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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 1, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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never the media mob. let not your hearts be troubled. next.ingraham is>> have a great night. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle." another big show for you tonight. senator lindsey graham, congressman burgess owens, mollie hemingway, dinesh d'souza, lara logan all here but first, this is a good one. pro china, anti-georgia, that is the focus of tonight's angle. a lot has happened since tuesday when the angle first alerted you to the importance of demanding georgia's common sense voter i.d. and election integrity law be sustained. not only have major american ceos come out to oppose the completely reasonable voter protection effort, joe biden's advisors even shoved him out to make the same point.
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>> what do you think about the possibility that baseball decides to move their all-star game out of atlanta because of this political issue. >> i would strongly support them doing that. the very people who are victimized the most are the people who are the leaders in these various sports. it's just not right. this is jim crow on steroids. >>th laura: it looks like the american gothic painting. the only thing missing is the pitchfork. remember when biden claimed he didn't want to wade into the culture wars during the campaign? he was going to unify the be the president of all americans. that's obviously out the window. as i warned, they'reoi going to use terms like jim crow and they're going to lie but they will never talk about what's actually in the law. here are the facts. the law requires voter i.d. for absentee ballots. it eliminates signature matching. it expands early voting opportunities.
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it keeps ballot drop boxes. it shortens the time between the general election and a runoff. it gives the state bar the power to remove corrupt election these rules benefit americans of every race. most people, including working-class minority voters, they need protection from a ringed election system so the hard left and itss woke supporters can hold on to power no matter how badly they screw up. the democrats on the left have become so power-hungry and radicalized, they have resorted to lies about a totally sensible law. the horde of american ceos jumping on the trash georgiato bandwagon should know better. instead they are openly pandering to the left and embracing hateful and poisonous lies. perhaps the most pathetic displays were from the georgia based ceos of delta air lines and coca-cola.
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>> we realize that this was restricting their access, people's access particular in the black community. this is something that's more than money. this is about protecting the voices of our people. >> crystal clear and unequivocal. anthis legislation is unacceptable. it's a step backwards and it does not promote principles that we have stood for in georgia. >> laura: well, that isn't the only legislation coca-cola that needed to be remedied. just a few months ago we learned that coca-cola spent millions lobbying against legislation cracking down on imports of goods made with forced labor from persecuted muslim minorities in china. wow. of course coca-cola wasn't the only corporate opponent of this anti-slave labor bill. apple reportedly lobbied against it as well. which made it extremely rich to
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see apple ceo tim cook castigate georgia's voter law saying "weve support efforts to ensure that our democracy's future is more hopeful and inclusive than in the past."oo doesn't apply to china, though. the love for democracy. stops at the u.s. border. his company has gleefully helped the chinese communist party squash any and all dissent. in 2019, apple removed an app popular among pro-democracy protesters in hong kong after the chinese government said it was being used for "illegal behavior." the idea that tim cook or any of those other ceos are morally outraged by voter i.d. requirements and expanded early fvoting, it's laughable given what they are doing in china. they obviously care more about the billions they are raking in courtesy of the ccp than actually championing human rights., so why are they bashing georgia?
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it's simple. they fear the left more than they fear you. >> we must also hold corporations accountable for their silence in this debate. let me make it plain. we need corporations to get off the fence and speak up in states still considering this m h coordinated attack on voting rights. >> this is what corporate responsibility looks like, the insurrection era. >> laura: oh, please. fan of telling companies to fight for election fraud or face harassment and boycotts. stacey abrams and her intimidation squad.. they are all thrilled about it. the sad thing is it's working. ditto for hollywood. after director james mangold pledged to not direct another movie in georgia, "star wars"s actor mark hamill responded on twitter with a hallelujah. may the force be with you. may you do what stacey abrams tells you to do. pro athletes or virtual signaling their wokeness.
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the mlb players association apparently open to moving the all-star game out of georgia. we already know what happened when the nfl in the nba offended us. if the mlb is dumb enough to follow suit, they will certainly strike out with their predominantly conservative viewership. as i warned just a few days ago, we have the hard left working hand in glove with hollywood, sports personalities, and big business to bully and intimidate georgia for passing a law that they believe threatens democrats' dreams of permanent rules. majority democrat rule forever. meanwhile democrats in congress are moving forward with a bill called h.r. 1 that would prevent any state from having reasonable rules to preserve the integrity of their elections. h.r. 1 is a massive federal power grab. election integrity laws in every state, bans voter i.d., mandates universal mail-in ballots and puts in place online and
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same-day voter registration. you can open up the floodgates to fraud. ballot harvesting. all the other measures that democrats need to win recollections. the obvious purpose of this bill will beta enter permanent democratic democratic control of both congress and the presidency. democrats know in the end come i think this is what's really going on. their policies are going to lowerr your standard of living through higher taxes, higher energy prices, piling on debt. of course the climate change agenda. they can't run on that dismal agenda. they're not going to be able to. so they have to ensure that the elections going forward are ringed in their favor. in the meantime, they're going to keep launching false attacks about the so-called racist voting laws.s. look at the shiny object while we destroy the constitution. so it's time to draw a line in the sand. we have to defeat this effort to
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destroy our political system. that means every republican member of congress, every single one, the house and the senate, even mitt romney, every republicanou governor should immediately speak out against this campaign of defamationen billing. that's not enough. it's time to teach corporate america that if they attack georgia or any state like it for doing what they did to secure their right to vote, these corporations are going to face the wrath of g.o.p. officials as well as the tens of millions of american consumers who support them. that means lobbyists and ceos, they need to be told in no uncertain terms if you try to help the left rig elections, we are going to punish you. we're not going to take your calls. we are not going to meet with you. we will analyze every benefit you get under state and local law and eliminate as many of them as possible.
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if you threaten to leave for a blue state, we will hold open the doors and bid you farewell. pay their huge taxes. seeth if we care. enjoy trying to comply with their antibusiness regulations. but don't ever ask us for help again when the left comes after you. because you're going to be the enemy of fair elections and you're going to be treated as such. that's the angle. joining us now, south carolina senator lindsey graham. senator, i want to ask you for a reaction to that angle. corporations have long considered republicans to be their greatest defenders against the high tax, you know, big regulation of the left and the democrats. if they do this to georgia, are you prepared to say all bets are off with these corporations? >> well, i wish everybody could hear what you just said. he summed it up pretty well. number one, they ceos are full
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of crap, running scared. georgia is trying to make sure everyone can vote legally. georgia has a 17 day early voting period including weekends. delaware, where president biden is from, has no early voting. you don't have to have a reason to cast an absentee ballot in georgia. you just wantotha to. so you can vote robustly in georgia. but now you've got to prove you are who you are and that is driving the left crazy because it's harder to cheat.ow delta, microsoft, coca-cola, what do you think about h.r. 1? are you okay with h.r. 1, where redistricting will be done at the federal level, not the state level, were ballot harvesting will be the law of the land,.r.r that we will obliterate voter i.d. laws? h.r. 1 passive, corporate america, you are screwed beyond belief. there will be no limit to what democrats can do your tax rate and to your regulation structure. so if you really care about the future of your business and your shareholders, you will speak up against h.r. 1, the biggest
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power grab in the history of the eunited states. >> laura: and while denouncing the georgia motor law, senator graham, the coca-cola ceo said focuses on supporting federal legislation that protects voting. that's h.r. 1. you hit the nail on the head. this is what they're doing. >> coca-cola, if coca-cola's for h.r. 1, you are the dumbest ceo in the history of america. if h.r. 1 becomes law, ballot harvesting will be the law of the land. states will be c run by the most liberal people in washington. awthere will be federally funded elections. redistricting will be done by liberal democrats. federal election committee. if you think that's a good deal for corporate america or hardworking americans, then you're crazy and you need to be
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fired. i think they all need to be asked tomorrow, do support h.r. 1 that's now pending before the senate. because if you do, as a corporate ceo, you're destroying your shareholders' ability to thrive and survive. >> laura: i laid out in the angle most of these ceos have no hesitation about bowing down to china with everything they're doing in hong kong, their plans i'm sure in taiwan. what they have done to their own people in china. they have no problem. now they're going to lecture georgia? they think they're not going to deal with the wrath of the american people? give me a break. >> what they are doing in georgia is requiring to prove you are who you are when you vote by mail which is a good idea. i want people to be able to vote robustly, easily. i want to make sure that it's an honest vote.ho so the ceos, they don't know. joe biden has no idea what's in
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the georgia election law. jim crow was a time in our country where people were beaten so they couldn't vote. dogs were unleashed on them. they had poll tax. they have literacy tests to compare that to georgia is an offense the people in georgia. it's what the left does to try to get us all to bend to theirir will, as you said. i'm tired of it. joeet manchin, do what west virginia wants and you'll be fine. don't let jim clyburn and the radical left beat you up and get you to submit to voting for h.r. 1. if you care about the people of west virginia or arizona, north carolina, you name the states, then stand up for thebo ability of your stay to conduct a fair election the way they see it. don't turn all the power over to the federal government. >> laura: major league baseball better be very careful. the viewers of major league baseball are very conservative. senator, before we go, after your recent visit to the border, i believe you have a message for president biden and dr. fauci.
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what is it? >> yeah. well, president biden says to the texas rangers baseball team, talking about baseball, you need to listen to dr. fauci about urging people to come to the baseball game opening day. dr. fauci, you need to go to the border. here's what you will see. you will see 900 people in a room built for 80. will see people living on top of each other. a 10% positive rate where the positive people intermingled with everybody else. all the illegal immigrants are dumped in texas and the rest of the country. dr. fauci, you need to go to the border and if you're not compelled to shutdown this illegal immigration program, i don't want to hear anything you've got to say about baseball or restaurants. it is the biggest in my view covid spreader in the world along the border for thousands of illegal immigrants, coming to this country positive, 10% positive rate, intermingled with each other. dropped down all over texas and the rest of america. so i'm not worried about the baseball game in texas.
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i am worried about illegal immigrants infecting the whole country given the policies that biden has so dr. fauci, go down bathere and then advise president biden about it. >> laura: may be just to tell them that there are plenty of cameras down there. thank you. >> there are more than 250 proposed bills and at least 43 states aimed at restrictingma access to the ballot. it's being called the new jim crow. >> this is racial voter suppression. you've heard the words jim crow. we don't enjoy saying it but it is what it is. >> what we see is jim crow 2.0. let's call it what it is. it's embarrassing. it's sad. >> laura: has senator graham mentioned, you hear a lot of that, the new georgia law. it's like what existed in the old south so we thought it's important to know what happened in the old south. what did jim crow laws actually look like? here's one. no colored barber shall have service of a barber to white womenn or girls.
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serving white people exclusively or colored people exclusively. it should be unlawful for a white person to marry anyone except a white person. here to weigh in is utah congressman burgess owens. your dad actually grew up in thc jimm crow south. when you hear the constant repetition of georgia is jim crow, you must have a pretty enraged response. >> my dad, and my granddad, and so did i. i was 16 years old when i had a chance to experience meeting white americans. i grew up in the community that was segregated. proud community. i am sick and tired of the hard left, black leaders putting my race down of the greatest generation that ever lived out that my dad, granddad's generation. they loved our country. they were about meritocracy and edproving that they are worthy f respect. so to hear that we are half this hopeless race, that's marxism alive. that's not the parents i was
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raised with. i'm thankful i grew up around the people i did in the 1960s. >> laura: congressman, they refuse to be referred to as victims. instead they acted like champions. here we have a situation where biden is demanding that the all-star game leave atlanta? let's remind everyone of what jim crow was actually like for baseball players in georgia. it shall be unlawful for any amateurry colored baseball teamo play baseball in any vacant lot or baseball diamond within two blocks of any playground devoted to the white congressman. this only illustrates, does it not, why this baseball game absolutely must be played in georgia?d >> it is and let me say i came in the nfl in 1973, there were no black quarterbacks, centers, middle linebackers.hy white men in leadership
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positions. we've come so far. it's not even an issue. what we have is people who say that they are compassionate and they love my race and other if they wanted deal, hearing about this voter i.d. for 20 years. if they cared about black people being able to get on the plane, have a job in a savings account, move into the middle class, they would've done something by now. they love to use misery as a political strategy. i want my democratic friends to understand we have a hard left marxist socialist abusing your good hurts to destroy our nation. don't let them. we've got to come together and realize we have the same end game. that our kids have the best future possible and we live in safety and it will never happen with the hard left. they are godless, they hit the family and they hate capitalism. destroying our nation from within. let's not let them do that.
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>> laura: congressman, finally, how did we get to a point in time in our country where democrats apparently think so little of minority voters that they just assume they don't have ids. what is that? it is so insulting. >> think about it. a what other race to they think, asian, polish, italian? no. only black people. here's the thing. they recognize black middle americans are leaving the plantation. they want the walls come down. they want -- what marxists do if they love chaos. it's on purpose. they love to not think about what the future is like. >> laura: rewriting history and tearing it down. congressman, thank you so much for coming on tonight. some particular galling comments from nbc supposing serious news man, lester holt. an important question. should the media be treated as democratic propaganda?
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mollie hemingway and dinesh d'souza have compelling thoughts on that next. ♪ ♪ propaganda? hey, i just got a text from my sister. you remember rick, her neighbor? sure, he's the 76-year-old guy who still runs marathons, right? sadly, not anymore. -what, you mean-- -mhm. -just like that. -wow. so sudden. um, we're not about to have the "we need life insurance" conversation again, are we? no, we're having the "we're getting coverage so we don't have to worry about it" conversation. so you're calling about the $9.95 a month plan -from colonial penn? -i am. we put it off long enough. we are getting that $9.95 plan, today. (jonathan) is it time for you to call about the $9.95 plan? i'm jonathan from colonial penn life insurance company. sometimes we just need a reminder not to take today for granted.
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework
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is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. ♪ ♪ >> laura: do you remember when journalists actually prided themselves on being objective,
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accurate, impartial? those days are over. according to nbc, anchor lester holt. the aim of a news man is not to spread truth but propaganda. >> it's become clear that fairness is overrated. the idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect b the wod we find ourselves in. that the sun sets in the west is a fact. any contrary view does not deserve our time or intention. >> laura: it should be noted that he said that while accepting a journalism award which tells you just how far the profession has fallen. that wasn't his most objectionable utterance. >> decision to not give unsupported arguments equal time are not a dereliction of journalistic responsibility or some kind of agenda. it's the opposite. eproviding an open platform for
11:26 pm
misinformation for anyone to come say whatever they want especially when issues of public health and safety are at stake can be quite dangerous. >> laura: is that like when they said it was science that we needed to be 6 feet apart? was that the science that you're repeating? it sounds like the chief anchor for nbc news is advocating for suppression of news or questioning thece experts. joining me now, dinesh d'souza, author and filmmaker and host of the dinesh d'souza podcast. ialso with us is mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist," fox news contributor. mollie, i have met lester holt a few times. i always considered him one of the few sane voices left at nbc. that kind of took my breath away. your reaction.
11:27 pm
>> sorry. i'm sorry. what i think is so fascinating is lester holt's current colleagues include rachel maddow, the chief promulgator of the russia collusion hoax, joy reid he says that there were time travelers who hacked her blog years ago and that's why there were things on there she didn't want to admit she'd written. al sharpton, whose race hoaxes have a body count. and brian whatever his last name is, what are their main hosts right now. someone who sang, he says he's been in places he hasn't been. the idea that nbc news, any of these people would be in a position where they could say what truth is our reality is. with the better guide is if they have said it is probably not we have decades of experience with people making up stories about republicans, conservatives. i whether it's "new york times" and the fake scanner story about president george w. bush or dan rather falling for that story about george w. bush or the russian hoaxto or kavanaugh
11:28 pm
conspiracy. they always make up stories that are completely unsupported by the facts and they push them out there. the idea that they would be in a position to say anything about this nobody should take them seriously. people who laugh in the face of anyone who says that they are a good arbiters of what is true and what is not true. they are anything but. the issue straight up t propaganda.. >> laura: dinesh, so people get a flavor of how this works, in the derek chauvin murder trial, this is how it gets covered in some of the other cable shows. watch. >> extremely powerful, very emotional testimony.y. >> incredibly powerful. not only because of what she said but she is sitting there in her >> off-duty fire fire describing vivid and heartbreaking detail. >> this situation really struck her and that's going to also strike the jury. >> strong testimony for the prosecution. >> powerful, emotional.
11:29 pm
>> laura: [laughs] dinesh, did you get the sense that it was very emotional?? that's the analysis. >> absolutely. in fact on social media, chelsea handler said we've got a video of what happened, the murder, she called it. why are we even having a trial. this is the lester holt mentality. he's acting as if the difference between democrats and republicans, philosophical differences. different ideas of how we should move society. it's not akin to a dude feet about whether the sun rises in the east or west. it's differences in equality of opportunity or results. the policy applications, how long should we shut the country down. when should we open it up. mask mandates, are they effective?
11:30 pm
to treat these important issues of public policy which involve facts but they also involve values, so it's a simple matter of hey, these people are putting out misinformation we should basically begin arbiters of that. it's a complete misunderstanding of what journalism is all about. >> laura: i remember growing up watching "60 minutes" as a kid and they're still good people at 60 minutes but it was probing, they didn't expect the experts at their words. they kept asking question after question and follow-up. there was some skepticism but the skepticism is only going one way, towards conservatives or traditional americans. >> i think people need to be honest with the vast majority of people who go into journalism these days are not going into journalism to report the facts or analyze things honestly. they are there to push an agenda. i think if you watch the press conference last week where a bunch of white house reporters, it used to be kind of a prestigious position. people, it would be something, the top echelon of political
11:31 pm
reporters. it was an embarrassment.h it was appalling. these were people who were complementing president biden instead of asking questions. on the heels of four years of them acting like absolute crazy people who thought their job was to fight trump on literally everything single thing he did. they were pushing biden to accept a more liberal agenda, why he wouldn't do more to end the filibuster. it's not journalism elation be treated like journalists. it's political activism. people need to deal with it. republicans and other conservative leaders need to recognize that the media are not doing journalism. they're doing political advocacy and treat them as such. >> laura: and there's one more quick., real it's how they covered georgia. watch. >> voting access under assault. georgia republicans passed sweeping laws changing voting access. >> fallout from georgia's new laws restricting rights.
11:32 pm
backlash against georgia's restricted new voting laws. >> does corporate america need to be more forceful in denouncing the law? should boycotts be on the table? >> laura: that is the advocacy. shouldn't corporations do more? shouldn't they smash georgia? so georgia never comes back as a state. these are news anchors. >> these are news anchors. we have to realize that behind their story,ia there is a meta-story in the meta-story is the ideological motor that's driving the story. i think the real differences in the past the meta-story was always there but it was more subdued. reporters recognized that it's not a good idea to let it out to obviously because their bias would become too blatant. i think one of the silver linings of all this is that i think when we look at these guys, you have to be a complete dunce not to see that they are advocates. they are more passionate than lawyers on one side of the casei the idea that they are objective or trustworthy or neutral
11:33 pm
umpires making sense of the facts, that's laughable. >> laura: they all work for the dnc. mollie and dinesh, thank you. now that the pharmaceutical companies are conducting trials on adolescents with the covid vaccine, the follow-up is do kids need the vaccine? doctors who have thought provoking thoughts on all of it join us next with answers. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> laura: when it comes to kids and covid, they are almost impervious to the disease. they make up 12% of covid cases, positive test results. 3% of hospitalizations in less than .1% of deaths. despite this, the medical bureaucracy is calling for the blanket vaccination of children in order to fully and safely reopen schools. yesterday pfizer announced its covid vaccine trial showed a 100% efficacy rate for 12 to 15-year-olds.
11:39 pm
given the evidence, isn't it -- is it prudent to waste billions of dollars injecting kids? what about the long-term side effects? are there any? do we have any idea what they might be? joining me as a former covid advisor to hhs. and a doctor at stanford. you set an hour town hall last friday. that vaccinating kids would be a mistake but your reaction to pfizer's announcement that it's 100% effective. >> much less than meets the eye. they look at whether you are infected, noten for their kids t symptoms. they rarely get symptoms and rarely have severe results. children have a natural resistance to severe outcomes from covid. few children died last year from covid where there was no vaccines to influence our weather was pretty don't need to
11:40 pm
protect children from bad outcomes. it would take a trial of millions of kids to establish it. there may be side effects. we don't know. a long-term side effects haven't been evaluative. there's no health benefits children themselves. children aren't super-spreaders. not really benefiting others. we could use the vaccines, send them so that we can vaccinatepr old people in developing countries who aren't getting the vaccine. save more lives that way. i think it's a bad it's not necessary. >> laura: a lot of parents are freaking out about it. the tweets and the emails. it's insane. here is what fauci said last night about vaccinating kids. >> they are testing itfr in kids younger and younger. it's called age de-escalation
11:41 pm
testing. so they go from 12 to 9-year-olds, 9-year-olds to 6-year-olds. 6-year-olds to 2-year-olds. and then six months to 2-year-olds. so we hope that by the end of the year we will have enoughso information that we can safely vaccinate children of any age.. >> laura: billions of dollars on the line. dr. alexander, should they be getting this covid vaccine? >> thanks for having me. i agree with dr. bhattacharya and i think it's a huge mistake and reckless. the statement, i don't think they are reading the science. how did pfizer defined efficacy? over what period of time? do they measure immunity and the children in the trial. you have immunity, you don't need a vaccine. the issue is why would you as a parent allow a vaccine, foreign substance into the arms of your child will be don't have the safety data. it's incredibly dangerous. we have evidence from 2009, scandinavian countries. h1n1 influenza vaccine for children developed severe
11:42 pm
narcolepsy. 2017 catastrophic for children. huge mistake. jonas salk, 1955 polio vaccine. we have many advances. >> laura: let me move on. we have got to get to this. one of cnn's favorite panic pushers let it slip that his fearmongering isn't even based on science. >> you don't have really hard data but it's more anecdotal.
11:43 pm
lots of younger adults now going into hospitals. while we have vaccinated 50%, 60% of the older populations, we are seeing a lot of young i'm h guessing it's the b117 variant and that gives me cause for concern. >> laura: he is a vaccine developer. dr. bhattacharya, he is concerned about something that he doesn't know it's true and admitted >> most states in the country, cases have come down. even as the variants have spread. it's fearmongering for its own sake. it's not responsible. we vaccinated a large fraction of the older population. there is reason why they are of course the remaining cases are among younger populations. it's not that surprising. the younger population is relatively well protected compared to the old. there is a 1,000 foldd differene in the risk between someone who is 20 and someone who is 80 in terms of bad outcomes.
11:44 pm
this is what happens when you vaccinate the older population. you get fewer deaths. you may get cases but if the cases don't result in hospitalizations and death, it's good news. >> laura: this has never been about cases. it wasn't supposed to be. it was supposed to be about stopping serious illness or reducing serious illness, death, hospitalization but the goalposts keep moving. doctors,s thank you. as disastrous as the situation is at the southern border, lara logan says it's about to get a lot worse. she brings us exclusive insight into the cartels'ab next move. you don't want to miss this. ♪ ♪ you don't t t t t do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized that we needed a way to supplement our income. our friends sold their policy to
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♪ ♪ >> the texas rangers save there will not be any attendance restrictions and their stadium. it could be filled to capacity. >> that's a decision they made. i think it's a mistake. they should listen to the dr. fauci and the scientists and the experts. but i think it's not ecresponsible. >> laura: did he fall asleep again? i lose track. have you toured the facility at the border. more than 1600% over capacity. it's a joke but it gets worse. as a guest told us last week, u.s. officials are releasing illegal immigrants without any
11:50 pm
paperwork whatsoever. we have no idea who these people are but welcome to america. now the associated press iset confirming what we already knew that u.s. authorities are releasing migrant families that have come on the mexican border without notices to appear in immigration court. sometimes without any paperwork at all. time-saving moves that have left some.s migrants confused. joining me now is lara logan, host of fox nation's lara logan has no agenda. the new season is exclusively focused on the border crisis. the migrants are confused because they are just allowedd in. they are confused. this goes way beyond confusion to assisting the cartels. tell us about it. >> it really does and i was speaking to some agents on the border today who were saying it's not just all the people that are being released. it's not just the thousands and
11:51 pm
were getting away. it's the fact that they are under so much pressure to push people through as quickly as they can that they have no idea who they are. you're right that the cartels are the ones who are the bigle winners in this situation and they know it. they are sending five rafts across at a time because while agents are consumed with it or taking care of children dropped over the fence et cetera, they know that that's the opportunity for them to push drugs and guns and whatever they want. cash. coming back into mexico from the u.s. the cartels, what we are hearing, i've been in touch with some sources on the mexican side, but we are seeing and hearing is that there is a loose federation that's forming to prepare to take on one of the most violent cartels, cjng, it's a newer cartel but still very powerful. thousands of members living inside the u.s.. according to
11:52 pm
dea. operationally more than 32 states in mexico, more than 48 countries across the world and in addition, the mexican government just recently released a major cartel figure from prison. they are preparing to release one who is known for his sadistic tactics and who has been in prison for the last few years.s. linked directly to the massacre of 72 migrants in san fernando just near the u.s. border back in 2010. with these two very violent, very significant leaders coming out of prison in mexico, there is also talk of releasing another major figure in the u.s. who is -- whose time behind bars is coming to an end. what all of this means according to law enforcement and people familiar with the cartel is that we should get ready for more violence. it's about to get much, much worse. same for the situation on the border.
11:53 pm
>> laura: i want everyone to see this exclusive video that you obtained that show smugglers bringing illegals into the country through private property. everyone watch. >> [speaking spanish] >> laura: they are saying run, run, if you know your basic spanish. do the property owners, they know what's happening. do they get any help from the borderic patrol? >> the property owners, you know, i am talking to them all the time, what they will tell you is it's really up to them at this point. border patrol is overwhelmed. you have the national guard helping them, they are overwhelmed. t
11:54 pm
texas law enforcement is overwhelmed and what you can see thisemem video, what is so extraordinary about this, he was taken a few months ago late last year and it's about 80 miles north ts of the southern border. that's 80 miles these smugglers for the cartel have made it into the u.s. what they are doing, they have heavy weaponsat that e fully loaded, operational, waiting to use. they have police light on the dashboard, the same tactics they use in mexico, they are using them here in the u.s. with no fear. >> laura: it's unbelievable, the video was unbelievable and it's only worse now. everyone has to understand this. lara, thank you so much. in lieu of the last bite, i have a major confession to make. ♪ ♪ ..
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>> laura: all right, i need to come clean, it's kind of a confession. do you guys hear us tease the gals at the view sometimes?
12:00 am
joy behar and i have decided to tour the country to do kind of a unity thing, republicans, that we are getting along and she's a very -- she's a lovely person and i'm going to learn a lot from her. i need to learn a lot from her to grow and evolve as a person, as a political thinker. april fools. that's all the time we have, shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here. shannon. >> shannon: laura, you know we would buy my tickets if you and joy were doing anything together because we would love to see the discussion. do it for cha >> you know we would buy tickets if you enjoy were doing anything together. would love to see that discussion.ri >> have a great show. american airlines goes after homebase texas over the lone star state's senate bill 7 which would limit early voting hours totally happens between


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