting on facebook
3:00 am
politely asking customers to dismount their horses before going inside the store. the post reading in part, quote we will be glad to welcome you back, sir, but next time no horsing around, please. speaking of horsing around, carley, it's been great hanging out with you. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> has the white house considered beefing up border security now that there is video of a 3-year-old being thrown over? >> are you concerned more about the kids' safety or kids getting in. >> i'm appalled that the democrats are allowing there to happen. >> some of georgia's most prominent corporate leaders are criticizing the state's new election law. >> this legislation is unacceptable. >> these ce os are full of crap. georgia is trying to make sure everybody can vote legally. >> republican pushing back against joe biden's massive spending plan. >> this provide more subsidies for electric cars than it does for roads


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