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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 2, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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de effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> friday april 2nd, fox news alert, 36 people are dead after a train derailed in taiwan. passengers scrambling out of windows, a live report. >> over a wall into the desert, curious what the white house is doing. >> are you concerned about the kids safety your kids getting in? carley: the white house plays defense after horrifying video shows that was drop toppers over the border wall. we are live as democrats call
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for a 90 day pause on immigration. change live look in jerusalem as christians mark good friday. a message of hope as "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪♪ i've been to church ♪♪ i've read the book ♪♪ as often as i should ♪♪ i know i should ♪♪ carley: good friday is what we have to say. you looking live at jerusalem it is 11:00 in the morning, to celebrate this very very holy day. second easter during the pandemic but this easter looks so different than it did last year when we were just starting the pandemic, so much fear and now a light at the end of the tunnel.
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griff: to see christians going to church in jerusalem unlike last easter, a message of hope indeed and it is good friday, the day christians mark the crucifixion on the cross. carley: you are watching "fox and friends first" on good friday morning. griff: we have a lot of news to get to beginning with the growing crisis at the border. fox news pressing the white house on border security following the release of this shocking video showing summit was dropping toppers over the wall. carley: the biden administration's interesting response. >> reporter: that disturbing video of smugglers dropping the two kids age 3 and 5 over that border wall, peter doocy asking why they refused to commit to increasing security.
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>> i am curious what the white house is doing. >> are you concerned more about the kids safety your kids getting in? >> kids safety. >> of course it is. which is why i am surprised by the line of questioning here. carley: sisters from ecuador, in el paso, gloria chavez released the shocking footage, the tactics hurting these children. >> they are doing fine, releasing an image like that, to try these tactics further out. >> over 18,000 unaccompanied minors. with 13,000 under hhs care and
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5000 in cvp custody as a honduran boy is found wandering alone near the border. to governor greg abbott pointing his finger at the president for failing to keep the area secure. >> the biden administration's open border policies have created open season for human traffickers, drug smugglers, cartels and gangs. >> a texas trooper saved a baby and a mother who speaks about the dramatic rescue. >> i heard splashing from a distressed woman, grabbed the baby and helped the woman. the baby wasn't moving at that point. >> senator joe manchin floating a moratorium saying he was throwing out different ideas,
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still no word on plan border visits from president joe biden or vp kamala harris. we will hear, those images are hard to see. >> as the border revolves in a humanitarian crisis, jim jordan says the left is letting chaos get out of hand. >> think about this. you cannot get into your capital but anybody and everybody can get into your country. there is not a crisis on the border, it is chaos on the border because they ended the 3 key policies, they said no more deportation and announced to the world we will not finish the wall, those things changed everything and you get this terrible situation causing harm to kids and women of all kinds of people on the border because
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that is the biden administration, that is how ridiculous and crazy today's left it is. >> telling reporters he expects to encounter 1 million migrants this year. >> 36 people are killed and dozens more injured after a train crashes in taiwan. officials say it derailed after smashing into a truck that was stuck on the tracks, an estimated 350 people were on the train the rescue efforts underway for people still trapped inside the train. another fox news alert, 7 texas detention officers fired after a man dies in custody. and eighth officer has resigned. the sheriff says evidence shows the officers violated policies and procedures in the death of marvin scott iii who died after
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being pepper sprayed and placed in a hood while in jail on a misdemeanor charge, an independent autopsy found his death was likely caused by restraint and asphyxiation. griff: president biden unveiling his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. pete buttigieg defense the green jobs push. >> millions of jobs created in this bill are because this bill looks to the future, jobs being created as we speak. griff: mitch mcconnell says the gop will fight the plan every step of the way. >> a left-wing administration. griff: only 25% goes to basic
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infrastructure. house minority leader kevin mccarthy says they may call this infrastructure bill but it isn't. >> this infrastructure bill raises taxes, green new deal but provide more subsidy for electric cars than it does for roads and bridges combined. this is nothing about infrastructure. if it was republicans would be right there to put an infrastructure bill that would build america. griff: house democrats hope to pass the bill by july 4th. >> police say the suspect accused of killing four people and injuring another at a california office complex chained the building's gate stopping officers from getting inside. the motive is unclear but police say the shooting was not a random act of violence and the suspect new all the victims personally and professionally.
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a man, two women and the 9-year-old boy were killed, the lawrence county district attorney says the boy died in his mother's arms after she was trying to save him. the da said the suspect would be eligible for the death penalty if convicted. neil: two san francisco tourists chasing, surveillance cameras chasing after the family running after two men, of those hurt after a second suspect, a man tried to grab on, police say he let go but a suspect pointed a gun treated for minor injuries. >> the house of representatives votes district delta airlines of a multimillion dollar tax break. the state's new floating law, the tax break is for jet fuel and reportedly worth $35 million
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a year. they've not brought the measure up for a vote yet. griff: happening today christians around the world marching good friday. jerusalem, coronavirus restrictions begin to use but capacity limits are in place. many sites in the holy land are asking for financial help. that is what is usually seen around here. carley: the winter like weather in detroit not stopping, pereira from getting a home run. the rockies defending champion dodgers at coors field gets a walk off in the tenth inning.
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>> over riley's glove. >> the rbi single ceiling it but not every team made it out to the old ballgame, the nationals waving saturday. the start of the season after three players came out positive for covid 19. are you and that's fan? griff: it has 2 ways but it is under control. time is 11 minutes after the hour. a texas border chief appalled after toddlers are dumped over a barrier, and the country has lost control of its border, she joins us after the break. carley: this man is not horsing around or is he? the viral video of a convenience store on horseback.
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>> human beings are a commodity, when you see images like this i am appalled and wanted to identify him and prosecute him. >> terrifying video showing how dangerous the border crisis is as a smugglers caught on camera, abandoning them. the founder of angel families of america, smugglers in hotels are emboldened by a week administration. good morning, thank you for taking time here, you are an important voice in this crisis was what was your reaction when you saw this tragic video? >> i'm sick to my stomach, apollo that democrats are allowing this to happen. president biden has invited this
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crisis by saying everybody come on in. where is the outrage from the media? where's the outrage from the democrats? can you imagine in the middle of the desert in the middle of the night? we need republicans in the senate to use the filibuster to stop the democratic agenda on immigration, gun rights and everything else. we are losing control. this country is a train that his derailed, a complete disaster. griff: not sure that will happen in the senate because clearly the new administration, undoing the trump policies, they are not changing it, don't seem to be wanting to decide to backtrack on it but let me ask you, you immigrated legally to this country, and lost a son to an
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illegal immigrant, what advice would you give this administration to do now? >> i would say shut the border down until they figure out what they are going to do. what are these children of illegal aliens coming into the country going to do for jobs, housing, food, education, medicine, who will pay for this? this administration has not given a single thought to this crisis. shut the border down, stop deporting. donald trump had everything in place and now everything came loose and the country is being literally invaded and this is not humanitarian anymore. off of a 14 foot wall. griff: we had children in custody right now and 10
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shelters opening in the coming weeks and days. we exchanged information with jen psaki debating over the humane and compassionate part of this. do you believe the administration, in terms of compassion for these migrants. >> this is the way things are happening. americans are being silenced. when i started this organization, or number 3 on google search. google search has eliminated my page from google search. we are being silenced as americans, not being represented and immigrants like myself feel like we are being disregarded by
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this administration who cares nothing about the law. start enforcing the law. refugee status. griff: thank you for speaking out as we hear both sides of the debate. have a great weekend. >> climate protesters cause chaos in the uk, dousing the bank of england with fake oil. a live report from london coming up. vaccination is the new norm but not in ohio if our next guest can help it. state lawmakers work to keep vaccine passports out of their state, join us next. ♪♪ now or never ♪♪ i ain't going to live forever ♪♪
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carley: republicans in ohio to ban covid vaccines in their state. this after new york officials introduced an apps allows residents to prove they were inaugurated raising concerns about security of government overreach. joining me is ohio state representatives, good morning to you both. >> you don't want them in ohio, tell us why. >> absolutely. as ceo of a large infectious disease, on medical privacy, governments of gun too far. and with big tech company. you have big problems.
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>> some people would hear that, doesn't matter if the government knows i'm vaccinated, who cares. what do you say to that? >> what i say to that is i think the vaccine needs to be kept between you and your physician, vaccine passports don't belong in the united states, in a free society and the vaccine should be between you and your citizen, you and your physician. >> and vaccines are required in schools and to travel. >> the main issue is the big tech end of it. having government and big tech, willing to sell off your information, what is scary to me, and sell it off. that is the promise of what is going on previously and what is "happening now".
1:25 am
>> would make a difference if it was a private business like a school or a restaurant that wants to vaccine passports in ohio. are you trying to do that or is it -- >> a small business owner, with private enterprise, introduced into the business. you have a vaccine passport. i think it would diminish that business because there has been more support on any issue i ever pushed. if you were to introduce this, for that business. griff: new york just introduced developing a covid 19 passport. some folks in ohio travel to new york, they have one as well.
1:26 am
>> our freedom and liberties are at jeopardy, what they are looking to do in new york is a tragedy. in the state of ohio, urging every legislator across the country to stand up against big tech. carley: thanks for joining us talking about the hot button issues of the day. griff: 26 after the hour. watch this. a dear smashing through a schoolbus landing on a sleeping student. the wild wake-up call ahead. la's controversial da come our next guest lost her brother to gang violence, this encourages
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>> 36 people killed after a train crashes in taiwan was officials say the train derailed after smashing into a truck stuck on the tracks. >> search and rescue efforts remain underway. >> reporter: terrible story. people leaving the capital city and heading to their villages for the start of the 4-day festival in the train they were on hit a truck. and at high-speed meaning the carriages were ripped apart. 350 people were on board and because much of the train was in
1:31 am
a tunnel it made the rescue effort a lot harder. 72 injured. it is currently the worst train accident in that country and four decades. griff: you have another story you are covering, the climate protesters in the uk. >> reporter: we all heard of extinction rebellion. they hold protests in the uk quite often, they did so again yesterday. five people arrested in the latest protest the targeted the bank of england. >> reporter: the bank uses its regulatory powers investing in cold, fossil fuels, dirty means of producing energy. >> reporter: they cover the
1:32 am
front of the bank, with a sickening agent to replicate oriole. a fair amount of time to rub off. they collect in april for protest, most people would call it vandalism. >> look at the black stuff on the bank. there is a big update on the iran nuclear deal. >> reporter: from day one since president biden came to office, they have not answered his phone call. we now have britain, china, france, germany and russia on behalf of the us. the trump administration, all the deal did is give iran billions of dollars for that behavior, getting a nuclear bomb down the line.
1:33 am
remains to be seen how many concessions the biden administration might make. the iranian side, the biden administration wants to strengthen the deal and it appears biden is does what it takes. >> benjamin hall keeping us up-to-date on the international news, thank you. griff: la's controversial district attorney george gascon gutting the country's hard-core going to reemerge policing. local law enforcement calling the move a suicide pact. asia courting lost her brother to gaining violence, joins us now. thank you for joining us so that our viewers understand in 2017 your brother's car broke down in los angeles, he was mistaken for a gang member, they shot him 36 times. now you have this da gascon
1:34 am
making a drastic move to get the hard-core gang units. what is your reaction? >> i can't believe he is doing that. the work of the gang unit in the da's office that pulled this case to gather. these gangs are very dangerous. innocent people are caught in the crossfire of gang activities so it is a dangerous situation. a wrong move in trying to reform that. >> la county's sheriff alex villanueva, i want you to listen. >> eliminating gun enhancements,
1:35 am
multiple victim enhancements, these are tools for prosecutors to keep bad people locked away in the community out of harm's way. griff: do you believe what gascon is doing will make the streets of los angeles more violence and less safe? >> i absolutely do agree with that. it will create a situation where gangs believe they can take over the streets. those enhancements are the only thing that keep them in prison long enough to be cleaned up. this is what we are pushing for, we have to get these gangs off the street, some of them could be reached and it does not happen every ability nation to make that happen so what he is
1:36 am
pushing now is a lot of resources investing in rehabilitating them, especially in a juvenile setting, raising an opportunity, those are released onto the street in the case where he is still posting gang-related videos, they make their actions, if they want to rehabilitate. if they don't need need to be put away. >> in just a few seconds we have left what would you say to talk directly to him? >> he needs to bring people to the table and talk to the other side. is pushing these aggressive reforms and this is not what is
1:37 am
best, he has the support of the public but when you are sorting out victims of crime you are leaving talent open, he is on their side and is pushing these reforms to enhance gang activity so this is happening when the communities really need the support of the office and gang units. >> keep us posted, thank you for taking time. carley: some headlines here, george floyd's girlfriend testified their chauvin's murder trial telling jurors about their relationship and struggles with opioid addiction. >> suffers from chronic pain. we try really hard to break that
1:38 am
addiction. >> prosecutors release a picture of floyd taken inside the ambulance after the encounter last may. the police sergeant who was on duty that night taking the stand. >> fighting with someone. >> for how long? >> whatever is reasonable. >> chauvin's trial resumes this morning with only a half day of testimony. new york times touting president biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan a complete turnaround from a few years ago when the paper criticized donald trump's are left expensive plan. the paper reading biden details $2 trillion plan to rebuild infrastructure and rebuild the economy. in 2018 the paper wrote in part trump's infrastructure plan puts the burden on state and private money and questioned his ability
1:39 am
to come up with biden's plan. and embrace the opportunity to use federal spending. talk about a rude awakening, a deer crashing through the windshield in virginia. reportedly napping at the time. the stunt driver opened the door, the deer, uninjured, darts into a nearby field. no student, the bus driver, everybody is okay. >> the end of an era in north carolina. after 33 years, college basketball head coach including 18 seasons with the tar heels. >> i loved it. it is coaching.
1:40 am
all i wanted to do since the summer after my ninth grade year in high school. griff: he hangs up with 900 wins including 3 national championships. the women's final four kicks off tonight, men teams will square off tomorrow. carley: the teachers union has fought to stay out of the classroom. the lawsuit claimed the union is holding children hostage. griff: download the super 6 apps and play for a chance to win 10,$000. and detainment to sports. it is free to play the super 6 apps now. and thousands of jewish survivors
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griff: a group of parents in los angeles suing the teachers union and the school district for keeping schools closed during the pandemic, watching their children suffer mentally, physically and academically. an excerpt from the lawsuit claims teachers union over a political agenda. united teachers los angeles, covid 19 as an excuse to extract based on preferred personal and ideological policies holding the education in future hostage. you tla was willing for teachers to remain out of the classroom and children including tightness to suffer the mental, social and academic consequences. as a parent of kids in school, can certainly sympathize with
1:45 am
what they are feeling, trying to do here in this case, getting some national attention because of this sort of david and goliath battle they are having with the powerful teachers union. carley: one of the things this lawsuit says is the teachers union made a bunch of demands that have nothing to do with covid 19. some of those demands defund police, housing security, require businesses to expand paid sick leave, restrict publicly funded charter schools going after the charter schools during covid 19 and financial support for undocumented students. nowhere on that list anything to do with ventilation and spacing at all the things you would think they would be singularly focused on so parents are saying kids are being held hostage by the teachers union's political
1:46 am
demands. >> reporter: held hostage because they are in such isolation. toddlers have their parents, schooling kids for so long in isolation, the effects of that and talking over the past several months talking to these groups of parents watching their kids. here is what you heard. >> the blame goes to governor newsom for empowering teachers unions, the blame goes to governor newsom for not providing true directions according to what he promised to reopen schools safely. >> i this was not going to work. >> heartbreaking my kindergartner is in front of the screen.
1:47 am
carley: this is a personal injury lawsuit, four parents brought this lawsuit forward, it is coming at an interesting time because schools in la are going to reopen in mid april but there is a big catch because elementary students are only going to be on campus for three hours a day so by the time you get there they have to pack up and go home and older kids will be on campus for just half of the week and when they are they will be online learning so they will be sitting in front of their screens. >> and still suffering. he had to work with one of his students, she was doing this
1:48 am
during the zoom class and the teacher said are you okay? i don't like the way my nose looks, sounds small and trivial but take it into consideration these children are seeing themselves every day and causing mental distress in some cases. we asked for a statement and they do not have one at this time. the teachers union not responding. take a look at this. a man and his horse giddyup in montana. the surveillance video on facebook asking customers to dismount their horse before going inside reading and part we will be glad to welcome you back but next time no horsing around please. jillian: what a site that was, 48 after the hour, good friday, christians, the passion and death of christ. our next guest says the past year has been one of tremendous loss. pastor robert jeffress delivers
1:49 am
his special holy week message coming up next. ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> this year marks the second is to sunday, but with loss and sadness there is hope. pastor robert jeffress of first baptist church in dallas offering a special easter message in his new op-ed and he joined me now. happy easter. tell us your message this morning. >> happy easter to you by the way. i so well remember a year ago being on this program on good friday and remember very well
1:53 am
the despair gripping the nation. we were going into lockdown mode, churches were going to be closed for the first time in history and we wondered where we ever going to emerge from this and what a difference a year makes, today there is hope abounding everywhere as we emerge from this pandemic and in my op-ed i note that is a perfect picture of the contrast that first easter weekend. on good friday it seems like anything but good to the disciples, jesus had been crucified, their dreams and disappeared but three days later the hope and truth of the resurrection eclipsed the darkness of this world and it continues to do so 2000 years later. shannon: such a hopeful message but for those who are watching who still feel lonely or lost, lost a loved one, lost a job, what do you say? >> the bible never the lies the
1:54 am
reality of suffering in this world but at the word temporary. many members of the church lost loved ones, some say goodbye to a loved one utilizing face time and am i going to see my loved one again? the question is answered by a resounding yes. the fact that jesus not only paid for our sins on that good friday but conquered death on easter sunday, jesus said it this way. i am the resurrection and the life. he who believes in me though he dies yet shall he live again. that is the ultimate hope we have this easter weekend. carley: i'm sure you will have a beautiful easter service. church membership, religious membership has dropped to record
1:55 am
lows, it is below 50% for the first time. why do you think that is? >> what has happened is our nation has gotten more secular. what we are losing our cultural christians. it used to be 70 years ago people thought to be a good person you had to go to church and they did so whether they believed it or not they went through the motions. more and more people go to church, are the true believers. i'm not discouraged by this at all. carley: thank you for waking up early and joining us. happy easter. griff: in the next hour of "fox and friends first" shameless smugglers dropping two toddlers over a 14 foot barrier. gloria chavez released the video for is going on at the border, she will join us live with an update coming up.
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griff: fox news alert, 30 people killed and dozens hurt after a train derailed in taiwan, the worst rail disaster in decades. we have breaking details. >> are you concerned more about kids safety your kids getting in? carley: horrifying video two toddlers being dropped over a barrier with serious concerns about border security. a live report. griff: his cupid shuffle made him a viral sensation when he ran for president. could this help and relaying strike the right chord as he runs for new york city mayor? ♪♪


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