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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 1, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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veterans. i mean, this is wrong. >> tucker: it's disgusting. because they don't like your politics. i love what you're doing i hope this helps. great to see you. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we are witnessing what is an unprecedented effort around the country from the radical socialist democratic party to fundamentally radically transform this country. in his frail cognitively struggling state, joe biden, the realize it butot his administration is now waging what is an all-out assault on the principles that have made this country great. as we speak, the democratic party is now plotting a new court packing scheme to seize control over the judicial branch of government, a coequal branch.
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they are eyeing statehood for d.c., for puerto rico to guarantee four new democratic senators in perpetuity. they are federal rising elections and prevent all forms nof voter identification. that means no voter i.d. whatsoever. hrs r1. increasing the opportunity for what? fraud, abuse, no integrity, no confidence in future elections. that will beor the results. they want to get rid of the legislative filibuster so they can ram through this radical agenda. their bill through congress without any republican support and their policies will shred our constitution starting with the woke cancel culture destroying what see the first amendment, the second amendment, pretty much the entire document. of course none of this is about freedom, liberty, security or innovation are making your life better. for the left, this is about one thing and one thing only. don't let anybody convince you otherwise.
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thishi is about power. power over our elections. power that favors them. power over our courts for favors them. power over state legislatures even if it's unconstitutional. power over state and local law. power over your life. power input opportunity forever and ever. here's the end game. the democratic socialist party ultimately wants all of america pretty much to resemble california and new york. high taxes, high crime, horrible schools, burdensome regulation, massive government corruption. this is the dream. this is what they tell us. if you like new york and you likewh california, buckle up because that's what united sanctuary socialist states of america will look like. in new york city if you are
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peaceful law-abiding taxpaying citizen, you better not jaywalk or go 15 miles over the speed limit. or forget to wear your mask or exercise god forbid your second amendment rights. you'll go to jail with probably little hope of ever getting outy let a you're a violent criminal unfit for society, new york state welcomes you with open arms. you want to loot. you want to attack cops? you want to light the building on fire? let's see. throw rocks and l bottles and bricks, molotov cocktails toward police, well, you get the get-out-of-jail-free card literally. their new no bail laws in newol york. in fact many of these crimes are never even prosecuted. last year a guy robbed four banks, got arrested, got released, right back onto the streets and then immediately edgoes to robs another. gets caught, gets released, then robs another one. last nightth we showed you this horrific video, man brutally assaulting a 65-year-old woman that was walking to church. midtown manhattan. it's daylight. by the way, pushing her to the
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pavement. watch the face being stomped on again and again. the alleged perpetrator was out on parole after spending only 17 years behind bars for murdering his own mother with a knife. why was he ever released? meanwhile in ithaca new york, you have a convicted cop killeri that's right, cop killer convicted. recently paroled from prison. now sitting on the city's police reform board. that's just genius. all across the country.w we are all witnessing similar things happening like in california which is also outlawed cash bail for those who cannot afford it. the state has also been cutting funding for the l.a.p.d., downsizing the hard-core gangs unit and california's more violent crimefo than any other state in the nation. so if you like california, you like new york, you are going to live by an socialist utopia. by the way, also both are lisanctuary states meaning they
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shield even criminal illegal immigrants. even those that get out of jail for violent crimes,he they are protected by the state from deportation. enforcing the law of the land. if you are a law abiding citizen with no criminal record, work hard, pay your taxes, weight loss, trying to follow the regulations, you better mask up. you better follow all the covid protocols. you better get all of your required permits or you're probably going to go straight to jail and your business could be shut down. you can face serious life altering consequences and god forbid if you want to hold a church service somewhere. now unless you're california governor gavin newsom who in the middle of his states draconian lockdowns enjoyed his maskless dinner at that fancy restaurant with a large group of friends. doesn't seem too distant to me. inwhen democrats have all the power the rules don't apply to their magnificent leaders. they will defund the police and then they hire armed guards.
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they will shut down the public schools because of t g covid and send their own kids to private schools, just like gavin newsom. they will ban guns and then enjoy the service of their own state backed private security, armed. maybe this is why every single city in the u.s. with a high rate of violent crime is run by democrats and has been for decades. when any of their policies create a major crisis like for example the one that is real out of the southern border. democrats pretend it's not happening or that it's totally out of their control. then they accuse anyone who criticizes them for being a heartless monster. those conditions frankly are heartless. that they are putting these kids in. here's a great example of all this from today's press briefing. take a look. >> has the white house considered beefing up border security now that there is video of a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old being thrown over the wall inat new mexico?
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>> beefing up border security. >> there is video now of a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old. >> i've seen the video and i think any of us who've seen the video were incredibly alarmed by the steps of smugglers. >> they still got close enough. you're talking about addressing root causes in the region. the smugglers threw a child over the wall. >> are you concerned more about the kids' safety, or kids getting in? tell me more about your concern. >> kids' safety. >> of course, i'm often surprised by the line ofofaf questioning. >> sean: circle back. why are you surprised? look at the kids being dropped 14 feet up in the air maybe you and the president and vice president should've not invited those to seek asylum in the united states. you're letting all these people in as was reported by 19 u.s. senators..
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by the way, what are the conditions like? maybe you could tell the people that the borders are closed too. laws will be enforced, they will be deported and deported immediately. maybe finishing building donald trump's wall. they may be reinstate donald trump's policy which is to stay in mexico. get rid of catcher release. but we all know that's not going to happen, is it? do you think they care the kids are being tossed over the wall. it's happening because they created this scenario. what about the kids and bidens cages? do you think they really care about any of those conditions in those migrant detention facilities? yep, joe biden just keeps building more and more gauges. as you can see if you ran a day care center, if you ran a pre-k center and they came in and took photos like that, you would be arrested for child abuse. now you think they care about national security risks? the violent cartels that are making money.
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they are making a bundle hand over fist. for democrats it's nothing more than a p.r. crisis only and in the end, it's worth it for them apparently because they do nothing to solve it. they won't even acknowledge it like they didn't acknowledge the riots over the summer. the left seems to believe that open borders means oh, more democratic voters. we will give them something of great'tth value, amnesty. we hope they vote for us. take a look at this pandering from the first lady. >> when we come together, we are powerful. with love for our communities, with hope for our future, with faith in each other, anything is possible. so say it with me. the future is ours. thank you. >> sean: nailed it. everything democrats do, everything they say, every bill they enact or through executive
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fiat in the stroke of a pen, every group they pander to, it's although shameless attempt to use your money so they can gain power hopefully in their minds in perpetuity. buckle up. you better brace yourself. if they are successful, this democratic socialism like every other socialist experiment before, it will fail. it will destroy the u.s. united states of america as we know it. here with reaction former white house chief of staff mike meadows, ohio congressman jim jordan. congressman meadows, let me start with you. you were in the white house with donald trump. 450 plus miles of brand-new wall. kids are being dumped 14 feet down. now you see the overcrowded detention centers. frankly i find it abusive towards these kids. the stay in mexico policy. ending catch and release.ex joe biden says this is donald trump's problem. he caused it. i beg to differ. >> you beg to differ because actually joe biden was warned.
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my good friend jim jordan has highlighted this. the biden administration was warned that if they did the welcome mat at the southern border and said basically we are open for business. come on in. send anybody from central america and mexico. we let you come in. it would create the very crisisn that we have here. this is not just about that.ny it's about a leftist agenda and it's about the power. the biden administration can't speak against this because they will lose their left. then they lose the power that you were talking about. they were warned about this. president trump had the right policy. we need to return to that. it will keep americans safer and actually will keep those coming across our southern border safer as well. >> sean: look at those pictures, jim jordan. a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old being dumped nearly 14 feet down. they hung them over, drop, plop, good luck.
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you're on your own, kid. then you see the detention centers. they tried to keep all the media out. they were successful. we had "hannity"ss show cameras with those 19 u.s. senators. our cameras were forbidden from going in. senator cruz, lindsey graham, ron johnson, tom cotton. they gave us those videos. we will show that in a second. you see the overcrowding. you see the high covert positivity rate. if i ran a day care center and you saw those videos or estate representative saw the videos, what would happen to me? >> you would be in big trouble. it is sad with these children and women are going through on this journey up here. mark is right. the president said you undo my policies there will be ap tidal wave of illegal immigrants. target.ologue was on this is not crazy the left is. today you cannot get into your capitol build anybody and
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everybody can get into your country. it's not a crisis on the border, its chaos on the border and it's chaos because they undid the three key policies.odod remainder mexico all you're being processed. they said no more deportation. they announce to the world wend will not finish the wall. those three things changed everything and you get this terrible situation causing harm to kids and women in all kinds of people on the border. that's the biden administration. that's how ridiculous and crazy today's left is. >> sean: mark meadows, h.r. 1. pack the supreme court and all the courts. d.c., puerto rico statehood, and make a legislative filibuster. what would that mean to this country from your point of view? >> joe biden is making sure that our country really is treated like guinea pigs. he's trying to do this progressive socialist policy. when he looks at that, when you look at the bills that you were talking about, listen, they were talking about a transportation bill.
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literally they need to be talking about the freight train that's coming to main street america because what they're going to do is take the power. they are going to centralize anywhere in washington, d.c. hr sr 1, that's nothing more than taxpayer funded trying to keep politicians in office, they know what and it tilts the scale to their benefit and we need to defeat it because if not, your rights will be taken away from you and given to politicians here in washington, d.c. >> sean: jim jordan, we know that in the senate you need a s quorum. it's a 50/50 senate. to get it, it's not an instance where the vice president or some calling president, seems like she's doing all joe's work lately. that kamala harris cannot break the tie. i can end in the u.s. senate if every republican senator holds the line and would be willing to walk out of the chamber. do you have confidence in
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lisa murkowski? confidence in mitt romney, ben sasse, that they will hold the line on that with other republican senators? >> senator mcconnell gave a speech a couple weeks ago where he said they will do whatever it takes to stop this radical agenda of the democrats. if they get rid of the filibuster, he is committed to do that. i think that's what was implied in his speech. i think that's the case and frankly it should happen. let's hope this. when you get elected, your job is simple. what did you tell the voters who are going to do? do what you said you would do. kyrsten sinema told her she would not change the filibuster. joe manchin told us he would nog change the filibuster. the topic their word. if they don't, senator mcconnell better do what he talked about doing, making sure we stop this radical left agenda e from becoming law. >> sean: jim jordan meadows, thank you. let's turn to another thinly veiled attempt by the democrats to gain power. the so-called infrastructure bill.
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sounds great, infrastructure. rebuild infrastructure.. well, in reality this is little more than a multitrillion dollar far left green new deal wish list with plenty of handoutsun d massive expansion of big government and medicaid according to congresswoman ocasio-cortez. 4 trillion in new taxes, nearly 3 trillion in spending. >> it's were looking at ideals and what we think is the actual investment that can create tens of millions of good union jobs in this country, shore up our health care, infrastructure and housing and doing it in a way that's dropping our carbon emissions tablets get in line with standards. realistically $10 trillion over ten years. >> sean: all of this on top of the $2 trillion for the nonemergency emergency covid relief bill. we are up to a whopping
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$5 trillion. you're going to pay for it all. here with more, former director of the national economic council, fox business host larry kudlow. good to have you. i don't know. i am a simple guy, simple man. $5 trillion on top of the year with a lot of other covid relief. larry, my calculator doesn't go that high. i don't see how it adds up. my understanding of the economy is when you tax people at these rates, corporate taxes will be passed on to consumers. energy costs going higher will be passed on to the american people. yes, the american people are going to be whacked. everything they buy, every bit of energy they use, they will be paying through the nose. who's right? them or me? >> your own target tonight,ke sean. your economics are superb. there is nothing i could say.ig i give you a a, absolute a.
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what you have to remember here is this isyo a great progressive left dream of centralizing more and more power in washington, d.c., unelected bureaucrats, central planners, and the expense of the private investment free enterprise economy. so many statistics here that are bad. one thing i want to point out, the tax hikes on corporations will come to about $5 trillion. that's going to step back investment productivity, middle-class, blue-collar wages will fall. as a result of this. because we won't get the investment and the productivity for family income boost that we had under trump. meanwhile they are going to hand out through the federal government more or less $800 billion in subsidies. let me get this right. we're going to take a trillion away from companies through higher taxes. but the federal government is
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going to shovel 800 billion in subsidies. what it amounts to is it puts the companies as hostages to the federal government and the government's political direction of the economy. this is new. the parameters here have never been seen before. again, this always was the proverbial trojan horse toti repeal trump's tax cuts, to develop a tremendous increase in the social welfare state. giving the central planners in washington as much money as they want. i am surprised at the degree to which they are going to move to the demise of private investment decisions in the free enterprise economy. this is a radical change in the power of relationship between washington and the rest of the country. very bad, extremely bad with negative economic consequences coming.
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>> sean: 20 seconds to sum up. what is the nett0 result of the economy and the american people? >> if this passes, you're going to lose probably trillion dollars of investment in the next couple years. you're going to use about a trillion dollars in wages the next couple years. you're probably going to see gdp which is booming right now because of the vaccines and the reopening of the economy. absolutely booming. that will stop unfortunately and '22 and 2023 will be far, far slower. we are going to have stagnation as a result. by the way, when they put their budget out in the next few days free when you seeioio huge incrs in capital gains, huge increases in the personal income tax. we are less competitive than china, sean. we go to 28%. states put us up to 33% on the corporate tax rate. guess what, china is at 25%. we will lose that war if we have this attitude. get ready for one more thing. they are going to slash the
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defense budget. mark my words, sean hannity. they are going to take 10%. $80 billion or more out of the defense budget which is another nail in the coffin of our competition with china. china will have cheaper tax rates. we are going to have less national defense and security. it's the wrong direction every step of the way. >> sean: well said. thank you, larry. coming up texas governor abbott visited the border and has a big update about what really is going on down there crime wise and of course a the abusive conditions for children. he's next. ♪ex ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to fox news life, i'm talking about his in new york. effort by g.o.p. lawmakers to restrict voting access or getting feedback from corporate america. if american airlines and dell among those speaking out again the election measures. it comes after texas republicans in the state senate to approve the bill thursday that includes reduced options to cap ballots and limits on polling hours and took part in. the governor shown no signs of wavering on the issue. meanwhile, police in orange, california, a gunman killed four priebus in the office building you all the victims personally or through business dealings. they may seek the death penalty against him with a 9-year-old boy. i am jackie ibanez. for all your fox news headlines, log on to now back to "hannity." ♪ ♪
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>> sean: texas governor greg at it travel to the border today and saw firsthand howay joe biden's reckless open border policies are emboldening cartels, human smugglers, drug traffickers. the state of texas is fighting back with the launch of operation lone star. it integrates the texas deferment of public safety with the texas national guard to combat the drug cartel activity taking place on the southern border. the state of texas is doing what the biden administration should be. they are focused on combating illegal activity on our border instead of incentivizing it. here is governor abbott from earlier today. >> the biden administration's open border policies have created an open season for human traffickers, drug smugglers, cartels and gangs. because the federal government is failing to act to respond to these dangers, texas is stepping up to secure the border and keep our communities safe. this problem is not going to be fixed into the biden
10:28 pm
administration does its job to secure our border and to get this crisis under control. >> sean: despite the hysterical meltdown fromom d the media mob after texas lifted its mass mandate, oh, lo and behold the state of texas seeing a sharp decline in covid numbers across the board weeks after their restrictions were lifted. oh, but now you have a high positivity rate of illegal immigrants setting the border thanks to joe and kamala harris. here to explain, texas governor greg abbott. governor, let me commend you for what you're doing.ti you're put into position to enforce the law because washington, d.c., joe biden and kamala harris are aiding and abetting the law, breaking. is that a fair statement. >> sean, our biggest concern is the fact that with biden's open
10:29 pm
border policies it brings in a lot of crime that texas law enforcement is stepping up and having to address. let me give you some numbers that we talked about today. knowing that it was just four weeks ago that i deployed the texas department of public safety and for weeks they've been able to arrest almost 600 criminals who were herela illegally or engaged in illegal activity and apprehended more than 16,000 people here illegally and turn them over to the border patrol. let me give your audience a couple examples. the texas department of public safety, they investigated his stash house. they found four illegal immigrants plus the gang was wanted on two counts of rape of a child in addition to that, they pulled over a vehicle and in the vehicle theythen found a smuggler without a car full of illegal immigrants, including a
10:30 pm
14-year-old girl who the smuggler had sexually assaulted. there was a story about a 6-month-old baby that smugglers that were putting people in these rafts across the river, they tossed the 6-month-old baby into the river and it took the texas department of public safety officer to go into the water and save the child. these are the types of reckless, criminal behaviors that texas is having to step up and respond to. >> sean: we saw a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old dropped from a 14-foot border wall fence. we are airing it again.a. 3 years old, 5 years old just dumped over and they run back into mexico. we seeol their conditions. these atrocious, inhumane, frankly abusive conditions with kids. we get lectured on covid. meanwhile the high covid positivity rate. your child protective services
10:31 pm
units within the state of texas have been denied access to help these kids. is that still ongoing? >> sean, what's going on is outrageous. with the biden administration is doing, as you are pointing out, they are flooding all the facilities with far more people than what is allowed under federal law. the biden administration i believe is clearly in violation of the federal standards are and as we have found in the midland location for example, not only did we find that more than 10% of the unaccompanied minors in the midland facility had tested positive for covid but also we have gone to a lack of safety in the region such as not having adequate fencing or guarding around it. in addition to that there is no adequate running water at that facility. there is indeterminate matters about whether or not it's a safe location for them, that location and other locations in the
10:32 pm
region is the biden administration is allowing so many people in. we were flying over today and in the middle of the day, it used to be people would come over at night. not during the day. in the middle of the day there were busloads after busloads after busloads of people loading buses who had just come across the border as we were flying over today. >> sean: the law of the land is clear. we see the black out that the biden administration has for the media. the gag order put on border patrol agents. the law is clear. my question is, what if you as governor, if you uphold what is the law of the land and you tell people they cannot cross the border illegally and send them back. do you have to worry about -- are they going to come and arrest you? what would happen to those agents that were enforcing the legal law in the land? >> that's exactly what the texas department of public safety as
10:33 pm
well as the texas national guard are doing. they are enforcing the law by going into these stash houses, by making arrests, making apprehensions. doing everything the biden administration is supposed to be doing but even more than that. because what happens is these cartels know exactly what they're doing and they distract thein border patrol so they can try to sneak into the u.s. drugs are people from terrorist sponsor nations and that's exactly why we need texas law enforcement filling the gap soro that we can detect and crackdown on crimes like that there may be coming across the border. >> sean: exit question. can you send them right back and iktake it out? >> that's up to the federal government. >> sean: wow. that's unbelievable. are they going to pay you all the money you have to now spend? i doubt it. >> we are asking the federal government to reimburse texas for the costs that we are incurring because of this.
10:34 pm
>> sean: sue them if they don't give it to you. thank you, governor. coming up, biden, democrats gicontinuing to unveil these radical, dangerous programs and their agenda, the g.o.p. fighting back, house minority leader kevin mccarthy will t join us. what can republicans do? right after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: republicans are pushing back against joe biden's latest massive spending plan. now the focus is less on infrastructure and more on overhauling the economy, raising taxes, trying to make the democrats far left socialist fantasies and their new green deal become a reality for them and a nightmare for us. get this, we are learning tonight some democrats are demanding that biden bring back this so-called salt doctrine
10:39 pm
into the plan which gives massive tax relief to the wealthy in big blue states like new york and california. so they want to raise taxes on corporations. corporations will pass the cost on to you but lower taxes further limousine liberal rich friends and malibu and in the hamptons and long island. $2.5 trillion proposal, small fraction is roads and bridges. less than 25% purity like the covid relief bill, only 9% they went to emergency covid relief. democrats don't seem to care. they are on a quest for power. as i said in my openingnd monologue. they want that power at all costs. pelosi's latest effort, she tried to steal a house seat in iowa's second district but thankfully the republicans stood strong in the democrat rita hart has had to drop the election challenge in a race that was
10:40 pm
already, let see, they had a count recount, certification and the republican, congresswoman miller-meeksng was sworn in. in georgia, they are spewing more lies about the voting laws. claiming that it's a voter suppression act when the new law expands early voting access in most counties. even the far left washington compost, the agreed giving biden four pinocchios for lying through his teeth. claiming that the new georgia law and devoting hours early. here with reaction, house minority leader kevin mccarthy. you were on the program yesterday just as this was happening with congresswoman miller-meeks. they wouldn't take the case to courts because they knew they would lose. nancy pelosi and the democrats, very close to stealing a seat won and certified by republicane house member. they may seem like a little win but not to me. it's a big deal.
10:41 pm
>> it's a very big win. congresswoman miller-meeks won for the fourth time yesterday. on election night, first recount, second recount and last night. dr. mariannette miller-meeks, the we were in her district yesterday. we were going to turn a vaccine. she was administering the vaccine. not just about public health, the help of the democracy. when we put together the community that's outraged with what's going on because you're right the democrat, if they want to contest that they should have gone to the election, should've gone to the courts and when they asked the question why are you going to the courts, where he going to the democrat-controlled congress, sheth said because that's the only place i can get the outcome i desire. when she saw the outrage that happened, her own democrat papers who endorsed her had gone against, her. after we spent our time in the second district, she dismissed the case yesterday. even though that we can pelosi said she was moving forward.
10:42 pm
put a memo to the democrats that they would take the seat back because remember,ss sean. they had the smallest majority the democrats have had in more than 100 years. >> sean: you are doing your part in the house. house republicans for the most part are doing their part. there's a few exceptions always but put it aside. do you want me to name names and started big battle, i will stay out of it. i can. i'm capable of it. if i want to focus on the senate. i believe mitch mcconnell that he will use every rule at his disposal to stop for example hrsr 1. it would be an unmitigated disaster. for that to happen he needs all 50 republican senators to be willing to walk out of the chamber. do you believe lisa murkowski, mitt romney, ben sasse, will they stay with mitch mcconnell and the republicans and stop h.r. 1?
10:43 pm
or stop ending the legislative filibuster? >> they should because it's against the constitution. remember what h.r. 1 dies. it's the most important bill by the majority. it's not about putting people back to work, back-to-school or back to health. it's about reelecting democrats and changing the system so they can't. making sure taxpayers triple what they are given. aoc gets $200 online. you've got to give her 1200. if we are watching what biden is now trying to do in this so-called infrastructure bill, do you realize that this infrastructure bill raises taxes, green new deal. it provides more subsidy for electric cars than it does for roads and bridges combined. this is nothing about if it really was, republicans would be right there to work with them to put in infrastructure bill that would build america. it's about raising taxes. don't you believe for one minute this is just about raising taxes on people making more than
10:44 pm
$400,000. it's going to hit the middle class. >> sean: no, no, no. 400 is for a couple. joe said nobody making under 400,000. it's 200,000. he told a lie. last question, do you believe that there are -- can you get the democrats on record? do you have the authority, power and ability to get them on record for every one of these radical views that they are now advocating. >> we are going to hold them to it. you started this interview by saying the victory wee t just h. democrats have more seats in the house. they tried to steal another one. simply for the fact that they know they're going to lose the majority in the next election. they want to change the rules and they want to pass the most socialist agenda that they can. we have got to stop them. we've got to stick together and we've got to fight each and every day. >> sean: okay. congressman, we are going to hopefullyso accomplish all of that. thank you for being with us. great job with congresswoman
10:45 pm
miller-meeks. when we come back, an update on the derek chauvin murder trial in minneapolis. los angeles continues to work to dismantle their police department. in new york, by the way, yeah, they actually took somebody that murdered a cop andle put them oa commission to study, oh, police reform. leo 2.0. gregg jarrett next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: during the fourth day of the derek chauvin trial in minneapolis, george floyd's girlfriend testified about both of their troubles with addiction. she revealed that in march of 2020, floyd was hospitalized for several days due to an overdose. the prosecution arguing i that floyd's addiction and the high dose of fentanyl in his system
10:50 pm
at the time of the arrest are irrelevant to his death or the cause of death. including pre-existing conditions. the defense claims that floyd's cause of o death stemmed from te drugs along with several health conditions. we'll get more reaction a second. more broadly, what are we looking at in the country? you have the defund the police movement that floyd's death has sparked. having consequences all across the country. do you want to know how insane things have gotten? in upstate new york a convicted cop killer is sitting on the police reform panel as part of an initiative backed via, you've got it, governor cuomo. los angeles far left soros-backed district attorney george gaskin, he's continuing his destructive policies to embolden violent criminals. get this, he's downsizingm the county's gang unit. prosecutors in the hard-core gang unit are expected to be transferred to other units. in a statement to fox, los angeles the county sheriff 's called the move a
10:51 pm
"suicide pact." here with reaction, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett and fox news contributor leo terrell. it's not an issue in dispute. drugs were in the system. we know that from the autopsy and toxicology. we know that there were health issues george floyd hand. here is the question it's going to come down to.te would george floyd in handcuffs, would he have died the way he died that day if in fact the knee had not been on his neck for 9 minutes? it's going to be the fundamental question. >> f you're right. it's what people call the "but for" test.
10:52 pm
but for the actions of the police officer, would have george floyd live to the end of that day? if the answer is yes, then he's the substantial cause. doesn't have to be the sole cause. substantial cause of death. today was quite dramatic because we heard paramedics essentially make the case for third-degree b murder. reckless endangerment, conduct evincing a depraved indifference to human life.e. they portrayed the defendant as completely depraved and uncaring. when they arrived, george floyd was already dead and yet chauvin still had his knee compressing the neck of george floyd. he lifted not a finger to help floyd. he was duty-bound under police department policy. when you see someone dying or in distress in his custody, he has to render medical aid.
10:53 pm
he didn't do it. >> sean: yeah. to me, he was in handcuffs. they could have brought him back to the hospital. they have amazing abilities especially when people have overdosed, et cetera. h narcan is one thing, leo. let me get to that issue and get your thoughts but i also want to to the other issue. a cop killer. a cop killer on a commission to reform, how can we reform the police? then we have this poor woman walking to church on the streets of new york, broad daylight. you've got a guy that killed his mother. i cannot believe the woman even survived this horrific, evil attack. he with the full force of his leg is pounding hern head into the pavement. i can't believe she lived, to be honest. thank god she's alive. >> let me simply say regarding the cop killer being on the advisory board. thanks but no thanks.
10:54 pm
of the million people who could be on the advisory board, why do you want a cop killer on a police reform board? u it's all ridiculous. what do you expect from cuomo in a democratic city? seeat when you are a civil righs attorney. you go on the board. i'd rather have somebody. you've been fighting for civil rights your whole life. >> thank you. anyone but a cop killer. it makes no logical sense but that's new york and that's cuomo. regarding the hate crime that took place involving black suspect who stomped on an asian woman, i don't hear the outcry of white supremacy being talked about in atlanta. that's a hate crime. they should be prosecuting that man. but you hear crickets from the white house and aoc because his skin color doesn't fit their playbook. i want to make a comment regarding the george floyd case. gregg jarrett is correct. the reason why the prosecutor has to put that witnessok on, te
10:55 pm
girlfriend is because if they don't the defense is going to and regardless of everything gregg said, which i agree. the medical experts have not opined. it's going to be discussed later on. >> sean: all right. let me go to gregg, get your thoughts on the guy on the commission. cop killer. he is on the commission. killer of his mother, he's walking the streets and going after a 65-year-old lady. >> putting a cop killer on thatl board, it's like putting el chapo in charge of drug policy. it's outrageous. it's an insult to every cop. it's an insult to the family of robert walsh, the dead police officer, executed by this guy at point-blank range. >> sean: leo 2.0 terrell. gregg jarrett, thank you. more "hannity" after the break. ♪ ♪
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