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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  March 28, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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great week. and we'll see you next fox news sunday. ♪ ♪ ♪ng ♪ >> good sunday morning everyone thanks so much for joins us i'm maria bartiromo. today on sunday morning futures exclusive pictures and videos from the frontlines at the border crisis. coming up, texas senator ted cruz is here, chronicling his trip to the rio grand valley where 19 senators witnessed firsthand the dangerous activity heardnd by biden's open borders. senator ron johnson shared this video exclusively with us showing dozens of migrants crammedel into unsan story holdg pins under a bridge between u.s. and seems like this in texas taking place every day, this specific
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room designed to hold 250 people jam-packed with 4,000 people, some of them with covid. thursday nightht ace loan 2900 apprehensions with 300 known, quote, unquote ways this picture shows what the senator caused biden arrows pointing migrants towards border patrol to apprehend them. the processing machine is on. the trump administration used titletr 42 health emergency law and returned everyone who entered illegally one year later, word is out. that biden has made an exception for families with at least one child six years old or younger and just like groups matching that description at the border. and former head of the cdc confirms what senator tom cotton told us a year ago on this program. >> we do know that the virus did not originate in that food market or wet market or whatever
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you want to call it in wuhan even chinese communist party has now acknowledged some of that. all the way back in december, though, we knew that origin story was a myth. maria: coming up senator john kennedy on the border and biden radical agenda.r plus is neither joe biden or kamala harris want to visit the border president trump says he'll go eric trump is here on biden's border agenda and father new way to communicate with followers and democrats election reform power grab. christian walker and charlie turk will be hereb. on how the 1 voting bill will change america and big tech dominance and critical race theory. all of that and more as we look ahead right here right now on sunday morning futures. ♪ ♪ maria: first this morning, the heartbreaking realityhi of president biden's border crisis
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exposed. this weekend 19 gop senators traveled to the rio grand value to witness the impact of the administration's immigration policies firsthand. we sent a photographer along to document it, but he was banned. he was told you're not coming when the senators tried to take cell phone pictures and videos, they too were hassled and ted cruz reported a confrontation he had with a biden hand her sent by dhs to stop them you will not believe this we're showing it to you right here for the first time. watch. >> please give dignity to the people and -- >> so you work for commissioner senior advisor hired two weeks ago and instructed to ask us to not have pictures taken here. >> respect people. >> dhs does not want american people to know it. >> based on the people. >> this is a dangerous place -- >> don't show the people that's all ire ask. >> try to hide them i understand your instruction but came down leer --
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>> the people give them security and respect. >> i want to fix this situation. >> we want to all pex this we don't want this to happen anymore. conditions -- >> senator ted cruz led the delegation he join me right now sits on foreign relation committees and senator, good morning to you. thank you for all of your work this weekend. what can you tell us? >> good morning maria it is good to be with you we spent a day and a half at the border d and give been to the border many, many times it is the worst that i've ever seen it. it is a full blown crisis. last month the month of february, we had over 100,000 illegal alienings crossing over roughly 30,000 of them were unaccompany meerns. kids, and just today, biden administration has over 600,000 inin custody we went and toured biden cages you know for four years we heard in democrats in
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media talking about kids in cages under president trump joe biden has built more cages, keenings aretr bigger, and theye more full. the donna facility where that video you justa showed was taken the donna facility is this giant tent city they've built it is massive. it is designed to hold a thousand people but under covid restrictions, its capacity is 250. it right now has over 4,000 people in it. it is at a 1,500% capacity and that meant you saw in these cages little boys and girls not three feet apart they're not even six inches apart they're lying on the floor there are no beds lying on floor side by side. they're covered with aluminum foil emergency blankets and in that facility the children there are testing positive for covid at roughly a 10% rate. so they're locking them in these cages,y where covid in a pandec is a real risk.
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it is inhumane and uncon and political decisions that joe biden has made. maria: you know, president trump had a health emergency plan in place, anybody who entered illegally was told they're going back and they were sent back. but biden carved out families and kids who were six years or under and, of course, that is what the smugglers and cartels heard. so they're coming up with, quote, un, quote, families request six-year-olds or younger, and they're selling those kids. i mean they're renting those kids how much money are these cartels getting by renting kids? >> well, they get between four and 6,000 dollars per person they bring across the border. we are seeing an instance of more and more young males arriving with kids when those kids are dna tested against those males, many of those males are not related to those kids and what the cartels are doing, it is they understand the
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weakness ands loophole and biden if aistration policy, and young adult male possibly a criminal possibly a gang member, if they want to come into this country, all they have to have is a ked and we're seeing cartel members renting kids, babies renting little children, of course, many of those kids then are physically abused or sexually abused and they're seeing those kids then coming multiple times with multiple different dulls it is tragic you know maria it is one of the thingst that's frustrated because many democrattings like to pretend open border policies are somehow humane. there's nothing humane about what joe biden and kamala harris aree doing at the border they're subjecting kids to horrific abuse. they're endangering their lives at a pandemic by keeping them locked up in cages right on top of each other. and then they're relesioning illegal aliens into the united states who are testing positive for covid at a rate 7 teams higher than the u.s. population.
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this is a humanitarian crisis. it is a health crisis. and it iss, a national security crisis. maria: well, it was also preventible, senator. let's take look at some of the move it is what joe biden made in day two and 60 days we have some of the more important issues here. tell me what you believe to be the most important things he did to reverse what was actually a declining situation in terms of surging at the border. whatat was most impactful by his policy? m he owns this. >> well, i think there's three critical decisions that joe biden made and the first week as president. number one he immediately halted construction of the border wall and we saw sections of the border wall were literally half done and there's rusted rebar everywhere and left it with holes in it, of course, illegal traffic is streaming through those holes. number two, joe biden reinstated
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fail catch and release policy in other words when someone is caught, they end up being given a court date some time in the future, released and everyone knows a very small percentage of them never show up again, and number three and this was probably most inexplicable biden ended the remain in mexico agreement this was an incredible agreement that president trump had negotiated with the nation of mexico. the government of mexico agreed that those people from central america traveling illegally through mexico would remain in mexico while they had asylum cases proceeding in the united states and when that was put in place, it worked. we saw the numbers drop. last year, we had the lowest rates of illegal immigration in 45 years. and maria i'll tell you i intoak two different people down at the border two different border patrolol leaders, one senior leader, one head of the union. both of whom met with the biden transition team before joe biden came into office, and both of
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them told joe biden directly. or the transition team directly, if you end the remain in mexico policy, you will see a massive influx of illegal aliens they've predicted it. biden team knew this but their politics forced them to make a decision that is now resulting in massive human suffering and tragedy and they don't't know wt to do because their politics won't let d them change. and so this is getting worse every day. >> how is it policy that their politics won't let them change don't we all agree on things like a humanitarian crisis is not what we want to be involved in? don't we all agree that we shouldn't have six and ten-year-olds in such danger that there could be sexual assault on their way to, you know, making believe they're with someone who is their father when it really isn't? who is running the show here? >> well, look that's an open question. it is clear joe biden is not.
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he hangtsoe gone to the border he's not running things he dungts know what's going on. we saw this past week he put kamala harris in charge. which made me wonder how much he disliked kamala to hand this crisis to her. she had it for a couple of days an announcement kamala is not going toor border she laughed at the idea of going to border so nobody know who is is in charge. but -- but it is an example and for kamala, she either quit she either looked at this said this is too much of a mess i want out of here or she was fired the biden administration, you know, kamala harris called border patrol agents she's to the kkk -- which is truly disgusting and i'll tell you agents down that therm they remember it and when they call you a chance man and federal law enforcement officer risking to keep this country safe they remember that. she was wrong person to head this. but nobody is heading this. and the problem for democrats, they start from a premise that the more illegal immigration we
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have the better. because they believe if you let all of the illegal immigrants in, and then you make they theml citizens they'll eventually vote democrat and keep democrats in power but aalso don't understand incentive so you hear jen psaki saying we're not going to keep kids which is o.c. a lie because there's 16,000 kids in biden cages right now. but they don'tbe get the incentives when they announce any child that comes can stay, that we will see it's projected that over a hundred thousand minors will come in and i have to sayan anyone who puts a litte boy or little girl in custody of a human trafficker maria, 11, 12, 13-year-old girls put on birth control pills because reside are so high they'll get rails that not compassionate when biden administration has kids in the custody of traffickers. >> this is so heartbreaking senator before youaf go, this is just one part of the massive radical agenda. they want to get hr1 through,
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youth know, you would think that this humanitarian crisis is the number one priority for democrats but it isn't. the number one priority is making sure that they stay in power with this hr1 election bill, your thoughts on that as well as filibuster. if they remove the filibuster they'll be able to get the election hr1 bill through and everything else. including stacking the supreme court. >> that's exactly right and i think hr1 is directly connected to this border crisis. you know many are calling hr1 thecr corrupt politicians act because it is their number one priority to keep democrats in power for the next hundred year and one of the most dangerous things that corrupt politicians act does, is that it automatically registers every one to vote if you interact with the government. so if youom get a welfare payme, unemployment payment, if you get a driver's license if you go to a public college or university, now they know that that will automatically register millions of illegal aliens.
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that is the intended purpose of the bill is to to have millions of illegal alien and millions of criminalss millions of felons automatically rmged this bill repeals every state law restrictings voting rights for felons because apparently democrats think we would be better off if more murderers and raper and child molesters were vote and streak down virtually every state election integrity law so they have vote or id laws that strikes them all down which facilitates fraud it is a profoundly dangerous and krupght politician act is single most dangerous bill before the united states congress. and it is the number one priority for chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. >> unbelievable. senator thanks very much for all of the breaking news this morning. and for your work on this senator, ted cruz we're going take a break and talk with louisiana senator john kennedy part of the border four on alarming t run-in with coyotes d cartel members and earning as much as $14 million a day last
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talk to an eye doctor about twice-daily xiidra. i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. >> what i would do as president is several more things because things have changed. i would, in fact, make sure that there is immediately surge to the border all those people seeking asylum. they deserve to be heard. that's who we are. our nation says if you want the flee and you're fleeing oppression, you should come. maria: wow, that was then candidate joe biden at the first democratic primary debate back in september of 2019. flat out telling us that as president he would encourage a border surge. he has made good on that promise. this chart shows the spike from one year ago in terms of migrants at the border. as you can see, under president trump it was going down with policies in place, but the number of apprehensions for this january and february alone nearly matches the total of all
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of last year. joining me right now is louisiana senator john kennedy who was part of this week's of border tour. he sits on senate judiciary and budget committees. senator, good to see you, thank you very much for being here. senator: you bet. maria: well, what a trip it sounds like you and your colleagues had. we just spoke with senator cruz who walked us through many of the issues that you all faced. from your standpoint, what's the most striking that we should understand? senator: after visiting the border i understand what president biden has blocked the press. i'm not sure there's words in english to describe it. it was mind-numbing. if it's not a crisis it'll due to one gets here. president biden is allowing anywhere from 3 to 4,000 people a day. that's about a million, to a million and a half a year. they're not just coming from central america and mexico, 55
12:20 pm
different nationalities are represented. this is not hard to figure out if you think about it. the traditionally america's immigration policies especially under president obama was this, anyone who is caught is allowed in and anyone who is allowed in is not deported. the trump administration and the republican congress changed all of that. we secured the border. we did the safe third-country agreements and we built a wall and establish the remain in mexico program. president biden comes in and he dismantles everything and he basically readopts president obama's policy but on methamphetamines and also issued moratorium on deportations. unless you've been in lockdown too long, you know one of two things are going on, either
12:21 pm
president biden believes in open borders or the people that he has put in charge of his immigration policy may be smart but they don't have any sense. they don't have the sense that god gave a goose. i mean, reality calls and they hang up. and now president biden has put vice president harris in charge of fixing it. i know the vice president. she's a lovely person and i sat on judiciary with her but that's like -- that's like putting a lance armstrong as drug tsar in charge of our drug programs. she's called the border patrol a bunch of ku kluz klaners. maria: that's right, jon what took place in the days after kamala was in charge.
12:22 pm
she's only doing diplomacy. i'm not sure. but let's take a break because there's -- i want to find out -- exactly. i want to find out about the running you had with coyotes and and the breaking news with the former cdc director with robert redfield that said covid-19 escaped from the wuhan lab of virology, something senator tom cotton told us first. we are so you want to make the best burger ever? then make it! that means cooking day and night until you get... (ding)... you got paid! that means... best burger ever. intuit quickbooks helps small businesses be more successful with payments, payroll, banking and live bookkeeping. i always dreamed of having kids of my own. ♪ ♪ now i'm ready for someone to call me mom. at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. bike shop please hold. bike sales are booming. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do.
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not later, like right now.
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>> they'll tell you straight up all we have to do is go book to what we were doing before president -- thought slip president biden undid everything that the republican congress and the trump administration did. easy peesy done fixed in a week. maria: do you think they're too proud to go back to trump policies frankly i think some of this, you know, biden coming in and overturning everything trump did was just oh, it was trump so let's forget it. it is trump so let's overturn it. without actually looking at the serious issues that our country faces now we're forced to recognize this as a humanitarian crisis. >> my personal opinion, just an opinion is that either president biden or if he's not making decisions the people he's put in charge believe in order open
12:27 pm
borders they think vetting people at border is racist. i and every other country in the world thinks it is prudent. what we're doing now is dangerous. it's expensive. it puts downward pressure on wages, and it unreservedly underminds the rule of law and legal immigration. i mean, it's nonsense on a stick. and i think if he's able president biden needs to go down and take a look and see what we saw. maria: can they just leave this as is? something has to give right? there's got to be something that happens here to change where this is going. the migrant spikes are through the roof. the conditions are disgusting, are you expecting any change in policy any time soon? >> no. because, again just my opinion, i think biden's people believe
12:28 pm
in open borders. but if they want to fix it and don't know how it is not complicated call chad wolfe ask a temporary assignment all he has to do is listen to border patrol agents and go back to doing what we were doing in december and that will stem the tide. maria: unbelievable. >> you have to watch what politicians do and not what they say and by not doing that, i think we're being told that this administration believes wholeheartedly and open borders. maria: and partly because as senator cruz just said, that's more democrat votes. i want to ask you about broader agenda but let me start first with the u.s. china policy, this week we heard from the former director of the cdc, who told us what senator tom cotton frankly told us a year ago on this program. here's robert redfield listen to this. >> i am of the point of view that i still think that most likely ideology of this pathogen
12:29 pm
in wuhan was from a laboratory, you know, escaped and other people don't believe that. that's fine science will eventually figure it out. maria: there has been so much propaganda from the chinese communist party about how the coronavirus originated. and from the beginning, a lot of us said well it doesn't really sound like it came from a wet market it sounds like it was a mistake that escaped from a wuhan lab. here's senator cotton one year ago on this program. senator, watch this. >> we do know that the virus did not originate in that food market or wet market or whatever you want to call it in wuhan. even the chinese communist party has now acknowledged some of that. all the way back in december, though, we knew that origin story was a myth. >> what are your thoughts on origination of the coronavirus, senator? >> well, at the rate we're going we'll never know. because doctor who is in charge of world health organization is
12:30 pm
owned, lock stock and barrel by china if you took president xi jinping of china, turned him upside down and shook him, doctor ted would fall out of his pocket. and no disrespect but the biden people who rejoin the world health organization need to get off the bullet train to trump town and call up dr. ted and said send your team back in. and if the chinese don't cooperate, we're out of here. we're not going to support the w.h.o. anymore. short of that, we'll never find out what happened. maria: so, i mean, biden administration is getting us back into the world health organization but the w.h.o. is being run by the chinese communists and they're spewing out propaganda that's not true in terms of the origination of the coronavirus. why haven't we heard president biden tell us where he believes
12:31 pm
coronavirus started and how it got to america and killed hundreds of thousands of our people? >> well, president biden's people have issued some stern statements. you know, that the chinese need to tell the truth. but once again, you -- you have to watch what politicians do not what they say. and what we need to do right now, what president biden needs to do right now not literally but figuratively is taking a two by four to world health organization and doctor and say look now you sent investigators in, it was a whitewash. sending them back in, demand that china cooperate, and if they don't, we're out of here. we're out of here. until he does that, i mean what you say -- what you do is what you believe and everything else is just conversation. maria: all right senator, real quick, this all points to the
12:32 pm
radical agenda and we don't know how u.s. china policy will change. but we do know that the spending out of control. 1.9 trillion dollar was called covid relief package that was mislabeled we know it was just a sending package so% covid related now you and your colleagues are talking about a $3 trillion spending plan. when are you expecting to see taxes increase to pay for all of this? >> soon. and the taxes won't pay for all of this. the motto of the biden administration is, we can't spend too much. and at the rate they're going we're going run out of digits. he's talking three trillion dollars on infrastructure. there will be money bills behind that. he is going to raise taxes dramatically. he's going make tax policy on the basis of class warfare. that's not how you make tax policy you make tax policy on
12:33 pm
basis of sound, economic principles. he's going to say we're going raise the taxes on the rich because he really does believe that we're one tax increase away from prosperity. i predict it will have a profound impact especially if he keeps with capital gain and diffed dividend and profound and when you tax something maria you get less of it and business never grew by raising their taxes. maria: i know that. we are -- we will watch i know this is one the reasons that so many governors and attorney generals across the country are fighting back. because this agenda is steam rolling them. senator it is god to see you this morning thanks very much -- >> thank you maria. maria: for all of your insight senator john kennedy stay with us. eric trump on the other side of this.
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12:38 pm
and as soon as i'm in the position to be able to implement what we're doing right now, one of the reasons i haven't gone down, i -- all of my folks have gone down is i don't to become the issue and i don't to be, you know, bringing all of the secret service and everybody with me to get in thee way. so this is being set up, and you'll have full access to everything once we get this they think moving. maria: he doesn't want to be the issue vicebe president kamala harris who says now, that she's not doing the border, despite president biden putting her in charge also has no plans to go. watch this. >> plan to visit the border? >> not today. [laughter] but i have exploring i'm surely again. maria: if biden and harris administration don't -- does not want to visit the border then president trump says, he will go to the border. joining me right now is eric
12:39 pm
trump, executive vice president of the trump organization. eric, great to n see you today thanks very much for being here it is wort noting that biden spent thisee weekend in delaware fifth trip home an sixth weekend away from the white house we're not 100 days in your reaction to this new administration, eric. >> i don't know where to begin first of all maria, you know it is heartbreaking to us i saw how much time and effort by father put into the job. i think you know i'm not going to go down there to inconvenience secret service and kamala harris standing in frons of air force two in last picture where you have greater ecosystem you know how many times my father went down to the border you know a serious issue that plagues this country. you see it and you see these children, and my father had the issueth fixed, maria and then yu see them. we're going to immediately stop border wall construction, they literally leave you've seen pictures as well as everybodyal else. but they'll leave 30-yard gap steel is literally laying on
12:40 pm
ground they'll leave a 30 yard gap people are pouring in. i don't understand it my father fixed this problem illegal immigration was not a problem anymore that's the most humane form of immigration. where youf don't have people makingou this dangerous trek, ad literally shows you what bad policy can do to a country and that, in 90 days in less than 09 days literally, i mean, a system that was working and that was perfect and that it was fixed. turned to absolute junk, i mean, turned to absolute mush and as a family member that saw how hard my father worked on that problem it is heartbreaking to me it really is. >> i mean it is also this narrative to paint trump as the enemy. they refuse to give president trump any credit particularly as it relates g to coronavirus whee the president, obviously, galvanized pharmaceutical industry with this warp speed program. locking in 800 american vaccine
12:41 pm
doses enough to cover 400 million americans, now biden is trying to double his goal to 200 million in his first 100 days but refuses to acknowledge all of this was put on a silver platter for the administration after president trump work in 2020. >> maria i heard many of the calls right that's one of the things you do when you're, you know, when you're first family there's no one that knows my father as well as i do i heard him late at night he's literally -- you know calling up all -- all of the people who ultimately will push this through and he's, you know, you're going get these vaccines done and you're going get them through preschool a best vaccines in the world and lead the world on this front, and you know, vaccines took years and years to create five, seven, ten years, i mean, my father got it done at 10 and a half month and he gets no credit at what point does joe biden and does administration say you know he did a really good job delivering the vaccine and spend
12:42 pm
next six months districting out to everybody else. what why does that need to be -- controversial? why can somebody not admit somebody did a phenomenal job my father did a phenomenal job with vaccine and literally, it probably f saved millions and millions of livings in this country. definitely saved tens of millions of lives around the world because everybody is taking our vaccine and everybody is usings them and that is science to science, and that's a beautiful thring we should be proud of that united states of america. maria: he came in as a businessman, knew the challenges that business has in order to progress. that's why he knew what to do with operation warp speed to galvanize pharmaceutical industry i want to ask you about gun control. on friday a jen psaki confirmed thatnt president biden intends o sign executive orders on gun control. this as we see this new story surfacing about hunter biden and what he talked to his therapist how biden his ex-wife talked
12:43 pm
about his own guns. there's a t report from politico that its appears hunter may hae lied on his gun background check form. that he wasn't a drug user if this has anything to do with do with anything about you or your brother you go shooting and hunting from time to time. you would be mud but there's no conversation whatsoever about this and the press about hunter biden, and, of course, those business b deals is another ange here. that he has with chinese companies and international company as well. that'sni gone. jen psaki other day said she doesn't know story that the wife of the mace mayor of mast cow spent three and a half millions to hunter biden years ago. meanwhile that's also a fact that has been documented. >> first ofn all, if i got three and a half o cents from mayor of moscow wife i would be in jail rest of my life you know that second of all we're shooters. we're big advocates of the second amendment you have to
12:44 pm
sign that form called a 4473. so first question is are you actually the legal buyer of this firearm and you check yes right. but the second question is ever been dishonorably discharged from the military and third question is are you under, you know, the use of any legal banned substances including x, y and z, obviously, hunter is a troubled kid no question about that. but if that was don or i and we lied on a federal form we would be in jail for the rest of our lives we would be. it is amazing there's no one even talking about that. he lied on multiple questions it wasn't just the drug question but multiple questions i think a lot of people maria in this country are sick and tired of unequal scales of justice they hunt down our family ever day and tried to impeaches my father after he was out of office. hale do anything they can to weaponize legal system they do it against me t and my family every sip day yet, you know, all of these things things that huns
12:45 pm
every single day all of the hunter does no one says single thing because they're all in pocket of the democratic party andnd frankly t is disgusting. maria:in eric it is good to have you today i wanted to talk to you more about your father eetione plans and whether or not you would like to see wife in the senate. we'll do that next time america trump great to have you this morning. thanks so much for spending the time with us. we'll see you soon coming up christianou walker here on the dangers of critical race theory how they're fighting back. stay with us. br 25% of your mouth.
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maria: welcome back in 20 to then candidate joe biden said he would be most progressive president in history. one year later he's doing everything possible to secure thatye legacy. including recently inviting group of prom innocent historians to the white house. for a two-hour deep dive into previous administrations and have the radical agenda here stack up so far biden signed a total of 37 executive orders 32
12:49 pm
during fist month in office surpassing even fdr during the great depression. here to react christian walker an charlie kirk president founder of turning point usa gentlemen good morning you thank you so much for being here. charlie kick us off assess where we are with the administration what strikes you most? >> joe biden is governing you can call it that completely inconsistent with how c he ran r office in the general election. he seems more interested in how his i were toes are going describe his presidency 20 or 30 years from now and wants to be known as lbj something that changed america trajectory in a liberal direction that is not what people voted for at all and he said health department be a healer unifier what was last time joe biden talked to a trump voter that's a legitimate question. whenat was last time joe biden looked in eyes of someone who voted for donald trump and understood their world view what they want for the country instead he's almost pandering to
12:50 pm
ruling class and professor class of harvard, princeton, yale and stanford. he just wants to make sure they write nice things about him a couple of decades and does not care about direction of the country goes. he's ones pace to be a dangerouy progressive president in the final thing i'll say, is he almost wants to prove to obama, that i canen do what you couldnt do when it comes to pandering to liberal base, and implementing progressive policies.o maria: that's what it is. i know he's on the phone all of the time withh obama, and i'm -- i'm hearing that he's running things from behind the scenes. christian, it is a fair question, especially since joe biden told us he was going to have unity unity, unity one of his major catch phrases. >> biden is more worried about appealing to most radically left democrat than he is illegal immigrants jumping the border breaking into our country, and stealing jobs from low wage workers. and what's concerning as americans who really care about our country is we don't have anyone in our corner holding this man accountable.
12:51 pm
we don't have the media who asked himco the tough questions. we don't have reporters that hold him accountable like they falsely held trump accountable and falsely blame trump for being a racist they won't ask biden honest, fair questions, so we have to do the work. we have to make sure we're letting the administration know through using ourle voices thata lot of these policies he's trying to implement are not okay. and most americans are absolutely disgusted by the direction he's trying to push our country in the liberal radical agenda he's tryingtr to usher in. ashley: i'm glad you mention media because toipght take a break and then come back to talk about the influence that the big tech dominance is having. oligarchs over media but also over our elections. we'll be right back.
12:52 pm
this is one of the most powerful men in the world, destroying cyber threats with a vengeance. yeah, i'm an i.t. manager. i'm just using sophos to block cyber threats. we'll probably never know how he does it. i just... (sigh)
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
maria: we're back with christian walker and charlie kirk founder of turning poijt usa i want to turn to the media and big tech, christian you just mentioned the media and you've got big tech undergoing censorship. your iraqi to how the media is enabling this radical agenda. >> well it is superunfortunate especially when you bring big tech into the equation because during the pandemic locked in our homes main form of discussion we have was online which was through big tech was through social media platform and big tech only aid the media and sensors speech they allow on platform we can't talk about biden radical and puberty blockers for children or funding abortions wild wide big tech labeled it as hate speech and unable to have free discourse of ideas and more dangerous moving forward as more and more young people join big tech platforms.
12:56 pm
and release their ideas on there, you know the biden agenda is very against people having an open form of discussion. and so we as americans have to hold them accountable. maria: charlie. >> i think that the big tech companies and some ways are more powerful thane. our own governmt and conservatives need to keep saying this every single day that we have a consent of the governed framework in our constitution. we do not have a con sent of the governed framework with our corporations especially corporations they're advancing so dramatically and artificial intelligence monitoring all of our decisions building surveillance state,ni and then selling us and our children and our young people get to our big corporations and their movements. it would be one thing if corporations were transparent. and actuallyy cared about first amendment. but they fund democrat politicians and their agenda items an they do not share our values i think it is time that we focus on conservatism not corporatism. maria: spot on, and this as china is rising in the communist
12:57 pm
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at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. find a northwestern mutual advisor at arthel: president biden facing growth under growing pressure to visit the border into the crisis firsthand, former president trump says he will likely make his own visit in the coming weeks. hello and welcome to fox news live i am arthel neville. hi eric. eric: hello, thank you for joining us today i am eric shawn president biden has said he will go to the border at some point but he has not yet said win, citing what he said would be a distraction over president visiting the facility with secret service and everything the number of not a comedy migrants in our country in custody is growing by the day right now officials say 18000 young people are


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