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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 30, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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actually, tomorrow is going to be even better. we will be back 8:00 p.m. eastern on the show. every weeknight, the sworn enemy of flying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. sean hannity. >> sean: thank you, tucker. great show. welcome to "hannity." tonight we are tracking multiple breaking stories. we have more information that we can possibly get in for the full hour. i promise you will not see or hear this and the other media mob. a new report from san diego where, that's right, illegal migrant unaccompanied children recently released from biden's cages are now receiving in-person schooling from different places around the country and this place, all while local students in san diego, they have not stepped foot inside a classroom and more than a year. so, this is what america and america last policies look like. we will explain. coming up, we also have shocking new footage on the border with
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senator ted cruz who will join us tonight. and also, new program in northern california is literally allocating funds to low income earners, but not if you are a low income and happen to be a white american. i thought what happened to the goal of a color-blind society? isn't that what all good people want? plus, nancy pelosi's challenge and the results of a 2020 house race and she is now literally trying to block a certified election. and yes, literally after there has been a count and a recount, and a certification. yep, she would like to take that house seat back and give it to a democrat. that is real information tonight. and we expect joe biden will announce a massive $3.5 trillion tax increase tomorrow. it will be on small business bu, but you will pay for it. large businesses, you will pay for that too.
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high income earners, medium in income earners. pretty much anyone who has a job and has a pulse. much higher energy costs appear we are all paying more at the pump, more to heat our homes and cool our homes. his policies are hurting every single american. if this is passed, joe biden will use trillions of dollars as his down payment for his new green deal madness as we now pay more and more for energy, give up energy independence, and rely on nations that hate us for the lifeblood of our economy. we have a lot to get to. but first, we start tonight again at the border where the biden administration finally today allowed, after being pressured, the media allow them some access to one migrant holding facility. that was after it was cleaned up. as you can see, the images come as we have been showing you come as we sneak out these images, they didn't want these images out.
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the texas facility, which is equipped to hold only 250 people and only for a short period of time, it is now filled with over 4,000 migrants illegal immigrants. that means it is operating at 1600% capacity. that means, as you can see, there is no room for social distancing, no room for proper hygiene, no room for covid testing. the facilities are already overwhelmed. they don't have enough people to take care of the people that are there. and as we speak, there are more than 18,000 migrant children currently in cbt custody. this is an all time high. hundreds of thousands of migrants are now expected to cross by july. likely over a million. we thought, i thought we were in the middle of a pandemic. i thought dr. fauci, the great dr. fauci and hysterical fearful cdc director, they told us they were worried about covid-19. joe biden keeps yelling at you about wearing your mask and
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distancing. joe biden is calling for more devonian shutdowns. so, where is joe biden? where's anthony fauci? where is the cdc's director's concern at these images, at these jam-packed migrant facilities with people literally stacked on top of one another in cages, joe's cages. he built those cages. if there's not a super-spreader event, dr. fauci, one must ask what is. do you even care? why the silence from the great trump-hating dr. fauci at this important moment? what happened to follow the science at facilities that are so overcrowded. many of these migrants, including those potentially infected, we have high rates of covid plus del my positivity. they are being sent to cities all across the country. take a look at this from senator lankford and his recent border tour. >> ten people together that all
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say they are family. if they have one child that is five or six years old, then all of these folks will be released tonight into texas. this is the problem. this one of the areas but the media is not allowed to be able to come into. this is why i wanted to be able to be here. to be able to see it and say that this is the thing that biden does not want you to see. literally people walking across the border. the check in here and they are all released. 100% of the people that are here tonight will be released. so, this is absolutely an open border situation. anyone who wants to come in from any country in the world. >> sean: wait until you see the tape that ted cruz is giving us exclusively tonight that he put together. wow. because remember, they wanted all of the senators to delete their phones. the gag order on border patrol agents. they are not allowed to do interviews, right along spirit those interviews must -- will only are we facing and national
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security crisis, but a health crisis and a national security crisis. by the way, many of them have not been vaccinated themselves and processed and processed, thousands and thousands of adults and children. our borders are less secure. don't think the cartels and human traffickers and drug dealers and gangs are not taken advantage. they are taking full advantage knowing the attention of border patrol is elsewhere. according to an investigation, project releasing today. it is now at a five year high. hundred 14 encounters with sex offenders in just the last two months. in other words, trying to get into our country. and meanwhile, dangerous cartels, human traffickers, capitalizing come as we speak on all of this. one coyote break into univision that he was making a great living smuggling illegal
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immigrants across the rio grande and that biden encouraged him to make the journey across to the u.s. a migrant, a little girl just drowned trying to cross the rio grande. the vast majority of migrants, men, women, children experience some kind of violence during this arduous journey through mexico. remember, biden told the migrants, yeah, if you are looking for asylum, come. promised to welcome them. ended border wall construction. he put back in place, oh, yeah, catch and release. now biden is completely unprepared. it's not even clear frankly that joe biden recognizes the depth of the problem that he has created at the southern border. this last weekend, he delegated
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his border responsibilities just like talking to a foreign responsibilities. maybe he should start practicing or president harris. i think we all know why. president biden is not doing that well. he seems weak, frail, and we all know he is struggling cognitively. he can barely string words together during a brief public appearance. take a look. >> there are more doses of vaccines available for seniors this week than any week thus far. second, i am reiterating my call for every governor, mayor, and local leaders to maintain and reinstate the mask mandate. please, this is not politics. reinstate the mandate. the failure to take this virus seriously, precisely what got us in this mess in the first place risks more cases, more deaths. >> sean: hey joe, it's not
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politics. get the kids on top of each other out of their cages. while joe is trying to figure out the difference between the word depth and the word death, his vice president is supposed to come according to him, be in charge of the crisis at the border. but in reality, she is not doing anything at all. as a matter of fact, she still has no plans to visit, nor does joe. she has zero immigration meetings on her schedule. we checked. nothing at all. instead, she is laughing hysterically at parents who are struggling with child care. she thinks it's funny. look for yourself. >> yeah, affordable child care is a big deal. more parents are seeing the value of educators -- [laughs] we are not paying them nearly enough. >> sean: what's so funny,
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kamala? is what is happening at the border funny to you too? what is funny about america trying to get their kids a good education? spend more per capita than any industrialized. keeping kids home during an ongoing pandemic? when the kids leave joe's cages, guess what, we now know they are being sent all over the country. if your child migrant is fortunate to actually leave biden's cages, they are immediately granted in person learning. even though many california students, you have been out of a classroom for over a year. 130,000 alone in the san diego union district, just that one district in san diego. according to a shocking fox news report, teachers from the school district are teaching migrant children in person before their own students who haven't been there for a year.
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san diego county supervisor told fox news, it's great that there is in person learning for those unaccompanied minors from central america that are in the country illegally. but i wish every child of san diego county was allowed the same opportunity for in-person teaching. how we really lost our minds? remember, you the american people, you are paying for all of this, just like you are paying for all of these illegal immigrants who expect over $2 million this year. you will pay for their housing, health care, shelter, food, you name it. you will pay for it all. think about that when you try to balance your checkbook at home and pay your bills, and pay your taxes or your rent, or your mortgage, your car, your truck payment. of course, circle back, he couldn't seem to care less. take a look. >> do you think this sends the right message to the 130,000 kids in san diego and their parents who have been stuck at
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home for the last year? i am just saying that context is important and these kids are going back to school for hybrid learning. we of course want that to be 5 days a week and we are confident we will get there early next month. and i believe they are also on spring break right now. so, these teachers come i'm not sure if it's volunteer or paid. we would have to ask the local school district, while the kids are on spring break. i think that is pretty important. >> sean: context. circle back. take a look. they haven't been in the classroom in over a year. not one day. make no mistake, the biden administration does not have compassion for we, you come of the american people or your children. and frankly, they are not even showing compassion for the migrants that they claim to have a monopoly of compassion on. they are not transparent. they are covering up. they are putting a gag order on agents and they don't seem to give a rip about unity on top of it all. for them, it's about power. here with more, we welcome for now to the fox news family.
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it's great to have her. she has been a friend of this program for a long time. fox news contributor, lara trump. i have been here 25 years. congratulations. this is a great place. we are honored to have you. thank you for being with us. >> welcome i'm so excited, sean. thank you so much. i am so happy to be part of the fox family officially. it seems like a long time coming. thank you for having me. >> sean: you know come as a special gift, i might not ask you if you're going to run for the north carolina senate. >> [laughs] 's the one i have been asking you a lot. now come on a serious note, these kids haven't been in school for a year. you see these kids in cages. now, they try to blame your father-in-law in 2018 for the kids in cages. the video they showed was from biden and obama years because biden and obama built both cages and now they built a new cages. now, they are not even testing these kids. they are all sleeping on top of each other. but we are getting lectures about the need to wear masks,
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socially distance, and shutdown. now i would think if they really cared about this issue, they want to allow this to be unfolding before our eyes and want to be trying so hard to cover it up. >> they don't care. they care about one thing and that his power. they stopped prioritizing the american people a long time ago, in case nobody noticed. the day that joe biden took office, he eliminated 11,000 energy jobs right off the bat. the fact that these kids much year point, it has been over a year since so many of them have been in school. parents are struggling. to our vice president, kamala harris, the parents are having a really hard time because they are having to figure out what do i do with my kid? do i go to work or do i stay home and try to teach my kid remotely, which is nearly impossible. yet, we are paying now $86 million of taxpayer money, sean, to put people who have come to our country illegally, broken our laws in hotel rooms.
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it is so outrageous. the migrant kids get to go to school. i mean, i don't understand what is going on with these folks on the left. again, they stopped prioritizing americans a long time ago. nothing could be clearer. but i think it's really upsetting the hypocrisy. and you make a great point because i think when donald trump was in office, look, we saw the way that they, could you imagine for a second if donald trump was in charge of any of this? he was so transparent. he always answered questions of the media. he let everybody into see the facilities. yes, joe biden and barack obama. it is so upsetting and frustrating, i think to so many people, to see what has gone on here. but it is no surprise under joe biden. >> sean: could you imagine if these new cages, and there are actually are, henry claire put out teachers of kids in cages. the little kids, the other plastic cages.
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and there is no social distancing. they are all on top of each other. we are in the middle of a pandemic, according to border patrol agents. when he would really look at the policies of donald trump, we will not let you in. you will stay in mexico. he is building the wall and we got rid of catch and release. now, what does that result in? people did not make this perilous journey into what is frankly the biggest super-spreader event i think the world has seen. now unfolding before our eyes. >> yet, and not only that, but around a quarter of the women that make this truck up through mexico and through our southern border are sexually assaulted. these young girls are sexually assaulted. child slavery. they are sold into sex trafficking. it is absolutely abominable. the best thing possible is to never have anyone make that journey. under president donald trump, he made it very clear they were not going to try and do it because they knew they would be sent
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home. the president of mexico, sean, called joe biden the migrant president because he is allowing all of these people to come into america. it is a joke. we look ridiculous. it is a security issue. if we allow this to continue, we are going to lose america as we have always known it. it is a terrifying thing to see. but we don't expect anything to change because joe biden is not going to the southern border. kamala harris is not going to the southern border. you know who probably is going to the southern border? president donald j. trump. they finally felt like they had an ally with president trump and you know what? he says he is probably going to go down there and visit the southern border. they need some kind of support. they can't get it from this it administration. they will get it from president donald trump. >> sean: lara, in all honesty, you have always been gracious with your time, always coming on the program. we are glad you are part of our
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fox family. thank you for being with us and welcome for many years to come. >> thank you. excited to be part of the team. >> sean: all right, a few months ago, and investigations. remember into the 2020 election results. guess what customer tonight marks the 30th 2021. nancy pelosi democrats are still challenging what was a count, a recount, and a certified result. it is a close house race, but it has been called. not only has the race been certified, the g.o.p. congresswoman from iowa has been sworn into office. now thanks to the election challenge, nancy pelosi, her democratic hypocritical colleagues believe they have the power to overturn the election and the will of the people in iowa and replace the duly elected republican congresswoman with her democratic challenger. of course, it's only one small part of the democrat's attempt to break the system. we have been telling you all
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about hr one, sr one in the senate. that would destroy any and all election integrity in the coming years. it would add all competence of election results. it would block virtually all forms of voter verification. you would need no i.d. there would be no signature verification and you would automatically be registered even if you are a felon in prison. and of course, democrats along with their cheerleaders in the media mob, they are trying to end the filibuster. they are a relic of the jim crow era. take a look. >> president barack obama says he believes the filibuster was a relic of the jim crow era. do you believe? >> yes. >> if not, why not abolish it if it is a relic of the jim crow era? >> successful electoral politics is nearly impossible. let's figure out how we can get this done. one can't help but note that
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that is the same god that partnered with the former ku klux klan member to stop the immigration of schools as a senator. it is also weird because in 2020, 2020, that's a year ago. last year. democrats. that's right. chucky schumer and company. they used the filibuster a whopping 327 times. republicans, they used it one time. was it racist then, joe? are you calling your fellow democrats, your colleagues racist? all 327 times? what about when you used it, when you were senator? of course joe was lying just like he lied about george's new election law giving "the washington post." ultimately, it's all about ramming their radical socialist agenda without any kind of negotiations, no oversight or debate. just like they have been
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ruling and ignoring a coequal branch of government. the latest round of $3 trillion phase one of the green new deal. they are going to raise your taxes, overcome about a good whopping $4 trillion. by the way, that includes an income tax hike, corporate tax hikes, tax hike on small business, tax hike on capital gains. they are already making you pay more for gas, oil, and heat. run and thus now, former speaker of house, newt gingrich. amazing times we live in. i will just leave it wide open for you because i can tell by that smile on your face you have a lot to say. >> [laughs] while look, i think you are faced with a corrupt democratic machine on everything it is doing right now, whether it is hr one, the corrupt politicians act or this newest idea, which isn't an infrastructure deal.
6:22 pm
it is a payoff to democratic party allies bill. and you've got to go through all of the items. because what they are doing is they are lumping everything together, ramming it through. no hearings. no amendments. no markups. and their goal is to frankly one, prop up their allies with money, particularly the teachers union. two, to be able to put in the woke policies that are the left wing of the party and they've got to get it done quickly because every day that goes by, they are closer to the 2022 elections. when i think the majority of americans are going to rise up. i will just give you one number that comes out of the h.r. one fight. 90%, think about this. rex scott released this today. senator scott. 90% of the american people believe that elections should be limited to american citizens.
6:23 pm
now, h.r. one directly attacks that because it blocks the ability to verify who you are. 90% means whether you are latino, asian-american, african-american, even if you are frankly a liberal democrat, the odds are you believe it should only be american citizens who choose your government. >> sean: let me ask you this. >> okay. >> sean: all right, but for this to happen, they need at least one republican to have a forum. kamala harris can't be the deciding vote on that. do you think mitch mcconnell can get all 50 republicans to walk out if they try this? >> yes. i believe that virtually all republicans understand. h.r. one is not only corrupt politicians act, it is a desperate attempt by the democrats to sew a rig the election that the rest of our lifetime will resemble chicago,
6:24 pm
new york, or california and the machine will own everything. i frankly believe that in west virginia, in arizona with both senators, in new hampshire, nevada, i think there are a lot of democrats beginning to really take the heat. >> sean: i see him buckling. he says oh, we've got to make it harder. and then joe biden says oh, we have to make it harder. sounds like they are in cahoots. >> welcome i think it depends on what they mean by harder. going back to a standing speaking filibuster is what they mean, that's fine. i don't think you can defeat 90% of the american people. that is what the democrats are trying to do. >> sean: never seen anything like this. i first interviewed you. i remember the year. i remember the place. 1990. i never thought it would get this bad. it's worse than i thought. >> i agree. >> sean: thank you, sir. when we come back, china facing
6:25 pm
backlash tonight following the release of this w.h.o. report. you helped fund it, on the origins of the coronavirus. senator john kennedy ways and next. stay with us. and ted cruz is investigating. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight, still zero accountability from china despite their massive cover-up as the w.h.o. trying to report on the coronavirus origins, which they pay for because joe funds them. it appears to be nothing more than another p.r. campaign from beijing with the w.h.o. we shouldn't give them another say. they have been nothing but apologist for the chinese government throughout all of the spear they have denied real attempts for transparency and accountability.
6:30 pm
remember, they have their own travel ban. in other parts of china, you cannot travel to wuhan. if you were in wuhan, you cannot travel to other places in china but you could travel anywhere else in the world. while they complain about vaccine in equities and rich countries like the u.s. excuse me, we paid for that vaccine and also giving it away for free. anyway, biden should be protecting americans first, and yes, we will share like we always do. they appear to be getting behind a massive attempt to violate your medical privacy. this vaccine passport that is being developed by major companies like ibm, i want no part of it. these vaccines, show me your papers. it is a massive intrusion on your privacy. and has the potential frankly to be a perfect storm of data exploitation, intrusion on the
6:31 pm
most personal details of your life. every american has the right, patient-doctor privilege and medical privacy. furthermore, a vaccine is a personal decision. my doctor wants me to get it. i am going to listen to my doctor. that is between you and your doctor. and i will be frank. i am not using any passport. if it means i can't go to a game or a concert, then that is the way it is going to be. here with reaction, louisiana senator, john kennedy. senator, we know that china knew more. or else they wouldn't have had their own travel ban. we also know we shouldn't be giving the -- i don't want a passport. i believe in medical privacy. i am willingly sharing that information, not because i feel compelled to, nor should anybody feel that. >> let me talk about china first. the director general of the world health organization, which is part of the union, is
6:32 pm
dr. ted. no one would mistake him for mel gibson in "braveheart." he is a fawning suck up to the communist party of china, which supported his election. as i have said before, if you took president xi of china, turned him upside down and shook him, dr. ted gross would fall out. now he has issued a report in collaboration with china. it closely tracks chinese propaganda. it all but dismisses the hypothesis. president biden and other countries have pushed back. it is not a news flash, sean, that dr. ted ross does not care.
6:33 pm
now, if we are going to find out what happened, if we are going to get to the bottom of the origins of the coronavirus, we are going to have to go cat woman on the world health organization. and by that, i mean you've got to take away their money. what president biden needs to do is join with canada and australia and japan and south korea and great britain and every other country that puts up money for the w.h.o. and go to dr. tedros and say look, we are not going to give you any money and less you allow them to bring in researchers to find out whether the virus went from a lab and to find out it's origin. otherwise we are never going to get to the bottom of this. and dr. tedros is just going to go a long happy the status quo.
6:34 pm
>> sean: are you want to get yourself a passport, senator, or do you agree with me that medical privacy should be important to the american people customer i believe medical privacy is important. >> welcome any kind of vaccine passport, whether by the public sector or the private sector right now would be terribly unfair and indeed even unethical. everybody doesn't yet have access to the vaccine. it's not fair to tell people who to pick first. if they can do things when others haven't had a fair shot yet. >> sean: i don't think people should be pressured into having a vaccine either. we should respect it. do you agree with me? >> i think everybody ought to take the vaccine. i don't think everybody ought to be made to do it, but i hope they will take it. >> sean: while, but it is their choice. that is a decision between the american, whoever it is, the
6:35 pm
american and the doctor. i don't think they ought to be ashamed as long as they wear a mask and socially distance. maybe they can't go to the ball game. i guess i won't be able to go. i'm not getting the passport. good to see you, my friend. and coming up, the biden border crisis becoming more dangerous by the day. wait until you see the video, senator ted cruz is going to share with us exclusively next. ♪ ♪ feel the cool rush of claritin cool mint chewables. powerful 24-hour, non-drowsy, allergy relief plus an immediate cooling sensation for your throat. feel the clarity, and live claritin clear.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: texas senator, ted cruz is continuing, and rightly demanding transparency from the biden administration. demanding full access to these migrant facilities following his recent border trip where he saw all of the inhumane conditions firsthand. we showed you earlier,
6:40 pm
senator cruz released this video documenting that trip highlighting just what a security and humanitarian crisis he created at the border. and of course, the covid super-spreader of all super-spreader's. take a look. >> we are down on the southwest border in the rio grande valley and we are seeing children and families who are suffering as is a result of the political decision joe made. >> sean: joining us now with reaction, senator cruz. i applaud you, ron johnson, tom cotton, lindsey graham. thank you for doing what you did. you would not be intimidated. i guess somebody who worked for joe biden's administration tried to demand you fill me in. tell us what you saw and what we are looking at. >> well, so last thursday and friday, i brought a group of 19 senators down to the border of texas to the rio grande valley. we started the trip thursday
6:41 pm
night by joining the border patrol agents for their 10:00 p.m. all of us took the chance to tell them thank you, particularly at a time when they are not getting the support from political superiors, i think it is important for them to know that we love them. we are grateful for the bravery they showed. we then joined them on their midnight stroll. we went out and encountered caravans of illegal immigrants walking up the trails coming north from the rio grande river. we saw little kids walking, some of them walking alone. we saw young mothers carrying infants and nursing them as they walked along the trails. and they all went to the first processing facility that the cdp has set up. it is outside. it is underneath a highway bridge. and it consists of a series of outdoor tents where the kids in the moms were just sitting or lying on the floor. they get processed and they get sent through. the next day, we went to where they get sent, which is the donna facility.
6:42 pm
it is a gigantic tent city. it is designed to hold -- with covid restrictions, capacity is only -- there were over 4,000 people crammed in there. these are the biden cages. for four years, democrats in the media were screaming about kids in cages under donald trump paired with it didn't admit is that barack obama built the cages and joe biden is building new cages and they are bigger and they are more full. kids were packed in there. it was a 1500% capacity level and the covid positivity rate at the facility is about 10%. i took a number of photographs. i took a number of videos because the biden administration refused to allow the media in. sean, you sent a camera in so that fox news will be able to view what happened there. the biden team said no video. mind you, the trump administration allowed media in.
6:43 pm
the obama administration did, the bill clinton administration did. but not biden. they desperately wanted to cover it up. and as you know, biden did send a political monitor of a woman who said she was the senior advisor to the commissioner of the cdp, who jumped in front of my phone, blocked the shot, and began berating senators saying you can't take these pictures. and i believe the american people have a right to know what is happening. and joe biden should not have the ability to cover it up and hide the inhumane treatment the public health menace he is creating an national security crisis his policies have created. >> sean: let me ask you a question. if i had a facility that i was running for children and it looked like that, do you think i could legally be charged with abuse of children?
6:44 pm
if i assist them and coming across the border to the u.s., would i be aiding in the vetting of a crime? >> both of those questions are very possibly yes. in terms of a facility like this, if you had a school, if you had a child care, any facility that takes care of kids that was even a fraction of what the biden administration has set up, you would be shutdown. the public health authorities would go after you. you would be fined. you might even be prosecuted. these cages that the kids were in, they weren't 6 feet apart. they were three feet apart. they weren't even 6 inches apart. they were literally lying on the floor. no beds. lying on the floor side-by-side touching. huddled under reflective aluminum foil emergency blankets. we saw about a dozen boys that morning in the middle of a pandemic. just that morning a dozen boys
6:45 pm
had tested positive for covid. they keep putting them in these locations peered by the way, yesterday i went to dallas to a different facility, the convention center downtown. they turned it into an emergency detention center. there is one gigantic room. it is the size of three to have football fields fields. so it's massive. the entire room is nothing but cops. one after the other, after the other. over 2,000 cops lined up in a room three and a half times the size of a football field. nothing but teenage boys ages 13-17. this is the biden crisis he is responsible. and the important thing to understand is it was the political decisions joe biden made that caused this crisis. three in particular. the way he got sworn in, he hauled the construction of the border wall, he ended the remain in mexico international agreement which had stopped
6:46 pm
this. last year, we had the lowest illegal immigration and 45 years. right now today, we have the highest illegal immigration in 20 years. it was preventable and it is joe biden's fall. >> sean: senator, i can't thank you enough, because they have tried to, they have prevented the media. the only reason we have this video in large part is because of you sharing it with the american people. thank you for that. and also, making of americans aware of it. what is happening here, the american people need to see. they need to lift the gag order on border patrol agents also. senator, thank you. it is sad. but this needs to end. those policies, those three policies have to be reinstated. all right, good job, senator. coming up on the latest on derek derek. payments for low income people. there is a catch. i don't particularly like it.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: date two of the derek trial took place today. 9 minutes and 29 seconds breaking down in tears. told the prosecution, apologizing to george floyd for not doing more, not physically interacting and doing more. so far, the prosecution has focused heavily on the 9 minute and 292nd video of floyd's arrest while the defense has maintained that in this case is it about an entire sequence. we will get more on that in a minute. but first, "the san francisco chronicle" also reports that
6:52 pm
city officials there are launching a universal basic income program on the basis of race. the program will provide 600 families $500, a monthly stipend for 18 months. only those who are minorities will be eligible. is that even legal? here to break it all down, fox news analyst, legal analyst, gregg jarrett along with fox news contributor, also a civil rights attorney, leo 2.0 peerless go go to the trial first and an update, gregg jarrett. >> tears, emotion, and incriminating testimony took center stage today. the most poignant moment came from a tiny little voice of a 9-year-old girl who said 6 simple words. she said "it made me sad and kind of mad." the prosecutor gently asked her why. and she said "because the officer stopped the man on the ground from breathing and it kind of hurt him."
6:53 pm
those simple words were so powerful and compelling, it struck them like a thunderclap. the jurors were reportedly transfixed. and you mentioned the 17-year-old who shot the video tape. she told how she has been haunted, sleepless nights racked with guilt. she says that night i apologize over and over to george floyd. i should have done more. i should have intervened. i should have saved your life. and then she paused and she looked over at the defense table at derek chauvin. and she says "but it's not what i should have done. it's what he should have done." >> sean: i'm sorry. leo, let me bring you in here. i have given my analysis about martial arts, the vulnerability of the neck. i have talked at length about it. the defense is bringing up pre-existing medical conditions. that was in the autopsy report.
6:54 pm
the question is, what caused the death? i would argue a knee on somebody's neck that hard for nine and a half minutes was an immediate cause of death based on what i see. and that if he would have died from the drug issue, that would have been separate and apart. and he was handcuffed at the time that knee was on that neck. >> well i'll tell you right now, gregg pointed out some very emotional testimony but it is going to boil down to what you just raised, sean. the value of the medical experts. causation. was the kneeling on the neck a substantial factor or the factor that caused the death of george floyd? and we haven't gotten to that part of the case. that is going to be the part of the case. that is going to be the 2-3 day testimony and a bigger cross-examination. i will submit to you that what we are hearing right now is sympathy for the death of george floyd. but the medical evidence and evidence regarding police tactics are going to be the two
6:55 pm
key components to the outcome. >> sean: could he have died there because of what the defense is saying? with drugs, pre-existing conditions without the knee on the neck? i think it's a pretty simple answer. >> medical testimony has a tendency to cancel itself out. so, what happens is jurors are left with their common sense and they will get inside the jury room and they will look at the videotape. they may look at it over and over again. and they will say to themselves, how is it possible that this is not excessive use that was a substantial factor in causing the death? it is an uphill battle for the defense. >> sean: all right. thank you both. more "hannity" at next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: we still didn't get everything in but we will finish up tomorrow, we have a lot of
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news breaking every single day. thank you for being with us this evening, never missed an episode. we are not the media mob, we never will be, we are always independent and we will always give you truth you won't get from them. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is going to kill a test usual. that's my prediction. >> laura: we have to put it in a very kind and gentle manner, lest we be mischaracterized by the left. >> sean: hannity said laura ingraham is a killer, cancel him! >> laura: i'm going to usher in ever so gently the next hour of programming, never killing, never maiming, never fighting, we don't get the fight anymore, only the left gets to fight. >> sean: can i ask you a question? what is your friend dr. fauci on the sugar show going down there at the border, w


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