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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 1, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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there. we're out of time. matt and crystal. thank you for talking about these hot button issues with us. we appreciate it. thanks to everybody at home for watching "the faulkner focus". i'll be back on "outnumbered" in a couple of moments and it starts right now. fox news alert: fairness is overrated. those words from a top journalist accepting an award tuesday night. osterholt at the 45th edward r. murrow symposium, saying reporters don't necessarily need to hear both sides of the story before determining the "truth." he also warned that the media should stop giving the platform to at the meeting considered "misinformation." >> i think it has become clear that fairness is overrated. the idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in, and at the
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sunsets in the west is fact, and a contrary view does not deserve our time or attention. decisions to not give unsupported arguments equal time are not a dereliction of journalistic responsibility or some kind of agenda, in fact, it's just the opposite. >> critics say he was signaling liberal reporters to cover the news from a one-sided perspective. he spoke the night before. mollie hemingway published a scathing editorial in "the federalist." she said "opportunist -- should stop subscribe into the corporate media, stop advertising with them, and stopping attention to them. reporters at these outlets quite obviously hate many americans, and the values they hold at this time, most americans realize that and acted appropriately in response. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno. here today, julien turner,
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leslie marshall, and in the virtual center, tucker carlson, host of "tucker carlson today," and host of "tucker carlson time." welcome. i'm excited. we will have a great show. welcome. i would like to start with you. i like to start with you in your top line thoughts, with lester holt's comments. where they call to action for journalists as arbiters of truth, but were they also given permission, and your thoughts on mollie hemingway postfix critics? >> tucker: they are grotesque! fairness is never overrated; fairness is sacred, always the goal not simply in journalism but in life! if you don't strive to be fair, you are certain to commit moral atrocities, but again, not just true for network news readers. by the way, when did newsreaders
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become philosophers? i think lester holt seems like a nice guy, but you don't turn to cluster hold deep think. he is saying that when -- you don't turn to him and for deep. there are plenty of things that we think we know that we don't smell! week, for thousands of years, invented -- that we don't know! we, for thousands of years, imagined the food pyramid was correct, i imagined last year that masks didn't work. the point of journalism is to continuously press against what we think we know, demand evidence, and show it to the public, not -- but the ruling class declares. it's demented. >> emily: he got in front of it by saying "you may think a dereliction of duty would be to ignore the other side, but in fact, it's the opposite; it would be a dereliction if we did cover what was deemed
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misinformation. ." >> tucker: [laughs] our job is to make the other side shut up, run interference from the most powerful people in the world, suppress contrary opinion. that's basically saying "we are the praetorian guard for the people in charge. our job is to make everyone be quiet so the people who pay us can do what they want." that's an inversion of what journalism is supposed to be. it's supposed to make the powerful uncomfortable, and comfort the afflicted. that is the opposite of what it does. they take the weakest people in our society and hurt them, and then suck up to the most powerful. that's why everyone hates them, and for good reason. >> emily: we have a perfect example of that sucking up to the powerful and the blatant way that subtlety is -- i would like to show you something, a reporter enter comments, infused in with a comment to president biden, and his only
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press conference so far. >> reporter: the section of you that got elected as a moral, decent man is a reason why a lot of immigrants are coming to this country and trusting you with unaccompanied minors. >> emily: i must have missed the time and the part where there was ever equal time given to both sides of the debate for the past 36 years i've been a life that hasn't happened. bias has always existed in the media. at least they are being honest now and what troubles the most is this redefining of the truth, this orwellian redefining of the truth, where war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. we seen up with him and saying "we don't know a baby's gender at birth," or merriam-webster changing the definition of sexual preference to stick it to amy coney barrett during her confirmation hearing, or the media trying to redefine -- this becomes concerning when he
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realized the left controls major institutions in the country there allowed to redefine the truth. not only do they have that monopoly on the control of information, but they are trying knock down and d platform any contrary opinions that oppose leftist groupthink. we are in a troubling time for the truth. >> emily: to lisa's point about shaping that narrative, i would like to play for you a virtual exchange between congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and senator ted cruz -- i'm sorry, i was just informed we don't have that anymore. leslie, your thoughts on what lisa was saying about redefining things, on the argument over semantics leaves the concept then left to the wolves.
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>> leslie: journalists are supposed to report the facts. i'm no longer a journalist; i was many years ago, a contributor of fox. now i am things different than reporting the facts. how do we arrive at two plus two is for? it's covering theories for people that say two plus two is five? years ago in my talk radio career, there are many times i got slammed. i remember one time when i interviewed the grand wizard of the kkk. people said "leslie, why did you give him a platform?" when i thought people would hear the interview, they would come away with the hatred and ignorance he had and it wouldn't help the kkk's numbers, but some people thought that was contrary, and it would be a different outcome. you need to report everything, but you have to report the facts. but i think lester holt might have been getting to and could have said in a better way is if we as members of the media -- we all are members of the media --
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continue to perpetrate information that could lead to something deadly, for example, massive fraud, election was stolen, that led to some of the reporting, the events that came about january 6th, that is dangerous. you have to hear all sides. when i first started, there was a fairness doctrine, and you had to because you were forced to. >> emily: lisa, i would like you to respond. >> lisa: leslie, i love you, but you are a liberal opinion host and you said you used to work in journalism. that's the crux of the issue that we have with today's media, as we have so many people who are leftists disguising themselves as journalists. the only fact is that -- objectivity is -- we hope people try to strive for fairness, but that is not happening in today's
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media. that has not been happening for a long time. he think that is something at president trump's time in office prior to the forefront. that doesn't mean we throw out the effort. >> leslie: but it's not there! >> lisa: in my time here, to go back to lester holt, what he was saying -- >> he distinguishes what he is stomach what he is saying and -- >> julien: you got to be fair. the only way to be fair today, especially if you are covering washington like me is to cover both sides. lisa, to your point, the coverage of the rights of conservative thought in the mainstream media has led to major problems now in this country. the only way to be fair is to cover both sides of the aisle, but increasingly, what we are seeing is they approach issues with different sets of facts. it's not up to members of the media to distinguish or
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determine or anoint the truth. it's up to members of the media to present both sides and then let the american people choose, in my opinion. >> emily: tucker, final thoughts. >> tucker: the old system is collapsing, for a bunch of reasons. the business model is broken. i don't think any organization, other than fox, tries to get both sides. you watch the daytime programming, the show that was just being hosted before this, they had one person on one side, another on the other. you don't see them on any other channel, period. that doesn't exist anymore. i don't think people are going to continue to read "the new york times" or watch nbc news if they don't agree! there's no mass media left in the country. the quickly realized that, maybe the better. >> emily: just i have, quite
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>> emily: to u.s. border patrol releasing this shocking new video from a remote area in mexico. smugglers sitting atop a 14-foot border wall dropping two young girls, each 3 and 5, over the barrier, leaving them to fend for themselves in the desert. the smugglers took off. those girls from ecuador are in
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u.s. custody. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez says this is not a "border crisis," and says we need to make up for the actions of the previous administration. >> congressperson cortez: this is not the same as what happened in the trump administration, where they took babies out of the arms of their mothers and deported their families, and permanently traumatized these children. they are barbaric and wrong. those families are old reparations, period. >> emily: tucker, your thoughts. >> tucker: it's interesting that a low quality race baiter has a place in national policy. she's a racist, openly. i think the key is to think
9:17 am
clearly about what is best for the united states. the border policy has been a disaster for a long time, doesn't serve the interest of most americans. people like that use the magic word, "racism," to cow the rest of the country into submission. she wants to change the population, once the party to be more powerful, but we are allowing her and people like her to do that because we are afraid of being called names, until decent people would shed their fear of being smeared by someone whose opinion you shouldn't care about. we are never going to have a rational immigration policy. how does it help ecuador or el salvador or guatemala, or other countries, to have your most ambitious people leave? it doesn't help to have this uncontrolled migration.
9:18 am
>> emily: senator ted cruz responded over twitter. we will read that here. "every word of that is false. it is a biden border crisis, a humanitarian crisis, a health crisis, a national security crisis, and dems are trying to cover it up; they are gaslighting you." >> leslie: if it's a biden border crisis now, why wasn't senator cruz calling it a trump border crisis then? democrats do this, republicans do this. ted cruz and aoc, there is no love lost between them; aoc can walk on water and ted cruz would say "the tide was low." i would agree with one thing tucker said. this is a big problem, immigration is a problem. we have migrants coming to our border, drug cartels coming through, for 17 years. whether you are democrat or republican, this has been
9:19 am
difficult to get under control. you need a comprehensive immigration package and legislation that needs bipartisan support. whether it's a democrat or republican in office, it gets kicked down the road. it can't continue to get kicked down the road. i want to point something out with regard to race. 91% increase last year of illegal immigrants coming over the canadian border! did anybody know that? i didn't until i looked it up. we have to question why. who is coming in canada versus who is coming in mexico, our southern border? one big difference is their skin color. >> i can tell you one thing, there isn't one narrow area on this border crisis were republicans and democrats are converging rapidly. if talked to -- i think i interviewed two border state governors this week, two senators, democrat and
9:20 am
republican. they agree that, increasingly, the big kahuna story in this mess is that children are bearing the brunt of the crisis and the follow-up. american kids and foreign kids, like we are seeing in that san diego school district, where teachers are returning to teach migrant students in person but refusing to teach american students in person. that video you showed of those toddlers getting dropped over the side of the wall, one of them is 3, one of them is 5. kids are being human traffic act exponentially higher rates. most of that is young girls. it's a major part of this crisis. i'm glad to see some people are agreeing on that. want to ask tucker a question quick, which is, republicans seem to be saying, the heart of the matter is the remain in mexico policy. if item would reinstate that, all these people would stop coming here, but in the interim, we have about 3,000 kid that
9:21 am
would be stranded on the mexico side of the border. they are foreigners, so maybe americans care about them less, which a lot of americans to. fine. do they live happily ever after if they are not allowed to come into this country, or do they get kidnapped by coyotes and sex traffickers and we are horribly dismal lives? i'm not defending the biden policies, i'm asking about a solution going forward. the key is turned on the spigot. >> tucker: a country has to care about its own children first; that's why we have a country. that's why -- it's not an attack on anyone, but the point is having a country, it's to take care of your citizens. why have a nation-state? that's got to be the first priority. it's not. the second thing you notice, mexico horribly mistreats central american migrants. we were in el salvador last month. ask anyone there! everyone in latin america despises the mexican immigration authorities, because they brutally treat people coming
9:22 am
through their country. that doesn't get the attention it deserves. bottom line is, our concern is american citizens, period. that's the job description of the u.s. governments. anything that takes priority over that is, by definition, a perversion. it's wrong! you can't allow it. we only have this because we are putting up with it. it's you're with your children, other people's children; get what you put up with. if you signal you are willing to put up with insanity like this, you will get it! >> lisa: one other thing. none of this helps the american people, as tucker pointed out. this doesn't even help the migrants and people making the journey to come over here, the young woman who had raped along the way, the abuse they face. what it does is potentially leads to expanded power for the democrats, the expanded part of the electorates. if you were to deny republicans 30th electoral college votes in texas, it becomes difficult to win a presidential election for republicans.
9:23 am
that's what this is about for democrats, why you see people like joe biden and the left support open borders policies. it's not to benefit the americans or the influx of cheap labor, potentially taking the jobs of blue-collar americans, and it doesn't help the people coming over here; it potentially helps democrats expanding the electorate. >> emily: up ahead, president biden backing major league baseball, potentially moving the all-star game out of atlanta over georgia's new election law, "the washington post" falls out his false claims. reaction had. stay with his. ♪ ♪ >> jim crow on steroids. that's what's going on in georgia and 40 other states. ♪ ♪
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9:28 am
>> president biden: professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly. i would strongly support them doing that. this is jim crow on steroids! that's what they are doing in georgia and 40 other states. imagine passing a law, saying you cannot provide water or food for someone standing in line? to vote? can't do that? come on! or, you were going to close a polling place at 5:00 when working people just get off? >> "the washington post" says this, they are giving biden 4 of pinocchio's, the harshest rating for misinformation. they say the law provides water for voters who are waiting in lines, just not for political pollsters, they keeps polls open later than 5:00 p.m. on election day, and that there is no evidence it restricts working-class voters. tucker, on the one hand, you would democrats saying this georgia law is racist, it's a jim crow era relic. on the other hand you have
9:29 am
republicans saying "this is about voter election security, making sure the people who are registered appropriately get to cast their ballots, an end we can eliminate some of the noise. it was right -- who is right? >> tucker: it's interesting to see the president of the united states pushing race division. there's nothing racially specific about this fall. that is a reckless and outrageous thing to say. whether you like it or not, it's not racist. the president should not say that it is. the most interesting part, the most honest part about this is, and we seen this a lot, the use of big corporations by the administration to enforce their mandates. rather than convince voters that what the president is saying that we will get big miss to step on a shoe -- that raises deep questions about the democracy. shouldn't voters be in charge of this? they elect their representatives in the state house, they in november. are they supposed to be in charge customer quite should amazon or mlb or delta air lines
9:30 am
or some other creepy public health conglomerate be in charge of our democracy. is that democracy, when the billionaires get to make all the decisions about how your government is run? where is the left on this? are they okay with that? i'm not on the left, but i'm not okay with that. i don't think big companies should be in charge of the country. that's not democracy; it's oligarchy. >> pick up there were tucker left off. there is the building more and then fallout, so mlb, coca-cola, delta being pushed to leave georgia for they're leaving of their own volition. is that appropriate response from some of america's conglomerate -- wealthiest conglomerate question worked >> of course not, but what would you expect? if everything is racist, what is? the left has devalued the word and rendered it meaningless. regarding this corporations
9:31 am
trying to put pressure on georgia, this is about democrats passing the federal takeover of elections, making it possible for republicans to win collections moving forward. if you pick out the republican bill, if it's restrictive, bath, -- bad, what are democrat bills? it's open, foreboding expansion, the " -- for voting expansion, the "right thing to do." when democrats wants to propped that up and try to sell that to the american people and get it passed -- that's what this is about. none of the things the left in these corporations joe biden or anyone is saying about the georgia bill is true. it expands early axis of voting, as ballot drops. it does require an idea, but so
9:32 am
does the state of delaware! delaware doesn't have early voting. everything they're saying -- it's also standard election law to have to keep the giving of gifts, including food and water, 150 feet away from the polling place. everything they're saying about this is a lie. the purpose is to get it past and take over an election. >> julien: lisa hits on a particular there -- just be five. i like to hear that. [laughter] can you play them on a loop? [laughter] >> julien: one of the things they georgia election law does this add early voting that wasn't there before. it's hard to make the arguments on either side of the aisle here that this bill is a monolith, but it's all racist or all something else. there is restrictions in there, which democrats would see as the voter i.d. components, than that is also expansion, like boarding axis on weekends, right?
9:33 am
>> leslie: the majority of people in our country work a 6 day week. more of the core segment of our country, they are not the wealthy. most of those people are people of color, especially in the state of georgia, so they are not going to be able to take off of work to work on a saturday. let's look at access, the ballot boxes. look at the map. i didn't make it, georgia did. here's where ballot boxes are being removed and added. there are areas in the state of georgia where they are predominantly people of color, more specifically, african-americans. with regard to i.d., almost people don't have a 90, and they have a right to vote. elderly people, some of them don't have a 90. certainly, some poor segments of our population don't have ids. they don't drive; they use public transportation. republicans are making new georgia laws. there is no evidence of fraud in georgia. it's only after a black democrat
9:34 am
became a senator, jewish democrat became a center, and joe biden, a democrat, became president -- that these laws were changed. one last thing, i know we are pressed on time. to tucker's point about let the voters decide, i agree! where is the power and voting? it's not just voting. you have power and legislation, there are lawsuits against us, and as a consumer. people say "i don't want to fly delta, drink coca-cola products, don't want to be a part of any kind of sport that's going to be held, or watch a movie filmed in georgia." that's the right as well expect >> tucker: start your own delta! and start your own coca-cola! [laughter] >> it sounds like what leslie is saying is that the consumers of customers and delta should be making the decision. it's still not the big shots, the bigwigs at the corporate headquarters. you guys are in agreement more than i think you think. we have to leave it there.
9:35 am
>> leslie: don't tell anybody! >> julien: we will come back to both on the other side. another day, and yet another governor cuomo bombshell. the big-money payoff. he was reportedly in the midst of -- while pitching himself as a pandemic hero, while hiding the death toll in new york based nursing homes. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ homeowners who need cash. refiplus from newday usa. record low mortgage rates have fallen again, while home values just keep climbing. refiplus lets you refinance at record low rates plus get an average of $50,000 for retirement tomorrow and for peace of mind today. refiplus. it's huge news. it's only for veterans. and it's only from newday usa. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible
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♪ you come and go ♪ ♪ karma-karma-karma- karma-karma chameleon ♪ there's strength in every family story.
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9:40 am
situation, the more it's pointing towards fraud and corruption, not less. >> tucker: [laughs] i've got to be honest. now to all the dumb people in the media are against andrew cuomo, it makes me feel form, but i can't. his chief aide, who he described as "like a brother," is sitting in federal prison right now having been convicted of bribery for soliciting andrew cuomo. there were breadcrumbs on the trail of discovering that andrew cuomo was running a corrupt administration. it's pretty amazing that it's taken this long. we can now i'll tell the truth about inconvenient helpers like andrew cuomo. it's new york; new york is a corrupt state, along has been. not the most corrupt governor, but up in the top. for him, this is primarily a media story.
9:41 am
andrew cuomo is pretty open about who he is. he talks like he is on the set of "goodfellas." we sort of known, but all the people who covered for him -- stephen colbert, all these other people who sucked up to him on his ascent to the emmys or whatever -- those people should have to answer for their lives! lies! >> emily: we know the attorney that was in charge of the investigation that led to the conviction and incarceration of his "brother," is in charge of the doj investigation now into governor cuomo. do you see a accountability for him on that end or on the media site, the social side of things? >> i feel there won't be accountability. are they going to hold them accountable? is the media going to hold them accountable, who ignored the story, even knowing back in may
9:42 am
of 2020, that he was intentionally lying in the undercounting the deaths of new york's elderly? power corrupts, particularly, unchecked power. democrats have controlled the state since 2007, controlling the governor's mansion as well as the state assembly. if controlled the senate since the 2018 election. paragraphs. unchecked power corrupts. think andrew cuomo has remained unchecked. that's probably going to continue, sadly. >> emily: the more we are learning, the more we are realizing the people that were involved in the machine. power goes unchecked. is it better late than ever that is happening now, finally, if that's what we are indeed seeing? >> leslie: absolutely, rather than somebody getting away with it. this is wrong on so many levels. you have people in the state of new york that were, and continue, to suffer from the covid-19 pandemic, people who are sick, who have buried loved
9:43 am
ones. people have lost their businesses, their jobs. he's working on a multimillion dollar book deal is governor of the state. wrong, wrong, wrong. additionally, his aides working on that book. if you have a pandemic, you need all hands on deck helping the government of that state of new york, and the people, to get through this pandemic, not to be working of chapters and rewrites of drafts of a book. my question would be, did he ask the staff to do that over the responsibility and the role working for him as aides, and working for the people they are supposed to be working for, the people of new york? >> emily: at a minimum, we know that dr. adams was taken away from her duties of coordinating testing for patience to attend to his vip list. just ahead, a new push to faint tell mike faint tell mike a ban
9:44 am
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w. >> heartbreaking images from a border is a three and 5-year-old girl are dumped into --
9:48 am
senator ted cruz is on deck with his perspective. just 5.6% of the new bite and infrastructure built will go to build roads and bridges. where does the rest go, and how do we pay for it? larry kudlow will be here. president biden gets 4 pinocchio's for his take on the new georgia vote in law. congressman doug collins will give us his take. we are joined at the top of the hour for "america reports." >> two ohio state lawmakers are introducing a bill now that will preemptively ban these so-called vaccine passports. the idea that the u.s. government may require americans to carry these has a lot of republicans ringing alarm bells about privacy and government overreach. we know that the biden administration is looking into the feasibility of these passports, but while they are doing that, this is moving full steam ahead. now, big tech firms say there
9:49 am
calling of big government support, i.e. funds to make the concept of nationwide reality, even even as officials worked behind the scenes, and where these passports are used. off the bat, we know that president biden has directed his public health officials to look into the quote unquote feasibility of making these passports required here in the u.s. we also know all that's going on, big tech is not sitting around waiting. apple and google and ibm have already developed their own programs that they are chucking the bidens to be used across the country, inside the biden administration -- administration. >> tucker: i don't think the biden administration will make passports, why would you want to take credit for something so unpopular, so fascist? instead, they will have the company that put biden into power, control the administration. have you seen joe biden on
9:50 am
television? clearly, he's not running things. we are supposed to pretend he is, everybody knows he isn't. the corporations are running the country. they will enforce this code. you have to have a specific medical procedure before you were allowed to participate in american life, travel, for example. >> that's a big component: international. >> tucker: whatever happened to "your body, your choice?" the biggest corporations in the world working administration and telling you you have to have a medical procedure? we just spent 40 years talking about how this could never happen? what about all the pro-choice people? where are they? if you approach -- if you are pro-choice, is that the only medical procedure you should have a right to decide to participate in? >> julien: the administration
9:51 am
is not unified on this; a lot of officials have spoken out against it. the people in bidens team who were supportive of this are saying "why are you mad? this will make it easier for americans to travel abroad to see their families, to visit, to avoid the dreaded covid quarantine when they arrived in front of the countries around the world, so we are trying to help americans." what do you say to that? >> tucker: [laughs] when did the last time a government official said they are doing something to make your life harder? the question is, should you have a right to decide what medical procedures you want? their answer is "no, you shouldn't." i am not making a case against vaccines; i am for vaccines. but i do have the right to my own opinion and we all do, and we all have a right to know we injected our bodies. that can't be forced on us can it well, it is.
9:52 am
it won't be the biden administration; it will be google, american airlines. they are a tool of corporate america, doug. i wish they would say that more -- >> the world health organization agrees with you. they're urging united states to caution. they don't think the vaccine passports will be mandatory. coming up next, tucker emma you may not have heard, is moving the phone at "fox nation." he will tell us about his new series coming up next." ♪ ♪ your family real piece of mind. refiplus from newday usa can make it happen. refiplus lets you refinance at the lowest mortgage rates in history plus get an average of $50,000 cash for the financial security you and your family deserve.
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>> you can they'll get a double dose of tucker carlson, are meant in the middle of the day has a on the fox nation tucker carlson today were he gets to take a deep dive into ae range of topics like this discussion of how your eating habits may be killing you.
9:57 am
watch. >> we have had decades of bad eating habits thrown at us by the food industry so it's not easy to switch around. >> it's very hard. that's exactly right. what you're describing is a way of living that may be out of reach for people not just because they have less money but because their lives are organized in such a way it's impossible to do that. our society is organized that way. >> new episodes of tucker carlson today stream every monday, wednesday, and friday at 4:00 p.m. eastern on fox nation. tell us more. >> thank you. it's a longer form interview series re-times a week and just speaking for myself, the clip you played of me talking, most of it is me listening which is kind of nice, i'm sure this is happened all of you, you can get in talking mode and after a while, it corrupts your soul and
9:58 am
you're talking all the time and you don't listen. i'm serious, it's not good for you actually is a person to constantly be talking and i've got another opinion on this or that. it's sort of nice to listen to people who are smarter than you and have interesting things to say and challenge her preconceptions and it's been great, actually. we have a lot of topics so far, only two weeks that are not exquisitely political between the last presidency and covid, we've talked really only about two subjects for the past five years so it's kind of nice to realize there's a whole world out there of stuff that is changing fast and you should know how it's changing and what it means for you so there's a lot of really interesting stuff to talk about. >> so you talked about having preconceived notions challenged on your show. is there something you can share with us that you learned during the filming of the show thus far? >> the last segment. and i'm still very pro-market and pro-capitalism, against
9:59 am
regulation but on the other hand, you wouldn't let philip morris sell cigarettes to your 8-year-old because their kids and that hurts kids but we are letting big companies sell addictive poisonous food products direct kids for breakfast and nobody says anything about it. i'm not sure we should ban certain breakfast cereals but i do think you should know that countries gotten much less healthy having nothing to do with covid at all. much less healthy and much less happy in some ways and partly it's because a lot of the food we eat is just garbage, actual garbage. it's designed to make you eat it compulsively so at least you should know that, i think of. >> absolutely. on a lighter note, we have a photo of you on the first launch date of this show almost seven years ago today and look at you, you have not changed a bit. what's in the water that you
10:00 am
drink? we have come full circle. >> you should know. this always is a great time doing the show, i appreciate you having me. >> now here is america reports. >> april 2014, i was there. shocking new video exposing the dangers of human trafficking at our border as federal and local officials continue to struggle with the surge of migrants at our southern border. i'm sandra smith. >> welcome to wednesday or is it thursday? i'm john roberts, just feels like wednesday. border patrol releasing disturbing video which shows smugglers dumping to children age three and five under the border fence before abandoning them there in the middle of the night, that comes as migrants are slipping through gaps


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