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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 1, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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have baseball start again and to have at least some semblance of getting back in with fans there. it's not back to normal yet. it's just something. just a little tease, you know. >> sandra: we'll take it. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" starts now. >> martha: thanks. i'm martha maccallum in new york. here's the story right now. the biden white house is running into head winds. intensifying scrutiny from some, you might say unlikely places including "washington post." this headline in the hill today. "white house moves to reshape role of u.s. capitalism." a percentage of gdp, the biden plan is bigger as a percentage of gdp than the new deal was. that was the effort that transformed the federal government's role and expanded it in the lives of americans down the road with the great society that laid the ground work for the u.s. entitlement
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system. so the biden plan shrinks capitalism by saddling american companies with the highest tax rate in the world. according to the tax foundation. therefore, the least competitive. it expand government involvement dramatically in commerce and in people's lives. a move that may endear progressives to the plan. a.o.c. says it's not enough money. transportation secretary pete buttigieg who has a big role in this, he's happy to hear that. >> we need to go way higher. we're talking about realistically $10 trillion over ten years. >> i'm glad to hear there's a shared appetite for going big. >> martha: there you go. the plan eclipses anything attempted by president obama or certainly president clinton before him who sought to reign in welfare and entitlement programs. we'll be joined by john thune from south dakota.
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first, mark meredith is at the north lawn. the president just wrapped up his first cabinet meeting. >> good afternoon. president biden is urging congress to think big. republicans say it's the price tag and the tax increases that go with it that has them worried. cameras were allowed in briefly as the president had his first cabinet meeting. he urged the cabinet to buy american as the government makes plans to potentially spend a lot of money on new projects. >> my administration is a commitment to buy american. a plan we're putting forward. to make sure that when the government is spending taxpayers' money, they're spending it on american-made goods, american corporations and american employees. >> the president is tasking several of his cabinet secretaries to lead the effort to get his spending bill through congress. that includes the heads of transportation, energy, labor department as well as commerce
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and housing. republicans are already revolting against this proposal. they argue the $2 trillion is too expensive and that these tax increases will kill economic growth and the bill includes too much money for everything including infrastructure. >> there's something in here for murder hornets for all i know. i need to read the details. if you're talking about bridges and roads and airports, by my numbers, i'm still reading things. it's way less than 10%. >> we heard from lawmakers. we're hearing from the nonpartisan committee for federal budget. while the country is in need of investment, it's not sure that $2 trillion is justified. the question is how quickly will the white house push this through congress. the white house hasn't set a public timeline. we expect many lawmakers will be coming over to give their thoughts on this. >> martha: thanks very much,
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mark. south dakota senator john thune, senate minority whip will play a big role in how the republican vote will go. thanks for being here. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: i'll start by playing this piece of sound from the president on listening to republicans. watch this. >> i'm going to bring the republicans in the oval office, listen to them what they have to say and be open to other ideas. the good faith negotiations with any republican that wants to help get this done. >> martha: so it looks like a $2 trillion bill is the first part of it. there's part 2 on top of the trillions we spent on covid. he said he wants you to come in there with your ideas. what will the ideas be? >> good question, martha. i'm glad to hear that the president is finally acknowledging that he wants to hear from republicans. as of yet, 70 days in his administration, we haven't heard from him. infrastructure traditionally has been a bipartisan concept.
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we've had republicans and democrats both who in the past at least have been inclined to support infrastructure as defined as roads and bridges and transportation and things like that. their idea of infrastructure, not only includes some of toes things but electric vehicles, healthcare, day care, schools, housing. this is a massive, massive expansion of the federal government. somebody on his staff has convinced him he can be the next f.d.r. this is a massive expansion paid for in part by huge tax increases on the economy, which would very much harm the economies we're trying to recover and get people back to work and get growth back. so we'll see what he has to say. obviously we have interest in what we consider to be infrastructure, how they define infrastructure is broader. >> martha: what does that mean, senator? when you go in there, what will you say? we're all for a trillion dollar package over ten years that fixes roads and bridges and
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broad band, airports, some of the things that have a decent argument for being in infrastructure. will you present your plan to the president? >> well, of course we will. we have -- there's been bipartisan support for highway bill, which is, you know, we've had senator capito that chairs that issue. came out of the committee there's a lot of things for bipartisan support. they're talking about massive amounts of spending. most of it unrelated to transportation or infrastructure. 6% of this bill is truly infrastructure. the rest of it is the massive expansion of government, which the left has wanted. this is the bernie sanders wing of the democrat party, the socialist wing that is the tail wagging the dog right now when it comes to their agenda. that's what we're seeing. >> martha: what is the political strategy? do you hold the line and say this is your baby, go for it? you can pass it right now but do you anticipate this is something
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that is a problem for them in 2022? they seem to be reading the polls and say people like checks. people like all of these programs. they like this expansion and we're going all in. >> well, people like economic growth. they like better paying jobs. and the tax increases included in here are not going to accomplish that. i think if you look at -- there's democrats on capitol hill that will view this as too much money and funding things that the government shouldn't be funding. there's a role for government, a role for the private economy. i'm hoping that there will be some thoughtful democrats that will work with republicans to reduce this in size and scope. >> martha: how many of them is the question. is joe manchin on board with this proposal? >> this strikes me as a very radical extreme proposal and i he that joe manchin would be among other democrats that would find this hard to swallow. >> martha: anybody else you think won't be on board so far? >> if you're talking about the
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kind of debt, the kind of tax increases, maybe kyrsten sinema. they're not going to be vocal right now but hopefully they will as time goes on. >> martha: thanks, senator. good to have you here. >> thanks, martha. you bet. >> martha: joining me now, bret baier host of "special report." good to see you this afternoon. so you know, obviously there's a boldness that the president spoke about. clearly this white house is feeling very strengthened right now. the president has been convinced to go places he never went as part of the obama administration. they say this is very politically smart for them at this point. >> right. it's a different president than candidate joe biden at least talking in all of those democratic primary debates about his policies. he's going big. the question is how big and can he get it through. is it politically dangerous for this president, for the democratic party to be going
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down this road with such thin majorities that you just talked about in the senate and the house. there's moderates that will have problems with this. you know, you look at various studies saying potentially raising taxes in the way that they're talking about doing it could hurt workers' wages. whether that is the short term or long-term. >> martha: yeah. seems they're betting the economy is improving, right? they can get to 2022 with an increasingly strong economy as everything bouncing back from covid and the things you talk about, which i think are very substantial in terms of the impact on u.s. corporations, raising the taxes dramatically to the highest level in the world might not be felt until far enough down the road that politically they can get by? >> that seems like part of the calculation here. 2022 will take all of this into account. suddenly you'll have all of these races.
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remember, it's just razor thin. a few seats determine both the house and the senate. if republicans take control, it's a much different back end to the biden administration than it is now. they think they have to go put the pedal to the metal while they can. the ironic thing about this infrastructure plan, too, the thing about shovel-ready jobs. are there jobs ready to go. in part that would happen because of the regulations changes under the trump administration that made it easier to move forward with big infrastructure projects. >> martha: a good point. a lot of the trump moves have been rolled back and regulations were relieved considerably in the trump administration. what is your read on joe manchin? obviously these green issues have a lot of impact on a place like west virginia. >> listen, on the first covid relief bill, i think he did punt. you know, he went along with his party. but just talking to him, i think
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he's going to hold the line on the filibuster, it seems to me. he's in the seat of robert byrd who created the byrd rule in the senate. he feels this traditional sense of defending that. however, there are things that he's going to negotiate for. i wouldn't be surprised if west virginia gets a lot of bridges and tunnels and everything else they need. >> martha: that's the thing in a bill like this. time for everybody to put in their favorite project around their state and hope that they get elected again the next time around. that's for sure. open season. bret, thanks very much. good to see you. see you at 6:00. moments ago, the white house responding to this shocking video. this is just one little slice of life on the border right now. two little girls, 3 and 5 years old dropped i think 14 feet from the top of that fence by whoever was transporting them, smuggler, whoever this person was.
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>> martha: a short time ago, the white house was pressed on what you see in this image. it's shocking footage that captures smugglers dropping toddlers, 3 and 5 years old over the 14 foot border fence. the person that drops them, they just drop to the other side and take off back in the direction
12:17 pm
of mexico. watch this whole thing. >> if safety is the main concern -- >> of course it is. that's why i'm surprised by some of the line of questioning here. i'll say that our concern and our focus is on sending a clear message to smugglers -- to the region that this is not the time to come. you should not send your kids on this treacherous journey, that these smugglers are preying on vulnerabilities in these communities. >> martha: so in moments, lara logan. first, to eagle pass, texas where we find casey stegall. casey? >> hi, martha. good to see you. that incident happened near el paso. it was all caught on tape. customs and border protection cameras rolling. we have to show you the video. it's difficult to watch i'm i heard you talking, the wall is 14 feet high in that one spot. you can see the smugglers drop
12:18 pm
two small children drop two children and take off. the 3 and 5-year-old little girls are from ecuador. they're sisters. agents rescued them and they were not seriously hurt. officials say this proves the cartels and the criminal organizations are becoming more and more brazen, willing to do anything to make a quick buck. >> the smuggling fees go higher on that. it's a by product of this. i believe it's further exploitation not only of the system but the family members. you know, when you think of hope and desperation and you're willing to separate them, one of your kids, it's a heck of a choice to make. >> now, a new emergency intake site will open in houston at the national association of christian churches. that happens later today. up to 50 accompanied minors are scheduled to arrive there
12:19 pm
between dhs and hhs numbers, we're watching the tallies and looking at them closely, martha. as of right now, the math shows us that there's more than 18,000 migrant children in federal custody. >> martha: yes. by some estimates, 22,000 that are on the way. we'll need more facilities, more places to keep and house the children. thanks, casey. i'm joined by fox nation host, lara logan. the latest season of her show "lara logan has no agenda" has a fascinating show. good to see you here. lara, what goes through your mind? when you watch the two children gets dropped over the fence. you talk about the dynamic behind all of that. tell us about that. >> well, sadly, the first thing that goes through my mind apart
12:20 pm
from the initi pit in your stomach where you feel sick because you think it could be your child. but what i think about immediately after that, martha, is that this is a diversion. the cartels know exactly what border patrol cameras are, they know their tactics, techniques, procedures. what they know is when they drop two little girls like that, border patrol agents will search that area and be completely consumed of taking care of those children. that goes to show the u.s. politicians and leaders in this country that discredited and targeted and terrorized border patrol agents and their families should be ashamed of themselves. the cartels know that they will prioritize the children and exploits that opportunity and move drugs and money and guns and whatever they want, high value targets. people that couldn't get in to the u.s. by handing over their name to a border patrol agent,
12:21 pm
that is what is moving over when everybody is focused on the two little girls. what nobody is talking about, all the parents and all the kids in the u.s. dying from fentanyl overdoses coming over the border. >> martha: so many great points there. my mind goes to the vice president, kamala harris, who said in the hearing that she compared ice to the k.k.k. here's a quick sound bite from alexandria ocasio-cortez. watch this. >> the fact that this keeps happening over and over and over again is a political failure by both parties. what is happening here is not the same as what happened during the trump administration where they took babies out of the arms of their mothers. the families are owed reparation, period. >> martha: quick thought, lara, if you can. >> she's right. both parties have failed on this
12:22 pm
issue. both parties have neglected the security issue. however, she's dishonest and just quite frankly lying about everything else. it's to the point of where it's just ridiculous. it's really -- it's extraordinarily pathetic. >> martha: lara logan that talks about the shadow government that the cartels are running at the border. as you point out so accurately, lara, how they use every bit of the debate in this country to open the channels and to make lots and lots of money off of those children that have little bracelets strapped to their wrist that are routing devices to get paid. lara logan, thanks. "return to the border" right now on fox nation. take a look at it. a lot of in depth reporting there. thanks, lara. so coming up, president biden accused of malarkey for
12:23 pm
spreading pinocchio claims against georgia's voting law. let's dig in with charlie kirk and richard fowler next. >> we had the largest african american turnout in the 2018 november election when i got elected. joe biden needs to focus on things that he can control like the southern border. that's all that is a distraction. they're using it to pass an unconstitutional mandate in h.r.-1. it's part of a political narrative that they're pushing. we're going to continue to fight that. excuse me ma'am, did you know that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? thank you! hey, hey, no, no, limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> martha: a battle over one of the closest elections in u.s. history is over four months after the election. rita hart has thrown in the towel. once again, ceded her loss to miller-meeks by six votes. the slimmest margin ever in a congressional election. hart suddenly challenged this race, which was already done and in the books with pelosi's support just a couple weeks ago this all started. she was backed by mark elias, the democrat attorney that played a huge role in the election battles throughout 2020. now hart has dropped the challenge. she says she hopes to return to civility. and meeks says it was gracious for her to concede. president biden gets four pinocchios for one of his claims about georgia's new election
12:28 pm
law. he calls it jim crow on steroids. >> this is jim crow on steroids what they're doing in georgia. imagine passing a law saying you cannot provide water? or food for someone standing in line to vote? can't do that? come on. or you're going to close the polling place at 5:00 when working people get off? >> martha: both of those things are not in the law. here to separate the facts from the fiction, jacqui heinrich. breaks it down for us live on capitol hill. hi, jacqui. >> hi, martha. there's a number of controversial provisions in the 98-page law. the ones that president biden spoke about are debunked. he said that georgia ending voting hours at 5:00 when people get out of work. but election day voting times are not changed. 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
12:29 pm
early votes times were expanded. previous language was vague. normal business hours. it's 9 to 5:00 at a minimum. it adds a mandatory saturday to early voting and two optional sundays. for that characterization, the washing post fact checkers gave biden four pinocchios. and kemp said he's saying this to move hr-1. >> i've done over 20 interviews in the last 24, 36 hours pushing the truth out. we're not going to back down when we have a bill that expands the opportunity to vote. we have as much early voting days as anybody in the country. we have no excuse absentee. >> criticisms are based in fact. it's a misdemeanor to pass out food or water within 150 feet of a polling place or 25 feet of a
12:30 pm
voter. it's punishable by up to a year in jail and $1,000 fine. the language in that bill does not specifically target political organizations trying to influence votes as some people have pushed back and claimed. martha? >> martha: thanks, jacqui. jacqui heinrich reporting from washington. let's bring in charlie kirk from turning point u.s.a. and "the maga doctrine." richard, i keep hearing the same allegations, you know, this just horrified -- they won't give you water. it's so inhumane, this georgia law. you go through it point by point and these things don't hold up. what do you say? >> thanks for having me. a couple of things that are okay. right? which is like making sure that you have saturday voting. there's other parts of the bill that i find to be a bit reminiscent of the past.
12:31 pm
after 2020, we saw record turnout. we should be doing everything to ensure we have a record turnout in every election especially in georgia with long lines. passing out water is a way to keep folks in line. you wait two -- >> martha: you can't do like richard fowler for congress on the water bottle within 150 feet. that's always been the rule. this is historyonics. nobody is desperate for water waiting in line, richard. it's not just. it's really not fair. it plays on people's emotions in a way that is not right. >> to be fair, if the league of women voters were to hand out water in fulton county, these woman that volunteer would be arrested for a misdemeanor. i'm not talking about congressional campaigns. i'm talking about --
12:32 pm
>> martha: come on. has anybody ever died of water oh it's a thirsty activity. charlie, what do you think? >> wasting two or three hours -- >> bring water like everybody else does in the world. it's not -- we're getting lost in the weeds here. so many laws were changed in the 2020 election. the big picture, there's an enormous battle to get them changed back to what they were precovid. democrats like the way these laws have been changed because it worked well for them. what do you say? >> you're exactly right. first of all, the law explicitly allows election officials to have water distributiontations. it's a red herring distraction argument a as it's so dehydrating to vote in our country. if you want a drink of water, the law allows it. what this is about and why democrats are mobile ing
12:33 pm
institution from delta, coca-cola, stacey abrams, mail-in balloting is more secure in the state of georgia thanks to this bill. that's where the real concern is. they're not having a conversation on that. in georgia they had nearly an eight times increase in mail-in voting from 2016 to 2020 with a lower signature verification threshold because the descent decree that stacey abrams got done. we need secure elections. i'll push back. yes, we want high voter turnout and the people voting are the people submitting the ballots. georgia's own former president jimmy carter, a democrat himself in a bipartisan commit said that mail-in voting can the most open to fraud. we have to have a real discussion on this. this bill is quite honestly a vanilla reform bill. it's not that radical. calling it jim crow 2.0 is
12:34 pm
insulting to the amazing civil rights activist that had so much progress in our country to say that voter -- having to prove who you are when you send in a mail-in ballot is jim crow 2.0 is astonishing. >> martha: thanks, gentlemen. great to have you here today. coming up a key witness to be called by the prosecution in derek chauvin's trial. he was inside the car with george floyd when floyd according to the earlier testimony passed out on the steering wheel. he's pleading the fifth. he will not take the stand. he doesn't want to answer questions. why? here's huge news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. refiplus lets you refinance at record low rates to save money every month plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans
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>> martha: right now high drama in the courtroom at derek chauvin's trial. george floyd's girlfriend sobbed on the stand. she described their relationship and their battle with opioid addiction. >> after prescriptions that were
12:39 pm
filled and -- we got addicted. we tried really hard to break that addiction. >> martha: another key witness who was inside the s.u.v. with floyd at the time of his arrest, also another woman at that point, says he does not want to speak or be questioned. he tells the court he won't take the stand. he will take the fifth if he's called, which raises questions about why. in moments, we have an attorney on what to expect when the defense begins for this ex-police officer. first to matt finn reporting live outside the minneapolis courtroom today. hello, matt. >> in court a short while ago, two paramedics got treated. floyd flat-lined on the way to the hospital. they did everything to revive
12:40 pm
him. courtney ross, floyd's girlfriend, said she thinks maurice hall had a history of providing drugs to floyd, perhaps fuelling his opioid addiction. maurice hall, attorney, says they have no response to that allegation. hall is a critical eye witness and plans not to testify and plead the fifth. ros said she and floyd enjoyed each other for three years but they did have an addiction. she did not that hall was with floyd. >> do you recall fbi agents asking you, did mr. floyd purchase controlled substances from mr. maurice hall? >> yes. i didn't like maurice very much. >> in court a short while ago, a firefighter took the stand. we'll keep you updated on his account, martha. >> martha: thanks, matt finn in
12:41 pm
minneapolis. joining me right now, attorney mark. good to have you on the program, this is getting a lot of attention. the fact that this other individual that was in the car, a person that was very privy to all of the events that happened in cup foods and where they were going, what they were doing and what state george floyd was in. he says he will not talk. >> yeah, all that is interesting. it's not necessary, really. first of all, he won't talk. there's no big mystery. he doesn't want to talk because it would incriminate him. he gave a false name. he has a history of open warrants when he was arrested that included a nice portfolio of crimes that included felony position, domestic violence. there's reasons why he doesn't want to testify. this case does not hinge upon what flows from mr. hall's lips. >> martha: everybody had home has been watching the prosecution side of this. they have the chance to cross
12:42 pm
examine. eric nelson, attorney, cross examines. give everybody a frame for what we're seeing right now and what you expect on the other side of this equation. >> the defense will argue that the cause of death was not the neiling on his neck for the ninth minutes and 29 seconds but rather a history of physical problems that included heart issues and also was because of his alleged drug use. they're going to try to devalue his life. that's absolutely what they're going to attempt to do, that his own behavior brought this on. don't kill the messenger. they'll argue the cause of death was not this officer but other matters. prosecutors say it doesn't matter if those other factors were at play as long as the neiling on the neck, the officer's actions were unreasonable and played a cause in the death of mr. floyd. >> martha: i mean, when you look at the charges, you have second and third degree murder, second
12:43 pm
degree man slaughter. so, you know, put yourself in the defense shoes for a moment here. one of the arguments that can be made for the prosecution is that he's exhibited -- chauvin exhibited depraved indifference. seems like they laid out a good case from that. how do you balance that from the defense side and put reasonable doubt into the mind of the jurors? >> the defense attorney is doing all he can. he made the best move by pleading with prosecutors to make a plea deal. this video is horrible. he tried to get a plea deal. he couldn't get that. his best hope is to get jurors who might hang the jury up. meaning all it takes is one. if he can appeal to one juror that said i'm not sure about the cause, i don't know about the cause, could have been from this other stuff and doesn't understand the law, he avoids a conviction. a hung jury, a mistrial. the other thing to do is hope
12:44 pm
that maybe they come back on a lesser included offense. here's the bottom line for all the jurors and the people watching. here's the bottom line. the only way the defense can win this case is if they have the single expert witness whose name is david copperfield who can make that video disappear. >> martha: mark, good to talk to you. we'll talk to you throughout this process expected to take two to four weeks. thanks, mark. thank you. >> thank you. same here. >> martha: here's a question for you. is your school child an oppressor or is your school child a victim based on their color and their ancestry? there's parents that have had enough of this question of woke curriculum in their classroom. now it is next to impossible to fight back without being called a racist. now there's a way to combat craziness in the classroom in a
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>> martha: parents eager to fight back against woke indoctrination and whether ethnicity makes you a victim or oppressor. the parents have a new tool. nonprofit parents defending education seeks to empower parents by educating them on how they can hold officials accountable and reclaim our schools from activists. joining me now, nicole neeley, president and founder of parents defending education and a mom, too. and vice president of strategy
12:50 pm
at pbe, a former reporter and a mother to a high school junior. thanks for being here. you write our country is headed to a crisis. a new class of racial profiteers. tell me about this racial profiteer movement that started after george floyd's death. >> yeah, you just had a segment about floyd's death. since june 2020, school districts and this industry that is called the diversity complex has been used as a trojan horse to get in schools and the classroom. what we know from reporting is that you have to follow the money, you have to ask questions and you have to connect the dots. so parents defending education, we're connecting the dots. we created this incredible map
12:51 pm
called indoctrination. in it, we're asking people around the country to report to us their incidents of indoctrination in the classroom. it's unbelievable. every hour we get new reports. >> martha: and you're going to get more after this segment. i with promise you. i talked with parents all the time, nicole, that say that they're afraid. i don't want my kid labelled a racist, i don't want to be the crazy racist mom that called the school, there's embedded racism in every person in this country and in our history. what can they do now? >> sure. yeah. anonymity is something that we take seriously. we take anonymous tips. so when we file litigation, it's filed as parents defending education versus a school. the parents are anonymous. they're listed as parent a, b and c. we don't want people to be
12:52 pm
fired, to be called names. so i think there's something that everybody can do something. people can give us a tip through writing a letter to the editor, showing the school board. we want to give parents the tools to get engaged. be it anonymously or be it to taking something to a federal lawsuit. >> martha: it's very organized. i give you credit for organizing for parents to have a voice out there. asra, was there a moment for you as a parents that said i should do something about this. i can't stand by. >> yes, absolutely. what happened is that in june of 2020, the principal at my son's high school, thomas jefferson high school for science and technology, sent a letter to the mostly asian, mostly minority families of our school and she told us that we need to check our privileges. so what we have at our schools, t.j., parents that have immigrated from china, romania,
12:53 pm
india. we have a mom that literally stood in tiananmen square. so what has happened now is that i became an accidental activist june 2020. now we've created this national movement. i just invite parents everywhere to join us. one dad wrote to us and said the cavalry has arrived. we're going to march and we're going to fight against this army of indoctrinators. >> martha: what are you holding there, asra? >> i'm holding a book being read to our children. it's called "not my idea", this is the message. "whiteness is a bad deal." and then this image of a devil with a whiteness being a pact with the selling of a child's soul. can you imagine that that is something that is being taught
12:54 pm
to our children? what we believe in as a nation is equality and humanity. that is what parents defending education is about, the values of america. so please support us, everyone. >> martha: we were raised to not hate people because of the color of their skin. so this feels like a step in the wrong direction. i hope you come back and give us a progress report because we would like to keep in touch with you and talk more about this. thank you very much. nicole and asra. good to have you here. a quick break on "the story" and we'll be back with more after this. . it lets you refinance at today's record low rates plus get cash. with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa.
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12:59 pm
killed in the line of duty will not have to worry about paying their mortgage. the tunnel to towers foundation is raising money for mark talley's widow. there's seven children. they're 80% of the way there to meet their goal by easter sunday. tunnel to towers called and said you don't have to worry about your mortgage. >> i can't describe the burden that that lifts as a mom. i also have seven kids. your first concern is oh, my gosh, how will i raise the children without my husband here? immediately following that thought is how am i going to pay the bills? how am i going to feet these children? >> martha: that's jenny taylor. she's such an inspiration. we send our support to them. tunnel of towers helps so many
1:00 pm
families of fallen heros. that is "the story" of thursday, april 1. as always, "the story" continues. we'll see you back here tomorrow at 3:00. have a good evening, everybody. "your world" with neil starts rights now. >> neil: by now you'll see this video. now meet the border agent that released it. she's here and only here. all of that while the rush to get fans in the stands. we're on top of it. very glad to have


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