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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  March 29, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> thanks everyone for watching. don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss a show. i'll see you next sunday when i'll see you next sunday when jillian: it is monday, march 29th. a fox news alert. almost free, overnight engineers reportedly refloat the container ship blocking the suez canal. the extreme efforts underway to reopen the critical trading route and costing billions a day. todd: the surge of migrant children could last at least seven months. the biden team asking government volunteers to head south to help. a live report. >> the media continues to sugar coat its treatment of the president. >> mr. president -- [] >> i gave up all sweets for
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lent. >> what's the best sweet you're looking forward to having. >> ice cream. >> the soft serve from reporters as the border crisis looms. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ sweet dreams are made of this. ♪ who am i to disagree. ♪ i travel the world and the seven seas. ♪ everybody's looking for something. griff: good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm griff jenkins in for todd piro. carley: i'm carley shimkus in for jillian mele. i'm getting hungry. griff: i gave up pizza for lent. i've got to tell you, i'm going to kill somebody soon if i don't eat a slice of pizza. i didn't think it was going to be that hard. sometimes when you give up the most basic, favorite food it's suffer than you think. i can understand why the president wants that scoop of ice cream. carley: i think that murder in
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the eyes of the lord is worse than breaking your lenten sacrifice. maybe get a slice of pizza before you commit violence. griff: i'm staying strong. carley: we start with a fox news alert. hundreds of armed antifa insurrectionists attempt to overthrow oregon's state capitol. >> disburse immediately. if you do not disburse, you will be subject to arrest. carley: three people were arrested during the clash between two groups. video shows extremists surrounding a man's truck. they also threw balloons of paint and painted lasers at other drivers. griff: another fox news alert, breaking right now. that massive cargo ship blocking the suez canal is being turned in the right direction finally. overnight, engineers were able to refloat the ever diss givengr
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it ran aground last week. bloomberg estimates $9.6 billion is being lost every day the canal is closed. now to the border, president biden has yet to reveal when he might visit migrant facilities as his administration struggles to deal with the crisis. carley: marianne raff earth joins us live as we learned the surge of unaccompanied minors is expected to last through the fall. >> reporter: that's right. border facilities are overflowing and it is expected to get worse. fox news confirmed the surge of unaccompanied minors will last at least seven months. right now, there are 18,000 plus kids packed into cramped holding areas. the biden administration is begging for help from any government worker willing to volunteer. a memo reads the office of refugee resettlement needs current federal government employees for up to 120 days
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deployment for children can. they provide a continuum of care for children including placement in care providers. jen psaki confirmed on fox news sunday that the children will not be september back. >> we are not going to send children under the age of 18 back on this treacherous journey. it doesn't mean they get to stay in the united states. it means their cases are add adjudicated. >> reporter: henry cuellar says there are too many to process them properly. >> over 2,000 of them have been released into the united states without a notice to appear. i emphasize, without a notice to appear at an immigration court. >> reporter: meanwhile, former president trump saying he may head to the border. >> over the next couple of weeks the border patrol wants me to go, probably over the next couple of weeks. i don't think there's a rush for
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me to go. >> reporter: and president biden on sunday reacting to former president trump's remarks, saying this. >> we are putting in place a plan that i feel very confident about and i don't care what the other guy does. >> reporter: and there are now five to 800 prosings every day and that's projected to keep going up to 26,000 a month by september. carley, griff. carley: marianne, thank you so much. there was a lot of information in that report. one of the headlines is that this crisis is not going to last a month, two months. they're expecting it to last seven months. the biden administration was completely unprepared for this but it wasn't like they weren't warned. border officials told the transition team that, listen, if you end the remain in mexico policy, there is going to be a surge at the border and that is exactly what happened. but the administration doesn't want you to see it. they want this to be something that is very limited in scope
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because president trump was the bad guy, he was the one that put kids in cages at the obama administration built. here's chris wallace pressing white house press secretary jen psaki on the lack of media access at the border. take a listen. >> at this point, in terms of allowing access to border patrol facilities for reporters, you are being less transparent than the trump administration. >> well, first of all, chris, the trump administration was turning away kids at the border, sending them back on the treacherous journey or they were ripping kids from the arms of their parents. we're not doing that. we're committed to allowing cameras into the border patrol facilities. carley: president biden promised transparency when he became president. that is not happening right now. one more thing, griff, there's a crisis unfolding in the country. imagine being the commander in chief.
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what's the first thing you do? you go there and visit it yourself. that's his job, his responsibility. i think it would be a bad look to have the former president visit the border before the current president does. griff: well, that's a good point, carley. remember, presidents bush, obama and trump all went to mcallen, texas, ground zero for all these videos that we're seeing. it is a step, perhaps in the right direction, for the administration to release that controlled footage inside the child facility but it is also an indication that they're being forced to provide that to us, that they have a crisis on their hands. they won't admit it's a crisis but yet they're tapping vice president kamala harris to oversee an unprecedented effort to bring it under control. i thought a telling moment that we saw with senator ted cruz's delegation that went down there, carley was when we had a an
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administration staffer confronting senator cruz, blocking him from recording to get something other than a controlled message. here is a little of what happened. >> please give dignity to the people. >> you work for the commissioner, you're a senior advisor, you were hired two weeks ago. you were instrucked to ask us -- instructed to ask us to not have any pictures taken here. griff: that prompted senator cruz to send a letter to president biden requesting media access, saying, quote, we understand the heart breaking tragedy unfolding at the border because we were there. we saw it. but the american people are unable to see it because you remain intent on keeping the media from shining a light on your administration's failures. i again urge you to stop denying reality, confront the consequences of your policies and allow the media access to these facilities. i would just add to that, carley, because i've been fighting on the front line of that battle since the beginning of this when we started having
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unprecedented numbers back in february, and that is not only do they need to give access to these facilities, it's critical that they unmuzzle the border patrol chiefs who have been warning this administration from day one. carley: that's right. well, consider them unmuzzled on our air. in a few minutes we'll have brandon judd, the national border control council on our program. griff, you'll handle that interview and you'll get the latest information from him on what exactly is unfolding at the border so stay tuned for that. griff: that's right. big show, big monday. turning to extreme weather. in nashville, at least four people died from flash flooding. first responders rescued dozens of people as the water began rising, submerging carings and homes. drone video shows the extent of the damage. wow. you can see here a high school's athletic facility flooded as water nearly rises over a highway, the rainfall going down, as one of the wettest days
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in the state's history. carley: happening today, the trial of derek chauvin begins. the ex copies facing manslaughter, second and third degree murder charges in the killing of george floyd last may. a vigil was held by floyd's family sunday as crowds have already begun fathering outside -- gathering outside the government building where the trial is taking place. griff: new overnight, a draft report on the origins of covid-19 suggests the virus likely spread from animals to humans. the world health organization believes theories that it is spread from a lab in wuhan, china are extremely unlikely. this comes as the former nsc official raises concerns of interference in the investigation. >> i wouldn't really call what's happened now an investigation. it's essentially a highly chaperoned, highly curated study tour. griff: the w.h.o. team will
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publish its final report soon. carley: president joe biden gives report ergs the scoop on what he -- reporters the scoop on what he gave up for lent. >> i gave up all sweets for lent. you have no idea how hard that it is for me. >> what's the best thing you're looking forward to having when it's over. >> ice cream. carley: the president is a huge fan of the sweet treat, his favorite flavor is chocolate chip. lent ends saturday, ahead of easter sunday. this breaking news report on what the president gave up for lent reminds me of my favorite headline of all time. and it was five times joe biden eating ice cream melted our hearts. how about that for a headline. griff: great headline. carley: that actually happened. griff: i have sympathy for him. it's almost here. time now, 11 minutes after the hour. the homeless crisis in seattle has residents reaching a breaking point. lawrence jones is on the ground visiting a park for children taken over by a homeless camp.
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carley: an amish community reaches herd immunity, the first in the united states to do it. but with new covid variants popping up, does it matter? that story, ahead. ♪ take it easy. ♪
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griff: the surge of migrant children at the southern border could last seven months, that's according to customs and border protection, whose projections show a possible surge of nearly 26,000 children at the border this september. here to react to the alarming numbers, national border patrol council president, brandon judd. good morning, brandon. thank you for taking time. full disclosure, you and i talk frequently and often about this crisis. you saw this coming from before the day one undoing of all of the trump era policies. i want to remind our viewers, we
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have from friday's latest numbers, 18,046 unaccompanied minors in hhs and cbp custody right now. my question to you, brandon, is how now do you put the genie back in the bottle? what do they have to do? >> this would be simple to so. all you need to do is hold people in custody pending their asylum proceedings. if we did that, these people would stop coming because they know the vast majority do not have legitimate asylum claims. once their cases are adjudicated, they're ordered question ported, they're sent back. if they're sent back to their countries, this would stop immediately. we're not doing that. we're releasing them into the united states and hoping they show up a couple years from now. griff: brandon, it's a point that has been made before, but looking at where we are now and the administration still not calling it a crisis, although they tapped vice president harris to lead this effort, do
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you believe that this was predictable and that they should have been prepared for it? >> everybody knew that this was going to happen. all you have to do is go back to 2014, look at 2019, now look at what we're doing today. unless we enacted policies that was going to prevent this, this was absolutely foreseeable and, again, this human tragedy, what we're doing is we're allowing criminal organizations to generate profits that are unprecedented and it's strictly based upon administration policy. griff: i want to play for you senator john kennedy over the weekend talking about how we solve the border crisis in just one week. listen to this. >> just go back to doing what we were doing in december. all you have to do is talk to the border patrol members. president biden undid everything that the republican congress and the trump administration did.
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easy, peasy, done. it will be fixed in a week. griff: do you agree? >> i do. that's what was happening, when people were crossing the border illegally, they were expelled or were held in custody. it's been called the catch and release program. when we bring that back, when that's reintroduced it's going to draw thousands upon thousands of people, that's why it's so predictable. you can't release people into the united states, you can't let them know that our laws mean nothing and you can violate the laws and that there will be no consequence. as long as there's no consequence, people will continue to come. griff: and as they come, i want to ask you one more question and that is, because you talk to your agents across the border, how big of a problem is it that agents are being told off the line -- pulled off the line to do the transport and facility care. >> well, that's -- again, that is what's allowing these criminal organizations to exploit all of the loopholes
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that exist. when we have less than 50% of our border patrol agents that are on the line, they can't control everything that's coming across. we've got fema now. we've got a cry to all dhs employees to see if they'll come down. we take agents from the northern border and transfer them the to the southwest border. if that's not a crisis, i don't know what is. that's the definition of a crisis. but it could be fixed tomorrow. this isn't something that is long-term. this is something that we could get a handle on immediately. griff: brandon judd, national border patrol council president. thank you. have a good monday. >> thank you, griff. griff: all right, carley. carley: still ahead, florida teen suspended 40 feet in the air. the slingshot ride malfunction that left them hanging for hours. plus, parents trying to recall school board members pushing a woke curriculum. one of them a mother of three
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joins us next. ♪
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carley: welcome back. parents in louden county, virginia, launching a recall campaign after school board members were exposed for being in a secret facebook group, targeting, quote, unwoke parents. the members outraged over criticism of critical race theory being included in the school curriculum, louden parents for education member and mother of three cheryl anderchen joins me now to explain what's going on here. what's going on in the facebook group that six members of the school board are on, they created a list of parents and what was the purpose of the
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list? >> so good morning. two weeks ago i woke up on the weekend and several people had contacted me and said, hey, do you know you're on this black blacklist. so they sent me the information. the goal is to silence anyone who goes against their beliefs which they support and back critical race theory. carley: here's something from the facebook group. they say they want to create fake online profiles and join groups to collect and communicate information encouraging hackers who can either shut down their websites or redirect them to pro-critical race theory/anti-racist informational web pages. so this facebook group is encouraging people to hack into
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parents' websites. this sounds pretty serious. are the police involved in this? >> so, yes. the louden county sheriff's office does have an active investigation. i have spoken with the detective who is running with it. i worry about backlash, i worry about my personal safety. i'm a single working mother. i worry about how much of my personal information do they have. and i had a chance to see some of the screen shots where my name was mentioned and i don't even know the person who dragged me into this. i've never met her. so i don't understand why i'm on a hit list. i have been super involved with the coalition of concerned parents since last summer, trying to get the schools reopened. i show up for almost every meeting. i give public comment. i bring solutions. and, you know, it's like talking to a wall and when you start getting re-engaged in your local government, especially the
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school board, a byproduct of that is starting to peel back the onion and see what's actually going on in the schools, which is what i think is indoctrination. i don't agree with what they're teaching. i want the school to stick to the basics. i want my children to be prepared for college and for life. i don't want them being preached to about being a social justice warrior. carley: that is your right as a parent. and the school board, they're elected leaders. they're not elected to be activeists. they're supposed to represent what parents in the community want, not silencing them in this way. cheryl, thank you for joining us and telling us this story. keep us posted. >> thank you. carley: you're welcome. griff: still a ahead, top aides in the cuomo administration subpoenaed in the sexual harassment case against the governor. new york state assembly man mike lawler says there's a culture of corruption in that office.
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he joins us next. plus, an unprecedented move to elevate the vice president. the website change raising more questions about who is really running the white house. ♪ ♪ pressure pushing down on me. ♪ pressing down ensing nothing but pizza. your expenses look good, and your books are set for the month! ...going up against this guy... and pitching your idea 100 times. no, no, no! no. i like it. -he likes it! ...and you definitely love that. intuit quickbooks helps small businesses be more successful with payments, payroll, banking and live bookkeeping.
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griff: we are back with a fox news alert. overnight, engineers refloating the massive cargo ship blocking the suez canal after it ran aground last week. carley: benjamin hall joins us live as we learn what more needs the to happen to clear the canal. good morning, benjamin. this is a big update. >> reporter: some good news at last. the ship was moved a little bit overnight when high tide came. the fact is, it remains stuck. they're not sure how much longer until they can clear it totally. so far, the ship has been moved 100 feet with at least 13 tug boats pushing and pulling. so far, they have shifted almost
1:31 am
a million cubic feet of sand and they had to dig down nearly 60 feet. the pentagon has weighed in, saying the suez canal is an essential maritime choke point and the longer passage is suspended the longer it will impact transit. the u.s. offered to send help. this has been rejected by the head of the suez canal who said with regard to american assistance, we thank them from their offers. they are ready to give any assistance and i think mr. biden announced they are ready to cooperate. we'll ask for their assistance at the right time, god willing. one would think this is the right time, considering the amount of traffic stopped every day, it's about $10 billion and the amount this is costing per hour, around $400 million. at last count there were 321 ships backed up, carrying $100 billion of merchandise, some of which is perishable and in a few cases live stock has started to
1:32 am
die. 12% of global trade passes through here, a million barrels of oil a day. every day this goes on, the more prices rise. most worry, there's a talk of a global shortage of toilet paper. carley: not again. oh, no. not time like the present to accept any help that they can get on this front. benjamin, thank you for that. oh, no, the toilet paper. griff: dozens of new york state officials have been subpoenaed in the sexual harassment investigation of new york governor andrew cuomo, including the top aide, melissa derosa who was at the center of the state's covid-19 response. here to weigh in, mike lawler. thank you for taking time this early monday morning. tell us what you can about the subpoena and particularly that of melissa derosa. >> good morning, griff. thanks for having me. look, when you heard about these
1:33 am
allegations from the beginning, one thing was clear. the governor's senior staff was complicit in helping him procure these young women in his office. they were complicit in covering it up and they were complicit in some cases in retaliation and so i think it's critically important that the attorney general and her independent prosecutors do subpoena his staff and do bring them in for questioning to get to the bottom of exactly what happened and with whom. and so i'm glad to hear it and i think it is long overdue. multiple reports indicate you have a culture of corruption in the governor's office and you have a staff that very much acts like their boss. and so getting to the bottom of this is critical. griff: paul fishman, the lawyer
1:34 am
representing governor cuomo's administration, responded toly at this sha james' subpoenas, saying this, no one should be surprised that the ag's office is issuing requests for documents and interviewing witnesses including many who worked for the governor. it's wildly premature to speculate what it means. does that surprise you, that the governor's attorney pushing back like that? >> i think that's a pro forma kind of statement. i think the reality here, though, is this. there are two investigations going on at the moment. one from the attorney general's use with respect to the sexual harassment and assault allegations, and one from the department of justice investigating the nursing homes. in both cases, his staff is knee deep in it. so the investigation, the companies, these will be ongoing. i think there are a lot of questions for his senior staff,
1:35 am
especially melissa derosa, who seemingly is involved in both cases. griff: we are following both of those investigations. before i lose you, mike, i've got to ask you about a new report coming out of your state showing taxpayers are paying up to $1 million a night to house the homeless in new york city since the pandemic started. you can see there it's a simple number, 1 million. what's happening there and what do new york city taxpayers feel about that? >> well, this is a culmination of seven and-a-half years of failed leadership by bill de blasio. he has failed to adequately address the homeless crisis in new york city. it's skyrocketed under his administration because they weren't providing the necessary mental health and drug addiction treatment needed for many of these people who are suffering and they need assistance and so now as a result of his failed leadership and the pandemic,
1:36 am
taxpayers are paying million dollars a day to house the homeless in hotels. it's a terrible policy, both from an economic standpoint, it's a terrible policy from a societal standpoint. griff: with seconds left, the social services department put out a statement saying that temporary was meant to be just that, temporary. do you see any end in sight in this? >> if seven and-a-half years is temporary, then i guess we're in for a rude awakening. griff: you make your point well, assemblyman mike lawler, thank you for taking time. >> thank you. griff: carley. carley: okay. listen to this. new developments are emerging on a spring break tragedy. a st. louis mother dies while vacationing in cancun, mexico. mexican officials believe she fell from the fourth floor balcony of her hotel, ruling her death an accident. the state department is
1:37 am
monitoring the investigation. her name has not yet been released. two florida teens get stuck high in the sky while on a ride at an amusement park. take a look. look at this. they were suspended more than 30 feet in the air when the slingshot ride broke down. it is part of the old town theme park in kissimmee. investigators say nonload bearing cables snapped. the ride reportedly passed the last inspection earlier this month. thankfully, the teens were not hurt but a scary situation there. griff: scary indeed. an amish community in pennsylvania becomes the first in the nation to reportedly achieve herd immunity, a medical administrator in lancaster county's new holland borough saying 90% of its amish and menonite households reported at least one case of covid-19 in 2020. they reopened religious services last april following a brief lockdown. carley: a pair of run away
1:38 am
stallions bringing tulsa traffic to a stand still. the horses were accidentally freed leading them to run wild. police had a tough time getting the horses to pull over but they were eventually steered into a parking lot and reunited with their owners. out for a little joy gallup, griff. griff: out of the barn and on the loose. i don't know what you do when you see horses running down the highway. carley: nor do i. griff: time now, 38 minutes after the hour. the homeless crisis in seattle has residents reaching a breaking point. carley: lawrence jones went to the city and found a park for children overrun by a homeless camp. his report coming up next. >> the needles, the caps of the needles, you see the tin cans. >> right now, the field is not scheduled for use because of the condition of the field. >> they they can't even use the field. >> it's not being scheduled anymore. >> why not?
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carley: welcome back. the white house breaks tradition by lifting the biden/harris administration on its website. the move appears to be one of several intended to elevate vice president kamala harris' position but it is unprecedented. neither of the previous two administrations listed both the president and the vice president on its main website or social media channels. interesting stuff there. over the last year, homelessness grew by more than 2% nationwide as the covid-19 pandemic gripped our country. one of the hardest hit states, washington, where numbers surged more than 6%. griff: encampments take over of parks, playgrounds and little league fields. fox news analyst lawrence jones has their story.
1:43 am
>> right here is where little leaguers normally would play baseball, play at the park, play basketball. but as you can see, there's homeless encampments everywhere. just in the past three weeks, there has already been four incidents with homeless individuals and children and residents are reaching a breaking point. >> there was a fellow taken out on a stretcher earlier this week with the soft ball kids around. parents would do a sweep, see if there's needles they need to pick up before kids play here. >> where is it normal, part of life in seattle. >> when you see the encampments, how does that make you feel? >> it makes me feel sad. sad and depressed, it's a shame that people can't enjoy the park. >> when you see the new tells that are on the streets and -- needles that are on the streets, and drugs, that you have to cross over. do you think it's a safety issue? >> yes, definitely.
1:44 am
i have a littledog. i have to be careful that she doesn't step on something. >> do you think the city leadership is doing enough to rectify the problem? >> no. >> i would like to see more leadership on the part of the city. and i do have a teenager. he's just really distressed about the situation. >> are you hopeful that this will change sometime soon? >> i'm not hopeful. >> you're not? >> i am not hopeful. i am not hopeful. but i'd like to be hopeful. i think the community needs to be brought into the process more. >> you see the needles, the caps to the needles, you see the tin cans. you see they use this to cook food. they also use this to cook drugs as well, methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin. all of this is right in front of a school right there. they're supposed to return back here in april and this is what they're going to see as they drop their kids off to school. when they come out here to play for recess, this is what they're going to see. >> another cap right here.
1:45 am
they're everywhere. surrounding this field. this is where kids are supposed to be able to play. >> this is miller playfield. it's used -- a multiuse field, used for soccer, baseball, lacrosse, frisbee, all ages. right now the field is not being scheduled for use because of the condition of the field and the proximity. >> they can't use this field. >> it's not being scheduled anymore. >> why not? >> because it's unsafe. this dugout here, it's got a tent in it. those dugouts have a tent in them. i see people that need help. that's what we're trying to do, help them, but to help ourselves return the fields for the intended use. >> are you hearing back from the city leadership. >> i talked to a number of officials. >> what do they say? >> it's a tough problem to solve bat we're doing the -- but we're doing the best we can. >> what is the commitment? >> we haven't gotten a plan. we would like miller to be prioritized because of proximity
1:46 am
to school and because of the high use and our kids are in danger right now. who is advocating for our children? carley: wow. that is an unbelievable situation happening in seattle. imagine being a parent and being afraid that if your son or daughter plays baseball or soccer on one of those fields, they they might step on a used needle. i wouldn't let my child play in that park. the big question is, how do you handle the situation? the smart, proactive thing to do would be to clean up those encampments and get the homeless people the help they need. that's not what's happening. activists say cleaning up the camps is inhumane. it's a situation that falls on residents. i spoke to a woman last week who cleaned up 53,000 pounds of trash from city parks just like that and she herself and the organization that she works with went in and actually spoke to the homeless people, got them the help they needed,
1:47 am
retransferred them to homeless organizations and some mental health facilities because the seattle city council wasn't doing it. griff: well, lawrence jones did a great job in that package, showing us literally visually how bad the problem is and the trash you talked to that woman about, i think probably the only recourse, carley, is for the parents to hold the school boards, the city council and ultimately seattle's mayor, jenny durkin accountable. we reached out to the mayor's office for comment about the situation. we've not heard back. carley: shocker. you saw the visuals there, though. that is a tough sight to see. still ahead, it's been more than two months since president biden shut down the keystone xl pipeline but there is still no plans in place for those left without work. two pipeline workers join us live with how they're doing, next.
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>> and then when i say when i ran, to rebuild the backbone of this country, the middle class, hard-working people, people struggling to be middle class, they build america. and unions build them. carley: president biden claiming he wants to rebuild the middle class during his first solo press conference. however, it has been more than two months since the democrat canceled the keystone xl pipeline and there is still no plan to get thousands of americans affected back to work. joining me now, retired pipeline worker guy williams and laid off keystone pipeliner lynn allen. they join us both now. good morning to you. >> good morning. carley: so lynn, i'll start with you. you were laid off from your keystone xl pipeline job. give us an update, have you been able to find another job since
1:52 am
then? >> no, ma'am. i talked to people nearly every day and there's nothing out there. carley: so what's life like for you right now? you must be worried. >> well, yeah. you think about it every minute of every day. it's just when will this ever come back around where we can get a job and prosper my family, because right now my family's on hold. it's just -- it's a shame. carley: we hear that. and i'm sure guy feels for you. you, guy, are retired pipeline worker but you live in an area of louisiana where just about everybody either works in the oilfield or they're a farmer. it sounds like where you come from, there are a lot of people out of work. >> there is. there's quite a few people. there's a lot of welders,
1:53 am
pipe-laying people that live in my general area, a lot of young guys that i know, some that used to work for me when i was working in the trades. but they don't have anywhere to go. carley: they don't have anywhere to go. lynn, president biden is expected to unveil his infrastructure plan on wednesday. and he wants to rebuild roads, bridges, expected to have some clean energy job opportunities and he has said in the past that those jobs, lynn, are for people like you. are you interested? would that work out for you in any way? >> no, ma'am. i've been welding for 32 years now. that's my trade. that's my calling in life. and none of that fits my plan. i'm a welder. that's what i've been doing. and him wanting to rebuild the middle class, cutting welding jobs, cutting oil and gas, the oil and gas is pretty much the
1:54 am
heart of the middle class and the upper class. oil and gas is what drives the united states and the world and he cuts everything out from us. carley: yeah, guy, that's so true. a lot of people make the point that they want -- pipeline workers want clean air, they want clean water as well and a pipeline is actually the safest and cleanest way to transport that oil that the country still relies on. >> yes, ma'am. carley: so guy, how do you feel about president biden pushing green energy jobs on oil workers? >> well, like lynn says, he and i have been friends for 30 years, but our life is wrapped up in the pipeline. that's all we've ever done, that's all we know. i'm a second generation pipeliner. my sons used to pipeline before
1:55 am
they got out of college and the pipeline is where our life is. you know, on a daily basis you know if we get a call to go to work somewhere, it may be in -- i live in louisiana. it may be in montana. you've got to hook up to an rv and pull day and night to get there to get there as soon as possible and, you know, then you've got to take a welding tests and the results of the welding test will say whether you've got a job or not. our lives are not as rosy as people think it is. carley: there are a group of 21 attorneys general who are suing the biden administration, trying to get the pipeline project back up and running so hopefully it can be revived and lynn, you can find some work and guy, your community can continue to prosper. thank you so much for joining us, giving us an update.
1:56 am
we really appreciate it. >> thank you. god bless america. carley: god bless america, amen to that. >> god bless america. griff: god bless america indeed. coming up, after spending $1.9 trillion on coronavirus relief, president biden is eyeing his next massive deal. congresswoman cat kamak says it just goes to show how out of touch the administration is. she'll join us live, coming up. ♪ beautiful morning. ♪ you got paid! that means... best burger ever. intuit quickbooks helps small businesses be more successful with payments, payroll, banking and live bookkeeping.
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griff: it's monday, march 29th. fox news alert. the massive cargo ship stuck in the suez canal partially freed according to reports. the race to open the major trade route that could cause another toilet paper shortage. carley: armed antifa members brings oregon's capital to a halt. reports of paint filled balloons hurled at cars, lasers pointed at drivers and several arrests. griff: plus, the biden administration feeling the pressure. the president says they're working on a border plan but no word on what it is or when it will happen. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ you ain't seen nothing yet. ♪ baby, you just ain't seen nothing yet. ♪ here's something that you're never going t


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