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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 1, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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again, if investors were worried about any of this eventually coming to gouge them, they had a funny way of showing it. all the major averages advancing at the very least it will stimulate things. it will do that right? here comes "the five." most? deign contain hello everyone i'm dana perino, along with lawrence jones, juan williams, sean duffy and katie williams. >> this is the thy. we have a ton of big stories coming up but first a fox news alert. some breaking news about jesse watters and, no, he has not been arrested. he and his wife emma are now the proud parents of a baby boy named jesse bailey watters jr. he was born today at 1:34 p.m. weighs 7 pounds and three ounces. absolutely gorgeous as is emma and con democrat labor relations, of course, to you, too. and jesse now you will be sharing your world and i'm sure
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you will be very happy to do it. now, let's get to this. president biden continuing to single out red states for lifting restrictions. he is going after texas again this time over allowing full capacity at a baseball game tonight. >> well, that's a decision they made. i think it's a mistake. they should listen to dr. fauci and the scientists and the experts. and but i think it's not responsible. >> dana: the white house is sending mixed messages after the cdc director said this. >> and i'm going to reflect on the impending feeling i have right now of impending doom. >> i'm not here to scare people. we have been saying from the beginning that we need to be vigilant and we are still at war with a pandemic. and that has been our consistent message from the federal government. >> dana: juan, let me start with you, in some ways both things could be true but, before i get your reaction, i want to play one other piece of sound from
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dr. wolenski which is not about impending doom. watch this. >> our data from the cdc today suggests, you know, that vaccinated people too not carry the virus. don't get sick, and that it's not just in the clinical trials but it's also in real world data. >> dana: so that's good. another reason to get vaccinated. juan, let's get your take. >> juan: amen, but, first, you know, jesse watts now he named the kid after himself? >> dana: is that shocking? up with a juan i will have to tease him. i think that's so cool. you know, maybe it's like an april fool's thing with jesse. maybe we will find out he actually named him not after himself. >> katie: maybe he named him juan. >> juan: i know that for jesse and for emma, oh, god bless. that is so wonderful. what a wonderful day. >> dana: i cried a little. i have to admit.
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>> lawrence: i am the third i appreciate being named after my father. it's a good thing. keep the tradition going. >> dana: sean has how many children? >> sean: 9. great head of hair on him. >> dana: this is true their world right here. all right, juan, on covid? >> juan: before we do, we have someone on the panel who is so loved by her parent ms. katie pavlich, i can tell you that. >> katie: thanks, juan. will. >> juan: yeah. let me just go to this, you know, i was going to go to the baseball game tonight myself, right? because here in washington they were going to allow 20% of the fans, 5,000 in at nats park. they canceled the game. why did they cancel the game? because somebody on the nationals got covid. so now they have to do the tracing. they are involved in a lot of ways to try to appreciate this from the new york mets who were the opponent tonight. overall, when you look at the
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place like texas and think that they are going to allow in 40,000 people in one stadium who are going to be screaming and shouting and rooting for the home team, to me this is a big strikeout. this is like, you know, you are just acting without even looking because we have got covid infections rising in the country. not just among baseball players. in reality, from my point of view is, we have got a race going on between vaccinations which are very effective, and we have got a virus that is virulent and right now the virus is winning because the virus, you know, can multiply exponentially while we can only do the injections at a steady rate. so i just want to -- everybody to say let's go to baseball. let's not act foolishly on this april fool's day. let's stay together and get this done. >> dana: i want to go to the texan on the panel, lawrence,
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down. schools are open. people are going to eat. everybody is happy in the state. i'm not going to take advice from someone who called andrew cuomo the gold standard. he should not be giving advice. he fibbed on the numbers. he killed 10 can in the nursing home. 50 k deaths in new york alone. so, texans aren't going to be shamed by outsiders when things are going according to plan. they told us that masks work. they are wearing masks in the stadium. so if they are shouting the spit is going to be catched by the freakin' mask. so, again, texans aren't going to be -- and, another thing, pause i'm sick of it, and a lot of libertarians were told that we were fear mongering when we said that the state was going to do this over and over again that they wouldn't release their power? no we are not going to listen to fauci. look, i respect his service to the country, but this is the same guy that told us don't wear
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masks so they could hoard the supplies for the medical professionals. this is the same guy that told us don't worry about the spread. that everything was going to be okay. i think there needs to be a little bit of hue mission from the scientists as well. i know they probably had good intentions i'm sure they did. texans have made the decision we shut down for two weeks as they told us. we went past two weeks. it's time to open up and if you don't like the way people do things in texas, you are welcome to move to a different state. the relate of it is many people all across the country are moving to texas because they enjoy freedom. >> dana: there you go, getting people to get their u-hauls lawrence and get that u-haul number ringing off the hook. >> juan: that's right. >> dana: katie, you are a baseball fan. you probably would have liked to have gone tonight. >> katie: yeah, it's opening day which has been delayed. i like this idea of people wearing masks to catch the spittle at games that's not a bad idea, you know. like that is maybe a good thing.
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baseball is one of those things that maybe should have never closed because it is both stadiums and baseball are outside. we have known since a year now that the spread of this virus doesn't happen outside, especially if you separate people. so, i think baseball is one thing that they could have kept open. dana, on the cdc versus the white house communications team, i'm sensing some conflict there because, remember when the white house or when the cdc director said that it was okay for teachers to go back to school without being vaccinated and then jen sack were cleaned it up and said she was speaking in her personal capacity and jen psaki said i'm not here to scare anybody seems like a direct response to the cdc director saying she feels impending doom. there seems to be an issue there. but, when it comes to what texas has ton, almost three weeks ago, they lifted all of the restrictions they are looking at the data and allowings people to
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get back to work. i know someone who works for the nationals and really excited today to go back to work and now he has been postponed so it's unfortunate. >> dana: sean, bill hemmer and i went to the super bowl. i think there were 20,000 people in the stands there. we were spaced apart. and the officials warned that that would be a super spreader event that county found 54 new cases and none of them were trace to the stadium. they were all at in-home parties. >> sean: i think we should rely on people to make choices for themselves. if you want to go with 40,000 other people to the baseball game good on you, you should go. what concerns me is you have joe biden who had has opened up the southern border and tens of thousands of people have fled into the country and there is no comment on that and the risks it imposes to americans but saying texans can't go to baseball game. i think it's iconic what happens with the cdc director one brush saying impending doom but next brush saying listen, the vaccine works. you can't spread it and you
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don't get it. if the white house could get some consistency in their message and not favor one scenario vs. another scenario just look at the science i think we could trust them more and we would all be better off. >> dana: all right. sean duffy, thank you so much. up next, republicans over disturbing video from the border showing smugglers dropping two little girls over the wall and then abandoning them. ♪
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♪ will. >> juan: president biden's immigration policies under fire over this heart-breaking video. it shows smugglers dropping two little girls, ages 3 and age 5 over a border wall. the girls were there alone and they were abandoned. thankfully those children were picked up by border patrol. senator ted cruz blasting the president for what happened. >> the numbers are through the roof. and, as you mentioned a minute
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ago, it is the direct result of decisions joe biden made in his very first week as president. president biden and kamala, neither one of them either want responsibility for this. they can't fix it. on. >> juan: dana, just a very pragmatic question as we start off here. what could harris who is now in charge of this or president biden do? they have been adding people to speed the processing the cases. i think it was 100,000 arrested, deported at the border in february, even more in march. they are adding facilities to house children safely. they are opening talks with latin countries to stop the future flow. what do the critics think that the biden-harris administration should be doing. >> dana: that's the easiest question. can i hit a home run with that question, juan. >> juan: go, go. taken deign okay. what could they do? first of all, they could swallow some pride. because, what they wanted to dos
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when they first got here was to overturn anything that president trump had done. and okay. so what -- the remain in mexico policy was a great win, not just for president trump. for the american people. paying mexico to take care of people while they waited to hear their cases in the united states. that was working. number two, catch and release, they replaced that okay. well, what does that happen? if you get to america if you are caught we will release you. number three was no deportations. okay. and then you have the department of homeland security secretary saying we will not deport any children. so, all of those are poll factors, right? so you could talk about the push factors, the poverty, the violence, the hurricanes, all of those things, those are bad. if at the same time they are pushing and we are pulling by saying we are not going to send all your children back everything will be fine. if they swallowed their pride and say we will go back and do those things that would certainly help. it was the biden administration that said this week that they expect tens of thousands of more
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children to come through next september. what are they going to do just keep opening new facilities? and right now they are using convention centers across the country? why are they able to do that? because businesses are closed. there are no conventions. but, at some point, i'm assuming that people in business are going to want to get back to doing conventions. and last point about this video, i don't think it's as heart breaking, it's absolutely outrageous. i want to know what they're going to do to tackle the cartels because those guys are criminals. and we should be doing something to go after them. in america, if you were a parent and you gave your child to a smuggler to drop over the other side of the border, you would be charged with child endangerment. instead what's happening is they are so desperate they want to get their children here, i know they want them to be safe. i know that mother has been anguished. those little girls could have died. and so, yeah, i think they need to swallow their pride and do something. >> juan: i think they think they are doing something in keeping
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with american values. >> dana: how are any of those things that i said not within american values? onon well, i think we have an asylum law and that's what i want to ask sean duffy about because where is congress on this? we don't see congress taking action to set new rules in terms of the asylum laws in the country, rules on dreamers, rules, you know, dealing with the fact that we have got, i think it's 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. it's like congress is aol when it comes to immigration reform. >> sean: juan, you are absolutely right. i mean, this is not that complicated. if you actually secure the border and then you deal with people on the inside, there should be bipartisan agreement. but it seems like both sides like this fight and can't get anything done. it's a problem. what i wonder is we saw that video, how many other scenarios like that are out there that we didn't have video for? i mean, there is no videos of little girls getting raped or sold into slavery, the number of kids who catch covid, the number
2:19 pm
of, you know, kid that die in the rio grande or in the dessert. this is horrific policy from the biden administration. and all of the death, all of the rape, all of the slavery sits at the feet of harris and biden because it's their policy as dana mentioned that has been the pull to bring these kids to our border. and dana is right, go back to sound policy where, i mean, if you want to let people in the country, which i disagree with that, have a process in place that can bring people in that doesn't get them raped and sold into sex slavery. that just makes sense. that's humanitarian, that's what parents would do. dana mentioned this point. you can't say these are great parents that will let their kids come in these horrific journeys with these criminals and say they are doing the right thing because it is a life-long sentence if you have been sexually assaulted. you will deal with it forever until the day you die. this is horrible. >> juan: agreed. so, katie, now, what you are hearing is people saying well, you know, vice president harris has been there now for several
2:20 pm
weeks. we don't see any big changes. what's she doing? i wonder if she is seen as more of a liberal than president biden, could she be like nixon to china? could she get the left to buy in to some strong border security policies as part of an immigration deal? >> katie: well, so far we don't know what she is doing because they haven't held a press conference so we can listen to her and so far what we know about what she thinks of what's going on is she laughed about it. so that's what we know about what the vice president is doing. but, juan, to your question about the asylum issue with congress, the remain in mexico policy was an asylum policy it. forced people to wait for their asylum claims to be processed in mexico and keep in mind the majority, the vast majority of these, quote, asylum claims are actually asylum claims and the biden administration has enabled people to use certain terms to say that they claim asylum and that gets them into the country. but, back to the video. the reason this video is so compelling because we hear about
2:21 pm
smuggling. you hear about these stories. but now we are seeing what the smuggling looks like and we are seeing the ruthlessness of the cartels and you can watch that unfortunately, those little girls getting dropped over the fence is probably the least horrific thing that happened to them when they were being smuggled. and the biden administration is engaging in human trafficking because they are enabling this to happen. and then they are taking these kids and delivering them to unvetted, quote, sponsors in the united states and when that happened under obama, we found out a lot of those people were actually sex offenders themselves. so, they are enabling and they are part of this third leg of the human trafficking process from central america and the way that you stop that is by reimplementing the remain in mexico issue and saying you have to claim asylum if it's a real asylum claim in your home country, not when you get into the united states. onon lawrence, sticking with the wall for a second. it was horrific as everybody said to see the children treated
2:22 pm
in that manner dropped over a wall. but, doesn't that indicate that walls don't work? >> lawrence: no, the wall is supposed to slow the spread. but it also is supposed to prevent -- it's a wall system. it's not just about -- it's only democrats that are concerned about the physical barrier. but a wall implemented with a policy where border agents have the funding to go there and get the people once they come across the border. but this is a simple fix. we know government can lock things down. so we need two weeks to slow the surge. it's easy. just get the national guard, have them -- have actual body. forget about the wall. have actual bodies be at the border. if they are good enough for congress, then they are good enough for our border. put them at the border and stop the criminal enterprise until our legislators can come up with legislation to solve the problem. but this back and forth it looks like democrats aren't interested in this.
2:23 pm
even obama wasn't crazy enough to just allow open borders. i mean, they called him deporter in chief. we will talk about that later in the program. so, what we have seen now is the democratic party has gone so far left that now they don't believe that the nation has a border. so the only way to implement this and get something right since you guys don't like walls, let's have a human wall. let's give our national guard the resources they need so they can stop the criminal enterprise because this is not just a bodies issue and a humanitarian crisis. there are drugs flooding in across the border. and now it's become aiding and abetting. onon okay. thanks, lawrence. up next, major league controversy. president biden backing the idea of moving the baseball all-star game out of georgia over their new election law. next on "the five." ♪
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♪ that's life ♪ that's what all the people say ♪ you're riding high in april. >> katie: president biden backings the idea of major league baseball moving its all-star game out of georgia over the state's new election law. >> i think today's professional athletes are acting up credibly responsibly. i would strongly support them doing that. this is jim crow on steroids what they are doing in georgia and 40 other states. you are going to close a polling place at 5:00 when working people just get off? >> katie: hmmm biden has repeatedly blasted the new law but what he is saying about it is flat out false. the liberal "the washington post" gave him four pinocchios for some of thinks claims.
2:29 pm
brian kemp telling the president to get his facts straight. >> the president ought to be smart enough as well or certainly his people that are briefing him to tell him what's actually in the bill because when he made his comments earlier, he didn't know. but it also could be that he doesn't care. i think the people are standing up and realizing the games that are being played here and they are going to be fighting back with us. >> katie: all right, lawrence jones, there has been a lot that has been said by the president. and his administration about this georgia bill. now, stacey abrams is basically saying, no, no, no. we don't want a boycott of georgia, please, no. >> lawrence: so a couple things here my favorite part about the "the washington post" article was when they posed the question they break down every single thing that biden said. and they left with the question where did biden get this from? and the article says we have no clue. in other words, he just lied about it. but, the democrats are in a big pickle right here now because now that the talking points have
2:30 pm
shifted to this boycott, you are going to boycott atlanta, the modern day black wall street? you are going to come after them, tylenol perry and all the black entrepreneurs, businesses that are in atlanta? that is the new position of the democratic party? so, i think there is a lot of people in georgia and atlanta specifically because when people come to georgia, they come for atlanta. that's where all the businesses are going. the modern day black wall street. so, that's the position that democrats want to go, okay, let's take it. but, the republicans are a problem, also. because although the democrats are factually wrong when it comes to the legislation, the republicans have a problem with the ground game in georgia. and i warned people of this in the past election. i went on air every single day and said there is this surge going on right now with voters and black voters are showing up for the democratic party. so the republicans have to provide alternatives for black america. you have got all these entrepreneurs there that believe in a free market, right? if you really believe in liberty, then go out there and sell it to those people.
2:31 pm
because, changing this legislation is not going to help you in the next election if they get more people to show up and vote. >> katie: that is a great point, dana, but back to the boycott. you have a number of these big companies that are based in atlanta. delta, for example, putting out a statement. and now all of a sudden do i need need an i.d. to get on a delta flight anymore? is that also racist to ask for i.d. when you go to the airport? >> dana: even worse, first of all, the voter i.d. issue is actually quite bipartisan not only in the state of georgia but all across the country. in fact, most democrats seem to agree with that i don't see why they are hanging their hat on this one. stacey abrams had bought the jim crow 2.0 domain name before they knew what the final bill was going to be. this was all tell graphed how republicans got surprised this was going to be the play is beyond me. why they didn't provide any air cover to people like companies like delta. and i'm not going to give delta a pass either. they were participants in the bill.
2:32 pm
they had no problem with the bill until three or four days after the bill was passed and the twitter mob came and they're like uh-oh and now they are in in a pickle as well. it's a mess. let this be a warning to all states, this is coming for you. because every state is working on restricting. they have the jerry mandering thing after the census. working on tightening up voter laws. however, that's all being framed as voter suppression all across the country. so, from the communications standpoint, i'm like you better take a shot of expresso and get out there and explain things. they could have explained it so much better. my last thing is, president biden repeated word for word what he had said before but in the middle of that "the washington post" gave him four pinocchios. i would be so embarrassed. i would be so ashamed if i ever got a pinocchio let alone four. i would never say it again. but then they repeated it at the white house briefing today. so, to me, this is coordinated.
2:33 pm
it's unbelievable. >> katie: no pinocchios for dana ever. but speaking of the white house briefing today, jen psaki repeated the law again. take a listen. >> it gives options to expand it, right? but it's standardized to end at 5:00. it also makes it to so that outside groups can't provide water and food to people in line, right? it makes it more difficult to absentee vote, are those things all correct? so no our tone is not changing. >> katie: juan, they keep lying about this idea you can't provide water in line it's just a certain number of feet away from the voting and polling place like anything else you can't campaign, you can't give out things for free. why do they keep lying about it? >> juan: it's not a lie. i will tell you what the big lie is here. the big lie is donald trump said the last election was stolen and it was a result -- the steal was the result of election fraud and now. >> dana: don't be disagree. >> juan: republicans in georgia and other ostate legislatures
2:34 pm
are saying oh yeah we want to reassure voters who may have lost confidence in the election system by changing the election system. again, let me reiterate there was never any evidence of election fraud to sustain what the president said about this being a stolen election. and now there is no argument, there is no factual argument about the idea that the georgia legislature has now removed stripped power from the secretary of state that they now have power to absolutely undo local boards of election in georgia counties whether they think that something is wrong, when they think gee, you know, we shouldn't have lost this election. all of a sudden, they have the power to overturn elections. to me, this is awful. and i think that's why you see coca cola. that's why you see delta, that's why you see people involved with the big sports teams and the all-star game saying, you know what? this doesn't keep with our values. this is a democracy.
2:35 pm
>> lawrence: you are for the boycott, juan? >> juan: no. stacey abrams is not for a boycott. but i will tell you this. you saw yesterday in the. >> juan: top business leaders in this country lawrence, what did they say? >> lawrence: black business leaders in atlanta are saying they don't want business? come on, juan. the black business leaders in atlanta. >> katie: got to get going. >> sean: juan, let me ask you a question. my wife is of hispanic dissent, rachel, right? i'm white. so if i go to her and say listen, you are too stupid because you are hispanic to get a license or an i.d., and i can because i'm white? guess what's going to happen to my marriage? it's not going to go very well. this is so ridiculous and racist that democrats say we can't get ids because of the color of our skin. one last point. i can't wait for coca cola and delta at the next shareholder meeting to say we are not going to verify people who are owners of the company when they vote on
2:36 pm
shareholder proposals and for the board of directors anyone can come in and vote. i garp tee you they will get their pants suit off. what's good for delta and coke and the way they run their corporations is as good for georgia and for america. voter i.d. works and it works for coke and it works for delta. >> katie: indeed it does and those people support voter i.d. liberal policies under fire after a convicted murderer out on parole viciously attacked an elderly woman. ♪ ♪ start the year smiling at aspen dental where new starts happen, every day. get exceptional care at every step, unparalleled safety at every visit, and flexible payment options for every budget. now, during the everyday smiles event new patients get a full exam & set of x-rays with no obligation. no insurance? no worries, it's free.
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♪ got to get it up goethe i got to get up ♪ i got to get up >> lawrence: beautiful skyline there asoft on crime approach being blamed for horrific attack
2:41 pm
in new york city. the "new york post" turning to laws that allow a man who had killed his own mother to be out on lifetime parole. now, the convicted murderer is charged with a hate crime for a vicious attack on a 65-year-old asian-american woman on her way to church. and what's worse? two workers in a building lobby nearby they did absolutely nothing to stop it. dana, i'm going to bring this out to you first. obviously this man needs help. because if you killed your own momma, at 19 years old, maybe you shouldn't be out there to begin with. >> katie: yep. >> dana: and, it's so hard to watch that. you know, i have seen it a hundred times today. i think it's important that we see it. you know, asian americans have a right to be worried, concerned, and they deserve our support. less police fewer police not the right answer. i would say more police is the right answer, and more
2:42 pm
consequences and consequences that stick. we talked about this idea that we can support judicial reform. that doesn't have to mean losing common sense like what happened here. >> lawrence: juan, let me go to you. that's my concern about that. i have been fighting for criminal justice my entire life. my first job was in the juvenile courtroom. when you see these type of attacks, it hurts the calls for criminal justice reform because those of us that are true advocates do not want violent offenders back on the street. so why are cities like this continuing to let these type of people out? >> juan: well, let's hold on a second. i'm not sure this has anything to do with criminal justice reform, lawrence. remember, when this man killed his momma as you said, this was between, i think, giuliani and bloomberg, so these are tough on crime mayors and they sent him away. they sent him away and he was eligible for parole. it was denied twice. and then he was released.
2:43 pm
given release. i don't understand it. i don't think it was right. he is apparently insane and violent. so, this is damaging to the country. but, to blame it on soft on crime policies or defund the police, that's not true. i mean, giuliani and bloomberg? those were tough on crime mayors? this is something that we have to deal with in -- because this did l. damage the fabric of society to see that man get away with it and people stand by? that's terrible. >> lawrence: katie, the sentence was given during that time but these parole appointees are appointed. that's why that took place. >> katie: right. >> lawrence: go ahead. >> katie: lawrence, you say this guy needs help. i think he need the electric chair and he was released in 2019. which was not under giuliani or bloomberg. as you mentioned these parole officers pinted. he was let out. he should have never been let out. he killed his mother and now he has severely injured this woman
2:44 pm
who an elderly woman. and the police are sparse because new york city has decided to tie their hands and not allow them to respond in a way that is proper when they are seeing and witnessing violent crime like this. so there are victims and there are consequences for soft on crime policies and letting violent people like this out of prison and they are lucky that woman didn't die. >> lawrence: sean, final thoughts. >> sean: i was a prosecutor we believe in redemption for first time offender when you have violent criminals like this or repeat offenders the system works when you lock them up and lock them up for a very long time. this is a fail of the system. i think this progressive liberal idea that everyone, no matter what you have done you get a second chance. no, there are some people who belong behind bars and should stay there for the rest of their lives. >> lawrence: it's a failure of the system citizen also pay for it. you won't believe who is getting canceled. why the woke left is going after
2:45 pm
the obamas, next on "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ hey limu! [ squawks ] how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening! meow! nope. oh... what? i'm an emu! ah ha ha. no, buddy! buddy, it's a filter! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome pack to the "the five." no one is safe from cancel culture. going after obamas and oppose renaming the school after them. they say the former president is the deporter in chief and even calling him an oppressor. one, i want to come to you, juan, he did deport 3 million people. do you think he is the deporter in chief? do you think he is a oppressor? is that fair? >> juan: i didn't like the policy. i don't think is he a oppressor. i think this is stupidity cancel culture out of control. it's not as big as trying to cancel his presidency by saying he wasn't born in the u.s.a. i remember that canceling. >> sean: he wasn't canceled. he won. you are right i agree with you on cancel culture and to you, dana, i wonder if this is a new american relates or do liberals and conservatives, do juan and jesse stand together and push back on cancel culture to
2:50 pm
actually end it? >> dana: certainly the next logical step in cancel culture was canceling the obamas, we have hit pakin sell culture too bad greg gutfeld's new show wasn't starting tonight. that would be great new material for him to go after. are we being punked here? i can't take it seriously anymore. it's completely absurd. >> sean: it is. lawrence, i only know of one perfect human being who lived 2,000 years ago here in holy week, right? is anybody immune from cancel culture because, again, the obamas, everybody can get canceled, right? >> lawrence: i think that's why you saw former president obama speak out against this a couple years ago and this year, frankly, talking about it. because i think he saw it coming. you can only keep the record that he had for so long. i mean, he wasn't as progressive as we would like to see, you know, as we have seen from the democratic party of today. right now he would be considered a moderate with the changes that they're making right now. i think he kind of predicted
2:51 pm
this coming for him and he wanted to get out in front of it. i don't think anyone is safe. that's part of the reason cancel culture is so bad they have no barometer. it changes as the day goes and the minute goes. >> sean: there is no rules to cancel culture everyone is subject to it. katie, as i told you i hate cancel culture, the only way conservatives can fight back and push back against cancel culture if they actually cancel those who are canceling us. if in my family we canceled disney plus and netflix. i have moved from google to duck duck go. is that the way to push back financial laws to stop the left from doing all this canceling? >> katie: i think you have to laugh at it. i think this is hilarious. you know, cancel woke culture, wokism eats everybody eventually. i actually saw this coming because two years ago president obama gave a speech and he quoted the founding fathers and referred to them in a positive light. i remember saying, not woke enough. not woke enough.
2:52 pm
i just think it's ridiculous. >> sean: is he a sinner that's true according to the founding fathers. when you are as powerful as barack obama that's one thing. if you are low on the totem pole lose your job and don't have any savings that is cataclysmic. with that we have one more thing. ♪ ♪ dignity. this thing you can neither see nor measure... ...but that demands the return of small moments illness attempts to steal. ♪ dignity demands a rapid covid test, ♪ because we all need an answer to move forward. ♪ dignity demands your heart stays connected to your doctor, so you know it's beating as it should. ♪ it demands a better understanding
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♪ >> dana: it's time for one more thing. juan, kick us off. >> juan: this time of year the white house is usually preparing their lawn for the annual easter egg roll unfortunately this year the event had to be canceled due to the pandemic. but, take a look at these wooden easter eggs from last year's event. they were sent to me by richard, the chairman of the spirit of liberty foundation. and, of course, there is no canceling the fun of making
2:57 pm
easter eggs at home. here my grandchildren showing off their creations pepper, wesley and eli painting their eggs, very artfully. so happy passover. happy easter to everyone. it's the season of renewal and easter eggs. >> dana: indeed. those are good. i know your daughter knows how to do arts and crafts at your house. must be fun. i wanted to talk about little book self-promotion a little bit if you don't mind. so, i debuted on the "new york times" best seller list dropped down a little bit but went back up to best seller list it sold out. coming back in the stores and also the audio book i recorded. and then i'm also really excited about this. when the book went to print, i still had this idea, so i wrote a chapter about how faith has informed my life and certainly helped me in my life. and i have given that to exclusively. so that is there. it's not available in print.
2:58 pm
it is now available just to so you can go there and read that chapter. it's not too long but i think it's pretty good. you can check it out. and if you go facebook at dana perino, i want to hear what your favorite advice is in the book and i will encage, talk more about it. lawrence. >> lawrence: dana, i'm reading the book to understand the women. >> dana: that's what peter said you need to do. smart man. >> lawrence: anyway, thousands of ncaa brackets have been destroyed this year but not for this family. a once in a lifetime showdown happening this saturday between houston and baylor. the university of houston's assistant coach a s. alvin brooks jr. and the assistant coach for baylor is also alvin brooks. he is the third. the son of the houston assistant coach. the younger brooks has been an assistant for 16 years. his father has spent over 36 years working on the sidelines. tip off at is 5:14. all i know is i'm glad i am not in that family. that family is force to be reckoned with. [laughter]
2:59 pm
>> dana: i love that story. i love stories like that. katie? >> katie: yep. well, the arizona women's basketball team is in the final four tomorrow night against uconn so go arizona wildcats. look at these incredible rock climbers you know i'm a thrill seeker. they're climbing up the side of a hot air balloon, navigated their way around the under side of the balloon to get to the top. they climbed at 10,000 feet with a back drop of that gorgeous sunrise. it happened in france, i would love to do that if i had upper body strength that enable me to do that. >> dana: i hope my niece is not watching because she would go do that. >> katie: i will do it with her. >> dana: sean, what have you got? >> sean: take a look at this friendship formed on the basketball court. [laughter] >> oh that's curry. that's curry. that's curry. that's curry. >> sean: this is ricky and this delaware trooper forming a
3:00 pm
friendship. community policing at its finest. the walkoff is amazing. >> juan: he could shoot. >> dana: that's what they call a three pointer. [laughter] >> juan: good dana, way to go dana. >> dana: thank you, thank you. that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: dana, your sports knowledge is. climbing on the balloon is crazy and two, congratulations to the waters family jy and little jesse, another viewer for "the five." >> dana: jesse and emma's world. >> bret: you got it. we will see you guys. good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier fresh off the debut of his $2 trillion infrastructure plan president biden held his first cabinet meeting today. is he asking several of his top advisers to take the lead on selling the plan to the public. republicans are already ripping the proposal as a trojan horse filled with non-infrastructure progressive


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