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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 1, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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laughter has something meant so cringe. that's it for us, kevin corke is in for shannon bream and he and the fox news at night team will take it all from here. remember, it's [speaking spanish] >> kevin: i will try to remember that, thank you so much, evening everybody, i'm >> good evening, everyone, this is fox news and i, border patrol sending new video showing smugglers under cover of darkness dropping two young children into the middle of the new mexico desert, they were left miles from the nearest home but agents were monitoring that section and rescued those little girls. the border is not mister biden's
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focus, $1.9 trillion covid relief package republicans the ride it is nothing but cover for social spending, now there's a $2.3 trillion plan dressed up as infrastructure with improvements to roads, highways and other public works. the wall street journal says infrastructure like that accounts for $115 billion of the proposal after factoring in spending on airports, earmarked for transportation are actually subsidies for green energy and payouts to union's. this is a plan for it to grow back bigger than it has ever been. look around you? it isn't really crumbling as mister biden put a couple times a day. there are places where it is trouble but 2019, the bureau of
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economic research study from brown university, most us transportation infrastructure is not deteriorating. careful examination of how spending is allocated across most as suggested by the evidence. massive new expenditures are not. here is more from mister biden today. it is the second legislative proposal in two months in office and couples with his $2 trillion coronavirus relief package the new initiative if passed would give the federal government a bigger role in the economy accounting for 20% or more of annual output. >> once in a generation investment in america unlike anything we have seen or done, bold yes. we can get it done. >> reporter: it is a $2 trillion infrastructure package which
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among other things $6150 billion to modernize roads and bridges, $111 billion to release across the country and $213 billion for sustainable houses. the package also places a premium on fighting climate change, pledging $170 billion to the electrical vehicle market, another $16 billion to plug oil wells across the country and clean abandoned mines, $10 billion to create a climate core and $100 billion for racial gender equity in the job market. to tape or -- to pay for the white house wants to raise taxes raising the corporate rate to 28% up from 21 and the global minimum tax to 21% up from 13. >> addressing infrastructure,
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climate and environmental justice together and creating millions of good paying jobs is just the right combination. >> from the gop side of capitol hill to the corner of wall and abroad, pinched noses of disapproval. >> i'm concerned about the level of national debt. we've reached a critical point. >> this has been administration of the government, by the government for the government, the only thing it appears they are in favor of his more government spending, more taxes and more government power over your lives. >> while acknowledging the imports of investing infrastructure the chamber of commerce in a statement added some projects should be paid for overtime saying 30 years by the user to benefit from the investment. even donald trump took a swipe at the plan saying this in a statement, this tax hike is a classic globalist betrayal by joe biden and his friends, the
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lobbyists will win, the special interests will win, china will win, the washington politicians and government bureaucrats will win but hard-working american families will lose. the package also includes what is known as the pro-act which critics argue would make it harder for workers to choose to stay out of unions plus there's another package in the works in washington which could push the total for the infrastructure rebuild and reconstruction to $4 trillion, a lot of that may not be infrastructure. alexandria ocasio cortez is among those who say the money we're talking about is not enough. she notes the $2 trillion here is spread out over several years, the recent package, the $1.9 trillion packages mostly rolled out over a year or two. transportation secretary pete buttigieg is missing with texas tonight believing the lone star state could be one of the earliest beneficiaries of a massive infrastructure plan with high-speed rail that could initially connect dallas and houston.
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he is wondering, quote, when it comes to rail why should texas be inferior to china. i'm going to keep putting it that way, he says, and see if it resonates. tonight we are running over the rule of mister biden's massive $2 trillion infrastructure plan to reimagine and rebuild the us economy which would like to bring in hoover institution senior fellow david hansen, great to have you with us, my friends. i want to get broadbrush before we get into the specifics but ahead of that i want to play this clip from mister biden. he's talking about this idea of reinventing in reimagining but still says he believes in capitalism. listen here. >> proposing a plan for rewards work, not just rewards wealth, builds a fair economy that gives
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everybody a chance to succeed and create the strongest, most resilient, innovative economy in the world. >> he says this economy will be more resilient and more innovative. tell me where he is wrong. >> in a capitalist society that has given so much prosperity, any time a politician says he believes in capitalism, remember joe biden, with a shovel ready jobs in the 2009 stimulus, he was going to make sure things like solyndra and cash for clunkers didn't happen but there's a pattern here. if we did need the infrastructure, even if it did address infrastructure, we have a whole generation, 40 years since we saw a rapid inflation, another generation can from over the 2008 meltdown. you get to $30 billion and
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aggregate debt, 110% of gdp what do you think is going to happen, who's going to pay for it annually way to pay for it is inflate security or raise interest rates. if you raise interest rates you can't pay for it because the service cost is too great so we will have stagflation or inflation in the idea that you are going to, the idea is spend so much money you have to raise taxes and that is good because it redistributes income but it is the opposite that gave us the trump boom. we got the trump boom by energy independence, we are cutting back on that, bringing new text from to bring capital back to the united states, cutting back on that, raising taxes, he lowered them and we are doing everything in reverse and yet he thinks the economy is still going to boom and i don't understand the timing, we are coming off of covert. in california the case rate for the death rate, the
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hospitalization rates crashing, the vaccination rate is getting high, it is happening across the entire country, there is a year of pent-up demand, the housing market, car sales are booming, there's a natural stimulus going on. why would you have to have another stimulus after we just did $2 trillion almost, doesn't make sense. >> when you consider $6 trillion in covert relief all told. i want to share quickly before we let you go a bit of what the wall street journal had to say in an editorial, the headline, here comes the biden taxes the middle class will pay for the largest tax increase since 1968, the great political fakery the corporate taxes fall on ceos and rich shareholders but as everyone knows corporations
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don't really pay taxes, they are vehicles that are collecting taxes ultimately paid by a combination of customers and higher prices, workers and lower wages and shareholders and lower returns on investment. in the last 15 seconds we have here what is your final take away tonight? >> donald trump gave this wonderful vaccination program, gave him the foundations of a booming economy, gave him a secure border, stable foreign-policy, all joe biden had to do was let it stay, let it be and continuing he didn't do that. i'm worried about the future because everything he has proposed is not logical, doesn't make sense. it is not going to end well. kevin: thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> the man caught on video brutally beating a 65-year-old asian woman in manhattan is under arrest and i charged with 2 counts of assault as a hate crime. aishah hasnie has the latest tonight from the big apple. good evening.
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>> reporter: the shocking assault is horrifying the nation and raises serious questions about how this could have happened. 38-year-old brandon elliott is senior beating a 65-year-old asian american women, kicking her in the face while screaming racist slurs. elliott was charged with 2 counts of assault as a hate crime. authorities are asking why he was free in the first place out on parole for more than a year after murdering his mother in 2002. >> not just about drawing people in jail but when you have people arrested over and over again and no consequences you have to say wait a second. >> reporter: public outcry over why no one helped the victim, the video shows workers watching the attack. one man slowly closing the door and the victim. >> don't care who you are or
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what you do you've got to help your fellow new yorkers. >> reporter: the attack comes amid a surge in crimes against asian americans that some are linking to donald trump. a recent study published in the american journal of public health found trump's early chinese virus tweets led to a spike in and i asian on twitter. some are making connections to white supremacy but not everyone agrees. former new york times editor very wise rights when the perpetrator is a neo-nazi it is a moral give me. when the person carrying out the hate crime comes from a group that is also a target of hate crimes, condemnation becomes much more difficult. in new york city the nypd says it will lead patrols across those asian communities. kevin: thank you so much. nobody can video of the los angeles watch officer being shot by a parasitic gunman earlier this month. the officer did survive and was reported to be in stable condition, the suspect kills.
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the standoff came amid a rush of stabbings in greater la in recent weeks, 102-year-old man hacked to death with a machete in his home and another man charged with stabbing his mother, one of the victims was on a zoom call. a woman and her dog killed as they walked in a park by a man wielding a knife. raking tonight another outbreak of gun violence resulting in multiple fatalities. a man and a woman shot and killed, three wounded in a shooting in southeast washington. that incident emanating from a dispute between two groups of people. in minneapolis tensions wrapping up as every day passes in the trial of former police officer derek chauvin bringing us one day closer to the unknown. how will the city react to the verdict that comes down.
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senior correspondent mike tobin talking to local business owners. >> reporter: there is an abundance of video leading up to the incident, the moment george floyd loses consciousness and the aftermath. they saw that enhanced with emotional testimony. business owners brace for the outcome. boards going back up on businesses in downtown minneapolis was the uncertainty of a criminal trial, business owners don't need if they will have riots or for how long. >> it is tough, real tough. right now letting people know we are open. >> reporter: the house was looted in the spring riots and in toward through the covid lockdown. now they can just hope for the best. >> reporter: to make sure we can provide for everybody despite what is going on outside, keep moving forward and doing the best we can.
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>> reporter: on wednesday the police body camera video to this point had mostly been restricted to lawyers and reporters. it shows the initial police contact with george floyd, his panic claiming he can't breathe before he was on the ground and as he thrashed and struggled the moment derek chauvin's the goes on his neck. the jury heard from christopher martin, the employee who notified police he had received a counterfeit $20 bill. >> why guilt? >> if i had not said anything this could have been avoided. >> reporter: jurors heard from passerby charles mcmillan who wept on the stand triggering a break in the trial. he said he injected himself into the situation telling a panic to george floyd to stop fighting. >> at the time i was engaged with mister floyd, the officers were trying to get them in the
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car and everything, get in the car because you can't win. >> reporter: one person who will not testify is maurice hall, hall was in the vehicle with george floyd on the day floyd died, hall invoked his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. the defense said hall would testify george floyd swallowed poolside and from police, those later tested positive for potentially lethal fentanyl, part of the defense effort to create an argument that something other than derek chauvin's the killed george floyd. >> reporter: appreciate that. kevin: more people reportedly killed in a shooting in orange, california. officers confronting a suspect who was reportedly shot and taken to a hospital as the violence continues. students across the country continue to gradually return to in person learning, there's a new development on the vaccine front and this could finally force the teachers union to send their members back to school.
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breaking news correspondent trace gallagher on the case. >> the phase 3 clinical trials included 2260 children from 12 to 15. most of those kids got the vaccine, some were given placebos, none of the children who got the actual vaccine became infected with covid 19. 18 contracted the virus and pfizer said the side effects were consistent with those seen in adults, mostly pain, redness and swelling of the arm. the ceo of pfizer said the data was so encouraging the company will use it to update its emergencies authorization to include children 12 and older. this would seem to be great news for getting kids back in the classroom, or is it? turns out more than 120,000 san diego public school children are still online, san diego public school teachers are being asked to teach in person at the san
12:18 am
diego convention center where 700 plus unaccompanied minors from south of the border are being house and were covid cases are high. fox news has learned teachers are getting the option of teaching in person in their own schools or at the convention center and 1000 teachers have expressed interest in teaching unaccompanied minors was one san diego parent said that answers a key question. >> you can see local teachers are happy to teach in person and are being held up by the district and the union which has strong-armed us the entire time. >> reporter: jen psaki said the teaching of migrant children was a spring break option. through this teachers are being asked their ability through july and san diego public schools are supposed to begin partial in person in mid april but it is not pleasing parents. watch. >> we have a very weak hybrid
12:19 am
program in place and still don't have a clear plan as to how the district is going to address learning loss for our students who have been home for almost 13 months. >> reporter: one parent who sees what is happening at the san diego convention center wants to know, quote, who is rescuing san diego unified students. >> trace gallagher, as always thank you. the wisconsin state supreme court has reviewed the governor, tony evers by striking down his ongoing mask mandate, the conservative leaning state justice ruling 4-3 he violated wisconsin law by unilaterally extending the mandate beyond the 60 day emergency order issued last august. georgia meanwhile dealing with a loss. companies delta and coca-cola now weighing in on the state's new voting law and liberal groups calling for boycotts there. our panel joining us next with
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more on that.
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>> think about the possibility of baseball moving their all-star game out of atlanta? >> today's professional athletes are acting responsibly. i would strongly support them doing that. the very people who are victimized the most are the people who are the leaders in these various sports and it is not right. this is jim crow on steroids. kevin: mister biden throwing his support behind potential relocation out of atlanta, georgia of major-league baseball's all-star game this
12:25 am
are. other big companies facing increasing pressure from the left tonight to get woke and go broken break from any guys of support for the peach state's new election integrity law. delta's ceo saying, quote, i need to make it crystal clear that the final bill is unacceptable and does not match delta's values. let's get reaction from the author of the upcoming book woke inc. and cochair project 21 boris cooper. tell me. is the money with this thing and why are we hearing companies like coke and delta on a topic like this? >> a couple things. we are watching, the numbers are in, the nba, major league baseball, nfl, the numbers are way down. the american people do not agree with this idea that sports
12:26 am
activity is so important and needs to be woke, the american people are rejecting, delta has got to find out, so will all the other voices that are attempting to do one thing and that is prevents real bona fide americans who live in georgia deciding who the elected officials of georgia are going to be. that is what this law does. everywhere you look, voter fraud is happening mostly minorities who have been the victims of voter fraud. kevin: i speak for a lot of people when i say i want to watch the game, not necessarily
12:27 am
interested in what the players may or may not want to be involved with a lot of people disagree, want them to be active and proactive and something like this is something that would be roundly celebrated on the field and perhaps off the field but i'm curious what your take is especially as relates to airlines and other companies getting involved in things that have nothing to do with their bottom line or do you feel this does have to do with their bottom line, your thoughts? speech companies should stick to what companies were made to do, make products and provide services for people who need them. it is the critical for liberals to colonies companies to lobby the government when progressives, part of their dogma is being against lobbying, today they love it, companies engage in lobbying and i could tell you from a personal standpoint whether you are liberal or conservative we shouldn't want to live in a corporate talk with you. the whole point is to live in a democracy where everyone has an equal voice, not the ceo of coca-cola have a disproportionate fortune-telling legislators what to do and what disappointed me from the other side was governor kemp's response, the thingy criticized delta's ceo doing, they said they were fine with the law but
12:28 am
he changed his mind with my question is what are we doing where the governor of georgia is consulting with the ceo of delta on a voting rights piece of legislation? i don't want to the ceos playing a role in the american people should decide who they elect to put in their state legislature and federal legislature. >> before i get your thoughts why don't we share what governor kemp had to say on "fox and friends". >> stacy abrams celebrating new jersey expanding 9 days of early voting when her own state of georgia has 17 and we just added more opportunity on the weekend. they are being was truthful about what the builders. >> that is super important point, as we wrap it up here, a lot of people perhaps haven't actually read what is in this particular bill and are simply going based on what they heard
12:29 am
people say but there is a feeling among some that anything that enhances election integrity, making sure you are who you say you are, when your vote is ultimately is a good thing for us. >> the number one reason people get for not participating in the election process is they say their vote won't count. we need to do things that will ensure that their vote actually will count and the way you do that is insist that real people, not ghosts, note convicts, not people who are not eligible because they are not citizens or not residents in the community, we should let self-government occur and that's is winning real georgians decide the election. coca-cola to know better than to interfere with that kind of fundamental liberty and freedom. >> 15 seconds. >> i haven't heard a single good argument against voting id at the ballot box.
12:30 am
you said joe biden called it on steroids, this is citizens united on steroids. it was overturned by constitutional amendment, now by demanding corporations do exactly that we are effectively turning citizens united on steroids and that's not going to be good for the left or the right. kevin: thank you, appreciate your time tonight. we are getting new pictures from the border where twice as many children are in border patrol custody than at the peak of 2019. that is next. so being diagnosed with advanced non-small cell lung cancer made me think of all the things that i wanted to teach my kids. my doctor said i could start on keytruda, so i did. with each scan, things just got better. in a clinical study, keytruda offered patients a longer life than chemotherapy. and it could be your first treatment. for non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, keytruda can be used for adults who test positive for “pd-l1”, and whose tumors do not have an abnormal “egfr” or “alk” gene.
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>> first up in the real news roundup, alexandria ocasio cortez asked on instagram why she hadn't address the border crisis earlier. >> so often people want to say why are you talking about the border crisis, or why are you talking about it in this way?
12:35 am
we are talking about it because it is not a border crisis. it is in imperialism crisis, climate crisis, a trade crisis. >> bidens celebrated the birthday of activist cesar chavez with the president releasing a video tribute and first lady jill biden speaking at an event in his honor, chavez once said he supports deportation of his own mother if she were an illegal immigrant. chicago school feeling the heat from a latino group after proposing to rename thomas jefferson school after barack or michelle obama. activists say mister obama did not represent the undocumented community. >> former president barack obama is the deep order in chief, almost 80% of children in our school districts. kevin: nasa's mars rover, curiosity, taking a break from
12:36 am
collecting rock samples to be back this selfy, it is equipped with a laser that helps scientists learn more about the rocks. new images from inside a border patrol facility in texas as we learn there are twice as many children currently in border patrol custody than there were at the height of the border crisis in 2019, let's talk about the latest development, leslie marshall joining us in the reporter who provided those photos, homeland security reporter anna tilly is in the ground in texas. let me begin with you. gutwrenching is one way to describe what we have seen, shocking is another. what comes to mind when you describe not just what you saw but what you heard, what you felt.
12:37 am
>> it is a lot to take in. seeing people released from custody, border patrol releasing 600 members of families a day now, border patrol is now arresting people for the coronavirus before they are transferred to charity. the thing is there is no end insight. more families keep coming, more children keep coming without parents and in other parts of the border there's an uptick in the number of people trying to evade arrest who are not asylum seekers. the border crisis, republicans are calling a constitutional
12:38 am
crisis because they are worried this is starting to affect the country. >> listening. anna makes great point talking about massive numbers like we are talking about and no actual policy to stop them. that is what critics are arguing when you don't complete a border wall, when you don't make more of an adjustment. if you have a game plan and are losing by 10 points and 20 points and 40 points maybe you want to change things up. do you see any change happening? this is clearly a crisis, you have said as much. >> what is amazing is there are not many changes from the trump administration, title 42, the border wall the majority of it during the trump administration was already in existence and was either repaired or restructured so that wasn't adding mileage to
12:39 am
that wall. additionally we have 17 years of people coming to this country and continue to have people coming in 2019 during the trump administration when there was a surge, we didn't have covid or the reduced edge and capacity because of the virus and of course we are seeing a problem with children but the reality is 41% of families are being sent back, nearly 100% of single adults being sent back, president biden has been in office less the 90 days and the president whether it is trump, biden, obama, clinton, none of them act alone. we have congress, like they are taking a national geographic special, what they need to do is work together to pass comprehensive immigration reform. kevin: before we get you back and let's follow up with leslie for just a second, only 30 seconds each. is there something you are saying this administration should be doing, something more concrete to stop the flow? when i say stop the flow i mean we just read this story where there was a child basically abandoned in a river, people are
12:40 am
trying to get here and if there is no policy specifically that will stop the onslaught of people coming they will keep coming so what are you saying they should be doing? >> the first thing you need to do is change amnesty situation because the reason people come to the border is you have to apply for amnesty at the border if they apply for amnesty in their home country that would be a big thing. to increase the money decreased during the trump administration that goes to these countries that can help stem the flow and slowdown the flow of people that are coming from there and try to address that. kevin: i agree maybe that could help in that has been tried and tried and tried, billions of dollars later i'm not so sure how much progress is being made but a lot of people feel that couldn't hurt. final thoughts.
12:41 am
>> reporter: the catholic charity, kids and families have been coming for years, all the push factors have been addressed and to keep messaging on that and be able to convince people to get used to the us and it didn't work. kevin: thank you for helping us out in mcallen, texas, leslie marshall, appreciate it. an innovative entrepreneur is finding a way to help teens find faith through the pandemic, that is next.
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>> kevin: breaking tonight, you are kevin: you are looking at amazon's most anticipated book of the week, more preorders for the women of the bible speak authored by shannon bream, than any other book on amazon's list.
12:46 am
let's talk about the lessons providing strength for christian girls in the present day with co-founder and ceo of life speaks loudest, laura kooks. good to have you with us. i should point out laura is joining us from them i'll our city of denver, great to have you with us. let us begin with your own personal story is what brought you to the light as they say. >> when i was a teen girl a decade ago, i loved reading magazines and books but i struggled, seemed like they were too cheesy or shallow telling me i wasn't good enough, not pretty enough, not cool enough, not happy enough and we are seeing teens today crave authenticity
12:47 am
and positivity more than ever and hope because life is tough. we see that in suicide being the second leading cause of death in this age group so that is why my husband and i started to give hope and provide light in the midst of such a dark time. we help teen girls to better love themselves, and others. kevin: we chat about mary and martha, this i want to share from the book christian life bound page 162, calls us to find a balance between cultivating our relationship with jesus and serving him. the trouble comes when we become focused on all the things we can do for god rather than spending time and being in communion with him. beautifully said. as we chatted in the break about
12:48 am
mary and martha a lot of people don't know the story of martha trying to get so much done and not focusing on what was important. in a short time we have left can you unpack that for us, the 45 seconds we have? >> when i see this story i consider myself a recovering perfectionist, i totally understand that and jesus speaking to her saying it doesn't matter what you do for me if your heart is not in the right place, he sees that in mary and giving that opportunity to spend time in his presence, we gain so much more when we focus on that versus how or what we can do for god. >> rather than frantically trying to get all the visitors to the house or something to drink and something to eat and complaining mary is sitting over
12:49 am
there, so cut up, focus on what is really ant as mary obviously did, no knock on martha who has great value but the story itself has tremendous value as well. any last thoughts before we let you go? >> thank you so much for having me and for any viewers out there wanting to learn more take a look at we have a special offer for you and thanks again. >> always a pleasure to have you with us and great book by shannon bream coming out, going to be number one. i will do my part to have it get there. i have already preordered the women of the bible speak, shannon bream, get out there and order it as soon as you can. there is finally a concession in a hotly contested iowa congressional seat next. when we started our business
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>> kevin: welcome back, breaking tonight the partisan battle over a disputed iowa congressional seat kevin: breaking to make the partisan battle over disputed iowa congressional seat is finally over, democrat challenging the election by success last of the research you've done on the same day house minority leader kevin mccarthy traveled to the hawkeye state to show his support for the gop victor. chad program tonight. >> democrat rita hart said conversations with people who
12:54 am
she trusts with driver challenge to gop iowa representative marion miller makes as she got back up from the top. house minority leader kevin mccarthy parachuted into iowa after nancy pelosi suggested the house could unseat miller makes. >> the people's house, not policy's house. the idea the democrats want to turn over and election after it has been counted, recounted in a bipartisan election board had voted, time to move on. >> heart agreed. in a statement hard called the racist a democracy adding the truth is not prevailed. there was a toxic campaign of political disinformation. iowa election official certified miller makes as the winner by 6 votes, the closest house race in a century. democrats contend election officials never counted 22 ballots. >> following the democratic process, making sure iowans have
12:55 am
their voice heard and voice their vote. >> democrats are making a push for congress to pass voting rights bills, democrats hope to use disputed race like this to make their point but the house is still probing another race, republican lost illinois democrat lauren underwood last year, the margin, 5000 votes. he appealed to the house, a move opposed by kevin mccarthy. >> congresswoman underwood won that race. was counted and she has been seated and i don't support the challenge. >> it is still the house could switch members in either race. after all, it is about the math, 2 thirds vote is required to expel a member. kevin: finally tonight, remarkable video of tennessee police officers rescuing a family and their dog from floodwaters, tennessee experiencing 9 inches of
12:56 am
rainfall causing widespread flooding and four fatalities, body can video, certainly those officers are the midnight hero's. for shannon bream i am kevin cork, have a great night. these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer
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>> tragedy in california four killed including a child in a mass shooting at an orange county office complex, a fifth person was also shot. she is in medical condition. you are watching "fox and friends first". carley: the shooting started at 5:00 pm local time. police say when officers arrived at the complex shots were still being fired, the suspect was hit, police say it is unclear whether it was a self-inflicted wound or from officers returning fire, the suspect is in critical condition.


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