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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 27, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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the ball is in your court. you have got to have him on. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember, i'm watters and this thisis my world. judge jeanine: moments away, former president donald trump joins me with new reaction to biden's escalating border crisis. a big show ahead with former president trump and much more. but first my open. it was on his -- on his 65th day in office that joe biden decided to hold his first press conference. the longest delay in 100 years.
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the biggest issue seemed to be immigration as the number of children being trafficked by coyotes trafficked across our borders continues to rise. unaccompanied minors rose 60% to 9,400. but president biden tells us he has everything under control. but apparently not enough to let you see it. when a reporter said she was at the border and a facility was 1,556 percent capacity with mostly unaccompanied minors. 3,889 migrants if a facility meant to hold 250. the president's inexplicable dialogue follows. >> 1,556 percent capacity. there are kids sleeping on floors.
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they are packed into pods. is what's happening inside acceptable to you? and when is this going to be fixed. >> that's a serious question, right? is it acceptable? come on. >> will you commit to transparency. >> i will commit to transparency as soon as i'm in a position to implement what we are doing right now. >> just to be clear, how soon will that be, mr. president. >> i don't know, to be clear. judge jeanine: was that clear to you? biden doesn't want anybody to see the mess at the border. but he sure knows who to blame, former president trump. with obama everything was george bush's fault. and biden's sense of self is inflated to say the least. >> i guess i should be flattered that people are coming because i'm the nice guy, that i'm a
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decent man or however it's phrase. that's why they are coming because they know biden is a good guy. judge jeanine: no, mr. president, with all due respect you are the weak guy controlled by the left who wants open borders but tells us the borders are clear. but have no fear, mainstream media loves joe biden. they couldn't have been more complementary to the president. he stopped mid sentence and asked if he was saying too much. with a cheat sheet identifying which reporters he should call on with their pictures in case he couldn't put the name and the face together. he was even told in what order to call on the reporters. and it appears joe's handlers didn't think he could stand up to peter doocy from fox news because doocy never got a question. funny. i have memories of president
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trump going for cnn's jim acosta right out of the gate just to set the record straight. joe biden lost his train of thought repeatedly. mid sentence. rambled on, and showed his ability to keep his cool. even asking the press, what's wrong with you people? in a trump presser they would have yelled back, what's wrong with you. my favorite part was when a reporter asked the president about his relationship with china. he cautiously said he will make them follow the rules. how can he make them follow the rules when he can't even take a question from peter doocy. it took him 7 minutes to answer that question. after that 7 minutes and a bumpy ride in the woods nobody remembered what the question was in the first place. but when joe was candidate about what happened last week when the
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chinese dell gracious wiped the floor with his secretary of state blinken. joe didn't get because he said this. >> [inaudible] judge jeanine: we have 18,000 unacompanied children who crossed and are in custody. 20% of whom have no relative in this country. a president who refuses to admit we have a die is even after he stopped deportation of convicted felons. we are watching a president telling us the borders are closed, but not allowing the press to see what's happening and complimenting himself for being such a great guy. and the biden administration is only just getting started. that's my open. let me know what you think on facebook page and twitter
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#judgejeanine. first joining me right now, former president of the united states, donald trump. president trump thank you so much for being with us. i appreciate your time. the rumor is you are going to go to the border your yourself. when do you plan to do that? >> a lot of people want me to. the border patrol and the people of i.c.e. if they want me there, they asked me to go. and i sort of feel i owe it to them. they are great people doing an incredible job. it's impossible with what they have done to stay in mexico should have been left. now they stay in the united states, by the way, stay in and never leave. thousands and thousands of people are coming up right now as we speak. and you will have millions of people pouring into our country. it will destroy our country. it's a very, very dangerous situation. i would love not to be involved.
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somebody else is suppose to be doing it. judge jeanine: when do you think you would go? >> i would say in the next weeks. the border patrol wants me to go. probably over the next couple weeks. i don't think there is a rough for me to go. he's supposed to go and make the decision. a very, very bad decision with stay in mexico where he ended that. it's incredible. we are not getting along with mexico any longer. we have a great president of mexico who was fantastic to me. 28,000 soldiers on the border stopped people from coming in. and drugs are pouring in at a number we have never seen. we stopped it largely. the wall is just a few of weeks away from being completed. it took 2 1/2 years to start the because the democrats in congress sued us 11 different
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times. after we one all the lawsuits, we started. they should finish the wall, and they should have the stay-in policy reinserted. if you don't have that, this is going to be a disaster. judge jeanine: they are not going to do that, mr. president. the truth is the president and vice president have no public plans to visit the border. >> terrible. judge jeanine: do you suspect you will gets there before they do? >> i'm not looking to have a race. i'm looking to get a problem solved. this is going to dels troy our country. you have -- this is going to destroy our country. these are people in a large way are not people we want in our country. you have criminals, murderers, rapists, drug dealers coming up. i got along well with the heads of every one of the countries, guatemala, honduras, el salvador
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or mexico. but they are not looking to have their finest people leave their country. but they don't mind if ms-13 leaves their country. judge jeanine: we have no way to vet or identify who these people are. what should the administration be doing? president obrador criticized the biden administration and said you engaged and had a process together where you held them in mexico. now the biden administration ended all that. why would they do that? >> we had a great process. with the president of mexico who is a terrific guy and a friend of mine. it was a strong process. frankly they weren't coming into mexico. by the time we got it going, they weren't coming in at mexico's southern border because they knew they couldn't come into the united states. so you didn't have the problems. once they say we areletting you
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in, you are -- they say we are letting you in, you take a look at the airplane shots, we have thousands and thousands of people marching up to our border. and we don't know who those people are. and they let them in, and there is nothing you can do. once they are here, you are not going to get them out. it's a very serious problem and getting worse. judge jeanine: clearly. susan collins was at the border, senator susan collins. she said they were actually taunting her from across the border. senator ted cruz said stuff very similar about what was going on at the border. yet the biden administration doesn't seem to even want to go there or resolve the problem. they cut the funding for the wall. what is going to happen with those contracts for the wall and the subterranean connections and the like?
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if biden stopped those contracts, do we still pay for them. >> we paid for it already. the contracts are completed. the wall should be completed by now. he stopped it almost on his first day. he stopped construction of the wall. this is a wall that was -- we built almost 500 miles of wall. it's new wall. they like to say it's renovated wall. we track wall down and built new wall. they like to say it's a renovation. this is new, top of the line. it's technologically advanced with the wires and we are hook up for drones. we are hooked up for everything. this is great stuff. and they topped construction. so we have some open areas. we had to leave certain areas to get everything back in as we completed it. and they didn't finish it up. it would have take and short period of time. so you have gaps.
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they cover the gaps easily with the border patrol. but you don't even have to do that. they should finish the wall immediately. stay in mexico policy has to get reenacted. which isn't that easy anymore. now mexico is angry at us. the other countries are not respecting us. now you can go a step further and bigger. china has never spoken to me the way they spoke to our representatives a week ago. i have never seen anything like it. i just heard on your show and other shows on north korea. the united states wants china's help with north korea. we are not getting along with chain today for stupid -- debt along with china for stupid reasons. i have never seen china disrespect this country the way
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they have. >> do you think you will go the next few weeks? >> i don't want to set a schedule. i am not sure i should do it. but i have such respect for the border patrol and i.c.e. they are dying for leadership. there is no leadership. you have to see that squalor children and frankly people that have come into the country when you look at what's happening. the dirt and the filth of those places. that's why they are not letting the press in. if that were me the press would be going crazy. it's a very dangerous situation. it's horrible for our country. they are going to destroy our country. judge jeanine: president trump thanks for being with us. i know your time is valuable. thank you, mr. president. still ahead, peter navarro, leo terrell, and tomi lahren. you won't believe the biden
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administration's latest shocking move.
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>> the wrong way to come is putting children in the custody of human traffickers. these are vicious transnational criminals. judge jeanine: ted cruz is exactly right. as the situation on the border continues to escalate, the biden administration gut the homeland security advisory council. my next guest received his letter lars week. it was effective immediately. good evening, sheriff. judge jeanine: what was your reaction when you got the letter? >> i didn't know it was coming. >> i opened my email and there was an attachment from homeland security. a letter from secretary majorkas saying it was an honor to.
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there was no time to have and homeland security advisory council as there is now to have these members working with our secretary. judge jeanine: as we said last week on the show. you are the sheriff of cochise county. how big is the border between cochise and mexico, the international border. >> we have 83 miles of international border. it's the 38th largest lands mass county in the country. my appointment for homeland security was approved by the international sheriff's association. the sheriffs said we want the' shaffer dannels to be our
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sheriff on the council. judge jeanine: you are the sheriff of a county with 83 miles of border with mexico. they tell you they don't need you anymore. who will they replace you with? >> we don't know. i call it the dominoes falling for prevention and advisory. our voice doesn't matter. i live it, i bright. i lived on the border for 40 years. i served in the military and a sheriff and deputy for the last 37 years. it's very frustrating. judge jeanine: it is frustrating. what i would love to see is the replacement. but i want to talk about children being trafficked. last week you talked about modern day slavery. what did you mean by that? what's going on at the border? >> this is a big conversation.
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sheriffs, the department of homeland security and also cbp. this message the kids are coming up, in 2019 we had 76,000 kids come to our border. in the last two months we had 30,000 kid. it's no secret these kid make this dangerous journey from their countries. in 2019 the majority of teenagers and girls we dealt with all had some kind of birth control because they knew they would be sexually assaulted. the cartels are in charge of that. in my region in my county alone in 2020 we had 181 people john and jane doe die in my desert and the adjoining deserts around me. we still don't know who they are. this is a dangerous journey to get up here.
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the cartels are touching these kids in what i call modern day slavery. it's inhumane. judge jeanine: sheriff, on day one when president biden canle sell the contracts on the border, did the impact you? >> yes. they also stopped technology. they stopped revenue. they stopped resources. i herd the funding that supports the technological advances, so many wanted that, has been stopped for 2022. all these programs are eroding on our southern border. there has to be a message. we have to protect america. and the citizens within. i care about people. judge i worked with you many, many interviews, we talked many times. you are a passionate person.
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that's where your frustration and my frustration come from, we care for people, the rule of law, and definitely care for children, and i know you do too. judge jeanine: former cdc director robert redfield finally showed america where he thinks the china virus came from.
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marianne: welcome to welcome to fox news live. i'm marianne rafferty. the giant container ship remains stuck in the suez canal after five days. saturday a dozen tugboats removed sand and mud from the lefted side of the vessel bow. it ran aground tuesday disrupting shipping and trade. the political situation in burma getting worse by the day. soldiers and police killing 100 people saturday. the bloodletting quickly drawing international condemnation.
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the ambassador accusing security forces of murdering unarmed civilians. >> i am of the points of view i think the most likely ideology of this pathogen, wuhan was from a laboratory. it escaped. it's not unusual for respiratory pathogens being worked on in a laboratory to infect the laboratory worker. judge jeanine: joining me now to sound the alarm on what this means for america's relationship with china, former truck trade advisor peter navarro. good evening. what does that mean? >> it means the virus that killed over half a million americans likely came from a wuhan lab in china.
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what's concerning me now, the two alarm fire tonight is we have a series of mutations of that virus from brazil, south africa and the united kingdom. two things to be concerned about is the vaccine may not work against mutations. if you get original vaccination and build up antibodies, the vaccine might not work. one thing that was disturbing to me on afive alarm fire basis is the deal china cut with iran. the trump administration did everything it could to cut off the revenue of iran from other countries primarily by selling oil. china is entering into a 25-year deal. that money will be used to help advance a nuclear proliferation
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program of iran which china basically started to begin with. then we have china and russia meeting with the united states over climate change. that's an inside joke with china. they are billing power plants faster than you can shake a stick at. this is just a lot of things going on that the biden administration is not taking care of. judge jeanine: i think china send the message when they pretty much wiped the floor with anthony blinken in alaska. china has no fear of the united states. there is no donald trump or anyone else to stand up. you have china connecting with iran and russia. but let me go back to the virus. this mutation that apparently is not rebuffed if you have the antibody and the vaccine may not cover it, that puts america into
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a position within almost a year ago in terms of we have another dangerous virus coming in. >> it has profound impacts for the economy, not just here in the u.s., but for the global economy. europe is getting hit hard. india is seeing another wave. the fact that bob redfield at cdc said the virus came from the wuhan lab, we need to look into that and hold china accountable. one of the things i tried to do in the trump administration was have an investigation. but china won't let us in to find out where that thing came from. from my account they owe us a couple trillion dollars. that's where that thing came from. judge jeanine: you are not holding your breath on this during the biden administration i take it? >> my face would be turning blue
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if i were. five alarm fire on the china front. judge jeanine: it will be very interesting the next few years. thanks for being with us on "justice." still ahead. my closing statement. a message to joy behar you won't want to miss. the press missed a golden opportunity to hold the president accountable for so many of his destructive policies. what questions do we still need answers for? don't go anywhere.
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>> some reporters asked biden about the border crisis. but we needed answers on other things as well. biden's proposal to raise tax, a green economy, schools reopening and teachers unions and so much more. joining me with the questions they would have asked, leo terrell and tomi lahren. leo, what would you have asked? >> this is how i do it, judge. i have a couple questions for you. one, you play the race card on this georgia law. why do you keep saying jim crow
9:38 pm
laws exist when all georgians are trying to do is get voters i.d. that applies to all people. president biden, you talk about following the science. why don't you open the schools? is it because you received a square million from the teachers unions, they control you? and president biden you lied to the american people when you said more illegal aliens are going back to their own crew. show me your evidence. that is a lie. you can't lie to the american people. judge jeanine: tomi? >> i have been at border several times. i would like joe biden to tell us how many illegal aliens he's willing to take.
9:39 pm
100,000 are coming a month. we are on pace for a million this year. how many illegal immigrants are you willing to bring into our country to hide in the shadows. and how much are we spend as taxpayers to house these people and care for these people. what length does the border patrol have to go to to care for them. but also i would ask him about the keystone pipeline he canceled. we are supposed to have a replacement with the so-called green new jobs. as a south dakotan, they are wondering when the green jobs are coming. they haven't gone the any answers and are wondering where their jobs are. judge jeanine: they were so gingerly with the asking of the
9:40 pm
questions. and everything seems to come down to the left, everything is racist. we are constantly reminded how racist we are. even voter i.d. is about racism. honestly be it's nonstop. >> you are right. everything is race card. they divide us in this country with the race card. no facts, just racist. every american knows asking people for voter i.d. applies to all people regardless of race or color. those questions asked by the left-wing media and not one single question from fox. they were lollipop, they were ice cream. donald trump took a bothing by that left' wing media and he answered every question. but joe biden was handled a softball press conference. judge jeanine: one of the things i noticed, it took him 7 minutes
9:41 pm
to answer a question. by the time he got to the end of his answer 7 minutes later, i forgot what the question was, and i'm pretty good at this. >> he probably forgot what the question was, too. and you have to look at your notes for the talking points and you are the president of the united states. it's sad and makes the united states of america look incredibly weak. he answered about 10 questions and stalled in between. he lost his train of thought several times. he was half lucid throughout the entire press conference. imagine if president trump had notes. and only called on conservative conservative press. at the end of the day he had to look at his notes, he didn't know what he was doing.
9:42 pm
it makes the united states of america look weak and it's an embarrassment. i'm embarrassed by this president. >> i would like to talk to joe biden's medical doctor. judge jeanine: we'll get back to that after the break. like you, my hands are everything to me. but i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture.
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and it got to the point where things i took for granted got tougher to do. thought surgery was my only option. turns out i was wrong. so when a hand specialist told me about nonsurgical treatments, it was a total game changer. like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today.
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judge jeanine: we are back with leo and tomi. leo, you were talking about medical records and president biden. >> we would have to be naive and turn our head to ignore the obvious facts. something is wrong with joe biden. i'm not a medical doctor. why don't they present joe biden's medical examiner. let's ask some serious questions about his mental alertness, quickness and physical capability. i want to know because he is in charge of this country and he's the most powerful man in the world. i don't want kamala harris to be president. i want to know if joe biden is physically and mentally fit to
9:47 pm
be president. judge jeanine: tomi? >> it's a question every american is entitled to ask. they spent four years talking about the mental instability of donald trump. the american people deserve answers on this. i wish the left would pay half as much attention to the medical record of joe biden as they did president trump's tax returns. it's not indecent or inappropriate. he's a leader of the free world. we deserve these answers. judge jeanine: i would ventura guess that no one will bring up the issue of the 25th amendment which is something they constantly brought up with president trump. there is clearly a double standard. i seem to recall every president having a physical and they
9:48 pm
release to the public, he's well, his heart is well, his cholesterol, whatever. but i don't think we'll get an answer to that too soon. let's talk about some of the democrat run cities. when we talk about the crime going on in this country and some of the problems note just in terms of crime, but in terms of the democracies that have been closed down. taking away from individuals their ability to go to work and live the american dream. it's usually the democracies that are closed and not giving people a chance at working. >> you are right, judge. democratic cities are nightmares. i lived in a democratic city, los angeles. that's why we are recalling governor newsom. judge jeanine: is it going to work? the recall? will the recall work?
9:49 pm
will he be voted out? >> the recall is going to go on the ballot. there is only one republican that can beat gavin newsom and that's ric grenell. >> you are seeing so many people flee and bring their blue state policies into our great red state. we have the stimulus money going to cities and states. i think it should have been tied to re-opening. you shouldn't receive federal dpol dollars. you shouldn't be rubber stamping those policies. we'll look to back at this time in history as the most ridiculous time we have lived through. people don't want to wait for a check in the mail. they want to get their businesses open. look at states like florida they have comparable rates to states like california.
9:50 pm
they shouldn't get a penny more until they are ready to do that. judge jeanine: i doubt the government will agree with you, tomi lahren. next, my can't miss closing statement with my response to joy behar's personal attack on me. don't go away.
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what'd you do? - tell me know you did it. - yeah. get a little closer. that's insane. that's a different car. -that's the same car. - no! yeah, that's before, that's after. oh, that's awesome. make it nu with nu finish. finally tonight, there people who talk the talk, some even make a living doing it and i am generally humored by them, the ones who think they know everything. they have no experience, frame of reference but still assume, presume and fancy they know it all. take a listen. >> look at what jeanine. oh, this is outrageous.
9:55 pm
i'm looking at you, you should be ashamed of yourself, she said these kids are lower level of human being. judge jeanine: a perfect example of one who talks the talk. i just came back from southwest border having interviewed people on the front line who say children are being trapped by the cartels and forced into a lower level of human being. the sheriff in charge of the largest southwest international border area in the u.s. and one of the most dangerous cartel operates in the county says what's happening to these children is modern day slavery. children ultimately become slaves to the cartel. consider this. 20% of the children brought here have no known family in the united states. transnational cartel upon them putting them in harms way and use and abuse the children,
9:56 pm
physically and sexually, even keeping them under the cartel them once they are in the united states because they have no family here. they are forced to continue to work for the cartel, we are not even taking dna which for these children will identify them. to me, that's placing in his vulnerable children and that the environment, forcing them to be lower level human that any reasonable person would recognize as foreign. those children i spoke about on fox, the ones being trafficked, abused and brought across the border who then become slaves to sex traffickers. i know, believe me, i know. i prosecuted cases like these on behalf of victims. many of whom didn't speak english and afraid to speak in their native tongue because cartel help families in their
9:57 pm
home countries under the threat of violence or retribution. provide translators to help protect these victims. my joy has been protecting children my whole career. i started one of the first child-abuse units in the nation, check your favorite paper, the new york times, child-abuse was considered a social issue and not a crime. i didn't talk about it, i did it. i made it happen. to me a child changing a radiator is not a social problem, a child too young to identify the sexual parts of her body being abused is entitled to more than mediation, she's entitled to justice. i also started one of the first domestic violence houston units in the nation fighting to protect battered women and children forced to live with the violence, some of whom are murdered in that same violent home. i didn't just talk the talk about children being raped or
9:58 pm
beaten to death, i did something about it, i spent my time in emergency rooms of victims, hospital rooms with children and morgues and heartbreaking silence. you want to lecture me? you want to talk about escaping violence? >> people are escaping violence, drugs, escaping poverty and with climate change on the horizon i think it's on to get worse. judge jeanine: escaping violence? that's the whole thing, even the sheriff said it was modern day slavery because the cartels hold us, onto these children. use think they are escaping drugs? they are becoming mules for the cartel. for 30 years i helped people escaped violence and punished those who committed that violence, i didn't talk about it, i didn't put myself on a chair in front of the camera and yap about something, i
9:59 pm
prosecuted, convicted, sentenced and when boss want strong enough, i thought to change the laws and created taskforces and provided shelters and safe havens, connecting with churches and social services and mental health professionals so don't you ever accuse me because unlike you, i don't just talk the talk, i have actually walked the walk, i did something. i did something. i actually did something so instead of sitting on your butt with your friends, get down to the border, go into a courtroom, family court, a shelter, volunteer, have the courage to step up your stage and do something that matters, that makes a difference yes, joy, i am talking to you. that is my closing. you can catch more of me, thanks
10:00 pm
for watching. i'm jeanine. advocating for truth, justice and the american way. i'll see you next saturday night. ♪♪. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is a special town hall edition of the "the ingraham angle." it's been 375 days since americans were told that it would take 15 to slow the spread when most schools were shuttered. a year our kids in front of computer screens more than a year that are kid's mental health suffered, knowledge lost, proms and graduations missed. it is a mom of three, school age kids, fifth, seventh, ninth grade, i've seen and felt it firsthand and that's why am here. in virginia, george mason university with dozens


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