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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 1, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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it is up to state lawmakers to show who we are. it's the subject of the state assembly impeachment investigation and also the subject of a reported f.b.i. investigation. bill. >> thank you, bryan.
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>> dana: president biden backing major league baseball moving its all-star game out of georgia because of this political issue. atlanta based companies coca-cola and delta speak out against the new voting laws. the coca-cola does not support this legislation as it makes it harder for people to vote. delta ceo. i need to make it crystal clear the final bill is unacceptable and does not match delta's values. georgia governor brian kemp joins us now. we've been talking about this bill, governor. yesterday they were making it crystal clear the myths about this bill are not true and i have to ask how did your office let this spiral so out of control that this misperception has been allowed to persist? >> well, dana, thanks for having me on and i hope you won't blame our office for playing into the narrative that
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the mainstream media is doing because a lot of political activists, one of them my former opponent. when the president of the united states says something you know a lot of people pay attention. but what joe biden needs to do is look at the side-by-side of georgia and delaware. trying to get major league baseball to pull the game out of georgia, which is ridiculous. if you look at these comparisons, the state of delaware has no in-person early voting. we have 17 days. in georgia you don't have to have an excuse to get an absentee ballot by mail. in delaware you do. we have drop boxes, delaware does not. if you want to get a bottle of water while you are standing in line in georgia you can absolutely do that. elections officials can help you with that. but you can't do that in delaware because they don't have early voting. i think we have to get -- >> dana: i get that. defending the bill even the "washington post" fact check giving joe biden four
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pinocchios. you're talking about stacey abrams, knowing she was going to be very critical and knowing that the media is not going to give you a break, what i'm wondering is why not get air cover to the companies based in your state so that they all of a sudden now have caved to the twitter mob and they are saying now they don't support the legislation. i don't see how you can change the legislation to get them back on board. >> they're not going to get back on board because they have been pressured by the board of directors who have been pressured by activists. there is nothing i can do about that. i've been my own ceo for over 35 years and signing my own paychecks and those of many others for a long time. i won't be bullied by these people. i'm also not running a public corporation. they will have to answer to their shareholders. there are a lot of people that work for them and have done business with them that are very upset and i'll let them deal with that. if you look at what we've done to perfect the bill that i actually signed, we worked with a lot of these corporations,
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including delta, who never raised any of these issues until two or three days after the first statement that they made and if you look at what others are saying today, statements, they're not focused on the specifics of the bill. they are focused on making sure we have good processes whether in georgia or any other state in the country. that's why i would encourage people to continue to read and understand what the truth is like mr. sterling says. i've done over 20 interviews in the last 24 to 36 hours pushing the truth out. we aren't going to back down when we have a bill that expands the opportunity for people to vote on the weekends in georgia. we have as many early voting days as anybody in the country. we've got no excuse absentee. we're adding drop boxes to counties that didn't have them last time where that has never been in the law before. but we also want to make sure the election is secure and that all people in georgia have confidence in it. i'm continuing to go out. i just did an interview with an
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african-american morning radio show and podcast explaining the truth about the bill and it was refreshing quite honestly. >> bill: seems like you have to do a lot of that. a clip from espn with president biden. roll this and we will get your reaction on it. >> what do you think about the possibility that baseball decides to move their all-star game out of atlanta because of this political issue? >> i would strongly support them doing that. it's not right. this is jim crow on steroids what they are doing in georgia and 40 other states. >> bill: jim crow on steroids, governor. your response. >> my response is this. you compare -- you guys put this up on the screen and compare delaware to georgia. see who has more opportunities for people to vote. we had the largest african-american turnout in the
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2018 november election when i got elected. joe biden needs to focus on things that he can control like the southern border and that's all this is. it's a distraction. they are using it to pass an unconstitutional mandate in hr1. it is all part of a political narrative they're pushing and we'll continue to fight that. >> bill: okay. stacey abrams, no more jim crow, fight voter suppression laws. don't let america go backward. the "washington post" is doing a lot of your work for you. this is what they -- the question is four pinocchios for what president biden said about it. the law made early changes but experts say the net effect was to expand the opportunity to vote, not limit them. the fulton county where you are in atlanta under the new law they can set the exact same hours for in person early voting or expand them from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day. i know what your message is now. how do you break through?
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delta airlines and home depot and coca-cola are all lining up against you now. >> that's not correct. i don't think home depot is lining up against us. if you look at the statement i saw this morning, i thought it was very fair. it wasn't pointed at any specifics. look, i said yesterday if mr. quincey and the guys from new york and new jersey pointing fingers, if they want to have a discussion about what is actually in this bill versus what's in states like new york where you need an excuse to vote absentee or in new jersey where they are celebrating nine days of early voting, first time ever they have had it, we have 17 days and we've been doing this for gosh, i think over a decade now. so these ceos ought to be smart enough and the president ought to be smart enough for people briefing him are telling him what is actually in the bill. when he made comments earlier he didn't know. it also could be he doesn't
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care because he is trying to distract from the border crisis that he has where smugglers are dropping young children over 15-foot high walls and trying to push an unconstitutional mandate in hr1. i will tell you, i think people are standing up and realizing the games that are being played here and they will be fighting back with us. >> bill: let me be clear you're right. not home depot but coca-cola and delta airlines and both big employers in your home state. >> dana: thank you for coming on and i just wonder if you've heard from other governors about having to deal with this in their own states. this is not just happening in georgia. other states are trying to pass legislation right now. >> well, my advice to other governors would be to do like we've done. make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. secure, accessible fair elections. that's what we've done. >> bill: thank you for your time. thank you, sir, for coming on. >> thank you. >> bill: 29 past.
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big development in house democrats attempt to overturn an iowa congressional electtion and boost their slim majority in the house. we'll tell you where that challenge stands when we continue in a moment coming up. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa. >> president biden: it will create the strongest, most resilient inoh votive economy in the world. not a plan that goes around the edges. it's a once in a generation investment in america. >> it is like a trojan horse. it is called infrastructure but inside the trojan horse will be more borrowed money and massive tax increases. >> this is not an infrastructure bill. it's a new green bill raising taxes. very little infrastructure at all. >> bill: a lot of reaction over the headline from yesterday. battle lines already being drawn in the next big spending bill after it was unveiled in pittsburgh. the president detailing a 2.3
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trillion dollar package designed to rebuild america's infrastructure. department of transportation secretary pete buttigieg is our guest now. mr. secretary, good morning to you and thank you for your time. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> bill: quick glance. what's in the package here it is. 620 billion to rebuild roads, bridges and highways, 400 billion home care for the elderly and disabled. tax incentives for sales of electric vehicles. electric grid improvements, broadband, water systems and on and on it goes. the "washington post" crunched the numbers and we did. we find that 5.5% of the $2 trillion proposal is only dedicated to roads and bridges. why is that? >> we're talking about roads and bridges, we're talking about rail and transit. we're talking about airports and ports. as you mentioned we're talking
6:36 am
about things like the grid. i don't know why anybody would say it's a mistake to invest in the grid after what we just witnessed in texas. we saw u.s. citizens living in texas melting snow in their bathtubs to be able to flush their toilets in the united states of america. that is unacceptable. so yes, infrastructure energies energy infrastructure. broadband, i'm proud of the fact we'll finally get broadband out to every american because we know especially in rural areas how much that is cutting people off from opportunity. good infrastructure planning is looking to the future. railroads weren't part of infrastructure until we built them and in eisenhower they were working on electrification. now it's time to prepare for the future and the millions of jobs that will be created by
6:37 am
this bill are because this bill looks to the future. >> dana: let's talk about the job creation part of this. during the obama administration the shovel ready jobs weren't there. at the beginning of this administration john kerry climate czar told people that worked on the keystone pipeline they could get a solar job. the coal miner talking about what it means to him. >> our main concern more than anything is what will happen to the people who live here? are we going to put wind and solar farms in west virginia that can replace all the coal jobs? when you have an administration who says we want to eliminate those jobs it hurts and you look for other opportunities outside of that area hopefully something that can grow and honestly we're not seeing that around here. >> dana: when do you think those jobs would materialize if this passes? >> that's a great example. coal jobs went down under the trump administration. we have to have a better plan for the future of coal communities and the president
6:38 am
has directed us to be intentional about that and why this bill includes provisions to make sure there are jobs in things like reclaiming mines or we know there are a lot of areas where we have wells that have to be capped. that will require skilled and union work. those are among the millions of jobs being created. jobs are being created as we speak right this minute in things like the american auto industry, increasingly positioning itself to lead the way on electric vehicles, which is great because i want the electric vehicles of the future to be built in america. i want america to be leading that, not china or other competitors. we have to make those investments. >> bill: a lot of people would agree with you. over the last six -- last 12 months we spent $6 trillion. this is part a of a two wsh part plan. i don't know how big the second part of the plan is. maybe you can tell us today but when does the spending stop?
6:39 am
>> look, as a percentage of gdp we're short of our competitors in terms of what we invest. but one of the things i admire about the president's plan is it's fully paid for. i think that's an important feature of the plan. right now we have to make sure we make smart investments for the future and what's clear is that this policy we've had in the past of short changing our infrastructure is catching up to us. any time your car hits a hole in the road you are paying for that. any time a bridge collapses in america we're all paying for that. we can invest now or pay the price later. >> dana: mr. secretary, i did want to ask you one last thing. you'll have the first cabinet meeting today at the white house. you are probably glad you will be having a chance to get together in person. epa administrator will be there. one of the reason the infrastructure projects get slowed down or canceled is because of the environmental groups file lawsuit after
6:40 am
lawsuit and a regulation. there has to be reform when it comes to that so that you can allow projects to go forward. will you talk to the epa administrator about that? >> that's another thing mentioned in this plan, making sure that we have an effective permitting process. that can add to the cost and complexity of processes. i saw that as mayor. let's be clear, the number one reason infrastructure projects don't get done in this country is they're not funded. that's what this will take care of. >> bill: two months ago today february 1st where 10 republicans, moderates you could call them went to the oval office to do a deal with the new president and they came away with nothing. it is almost as if they were been there, done that. if that's the reality now, how many republicans vote with you? any? >> well, we really want to have republican support on this plan. that's why there have already been two oval office meeting
6:41 am
with republican and democratic leaders. one from the house and one from the senate and we can expect more in the future. whether they decide to support this plan is up to them. we'll do everything we can to earn that support and the president has said he welcomes ideas on any dimension of this. i'm on the phone every day talking to members of both parties and seeing what they think and like and where the concerns are. since infrastructure is a bipartisan priority among the american people we would love nothing more than to have a bipartisan vote on that here in washington >> bill: thanks for coming on. we have a million questions. 2.3 trillion, that's the way it goes. thanks for your time. thank you. >> dana: following a drawn-out battle over a close election last november iowa democrat dropped her challenge. hart lost the election by six votes. it became an issue on capitol hill after speaker pelosi
6:42 am
pushed the results but they dropped the challenge. >> bill: tiger woods from california living in florida. l.a. county detectives determine what caused the crash in february. they are not releasing it due to privacy concerns. woods suffered significant leg injuries. he is recovering in florida. best to tiger, hope he gets better. the masters are coming up next week and you know it has to hurt to watch that. >> dana: agree with all of that. why wouldn't they release the information? >> bill: don't know. >> dana: i don't get that. we'll see if we can get answers. some american kids have waited months to return to school. one city is giving teachers the option to go back to class or teach migrant children in person despite concerns about covid-19. and we're learning more about the man arrested in the brutal beating of an elderly asian woman in new york city. why police say he never should have been out on the streets. >> the defendant, mr. elliott,
6:43 am
is accused of brutally shoving, kicking and stomping a 65-year-old mother to the ground after telling her she didn't belong here.
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>> they're moving knar -narcotics. >> dana: they the cartels keep themselves safe in mexico? >> they're very strategic. they know not to cross into the u.s. and now they are starting to push these migrants out of a boat, out of the rafts into the river expecting them to swim to the u.s. to avoid capture. they're very strategic. it is a commodity and business to them. >> dana: is there a way to let the migrants know it's happening so they can be aware and make a different calculation? >> one thing all we can do is try to help them as much as possible when they do make it to the u.s. side.
7:07 am
we perform rescue operations as treerps. great men and women in the field day in and day out along the border trying to protect our communities and the citizens of texas. we're doing the best we can to fill in the gaps and insure safety along the southern border. >> dana: that is your job at the texas department of public safety. detective, appreciate having you on the show today and love to stay in touch. >> thank you so much. >> i'm not going to be bullied by these people. they will have to answer to their shareholders. a lot of people that work for them and have done business with them that are very upset and i'll let them deal with that. >> bill: brian kemp with us last hour responding here on "america's newsroom" to president biden saying that he would support moving baseball's all-star game out of georgia because of the state's new voting law. two major companies based in atlanta coca-cola and delta
7:08 am
airlines calling the law unacceptable. what's in the law? jackie heinrich following the controversy that mixes our national pastime and politics. jackie, good morning. >> good morning, bill. activists pressured corporations to denounce this newly signed law and take action and president biden joined in that chorus of criticism. critics have looked at some of his claims and called foul. biden claims the bill ends voting at 5:00 p.m. when people get out of work. but voting hours aren't changed. early voting laws were made more specific. previously it was written at normal business hours presumed to be 9:00 to 5:00. the new law codifies those specific hours. counties have the option to extend them as early as 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. the same as on election day. that mischaracterization the "washington post" fact checkers gave biden four pinocchios and governor kemp said biden should take a look at his own state.
7:09 am
>> what joe biden needs to do is look at the side-by-side of georgia and delaware. he is focused trying to get major league baseball to pull the game out of georgia, which is ridiculous. if you look at these comparisons, the state of delaware has no in-person early voting. we have 17 days. >> there are some factual complaints. one new provision in the law empowers the republican legislature to suspend and replace election officials. so that means secretary of state, who you will remember did not comply with former president trump's ask to find exactly the number of votes that he believed to have reversed as well. >> bill: jackie, thank you. back here on the studio in new york. shall we begin to talk about this? joe biden was on espn and asked about the game. >> dana: after four pinocchios by the "washington post". >> i think today's professional
7:10 am
athletes are acting incredibly responsibly. i would strongly support them doing that. people look to them, they are leaders. the very people who are victimized the most are the people who are the leaders in these various sports and it is just not right. >> bill: what he is referring to the the blm and nba. a lot of stuff he said on the interview is not true. jim crow on steroids. talks about ends voting early. that is just dishonest. you mentioned the four pinocchios, the law does not affect the hours for voting in georgia. i don't know how you get away with that. >> dana: karl rove in his column says if you really want to keep voters informed talking about in the there, the president should get his facts straight and apply standards equally. he can either stop slandering iowa and georgia with ash
7:11 am
sayingss of racism or apply the same election practices of his home state which has voted for him for nearly half a century. that's a good point. my frustration is that all of that information about delaware voting was available. because republicans know and governor of georgia knows he has been under attack and democrats are after him every day, do that beforehand. have the chart, show it up. here is delaware, here is georgia. compare and contrast. but now they are trying to figure out how to fix it. maybe they'll be successful. hopefully facts can win in the end. >> bill: stacy abrams ran against kemp and lost by a point and a half. she has been pushing that state to change election laws and many times they have under her pressure. she is on a national tour now talking about this. a big piece in usa today talking about jim crow laws as well. maybe there is a rematch between these two. here is kemp once again last hour with us talking about what the administration needs to do. >> joe biden needs to focus on
7:12 am
things that he can control like the southern border and that's all this is. it's a distraction. they are using it to pass an unconstitutional mandate in hr1. it is all part of a political narrative they're pushing and we'll continue to fight that. >> bill: call it a distraction. maybe it is. we'll see how it develops over time. you have coca-cola and delta airlines right now feeling the heat from the public to take action on this and we'll see what they do. >> dana: not talking about the legislation until three days later. we'll talk more about this spending bill. pushback against president biden's latest big ticket bill some is coming from republicans in congress. >> what this is is another liberal wish list. nobody has turned out to be a troe troe john horse for the left. >> dana: how little goes to fixing roads and bridges and what republicans plan to do about it when senator john kennedy joins us live. >> bill: the big money pay-out.
7:13 am
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>> it's completely outrageous the governor was concerned about writing a book instead of actually putting together a plan to deal with the pandemic. this was right in the throw of it. they should take the book off the shelves and this guy should
7:19 am
be prosecuted for a cover-up. >> dana: growing outrage over a "new york times" report that governor cuomo negotiated a $4 million book deal during the pandemic while his administration was working to hide the number of covid pash whoents died in nursing homes. carley shimkus. every day there is another layer to this. >> $4 million. i don't know what i was expecting but not that much. that's a lot of money. "the new york times" is reporting that is what he was offered, crown publishing declined to comment. he could have arguably made even more money off this book deal. we'll eventually find out and the clock is ticking on that. he has to release his tax returns and financial disclosures by mid may. so unless he donated all of the money to charity, he profited off of this pandemic. here is where it gets really dicey. as he was writing this book, the health department came out with a report that showed that 10 million people died from
7:20 am
coronavirus in nursing homes and his top staffers, melissa derosa and company objected and that number when the report was published went down to 6,400 and that was around the time that he was negotiating this book deal. now, his team, his office has said there is nothing between the book and the report. that's the reporting now. >> dana: that aide remember was the one who said that basically she was worried about this. let me get this straight. he has to go to the government and say i want this special permission in order to do this book. they go through the ethical review and okay, yeah, it's cool for a public servant to get $4 million while his staff said they were working on it and vol tearing. they're doing it for free? >> that's exactly the point i was about to make. to a lot of people, a lot of viewers, maybe you and me, always felt wrong that the governor was writing this book
7:21 am
during the pandemic touting his coronavirus response. he was given permission to do it. they said you cannot use staffers to do so. turns out according to the "new york times" report that he was using staffers to edit the book and then more junior staffers to print out copies, hand deliver them to him in the governor's mansion. don't know what happened to email or drop box but they were hand delivering those copies and that does go against state law that could be a violation that prohibits the use of public resources for personal gain. that's the same state law he could have violated if he let his family members cut the line in terms of coronavirus testing. and yeah, his office says well, they were just volunteering. they volunteered their free time to edit this book so everything was fine. >> dana: we really want to work 24/7 and work for you while you get paid $4 million. a draft of the book included an attack on bill deblasio calling him the worst mayor in history.
7:22 am
>> it said i actually have a little bit more. it says -- the draft said deblasio's standing is somewhere between negative and irrelevant. he suffers from obvious ego driven narcissism. deblasio's spokeman responded saying that is the pot calling the kettle black. all of that we just talked about will be a part of the impeachment inquiry state lawmakers will look into the $4 million figure. if he used his staffers in a way he shouldn't have. >> dana: bill deblasio is probably wondering where his $4 million is? what book will he write? >> this whole thing with governor cuomo, it is creating strange bed fellows between republicans and bill deblasio. >> dana: that sounds right. thank you, carley. >> bill: two things. a president can get going out
7:23 am
of office probably $10 million signing. i think hillary clinton got a fair amount. barack obama did. >> dana: the obama's together had the record for book advances. >> bill: what was that, $20 million? >> dana: $65 million. >> bill: listen, this spat between new york's mayor and new york's governor at a time during a pandemic, which is likely hit new york and affected new york possibly arguably more than any other state is just wrong for the people of new york city and the people of new york. get over it, fellows. >> dana: yeah. they need to move on down the road. >> bill: brutal attack broad daylight sparking outrage. did you see this and hear it? >> this was a completely defenseless woman walking to church, attacked unprovoked. >> police call the vicious beating after an asian-american woman a hate crime and no one bothered to call 911. disturbing new details about
7:24 am
the suspect today. you won't believe it. plus there is this. listen. >> right now we have to make sure we make smart investments for the future. what is abundantly clear this policy we've had in the past of short changing our infrastructure is catching up to us. >> bill: the cost $2.3 trillion. what are we getting for it and how do we pay for all of that? senator kennedy has answers for all of that and he is coming up next.
7:25 am
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>> bill: president biden revealing his plan to spend more than $2 trillion on a new spending bill on bridges and roads. "washington post" reports only about 5% of the plan actually goes to repairing them. speaker pelosi wants to get it passed by july. louisiana senator john kennedy, republican and member of the budget appropriations committee. good day to you. roads and bridges notwithstanding, the money will support $400 billion for the elderly, people with disabilities, $213 billion affordable housing. community colleges and violence prevention programs and on and on. $2.3 trillion bill a lot to talk about. how do you want to frame it? >> no one can accuse the biden administration of timidity.
7:31 am
this is a bold, neosocialist experiment. this will be over $4 trillion of spending in less than 100 days. and by spending this massive amount of taxpayer money, it is clear that to me that the biden administration is moving more toward the chinese model of capitalism where the biggest player in the economy is government. it is no longer the private sector. number two, do deficits and debt matter? we're about to find out. number three, this is going to lessen the independence of the federal reserve. there is no way that the biden administration can do this without the federal reserve financing this kind of deficit spending. number four, this is not an infrastructure bill.
7:32 am
everybody is for infrastructure. being against infrastructure is like being against golden retrievers. this is not an infrastructure bill. as best i can tell, just being charitable, about 15% of this bill is addressed to infrastructure. the rest is climate subsidies and social welfare spending. there may be something in here for murder hornets, for all i know. i need to read the details. if you talk about bridges and roads and ports and airports, by my numbers, i'm still reading things, but it is way less than 10%. >> dana: about 5%. i want to ask you about this. in the bill they have something called the pro-act. it supersedes any state that has right to work laws. the federal government basically trying to come in and layer on on top of states whose citizens have made decisions.
7:33 am
>> you are right. as i continue my reading, i keep coming upon little nuggets like that. that's why i say if you look at the chinese brand of free enterprise or capitalism, it is government dominated. it is government controlled. and that's clearly what president biden is moving toward. it is also going to be interesting to see the reaction of big business and big tech. big business and big tech has become very woke and they've been very supportive of the biden administration. this is going to test their allegiance with the tax increase. the tax increase is going to hurt. businesses and ceos don't pay higher taxes, people do. they pay them in higher prices. they pay them if they are employees, in lower wages. they pay them in lower returns on investment. after we get our tax cut and
7:34 am
jobs act bill we had a 3.2% unemployment rate, lowest for the african-americans and hispanic americans in history. and the reason was and is when you tax something, you get less of it. when you lower the taxes on something you get more of it. that's why the economy boomed. i think this will hurt the economy, but i'm sure biden and his folks think that they can offset it with this massive amount of spending. it really is breathtaking. the federal reserve -- >> bill: i don't know what your feelings is if any republicans vote for it. secretary buttigieg was with us last hour and this is what he said about infrastructure. reference to winter storm a couple of weeks ago. >> i don't know why anybody would say it's a mistake to invest in the grid after what we just witnessed in texas.
7:35 am
we saw u.s. citizens living in texas melting snow in their bathtubs to be able to flush their toilets in the united states of america. that is unacceptable. so yes, infrastructure includes energy infrastructure. >> bill: i guess you need better turbines in texas. quite thought. do republicans vote for this? any of them, sir. >> secretary buttigieg is a really smart guy but his mantra is we can't possibly spend too much. and when pete breaks a shoe lace he blames it on climate change. what happened in texas had to do with the fact that the grid was not winterized because texas made a decision that because they have so few cold snaps like they just had, it didn't make sense to spend the money and pass it on to consumers to winterize the grid. it was an economic cost/benefit decision. that's the only thing that happened in texas. now, you can go winterize -- >> dana: i don't want to lose
7:36 am
time. run out of time with you. i wanted to ask you something just to give us your reflections on the migrants streaming across the border right now and how the president is not seeming to focus on that. he has a lot of focus on other things. >> i was just down there. the border is 1900 miles. we were on a 50 mile stretch. the day i was there 3,000 folks came into the country, just in that 50 mile stretch it will be a million to two million a year. it can be fixed in a week. ask any border patrol agent. they'll tell you the same thing. go back to doing what we were doing in december. stop catch and release, and president biden implemented a moratorium on deportations. they said get rid of the moratorium and you'll solve the problem within a week. president biden has the right and believes in open borders. either that or the people he
7:37 am
has in charge of his immigration policies -- i don't know, when their i.q. gets to 75 they ought to sell. all they have to do is go talk to the border patrol. it's real simple. >> bill: thank you for talking to us today. >> dana: nice to see you. thank you. >> bill: a murder hornet reference, too. you never know. >> dana: he never disappoints, that's for sure. a fox news alert. testimony resuming in day four of the derek chauvin murder trial in minneapolis. yesterday the jury saw body cam footage of chauvin defending when himself to a witness after the ambulance left the scene. >> that's one person's opinion. we have to control this guy. he was a sizeable guy. he was probably on something. >> dana: matt finn is live in
7:38 am
minneapolis. jurors heard very emotional testimony yesterday. >> for the first time in court the jury sat through all four of the police worn body camera videos. many of us have seen how graphic and disturbing it in. police explained to floyd why they're arresting him and why they took him out of his car but he physically resists and kicks at officers sometimes and unfortunately it all deteriorated. >> do you know why we pulled you out of the car? you weren't listening to anything we told you. >> i didn't know what was going on. >> you listen to us and tell us what's going on. when you are moving around like that it makes us think there is more going on than. i'll put you back in the squad. he'll put you back in the of the squad. are you on something right now? you are acting real erratic. you have foam around your mouth. >> mom, i love you.
7:39 am
i love you. >> oh, oh, i can't breathe, man. oh, oh, oh. oh. oh, oh, oh. >> also a central person in this entire story his friend was with him in the car, with him in the food store. he has now said he will not testify going to plead the fifth. dana. >> dana: thank you. we'll stay in touch. >> bill: new york city police investigating the case of an elderly asian woman brutally beaten in broad daylight. >> let me reiterate we will never accept or tolerate hate or violence of any kind in our great city. it goes against every fiber of who we are. >> bill: guess who we learn about the suspect today and no one bothered to call 911. do the witness face
7:40 am
consequences? what about policing in new york today. problems of crime and homelessness on the rise a new survey reveals a historic drop in church attendance begging the question, is america losing its faith and losing sight of our values?
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
>> dana: a look at top stories
7:45 am
we're following this hour. a gunman opened fire at a business complex near los angeles yesterday killing at least four people including a child. the suspect now in the hospital with gunshot wounds. >> bill: family of a missing university of berkeley student is making a renewed push to find her. the 19-year-old last seen six months ago taking a car to the golden gate bridge. >> dana: "new york times" reporting johnson & johnson as paused vaccine shipment because of a baltimore factory that destroyed 15 million doses. go to or scan the qr code on your screen. >> bill: new details. a suspect identified as a 38-year-old african-american by police as a convicted murderer attacked the asian woman in broad daylight while she was walking to church. no one intervened or called 911.
7:46 am
the police commissioner on that. >> my focus is on the victim and on the individual -- let's not lose sight of who is responsible for this. the individual that committed the crime. >> bill: let's bring in our panel. geraldo rivera in a snowy cleveland, ohio and harold terrell. this man killed his own mom 19 years ago. paroled twice. figure that out. >> outrageous this person was walking the streets at all. as a native new yorker, i am disgusted by the fact that no bystanders would intervene. they let this animal do this to this woman, pound her and pound her and kick her and stomp her. while speaking with a representative from the adl this morning, hate crimes against asian-americans up 150% over last year. this is real but what this
7:47 am
person did as bystanders looked on and did nothing is just something that turns my stomach. it is something that is so pathetic that i cannot stand it. >> bill: the woman suffered a broken pelvis and was released from the hospital on tuesday. leo. >> bill, i don't see enough outrageousness on the part of geraldo. we were on this show last week about atlanta. no evidence of hate crime. national democratic playbook. white supremacy, white hatred, this suspect is black. the guy -- >> i said you don't belong here to the woman. he said. >> i'm trying to make a point. outcry last week by democrats related to the suspect being white. white supremacy. this case involves a black
7:48 am
suspect. why aren't you focusing on the suspect and where is the democratic outcry? please answer that, please. it's hypocrisy. please. >> number one, i'm not -- >> bill: leo, hang on. >> i'm not a democrat point one. point two, i say with great specificity i identify the perpetrator in all of these crimes. that was a black man. i tell you something else. a good friend of mine known to bill, a woman in television lives a block away from this incident happens to be korean, asian american, wonderful, high functioning beautiful woman, a television star has to walk around with sunglasses because she is afraid somebody will see she is asian and attack her. >> bill: the point is we're talking about none of it is right, none of it. "new york post" they didn't even call 911 is the cover. blame new york's soft on crime
7:49 am
approach for horrific mid town attack. folks blaming white supremacy are out of luck here. the emptying of jails and prisons has more to do with it. you are in l.a. leo. a d.a. on the job that has been soft on a lot of these criminals. is this the wave? >> yeah, it's the wave. it's democratic cities, bill. if this case would have happened in l.a. there would be no hate crime charges filed by this d.a. because the district attorney in democratic cities are soft on criminals. there is historical fact. look at all summer last year in every democratic city rioting by antifa and black lives matter. no actions, no prosecution. in fact, kamala harris funded a bail release program for criminals in minneapolis. that is what's going on in democratic cities. that's a fact. >> bill: i'm out of time. you know new york very well. the leadership has taken hits
7:50 am
for being soft on crime as well. final answer. >> as they should take a hit. i just want to quickly say leo and i may disagree over the motivation of that mass murder in atlanta, of the asian massage parlor workers, but let's all agree that hate crime against asian-americans is up. we must be vigilant and we have to fight it. >> bill: no doubt about that. thank you for coming on today. appreciate your time. >> dana: moving on to america's churches facing a stunning decline in membership not seen in a century. what does this say about the direction the country is headed? ♪♪♪ here's huge news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. refiplus lets you refinance at record low rates to save money every month plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash.
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>> bill: question now. is america losing faith? church membership falls to 47%,
7:56 am
the first time in nearly 100 years that fewer than half of americans say they belong to a church or a synagogue or a mosque. in 1999 that figure was 70%. jonathan morris, theologian, covid could be one thing. what do you think explains this now? >> i look at it with a little more optimism. i go to mass every sunday or church every sunday and i don't belong to any specific parish. maybe that's on me. i think we're just not used to belonging so much. maybe we're fearful of commitment, i don't know. the questions, didn't say how often you go to church, specifically church membership. >> bill: this decline would suggest some sort of erosion in our own faith. >> yeah. >> bill: are we finding that or have we put god in the back pew? >> yeah, i think there is
7:57 am
serious erosion. but during the pandemic the two of the most common words googled were faith and hope. that just came out yesterday in a study which was awesome. but the erosion i believe is mostly about moral and religious relativism. you hear the words, for example, my truth very often now. difference between truth and opinion. truth is valid for everyone. opinion is your own. the real erosion is not so much church attendance although there has been some. it is really the moral and religious relativism. anything can be true as long as you believe it. >> google, faith and hope like to hear that. it is holy thursday and you help participate in a fox nation special on passion for the christ. what do you think we -- do we have that clip? all right. roll that. >> there was no iphone there to record everything that happened. what we know, we know from
7:58 am
matthew, mark, luke and john. mel gibson has never defended this movie as a documentary telling of a piece of history. it is a filmmaker's interpretation of a story presented to us in the way that he finds most powerful. >> bill: need a quick answer. what do you think we learn from this now? >> just remember go back to the passion of the christ. it transformed people and maybe this is taking place in some of church membership. i participate in this amazing documentary called resurrection, which you can stream now as well by roma downie and mark burnett. the other side of the story. someone died. he was our friend. he gave his life for us. there is possibility and resurrection. great topic for these days for us to meditate on. >> bill: great message, too. jonathon morris, nice to see you. check you out on fox nation. >> dana: he is the best. >> bill: happy hour tonight fox nation hemmer will be a part of it.
7:59 am
>> dana: i'll grill hemmer on opening day baseball trivia. >> bill: we've done this before. >> dana: who was the first u.s. president to throw out a ceremonial first pitch on opening day in 1910? >> 1910 was -- you are going to kill me. woodrow wilson. >> dana: it was taft. >> bill: hank aaron tied babe ruth's total for what season? >> 1974. >> dana: tampa bay devil rays, who hit the franchises first home run opening day of that season? >> bill: i will say only because he is a legend i'll say wade bo*g. >> dana: what catcher and amateur philosopher is credited with a home opener is always exciting no matter if it's home or on the road. >> bill: the answer is yogi berra. >> dana: international opening
8:00 am
games. which city hosted five of those. >> bill: mexico city. >> dana: tokyo. >> bill: okay. how did i do? come on. >> dana: i have one more bonus one and do it after the show. "the faulkner focus" up next. >> bill: bye-bye. >> gillian: president biden is now formally rolled out his 2.3 trillion spending bill and critics are pouncing. republicans say the bill is a real job killer and ultimately transform the entire capitalist system as we know it as well as american's way of life. "the faulkner focus", i'm gillian turner in for harris this morning. as president biden is pushing to reshape america with liberal priorities democrats are calling for more covid relief spending in addition to the biden plan which a small portion going toward america's roads and bridges, things traditionally considered infrastructure. it includes


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