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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 27, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> ♪ ♪ >> dan: welcome back to "hannity." as the crisis at the border
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worsens by the day the biden administration restricts media access to the holding facilities. the person biden put in charge of the border vice-president kamala harris had a different view when trump was when the white house. >> thank god for a free and independent press. in texas and california and at the border and giving the american public of what is really happening as opposed to the rhetoric out of this administration. >> dan: but the corrupt and partisan media spins for joe biden and his border failures the "washington post" was forced to correct a headline that claimed there was no migrant surge and a memo from the associated press shows they warned their staffers not to call the situation at the border a crisis.
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also new tonight. the vhs secretary is reaffirming their commitment to daca to give a path to citizenship to the dreamers who know the u.s. is their home. joining me is dana and fox news contributor leslie. this immigration topic is hot with me all the time. dana, congrats on the extension of your radio contract. there will be a lot of laughs. >> congrats to you too. dan and i go way back. >> dan: way, way back. i will start with you on this. this is not a seasonal surge here. the biden administration has trouble with the facts. when you look at the pure data here we have never seen numbers
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like this crossing in this season in a surge ever. i they are trying you remember -- they are lying. >> the view played of kamala harris a couple of years ago. there is a huge difference. at the peak of the obama administration there are 6 or 7 times i hear fluctuations but it's way more than at the peak of the obama administration and we are not even into the major crossing time which is towards the end of spring when border patrol says they see the most people crossing. we are hearing from democrat mayors on border towns. they were critical of trump and celebrated joe biden when he was elected into office. now you see mayors, democrat mayors saying wait a minute you
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are overloading us. we don't have the budget to handle what these policies have done. we are seeing the same lack of resource we saw but 6 to 7 times worse crisis. it's a crisis. the associated is telling journalists only quote crisis if it's someone you are quoting. the longer they refuse to accurately report the worse it gets and the more suspicious they make the public. >> dan: i agree. leslie, this is obviously a crisis. everybody can see what is happening on camera. if you don't acknowledge a crisis it seems to me you are know interested in solving it. do you agree or disagree this is a crisis? >> i said all along it's a crisis. it's not what you call it. it's what you do about it. look at numbers. i want to talk about the media. before this segment and other
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shows that i did today, when you look at the push back and even cnn fact checked joe biden when said he was wrong about unaccompanied minors and said that the minors and immigrant families were being turned around at a higher rate. it's 41%. overall 70% are being turned away. it's not democrat or republican. they have to work together. one problem is asylum. you have to be in the united states to apply for asylum. that could be changed not by the president of the united states. it has to be done by the congressional body. politicizing this is beneficial for the republicans. but at the end of the day it doesn't solve the immigration problem which needs a multi-facetted legislative
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approach. asylum is just one of the many issues. there is a backlog. why are these people leaving? and more. with regard to the drug cartel, if you go online and do all of the research and you look at the numbers for 17 years we have dealt with drug cartels and crossing is highest in january, february and march even at the checkpoints. >> dan: i get that. facts and data matter. you believe in numbers, right? i have the numbers right here. in the last season, 66,000 the peak during the season of the trump administration. we now have had 100,000 under biden. it's not even close. we have not had a number like that in the last 10 years. if facts and data matter by what
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metric is this not an exploding crisis? >> i understand the arguments that some make. there are more variables that go into this. it intimates that the united states has to solve the economic crisis of every other country. not every other country openss its borders to let everyone in. we choose to be more deliberate about the people coming in. republicans and democrats have kicked the can down the road. the problem is the way the press is covering. i remember back in 2017 there were articles talking about the cost of keeping kids in cages.
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that was one of the phrases used. nobody is talking about that now. you don't see any articles in the press about that. you don't see democrats down in the border crying in parking lots in front of chain link fences. the media coverage is different and that's driving this. that's why people are suspicious of the media. it occurrence our national security and our residents that live at the border and our tax dollars too. >> dan: yes, leslie, i am just out of time. great debate. thanks, i appreciate it. coming up is nancy pelosi trying to steal a house seat from the gop? of course. a senator will be here and another day and another scandal for zero experience
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>> dan: nancy pelosi and the power of democrats are continuing their quest to steal a house seat in iowa. a republican was already certified as the winner. but the democratic candidate is launching an effort backed by pelosi under the federal contested election results to overturn the results can she lost by 6 votes. pelosi is not trying to hide this power grab. she wants credit for how she handled it all. take a look. >> if you lost a race by 6 votes, wouldn't you like to say there must be some way we can count this. do not seat the person.
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you are naming a few who say let's move on. people said why should we seat somebody when it would be allowable to say we are not seating the member from iowa. we did do not that. >> dan: let's be crystal clear. democrats want to overturn a state certified election and they are not trying to hide it. voters in iowa should decide who represents them and not nancy pelosi. here on explain more is iowa senator. there is history here. in 1985 the democrats did this before. they have the right to seat their own members and stole an election. that did not end well. the republican revolution followed. i don't think this will end well either if they are allowed to do this. >> right.
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i would agree, dan. this is the worst of worst when it comes to hypocrisy. we have an election that was certified at the state level by a bipartisan board in this election. bipartisan and yet here the democratic opponent wants to take this to nancy pelosi not through the iowa court system as required by law but to nancy pelosi a partisan to overturn this it election. >> dan: senator, just to be clear, you said something important. a bipartisan board of canvassers. i believe it was 5-0 said the republican won the election. i am not making this up. it was a 5-0 unanimous?
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>> yes, they were counted and certified at the county level and went to the state level. that's where the bipartisan board said everything was done properly and miller won this election fair and square. that doesn't sit well with the democrats nor the opponent rita heart. -- hart. she went straight to nancy pelosi to overturn that seat. >> dan: quick question. how is this going down in iowa on the ground? i live in florida. on the ground in iowa, the perception this has to be terrible of this attempted theft of a congressional seat? >> yes, even democrats in the second district said that if nancy pelosi overturns this
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election, it would be a very bad thing. they don't agree with it at all. those are democrats saying that. >> dan: that's good to hear. senator, thanks for joining us. we are also learning more about the bizarre 2018 gun incident surrounding hunter biden and his late brother's widow involving a fire arm tossed behind a grocery store. according to the "new york post" texts from hunter biden suggested that the secret service was involved despite contrary claims from the agency. "she stole the gun and threw it in a garbage can and told me it was my problem to deal with." hunter continued:
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there issine more. in new documents hunter may have lied on his federal form about his past drug use when he answered no about drugs and substance abuse. today senators grassley and johnson sent letters to the secret service demanding answers about the incident. we reached out to hunter biden's lawyer for comment but have yet to hear anything back. the secret service denied the agency was involved in the gun store incident. joining me is steve scalise and charlie hurt. this is contributing to the growing perception in america there are 2 sets of rules for the elite and for everyone else.
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we are reading hunter biden's own texts. >> there are a number of serious concerns raised when you read that political article. it mentions multiple violations of federal law not the least of which if he lied about drug use on the federal form and throwing a gun in the trash can. if you read the article about the conversations with police, it sounds like he was getting testy with police because they were asking him basic questions. there were slurs made about people here from mexico. a lot of things in the police report that are alarming. president biden is talking about passing more gun control and yet you have a case of his son who broke multiple laws and gets off scot-free. what is the secret service have to do with it this?
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it joe biden didn't have secret service protection at the time but they tried to pull the gun records from the gun store. luckily the gun store owner does not give them those records. we should not make had harder for law-abiding citizens. stop people who break the law from getting away with it scot-free. >> dan: the irony here is so thick. charlie, if this was a story -- forget about don junior. if this was about don junior's cousin's friend's neighbor and don had a hot dog at his house this would be a front page story. but because it's hunter biden it will receive a light touch. >> the massive cover-up for the
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bidens is something we have never witnessed before. it's appalling. i know a lot of gun owners. i don't know anybody who would throw a weapon away in a trash can in a high traffic area like that in the first place. in the second place, i don't know who would lie on a form. the fact you have a clear question about whether hunter biden did lie on the form raises important questions that obviously need to be answered. the most important part of all is here we are in a time that joe biden and democrats are talking unlike they talked ever before about going after law-abiding gun owners and making it harder for them who would never do any of these things to prevent them and curtail their abilities to protect themselves and their
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families and their neighbors. this is just the way the bidens roll. it's disgusting. we have to get to the bottom of it. the reason why politicians do this, they go for the shiny object and come up with new rules, it's an admission they have failed to enforce all of the laws that are currently on the books. that's usually how bad things wind up happening. >> dan: good point. congressman, any appetite whatsoever on the hill to investigate this family anymore snp how much will this guy get away with? -- the accusations are the stuff of legend. pay offs from russian oligarchs. if this anyone close to trump it would be a cosmic scandal.
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>> there is a request made for this to be investigated. i am waiting for the biden justice department to investigate. if you replaced the word biden with trump and read that article, every newspaper in the country would be all over. it would be the lead story and yet crickets. people are watching this. it's like the double standard with so many of the democrat officials who break the rules. they tell you to live bry one set of rules and they live by another. they are trying to take away our gun rights in washington and the president of the united states himself is talking about going nuclear and blowing up the filibuster in the senate to get gun control and make it harder for you to get a gun and his own son violated multiple laws.
1:46 am
enforce the laos the books instead of going after people who are not breaking the laws. >> dan: thanks. follow up on that. america needs accountability. coming up the latest on joe biden's soft stance on china plus the former cdc director believes he knows where covid originated. we will tell you
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really? china confronted the u.s. and stealing our intellectual property and will beijing ever be held accountable for spreading the deadly coronavirus? tonight a former cdc director believes the virus escaped from a chinese research lab. take a look. >> i am of the point of view that i still think the most likely cause of this pathogen in wuhan was from a laboratory. escaped. other people don't believe that. that's fine. science will figure it out. it's not unusual for respiratory pathogens to infect the liberty worker. >> dan: joining us to explain
1:52 am
more is an author gordon chiang and former department national security advisor kt mcfarland. i thought this was a conspiracy theory. we were told a year ago when we covered this story this could have leaked from a lab. we were nuts. now we a former cdc director saying we may not be crazy after all. >> yes. the former director of the cdc he is a virologist by trade. he is not just a scientist or doctor. he made his career studying viruss, you take it seriously. what i look at, dan, if i look -- what really happened and not what the chinese have said but done. when the virus showed up, they
1:53 am
pushed aside the chinese cdc and world health organization people and the chinese military took over control of it. number 2 they shut down but you. -- wuhan. they encouraged international travel in and out of wuhan. when a country tried to shut the borders with china like president trump did, they called him a racist. it makes the chinese look guilty. to add to it, they never let international scientists if. they are just now letting scientists in but not american scientists. >> dan: one of the things going on at this chinese research facility were gain of function experiments. they try to make a virus more
1:54 am
lethal. kind of an interesting component to this story, no? >> well, certainly. it was of the just gain of function experiments, it was on coronaviruses and they stored more than 1500 strains. they didn't adhere to safety protocols and the first known case of coronavirus according to beijing occurred just a few miles from the wuhan institute of virology. the first known case had nothing to do with the sea food market. you put all of this together about china sending the top biological expert to it head the lab there to clean it up. it seems no unrealistic to assume it was just a transfer. it had to come from the lab.
1:55 am
beijing was not interested in finding the source of the coronavirus because they knew where it came from. >> dan: can we ever trust china again? >> i would not. china acquired the dna data of the majority of the american people. >> dan: gordon you said this for a while. way ahead of the curve. more of this special edition of "hannity" right after the
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." quick programming note starting may 24th i'll be launching my radio show. monday through friday on radio stations across the country.
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it's an honor. unfortunately that's all the time we have left for tonight. thanks for joining us, we appreciated. laura ingraham is up next on sean's back on monday. hope you have a great weekend ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, everyone, i'm shannon bream along with juan williams, jesse watters, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> shannon: g.o.p. senators releasing shocking images from our southern border. senator ted cruz saying these are the pictures the biden administration doesn't want the american people to see. they show cramped and overcrowded conditions in down a texas. the group of 17 senators demanding president biden take action to solve the problem. the images they are releasing


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