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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 31, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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he saves our military, he hears the prayers. >> i love this so much, what a wonderful way to end such a great conversation today. thank you, and you all for watching. now we turn it over to america reports. >> thank you. fox news alert from the border where at least to delegations of lawmakers are getting a firsthand look at the migrant crisis unfolding there. this after the media was finally granted access to an overcrowded border facility giving americans a look at the dire conditions inside. hello and welcome, everyone. >> i am john roberts in washington, dc. we first brought you some of the disturbing scenes from inside the dominant texas facility yesterday and afterwards, the images kept feeding in and showing the conditions for thousands of migrant children. you can see the impact inside
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what democrats have been calling cages since trump's presidency. now that painful site is sinking in and their reaction is coming fast and fierce. >> you had children side-by-side and come aligned on the floor, no beds, no cots, no mats, line on the floor covered up with reflective blankets and 10 percent of the population there is testing positive for covid. it's a humanitarian disaster and crisis and it's man-made. joe biden because this with political decisions made in the opening weeks of this administration. >> the numbers are just as stunning. border officials more than 4,000 migrants inside that facility. that's only meant to hold 250 during the pandemic. coming up, what he just saw during his tour of the facility they're. there. john. >> we begin our day with casey steagall he is live at the
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border in eagles pass, texas again today. hi, casey. >> hello come out with you do the math, what those numbers that you were just talking about, the donna cross-section facility here in texas is over 700 percent capacity. over its capacity. 700 percent. it's difficult to wrap your mind around, and that's according to the federal government's own numbers. the gym math that you see the kids sleeping on, the roughly 3 inches. they are wearing ten metallic sheets to serve as blankets as you heard, and just this one location is about 185,000 square feet. it spread out over 40 acres, and that is still not enough space to place to put everyone humanely and safely. humanitarian rights groups say there is also another key approach that's being missed. >> they've had a lot of trauma coming here. we need to not further
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traumatize them. get them back to a semblance of normal life. >> and they say that a picture is worth 1,000 words, well, this image, just released by the texas rangers shows one of their own carrying a six -month-old baby girl moments after smugglers through that child out of the raft into the rio grande river. they were able to fortunately scoop her up and save her, she is safe, the mother had her legs broken by the cartel members and i can't think of anything more powerful to illustrate how savage these smugglers and some of these cartel groups are bringing these people into the united states. >> that is just astonishing that happened. thank god that are people were there to pick that poor child up out of the river. >> it really is. and you talk about the river,
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it's so dangerous, and by nature, when you have increased activity on the river, you also have increased her drownings and we've seen a lot of video on social media of people that are on the shore, and they see a migrant getting into trouble because they're trying to cross the river themselves or they fell out of one of those rafts, or their shoved out in some instances, and then they drowned. we've seen a number of people getting into trouble in the river itself, so then are own law enforcement agents of course putting themselves at risk to go out there and do what they can to save that child, it really is heartbreaking, no matter where you stand on this very controversial issue, when you see a baby come out when you see pregnant women, coming out of the water soaking wet. it is difficult to look at.
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and to view this from a humanitarian component and that is certainly part of this and a very big part of it. >> casey, at the border for is hard to take in that image. that's a baby. casey, thank you. our next guest just finished visiting the overcrowded facility there in donna, texas. now he's in brownsville, texas where he's about to board a tour of the patrol station there. congressman, sorry there is a bit of a lapse taking casey there because it's devastating to look at these images. and that was just a baby, and there is a lot more babies that are crammed in these facilities. on top of another. some of them have nothing to sleep on nothing to cover while they do sleep at night. it is terrifying. what are you seeing and what do we need to know as happening at the border before we can ask what we can do about it.
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>> thank you for having me on. it is a tragedy, a human tragedy. in one bod designed for 33 kids, there is over 600 children. this morning when i left the facility, a facility set up for 250, there there's 3,900 plus there 3300 which of kids. this morning in the first to hours this facilities operations this morning, 14 ambulances took children to the er. they gave birth, a child gave birth in the outdoor facility her mother gave birth just the day prior. this is unbelievable human suffering and tragedy. 10 percent of the kids that left this morning they live 332 left the facility this morning for placement 10 percent of them tested positive for covid. it's crazy what's going on. what's really bad as the cartel's know that cdp is overwhelmed so they're bypassing now they know the agents are bypassing these children and
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their bringing the drugs into america left and right. gang members too. it's unbelievable what's happening. >> congressman, i'm thinking as we watch these pictures come in yesterday and we watch them again today, see images like this last year, two years ago, three years ago, people would have been taking to the streets in protest i did see a couple of articles written about the video that came out yesterday, but i'm wondering where is the outrage that you surely would have seen had this happen in the last administration? >> you think if kamala harris the other day, actually laughing about making a trip down here. leaders need from the front. i came down here, other congressmen have come down here, other senators and looked at this, it is crazy. there is no leadership from this administration. they are the ones they created this crisis.
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president trump solve the problem. last year they picked up 140 felons. so far this month 875 felons convicted felons have come across around these agents who are processing all these people. it's horrific what's going on on our southern border. >> congressman, as a member of congress, it is your job to identify what's going on there and you're doing that. it's also your job to put push your colleagues to reach across the isles to do something about it to push this president to do something about it, so what is your goal with these visits to the border. obviously we are being brought images we hadn't seen just days ago. this president was pressed for the press to have access to have this. we are seeing children in baby in very uncomfortable positions. so what do we do about it? >> i'm taking back a list of things that the cdp folks told me they need, they need buses, they need and ability to do more
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dna tests because they can't confirm that these family units these were these family units isn't fraudulent. they don't have a way to do that. covid testings, they need the ability to test, they don't have the capacity to do this. they are short people. they need more people. the border itself isn't even manned right now because they are processing these huge groups in the cartel's know this and they are abusing our loss. i'm taken back a list of my colleagues and say this is what we've got to get to these people who are very bravely serving our country and serving these individuals who are suffering. >> as we saw with the texas rangers who put that six month old out of the rio grande. some of your colleagues on the other side of the isle were ignoring the overall problem and are still focusing on the language that's being used to describe it. listen to what aoc said yesterday.
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>> anyone who is using the term upsurge around you consciously is trying to invoke military frame. these are children. and they are not insurgents and we are not being invaded, which by the way, is a white supremacist idea. >> congressman, what do you make of this, nobody is drive describing these as insurgents. in insurgent is supposed to. >> if i say cancer is bad, aoc is going to say i'm a racist. that's everything that comes out of their mouth these days. it's ridiculous. the cdp agents are there trying to do their best to take care of those children. it is insane to say that by their pointing out the fact that there is a 400 percent increase is somehow racist. that's absurd and it's very clear that joe biden canceling a policy that trump put into
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effect has caused this mass whatever you want to call it. i call it a tragedy. she wants to call it something else and then those of us saying something is calling racist. the people running the administration and running the house of representatives it's absurd. i'm offended in those agents should be two. >> we appreciate you joining us. thank you for keeping us posted we know you're going to get a deeper look at some of the facilities there. >> thank you. >> john, i will put up on the screen the npr holes on the approval of immigration of the current presidency on whether you disapprove or approve of how president biden as handling immigration of national bulk, 3s doing about this. you break that down into democrats, 66 percent approval rating, 27 percent among
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independents. i say that is i remind our viewers as this video comes in they blurred out images of those children so not to identify their individual faces, but we continue to get a deeper look into those facilities and it is overcrowded. and it's a problem that is getting worse. >> if 2014 was bad and in 2019 was worse, now it's off the charts. >> we will have more on that coming up. tony gonzalez will be joining us next hour on the situation on the southern border. >> kevin mccarthy in iowa right now to highlight what he says is democratic attempt to overturn a legitimate. marian miller makes one just six votes in november. her democratic challenger contesting the result. our capitol hill correspondent is live with more.
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this isn't the only one happening. >> there are too and we'll talk about that here in just a second. mccarthy accuses nancy pelosi of possible power grab you wanted to drop the investigation by miller meeks and illinois. gop candidate also went to the house to question whether democratic representative lauren underwood prevailed in her race. >> we don't support that. we believe underwood is the congresswoman, those are the ones that have the certificate. >> democrats claim election officials did not tally 22 ballots in the iowa grass. they get this is not about political strategy it's about following the democratic process and making sure that islands have their voice heard. >> democrats say those 22 ballots matter when a candidate wins, but only six votes, the closest house race of all time. >> what about this other case.
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>> the house administration committee has been looking at this as well. there were briefs filed in this case is recently as the 18th of march. basically that she was on the other foot. we haven't heard much about this because lauren underwood won by about 5,000 votes. but kevin mccarthy indicated he does not support what they're doing with that race, he has not back the challenge. this is different that's what he saying that miller meeks should stay and lauren underwood should stay. >> ted, watching it all for us on capitol hill. an important point to make there, sandra, too. leader mccarthy as saying i'm not supporting this challenge at all, that lauren underwood, she is the duly elected and seeded member of congress. >> we will continue to watch what's happening in davenport and bring that to our viewers. meanwhile, fox news alert,
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president biden is ready to head to pittsburgh to announce the details of a new multitrillion dollar spending plan paid for by tax hikes. that's right, we will tell you what is in it and what it could mean for you and your family. >> children in a migrant facility receiving in person skilling it in san diego while their american counterparts attend classes over resume. why this is happening? we will tell you coming up. >> it tells you how out of touch our school district is. as you can see, local teachers are more than happy to teach in person and they're being held up by the district and by the union. here's big news. introducing refiplus from newday usa. it lets you refi at all-time low rates plus you could take out $50,000 or more.
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>> travel expected to surge this summer, but families with kids may face extra hurdles if they want to leave the country. live in atlanta for us, hello, jonathan. >> the problem is there's currently no covid 19 vaccine improve for use in children under the age of 16, so if airlines and other travel companies were to begin requiring proof of vaccination, travel, especial international travel could become more difficult for families traveling with kids that's causing a backlash against the idea of vaccine passports especially in tourist dependent economies such as florida. >> it's completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine and simply be able to participate in normal society. >> but there could be relief in sight.
10:21 am
clinical data showing that it's vaccine is 100 percent effective in preventing covid 19 in children ages 12-15. the company plans to file a request with the fda to lower the minimum age of the vaccine that could potentially make shots available for kids before they go back to school in the fall and eating his concerns about them spreading the virus as they resume travel with their families. >> thank you. all of this, as we learned that we're getting closer and closer to see more kids being able to get the vaccines here in new york and the next week. the state is opening up to those 16 and older to get their vaccines. definitely changing the game. get the idea of 100 percent effectiveness, plus, what we show the people who have been vaccinated do not carry the virus and probably don't spread it, that's going to really open up the potential for a lot of things as well.
10:22 am
>> some san diego public school teachers volunteering to give in person lessons to migrant children housed at the city conventions under this despite g positive for coronavirus. that is a much higher rate than the thousands of local students who are still learning remotely. joining us now is the founder of reopen california schools. jonathan, you and your organization have been fighting tooth and nail to get students back into full time in person learning. what are your thoughts when you hear that kids in san diego unified public school district are still learning remotely, while kids who are housed at the san diego convention center, who have come into the country illegally are receiving in person learning despite the prevalence of covid they are? can keep many parents are speechless. i understand the compassion of san diego office of education and the san diego to teachers have for these unaccompanied
10:23 am
minor children. i only wish that same capacity would be who have been locked out of the program. we have a serious education crisis in california. we are dead last by a wide margin when it comes to getting our kids back in the classroom. of the districts in san diego offering half-baked hybrid plans are only open for a few hours week in april for in person instruction. we have a governor whose actions has made it harder to open and gave an unprecedented amount to offer real substantial in person education. these revelations in san diego are one more stark example of the crisis in education we have here. >> just so the people at home can really get an idea of what the relative risk is in terms of potentially catching covid let's put up on the screen. here is the rate of these unaccompanied alien children at the san diego convention center, it's 9 percent and generally,
10:24 am
the student population across san diego, the prevalence of coronavirus is.0018 percent, that 9 percent by the way at the convention center mirrors what we're seeing in the migrant detention facilities along the border yet we've heard time and time again from these teachers unions that it's too dangerous to go back into the classroom because of the potential for infection but they're going into the san diego convention center where one in ten of their students, these unaccompanied minors has coronavirus. take it i think those covid rates are a testament to the conditions in these facilities. also as you said, it's safer to offer these kids over 400 times what california department of public health says it is safe to open, then why aren't ours open. we told her to be teachers needed vaccines, they got them. we were told they needed money, they got it. cases needed to fall, they did. every school in california is now clear to open full time, but
10:25 am
the vast majority are not. this social contract that we've had with the institutions are broken. parents are fed up. we're calling on the governor to take action in mandate k-12 schools offer full-time learning in california. if he doesn't, i know. >> if these teachers are fine with allowing the members to go into the convention center to teach these unaccompanied minors, what do you say to the fact that they have been arguing tooth and nail that it's too dangerous to go back into san diego county schools? >> i think it demonstrates the hypocrisy and it was never about safety we've known for quite some time that schools can be saved, schools have been open across the country safely, schools and california have even been open since last year safely. >> so if it's not about safety, then what is it really about? >> that's hard to tell. they did get unprecedented amounts of money here in california i believe it was $33 billion that they're getting
10:26 am
from all these aid packages which is about 40 percent of their budget this year, so there's a windfall they are of there of many teachers offering bonuses if you're working longer hours, working harder and you want to get paid, the problem is our kids aren't getting anything in return for that. so there definitely seems to be need to be a path towards money. >> at the moment the plan is for san diego unified students to go back to hybrid learning in a couple of weeks time, but that's only a couple of days a week as you pointed out that you said we can hopefully start to extend that. there is a lot of people that believe that it's not going to happen before the end of the school year. good to see you, thank you so much. >> you really have to look at this contradiction here of allowing your union members to go into that convention center and teach people where one in ten have covid, but not go to schools where one in 1,000. >> it is boggling, but so much of the school reopening plans
10:27 am
have been, so that is really something. moving on, police arrested accused of this brutal attack on an asian woman in new york city. the big question people have is why was this guy walking free even after he murdered his own mother? that story is next. >> plus, speaking of incredible, what to expect in biden bidens next biggest spending bill and just how much it's going to cost americans. in the plan is going to be something called social for structure it would be an expansive of the welfare state with no work incentives.
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relationship with a 17 -year-old girl according to the new york times the justice department is investigating whether the florida republican violated trafficking laws. a doj official is trying to extort him and smear his name. political reporting the suspected russian hackers stole thousands of state department e-mails last year. the messages are not believed to have included classified information. >> the faa will investigate the crash landing that starship rocket prototype. no one was hurt in tuesday's crash in texas that they are developing the ship to carry people to the moon and mars. for more on these and other top stories visit the fox news apple or app or go to get the man accused of beating an asian woman in new york city was out on parole from prison. the crime that he caught an easy break on? the murder of his own mother.
10:33 am
they arrested him after video captured the attack in midtown manhattan. the man charged with assault as a hate crime. eric's own life in new york city with more bright you have to wonder why this guy was ever on the streets. >> there is outrage today in new york city that is exactly the question people are asking. why was brandon elliott, the suspect arrested, out on the streets here in new york city. as you said he was convicted of killing his mother, stabbing her to deaf when he was 19 years old. instead of being behind bars he was sprung on what's called lifetime parole, so the guys on lifetime parole, and police say he attacked a woman identified is who had immigrated from the philippines, the latest anti- asian attack. police say he not only kicked her and punched her, but yelled anti- asian slurs at her. the new york city mayoral republican candidate and just
10:34 am
the fact that elliott was free exposes failures he says in new york's criminal justice system. >> this endless series of violent attacks will continue. i have the guardian angels that we have been protecting the asian community since the end of the lunar new year at the start of the lock down in march. i have been warning everyone, i'm saying to them, we have so many emotionally disturbed people, so many people who will be targeting the asians, we have to protect them. >> it turns out that elliott had been denied parole twice before it was granted a year and a half ago. we asked the new york state parole board why elliott is not behind bars? they wouldn't tell us why he was sprung on that parole. we expect in a news conference about all this about a half hour from now. >> sometimes you just have to shake your head, that's all you can do. give.
10:35 am
>> sandra, we see that happening in new york city and then there's the big controversy across on the other side of the country with george gascon wanting to give some early parole to harden prisoners there. >> how about the rain controversy in washington, dc. it's like a white out behind you there, john. >> you know, april showers bring may flowers, and april doesn't start until tomorrow, but were getting a head start on the season here. we are getting a lot of rain at the moment. >> the flowers will bloom. president biden set to leave for pittsburgh, that is happening next hour where he is expected to unveil his massive to trillion dollars spending plan. the new york post, fork it over as his big plans are expected to lead two big tax hikes. folks want to know what is this going to cost them, what do you tell them? to give first of all, they're so
10:36 am
much creative accounting and how much it's going to cost and who's going to pay for it, whether it will get paid for at all. it's actually more than to trillion, it's 5 trillion, but he was going going to over 200 $50 million. it's an extraordinarily large amount of money. the first bit of creative accounting which we tried to use on our taxes would probably be in jail tomorrow, but the first part is they spend the money in eight years, but they have 15 years to pay for it. in the $5 trillion they say will be entirely paid for by changes in the corporate tax rate, now they claim that they can get everything they need to get from raising corporate taxes, getting rid of some of the loopholes we know corporations take advantage of, but that would mean essentially and doubling of the corporate income, that is the amount of money in taxes that the
10:37 am
government takes from corporations. many people say that that is an impossible hope that they're going to get it from corporate taxes. that means eventually it's going to fall to be paid for either in terms of inflation, that is the federal reserve will just print more money to pay for it, that leads to inflation we all pay for and higher prices on everything we buy, or on taxes that will affect the middle class, so we will eventually see some price tag on this because the corporate tax i think it's an impossible tasks to raise at least 50 percent more from what they're getting now from corporations. >> at this point in the game, aren't we still trying to get help out to our businesses that have been reeling is a result of shut down due to the pandemic? you living up to john's expectation of incredible, but also you rubbed her fingers together. you are insinuating that the american people will eventually be on the hook for this massive
10:38 am
spending. but this talk of social welfare, social infrastructure, our colleague they are on the foxbusiness network, he's been talking about this for quite some time. he has an inside look at the numbers when he was inside the trump white house, and now from his feed, he is seeing this infrastructure bill includes the largest expansion of the social welfare state since lbj. he's also labeling this a trojan horse for the green new deal. >> the problem with lbj spending as it wasn't just a one-time shot, lbj instituted programs that had what's called the legacy spending, programs that we've spent tens of trillions of dollars on over the past 40 or 50 years since lbj started those programs. the concern is not only will we get those $5 trillion price tag, but we will have these legacy payments that we are going to be starting these programs that won't end at the end of those eight years, they
10:39 am
will continue on. >> when you talk about this as to what we are going to take into this plan. while there is uncertainty with this and the higher taxes, the u.s. stock market keeps going up a real quick final thoughts.
10:40 am
>> to meet that consumer spending, so that still is the great hope of stock markets around the world that once we see the end of the lockdown the other thing is if there is infrastructure spending, that means it will be cheaper to ship goods around the world and that would be good for corporations. >> all good points, you are incredible. john, i mean this is really something. 4:00 o'clock today eastern time are going to learn a whole lot more, the president will be making his way over to make that big announcement we will hear from him directly what this plan entails, how that money gets spent, what time frame, and how much the taxpayer it is on is on the hook for. >> you're going to have to find someplace to get the money no question about that. karl rove will be joining us in the next hour and he will talk more about this. i'm sure he has the white board prepped and ready to go with
10:41 am
some fascinating figures. >> president biden stopped construction at the border wall, but the government is apparently paying out contracts even though no work is being done. how much is this costing taxpayers? >> the last republican launches a senate campaign against who will join us next to discuss why she is entering this race. refiplus lets you refinance at record low rates to save money every month plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa.
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10:46 am
it's good to finally have you on. welcome to politics. >> thank you for having me. do you know you have a year a long history and politics but you're playing a different role now. clearly, senator murkowski drew a lot of fire for her vote to convict president trump during the impeachment trial. she was even censured by the state gop and the president or former president has said he's actively going to campaign against her reelection. why do you believe that she needs to be replaced? >> in their 70s, alaska was prosperous, our education scores were high and our streets were safe, that's why my parents moved here looking for greater opportunity. my mom was one of the to help the start out. their time life was hard for them, they were even homeless for a while. they instilled, alaska, values and me and i thought to be the first in our family to pursue a
10:47 am
college degree. that's not the same alaska, we live in now. for about the last 20 years, the same amount of time that she has been in the senate, our economy has shrunk, our education scores have plummeted, and are primed his sword. there is lots of alaskans who have a fire in our hearts to rebuild our state in see what it can be, we know that lisa is a gang of senators looking to make the united states senate great again, that's not what alaskans are focused on i want to go to the senate and fight for alaska, those for a few who feel forgotten a appear. >> let me drill down on a couple of those items you pointed out there. in terms of being the first person from your family to go to college, he went to harvard, so there is that. but you say oil and gas drops have declined since she's been in the senate, educations scores have plummeted. there has been an increase a decade prior to that and obviously a big one since covid
10:48 am
it. for the decade prior to that, jobs and the go oil gas industry was pretty stable. isn't school and crime as state issue, not a federal issue? >> you know, lisa murkowski celebrated and applauded joe biden coming in and made it clear in his campaign he was going to take direct aim at alaska's oil and gas industry and that's what he did varied our oil and gas industry has taken a huge hit just in the time that he's come in and as you said, our industry is dependent on those oil and gas jobs. they also voted to approve illegal immigrants coming into our country and staying here. then she improved she was a deciding vote for obama care which is to increase our healthcare costs and then decrease our healthcare choices for way too many alaskans. those are some of the things alaskans are particularly concerned about. we are a huge military state,
10:49 am
the last time joe biden was in the white house they decreased funding. under president trump e increase military funding and support that something else were watching in alaska. >> no question that president trump did increase military spending. but also i think it should be pointed out that lisa murkowski just recently torpedoed the over fears that she was going to lead to a further decline in the oil and gas industry there. you have got some former president trump's campaign people like tim murtaugh who our working for you, do you expect to get the endorsement of president trump, do you want it, and would it help? >> i would love to have the endorsement of president trump. he is very popular in alaska. i spoke at his first fundraiser for his presidency when he ran in 2020 and i work for his administration for to years in dc and he won the votes of the
10:50 am
state of alaska twice because of things like opening up oil and gas development after pushing back six decades of restrictions. something that murkowski didn't help us with for the to decades she was in the senate, speaking of her vote to shoot down the deputy of the interior she was also the one that passed out of committee the nomination for the department of interior from joe biden even saying she had reservations and didn't raise a single question on her position on oil and gas leases and permits up here in alaska directly tied to the future of our oil and gas jobs. so she is using her seniority to not ask about the future of alaska, it shows she's not using her position for the future of our jobs. >> we should point out a new election system so you could end up going head-to-head with her in the primary and in the general election. it's good to catch up with you and we will see a lot of you in the next year and a half. >> thank you, i appreciate your
10:51 am
time, john. >> groundbreaking new study showing how kids can get 100 percent protection from the coronavirus. what you need to hear. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna.
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>> let's listen to that for a moment. check out these images. around 15,000 bees swarm to the backseat of a car outside of a grocery store. the off-duty firefighter who is a beekeeper in his spare time of course was called in to remove and relocate them. it took nearly to hours to do just that. it doesn't appear anyone was seriously hurt but as a security guard was stung we hope the security guard is okay. i do not like being stung by a bee. >> dodge in the 70s had a car called the super b, that was a modern-day equivalent of the super b. >> thank goodness and off-duty firefighter just happen to know how to handle bees.
10:56 am
you get a lot of part-time beekeeper going on. more lawmakers headed to texas to get a firsthand look at the border crisis. texas congressman tony gonzalez joins us with what he has been saseeing down there. stay with us. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa. if you have... ...moderate to severe psoriasis, ... ...little things... ...can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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so my plan includes preservision. >> we begin a brand-new hour of america reports that president biden about to unveil his latest multitrillion dollar spending spree, a plan that would take money from taxpayers to pay for it. good afternoon and welcome to the second hour of america reports. >> we can hear it, it is really coming down there it's about to come down here as well. president biden heading out from the white house moments from now making his way to pittsburgh at this hour. the president trying to sell his new plan as infrastructure but critics say it's a way to find a
11:01 am
bunch of progressive priorities that say we should see the president just moments from now. >> the white house also feeling the heat from the far left progressive's claiming the price tag as nowhere near enough to get their agenda through, they want more. >> how big are they willing to go? karl rove will be ready for reaction as we check in with our reporters rob reporters on the ground. >> hilary vann has got a look at what the study needs for american jobs. first, peter ducey and what were learning about this latest round of spending. >> there is some infrastructure in their the white house once for example to spend $111 billion to get rid of every leadpipe in this country. they want to spend $115 billion to modernize roads and bridges that are in most need of repair and they want every dollar to be spent on every dollar that is fun to go towards protecting against climate change. that is reflected here. $174 billion to win the electric
11:02 am
vehicle market, $10 billion to create a civilian climate pool, and $16 billion to plug oil wells and clean abandoned mines. the level of our national debt. i hope we are not beginning to get in the habit of anytime we want to do something calling it in emergency and run up the national debt. >> this is the largest serious pending proposal ever in the history of the united states. some democrats are still not satisfied. the progressive leader aoc, says this, this is not nearly enough, the important context here is that it's $5 trillion spread over ten years for context the covid package is 1.$9 trillion for this year alone with some provisions lasting to years, it needs to be way bigger, but the white house
11:03 am
likes the size of this pitch. >> good morning, guys. this is the president's plan he's going to take some time to outline it today and i think it's big and it's ambitious, but it's also practical. >> we expect the president to roll the plan out here in pittsburgh at the carpenters union training center and about two and a half hours. >> needs to be way bigger, those are interesting words. peter ducey for us outside the rainy white house. >> let's head over to hilary vaughn. hello, hillary, so what are we hearing this new plan means for jobs, especially at this critical time for our economic recovery? >> that's exactly right, but what is the selling point for the trillions in new spending is that it's going to create millions of good union jobs, but not for every union. the boilermakers union here in
11:04 am
pittsburgh tells me they are worried that this infrastructure and job package with an emphasis on clean and green means that they will be out of a job in the green jobs that president biden says he wants them to take over won't be there for long. >> the other thing nobody realizes, once these wind farms and solar farms are built, there is no maintenance to them. we play a large role in maintaining all these power plants it gives us tens of thousands of man-hours a year building and maintaining the infrastructure. those hours are gone. >> biden's infrastructure and jobs plan comes with a big price tag and a big tax hike for businesses, hiking the tort corporate tax rates from 21-28 percent. the top republican on the house infrastructure committee says the plan only spends 25 percent of the trillions on actual infrastructure projects and
11:05 am
passes down the cost onto businesses and workers at a time when they can't afford to pay it saying the president's blueprint as a multitrillion dollar partisan shopping list fault paid for with massive job killing tax increases. the tax foundation says the tax hikes alone could cost over 150,000 jobs just raising the corporate tax rate, but it also would have an impact on people's paycheck. it would cut wages by.7 percent according to the tax foundation. >> hilary, you are reporting as we just heard the president has departed running about 20 minutes behind schedule. there is a downpour happening there in washington, dc slowing things down just a little bit. air force one is we await the detailed plan from the president, hillary, thank you. >> let's bring in karl rove today and who's got more to say about all of this. this $2 trillion appears to be just a down payment on what lies
11:06 am
ahead if you take what aoc said as any kind of indication. the progressive wing of the democratic party is going to be pushing for more, more, more, more, more. >> absolutely. this is the opening bid. we are going to build an infrastructure that includes $10 million to create a climate core, by hire a bunch of young kids to go out and think we're doing something about climate because we're on the government payroll. this is going to be in favor of the unions over the private sector by nonunion workers it's going to favor green energy overcurrent energy, it will favor roads and bridges, you know, we're going to spend some money on that, but we're going to spend a lot more money of moving people off of cars fueled by oil and gas and into cars fueled by electricity, which don't pay the gas tax that maintains the roads, so how are you going to figure out how to
11:07 am
maintain those roads if you're driving people to get out of cars that use gasoline and into cars that use gasoline by subsidizing the purchase of their card today how are you then going to pay for the maintenance of the upkeep of the roads because those cars are going to drive miles and they're not going to be paying anything to maintain the roads. the details are going to be interesting to watch. >> injustice like it were going to school for folks at home to see what's in the bill, i think they can listen to you and's read at the same time. the chamber of commerce as we proposed by the administration which will slow the economic recovery and make the u.s. less competitive globally the exact awfully opposite of the infrastructure plan. if we scroll within the bill, tell us about the taxing. >> took corporate taxes, they will pay for it raising taxes on corporations. corporations are people, the people that work in those companies economists they will pay part of that new tax burden
11:08 am
in the form of lower compensation. the customers of that corporation will pay in the form of higher prices for the goods and services for that company. the investors in the company will pay in the form of lower return and then the vendors for the company will also pay in the form of getting less price for all their goods and services. our american businesses compete on a global stage and when we have a higher tax rate than the global average, which we had under the previous administration, it was changed by the trump administration when the tax rate is higher than the international average that means our companies our fighting with one of their arms tied behind their back. now commit we've lowered it to just below the international average which means we're competing on fair ground. you raise it back to the old level and it means american companies will be less competitive abroad. what does that mean? fewer jobs, less exports, less
11:09 am
income, smaller gdp than we would otherwise have. >> i want to take a quick swing and another issue. officials, and these are officials in the state of georgia coming out and defending the new joe georgia voter waccamaw listen to what he said here. to get the reality of it is we have a lot in every state in the nation has a law that says you can't campaign within 150 feet or some designated amount with the polling location. what happened in georgia as people we're using to get around we had to make a bright line to give water to that side, 150 feet. he talking about the provision that it's illegal to hand out water to people standing in line at the polls. >> every state, he is right come every state has an election area law, as it says, you can't be partisan within a certain number of feet up up polling place or a every single state has that.
11:10 am
every single state. what differences how much space between the polling place and the partisan activity. what, georgia said is georgia had a bunch of politically active groups that were providing food trucks and handing out food and water in violation of that standard. they said okay, the georgia standard is 150 feet from the polling place, 25 feet from the voter waiting in line. you can't be the national rifle association or fair fight speak to stacy abrams group or the democrats are the republicans are the pro-life people or the planned parenthood people, and be handing out food and drink 150 feet from the polling place or 25 feet from the voter waiting in the line. outside of those barriers, knock yourself out, do whatever you want to do, but within those, you cannot be handing out a politically active group handing out water. the only water provided is by the local county officials.
11:11 am
sensible. some allow you to wear a button or a t-shirt into the polling place, but every state has an anti- election area law and this was to keep people from the nra and fair fight, liberal and conservative groups from handing out food and water in the line. >> karl, thank you so much. good to see you. >> thank you, sir. >> it's not that you can't give out water you just can't give out water within 150 feet. >> got it. in the rain keeps coming down there. the president making his way to air force one. we're also getting word, john, as we listen to your discussion there with karl rove, that the president will hold his first cabinet meeting tomorrow, perhaps we will get more information perhaps there is a potential gaggle on air force one when he makes his trip to pennsylvania, but we're just getting word of that. we have got a jampacked hour coming up including a game changer when it comes to covid and our nation's children.
11:12 am
what were now learning about vaccines. >> britney spears sharing some thoughts on her documentary and doing a little dance. we will show you that message. >> up next, the border, we will spoke to texas congressman tony gonzalez fresh off his trip two several border locations as lawmakers continue to sound off on the growing crisis there. >> the cartels know that they're overwhelmed. what they're doing is bypassing now they know the agents are processing these children and their bringing drugs into america left and right. that's the visionworks difference. visionworks. see the difference. important news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa.
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with 24/7 roadside assistance. -okay. >> as the crisis along the southern border escalates, there are some big questions being raised over president biden's
11:17 am
decision to put a halt to the wall. politics aside, millions of dollars of your tax money is still being paid out each and every day, each and every week, even though the construction has stopped. >> john, i've been here three days and i feel like i'm at the airport with a welcome sign. when president biden issued that stop work order basically workers walked off the job leaving construction material like this and i'm going to show you a glaring example of what we saw basically the last several days basically this huge gap in the fence, taxpayers are paying $1 million a day because people are not working and get a hold between the primary and secondary fence, this has become a highway for migrants, there was a group that just came up you're looking at them right now of the family from guatemala. meanwhile, tons of material as
11:18 am
standing idle. experts say canceling those contracts could cost as much as completing the project. >> so the government is paying contractors to be on standby. so if the government, and sometimes takes a long time to resolve the dispute, that will tax cost taxpayers more. >> there are a 39 wall projects right now dead in the water. it's been destroyed by wall
11:19 am
construction. the lights, the cameras come with the sensors on the ground that allow the border control to have that situational awareness. the point is not going in. great reporting on the ground they are among the rocks in the desert. william, thanks. >> let's bring in republican congressman of texas he serves the 23rd district which includes more than 820 miles of the us-mexico border. mostly rural just north of the rio grande there congressman, and incredibly important area and all of this, you look at
11:20 am
that stretch of land, from sanyo tonio to el paso and to hear what's happening to children in some of these facilities. you and your colleagues have been demanding to get into these facilities. you were granted access, what did you see? >> i've been sounding the alarm for months now, just recently a few days ago, i was out in el paso and we viewed a few different things. one of those was the migrant facility that's going to go up there at fort bliss will be controlled by hhs, but only housed at fort bliss were up to 5,000 unaccompanied children will be housed that is over 100 acres that are getting built there, i also went to because i think it's important for us to realize there is a crisis on the american side, but there's also a crisis on the mexican side so i went over to see firsthand the families that are making the trek, and many of them are confused. they are smugglers they've come
11:21 am
in from southern texas, the reynosa area and the smugglers told them they will get into the u.s. no problem. they get caught, and they get sent via plane from southern texas to el paso because of capacity and now they got returned to the other side. >> we're showing the pictures you provided us of your to where they are. you mentioned fort bliss, who you are across the border and toured a migrant holding facility in mexico to get a look at what is happening across the border there. yes, but you spoke with families from cuba, honduras, haiti, what are the big questions we've heard our own reporters asking on the ground of these migrants is what made you come, why did you take this journey now? what are you hearing from them? >> it is heartbreaking to see these families, many of them are with several small children make this journey come up that what they're being told is essentially the cartels have turned into travel agents.
11:22 am
they give them bracelets that determine where exactly they're going, it's very organized process, but this is what worries me is there are tens of thousands of families on the mexican side of the border. if this administration does away with title 42 for families, what were going to see his tens of thousands of families try to come into the united states overnight. that's what i'm hearing on the ground, from border patrol agents and professionals. we have to ensure that the fortitude stays intact until we get the situation under control. >> your colleague in the house, joined us at the top of the last hour talking about his tour of the donna facility when he had to say really stopped you. let's listen. >> this morning in the first to hours of this facilities operations this morning, 14 ambulances took children to the
11:23 am
er. they gave birth, a child gave birth and the outdoor facility or a mother gave birth just the day prior. this is unbelievable human suffering. >> he was talking about that incredible human suffering that he saw with his own eyes they are, but also part of your tour, you did a night patrol with border patrol agents. you touched on it a second ago, tell us a little bit more about that is we show the viewer some of the images you brought us. what were you hearing from border patrol there? >> i did the nighttime tour almost four hours we did a tour with the border patrol agents and saw it firsthand from unaccompanied children, they were within minutes on my tour we had several small children give themselves up, and it was interesting to watch the sheriffs department work hand in hand with the border patrol agents using operation sonar, throughout the night, the technology piece is absolutely
11:24 am
critical. in that sector there is 150 miles of border, of that only 24 miles has it any sorts of technology associated. they're asking for that and i think that's a reasonable request the other thing is the manpower. people are stretched thin. i will tell you this, the morale of the men and women in green, the border patrol agents is very high. they are proud of what they're doing, they're working around the clock to ensure our country is safe and i'm grateful to them. >> when you said you saw several small children give themselves up, what was the situation? what did you see? >> three small children to males and one female, the youngest was nine, and nine -year-old, a 13 -year-old, and a 17 -year-old. within minutes we come across them, we got down, they were all coming from honduras, they were making the trek, it was a young lady and it was 20 to days they were on this truck for 20 to
11:25 am
days they were going to see members of their family in the united states, but here's the thing. it was very organized they knew what to say, they knew how to contact folks, and that's one thing this administration has to address as they have to address that america is only open for illegal immigration. illegal immigration can't be tolerated. there are tens of thousands of families on the other side. if this administration does away with title 42, we will see things conger conger spiral out of control. >> we have been showing live images. we thought we had seen the images they are still coming in just an extremely overcrowded facility. we appreciate you telling us what you saw firsthand. >> some live images as well to share with you. joint base andrews where president joe biden has just arrived there in a hellacious rainstorm talking to one of the servicemembers there.
11:26 am
and then head out to join our peter ducey and coming up next, the big development on covid vaccines in children. how soon might your kids be able to get the shots? also, his take on herd immunity and whether we will ever get there.
11:27 am
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>> planning on flying soon? you might have to give up that extra elbow room. delta air lines announcing it will begin selling middle seats again starting on may 1st. it stopped selling the seats a year ago during the height of the pandemic mice masks of course will be required on delta's planes. we are back to loving that middle seat again. >> a potential game changer when it comes to covid and children. pfizer announcing its vaccines are 100 percent effective for
11:31 am
children ages 12-my 15 years old. could be a green changer. >> that is at 12-15 -year-old, but as of today in indiana anyone 16 and up is now eligible for the vaccine so that's welcome news. here at this particular location, they're giving out the vaccine which is only authorized for 18 and up so anyone 16 or 17 will have to get the other vaccine so for that reason, some school districts our working on setting up clinics so they don't have to hunt around and make sure they get the right brand of vaccine. i talked to the health of the health department here and she tells me that anyone who is eligible as it continues to expand should sign up. >> it is important that we get vaccinated and we have the flexibility.
11:32 am
so please come and sign up. >> you will notice behind me, a lot of the people still getting the vaccine today are not teenagers that's because they're still catching up on days and weeks of previous appointments but as of today anyone 16 and up can make an appointment and that is the case for more than 20 states across the country now. >> here in new york it's 30 and up, and in the next week they moved to 16 and up, that's a lot more people eligible for the vaccine. thank you. >> what does this mean? let's bring in our doctor mark steagall now. the pfizer vaccine exciting news, it's 100 percent effective according to the drugmaker and people aged 12-15. but there is no plan to vaccinate that group, so what is the net effect here? >> first of all, it sends a message to everyone else that this is an incredibly safe vaccine which we already knew, but to see it in 12-15
11:33 am
-year-olds, the group that makes mothers and fathers nervous is incredibly important. it's not published yet, it will be peer-reviewed and published in the fda advisory committee will get involved. i'm told from inside sources they will just add an addendum to the emergency use authorization. they will add it onto what pfizer has already which is 16 and up. that's still going to take a couple of months but 100 percent effectiveness means that in 2002 262 used half of those got the vaccines, that half, there was zero cases in zero tested positive, that's because teens have a stronger immune system than adults do. we were already at 95 percent for adults, 100 percent for teens. it's incredibly important because we only reach heat herd immunity between actually vaccinate the vast majority of the population that includes teens and children. >> one of the big issues we've been talking about.
11:34 am
when you get vaccinated, do you get a reward of taking up the basket going about your normal life again? i always wondered, even if you're vaccinated, do you continue to harbor the virus and could you spread it to others. the cdc director said no, vaccinated people do not carry the virus and no they don't spread it, so can we take off the masks? can we go out to restaurants? >> first of all, john, i'm extremely happy to hear her because she's very cautious as you know, and that is looking at all the data that you can spread it, so if you're with other people that are vaccinated, you really don't need to wear a mask. i think in public places where there's. the message you already said which there is so much
11:35 am
politicization of this vaccine passports, but i want this vaccine to get you in the places you weren't able to go to before. what about where they see the need that toes. the test is inaccurate, the vaccine we just heard is accurate. how about when you go to the test center. the last thing i want to do, but there's always a chance the person there before you actually had covid 19. when we get to the point where were using vaccines instead of testing which i think as a smart public health move, we're going to be liberating society and i think we're heading there. >> what you say always makes perfect sense, and we will see where we go from here. >> so glad you had that child, john. >> up next, aoc sounding up on the surge of migrants at our southern border. wait until you hear what she's actually taking issue with. >> former congressman has got a
11:36 am
lot to say about that, he is on deck and ready to hit. that is coming up next. of mind. refiplus from newday usa can make it happen. refiplus lets you refinance at the lowest mortgage rates in history plus get an average of $50,000 cash for the financial security you and your family deserve. refiplus, only from newday usa. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking
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we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ >> president biden about to unveil trillions of dollars in taxpayer money on a package full of items with the progressive wish list as we are told the new york post sums it up like this the headline this morning fork it over. sean duffy, because of poor somebody's got to pay for this. >> and it's going to be taxpayers they're going to raise taxes on everyone in america to pay for this massive stand spending bill. they say this is going to be about building infrastructure. if you're going to build roads, airports, bridges, schools, new shipping ports, america would agree with that, but let me take you on a trip, remember in 2009 when they did the stimulus bill they were going to have shovel ready projects? we should have seen new roads, no potholes, new bridges,
11:41 am
america's infrastructure is dilapidated because none of that money went to infrastructure, but it went to the special projects the same thing will happen here and they're going to tax our pants off to pay for it. >> aoc says it's not nearly enough. the far left once more. that was her a lot exact words, that's not nearly enough, the important context is its 5 trillion spread over for context, the covid package was one point trying trillions for this year alone with provisions lasting to years it needs to be way bigger. there are many in your party who are making the case that this is a trojan horse for social economics come at the far left progressive agenda will be at play with this trillions of dollars. when you think about that, how many zeros are in these numbers, it's hard to fathom. >> by the way, sandra, we are at $30 trillion in debt, somebody's going up to pay that back at
11:42 am
some point and when we print and borrow money the way we are it has a huge impact on our economy. you'll see inflation, the lower economic growth and the consequence of that you see poor people do worse in the economy like that. this is not good for the long term, let's spend money, let's build roads and bridges. the problem we have in this debate is that republicans haven't been solid on spending. they've spent like drunken sailors themselves. >> it's a necessary point to make, but still, talking to our colleague here at fox news, he's got of warning about what we will see play out here. listen. >> everybody loves infrastructures, bridges, roads, repairs, that's fine, that's not necessary three or four truly you can do that for $1 trillion over ten years.
11:43 am
taken, very similar, republicans can support infrastructure spending, but all the other stuff that's going to be jam packed in there that is of concern. we'll hear from joe biden in just a moment. >> there's about 300 billion going to infrastructure, and up for trillion a $4 trillion bill. more than to thirds is going to something else which is the green new deal spending. >> we will get more details in just a moment but last question and went happening on the southern border and want to get your thoughts on that because more from aoc on her problem at the border is using the word surge. >> it's not a border crisis it's an imperialism crisis, it's a trait crisis, anybody using the term search around you consciously is trying to invoke a militaristic name. we are not being invaded, bit which by the way is a white supremacist idea.
11:44 am
your reaction? >> as surge powerful move for us forward or it doesn't say anything about the color, she is using racism to get attention away from the horrible conditions in the facilities at the border. she's not talking about little girls that are being and sold into slavery, she's not talking about covid and the people at the border, those are the real risks, the human crisis that she's not talking about. when donald trump was in office she was at the border where is she crying for little kids that are sexually assaulted who are getting assaulted and living in cages. she's an opportunist, she's a joke, she's a political hack. she is ridiculous. >> good to have you this afternoon and appreciated. john, i had a really interesting conversation with someone yesterday as i mentioned representing a lot of businesses here in new york and he said one concern of many of these
11:45 am
business owners have is while there is so much necessary focus at our southern border, while all that is happening, democrats are looking at this massive spending overhauled. you've got all these changes that are taking place in the meantime, don't turn a blind eye as there is another a lot of other things happening. i think roads and bridges need to be upgraded our airports in some cities are a complete and utter joke, but if you're going to spend money on infrastructure, targeted. >> canceled cold start now targeting the iowa caucus is very democrats considering moving this date the state later in the primary schedule in 2024. party leaders think i will place two big of a role in the nominating process and that it is overwhelming white majority is not reflective enough of the country. new hampshire could also lose its status is an early voting state for the same reason.
11:46 am
>> coming up, john. ♪ >> i guess it was britney spears that happens, there she is breaking her silence about the controversial documentary about her life. wait until you hear why she says it left her crying for weeks. aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ keeping your oysters business growing has you swamped.
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>> day three of the murder trial prosecutors bleeding up the moments that led to george floyd's arrest. scott, the late, bring us up-to-date. >> brand-new video has emerged showing the final moments of george floyd's life in cub foods the video it appears to show him stumbling around, shuffling through what appears to be paper or dollar bills from his pocket the key eyewitness christopher martin was a klug clerk at cove boutique testified the $20 bill floyd gave him is fake and is still haunted by what happened to floyd. >> why guilt?
11:51 am
>> if i would've just not taken the bill. >> when you did interact with mr. floyd in the store, what was his demeanor like? >> he seemed very friendly. approachable. he was talkative. he seemed to just be having an average memorial day. >> that witness said floyd seemed under the influence. martin also george floyd and floyd's friend marie's hall were in cub foods. they tried to pass of fake bill that first time he testified. he's not sure if george floyd knew he was using a counterfeit bill. to get you can see how he feels about making the decision to call the police after what ensued following that. >> meanwhile, britney spears
11:52 am
sharing her thoughts about the new york times dock you series that took about her sensor conservatorship battle i should say. the popstar testing up heartfelt message in this jonathan, it's a story so many have been following. >> apparently committed britney spears wants to scream and chat and let it all out in the wake of that documentary which was supposed to be sympathetic to her and rally support for her fight to regain control of her own life from her conservative father. >> britney had to navigate being told who she could be and what she could do. >> any time there is that amount of money to be made you have to question the motives of everyone close to that person. >> the pop superstar doesn't feel lucky at all and instead seems to think that documentary was just adding to the circus and the toxic atmosphere around her. so at least according to her
11:53 am
instagram she is dancing it all out so she doesn't go crazy. she says in her instagram post, which seems to come from close to the bottom of her broken heart that she dances alone to keep her own joy after a lifetime of being judged and adds, i didn't watch the documentary, but from what i did see of it i was embarrassed by the white they put me in, i cried for to weeks and i still cry sometimes and it's as if she hasn't said it before, maybe one more time she says i'm not here to be perfect, perfect is boring, i'm here to pass on kindness, presumably until the world ends. we only hope that britney comes all of this stronger and continues to work which will enable me to stop using her song titles in scripts so she doesn't hold it against me, oops, i did
11:54 am
it again. >> thank you. so many have things to say on this john as you've been able to watch the dark you series? >> she's such an icon in america and just to watch this whole thing come unraveled is just so sad. sandra, do you think mask mandates are too much? we will tell you where a breach in covid protocol it landed someone in a years long jail sentence. great news for veterans who need money for their family. that's me. refiplus from newday usa lets you refinance at record low rates plus get an average of $50,000. that's me. that's money for security today or retirement tomorrow. that's me. refiplus. at novartis, our goal is to help keep cosentyx accessible and affordable. if you're taking cosentyx and your insurance
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you need a financial plan that can help grow and protect your money. an annuity can help cover
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essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how... this is what an annuity can do. >> sandra: fox news alert. a major setback in the pandemic fight. france going in to lockdown to try to stop covid. emmanuel macron making the announcement a few minutes ago. there's also a domestic travel ban. >> john: for four weeks.
11:59 am
a court in vietnam sentencing a flight attendance for two years in jail for violating the quarantine violations. the flight attendant met up with dozens of people after a flight from japan in november. some got sick. 2,000 people had to be tested as a result. >> sandra: wait till you hear this. if you planning on hiding from police, stay off social media. cops tracked down an italian gangster that was hiding out in the caribbean. they started a cooking show on youtube. he hid his face but not tattoos. now he's facing charges of money laundering and extortion. if you're planning on hiding out -- >> john: don't do a cooking show. >> sandra: stay off social media. >> john: a major back in the dog house. the president's dog with another
12:00 pm
biting incident. this happened from returning from training in delaware following a similar incident. major is getting used to his new surroundings and the person that was bitten is okay. somebody is not adjusting to life at the white house well. >> sandra: all right. great to be with you, john.i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: thanks very much, john and sandra. i'm martha maccallum live in new york. president biden expected to land in pittsburgh, pennsylvania in the heart of steel and coal country where he will unveil a plan that pushes solar power and electric vehicles. see what he says about his choice of place for this roll-out that was billed as an enormous infrastructure program. that is a fraction of what is in the deal. the president will describe to the country in moments. it includes a $200 billion investment in electric vehicles, billions for a


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