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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 1, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> tragedy in california four killed including a child in a mass shooting at an orange county office complex, a fifth person was also shot. she is in medical condition. you are watching "fox and friends first". carley: the shooting started at 5:00 pm local time. police say when officers arrived at the complex shots were still being fired, the suspect was hit, police say it is unclear whether it was a self-inflicted wound or from officers returning fire, the suspect is in critical condition.
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griff: police are not sure if it was a targeted shooting a random attack. the community is shaken. >> i lived here all my life. it is scary to be honest. griff: one gun was found at the scene, the victims of not been identified. several enforcement agencies are investigating. we monitor this story throughout the show and bring you updates. carley: president biden unveils a $2 trillion plan to rebuild infrastructure and the economy. griff: receiving bipartisan support to be an uphill battle is republicans one of massive tax hikes that could kill us jobs. jackie ibanez joins us with the breakdown. >> reporter: president biden will hold his first cabinet meeting and there's a lot to talk about including the $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan but the name is misleading,
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25% goes to basic infrastructure over the next 15 years, money would be pumped into other areas like manufacturing, transportation, renewable energy, schools, affordable housing and combating climate change, nancy pelosi pushing to get the bill half past by july 4th, it is getting bipartisan support, won't be that easy. >> will boost american innovative edge, market for global leadership is up for grabs. the competition with china in particular. critics say we shouldn't spend this money. they ask what do we get out of it. >> reporter: republicans say that is the problem, americans get little out of the package and call it a job killer. mitch mcconnell saying, quote, this proposal appears to use infrastructure as a trojan horse for the largest set of tax hikes in a generation, democrats keep trying to use important issues
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for unrelated agendas. >> i never heard phrases like human infrastructure a social infrastructure. it was always roads and bridges and airports. if this were just about infrastructure it would get done but it is about a lot more than that. >> reporter: to pay off the largest infrastructure package in 5 decades the biden administration proposing raising the corporate tax rate 20%, imposing a 25% global minimum tax and a 15% minimum tax on reported income. the chamber of commerce issuing this statement saying we strongly oppose the general tax increases which will slow the economic recovery and make the us less competitive globally, the opposite of the goals of the infrastructure plan. opponents of the bill say it will add to the national debt. if you wonder what that is this morning, $28 trillion.
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kevin: that gets bigger and bigger. griff: south dakota's governor detailing the plan says it is a liberal wish list that is going to hurt americans everywhere. watch. >> i was shocked by how much doesn't go into infrastructure. it goes in to research and develop, housing and pipes and different initiatives, green energy, it really is not an honest conversation we are having about what this proposal is. i am frustrated. i recognize it is not going to be good for the country and we are going to be back here a couple years from now wishing we weren't in a situation where people had less money, other costs were increased of the country was declining, every single family will pay the price
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for what joe biden's agenda is. he will drive up the cost of the food in their grocery bill, he will drive up the cost of their utilities, their gas prices, the cost of their cars, the clothes they dressed her children, their budgets will be title because they are earning less and it will because of these policies and tax increases the joe biden is embracing and pushing through congress. griff: this comes after president biden suspended the keystone xl pipeline. >> this is unbelievable, border patrol released heartbreaking footage yesterday that shows a smuggler dropping a 5-year-old girl and her 3-year-old sister from a 14 foot fence in new mexico. look at that just into the new mexico desert all by themselves so thankfully border patrol saw this unfolding on surveillance footage and rescued these two children, they were totally by themselves. the el paso border asian gloria chalice tweeted this footage out and says i am appalled by the
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way these smugglers viciously dropped infant children from a 14 foot border barrier. we are currently working with law enforcement partners in mexico in attempting to identify these ruthless human smugglers so as to hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law, let's hope that happens. >> this isn't the first time and it won't be the last. it happens far too much, you had texas rangers rescuing that 6-month back baby. it is an important part of what those texas border patrol agents and officials on the border are doing not only to stop people from illegally crossing but rescuing them in life-saving situations. laura logan from fox nation talked about how ruthless these cartels are. take a listen. >> for a long time people have
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been coming across and they have an account number, that is what the cartels were giving them to make sure they get paid. now they have wristbands with a number that corresponds to a database in mexico and they know everything about music and contract you anywhere and they will hunt you down if you don't pay them. griff: they will hunt down your family and pressure your family to pay, they will get their money one way or the other. >> that's the kind of thing they do, cut your heart out and eat it. griff: we are getting numbers every day, 18,203 unaccompanied minors. >> that 6-month back baby, texas rangers rescued the baby from the rio grande river because smugglers through the baby into the river and broke the baby's
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mother's legs. after they could make it into the us they go into border patrol facilities like the one in donna, texas and get sent to hhs facilities and into the interior of the country, i would like to see the numbers on how many of these kids have to go back home, think about how that would be to make the whole journey for nothing but at the same time you cross the border illegally, you break the law, it is a loseable situation in both ways. >> more on that in the next hour and a half, those are your headlines, jurors in the chauvin murder trial, more video of george floyd before the encounter with police, allegedly handed the clerk a fake $20 bill prompting a call to police, that cashier testifying he is still haunted by what happened. >> if i had just not taken the bill this could have been avoided.
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>> reporter: jurors also hearing from a man who watched the struggle between floyd and police. change on my god. >> are you okay? >> reporter: in the second video played in court chauvin told onlookers that floyd was a sizable guy and probably on something during the may 20 fifth encounter, he faces decades behind bars if convicted. >> to extreme weather millions across tennessee bracing for more rain on top of historic flooding. warnings are in effect through tonight. 7 people have already died, first responders going door-to-door to save those who became stranded. the water is receding in some areas, many rivers are likely to rise once again. >> embattled new york governor andrew cuomo sought $4 million
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while pitching a book deal on his image as a hero during the pandemic, at the same time his aides were editing a politically damaging health department report that revealed a far higher number of covid 19 nursing home deaths than previously made public. shannon: a spectacular selfy beaming back to earth by the mars curiosity rover. the image was captured near a large rock formation on the red planet. the rover launched in 2011, taking its thirtieth sample. the perseverance rover deploying a small helicopter nicknamed ingenuity. it takes a week to deploy. nasa is hoping to get the many chopper in the extremely thin air of mars later this month. how about that. the time is 10 minutes after the hour, president biden said his infrastructure plan puts america first. >> i'm proposing a plan that rewards work, not just wealth.
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the american rescue plan was all about. >> does this plan really stand with the working class? our next guest confronted hillary clinton in 2016, now he is afraid biden's policies will put even more people out of work. >> tom brady pulls off in april fools joke on his coach, the story behind that new tattoo coming up. and thousands of jewish survivors are still suffering in poverty today. god calls on people who believe in him to act on his word. "comfort ye, comfort my people." especially during this holiday season of passover. when i come here and i sit with lilia i realize what she needs right now is food. these elderly jews are weak
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>> proposing a plan for the nation the rewards work, not just wealth. the american jobs plan will lead to a transformational progress to tackle climate change with american jobs and american ingenuity.
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griff: president biden promising to create jobs and fight climate change with a $2 trillion infrastructure plan with lots of money for progressive projects will biden hold up his campaign promise to stand with the working class? west virginia coal miners here to react, thank you for joining us again. what is your reaction to what president biden is rolled out? >> thanks for having me on. he says he's wanting to help the american workers that you are talking to someone who is in a state full of american workers and going 0 carbon emissions by 2035. those jobs are set aside for west virginia. griff: our viewers who may have forgotten in 2016 you challenged candidate for president hillary clinton when she said she would
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put coal miners out of work. watch. >> when you make comments like we are going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs these are the kind of people you are affecting. this is my family. how you can see you are going to put a lot of call miners out of jobs and then come in here and tell us how you are going to be our friends. >> you challenged clinton at that point but this plan president biden has yesterday has entered a creation of the national standard that requires the electrical grid in this country to move to a certain amount of solar, wind, and renewable energy with a timeline of increasing it to the point where there's essentially no fossil fuels at the end. are you concerned about that? >> absolutely. the heart of the state i live in his fossil fuels. the coal industry. coal is still a pretty reliable source when it comes to the energy grid we have. the wind and solar we are trying
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to utilize as a country has not proven to be sturdy without it. a lot of that money will go to bolster those programs while he shuts down programs that we have here and that's my main concern more than anything is what happens to the people who live here, that you can replace all those cold jobs. >> the other part of this american jobs plan is it will raise the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%. how do you feel about that? >> the previous administration lowered that from 35 to 21, we saw an increase in different types of jobs in those industries, the automotive industry. i'm afraid raising it back up to 28% is going to do the opposite, kill certain jobs and you will see a lot of people follow suit
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and move a lot of these jobs to mexico. griff: are you seeing in west virginia among your friends and colleagues that are struggling with this are you seeing these green jobs? are you hearing anything from this administration that would give you some optimism? >> not personally, no. i talked to a friend last night who left his job in the coal industry. he said things have taken another downturn. it is always up and down depending what type of administration there is, when you have an administration who says we are going to aluminate those jobs, secretary clinton vowed in 2016 or 2018, it hurts and you look for other opportunities outside of that area to grow. griff: thank you for taking time, voice of the working class
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west virginia, stay tuned, keep us posted what you are seeing on the ground. carley: a foster family kicked out of their home to make room for migrant children but the family says it is more about making money than helping kids. it is opening day for major league baseball, ashley strohmeyer, the rockies will take on the dodgers later today. >> reporter: good morning from the mile high city, i talked to fans. ♪♪
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>> opening day for the mlb and all 30 teams are stepping up to the plate for game one. >> ashley strohmeyer joins us from denver with more on today's matchups. >> a pretty good assignment today, good morning to the mile high city, we are standing outside of coors field where mlb day kicks off today. it will be exciting for the fans because last year due to covid things got mixed you could say, fans couldn't be in the state of the this year is different, listen to what they had to say about their excitement getting back. >> i'm born and raised in denver. even if it is 50%, people cheering, looked a lot better. >> super excited, we are season-ticket holders, like a huge baseball family so getting
1:24 am
off the internet to get tickets. >> is covid still a risk? >> know. i'm a nurse and i'm vaccinated, we are a to go have fun even if that means we have to wear masks. >> i'm excited to be back in a baseball game and sit in the stands having a hot dog and having a little bit of normalcy. >> this year i'm not so sure. >> the rockies are at 42.6% capacity, the second highest capacity behind the texas rangers which is at 100%, the white sox a 20%, red sox at 12%, dodgers 20%, so are the yankees and the mets, the kicker with those two is you have to show proof of the negative covid
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tester vaccination card of some sort, whatever they choose or however they choose to do that and i was in bristol, tennessee for nascar a couple days ago and that was the consensus i heard, that i feel safe being out and about during covid, it is still a risk because i have been vaccinated, interesting in the past couple days. benjamin: that guy put it best, a little normalcy. baseball and a hot dog. >> speaking of baseball a little bit of controversy, president biden says he would support major league baseball moving the all-star game out of atlanta in response to georgia's new voting law. >> i think today's professional athletes are acting responsibly.
1:26 am
i would strongly support them. >> a number of people in the mlb called for relocating the games, the league commissioner says the idea has been discussed but there is no timeline on a decision. president biden has been outspoken against the new jordan joe voting law single be harder for people to vote, republicans disagree. >> antitrust laws should not be a cover for exploitation of the student athletes. that is what justice brett kavanaugh told the ncaa, the supreme court grilling the organization over student-athlete compensation during oral arguments wednesday. dave portnoise thinks the ncaa should share the wealth. >> the ncaa has this monopoly, interesting to see how it plays out but when you think chronologically people are making money off of you you should be allowed to make money no doubt about it. >> the first time the high court
1:27 am
has weighed in on the college sports in almost four decades. quite a debate. still in san diego teachers, the option to teach migrant kids in person over their own students, a number of educators have already signed on. >> pfizer's vaccine 100% effective in young people aged 12-15, but some parents are wary of vaccinating their kids. doctor janette nesheiwat with two mothers live to discuss next.
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shannon: back with fox news alert tragedy in california four people killed including a child in a mass shooting and orange county office complex. of fifth person was signed is in critical condition, the shooting
1:31 am
started at 5:00 pm local time. police say when officers arrived at complex shots were still being fired. the suspect was hit but police say it is unclear whether it was self-inflicted or officers returning fire, the suspect is in critical condition. police are not sure if this was a targeted shooting or random act. one gun was found at the scene. the victims of not been identified. several law enforcement agencies are investigating. we will monitor the story throughout the morning and bring you updates as they come in. griff: pfizer's covid 19 vaccine is effective in candidates 12 to 15 with 0 health concerns, now the company will apply for emergency approval in hopes of getting teens inoculated before fall but will parents feel comfortable? here to discuss it is doctor janette nesheiwat as well as
1:32 am
moms and cindy lee, two moms of teenagers, i have teenagers, the segment i have looked forward to all morning long just to let viewers know, of children 13% makeup us covid cases that we are talking a significant population but an important population because of added complications of being out of school and the need to get back in the classrooms. what do you make of this study that pfizer is 100% effective? >> this is encouraging news, more evidence that the vaccine is safe and effective not just for adults, not just for those 16 and older but 2200 children in this study they had 100% protection against symptomatic disease and it helps prevent the transmission of the virus to others. this is encouraging because
1:33 am
children like you said can contribute to the pandemic by spreading the virus even though they may not be at high risk of severe complications so a step in the right direction. >> i want to go to kim next, you have a 15-year-old. i have one as well and i understand you are considering giving her a shot instead of a car for her sixteenth birthday. >> absolutely. even considered a fake id. i cannot stress strongly enough that i need her back with her friends, back in her social circle, back at school where she can be independent, back doing the things 15-year-olds do. i said earlier little kids have their parents to take care of them, adults have grown and formed and they can manage this
1:34 am
but teens and preteens just getting their sea legs on being independent out there in the world and we took it away and left them with an electronic world and that is dangerous so hallelujah, thank you. benjamin: griff: i have watched that in my own household. you have kids the same age. are you going to get the shot for them? >> thank you for having me on the show. i will not give my kids and experiment with vaccine. i don't believe it is necessary for kids who are at very very low risk. the survival rate according to the cdc shows age 20 and under are at 99.97% and first of all i want to say i'm not anti-vaccine but the difference between the flu vaccine and this experimental vaccine is it is just that, it is experimental,
1:35 am
no long-term clinical trials. why vaccinated against an infection they are very low risk using an experiment of vaccine that has only been approved for investigational stage, using a brand-new never before used messenger rna have policy for a vaccine, this is like vaccinating pregnant women. keep in mind the vaccine companies are immune from any liability because of the experimental designation and looking to gain enormous things by pushing out these vaccines. griff: i want to come back to you, is it feasible, would it be logical in schools across the board decided to say kids can come back 100% if they are
1:36 am
vaccinated? >> in my opinion we should have kids in the classroom now and having vaccination for covid should not be a prerequisite. 12 and 15, they can be back in the classroom in the fall so it can help in that sense and like the parent just said the risk of complications is low children can transmit the infection to others and the vaccine has been shown in trials including thousands and thousands of americans and those overseas that it is safe and effective and it will not be fda approved if it hasn't been shown to be safe and effective and that is why it received emergency use authorization. griff: thank you for joining us.
1:37 am
important they bait. >> the man charged in that violent assault of the 65-year-old asian woman is on lifetime parole for killing his mother. brandon elliott is charged with a a crime being held without bail. surveillance video shows the woman being attacked in broad daylight as she walked to church in new york city. mayor bill deblasio sharing this message with new yorkers following the attack. >> we in every way as a city have to work together to stop these attacks. we are seeing them different people, different places. they are all unacceptable. >> congresswoman joins us to discuss the rise in carbon controversial choice for teachers in san diego, teach
1:38 am
your own students or teach migrant children instead. a school official says at least 15 educators volunteered to work at the san diego convention center despite high covid rates among migrant children with over 80 testing positive. san diego students are still learning online only. a long time foster family is being effected to make room for unaccompanied migrant minors. four foster kids will likely be required to move to new homes. the nonprofit group in charge of the home in washington state rights the agreement in place with this family is not a traditional rent lease agreement and therefore does not fall under the eviction moratorium. foster parents will join us in the next hour to discuss the devastating impacts. >> tom brady is a big fan of his coach's new tattoo commemorating the super bowl victory, he posted a picture of it with the
1:39 am
caption i am a man of my word. when we win the super bowl i will get a tattoo. i got mine and i love it. the legendary quarterback responding with his own ink. there is the coach with a fear that their super bowl parade but brady's inc. is not real. april fools. from our friends, download the fox6 apps and play for a chance to win 10,$000. all you need to do is predict 6 outcomes in the super 6 quiz show. topics ranging from entertainment to sports. it is free to play, just download the fox super 6 apps now. >> the time is 39 minutes after the hour, states across the country are considering bans on critical race theory including rhode island's, state representative patricia morgan says no one should be judged by the color of their skin.
1:40 am
she joins us live next.
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in climate activists plan to target banks in the money rebellion protests in the uk. activists say banks are killing the planet. carley: john kerry had overseas for climate summit. >> reporter: tomorrow we will see john kerry porting his gas puzzling jet and flying all over the world to other countries to reduce their emissions. it will raise a few eyebrows. he will visit new delhi and bangladesh and the climate summit in washington, the trick comes as the administration plans a multibillion-dollar infrastructure package that will see a shift to renewable energy and electric cars. kerry gave a virtual address yesterday.
1:44 am
>> this challenge is global. never has there been a challenge that requires the unity of countries all across the planet to do this and now. we can do it. >> reporter: climate groups say is not enough. extinction rebellion which will protests around the world planning to target uk banks claiming the global financial system is killing the planet. one protester started early. >> stop profiting from killing my kids future. [tapping] >> stop profiting from destroying communities across the world. >> lots of ambitious targets being laid out by john kerry. talk about how to replace tens of thousands of jobs that will be lost with this push, how to get china to the table, china is number one producer of
1:45 am
greenhouse gases, they will be invited to washington for the summit along with vladimir putin. carley: at home republican lawmakers in rhode island proposing a bill to ban teaching critical race theory in public schools. lawmakers claiming the lessons are divisive for students, joining me to discuss the architect of that bill, state representative patricia morgan. tell us about this bill that would ban critical race theory in schools. >> good morning, first of all. i don't know if your viewers understand what critical race theory is. basically it boils every bit of inequality and outcomes on race and that is an impossibility. we can never guarantee that everyone comes out with the same outcome.
1:46 am
and unfortunately because it runs everything in american society through the prism of race it is allowing race shaming of our children and discrimination of our children. it is divisive, destructive ideology and it shouldn't be in our schools, should be in our workplaces. >> tell us what is in this bill and how you plan to prevent critical race theory from being taught in schools. >> in a net shell it bans critical race theory from being used in our school and in any entities that receive government money. employees shouldn't be subjected to this either but most of all we need to leave our children alone. >> rhode island's governor responded to your proposal saying our history should be taught in schools and there is a bad history in terms of the way
1:47 am
african-american community has been treated. what is your response to that? do you think this bill will pass and he will sign off on it? >> this is a democrat state so probably not but it should. there's nothing in this bill that says we can't teach history. i support teaching civics in our school's but it is about teaching it is history and not teaching it as a fact of today's if we are basically a bad country. carley: a lot of parents come on air and talk about negative consequences of critical race theory and how some students are taught their oppressors and victims based on their race and everything is viewed through the lens of race and racism. what do you think the long-term impacts of that is. if students are taught critical
1:48 am
race theory in school how will it affect them in the long run, 15 seconds with you on this. >> it is damaging it ruins the cohesiveness of our society. we actually fought segregation. now this is bringing it back. it is destructive to our country and should be banned. carley: thank you for joining us this morning. and up next congressman james comeare coming up.
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oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. change house lawmakers briefed by biden's top immigration
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officials as calls for a solution to the border crisis grow louder. >> carley: what you learn from yesterday's briefing? >> we haven't learned much. the biden administration does not have a plan. they can say they have a plan but they have no plan. the message is still being sent to the world that if you cross the border illegally are not going to face any consequences. joe biden said he was going to put vice president harris in charge of the border when asked about we know she laughed it off. they still haven't been to the border, still don't have a plan and it is only getting worse each day. >> congressman, the el paso sector's gloria sanchez posted video on twitter showing two children, 5-year-old and a 3-year-old being dropped over a
1:53 am
14 foot border wall, left on their own. do you think that this marks a new low that demands vice president harris to get to the border? >> this is a crisis and the fact they haven't been there yet speaks volumes. i have seen the video, every american has seen the video and it is terrible. as americans we are compassionate people. what needs to happen immediately as joe biden needs to set the national guard to the border, he needs to work with the red cross and other humanitarian organizations to set up shop on the mexican side of the border to serve as humanitarian aids in this but we have to secure the border. if something is not done this problem is only going to get worse. we will see an uptick in covid gone uptick in human smuggling, drug smuggling and this is something i just can't for the life of me imagine that
1:54 am
administration paying so little attention to it that they haven't even been there to at least make the case that they have an interest in it. >> this is a festering problem and i can't remember a time there has been a crisis that has garnered such little attention from the executive branch. what do you think needs to happen for the biden administration to finally change the policies leading to this? >> you will see more republicans make trips to the border. i am leading a group in a couple weeks to the border from my oversight committee, we are trying to get the media down there to show transparency, what looks like down there and that is one thing biden has gotten away with, hasn't allowed the american people to see what is going on and it is much worse than our worst fear. we will message on this and demand that joe biden secure the border and do something from a humanitarian standpoint can do that on the mexican side of the
1:55 am
border. >> when you make that trip you want media coverage, let our producers know and i will catch up with you down there and i want to hit the other big story of the day and that is of course the president unveiling his american jobs act which is going to include a lot of new taxes, namely under it the corporate tax rate goes from 4% to 28% just among the many, also 21% global income tax, 15% minimum tax unreported income. your reaction? >> they call this infrastructure bill but it's not infrastructure. 25% of the total funding goes to infrastructure. what this is is another liberal wish list, joe biden has turned out to be a trojan horse for the radical liberal left.
1:56 am
we all thought joe biden was the one who was going to be president but what it looks like is bernie sanders is president, this is bernie sanders's agenda, this shows the influence ocasio cortez and the progressives are having on a democrat party, talking about green infrastructure, infrastructure to take care of socially disadvantaged parts of our society. this is not a jobs bill, another liberal -- carley: 25% is devoted infrastructure. we love roads and bridges but if you kept it at that it would receive bipartisan support i'm sure. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. griff: a cartel kidnapping victim is interviewed live next hour as the border crisis unrest.
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>> a very serious city and this doesn't happen very often. >> i lived here all my life. it is kind of scary to be honest. >> fox news on four people killed including a child in a shooting at an office complex in california. >> the latest american community shaken by violence. you are watching "fox and friends first". >> a fifth person was also shot, in critical condition in that tragic shooting in orange county


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