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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 1, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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games. which city hosted five of those. >> bill: mexico city. >> dana: tokyo. >> bill: okay. how did i do? come on. >> dana: i have one more bonus one and do it after the show. "the faulkner focus" up next. >> bill: bye-bye. >> gillian: president biden is now formally rolled out his 2.3 trillion spending bill and critics are pouncing. republicans say the bill is a real job killer and ultimately transform the entire capitalist system as we know it as well as american's way of life. "the faulkner focus", i'm gillian turner in for harris this morning. as president biden is pushing to reshape america with liberal priorities democrats are calling for more covid relief spending in addition to the biden plan which a small portion going toward america's roads and bridges, things traditionally considered
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infrastructure. it includes $400 billion to increase caregiving for the aging and disabled population in america. it has $25 billion to eliminate racial and gender inequities in science. $12 billion for community colleges. $174 billion to boost the electric vehicle market. and then $5 billion to prevent community violence. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is slamming the plan saying americans would ultimately be crushed by what is going to amount to a whole slough of new taxes. take a listen. >> it's like a trojan horse. it is called infrastructure but inside the trojan horse will be more borrowed money and massive tax increases on all of productive parts of our economy. in other words, they want to reverse the tax reform bill we did in 2017 which produced in february of 2020 the best economy in 50 years. >> gillian: ordinary americans are speaking out, too.
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a laid off coal worker is sounding the alarm over the plan. take a listen. >> the trump administration lowered that tax from 35 to 21. we saw an increase and rise in different types of jobs in those industries like the automotive industry. i'm afraid raising it back up to 28% is going to the exact opposite and kill certain jobs. >> when you have to listen to the climate czar john kerry say hey, we're just going to give you a solar job. well, that's not how it works in the building trade unions. we're basically being cut out of it if you ask me. >> gillian: let's bring in white house correspondent peter doocy joins us from the white house this morning. good morning, peter. >> president biden says this project is on par with the interstate highway system from decades ago even though as you just detailed only a fraction of the funds go towards roads and highways. but the way they see things infrastructure means a lot of
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different things and to pay for them all the white house is pitching the largest tax hike in decades. >> on the tax side what i would say is look, the people who benefited from the economic infrastructure should help pay for what we need to continue to win. corporations are seeing higher profits than ever in this country. corporations, many corporations, large corporations pay no taxes at all. >> u.s. corporations would become world leaders in corporate taxes paid if this biden plan is approved. this graphic from the tax foundation shows the u.s. is having the 12th highest tax rate, corporate tax rate in the countries part of the organization for economic cooperation and development. but the u.s. would jump to the top of the list according to this projection that forecasts 159,000 jobs lots and lower wages. the president insists taxes are only going up for the
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wealthiest americans. but republicans are warning this historically huge package could mean more tax for more people than that. >> if anybody believes they aren't going to be taxed if they make less than $400,000 i have a bridge to sell them. everybody will get their taxes raised. >> we're going to see the full confirmed biden cabinet in person in 2 1/2 hours for the first time. interesting to hear what kind of marching orders he gives them. so far through the press and what we've been able to hear we know he has been instructing them to keep climate in mind at all of their departments with everything big that they do. gillian. >> gillian: peter doocy live from the white house. thanks so much. let's take a look and scan some headlines for you now. the "wall street journal" editorial board is warning today here come the biden taxes. they claim it's the middle class that will ultimately be forced to foot the bill for what they say is the largest tax increase since 1968.
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"the new york times" acknowledges it's a big bet that tackling climate change will create jobs and not kill them. then the "new york post" blatantly accusing president biden of trying to bankrupt an entire generation. an op-ed in the "washington post" says republicans are right to oppose biden's infrastructure plan. the plan is a big bait and switch labeled the american jobs plan but really the american central planning plan. a fraction of the spending in the bill is devoted to traditional infrastructure projects that serve all people. to get into some of this we'll bring in will cain, the co-host of "fox & friends" weekend. will, great to see you. thank you for joining us today. let's start with the big picture argument that the mainstream media is making. the infrastructure bill but if we're honest it's the infrastructure and tax reform and climate change and social
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welfare bill. what do you think? >> there are two different ways that we should look at this bill. the spending side and the tax side. you heard mitch mcconnell call it a trojan horse bill. i think you could liken it to a cvs receipt when you need. you don't know anything that's in it. cell phone contract. you won't read everything involved in the 100 pages signing up for cell phone service. you think you get infrastructure and roads and bridges, all the things that are very popular and needed. as the "washington post" has pointed out that's 5% of this bill. we talk massive numbers. we are looking at a 2.3 billion bill. where is the other 95% going. the rest of that receipt or cell phone contract reads ideological advancement of the democratic agenda. as you pointed out racial and gender disparity. addressing issues they qualify under that headline. climate change.
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electric cars, whatever it may be. the democratic wish list agenda can be accomplished with massive numbers like 2.3 trillion. >> gillian: on the flip side of this we have democrats essentially saying republicans just oppose this bill because they've got an outdated understanding of what infrastructure really means in the 21st century. it is not just about roads and bridges but broadband access, 5g, semi conductors, biden has this visionary way of moving the country from being stuck in the 20th century now to the 21st centuries. you guys have to modernize and get on board. >> right. i believe there is a phrased used as well as human infrastructure. republicans might look at it in an outdated way. the real question. how do americans look at it? when polling suggests americans are signing up and like the idea of improving our infrastructure. do they understand it to mean
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addressing racial and gender disparities and the green new deal, green climate change initiatives? is that what americans think of when they think of infrastructure? we can play the democrat/republican game all day long. are you delivering what your promising? is your language ons and truthful and selling the american people a good bill or fraudulent bill over a misunderstanding >> gillian: the hill says moving to reshape the entire role of capitalism. moody's chief economist say every corner of the country will be tufmd. a whole different perspective of government. we need smaller government, less government. this is the complete opposite. do you agree with that? >> i definitely agree with that. if i might i want to address one other aspect the tax side of this. we said there is a spending side and tax side.
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i don't have a lot of sympathy for american corporations right now who sign up for every woke fashion trend or american corporations that in large part got behind this democratic presidency. the campaign for joe biden. let's be real about what will happen. corporations like they did before 2017 will start moving overseas and park money overseas. spending aside, i don't want to miss your question here, back to the spending side if you have that much money to spend, you can reimagine our economy and yes there is definitely a socialist push on the democratic side to do just that. >> gillian: in terms of the republican versus democrat game it does look like both sides of the aisle are in line when it comes to this bill is going to be transformational. you might like it or not but it will change a whole lot of key parts about how americans live. we have to keep it there. we have to leave it there. we'll look forward to watching you this weekend on "fox & friends" weekend. we've got new covid data to
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break down for you and tell you whether the experts were right or wrong and also this. take a listen. >> there is just a wave of people coming through. one crossing point here in this county, all these individuals are coming through. >> gillian: fox news got access to shocking new video that shows migrants flooding across the u.s. southern border and show you a heartbreaking example of how the cartels in mexico and smugglers are now abusing young children. texas congressman spent time on the border and he is up next to tell us what's happening. here's exciting news for veteran homeowners who need cash. refiplus from newday usa. it lets you refinance at today's record low rates plus get cash. with mortgage rates low and home values high
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>> gillian: a warning to our viewers we're about to show disturbing images on your screen. it shows smugglers throwing toddlers over the u.s. southern border wall. two girls ages 3 and 5. once they got to the other side they were left alone miles away from the nearest home or outpost. border agents thankfully did come to their rescue. fox news contributor lara trump reacted with this. >> as soon as i saw that video i immediately thought what if that was my son, luke. he would be terrified. these poor children. they're coming here for one reason, joe biden and the biden white house has said if you send the kids here, we won't send them back. we're putting these kids in so much danger and harm's way. it is horrible to see. >> gillian: more new video though shows migrants streaming through gaps in the southern
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border wall where president biden's administration has halted construction. what happened is the group's overwhelmed border agents breaking through in large numbers at one time. the pause in construction is costing american taxpayers a million bucks a month as materials and heavy equipment that have already been doled out are sitting by. check this congressman witnessed who is happening along the border. he led a delegation there this week. we joins us now. let's first get to this video. i want to hear your reaction. it looks more and more like children are bearing the brunts of this border crisis. >> they are. this president is complicit. this administration's policies are aiding and abetting narco terrorists, sophisticated parra military organizations trafficking people, abusing and
8:18 am
exploiting the most vulnerable people using children as passports to come to this country. and for one reason, because this administration is not enforcing the laws. they are not securing the border, and they don't intend to. they don't have a plan and they have created this unprecedented, unmitigated crisis that i got to see firsthand. if the president made a trip to the border and saw it firsthand he would have to own it. he is afraid to own it because the left is in charge. he is afraid of the left and he won't be able to do anything about it. and he has put the border czar in kamala harris who is an open borders advocate. it is insult to injury. >> gillian: to that point congressman let me tell our viewers at home what you are looking at the screen is footage from the congressman's travels there this week. photos and videos are unique to us. thank you for sharing them with us. you say these migrants and
8:19 am
families and kids are streaming across the u.s. southern border because the biden administration has enticed them to do so with sympathetic policies. the biden administration says that's not true. they say these folks are coming here out of desperation and coming because they're fleeing conditions that are so horrible at home in the northern triangle countries that most americans could barely sort of even conceive of how they live. the threat of the cartels and human traffickers and coyotes and all these horrible things. isn't there some element of truth to that, too, sir? >> there is an element of truth that there are pockets in this country where we have crime ridden neighborhoods. there is an element of truth that we have a drug epidemic in this country. so our oath is to the constitution and our obligation is to the american people first. so there are plenty of ways to work on immigration with our colleagues but not if we don't
8:20 am
prioritize the american people. so the first thing is to provide for the common defense of the american people, to provide for the general welfare of our citizens. to faithfully execute the laws of the land. that's the constitution, gillian. that's the first thing we have to do. and then what we've done to allow the illegal passage of people into our country has created this horrible disaster with the drug cartels and people that you saw on the screen where kids are being recycled as a passport in a way to get to this country. that's the clear message that has been sent by this administration. >> gillian: if policy is the underlying problem for this crisis, for these ills, sir, you have now been there and seen more than most americans firsthand. what is your big takeaway in terms of a policy fix or a policy solution to where we are now. how can we conceivably mitigate this crisis moving forward or is it too late? >> well, i talked to some of
8:21 am
the unaccompanied minors. they happen to be 17-year-old boys. and they were clear that the last administration would not tolerate illegal immigration. this administration welcomed it. those were their words, not mine. so just starting with enforcing the laws and allowing the border patrol not to be caseworkers but to secure the border. that's the first step. there are holes in our immigration system that need to be closed. magnets like hiring illegal immigrants that need to be turned off. and there are long-term issues. but just giving international aid and having an open border situation where you decriminalize crossings is not the answer. it is actually exacerbating the situation and empowering the drug cartels who are in operational control of the border. not the united states, but the drug cartels. so we have not seen the political will. probably in decades. we saw it under president trump
8:22 am
and now we have the opposite, which is just a sort of come one, come all free for all and it is hurting the american people and they feel abandoned by their government. >> gillian: patch the holes, eliminate the magnets, enticements for some folks to come in the first place is a first step policy solution option. thanks for sharing it with us today. we appreciate it. president biden is again slamming georgia's election integrity law. fact checkers are pushing back on his claims. there is also this. >> they won't go there to teach u.s. citizen children although you have some volunteering to go into a place where 1 in 8 illegal immigrants are testing positive for covid. it's a huge disparity. >> gillian: fox news learning today that the san diego teachers union was told they can choose to teach migrant kids in person instead of their american students despite higher covid transmission rates.
8:23 am
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>> this is jim crow on steroids what they are doing in georgia and 40 other states. imagine passing a law saying you cannot provide water or food for someone standing in line to vote. can't do that? come on. you are going to close a polling place at 5:00 when working people just get off? this is all about keeping working folks and ordinary folks that i grew up with from being able to vote. >> gillian: that's president biden looking at georgia election law. the president gets four
8:29 am
pinocchios for the law. governor kemp is pushing back hard on the democrats' critique of the bill which says the law suppresses voting. listen to the governor. >> i'm not going to back down when we have a bill that expands the opportunity for people to vote on the weekends in georgia. we have as many early voting days as anybody in the country. we've got no excuse absentee. we're adding drop boxes. we also want to make sure the election is secure and all georgians have confidence in it. >> gillian: big georgia-based company like coca-cola and delta airlines are caving to political pressure. some including the president are calling for major league baseball to pull the all-star game out of the peach state. we have the inside scoop on this story. hi, lydia. >> some might say that companies like delta and coca-cola are stuck between a rock and hard place here after
8:30 am
new voting laws passed along party lines last week. a group of black business executives including merck ceo ken frazier and former american express ceo started imploring corporate leaders to speak out against the new voting law in georgia. critics say that the law will disproportionately hurt voters of colors but supporters say it expands access and secures elections. you mentioned water being prohibited from voters waiting in line. democrats are also saying the law ends voting hours early and that's not true, either. the fact is voting on election day will run from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. under the new law, which is the same as current polling hours. as for early voting, the new law requires polls stay open from 9:00 to 5:00 at a minimum. local officials are free to keep them open longer and the time frame is established to replace a vague previous requirement that early voting
8:31 am
happened during normal business hours. but based on claims like this some critics of the law called for boycotts of georgia-based companies for not condemning the new law and that forced a number of companies issuing statements condemning the voting law yesterday. coca-cola's ceo said the new georgia voting law is wrong and delta ceo called it unacceptable. in a twist now happening late last night after delta spoke critically of the voting law republicans in georgia's house of representatives voted to strip delta of a tax break worth tens of millions of dollars annually. it is largely considered a symbolic move here because the senate did not take up the measure before adjourning for the year. it is a clear signal sent by state republican lawmakers who passed the voting measure to corporations in this state. gillian. >> gillian: lydia in new york, thank you so much. migrant children are getting
8:32 am
the benefit of in-person learning before some american students. san diego schools have been remote for over a year now and set to partially reopen later this month on april 12th but fox news is learning exclusive details about the school district which has given its teachers the option to swap shifts and instead teach migrant children in person rather than their own american students. one school board official says 15 teachers have already volunteered and over 1,000 have expressed interest in signing up. this comes despite the covid infection rate among migrant kids in u.s. custody right now being far higher, 9%, than the rate among san diego students. critics are calling out the move as hypocritical. listen. >> why can't they do that first and foremost for american children who are paying american taxes from their families? if they think it is safe enough to go ahead and educate these people, then educate all the children.
8:33 am
but that's not what they're doing. >> gillian: the founder of reopen california schools has launched a petition for the state schools to be up and running as early as possible. jonathan, let's get on the same page in terms of the facts here real quick so we're all working off the same sheet of music. we understand this volunteer program for teachers in san diego to educate migrants in person is already operational. it is already underway. at the same time, no public schools in san diego are yet open to any kind of in-person learning. they won't even go hybrid until a couple of weeks from now. is that right? >> yes, san diego county unified school district that's correct. there are some outskirts that have been in hybrid. >> gillian: all right. lay out for us why your organization, your group is opposed to this volunteer program. >> i would say we're not so
8:34 am
much opposed to the volunteer program as much as we're opposed to having our own kids in san diego and around california not have in person education. they have been denied their constitutional right for over a year now. san diego county office of education said all children in california regardless of immigration status have a constitutional right to an education. we agree. we've been saying this for a long time. we see how our kids are suffering from this and how far they've fallen behind in education. so really we want our kids to have the same opportunity to have in-person full-time learning. >> gillian: that's so interestsing. i wasn't anticipating you saying that. what i'm hearing from you is look, we're not asking to deny anybody anything. we're happy for all these migrant children in u.s. custody to be educated as best they can. we're just also advocating for american kids to have equal access to foreign kids in this
8:35 am
country, in this school district. >> exactly. these same leaders have been citing safety concerns for quite a while even though we've known it's not necessarily the case, schools safely can open. yet these same groups are jumping on the offer opportunity to offer in-person instruction for covid rates 2,000 times their own community. why haven't our schools been open this whole time? parents are speechless and mind-boggling. >> gillian: listening to you talk, maybe the u.s. government with thousand he of these children in custody should be focused on keeping them health' and protected before you start worry about educating them. maybe keep them from getting covid from one another by providing better conditions and giving them some space from one another. that would be the first line of responsibility. i want to bring up an excerpt from the volunteer sheet sent by the county superintendent to teachers so viewers can see it.
8:36 am
it reads the in-person educational program may not have traditional hours and may be opportunities for involvement outside regular work hours. any opportunities will be voluntary and employees will be compensated. does this go any way towards scratching the itch of your group or not really? >> no. if teachers want to volunteer outside normal work hours that's fine and i applaud those efforts. the problem is in san diego they're offering a half day hybrid plan that only offers a few hours of in person instruction aweek. some schools are off by noon i believe. and other teachers are being offered to work at these sites instead of normal duties at school. so it is just again they can help out and volunteer but let's put our kids first and get them back to the classroom >> gillian: sounds fair and reasonable.
8:37 am
we'll stay in touch with you about this issue over the next couple of weeks. let us know as there are updates to your story. thank you so much, jonathan. >> thank you. >> gillian: democrats and mainstream media outlets are taking heat for predicting doom and gloom as states begin lifting covid restrictions. were they right? we'll dig into the numbers coming up next. also stay tuned because at noon "outnumbered" has a very special guest today. it is not me, it is one mr. tucker carlson who will join the virtual couch. you don't want to miss it. finant today's all-time low interest rates plus get cash. with home values climbing, now is the smartest time ever to turn your home's increased value into an average of $50,000 cash. refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa.
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>> we have so much to look forward to, so much promise and potential of where we are and so much reason for hope. but right now it's dark. >> when you are coming down from a big peak and reach a point and start to plateau, once you stay at that plateau you are in danger of a surge coming up. >> i think the governors know they aren't helping the cause, they're weighting down the cause. >> the failure to take this virus seriously is what got us to this place in the first place.
8:43 am
>> gillian: health experts predict doom and gloom as more governors continue to lift coronavirus restrictions. one prominent author claims in a new op-ed today these negative and wrong predictions are not without significant consequences. they slow the reopening process on many levels and why the news media must stop the cycle of allowing the doomsday crowd to constantly spread fear without any concern for personal ramifications when. they should be forced to pay up in the form of media criticism and loss of credibility. let's look at some underlying data. we'll pull up the map here. these 18 states in red don't currently have a state mask mandate. the rise in coronavirus infection so far this week. 7 of the states with an upward trend have a mask mandate and some restrictions compared to two states nearly fully open without any mask mandate in place at all.
8:44 am
dr. marc siegel is a professor of medicine at nyu langone medical center and fox news contributor. dr. siegel, i want to get your vibe on all of this. we have on the one hand a whole lot of governors starting to lift restrictions including mask mandates. we've got the president saying and cdc director saying now is not the time for that. now is the time to stay vigilant and continue to stay distanced and locked down to the greatest extent possible. who is right? >> well, i think the fear and doom and gloom messaging is very detrimental especially now at a time we're vaccinating so much more of the population. we start off with natural immunity of 100 million people probably. we don't have the exact numbers. add to that the people being vaccinated and why that's important with the elderly. over 70% of the elderly are vaccinated in the united states. if you look at florida you are still seeing 5,000 new cases a
8:45 am
day but you see death rate, hospitalization rate going way down. 87 deaths yesterday in florida. texas all three are going down. new cases, hospitalizations, deaths, that's at a time when as you pointed out greg abbott removed the mask mandate. why? the pandemic is changing, gillian to a different kind of pandemic now. with milder cases, younger people getting sick. they don't get as sick. hospitalizations going down. that's got to be part of the public health. diminish severe cases. it has to be there not the fear messaging. >> gillian: to your point if we jump and look again to the nationwide outlook, there is a little bit of mixed bag of news. death rates are declining, that's great news. but new cases, infection rates are again increasing. they are up 11% last week from the week before. so read the tea leaves for us and tell us what we can do with
8:46 am
that information. >> two points there. one i've already made. you are right. some of the relaxing of restrictions is leading to more spread and i'm not endorsing the huge crowds in south beach for spring break. but i'm not so sure that mandates and restrictions and regulations superimposed and doom and gloom would actually stop that. the other part -- when you put a mandate on, by the way, the real question isn't whether you are posturing but whether it works. the other points is variants. the variants are more contagious and more easily transmitted. the more variants that emerge the more cases we'll see. that's why you see the increases in certain states like new york where we have a lot of variants. but again, we're not seeing the severity because the cases at highest risk are vaccinated. >> gillian: a mask mandate in any state doesn't mean more people are wearing masks. more people in states without a
8:47 am
mask mandate might actually be wearing masks. we need to get that data, too. you predict we should be able to exit the pandemic in late june due to natural and vaccinated immunity. we also must give the public incentives to get vaccinated and make it clear once they're fully vaccinated they can go to places without risk that they count go to as freely before. tell us why it's a good idea, dr. siegel, for everyone eligible for the vaccine to go ahead and get it. >> you just said it. the head of cdc made a huge vaccinated. if the vaccine works you aren't able to transmit the virus anymore. that's huge information. that means even if a 17-year-old gets the vaccine someone in their household that's more at risk that them that couldn't get the vaccine has more protect shun. we need to see more and more of that. we're a society here. the more people that get the
8:48 am
vaccine, the more the society is protected, the nor we escape the grips of the virus. we're on our way and seeing milder cases across the board. that trend in my estimation is going to continue. your point about masks. you can wear masks inside in close quarters, wearing a mask down the street where there is nobody around you when you already had a vaccine doesn't make public health sense. it just spreads the cycle of fear. >> gillian: five seconds left. a quick yes or no. are the vaccines safe? >> completely safe. 100% safe. unbelievably safe. just tested in 12 year olds safe. >> gillian: we really appreciate your expertise and taking time out for us. >> a pleasure. >> gillian: they say you can't go home again. pushback to rename a chicago school after the obamas where president obama is from. plus has the whole woke thing
8:49 am
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i need to find the receipt for that. oh yeah, you do.
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>> the former president barack obama is the deporter in chief and in the school district of walk egan there -- >> gillian: the former first family is getting pushback in their hometown of chicago listening to immigration activists opposed to renaming a school after the president and first lady. they say the obamas deported way too many illegal immigrants. one protestors went so far as to call him a quote, oppressor. the school board is expected to
8:55 am
make a decision on the school renaming by mid april. >> i think we should take into consideration all parties as it relates to the name change, right? i don't want to have to do this another 10 years from now because there is a different group who feels differently. >> gillian: we are joined by the power panel now. matt gorman former communications director for the republican campaign arm and crystal knight the director of former of democrats usa. also worked as a regional field director for president obama's 2012 election campaign. let's break it down. we'll get to the obamas in a moment. crystal, you first, if i understand this correctly the school board is rejecting president jefferson because he was a slave owner and they say
8:56 am
they are rejecting webster because he supported slavery. in your view is this reasonable or unreasonable? >> i think that it is totally reasonable. america has a history of honoring slave traders, race baiters and giving them monuments in capitals and so i absolutely agree that those two presidents shouldn't be named for these schools. >> gillian: what do you say, matt? >> i think it is also important to put the folks into context in which they lived and broadly when it comes to the woke left you can cater to them all you want but it will never be enough. you'll never be pure enough. obama is a perfect example. this is his hometown. his hometown. i did a little research, this school district has time to change names left and right. but they don't have time to get their kids back in school. they're still not there. i question not just their judgment but their priorities.
8:57 am
>> gillian: moving on to the obamas now. the school board says they are rejecting renaming this after president obama for reasons entirely different from race. they are reporting that the latin x community there objects to president obama -- the school bearing his name because he didn't support undocumented imra -- immigrants. anybody who didn't represent the latin x community is out. what do you say to that? >> i think it's false. president obama did a lot and passed a lot of legislation for latinos in this country. i think you also have to look at the totality of his record. castro was the hud secretary during his eight years in office. that's historic and signifies his support for the latino community. >> gillian: he was also to push back for a second. he was also at one point nicknamed the deporter in chief based on his record numbers of
8:58 am
undocumented migrants he deported from united states custody. >> immigration is a tough issue. name me a president who has a perfect immigration record and i will name you a president that has flaws in his record and has flaws in his policy. i don't think that -- it is fair game to critique his immigration policies but it is also fair game to look at his entirety of his presidency, the things that he did to help the latino community in this country and so i don't think if we want to go around immigration and nitpick and undocumented citizens that that's something to deter a name -- his name from going onto the schools. >> gillian: matt, what say you? >> look, you can disagree, but he instituted daca. without that, it was a huge thing for the latino community
8:59 am
during the 2012 campaign when i worked for mitt romney. again, look, if he is not pure enough for the woke left, who is? i just don't understand it >> gillian: i want to get your quick wrap on a point matt made earlier which is there is all of this stuff, the naming and being sort of of the times and reflecting the moment and diversity. then there is the school board's job is to educate students and that's being lost in all of this. >> yeah. i think he makes a good point. >> gillian: i like finding common agreement areas. >> yeah. but the thing is at the end of the day, we're in a pandemic, children need to get back into school and so those are the things we really should be focused on. children become vaccinated in the most efficient way as possible and then we can have this debate. i also think, you know, i am a democrat, i'm here to defend
9:00 am
the president. >> gillian: we have to leave it there. we're out of time. matt and crystal. thank you for talking about these hot button issues with us. we appreciate it. thanks to everybody at home for watching "the faulkner focus". i'll be back on "outnumbered" in a couple of moments and it starts right now. fox news alert: fairness is overrated. those words from a top journalist accepting an award tuesday night. osterholt at the 45th edward r. murrow symposium, saying reporters don't necessarily need to hear both sides of the story before determining the "truth." he also warned that the media should stop giving the platform to at the meeting considered "misinformation." >> i think it has become clear that fairness is overrated. the idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in, and at the


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