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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 29, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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horrific. the same media was appalled at anything that was done at the border not long ago. thanks very much. we appreciate you. neil will be back tomorrow. you can catch me at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. "the five" starts right now. >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino. along with tucker carlson, jesse waters, dagen mcdowell and juan williams. this is "the five." the crack down at the border on transparency. the white house still refusing to allow reporters to pack migrant facilities like what you're seeing right now. senator ted cruz clashing with a biden administration staffer over filming the cramped conditions. watch, this. >> you don't want the pictures taken. the rules are arbitrary -- are you respecting the rights -- >> please don't treat the
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people -- >> this is a dangerous place -- >> don't treat the people like this. that's all i ask. >> you're trying to hide them. i understand you were instructed -- when 18 senators calm down here -- >> respect the people. >> i respect them and i want to fix this. the administration you're working for is responsible for these conditions. >> dana: the overcrowding on border facilities will get worse with officials expecting a surge in child migrants to last for seven months. as for transparency, white house press secretary jen psaki is promising to let the cameras in. >> at this point, in terms of allowing access to border patrol facilities for reporters, you're being less transparent than the trump administration. >> the trump administration was turning away kids at the border, sending them back on the treacherous journey or ripping kids from the arms of their parents. we're not doing that. we're committed to allow cameras in. >> dana: so much to talk about. tucker, start with you. you know d.c. journalists very
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well. while many have said they're frustrated, they're not furious. why do you think that is? >> because it's their candidate. they just got him elected. they can't start criticizing him now. a lot of details that we can't see. the big picture is really clear. many thousands of people are arriving in to this country, most of them will not leave. all of them according to job are on track to become citizens. two points that people are not considering. one is the allocation -- we talk about voting rights in a democracy. if you change the demographics of the country, if you bring in a lot more people without the consent of the country, you dilute the political power of the people that live here. that is meaningful. we're talking about huge numbers. 30 years ago, there were 100 million fewer people living in the united states than there are now. 100 million. california alone had 10 million fewer people as a completely
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different place, a better place. the question is how many people do you want to live here? we have about 350 million we think. there's massive environmental effects of overcrowding. nature bears the burden of that. the natural landscape does and all of us that live here do. at what point do we say it's not about deserving people? they're probably nice people. nobody is debating that. what about the people that live here? seems like there's enough people here. why is nobody saying that? i'll start saying that. i think it's true. >> dana: i saw over the weekend, friday it was estimated 1,000 migrant children crossed over in one day that were turned over to the cvp and processed. jesse watters, can you listen to sound from senator langford of oklahoma? your reaction on the other side. >> this is one of the areas the media can't come in. to i wanted to see it and say this is what biden doesn't want you to see. literally people walk across the
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border, check in here and all released. 100% of the people here tonight will be released. this is absolutely an open border situation. >> dana: the media won't be allowed in, the senators have gone and releasing the videos, jesse. >> jesse: the politicians are becoming the press. the press has become politicians. can we take the emmy from cuomo and give it to ted cruz? he looked like geraldo down there kicking down doors like that on the border. maybe he's trying out for fox news prime time or something. he shouldn't be doing gonzo journalist down there. where the news crews? joe biden took the press' first amendment away from them. freedom of the press. they didn't put up a fight. he said you can't cover your own government at the border and the press complies. remember they said how brave they were for four years while donald trump declared war on the
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media? there was no war. they had more access than they've ever had. now joe biden says heel and they kneel down like good bedient puppy dogs. let's ask fauci. can a camera man from 50 feet away point his camera at kids in cages? we want to follow the science. looks like joe biden triggered this. in a way, he's complicit with a modern day slave trade run by the cartels. the dhs by his own dhs is leaking to axios. says joe's planning on keeping 50,000 kids in cages per month for the rest of the year. so any teenager that comes across from all over the world through mexico gets to stay. if you grab a minor and come across, a majority of them get
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to stay. that is not a policy for immigration. that's absorbing illegal immigration. so right now the only people that are making out are the cartels. the american people are getting hurt. >> dana: juan, officials themselves are the ones saying this migrant surge, especially with children, could last another seven months. do you get any sense the administration is grasping the enormity of that while two polls that came out today, abc news and reuters showed the president cratering on this issue, doing well in other issues, covid response and the economy but here he's losing support. >> juan: he's losing some support. it's still 60% in some polls. it's unbelievable. his rating stays high. to jesse's point, maybe, you know, senator langford, senator cruz are trying out for prime time. what are they doing down there pretending to be photographers
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and journalists? why don't they get back to their day job and buckle down in congress, work to come up with a solution to this problem instead of trying to play politics and i guess they're out there trying to do damage to biden. let's be clear. biden has been in his press conference last week totally clear and transparent. he's not letting the press in because that's not his priority. his priority is making sure there's enough facilities and enough people to handle to adjudicate the cases that these people who are applying for amnesty under american law. he doesn't want to increase human suffering of these children, people 16 and under. you're seeing thermal blankets. they're obviously cramped quarters. but they're opening more facilities in large numbers to try to deal with this problem. they're also now starting to work with countries in latin america, honduras, el salvador
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to stop the flow. i might add, they're dealing with border security. you had 100,000 people arrested at the border in the month of february. so that is the reality. biden is dealing with a big surge. could be bigger than the surges that trump saw. your point was about the incredible number that might come over the next few months. those numbers, those statistics come out of administration reports. >> dana: right. so that's why i asked, dagen, the enormity of the problems. how can the senators go forward and work on legislation when the administration is not willing to change policy on this issue? >> exactly. to suggest that these republican senators are part of the problem is absolutely ludicrous, juan. it's laughable. the reason that this is happening is because the biden administration rolled back the
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trump policies that were working. without thinking about the consequences or maybe they did and just didn't care that they were putting young people and children in harm's way. remain in mexico for asylum seekers, gone. catch and release, back. one sheriff telling the texas border town, telling the "new york post," there's so many agents from pat duty to processing stations that basically the border is wide open. we talked about transparency. we're talking about daylight finally because the press is not thing its job. the press sold this to the american people and now they're embarrassed and burying their heads in the stand. the only daylight is coming from ted cruz. he's facing off with this woman who has the audacity to act like it's her border or biden's border. not the united states border. she's telling him to go away.
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she had her talking points that she was up to date on the glossary sent out by the white house. she said i ask you to respect these people, give them dignity. what dignity? they're laying in cramped quarters because of the biden administration. this is not a zoo, sir. she's up to date on the talking points from this white house. the problem is the talking points have gotten away from them because even a deplorable with a toothpick between his teeth and a bible under his arm can see what's going on at the border. it's disgusting the position these children have been put in. the only time you'll see kamala harris down there until it looks like a playground at a montessori school and the kids are running around playing soccer. >> dana: dagen, what did you have for lunch? i need some of that. >> i've been out of work for 2 1/2 weeks. i have a lot to say. i'm sorry i ran my mouth.
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>> dana: so glad you're here. great to have you back. coming up, if you have a car, you could pay more in taxes what a key biden official said about it. ♪♪ ♪ you come and go ♪ ♪ you come and go-o-o ♪ ♪ loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams ♪ ♪ red, gold -- ♪ [ tires screech ] [ crickets chirping ] for those who were born to ride there's progressive. with 24/7 roadside assistance. ♪ karma-karma-karma-karma-karma chameleon... ♪ i've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are getting clearer. ♪ ♪ i feel free to bare my skin yeah, that's all me. ♪
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♪♪ >> tucker: seems like the biden administration spend a couple trillion dollars the other day. that was just the beginning. they plan to roll out another $3
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trillion plan this week for infrastructure. pete buttigieg has an idea of how to pay for it. by taxing people by the mile. >> that shows promise. if we believe in the user paid principle, how we pay for roads, pay based on how much you drive, the gas tax used to be the obvious way to do it. it's not anymore. the vehicle miles travel tax or mileage tax, whatever you want to call it could be a way to do it. >> tucker: make poor people pay for it! buttigieg backtracking saying, no, a tax on miles driven is not even under consideration. obvious it is. he was just discussing it. what a liar. we're going to spend $3 trillion. no tax can cover it. you can take everybody's income and it wouldn't cover it. you know. but even the idea that the poorest people in a america, not
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golden sacks or amazon, they will pay for it. what does that tell you? >> juan: i'd urge you to take a look at the gas tank the next time we fill up. all americans pay tax on gasoline. we pay tax. the more we use the car or the truck or the more gas we -- >> tucker: so pay more. good. tax the overtaxed. that's your point? >> juan: no, the reason that pete buttigieg, the transportation secretary walked this back and he did so quite aggressively is because the kind of alarm that you just raised is coming from the trucking industry, coming from people that live in rural areas that have to drive more to get in to town. that i don't want that fight. they think that that's not a fight that is beneficial to the biden administration as they go forward with this. if you're looking at new bridges, new highways, if you're looking at better broad band, bigger ports, ever, the trucking
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industry, the car industry, workers, the wall street people all say that gdp is going up. they say this will be great for the economy. the problem comes from republicans that say oh, how will we pay for it? you want to raise taxes on the rich. we don't want to drive up deficits if we're not cutting taxes for the very rich. that's the only time they'll do that. no, no. >> tucker: all right, got it, got it. have to go to dana here. >> juan: i want to tell you something -- >> tucker: no. you haven't told me anything. not one thing. not one thing. >> juan: yeah, i said a couple things. the american people like this. >> tucker: yeah. got it. dana, i want to ask you, juan said they walked it back because it wasn't good for the biden administration. consider putting this on the weakest in our society and not during it -- like why does jeff bezos pay for it? what kind of world gets you to a
2:19 pm
decision like that? >> dana: sometimes in washington, you'll float a trial balloon. how does this go over? this is more like a lead balloon. didn't get off the ground. they tried this in some european cities. but who does it hurt? the very people that joe biden needed to try to win back from the trump coalition. the working class voters. he's working class joe. he's from scranton. if you're the person that has to drive in to the city, the city dwellers are the ones that are benefitting from the subways. it's those people. what does that do, tucker? immediately eviscerates joe biden's promise to not raise taxes on people making less than $400,000 a year. so the taxes will go up. >> tucker: of course. but dagen, why is anybody, an economy person, you cover this stuff, why is anybody paying any taxes at all? we're funding everything by printing money from the federal reserve.
2:20 pm
tax revenues play no meaningful role in any of these con very sayses. we are we pretending that these pretaxes that people's salaries are paying for these bridges. they're not part of. >> dagen: you used the word, "pretense." the biden administration according to some reports is going to push $4 trillion in spending and up to 3.5 trillion in new taxes. so this is -- spending it we don't need. we have nearly $6 trillion in covid spending. the economy is growing at 5% rate. the unemployment rate is plummeting to 6% this month. so what is this? this is an excuse to raise taxes on the people that the left hate. high earners, punitive. purely punitive. high earners, job creators and people who like internal combustion engines potentially. you'll lay on mileage tax and
2:21 pm
then also keep the gas tax. so it's a way for the government to control what kind of car your drive. >> tucker: no wind mill tax. jesse, have you gotten a check? i had two friends, very high earners, both of whom got multi-thousand dollar checks from covid relief. i'm starting to think about making the public dependent on fake federal reserve dollars. can you give me the answer? >> jesse: no, i didn't get that. i'd take it. juan just said that biden backtracked on this because he didn't want to get into the fight with the poor? how gracious of joe biden. >> juan: i didn't say that. >> jesse: thanks for doing that. >> juan: i didn't say that. >> jesse: how are you going to enforce this? are they going to do it by the honor system? that doesn't work when money is involved. install software in my car? you think i want mayor pete
2:22 pm
knowing what errands i want to run? i'll like to stay private on that. can we talk about moderate joe biden for a second? the middle class guy from scranton united the country. only $5 trillion in the first 100 days. more people dependent on government than ever. largest government expansion ever. the highest tax increase in 30 years. the guy says he's not a socialist. bernie doesn't sound like he's been beaten. bernie sounds vindicated. he's sitting back thinking wow, this is great. they're doing everything i wanted and i don't have the pressure of being commandner chief. >> tucker: i'd rather have bernie any day of the week. at least he was straightforward acted what he thought. he wasn't lecturing about how moderate he was. anyway -- >> jesse: you can see it coming. >> tucker: totally right.
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dr. fauci, air quotes there in case you can't see them is telling you he's responsible for something good that trump did. we'll tell you what it is coming up. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> juan: dr. anthony fauci under fire from people accusing him of taking credit for operation warp speed. watch this. >> when i saw what happened in new york city overrunning of our healthcare system, it was like oh, my goodness. that's when it became very clear that the decision we made on
2:28 pm
january 10 to go all out and develop a vaccine may have been the best decision that i've ever made with regard to an intervention at the director of the institute. >> juan: dana, let's just see where we can agree here. i think we can agree that operation warp speed started under president trump. i'd also say that it was dr. fauci who had the knowledge to get warp speed going when it did while trump was down playing covid-19. do we agree or not? >> dana: i'm going to agree with half of what you said, which is that operation warp is great. i imagine that fauci was like we ought to do this. president trump and fauci said over and over let's do it. he was the one, trump, pushing the companies saying five years is not good enough. i want this done in a year. they were able to do it.
2:29 pm
so when i look at the full context of his comments, it doesn't bother me when he talks about his role in this. i think you have to say yes to every interview, there's so many interviews happening. i would look to the new cdc director over biden, rachel walensky, she's begging more people being afraid going into april. i don't see it happening. i've been out and about. people are ready to get back to normal. i don't know how that will go. >> juan: jesse also in this interview, a former trump doctor, dr. deborah birx says 400,000 of the 500,000 lives lost could have been saved if trump had taken quicker action. what is your thought? >> jesse: maybe we could have taken action in 2019. then no lives would have been
2:30 pm
lost. i'd ask china about that, juan. fauci's claim is about as wild as his first pitch, this is a little bit of a legacy fluffing here. this is like saying, j.f.k. doesn't deserve any credit for putting a man on the moon. it was a career bureaucrat at nasa that did it, this is the biggest multiagency effort ever in modern day history. it wasn't the nih under fauci. you won't give dr. hahn any credit at fda or redfield at cdc or azar that over saw fauci and hhs? how about the military that did the distribution? donald trump played a huged bet by pre-ordering 200 million doses. 200 million doses that are still being administered. joe biden is still working off of trump inventory.
2:31 pm
this is something very aggressive, this timeline and they cut a lot of red tape. they gave 4.5 billion to moderna and pfizer. so to sit back and say, oh, it was all me, fauci is a lot of things, a team player, not one of them. >> juan: all right. tucker, you know, trump's own polster says he thinks the reason trump lost the election was his fumbling of the covid situation. do you think that that failure is now going to become trump's legacy? >> tucker: oh, whatever. i don't care who gets credit. it's interesting watching fauci and sanjay gupta, both tv doctors. i think fauci is the least credible on the screen. i'd call in to question the premise of the question, which who deserves credit for this great victory? i couldn't be more for solving vaccining. bitter than sending a man to the moon. but you take this vaccine, you
2:32 pm
still have to wear your obedience mask, you still can't see your kids, get back to normal. so what is the point? you need to win me over here. the promise of the vaccine is we could resume life as we knew it. a year ago, that's not happening. now we have to have vaccine passports. like ask the macroquestions, like what the hell is this? they lied to us about the benefits of it. why shouldn't that make us nervous? i'm sure you can find million republicans for it. i don't care. nobody answered that question. >> juan: okay. so dagen, today mitch mcconnell said he wants republican men to get vaccinated. and we've seen covid rates rising in several states even as more people get vaccinated. so what do you think is going on here? do we need to say to people, let's stick with the mask, let's stick with the social distancing or tucker just said, does that seemed like we did this for
2:33 pm
nothing? >> dagen: i had covid. while i was out of work, i got it. i have been so diligent. i'm a hermit. i still managed to get it. not here at work. it's horrific. i'll leave it at that. i wish i got the vaccine sooner but i live in new york state and cuomo has different things on his plate at the moment. everybody should get the vaccine when and if it's available. to point this out, it's horrific that rochelle walensky, the cdc director given the fact that 3/4 of people over age of 65 received one shot and more than a third of adults have received a shot, that the cdc director is talking about the u.s. facing -- this is a quote -- impending doom. this is what dana was talking about. right now i'm scared. what is she doing with this panic pedalling? the forever pandemic that she
2:34 pm
and fauci have concocted. i get it. if people resume a normal life, that means that they lose power. all of that power that they've accumulated in the last year in roles of government. new york doesn't know what the hell its doing. i got a care package with masks and hand sanitizer and after i had had covid for more than a week. it's really helpful. keep me on the phone when i couldn't talk for two hours. one more thing about tony fauci. if you thought he was an inconsistent attention seeking narcissist before this, now it's confirmed. >> juan: i'm sorry to hear you got the covid. i had it. it's no fun. >> dagen: prayers for the people that died from it. including 15,000 elderly that were killed by andy cuomo. >> juan: okay. up next, the major of washington d.c. is getting backlash.
2:35 pm
critics saying she's done deaf for the responding of a deadly carjacking of an uber eats driver. that's next on "the five."
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♪♪ >> jesse: the mayor of washington d.c. getting called out for a tone deaf treat and preventing auto thefts after a deadly uber eats driver. two teens have been charged in the death of mohammed anwar after they assaulted him with a stun gun and drove off with his
2:40 pm
car. the girls crashed the car while anwar was still hanging on and he died. juan, you're in d.c. a story in our nation's capitol. you have an innocent minority victim, harrowing footage, sadistic behavior. just coming off a year. you've seen records surge in homicides. why didn't this story get more coverage? >> juan: gee, i can tell you, it's not that i would say it's top of the front page or top of mind for everybody in washington, but people are talking about it, jesse. in part, what it is, you have these teenage girls. they're lit kids. they're not gangsters. they're not hardened criminals. i don't think they intended to kill anybody. they were looking to have a joy ride. it went went way wrong, way out of control and ended up in a gross tragedy. this is unbelievable. their lives are ruined. >> jesse: they brought a stun gun.
2:41 pm
usually you don't bring to it a joy ride but go ahead. >> juan: correct. it's like kids finding guns in their parents house. it's a terrible situation. with regard to the mayor's tweet, what we have seen is an increase in carjacking and car thefts in this area. so for her to say be cautious, i don't think that was the wrong note. as you suggest, maybe you wanted to hear her condemn the kids. i don't know. it's good for us to be cautious as we see a rise in this kind of crime. >> jesse: tucker, what was your reaction? i was stunned by it. i couldn't believe it. >> tucker: yeah, i spent my whole life in d.c. i was enraged by her tweet. for a simple reason. she was off loading the responsibility on the people that live there and pay for everything. protect the city. isn't that your job? when she was threatened, she had dozens of police officers at her house. they blocked the street. mural bowser is afraid.
2:42 pm
what about everybody else that lives there. on capitol hill, they're surrounded by barbed wire and men with guns which you're paying for. they have one class of 20 cadets for the local police department, they're about to run out of cops. they defunded the police in d.c. so crime has gone up. for her to say be careful. really? no. you shouldn't -- it's america. it's a capitol city. you shouldn't have to be worried walking the streets. what kind of dystopia are you intending here? your job is to make it safe or leave, period. >> jesse: yeah, dagen. cnn tweeted out some story about this and made this sound like one big accident. like accidents happen. >> dagen: that was the word that they used. led to an accident in which this immigrant from pakistan with a family was fatally injured.
2:43 pm
no, it's felony murder. one of the young -- the girls, if you want to use that word, was -- what she said is my phone is in the car, my phone is in there, my phone is in there after this man was murdered. one thing about cnn. if you think they're -- the channel is bad, check out the website. you want to talk about orthodoxy and group think, it's worse than the crap that you get on that network. the bias and story collection is worse than what they're chitter chatting about. >> jesse: i don't want to go to the website. i'll take your word for it. dana, last word. >> dana: yeah, don't give them the click. mohammed was doing what these girls should have been doing. he was working. he worked for uber eats. right? the delivery guys and gals have been some of the heros of the pandemic, getting people what they want, what they need because they couldn't go to
2:44 pm
restaurants, couldn't leave their homes. he was working to take care of his families. where is the protest for him, jesse? >> jesse: i don't expect to see it. that's a shame. there should be. up next, tucker has a brand new show on fox nation. he's working way too hard. a special preview you won't see anywhere else. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> dagen: tucker has a brand spankin' new show on fox nation. it's available right now. it's called "tucker carlson today." here's a sneak peek of his interview with douglas murray, author. >> what is important in our society is change. it makes everything political. they want to politicize everything. they want to politicize art. they want to politicize poetry. all of the things that were meaningful in our lives have
2:49 pm
been picked up and spun through this cycle of politics. >> dagen: new episodes drop monday, wednesday and friday. they're unfiltered on the hot topic that tucker's show touch upon. tucker, just tell us what is in store. >> tucker: that interview made my day. it was one of those monday mornings where you wake up and so much going on so much that i disagree with and feel ominous and overwhelming. it's like what will happen to america? getting to spend an hour with dougly murray, one of the smartest people i ever met. not a lot of horsepower but so thoughtful and deep and connected to the things that matter that give you joy that are not politics, by the way. speaking to someone like that gave me hope. he made -- it's really reflecting. i'm not just saying that.
2:50 pm
all it takes is people in their quiet smart ways to tell the truth. resolve to tell the truth in your daily life and american improves. it's not a partisan point. don't lie. if they make you lie, you despise yourself. don't do that. bottom line, wonderful to have the time. we're doing it a lot and it's super easy to get. i hate technology. i went to i won't see you a hillary clinton door mat but even i could sign up. a good sign. >> dagen: dana? >> dana: tucker, i loved your work going way back when i used to read your journalism pieces. i know you don't have time to do the reporting that requires that writing. when you do write, i read every word. but is this a little more in a way kind of a little bit like what you were able to do in those interviews back then?
2:51 pm
>> for sure. i miss it. i like listening. you know, the peril of being a talk show host, as all of you know so well, you can get untransmit and not receive. you convince that everybody wants to hear you talk. i'm so interesting. you become a bad person quickly. it's happened to so many colleagues. i still praise god like to reason. if someone interesting is speaking, i will listen and absorb it. it's worth it to hear what people are saying, this is a great chance for me personally. it's interesting tv, too. >> dagen: juan? >> juan: good luck with it, tucker. to me, the best of you is it's informative and entertaining. you get some of that warm character, that intriguing spark. i hope it's that. i find the polarization, i think it's damaging to us as americans. it's hard to have a long form
2:52 pm
conversation without somebody just saying something political to show their political stripes. >> tucker: i totally agree. something that we agree on completely. not everything interesting is about politics. you and i disagree on every political topic but i bet there's a lot we agree on and i'm going to try to hit topics that of interest to americans. it's worth it. >> dagen: jesse? >> jesse: tucker, i'm worried you're overextending yourself. i say that from a place of caring. i feel like you don't have a work life balance at this point. you have taken on way too much. tucker carlson tonight, are we going to sacrifice that quality while you're burrowed on everything today? i worry about you. >> tucker: it's so hard. >> dana: i need that lecture. >> tucker: i went from one hour a day to one hour plus three hours a week.
2:53 pm
>> jesse: all right. all right. it says you'll be unfiltered. that also concerns me. i'll check it out. >> tucker: i don't like filters. >> dagen: jesse, jealousy is the world's worst cologne. one more thing. >> jesse: i love the smell. ♪♪ customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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i hope the vaccine can get me one step closer to my fiancé. dance on stage. spin class! i can't wait for my patients to see my smile again. to hug my students. to give my parents a proper send off. to go salsa dancing. no. i can't wait for you to meet my mom. play my piano for my friends.
2:56 pm
to give high fives to our patients. i think we are one step closer to being...better people. with every vaccine, cvs is working to bring you one step closer to a better tomorrow.
2:57 pm
germ proof your car with armor all disinfectant. cvs is working to bring you kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. ♪ ♪ >> dana: time now for "one more thing," jesse. >> jesse: on friday we talked about how pepsi is collaborating with peeps, the easter candy and i thought i would try it. we are going to try this. this is peeps and fused pepsi or as greg gutfeld will say, peepsie. we will give it a shot.
2:58 pm
it is everything they promised it would be. so if you want to get into the sweepstakes, post a picture of you drinking it and it comes in three flavors and hashtag hanging with my peeps. >> dana: can you play the baby music for the week? i know we are excited and all. >> it is taken care of already. i apologize to the audience. >> dana: i did an interview with laura, a podcast called "he's she said, she said, get it? and you can subscribe to that but check out this dog, golden retriever trying to get a ball but he so afraid of the water. no, and he has to wait and wait. thankfully the good news is finally he got it and didn't get wet. juan. >> juan: all right, dana.
2:59 pm
you know, guys i'm a washington football fan so it will be hard for me to say this with all my heart, but way to go, philadelphia eagles! take a good look at the work the eagles did over the weekend. >> cheers mike. >> on saturday the eagles autism foundation vaccinated 1,000 people at philadelphia financial field and the eagles at the village cares for people with disabilities arrange for the special covid vaccine clinic. people on the autism spectrum got help and wait to be vaccinated with special quiet rooms and even storytelling. the clinic included even the sound of birds chirping. didn't have anything to do with the eagles. and autistic people come to get their shots. i think that is great, go eagles! >> dana: go eagles -- >> jesse: my eagles need a
3:00 pm
shot in the arm after last season. >> dana: tucker, we have 15 seconds for you. >> tucker: i would just say, i had video of an alligator inside of a house in porter where the american spirit still lives. and the people are totally unintended because i don't want to be floridians afraid of alligators. >> dana: i will have nightmares now, tucker. "special report" is up next. >> bret: good evening i'm bret baier and breaking tonight, deep states should pause their reopening efforts as he worries about research as of the coronavirus. the president's urging government, state governments, local governments to reinstate mandatory mask rules. the cdc director today even more blunt, warning what she calls impending doom if the country reopens too quickly. the fox team coverage, rich edson at the state department w


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