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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 1, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> a very serious city and this doesn't happen very often. >> i lived here all my life. it is kind of scary to be honest. >> fox news on four people killed including a child in a shooting at an office complex in california. >> the latest american community shaken by violence. you are watching "fox and friends first". >> a fifth person was also shot, in critical condition in that tragic shooting in orange county.
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>> the shooting started at 5:00 pm local time. police say when officers arrived at the complex shots were still being fired. the suspect was dead but police say it is unclear whether it was self-inflicted or from officers returning fire. the suspect is in critical condition. >> police are not sure if this was a targeted shooting a random attack. one gun was found at the scene. the victims of not been identified, several law enforcement agencies are investigating. >> now to this, president biden unveiling a $2 trillion plan to rebuild infrastructure in the economy. carley: receiving bipartisan support to be an uphill battle is republicans worn of massive tax i expected kill us jobs. >> jackie ibanez joins us with a breakdown of the proposal. >> president biden is set to hold his first cabinet meeting, certainly a lot to talk about including his $2.3 trillion
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infrastructure plan. the only problem is the name is misleading, 25% actually goes to basic infrastructure. for the next 15 years money would be pumped into other areas like manufacturing, transportation, renewable energy, schools, affordable housing and combating climate change, speaker of the house nancy pelosi pushing to get the bill passed by july 4th, getting bipartisan support won't be easy. >> it will boost the american innovative edge in markets where global leadership is up for grabs in competition with china in particular with his critics say we shouldn't spend this money. they ask what do we get out of it. >> republicans say that is the problem. americans get very little out of the package and call it a job killer. us senate minority leader mitch mcconnell saying this proposal appears to use infrastructure as a trojan horse for the largest
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set of sykes in a generation, democrats keep trying to use important issues as smokescreens for unrelated agendas. >> i never heard phrases like human infrastructure or social infrastructure. it was always roads and bridges and airports and pipes. of this were just about infrastructure i think it would get done but it is about a lot more than that. >> to pay off the largest infrastructure package in 5 decades the biden administration proposes raising the corporate tax rate 20%, imposing a 21% global minimum tax and 15% minimum tax unreported income. the chamber of commerce issuing this statement, we strongly oppose general tax increases that will slow economic recovery and make the us less competitive globally. the exact opposite of the goals of the infrastructure plan. opponents of the bill say this will add to the national debt which this morning sits at $28 trillion.
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griff: turning to video that tells you everything and encapsulates out that this crisis is, this video released by gloria sanchez from the el paso sector showing smugglers from the 5-year-old and 3-year-old over a 14 foot border wall left for their own. agents seeing this on our surveillance and running to rescue them. the sector chief saying, quote, i am appalled by the way these settlers viciously dropped innocent children from a 14 foot border barrier. we are working with law enforcement partners in mexico and continuing to identify these ruthless human smugglers so as to hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law.
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carley: a few weeks ago texas rangers rescued a 6-month back baby that was thrown into the rio grande river and smugglers broke the baby's mother's legs. mom and baby are okay. two ways you can get into the country, one is over the rio grande river and the other is through the border wall and one of the first things president biden did was halt construction of the border wall fence and these holes in the border wall have become they facto highways for migrants to come across. take a listen to reporting from california yesterday. take a look. >> reporter: there's another large group that came through the gap. we can get there in a second. right up on the top of that ridge those people about 5 minutes ago, we are going to go backwards were coming through this gap in the fence that
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otherwise would have been finished had not president biden halted this project. >> reporter: you see migrants crossing, it happened live. i'm sure it has happened many times at the southern border. >> reporter: it sure does and the border patrol officials said from day one when they started covering this 10 years ago they need 3 simple things, technology and manpower which is the surveillance camera and more men and women on the border but they also assert infrastructure that is why donald trump built the wall, the border wall pause is costing taxpayers $1 million a month because it is done and we showed folks in the rio grande valley center, ground 0, the hole in the wall, all day all night people coming through.
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>> we are not building the border wall and don't have to pay for it, yes we are because those contracts are still actively being paid for even though the work isn't getting done. griff: let's go to the big trial, jurors in the derek chauvin trial admitting george floyd in a convenience store before his encounter with police. the clerk, a fake $20 bill prompting the call to police. that cashier testifying he is still haunted by that day. >> if i had not taken the bill this could have been avoided. >> reporter: jurors hearing from a man who watched the struggle between floyd and police. >> reporter: my god.
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>> reporter: witness was heard on police body camera confronting chauvin about his daughter with lord to which chauvin defended his actions saying floyd was, quote, probably on something. the former cop faces decades behind bars if convicted. >> a christian minister suing nancy pelosi, reverend patrick mahoney accusing them of violating his first amendment rights by denying him a permit for his annual good friday vigil at the capital where a fence is still in place following the orion. the reverend will be live coming up on "fox and friends" to discuss his legal fight to worship. listen to this. an online retailer is being mocked for compiling a collection of vaccine ready tops, officeholder and strapless shirts people can where to get their shots. they cost anywhere from $70 to
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$300, the company did not respond to a request for comments but no need to roll up your sleeves when wearing those shirts. griff: vaccine contour, a new thing. time now is 9 minutes after the hour and an odd couple, the gop and aclu united against vaccine passports, the privacy concerns bringing the unlikely allies together. carley: a baby rescued from the rio grande river. a texas law enforcement official shares her account of her ruthless human smugglers are. next. everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ guy fieri! ya know, if you wanna make that sandwich the real deal,
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they have an account number and that is what the cartels are giving them. they don't care how many people they kill, they will get paid. they have wristbands go, they know everything about you. they can track you anywhere. griff: the danger for migrants especially unaccompanied children like this disturbing video showing smugglers dropped two toddlers from the top of a 14 foot border barrier stranding them in the us and this image of a 6-month-old baby being thrown in the rio grande river. former el paso us for sure -- marshall witnessing all of this firsthand, he joined me live, thank you for taking time. where are you and what are you seeing? >> i'm speaking from the kingsville texas police department and spent the last couple days working with the outstanding men and women of the
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police department, dealing with all kinds of issues, dealing with the call they handle on a daily basis and now handling more calls involving illegal aliens. griff: you saw tom is being coldly and cruelly dropped over the barrier, a snapshot of how ruthless these cartels are and you interviewed a victim of the cartel. >> absolutely right. that video, people have complained illegal alien, being brought into the united states. the cartels are involved in human smuggling making a lot of money.
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and the victim was kidnapped. and and they blocked in his vehicle, remove them, taken to locations and so often, constantly threatening to kill him, 5 days after his family paid half 1 million us dollars. and they are involved in that and involved in that type of activity. griff: a migrant told me about
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another incident similar to the kidnapping of an individual was held until the family paid but in the larger scheme of things officials tell me that nothing crosses the border without the cartels knowing about it and having full grasp of it. speak to that if you could. >> it used to be just smuggling drugs but they are into everything. if somebody is not involved in that particular cartel and they want to move something across the area they have to pay taxes. they have lookouts, on a daily basis watching the activity of border patrol agents on the border so they know what is going on on the border. >> janice: they have a tight
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grip on the border. thank you for taking time and please report back to us as you cover the story as well. >> my pleasure. carley: president biden backing the idea of moving the mlb all-star game out of atlanta. >> today's professional athletes acting incredibly responsibly. i would strongly support them doing that. carley: the push to punish georgia over its new voter reform law and it may seem like an april fools joke but bud light says it's pizza angeles hard seltzer is the real deal, that is next. ♪♪ that's the way ♪♪ i like it ♪♪ that's the way ♪♪ i like it ♪♪ annuity can help cover essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how... this is what an annuity can do.
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carley: president biden would support major league baseball's all-star game with the voting law. >> today's professional athletes acting responsibly. i would strongly support them doing it. carley: they call for relocating the game. the idea has been discussed. president biden has been outspoken against georgia avenue voting law. makes it harder for people to vote, republicans disagree the law requires voter id, and the voting period. >> the investigation into the february car crash is complete, they will not release the cause. alex villanueva saying the crash was an accident.
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investigators need his permission, and the terrifying accident. carley: the fda delivering shouldn't of johnson & johnson's covid 19 vaccine after mixing error spoiled 15 million doses at a baltimore plant. griff: cheryl casone joins us live. >> the dosage mix them up at the baltimore city ruined doses of the covid vaccine and there will be a shipment delay because of this error as the fda launches investigation, step 2 vaccine dosages, they expect to deliver more than 1 billion doses by the end of the year.
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they will stay on target for delivery of doses. the biden administration says it will not affect their goal to vaccinate every adult by may. current doses produced in the netherlands. the only one getting a j and j shot today not worried. carley: what is the latest on these vaccine passports? >> reporter: a big controversy, created a very unlikely set of allies. the aclu, these are privacy violation, the senior policy analyst telling fox news, quote, there's concern the creation of vaccine essentials could lead to overuse with communities of color who are subject to over policing and surveillance. surveillance, steve scalise
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telling fox news, they want to require vaccine ids, they have 0 grounds to object to voter id laws. griff: sound like an april fools joke, bud light created a set of pizza and anchovy flavored seltzer. >> reporter: it isn't a joke. bud light according to some created a set of pizza flavored seltzer and they swear this is not an april fools joke. flavors, pepperoni and then shohfi, after a twitter user called them out, approve all this, is this real?
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carley: they send these to you in the mail? >> this is the thing. what do you say? pizza, pepperoni, seltzer? carley: this is anchovy flavored. just to see what it tastes like, and the same rules here at foxbusiness. >> reporter: you're off the hook, april fools joke. carley: the joke is on us? >> it certainly is. griff: put them together. still ahead facebook, through donald trump's daughter-in-law's account, the big tech battle next.
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carley: actively fighting to keep his name off the school and download the fox super 6 apps and play for a chance, predict 6 outcomes on the super 6 quiz show, topics range, the super 6 apps now.
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griff: fox news alert tragedy in california, four people killed, a child in a mass shooting in office party complex. carley: the shooting at 5:00 pm local time. when officers arrived at the complex shots were still being fired. the suspect was hit. it is unclear whether it was a self-inflicted wound or from
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officers returning fire. griff: police are not sure if this was a random attack, we will monitor this story. carley: big tech interviewing an interview with donald trump. it was supposed to go live on facebook until they removed the interview moments before air. griff: trump plans to open his own social media network. >> reporter: first facebook, now instagram come both platforms band an interview with donald trump and his daughter in law. the interview was set to go live at 2:30 on facebook, this email warning them it was removed. at 9:5:01 pm, they had taken it down.
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any content in the voice of donald trump would be scrubbed from the platform. this was the first interview trump had given on camera since he left the white house in january. >> i have quite a surprise for you this evening. you guessed it. my father in law, the 40 fifth president of the united states donald trump joining me for a one on one on camera interview on the right view. you don't want to miss this, see you at 8:00. >> reporter: trump signaled he would run for president again in 2024. people close to the former president called the move a disgrace saying facebook is working to, quote, shutdown anything to do with trump. neither instagram or facebook responded to fox news's request for comment after the company permanently banned trump from the platform in january. sources tell me trump and his team are moving forward with plans to start their own social media platform but said they
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are, quote, taking the time to do it right saying trump will have his voice back one way or another. it is unclear when trump and his team could roll out specifics of the plan. griff: thank you very much. carley: cancel culture isn't just an american thing. media personalities are working against woken is particularly in the fallout from prince harry and megan markel's interview. our next guest who broke the story and peers morgan left his role at itv, good morning to you. an interesting back story, in 2019 you say they were telling you what to say about megan markel. >> i was reporting a load of true stories about megan including the decision to leave
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the royal family and increasing pressure being put on me, the former employer of peers morgan as well, it is glowing and there is a lot of investigation to what is going on and harry and megan reusing their establishment connections, connections by members of the british elites by putting pressure on senior executives to try and cancel critics and what happens now, when you see what happened on the talk, what you're going to get in the uk is a homogenized conflict around issues, people on tv host of them don't want to lose their job. carley: the fallout over what pierce morgan said about megan marshall made headline news in
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the us and the uk and the way i took it he was saying he didn't believe her. that was an attack on her character, not her race was where do you see this going to 20 years down the road. silencing these, do you see this getting worse? >> it is absolutely chilling. figures like megan realize we get banned from polite society. we need to keep this pressure on. racism, sexism and megan markel unleashed ludicrous times to oprah winfrey, the archbishop of canterbury, to say they did not get married three days before, that is an untrue claim like
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many, that the queen was not going to bestow on prince archie because of the color of his skin. absolute rubbish. when i look at media coverage, fox news, the new york post confident enough to run through stories around megan and harry, the correspondent to cnn was canceled online by a group that operates on behalf of harry. carley: and debate the word debate and the thought of debating someone is a thing of the past if this continues. you are speaking out on the air, thank you for joining us, appreciate it.
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griff: a controversial choice for teachers in san diego, teach students or migrant children instead. teachers were given that option and 15 of them volunteered to work at the san diego convention center. 1100 other teachers volunteering at the site, this despite high covid rates, with 80 testing positive. san diego students are still learning remotely. in the effort to remain in illinois middle school after former president obama has criticism, activists protesting the proposal, they say obama failed them by deporting 3 million people during his term. >> if you're removing the name of thomas jefferson, one oppressor the name of obama is another oppressor. our families don't want to see that name.
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griff: the obama presidential library is set to break ground. how about that? counsel culture knows no bounds. time is 36 after the hour. baseball is back. jillian: hey, ashley, good morning, it is early out there. >> reporter: good morning, it is. we have a midnight wake-up call but that is not the point. we are here ready for opening day. i talked to business owners, what they are hoping for as well as mixed reviews regarding research on covid. ♪♪
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griff: opening day for major league baseball. >> ashley strohmeyer joins us with more on today's matchup. >> we are here in denver, colorado where it is going to be more lively, in 2019, they are excited to feel closer to normal even though it will only be
2:42 am
42.9% capacity. across the street, a row of bars and restaurants, business managers and owners it is a mixed review how comfortable or not comfortable they felt because covid is still a risk. >> this is our busiest day of the year, we were 0 capacity last year and now, 200 people in our bar, makes the world different for staff and us as well. >> it is golden, prime, we are excited. >> any hesitation because covid is still a risk? >> we are deciding. >> i'm excited and a little hesitant. we are not done with this thing, not everybody is vaccinated. >> reporter: your exciting? >> absolutely, very excited.
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>> reporter: the rockies are at 42.6% capacity, the second highest capacity behind the texas rangers, the white sox and cubs are 20%, red sox, 12%, dodgers 24% and the yankees and mets 20% as well but you have to show a negative covid test, different moving parts this year. jillian: ashley will be live on "fox and friends," speaking of "fox and friends," what else is coming up. >> reporter: midnight wake-up call, when you request that, that will be one of the topics. president biden's infrastructure plan is out. the gop is calling it a trojan horse which is what they said, for tax hikes. we will break down how this
2:44 am
could reinvent the economy in a whole new way. pfizer says there vaccine is safe and effective for kids. doctor nicole saphier with what you need to know before your kid gets a shot. as the border crisis worsens new polls show latinos are split on biden's handling of the immigration crisis coming up. i will leave the rest of you to make the decision right now, see you soon. so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ guy fieri! ya know, if you wanna make that sandwich the real deal, ya gotta focus on the bread layers. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better! ♪ (angelic choir) ♪ and here's mine!
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with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are.
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>> breaking right now a live look at fort lauderdale the hollywood international airport
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entrances are shutdown is police investigating suspicious package found outside one of the terminals just before 2:00 am eastern. all flights are delay. only employees are inside the airport, passengers, we will monitor it as it develops. carley: the suspect arrested for horrific anti-asian attack on parole for the fatal stabbing, brandon elliott was sentenced 15 years to life. before being released in 2018 but why is he free in the first place, joining me with her call to governor cuomo and bill deblasio to keep convicted murderers behind bars and let police do their job, new york congresswoman, how does this happen, murdered his mom and 16
2:49 am
years later is out on the streets. >> this is happening in radical cities and states like ours in new york where the policies in place are allowing individuals with criminal records who have been convicted of serious crimes like murder and rape to be released onto the streets. this particular case it was governor cuomo's appointed parole board that allowed this individual to be released after being sent and 16 years to life after 17 years was put back on the street, living in a homeless shelter after committing a heinous act against people blocks away. this is an example of how the mayor and the governor is taking our city and destroying it, taxes are increasing and crime is skyrocketing in this policy as well as bail reform, released many dangerous people onto the
2:50 am
street including those with extensive criminal histories and repeat offenders but also it is a sentiment crime, you can get away with it in new york city because they have crime in the half the nypd by one sixth. they decriminalized quality-of-life crimes that attract larger crimes to communities and taking away the immunity police officers had when acting in department guidelines, the city no longer has their backs so this is very problematic and step-by-step, city council and the mayor trying to dismantle our police department and people should be concerned because the unity they passed at the city level trying to bring the same policy to washington. we just voted on a bill the other day, that tried to make it federal law. people around the country should
2:51 am
be concerned about public safety. carley: a lot going on with governor andrew cuomo. he was offered $4 million. we wanted to know what he received for that book. he was offered $4 million for his pandemic response book. your reaction to that year. >> that is outrageous, the governor was concerned about writing a book instead of actually putting together a plan to deal with the pandemic. this was right in the throw of it, not like a few years later, he was right in the middle of it and still in the middle of it and our economy has been heard by arbitrary guidelines, small businesses are struggling, children still not in school, the u.s. navy comfort ship at that time at our sure and yet he is still putting them in nursing
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homes, thousands of deaths. it is unbelievable he is getting away with this. frankly they should take the book off the shelves and this guy should be prosecuted for cover-up, should be prosecuted for underreporting the figures to the public and not being transparent, threatening lawmakers along the way. carley: thank you for joining us. the scramble to get migrant children out of craft federal facilities but american foster kids in limbo. foster parents watching the state making room for more migrant children. they explain next.
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griff: welcome back a seattle area foster family says they're being kicked out of their home during the pandemic to make room for migrant children who are entering the u.s. thousands of miles away at the southern border. one foster parent edmundo sanchez joins me live to explain. thank you for taking time to join us this morning. to viewers understand over the last seven years you have been foster parent to some 20 kids and now you are being kicked out of the house. explain. >> >> well, two month ago i got notice that we need to vacate
2:57 am
the property owned by the friends of jude in washington, seattle. now, you know, they told us we need to vacate so they can accommodate unaccompanied children and they are doing this for to maximize their resources. which is something i yanged what he means to me maximize profits. and make room, you know griff griff edmundo, let me clarify for our viewers the home you are being kicked out of is actually owned by this group, the friends of youth, it's technically a facility just now they are re-purposing it, if you will,
2:58 am
for the migrant surge, the friends of youth put out a statement on tuesday that says this: the family voluntarily entered into an occupancy agreement that provided them a home with free rent and paid for utilities while the agreement stipulate 30 days notice, the family was originally given 45 days notice, which was extended to 60 days. upon being offered further extension, the family declined. the agreement in place with this family is not a traditional rent/lease agreement and therefore does not fall under the eviction moratorium. so that's what they say. that's their position towards you. but, how is this impacting you? how do you feel about this? >> i don't know what to think about it really. we have four children and two of them are youth at risk need to
2:59 am
be watched 24/7. they kicked us out of the house in the midst of the pandemic. we couldn't find a place. we couldn't just -- it wasn't possible for us to find a place to go big enough home for six people, four children and two adults. and plus these children they cannot live in one bedroom with other children. they have to be in one bedroom by themselves. and they know it. they know what they did. they send the throughout looking. griff: well, edmundo, we have to leave it there. thank you for tell your story. keep us posted. >> thank you. carley: tattoo buccaneers super bowl. caption a man of my word when we
3:00 am
win the super bowl i will get a tattoo. well, i got mine and i love it. the legendary qb responding with his own ink there is coach arians with the beer at the super bowl parade, however, it's a fake tattoo how about that? april fools day. ♪ >> president biden is promoting $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan. >> it will two down in history, if passed, as the most expensive spending package ever. >> i was shocked by how much doesn't go into infrastructure. >> shocking new video showing toddlers being flung across the border wall by human traffickers. >> and what you observe on the there, is that these cartels do not fear the u.s. government. >> a deadly mass shooting shock ago u.s. city outside of los angeles. >> they discovered four victims that are deceased. one of those victims does include a child. >> governor andrew cuomo sought $4 million while


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