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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 26, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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i believe events will make a difference. there is powers an end don't let let them take you think anything different. everyone have a great night. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, welcome to "fox news @ night" i'm shannon bream in washington. new tragedy amid the surge, the border patrol has three migrants stranded near an island on the mexican side of the rio grande. after administering first aid, two of the three regained consciousness, but a 9-year-old girl did not. she was pronounced dead a short time later. the latest passing border search, the president said happens every year in the winter. that does not line up with the
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hard data, they're calling a public health crisis. ted cruz release this video according to show masses of children huddled in plexiglass tents. before the president spoke yesterday, the border control team had 200,040 illegal aliens have been accounted over the past three days. these arrests attributed to the nearly 300% increase of apprehensions the last year. the increase is far higher than the normals seasonal fluctuation we see. the cdp tweeted this are short while ago. u.s. border patrol agents have three convicted sex offenders in a three hour period. if the white house continues to defend the seasonality argument. speak of the point is, we've dealt with it before. it's often seasonal. it's often typical and he wanted to convey that and in an effort
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to communicate and provide educational information to the public. >> shannon: as they and administration downplays what's happening at the border it's busy calling republicans in georgia racist. the newly signed election security law, "the wall street journal" says "the comparison to jim crow's protest. seeing it requires only swimming sideways for a minute to escape the rip current of the media narrative." take a look at what's in the legislation and what isn't. that's where we begin tonight with white house correspondent kevin corke, good evening. >> good evening. they language clearly is incendiary and all too often it can be very effective. accuse your opponent or the policies of being racist, or contend with racism and the press and the public pick it up. if democrats know it well, mr. biden too and that's why throwing around terms like jim crow when referring to george's voting law or perhaps changes in the filibuster is sparking a very strong reaction.
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this is jim crow in the 21st century, biden said in a statement released friday afternoon. it must end. we have a moral obligation to act. to act against the state whose election law changes the democrats don't like. >> we don't need anything else. to know that this is nothing but punitive designed to keep people from voting. >> he's talking about george's new voting integrity law. which now among other things requires identification to be shown for absentee ballots. it limits the number of drunk boxes for absentee and mail in ballots and shortens voting hours. providing food and water to voting while they wait in line which activists argue will disproportionately affect minority communities where long lines are common. critics argue without evidence that the new laws will limit voter access among african-americans. thus the comparison to the
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jim crow era of state sanctioned disenfranchisement. but republicans say it's just gaslighting. >> this is not worthy of the office of the president to go out and charge racism with his own state has far more pernicious and more limited opportunities to vote. >> not just georgia's voter integrity laws, which biden also thinks jim crow when he thinks of the filibuster. which is ironic considering his passion defends all of it back in 2005. to >> the filibusters are not about stopping the nominee or of the bill, it is about compromise and moderation. if >> the very same filibuster that era to block senator tim scott's bill. for then congressman byron wrote in the statement biden is irresponsibly injecting race and the travesty of jim crow to oppose the filibuster. considering he joined segregationist and opposing bussing and eulogize known
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racists like robert byrd indeed, they called jim crow a dark day on the republic and that's his personal opinion. it's very impactful for him in many black people like him. also today we heard from the press secretary jen psaki and she conceded despite what her boss said yesterday, no, most families crossing the border are not being sent back in the distinction according to the white house is most adults. our being sent back. figures of which there is debate let's just say. >> shannon: kevin, thank you very much and have a great weekend. >> you to come on my friend. >> shannon: a group of 19 senators found when they embarked on a fact-finding mission to the southern quarter demand border. he tweeted out the conversation with indiana senator mike braun amid troubling backdrop. sadly it's worse than imagined to the point where cdp has been
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forced to how was migrants a bridge. you heard it right. steve harrigan is tracking the story tonight from mission texas. >> each got a very different view of how migrants are being treated. 19 republican senators saw gunboats trolling the rio grande. >> the donna facility is a giant tent city. built with a capacity of 250, it had nearly 4,000 people in it. we saw cages after cages after cages. of little girls, boys, line side-by-side touching each other. covered with reflective emergency blankets. >> they posted on twitter that this is what the biden administration does not want americans to see. democratic lawmakers toured the model health and human services
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facility. with covid distance income of the facility can hold 750 minors. democratic congressman ilhan omar said the reason for the surgeon minors has nothing to do with president biden. >> i know that people were living in these conditions are not turning on the news. to see who is president. right? what will they be met with when they come to the border? they are thinking about what it takes for them to survive. >> no cameras were allowed on either tour. border patrol officials released a great new numbers for migrants attempting to cross the southwestern border. in february, 2021, cdp encountered 100,000, 441 persons attempting entry along the southwest border. the numbers almost tripled a number from one year ago.
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it's expected to climb even higher in the spring and summer months. under the biden administration, unaccompanied minors can't be deported. on a busy night, as many as 700 arrived and too many to transfer immediately to an hhs facility. speak on nights like that, senior border official said the children stack up. in mission texas, steve harrigan, fox news. >> shannon: coming up we will talk to senator marshall black foreign back to border herself. president biden nominating the wife of the fed to cochair appellation mission. joe manchin served in the state board of education among of other positions. senator manchin is a moderate democrat seeing the swing vote on many of the key legislative admissions. the analysis, reported to ask questions of president biden's first formal news conference to need a mat continues tonight.
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ws white house correspondent peter doocy questions the press secretary today about what he's never been included on the list for any formal q&a with the president. >> we notice starting at the end of the campaign that and in the transition coming here at the white house, anytime the president has been given a list of reporters to call on. fox's the only member of the five networks that has never been on the list. i'm curious if that's official administration policy. >> where having a conversation aren't we? >> don't i take questions from you every time you come to the briefing room? has the president taken questions? >> shannon: fox news media analyst and fox host, he shows martha follow tonight. >> they waited for 64 days for a
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news conference where the reporters didn't really grill him. they were vaguely open-ended. >> how far are you willing to go to achieve those promises that you made to the american people? >> or about far off beltway politics. >> if you ronco mobile vice president harris the undertaker? >> are you worried if you don't manage to pass the voting rights legislation that your party is going. >> taking steps to neutralize republican opposition. >> why back the filibuster rule that gets around issues including voting rights. >> all this was the stark contrast. >> why are you pitting americans one another? >> with how journalists did battle with donald trump. >> okay, kristin, kristen. >> biden calls on ten reporters while ignoring fox's peter doocy but there wasn't a single question about the pandemic that killed more than 1200 americans yesterday.
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or his $2 trillion aid package. unemployment, reopening schools. they pressed biden about the border crisis. >> will you allow journalists to have access to the facilities that are overcrowded? >> the president winded site a timetable. the media review is not surprisingly where highly favorable. >> they thought biden at his best sticking up for american democracy. >> the reporters are highly pleased. >> the president drew flak for easing no guards but that's a greater concern to journalists then the general audience. >> shannon: howard kurtz, thank you. questions denied the origin of the covid-19 pandemic, robert redfield believes the virus
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escaped from a research lab in wuhan, china. complicating the national institutes of health narrative that the virus emerged from wildlife. chief breaking news breaking news course by the trace gallagher is on the case for us tonight. good evening. >> good evening, thou that he is not the director of the cdc, dr. robert redfield says he's allowed to express his opinion and he started off with a bang saying that covid-19 originated in its september or october in 201911 wuhan. >> i'm of the point of view that i think the most likely etiology of the pathogen in wuhan was from a laboratory, escaped, other people don't believe it. that's fine, science will eventually figure it out. >> nobody can say for sure where the virus originated but for some reason the media and federal officials can say for sure where he did not originate. here is dr. anthony fauci today's covid-19 white house briefing knocking down dr. redfield's wuhan lab theory.
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>> it likely was below the radar screen spreading and community in china for several weeks if not a month or more which allowed it when he first got recognized clinically to be pretty well adapted. >> dr. fauci's theory did not come with immediate disclaimer. even though intelligence officials agree with the right field, his statement was dismissed by cnn as "controversial and without evidence." it's worth pointing out as we did last year than in 2019, the national institute for allergy and infectious disease headed up by dr. fauci funded scientists eddie neurology lab in wuhan to conduct a so-called gain of function research on the coronavirus. for context, gain of function research has been debated because it manipulates viruses and creates a risk of accidental release even though there is
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evidence it happen. last year, when the world health organization try to investigate the origins, it was given in for insufficient access to the lab. full axis is being granted. shannon. >> shannon: fully open only one year later. trace, thank you very much. tonight, cancel culture collimating from reality star sharon osborne no longer going to be cohosting the cbs daytime show after heated exchanges with her cohost. if cheryl underwood and elaine welter off earlier this month. they got into it when he defended pierce morgan over his critique of the bombshell interview they give to oprah winfrey. after the whole dustup, former
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colleague of osborne came out with multiple allegations of her making racist comments. osborne clearly claiming where she things the blame lies. >> i was so angry. i cannot begin to tell you, not with cheryl, not with anybody, but a company that i worked at for 11 years. i had sided with peers, so, it's the cancel culture is in it? throw her under the bus. >> cbs releasing a statement saying this. the event of the march 10th broadcasts were upsetting to everybody involved including the audience watching at home. as part of the review, we concluded that sharon's behavior towards her cohost during thepin with our values for respectful workplace. the department charging nearly 500 people with trying to steal more than $569 million in covid fraud schemes during the pandemic. the official saying fraud
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attempts are connected to several government aid programs making taxpayer-funded programs a target for scammers. one of andrew cuomo's allegation -- former aide lindsay boylan comparing cuomo's embrace to the slimy gangster jabba the hutt tweeting a photo of him squeezing a repulsed looking princess leia. the internal memo at the internal press telling the influx a crisis at the southern border. they noted in theory there could be a security or border crisis of officials lose control of the border allowing people to enter unencumbered in large numbers. the biden administration's been pushing back against the media calling the search of children and adults at the border a crisis. former national security advisor flynn's brother and his wife suing cnn for claiming they support qanon.
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>> shannon: georgia governor defending his -- from president biden calling a jim crow in the 21st century. it's illegal. and talk about that with former georgia state representative and founder of waking up america .us, morgan jones and former debbie assistant emma welcome, great to have you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: here's president biden said today on the law. like so many being pursuit is a blatant attack on the constitution and good conscience. this is jim crone the 21st century and it must end. we have a moral and constitutional obligation. what's your state up to? >> come first of all, i'd like to say to joe biden that he supported robert byrd who voted against the act. it's kind of ironic he would say that. secondly, let me say that this bill in any way suppress white
8:23 pm
voters. this is to be used by all legitimate legal voters of georgia. i can say this, the governor did not -- maybe i should say that the the legislative leadership say governors and others because the governor and secretary of state where the ones who caused the problem and good thing the state leadership came with the bill that was taking a step in the right direction but still, shannon, there is questions being answered to. or on answered whether or not this bill goes far enough. it allows stacey abrams to have some abuse in the upcoming election again. that's what concerns us as well and the governor signing of the bill today, the theatrics of it really tainted what was otherwise a good piece of legislation going the right direction. but again, there's too many questions from georgia about the system that legitimately should be answered. legitimate questions.
8:24 pm
>> that's part of it and we have a critique of the left in the right. one thing we hear from the left that it's oppressive, ideas about voter i.d., it's hard to have a conversation about state say they will provide an i.d. and it's hard to imagine people who don't have them but if they don't come at the number of states will pay for it, they'll come to you and make it happen. we continue to hear that those are ideas like that are specifically aimed at hurting minorities. how do you answer? >> if the president thinks that this law is a jim crow law, then he's a president who sees a racist behind every tree. if he believes in structural racism, maybe he sees a racist behind every trade. there is no doubt that the core features of the bill are constitutional. the supreme court for example you mentioned voter i.d. which is a big change in the law, the law requires voter i.d. for the first time then signatures for mail in ballots. the law allows for widescale absentee no excuse ballots.
8:25 pm
the constitution doesn't prohibit voter i.d. and in fact the supreme court upheld by 6-3 in the case from indiana, about 12 or 13 years ago, that indiana could require voter i.d. to vote. many states require i.d. and my home state of california requires voter i.d. of driver's license, social security, last time i checked california was not the center of jim crow and racism in the country. i think instead, what you are seeing is the effort to use exaggerated unfortunately exaggerated language to attack what our sensible mutual requirements which the supreme court already upheld is consistent with the constitution. >> shannon: in moments, we see again and again people cross ideological lines from different backgrounds. at the vast majority support some type of order i.d. and have no problem with it being for voting.
8:26 pm
in the center, it's got a look at states that have some kind of considered voter integrity laws and you have i.d., limits on early voting, other restrictions in place. this isn't like there's more states where doing this but i don't know if the states are supposed to be considered racist, i don't know, but that's a look at the big section in the country that has some kind of law. in the meantime, george is talking about pressure on georgia with the law being passed. david axelrod said it gave outrageous suppression laws. the film industry which is flourishing and by the way remember they threaten to move after the abortion law there. they should move the productions. a corporation should vote with the dollars and reconsider investments. i would love to get you both on that. you first. >> first of all, i think david axelrod and you look at the number he's been shot down. it's a big problem back there. second you talk about the voter i.d. and i think you have an idea when you go and get your
8:27 pm
covid shot. you have to have an i.d. when you go other places and nobody has a problem with that, but african-americans tend to either afford or have access to ideas. that's bigotry, that's the modern-day jim crow. that's the modern day high-tech lynching in my mind and opinion. by white liberals to keep in square blocks to keep the monthly tatian for voting for democrats. no blacks going to give up the opportunity to devote if he has the normal credentials. again, i'm more disappointed that the governor of the state who created this with the secretary of state did not take action and call a special session. because many people said there was some serious integrity issues. i will say this, shannon. i'm glad that the legislative
8:28 pm
audience took the initiative to fix what the secretary of state and governor broke. but at the same time, there's a lot of questions as it relates to a legitimate questions to the demand in system. we have to have discussions about that and they didn't address the issue at all. of >> shannon: people have questions that need to be answered and explained with regards to the system. we are out of time but i know how you feel about the major league baseball issue. come back soon and we will talk about that and more. thank you both. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: we are getting a new sense of the crisis on the border following a number of lawmakers visits there. one of them, senator marsha blackburn back from her trip joins to explain exactly what she saw next. ♪ ♪ usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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8:33 pm
>> this side of the river we've been listening to and seeing cartel members. human traffickers right on the other side of the river waving flashlights, yelling and taunting americans, taunting the border control. >> shannon: let's discuss conditions with a senator who visited the border, tennessee's marsha blackburn. welcome back. today all the senators who where they are today talked about the fact that there is an enormous burden on the men and women of the border patrol and other law enforcement agencies working along the border. they are being put in incredibly untenable situations. when did you see? >> when i was in arizona, i was out with two sheriffs. sheriff lam and sheriff donald's who is there in the county. what the cartel is doing, it's a very sophisticated. they have scouts and spies that are in the mountains, they surveilled our local law enforcement and or border
8:34 pm
patrol every single day. they never stop surveilling. what they are doing is using the coyotes to run the drug traffickers, smugglers, the human traffickers where they have gaps in the patrols. the border patrol is exhausted. local law enforcement is exhausted. this is all caused by joe biden's open border policies. every official i talked to in arizona said joe biden's border policies have caused this. he basically has broken the border. this is his immigration policy. it's out of control, it's a crisis, it's a humanitarian crisis, a drug traffic crisis. and they need to start to re-implement the trump protocols and go back to building the wall, which is one of the things
8:35 pm
that border patrol has said for years that they need to. because it helps them. to do the type of patrolling that they need to do on the border to stop the traffickers. one of the things that so tragic is they are making more money trafficking human beings right now then trafficking drugs. >> shannon: we have to remember this is a harrowing situation for people who believe there is a hopeful situation for them here and young children, women, men, all of them potentially abused along the way, this is a humanitarian issue that people should care about regardless of how they feel about immigration policy. this is when a couple of the democratic house members have said about what's happening at the border, and what they believe is not. >> president biden inherited a situation where the previous administration had sought to dismantle the infrastructure for
8:36 pm
processing asylum-seekers and settling asylum-seekers in the united states. >> i know people were living in these conditions are not turning on the news. to see who is president. they are thinking about what it takes for them to survive. >> they say it's not about a change in policy, the surge started before president biden took office. it's not connected to the decisions he's made. >> i say that's incorrect and when you talk to individuals that live and work on the border, they'll tell you that is incorrect. it's joe biden's policy that cause list. they heard joe biden say and i'll tell you they heard joe biden say in the campaign that he expected 2 million people to come to the border. they are wearing shorts, that say "by then lead as in," waving
8:37 pm
flags, and some of the encampments. bear in mind to come out one of the things we have to realize, the cartels have been emboldened by this. you do not cross the border unless you've gone through a cartel. the cartel which is el chapo's cartel is what's running the mexico border in arizona. 50% of all the drugs you find on u.s. street are coming through arizona. i eat and i-10 are basically the freeway. until they get the border under control, every state is a border state, every town is a border town. because they are passing through these border counties, and they are coming to your cds and your counties all across the country. >> shannon: a lot of it, we
8:38 pm
can't track. if senator, thank you for being here without spirit >> good to be with you, thank you. >> shannon: by the way, the woman of the bible speak wisdom. available at fox news and i hope you join us this sunday night 10:00 p.m. eastern. we've got a special program, sarah evans, many others. if we talk about how women of the bible guide us through our everyday challenges and darkest moments. here's a clip. ♪ ♪ >> in the book of exodus we meet miriam. her story is set against the backdrop of ongoing oppression of the jewish people. the multiply to the extent the king of egypt, the pharaoh feared them so they prepared a plan to get rid of them. >> i feel like it's one of the stories in the bible that you can feel it and see it as its unfolding. the hebrews were in a terrible
8:39 pm
situation where the pharaoh was worried that the hebrew population was becoming too strong against the egyptians and flourishing. he actually said that every hebrew baby needed to be thrown in the river, not the boys. >> moses his parents hid the special baby boy. when they were unable to hide him longer, they concocted a plan. it's been when they decided to make a little baby a.r.c. and put him in there and have his sister take him down to the nile river and put him in which i think is such an interesting picture of the nile where the babies are supposed to be thrown to die. it's where moses got life. >> shannon: that's this sunday, right here in the fox news channel and available exclusively on fox nation. we hope you'll join us. remember baker taking it all the way to the court? he's back in court this week and you will not believe when he's
8:40 pm
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land o' frost premium. fresh look. same great taste. >> shannon: time now for nye court, the supreme court issued a narrow ruling in favor of jack phillips who said baking a custom cake for same-sex ceremony violated his religious belief. they ruled that the colorado civil rights commission didn't show respect for his beliefs. two years after the ruling, phillips is facing another lawsuit this time for refusing to bake a cake to celebrate a change or demand demand gender transition. he joins us live, defending freedom, kristin wegner, welcome back in good to see you. >> thank you. >> shannon: back in court you got a call from an attorney years ago that day your case was
8:45 pm
taken by the supreme court saying i want a cake that's pink on the inside, blue and the outside, i want to do a gender transition. your shop turned it down and my understanding is the person also said okay, will you bake a cake with satan smoking a joint on it? what's going on here and what does it mean for you and your business with another legal dispute picks up? >> this trial has been hard for us to sit there as men and watch your wife be bullied around by the opposing attorney. then to sit there and watch them do the same thing to your daughter while trying to destroy you and your life, your business. all your hopes and dreams, it's a hard week. >> shannon: bill writes about this in "the wall street journal," when asked why she wanted to order the satan cake, she wants to
8:46 pm
believe that he's a good person. change your thinking or i'll try to ruin you. why should others be concerned about this particular case? >> activists are weaponizing our system of justice to make it an arm of -- arm of canceled culture. if they're trying to punish and ruin those that disagree. jack has been in the process for almost a decade and there's others as well. there's a case right now pending at the supreme court waiting and there's others, no american should be forced to express a message that violates the conviction. >> shannon: jack, when you get a call about a gender transition cake or one with satan smoking a joint or halloween messages, other things, you've turned down. do you know it's another task and how do you view it in do you worry about answering the phone sometimes? >> we don't worry about answering the phones. if we have our set standards, we treat every customer the same, we create every cake that we can that doesn't go against our
8:47 pm
principles. in this case, this attorney in n the face-to-face meeting told me that if this case were dismissed or if i won the case or there's technicality and it went away, and beginning a call the very next day and there'd be a new cake and a new case against us. >> shannon: kristin, how does it end? i know there's the potential for this case to go back to the supreme court. what kind of finality so finding the balance between religious freedom rights, the lgbt community, resolve the issue? >> high court needs to confirm what it already said which is that no one should be forced to express a message that violates the core beliefs. it doesn't matter what side you're on, because tolerance should be a two-way street. the constitution requires that. >> shannon: jack and my final word and what you would say to those that want to ring up the phone and order a cake you
8:48 pm
simple he can't do? >> i learned a while ago that this case isn't just about the shop it's about like kristin said, all americans being able to live and work freely according to their conscience without the fear of punishments and this kind of stuff going to the courts. >> shannon: we hope there can be a decision from the court to give everybody the resolution that they need. we'll keep tracking and keep you updated. thank you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: following the focus on the atlanta shooter, the evangelical background field the crime? pushing back into speaking out, that'se next. ♪ ♪ i re! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ (dad vo) i saw them out of the corner of my eye. just a blur when they jumped the median. there was nothing i could do.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: evangelical christianity is a belief system is facing a rising tide of criticism. the suspect in last week's georgia shooting growing up in the church and recently attending an evangelical treatment facility. chief religion correspondent lauren green talks to religious leaders about the accusation. good evening. >> good evening, shannon, in the aftermath of the atlanta should income a media focused on the gun men's evangelical ties. claiming promotion of a purity culture. >> after 21-year-old robert erin
8:53 pm
long shot up three atlantic area massage parlors, the community struggling to understand why. his ties with conservative southern baptist church have become the focus. ken harrison's is the chairman, the christian minister for men, pushing back against media reports and opinion pieces that zeroed in on the purity culture that conservative christians like some southern baptists promote. the nomination has traditional sexist roles for men and women and it claims that it subjugates women. the media doesn't understand that it's not about rules to follow, but about transformed lives. >> you see godly men, so gentle, not lustful, they treat women with great respect and don't see them as objects it will change on the inside. >> long, a member of crabapple baptist church to claim he had a addiction, that growth him to drove him to attacked the spot.
8:54 pm
they denounced him saying the extremely wicked act as nothing less than rebellion against our holy god and his word. these actions are the result of a simple depraved mind for which erin is completely responsible. one psychologist says the church may be partly at fault. >> i feel comfortable saying that his conservative religious beliefs probably led him to feel even more upset about his behaviors. >> religion is about keeping a role with people who aren't changed on the inside, they're trying to keep rules from the outside. then they go ballistic. >> robert long is being held without bail in a jail outside cherokee county. shannon. >> shannon: lauren green, thank you. and thank you for the generosity of dallas cowboys owner, the national medal of honor museum one step closer to becoming reality tonight.
8:55 pm
>> commitment. sacrifice. courage. integrity. citizenship. patriotism. these six core values are the set mark of america, the foundation of the medal of honor. an award more about honor than god. >> shannon: the $20 million endowment from jones comes on national medal of honor day recognizing those who risk their lives above and beyond the call of duty in actual combat against an armed enemy of the united states. thanks in large part the jones donation, the museum protects the stark construction in arlington, texas, in the next year. >> we will remind the section about what the medal of honor does stand for. >> shannon: those are heroes. if so, hoping to have the door opened by 2024, they are the best of those among us.
8:56 pm
they sacrificed it and he'll be beautiful to see it come together. that's it for us this week. we will be back here on monday. i'm shannon bream. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the chevy silverado trail boss. when you have a two-inch lift. when you have goodyear duratrac tires. when you have rancho shocks and an integrated dual exhaust.
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to save you up to 60%. these are all great. and when you get a big deal... you feel like a big deal. ♪♪ priceline. every trip is a big deal. >> brian: will, six more hours for us. tucker carlson is next. thanks for watching. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." here's an amazing yesterday the pentagon special operations command made an announcement from its official twitter special operations command is a very significant thing in the u.s. military and in our country it.. oversees delta force the seal teams and most of our most celebrated best trained lethal war fighter the treat richard torres estrada is now the chief of diversity and inclusion of america's special forces and they included his picture with the announcement. then, at the very top of its website the special operations command included a link to its extensive quite long new diversity and inclu


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