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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 1, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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we have come full circle. >> you should know. this always is a great time doing the show, i appreciate you having me. >> now here is america reports. >> april 2014, i was there. shocking new video exposing the dangers of human trafficking at our border as federal and local officials continue to struggle with the surge of migrants at our southern border. i'm sandra smith. >> welcome to wednesday or is it thursday? i'm john roberts, just feels like wednesday. border patrol releasing disturbing video which shows smugglers dumping to children age three and five under the border fence before abandoning them there in the middle of the night, that comes as migrants are slipping through gaps in the
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border wall revived and halted construction on the first day of his presidency. >> sandra: want to be clear that they are in custody and fox's exclusive drone meanwhile capturing arrests at the border this morning as the stream of migrants continues to overwhelm local authorities. we've got team coverage for you. texas senator ted cruz joining us in moments with his reaction to his recent trip to an overcrowded migrant facility we begin with casey stegall live on the border, you are getting an up close and personal look at what is happening there, day by day, hour by hour basis, how does it look today? >> you just said it, that is how frequently things change down here. good to see you and john. the numbers are up all across the board, apprehensions, detentions, those are the obvious ones that we have been standing here and telling you about, but the groups of migrants traveling together are
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also getting larger according to the officials on the ground here as are the requests being made or local law enforcement, taking them away from their normal duties help out federal agencies. here in eagle pass for example, about 29,000 officers assisting on things like medical calls, high-speed chases, foot pursuits, rescues, and even the rating of staff houses. >> sporadic here and there, the last several months has been somewhat overwhelming, but it's coming up, it's an everyday situation now. >> the latest tally from both dhs and hhs show us now that more than 18,000 migrant children are currently in federal custody. >> sandra: casey stegall,
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thank you. >> john: our next guest recently visited the overcrowded migrant facility in texas. we showed you the confrontation he had without administration official trying to block him from taking photographs and video. now blasting the border crisis as a man-made humanitarian disaster pillows bring in ted cruz. we know you've seen this up close and personal. when you see the video that we have been airing today of those two little girls age three and five dumped over that border wall which is 14 feet high into the desert and then just left there is a smugglers hightail it out of there, what are your thoughts? >> it's horrific and tragically, this is happening every day. i've been to the border many times over the past ten years in and i've never seen even close to this bad. the numbers are through the roof and it is the direct result of
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decisions joe biden made in his very first week as president. his first week as president, he made three critical decisions. number one, immediately halted construction on the border wall. that leaves huge holes where it wasn't finished being built and through those holes, we have illegal immigrants streaming in every night. number two, he reinstated the failed catch and release policy. that results in people being apprehended and given a court date sometime in the future and let go inevitably and most of them never come back. and number three, he ended the remain in mexico international agreement which was the most important of the three. president trump had negotiated with the government of mexico in agreement that immigrants from central america who crossed illegally through mexico would remain in mexico while they were asylum cases were proceeding and it worked, produced results. last year, we had the lowest illegal immigration and 45 years
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and on week one, joe biden ripped that agreement to pieces and because the porter crisis we are seeing right now. >> sandra: is now a solution he sees his to appoint kamala harris to the head of the problem-solving at the border but instead of heading to the border, it appears their plan is to deal with the home countries from where these immigrants are coming. kamala harris, by the way, she was given this role eight days ago tapped for this border crisis role. we haven't seen a press conference, we barely see her take any questions and we certainly haven't seen her at the border so where is the urgency on the part of this administration? we know they want to blame the previous administration but they're still the crisis at the border so what are they doing about it? >> nobody is in charge, joe biden certainly doesn't want to be in charge, he wants to wash his hands from it so he appointed kamala harris to be in
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charge but she quickly realized she didn't want it because she didn't have any answers that within a day or two, to either quit or was fired because the administration then announced that she's not in charge either. no one knows who's in charge and the truth of the matter is nobody is in charge. when i went last week, i brought 19 senators to the border, we went into that facility, the capacity with covid restrictions is 250 people. if it had over 4,000 people crammed in it, and by the way, i asked for the media to come in, wanted to go and see. the fine administration said no, no cameras, no media, no reporters, thankfully the attention of the 19 senators god we filmed and took pictures and put it out despite the bite administration trying to silence us trying to hide it from the american people. that pressure was so great that this week the bite administration finally gave in
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and allowed cameras in but it was only after repeatedly refusing our requests and the public pressure becoming too much to bear. >> john: the one thing i'm wondering about not only just where is the vice president on all of this but where is the outrage on the left to what's going on? there was plenty during the last administration but where are the immigrant groups now protesting the conditions under which these children are being held, where the democratic politicians banging on the lectern and the house and the senate, we heard alexandria ocasio-cortez and one of her famous online chats talking about it was very traumatic for children to be separated from parents during the last administration which undoubtedly it was but why is energy talking about how traumatic it is for two children to be unceremoniously dumped over a wall in the middle of a desert? >> you're exactly right and there's a lot of hypocrisy on this issue. for four years, we heard democrats had much of the media going on and on about kids in
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cages. they never acknowledged it was barack obama who built those cages. i went into her those cages in 2018 and 2014 when obama built them and now he is building new cages and bigger cages and they are more full. at that facility, there were children just lined up in those cages not 6 feet apart with 3 feet apart, side-by-side by side, 10% of those kids are testing positive for covid and then just a couple of days ago, i went to another detention facility in the bite administration and downtown dallas, the convention center, a giant room the size of three and a half football fields to give you a sense of the scope and the room is filled with nothing lined up one after the other after another, 2,200 all in a row all filled with teenage boys aged 13 through 17 just one
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slice of the children who were suffering, being brought in by human traffickers, being abused, sexually abused, and all of that is the direct result of joe biden's political mistakes. >> sandra: it was on this program when we were getting those live images of border patrol taking us through that ability saying for covid, we are only supposed to have 250 people in this facility. they have over 4,000. it is unbelievable when you look at this condition that those kids are crammed in in the middle of a pandemic. as far as the politics of this as you know, democrats are pointing to the trump administration that they are dealing with the problems that it created, but when you look at the big picture here, you've got people saying that what the left is doing now, look with a fine administration is doing, unveiling this massive spending plan, infrastructure that doesn't really include fixing roads and bridges, are you
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concerned about the attention rightly so that the border was getting but how that may be taking away from all the stuff they are doing over here while the focus is on the border for your party? >> the border is one example of the extreme partisan failures. joe biden made the strange choice to pivot hard left. i think he is captive to aoc and elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. the reason the border is unfolding, last year we had the lowest illegal immigration with policies that worked. this year, we have the worst illegal immigration in 20 years, about as dramatic a shift as you can ask for and it occurred when joe biden became president and it occurred because of decisions he made. here's the problem, here's why neither neither one of them wants responsibility for it.
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consistent with the problems they've made, their radical left-wing base, today tweeting the answer to this is abolish i.c.e. from a shut down eyes altogether and have open borders, that's the answer of the crazy left on its way they are trapped is because there is no solution that stops this wave of humanity, the suffering as long as they take their marching orders from the radical left and they are doing the same thing on this massive tax increase on small businesses they just rolled out, calling it an infrastructure bill but it's a massive tax bill doing their same thing on the federal takeover of elections, all of it is being captive to the hard partisan left and that's not what the american people want. we want solutions that actually work and that's not what joe biden is giving you. >> john: senator ted cruz of texas, good to spend time with you today, thanks so much for
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joining us. >> always a pleasure. >> john: the one thing missing from this is what to do now? >> sandra: where's the urgency and for the point about, talking about that massive spending bill. and what is not in it for the american people. >> john: looking forward to all that. president biden will hold his first cabinet meeting since his administration began selling his $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan to congress. can hear them all starting to build that bridge behind me now. the spending bill expected to face strong republican pushback and could get even more difficult to bring all democrats on board. mark meredith is live over at the white house. >> i can hear it loud and clear, helps to see you from across the way. good afternoon to you. the white house says it is ready to raise corporate taxes even as
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some republicans say any sort of tax hike could really hurt the economy and try to bounce back from the pandemic still one day into this debate, showing no signs of backing down. >> the people who benefited from the economic infrastructure should help pay for what we need to continue to win, corporation seeing higher profits than ever in this country, many corporations pay no taxes at all. >> it does plan to improve bridges roads and airports but money for other government projects, this is something republicans say has nothing to do with basic infrastructure improvements. >> they are calling this an infrastructure bill but it's not. only 25% of the total funding would go for basic infrastructure. with this is another liberal wish list. >> you said he's inviting republicans to the oval office
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to talk about plans in the weeks ahead of the one person we are not expecting to see over here would be mitch mcconnell who had some comments in the last hour or so saying he does not believe the white house has a mandate for this and that he is going to fight the proposal. >> john: how quickly does the white house have to get such a massive bill through congress coming to they have a time frame yet? >> a little bit different than what we saw with the stimulus plan they wanted to get done within "the first 100 days." this time around, not committing to any sort of time frame as they realize there's a lot of work but there was some talk about getting this through the house by the fourth of july. we will see what happens. a lot can change. >> a lot could change. how likely do we think it is that immigration will come up during today's cabinet meeting? >> we know the homeland security is going to be in that cabinet meeting as well. peter doocy also going to be in the room but imagine if he gets a chance, he will ask about immigration that meeting getting underway here in just a few
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minutes. >> just another busy day in washington, thank you. something you know well. if if anything could change at any moment. >> busy and noisy in washington all the time. we have larry kudlow coming up later on this hour, one of his favorite things to talk about is the infrastructure bill and whether or not the spending is going where it's supposed to go, only 5.6% is going to go to roads and bridges. >> sandra: you've been hearing it about this being a trojan horse for the social spending in the social economics that we've heard so much from the left so we are going to have that coming up. meanwhile, fox news alert as the murder trial of minneapolis policeman derek chauvin continues today after george floyd's girlfriend spent much of the morning providing testimony.
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so we will continue to monitor that from inside the courtroom as at trial continues. >> john: when the many things we will keep on our radar today. jumping into a major controversy saying he would support moving baseball's all-star game out of atlanta to protest george's new voting law. but is he striking out on his plan to unite america? katie pavlich weighs in on all of this. >> sandra: plus, the details on how the cuomo administration reportedly tried to cover up covid nursing home deaths while governor cuomo was cashing in on a multimillion dollar deal about his handling of this pandemic. >> they should take the enemy back, take the book off-the-shelf and this guy should be prosecuted for a cover-up. refiplus lets you refinance at record low rates to save money every month plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash.
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>> john: investigators still looking for a motive in a mass shooting in southern california, a gunman killed a four people an office complex in the city of orange near los angeles yesterday, one of those victims was a child, the shooter was injured in a gunfight with police still in the hospital and marks the third mass shooting in two weeks after the u.s. dropped during the height of the pandemic. >> sandra: before governor andrew cuomo facing now nine allegations of sexual harassment for he knew about the cover-up of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes in new york state, looking to make millions providing lines like this. i have accomplished by any objective standard more than any governor in modern history but i am not a superhero. bryan llenas life with tales of andrew cuomo's book deal. >> "the new york times" is
10:22 am
reporting governor cuomo got more than $4 million for his book american crisis which touts this pandemic response written of course in the pandemic and reports the top aides like melissa derosa and junior staffers helped with editing and producing the book, critics say cuomo violated new york's ethics law which prohibits elected officials from using public resources for personal financial gain. today, citizens for responsibility and ethics filed a complaint with the new york state board of elections claiming governor cuomo violated election law with his book deal by spending campaign resources to promote his book for his own personal benefit. the complaint includes this email which was sent from cuomo's campaign that said paid for by andrew cuomo for new york incorporated, the email was sent to supporters in october the link to order his book on
10:23 am
amazon. the times reports he was negotiating this lucrative book deal by t way at the same time top aides edited a state health report to reflect less covid-19 nursing home deaths than there actually were statewide omitting the some thousand deaths, a cuomo spokesperson said there is no connection between that health report and the book. >> sandra: bryan llenas, that's a lot to take in there and another story that changes by the hour, thank you for that. and we have a big show coming up next hour, joe concha will be joining us on a story we've been following, more of cancel culture but coming from those may be that you would least expect it, there was a middle school where activists are standing up against naming it after michelle and barack obama. we will have that story next hour with joe concha. >> tweeted about that earlier today. still can't get over $400 million for a book so each one of those books cost
10:24 am
something like $82. not a great return on the money for the publisher. as criticism grows over george's new election laws, president biden has jumped into the fray saying that he would back major league baseball moving the all-star game out of atlanta, listen here. >> i would strongly support them doing it. the very people who are victimized the most are the people who are the leaders in these various sports and is just not right. this is jim crow on steroids. >> john: fox news contributor and editor katie pavlich joins me now, jim crow on steroids, would fully support major league baseball if they wanted to move the all-star game yet at the same time, the president of the united states has mischaracterized several significant parts of this law. >> you say mischaracterized but i would say he's lying about the
10:25 am
law. he said it shortens voting hours and that's not true, he said people can't get bottles of water when standing in line to vote and that's not true because it limits voting, that's not true. the law actually expands voting to weekends, 17 days of early voting and when it comes to these economic boycotts, it's really easy for the president to call on major league baseball players or the mlb to pull out of the all-star game but who does that really hurt? it doesn't hurt governor brian kemp, doesn't hurt the lawmakers who voted because what major league baseball has it been playing games. the concession stand worker, the ticket sellers, the mascots, the people who work for the team who haven't been able to go back to work, so in terms of who he is trying to target here is the wrong people and it doesn't support the people he's claiming it will. >> john: i'm not allowed to use the l word will have to
10:26 am
stick with mischaracterization but coca-cola and delta, two huge companies that are headquartered in atlanta originally came out with statement saying we tried as much as we could during the legislative process to get this bill to the point where we could support it but now after cancel culture came for them and said we are going to boycott you, they have now put out strong statements opposing this law. >> they can come out to strong statements opposing this fall but whether they are actually going to take actions to move out of the state is another situation. if you remember back in 2019, georgia has been here before with threats of boycotts and they past and abortion heartbeat law and all of hollywood came out saying they were going to pull their studios, netflix threatened to pull out of that state and in the end, georgia made it through and those companies continue to operate their so a lot of statements can be made, the governor says he will not be bullied by the far
10:27 am
left, mischaracterizing what the bill actually does and is calling out other states like new jersey for example that just touted that they have nine days of early voting now. georgia has 17 days and even said the president is from delaware, let's compare notes on how accessible it is to vote delaware versus georgia, falsely jim crow era piece of legislation. >> john: karl rove did that last week and it was fascinating. we should point out just before we go that one of the things president biden said this law does is it stops voting at 5:00 in the afternoon. election day will be 7:00 to 7:00, early voting is guaranteed to be at least from 9:00 to 5:00 where there was no guarantee of that before and they could extend it also adds to saturday's and potentially two sundays with an option as well and people can get water as long as it's outside of 150 feet or given to them by election officials. great to talk to you today,
10:28 am
appreciate your views. >> thank you very much. >> john: coming up on our next hour, doug collins, senatorial candidate will be joining us to give us his take on all of this. >> sandra: "the atlanta journal-constitution" had to issue with correction as they set about that georgia voting law so we await the senator joining us at the top of the hour. >> john: a lot of people took things from the early version and never bothered to amend it with the final version. if >> sandra: a fema program meant to keep people safe during the pandemic is getting extended. this despite the growing number of people getting backdated across the country, look at how much this is costing taxpayers. >> john: plus, multitrillion dollar spending plan raising red flags for deficit who wonder if all of that cash really will go to roads and bridges. we will break down the president's plan with larry kudlow coming up next.
10:29 am
>> just being charitable about 15% of this bill is addressed to infrastructure. the rest is climate subsidies and social welfare stances. there may be something in here from murder hornets for all that i know.
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kathy martin has one in medicare from blue cross blue shield. she won't go a day without the right card. because she can't go a day without running. the medicare coverage trusted by more doctors. this is the benefit of blue. learn more at >> john: a federal emergency management agency known for responding to natural disasters but now the agency is being tapped to solve the nation's homelessness problem. president biden tellings cities that fema will fully reimburse them for housing homeless people in hotel motives over the next few months. live in seattle, the reflection of a growing problem because of coronavirus job losses across the country. >> absolutely, fema 100% reimbursement for the cost of hotels has been extended through the end of september and despite
10:34 am
the fact that we now have cities like seattle that are vaccinating all of the people who are homeless in the city and not surprisingly, cities like seattle or scooping of hotel rooms fast. had been running three hotels for homeless shelters since the pandemic began under president trump, fema would reimburse 75% of the cost for the rooms that president biden expanded that the full reimbursement giving the incentive to expand it on taxpayers' dime, added two more hotels great homeless advocate saying it's a good investment. >> the whole community has a benefit to contain the virus by keeping people who are experiencing homelessness safe and healthy. >> knows that he is using the program more than san francisco spending almost $20 million forr
10:35 am
month to get the homeless problem on the streets is getting even worse, same is true here in seattle and los angeles. in addition to fema reimbursement, the rescue backed gives cities $5 billion to address homelessness. critics say it has nothing to do with covid. >> the problem existed long before covid ravaged the country. the federal government should not be giving money to cities to address problems they have had for many years. >> homeless advocates are saying that $5 billion that will go to the city should be spent on turning these hotels that are now being leased by the cities into permanent homeless shelters. >> john: dan springer for us, thank you so much. it's a real difficult problem because i know here in washington, d.c., and some of the other cities across america, seeing these ten villages pop up with so many homeless people in the government taking it on the chin for spending money on hotel rooms for illegal migrants while
10:36 am
homeless people are still living in the streets. >> sandra: rapidly growing problem pre-covid and only been exacerbated at the pandemic. the massive spending plan, republicans calling the multitrillion dollar price tag way too high, blasting biden for bearing democratic priorities within that bill. "wall street journal" editorial board hitting the hidden agenda that reads "biden defines infrastructure down here" payment to social workers, that warning from larry kudlow on this program a long time ago, former director of a national economic host and fox of kudlow on fox business, i feel like you are raising the red flag on this planet a long time ago. now they've gotten a look at what's in it what are your thoughts? >> it's worse. it's worse than i feared because not only are they raising the corporate tax from 21 to 28, which china is 25, so going to
10:37 am
be not competitive with china now, but they added on some things we didn't exactly know about. one is at home the domestic minimum tax is going to be 15%, that's going to knock out a lot of investments ending various credits and depreciation that was in the law and it was there deliberately to help investment and secondly, going to have a 21% minimum tax which is a disaster, by the way, that will probably cause off shoring, people going to move away and the 2017 trump tax cuts were designed to bring money back home, 2 million in repatriation, 1.7 trillion in repatriation's of cash that was overseas because it was double taxed here and wouldn't come home. by lowering the rates and taking away all of these minimum taxes or other impediments, now the money is going to stay abroad. some investments will slump here
10:38 am
at home and don't forget, this is a key point, the biden people do not seem to understand this. if you raise the corporate tax, you are affecting consumer prices will go up, stock market prices likely to go down and middle income, blue-collar, and lower middle income wages will fall under trump they rose rapidly are the biggest gains in wages and i don't know how many years, 20 or 30 years or more. the point is, they are taking away incentives to invest for productivity and higher real wages. this is a disaster, it will have a terrible impact on the economy if it passes. >> sandra: to be clear, there's been bipartisan support for infrastructure and we need to spend on our roads and bridges and hear democrats and republicans agree on that notion but when you dig into it, the editorial boards from the
10:39 am
journal, most americans think infrastructure from other traditional public works is why it holds so well, get this account from your 115 billion of biden's proposals is plan to build government backed figures and it has ever been. to put 115 billion in perspective talking about trillions of dollars, "the washington post" of all places did just that and said that's only 5% of the bill that goes to roads and bridges. the american people need to know that. that is the single digit percent that goes to actual traditional infrastructure. >> your spot on, sandra. this thing could have been done for traditional public works, would have been much lower spending and much lower taxing. the texan could have easily have taken care of this even in over ten years, but say 100 billion a year, over ten years at the trillion dollars.
10:40 am
between bonding and user fees and private public partnerships that the state and local level, this could easily have been paid for without touching the corporate tax rate for the income tax rate or the capital gains taxhis infrastructure plan as we discussed the proverbial trojan horse that wants to reverse the trump tax cuts, wants to put in the green new deal and wants to have a new social welfare expansion the likes of which we hadn't seen in 50 or 60 years with no work requirements, essentially it's a triumph of government and government planners over the private free enterprise sector. that's what this is, matter of ideology, progressive, far left ideology to damage the private sector and put these central planners in washington, d.c., in charge and instead, it's draining the swamp, expanding the swamp into a huge quagmire
10:41 am
and i feel you look at the ism numbers today with supply managers, manufactured numbers today and it was a boom. it was a huge boom. >> sandra: but the question you will get -- that point, people wonder if they have to pay for this and up with this headline up before we go the middle class, here come the biden taxes, the middle class will pay for the largest tax increase since 1968, get ready for it, i will put up after three of us chat here, the big board because it's unbelievable the games of the stock market has enjoyed under the current policy, under the current tax structure and this is yet another record high. >> john: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. do you went to my friend john roberts, the administration will have a budget coming out very soon, probably within days.
10:42 am
and that will form the basis for the budget resolution. in addition to the social welfare spending, get ready for this, going to be a huge cup back in military defense spending, probably 10% or roughly $80 billion will be taken out of the military budget as paying for all of this other nonsense, we cannot afford that with respect to china. we are giving china more competitive corporate tax rates that are lower than ours i know we are going to give them more competitive military spending because of our expected pullback. this is exactly the wrong way to go. >> john: we should point out that in the cabinet meeting, the president said suspending five cameron to take this plans the
10:43 am
american people and sell them hard on it. get ready for that. >> sandra: it ready for that and get ready for larry kudlow on the fox business network, love watching you, thank you. >> appreciate it. >> john: terrifying new video showing the route of the going on at the border that smugglers take advantage of desperate families and children, ari fleischer will weigh in on this just ahead. >> sandra: as they look to solidify their majority in congress, their top legislative priority is being called a power grab by most republicans. refiplus from newday usa. it lets you refinance at today's record low rates plus get cash. with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow.
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>> john: democrats have the smallest possible majority in the senate that could be using their 50 plus one to make that majority bigger. the plan literally to add seats in congress, seats almost guaranteed to go to democrats by making washington, d.c., estate. fox news contributor guy benson,
10:48 am
former dnc communications director. there were a lot of opponents of this bill who say you can't do this through legislation, it has to be done through a constitutional amendment. what do you say? >> i think d.c., like any other place, we need to be added to the role of states through the normal process, but i think there's a compelling argument to do it. washington, d.c., has a population greater then to other states, wyoming and vermont and almost as many people as south dakota and alaska. those are people who are disenfranchised. those are people who pay the highest per capita federal taxes in the country, but they don't have a say in how their taxpayer dollars are being spent and i think that's a compelling argument to a lot of people out there who are concerned about individual representation in
10:49 am
congress. these are 700,000 people who do not have representation and that should be addressed. >> john: again, the contra constitution laid out the district of columbia and with that not have to go through a constitutional amendment? >> that's the key difference in a strong case that it would need to be different and need to be constitutional amendment because d.c. is a federal district by design. and there have wow are ideas that have been floated that if you want to give them representation you can take a lot of the d.c. residents and incorporate them into virginia and some of them into maryland so they would have representatives, they would have senators and a lot of the d.c. statehood proponents saying that's not good enough because the ultimate goal is adding to go permanent deep blue democratic senate seats. it's a power play like so much in hr one, it's about power, not about better governance for better representation.
10:50 am
>> john: going to need quick answers here. had 1849, virginia got back a lot of that land, so if you were to reduce the footprint of the federal district which is what this bill calls for, would you not have to see the rest of that land back to maryland from whence it came? >> i don't think you would have to come up with that is the plan is to reduce the footprint, still have a federal district but have all the surrounding areas become a state. i think the argument that this is a power grab could be turned right around and say the opposition to it isn't a power grab by republicans to keep -- to deny democratic seats in the senate. >> john: quick, we have 30 seconds. >> by denying people's voice. >> it has been the status quo for a long time, no power grab
10:51 am
by republicans saying let's not add a new 95% blue stay out of nowhere, joe biden campaigned on healing and unity and working together and promoting something like this is the opposite of that. if >> john: we will be right back after this. is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna.
10:52 am
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>> sandra: a little taste of freedom for some little passengers. customs officials discovering 29 live finches hidden inside of a man's luggage, jfk airport here in new york during a baggage and examination, they say they were hidden. seize the birds and finds the man $300, was able to return to his home country and believe it or not, this was the first time someone tried to smuggle in finches and hair rollers into the united states, u.s. fish and wildlife services was contacted, they said to seize the birds and then quarantine them, they were then handed off to usda veterinarian services. that's the story. >> john: they will think of any way to get something in that country. what do you call a flock of finches? >> sandra: you've got me, i
10:56 am
don't know. >> john: a charm. it was a charm of finches in his luggage. >> sandra: lovely. he made it back home, i don't know what the standing is with the birds but the risk of courses that they carry a disease quarantine. >> john: don't want that. we will be right back after this, stay with us. great news for veterans who need money for their family. that's me. refiplus from newday usa lets you refinance at record low rates plus get an average of $50,000. that's me. that's money for security today or retirement tomorrow. that's me. refiplus. are you managing your diabetes... ...using fingersticks? with the new freestyle libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose
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>> john: we begin a brand-new hour with the calls to boycott coming from the left. good afternoon, welcome to the second hour of america reports. i'm john roberts. >> sandra: 2:00 here on the east coast, major american companies, hollywood elites in major league baseball are all threatening to take away jobs and bring economic pain to the peach state all over made up claims about the new law. >> john: one of those claims coming from the commander-in-chief, president biden saying the law and devoting hours early.
11:01 am
it does not. "the washington post" awarded him four pinocchio's which it reserves for the biggest whoppers of all. >> sandra: also today spanning from coast-to-coast celebrate opening day for major league baseball, go cubs, biden is throwing his support behind moving the all-star game out of atlanta. republicans like george of governor are calling swing and a miss. >> the very people who are victimized the most of the people who are the leaders in these various sports and is just not right. this is jim crow on steroids what they're doing. >> we have the largest african-american turnout in the november election. when i got elected, joe biden needs to focus on things that he can control like the southern border and that's all this is as a distraction. >> john: former georgia republican congressman doug collins is on deck.
11:02 am
>> sandra: batting leadoff, jacqui heinrich is with us live on capitol hill, so take us through this, what does this law really say, what do we need to know? >> georgia governor brian kemp accused president biden abusing his political narrative to push the democrats election reform bill hr one, president biden claimed this new georgia law with voting at 5:00 right when people are getting off work but it doesn't change voting times on election day at all. still 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and as for early voting, the new law does not shorten times, but more specific, the old language was normal business hours presumed to be 9:00 to 5:00. 9:00 to 5:00 at a minimum and allows for the county to extend ours as early as 7:00 a.m. then as late as 7:00 p.m. while also adding mandatory early voting in
11:03 am
two days of early voting on sunday as an option. "the washington post" fact-checkers gave joe biden four pinocchio's and georgia governor brian kemp biden to take a look at his own state. >> if you look at these comparisons, the state of delaware has no in person early voting. we have 17 days, you don't have to have an excuse to have an absentee ballot by mail. in delaware, you do. we have drop boxes, delaware does not. >> there are some factual complaints. one new provision allows the republican legislature to spend election officials like brad raffensperger who didn't comply with former president trump's request to find votes that would have reversed his loss but also shortens the time between the election and the runoff and eliminate three weeks of early voting for the runoffs that was previously required. critics say giving voters less time to register and request a
11:04 am
ballot and vote before runoff time. >> sandra: jacqui heinrich reporting for the hill for us, thank you. >> john: let's get another perspective on all of this, bring in former georgia congressman doug collins. good to see you this afternoon. let me start with a quote from karl rove from the weekly column in "the wall street journal." "spend my time educating the american public about election reform. if you want to keep voters informed about election reform, the president should get his facts straight and apply his standards equally." he is referring to the four pinocchio was that biden was rewarded by "the washington post" for the voting hours misperception thate had. >> go braves today, by the way. but i think the first thing the president not to do was learn to read because undoubtedly, he has a problem reading the bill.
11:05 am
they are willing to push a narrative that georgia is the state that is going through voter suppression, keeping people away in the facts are just not true. our minority participation over the last three election cycles has increased dramatically among african-americans and others where this is just a bill in which if you read the bill itself, they take things that were once illegal and are spaced such as drop boxes, they were used illegally in the last election. even if it's in the dirt and call it a strike. >> sandra: you were really keeping it going. and now here is a boycott. the final bill is unacceptable. so why have they piled on here?
11:06 am
>> the cool thing to do with corporations right now, you're complaining about a bill that actually now adds more hours of early voting, complaining about of bill that secures our election and we are talking about a bill that makes no distinguishing between race, gender, or anything else that applies everything in the state and encourages everyone to go vote. a better opportunity to vote early with no excuse voting. it is simply consistency, delta, coca-cola, operating in every state in this union. where is your outrage about state such as delaware and new york and others who don't even allow things that simply is to make everyone think they are doing something when they're really not. i hope they spend more time reading their marketing reports and their employees taking care of them when they have reading this bill and actually being truthful for the american people. >> john: you mentioned the idea of drop boxes and this is
11:07 am
one point of controversy, the new law would allow for one drop box for every 100,000 voters but guaranteed that every county has a drop box so it would increase the number of drop boxes. critics say in places like fulton county where in the 2020 election, there were 40 drop boxes as a result of this new law, there would only be eight. is that a legitimate concern? >> no, it's really not. last year, making an emergency order from brad raffensperger shouldn't have happened because they are not legal under our code. now they are illegal and we legalize drop boxes which people may have not wanted but they are now legal. when you have outside organizations putting in drop boxes, they only focused on bourbon county and democratic other counties in our state didn't have any. so what we have now is a way for people to drop off the ballot if they want to. but they fail to say is they forget that you can still drop it in the mailbox at any point in time, you still have friday and saturday voting which you
11:08 am
can go to the polling place and put your ballot in a drop box. it's how you want to spend it and if you are willing to see they believe it to be suppression, that the narrative they spin. able to spend the last four years in georgia lying to the american people about what happened when she is been the biggest proponent of voter suppression because she is trying to say the election is not fair. that's on stacey abrams. >> sandra: it makes you wonder what the next couple of years are shaping up to look like, 2022, 2024, and others. >> it will be, but what it is going to do was galvanize voters. one thing that's talked about here is the absentee ballot having a voter i.d. number on it which delaware has come at us just protecting the absentee ballot process. they are saying it's a discriminatory act because poor people or minorities won't be able to get a card. they said this ten or 12 years ago when we implemented voter i.d. in georgia and you know what happen when we implemented a voting i.d. humectant minority
11:09 am
participation and senior participation all went out. it's all alive. call it what it is, it is not a strike, it's a ball and we need to call a strike. this bill actually helps voters confidence in the state of georgia and across the country. i encourage delaware and new york, look at your laws before you start pointing your fingers anywhere else. >> john: i wish i could join you while on the baseball metaphors, the game between the nationals on the mets tonight has been postponed because of covid problems. former congressman, great to see you, thanks for spending time with us today. do not thank you very much, doug collins joining us. to be clear, you are a yankees fan, right? >> ten yankees fan, you're always a yankees fan except when i was much younger living in toronto. just to put a coda on this is this idea that you can't give out water and food to people standing in line, and is not with the bill says, they say you can do that within 150 feet and
11:10 am
if you're a charitable organization and you want to drop off water if it's very hot, happens to be a scorching day in november, you can drop off pallets of water and the election officials will give you that. it's to prevent election interfering but that is being twisted as an inhumane application of this law. >> sandra: more than that, if this information being repeated with a lot of the elements of the story. meanwhile, cancel culture coming for former president obama. the local police are calling him oppressive. >> john: plus, breaking down president biden's spending spree, how the mass of trillion dollar overhaul could affect you. stay with us. >> progressive, far left ideology to damage the private sector and put the essential planners of washington, d.c., in charge. instead of draining the swamp, they are expanding the swamp.
11:11 am
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>> john: president biden holding his first cabinet meeting in his presidency as the white house tries to sell a multitrillion dollar spending bill he unveiled yesterday, across the street. >> cameras were allowed briefly into this first cabinet meeting of the administration and the questions were trying to be keeping the focus on the spending bill, reading off a prepared statement where you wanted to encourage cabinet members to buy american-made products as they try to sell this $2 trillion spending bill through congress. also tasking five of his own cabinet secretaries for labor as well as transportation and commerce and how to deal with loving this package through
11:16 am
congress and it may need help because looking at this bill, sing 600 billion of it spent on transportation infrastructure, also being spent on broadband by changing the electrical grid and plenty of money being spent on home care for seniors and what you're hearing from a number of lawmakers up on the hill is they don't feel like this is being sold as a real infrastructure bill, being sold them as a wish list of spending, infrastructure coming out of the white house, members of congress saying that is not with this bill will look like. this is only the spending outline, up to congress to decide what goes into the final package. to hear their ideas on this, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell out of kentucky made it clear that this is something he wants to get his hands on, something he is going to be fighting and that he feels this really is just more of what democratic priorities are as
11:17 am
opposed to improving the nature infrastructure. one that we have to pass the bill to find out what's in it. mark meredith at the white house. >> sandra: let's bring in our panel, fox news contributor and chair of the program in business and finance of the kings college in manhattan, former obama economic council chair, two smart guys, let's have at it. join us last hour, will relieve the trump administration and now with the fox news channel. he made this forecast, listen. >> if you raise the corporate tax, you are affecting consumer prices will go up, stock market prices likely to go down, middle income, blue-collar, and lower middle income wages will fall. the point is, they are taking away incentives to invest for productivity and higher real wages. this is a disaster, it will have
11:18 am
a terrible impact on the economy if it passes. do meth is a lot to take in there but let's start with .1. if you raise the corporate taxes which we know the biden administration intends to do with talking about a big jump here from 21 to 28%, consumer prices go up, says larry kudlow. isn't that basic economics? national bureau of economic research, its basic economics. >> no, it isn't. no, it's not. and that's not what happened when they cut the corporate taxes by $2 trillion in 2017, prices didn't go down, that's nonsense. i think we've had a big deficit on these major investments both transportation, health care, energy, all sorts of infrastructure. >> sandra: you made a very definitive statement and i want brian to get in here because if you're going to tell me that
11:19 am
prices didn't go down as a result of the cuts from corporate taxes, certainly you can make the case that you saw production go up, saw improvement in the economy, side jumping gdp, overall economic growth that makes the prices of those goods cheaper. you have at it. >> you took the words out of my mouth my wages went up my incomes went up, flows back into shareholder pocketbooks and these are people you are talking about things for average americans, that's what larry kudlow is pointing out, selling something that's going to nail whatever you want to call them, all of us. >> sandra: "the wall street journal" austin editorial board. here, the biden taxes. if taking the largest tax increase since 1968, is this the
11:20 am
right approach to tax the american people more as they come out of this pandemic? >> its taxing higher income people and large corporations who have the biggest tax cut in the history of america. >> sandra: defy high income. a family making 400,000? that makes you can make 200,000 in new york. san francisco. >> family is more than hundred thousand dollars, the money is provided by large corporations and high income people. as joe biden pledged, everything he has proposed here is exactly. to make a pledge no one making less than $400,000 would pay higher taxes. >> he was going to pay for these infrastructure programs and he was going to raise taxes on corporations and high income people. >> sandra: there's a lot to get to hear, we have to dig into
11:21 am
all of that here. the infrastructure plan, even "the washington post" headline is questioning it. economic experts agreeing that significant investments in roads, bridges, and other necessary even for republicans to agree but some were surprised to see that only about 5% of this bill is directed towards roads and bridges as they question why they are mixing them into a bill designed to upgrade the infrastructure, so why not just target infrastructure? all that you respond in a minute. >> how about cut the size of this bill by 80 to 90% and focus on real infrastructure and you would get vast bipartisan support. you can put lettuce and tomato on the cheeseburger and it doesn't make it a salad. this wouldn't be $2.25 trillion,
11:22 am
they support infrastructure but they are tired of seeing $2 trillion on top of $2 trillion on top of another $2 trillion coming later this month we are being told, that's the wrong approach for the economy. >> you lost me at hello on that one. and since when is infrastructure defined as only roads and bridges? that's nonsense. >> sandra: traditionally, it is. >> that's not what infrastructure means. when he ran for president. >> sandra: we have to go, but up on the screen here, put it up on the breakdown. 5% goes to roads and bridges, so that is traditional infrastructure. 13% goes to boosting -- 20% goes to the expanding caregiving for the elderly and disabled. a fine, but why is that in infrastructure bill? >> you said in the campaign that we need to build out the health
11:23 am
infrastructure of this country and now he is proposing to do it, there's no surprise here. >> you don't get to invest the meanings of terms. that's what happened in the last covid bill. now we are going to stretch that until it's meaningless, that's just dishonest and we should be talking about real infrastructure, stuff everybody agrees on, not health care plan charging stations and education. >> sandra: putting roads on a diet come as we will see how far this infrastructure bill goes to fixing some of the roads in this country, appreciate the debate, thanks to both of you for joining me. thank you. one that coming up next, dramatic new images from the southern border, smugglers dropping young kids over the fence. reaction from ari fleischer just minutes away now.
11:24 am
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>> john: back to a fox top story, border patrol releasing gripping video showing smugglers dropping to coyoung girls over the border wall. this wall is 14 feet high. abandoning them in the middle of the night. the tragedy of this crisis, children and their families suffering as a result of white house policies. let's bring in a former white house press secretary and fox news contributor ari fleischer. when you see that video, what goes through your mind? >> what aren't we seeing? with not on the video? we don't get to see the videos of these children making the walk from guatemala or honduras or el salvador to mexico to the united states, what happens to them during the walk, what happens when they get in the vehicles with smugglers and coyotes? what happens on the cross rivers when there are no cameras. so much of this is inhumane and
11:29 am
dangerous and that is exactly why nations have borders and borders have to work not only to protect people on this side, but to protect people who will be taken advantage of trying to come through the border, that's why you come through legally, open borders and open gates, this is nothing but danger. >> john: jen psaki was asked about this video at the briefing and set those of us who saw the video were incredibly alarmed and then she went on to say our concern and are focuses on sending a clear message to smugglers in the region that this is not the time to come. again, not the time to come as opposed to don't come, the border is closed. >> if you want to send a signal, finish the wall. that would be humane, that would be compassionate, that would be realistic so people understand if you want to come to america, we want you because we are a nation that welcomes immigrants.
11:30 am
you have a chance to make it in america, don't even try it any other way. >> john: this fall, it's infrared video so difficult to ascertain exactly what it is but it looks like an older section of wall because the new wall is 30 feet high, much more difficult. we also saw that picture yesterday of that state trooper who rescued a 6-month-old who have been thrown out of a rubber raft as a group of immigrants coming across the rio grande. >> this is what i mean when we are not seeing, have to be much more in volume and what we are seeing on his little isolated snippets and this is what happens when you have an inhumane policy that basically
11:31 am
flashes a come on over across them river message to people instead of a message of don't do it this way. this is a government manufactured crisis on the border. more specifically, it's a joe biden manufactured crisis on the border. this is what happens when you reverse a policy that's working, you get someone that's not working and look at the inhumanity of it, that's the moral issue. >> john: ari fleischer, good to get your thoughts on this, appreciate it. one of the other big questions we have in all of this is where is the vice president? she's been tasked with fixing the border problem but fixing the border problem appears to entail diplomatic missions to mexico and the northern countries but hasn't talked about this at all hence see the problem for herself. >> sandra: to the point about those wall breaches and seeing all the others, especially those dangerous breaches including children like that.
11:32 am
can you imagine your child being thrown over a fence like that and being left to defend for themselves, maybe the smugglers know that they were watching and going to pick them up. that's horrible. >> sandra: they do know they are in custody at the time, hope to get an update on that legislation soon. meanwhile up next, brand-new details about the beating of an asian woman in broad daylight turns out the suspect was out on parole for murdering his own mother. so why was he even walking free on the first place? will bring it to a lawyer.
11:33 am
11:34 am
11:35 am
11:36 am
>> sandra: brand-new details on the horrific attack happening here in new york city. as the suspect arrested for beating an asian woman in broad daylight was out on parole for murdering his own mother. this is the shocking
11:37 am
surveillance video of that very incident. the attacker reportedly yelling anti-asian statements at her. david lee miller has more on this. what of e-learning? >> brandon elegant has spent nearly half his life behind bars. now faces multiple charges of assault as a hate crime for allegedly attacking a 65-year-old filipino woman. in 2002, elliott murdered his mother repeatedly plunging a kitchen knife into her chest. a spokeswoman for the bronx district attorney told fox news in an email "we were about to start trial in 2003, the judge offered him to plead guilty with an indeterminate sentence of 15 to life. with that type of sentence, the state corrections department decides how much longer he should serve, two more years and was released on parole. if elliott was living in a midtown hotel turned homeless shelter when he allegedly
11:38 am
assaulted a woman on monday. police commissioner said they failed to give him the support he needed. >> we need real safety nets, we need to work with nonprofits and hold them accountable and replicate the ones that are successful but just pushing people out and to think we are doing them a good deed is misguided. >> if convicted of assault, elliott faces up to 25 years in prison in addition to any penalties resulting from his violating his parole. >> sandra: david lee miller live in new york city for us. >> john: let's bring in trial attorney heather hansen with more on this. do we have any idea why this guy was out on parole, served 17 years for stabbing his mother to death. it was 19 at the time and was paroled in november of 2019 but no one knows how or why he got out of jail. >> not only that, but we don't know why his parole applications
11:39 am
were denied two times before he was finally released. it'll be interesting to find out what that reason was because clearly, there was some sort of problem here. as someone mentioned, the fact that he was released without any safeguards, released to a homeless shelter without any mental health, these are very important questions that need to be answered. when next we think this was a mental health issue or a biased crime? >> is definitely being charged as a hate crime. you have to wonder whether there is a mental health issue when he stabbed his mother so many years ago, did it of his 5-year-old sister. of the events that we saw on that terrible video seem to be completely random, completely hateful, for sure, but all of this remains to be seen more certainly the resources have to be there if we are going to let these people back in the streets not only for them as they mention, but also for the safety of our citizens. >> john: as we see that on the right-hand side of the screen of
11:40 am
that poor asian woman being kicked in the stomach and knocked down, she suffered a fractured pelvis and also worth noting that no one who was watching her called 911. >> that is problematic, now there's an investigation going on as to why that happened and how that happened, but we know that everyone carries a phone these days and more and more states are actually mandating that if you see something like this, you have a duty to report. 13 states right now have some sort of a law that beyond just being a bystander and actually asking you to intervene in some way. that is not the case in new york and maybe it will be after something like this but just a pickup the phone and call 911 thankfully there were police close by. >> john: you have a moral obligation to do it and what happened was he saw the dorm and come up and he closed the door as opposed to going out and helping the woman. i know it's a big city, but you
11:41 am
have to wonder sometimes, what about your fellow human being? good of you to be with us today. you look at that video, you look at the video of the kids being dropped over the border, where is this all going? >> sandra: it's hard in here in new york city during covid, you have the emptying out, businesses shut, the homeless problem has gotten worse on the crime rate has spiked as well and not exactly a pleasant place at this moment. coming up, while his team was engaged in a cover-up, speaking of the new york governor, it seems cuomo was busy trying to take in millions for his book. >> john: plus, cancel culture now setting its sights on barack obama. wait until you hear why the far left is calling the former president and oppressor. joe concha has got a lot to say about the woke brigade, he's fired up and coming up.
11:42 am
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11:45 am
>> sandra: barack obama the oppressor? that's what activists are saying after the former president as one school district outside of chicago tries to rename a middle school after him.
11:46 am
let's bring in joe concha as in chicago and my myself born and raised there. muskegon illinois is where this is happening, north shore of chicago and some may be shocked to see that this is now happening on the other side. so what is it? >> they already came for george washington and abraham lincoln so only a matter of time before the woke mob would come for barack obama and his crime is apparently enforcing laws when it comes to undocumented and deportations. obama actually deported 1.2 million people compared to president trump, 800,000. if you want to chalk that up as a trivia question, give that a shot, but i mentioned washington and lincoln before because in san francisco, there was a san francisco school board that voted to eliminate those from schools in washington, one for the revolutionary war. i'll give you the quote here.
11:47 am
>> sandra: actually, i will play the sound, we've got it. back in 2019, let's listen. >> this idea of purity and you're never compromised and you're always politically woke and all that stuff, you should get over that quickly, the world is messy. there are ambiguities. >> sandra: is at the when you are looking for? >> that's funny, that's the exact when i found from 2019 and think about what these immigration activists are rooting for here. they are rooting for open borders, criticizing president obama at the time for doing his job and who see the result when you adapt this kind of thinking around open borders, witnessing it at the border now, talking about three euros and 5-year-olds being tossed over walls, facilities there 17 times the capacity, 4,000 people in a facility that's only supposed to
11:48 am
fit 250 people in a pandemic. this is happening also with donald trump as well with facebook where a video come in interview was put up, not even something he tried to pose through his account which has been permanently suspended at that is taken down because you have the voice of donald trump on there so this erasing of of presidents is utterly ridiculous and starting to backfire because even the left now is saying this is getting to be too much. >> sandra: some of the words, this is one of them, i will not be part of renaming the school after someone who does not represent the undocumented community. barack obama did a disservice to us, he did not stop the deportations the way he promised. also, if you are removing the name of thomas jefferson, obama is another oppressor and our families do not want to see that name. if joe concha, your column takes on why the woke brigade is a profound threat to our freedom. final thoughts.
11:49 am
we met final thoughts, bill maher from hbo far left borrowed my thought were he said over china, they are building bs where here we are thinking about how to rename them and that's the difference, we are obsessed with this stuff and fortunately guys like piers morgan and glenn greenwald from the left have had enough of it and most of the times they are the ones being targeted so hopefully this is having the boomerang effect that it should. >> sandra: appreciate your time, thank you. >> john: fox news alert now, go to the white house where jen psaki was asked about "the washington post" awarding four pinocchio's to president joe biden first thing george's election law shorten the number of hours that people could vote saying that voting ends at 5:00 p.m. just when many people are getting off work. listen here. >> in his last news conference, he said the bill has voting early ending at 5:00 p.m.
11:50 am
words matter, the bill actually standardizes voting hours by counties and it also allows extended hours from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. so is there going to be a correction? >> at standardizes the ending of voting every day at 5:00, right? just gives options. it gives options to expand it, but standardizes it at 5:00 and also makes it so that outside groups can provide water or food to people in line, right? it makes it more difficult to absentee vote, are those things all correct? >> early voting can standardize adding saturday and sunday so my question is the tone going to change out of the white house? >> atone for a bill that limits voting access and makes it more difficult for people to engage in voting in georgia? >> that's not what the governor of georgia has said. >> i think that is not based in fact by the governor of georgia said so our tone is not
11:51 am
changing, we have concerns about the specific components of the package including the fact that it makes it harder and more difficult for people to vote by limiting absentee options by making it not viable, not possible for people to provide water to people who are in line, not standardizing longer hours. >> sandra: that does happen, doubling down on what we heard from joe biden. >> john: again, the consistent mischaracterization of some of the things is can give water to people in line. if there are 150 feet away from the group voting place, yes you can give water to people in line. you can even give them potato chips if he wanted to, just can't do it within 150 feet. >> sandra: so that was just out of the white house briefing room. we will continue to monitor all of that. meanwhile, today is an important day and it is time to play ball. we are going to take you out to
11:52 am
the ballpark, one of my favorite as teams start welcoming back there fans.
11:53 am
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>> don't add anything. go ahead. >> sol, flounder, cod and catfish. >> that's not right. >> sandra: it was the and. a contestant failed to following the rules. the guy was supposed to read the words, john. instead, he added "and." it's not the first time that has happened. fans are calling on the show to drop that rule. the poor guy. he got it. but he added a word. >> john: we have that problem in
11:57 am
my household when we play "heads up." we give latitude, too, when you get close to the answer, you win. yeah. you have to give a little. >> sandra: i think so. >> john: break out the peanuts and cracker jack. america's favorite past time returns. opening day gets underway across the mlb except here in washington. grady trimble in chicago. how is it looking out there, grady? >> it's about the busiest it's been in over a year here at wrigley. top of the second inning right now. well, 10,000 fans inside, 25% capacity. not what we would normally see but at this point, we will take it. let's show you what the other ball parks across the country are doing to start the season. most teams between 12 and 30% capacity. the rangers are the real stand-it. the anomaly. they're planning for a full house on opening day, which is monday for them. i talked to the president of business operations for the cubs. he tells me that they hope to
11:58 am
gradually increase the number of fans allowed inside wrigley field as the season goes on and hopefully full force by mid summer. listen. >> a year later with more experience, we're confident we'll get the number above 25%. we're excited to have people in the ballpark. >> and sandra, i hate to be the one to give you this bad news. as you can see on the iconic marquee sign here at wrigley field, the cubs right now down 2-1 to the pirates. >> oh, no. it's cold, right? i see you have your coats on. it's just such a beautiful sight though to see fans returning. that's the first time that fans have walked into wrigley field in two years. it's a welcome sight for sure. go cubs. >> absolutely. 35 degrees. >> john: 35 degrees. we have about 43, 45 degrees here in washington. we're not going to get a game tonight. the nats were supposed to have a home opener against the mets.
11:59 am
because of covid problems with the nationals, they've had to postpone it. looks like it will be not for another couple days. a good thing they're back to playing. as the old saying goes, nothing like a home game, even if it's an away game. >> sandra: do grab a chicago-style dog. >> there you go. i was going to say, sandra, i was thinking last july, it was so much warmer for opening day. i wish it could be like that every year. i'm told a cold opening day is a rite of passage in chicago. >> sandra: that is fun. nothing like them. grady, john, thanks. we wish everybody good luck to their teams opening day. it is spring time. the sun is shining here in new york city. >> john: yeah. not having a lot of luck here in washington. whether or not the nat's game with the mets has been delayed or not, it's just so great to
12:00 pm
have baseball start again and to have at least some semblance of getting back in with fans there. it's not back to normal yet. it's just something. just a little tease, you know. >> sandra: we'll take it. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" starts now. >> martha: thanks. i'm martha maccallum in new york. here's the story right now. the biden white house is running into head winds. intensifying scrutiny from some, you might say unlikely places including "washington post." this headline in the hill today. "white house moves to reshape role of u.s. capitalism." a percentage of gdp, the biden plan is bigger as a percentage of gdp than the new deal was. that was the effort that transformed the federal government's role and expanded it in the lives of americans down the road with the great society that laid the ground work for the u.s.


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